Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Pandora in progress, MOSS/sublunar/L1 in progress. Minor Isidic security breaches, deflected, HVBN stable. M=5. 


  1. Silver Chord is strengthened after the break.

  2. Did I mention that tthing about Coventree? Yes. I mint it.


  3. SURF'S UP :-)

    Live Clean, Surf Mean,
    Hang Loose



    1. And just when you think you've seen it all . . . :-)
      Over in China We can go Sweetwater-Surfing on a River.
      The Wave over there is called "Silver Dragon" . . .

      Never seen anything like it, and that goes for the Wave as much as it goes for The Surfers. The Tide Is High, to say the least.

      Live Clean, Surf Mean
      Hang Loose

      Is- Ra-El


    2. Woops, that's the wrong one :-)
      This one is The River, that was The Sea :-)

      LOVE Is Coming Back Around



    3. It's The End Of The (Time)Line.

      According to
      "The Bouquet is ready for presentation."
      That's a BUY
      We Want Our Free World NOW

      Live Clean, Surf Mean
      Hang Loose


  4. Hi just want to share my dream i had this early morn at 4 am ..I was some place in middle of a dream with people i did not know again can't tell you how many cause not sure ...Maybe small handful think it was a family ...But as i was walking with them a Chinese woman with long black hair dressed in all white with bit violet blue color around her was in front of me ...It seem she was shining bright and kinda floaty ...She gently took my hand trying to get me to go with her but for some reason i did not go i stayed at family side ....I then ended up at some kinda i don't know what it was she the woman was sat in something in back looking at me through window at 1st i thougt it was mini plane but came closer it changed in to something i have no clue of then i ended up in this tiny cramped small apartment with this family 2 teen girls few adults one elderly woman with short black hair she was chinese ....We came in small room and then out of no place group of men dressed in black chinese came in they were there to kill us they wanted something that belong to elder woman....I then saw i had to do something and felt watched as my hands lean to the leader of group of men some how layed him back in some kinda chair ...Took my finger tips that hand very strange feeling in them took tips fingers and traced them around his face gently ....few times ...As i did this i felt calmness and strange in head finger chest ...He then said calm as can be he was not going to do anything to us or take the elder womans stuff ..Then i watched him take a square plastic looking disc had silver round thing in middle of it he insert it into her computer or what ever it all was and information popped up all over screens .....Then one of his guys got angry said no we are taking the information and killing us they took out these bottles and needles guns i took off in fear out a side door saw dark hall way stairs going up...I then ran up came to one door open it there was young chinese woman stood there she let me in her room super tiny that went no place but to another open door way to outside ....I ended up on a strange street saw tall white man with very short white grey hair and something told me he was injected with somthing to kill him then i heard mans voice clear saying he is going to be aright we gave him something to bring him down off what was going to kill him ....then that is when i felt dark grey cat biting on my finger tips ..i woke .....I find it strange its always that one cat always when i have strange heavy dreams like this she is there waking me biting my fingers soon as i wake she walks to my face giving me licks on nose .....She has no name for some Od reason we never named her out of all cats .....

    1. Cats are psychic, and animals communicate through images. "Talk" to your pets by sending them pictures of what to expect. As for the dream, not sure, but I think you should try to look at your hands, in the dream, see if you can program yourself to do that, then you become lucid in the dream and can change it, try different outcomes. I don't really know I never sleep much. Been up all night because I was awake. (I know that sounds ridiculous, but...)

    2. Thank you Phoenix and no it does sound ridiculous to me :)......<3

  5. Thank you for your writings on the Goddess energies. We are indeed in a beautiful place where so much hope and renewal is guaranteed. Her energies were so present in those words.

  6. What you say is true about the Goddess energy in the Neolithic. Take a look at this.
    The Cucuteni Trypillian people lived perfect harmony for over 3000 years.
    - They had NO kings
    - They had NO rulers and no soldiers
    - They did not make weapons or practice warfare in any way
    - They built villages, settlements, and towns all without government
    - They had no concept of property and yet built homes for all
    - They worshiped a Goddess and the Goddess energy
    - She made no demand for sacrifice nor ritual
    - Her only requirement was that they love
    - Together their numbers increased into the tens of thousands and they endured for 3000 years

    I suspect the present crisis in the Ukraine is an attempt to suppress this powerful goddess energy.


    “We are in awe of how quickly you are transforming.”

    Free us don’t patronize us!

    “Heaven began this millennium with a timetable.”

    That's right and If your associates weren’t so easily outsmarted, outplayed, outgunned and outmaneuvered by the cabals on the days and weeks before, during and after 9/11 all the slaves would have had the privilege and luxury of experiencing Heaven’s timetable comfortably and with much less suffering and much less heartache but we all know how that worked out. Hero’s don’t let the tragic events of that day happen. Hero’s certainly don’t take 14 years and counting to recover. You all let a lot of people down that day! The oversights and failures realized then are almost unforgivable! Post liberation some folks should just retire! Plainly and painfully unfit to serve in this capacity. For some folks maybe something in the arts would have been and is more appropriate!

    “In just 15 years, you have advanced to the point where a worldwide conflagration is no longer possible. In addition, you have defeated the efforts of the dark cabal to be able to convince you that its armies are really doing the right thing. You have forged a series of beliefs that make it difficult for any nation to use any type of excuse to start either a regional or global war.”

    That’s’ because we’ve done our jobs and the fact that on September 2nd, 2015 we’re all still being forced to experience as slaves and victims I wish we could say the same about your work and the work of your associates! I’m beyond thankful and very grateful that Heaven has promised that these realms will be returned to the light! I’m beyond livid that the divine will working through you and your associates has us on this very day and in this very moment all still slaving away and still being victimized by the evil and wicked.

    “Soon you are to rejoice, as your numerous blessings and new governance are to graciously triumph over the dark and its numerous sets of minions. These rogues are to be jailed and separated from the public so they are unable to influence the making of this new reality.”

    Soon is not NOW and after all that has been said and done and in this moment anything other than NOW is a disappointment. “Soon” has been long overdue and expected for far too long. Just as us the Anunnaki and the Anchovies will also be very well acquainted with difference between SOON and NOW before they realize the actualization of what it is they desire. We were told by you 15 days ago that in about 10 days we were all at last to finally witness the arrest of the dark ones. 15 days later and 5 days past due is anyone really surprised that absolutely nothing has transpired? Looking back it sounds about right, par for the course if you will. Are you all that clueless as to what’s really happening, incompetent to execute on what you say or are these light forces cowardly paper tigers? Did I miss something or is this just one more example of these light forces in no uncertain terms providing us with false hope and misleading timelines? I thought lies, misleading statements and false hope were exclusively the work of the dark, evil and wicked.

    “Additionally, the rapscallions are to be deprived of their ill-gotten wealth and denied any form of interaction with their former associates. With this isolation, you are finally to be able to forge unions that form new governance. These developments are to rearrange your world and make Heaven’s divine plan possible!”

    Hallelujah! Better late than never but in all reality better never late!

    1. Hi Matthew,

      That's right and If your associates weren’t so easily outsmarted, outplayed, outgunned and outmaneuvered by the cabals on the days and weeks before, during and after 9/11 all the slaves would have had the privilege and luxury of experiencing Heaven’s timetable comfortably and with much less suffering and much less heartache but we all know how that worked out. Hero’s don’t let the tragic events of that day happen.

      It's easy to blame others if you don't know facts....
      Cabal needed to loop-back 9/11 3 times, the 9/11 you "konw" happened in the 4th passing. Those who got blamed by you were able to prevent it 3 times. But it was waste of time and energy anyway, cabal would have looped it 100 times if needed to let 9/11 happen...

      Why do you blame others for the situation in 3D? Because they are morons giving detailed (dis)infos? Or are you the fool believing in it? Or both?

      Anyway in your individual case there is a better place for you. Contact me if you are interested and I'll send you the link.

    2. In tired of being forced to exist and experience as a slave. I'm even more fed up with being forced to watch others needlessly and unnecessarily being victimized for so long. It didn't have to have to be like this.

    3. So, why YOU did not change it?
      Why do you blame others instead of doing it yourself?
      And why do you blame those who try to change the situation instead of blaming those who did and do the shit...?

    4. In tired of being forced to exist and experience as a slave.

      Btw. you got warned in the past not to come to this place. You ignored the warnings as many others did. Don't blame others for your faults...

      Btw. long ago it was me who warned you and many others not to come here. You ignored it in the past, you ignore it now. So why do you cry?

  8. @Piperon, in the comments of the last update you asked for the link to the update about Atlantis that Cobra mentioned in his recent interview. I am going to post it for you here and hope you see it:


    This is from 2012, and i'm posting this MAINLY for the very last line. However, the rest is still a good source to compare with today's Cobra's work/achievements, and to show him our gratitiude.

    HyeAngelJune 26, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    Last night I read Montaque Keen's last talk/channeling to his wife. And I think, this is one of the best info to find anywhere yet. Also, HE is confirming Cobra's intels about the nanotechnique put on the cabal.
    Here are the things I found to be very helpful to know:
    1-There is nanotechnology that can stop them (the cabal-HA) in their traks. NOTHING on your planet would be effective against them.
    2-The Spirit World and several other planets are poised and READY to come to your rescue.
    3-The mighty are about to fall They will NOT be allowed to remain on Earth.
    4-It will not be long before their tight control over your communication network will be removed.The THRUTH will be transmitted over the airwaves. (Like VRILLON from the Ashtar command did on Nov. 26th in 1977-HA).
    5-YOU cannot afford to miss your window of opportunity. ...No time to waste on well-laid plans to mislead you.
    6-Assist, whenever possible, those who work to set you free (the Lightworkers-HA). They have put their lives on the line. They suffer attacks (Cobra, Drake, Ben ...).

    By the way, I read this on http/hallow earth
    This is the BEST evidence that Cobra is a Lightworker and HE is doing his best to keep us informed and READY.
    Thank you Cobra. Very soon you'll be honored and appreciated by ALL.


    >>Thank you Cobra. Very soon you'll be honored and appreciated by ALL<<.


    >>World Teachers

    These are beings who oversee the general progression of humankind’s consciousness and determines how to best teach people the universal lessons. They also determine which new teachings are to be released, based on the progress (or lack of it) in the collective consciousness. This office is currently held by Jesus and Kuthumi<<.


  10. THANK YOU COBRA and LYNN, for a fresh, FRIENDLY and a professional interview based on a MUTUAL RESPECT!!

    Unfortuantely, dear Cobra, this time; there are several answers that confused me more than helped me with understanding the mysteries of the Universe.

    # 1
    >>Lynn - What is the difference between spirit and soul?

    COBRA - There is a technical difference because spirit is the source where soul comes from....<<

    This clearly means that THEE SPIRIT IS THE ONE AND THE SAME AS SOURCE, CREATOR, GOD....etc. Is this true? Am i correct?

    # 2
    >>Lynn - How is consciousness and spirit connected?

    COBRA - Actually, spirit at one point decided to project itself into matter and consciousness is born as a result of that interaction<<.

    Ummm.... So.... Until the spirit interacts with the matter, THEEE MIGHTY SPIRIT BY ITSELF is.... UN-conscious??? :((

    I don't think this is what you meant.

    # 3

    >>Lynn - Will we remember who we are and the purpose of our being on Earth at some point?

    COBRA - Of course, everybody does remember their purpose when you reach a certain level of connection with your higher self, with your soul<<.

    Well.... OK... We know We're not connected with our spirit. We know most of us are not connected with our Higher Selves. And now... we don't have a soul??!!!! We have to think some ways to connect with it????



    At the end, i'm asking YOU to keep YOUR garden clean from the weeds.
    I used to call this place a group of "My unseen, wonderful family". I used to call all of us as "cobrassssss", who were co-operating and exchanging thoughts and infos like educated adults. We used to have a very nice group of SPIRITUALLY awakened people having fun and friendly conversations with each other.

    It breaks my heart to see what's hapenning in here now....
    It's getting very nasty, un-friendly, and a very un-professional place full with hostile and mumbling people.

    Please, BROTER;
    This is YOUR home, YOUR temple, so act like a HOST and take THE control back into YOUR hands. (And save my time of skipping the comments posted by the sick people).

    Finally. I SAID IT!!! (sigh....)

    1. Hi Hye Angel:

      I've thought that Cobra lets the Trolls' comments appear here because he wants us to be able to develop discernment....

      That is, he lets scenarios play out so that we will all learn something. It is simply a hunch of mine. I don't know.

      I try to read Cobra's mind but I am not very successful (!!!).

      Lately the goddess energy has increased. I suggest we just blast some of these trolls with Galactic Love Energy.

      They won't know what hit them... Plus: they'll transform.

      To paraphrase The Steve Miller Band:

      "Abra - abracadabra ! Love will reach out and grab ya "

    2. @HYE ANGEL:

      "# 2
      >>Lynn - How is consciousness and spirit connected?

      COBRA - Actually, spirit at one point decided to project itself into matter and consciousness is born as a result of that interaction<<.

      Ummm.... So.... Until the spirit interacts with the matter, THEEE MIGHTY SPIRIT BY ITSELF is.... UN-conscious??? :((

      I don't think this is what you meant."

      This is why spirit has created matter, has split itself, projected itself into/as matter. When matter and consciousness merge with spirit completely, returning back to the One, this is the new world, the ascension. This process of spirit projecting itself as matter into time-space-continuum seen as an experiment to make something more complete out of something that already was complete - the mystery of creation. It never stays the same and it gets always better; speaking of the divine plan. And yes, the duality game belongs to it and also does not - it just has to. We dissolve the past timelines and only keep what was useful to "learn" on a soul-level and all bad things will appear as if they had never existed.

    3. One of the wonderful things about Cobra is his ability to allow others to express themselves and be. Whether they are supportive and respectful to him and his interviewers and thread commenters, or rude and judgmental, as many are, all is allowed. Takes an advanced soul to step back and observe. Most of us who comment don't do that, by virtue of the fact that we are engaging. Part of our learning process I guess. Others, many others, read what everyone else says, but remain silent. There are some here who very seldom comment, but when they do, it is full of wisdom. That does not escape me. You know who you are.

      I am not sure what you are referring to when you say "We used to have a very nice group of SPIRITUALLY awakened people having fun and friendly conversations with each other." because I see that is still occurring here much of the time, (between people who resonate with each other; even if I don't resonate with them, I do see the camraderie). The disruptions to the threads by regular threats of suicide or constant whining that nothing is happening, demands for the Event to occur NOW, etc. all seem to have subsided, probably because we HAVE observed that many things actually ARE in motion, and that's just the surface, so behind the scenes, things must really be shifting into high gear, I would assume. Especially because world events and mainstream news are reporting things that never would have been reported even a few years ago. This confirms that the Cabal is losing it's grip on us. YAY! I hope those who felt hopeless earlier this year are now seeing the importance of holding on to hope for the best, and faith in a brighter day. Because that day draws nearer by the moment, and although I am woefully unprepared for change, I know that somehow, I'll muster. I have faith......



    4. I think our perspectives partly depend on our individual and collective daily realities, and who one resonates with. Personally, I don't think being direct with people is a bad thing at all. Much better than being passive aggressive. Yet for some reason, this common courtesy of "exchanging thoughts and infos like educated adults" is often NOT extended to Rob Potter, for example, by many of the "SPIRITUALLY awakened people" here, who do not appear to be "having fun and friendly conversations" when they jump at the chance to judge, criticize and condemn Rob and/or Cobra. Why is that, I wonder? Notice those are the only names I am naming, because I'm not trying to one-up, I am trying to offer another perspective, and I am going to be very direct, and some of you don't like that because you never learned to be direct. You know who you are, if these things apply to you. I am also taking responsibility for my own fire-y temper. I do eat spicy food, I confess.

      Anyway, I'm saying it now, as a new Rob Potter/Cobra interview is coming any minute now (if not already). When people rave about other hosts, it does not go unnoticed when it is meant less as a praise to them than as an inferred slap at Rob, that's evident by the emphasis. Other times, one person may be facetious, but it is misinterpreted or taken personally, when there was no intention to wound or insult. Remember, many a truth is spoken in jest, but some have lost their sense of humor. Sure, there are heated exchanges. If I don't like it, I don't read it, or I will engage the person. It's called discourse. Its really OK to agree to disagree.

      Instead of hiding behind flowery words and talking AT people OFTEN IN CAPITALS and calling people "sick" and trying to divide the thread into "US AND THEM" camps, we might want to examine our judgments. We're human, it's either human nature, or a bad, learned habit, but we all do it, you, me, and everyone else.

      However, I certainly would not have the audacity to tell Cobra how to "act" or how to run his blog, or who he should "weed" out. While Freedom of Speech is a right we take for granted in this country, we all have a responsibility to use it, not abuse it. Otherwise, in one's quest to divide and conquer, an Us-and-Them game is played, especially when we are feeling annoyed by others. That is the time to step back and take a breath. In fact, before I say too much more, that's exactly what I am going to do.

      I hope my comments serve to spark reflection, because none of us are experts here, this is all uncharted territory, so we need to learn to navigate uneasy waters together, rather than squabble over who should walk the plank. (Aye, Matey, and yer little parrot, too!)

    5. Apparently HYE ANGEL just does not like it if Cobra gets attacked. I also would suggest critical people to more support the liberation because we all have enough since thousands of years, now realized.
      And: We can also eliminate this illusion "that nothing is happening". It is something artificial, so we can remove it.
      Phoenix? While wondering why I seem to like extremely hot spices I came to the conclusion, hot spices helps to feel myself, to better enter the physical body with the spirit. Interesting he?

    6. Phoenix: (Or should I write: Pheonix? :^))

      Helpful .. and insightful... thanks.

    7. Eliana, you always have a way of expressing your deep wisdom in a loving and playful fashion that makes it easier to understand complex things. <3 I know some of your challenges, and I admire your grace and heart-centered insights, my sister. Devotion. That is what I see in you. Love, wisdom, devotion. Lucky us! It helps us to aspire in that direction. <3 Thank you.

      Spicy food makes me feel clean inside, lighter, clear-headed and empowered, in a sense :) ...but I think there is also a correlation to temperament. I did eat some wonderful Thai food yesterday after my Doctor appointment, I had starved for blood tests till mid-afternoon, and that spicy food with a Thai iced tea hit the spot and kept me satiated without hunger all night. (Perhaps that is why I could not sleep and stayed up all night..the tea...?) oh it was delicious and cooling with the spicy food, my favorite. I had a cat that liked my spicy food, she was my saving Grace. <3

      They say we have tastes and smells that we prefer from past lives, and I believe it. For me it is Thai and Japanese food (OK, Italian, too), I have had some past life recall of a life in Japan, although my ancestry is French-Canadian and Portuguese (via Madeira), and who knows what else, since ancestors migrated to various new lands?

    8. WestCoastMegan (my home-away-from-home gal) hahaha write whatever you want, I've been called spicier names! <:o
      -and my own hot tongue is quite salty at times!

      I'm glad it helped. My point is that we have and will always have many different and interesting personalities, so tolerance and giving others the benefit of the doubt is always more helpful than criticism that is not constructive, and may even be hurtful.

      Cobra never shows if he is hurt by criticism. I think he is able to rise above it. But it seems to me that Rob -has- been hurt by criticism, despite his strengths and dedication to the process of enlightenment and planetary change. No one likes to be put on the defensive. We all need a reminder sometimes that we can choose to embrace our differences, realizing that somebody else will often have a different approach than we do. Neither one is necessarily better. Contact Point and I went through that process. Now I appreciate his message more (when he can make his point without insulting others).

      When I moved to Boston, I convinced a lovely woman to let me help her run her cafe. But what I didn't anticipate was that I would have to work with her partner, who micromanaged my every move. I came up with a better way to do a task that eliminated 3 of his steps, but he could not relinquish control enough to notice that the end result was the same, with less effort. So I quit! :(

      HYE ANGEL I do appreciate your interest in trying to uplift others, you offer some wonderful links. Perhaps we are more in agreement than I realized. But as Eliana explains, even trolls are tolerated until for some reason, they withdraw or change their tune. We all have out moods. I encourage you to be more direct with people, like Contact Point is. He and I don't agree with everything he says, but of course he has a right to say it, my point with him was that if we can he get our message across without insulting and judging people, people are more likely to hear the message.
      I don't really care who or who does not like me, and he states he is not out to win a popularity contest, so again, I see perhaps we actually have more in common ground than I thought. We might want to look for, seek out where we can unite, and step back from focusing on our differences.

      In a crisis, a car accident, a fire or natural disaster, people step up and help people in danger. We don't stop to consider, is this person of a race or education level or spiritual enough to be worth the risk I might take? Of course not. We jump in, because there is another human being, a life at risk. You often hear this from the "heroes" in these situations. They say, "I am no hero, I just did what anyone else would do." That is a beautiful thing, to see our commonalities. To know, if I were in that situation, that hopefully someone, even a stranger, would help me. It's instinctual.

      I already posted this, but forgive me, it ties in, a beautiful example of human compassion:

      Iceland Said It Would Only Take 50 Syrian Refugees, So 10,000 Icelanders Offered Up Their Own Homes

      I would love to go to Iceland, not only to see the land of fire and ice, but to meet the people. They are wonderful, according to my friends who traveled there. But wonderful people come from all over the world. When we can truly embrace that, we will be ready to meet our space family.

    9. Everything is just data, and memories. We just keep repeating. If we were clear, we would not say anything, OR if we did say something, it would come from inspiration, or ZERO. So every opinion everything we all say, is just memories repeating. And haven't we all learned yet that we are all being programed? Read the USER ILLUSION. It talks about how we think we are making choices, but really are not. Something to ponder.

  11. Andrew Hunt is just the water bearer. He's Maitreya'sjust twin

  12. Now, this is a campaign I fully support!:

  13. That Mantoïd is cute. I like him/her. He is funny looking. :-)
    At the moment I am looking into the "healing code" book (by Alexander Loyd).
    I'll see if it helps to free my "calcified" pineal...
    If I take off, I'll let you know.
    From far, very far (chuckles!!!)
    Thank you, Dear Cobra!

    1. Are you talking about ET?! If you are, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. I'm sure the movie producers would be flattered. Man, that made my day.

  14. @Mitchell Tr. James, thanks you so much for the link, greatly appreciated.

    And people, don't worry about how other react to the intel, we are all in our own level of spiritual progress. So, everyone will not be the same in their paths. So, please be kind and tolerant, then peace and love will flow. LOVE is the key to Ascension.

    May the LOVE be with you always!
    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer

    PS : Thanks so much for the Intel, Cobra, RM and all.

  15. Nuvusod,

    Thank you for that, I have always maintained that true human nature is beautiful and caring. Though I have read a few stories , that civilisations time on the planet sounded beautiful lets hope we all return to such state living in harmony with each other .

    You put a smile on face today, also on a lighter note I couldn't help read your name as Nuv U Sod! Childish but made me giggle 😊

  16. Hi Cobra, can you cover Third Eye / Pineal Gland topic please? How to activate it and for what it is good for?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello 09:

      Here is a good summary of the latest Corey Goode - David Wilcock "Gaiam TV" show, which is about the pineal gland.

      Or, perhaps you have already seen this and are asking Cobra to explain it... (sorry if I'm misinterpreting your question).

      The SitsShow blog has really topnotch explanations of lots of subjects (just my opinion).

    2. Thank you for helping with my question WestCoastUSMegan.
      Corey Goode and episode about the pineal gland was the trigger for my question and I will like to know from Cobras perspective about this topic:)
      Thank you and sorry for my english.

    3. Dear 09:

      I would like Cobra's perspective also!
      I now understand your question...

      Your English is Wonderful.
      Keep going!

      Or teach us your language.
      We Americans need to be more multilingual.


    4. Hi,
      to meditate with this symbol could be good:
      It felt like the whole cosmos was pulled through me and born again, I felt a Oneness as never before in this life, so complete with an "AHAAA-effect" and an "unwounded"... normally I feel so vulnerable...

  17. Sorry! I didnt mean to speak on behalf of God or anyone. I had an instant reaction. excuse my intrusiveness :) thankyou Namaste.

  18. The listed behaviors have more to do with the genetic predispositions of those people at the time. For example, the surge of female dominance in the West currently isn't because of the Goddess energy (which is real). It's because the Orion empire intended to return during our time period and needed a female dominant culture like their own. They can create genetic behaviors that unfold over large periods of time.

  19. The listed behaviors have more to do with the genetic predispositions of those people at the time. For example, the surge of female dominance in the West currently isn't because of the Goddess energy (which is real). It's because the Orion empire intended to return during our time period and needed a female dominant culture like their own. They can create genetic behaviors that unfold over large periods of time.

  20. Stories are now emerging that CERN has shut down. What they don't say is whether it is permanent?

    1. It was shut down temporarily but they were cranking it back up last night. There seems to be some activity today.

    2. I forgot to mention if we all were to focus on the web page above and imagine everything turning to 0 and empty graphs on the page I'm sure Cern will be struggling to start up. :D

  21. Wow, these energies sure do bring out the truth in people. Take today for example, I went to the dentist for a check up. He asked me how my teeth have been, I said good, no staining since I changed my toothpaste. He looked at my teeth and agreed. Then he asked what toothpaste I was using, my reply, "All natural."

    "I hope it's got fluoride in it," he said.

    "No, it doesn't."

    "Why not?" he asked.

    "It's poison!" I replied.

    You would think the dentist would argue with me and say I was being silly, it isn't poison or why do I say it's poison. Nope. His reply:

    "Bang goes my holiday and my new car!"

    Of course he was laughing but never a truer word said in jest. He never said another word about it after that. Looks like dentists get a big commission for pushing fluoride onto us.

    1. Hi Kate. Do you make your own toothpaste? How do you do it? Or can you buy it? I'm worried about fluoride and would get rid of these mercury fillings if i could :(

    2. Hi Ian. I'm the same I have mercury fillings too. I think it best not to have them removed unless the dentist is a holistic one and knows what he is doing. (These type of dentists are few and far between.) Hopefully, after the event there will be technologies that will rid us of this mercury more safely.

      The toothpaste I get is Periobrite by Nature's Answer. It's available in the UK and in the US. I get mine here:

      It is available on Amazon but for me the postage is cheaper here. Periobrite is all natural, they do mouthwashes and Periorub for gum pain. I haven't tried those but if you check out reviews on Amazon they get very good reviews.

      I know it's expensive but my teeth were getting really stained and they are sensitive, even using sensitive and whitening toothpaste. If you have sensitive teeth this toothpaste is excellent.
      I've read that the cinnamon flavour (cinnamint) has disagreed with those with possibly an allergic reaction, so I just have the cool mint to be on the safe side. It's a bit watery but you get used to it and the taste is nice. Don't let the grey colour put you off!

      Hope this helps. :)

    3. For toothpaste without fluoride, Toms of Maine toothpaste (though purchased by some big company a few years back---was it proctor & gamble?) still has one or two "flavors" that don't have fluoride in it. You have to read the label.

      Trader Joe's stores have usually one TJ's brand toothpaste that has "no fluoride" written lightly on the label.

      On line good deals: (very good prices on natural products) and search on toothpaste natural ,,, or something like this... and read about each one.

    4. I make my own toothpaste by emptying calcium/mineral supplement capsules into a little dish and mixing it with coconut oil, baking soda and a drop of tea tree oil. Perhaps a little bit of peppermint oil. I brush with it, and if I have a tooth that is sensitive, I put a little dallup of the paste on it while I sleep. It will actually heal the tooth. Teeth are bone, and bones heal. The acidity in our mouths wears down our teeth and keeps them from restoring. The baking soda shifts your mouth chemistry to alkaline, and the minerals help restore.

    5. And I just came back from a Dr. visit (I was forced to go to in order to get to the dentist) in which I told him nothing was wrong and I don't do drugs. His response "That makes it hard to make any money off you"

    6. Fluoride shuts down the pineal gland, which is sometimes referred to the third eye, and it cuts us off of intuition. Yes it is a poison, even says to go to the poison control if you swallow it. Hitler put it in the water and anywhere else he could to dumb down the people. Still happening today. Iodine will clear up the calcification and help you think or should I say, receive things or messages more clearly. Vitamin C crystals will remove toxins from your body. 5000 mg a day will do it.

    7. In addition to the fluoride, you need to avoid the glycerin content most toothpastes have. Earthpaste is very good and comes in 4 flavors. I have been using it about a year and a half and my enamel is beginning to fill back in. You can get it online or at Sprouts. West Coast Megan, what state are you in?

    8. Thanks for the feedback guys and girls! Leostar, wow looks like the truth is coming out. I didn't realise iodine can help with decalcification of the pineal gland. Is baking soda ok for teeth, as my dentist thinks it's too abrasive to use on a daily basis. (Maybe he's just saying that to deter me!)

    9. What a great discussion about toothpaste!

      I needed to be reminded that teeth are bone and bones heal. Somehow our dentists don't tell us that and I never really thought of that.

      I hated my dentist telling me a while back that I had "bone loss" that shows in my x-rays. Yikes! What is this? Can't I restore this? Now I think I can. So thank you

      I also *love* hearing that earthpaste helps to fill in enamel. "Earthpaste."
      Thank you.

      Brown eyed girl, I usually just stick with the "WestCoastUS" label. I'm in the Pacific time zone.

      If you join Sisterhood of the Rose on Prepare for Change, we talk a little more about ourselves.

      In fact, for anyone wanting to connect with goddess energy and bring it up (rather than suppress it) I recommend signing up for the group.

    10. I just wanted to add that teeth are not bone.

    11. Thanks Kate and everyone else. I'll go on Amazon and get some. Some iodine too then. I never knew Iodine could decalsify the pineal. If we all could reactivate our pineals, imagine what we could see and intuitively feel... The fact they swamp us with fluoride tells you all you need to know about how scared they are of us being fully awakened !

    12. I make my own toothpaste as per Quan Yin Angel's recipe minus the calcium tablets. I also do 'oil pulling' a few times a week...I've tried several oils but find olive oil to be the best. I also swish and gargle with hydrogen peroxide after brushing (BTW, if you feel yourself getting a cold or flu put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear for a few minutes - works wonders)

      Go to YouTube and search for 'how to make natural toothpaste' there are many different methods on there.

  22. Cobra whatever happened to going after all the Weather modification sites........... Any success yet?

  23. When ‪#‎Israel‬ soldiers catches a ‪#‎Palestinian‬ child ...:( PART 2

  24. Vanguard now returns to Original Blueprint.

  25. Point 3 is dropped from Core.
    Rain is the domain of The CHIEF.

  26. Warrior vs worker; (light). Most workers cannot deal with dark, whereas warriors are... Best described as yin an yang symbol. We will do dark things for the ultimate light if required, because sometimes there Is no other option than fight fire with fire.

    Cobra; it's come to my attention lately that the "white" people (and by white, I mean the people who share the Neanderthall ancestors) are being genocided globe over.
    Less than 10% of the globe and sinking, we don't even make replacement population for our "tribe" or "group"; I see this coming to a head soon and we will end up having to fight just for our survival of our species, what are your thoughts on this cobra? Are we going to have "the event" before it's required for a back-against-the-wall fight? I ask because I care for the entire globe, and I'm positive that before we all go extinct, there is some rich white guy with a end all button (not cabal, just someone who cares for their tribe)

    If you'd like to discuss this privately, because I seriously want your input on it, is my personal email. Hope to hear some input from you specifically, and those who frequent this blog.

    Cheers and hopefully things improve.

    1. The cabal plan is to wipe out the white race in Europe it's official, they give an award every two years called Cudenhove Kalergi and this mixed race chap wrote a book on how to do it. Unlimited mass immigration of non whites so your selection of white partners decreases. In London here there are hardly any whites in my area so slim pickings. Don't expect anyone to want to share information with you as it's forbidden on places like these as we have to pretend it's not happening and we are all the same. Well how about telling that to the negative e.t. who from research mostly take white women to "enslave" mutate e.t.c in dulse base 300k held at one point apparently. The Asians have the Neanderthal gene too but the pure blacks who never left Africa do not, people have it in different amounts, whites the most. The people who know all the facts do not want to tell the real story as it may put up a divide I would assume but I disagree, I'm tired of not being able to talk about what I can see and what is an official program, genocide, conquest by womb.

    2. Not sure that this is true but I read young souls go to disadvantaged countries, think of the 80's with massive famine, who would incarnate into those countries. There have been plenty of children speaking that they chose their parents, do the more advanced souls choose or have preferential choice or maybe there is a queue of some sort? Also read that South Koreans are some of the most intelligent people around if not the most which contrast it to their birth rate it's normal like the UK used to have.

    3. Sorry one last thing. Apparently in Lyra constellation redheads had their own sub culture and were kept apart from others so they were not wiped out through different race mating as they were said to have extra sensory powers that the reptiles wanted. There was a Jude Law film I think that had people choosing partners depending on their DNA, I think the future might just be like that when people learn the truth because the negative e.t.s know.

    4. Where are you getting this disinformation from there is no white tribes being exterminated, always use desernment. It probably just disinformation to make you hate other races of people.

    5. I have heard that too. Thinking deeply, what does it help, talking about tribes? All this stuff about tribes and races sounds so very sticky and so middle-age-old. Do we want to discuss after ascension from which race we ascended? Is it not about the transformation of the physical plane or the integration of Source energy into the physical plane, so we can let go of those borders and be One in love. Right?

    6. Dave, it's actually the Nature Spirit that incarnates in many of those bodies. Plenty in first world countries too, but many more in those devastated places. Have you ever watched a commercial or politician and thought "who does this work on?" You guessed it.

    7. However immature spirits are very similar to the Nature Spirit humans and account for much of my back pain. Let's give credit where it's due.

    8. Thanks for responding dave. I'm a young [relatively, 22] white male. My outlook on the world is pretty grim, as most people I meet hate me just cause of skin color. I see on the forumns elsewhere we as a tribe are just trolling/talking to try and wake the others up, because they are indeed killing us Farouk, it is true. All the predominately "white" country's have been done as dave mentioned; Open borders for immigration. Why does it kill us? because most "whites" look at economic factors before having children. Theres plenty of youtube videos of other races screaming kill our babies, kill whitey, ect ect. And these arnt even considered a hate crime, while we're not even allowed to have pride/confidence in ourselves openly.

      I wouldn't know on the young souls thing dave, as I suspect I am either A. A firster [came to earth/gaia when she started], or B. came before the enslavement process. I can vaguely remember past lifetimes, and how many of them ended.

      A ending note; I don't hate anyone, but if we make a last stand, I'll be there with my brothers. I would hope to do this peacefully, but in my perception of things, I don't see the world allowing it to be so. I am tired of fighting, but also realize soon as I stop [or we] We'll just be exterminated the rest of the way. What to do what to do.... right?

    9. What i was trying to say is, dont focus on negative things, if you cant change them at the moment. people have their own free will to hate and discriminate who they will, but its your choice to chose to get absorbed into it or not, IN SHORT TERM. IF INFO COMES OUT WITH THE ENERGY OF HATE/FEAR DONT FOLLOW IT ITS THAT SIMPLE. :) love

    10. Hi Andr,
      there have been reasons for this. From dark perspective important war strategic reasons.
      But since 24. January 2012 they are outdated anyway. But I think the dark are too stupid to notice this... So they follow an old outdated order...

    11. What will you say when you reincarnate into the black race or into the latino race or whatever. Then you will see things from that perspective and you will fight against white imperialism. All life is precious. All human beings are your brothers & sisters. All the cabal wants is dissension. That is what you are buying into when you describe yourself as something different than other human beings, regardless of race. The real kicker is that you are also source. You created this reality. Now you are trying to find your way back to yourself. It will only happen when you love all life. There is no one to blame. The event will happen when we as a collective are able to accept these facts and learn to love unconditionally and see this experiece for what it is, an experience. that is all. peace to all. we are all things. love

    12. I agree master d, you always have the D when we need it :)

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. More Wave X signs:

    1. Thank you Da-da for this wonderful information!!

    2. I too read this, fantastic info and a beautiful picture! :)

    3. New info just posted at same link. Wow.

    4. Thank you Da-da for this info.


  29. Iceland Said It Would Only Take 50 Syrian Refugees, So 10,000 Icelanders Offered Up Their Own Homes
    Posted on Sep 1, 2015 by Natasha Hakimi Zapata

    1. Paid for by the 'agenda', wake up. Funny how Japan or Brazil or any number of well over 150 countries are not targeted it's only certain ones until there is no more, have a guess. Why do the dark want it so badly?


  31. Grassroots Movement to Descend on Arizona This Week in”Operation: Detain McCain” [video]

  32. Meditating last night I started with the figure 8, then stated my intentions to let the galactic waves energies flow through me and to every other person and planet earth, then I start to get into deeper states.

    I have noticed recently in these deeper states, when my eyes open which they seem to do themselves the rooms looks 'wavy' I started to feel very intense energies and managed to align myself as to not free uncomfortable with them.

    As some point a 'pop' occurred each of my ears which jumped me out my meditation, I opened my eyes to find the room look like it had thousands of little 'stars' in it, little sparkling dots in my vision, went to bed feeling happy.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? 😊

    1. The visuals are unique, but the rest is complex reactions in your energy body. They're well described in alchemy, yoga, and shamanism. (Healing ->Shamanic->Cool things listed)
      Kundalini yoga would be the next stop.

    2. Thank you for your reply Patrick, ill look into the Yoga 😊

  33. Whoa. A CAT update on Wave X:


  34. Building Boards ain't easy, it's an Art.

    It took a while, and now everybody's Individual Custom-Made Board is Ready To Go.
    It's GO-TIME
    So LET'S GO !!!

    Grab That Board and Hang Loose
    Lots Of LOVE and LIGHT
    Surf's Up


  35. HEY COBRA why are u just posting airy fairy feel good dream MEDITATION CRAP!KIDS are washing up on beaches now! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. one thing I pray everyday it is for the end of this financial tyranny ,sick of paying for everything that we suppose to share ,so many people attach to this blind money hungry game ,they think It is ok to pay for the roof you have to life ,THE EARTH IS FOR EVERYBODY ,sleepy heads .thanks Cobra for the updates ,waiting patiently for the triumph of the light .one who is awakening


  37. "Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player"

    I'm Only The Messanger - Peace

    We're All In This Together
    Love To All



    1. Funny - when I posted that the second link was

      Checked it three times ;-)
      Probably wasn't the right time for it, maybe now it is. Ich mach ja jeden Scheiß mit, no worries :-)


  38. Cobra,
    When does the negative energy begin to dissipate? It seems to be much worse now than two months ago. Do the negative energies have to be cleared before the Goddess energy can enter? The pain this world is experiencing is at an all time high, I don't feel the positive goddess energy dampening it at all.

    1. i feel it subtly in myself, but i do not see it is entering this world too much.

  39. Those who know me, know that I've always been the peacemaker, and been saying this for a long time, (3+ years, at least).
    And this is the last one i posted.
    HYE ANGELMay 26, 2015 at 2:22 PM

    .....Is it so hard to practice this simple, yet the MOST helpful Christ' Rule? Actually, It's one of the Universal Laws which was taught by Christ/Sananda. And it's MY FAVORITE of ALL!!!


    It's as simple as that<<.

    However, because of the circumstanses, I have no choice but to keep talking about people who dis-HONOR others, and especially - COBRA.

    Being a true peacemaker, most too often, i closed my eyes NOT to see the trouble makers, nor become one. Sometimes, I just ignore them, and wait for them to grow up, to "ripen" when the time is right for them.
    Yet, closing my eyes doesn't make them to grow. In fact, the more we, and Cobra, let them to play their childish games, the more arrogant, aggressive, nasty and dominating THEY BECAME.

    And this is what i personaly have to deal with.
    I am facing the same challenges like Cobra does, and many "in service" people do. Because like him, i was always ready to be in service, and spending time on helping others to learn more and to be more awake and aware.

    I am getting lots of personal e-mails from people from this group. Some have been frinds with me for a long time, and i thank them for that. Many people would ask me questions about the subjects they wanted to learn more about. Being as careful as i am, i would try to avoid givng them answers or ideas from my personal knoweledge. Instead, i would forward them this or that article, videos or a site to examine.

    However, EVEN THAT DID NOT HELP me not to get replies of unfriendly intentions, or even, being attacked by a few...
    And there are those who would start preaching me the New Age BS they knew, to show that they knew more than i.
    Actually, that was the reason that recently, i asked Cobra PERSONALLY, to talk more about the spiritual subjects.

    Yet, i would always keep in my mind: "Forgive them and be patient. It's not that they are bad. It's the way the darks attack us from all the ways..."

    Slowly, i started getting rid of some of the most annoying ones.
    Because i know so well, that if you're nice, helping and forgiving, it DOES NOT MEAN that you should allow yourself to be USED, ABUSED, LAUGHTED AT and PUT DOWN by those who enjoy doing it.

    So, this is EXACTLY what's hapenning on this site. As i said in my previous comment; this is Cobra's house, his temple/library of knoweledge for everybody to visit to learn and to grow.
    And because we still are humans, according to the "human laws", when somebody comes to your house as a guest, and starts behaving badly, or attacking YOU - AS THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE - you have the FULL right to kick them out from your house and keep it clean, and in peace!!!

    However, it's up to COBRA to make the choice.

    But based on my own experiences, this is what i chose:





    And this one:

    The 3 "C"s in life:


    You must make the CHOICE,
    To take the CHANCE,
    If you want anything in life to CHANGE.



    1. Lee Harris Energy: A-Z of Energy: Taking Your Power Back
      – Releasing the Judgments of Others

  40. @Hye Angel, When Cobra used the word “project” for the relationship between spirit and matter and consciousness I think he was thinking of the word “contact”. “Consciousness” arises because of contact between physical objects and sense bases. So there is eye consciousness, ear consciousness, nose consciousness, taste consciousness, body feeling consciousness, and mind consciousness. All of these different “consciousnesses” are not who we really are. We are the higher self which “creates” this 3D body and even this 3D environment so that it can “exist”, but in a holographic projection. An Ascended Master is one who no longer desires to “exist” in a hologram so he/she has overcome and ascended beyond all realms of existence.

    In other words, our “soul” is not our consciousness, our soul is a spark of and the same as SOURCE. We are all one in SOURCE. We are all I AM. In my opinion, I think that was what Cobra was saying.

  41. Rob Potter and Cobra Interview 8/15/2015:

  42. New Cobra interview with Rob Potter for August 2015.

    Audio only at the moment, no transcript:


  44. Here's an article about "Wave X" that "hits home" for me by Lisa Rising Berry:

  45. Chatties:

    There is interesting commentary in these comments about "white people being wiped out." We are being bombarded by news of desperate refugees and children washing up on the beach. I cannot read it. I send love energy to each story I read.

    But it made me think of a book that a "very good friend of a close family friend" wrote in the last year or two. The author, Allan Karl, sold his successful business, sold all his stuff, decided to motorcycle around the world and figured out a Kickstarter campaign to fund it because the big publishers turned him down.

    This book is about his travels, it's about food in all these countries.
    Full of interesting recipes! You can imagine.

    He self published it... I saw the book. It's beautiful.

    I'm not hawking the book... I'm more interested in what he said to my very good friend.

    My very good friend asked him at a private moment.... "Well, which countries did you really like the best on this motorcycle tour of 5 continents over 3 years?"

    And his response:

    "Syria and Ethiopia. Simply because the people were so unbelievably kind and nice." He was overwhelmed during his visit there with their generosity. There's something about this that has stuck in my memory in the past year or so. He's been touring the country at small bookstores, talking to people -- on the "book tour."

    I am reminded of the goodness of humanity, the positive love in each race, in each community, in all of us. We have nothing to fear, really.

    "Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection. Three Years. Five Continents. One Motorcycle" by Allan Karl.

    His website and the Amazon site, below:

  46. Done a little investigation. I looked at live cam feeds around the world, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Norway, Moscow, France all had heavy cloud cover held in place to block out the sun. Hong Kong China did not have it and I suspect North Korea had a clear day zero chemtrails as per usual. If Russia was the so called good guys why are they blocking the sun and chemtrailing their people? Is Russia the controlled opposition as the negative always use two sides as in duality.

    I do hope us having no access to the sun isn't a detrimental tool used on us.

  47. September 2015 Message by Jen Eramith | Akashic Trnasformations
    From the Akashic Records: An Excerpt from the Message of September 2015

    What energy and experiences can we expect in September 2015?
    Are there particular exercises we can use this month to harness the energy?

  48. September 2015 Energy Forecast - Choose Your Own Adventure: Strengthened By Your Knowing, Clarity and Radical Expression
    (Transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message.)

  49. A New Age Secured - September 2015 Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher


  50. Fluid


  51. "Every little Action triggers a Reaction."
    - Bob Marley -

    The reason why I sign every single post I make is because when I Say it I Mean it.
    Consequences may be as they may be, It's Officially Signed, Sealed, Delivered

    So then :-)

    Live Clean, Surf Mean


  52. (a rather large) excerpt:

    "...While you believe you are separate from Him, you live in fear, which is the absence of Love. And without Love you buy into the belief that you have to fight constantly for survival. The wars that you have engaged in for eons, along with the massive numbers killed, or severely injured – physically, psychologically, and spiritually – continue to convince you that you are indeed separated from your heavenly Father. What you believe is real is what you experience as real, so your beliefs effectively maintain the illusion.

    The only way to release your belief in it is to open your hearts and allow the infinite Love, in which God holds you at all times, to enter and dissolve it along with the fear that is its most sturdy foundation. But nothing is sturdy enough to withstand the warmth, the compassion, and the total acceptance with which God’s Love for you embraces you, when you open your hearts and allow yourselves to accept it. In that loving embrace all that is not in perfect alignment or harmony with it dissolves because it is unreal, an illusion.

    Holding on to fear shuts your hearts to Love, supports the illusion, and just demonstrates your lack of trust in God’s eternal and infinite Love for you. Therefore each time you pay a visit to your holy inner sanctuary – and every single one of you has a holy inner sanctuary – repeat your intention to open your hearts to receive God’s Love and to have It flow through you to heal and awaken humanity. Your doubts and your skepticism may well prevent you from experiencing any indications or feelings that anything is happening, but rest assured that every time you remake that intent waves of Love flow through you and out into the world of illusion, enormously assisting humanity on its path to awakening.

    You, the light holders and light workers, are bringing humanity to awakening by your loving intentions. A tremendous amount of uplifting and inspiring news and information is flowing across the planet via the world wide web and it is not reported on by the mainstream media because the owners of those media want the people of the world to live in fear...."

  53. "...Those who would retain their power over you, by controlling you and the “information” that they allow you to access through their tightly controlled news channels, feed on your fear and would convince you that terrorism can only be eradicated by military might, requiring the expansion of police and military forces worldwide, thus enriching those in power who are the commanders of those forces.

    They would also have you believe that the immigration crisis that is continuing to unfold in Europe as well as the masses of illegal immigrants pouring – as they would put it – into the United States of America across its southern borders threaten your livelihoods and the security of your families and loved ones. What they do not tell you is that they have caused those immigration problems by their activities in those impoverished nations by assisting and encouraging unruly and insane politicians to go to war against their own citizens so that those citizens, in increasing numbers, seek refuge in areas of the world where stable political and economic conditions still prevail.

    The apparent crises across the planet, seemingly unrelated to each other, are in fact part of a long term plan to reduce the planet’s population through war and tropical diseases in countries that are politically unstable, while at the same time frightening the citizens in the more stable countries of the world into calling on their governments to impose further restrictions on travel.

    In effect, those who would control the world and its resources solely for their own benefit, are attempting to persuade you that they are looking after your best interests while secretly intending to remove as many of your freedoms as they can, under the cloak of protecting you from terrorists and waves of illegal immigrants, by massively increasing the size and authority of the military, the police forces, and the intelligence agencies that answer only to them.

    Do not be alarmed! These plans will not succeed. Those in high places, those holding the reins of power and who have agreed to this plan to enslave humanity, cannot even trust each other. They are egoic megalomaniacs who will self-destruct. Many within their organizations have seen the light and are seeking whistle-blowers to whom they may unburden themselves of the terrible secrets to which they are party because they have realized that these corrupt regimes are collapsing, and so they are leaving the “sinking ship” of endemic corruption that has effectively ruled the world for eons.

    These are the end times for such massive corruption. A New Age of cooperation in loving harmony is dawning, as has been divinely planned since the moment your apparent but utterly unreal separation from God occurred.

    The violent and unsavory histories of a multitude of planetary “civilizations” through the ages are all part of the illusion – magnificent dreams, or horrific nightmares, depending on which side in these ongoing struggles you chose to support – and are completely unreal.

    You have an acronym for the word “fear”: False evidence appearing real! And that is a very good definition of what the illusion is all about. It is a false and unreal environment that has seemingly existed for eons – remember, time is part of the illusion and is, therefore, unreal – and is very shortly to collapse back into the nothingness from which it appeared all those long eons ago.

    There is only God. There is nothing else, and never has been!

    However, your dreams and nightmares that the illusion has immersed you in have been experienced as horrifyingly real. The time for those horrifying experiences is coming to a close...."

    The dissolution and disintegration of the illusion is proceeding at high speed.
    September 3, 2015 by John Smallman

  54. "There are 12 emerald tablets from Toth. No matter what you have read about them or not, something very powerful is, to connect with them in spirit. You can imagine to hold your hands over the first one and get your multidimensional wisdom and abilities back. And so with all the following ones. You can also bring that wisdom into the energy field of earth energetically if you want. Maybe this will open some new doors. Enjoy!"