Sunday, November 29, 2015

EXMOSS EELA recalibration active


  1. Hmmmmmm.............Sounds Good............Hopefully the beginning of IT................

  2. For how much longer are we going to wait for the Event?! Our space Brothers & Sisters should know very well that Humanity have suffered enough. And, I'd say Enough is Enough. We need the Event yesterday! Can they hear us cry, can they bear to see more innocent people die? How can they allow the Cabal to pull off one after another false flag killing? Must we all die before the space family says that's enough now...

    1. Q/A from 2012:
      Q: "...why is it taking so long here on Earth to clear this.
      Cobra: "…it is a hostage situation. Humanity is hostage, the Cabal are the takers. Resistance Movement could wipe them out in no time, but for the cost of many casualties among human population as the Cabal would want to do as much damage as possible at the final battle. Think nuclear war, bioweapons, etc. Therefore the Plan needs to be carried out very carefully and that is now in the process of being done."

    2. forgot to add too:
      "… No human authority will decide when this is about to happen. The final word when the Event is to happen is coming directly from the Source. This is an event of cosmic importance. The last planet under the grip of the dark forces is about to be liberated and this is going to send ripples of Light throughout the Galaxy…"


    3. and forgot to include too:
      "Many people are frustrated as there are no visible drastic changes yet. Any drastic change, such as a major disclosure intel release through the mass media, or a direct physical intervention of the Light forces on the surface, would trigger a cascade of events that would lead to triggering of the strangelet bombs. Therefore, drastic actions of the Light forces will only happen when all strangelet and toplet bombs are removed and pose absolutely no threat.


  3. I'm not sure what EXMOSS EELA recalibration is. Can someone explain please? Whatever it is. It is now activated. Thats a good thing right?

    1. snip from the blog:
      "...Many surface operatives of the Resistance Movement read this blog as it contains some coded communications for them…"

      in short, those message aren't most of us and many of those messages have not been defined publicly not sure if this is one of those.

    2. Thank you. I totally understand.

  4. victory of the light

  5. Wow! Thank you, RM! Thank you Cobra!

  6. During the meditation today, I felt this extra light in the air. During the part that we visualize the dark ones and their weapons being removed, there was not really much to send. I feel this calmness. The peace! This feeling started last night.

    It is time. Event must be now! So be it!

  7. Blessings to you all working for the Love_Light_Event <3

  8. Can these code things be explained in such a way that won't cause problems but allow us some insights on the meanings?

    Thanks :-)

  9. Is there a way to explain these code things for us without causing problems?

    Thanks :-)

  10. Hey Cobra & crew (Astrid Wirthl!): Looks like progress. Encouragement is good.

    In the meditation 4 Europe - Peace, I found myself contemplating again the chronic Cabal-newspeak themes of continuing conflict between ppls of various politics, nationalities & religions. ... Not indissoluble as advertised; but: How do we fix this?

    Suddenly I saw that the Wave WILL dissolve the Veil & the other Archon tech *which keeps us from r true perceptions & r true understanding of self as Light.* WHEN we regain those true perceptions of self & others, THEN the artificial, Cabal-promoted differences will dissolve.

    It's not that we have no work 2 do, but that most of the heavy lifting will b done 4 us by this process of Nature.

    when we see who we r
    differences of form
    r dropped, fall away

    differences based on form
    prejudices, old grievances
    all fall away

    it is no longer relevant
    just as hedges on the ground
    r nothing 2 a bird in flight

    old markings of a different way of life
    nothing more

    let go of grief
    we r not grief
    let go of shame
    we r not shame

    we r only
    the bird in flight

    -- & this:

    dropping the mask
    dropping the chains
    who r we?

    -- & this:

    flooded w/ light
    we then see

    BREATHE LIGHT, EVERY1! Be well all.

  11. & then this synch which I had not read b4; go Untwine!

    ... To Solve a Problem, Focus on Solving Its Cause

    4 example, 2 many people focus 2 much or all their energy on fighting *symptoms* of darkness, ...

    What is needed is 2 focus on the cause of the illness, *which is the dark forces, the primary anomaly.* Once this is solved then everybody will heal ...

    -- Again, it's not that we all have no work 2 do. But that when we focus more clearly on the root cause of r disturbances, we see how 2 work toward the actual, lasting solution/s.

    I also really like this:

    If somebody does not respect the free will of others then they can & should be stopped. This is what the Event is.

    BREATHE LIGHT, EVERY1! Be well all.

  12. According to corey goode 6 groups of et are trying to make this event happen

    My analysis, the moneys given back to the people of the globe ., is candy to sooth the shocking news we are not alone .
    The only reason for this , is because most et races , dont care whether we beleive in et or not.
    The time for them to come visit this pretty blue orb on the edge of the galaxy is now.

    Now moneys are in place with a distribution system in place . the hold up now is do we tell tbe people about all tbe secret space programs or just tell them , well here is some money freedom is yours go buy a house a car a new cat and oh by the way
    Et is real and tbey are here some of them and others are knocking on our space door way

    Enjoy your short freedom because you havent a clue what you are up against or whats out there . you have been lkept in the dark for 25,000 years . but you need to get caught up tbis year because many powerful species of et are heading here as we speak

    Hurry up and get your house rebuilt you have very very important visitors and you have to give a good impression

    Ok lets get started already we have no time to spare stop henging lets move forward. Hey we survived the world isnt flat ok why not we are the youngest species of humanoids in the galaxy
    We can deal ... Lets move already

    1. You make this sound a nightmare job interview. We get additional chances.

      Plus, I think most of us can easily say we made poor life choices under duress.

      That is the worst possible future I foresee...I think things such as First Contact will be much more pleasant and egalitarian than even what I just laid out.

    2. I think we are young and rosey as a race if we think its all fuzzy in the universe

      We had 25,000 years of aleins ( negative ones) running the world behind the scenes
      No there is a nand of good ones with strong technology to keep the bad from running or the bad from reentering

      They have been working for years on so many levels that we as humans only see but one flat dimention , to our present situation .

      And looking at the replys on this sight alone show how cometely imature humans still are .

      Let alone the shock most advanced life forms in the solar system and universe look nothing like us at all some are 15 feet tall , some look like birds , ants , reptiles. All way more advance and powerful that we could imagine

      There are dumensions interwined with oirs with life firms that attach themselves negative and positively to our human feilds , there is super advance humanoids that look like us but are remote controled , there is artificial intelligence in nano tech vapabilities

      This is what we have to catch up on
      These things are here and are coming
      We need to diwnload these uodates to our mindset. And deal with all this in the now

      But we are being held in the dark still
      We need education with technology we need to be global so we can deal with gallactic
      We have alot of catching up to do , I just think the people of earth should have a way to communicate. So we can do our share of the work load it is going to take to convert sleepy sheeple into evolving
      Every waking and sleeping moment to get up to speed . we can do it plenty of everyday humans working in secret soace programs aee handling it after the initial shock of it all

      It will be that way , no matter how you tell the peopke so I say get it all out and when the faintung stoos we get to work

  13. Thanks cobra for your information.
    Could you tell us more detail of the information.

  14. I send love to all light forces and ground crew thank you for all you've done today I feel more at peace than usual I know we are close can and been feeling it cobra you are a super hero in all our eyes I hope for the or should say can't wait for the day we all reunite. Namaste disclosure , bring it on let's get it cracken

    1. Yes, I agree, Cobra is a super hero in my eyes also!! There are so many positive forces working on our behalf that sometimes I feel like I am in a love hurricane when I begin to meditate! ;-))

      Lots of Love to Cobra and the Light forces! These are truly amazing and wonderful times!! I am grateful to be alive now during these blessed times...

    2. Trost - Guy le superhero

  15. I like the way it is "exmoss" now and not just "moss".

  16. Meditation for "The EVENT" - Declaration of Victory of the Light
    Saturday 5 December 2015, 7:00 pm [UTC]
    Saturday 5 December 2015, 2:00 pm [America/New_York]
    Sign Up (Be Counted) -

    The Event Meditation - yT Video

    The Event

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  17. Here are the most recent (alternate) Cobra guided meditation audios that we have been using:

    Event speed up meditation

    Liberation movement weekly liberation meditation alternative (extended,nobreath,music)

    Guided - Meditation - Europe - Migrants
    Created by: Tomáš Jankó
    Original location:

    1. Thank you, I made a tinychat group ( ESG-Iceland ) where I will be live every day as I can and playing this Guided - Meditation - Europe - Migrants, This group channel will be playing some nice music and broadcasting from northern mountains of Iceland, and some time we will be talking about current event´s.

      ESG - Iceland Tiny chat room:

      Prepare For Change ESG - Iceland

      ps. may the Cintamani stone gite me to do even more support for the Event


  18. Another day in slavery! Keep up the good work! Those heaven sent and those they thought it would be a good idea to do create with over the years have done great work and that's why on 11/30/2015 we all get to be slaves just like heaven and Gaia wanted. What a disappointment your combined efforts have been to everyone who has watched and there's no and will be no glory in that! Most folks post lib should just publicly apologize for thinking they could and immediately retire.

    Post lib situation to think about. Little girl wants to know why her mom died and suffered greatly in 2006 from cancer if the cure has been known about for decades. Do u think that little girl is gonna be mad, upset, frustrated disappointed with the folks who did their job over the last 20 plus years, the cabals, or the folks who dropped the ball and bondoggled, folleyed and limped their way through and didn't do their jobs real good aka these light forces and the hired human help. Multiply that girls sadness and frustration situation times millions. She's not the only one. Simply speaking Post liberation people ain't gonna be getting mad at the folks who did their jobs really well. The folks should be angry and frustrated and upset and blame the deaths and suffering of their loved ones who could have been saved if greatness and ability were present amongst the ranks of these light forces when it mattered the most. post lib all the little girls and boys learn of the truth why mom died of cancer they shouldn't be upset with folks who did their jobs over he past 20 years plus.

    1. Copy, slave operation functioning at full capacity here too sir. EMF oppression fields in structures at full power.

    2. perhaps that will happen, but "post Lib" other insights will come out, as well, specifically that those who we'll, evidently, be so upset about dieing (and not being saved with available yet unreleased tech) didn't perish in anything but physical body, and they aren't really apart from us, in any Valid sense. So, the big reveal will be really big! All encompassing big!

    3. This issue is far more complex than what you're making out to be. We don't know how exactly post liberation society will look like. Maybe we'll be able to contact with passed loved ones, we will definitely have more knowledge about the whole situation then what we know now. Maybe the girl can talk to her mother after the liberation with better grasp of the "why". When you die your never truly gone anyway.But blaming the light forces for not doing enough isn't fair. we don't know the whole situation to determine whether or not they are actually pulling their weight- to assume heaven and Gaia wants us in this situation is silly.

      Anyway, I understand your frustration but biting sarcasm and pessimism doesn't help me or you get through this quicker- I have watched you two post the exact same kind of pessimistic messages and to be frank. It's becoming tiresome, the sarcasm is disrespectful to the light forces who truly are doing their best and annoying to the people that try to help cheer you up in the comment section everytime you post these kind of messages.

    4. I have a hard time believing u can even fathom the entirety of my frustration and the only people being disrespected today was us and the same can be said for yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and how ever many days are in the past 13,000 years. The sooner we all realize that the better!

    5. Same person above (Sam). So you really think I cannot fathom your frustration? Like you're the only one that hurts right now? I'm at my limit as well. I have had a rough life too, but i'm not going to sit here and complain and feel sorry for myself while there are people out there that have it worse than I do. I'm grateful i don't have to experience the real terror this place has to offer right now and you should too. Am I saying be numb and complacent to our situation? No but you should try to focus on the good things you have now- However small and focus on better.

      But I have a feeling this is going to go in two eyes and out the brain. Like all the other helpful comments given to you. You need to work on this depression more through meditation or other means rather than to vent your frustrations on a blog comment section. The scope of what's actually happening and the reason we're down is more complex than what you're making it out to be and if you really sat down with yourself and thought about you'd understand.

    6. also please understand it's not and has never been anything personal. We are all just playing our roles and parts. Personally speaking I AM well over playing this one, fix it! I always has been and remains that simple!

    7. Put yourself in my shoes too for a moment. Don't think for a second I like being one of the guys at times being moved to tell everyone they've been playing like knuckleheads, but at a certain point in time it becomes/became necessary. I'd prefer to say and watch the exact opposite of knucklehead behavior or even be moved to not have to say anything at all but it is what it is I see it as being Part and parcel to my/our collective "crosses" to bear for humanity and for the greater good of all but at some point enough does indeed become enough and there's only so much abuse one can take!

    8. quit being a bitch, seriously, i'll say what everyones thinking. man/woman/soul up!

    9. In some cultures silence is viewed as compliance some people are quite comfortable being doing and playing victims and slaves and even more folks are quite content, thankful and grateful for receiving crumbs when they desire and deserve bread. Everyone is on their own journey.

    10. You have a very wrong and naive imagination of "light forces"...

      And you have no clue about the real light rules. If you would know them, you would know, that whatever "event" will come, it will not come from "above"...

      Real light never breaks the rules. That's the difference between light and dark! But an event in the kind "all" people are expecting, would for sure break the light rules! You should think about this....

  19. Gaia Portal update, Nov.27th: "Blue Point Long Island is reached as luminescence increases." I am waiting for Cobra update, looks like good things happening behind the scene...
    Thank you Cobra and Resistance Movement! Love&Light!

  20. May the Source keep Blessing Cobra, the RM and the LF. Thank you so much for all you do. We appreciate the sacrifice you are making on our behalf. For the first time in years I had something to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving ... and Christmas this year will have a new meaning for me. For this I am truly grateful.

  21. Phoenix. I stumbled into a replied you made to one of my comment I did regarding a widget for the funding of Free Energy Devices. I noticed that caused you some discomfort. I wasn't trying to put you on the spot or anything. There are some on here that I would have contributed me "one $1" toward any cause without knowing them well.. you were one of those.. I just happened to use your nick.. that was all..

  22. I've heard that the moon when full has a hologram image over it to hide activity. Any truth to luner hologram?

  23. No Brazil já começou a prisão de banqueiros sionistas khazarianos e políticos corruptos. O evento está próximo.

  24. In Brazil has begun the arrests of bankers and dark cabal of corrupt politicians involved.

    1. Thats good news as operation paper clip after world war 2 . thats where alot of nazi went brazil and arguntina and the finacial, sceintific brain power went to the use to help with the secret soace programs and many many lower corporations in us and around the world as ceo

  25. November 21, 2015 at 12:50 PM

    "In the financial theme i saw (...), Lagarde saying "china is inside now"


    Cool :D

    "The IMF Confirms Yuan Inclusion In SDR Basket At 10.92% Weight, Above JPY And GBP"

  26. Hello Cobra
    It would be really wonderful if Cobra Etheric Liberation group could created on an other platform other than Facebook? I don't know like Tsu or etc . I love following all the posts and links from everyone, but today enough was enough I felt a purging urge to delete my Facebook account, could not bear it any longer.

  27. Heads up:
    The US Senate just passed a bill requiring all veterans be vaccinated, and this measure is now up for review by the US House of Representatives

    Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans, Seniors or Disabled Persons!

    Petition here:

    I got 20+ references or links warning us about vaccines (if anyone interested).. and I am sure there are lots more.

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  29. I wish there was a hit counter so we can see hiw many people read this blog
    I wish there was an alein 800 number to help

    I do know the aleins that are combining their talents and technology are doing all they can
    Id like the humans on this planet to help and assist these sane aleins have our hands teid so we can not help

    So aleins please give us the means to assist we are awake can operate in a peaceful manner

    Most of us know not all of you are human looking i know you think your ti shickinh for us in appearrane we will faint and then get over it

    We like you are ready to nring this planet all the way up to full gallactic power

    We know we have been in the dark for 25,000 yrs
    We know whats happened in the recent and anceint oast is just that in the past

    I and nany many others around the world are ready to work on the now and tommorrow

    There are others that wsnt to chase their own past tails , negative energy in there thinking
    ( hopefully those negatuve entities are being removed as we speak)
    But do give us your 800 number let us help
    Some say tour watching and monitiring us
    If so let us help .

    We dont like standing with our hands in our pockets while off planet beings liberate our planet for us.

    Let us help , there are thousands of earth humans histage and being freed in secret space programs both anceint and modern

    So bring in a interface alein group that can get the humans that want to help here on this planet and off planet a re ruiting office a 809 number , if the cabal is as weakened and powerless as suggested .

    Let the awakened help liberate this planet
    We can help " big time "

    We are willing able and ready . most of use know for every life form on this planet thete is a humanoid hibted version in the universe
    Anceintly superior to our extremely young new civilizations , that they are good and bad
    Like humans

    But we will have ro grow up fast and we can

    We are ready for new technology , new lives
    We know if the banking system is getting ready to change so the peopke of the world have more money

    We know thats because money will be obsolete sooner then later as a global society
    Value is not in currency its in ability of an individual in a collective. Society

    Money is unnecessary in our very near future
    So lets move ahead
    Dusclose the secret soace programs fully
    We know they have exsusted before we put a man on the moon, there were bases there already

    We know we have been lied to forever and kept in the dark so alein beings helping to liberate thus planet . Dont continue keeping us un the dark Bring the light, put on your high beams . lets leap into the now!

    We have LOTS. Of work to do , let the peices fall as they may , guve use the tools to help
    An 800 number a recruitment office , ET PHONE HOME !!!

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