Monday, August 31, 2015

A New Cobra Interview

You can read a new Cobra interview by Prepare for Change:


You can listen to the audio version here: 

The Youtube version is here: 

August monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter has been recorded and will be posted on my blog as soon as it is available. 



  1. As the interview may be hard to read for some, you can press Ctrl + the wheel of the mouse to Zoom in and out. This is for Google Chrome.

    1. works for Mozilla too. CTRL + Scroll up/down the mouse wheel

    2. CTRL + 0 resets

  2. Galactic's ship directing energy from galactic center?

    1. Thanks Patrick A. I see a wisp of a space ship of some kind, but also:

      In the still image and the short video it appears to be two "enormous human calves (lower legs) with feet" tippy-toeing on earth.

      ....Maybe the galactic goddess is landing....

  3. ........Music... ET Theme song by John Williams.............( : ^ ) .....

  4. You guys have any technique to remove energetic blockages? I think I have a big lock on the heart of the region, and about connecting with the soul I do not think I'm already trying to 1 year Not stop thinking and imagining situations anybody here have or had these same difficulties and managed to overcome? Or the right is to meditate to get to practice?

    1. For me it feels like when I get a new "feeling" or "breakthrough" while meditating it is blocked so I cant come back to it again. Then I have to seek a long while until I find a different way and then that is blocked. Dont know if it is a good or bad thing but a little bit frustrating it is.

    2. I guess you have to understand what is the blockage to your heart in order to release it. Energy that is suppressed and unaware can not be healed. It can be healed when you can aware and then let go of it.

    3. I had serious problems with my heart chakra. I found that etheric implants were causing me to experience the same trauma over and over again. I don't know if this is your problem but if you can do the Figure 8 visualization that Cobra talked about in a previous post, this can at least give you an idea of what it feels like to not have energetic blockages in your heart chakra so you can see clearly what you have to release.

  5. About Rob Potter....

    I actually LIKE the "Opening Monologue" & Credits & shouts-outs & name-drops & Voice Advertisements for "the Goods" on his Website. It cracks me up how much "Some people" must hate his long-ass intro - so much so that he himself commented on it IN The Intro!! To Which I say....

    DO Your Thing Rob. I wouldn't know who Cobra was or get the gist of this whole website if it wasn't for you going out there being a point man & spreading the word. - If YOU are the one who is furnishing us w/ another Interview - then it's your right to take 5-10 minutes (whatever) to plug your own stuff. No Problems here. I know it sounds like I'm being "sarcastic" but I swear I am NOT. It's very nice of you to give props to others - Youre getting these interviews for FREE people - Yet, enough people complain that they had to sit thru a 15 second plug for Ricky Serafako who makes instrumental music (that I think is used as Intro/outro) & has a New CD - was 15 secs going to kill you leeches?

    I don't mind hearing about the Mount Shasta conference or how someone almost didn't make it because of the Weather or that someone had a dream about a bird & the bird was the word and the word was "MOSS"....ya know why? Cause I think of what it would be like if Rob didn't do these Interviews and then.....I realize, the announcements are part of the flavor (like the opening act) and if Cobra doesn't mind who cares. I know I'm rambling but I sincerely enjoy the announcements because enough people have made "cracks" about them that I became a fan of them out of Spite to the Free-Loaders.

    No - I have NOT heard the Interview yet but you know what I'm going to listen to- The Announcements! & I'm gonna giggle at all you Haters who fast-forward thru them because their might be a cool Cobra tidbit in there that you won't hear because YOU were too good for the opening "shout-outs". I've been wanting to say this for like 6 months. I won't do it again. Just remember, they're might be "Easter Eggs" hidden in those "Announcements"- Don't just Fast Forward. People unselfishly made this interview for you- Listen to them. Or Not. Sorry, I'm so pent-up I've been binge watching GiaimTV - I out of practice here.

    1. It's not that people hate it, is that cobra has a very short period of time to give us an interview (1 hour per month).

      So it's a bit disappointing when 25-30mins of this hour is spent with Rob talking about unrelated stuff he can talk about in his on site, or doing the "Rob Potter interviews Rob Potter with comments from Cobra" interviews, where he spends most of the time commenting about his own thoughts and opinions with Cobra occasionally saying something like "no" or "I agree with that".

      So I have nothing against rob, I just wish he could manage his time with Cobra since its so precious, specially at this time.

    2. I met Rob at his 2014 Mt. Shasta conference (I didn't go this year... did anyone here attend the very recent Mt. Shasta conference?)

      I like Rob, I think he has a great heart and he helps a lot of people.

      Thanks to Rob for the monthly interviews!

    3. wait...are you Thanking ME? or Neekian ?- lol.

      While I see your Point as an editor & Mixer of content of other mediums, how did you come to the conclusion that it's ALL happening at the same time? I was always under the impression that Cobra gave Potter an interview (a beginning-middle-end) - THEN, that raw footage was Voice-Modulated & edited by some 'sound dude'....then - Rob add's his Opening Monologue (w/ music & levels ect)....then very abruptly wraps up things when it's over. You think you're being "cheated out of Cobra Q&A time" but I highly doubts thats the case at all. It's more likely Rob pads the early part of the show w/ Announcements for lack of "content" w/ Cobra.

      It sounds like you're confused w/ the editing or how the show itself is Assembled- I'd be VERY Surprised if it was all done LIVE as opposed to "parts made to order". A interview on say "Coast to Coast AM" or "Fade to Black" might be a 1 shot deal while it's LIVE to tape ON-Air & what you get is what the time allows.

      I could be wrong. BTW- I am in NO WAY affiliated w/ Potters site or dealings I just found it funny how people get ticked off over Free Stuff.

      ALSO, I'd like to announce that Rena Matsui has left SKE48 - She was a founding member and she will be highly missed. People are concerned if Jurina can pick up the slack, but I think Jurina already gets TOO Much Attention & needs to stop invading AKB's turf every single. (**That last comment was a waste of your time- See the difference)

    4. I base myself out off the interviews cobra had with Alexandra Meadors. She would let cobra talk and the interviews were usually more based on his opinion of things.

      For example, Rob had an interview with supposedly the red dragon ambassador, and then later on he had the monthly interview with cobra, he spend most of the interview making comments about what he thinks about the guy, the questions he made to him, what does cobra thinks about this and that based on the ambassador's point of view etc. That's what "ticks" me, I don't care at all about the ambassador, I wanna hear what cobra has to say about more important subjects!

      It's just Rob's personality. I love the things he's doing to the light community, I love how he made sure that some people got cintamani stones for free, how he went out of his way to make sure Cobra had an "Interview home" etc, but his own thoughts can make him lose focus sometimes and that's when I feel that the time with cobra is being poorly managed, and I wish he could work on that a bit more. That doesn't make Rob a terrible person.

      It's nothing about being a leech/ungrateful/etc, It's just a feedback. Nobody is perfect, and it must be crazy to pick questions for cobra, keep track of time, make sure that questions aren't repeats, get his voice modulated etc. It's just my piece of constructive criticism.

    5. Thank you, Gantz, for expressing what many of us feel about Rob. I never had a doubt that heart is in the right place, and I also enjoy his introduction and thought process. Cobra is a guest on ROB'S show, and Rob is perfectly entitled to edit the show and include or exclude the information as he sees fit. People seem to forget that Rob and Cobra are friends and allies. Yes, access to this information is a GIFT to us! No one is paid for their time, it is a labor of love, and I doubt that donations cover the time and efforts they invest.

      @Neekian I also enjoy Alexandra Meadors interviews, she has a keen mind, though she often seemed to accept a brief answer from Cobra without probing him to expand on his answer, so I was often unsure what Cobra meant by some of his more cryptic and brief responses. I really appreciate that Rob will counter with his own understanding as a jumping point for Cobra to expand upon his reply in more depth.

      That being said, this really is a great interview! It seems that the questions were pre-selected/scripted in order to get certain amounts of intel released, rather than only answering questions sent in by people. Yet it was clear, concise and full of answers to some of those burning questions we've had. Bravo, to Lynn, good job! Well done so far (I have only had time to listen to part of it so far today, at last!).

      I also look forward to Rob's interview next. I hope he gives us a long, LONG intro, telling us all about the Mt.Shasta conference and where we can learn more about that event, the participants and his special guest speakers, as well as more about the Mothership experience. I'd like to know from Rob and Eric Pilgrim how the massage program went. It's not always easy to do massage at camp-out events in high heat. I've done that several times before, that high California heat saps my energy when outdoors. I hope they all had a wonderful time. Looks like they did according to Rob's fb posts.

  6. A very good, encouraging interview! Thank you Cobra and Prepare for Change! As Cobra says in this interview, the Archons are experts at making it seem like absolutely nothing is happening; even getting into your mind and whispering that nothing is happening. It is good to read an interview like this to know that, actually, a great deal is happening and it is going in a positive direction!

  7. Google phone home. Now Microsoft phone home too. Beware of automatic updates.

    1. I turned automatic updating off.

    2. Thanks. I came across that article yesterday and have since uninstalled their spyware crap; and will keep an eye on what they are asking me to update/install from now on.

      For anyone reading this wondering what they can do in defence of the NSA; once you have uninstalled the offending updates
      TURN OFF "AUTOMATIC UPDATES" in the Control Panel.
      Set it to "Check for updates but LET ME CHOOSE whether to install them"

      Then if there's anything you're not pleased with, you can cross reference it online, and "hide" the update so Windows doesn't continue to nag you to install it.

    3. Here's a better version of the article you linked, telling you which updates to uninstall:

  8. thanks Cobra and Prepare for change crew for all the confirmations, this was a beautiful interview giving us more confidence on our journey and one that we can share with people who are still stuck on "mainstream" way of thinking!
    Is it taking too long? If you think on the 26.000 year cycle, I agree that it's going quite fast and the tide has turned, let's keep shining the Light and exposing the shadows, and if you breathe slowly and calm down the ego mind, you'll be able to feel that there is more Love available in the air, so let's enjoy every moment of Babylon system going down slow and easy, take care you all, I'm with you!

    1. I agree, and I think it is important to remember that perspective, that in the context of a 26,000-year cycle, the current wait that appears to be taking forever is really just a brief flash at the end of a truly long cycle. We are almost there! I just wish I was in a more stable situation so I could relax a bit more and marvel at what we came here to both witness and orchestrate. Hold that intention, the Breakthrough is near!

  9. Is it possible, after the Event, to be born again as a child with new parents (without memories)?

    1. andre, I don't know what life experiences you've had, but what makes the event so awesome is precisely the opportunity to not need to escape. When true healing happens you won't need to escape the past because you will no longer see yourself as a victim of your life situation.
      Humans have been programmed and manipulated in almost every way imaginable to be petty, ineffective, and destructive to themselves and others. This goes for your parents and yourself. When the program disintegrates you will be able to choose joy and happiness no matter what your past experiences. That is not to say it wont takes time and support, but the support will be there, and the pressure to suffer will not be. I know life has been difficult, and waiting is fatiguing..all I can say is hang in there, if the event really is right around the corner it will all be worth it almost immediately.

  10. Great interview, thank you Cobra and Lynn!
    One thing I wonder is that Cobra said this galactic wave would culminate in the event. The Post was titled Galactic wave of love link below

    based on the following info from that post and I quote

    "We are approaching a Galactic wave right now and it will culminate in the Event."

    "Many people are expecting the Galactic wave to hit us in September or even before that. This is very unlikely, as complexity wave analysis shows first increased probability peak in October-December timeframe."

    The unclear part, for me, is what exactly does "first increased probability peak" mean. does it mean that the wave will, likely, peak during that time frame culminating in the event or that this wave will come in waves with the first wave peak, likely, coming in that time period. Clarification on this would be greatly appreciated :)

    1. yes I would like to know too..

    2. Hi mate,

      "first increased probability peak" means:

      There will be an increase in the probability for The Event to take place around the timeframes given by Cobra.

      The FIRST peak of probability will be October-December. As we know, based on what Cobra has already said this year, there will likely be another increase in the likelihood of The Event taking place early 2016.

    3. This means that all of the different factors were put into a computer (Earth factors, spiritual factors, Astronomical factors, etc.) and that computer created a graph of the probability for when the Galactic Wave is likely to occur. Evidently, this graph shows a relatively flat line except for a peak in the graph occurring between October to December, which means that the probability for the Galactic Wave to occur “peaks” at that time.

      We are already now getting waves of increased energy from the Galactic Central Sun, but as Cobra points out in this interview the Galactic Wave of Love will be a special type of energy never before experienced in this universe. It will change the very nature of our reality into a positive one where darkness (primary anomaly) can no longer exist.

    4. The grammar clearly points to there being one wave, and not multiple waves as he used "the" and "a" to describe it. it seems to me that he is clearly speaking about the timing of the wave to hit us and not about the event in the quotes above. The word that throws me off is "first". If this is one wave and there is a probability that it will peak or hit us in oct-dec then why "first"?

    5. Dear Mitchell, is this an information you have gotten directly from Cobra or rather your personal conclusion? G Martin has a good point in the "first" word.

    6. @G.Martin, the word “peak” has nothing to do with the Galactic Wave. Like I and Tech Support wrote, the word “peak” has to do with the graph of probability. It means that the probably peaks, gets higher, during October-December. The “first” means that this is the first peak in that graph. Actually, that word makes me rather nervous because it means that there are other probability peaks in 2016. Personally, with everything happening on the world stage, I can’t imagine this liberation process being dragged into 2016!

      @Deino, of course I didn’t make this information up! This is what Cobra posted in his blog! To quote Cobra exactly:
      >>Many people are expecting the Galactic wave to hit us in September or even before that. This is very unlikely, as complexity wave analysis shows first increased probability peak in October-December timeframe. Complexity wave analysis is a very sophisticated computer model of the Resistance Movement which predicts future trends based on cosmic cycles and free will vector analysis.<<
      Deino, this is exactly what I said but I just worded it differently. My profession is being a teacher so I can explain complicated subjects in a way that is more easily understandable (but I guess NOT so successfully this time as G. Martin still doesn’t understand ;-)).

    7. I guess it's just one superwave and as Mitchell put it ... if you feed a set of variables into the program analyzing when it's going to hit us, then you get one spike .... but only if all the variables have just one value. It's more likely the analyst defined a range of values (a = 1 to 20, b = 377 to 5000, ....) before hitting the Enter key. So you get a set of spikes, and that's probably why Cobra used the word "first" ... to refer to the first spike in the output. So October could be when it hits .... but only if real world measurements for October matched up to the base values fed into the program. I guess the RM programmers would be thrilled if they got at least one of the spikes right !

    8. Mitchell, I agree that your perspective is probably correct. And I agree that it is frustrating that "first peak" means that we have the potential for more delays...second and thirst peak probabilities.
      what kinda sucks is that we are left to investigate something that could have easily been defined. Cobra can be challenging at times in how little he elaborates on his information. It's funny cause I respect that he doesn't monologue, he gets to the point. Paradox...

    9. Well in the interview (at about 20:00) he mentions that due to the dirty weapons bombings in China, there will be unexpected consequences and repercussions for that, and those acts can actually speed up the process.

      He also states (at about 15:30) that part of what the Cabal is doing is psychological warfare, to give the masses the impression that there is nothing going on. He says that it is one of the major operations, that the Archons maintain the illusion that everything stays the same, and this stalemate situation will continue right up until the final breakthrough.

    10. A lot of people follow this guy
      on twitter

  11. Why do government agencies do the opposite of what they say? EPA pollutes, DEA runs drugs, ATF smuggles guns, FBI plots terrorism

  12. Great Interview...I have been waiting to hear this for a very long time.......

  13. Arrested Catholic Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 images of children

  14. Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage

    Learn more:

    1. Tracey. I honestly don't know much about this man Simon Parks...

      . However I saw this post on rumor mill that speaks on what to do in case of a demon presence....

      I am posting this because you once mentioned about attacks... my apology if this info is unrelated.

    COBRA – After the event there will be many many, very positive changes that will have the ultimate goal of earth becoming a paradise planet again.Lynn – Can you give us an example?
    COBRA – After the event, we will have the first contact and after the first contact various positive races will bring technology to clear all the pollution. There will be a process of awakening of the masses and all this process will lead towards the creation of a very positive galactic society on the surface of this planet.
    nn – I’m looking forward to that celebration.
    COBRA – Yes. After the event there will be a big celebration and a period of happiness will begin that will never end. The suffering was never intended to be part of the life experience and it will never be again after the darkness is gone from this planet.

  16. Because Cobra mentioned Lucifer - there are maybe 55 Conversations with Lucifer in Russian.
    The information is great and very fresh and there are many new interesting perspectives

  17. Thanks! This just made my work day so much better.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Cobra, I am sorry for all that you suffered through. I thought my situation was bad, sometimes I lashed out. But for you the situation is much much worse. I'm sorry that I never truly understood this. I hope that at the time of the event, you are rewarded for everything that you have done and everything that you suffered through. I love you and I respect you
    - Justin

  20. Martin, Cobra sources said to him that the event will happen in april 2012/2013., and here we go nothing happened and we are in september of 2015. Even blind people can see what's going on here. Nothing is gonna happen in 2015. Nothing dude. No waves, nothing, it's all disinformation for naive people. Cobras sources are not right. How you gonna feel in 2018 or 2020 ? You know what ? You will be very disappointed and nothing else.

    1. Brother i can sense your frustration. Cobra is but a prawn in this huge grand experiment. We are all prawns but are all equaly just as important as one another. Timelines can change, predictions can be wrong, WE are creating this at OUR pace. WE are the ones WE have been waiting for, together we can achieve anything. I do not pay too much attention to channels and intel sources, i just look within and feel whats right, i do believe we are so close now, i feel so much lighter, i no longer see things as good or bad because i have started to resonate above polarity now. Yes i still fall into old habbits but i am working on it. This grand experiment we are all apart of even the galactics the angels etc.. Its going to effect the whole of creation, this has never been done before, so count your blessings and let go of time and truly know that everything is going to be just fine.

  21. Every night now i'm my body is vibrating all over and mainly in my solar plexus, then a feeling of rising up in a spiral happens. Earier i had this same experience then a few images showed up of me on a ship with a few others but i seen no faces, i felt i was in charge of the vessel. From the view of this ship i saw earth and the planet surrounded by ships, long tube ships, something is happening. The break through is near!

  22. Cobra is the biggest secret of all

    Ask kuthumi

  23. Ask Cobra if he knows Pallas Athena

    Then say why is Kuthumi the best secret

    Empire of the

    Ask 2


    1. Why don't you ask him yourself. That's called politeness in the presence of the one that's the target:)

  24. Excellent interview...... very succinctly posed questions and format... thank you Cobra and Prepare for Change Lynn

  25. Cobra, Your pléiadian source intel is wrong. Peoples you thinck are extraterreste pléiadians are in reality an Ancient Earth Human Break Away Civilization.
    I thinck it will be hard to accept for you, but you must.

    Corey explain it perfectly in this link at the question 8 and in the next :

    1. When Corey said that I was like "I always knew something was off about what the Pleaidians say!" So monolithic and commanding about what to think and feel.

    2. I'm actually concerned that TOLEC is back on the scene as years ago (2013 May?) I asked him his thoughts on Cobra on YouTube and he was very dismissive & negative. I always thought he was a "Hater" since then. Now saw a more recent interview w/ him talking about Corey Goode & the Blue Avians & other stuff and I'm like...Do I even want to hear what he has to say?

      ALSO- I heard an Interview w/ David Wilcock where he said nice things about Cobra & I haven't heard Corey openly diss him - Basically I think David said, Everyone has their own "Sources" - who Cobra meets w/ & who David meets w/ are probably 2 different groups w/ a similar goal or similar plans to "Awaken Humanity" - there is more than 1 voice calling for Freedom of Humanity, just as there is more than 1 ET group assisting in Liberation - and if you buy into Bartzis more than 1 time-line as these guys often say: "Use Your own Discernment!!!"

    3. Many timelines... Deborah L. Zeta talks about timelines a lot.

  26. COBRA said in his latest interview that the EVENT is not imminent and they have another time frame, GREAT NEWS COBRA , KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SO WE CAN WAIT ANOTHER 3 YEARS!

  27. Did I hear Cobra getting choked up a bit, (like me) while talking about the darkness being removed from the planet?

  28. Fear:


    "The Archons are quite skilled occultists. What they do is to take a symbol of Light and use mass media propaganda to entrain people to associate that symbol with darkness, pain and suffering and to suppress Goddess energy. Thus they prevent an enormous amount of Light from flowing into the minds and hearts of people. They have done so with number 666 (once a sacred number of Goddess Venus, now a symbol of the dark forces in the mind of the masses), with the pentagram (once a sacred symbol of Goddess Venus and now a symbol of black magic for the uneducated masses), with Lucifer (once a symbol of Goddess Venus- Light bearer- morning star, now a symbol of the leader of the dark forces for the unaware), with swastika (once a symbol of spiritual evolution and now associated with Nazism)."


  30. Cetaceans we care

    There are 2

    Allah Gopi

    Seriously, the matrix?

  31. Here is one question :-

    Cobra said Henry Kissinger is protected with activations that can cause lots of havou that can cause mass death when his life is threatened or being removed. So, in this case I believe most or all of the high level cabal are protected with such mechanism.

    And Corey Goode said that when the Mexico underground base fire a laser weapon at one of the sphere and the sphere bound back the laser to the base and killed some high level Cabal and their crews but did not activate the protection here.

    So, who is speaking the truth or the Sphere beings are able to neutralise this Cabal's protection or something else? This question is like my prior question of "Light forces keep telling us they can neutalise all the nuclear weapons and the Cabal are not allowed to use them but the recent China Tianjin attack proved NOT!". And some here explained that those used in the attack were small nuclear warhead and cannot be detected in a cloaked casing - this sound silly to me (very sorry) - the light forces have the technologies to detect anything but why it was not prevented. I believe many here want to know the answer due to so many lifes lost.

    May the LOVE be with you always!
    Piperon - The Spiritual Flte Composer -
    The Star Races -

    The Star Races - The Fall of Humanity - Coming on the screen soon

    PS : Cobra mentioned about an article of the true history of humanity during the Atlantis and posted some link somewhere - can anyone direct the links or that article to me - I don't seems to be able to find them, advance thanks!


  32. Bennett Roth:

    This video is really nice. Immediately after this video comes a second video, which continues the interesting story.

    The videos are lovely...
    This Dean Evenson (video maker) makes nice stuff!
    Here's the second Dou Mu video...

  33. I will spend no extra time with the sarcastic comments from the ill-informed, above.


    Soon, whether you like it or not, the galactic energy will sweep through the solar system and it will sweep through your life.

    You can choose to stay sarcastic and immature and negative (and have a very difficult time with this energy that is nearly upon us) or you can transition over into encouraging and helpful love energy and have a GREAT TIME with this energy that is just around the corner.

    Seems like the choice is pretty simple... doesn't it?

    1. Thank you, Megan. I completely agree. Some of these people posting negative comments don’t have a clue about what they are saying. They huff and puff, pat themselves on the back, give themselves a high five, and then give themselves a trophy for their complete and utter stupidity. Their arrogance is astounding.

      If you don’t agree with Cobra, don’t follow this blog and don’t comment. It’s really that simple.

    2. You made me laugh with glee! Well-said, gal!

      You, too, Mitchell, I agree with your observation, however I do think its fine to disagree with Cobra, if done with respect. Not because he is Cobra, but because he is a fellow human being. Same if you disagree with anyone else. (The only thing that Cobra said that's really thrown me a curve is re: the Breatharian guy who advocates that people eat McDonald's burgers and drink diet coke.Yuck.)

      I trust that some of these people are wiser than me. Like Eliana, she goes deep like a Mermaid, Goddess of the Sea.

  34. Cobra said that there're no more Window of Opportunity's because we're so close.

    Now, we're talking about Increased Probability Peak's. So, we may not be any particularly closer than at the time of the WoO's. We're just using different words.

    By the way, I have just been reading posts from two-three years ago, and I have the feeling that I could be reading them now, there's no difference at all - from the point of view of the sensation "we must be really close now"

    We were "near" even two thousand years ago. Here are some examples from the Bible:
    Revelation 1:3; 22:10
    James 5:8
    1Peter 4:7
    Mark 1:15

    Maybe each one of us must find her/his way through individually and these ways are all unique.

    What if the world is indeed multiversal and all of us have one universe with an individually unfolding unique history?

  35. Dear Cobra,

    Diana Copper posted on1. September the following:

    The most amazing high frequency energies are going to pour in between 16th and 28th September. In some parts of the world it has already started. When you absorb such vibrations the old within each of us has to come up to be transmuted, so it is not always easy. The moon will be extremely luminous as Archangel Christiel adds Christ light to the world. More importantly the portal of the Bermuda Triangle is accelerating its activation. During the Golden era of Atlantis the Temple of Poseidon housed the Great Crystal, which was an inter-dimensional portal, a powerful computer and a generator. It took in and radiated pure Source energy. At the fall of Atlantis the Great Crystal fell into the centre of the Bermuda Triangle where for ten thousand years it has mostly remained dormant. On the occasions when the Intergalactic Council has needed to use the portal, everyone within the Bermuda Triangle has gone through a rapid dimensional shift and vanished to our third dimensional eyes. Of course this happened with the agreement of their soul and they received spiritual promotion. The portal started to open at the Cosmic Moment but the cosmic energy coming in now is opening it wide. Pure Source love is pouring out of the Great Crystal and cascading over the world. This will touch the hearts of everyone, bringing higher perspectives and new attitudes – also some confusion.

    do you agree with her?

  36. To read the interview well with mause can select, copy and paste into a word by choosing the letter you want.

  37. Cruise there is no frustration in my post. Try to think sometimes when you read comments. What i tried with my comment was to see is there any common sense in people who are visiting this blog. I asked "How you gonna feel in 5 years time when there is still no event or anything". There is no answer. Just some bull story like "O man, it's gonna happen, time lines are changing and that's it''. What is your proof for that ? Nothing. You are talking about experiment ? Where is the proof besides "Cobra said so and I read that on his blog" or "I feel that is true" ? Feel ? I come on. You are living in lies, there is apsolutely no proof for all this ''big change''story.

    Just look at this:

    You say "I no longer see things as good or bad because i have started to resonate above polarity now."

    This is excatly what I'm talkin about. You are living in clouds, you are making things up in your head. Your story about ''above the polarity'' is not real. Of course, there is jogis and rishis and all those REAL SPIRITUAL people who can say things like "I'm above polatiriy now". They can.
    Don't get me wrong. I believe on God. I believe in reinacarnation. I believe in life after death. I believe that repitles and archons do exist. I have no problem with that. As a matter of a fact I'm doing Reiki and meditation for 12 years. I don't eat meat for 14 years. I like spiritual path.

    What I see as a problem is this bull story like "We are gonna have a new world in 2-3 month or 2-3 year". How ? Same wave man, and some arresting.

    There is people here who don't care for spiritual side and they are waiting for the event not beacuse of the real spiritual reasons but bacause they think ''O man, it's gonna be great'', they are ego comfort people. EGO COMFORT PEOPLE. Just look at this last interview with Cobra by this woman. She is not a REAL lightworker. If the event ever happens maybe 5 % of the people will have benefits of it, real benefits. This whole thing is.......I don't like it.

    1. I have not claimed that the event will happen within 2 - 3 months. And its my opinion that there is a grander plan, grand experiment! You say its all in my head and that i have my head in the clouds! You have took this personal and have become defensive. Allow people to be and believe in what ever they wish. You claim to have meditated for 12 years and not eaten meat for 14 years however you could meditate 1000's of years and never have ever touched meat but if u aint willing to love unconditonaly and respect all of creation which includes peoples opinions and peoples hopes then you will always hit a blockade. Take it easy brother

    2. Petar, Cobra is hardly the only person talking about all these things, the Ascension Wave of Love, or whatever. When something resonates with me, I am drawn to follow and believe it. Don't waste your time trying to convince those who see and hear the piper that there is no song, or that it is not real. To us, it is real, and maybe you are blind?, yet I am content to let you be blind without feeling a need to walk over and open your eyelids so you can see as we do. It's ok if you do not look, or do not see. There is another path for you.

      Do you know that 2 people can be standing side by side, yet one can see the UFO/starship while the other cannot?

      Did you see the pretty little UFO in the background of the international broadcast of the London Olympics? It was right there in the sky next to the fireworks. Many people saw it but many who were there live watching the fireworks didn't notice! 3 perspectives:

      The Event or Galactic Wave of Love

    3. I actually live in London and we were driving very close by to the Olympic stadium the night before the opening ceremony and.. I saw what looks like the ship in the videos as I was driving by.. I really wanted to turn my head and look some more but as I say, I was driving!!

      I asked my mum if she saw but said she did not notice anything :(

  38. '''Diana Copper posted on1. September the following:
    The most amazing high frequency energies are going to pour in between 16th and 28th September. '''''

    This is childish disinformation. Nobody, even jogis and other saints can not know exact date of the things like that. When you hear "It's gonna happen on that date or between dates" you know it's true.

  39. Lapsus Calami. What I meant was: When you hear "It's gonna happen on that date or between dates" you know it's NOT true.

    There is energies. We can clean our system by doing Reiki or Yoga. So we have to work in spiritual sense every day. That is "Coming of the new energies". We gotta do something. And this "New energies will come beetwen 16-28 september'' is for little kids. It's sad that people believe in that.

  40. Cruise, nobody here is blocking/not respecting peoples opinions and peoples hopes. You made that up. I never wrote that. And nobody here is not allowing people to be and believe in what ever they wish.

    Hope and opinions that people have is one thing and "I no longer see things as good or bad because i have started to resonate above polarity now'' is something different. It's like taking the drugs almost. You say "Let the people have their hopes" but what is hope and what is good spiritual hope? If you have a frend and he is having a heroin crises and he wants another shot (that is his hope) what are you gonna do ? Of course you will say ''let go that man" and that's why I wrote a couple a things. There is a lot of hopes here that has nothing to do with spirituality.

    And when you say ''There is grander plan'' and "Event is gonna happen" it sounds like your wish, you would like that, your ego would like that, and nothing else. Let me tell you how majority of the people know for "The Event" and "Big change": Because of the computer. Because of the blog. If there is no internet out here you or they would never even hear for the things like ''Event'' and all that ''plans for the future''. The whole thing is ridicilous.

    Saints and spiritual people, good spiritual seekers, would say "There is a higher dimension of existence" and they know that for a fact because they were meditating for years. They know. And people here with this "O yeah, there will be event" are like clowns. They don't know anything, no direct experience of anything.

    Nobody took anything personal here. Me personaly I belive in the event about 50 % and that's it. There is no way in hell to believe in things like that 100 %. About Cobras interview, I don't believe him everything, in fact I know that he is wrong sometimes.

    You have people that made a movie about the Event, one of the guys said "There is a lot of people outhere who will not except new energies of the Event". So, the story "Everbody will be happy when Event happens and everbody will be healed'' is almost ridiculous. It's worse then taking a heroin. THAT IS NOT SPIRITUAL PATH.

    It' very easy to believe in event. It's very hard to open your heart and become vegetarian. That is an uncoditional love. It's sad to see people who are talking about that kind of love and the are eating meat. Even you are mentioning uncoditional love here totally wrong, you are saying something like ''you have to love and respect all creation and so also respect opinions and hopes of the people'' but to love uncoditionaly does not mean to be a fool and not to see what kind of hopes and opinions people have. Critic can be good sometimes. I explained what is hope and what is good spiritual hope. It's very easy to say "Yeah man Event is here" and be like a clown but it is much harder to do Meditation/Reiki/Yoga every day of your life and go and go through spiritual path. That path is for a very small number of the people.

    In Event ever happens those are the people who will have real benefits of the Event.

    1. I have to laugh at you because you can't see past your ego haha you are claiming most like workers who believe in the event or a grander plan are either making it up haha and now you say if there was no internet ( which there is so whats the point of what ifs!) that we would not have all this talk about the event. People are having out of body experiences, people are having dreams, people are being contacted by light beings and i have met a few. So i think your ego is blocking you and this isy last reply as some people need to go through there own process which you clearly have alot of issues to release. All the best though brother

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  42. Cobra says...We are deconstructing the quarantine which has been here for 25,000 years and our purpose is to do this in a few years time.

    Looks like it will be a few years yet until the breakthrough.

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  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Good post contact point. I hear you because I see my own experience of what you have said. I've been getting frustrated with the dangling carrot too, and have been branching out more/getting info from more sources. Somon Parkes seem to be very knowledgeable and a genuine good person/soul.

      My confusion comes when I see that Cobra has a very high perspective on all of this. I have no doubt that he is a very advanced soul. I hear him replying so often with dead on answers that are subtly more effective and on point than most people can conceive, but I have found myself frustrated with all of the secrecy of info, all of the classified info that seems to mirror the way the darks have been operating for so long. And at the same time I understand the need for some secrecy as a strategy in this struggle.

      I remember when I found Cobra's info years ago I had surrendered to the probable fact that the darks were going to do their best to take out all human freedom and especially the aware people. I had to become OK with that because it hurt to much not to be OK with reality...surrender. then I found Cobra's and some others message, and was given a positive point of focus..which I really appreciate.

      But I've been feeling the aptly name STE of the end of all this madness, and lately I've been back to a similar place I was when I surrendered to the seeming inevitability of our own power structure openly attacking civilians at some critical point. I find myself in a place where once again I have to surrender to the fact that the event has been strung out for years now, and it may not even be true in the way it is being presented...How do we really know? we can't, because we rely on others to give us information from thier broader access. It is so fatiguing to feel this battle going on and to be in a fog of information...information everywhere, but hardly ever anything we can verify for ourselves.

      I admit that it seems quite a good strategy to feed people little bits of hope for years and years to keep them from truly taking action, but I also don't see how anyone who is as spiritually advanced as Cobra could be capable of being a dis-info agent. I will say that he seems a bit emotionally distant to be a really good spokes person, but which of us are perfect at what we are doing here?

      What a ridiculous situation this whole scene is on this planet at this time.....shew....almost enough to make a person lose it, but wouldn't that just be helpful to the ones who love violence and chaos as an opportunity to tighten the noose. The whole stale mate thing is a good strategy if it is indeed the strategy. I guess we'll just have to continue doing our best until something gives or we get to check out from the madness that is being an earth human right now.
      p.s. thanks for allowing me to vent, and I still don't know when true relief will be available to the good people of planet earth, and yes, we are good...I do know that.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I am after reading this a bit in shock. That peaceful site with the essential intel turning into an arena. I too had many questions that were not answered, not only here and I saw many others. But I realized that the whole ascension takes far much longer than expected. That also goes for people like Cobra. And they have no choice but to go on. Besides we are supposed to find answers ourselves and can ask for help. That does not include Cobras and is but handy.
      Why do we need someone else to do the first step and why not speak out for ourselves. I never saw a prohibition on speaking out freely.

  45. Cruise it's funny how you don't know what you talking about and how you trying to find some "big holes" in my comment. I'm sorry man. You are a person who has some interest in things like spirituality and that's it. When you say ''I met light beings'' I think you should go to see someone about that. Yes they do exist, yes they can be (very rare) contacted but there is a bunch of people that have some halucinations and many other things.

    ''haha you are claiming most like workers who believe in the event or a grander plan are either making it up haha and now you say if there was no internet ( which there is so whats the point of what ifs!) that we would not have all this talk about the event.''

    Maybe I was ilogically expressed, but it is a really little thing and it does not matter at all for the essence of what I'm trying to say here.

    Let me explain: One part of the people believe in event because of the internet information and that's it (yes there is people like that, they buy everything TO FEEL BETTER) and you will always have cults that will make up stories like ''Event' and in the end they go crazy and with suicides. That happened many decades ago when there was no internet.

    When people do a spiritual work/sadhana for years and they know from the first hand experience - let's say things about life after death or about higher dimension of existance subject - that is a good thing. They have direct experience. People like that are called Jogis and saints but not only them, there is some regular people with that kind of experience also. They recieve (like Shivabalayogi) some information about the future and that turns up to be truth in the end. That is a good thing.

  46. What is not a good thing is there is a bunch of people here without any kind of real spiritual work on themselves and they believe in some Event ! Based on what ? Internet ! Or some crazy book or magazine. Or "I have a feeling" ? They believe in things like that without any direct experience. That is a not healthy spirituality and awakening. And when I see those people eating meat which is first and VERY BIG negative karma that we are creating dutring life on earth, I know what time it is. They are just some people with some interest for spiritual path, nothing more. So that's why they are like "O man, Event is here, it's 100% sure". Based on what ?

    Everyone who showes here some healthy sceptisiz is put to "They don't believe in Cobra, so why are they even commentating?". I could say a word or two about those people and who they are, who is behind them in a way, but I don't want to.

    '''So i think your ego is blocking you and this isy last reply as some people need to go through there own process which you clearly have alot of issues to release.'''

    I think it is absolutely the other way. It's clear that you have no idea what you talking about. I could say here something more about your comment and why do you have such a funny way of thinking but I don't want to. I think a lot of so-called "Spiritual seekers" like you don't know what the process even is. Spirutal process. REAL spiritual growth. It's funny though, like I said, you are just a person who has some interest in spiritual path, nothing more. A lot of mistakes in the begginning. Let's leave to that.

    If someone wants to go through process and to step to a spiritual parth (cleaning your chakras, auras, meditating, puting the garbage out, becoming more aware of the God inside himself) then the FIRST THING is to start with meditation EVERY DAY, Reiki or Yoga. Another thing is to become vegetarian. Those two things are MUCH MORE important because without them there will be nothing serious going on later and if people skipped those firts things, first changes, then the whole thing is going to be "Kids are playing on a spiritual path".

    If The event ever happens then it's gonna be A VERY IMPORTANT how much spiritually developed person is and there will be a lot of people who will reject the energies of the event (if event ever happens).

  47. Q: 'This continual idea that "The Event" is coming "soon" keeps readers in a state of short term expectancy (STE), and stops them from making any long term plans.'
    Thank you CP. Cobra explained his point of view and I understand it.

    This being said, making long term plans had/has my attention, specifically without money, with our laws, my age (now 65) and being in end times after which all will change plus the threatening of an ending economy. I as a woman have never felt free and start learning to think like that. I decided that that's okay and that I am okay.
    What's your point please?

  48. I still think something is going to happen before the end of the year, and yes, I thought so last year, too. But I do see your point about STE, and I think that is a phase we go through. Or one should go through, not get stuck in. We are not WAITING for the Event, folks. When we take positive action, we draw the Event closer, because timelines are malleable. Your disbelief pushes it away.

    What I have discovered by enduring past the expectations is that I have a lot less fear now than I used to, and it was the fear that kept me from taking action to make the necessary changes in my life, that are my responsibility. No one is going to save us, so we have to save ourselves. Not sure if it is fewer Archons, but I am not getting triggered and paralyzed by fear as I have been in the past. Cumulative lack of sleep doesn't help, either.

    If you're tired, ease up on the caffeine, eat lighter, take some herbs, get regular exercise and turn off electronic devices. Spend time in silence in nature. Take a break during the day and go to bed earlier. Amazing how different the world can appear when we practice self-care! Great to feel invincible on those days!

    YES, we CAN shift this paradigm!

    1. Oh, this was in response to @Contact Point

    2. You are right that you may not be waiting, and you are completely right about drawing the Event to us, but I have seen many comments about waiting, so I thought I would bring that up.

      Yes we can do it, but it will take some effort.

    3. Yes, the etheric plane is clearer. Less archons. Light is breaking through...

    4. "Everyone who showes here some healthy sceptisiz is put to "They don't believe in Cobra, so why are they even commentating?". I could say a word or two about those people and who they are, who is behind them in a way, but I don't want to."

      Hahahaha. All I will say is that the intel scene is VERY deeply infiltrated. And not by the CIA or any surface agency. It's way worse than that.

      "They" are now scared and angry that their fake intel lies are crashing around their ears. That's what all the calls for Unity are about. In this case, Unity means: "Stick with the core story, and don't go off script, or we'll shame and backstab you." We are unified with farmers, nutritionists, musicians, nurses, healers, water purifiers, innovators.

      We are not unified with anyone pushing global government, or fake UFO intel.

      BTW, more than one person has been booted out of CEL for not agreeing with the main story. I know the person who is responsible for doing this as well.

      Cobra has a chance to survive all of this, because some of his sources are excellent. He is a little like Google, in that he has provided a place for the dark and light to meet and discuss.

      In closing, we are being distracted, deliberately, from the Nanowar, going on right now, inside our chakras.

      Want to get out quickly? Learn about the nanowar. We'll be writing about it when we get a chance:


    5. BTW this is not disbelief. You have misread what I wrote.

      It is a detached look at what has being going on for years in the Cobra group. We build critical mass through etheric actions and physical strategies.

      I am suggesting people discard wishful thinking and go deep inside their chakras to find the true source energy inside...This will end up drawing breakthrough closer. And if it doesn't happen this year, we can just enjoy life and this physical experience. Enjoyment brings liberation closer. Desperation and self-deception pushes it away.

      Cobra has not taught these inner door methods. One day I will write them up for free.

  49. "...There is more integration of our spiritual beliefs; in other words, if you aren’t walking your talk, you suffer. Why? Because it is just not enough to talk about it; we must Be it. Talking without acting is of the old. Many say they want their New Life, yet how many are willing to let go of what they know and who they are (based on their history) in order to allow New Life to manifest? Living our Truth may not be easy, yet it is extremely rewarding. We are put in touch with the Ecstasy of living congruently. We question nothing; seek nothing; for we have all within us. As we integrate the many and ongoing downloads of Light, we realize that we are ready to live the lives we’ve imagined and have dreamed about. When we don’t use the Light we have, it sits dormant. You need no-one or nothing outside yourself. You don’t need a community or a guru or a partner to be whole. These are choices...."

    Kara Schallock: Powerful Leaps Forward - 02-Sep-2015

  50. Oh, I get so caught up in reading comments that again I neglected to formally thank you, Cobra, as I do in my heart every moment I am on this blog.

    -->> THANK YOU! <<--

    This was an especially uplifting interview. I feel a need to scramble and get my life in gear so I can embrace the changes to come! Woo~hoo~!


  51. Thanks for your candour G Martin. It is very hard to resolve the Cobra enigma, I admit.
    I think he is a very good historian, subterranean geographer, leader and writer. He excels in all these capacities, and has taught me a lot, but he has made painful strategic mistakes. I have done my best to reason with him but to no avail. Such is life.

    The best way I can help him get out of here is to disagree with him publically when I think he's wrong; Leaders do not need to be surrounded by fawning yes men.

    The best way his readers can help him is to forge their own destiny powerfully and proactively. This will draw etheric breakthough to us.

    I have a meditation called the "Twenty Year Meditation." - I look at myself in the mirror and say: Can you take another 20 years in this Matrix?

    Put simply, do I want to be the guy that guts up for a 5 year journey, and ends up positively surprised in 2 years? Or be the guy that hangs on for 3 months of hopium drip at a time, and ends up with his hopes dashed repeatedly?

    In Asia, they under-promise and over-deliver. The western blogger scene does the opposite.

    Long term pragmatism is the FASTEST way out of here.

    I see many people are stuck between "Is Cobra for real or is the whole thing a sham."

    The fight to save this planet is 100 per cent real, I have met many subterranean ground operatives myself and had a lot of etheric contact with many civilizations. It's just some of Cobra's sources unfortunately tempt him to make strategic errors, which costs this group time.

    I would also be extremely careful about the Blue Avians, and the support of the AIIB and BRICS, in the face of repeated evidence that it is the same old crew from the east.

    Ben Fulford's solution to Western Global Government?

    *Drum roll...*

    >>>Global Government from the East!!! Great idea Ben! >>>Why didn't we think of that sooner?<<<

    I would ditch the fake intel circuit, treat it as a side dish, and invest less energy in it. That's what I've done, and I feel immensely better for it. I believe Cobra is 60/40 per cent accurate. He has still done an amazing job providing context and perspective for the planetary liberation.

    I see from the relative lack of aggression and finger wagging lectures from the true believers, that my post must have hit a nerve. Look at the comments. A lot of people are starting to solve the riddle.

    Our group will start to resolve these back and forth debates with a small microfinance portal, coming out this Autumn, we hope. Money will not be "disbursed" to anyone, but we will open up a platform to help the world's poor.

    Liberation is our birthright, but freedom isn't free.

    ​Best Wishes to all,


    1. Why, Daozen, don't you go to your own website to cause commotion.
      We are very capable of thinking for ourselves. Thank you.
      Maybe you find support on cabal side.

    2. If you read the comments, Maria, you will see that true believers like you are in the minority now.

      A lot of people have taken a step back and have started to think for themselves.

  52. "Everyone who showes here some healthy sceptisiz is put to "They don't believe in Cobra, so why are they even commentating?". I could say a word or two about those people and who they are, who is behind them in a way, but I don't want to."

    '''Hahahaha. All I will say is that the intel scene is VERY deeply infiltrated. And not by the CIA or any surface agency. It's way worse than that.'''

    I think you are right about ''worse than that''.

    Although what I was trying to say actually here is that people like that are not a real seekers for truth and they are not here because someone put them here. No cia, nothing, they are just regular people here with comments like that. Their problem is: to much believe in ''Event is here" and on the other hand they don't care for spiritual growth so when they hear someone saying "Cobra is wrong here abot this subject" they are like "Go away man, what are you doing here". Cult ?

    1. You are someone who claims you are doing real spiritual work and others are not simply because they believe in an event that is going to occur. Go away troll if all your reply is " wheres your proof" and furthermore your comments completely contradict what you say. So this brings me to the question on why are you even on this blog? To judge others? To tell them its all in there heads? To tell them they are not spiritual people just because they choose to believe and live in hope of a better world? Nice trolling though. Byee

  53. Where ethics are lacking there's darkness.

    Let there be light.

  54. Hi Petar, there's a mix.

    Some of them are just regular people who are caught up in narrow minded thinking. But there are some people deliberately using this site as a medium to push Eastern global government. They are not "put here" by anyone, but their souls are dark, controlling and manipulative.

    The good news is that the fake liberation timeline is getting weaker, as people start to wake up. When you first stated posting, they attacked you. Now they are starting to listen...

    1. Nobody has attacked petar. Its just his views have been very judgementle and contradicting. You can not say to people if you believe in an event then its all in your head or if you have seen light beings you should see a doctor. I do not hate petar or judge him as we all have our paths to walk but i do believe saying that half the people who come on here are just here becase they think the event will benfit them and thats it. I believe we all come here because we are drawn to and we all want to make a diffence in whatever way we can. We have newly awaken people on here who lash out simple because of confusion but that doesnt mean they are any less spiritual than anyone else. So i do differ from petars veiws and i do think he is coming across with arogance

  55. Cruise like I said I'think you have a problem with your spiritual growth so that's why you are taking things out of context and claiming that I wrote something that I never did and there is nothing contradicting in my comments. I never said that people who believe in Event are believing in that only beacuse they are not doing spiritual work and like that's the only reason for believing in Event. You made that up. I even wrote for myself "I believe in Event for about 50 %. The only reason I wrote "You should see a doctor about light beings'' or "You believe in event and that's just nonsense in your head" is the fact that I felt your disparaging way of talking to me and I saw a lot of peole here who are like "O yeah man, Event is here". You know they are event/heroin injecting FAKE spiritual seekers searching for transitory GOOD FEELING and those are the ones I was writing to so that's why I was little bit direct and maybe little bit harsh.

    There is no judging people in my comments here, you made that up Cruise, it's only a common sence talking to heroin/event junkies and nobody here is taking away hope of the people for better world. You made that up again. That's why I think you have a problem and when someone really starts to write about "What has to be done to feel better and to become REAL BUILDER of the new age/better world'' and then tells the people "You cannot just believe in some internet information, you have to work on your self for years so go and become vegetarian, it's very important and start doing Yoga or Reiki every day'' then the event junkies starts to accusing me for the tings I did not write here and then I'm the arogant guy. It's sad to watch.

  56. '''The good news is that the fake liberation timeline is getting weaker, as people start to wake up. When you first stated posting, they attacked you. Now they are starting to listen...''''

    I really don't care who's gonna listen. I'm nobody here. I'm just a regular guy. Just some common sense talking guy. Just look at this; the only thing that I wrote here was "Spiritiual growth cannot go and cannot be successful without common sense" and there is a whole bunch of taking the things out of context. It's crazy. All best Doazen.