Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Free the Colonies! Report and Short Planetary Situation Update

Free the Colonies activation was a big success. The critical mass of the surface population required for this activation was lower because we were dealing with an off-planet situation and it was reached easily. The most critical part of the Breakthrough operations for our Solar System was taking place between May 28th and June 2nd and is now complete.
The vast majority of Chimera bases and implant stations, including implant stations on Iapetus, Enceladus and Mimas, have now been removed. All hostages from those colonies have been set free. The only Chimera bases and implant stations in our Solar System now remaining are mostly located on selected asteroids (many of them Near Earth Objects - NEOs), and they are those directly controlling planet Earth and its population. They will be dealt with at a later stage of MOSS.

The main negative plasma meridian in our Solar System (the Saturn-Earth tunnel of Set) has been disintegrated.

Recent removal of Chimera implant stations at L4 and L5 Lagrange points of the Earth / Moon systems is a big victory. Proposal to build a space colony at the Lagrange points is decades old:

This proposal was rejected by the vast majority of secret space program factions as these colonies would be too big and thus easily detectable from Earth. Chimera, on the other hand, had small but powerful implant stations positioned at various Lagrange points for the last 26,000 years. 

Intel about L1 and L3 implant stations is still classified.

The density of the plasma accretion vortex, originating from Earth and expanding throughout the Solar System, has been greatly reduced. The density of this primary anomaly plasma accretion vortex is practically negligible outside of the heliopause and does not extend into interstellar space anymore.

A new beautiful crop circle with encoded message about the successful completion of the operations has appeared on the day of the activation in Dorset, UK:

In a soft disclosure process, humanity is slowly being prepared for the reality of the space colonies, especially on Mars:

As the Light Forces are proceeding through the Solar System, the surface Alliance is preparing for the Event. The background preparations for the Reset are reaching their final stage:

Hopes and fears about the Reset are reaching mainstream media, especially in Russia:

As stated many times, the Jesuits are (unsuccessfully) trying to hijack the process:

It is more disturbing that Islamic State, a Jesuit creation, is trying to destroy Palmyra, an ancient Roman city in Syria, and has already demolished statues related to ancient pre-Islamic goddesses:

Apart from destroying Goddess vortexes, the agenda of this organization is to conceal the fact that Israelites were an Arabic tribe living in the territory of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and have never set foot in Palestine, and they are suppressing and destroying archeological evidence:

Here it is interesting to note that Palmyra was an important center on a major trading route for Arabian tribes and a lot of archeological evidence about the true history of Israelites lies there.

Current war in Yemen is a Jesuit attempt to erase all evidence about the true story about the Israelites. It that story ever becomes known, it will shatter the Roman Catholic Church into pieces.

On a more positive note, new house building technologies that will revolutionize infrastructure planning and will drastically reduce the price of housing, are being introduced:

The Breakthrough is near!


  1. Thank you everyone!

    Vielen Dank an alle!

    Köszönjük mindenkinek !

  2. excellent news these crazies dont stand a chance.


    In doing everyday stuff does not even suspect that the day to which a particular role in our lives. There is not a day on the calendar, which would not be linked to a historical event. And if you look to the future, there will be a day that is not tied to any family, social, religious, political, and other meteorological event. But in addition, there are days that are specifically suited for some activities. For example close to 10 million days.

    The close to 10 million days of Buddhist Tibetans big celebration days. The most important stations of his life Shakyamuni Buddha commemorate these days. And why they are important for Europe? Because, in addition to a beautiful remembrance, the whole world is affected. On these days, a beam of energy coming to Earth from another dimension, which is approx. It encompasses completely around 17 hours. This energy beam consolidate the ideas emerging at a faster rate so that they can be implemented quickly. Every thought, emotion, intention, will or made - whether it is positive or negative - will multiply to 10 millionfold increase.
    It is no coincidence that the Tibetans emphasize that we are very conscious these days, so avoid that negative thoughts can be consolidated.

    So what do we do if we want to live these days possibility?
    Prepare it deliberately!
    First, we must get rid of the negative emotions that we swap them positive.
    Think about what are the feelings, thoughts, self-limiting beliefs that hold us prisoners. Fear, anger, revenge, desire, and so on defeating those negative thoughts which we live together. Let them! The great burdens on our shoulders, remove and place it down!
    As a next step, direct our thoughts to those things that we want to create. It is very important that only constructive, positive thoughts focus on, such as love, harmony, peace, joy, kindness, gratitude, healing, success.
    We strive to attend these feelings all day over and spread them out to members of our family, our friends, to humanity, to all living creatures and the Earth as well. Imagine the Earth to be healthy, beautiful plants, seas, lakes, rivers waters clean and the people are at peace, of love. Let's see if there is peace throughout the world and in our souls! Let's celebrate the World Peace!
    10 million strong loving day!

    Close to 10 million days in 2015:
    Thursday 5 March 2015 - Day of Miracles (Chotrul Duch)
    Birth, Enlightenment and leave day (Saka Dawa Duch) - Tuesday 2 June 2015
    Monday, 20 July 2015 - Tankers day (Chokhor Duch)
    Return date (Lhabab Duch) - Tuesday 3 November 2015


  4. Victory is ours. Love wins. Always.

  5. Atlan (the origin of humanity) - Grull Antal - Atlan (Az emberiség eredete)


    It happens sometimes that man is something that sets the direction of his whole life. This has happened to me early in my childhood. Not
    I know why me. Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps fate, perhaps someone else?
    Letenye happened one hot summer morning of 1971. Zala quiet little town I lived with my parents, my brother.
    My family lived modestly, like everyone at that time. I lived in the 5-year-old boys in everyday life. Playing with friends
    truancy, cycling and football. The world has not opened up to me, I feel that the child's head, I did not know that my little
    In addition to my other world, the world is much bigger worlds exist.
    But the memory of that day will remain forever in me, because then there is one direction for my life.
    It was morning, heavy rain ran through the countryside. Then the sun came out, the water droplets as many diamonds glittered plants
    leaves. It suddenly became hot due to fog covered the air. It was magic, delight in it. However, some
    unexplained restlessness seized me. I felt that I must go. To where? I do not know, I just felt that
    I must go. I ran back into the yard, then go out into the garden. The rain soaked up the earth entirely, but I did not care.
    Pants, small shoes full of mud was. I hurried back of the garden where we used to play football with my friends. I thought, now I find them there.
    It is seen from afar, however, that are not there. How could they have been? It's only been a few minutes ago in the rain.
    I just went looking for more. The pasture on the edge of a small stream ran. In general, it was dry, but a more violent storm
    After trickled some water in it. Trees, bushes embraced around the trench. Nearby residents often carry a useless here
    It has become a household tools. There were all here! Leaky basin, bad stove, old bicycle frame, curved wheel. A veritable treasure trove
    It was similar to my children. Often turned out here with my friends. Jumped over the small moat, I walked a couple
    m. I pin my eyes to the ground, I could not help but pay attention to perhaps find something now.
    Gleamed something at my feet, but I went on.


  6. >>>

    Even the grass was wet, glistening in the brilliant all
    sunshine. However, the unrest intensified in me. Only toporogtam there, I went round and round,
    I was looking for something unintentionally. I felt a strange tingling in my body, I looked right, looked left, and even
    more often I looked up at the sky too, where clouds chasing sheep in the summer breeze. I did not understand what was happening
    Then I looked at the ground again and again, something glittered. Now I realized that this
    something else, it is not possible at the grass fibers, glittering water drops. I bent down, picked up my right arm.
    I watched in awe as there shone in the middle of my palm. Silver metallic color, in the middle of the
    triangle, inside a circular shape, which could cut glass. As I was looking at this strange,
    dovetail-shaped object suddenly felt calm. The recent unexplained disturbing
    feeling, which eventually led me here. I felt like I arrived. Something strange desire fenced overwhelmed, you
    I wanted to know what this strange something that I held in my hand. Glittered beautifully, but the rain
    During mud was splashed on it. I took myself and my right hand I reached into the middle of the ditch
    located in puddle of water. Thus, a hand-washed, and then I put my hand on the left upright as the
    water I wanted to cancel it. At the moment, as my hands touched on the subject, painful cramps
    stabbing into my body, almost could not move. If I have suffered as a shock! Suddenly everything
    I slowed down around me, and I felt that stopped me in time and space. Suddenly diagrams, pictures appeared in the
    in my head. It was like a slide projection as I usually see at school. For me, it is still
    unknown things, events were in the pictures, which I did try. The one interesting
    I found out I could stop and I could go into it, and I was able to look more closely into these
    Figures. Then I left and continued leafing through the pictures. Today's head, I think that this
    an odd amount of material filled up my mind, for some reason gave me the stored
    information. When I downloaded the full content of this subject, they woke up, and I woke up.
    Fright immediately threw my hand this strange and something I've never seen how flies are passing by. Then
    in flight before landing, after its smoke streaking destroyed. Like in a fairy tale!


    1. http://valosag.net/Grull_Antal_-_Atlan_%28Az_emberiseg_eredete%29.pdf

      -Ctrl + S Save As ...

      -google translator
      translate a document

      -Choose File


    2. (google reversal version!)


  7. It's always fun to see zero hedge on Cobra's site. Now if we could just see Cobra on zero hedge. ; )

    1. drudge report get 1,000,000,000 views a year like to see cobra on there

    2. 8,000,000,000 views a year sorry.

  8. Nice, certainly sounds like progress!

    It's true that as every day passes we are one day closer to being liberated and ending the universal tragedy that is our existence. It's also true that with the passing of each and every day that humanity's divine rights and entitlements are concsiously and willingly withheled from us another 3.65 years is added to the amount of time before the still evil, still dark, still wicked, still deceptive scumbags that constitute the anchovie continueum, annunaki included, are dignified with a response for their highest wishest and most precious desires of light bodies. One year for every year plus one hundred years for every year to the day. Now we are all "on the clock" so to speak and we will all receive exactly what we want at the right divine time. This space this idea will now be held and held open wide for all to fill if they feel so inclined. As I mentioned before these timelines are unacceptable and there will be some level of blowback post liberation. Personally I think this is a great place to start and I think it carries more weight if it's initiated while we're still incarcerated. Certainly carries more venom!

    I'm not sure how long the annunaki or their evil associates live for but just maybe the actualization and realization of a light body isn't for this current generation of evil, or the next, or the next, or the next!

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    2. Correction please add .27 years for every day that passes

  9. It's really great, wonderful, amazing!

  10. in the diagram of largrange point locations, what is M1 ? the earth? what is M2.
    thanks Cobra

    1. Does it rotate so that L2 is always hiding behind the moon and L3 is always opposite as shown?

    2. Also, on the moon-looking picture, are those giant craters with the cones in the center (often seen) really from an impact, or are they created?

    3. M1 earth... M2 moon

    4. Here it would be like if the Earth to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth would be?



    5. Here, too, as if the Sun would be in the middle.


    6. Here, perhaps more than ever explain?


    7. "Lagrange points" could be Sun-centered and Earth-centered, too?


  12. Replies
    1. URL missing from above...http://map.gsfc.nasa.gov/mission/observatory_l2.html

  13. Yay yay great news! Thank you Thank you everyone!!

  14. Thank you Cobra and all involved!!! Much love and blessings!!!

  15. Sounds Great Cobra, thanks for status update about the Light-Forces operation.

    < earth-liberation-movement.blogspot.com >

  16. Awesome Progress Report!
    With deep gratitude to the Light Forces, Cobra&RM
    Power of Focused Intention :
    SO IT IS !


  17. Thank You for the Update / FeedBack

    The timeframe you're giving for the most critical four days is completely in synch with what happened here, that was quite the ShakeUp, wasn't it? :-)

    In the minutes before the 5/30 meditation at 11:11 over here I could feel more and more people starting to meditate and all sending Love, Peace, Light, Harmony and Joy.
    Big, BIG WAVE building Up, went outside, saw the Stars and went Surfing with the Universal Wave Of Love :-)
    YOU were ALL very AWESOME.
    Power Of Love, Baby :-)))

    The Future Is NOW

    Lars B.

  18. Thanks Cobra........Some Good news is greatly appreciated by all...........

  19. Thank you Cobra and all involved!!! Much love and blessings!!

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  21. They are putting up a good fight, but notice how the headlines become more bizarre by the day, with so many hidden things surfacing, so many arrests, so many people stepping down, and then there are the accidents! "Break a leg" was meant to be wishing someone well. Well, well, what is it all really about? We're about to find out...fasten your seatbelt, the ring of fire is just heating up, and there is whole lot of shaking (and quaking, in boots) going on...

    Meanwhile, I'm so happy to still be able to enjoy my blessed cup of coffee in the morning, for the time being, anyway. The things we take for granted shall soon become apparent. Tell someone you love them, be kind to a stranger, count your blessings, for things can and will change suddenly. I can only handle so much in the now....my monkey mind rebels, is not inclined to sit still.

    I must grow stronger, but I got a taste of my own fire last night. I know I am intense at times, but I that intensity that came out even startled me! It was brewing like a volcano...under a Full Moon. I felt like Daenerys, Dragon Queen of Game of Thrones, fire-walking woman, but I was not as self-contained.

    Learning to contain our raw power and channel it in constructive ways will serve us well through the changes, this I see. More time in nature, more balance, more trust and opening of the heart, regardless.

    Thank you Cobra, RM and all who serve the Legions of Light. Blessings and Protection to You and Yours...and much Love. <3


  22. Full Moon in Sagittarius: Synthesizing Our Thoughts With A ‘Big Picture’ Awareness
    May 31, 2015 by Carmen Di Luccio.

  23. Will the revolution finally come this autumn?


  24. 38 cm with your finger found in Egypt: Surely the Nephilim exist?



  26. Thank you Cobra! I feel so grateful! I have tears every time I remember what you have all been going through to save us.

    I feel so lonely here. None of my loved ones are awakened. Anytime I try to talk to them, they make me stop. The only thing that gives me pleasure is reading the Portal. Secretly, so many times every day, I visit the page, check the updates, and read the comments. This is the only thing that keeps me going.

    If only things would advance more quickly...

    I love you guys. Thank you Cobra and Isis and all the others...I hope to meet you one day.



    1. Hi SummerSun, lovely name! This site has been the only thing keeping me going when all else feels lost so I know what you mean. When we get liberated, and we will, there will be a lot more awakened people. Don't worry about family not being on board with all this, they need to awaken in their own time. Unfortunately it's going to be a rude awakening for sleepy heads. Just be strong and remember your family will need you when the time comes. It's great to see the new people coming here and posting. :)

    2. Hello summer. I know what you're going through and I think the most of us. What you could do is ask for email addresses of sorts, through Prepare for Change for example. It might not bring you your neighbor but it's really nice to 'meet' other awakened through mail.

    3. Yep I'm there too SummerSun :)

    4. Going through Prepare for Change is a great idea. There are many of us there who would have the time.. and would enjoy being a friend to you. Its a friendly bunch.. like Rob. Over the years I met many through the various sites. Some work out and some move on... but, it is worth the effort.

    5. "...The reason why we as empaths have a kind of yearning to remain connected to the people and things that may not be fully awakened to their greatest Self, is because at our core . . . we have a resilient faith that they eventually will.

      It’s that part of us that just doesn’t give up on anyone or anything, even if the world around that person seems like it has.

      Our Divine Will has summoned a narrowing of the gap, so that no one and nothing gets left behind.

      I know that at first, that sounds like a tall order. However, the amount of light pouring in at this time is a clear confirmation that it is happening.

      It’s easy for any group of people who gather in community to deem themselves as more enlightened than any other group. But we’ve seen every attempt at that model fail, because it is very much based in judgment.

      What if no person, place, or thing was better or worse than any other? What if we were able to embrace our seeming differences, and accept that we’re all on this journey together?

      What kind of reality do you think we would manifest?

      The rational mind usually goes to a thought such as, “That kind of world is just wishful thinking.” That is just the mind’s way of creating a protective barrier for itself, as a result of past experiences that the mind may have found disappointing.

      Meanwhile, the Spirit within each of us knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that a world where we all embrace our seeming differences and accept one another fully is possible in this realm of existence.

      That’s actually why each and every one of us chose to come in at this time, because on some deep level we knew we could make it happen. And . . . we are!..."

      full article:

      Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast 2015
      The Crystals Speak - June 2015

    6. Oh Summer, your words really got to me. I feel the same way and am constantly checking in here for updates. I am afraid my family thinks I'm nuts as I have been telling them for awhile now that things aren't right and the U.S Gov. is not what we believe it is at all. Everything is a lie. It sucks.
      I wish I understood more about what everyone here is talking about. I did do the meditation Saturday, and I could feel the effects for hours afterwords. It was amazing. I hope this is all true and not another illusion.

    7. Hi Summersun! I'm Jah'Sun! just a weird way of saying jason :D

      anyways! your a brave soul for coming out clean like this. Oh God, I adore your heart. I guess you can say youre not as alone as you think now :D. I think everyone who replied to your comment does the same thing.

      with love! Youre never alone summer, especially with the size of your heart :)

    8. Hi Everyone,

      I am in tears with love. Your kind words touched my hearth so deeply. I don't feel so lonely anymore. I have signed up at prepareforchange.net. I don't see any group from my location but I will create one.

      Thank you Kate,Maria, John,144systembuster,Phoneix Bouley,Valerie, and Jason.

      We are one. We are loved.

  27. Interesting....


  28. let the love in your heart flow.
    and ride on the sea of glow.
    father sun and mother earth are always in the know.
    stop the fighting and bickering and understand
    it is your self that you keep low.
    the day is coming upon you,
    were your will really start to see.
    that every one around you
    is actually you and me.
    so together we will fly high
    no more sadness for you and me.
    finally humanity
    will be one
    happy family

  29. Yesterday evening i felt a sort of pulse and i know it was done and we are a step further.

  30. A couple nights ago I had a strange dream...

    I was somewhere (either Earth or off planet) in a desert type setting with a single, large skyscraper covered in red granite and black tinted windows. From a distance, it looked like any really nice building in NYC or Chicago, but had a section of it (a corner of it) that would rotate with another section just like it. I remember hearing "it's just a mind trick" as I saw the corner of the building rotate.

    There was a large group of people just outside the building waiting on line to be processed and while I was on that line, I heard someone next to me say "I hope now I won't have to worry about a paycheck."

    Someone then came up to me and pulled me out of the line. He said to me "sir, come with me. We have to get you inside." He took me to the head of another line and told the person doing the processing "get him through now." The processor said "why, what's his position?" to which the guy said "he's got two positions." I couldn't hear what they were but the processors eyes opened wide and everyone around me turned and looked at me like I had 3 heads.

    Fast forward a bit and I'm making my way into the building. The exterior was highly polished red granite with black tinted windows and when I reached a balcony 1/2 way up, there were Egyptian motifs everywhere in a black stone and gold accents. People there were obviously of a different "class" than everyone else being processed and it all had the feel of an orientation of management of sorts.

    It was all very positive in overall feeling and everyone was happy. I also remember the sky and view... bright blue sky with a breath-taking view all around with mountains far off in the distance, blue ocean and a beautiful bright blue sky with no clouds.

    Don't know what this all means but it's one of a long line of very odd "dreams" I've been having for the past few months. Lately, my "dreams" are following a pattern that I can only describe as hunting the dark entities and bringing them to the light..

    If any of you are having dark dreams with entities chasing you, don't run. Chase after them and if you can, touch them. Touching them will essentially render them gone... I've had several dreams where I was chasing someone dark after they started after me and they avoided my touch at all costs when I started after them. In one instance the entity made it's way into a night club of sorts and either vanished or changed appearance to blend in with the dancing crowd.

  31. I didn't notice that these crazy parasites aim primarily for the brain now. Some of these things are like a tranquilizer dart in the neck

  32. Great news! The Dutch version is here readable: https://eventnl.wordpress.com/2015/06/02/bericht-van-cobra-2-juni-2015/

  33. "The main negative plasma meridian in our Solar System (the Saturn-Earth tunnel of Set) has been disintegrated."

    David Icke has talked about the Saturn-Moon Matrix and how Saturn is a giant broadcast station that has been hacked by the Archons to serve their purposes of manipulating our DNA through sound frequencies, However he says the Moon is the proxy server to broadcast these frequencies. It is likely this structure was key to this.

    "The critical mass of the surface population required for this activation was lower because we were dealing with an off-planet situation and it was reached easily."

    I infer from this statement that the critical mass level for planet Earth will be much higher. I imagine any future meditations that require increased participation directly involving this planet will require at least some proper disclosure to galvanize them, not cryptic images where the programmed left-brain masses don't 'get' the energies.

    One way or another most of those who have awakened to at least the 3D part of the conspiracy will have to warm up to this sort of stuff, so early disclosure pre-Event will have to be effective.

    According to the Event Handbook, Planet Earth is the last to be liberated in the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

  34. Thank you Cobra for this fantastic update. Big thanks also to the Resistance movement, Company of heaven, star beings on and off planet and of course everyone taking part in the meditations for our liberation. Bless you all.

  35. "The only Chimera bases and implant stations in our Solar System now remaining are mostly located on selected asteroids (many of them Near Earth Objects - NEOs), and they are those directly controlling planet Earth and its population. They will be dealt with at a later stage of MOSS."

    Why aren´t those bases dealt with right now?

    Thank you COBRA and Light Forces

    1. I bet there's a good reason. But yeah, I too have raging curiosity.

    2. ...because serious threats still remain, stranglet bombs in the plasma field, I believe.

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    1. Hey mate,
      on wednesday We had a little "weather battle" in my hometown. It was the biggest fleamarket of the year, literally 15.000 or so people in the streets.
      I got up at 5am when the first stalls were being set up by happy, laughing people.
      And a lot of dark clouds all around.

      I wasn't going to leave my appartment and join the fun outside, that was clear from the start, but I *SO DESPERATELY* wanted everybody else to have a beautiful, lovely day without any rain.
      I worked my ASS of for the next few hours, and the song you posted helped me get help a Lot.
      Thank you, JB, and thanks to everybody who helped:
      Not a single person got a single drop of rain on them, and by 1pm we had a blue sky with some clouds - and not a single fucking chemtrail :-)
      Big One!

      And today is just more of that: Sun, Blue Sky, some clouds, no trails.
      Happy Boy :-)

      Onwards and Upwards

      Lars B.

  37. Thank God! Thank you to ALL who work for the liberation of our planet! Thanks to the Beings of Light, thanks to Cobra and the movement of the brothers of the Resistance!
    With deep gratitude and love to the Light Forces, to Cobra and the RM, and to all the inhabitants of Earth who have meditated on this intention! I'm very happy!

  38. I'm glad for this news and I hope they start soon in this planet which is full of slave and some are awake and some totally sleep and imitating their masters .Freedom soon thanks Cobra for the update

  39. Thank You COBRA !!! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! BRAVO !

  40. Yay!! Thank you Cobra and Light Forces.... Yay!!

    So interesting to learn about the Lagrange points (I had heard of them... now I know there has been a lot of action there).

    Thank you for freeing those people. The idea that people are being held in these places is ... flabbergasting.... it is so awful. I hope they are all safe now and the remaining ones will be freed soon and everybody is going to be healed.

  41. Greetings! Good news ... Various support groups are forming in Brazil for
    the big event just . Women's groups anchoring the energy of the Goddess,
    Divine Feminine . Gratitude for the work they are doing. Light and Peace to all .

  42. Im in richmond virginia and there is heavy fog due to rainy weather since yesterday.. i have seen more than 60 ships enter the skies tonight.. i dont know how low they were for me to be able to see them.. can you confirm this cobra? Who are they? Why are they here? And why so many?

  43. I'm in richmond virginia there is a heavy fog in they skies due to rainy weather yesterday. But last night i saw about 60 or more spaceships enter our skies .. i dont know how low they were for me to be able to see them. Can you confirm this cobra? Who are they ?why are they here? Why so many? I never in my life seen so many.. funny thing is that they were operating over the disguise of the heavy fog in the sky..

    1. Did you know about record images?

    2. Navil Ahmed: This is interesting regarding 60 or more spaceships!! Over Richmond, VIRGINIA, East Coast USA?? WOW.

      I *think* Kispisti is asking if you were able to "record the images". Did you take any photos or make any video of the images?

  44. Excellent news! After 15 years, Cobra and RM must feel great joy in this victory!

    Holding the Light for the RM! Anchoring Goddess energy!!

    Love, Love, Love Your Brother!!!


  45. Where have the freed hostages gone?

    1. They are healing outside the Illusion on a planet called Hope. Thank you for asking.

  46. Some of you might find this news significant.

  47. Hi Cobra, thank you for this wonderful and informative update! I am really glad to hear that our meditative efforts helped to free the slaves of those off-world colonies!! That must have been a really HORRIBLE existence to live through-- to be so far from comfort, home, family and so far from Mother Earth! I am SUPER glad that they are free now and will receive the healing they deserve!

    Thanks 1,000 times over to the Light Forces, RM, White Hats, Cobra, and everyone else who made this possible!! You all are “unspoken” HEROES!!

  48. Cobra give an advise. I buy gold or yuan? Thanks

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Buy something that is useful.

    3. Baris Merhaba,

      Turkiye'den birinin bu blogu takip ettigini gormek cok iyi. Ben Cobra'nin sayfalarini Turkce'ye cevirmeyi kendime misyon edindim. Turkiye de uyanmali. Bana yardim etmek ister misin?

      Yeni bir blog hazirliyorum. http://isigacagri2015.blogspot.com/

      Bana oradan ulasabilirsin.

      Sevgi ve Isik!

    4. Cobra has stated many times that real things (like gold) are the best.

    5. Gold has high frequency, and is good exchange for value or payment. So yes Gold is great.

  49. Thank You Cobra and the Light Forces behind helping, this is wonderful news. I feel so happy. I would be saying a prayer every night for the Resistance and the light forces to Win with Source on their side. May the light Shine always, Victory always for the Light!!

  50. When the Earth is liberated, and the Dark forces finally neutralized, I'm gonna have a BBQ at my place, and all of you are invited!

    1. BBQ animals will be liberated too. Why do still live in the old patterns after liberation? Do you dance?

    2. After the event, all animals will be spared their abbatoir visits.

  51. “As we stated previously, this new system already operates in most of Asia and is coming on board in many parts of this globe. It is this prototype system that we last alluded to. In Europe and in Asia, this alternative is becoming strong and is being used to exchange funds across this world.”

    IMO the system being alluded to is the CIPS (http://en.wikipedia.org/.../China_International_Payments...).

    If all goes well and as planned the earliest this system is scheduled to go online is September or October but definitely by December.

    Read more:


    If this is the case none of us should expect an RV before September. Leave us all waiting and disappointed once again! You all SUCK!!! Incompetent beings of LIGHT!!! Disgusting, disappointing, truly tragic and after 20 plus years on the scene unacceptable! Why HEAVEN hates us so much is yet TBD.

    Last week the SLAVES were told with certainty deliveries would begin en-mass this month:

    “This fact led to an outbreak of such deception that it soon became obvious that only those trusted by the Light were able to carry out their assignments swiftly and fairly. Thus, we have decided to employ only those who can complete their designated duties without incident. To accomplish this, we have created a service pool made up of a special group of Beings. Unlike most humans, these individuals are quite capable of easily carrying out their assigned duties. Over the past few months we have carefully chosen these magnificent individuals to resolve a number of current difficulties and enable us to complete the new transfer system. Therefore, we are now finishing some tests and intend to begin en masse in the coming month.”

    What happened to these folks? Curious as to why there was no mention of these beings, their efforts and the results of their actions in this weeks message? These magnificent special beings work swiftly, fairly and without incident. What happened?

    I suspect this is what happened:

    Drastic Isidic security breach, evaluate HVBN, evaluate VTXC, HFshield

    And then

    CHL1ZOO detected, clearing in progress. HVBN on, VTXC postponed
    Anyone wanna take a guess at what VTXC stands for and what exactly was postponed?

    Incompetent? Unable? Poor understandings? Poor Planning? Inadequacies? It’s okay for the LIGHT to admit it was unsuccessful and it overestimated the situation and its own abilities. The fact that these LIGHT forces casually and conveniently left out this bit of information from this weeks message is very telling. I thought egos were a phenomenon only found in the 3rd.

  52. Current situation is upsetting, deflating, massively disappointing, utterly tragic and again at this stage of the mission unacceptable! The bullshit result of these LIGHT forces inadequate and unsuccessful efforts, work and intent in this specific situation is deplorable. Stings even more after we were explicitly and clearly told by Christmas, then again by January and then again in May. Can anyone say clueless? Lack of accurate and reliable foresight? Lack of full understanding of a situation and exactly how to accomplish a specific goal? Unless these LIGHT forces meant Christmas 2015, January 2016 and May 2016 we should all be livid!

    “The US Corporation realizes this and deeply senses that its time of reckoning has come. These views have been secretly exchanged. The last hurrah for this antiquated system is upon us.”

    I interpret this to mean some form of financial markets crash. Hopefully the calamity is only limited to the financial markets and doesn’t spill over into everyday lives of the innocent SLAVE population.

    “Asia has risen up from the great depths that she had descended to at the beginning of the post World War II era. America was completely dominant and used this advantage to enforce its global precepts upon the world. This superiority came to a screeching halt after the second Iraq conflict.”

    HA, tell all the folks who needlessly, unnecessarily suffer and those who lost their lives and loved ones in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Egypt, Yemen and again in Iraq courtesy of ISIL that US supremacy came to a screeching halt after the second Iraq conflict. I think they would differ from that assessment.

    “The US and its friends are staging this holding action. The length of this action is one, which is attempting to hold back currency resets and a global currency revaluation. This action is running its course.”

    Please kindly give the SLAVES the opportunity to know the names of the individuals that are holding this up, where these individuals work and what bank or institution they work for. Im sure many of us would relish at the opportunity to inform these scalawags that we do NOT consent to their actions and the actions of their employers. These scoundrels do have personal and work phone numbers, personal and work email addresses, fax machines, and homes. Kindly Let us know who they are, where they work, where they live and where we can contact them. I personally would like to express my displeasure and voice my discontent and non consent for their actions. Expose them! Im sick and tired of directing my discontents and discomforts solely at the LIGHT. Please for the LOVE of GOD give me/us another outlet!

  53. Humanity’s deliberations and proceedings as to when we decide to surrender, capitulate, and convalesce to our evil, wicked and dark masters highest wishes and most precious desires of LIGHT BODIES will also “run its course.” Right now I am of the opinion that if we look back we’ll find out that our current situation can be directly attributed to the LIGHT surrendering, capitulating and agreeing to the ideas, thoughts, suggestions, desires and wishes of those who align themselves with evil and darkness. If that is indeed the case and all this nonsense can be traced back to the LIGHT consciously and willingly co-creating, co-conspiring and surrendering to the wants, desires and wishes of the Anchovy alliance and the Annunaki I would propose that it ends with us!

    Those who forget history are bound to repeat it! IMO the Annunaki and their evil and dark associates cannot and should NOT be trusted with anything any time soon. Who are we to work outside the constructs the universe so graciously gifted us with 13,000 years ago. Were not and we shouldn’t! For some reason the 15,000 year number seems to resonate with me. Im thinking cycles not decades. The Annunaki and the Anchovies just like us should fully understand the universal meaning of words like patience, soon, near, close, maybe by Christmas, by the end of January and possibly in May in their journey towards the LIGHT. True forgiveness takes time. True forgiveness is a process. Heaven cares not when we DO just as long as we DO.

    As far as I’m concerned Annunaki and the Anchovies should be grateful and thankful we don’t condemn them to 13,000 years of limited consciousness, generational amnesia and forced slavery. We can ALL work back from there. Within these proposed 15,000 years the still evil and still wicked annunaki and their dark associates will have plenty of time to contemplate, repent and show us their sincerity, true intent, deservedness and worthiness of such divine realizations. Let them Grovel!

    I would encourage everyone who reads this to NOT trivialize and diminish what we and our loved ones were ruthlessly forced to endure and experience during this lifetime and many many past lifetimes by immediately capitulating and surrendering to our former evil and dark masters highest wishes and most precious desires. When the time comes please proceed judiciously and cautiously in these deliberations. Once we give it cannot be taken back. IMO these animals cannot and shouldn’t be trusted with anything for quite some time! Personally I’m of the opinion that after the Annunaki’s less than sincere and less than meaningful cease and desist order to the cabals the Annunaki and the Anchovies secretly wished and hoped their minions were able to finish what they started.

    1. You need to lighten up my friend, can sense alot of hate coming from you. See the bigger picture, this was all an illusion. Believe it or not they did you a huge favour and advanced your soul alot quicker. I thank them for what they have done and what they have sacraficed, because we all dropped down from source to experience all. Like i said dont take it personal they helped you more than you could imagine

    2. STOP! STOP! STOP! Everyone knows at this point that there is a big dis-info plan going on now. Nobody is saying what they know, because they cant. Just sit back and let the powers that be get this stuff done. Realize that this is a war between the light and the dark, and know that the light is winning and it will come. The timeline you request is not known by the the people you send messages to , Cobra does not know,{ or maybe cannot tell us} because he is waiting for us to WAKE UP!!!!!! It's up to us to do this Stop waiting for youre galactics to take care of this. this is up to you,, get with the program
      if you area scam we will know ; This is so clear to us now.

    3. There's more https://m.facebook.com/home.php#!/sheldan.nidle.3?tsid=0.02859285194426775&source=typeahead&feed_ufi=comments

    4. Matthew Waxelbaum. You have expressed yourself very well. People like you and me are not blinded by the light, but we see through the light and see and realize the true reality for what it is. There are many people who claim that they were awakened by the light, but in reality they are blinded by the light and the lies therein. At the moment there is so much false information out out there, that it is becoming more difficult to distinguish between true and false information. Even Cobra who is very sincere in what he is doing, cannot verify that every piece of information he relay to us is true, because even he can be deceived. Some people will say that we are negative, but it is not about negativity, but about reality. It is the most foolish thing to do to just trust and blindly follow a person or entity who make all these wonderful statements without any hard evidence to back it up. As the saying goes, "Talk is cheap, but money buys the whiskey"

    5. @vipr thanks the support and understanding. Many many are indeed blinded by the light. Too many! The golum are easily shaped, effortlessly herded and blindly follow those they perceive in Some way are "above" them. The golum will follow and believe whoever it is that speaks to them last.

    6. I can understand and relate to what you said in most respects, and I think you articulated yourself very well, as well as shed some light (no pun intended lol) on what a lot of people are thinking. After living in this 3d hell I chose to incarnate in, its very hard for me to blindly trust anyone no matter who it is. I do the meditations tho, I participate and help the light forces as much as possible, as I resonate with the fact that their reality is far better than the one we are living in now. As well as the fact that we are creator beings, and our thoughts manifest our reality, so I do the meditations , and assist however possible, but with the right intentions. Thanks for your words friend, and I hope you find peace in your life.

    7. My favorite Seth quote from way back: "You get what you concentrate on, there is no other main rule, not even one. A nation that hates war will have war, a nation that loves peace, will have peace."

      So, whistle blowing and activism are tricky lines to walk. How does one acknowledge disturbances, yet create what one is desiring? Which dog are you going to feed? Buckminster Fuller quote: "The fastest way to counteract the darkness is to make rapid progress in the light."...

      Realize your powers as a creator here, your influence, and your effect. What are you creating with this posting? What do you want to create? How would you do that? You have an audience here that is willing and able to focus anything positive into existence...throw us a vision we want to chew on...thank you.

    8. The only thing created from learning the truth is consciousness. You ask what I want to create and my answer is just that, consciousness.

  54. This is a wonderful new, thank you from my heart and soul Cobra for your communication between the Light Force and we as inhabitant of the beautiful blue planet and Mother called Earth.....Victory for the light who make disappear the darkness....

  55. I keep hearing about mass arrests and that this is really working, but I don't see it in any news anywhere. I am worried that the cabal is stepping up their plan to get rid of us all.

  56. Light forces -

    Who beat the nazis. The Russians.

    Time for a different approach.

  57. Gracias por aceptar mi participación en la lucha anti cabal oscura.

  58. Sorry, but I can't give the 3 long posts like those of Matthew Waxelbaum, above, any energy. This type of ranting is too negative for me..... Gotta go toward the creative, positive energies.....

    1. just scroll it down,
      We are not forced to "eat the whole plate"

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. one cannot get mad at a fire for burning hot

    4. Dear Matty Waxy:

      I'm not mad at you (and I'm not mad at fire.)
      I simply am trying to turn toward the positive and give less energy to the negative.

      If we give energy to the negative we feed it and make it worse. (We are serving up "lousche' to those negative entities who thrive on it).

      Fire away, burn hot, do what you need to do... fine by me.

      I'll even say I love you. How 'bout that?

      But I'm moving toward the positive to try to feed THAT.

    5. What you describe Megan is the tactic for dealing with astral beings. Physical beings need direct attention and action in the realm they're operating at, like militarily or legally. The people who will set us free are the few powerful people that get hot as hell, risk their livelihood and lives, lawyers and militia members. All these group meditations are just for those who have little other value to the operations.

    6. Thx west coast. I was referring to the cabals. The comment I replied to was deleted. Getting mad at the cabals for doing what they set out to do is pointless. Unfort for the slaves they're doing their job(s). One cannot get mad or upset at a fire for burning hot.

  59. Would anyone have the kindness to tell me how could one put an end to this orgy of madness without jumping off a building, or in front of a train?

    1. Get a load of this guy, wants to end the madness. You're on Earth buddy. : )

    2. On a more helpful note, giving up sugar and gluten are going to give you the most gains for the effort.

  60. Nike's new slogan: "Just stop. Stop it."

  61. Matthew, you sure have a twisted way of interpreting things and then going on long, negative rants. (Yet, still I laugh at the ridiculous things you spew!) Let's not turn the threads back into a Nicki Wonato Whinefest.

    You read too much into things, misinterpret, and honestly, casting aspersions on the process is akin to black magic, even if done unconsciously. Not to mention disrespectful of those who risk a lot more. It's easy to be Monday morning armchair quarterbacks, we're not on the front lines. The Resistance Movement and others are.

    No, we don't need to know, or need to make it happen faster. But if we wanted too, the way to do it is be embodying higher vibrations and cultivating patience, not through disrespect, ridicule and demands. Everyone in these threads struggles at times with disappointment, yearnings, a lack of patience, resources and limited perspective. But we are here to support one another and play a game of trying to figure out what it all means, as well as to share things that uplift us. God knows we need more of that.

    There is a Divine Plan, and all is unfolding accordingly. I'm not actually too great at formal meditation, but I am very good at being in nature and detaching from the false reality and busy-ness of the world, and surrendering my normally present need to control things outside myself. My ego likes me better when I get fired up, but my heart likes me better when I chill out. Besides, I lost my monkey mind in the trees!

    Today, I didn't have to rush anywhere at any time, and it gave me a sense of peace and freedom. Not all days are like this, it was a gift, and I really enjoyed it.

    An attitude of gratitude will take us higher, faster. It's like being in the middle of chaos in the valley, but when we are able to climb the mountain, we gain new perspective, and distance ourselves from the chaos. With calm and clear mind, things fall into place more easily. You know you are on the right track when you experience synchronicities and "Aha!" moments.

    I strongly suggest everyone get off the computer and spend more time in nature. Even if you can't sit still, well, at least you can move!

    Despite being tired and carrying a lot of stuff (like my laptop and supplies) I decided to ride my bike home, avoiding a massive construction project by biking through the arboretum. Once there, I was surprised to see an abundance of Asealeas and Huge Rhododendron bushes. As is typical for me, I took a lot of photos, which totally puts me in a NOW moment, Zen state of mind. Part of me is still wandering in the trees and paths, seeing the colors and smelling the fragrances, as that is inside me now as I prepare for sleep.

    Sweet dreams to all.

    Here is an old song that came to mind for some reason when I was making breakfast for dinner at 10 pm ('cuz that's how I roll!) I sang it as my omelet was cooking. I think my landlord heard me. (Oh, well!)

    What The World Needs Now Is Love / Dionne Warwick

    1. In some cultures silence is viewed as compliance and some people feel quite comfortable living, doing and being a victim.

    2. IN other cultures, silence is seen for the wise choice it is. However, I was not suggesting we remain silent and complacent, I was suggesting that in these threads, rants and whining are not well-received, even though we do understand and share that frustration at times. I am also suggesting that nature holds a key for calming such agitation, or in lieu of that, there are more constructive ways to channel it that do not disrespect those who serve humanity. All will be revealed in due time. Keep the faith and carry on. Sign petitions, write to your Representatives, share articles on social media; these are more constructive ways to express our anger and despair.

      I am not saying anyone is perfect. I went off someone the other night, all over social media. He REALLY pissed me off. Not for what he said, but for how he went about it, how he came at me for a mistake I unwittingly made. Then I spent 2 days doing damage control, and may have to do more. Yes, I wish he had initially been kinder, as that would not have triggered my anger, but I own my response, and I could also have made my point in a more conciliatory manner. What you put out comes back to you, so we all might want to consider what kind of world we are creating in each moment.

      Peace and insight to all. The Breakthrough is near, even if some cannot see the forest for the trees.

    3. @Matthew.
      As I said before, I agree with most of your "anger" points.
      In order to learn and GROW spiritually, we shouldn't be brough down this deep state of confusion and forgetfullness in the first plase, and then.... left behind in the hell.
      At the end of this horrible, UN-GODLY experience, when I'll be asked - "What did you learn from this experience?", my only answer would be: 'NO MORE OF IT ANYWHERE AND AT ANYTIME IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!! NOT TO THIS DEGREE. Have some MERCY and Compassion for Your Family members, and act according to the Universal LAW OF LOVE".

      But I don't want to share my thoughts with the rest. Am I afraid? No. Not at all.
      So why am I NOT doing it? Because I know we all are on a different level of SELF evolution.
      Therefore, I look at this reply of yours from a different angle.

      Matthew WaxelbaumJune 4, 2015 at 7:15 AM
      In some cultures silence is viewed as compliance and some people feel quite comfortable living, doing and being a victim<<.

      Is that always the case? Are the ones who can control themselves to stay quiet, and bite their tongues, the VICTIMS?
      Sometimes. But NOT always.
      There are times when it IS WISE to stay quiet and say nothing.

      YOU ARE a FREE THINKER, my friend, not a blind follower. You observe and learn, and THINK. Then YOU speak up and share your own believes and opinnions with others.
      Yet; you should know well, that when you speak out; you'll be misunderstood by some.

      This is what I believe to be a SLOGAN/MOTTO for the free thinkers:



    4. HYE, more outrage than anger. Heaven cannot possibly be pleased at all that has occurred here over the past 13000. GAIA cannot possibly be pleased at all she has endured over the past 13000 years. thx for the support and understanding.

  62. Decided to stay. Ha. Wrong decision I quess as waiting is not going to stop.

    We all share the same pain. Pain of being imprisoned to environment and to people we DO NOT want to our life. Factor X, as it is called this time, creates some other fun as well, to ENRICH your experience. One is total humiliation with the most imaginative ways. My tip to avoid excess humiliation is never to speak to anybody. But factor X keeps you opening your mouth, how funny is that. Doesn't matter if you are decaying alive like I and millions other poor souls who are in trap of bad health / lack of factor X.

    Our galactic friends are caring us as a whole as some mentioned here already. They couldn't care less of our individual suffering. That's the most arrogant, cocky, cold and nauseating way to behave. Why should we ever interact with those - do they represent our values? However, I'm 101% sure there's beings who are like us who care. Maybe they are on their way... and it has been long waiting due to some sort of space/time differences. Really don't know.

    Well, happy waiting for you.. I hope you as less humiliation as possible, sheeple-free zones, complete freedom from any unnecessary/harmful system/civil responsibilites (work) and overflow on factor X issues.

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself. People scary me, they're like weird shambling zombies, with the dial turned to "hate". I don't blame the Galactics for not caring about us individually. Why would they? A spirit dumb enough to be human is just going to be left in the gutter like an alcoholic.

    2. please go to this livestream recording of kesh foundation 64. it will show you all you need to know. this is getting very serious now. and some deep soul searching will be done once you watch this.. share every were. here,s the link http://livestream.com/ssiworkshops/ksworkshops/videos/89202935

    3. Thanks for the link, I've tried to listen to him before. Great info, but his materials are only going to work for the tiniest sliver of the population. It's like everything else, the good guys are powerless to make real change. It's like webcam videos vs. Viacom. I don't get what the big deal is with anything I've seen online as far as actually changing the world. Just tons of good info that leaves us where we were before. Is gas the same price? Does my car still run on gas? See, no difference.

  63. Once a sheep wakes up and becomes a lion, it will realize that the world is a desert.
    In a desert it is easy to find other lions, because lions dwell in desert.
    And sheeps avoid lions and deserts

    1. I'm stuck on the farm! Where are you? There's fences everywhere!



  65. If you haven't seen the movie "Halo 4: Forward Into Dawn",
    here's the trailer :


  66. Are these recently discovered "plasma tubes" part of the chimeric machinery you mention?

    "Giant Plasma Tubes Found in Space Encircling The Earth."


    1. I posted the link to the same news earlier, but no one seem to reply. Guess it speaks about the importance of the discovery xD

    2. I appreciated the article very much and posted it to Facebook yesterday. Thank you Sava and A Man Called Da.

    3. Thank you for posting this link... I saw the story the other day and didn't watch the video... In fact, this time I watched it 3 times to try to understand it... (it's only 3 mins long -- easy to watch many times over).

      I have the same question as you, Dada... I want to know if these plasma tubes are from the chimera? Were they 'constructed' by some kind of ET entity?

      Or are the tubes part of the natural formation of earth?

      Were there strangelet and toplet bombs in them? Or am I confusing the concepts here?

  67. Aligning with Higher Will. Living in Higher Consciousness
    Message from Archangel Michael
    Channeled by Meredith Murphy http://www.expectwonderfulblog.com/2015/06/aligning-with-higher-will-living-in-higher-consciousness.html http://www.expectwonderful.com

    Hello Divine Beings of Love,

    Welcome to this beautiful connection in light. We greet you knowing you are changing your lives in subtle, yet substantial ways.

    As you allow yourself to look within your heart and feel and get in touch with the deepest reasons why you want what you want, you are aligning with your higher self and with higher will in ways that will powerfully shape your experience.

    Upgrading your alignment with higher will taps you into expanded momentums of life. It allows you to flow more energy and higher frequency energy in ways that will allow you to experience more peace, more grounded centeredness and for your life to unfold with more grace.

    When your aims...the things you want and wish for...are seen through the lens of consciousness that is higher consciousness, higher will, then you see opportunities. You see opportunities that linkup to these aims and the inspiration for what vehicle, how you might connect with and create your more ambitious wishes and desires come into your awareness.

    What you notice in life, as you know, is created by your state of mind. As you are more clearly in touch with your deeper reasons and motivations for what you wish to create then you shift into higher consciousness and alignment with higher will. The drive of your energy at higher levels of consciousness and in ways where you as awareness are more informed and clear, will make the whole experience of manifesting your desires one that is very different.

    What happens as you do this is initially you notice you feel more open. You discover ways to create what you want that are actually right in front of you. In fact they may have been there all along but now in alignment with higher levels of your own consciousness they look different to you. You notice them for starters. And often you see them differently. You’ll discover that you won’t judge how you might fulfill your dreams for your higher self is unconditional about the vehicle by which you manifest your experience.

    You are realizing that what presents to you are vehicles for receiving abundance, for creating health and well-being, for harmonizing relationships, for connecting to new relationships and for expressing yourself and feeling fulfilled. The vehicles that show up now are visible to you because you are willing to receive and you will not be feeling judgmental toward them and having closed and limiting ideas about them because you are in alignment in a different way so your perspective is different.

    When you shift in alignment with your deeper reasons for wishing for things you also open up to receive more because you align more fully with all that you are and with higher dimensional expressions of you, you naturally become more available to receive.

    You’re not judging what you are seeing as opportunities. You are sensing what feels right. Your choosing amongst what presents and in fact we notice that many times those who open up to this path experience a feeling of awe. There is actually a feeling of kind of giddiness and marveling at how actually it feels now that it is easy to create, and live a life like they imagine and how odd it feels to realize that it used to seem so out of reach.

    This is what happens when you actually really shift your perspective on things. You see things differently and you see things you didn’t see before. This is of course an indication of decisiveness and willingness and commitment....."

  68. When you are ready to make your life the way you wish for it to be you are really not dreaming any longer...you are actively creative. Not that dreaming isn’t the beginning of creating but you are in action. You are trying things out and looking for opportunities that are present in your life knowing you are going to manifest the experience that will get you into the life you are choosing to create.

    This is a time of great awareness and great activity. We don’t mean great activity like lots of activity...we mean great activity like activity that has great outcomes and meaning in relationship to what you care about most.

    This great activity which you do knowing you are moving into the new life you are choosing and that has purpose and meaning for you because you are connected to your deepest why.

    You know what motivates you.

    You have gone beyond the knee jerk responses, what might be superficial or even logical reasons why you might want something and you have gotten deeply in touch with your heart.

    In knowing your deep, deep reasons why you want what you want, you have come into a merged state with the passionate current of your own aliveness.

    This is a beautiful place to be. This is the place to be always. It’s a place, a state of consciousness, a state of mind in which you know why things matter to you.

    This is the feeling of purpose that many of you seek.

    This is the feeling of purpose that many of you look for.

    The pathway to find it is to ask why you want what you want. Not to question what you want but to get in touch with why you want what you want which will tap you into the current of your passion which is the feeling of purpose that many of you think you need and you don’t have.

    It’s there within you.

    Yet again, it’s not perceived and experienced because of the way in which you’re focused.

    When you do do this, when you truly know why what you want matters to you it also is no longer easy to ignore or dismiss your dreams or wishes. It’s not so easy to say, “Uhhh I can’t do that...” because there is deep knowing that this is vital to you. That what you want matters in far bigger ways than you may have been in touch with before.

    Before getting in touch with this deep meaning it’s easier to let worry and discomfort derail you. But now when you feel anxiety, when you feel self-doubt or you feel the discomfort of moving into unfamiliar things, trying new things, going beyond where you’ve been...you remind yourself of this deep why.

    You tap into it.

  69. When you tap into your deeper why’s you facilitate more alignment with all that you are so you expand energetically. When you expand, worries and self-doubt diminish. They lessen in intensity and you have access to more strength and courage to move into the new life you wish to experience.

    Riding the waves of newness with a deep why in your awareness is a powerful way to live.

    This is living a purpose filled life.

    You feel like a super hero because you’re doing something you know to be important and you know matters in a very deep way and you know matters to more than just you.

    For you see we know this too: your deepest why and the pathway to getting that, when you explore it, it opened up to you the awareness of how your wants and wishes and aims relate to others because this is how it is.

    What you want is connected to and will affect those you love and the world because we are all one. It could not be any other way.

    When you get in touch with this bigger reason for what you want you are acting not on something you want but on something deeply meaningful to you and to others that you are able to make real because you are aware of it and you are in touch with why it matters.

    This changes everything.

    This give you access to strength and courage and openness and willingness and an attitude and state of mind that can change how you do this. Changing how you do this can change everything for you.

    Your state of mind beloved ones can facilitate a new sense of self. Who do you know yourself to be living the way that we describe to you?

    Who are you and how do you think of your identity when you are in touch with this passionate purpose within you?

    What version of you would you be if you saw yourself as someone taking action and facilitating the creation of your life based on this deep knowing of what it means?

    Do you see how this inherently upgrades your sense of self? Your identity?

    We’ll let this sit a bit and we will talk more about how you then might choose ideas and beliefs that support and confirm this new upgraded identity. We will put that idea into your mind too right now because you are actually embracing a larger version of you in opening up to this new relationship to your desires.

    Desires are a Trojan horse beloveds.

    They usher in something that you will be amazed by and which is much bigger than you anticipated when you decided to become more harmonious and more friendly in relationship to what you want.

    We are tremendously excited by all you are creating.

    I am Archangel Michael.


    1. Thank you! This is very helpful. I will pass it on.

    2. Yes, Meredith Murphy always seems to express from a rather expansive perspective, I find it very uplifting.

    3. This is really lovely... Thanks Phoenix...

  70. The Vision Alignment Project: A Vision for Being There

    A Vision for Being There: This Vision is a quote from our Intenders Facebook Founders Circle page that was posted there recently by Ivan Silovic. It is short but says so much. Thanks, Ivan

    Be there. Go there now and never leave. Imagine that your dreams have already come true. Live your life from that mindset. Predicate your behavior on that reality, not the illusions that now surround you. Filter every thought, question, and answer from there. Let your focus shift and be born again - because dwelling from, not upon, the space you want to inherit is the fastest way to change absolutely everything.

    It is our Vision that we are all Being There, just as Ivan describes!

    As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
    You can align with this Vision
    by double-clicking the "YES!" Button or Link below.

    Yes! I Align with this Vision. YES! I Align with this Vision.

    Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments to date.



  71. I think Matthew is right about a lot of things. I'd only differ in that the Light Forces don't surrender in the typical sense, they just don't have as much control in this part of the galaxy as they say. It's part of being a polarity. Think about it, they have "councils" and "federations" and every other type of control. It's much NICER, I'll take it any day, but it's source is still a polarity system.



    1. http://www.thatsfake.com/ss-cotopaxi-resurface-after-90-years-in-bermuda-triangle/

    2. http://www.thingsmagazine.net/blogimages/cotopaxi.jpg



  73. Pope to Announce Church Preparations For Alien Contact June 2015?


  74. If Mathew is right or not, is totally normal, human and acceptable to doubt, get angry or being frustrated, and expressing all, considering our situation on earth, first.
    Second, we should not forget we are rational beings, and apart from this site' s intel, we do not see tangible proof in our day to day lives.
    (However, in spite of being rational being, i have a small voice called intuition that tells me Cobra is a good guy and i believe him)
    Third, this space Cobra gives us unconditionally to express ourselves, is a place where we can understand each other more than any other place! We should understand each other.! Just try to speak all this stuff with the policeman on the corner!
    This place is an Oasis, and it is good the way it is, imho. I like everybody, even if i dont resonate with some of their sayings, i laugh a lot with Niki Wanoto, he is funny ! And i laugh also when the ppl get angry with him. And i also laugh because Cobra doesnt give a shit about Niki' s " negative" comments and keep on allowing them. Grande, Cobra!!!!
    One big hug for everybody, thank you Cobra and everybody here

    1. There, everyone listen to Ger Sey if they don't want to hear to me throw a tantrum. : )

  75. Yes, but why does the Church have to be in the middle?
    I have heard that they plan to baptize the poor aliens?
    This is so ridiculous!

    1. The church knows they won't, it's just meant for consumption by the masses. Like when Bush says he's going to hunt down terrorists to the end of the Earth. They really have no intention.

  76. Orgonia Gifter

    Cleansing the Planet With Orgone


  77. Okay, I posted about a week ago that several of the things Corey Goode says are “off”- and I don’t mean that they are off just because they disagree with Cobra. They are “off” because my discernment and my common sense tells me that they are “off”. Even if Cobra never existed, I would feel that some of Corey’s information is off. And the most recent thing he has said about the liberation process is REALLY OFF!

    According to Corey Goode, no human slaves were freed from the colonies and no colonies were liberated. Everything in our solar system is the same status quo as always (and will remain so until “Disclosure”…which Corey is nebulous to clearly explain):


    I did the FREE THE COLONIES! activation for 25 minutes and I experienced, first hand, that it was a ROARING SUCCESS! I saw, with my third eye, the colonies being cleared and dark beings being taken to Ganymede. There is no way in hell Corey can tell me that nothing happened! I know 100% it happened!!

    Some of Corey’s information is quite good and I agree with it. And Cobra vouched that Corey was in the SSP before. However, several of the things he says about the Sphere Being’s message, the disclosure process, how the Event will transpire, and what is going on now with the SSP not only conflict with Cobra but don’t even make any sense!

    The modus operandi of the Cabal is to mix the truth with lies. This causes the most confusion and conflict between people. This is EXACTLY what I see Corey Goode doing so I can only assume that, either wittingly or unwittingly, Corey Goode is a Cabal disinfo agent.

    1. Hi Mitchell,

      I saw the conflicts as well. I also know the operations were successful. I don't get 100% positive energies from Corey. It would be nice if Cobra would clarify some points but I think he will let us feel and find the truth ourselves.

      I know with my whole heart that Cobra is real and what he says is truth. On the other hand, I don't get that energy from Corey.

      Love and Light.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I get the same impression. This be a good exercise in discernment.

    4. I deleted my original comment as I did a long post in two parts. Only part 2 got put up and it wouldn't make any sense. I have resubmitted my post so hopefully both parts get added.

    5. I just came across this which relates to what we are discussing:


      Question about the COBRA Free the Colonies! Update

      Cobra has written about the big operation that went down today to free all these bases. No idea how successful it was or was not, but hopefully they're all clear now so the slaves are liberated.

      Sphere Being Alliance: All reports from the SSP Alliance Council and the ICC Defectors intelligence network this evening were that today was a day like any other on these bases. They had beefed up the security grid as a precaution based civilian and Internet chatter. It was a nice sentiment, things will happen according to the post disclosure event plan that the SSP Alliance and Sphere Being Alliance agreed on. Meditating on love, peace and freedom for those who are on Earth, In the Sol System and have been taken outside the Sol System as Slaves is a loving STO act. TY all who meditate on these types of outcomes on Earth and beyond on a regular basis."

      Yawn! And then this person comes forward to say they are in touch with the Blue Avians. If indeed they really are why aren't they spreading the message of the Blue Avians? And why is Corey trying to gather contactees together?

      Comment on Post:

      Yes, I am in contact with the Blue Avians, it has been confirmed to me, I will take responsibility if I am wrong, willing to take a polygraph if you are friend...

      Corey's Response:

      Sphere Being Alliance If this IS TRUE you will be the 4th person confirmed as in contact with them. If you can email me the steps they took in making initial contact as well as their "Formal Greeting" that they use with ALL beings and is 100% used as OPSEC for us to know each other by and to make sure disinfo agents aren't using some high tech ways to subvert the BA Message/Mission. It is straight forward and never changes. Send the email to me and describe how contact was made, the "Formal Greeting" and if confirmed you can join the others who have provided this info correctly from South America, Asia, Russia and Europe and myself in working together. Meetings with the SSP Alliance will be arranged as well. Those who believe to be in contact with the BA's but do not have this info are being contacted by the deceptive ET/Break Away Groups. We have had a few dozen people who have been deceived like this so far of no fault of their own.

      Send that info to me at SphereBeingAlliance@gmail.com ASAP please. If you are another confirmed contactee this would be a very exciting and big deal.

      Special formal greeting? Pfftt. Why would Corey get excited that others are in touch when he has already been chosen to give the Blue Avians messages? Surely a group of people who have been assigned missions/tasks would do so independently for their own safety? I would say anyone in touch with any highly evolved being not contact Corey and go with their own inner discernment.

    6. Mitchell, i also am seeing postive changes around the energies of trees from a distance. I am also aware that we should fear NOTHING, as there are guardians around protecting this planet. I also take some info with Corey with a pinch of salt. There are lots of negative beings , spreading fear, and dark energies. Follow your heart, and the light will show you the Truth. Namaste.

    7. Twice now I have tried to submit a post and for some reason it isn't accepted. Mitchell, please go to this link where I put the info down I wanted you to read:


    8. I did send you a link Mitchell to my post (tried to post it here but it's not going up for some reason) it belongs to this thread if you or anyone else is interested:


    9. @Kate, thank you for this very informative link and post! I agree 100% with most everything you write (except that DW discredited himself by crying on the radio. He still seems to have a solid reputation). There are several things that are "off" about Corey Goode. I think everyone needs to be very careful when they read his information. BTW, your posts are going up just fine; however, they need to be approved by Cobra before they are posted.

  78. Hi all.
    While reading about those Lagrange points I see this looks like the "peace sign":
    I will use that form. Maybe thats why they introduced that sign for "peace" ??? End of mockery.

    1. Yeah, it does look like a hippie peace symbol! Good find!!

  79. This one is the right pic:


  80. Visualization:

    "Liberating the sacred symbols"


    Saturday 6 pm UTC

    Liberating the sacred symbols

  81. With CERN being allowed to run at these levels it could turn into a replay of 2012. It's 2015. "Bravo light forces". . Right..

    Going to check out soon. This feels like limbo

    1. I'm right there with you, but think how cool The Event could be. Just think how disappointed you'd be if you died right before it and had to watch from the astral. I'd rather die an awesome death from the strangelet bombs or something.

    2. Cobra has stated that CERN is not a concern because they cannot possibly access enough power to re-create the Big Bang. No worries.

  82. I just realized how many comments I've had blocked these past few weeks. I'm a very dark person. In all areas of life actually. Bummer.

  83. Not hating on anyone in particular, just being hardcore pessimistic.

  84. @Patrick
    I was reading this comment by you, and I got "confused' the way you were confused at the time of posting it.


    Patrick AJune 4, 2015 at 1:15 PM

    >>...... I don't blame the Galactics for not caring about us individually. Why would they? A spirit dumb enough to be human is just going to be left in the gutter like an alcoholic<<.
    My friend, please REMEMBER THIS, and keep in mind that THE GALACTICS DO CARE ABOUT US A LOT!!!!!


    They are so fortunate. THE Galactics, or OUR COSMIC FAMILIES - still REMEMBER the lifetimes we had long ago, (even on a COSMIC scale).
    UN-like us - who have been blinded to see anything FROM THE PAST LIVES we have experiensed TOGETHER in the Universe - THEY see US as the TRUE beings of Light and Love that we used to be, before we were forcefully and with a GREAT, EXCELLENT plans of DECEPTION and lies, pulled down to this prison hell. (Plans which were APPROVED or NEGLECTED, BY THE PRIME CREATOR).
    Most of The Galactics, especially those who have had 3D life expereinces and had gone through the "Galactic Wars", CAN FEEL the pains and sufferings we are going through.

    The problem is that... Well, the Galactic Light Forces are ACTING ACCORDING to the Divine Plan, (which stinks), and following the ORDERS coming from THE GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN.
    (Recently, I'm thinking of it more as being A COMPUTER, with NO feelings of Love and Compassion).

    On the other hand - IF it is a computer - then THE COMPUTER MUST BE PROGRAMMED AND CONTROLLED BY SENTIENT BEINGS, right?
    If this could be the case, then the question is:
    Why let your FAMILY MEMBERS go through torture and HUMILIATION for such a long, long, loooong time???!!!!!

    THIS IS what Matthew understands. THIS IS what makes him to go ballistic.... And it makes me to go ballistic and be very angry and frustraied for BEING KEPT in these long and torturing 'WAITNG PERIODS" of uncertainity and confusion!
    I'm tired of being a "dumb sheepy".
    Please, bring the EVENT and OPEN OUR ANGELIC EYES!!!!


  85. On June 5th, Pope Francis Will Announce the Catholic Church Is Preparing For Alien Contact

  86. 13,000-year-old is approaching the end of darkness


  87. Thank you Cobra and ALL Light Forces, this update is good to hear!
    Keep meditating on this everyone,every single day, as I know most do, because many are still held but our thoughts can help free them sooner. ;-)
    Love and light to all!

  88. Cobra,,Was this a reptillian ghost caught on film??? in this church that a child molesting priest once resided...

    Also the girl from this show...talks a lot about portals and describes many different demons....are they the same??? http://www.travelchannel.com/shows/the-dead-files

  89. Randy Cramer – egy “szuperkatona” spirituális élményei a Marson és a Holdon


  90. anyone still believe Event in 2015?????

  91. Io portal aperture is at 66% green-yellow.

    1. What is its purpose? To awaken the starseeds?

  92. Top Secret Army UFO ...Document On 1942
    'Battle Of LA' http://www.rense.com/general38/top.htm


    The guys head to San Pedro, CA, to investigate the Fort MacArthur Military Museum, the site of many claims of paranormal activity believed to be caused by UFOs. Built in 1914, this coastal defense battery was put to the test after Pearl Harbor when they fired almost 1,500 rounds of ammunition at what they believed was an air invasion -- but if they weren't Japanese planes, what were they?


  93. In my own research what i made through of my long near 4 years.

    About existence. It is very clear that we aren't alone in this entire situation. Planetary or Solar System. In my opinion is both's are true. In a very carefully described mean.

    Now we are at a stage where is we need be ourselves to do not be lost or over-turned by the too good news. The white and the black is at here at the same time. Its gray in reality.

    Energies coming and energies purify us. From the old and from the pointless. We most be ourselves. Take the responsibility.

    I have did it.

    I experiencing still both peaceful and angry periods for this. But we must stay on the course of ours.

    The attacking toward Cobra by Corey... The answer is very obvious.

    Corey: He is been in my opinion are at a fix stage. The information what he represents of his point is been true both.

    The secret programs very vast majority in the past was had very high support from anybody who was enjoyed its results only. But that was built in the 80's... Than through the times of pass. Its been lost very much from it-self.

    Currently are now is the simplest question. What is goin' on?

    I will return to the question when the time is right.

    Cobra: He is a very unique gift to Humanity and Earth. Be respect this and than the things slowly or very rapidly will unfolding toward you. It is just your own choice and patience its prize for the answer.

    Now we are in 2015.

    The Earth's population mostly is in a constant drugged-drunk state. That few moments when its be clear from this. Thats are very rare and just gives some time to breath. But than turns down again. Because can't turn out of this mess.

    Just be ourselves. That is only our part what are really requiers our participation in the Event too. Than after it.

    We can to step now.

    That is my answer. To you.

  94. "THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, June 5, 2015
    (By Laura Walker)
    w/audio day of post: http://www.oraclereport.com/
    permalink: http://www.oraclereport.com/blog/2015/6/5/friday-june-5-2015

    Full Moon Phase: revelations, clarity

    Moon in Capricorn

    Goddess of Wisdom: Tara (Goddess Who Guides)

    God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

    Skill: practice impulse control (going with the flow)

    Catalysts for Change: settling for much less, minimizing self and self worth, pessimistic about relationships, pushing others, manipulation of media, co-dependency, extremely angry outbursts that tax the body's immune system, desperation and panic, reactionary, inflammatory, feeling victimized and misunderstood, stuck, resistant

    True Alignments: rallying and team building, dignity, recognition and expression of true self, receiving important information, inner wisdom, clarity, seeing true value, alternatives or new options and opportunities, setting a standard or drawing a line

    Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a mature woman reawakened to romance"

    Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

    On its last day, the Full Moon phase makes a spectacular exit. It's a last punch of energy for revelations, revisions, and results that will reverberate through the remainder of the lunar cycle.

    Part of the blast effect is due to Venus' movement into the fires of Leo with the Sabian symbol of "under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man's head," It is always a stark jolt from Cancer energy into Leo. Emotions are sparked and spread like wildfire. The Moon will be in opposition, magnifying and multiplying the effects.

    Other energetics are also pushing for revelations, revisions, and results in our lives and in the world. Things are trying to come to light. Most of this is coming via communications. The Sun and also Mercury are discharging energetics that are bringing things forward from deep within us. It's a radical process to produce radical clarity. A random conversation that is overheard can ignite as much profound insight as a conversation with a long-time, like-minded friend. A headline can produce an awakening or understanding of something we thought we had grasped, but now see that it was emotionally unintegrated. In other words we see that we intellectually understood something, but maybe did not feel the totality of it until now.

    The big push for revelation, revisions, and results comes courtesy of the Black Moon beginning exact opposition with Chiron. The energetic will be strongest with the exact opposition on Monday, June 8, 2015, but it begins in earnest today. The wave of energy brings an awakening to the truth. The truth of all kinds of things appears. All of this helps us balance and realign our lives and our world toward a better way.

    But it isn't necessarily the easiest thing when it comes in full force like this. Feeling the "totality" of things can craze people. The energetics are renegade and bringing up our inner rebel (or outlaw to the untrue law) so that we can align with our heart's desires. The key is to adjust. Adjustment takes time; reaction does not. In the fifth dimensional level of consciousness, we temper our reactions to give time for us (and the field around us) to adjust. We learn how to go with the flow better. In the adjustment phase, we can use the time wisely by creating, revising, and recuperating.

    As things fire up in response to the energetics, we understand and channel it toward alignment with our heart's desires, our hopes, wishes, and dreams, and the value of life. We bravely approach clarity and allow ourselves time for adjustment when it is revealed. We remain grounded.

    Check back this weekend for the weekend report about the unfolding Black Moon/Chiron opposition and Episode 2 of the "Parliament of Wise Owls."

    Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!"


  95. June 2015 Energy Forecast - You and the Universal Energy Field - Lee Harris
    video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY36qeKrZ1k
    with transcript: http://leeharrisenergy.com/blog

  96. "..so if you feel like you're someone who's really in the spin at the moment, you might want to just check that video out..."

    Overthinking and Emotional Chaos
    Lee Harris Energy

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