Friday, July 1, 2016


Pandora in progress, EELA in progress, EXMOSS primary sequence in progress. HVBN substable to stable. M=34, Midas package.


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  2. What do you get when you drop a paradigm in a time travelling phone booth?
    You get your Nickelback, your Quarterbacks and you keep your sense in your pocket.

  3. how much longer will it take????????????????

  4. M=34, wow, dont remember last time when it was like that. Looks like full blown warfare, end is near


  5. I would like to wish Cobra-san and all the participants in the Ascension Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand a wonderful WeekEnd together. Hope everybody had a pleasant journey getting there.
    Thank You in advance for everything you will be doing, enjoy your Time Together. May all your expectations be exceeded and all your dreams come true ♥

    Kitaro - Oasis

    All the Best and Lots Of Love And Light

    Your Friend


  6. <3 Let's come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts! <3
    Join us NOW in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATION to Speed Up the transformation of this WORLD.
    Please join us today, and every day at:
    - 2:00pm EDT (6:00pm UTC/GMT) for the Emergency Europe/Syria Meditation
    - 3:00pm EDT (7:00pm UTC/GMT) for the Event Speed-Up Meditation, immediately followed by the Liberation Movement's Weekly Meditation on Sundays, and optionally the Yaldabaoth removal invocation
    Web location:
    Skype channel:
    Check your local time here:


  8. More about BREXIT:

    "The people of Great Britain have exercised their personal individual power to bring in changes that will one day be looked upon as world changing events. At present the world is rapidly heading for a melt-down, but the consequences will in no way be as bad as some are suggesting. You could view it as the end of the old ways that no longer serve you, and out of it will arise beneficial changes that will firmly place you on the road to a new Earth and your freedom. Many people have already given of themselves working for it and very soon events will enable you to help bring the changes into being. This time has been planned for many, many years and the Forces of Light are well organised to move into action at a minutes notice, to ensure your success.

    The result of the voting in Great Britain in respect of their membership of the European Union, has sent shock waves around your world. Although there were indications before the result was known, that there would be a very close vote with “remain” looking successful,but the trend suddenly changed towards the end. The final votes resulted in an unstoppable swing towards “leaving” the EU. Viewed from our higher level it was the most desirable result that will ultimately prove to have released you from control by the Illuminati. The far reaching effects will result in more countries leaving the EU, thus further reducing their hold over you. Be assured that those souls that oversee your future, were encouraging you to leave the EU and are therefore very pleased with the outcome.

    You may not yet understand the benefits of leaving the EU but as time passes it will become more evident. The British people are to be commended for their intuitive choice resulting in the right action being taken. Yes, there are tough times ahead but the extent of the problems are in no way as far reaching as some are predicting. Always bear in mind that many souls are working for the Light and are with you all of the time, and those of the Light will be guided in their work. It is now time to get together working where possible as one group, to restore freedom and prepare for the coming Ascension. The more the dark Ones are suppressed and stopped from fulfilling their plans, the more freedom you will have to push forward and take your rightful place in the New Age.

    Understand that all of you were aware of..."

    Mike Quinsey (Higher Self) Message for July 1, 2016

  9. ...which echoes this earlier statement:

    "...Something wonderful is getting ready to happen! The millennia-old world of the dark cabal is falling apart. The vote to exit Britain from the European Union is a visible part of what is occurring around this world. The dark has been reeling in secret for the past few months as the ones who desire a new realm to be put together have constructed agreements and organizations to “bring in the new”. This has forged a new global reset of the world’s currencies, which are to be backed universally with gold or silver. The dark’s stock markets and bourses are dropping in value as these new financial instruments, such CIPS, BRICS and AAIB, take effect. These are to replace old organizations like SWIFT and the IMF. The time for a formal reckoning has come at last! Soon, you are to see the core of the leadership of the old financial and government systems publicly arrested and sent off to a well-deserved isolation. In this mode, they can no longer interfere with, or in some odd way delay, this new system as it globally comes to the fore. This, marvelously, is just the beginning of even more events that are destined to radically reshape your realm!

    These things require new governance. Decades ago, NESARA was born and sequestered until the world was truly prepared to transform. The new banking system needs a series of welcome regulations to be ready to change for the better. This structure needs, as well, a new international means to conduct its daily business and freely transfer vast sums from one part of this reality to another. This structure is CIPS (Cross-Borders Inter-Bank Payment System). It is now intermingling with SWIFT to offer an international system designed to end the gross interferences of the past that caused unnecessary delays and questionable stalling of larger financial transactions. The new organization, to replace the post-war IMF, is to be both the BRICS group and the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank). In this way, the onerous loans formerly forced on the world by the IMF can at last be corrected. These things are, in reality, a beginning for establishing a financial system by which prosperity is spread internationally and new governance can pop up like wildflowers.

    This prosperity is to be accomplished in a number of ways. The most important is the benefit accrued by those who have spent time in preparing for the coming of this new currency reevaluation. It is also to be spread by..."

    Update for June. 28, 2016by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

  10. Here's an article I wrote about the Cabal's divide and conquer tactics. It is mostly geared towards those who find themselves dealing with thoughts of separation. Much love all!

  11. Little help on the translation please. Thank you.
    Thanks COBRA and the light workers.

  12. yada yada yada, wish I had a dime for every time I heard that.....

    JK. Seriously, just wish I knew more....
    It wouldn't have to be so urgent, it wouldn't feel so urgent, I wouldn't mind so much if we had a whole year+ like one channeler said, Sept 2017, BUT... but for these reasons it IS urgent and we CANNOT wait much longer: 1) the mainstream media is still controled by the Dark and they seem to be confident they are going to make Hilary the ghastly Satanic witch our next POTUS, 2) the Orlando FF, 3) the Belgium FF, 4) the San Bernardino FF (am I missing one in between), and the NEXT FF next week..... this has got to STOP. Please God make it STOP.

  13. Please help me to understand the codes.sincerely appreciated


    I hope some group out there is giving Mr R.S. tips on how to protect himself and family... at least to point him who are his enemies so he can plan accordingly.

    Or better yet some organization that can coordinate with him... build public support etc...

    Hopefully this is not going to be one of the already trends... where those that step up keep getting bump out of existence due to our poor conscious coordination.

  15. I write a comment here to be notified of future comments.

  16. I don't know what's more ominous to me, this message or the fact that no one has commented yet. I hope this means good things.

  17. Here's a quest... What's your picture of Paradise?
    Do you see your kin around you? Maybe you're at the Table... What are you enjoing most? The food, the drink, flowers, ambiance. Or is the Conversation?

    Engage. don't stop.

    1. The overall energies are stressed. People respond with irrational anger triggered by mind control. The sky is chalky, and the food and water poison. People fear truth more than lies. Paradise for me is the opposite of all of this.

  18. Evolutionary paths are contractual. They include Thought Adjusters. WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

    I am Dominique N. for Nebadon

  19. The concrete Captain is among the dead we leave behind. We prefer Captains of the undead. Are they Zombies? Well...

  20. It pays big to be a little slow on the uptake. You get to sip and savor the moments of Treasure- the hunting, the glitter, the clinking... The extacy.

    HE keeps redifining the word "rapture". What is the next definition in the Q? I wonder.

  21. It sounds like good news, thank you Cobra and RM. Victory of the light.


  22. Hizoly Shizit, that is quite the Festival Of Love And Light at Glastonbury ♥

    Adventure Of A Lifetime - I'll say! ♥

    Turn Your MAGIC ON
    We Are Legends Every Day
    Feel Your Heart Beating ♥ ♥ ♥
    You Make Me Feel Like I'm Alive Again


    And I quote Charlie Chaplin:

    Don’t give yourselves to brutes,
    men who despise you and enslave you;
    who regiment your lives, tell you what to do,
    what to think and what to feel! Who drill you,
    diet you, treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder!

    Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men-machine men
    with machine minds and machine hearts!
    You are not machines! You are not cattle!
    You are men! You have a love of humanity in your hearts!
    You don’t hate!

    Only the unloved hate; the unloved and the unnatural.

    Soldiers! Don’t fight for slavery! Fight for liberty!

    In the seventeenth chapter of St. Luke, it’s written
    “the kingdom of God is within man”,
    not one man nor a group of men, but in all men!
    In you! You, the people, have the power,
    the power to create machines,
    the power to create happiness!
    You, The People,
    have the power to make this life free and beautiful,
    to make this life a wonderful adventure.
    Then in the name of democracy, let us use that power.

    Let us all unite.

    Let us fight for a New World


    Now let us fight to fulfill that promise!
    Let us fight to Free The World!
    To do away with national barriers!
    To do away with greed, with hate and intolerance!

    Let us fight for a world of reason,
    a world where science
    and progress will lead to All Men’s Happiness.

    Soldiers, in the name of democracy, Let Us All Unite!"

    Lots Of Love And Light And Peace


  23. EXCELLENT!!!!!!


  24. Wunderful News on GaiaPortal ♥

    "Arraignments of misguideds commence in full.

    Forces of Inner Light greet.

    Softness of contact releases the Healing Intention.

    The Rose of Gaia blossoms."

    Kitaro: Cosmic Energy

    Cosmic Love

    Great Voyage

    Lots Of Love And Light And Peace


  25. Tell to my galactic brother to hurry up ,I can not take any more of this slave system .thanks can wait to see a free planet

  26. The Foundation for the Law of Time people are developing an app for global synchronized meditations. It is still in development, but you can sign up for updates.

    1. <3 <3 <3 Thank you Phoenix, will do <3 <3 <3


    2. We can do this, in some months ago I started a campaign on Indiegogo about my app project of integration in real time with statistics work on the field effect... I really had several problems in all champaign. But I knew it work was just nothing only symbolic, only the begining and it's a horrible champaing.

    3. There are many apps for individual meditation, one could set it for the desired times, and most apps will show you other members who are also meditating at the same time. I have one called Insight Timer that works this way and chimes at the designated time. I think if you use the free service it is limited but paid services give you multiple options.

  27. Sounds very interesting, God speed.

    Victory of the Light

  28. Sometimes I sit and wonder what time of the day it will be when The Event actually takes place? Where will I be? What will I be doing? Will it be at the beginning of the day? Or the end? Will it be in the wee hours of my morning or in the middle of my day? Anyone else think about this?

    I know for one thing I'm going to want to communicate with like minded people as I go through the running back and forth shouting OMG over and over. :O

    We should definitely have a place to meet online to chat in real time so we can go through the initial shock together. I'm sure some of us will wonder what the first steps will be to help keep the situation calm.

    Something for us to think about. Are you really prepared for The Event?

    1. Trust me, I know what you mean. I am wondering the same.

      And not just that- I also wonder what age I'll be and in what circumstances we'll all be in. Sometimes.. it can be scary, don't you agree? To wonder if we'll even make it to the Event..

      As for prepared: Can one really 'prepare' things to be there? I think what we need to be, is ready- the rest will fall in place, ja?

    2. The chatroom sounds like a great idea! I have suggested before that COBRA should hook up this blog to a forum; and when you click SHOW COMMENTS under each article, it takes you to the forum to comment... where you can also start your own threads and talk about an idea in the article - or on other interesting matters!

      As some forums do; we could also have a chatroom.. that would be the perfect place to discuss things in real-time at the moment of breakthrough and subsequently.


    3. Maybe we should connect..and enjoy it together

    4. thank you for sharing, Spirittoo
      i notice that when we focus on this more specifically, we also amplify the manifestation of it
      much alike using the law of attraction to pull the event towards us
      through the anticipation, the feelings and emotions, and visualization we make this even stronger
      and ofcourse when doing this together, just like in the event meditation, we amplify each other's energy <3

    5. Yes, I have wondered/imagined those things also. Maybe I should get a trampoline or rebounder so that when the moment comes I can do lots of jumping up and down. LOL. No, really , I have those megaphones ( ordered online from Macy's) and posterboard and thought ai would find a public place and have a sign of some sort and of course wear my COBRA hoodie and just start explaining things via my megaphone to anyone who gathers. But yes, I agree that it would be nice to chat or call. But really, after a little bit of jumping up and down, there will be work to be done, so maybe chats need to wait. Just my thoughts on this.


    6. @Edie ... I know we are going to have plenty of work to do, but we are all going to be in shock once The Event starts ... we have to go through the disbelieve, the excitement, heart pounding ect. We all know what we must do once The Event kicks in, (those that don't can go to Prepare for Change website for the info) and we are going to have our work cut out for us, all the more reason to get together. I too have a megaphone and will be out on my front lawn letting people know we have been liberated.

      @Stef ... I have a feeling I will be no more than 5 years older if The Event takes that much longer, so my age isn't an issue for me. The thought of our world being totally different in an instant will be like a dream at first. I may have to pinch myself a few times. And I totally agree it can be scary to a certain extent with the world we knew suddenly coming to an end. Another reason we should prepare a live chat site.

      Teasy Love has a site already set up, if it is okay with him we should plan to go there. I'm sure the time of day depending on where we all are in the world is not going to matter once The Event starts, we will feel it and will know to come to our planned meeting site.

      Definitely something we need to think about.

    7. there are a few initiatives that i have seen by a few people, who have set up spaces for people to come together and connect.
      if you feel guided, please set up a space yourself so that there are more opportunities to share and collaborate.

      we also have a small group of people who do the sunday (and daily) meditations on
      and we have a skype group with quite a few people now for chatting about prepare for change here:

    8. I'm guessing we're going to be at work, school or where ever else we often spend our time. We'll be surrounded by people that never even gave much thought to conspiracy theories, let alone covert world domination schemes or ETs.

      We'll probably find that we are well suited to calm them down and keep them from acting destructively.

    9. @Anony ... We can't all be at work or school when The Event starts because of the time difference around the world. Some of us will be in bed at the time, some just getting up, some in the middle of their day ect.

      Yes, we are going to be needed to keep things calm. After we calm down that is! :D

    10. there are several plans before, during and after the event (from Prepare For Change) that also includes what to do if for example internet or even power goes down temporarily.

      i'd love to see internet etc still working at the time of the event, but it's also very convenient to have connections in real life with people nearby (community) so that solutions can be found quickly in any scenario.

      if you are part of PFC, you may be familiar with plans to inform specific people in the structure of our society about what is really happening right now.
      for more information:


  29. "Toplet bomb?"
    "Strangelet bomb?"

    Nah, I don't think so.
    But I've got One Better for ya, and This One is Real:
    The Big KaBoom - The WAKE-UP BOMB

    ♥ KABOOM ♥

    Good Morning, EveryOne. Rise And Shine ♥


  30. Another CERN situation ?


    1. I was wondering the same thing. Now we have to give some of these AHs the opportunity to negotiate w/ our futures ??? Really,... ??? Keep waiting,... The bad guys are having a party,...

    2. It is already happening. It is just not happening in the way you expected or even the way Cobra expected. Google the Mandela Effect. Your world is changing.

    3. Waiting is the act of keeping what you desire on hold.

      You are in the now.

      How can you be ready if you are not expanding your honesty in understanding to assist this collective?

      Waiting is a contradiction to be ready for receiving what you ask for in the now.

      The value placer that gives value to the desire as not yet in play. Keeps it that way.

      What you see is true. You receive what you ask for. More waiting experience.

      Help yourself to assist yourself in expanding the collective awareness of reason.

      Waiting is stagnating. That contradicts what you desire. The heart thrives on reason, so waiting is censoring reason.

      Always infinite room for expansion. Help yourself out by sharing honesty in understanding.

      This collective breaks through collectively. That means you are responsible for your own break through and waiting is not the way to have what your heart desires in play.

      Allow it to be when it is ready. Appreciate the now. Meanwhile . share your honesty in understanding to help assist in expansion of collective awareness for awareness remains the solution to all ways of lack. , understanding fills the absurdity of held ways lacking in such.

      Waiting is insanity. I too am compressed by this absurdity, so I see value to share with you. Your release is understood, but it enables the helplessness in mental view. This is a contradiction to bring ready for anew.

      Waiting is to be let go of. Just be. Appreciate the now in it's intensity. Always abundance of ways to achieve what your heart desires. Share your awareness. It spreads. It clears the absurdity away from infecting your peace.

      Core honesty my friend. If you understand your core reason, you already know this mental attitude will not do, because it reflects the lack you are to leave behind. Patience in abundance to keep expanding in kind. The uniqueness of this time is worth the moment.

      I will wonder on a whim and I will continue to share reason in every moment.

      Complain no more. Be the solution. Empower yourself. You are essential to the equation. The surest right to the point way is honesty in being aware of your reason which allows you to lead through.

      Honesty clears the way. Be ready by allowing yourself to be ready. This collective is quite suppressed. Much mold limits reason from being seeing.

      You hold the solution. Develop it and share.

      I will wander. Understanding comes from within. That is what you are expanding for. That is the experience in harmony You are being prepared for.

      Why not now? Be ready by enjoying this now in honest appreciation of self. Every moment contains value. Appreciate this absurd now as it will greatly expand your view and you will be at peace with your experience where abundance of patience is given. So long as you are honest in your reason. Contrasting ego molds is a way to losen this turd ego mold in this toilet drain suck hole.

      The opportunities to assist this collective are abbundant. Why wait when you can help yourself now to expand and be ready for what you are asking for.

      I will ramble. I am damaged in an isolated frequency. I heal myself with Core honesty, but I share space in collective lack. in order to help myself as all are connected. I am to spark the Core essence of others to spark this collective to release the old.

      Self empowerment. I speak to the heart.,i give contrast to self limiting minds because the heart asks for contrast to,it's conditioned ways.

      Honesty is the way to the heart.

      Collective honesty will spread. Be the fire that kicks starts the clearing of this ego mold. This cancer is much outdated. This human collective may be suppressed but for this awakened enough. Seeing to your reason and honestly understanding your reason is how you light this collective up. Be the light so you can honestly be ready for abundance in honest harmony. It is inevitable, but now is the now to majnifest your heart intention. Allow and focus on reason.


    4. Apppreciated Phoenix. Thank you for understanding my intent through this distortion in relaying, it reflects the understanding in you, which is the experience of value sharing. *)

      Even though I am distracted from holding to form, such as thoughts. The intent is there for the heart to sense, so that I may deviate through absurdity for continued experience. *)

      Always room for expansion. Always ways to help self in lack of understanding. The now deserves our heart reason through our own honest interpretation in understanding, which is not based on forms, which are extensions in Being. It is the essence of reason, that unconditional bond. Form is subjective. We each have our own unique view as understanding comes from within. Only the decider can know what it feels.

      Here's to the continued expansion of heart clarity for much deserved healing. The understanding is there. Feel it within. *)

    5. Apppreciated Phoenix. Thank you for understanding my intent through this distortion in relaying, it reflects the understanding in you, which is the experience of value sharing. *)

      Even though I am distracted from holding to form, such as thoughts. The intent is there for the heart to sense, so that I may deviate through absurdity for continued experience. *)

      Always room for expansion. Always ways to help self in lack of understanding. The now deserves our heart reason through our own honest interpretation in understanding, which is not based on forms, which are extensions in Being. It is the essence of reason, that unconditional bond. Form is subjective. We each have our own unique view as understanding comes from within. Only the decider can know what it feels.

      Here's to the continued expansion of heart clarity for much deserved healing. The understanding is there. Feel it within. *)



    When The Going gets tough . . .

    We're gonna set this Dream In Motion and Let Nothing Stand In Our Way
    NO FEAR of Heights - We'll Climb Every Mountain
    NO FEAR of Drowning - We'll Swim Every Sea


    And WE BRING IT - Love in the Old-Fashioned Way

    Too cold to hold, too hot to handle, OH YEAH !!!

    Welcome to The Show


  33. Man im glad to hear that whatever that was i was bigining to worry


  34. I guess most of you know the "Kinder" surprise eggs with the little toys in 'em, right? Okay, for over two years I've got a Kinder chocolate Easter Bunny standing here, and just now I decided to cut it open to find out what "the surprise" in there is.

    Surprise, surprise indeed ;-)
    Hidden inside the bunny was a little plastic figure of a yellow bird. Really cute, I like that.

    And a blue plastic figure of an Octopus with eight arms holding a five-pointed star - What The Fuck ?!?!?
    "Yes The Fuck, DK. Got yourself an octopus. So whaddaya gonna do?"
    I'm gonna burn that fucking Octopus, is what I'm gonna do! And Right On, that's what I did. Put it inside a Tea-Light and that eight-armed abomination of a "toy" lit up like a torch, much like the m@therf#cker that is its plasma-companion will, and the remaints are still smoldering as I am writing this.
    Hizoly Crizap! Good fucking Riddance.

    Symbolism, BABY!
    GOT YOUR ASS, Yaldabaoth!!!

    "Kinder" We Are No More. We Are All Grown Up :-)
    It Was Only TeenAge Wasteland!

    Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. Hey man.. I'm sure your posts are appreciated.. but wouldn't it make sense to just click "reply" to your first comment, and have them all in one area?? What are your thoughts on my suggestion?


    2. WOW... These are my "Contemporaries" - Hippies, Toy Burners, Lyrics posters, peace-niks... Not knocking your experience just pondering the mystery of it all.

      To think some one quoting 80's pop lyrics from Billy Ocean is somehow "uplifting"... I made a similar observational comment yesterday but it was 'Suspiciously UN-Approved'. You really LOVE the 80's don't you RaJah.

      In the 80's my childhood & future was being systematically dismantled. Asschons were pulling strings & lighting the ground on fire so the Forest of my "Strength" in adulthood would never grow...I probably should've died as a child. I had ZERO chance of "winning" anything.

      Sorry- but ALL that 80's music you post reminds me of just how long my childhood was drowned by "the Asschons"- but you keep posting if it makes you feel good.

      OH well.


    3. @divinasion:
      I'm actually doing that quite a bit, so as not to be "all over the place" here. However, no comments were published during the Ascension Conference last weekend, so there was no first post to reply to ;-)

      As I've said a million times before: My messages are Not For Everyone.
      Don't like 'em? Nothing I can do about that - So I recommend you just scroll past them and don't open the video-links I post 'cause you can bet the farm that I won't stop till Earth is liberated.

      Lots Of Love And Light



    4. Und @Eliana:

      Hehehehehe :-D

      Here We GO Again ♥

      Lots Of Love And Light And Peace


  35. My Keshe reactor works very well. This is not the power unit but one that creates plasma that can be felt. It feels like cold water and electric tingles. I can tell other people are feeling it by the way they jerk their hands away. My power unit is nearing completion. I'm going to have reporters camped in front of my house.

  36. So quiet. Everyone off having fun I hope. I'll post this as all seem to be busy.

    The Rose of Gaia blossoms



    gaia_energy1Arraignments of misguideds commence in full.

    Forces of Inner Light greet.

    Softness of contact releases the Healing Intention.

    The Rose of Gaia blossoms.


  37. Happy Independence Day!

    May Peace Prevail!

  38. Thanks Cobes.

    Let us know how the Thailand conference went, won't you?


    Happy Fourth of July.....It's a holiday today in the USA.
    I realize today is just another Monday in July for the rest of the world.

    When BREXIT went through, I thought our "civilian friends" here would immediately see a parallel between the USA breaking free from England (the symbolic date is always July 4, 1776) and the whole BREXIT "LEAVE" vote.

    Instead, many of our civilian friends are listening to USA mainstream media.

    (I don't watch TV much, except when I am at the gym and there are TVs everywhere).

    So anyway, the mainstream USA media evidently claims "....the BREXIT vote is a result of very ignorant populace..... All the old people in UK want to go back decades to their time before the EU......the voters in the UK are like Trump voters -- stupid, ignorant, uneducated....."

    I asked one very good friend, "well, do you think they have a right to vote?" She said, "yes, but they are ignorant -- like Trump voters."

    So this is the American mainstream media programming going on.

    1. They are NOT the MSM ... they are the corporate media ... there is a difference. The MSM is the internet. Corporate media lost their MS status years ago.

      People that think the Brexit was voted by an ignorant populous are only reflecting their own ignorance/stupidity.

  39. Keshe reactor number 2. So strong it's hard to keep your hand near it. It's freaking people out, myself included.

    1. I wish that someone who has new alternative energy production technology would make a generator out of it and fit it into an electric automobile. Then put several cameras in and on the automobile, showing the alternating drivers and the surroundings, that can record the entire drive.

      Start the recording, survey the insides of the vehicle to show a lack of space for fuel or batteries, and then drive for several thousand miles. Use video editors to make fast motion summaries of the travels for youtube and upload the original videos using bittorrent for those that want to check them.

      Not having to stop for any fuel or electricity for thousands of miles will effectively prove that there is something remarkable going on to anyone that can access the video. It would be impossible for current technology of any kind, but for revolutionary energy technology that is much more efficient than current technology, or perpetual, it would be fairly easy. The prototype and the vehicle would just have to be well designed, built and maintenanced enough to drive for a few thousand miles to prove to all that something very special just happened. How could we as a race ignore that revelation?!

  40. 90,000 Classified CIA Documents Now Available Online: STARGATE and MKULTRA

    STARGATE Documents

    MKULTRA Documents

  41. Effervescent luminenessence:

    The Galactic New Year on July 26th, 2016 
launches us into The Blue Spectral Storm Year!

The Galactic Affirmation for this Year is:

    “I Dissolve in order to Catalyze
Releasing Energy
I Seal the Matrix of Self-Generation
With the Spectral Tone of Liberation
I am Guided by My Own Power Doubled.”
    This cycle brings the forces of Pure Transformation, calling us to let go and surrender on all levels...

    The vibration of Spectral is here to liberate us into new realms of possibilities by urging us to allow energy to travel as it needs; to embrace seeming chaos; to release rigidity, control, and fixations; to dissolve old structures and routines; to shed limitations, fears, and identities from the past.

    This is the Time to welcome a new freedom, and celebrate the emergence of a greater, full-spectrum wholeness!

    Blue Storm calls us to be awakened Thunderbeings; agents of electric passion and purpose; alchemists of energies; empowered self-generators; embodiments of stillness dancing; lucid World-Changers living from our centers of calm resilience.

    The energies brought by the intensity of The Spectral Storm may not always be comfortable, but we can be assured that this year is bringing a Storm of Liberation, catalyzing necessary changes that ultimately allow for greater well-being. We are reminded to embrace and celebrate purification, catharsis, and upheaval as cleansing forces that clear the way for regeneration and renewal. Let us trust in the constructive de-construction process that may unfold this year. Let us welcome a new circulation of energies, rejoicing as it brings new configurations and empowering breakthroughs.

    This is the Time to access the force of your inner spark as your ultimate source of power; to unleash the lightning of your soul; to be the calm eye of the storm amidst potent inner and outer transmutations and shifts of all kinds!

  42. 08 de julho , divulgação completa já


  44. well i am very disappointed in the FBI and their decision that the Clintons can commit all kinds of crime and get away with it. and people in America are actually still planning on voting for her. Unbelievable!

    1. The people that are voting for her are those that are totally asleep at the wheel. Since the cabal is still in power it's only natural their cronies would be able to get away with murder. Once The Event takes place she and the rest of her family will be arrested. Both Clintons are excellent candidate for the Galactic Central Sun.

  45. Lumescent sparks of brilliance:

    Peter Joseph ( has deprogrammed the first 2 veils: banking and religion, and offers a philosophical and solution oriented approach to setting the earth and its people on a new and fair course.

    Expanding on the ideas presented by Jacques Fresco, he takes a right angle turn and emerges from the rabbit hole as a brilliant voice of reason.

    The Zeitgeist Movement Defined.pdf -

    Zeitgeist -

    Zeitgeist 2 Addendum -

    Zeitgeist Moving Forward -

    Economic Calculations in a Natural Law Resource Based Economy -

    Culture in Decline by Peter Joseph

    Episode #1 "What Democracy?" -
    Episode #2 "Economics 101" -
    Episode #3 "C.V.D." -
    Episode #4 "War On Nature" -
    Episode #5 "Baby Go Boom!" -
    Episode #6 "Tale of Two Worlds" -

    The Venus Project -
    Paradise or Oblivion -
    The Future By Design -

  46. So here we are... July 5th- more Terror false-flags,Brexit, a Looming Olympics (Illuminati ritual review?)...and another reminder of just how UN-Accountable the Media & Bloodline A-holes are to anything resembling the TRUTH or Justice.

    Just Business as usual - NO Indictment for Hillary. Slick Willy has 1 30 min chat w/ the Prosecutor & POOF- the FBI guy suddenly has NO interest in charging her- POOF! Change my Ass. Obama still running around all Smug. The Bushes & Co. still chilling on their Ranches. The Democratic & Republican conventions will be it matters.

    BEn Fulford said there's some July 10th deadline for the Negative 12 to surrender...Do they look like they're even "Concerned"- NOT AT ALL. So where will you be at the end of July? When NOTHING Happens & all the "Love & Light Conferences" have come & gone....yeah, they're going to be an Amazing success. Let's all sit & wait for the ALL Powerful Sphere beings to NOT DO ANYTHING.

    NOT Trying to sound pessimistic - just stating the Obvious. IS Anything I typed NOT TRUE?

    I've already resigned myself to the notion that I'll be dead by the time "Good E.T.'s" get off the bench or the Fed Banksters are ever 'brought to justice'. It just never ends...I am NOT choosing "Re-Incarnation" after I die- I'm God(Both halves) to 'Un-Make Me' in the Galactic Central Sun...I don't need to remember I was ever here. Especially when you see what 'The Light Forces' are willing (or Not Willing) to do for the Innocents caught in this nonsense.

    You're ALL guilty - You're all Losers - Humanity isn't worth it or rather we're Not Worth It enough to KILL the Killers holding us hostage...because that's a great example to set. FREE WILL - yaaaa.

    OH Look I have an Inspirational 80's song 'Everybody Knows' to cheer us up!!

    Next month, End of Summer, Oct, Xmas...You can remember I told ya here

    1. It's about “Free Will” and the majority is more than fine with actual state, that's why the speed is slow.
      So they really not gonna help...
      Sooner or later you will return to "home" and you will take wisdom from this.

    2. It is sad knowing that the will of Earth's people has been usurped by the elite. It is even sadder knowing that most people are not aware of this. It is even sadder to wonder: do the Light forces make their decissions based on the usurped? Having said that, are people of Earth punished for being ignorant of the truth? That would be like whipping a mentaly retarded child for not knowing the rules.

    3. I hear you...and agree with many of your statements. But there have been an awful lot of "things" going on. Namaste.

    4. Gantz. Please consider the new Nebadon Nepenthe policy.
      Chin up.

    5. I can empathize with you. It seems odd how we're asked to forgive and love while certain ones are given free reign to commit atrocities against others. I often get frustrated about the situation and wish we could summon a Dexter (a series about a serial killer that targets serial killers that escaped justice) group to come in and slaughter them. Then we could just jokingly "forgive" and love that Dexter race for murdering them and be done with this madness.

      There is apparently no Dexter race that knows about this, is capable of doing it and desires to do it, unfortunately. What we really feel that we lack is a cosmic immune system. Our bodies' immune systems identify parasitic organisms that enter our bodies, target them, kill them, and dispose of them. We currently lack that immune response on the cosmic scale in this local time and space.

      The thing is, everyone is responsible for being part of the collective immune system. If everyone pushes that responsibility away, we will get collectively sick and perhaps die. If enough of us take responsibility, we survive, but perhaps are sicked by parasitic beings that linger. If all of us do it, the parasites have nowhere to hide.

      I think that outsiders don't want to just come in and free us without our significant participation, because they see this as an evolutionary opportunity for us to rise up to become part of the immune system too. If they do it for us, we will lose an opportunity to discover methods and protocols toward being part of an immune system.

      We've struggled with justice for a long time. It used to be just the judgement of the local warlord. We also had duels. Then poorly done trials. Now we have a system better than before, but it is corrupt and the rich get off too easily. The elites enslaving mankind never seem to have to worry about being prosecuted by it. So, we need to improve the integrity of our justice system. Granted, we have a parasitic infection of gifted beings that are millions of years old pulling strings. I think the outsiders just want us to play a significant role in restraining the human minions and other human bad actors.

      They don't want to manage our issues for us. It's a burden. Even if they do a good job, we'll probably find flaws in their work and might even blame them for it. Look at what we're talking about right now, blaming other races for not cleaning the parasites out of our system. They don't want to baby sit our race. They don't want to govern us. We don't want others to govern us either. So, we're going to have to take the reigns of our own planet from our controllers somehow and start leading ourselves toward a future we prefer.


      Although, I'd be quite insulted if we had to let these external parasite beings go free. That just screams from inside, DEXTER! Why should such beings be allowed to corrupt, enslave, torment, and destroy other beings without anyone else being able to do the same back to them? If you consciously, willingly choose to do something offensive to someone else, you deserve for that to happen to you. To say otherwise is to submit to inequality, effectively submit to slavery of the unscrupulous. Why should we? Just allow the killing of the killers and then forgive the killers' killers. Not all killing is equal. It can be done for defense or parasitic intent.

      Otherwise, who deserves to live with these parasites, these corruptors, enslavers, tormenters and destroyers? Who deserves to be damned to the hell that is the presence of these external parasites? How is it fair to damn others to that hell and let those that willingly choose to corrupt, enslave, torment and destroy keep THEIR freedom? It's more offensive to me than virtually anything else I can imagine. Just about any heinous crime imaginable can be fit into the continuation of the freedom of these parasites. Why should anyone have to suffer a burden for the intransigent self-serving behavior of beings that choose to be parasites?

  47. Lightworker: Understand Your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide, and Being of Light by Sahvanna Arienta

    Overview: Are you a Lightworker? It is the Lightworkers' mission to lend their light energy to a planet heavy with fear and negativity. But Lightworkers aren't all well-known spiritual gurus. They are musicians and artists, shopkeepers, accountants, stay-at-home moms, and people you pass on the street. They share their gifts by speaking out for those who have no voice and they create glorious works of art that beautify our planet or write music that elevates our spirits. Many have forgotten their divine purpose; they live among us unaware of who they really are. Although it’s not always obvious who these Lightworkers are, nor is it easy to recognize or understand their special qualities, one thing is certain: the Earth is more in need of them than ever before.

    Lightworker will help you discover:

    - The true origin of your soul and what your unique gifts are
    - How anxiety, depression, or addiction can be symptomatic of the Lightworker’s highly acute nature
    - Understand your sensitivities and recognize them as extrasensory perions
    - How to use these qualities as healing gifts Lightworker will change the way you view your life, your challenges, and your own place in the world.

    Genre: Non-fiction, spirituality

  48. Ha this made me laugh. I live in the UK England and i voted to leave the EU, UK media has also reported the same thing, that we are racists and pure ignorant. However everyone i speak to and whom i come across are very aware and educated on why they chose to leave. Its true that finally the masses are awakening to the truth, and the brexit vote was not close as the media say it was, around 80% infact chose leave. Blessings

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