Tuesday, July 28, 2015



  1. Wow! Thank you! I think of you all the time! :-)

  2. stars
    golden bridges
    flowers with raindrops
    oh yes
    strong wind and still
    ocean with many dolphins
    oceans of love
    oceans of passion
    oceans of softness
    oceans of warmth
    oceans of strength
    and especially
    what I look so much forward to
    oceans of wisdom
    and light

    1. Nice visualizations....create nice thoughts for me!

    2. Lovely poetry, Eliana. You rock.

    3. All of these are yours. And more. And.

    4. .....hahahaaaa Phoenix........the thing is...... WHERE should I go in this huge cosmos..... :D ....
      3DHD and all others: thank you and love to you <3

  3. http://paoweb.com/sn072815.htm

    “The various processes chosen by our earthly allies have received working schedules.”

    Please kindly share these most blessed schedules. I would also like to plan my life and position myself properly. Or perhaps such clarity, transparency and respect is only reserved for the evil, wicked and your associates.

    “As usual, a set committee meets at infrequent times with the dark cabal. In these meetings, our earthly allies provide the dark’s emissaries with a series of ultimatums. These ultimatums are usually based upon a series of legal decisions that prove the dark is basically bankrupt and lacks its own oomph to carry out senseless military actions.”

    How many disabled actors on both sides have come in and out of these meetings over the past 20 plus years? July 28, 2015 the fact that these meetings are still taking place under these terms and conditions and we’re ALL still slaving away is disgusting and regrettable. Personally I’m not pleased and certainly NOT impressed with these timelines and neither is Heaven, Trust me. The fact that we’re ALL regrettably and tragically still slaving away at this very moment is more indicative and a better gauge of these human Light forces level of ability, courage, cowardice, planning, understanding and acumen than anything good that’s about to happen. Victory was always promised and assured to us ALL by Heaven. IMO the divine will working through these Light forces have made these proceedings harder, tougher and take longer. There is NO glory in that! Eventually my/our external will eventually catch up to my/our internal and in that process these light forces will someday soon limp over the finish line as promised.

    Also, I’m wondering is there food served at these seemingly endless meetings? Do these light forces break bread with the evil and wicked at these gatherings? Was the meeting after 9/11 awkward? Was the meeting after the 7/7 attacks in London awkward? For sure the meeting after 3/11 attack on Japan had to be awkward? During breaks do you all make jokes and make fun of your slaves and subjects? Again, the fact you all are still exchanging ideas and co-creating with this vermin is a disappointment. At least we’re ALL getting closer to knowing exactly how many of us and our loved ones needed to be killed, murdered, starved to death, suffered enough for long enough for the divine will working through these Light forces to finally bear fruit. In retrospect a death and suffrage toll that could have been much much lower if those humans directly involved would have acted, planned and created like heros on the days leading up to 9/11 on 9/11 and the time after 9/11. Simply put, Heros don’t let the events of that day happen and heros certainly don’t take 15 years and counting to recover! Heros leave their audiences awe struck and fulfilled. Worry not, post liberation there will be plenty of time for those of you that let us ALL down during those days to work on being remembered as heros if that is what you want. Your first opportunity crashed and burned in lower Manhatten in September 2001.

    “When the Atlanteans so ungratefully abandoned humanity, the people were left to starve and eventually die. In this instance the Anunnaki arrived and under a strict agreement with Heaven partially rose up the people and put them under the heinous yoke of their dark rule.”

    Why does Heaven hate us and GAIA so much?

    “The blessed song of Heaven is reverberating throughout this realm. We ask that you remain positive and use your mostly untapped inner powers to see that this timely change happens as planned.”

    I’m not here to be positive I’m here to be honest. The word timely should never ever be used to describe anything that has transpired over the past 20 plus years at least. In fact replace timely with finally for eternity. The word timely along with some folk’s legacy crashed, burned and disintegrated in lower Manhattan on 9/11. Many run races very few are remembered and revered as world class sprinters!

    1. Heaven doesnt hate us.
      It is all because misuse of Free Will.
      Of Archons, Ets, humans
      We all created this shit. Yes, you can say we were deceived, that' s right, but in the past we as humanity consented with this.
      Heaven has nothing, NOTHING to do with this mess.
      We have to undo all this mess together.
      And i prefer to think that Source is with us and not against us. Yes, in spite of all.
      Actually what you are doing when you say "Heaven hate us" you are strenghtening your separation with Source more and more and closing yourself from it.
      Archons love that!

      Heaven gave us free will as a gift. This is a clear sign of its great Love!

      Last advice: do not take S.N. too seriously

    2. "The little Soul and the Sun"

    3. I think we all have our concerns with all of what goes on. I admire anyone who calls a spade a spade. A lot has changed. Some things are undeniably good. Others are not. I personally feel like humanity is being domesticated. Incident with our cat made me think of it. He's been mothered from day one and is literally the most gentle cat I have ever known. He's also huge for a cat. Bigger than any other in the area and yet his gentle disposition means he is essentially bullied by every other cat. He is so domesticated that he cannot defend himself...because he doesn't know how. Now here we are with promises to be free of wickedness and corporate control. To be gifted everything imaginable. To be mothered just as the cat.

      This is my concern. All these promises that everyone is running headlong at. Money, technology, food, cures for disease and improved longevity. I'm always concerned and watching for the age old small print 'catch'.

      Contact is another. OK so let's say the liberation is genuine and goes exactly to the letter as promised. What then. To be burst out of a horrific life and essentially thrown into a situation that is way beyond our ability to process sensibly. To be introduced to others this early on could be disastrous. A risk of reliance. Dependence. To come all this way only to rendered a child again. Someone else's teaching instead of our own discovery and dicernment. Even if every race in the galaxy was a peaceful, gentle and all loving one. The same danger for us remains. We have to stand on our own. To move out to others at our own pace.

      This is only my opinion such as it is at this moment in time.

      There is nothing I would love more, than to see how far humanity can go when free of greed. When we have a solid sense of morality and stand true to genuine and sensible values with honour, dignity and humility. This must be done by us and it must be done correctly. If not, then we are once again in debt to another. Owing to another. And right back to square one. It's one thing to be open to ideas, it's quite another to follow them blindly.

      I have many hopes. Likely identical to many. The above are some of my concerns. The part of me that ever remains cautious. This is not posted to sway anybody one way or another. It is a perspective only.

    4. @Matthew,
      If a thesis that suffering is purely Earth's concept is right (Cobra stressed this a couple of times in the past, no?), then it is simply not applicable for those beyond Earth (ie 'light' forces and what not) subsequently all thee emphasis on the negativity of human existence would hold no ground in any plea, just because for the receiver of this plea negativity does not exist.

      Robert Monroe in one of his books about out of body experience tells an interesting story about a soul that was so desperate to experience being violated and violating because they view it as purely experience without addendum. Apparently, experience is the only thing that is valued and pursued in outer realms.

      And if anything I've learned from observing Ukrainian politicians of 'opposite' factions is that they all are condescending towards anyone that does not belong to their circle. They do wine and dine, enjoying the status properties of their high life position. And since 'earthly associates' are foremost humans in power (regardless of factions) I don't see any preventative mechanism that would make negotiation of 'dark' and 'light' any different.

    5. Hey Matthew. I agree w/ a lot of what u say here. FRUSTRATING!

      But: (1) From info posted, seems like it will take the Wave 2 dissolve /the last of/ the anomaly & its auxiliary structures -- implant tech, ?plasma bombs, world "finance" quantum computer -- & r teammate ETs & EDs may not have the tech 2 dissolve ALL that w/o the Wave. Maybe no 1 has such tech.

      The anomaly after all is the anomaly.

      (2) A lot of the tech -- 4 ex, world "finance" quantum computer! -- that the darks r using 2 uphold their "rule" is based on the anomaly & its auxiliary tech.

      PSYCHOTRONICS. Come on WAVE! Come on EVENT! I am way past tired of -- among other things -- being cooked w/ microwaves in my own home by my sociopath neighbors: Cabal minions of minions.

      Did I sign up 4 this shit? I have trouble believing that.

      (3) Until the bottom drops out of that anomaly tech, dedicated darks including their various bribed sociopath supporters -- 4 ex, 2 many LEOs! -- will continue on as if the physics of r galaxy were never-changing.

      Odd that. I guess it's their religion.

      (4) @ which point, some darks will FREAK OUT BAD. It may startle them 2 learn that they were lied 2! I wonder what plans have been made by Lightworkers 2 cope w/ this very large problem.

      (5) Maybe we personally cannot clear the Tunnels of Set/h as other Lightworkers can, but we can hold Light. We can breathe Light.

      @ger sey: I am not convinced that we souls who now r human did consent w/ full prior understanding 2 participate in the anomaly energy structures & vast damages of r Earth experience. Every time that I see mention of this notion, I think that there's a logic malfunction in it.

      Some huge disconnect in there. Very anomaly-like.

      Be well all.

    6. @Pete: you caught my whole attention! very good observation

    7. @ger sey. I hope it's an inaccurate one. Thankfully my opinions and perspectives are not the be all and end all for all and I'm simply one among billions.

      I have no idea as to how genuine all this is. I don't pretend to understand a single part of any of it. Could be true or just another scam. Ultimately, I personally don't know. For me there is far too little information that actually makes sense, mainly because I like simplicity. Truth is a simple thing to me...in my experience, complexity hides deceit.

      Example of simplicity. I love my children. I don't need to explain that. Words fail to describe that love in all its peace and purity and yet the truth of that love is understood perfectly well in anyone with a heart. It requires no questions and needs no explanation. Yet so far none of what I have seen over the past few years carries with it that same simplicity and so I remain cautious. Now this is not to discredit any genuine help that may be occurring. A situation in which you're head to head with a warped and twisted adversary will be confusing if you attempt to enter it in order to try understand it. Detachment from that mentality is for me the only solution for truth to prevail. To remain true to truth and not to become involved in deceit in any way, shape or form. We don't conquer deceit by kicking it's rear end...we prevail by remaining true to who WE are and ground ourselves in that so as to become immovable...impervious...incorruptible.

      To me there is nothing complex about being a loving human being. It really is such a simple thing. Peacefully so. That's not to say we are required to be a pushover and subsequently a moron. Just never be lured away from who you are.

  4. Anyone know when we are supposed to get financial help? We need money

    1. Yes we do!
      The "crisis" is killing people.
      It is terrible and it is a fact.

    2. We need technology and cosmic disclosure...

    3. Apparently not enough of us slaves have been killed, murdered, starved to death, died, suffered enough for long enough and hard enough for the universe and these light forces to be able to manifest such righteousness into our everyday lives. All we can do is try harder today!

    4. Haha I was thinking that earlier. It's easy for everyone else to sit back and watch us all suffer without any memory. They sure know how to take their time. I hope they see this let them know how fucked they're being. I don't care about the "plan" just fucking get here. And bring money. We are tired of this struggling. First they speculate a time frame and then they move it up another couple months. What if I can't make it by December? I barely can make it to September.

    5. In fact we have more energy to try harder today. It is just those implants remaining telling us we can't. It is too hard. It is too difficult to interact, and agree. It is a mental blockage, an invisible wall that doesn't really exist unless we say it does.

    6. 100% true. I would like to add that apparently not enough sentient beings on this planets, not only humans, we are not more important than other creatures, suffered enough atrocities. And if we are waiting for critical mass to wake up and take some action, no matter how small even in daily life, well go on dreaming.

  5. All in due time. The Heart Knows

  6. Omega ... as ῼ .....that sounds good to me:)

    Thank you Cobra and RM.
    Victory of the light!!!!!!

  7. We need normal life and freedom. We need our planet freed from Cabals and Lizzards.

  8. Where the hell is Matt 2012... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KekKTvAVD0

  9. With Love and Joy
    I AM now releasing and bidding farewell to the contrast.
    So It done!



  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-EGEC4jixk

    Kann So Stehenbleiben.

    Laughing Like Children :-)
    Love, Light, Unitity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension for All




  12. Russian Pentagon alliance putting final end to Khazarian Mafia rule


  13. Alien spacecraft back engineered - UFO documentary interview


    Zero Point: The Story of Mark McCandlish és a Fluxliner (HQ)


    Blueprint for a UFO


  14. UFO sighting: Video captures 10 white globes floating in sky above Osaka in Japan


  15. Corey Goode could expedite his cause by simply posting some photos or videos related to his experiences to lend the extra amount of credibility necessary. Not hard to snap a few photos, I'm waiting.

    1. I don't know man, SSP is crazy about their security. Since they've been able to keep it secret this long, I doubt they'd put photos out right away. I sometimes wonder about credibility too, just saying it logically makes sense.

    2. Or Maybe Barry can't produce pics because these meetings don't happen as claimed

  16. I think this alpha omega code has something to do with the twin souls.

    Something i would have never thought happenned. I found mine at the other end of Gaia. We both feel the connection but what do we do now? Leave our families?

  17. Hold faith, I've been a bit negative last day pr two, I feel back to my normal self now :)

    The time will come!

    Love and light to all,


  18. We need to focus also on releasing energy on ley lines. When this is released, the Satanic spells will have no more power, the Roman church is praying to lucifer and demons. Wake up, look up Montague keens messages, they are very important, free your mind from all programming that started before birth and continued.....

    Walk in the Light, lets bring VICTORY TO THIS LIVING GAIA, AND ALL HER CHILDREN ON AND OFF WORLD. TO the Resistance you are not forgotten may the light guide you ALWAYS!!

    1. I've been reading the Montague Keene messages for several years. In the last few months they appear to have become more negative in nature. It is almost a lecture as he (or Veronica) tell us "Wake up or it will be too late!" Or "I've been telling you for years and you need to react". The messages just don't resonate with me as much these days. They seem to be border-line hysterical.

    2. Yes, I used to read and post them weekly but seldom seek them out. Veronica has been under a lot of psychic/Archonic attack making her physically ill, unfortunately. I think she needs to rest and take care of herself first.

      Ha! I should talk! stayed up half the night, now I am falling asleep sitting up...

    3. Actually you make a great point about Veronica being attacked, and I'm sure that it has been difficult for her. It probably explains why she has struggled to post more positive messages. Perhaps we are too quick to be judgmental!...a human trait for sure.

  19. After reading all the information over the past few years I thought some Event will happen around late 2016/early 2017 probably coinciding with the US Presidential elections, but I welcome the idea that something big and world changing might happen this year. Keep praying and meditating and holding the image of the future that we want.

  20. Beloved Cobra & RM

    Α-Ω ( A-Z) trigger sounds great to me!!!!

    Love & Light

  21. Let's get ready for some rock and roll baby

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  25. ♥ ♥ ♥ FULL MOON MEGAPOWER IMPLANT REMOVAL 31. July 2015 at 10: 35 am UTC ♥ ♥ ♥

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    1. Visualize 4 giant universal highest guardian angels holding a dark blue complete plain crystal ground on 4 edges.

    2. Visualize yourself and the solar system in a clear crystal half-sphere shaped cover with a golden circle around it which is engraved into the ground. The golden circle is protecting us from any harm.

    3. Visualize also a clear crystal half-sphere shaped cover with a golden circle around it which is engraved into the ground in front of you with the primary anomaly, the plasma octupus entity and all implants of all beings inside.


    4. See the 2 circles on the precisely even ground touching each other (not overlapping).

    5. See a neon-blue light starting at the touching point how it moves in clockwise direction around the implant circle in front of you. While the focus is on the octopus circle, see the anomaly, the plasma octupus and the implants, how they dissolve into nothing.

    6. When the neon-blue light arrives the 2-circle-touching zone again, see how it moves in anticlockwise direction around your own circle. While the focus is on your circle, feel how the solar system gets freed from the anomaly, the plasma octupus and all implants.


    Concentrate like that for 20 minutes.

    7. After 20 minutes we please Archangel Michael to cut the 2 circles with his blue light sword. We OBSERVE and FEEL this cutting very precisely and carefully. We see the implant circle moving with high speed into the central sun. We see and feel the dissolving of everything that belongs to it as well very carefully until all is completely transmuted into light. Because of the quantum meachanics the “observation” is extremely important.

    Read about the momentous state about the bombs, implant stations and implants by click here: ★★★

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    1. Thanks alot. I cannot click your second and third link you provided, unfortunately.

    2. I see the links do not work... the first one is Cobras "sublunar operations" that you all know...the other with the graphic is here:


    3. Hey elina, sorry I didn't realise the time of this and have been at work, I will add my input later today when get indoors,

      Love and light to all,


  26. The restructuring of Melchizedek Universe by Alcyone is complete.

    The Melchizedek 20 bears the Stamp of Approval of Paradise Trinity.



  27. Being a Metal Pig (chinese astrology-wise) I like metal of course.
    Just not necessarily the genre of music.

    Today I traded in another Australian Kangaroo 2012 Gold Coin - and it is Not going into the fraudulent financial system. Instead it ended up at a friend's place who really appreciates it, and who gave me more "coupons that can be exchanged for goods and services" than what the banksters offered :-)

    Mere Minutes afterwards We were greeted with PI - RM 2012 - I guess that one was exclusively for You, Dear Portalists :-)

    Second metal topic: The World's largest metal festival Wacken Open Air is taking place just a few miles down the road and was included in the drive.
    They had been sent quite a bit of cleansing rain yesterday and today, and as a matter of fact, for the first time ever New Model Army played there in the rain yesterday. Wow ?!
    They got some sun in the evening, we'll see what tomorrow will bring.
    Sending those metalheads Lots Of Love, Rain Or Shine. And please stop doing that stupid hand gesture, that's just Wrong and no good for you.
    Can't go any heavier than Led Zep here, kids ;-)


    All Will Be Revealed



    1. Okay, MOONSHINE All Around, how sweet is that ???
      As In:
      HOWZAT ???


      OPEN AIR


    2. Caution, is not doing positive waves in the metal music !


    3. Pedal To The Metal !!!

      No Greater Love can be
      Than What You Mean To Me

      Life Is A Highway !!!




  28. Cobra, is the current "situation" due to sources being out of synch with each other? Each is at some point on a timeline that may not be the latest one? Or that they are on a "shadow" timeline? Thank you and Blessings