Monday, June 1, 2015


Pandora in progress, EXMOSS Pandora complete, MOSS in progress. PB breach continuation, PPN security breach, in deflection. HVBN substable. M=7, Midas package.


  1. Oneness and Equality!! I AM WE ARE!! Anything else supports separation!

  2. Great to hear the progress is in progress :)

  3. Victory to the Light and all Light Workers !!

  4. They are putting up a good fight, but notice how the headlines become more bizarre by the day, with so many hidden things surfacing, so many arrests, so many people stepping down, and then there are the accidents! "Break a leg" was meant to be wishing someone well. Well, well, what is it all really about? We're about to find out...fasten your seatbelt, the ring of fire is just heating up, and there is whole lot of shaking (and quaking, in boots) going on...

    Meanwhile, I'm so happy to still be able to enjoy my blessed cup of coffee in the morning, for the time being, anyway. The things we take for granted shall soon become apparent. Tell someone you love them, be kind to a stranger, count your blessings, for things can and will change suddenly. I can only handle so much in the monkey mind rebels, is not inclined to sit still.

    I must grow stronger, but I got a taste of my own fire last night. I know I am intense at times, but I that intensity that came out even startled me! It was brewing like a volcano...under a Full Moon. I felt like Daenerys, Dragon Queen of Game of Thrones, fire-walking woman, but I was not as self-contained.

    Learning to contain our raw power and channel it in constructive ways will serve us well through the changes, this I see. More time in nature, more balance, more trust and opening of the heart, regardless.

    Thank you Cobra, RM and all who serve the Legions of Light. Blessings and Protection to You and Yours...and much Love. <3