Sunday, July 5, 2015



  1. One can even to buy Cintamani stone, for I asked for three times, in three places, but it has not arrived yet?

  2. Interesting , is this a reference to the Greek vote ?

  3. Some Greeks are calling the same today: Oxi ;-) 'Synchronicity?

    Let's go on sending love and light!

  4. Surely this relates to the greek referendum with OXI meaning no

  5. Thank you for all you are doing.

  6. I hope this means what I think it means... OXI is the only way to go.

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  8. I´m excited to the ears, so pity that I´m not capable of English enough to express my excitement, feel the energy, ... children of the earth, we are gonna be FREE after so long time, we are gonna see our star families, love is gonna rule again in this quadrant of the galaxy, LOVE

  9. Nice big and yellow crop circle appeared a week ago.

    I've tried to decipher it a bit. It consists of 16 segments, we see plain 7N1 ASCII bit codes on each segment (the most significant bit is called a stop bit and always equals 1). It seems the codes are arranged in counter-clockwise sequence, and they start at segments in between >> and << arrows. Here is binary code, followed by ASCII code and its classic meaning. Also look up the glyphs associated with these codes - they are quite amusing (a lot of various arrows, feminine, masculine symbols). The symbol "substitute" appears 4 times and it may be a "focus" of the message.

    0101011b 43 +addition
    0111010b 58 :colon (details)
    0010000b 16 data link escape
    0011010b 26 substitute
    0010010b 18 device control 2
    0010110b 22 synchronous idle
    0001011b 11 vertical tab
    1011110b 94 ^raise into power (exclusive or)
    0001100b 12 form feed
    0011010b 26 substitute
    0001011b 11 vertical tab
    0010001b 17 device control 1
    0011010b 26 substitute
    0001101b 13 carriage return
    0011010b 26 substitute
    0011001b 25 end of medium

    The ring in the center contains 27 bits defined (out of 32 total possible), the first bit is the most significant bit, and the number is coded in counter-clockwise direction.

    100010000110001000001001111b = 71503951 which is a Prime number.
    A bit strange thing (to me) is that if you change the direction of coding to clockwise, the number is 111100100000100011000010001b = 126895633 which is non-prime and can be decomposed into the following prime factors: 17x2213x3373.

    I have not decoded the meaning of the ring in the middle, but it's value is 26 bits long 10010111101100001000000000b = 39764480, it's coded clockwise (considering the orientation of triangles).

    I do not see interrelation of the 7N1 bit codes and the numbers on two rings.

    1. Note the number 39764480 decomposes into these factors:

      this and 17x2213x3373

      sounds close to the MH 17, MH 317, MH 370 flight numbers. I do not know if there is connection, but it sounds like "substitution" (or framing) of one thing with another. Numerology is ancient and a very vague belief or program. Very manipulative.

      Also note that the "vertical tab" character has masculine symbol while the "form feed" has feminine symbol. The "carriage return" has either musical key or arrow symbol.

    2. Ah, and another idea. It seems that the first >> arrow means "send data" into system, while the second arrow means "received data" from the system.

      So, the query consists of "+:" characters. Then the 13 symbols are the reply, plus the last symbol is the "end of medium" or "end of data" symbol. So, the rings may represent some informational system which is queried by those who produced the crop circle.

    3. My imagination rocks hard today.

      This crop circle may have been done by ET hackers which study our reality. They've detected that the original singular "prime" of our reality was substituted by some outer fake "prime" which tries to mimic the original "prime" by pretending the original prime is composed of 3 primes (due to vague left/right dichotomy - ha ha, do you always correctly decide between left/right?). Moreover, the fake prime is composed of 13 primes, each of them faking the authority of the original prime.

      The symbolic "software" of our reality (which the prime is theoretically a source of) currently includes the following (possibly fraudulent) additions: masculine rise into power, feminine form substituted, masculine control substituted, musical key substituted, data link substituted. On masonic forum I've once read that masons do "symbolic" work. Can they be involved on either side? I wonder if the "data link substituted" assumes religion, meaning substitution of direct prime database link to religious proxy (which also preaches masculine power). Masculine control sounds like sexual over-obsessive behavior. I wonder what was the original feminine form?

      I think we can safely start changing music right away. :-) I see 440 to 432 Hz tuning change is talked often, maybe it's the right step in that direction.

      I personally see a lot of "symbolic" work being done which reduces religious power, masculine power. But the opposition is obviously huge, and not only from people, but also from alleged fake primes. Can these primes be embodied as humans?

    4. Forgot one bit in the message, "device control 2 synchronous idle". From my experience, this may be about the blockage of the second attention in humans. Usually both attentions are synchronized, so we think we have only 1 point of attention. About a year ago I had an experience that for several days in a row I clearly had 2 separate attentions - I could focus and analyze 2 objects at once like I had two heads. This was a very lucid state of being and it provides means to train intelligence very fast, because you can focus on two objects and compare them.

      So, this "syncing" of two attentions is No.2 in the list of "additions" to our human reality (beside the link with the prime which is No.1). Music is last in that list, but it's probably the only thing which can be done immediately without much repercussions or reaction (maybe only orchestras will be offended).

    5. Thank you Aleksey Vaneev. This is very helpful.

    6. Here is a summarized article: "The Relevant Crop Circles"

  10. We may complain about all the delays, but the delays are allowing us to get more and more and more conscious, and prepared.

    Every morning when we wake up, we need to tell ourselves, now we are again ONE more night closer to The Event. And every night before we go to bed, we

    should realize that we are again ONE more day closer to planetary ascension.

    1. If one rationalizes and accepts waiting for what is and always has been yours all one will ever receive is just that "waiting". The injustice is found squarely in the "waiting" and The fact that we have to wait for anything is the universal tragedy that has defined our existence over the last 13000 years at least. Passive lightworkwers, smh!

  11. Oxi (pronounced: "oh-hee") is "no" in Greek.

  12. I'm praying the Resistance Movement has control of the elections in Greece. According to Georgi Stankov the elections will be controlled by a US company with ties to Goldman Sachs!

    My thoughts are with Greece and her people today.


  13. 'OXI' is Greek for 'No', right?

  14. This by Order of Alcyone:

    Nebadon has been split into two Realms under the Omni-Metaverse Spectrum.

    These are called Kashmir, a Meta-universe and Spectre, an Omni-verse.

    The Melchizedek University will be restructured in alignment with Original Blueprint of the Builders and will be managed by current Keyholders - and ONLY these.

  15. There is no entropy planned for Spectre, but obviously there is for Kashmir - terminus on the meta which is locked by Papa.

    Both Spectre and Kashmir contain Laurel Worlds, Hospitals, Playgrounds, Amusement Parks, Schools and many other lovely things.


  16. There is a Light at the end of the tunnel
    Many prophets said it so
    However this is still a believe
    Still borrowed knowledge
    Not our experience
    We are born in darkness
    Live in darkness
    Die in darkness
    Like a fish is born in the Ocean
    without escaping from it.
    The trick is : to SEE IN THE DARK
    like a jaguar in the night.
    Darkness is made of Light

  17. Here's some "occult" wisdom. What type of things are FIRST in the cycles?

    1. The Hospital - then and only then, The Storehouse
    2. The Children - ALL. Then the (very mature and responsible) Adults


  18. Thank you YouTube. The Router for New Media.