Wednesday, November 4, 2015

EOZOO detected, removal protocol modulation in progress


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  2. Where is the "headbang" smily when you need it....

    Guys, "Lightworkers"... You are now fighting against each others now!

    Infos here...

  3. False-Light is part of the 'game'. It tests your level of awareness and verifies your willingness to Wake-up.

  4. i know and feel like important steps are going to be made at this time. its not about light&darkness anymore. this game is OVER. on a battlefield are no winners in the end, just death and pain. and in my eyes it was never a real battle, it was more trade and people kept in karma games and slavery for aeons. nothing more and nothing less. people should think about that, just those parasites dont wanna accept. and i hope in the end real humans will rise out of their ashes finally. its time to stand up and saying NO. thats all we need. no more fights. stopping this madness with pure love. and love is light revealed.

  5. bullshit agency in action

  6. "Green Light",... "Operation Trading Places" begins,... Victory of the Light,...

  7. Quantum singularity,
    Point of no return.

    Edge of reality,
    Trumpets of Cern!

    Walls will come down,
    Then they will learn.

    Songs of the Host
    On High will be heard.