Sunday, July 24, 2016

Taiwan Ascension Conference Report

Our Ascension conference was taking place in Taipei, the home base of many positive Dragon groups. The Blue, the White and the Black were together with us at the conference and the Plum were aware of our presence.


Our group was strong and focused and our physical and non-physical support team was more effective than ever and a certain breakthrough happened on the non-physical planes which indicates that the Veil will disintegrate „soon“.

The opening in the Veil can be seen energetically on this picture of pink sky in Taipei which was taken a few days after the conference:

A certain cycle was completed and we are entering the next phase of the Breakthrough process where things will escalate towards the Compression Breakthrough. More intel about this will be released in the near future, as will intel about surrender negotiations.

Just a few hours before the beginning of the conference, a military coup happened in Turkey. The coup was carried out by the Positive Military in Turkey against Erdogan and was crushed by the US negative military faction as instructed by their Khazarian / Jesuit commanders. Although the coup failed, it has elevated the geopolitical endgame to a totally new level that will lead towards the recognition of the factions that destabilize the Middle East. This will lead to resolution of all military conflicts worldwide and towards planetary peace at the moment of the Compression Breakthrough. 


This is what I have received on the day after the coup about the situation in Turkey from a reliable intel source from Middle East: 
The coup was carried out by 60% of the Turkish army, including staff of the air force and even the reserve soldiers came out to the streets to support their colleagues against the dictatorship of Erdogan ...

The army tanks entered to the streets in Ankara and Istanbul, the largest Turkish cities, flying army helicopters carrying army personnel taking command of vital infrastructure centers to control them and that was successfully accomplished. Successful control of the TV broadcast building, Ataturk International Airport and the houses of Parliament and the Presidential Palace where Erdogan was, who was taken by military helicopter to the Ankara international airport where he asked to leave the country immediately ...

Erdogan approved the demands of the coup leaders under condition of preservation of his life and the lives of his family and he was granted this condition. Then he recorded a Skype voice message on board of the airplane asking supporters of his efforts to go out to the streets to stop this coup ..

No one went out to the streets during the wee hours of the coup and the scene was blurry, those supporting this coup were by the thousands marching next to army tanks greeting the soldiers raising the banner of Turkey and referring to the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Ataturk ...

What happened after?

Erdogan flew from Ankara airport out of the country and he asked for asylum to Germany but Germany refused, then to Azerbaijan which closed its borders and so did Iran in the face of Erdogan.

Erdogan had no choice but to return.  A phone call between Obama and Erdogan took place in the plane as stated in the Washington Post, and he asked and was given permission to land in Incirlik US military base in the south of Turkey.

Moments after that, 12 unknown F-16 aircraft in the skies of Ankara and Istanbul intercepted and shot down 25 helicopters of the Turkish army, carrying soldiers and some leaders who were on their way to control the vital centers in the country, and a real war took place in the air between US Air Force and helicopters of the Turkish army... shot down all the Turkish army helicopters and killed most of the soldiers and their number reached more than 800 soldiers and 50 officers… communique from the CIA, demanding them to surrender and stop the coup otherwise they will crush all the Turkish soldiers on the border and in the streets through aerial attack.

The leaders of the coup had no chance but to stop the coup d'état and ordered the soldiers to withdraw from the streets and end the coup .

Do you understand now why many American bases in any country? It Is to prevent what was going to happen last night in Turkey, it's the same thing in the Gulf states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, all surrounded by the rules of the US military to prevent a coup.

You can find a video on YouTube showing the attack on the helicopters of the Turkish air force and them dropping like flies ..more than 24 helicopters loaded with officers and soldiers were shot down in the blink of an eye...

Had it not been for America... Erdogan today would have been a refugee in one of the countries, that is if he was accepted for asylum by any country. If successful, the coup would have ended the suffering of millions of Syrians and Iraqis with terrorism and arms that come from Turkey... just ended the terror of Daesh in the region ... stopped the migration of peoples affected by the policy of Erdogan and those who drown in the sea trying to escape it ... would have found the leaders of Daesh and al-Nusra themselves detained in Turkey ...all this would have happened if the coup succeeded yesterday ...but this is not in the best interest of America and the interest of its policies in the region .“



    "A massive fire erupted near a NATO base in western Turkey. Authorities are investigating the fire as a possible act of anti-American sabotage.

    The inferno started on Sunday evening in western Turkey. The fire blew through the grassy wooded area and is now perilously near NATO’s military base pushed forward by strong winds."


  2. Thanks for the info.
    I was about to post this in the other thread, but this one will do just as nicely as it is even more fitting.
    So there.
    We have had Enough of this Violence! We don't take this shit No More!

    Irgendjemand muss den Scheiß ja machen . . .

    Wenn es sonst niemand tut mache ich es lieber selbst und nehm die Schuld auf Mich als dass Ihr das tun müsst.

    Das hier ist eines meiner absoluten Lieblingslieder:
    Nils Lofgren, Gitarrist der mächtigen E-STREET BAND – No Mercy

    “I wish another could do this thing for me
    His eyes are flooded, God, he can’t even see!
    I wanted this title, now it don’t seem right
    I fight back tears while I destroy his life.”

    Da sich sonst niemand für den finalen Knock-Out-Schlag meldet mache ICH das eben SELBST.
    Die dunkle Seite muss besiegt werden, koste es was es wolle.

    Sorry, aber das haben sie sich selbst zuzuschreiben. Zu viele Tote auf der ganzen Welt, jetzt sogar in München.
    Sie lernen es einfach nicht.

    I fight back tears, but I’ll destroy their lives
    Now Watch Me DESTROY!!! NO MERCY!!!

    Das haben sie sich selbst eingebrockt, und jetzt wird hier aufgeräumt, verdammte Kacke nochmal!!!
    Wir wollen Frieden, Liebe und Licht – und das werden wir auch bekommen.
    Alles, was ab jetzt passiert, nehme ich auf meine Kappe.

    I AM RaJah

    and I AM sick and tired of this violence against innocent people.
    Es reicht!
    ES REICHT!!!

    1. Danke dafür. Wir gehen ins lichtvolle Zeitalter und sie bleiben im Dunkel zurück. Es bleiben ihnen nur noch galaktische Sekunden.


    2. And I'm not the only one who sees things this way.
      I take full and *all* reponsibility for whatever happenes next, all Light Workers and Light Warriors are hereby relieved of any and all moral obligations in order to set free Gaia and have Humanity reclaim their Freedom.
      You will not be held accountable for anything you do to fight the dark, you are hereby automatically absolved by The Source for any and all actions you take.

      I AM RaJah

      And I quote my tag team partner:

      "Ich tue auch alles dafür und danke dir dafür, dass du ebenfalls alles dafür tust, dass dieser kranke Scheiss endlich ein Ende hat und wir wieder friedlich, fröhlich und frei unser wahres Sein‎ so ausleben dürfen, wie wir es mal taten und wie wir es wieder tun sollten - in völliger Liebe und Harmonie, Vereint und verbrüdert!
      Und am Ende wird es so kommen!
      In freundschaftlicher Verbundenheit wünsche ich dir (uns) Kraft, Stärke, Liebe, Ausdauer und ‎unendlich viel Licht in deiner/unserer Mission lieber RaJah!
      Dein an deiner Seite stehender und kämpfender Shenyen!"

      Nun ist fucking Schluß mit fucking lustig!!!
      Wir holen uns unseren Planeten zurück, und zwar jetzt!!!

      Right Here, Right NOW for crying out loud!

  3. Tory Smith passed away Wednesday 20th July 2016. Thank you Tory for all that you did, you are loved.


    1. So awful, what he went through. They seem to have felt very threatened by his intent to expose them. It was tough to watch and hear the emotion in Alexandria's voice. Clearly, he is not Resting in Peace, as she says he is very active and committed to completing his mission on the other side, without the physical pain and torture that limited him on this side of the veil.

      I feel for him and everyone close to him. May his efforts bring Truth to Light. <3

  4. I'm so tired and upset RM. with all dark forces actions that
    I'll take a time off as a lightworker.

  5. Cobra .how come they didn't get help from the resistance?.now they have to wait until the event ? Man that's stinks

    1. That's a good question... someone should ask it for the next Cobra interview.

  6. Thank you for the update. Healing, peace, full discloser, and the event through love and light. V

  7. So it looks like evil forces can still do as they please,...

    1. Isn't that the way it is suppose to look right before The Event?

    2. I guess we are going to have to wait for the big "bam-bum",... After so much waiting & waiting, I am beginning to feel befooled,...

    3. Unfortunately, I have felt this way for some time. I dont understand why this is getting worse and worse. But "bloogers" feed us their opinions, I dislike the word "intel" as it isnt usually factual. I hope and pray for World Peace. But it would seem the Jesuit Cabal, are far too strong. Then we have Ben Jesuit Fulford every week confusing things with stories

    4. I believe is more a matter of 'being allowed'.

    5. As long as the 'light' continue to play by the 'dark ones' rules and regulations

  8. Woow, thanks Cobra!!

    Cheers for everyone!

  9. Beyond the value in the ripple-effect this attempted coup will have on the immediate political environment as well as the mass consciousness, it seems a poorly executed plan.

    It didn't "work" in the sense that the coup was unsuccessful so it begs one to consider the ability of some of the positive leaders to make wise choices.

    I intend there is more going on beneath the surface and that there is more "upside" to this attempted coup than there appears, from my limited perspective.

    I send the soldiers, their families and the Turkish People much love and light. <3

  10. brought tears to my eyes that so many of the positive factions lost their lives. However i can feel the compression breakthrough nearing.

  11. My heart cries for these poor people, if only they had been successful. I pray it's not long till the whole planet is liberated from atrocities it is facing on a daily basis, wether it be from famine, homelessness or terrorism risk created by the cabal dictators...

  12. My goodness, is this the way the positive military force worked? Without the protection from the higher beings, this is suicide. Even a child knows this - never hit an egg on a stone. This failed coup should wake up the positive forces, never never underestimate the dark forces.

    The Star Races -
    May the LOVE be with you always!

    1. I invite all powerful light force entities to use all at their disposal to see intervene on behalf of blind humanity, to show th themselves clearly to all who will see, and show them the truth about how much help we need against the Dark ones. Come all the way out. It's time.

  13. Turkish positive military believed in psychopath, Erdogan's words? And then, they released him? Why did they believed in his promise? No way !

    They failed but I praise their courage, love and humanity.

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  15. Thanks once again Cobra for this very informative update.

    My hat is off to you and Benjamin Fulford for keeping the people of the world informed as to what is really happening behind the scenes.

    This intel is so much more important and reliable than all of the misinformation that we are fed by the MSM and those who control it.

    Power and Victory to the Light!!

  16. Thank for all the light workers in Taiwan.And the situation report of Turkey is informative,glad to read.

    Cobra, will you organize a global meditation to stabilize the situation of Turkey or something like that ?

    1. What's the point in doing another meditation when we can't even get enough to cause the compression breakthrough? That's the meditation that counts, that's the one that mutes all the other meditations.

  17. Oh, I just now notice Erdogan may not be the worst guy. In this case, the worst is US negative military.

  18. Well I must admit, I felt a little discouraged after reading this... I was under the impression that the US military was under control of the Positive Military faction.... I thought Blackwater the mercenary army was the main obstacles. Well I guess I could be wrong, but hopefully this will persuade others to bring about real change in America. So much destruction, death and slavery we're promoting. Why is the positive military branch focusing on Turkey when we should just remove these idiots from positions of power, replace them temporary with someone who wants to do what is right and then restructure society. Of course I don't have the full picture, but I do know that change is coming very soon.

    So I just want to say to everyone that the shift is coming soon, I've been feeling it a lot lately. It's going to happen any moment, like Cobra said, the veil will disintegrate soon. I concur with that assessment.

    1. I wish you and Cobra to describe what "soon" means. Is it this year? 2017? 2018? I usually think of soon in the next two months or sooner?

  19. Wow - How very sad, my heart goes out to obviously the Cabal are still firmly in control. They never lose do they? not from our standpoint anyway. Why didn't the light forces use the help of the Russians & their super modern technology? I thought taking out Erdogan was one of Putin's primary goals.

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  21. I am "glad" that the conference in Taiwan went so well.

    But... my heart breaks regarding the rest of Cobra's post about what happened in Turkey. I am so sorry. So sorry.

  22. Unbelievable. I am absolutely amazed at how media (both corporate and alternative) are able to peddle such compelling lies.

    This is an incredibly positive post. I am so excited for how the mystery is unraveling!

  23. I find this narrative hard to believe, the US airforce would not be able to openly show itself in a way that 60% of the Turkish armed forces on the ground would be destroyed. Not with the public support that is also noted in this update. The risk of this operation spilling out through the global social media would be way too big as it would be an undertaking dwarfing the Russian air campaign in Syria.

    Victory of the Light.

    1. i think that maybe the 2 F19 planes did not shoot down these 25 helicopters, but other non-visual vehicles did. It would make all 25 heli's and their army totally look stupid, so i start to believe it is another false flag operation to show the world that we are powerless as humans and to show off how great the us and others are.

    2. Yes, this doesnt sound even close to what other sources have reported. Think I never seen Cobra post intel emails before either. Doesnt feel like something Cobra would do.

    3. Maybe the media has twisted it so much? They have done so on many other occasions... Of course they would be instructed to show you "the way things went down" to work in their (the cabals) favour.

  24. I read an entirely different account by a Russian Journalist who indicated that the Coup was planned by the CIA to remove Erdogan and install a more radical leader, which apparently has been performed the same way for the same reason during the last six coups in Turkey. That Russia alerted Erdogan to the coup; not because he is an a friend but because now he looks at the US with distrust and to Russia with favor. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" was the quote the Journalist used.

    1. Obviously the journalist was wrong, as well as the rest of the alternative news.

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  26. Everyone who was complaining about Cobra not posting their comments : enable JavaScript in your browser and click 9 times (or more) on "Load more... " at the bottom of the page...

  27. Wellsir ... the first part of the update sound pretty good ... still not sure how soon is "soon" ... but hope it meets my definition of "soon", like this year.

    As an American I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was when I read about the coup in Turkey, and the US prevented ending the suffering of millions of Syrians, and Iraqis.

    Yes indeed, the good old US of A let's give them a hand ladies and gentlemen way to go in continuing the suffering. Proud to be an American ... let's wave a few flags .... But then that's what they are good at aren't they.

    Well at least we know the US wasn't behind the coup, nor Erdogone (but came back again), and that the news on the independent site are being manipulated.

    There are reports that Russia warn Turkey about the coup, we now know that isn't true.

    Things are definitely happening, with all the shootings and false flags being put out by the cabal. Sure hope this is the chaos just before The Event.

    Thank you for the update Cobra. Looking forward to more intel on the terms of surrender. I still vote NO on that one.

    Victory of the Light. Soon! :)

    Now let's get back to this "soon" thang ... for me that would be BEFORE the mock elections in the presidential reality show.

  28. Tory Smith thank you for exposing the Satanic stuff that has been done to keep Planet Earth in lock down.

    You will not be forgotten ...... very sad hearing about the attack on you and your passing...

    You were a true Light warrior and will be missed.....

    Lizards and Reptiles you know who you are, you dont belong here, Get off our Planet you are not welcome ....

    Your cruel actions of killing of the population shows your twisted intentions..........

    I state to the Creator of light "enough put an end to the killings taking place here... we need you and the planet needs you......

    1. In the last few weeks one could see and feel the big energy changes happening here on this Matrix system.

      There is no question that the Light forces will win but at a huge cost To many innocent lives.

      This brings Great sadness around to the ones who are awake.

      Many lives that are lost will go to Healing Centres to heal.

      We are entering a whole new Chapter here....

      Be the Warrior you were born to Be .... never give in to fear but stand up and fight for the freedom you were meant to Have....

      Victory to the LIGHT

  29. A shame that the Kazarians are still strong enough to bring the coup to an end!

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  32. Cobra, is this what happened in Turkey the "short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough"? in your post
    "Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough"

    1. In Cobra's word's:

      Posted in March 2016

      "Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough. If that happens, a mass meditation will be announced on this blog to counteract that."

      Good one !

    2. And why has there been no mass meditation announced?

    3. Well seeing how Cobra didn't as for meditation, it's apparent that wasn't it.

    4. The breakthrough that occurred on the 17 at approx 3:15 EDT was a small one (ovoid in shape) and would be difficult to access by any individual afterwards (now) but strong groups
      may be able to start enlargening it

  33. Victory of the LIGHT!
    Something keeps telling me that things will not always be this way. I suppose the average person that eats a lot of 'fast food' and always has a soda in one hand and a smartphone in the other, may not completely understand what is really going on out there in the real world, with smartphones and the NSA and such. I have noticed that when you discuss 'diet' with people, it sets off triggers, almost like politics. The addictive nature of refined sugar and the persistent usage of refined sugar in processed foods is astounding. That alone, affects the human body in so many negative ways, and most people do not even know it. For one thing, refined sugar affects the brain and clear thinking. So, you see a lot of sugar consumption if you step back and take notice. Refined sugar is, or it seems to be a 'tool' that works for the food company's and medical industry (like military industrial complex). It is still an upward push to get even a small portion of local population to understand refined sugar. Now, you take that same population and bring up matters in any other part of the world, and the trees understand perfectly, but the humans? If there is to be any planetary liberation, we have to pry away the refined sugar, fast food, and the smartphones. To sit in a quiet room and try to have a conversation with someone nearby, these days, no one knows how to do that, they make to talk to the back of the hand holding the smartphone. If you ask them to look something up, say this blog, eyes glaze over and you know you have really lost them. So, I keep hearing and feeling that things won't always be this way. I look up at the clear night sky and say out that one of these times when I look up at the night sky, I'll see something new and wonderful out there that has never been seen. Just be patient. Then, I see ritual mass murders. The minions that receive their orders to fulfill the ritual through mass murder, their handlers have all kinds of 'tools' to set off the dog whistle. Ritual mass murder used as a distraction. No wonder not many people know what is going on in Turkey and Syria etc... I'm trying to keep a LIGHT on inside myself. Maybe in our lifetime, we will witness something new in our skies. Something tells me don't give up and keep the LIGHT burning inside, even if it is tiny, don't let it go out.
    Victory of the LIGHT!

    1. "There is something in the human spirit that will survive and will prevail. There is a light that will not go out, no matter how dark the world becomes"

      Leo Tolstoy

    2. Just an FYI, that's not always true. My "diet", as poor as it is, consists of mostly fast food, soda, and refined carbs, and I too have my smartphone in hand rather often. I still see the world for what it is. I see the Matrix. I desperately want out. I want the Event to get here. I want the positive forces to move in unison and get the arrests done. I don't want them releasing negative leaders into exile. If they're allowed to remain on this planet at all, they need to kept under firm control, or else they'll work their manipulative deceptions all over again.

      I freely admit I need to clean up my diet, but it isn't blinding me to the world around me.

    3. Thanks, Drums Clark, I got a feeling something's up....besides temperatures across the country!

      Yes, in our lifetime! (actually, "SOON"!)

      Love and Victory of the Light!

  34. it seems that I am not the only one who asks aliens when event will come.i ask them to and it was a sunny day with clouds and in the clouds they gave me a date figures appear 2 and 6 and the second number was more diffuse,and I ask them in what month and then and then appeared in the sky like an I from the iuly month.this month.

  35. ey mr.Cobra, what purpose have beard on men, cause hair on head works like antena but those on chin also?

    1. I think Cobra must have gotten some misinformation on this point. The hair on your head is NOT an antenna for anything. The hair on your face, underarms, arms, chest, legs, or groin is not an antenna area for spiritual information! This is ridiculous and preposterous information that is not supported by the facts or even by history. The most brutal men in history had long hair and hairy faces.

      The only thing that is an antenna for spiritual information is your consciousness; and your ENTIRE BODY is a reflection of your consciousness. If you want to connect to spirituality, connect to your body. Make your whole body alive and receptive! To think that it just comes from the long hairs on your head is a gimmick and silly.

      The Lord Buddha was immune to the Archons and was not tricked in any way whatsoever. He told his monks/nuns to shave their heads for a very important reason: DON’T DEPEND ON PERSONALITY/GIMMICKS TO ACHIEVE LIBERATION! Bottom line: depend on yourself, not on your hairstyle.

    2. I understood from posts from a couple of years ago, which were quite interesting to me, that long hair provides an 'antenna' to help people connect with higher selves, higher informmation, etc.

      Thus, when Native Americans ("American Indians" as they are often labeled) were recruited into the US military, they were allowed to keep their long hair, because it helped them "connect," "track the enemy," etc.

      I have thought about various sects from Indian (cannot think of their names now) who wrap up their long hair in turbans. It is probably from this concept, also...
      After reading the post about long hair a few years ago, I decided to let my big head of hair grow out, which is pretty fun.

      It's long and thick and wavy and curly and pretty much fun!

      And now I have a 'bigger antenna.'

    3. I love the 2 completely different perspectives, though I agree with WestCoastMegan.

      BTW I also heard cats transmute negative energy and let it out their tails. If they get fat it is due to what they are taking on, it can be too many people or someone who is having trouble clearing themselves.

  36. It is so filthful... and so disgusting,... all that involves... the 'spiritual path', and... the 'spiritual evolution'...

    1. It is....all Lies!!! Spirit needs to escape the Matrix, not to "evolve". We have been cheated

    2. Could you for one moment, look inside of you and really see what's in there, unknown? Your comment sounds like you're not enjoying your own spirit much.

  37. It seems like the coup was in some way forced to happen by Erdogan, like it happened early, because he found out about it. He was then prepared to use it for all that it was worth to him. It also seems that now he is using it also to further his ambitions of the Caliphate and the segregationists/Neocons goal of Muslims over here and Zionists over there. This also seems like a larger plan that has been facilitated to accomplish colonialist aliens agenda of dividing and conquering humanity. This in fact proves their existence because if humans were in charge and aware of a threat by off worlders they would want to bring people together to counter the threat. It seems obvious who is on the Nazis side, and they are originating from Nazis and before. Still that served as a perfect entry point through which George Scherff Sr./Prescott Bush entered into America through Operation Paperclip. Why has humanity's off world support team not made themselves more visible? It seems like clarity is happening, so perhaps this is all we can ask for. Still there is a big task ahead if justice is to be restored, and Russia and China hoped to be the victors after the destruction of America. Will their complicity - allowance of criminal actions by the Nazis- and expectation/encouragement of their own victory not be judged as crimes against humanity?

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  40. Great news the first half of the post, never recalled such a positive message of the Event's inevitability or imminence. As for Turkey, just wondering how Erdogan's apology, if that was reported accurately, to Putin plays into all of this. Also, Gordon Duff -- seemingly corroborated by an article posted (but not written by) Joseph Farrell on Twitter -- claims that the US base in Incirlik (Turkey) is used as a key depot for the transport of Afghan heroin to Europe and beyond -- also wonder how this relates to all of these events. Whatever it is, events are surely accelerating...

  41. Now positive military groups in other places knows exactly what to expect from this syndicates and next time there will be no errors.

    Picture of pink sky in Taipei: Such a beautiful picture, that speaks more than words.

    Corey Goode: "and that the strangest part, towards the end, was that when masses of people start having visitations from dead family members, that that is a big sign. It'll . . . It's gonna happen en masse that that is a big sign that the veil has thinned to the point to where we're about to go through the transition."

  42. Why was Just Be's comments removed and what was he/ she on about?

    1. Just Be erases his/her own comments as far as I can tell since day 1 I been here. FYI.

    2. That poster seems to have a habit of posting things then deleting them. Don't know what is up with that.

    3. Just Be, that sounds like a Bee, visiting flowers at random, leaving nothing behind out of shyness.

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  43. Sooo. The positive military in any nation is
    like a whistleblower... There are on their own? What happened to coordination, cooperation... Prevention. They didnt take into the equation the possible involvement of the
    Negative military to stop the coup and thus plan a counter measure for that. As you have stated it, it is a known fact the purpose of those bases etc...

    What are we missing here...

    Is this part of the old thinking of allowing an atrocity to happen to push change? If such coup from what I understand was going to serve in stopping the continual atrocities on that region I would hsve thought a little more support was in need.

    So what happened here? They forgot to send the memo? They didnt meditate? Was everyone e else busy playing Pokemon Go.

    Really what is the deal with this tendency of allowing your fellow team members to perish. Is the need to allow a prophecy to happen outweighs any efforts groups r making to break free asap?

    Good Lord... people!!

    1. You are missing the point, that no "positive military" exists....

    2. I don't understand it either DH ... hopefully they will question Cobra thoroughly on the matter during his next interview.

    3. The coup fail could have been avoided if there was a communication between Positive Military and RM.
      The Positive Military from Turkey simply didn't know everything about background of actual situation, lack of intel = fail.

    4. They negotiated with Erdogan and let him leave - big mistake. And that is why I stand for FULL DISCLOSURE and UNCONDITIONAL surrender. You just can't "negotiate" with these scum bags - they have no honor at all or sole for that matter so ttey can't hold up their end of a deal.

  44. Last night I woke up at 2. 54 am UK time, feeling a bit uneasy, this went on for about 30 minutes until a high pitched noise occured and calmness took over, felt like a clearing.

    I hope soon is what we are all truly hoping for, when ever I meditate for the event I ask I to manifest in the very moment I am experiencing, we need it now, let there be light x

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  46. In the news i also heard that more than more than 8000 judges were arrested after Erdogan/usa took back his country

  47. I do agree on the colours of the sky! I had the same thing going on here in the Netherlands, and i felt i think it was a few times in the past weeks but last Thursday a timeshift going on and another effect in time last night (Saturday) because i noticed that my possible future had been altered somehow, i couldn't find certain things in the house anymore. And that is always when there are major timeshifts going on..I hate it really, because i loose things which are important for making my future i prepared and created happen, but it than is taken away completely, even the memory, and the major things in the coming days that supposed to have happened for me, do not happen at all..Like all is reversed back. On friday i meditated on it and i saw a day popping up, which meant that the time was set back again to 13 july 2013!! And these were galactic wartimes! Where i was put on the street and had a terrible time since then! I just recovered from it again. So Obama and friends have won this coup or whatever is going on now. i noticed that all my 3d friends who were opening up in the past weeks and contacten me, suddenly after Wednesday, fell back into their old dreamlife again... But the sky, i alway pay attaention to the sky, was full of Beings so to speak last week, and after Saturday it was peacefull again.. I saw many many dark beings leaving my auric area where i am responsable for. they where picked up voluntairily in i think andromedan smaller ships (those are very big still, almost 500 meters wide i think, maybe more..)and the peachy skies and the clouds that on purpose was hidden by the negative forces but also used by the positive side, was necessary to take away huge dark entities into white/yellow/golden light, most of them where wingedones that got away i say..still is now on monday.. So to me, what is happening on the surface, the so called sadback, isn't necessarily what's happening in the other planes of exsistence here on Earth. Because when many dark beings are able to leave the Earth now what wasn't possible before, it also means we have a major clean up to go for us all and our auntcestors were releaved also because of them leaving! So i call this a very positive coup still.. It is a matter of time and the right actions in 3d which will release all of humanity..First in the higher planes, that open up many veils in our skies and the moneculair cells within us, and than it takes some time to realize what is going on and what happened and it shows in 3d...So even though i am not so agreeing on the 3d surface what happened, the bigger picture and that outcome is more important and that is looking promising. I only think that they ruined my positive near break and future again..And i wonder if we are overcast by a reversed time and programmingsblanket
    or overlay again from july 2013.. And i don't want to live in any past ever i stay here in the now, and loose some sleeping friends...again...till the next veil will be peeled off.. Thanks Cobra for your insights, they are great and gives me a clue what i am doing in the greater picture of us all! Victory of the True Light!

  48. Who the heck will do this for americans?

  49. So are you saying the event will start July 26th? this year?

  50. I am here to ask for a little help , lately I have extreme desire to torture all beings, destroying planets , galaxies etc. , and that this disturbing me already that feeling comes up several times in a day , I have ease in connecting with my soul , just need to silence my mind for a few seconds and in that time my consciousness changes , and I can not imagine hurting other beings , if any of you guys already had this experience to share whether it was energy from past lives or some kind of attack of the dark forces. my problem is that I do not know if they are energy and feelings of past life or an attack of the dark .

    1. If this is a serious request for help, Vinicius S. you might consider these experiences as a "firing of your cells" in other words, the release of memories related to actions of destruction, or even part of humanity's collective subconsciousness? You may start being curious about what or who it is that tells you to feel like that, to desire this destruction. It's allright to meditate, but as always, it's about "as above, so below" When our subconscious or lower mind is cleared, our sacred mind can awaken and merge with our sacred heart. Try not to resist the desire, allow it to be present and watch it as an observer. Ask it what it means, where it comes from, treat it as a beloved part of yourself that has a voice that needs to express that voice, so that it's acknowledged as part of who you are. Not meaning to say that you need to act on that part of who you are. You may be surprised by the answers and they might help you to accept it for what it is (who it is?) without identifying yourself with it, in essence a part of your story in all existences and experiences. One life-story is like a drop in the ocean of your existence and if you consider this desire as one of many waves, you might find you can be at ease by letting it find its shore, which is your compassionate attitude towards it.

    2. Go out in nature, the great healer. Be active, run, you will get endorphins and get out some of the angst. A lot of "stuff" has been flying around lately, seems like everyone was angry and I was angry and it was burning me out, so I chose peace, solitude, self-care (which I had neglected) dreaming and pondering, moving my body.

      I was cooped up too much at home with the heat, so I went alone to see fireworks (nothing new) and afterwards, sat on the beach at night, looking at stars. I still feel a bit off but calm. There are things you can do, throw a ball, something harmless but physical, and pretend you are throwing all your anger away at whoever, get it out of your system.

      Call in help from Archangel Michael, ask for a healing and clearing. (Angels only come when we invite them in). He protects us from attack and removes energy thrown at us by others, which can manifest as real back pain. He removes energy that looks like knives and daggers in our backs. Turn off the media programming :)

  51. The big question is how is it possible that the light forces get defeated? Where were the back up support? How will we ever know which side to support in a controversy? It all felt very fishy at heart about the news and the reports but how to really help? There are new atrocities being carried out in Kashmir and in Bangladesh and the energy field seemed at these places feels a bit entrapped. What is really going on and what the way out of this? Meditation ongoing. Can you give guidance on how to ensure Angelic support for all situations so that the light always wins?

    1. It is impossible for the light forces to have any type of lasting victory on the surface of the planet as long the Archons control the higher planes surrounding the Earth. Reality itself manifests from these higher planes of existence. As long as the dark forces control the reincarnation process and can write peoples' life contracts they can control the outcome of any event. If a good guy working for the light tries to liberate the Earth then the Archons simply write into that person's life contract that they die. This is the reality that will manifest. As above as below. The real battles are being fought out of sight on these higher planes.

      This article explains the life contract process and how humanity is being tricked.

      However, there is much hope. The higher planes are in the process of being liberated. Cobra said there was a breakthrough in the higher planes after the conference. When the higher plane is liberated it will be impossible for the light forces on the surface to lose. We will simply write into the life contracts that we win and that is what will manifest because that is how existence works on this planet.

      The truth of how existence works is sometimes told to us through works of fiction. Perhaps when you were a child you saw this cartoon. Bugs Bunny Duck Amuck.
      Notice how Daffy is yelling about "his contract." He is talking about his life contract that determines his reality. The dark powers tell us exactly what they are doing to us. However, their time is almost up and soon humanity will be co-creating an entirely new positive existence.

    2. °°°° <3 <3 <3 °°°° <3 <3 <3 °°°° <3 <3 <3 °°°°
      @Novusod: Up-lifting, thank you! <3
      In my near a new arabic shop has opened. Today I bought there a really big box of tea (no ingredients on the button listed) and at home I realized it is full of roses and also some other flowers. It just smelled so nice and its wonderful. They have fresh dates also in the shop. It is said you need 10 dates a day and you do not need anything else for your health. Few weeks ago I felt so powerless and drained and after eating dates I feel better for weeks. Everywhere I go here, the turkish people that are since longer here start to become more german than Germans (suddenly they speak *perfect* Deutsch) and in general they are so so so full of love, all of the people. No religions/nations, only SOUL presence and LOVE. The new vibration that is here, it feels like someone brings flowers to my birthday 3 months later. I mean this: In 1991-1994 there was such a wonderful energy, star energy here and it has vanished. Now coming back, I know it is "it", but as it is much later than the lightforces thought or planned it feels strange. It IS good, yes, but somehow as if a dream of childhood gets fulfilled when you have forgotten that wish already. Just a bit weird. Its okay, of course. I guess that is a part of anomaly, that things that are supposed to feel good appear absurd. Maybe that is because of the extreme programming with negativity. One has to become used to positive feelings finally.
      Should I say "Victory of Release"?
      This phenomenon could be connected to the truth inside that needs to be recognized. Outside is the illusion we still keep inside. Something has happened inside of ourselves that does not align with the truth. The outside illusion is a reflection of every truth we have not uncovered/restored:

      Invoke help from the lightforces, everyone! Invoke, connect and trust, do not buy any negativity and brutality as divine truth. It is all a fake. A real big fake.

      Much love for all of the Victory crew (which are ALL that are ;) (all!))! And this does NOT mean I would not bring the demons where they choose to be.

      Victory of redemption for all my demons inside me!

      °°°° <3 <3 <3 °°°° <3 <3 <3 °°°° <3 <3 <3 °°°°

  52. I think what is going on with this event in Turkey is a recognition of the fact that no country's positive military can clean house of their organized crime figures without cutting off "the head of the snake".

    This means that "The Event" as described by Cobra and others is inevitably going to come into being. It is such a surreal thought to think that this has no precedence anywhere. But you really end up with a situation where so many dominoes need to fall in an extremely rapid yet well-coordinated fashion around not just the planet, but the solar system as well.

    What this does is force those skeptical of the EVENT scenario to acknowledge that, yes, the entire "Cabal" needs to be cleaned out completely. This probably changes the 'Terms of Surrender' approach, too.

    Reading between the lines, this means a fair amount of Rothschild & Jesuit involvement was discovered as a result of Intel uncovered from this operation.

    Intellectually, I view it as a battle lost which ultimately secures and hastens victory in the war. But emotionally, I am quite upset about this insanity. I am human, and I care - that cannot be helped.

    1. totally agree with Biscuit, no country's positive military can clean the house alone, there must be a global coordinated operation to clean the house together in one time, which is the Event.

  53. DO NOT feel sadness for the death of the 850 etc. SEND positive vibes to that region(s) everytime something bad happens anywhere! USA thrives off of everyone's sufferings so lets counteract such with sending love, strength, and healing green light. Grieve for a moment but thats all. After u got it out of your system for a moment, instantly send yellow or green light of love right from your heart, with strength, courage, and high vibration, remembering we are making progress towards the event.

  54. I've shared the news about the Turkish coup, presented in the report here, as a comment, in the Guardian discussion about it, without naming the source. I've asked if anyone could verify its authenticity and leave a response. And I've shared the video, just now posted in the PFC website.
    This one:

    I've found several possible scenarios of the Turkish coup, in the comments of the Guardian's article about it.
    Let's see what happens regarding the response to mine.

  55. Lightful lovelies:

    25 July 2016

    A day to celebrate time as art, holding ceremonies of universal forgiveness and demonstrating peace through culture. This is the fourth year in the 7-year cycle from 2013-2020 of Opening the Seven Light Gates. This Day Out of Time we open the Fourth Light Gate!


    Dr. Masaru Emoto, the water messenger, was a strong supporter of the 13 Moon calendar, and created the Global Water Appreciation Day on July 25 to coincide with the annual Day Out of Time, Peace through Culture festival. Let’s dive deep into the ocean of Time and synchronize our festivals with Global Water Blessing ceremonies on behalf of the purification and healing of our Planet

  56. "The coup was carried out by the Positive Military in Turkey against Erdogan and was crushed by the US negative military faction as instructed by their Khazarian / Jesuit commanders. "

    (aka the Chimera group)

  57. Archangel Michael said that a portal will open on the 26th and the veil will be lifted before 8-12 ,culminating 8-8

  58. Cobra, I really hope that for the next time you'll be on some intel about Nice 14.07 (France)


  60. Oh My Goodness I felt sick reading this report, but I too wondered how the positive was defeated??, if I remember correctly, did Cobra not once say that when there is problems in Turkey the Breakthru is nigh????

  61. I'm doubtful, about that report on the Turkish failed coup, for all YouTube videos don't show any F16 aircraft attack on Turkish helicopters. All I can see is helicopters firing at (possibly civilians and civilian) targets on the ground.
    Please check this source of info. There are many different explanations about what happens in Turkey, so it's hard to discern the truth. Not that I expect you to know it, as may be clear to you by now. Lol. Thanks for clarifying, I'm okay and ready for whatever Compression Breakthrough, be it human farting or the center of our galaxy sneezing. The Big Sneeze, what a great title for a movie! Let's get together in about 10 years time and watch that movie in a Grand Celestial Theatre. We will howl with laughter. I may sound like a jester, which I am, but I'm pretty serious at the same time, to be honest.

    1. Reports from Cobra have been a little off lately I think. Dont know anything specifically of course, just a feeling.

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  63. Love is love in the infinite.

  64. Dear friends, as we observe the struggles and confusion many of you are experiencing at this time we wish you to know that every thing happening is a necessary part of mans ongoing ascension process–these things are serving to wake people up. It is impossible to fully understand or figure out solutions with the human mind for much of what is going on is simply not what it seems. Instead utilize these times to rest more fully in trust, allowing intuition to be your guide.

  65. "Follow your highest excitement!"

  66. This is now a beneficial time to go back and re-read/refresh yourself with all posts from this blog starting with the first one from March 2012 here:

  67. I don't know what to believe anymore. Any chance Cobra's reliable source for the middle east has been threatened to provide disinfo here? See here for a completely different report:

    1. Yes, I feel the same. There are more reports, all different, in the comments under articles about this coup in Turkey, usergoogleblog, in the Guardian online paper of today. I'm doubtful of the version presented here. No video on YouTube shows US F16 Aircraft, flying low and shooting Turkish helicopters out of the sky. Whatever is at the core of this event, it seems to be part of the reset that is imminent. The global situation is a game of cards with players around the table, all mesmerized by the heap of gold in the middle, in this marathon that started about a century ago. They all must have grown beards by now, even the women ;)

    2. Usergoogleblog I am doubtful of this version of events as well....especially after having watched the Newsbud interview. Then in the midst of this, Prepare for Change also posts conflicting stories on facebook - the first story claims that Orlando, Nice and Turkey were not false flags. The next story that they post then states that Nice and Turkey was false flags. Throughout the day I was silently pondering this whole debacle when PFC posts this.. story . I cant really see what the relevance of this non-article is?? No story, no comments....just a meme saying "We are all being played". God help me if I am reading too much into this. I am not what you would call a new age hippie and my awakening process only started quite recently in March, so I am still searching and have been drawn to sites and people that have resonated with me...and this was one of them.

  68. Maybe Cobra's source for the middle east has been manipulated here: See this video:

  69. The RM can't interfere in some collective things, otherwise the chimera would retaliate. You guys need to understand the whole picture.

    1. RM can't tell them something about how bad idea is breaking into this kind of situation? That's not interfering in my book.
      I am not blaming anyone, I'm just sayin'.

    2. Why was this a bad idea? You guys always complain that they do not act, and when they act, even though it would be risky, you STILL complain. That is a very serious problem. If they had suceeded, our world would probably be in a much better situation now.

      This is a war, sometimes in a war you must take risks.

    3. Why hasn't this Chimera retaliated already? Or done anything for that matter? How do we know they actually have any substance?

  70. Steve F i agree with you on what AA Michael said. I had the news too, i just know the next step is coming up, i hope it will be followed up by the event.. I am tired of waiting.. A very good friend and Angel called Tory Smith called in life, has just passed over. I could feel his energy helping me out, thank god and "him"

  71. Wellsir ... it looks like Russia did do something to stop the US bombings ...
    Massive: Russians bomb US base in Syria

    Apparently it took place last month. Unfortunately it didn't stop the US/NATO

    Video: ‘Bloody massacres’: Syria appeals to UN after French & US airstrikes ‘kill over 140 civilians’

    Yeah, like the UN is going to do anything.

  72. God bless them and their families, may their efforts not be in vain. <3


    Tuesday July 26th, 2016, at 10AM CET
    The Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute will release information about a major breakthrough in the world of science and spaceship technology.

    The event will be broadcast live on the internet via Live Stream, YouTube and Zoom platforms.

    It is essential that you participate in the broadcast and even more importantly – share this knowledge to as many others as possible!

    In this way we can stop any attempts at suppression of this humanity changing information!

    Live Stream link:

    YouTube Streaming channel:

    Zoom link:

    1. The YouTube Streaming channel looks okay, without having to pay for the announcement of this breakthrough. I hope that this is so, when opening that channel, tomorrow, UK time.

      Sadly, livestream requires about 50 dollar payment.
      As minimum. And you need to register too :(

    2. Keshe is a fraud working with VT "CIA" Operation "Gun Runners"

    3. I did not realize it was Central Europe time 4am here I never heard anything.

    4. I like VT guys. but then I like smart people who can talk about complex subjects.

  73. "Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough. If that happens, a mass meditation will be announced on this blog to counteract that."

    Now Erdogan is really suppressing the Turkisch people and play the dictator that he always wanted to be. Is this ‘coup’ not a false flag-operation to give Erdogan the opportunity to rule this way?
    Maybe now things gonna intensify and we come to a planetary breakthrough.

  74. Strange. I had this number July 26 given to me by someone (named himself Metatron) on earlier morning in between sleep and wake state some time ego. I asked spontaneously when this all BS will be over and suddenly voice in my head very clearly stated July 26. No year. I left a post somewhere on Cobra's page about that. But since everyone pushing not to believe, it is manipulated- I am just stating this as a fact what happened to me but I am myself in doubts it will now. I have to admit the way how I got this information is bizarre to me and never happened before and itself is hard to believe but it is happened. Now, I am watching and observing. I have sometimes dreams not like others normal dreams, visions when I meditate but I am afraid if I share I will be ridiculed.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Or they could be mind controlled, lied to, fearful, traumatized, or otherwise tricked into believing the coup was being perpetrated by the "bad guys".

  76. I think the POOF latest offering is interesting - it has a clear indication that (gold, wealth) funding from mysterious sources could easily, and might actually in practice, soon, prevent a world economic crash. (if all goes as someone's plan....)
    POOFness for JULY 24: Change Is Gonna Come (Revised)
    However the RV is still touted.

    1. He's been saying that every week for years. Perhaps it really is a possibility every week. Perhaps it is a test of our discernment.

  77. Replies
    1. Since they control the media it's going to always look that way. That doesn't mean it's true. There are a whole lot of things going on behind the scenes that they definitely don't want you to know.

  78. <3 Let's come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts! <3
    Join us SUNDAY in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATION to Speed Up the transformation of this WORLD.
    Please join us Sunday at:
    - 2:00pm EDT (6:00pm UTC/GMT) for the Emergency Europe/Syria Meditation
    - 3:00pm EDT (7:00pm UTC/GMT) for the Event Speed-Up Meditation, immediately followed by the Liberation Movement's Weekly Meditation, and optionally the Yaldabaoth removal invocation
    Web location:
    Skype channel:
    Check your local time here:

  79. For LIVE interactive conversations with fellow beings of light that are geared towards the aspirations of the Prepare For Change Network, we welcome you to join our Skype group:

  80. If you all want the Event to happen soon, I suggest you meditate daily ....and... at the end of the 20-minute period, when your energy (chi) is at its highest, most centered point, visualize the Event occurring.

    Obviously, do the Weekly Event Meditation (posted in the upper right-hand corner of this blog) too.

    It is incumbent on all of us to do this.

    You will also reap health benefits from meditation.

    1. Teasy Love, just above my comment here, also posts meditation information.

  81. Interesting info about the pink sky. Here in Toronto Canada, we had a sky that looked very similar to this a few nights ago. Granted it was around sunset, but the whole sky was pink (even the whole East end), which looked a little different from the norm.

    The next morning, the sky was also the same pink, which I thought looked somewhat bizarre for a typical Sunrise. Both times when I looked up at these pink skies, the first thing I casually thought/joked was, "It's the return of the Goddess!"

    Interesting & synchronistic to see this article about pink skies a couple days later :-)

    Blessings to all.

    1. we have chem trail in the sky, so much heavy metal we can create a great hologram of shows in the sky. the colors do not necessarily mean anything good. please.

    2. Thank you Kat, someone needs to say it.

  82. I found this prediction on another web site.
    Looking through my notes I notice also that on 26th July, Vancouver Canada is vulnerable to an event.
    I have no time to dwell a lot on it but it looks like (48.53N, 122.5W) is a hot spot. If the date is wrong it could come a day or two late but it wont move much from the area between Vancouver and Seattle.
    Interesting times...
    Be Safe Be Good!


  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Day Out Of Time
    Monday 25 July 2016

    Law of Time 13 Moon Calendar
    And 25,000,000 page views

    White Planetary Mirror
    Kin 218
    Monday 25 July 2016

    I Perfect in order to Reflect
    Producing Order
    I seal the Matrix of Endlessness
    With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
    I am guided by the power of Death
    I am a Galactic Activation Portal

    ("Every Death Counts, Every Life a Victory")
    ("Power of Manifestation"...
    Work with less effort, but double the Reward)

    "Year of the Blue Spectral Storm" (2016/2017)

    Last Moon-13th "Cosmic"... "Endures Presence"
    This Moon-1st "Magnetic"... "Unifies Purpose"

    Blue Spectral Storm
    Kin 219
    Moon Day 1
    Tuesday 26 July 2016

    I Dissolve in order to Catalyse
    Releasing Energy
    I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation
    With the Spectral tone of Liberation
    I am guided by my own power doubled


    What Does It Mean..?

    Desk of President Putin..?

    What Does It Mean "Home"..?

  87. Hi self..I too have interesting your 7/26 date! I dreamed on 7/10/16 that I had about 2 weeks till graduation! Hmmm

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Cobra, dear Sir,
    do you somehow consider any kind of danger in the desire of individuals to break away from the earthly collective consciousness? If yes, what may be the consequences?
    With kindest regards.

  90. @astral traveler, in your second link I found this website ... thank you so much ...

  91. My God, Wile the negotiations are proceeding the illuminati are pushing to restore the kingdoms from before WWI according to the latest Fulford update.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Cobra, what is the truth about Nibiru, many websites say that Nibiru is here and it's coming disaster

    1. Go here:

      Choose category UNIVERSE
      Select NIBURU from list at top of that article.

      Further info in category STAR RACES - BEINGS

    2. Cobra already answered that question, the planet does not exist.

    3. If you listen to prior interivews, I believe that Cobra adrressed that subject.

  93. It's a 10min doc clip
    The Arrivals Part 3 - Childrens Mind Control
    "free yourselves from the blindness that covers us"

  94. no more politics please. thanks. WE ALL KNOW about Killary and the other moron. don't bring it in here please

    1. Oh no no no ... politics have a great deal to do with what the dark forces are doing. It's a very important subject matter and needs to be discuss.

    2. It's all about Geo-Politics and Multidimensional Consciousness. To not mention politics is to ignore the elephant in the room.

  95. Gosh I hope so! I thought it may have been the 27th which is tomorrow, it seems from Cobras info above it may bit a little while longer... Ps Self, metatron is an Archangel :)

  96. Actually today july 26th is the first day of the Mayan "Blue Spectral Storm" new year. Yesterday was the day out of time. Blue Storm is the initiation by fire, the lightning path, the arrival of the thunderbeings who bring the final transformation. To the Maya, Blue Storm represents the storm, the thundercloud full of purifying rain, and the lightning that shatters any false structuring of reality. Blue Storm is the purification of the 'body temple' and the ignition of the light body. In these last years of a twenty-six-thousand-year Mayan grand cycle, Blue Storm comes to help you in the disintegration process that moves you from separation to ascension. This initiation by fire breaks any false containers of self that cannot withstand the flame of transmutation. Only your true identity will live through these fires, for you will be reborn in the heart of All That Is.

  97. I feel motivated once again RM. with all the good news coming from our space brothers and sisters GF.
    back to do lightworking again.

    1. Thanks for posting this. Just a bit more from the World of Truth...

      BDM involvement... CC active point... BF start ... GF intervene ...

      Lots of great news are happening Now..quick update will follow ..v.soon..EM

      Article on Timeline Convergence here:

      "Since 21st of July 2016 , the timelines convergence is started..

      What does that mean?

      - We have reached the ending of the last circle, and we began the new one...
      - The beginning of the end to all the obstacles resulting from the old circle
      - The ending of the Major Negative Side Effects for the new timeline
      - The convergence between the timelines of the inner planes..
      - The green light for the final phase (The applying & The Actin phase).."

    2. This smells fraudulent to me. Its shallow and it does not make sense. The Devi is a jealous imitator , that's how he gives himself away.

    3. Pretty clear he doesn't, but you do.

  98. Thanks for putting up these links to refresh peoples memories and to inform those that just started reading this blog.

    Keep them coming!


    1. Dear sister Maria, Cobra exposed the truth about Nibiru almost a YEAR ago...It came and went sometime after 2012! NASA has been peddling this FEAR crap through other sources around the internet about Nibiru...just to sow FEAR Porn to anyone who will buy into it! We are COMPLETELY on the "Positive Time-line" now sister> What NASA may be trying to do is offering some kind of "Explanation" for WHY so many planet size Starships are coming around in our Solar system from other Galaxies...ALL OF WHICH ARE POSITIVE ET'S...HERE TO WATCH "US" GRADUATE AFTER "THE EVENT"!

  100. Dewey Decimal. Remember what I said about chads? Back ACHA. ty

    Is there a question on whose hand moves The Shuttle now? It should be obvious.
    My name is Holly Wattles today.

    oh and btw... T. Krupps makes elevators NOT coffee makers.

  101. I can't get enough of Electric Universe and Thunderbolts!
    an excerpt
    "In an exploding double layer, the energy from an entire galactic circuit might flow into the explosion, increasing its expansion far from the surface of the star."

    Check this out too! When I was a kid I was taught that Venus is a hot gaseous planet without any possibility for life. It used to trip me out bc it was hard imagine life on a gaseous, hot planet without solid surface. Well hot dang, you pierce through the (apparent) veil and now it's a totally different story…how would have though.

    "Venus' secrets unveiled"

  102. Yes, and grandchildren of their own. It appears they believe "their own" will always be above the fray ... In the past, they have been... but it appears that all of that might be changing.

  103. Thank you Maxy iD. Very interesting post. When I was teenager I had a very joyful and vivid dream. I saw a huge blue bird passing bright yellow sun disc. It may seems very simple but the joyful energy I woke up with I still have fresh memory of it. It gives me solid hope we will experience the Victory of the Light.

  104. Thank you Cobra,RM and all...

    We have a break from the humidity, though it is still hot. I plan to do some nature excursions after being inside too much this past week.

    "..It is not easy to so wonderfully hold off the dark ones and their rash of endless dark thoughts. Be brave and continue your envisioning! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)"

    Update for July 26, 2016 by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

    1. Dears, friends... but, who the hell do longer believe the channeled (and most probable interfered) intel coming from Sheldan Nidle??
      What longer this useful for??

    2. I don't worry what other people read or believe, I have followed his body of work since the mid-90's. His (non-channeled) interviews show us how vastly intelligent he is, and being naturally gifted since childhood to peer into other realms, well I definitely appreciate him using his gifts to help humanity. Forerunners always take the most flack from latecomers.

      If you don't, don't read it. It's as simple as that.

      BTW, does everyone know that many people considered Albert Einstein to be "crazy"? Of course, because they didn't get WTF he was talking about!

      Open your mind to all possibilities, but take everything with a grain of salt, and listen with your own heart. Eventually, Truth will be outed. Get your party hats ready, as it may be sooner than you think.

  105. No one will know the exact date until it happens, but intuition can help one prepare.

    info about Metatron

    Steve Fowler:
    8/8 is the Lion's Gate, happens annually.

    The Lion's Gate 2016 and the "Master" Cycle that Commences: The Opening of the Seventh Dimension on Earth: Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, posted on 22 July 2016

    "..Beloved Ones, this powerful energy that is flowing into the Planet right now is a torrent of blessings and creative abundance, but unless it is received in balance and integrated into your Light Body system, it has the potential to destabilize your energy field. This Energy flow must then be received by the Pineal Gland Gateway, and then transmitted by the Right Brain and the Left Brain and then into to the Heart. From there it must be grounded into the Earth through Manifestation and connection with the Earth Star and the Earth Heart centers.

    Those who are not grounding this energy will feel this energy running “wild” in their system, and they will become aggressive, fearful, explosive and angry. Those who have no connection with their Soul and Higher Self will feel lost, confused, anxious and unable to find their place in the world.

    The whole purpose of your evolution in thee last two cycles has been to reconnect Spirit and Body, Heaven and Earth, so that your Body and Soul are One.

    It is your Soul that will provide the center of your Being and your Life right now. You are the Master, your Soul connects to your Heart Center in Love and Peace. You manifest from Soul and Spirit into Matter, following the laws of Divine Creative Power and Balance. You create a Garden of Peace and Creativity within your Heart and Soul that manifests around you.

    Beloved Ones, do not seek for Peace and Harmony in the outside world, or in others, right now. You are the ones who are here to demonstrate Mastery and to open the Gateway of the Seventh Dimension. Those around you in the world are still struggling to understand the Fifth Dimensions, and the Magic of the Sixth Dimension, so they cannot at this moment be in that place of expansion where you stand now ready to move forward.

    The Seventh Dimension is the frequency of the Master and is the focus and end point of the Ascension process. For you, Beloved Ones, it means to be here on the Earth, in the midst of the turmoil and chaos, and to be in that place of Inner Stillness and Peace. It means to be connected to the powerful Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and to be able to direct this Flow into Magical Manifestation through Intention and Focus. It means to live without fear, without expectations and attachments, but simply in the Flow of Love, Creativity and Divine Manifestation.

    To live as a “Master” does not mean to be “perfect”. It means to be who you are as a Soul in a Body, and to express your Soul in alignment with Spirit, in everything that you experience and manifest on Earth.

    Beloved Ones, as these Gateways are opening, you are all most welcome to step across the threshold and claim your place in the Higher Dimensions of Light as they open to Earth. These intense Frequencies of brilliant light and Luminosity will illuminate all that you do at this time.

    And, as you do this, you will know and trust that you will always be safe and cared for. Your Soul will protect you and Spirit will guide you, as you weave and create with the Divine Creative Intelligence as an Embodied Master of Light...."

  106. Also, this article mentions both 8/8 Lion's Gate and 8/12 (the anniversary of earth’s time experiments:

    A Cosmic Flush Begins As The Eclipses Come Into Triangulation
    a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
    Tuesday, 26 July, 2016

    "..The sun in its own solar expansion has sent shock waves, explosions of fire and turmoil in a watery month putting too much stress upon the human body. Everything seems to tear at itself as if wanting to be free from what binds it. The light within the body grows in leaps and bounds like a butterfly trying to leave the cocoon. the stress and strain of this pushing and pulling can be felt as you walk into a deep emotional abyss. The humanness wants to scream; the light just wants out.

    When you push against what is destined, real pain becomes a reality. Any place of uncomfortability in your life or body is you pushing against destiny. Take time to play in what is nature and natural without stress or strain or effort. Let the energies from the suns ongoing explosions and Jupiter's imploding red storms come to a resting place. The outer universe but emulates the inner terrain. You are asked to acknowledge your own personal storms and explosions..."

    "..Your DNA believes you are commander-n-chief, it sees you as a god in training and per the universal fathers instructions obeys your every word and whim. 'I am only kidding clauses' do not live within the intelligence of the DNA structure for it responds to all thoughts and words. Each thought you have has its own consciousness. It is realization within awareness.

    Every thought has a vibrational pulse that magnetizes other like thoughts. As they respond to the energetic clarion call they begin to pulse and then connect with the image of inherent within each of them and create what they have agreed upon. In other words, all thoughts, no matter what they are, have the potential to manifest. Belief creates a vibrational wormhole seducing the thought into form.

    As we learn to communicate with our inner universe on the way to creating our promised personal heaven on earth, it is important to take time to slow down and park in your heart. As we enter the internal temple our dialogue with our DNA is heard loud and clear with no outside buzz. As we move deeper into communication with our cellular consciousness we find infinite pathways of creation available to us."

  107. self, lots of people share their dreams, even if they seem bizarre, dreams often speak in symbolism. I enjoy hearing about people's dreams. Judith Ring has some of the most bizarre dreams she has shared here from time to time. It is amazing to me that people can recall such detail, as I seldom do, nor am I inclined to wake up and write things down in the middle of the night.

  108. I would lik to know if there is going to be a July interview that will focus on the current state of affairs?
    I also hope that the interviewers will appreciate that only so many questions about the history of the universe need to be asked. Many of us are interested in where we are now and what we need to do to be of assistance in the process.

  109. Our bases are loaded, Cobra is at bat. What sneaky 'pitch' are they planning to throw this time?

  110. I've come to love the insights I gain by reading Laura Walker's (almost) daily reports:

    "...What does your heart tell you today?

    The heart's guidance is important today, as there are energetics in effect that tend to induce DRAMA, RITUAL, AND THEATRE.

    The Earth is located at the degree of "a masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play." Venus is discharging the energetic of "American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun." And, later today Saturn will move to "a theatrical representation of a golden goddess of opportunity."

    With these, we are aware that some things easily appear not as they seem. We look behind the scenes of the drama, ritual, and theatre to see what is actually happening. We see the actual "gold" or value or validity of things, situations, and circumstances.

    Each of us is a player in the grand narrative that is being written in real time. The question is: In which narrative are you cast? What story are you living? Is it aligned with the narrative of the rise of humanity? Is it aligned with personal and collective liberation?

    "A show" is certainly being put on to redirect our focus onto heartbreak, loss, and grief for humanity. Masked figures are performing to lead us astray -- away from golden opportunities for life, love, and joy (suggested reading - Life, Love, Joy: A Story: Humanity's Origins, The Polarity of Present Choices, and Our Unrealized Potential by George Shiva Humphrey).

    It is important to feel our feelings as terror and violence abound. The Black Moon in Scorpio can take us heavily into the darkness of Scorpio's Underworld. The Moon in Taurus, Scorpio's opposite, strongly reinforces this energetic, and will do so until the Moon moves into Gemini tomorrow. And, the Sabian symbol or energetic frequency for this Third Quarter Moon phase is "a widow at an open grave."

    I report these not to emphasize the sadness, but to help us understand that the particular combination of energetics right now would naturally elicit feelings of grief and loss even if the level of terror was not happening. When a new trauma occurs, it builds on old traumas. Old traumas are often triggered or re-experienced. We are processing the grief and sorrow of our lives. This is no easy feat.

    But it does signify a turn, because as we process the feelings, they no longer have a hold on us. Soon, much that we no longer need to carry with us will be purged. And that is a good thing because there are many golden opportunities ahead.

    The masked figures of the cabal that are being unmasked are attempting to have us believe otherwise. But when masks are taken down, healing occurs. Healing is what is happening.

    Mercury moves to the degree of "after a heavy storm, a rainbow." We know that there are golden opportunities after a storm. Release from stresses and worries of the mind come with this energetic. Answers and information can come at any time to end any internal "heavy storms." Seeing the good or the blessings in our lives often helps. Those things are there, even if we do not feel like they are...."

    The Oracle Report

  111. Hi Cobra, this has nothing to do with this current update, but I wanted to ask you if there are any plans to update "The Event" Handbook that was published back in 2012? It has been 4 years and much has happened since 2012. Will there be a companion ebook to go with the original handbook in our near future? Thank you. Kevin

  112. Gang... Changing topic... but is the . Keshe’s Magrav plasma energy units been verified to work. I keep reading contradictory stories. We know the bad guys dont want the masses to be free of their money making schemes and obviosly the bad guys r not out of the picture.... Soo.. Is this keshe stuff yet another diversion or teaspoon feeding scheme. Being use to introduce us to the possibility that there could be free energy like NASA teasing us with other worlds discoveries with potential of life...

    In short is he part of the baby-steps program they have us on?... Just wondering...

    1. All videos I seen from people "confirming" the Keshe units are from people that dont have much clue to what they are doing. Keshe is also known to not deliver anything of what he says and mainly trying to fool people of their money.

  113. HumEnknowence:

    Star Traveler's Synchronicities - Magnetic Moon - Blue Spectral Storm Year

    Dali 1 - Kin 219, Blue Spectral Storm (26 Jul) Day 711 of 812

    Welcome to the Blue Spectral Storm Year! It is the first day of the Magnetic Moon, the first Moon of the year. Since this is the BLUE Storm year, every Moon will start on a Blue day. Blue is the color of transformation, so we have continuous transformation through the whole year! This Moon has 3 galactic activation portals!

    Galactic Decoder (decode your birthday)

    Every day and every person has a Galactic Signature.
There are 260 unique possibilities.
Each signature is a combination of a "Tribe" and a "Tone." 
The energy on the day you were born is known as your personal Galactic Signature and serves as a key to your Cosmic Identity.

    Decode yourself and people in your life, to see what synchronicities are revealed! Decoding significant dates in your life (past or future) is also a profound way to gain insight into the larger synchronic order of your life's journey.

  114. There is an interesting question on PFC questions for Cobra

    Cobra, do you agree, and at what extent, with Ibrahim’s Plasma and Planetary situation update:

    concerning the following items, that we allegedly may be now of:

    The plasma plane ?
    EM. Ibrahim : the new timeline and its sub-timelines are ready now to solve this problem, and this happened just 10 days ago [early to mid of July].. .

    The Galactic Wave ?
    EM. Ibrahim : it is in the third phase, in its peak now

    The blue pulse ?
    EM. Ibrahim : it is already active with the manifestation law through the collective consciousness now, and there is a final step that should happened on earth to let the pulse flow..

    Ascension ?
    EM. Ibrahim : uneven between the categories of people, but in general , we are under decoding the light code within ourselves..

    Ley-Line network ?
    EM. Ibrahim: almost completed, but waiting for the light pillars to complete

    The Disclosure?
    EM. Ibrahim : waiting for the completion of the conventions that happening now to be revealed as full disclosure..

  115. "World-peace
    Can Be Achieved
    When The Power Of Love
    the love of power."

    - Sri Chinmoy

    The "EVENT" is transformation of the highest
    everlasting vibration of PURE BEING and LOVE
    on earth, dispelling the destructive
    dark forces and false notion of "love of power
    and control," an illusion which held onto
    separation from Source, making themselves into a
    "god," resulting in inner spiritual suffering and
    projected suffering onto the peoples and creatures of
    planet earth, ultimately missing the beauty,
    sanctity, peace and unlimited fortune



  116. This in just NOW on GaiaPortal:

    "Parsephonial allotments continue to expand.

    Heretical voices are dimmed.

    Abundant messages can now be heard by the hu-being.

    Stars are now aligned to remove the non-benevolents."

    Love Walks In

    Loty Of Love And Light

    I AM RaJah

  117. Thank you so much for all this posts. The dreams do wonders to me personally in my life. I had been cured from bad bronchitis just in 3 days after seeing woman dressed as druid and taken from her bottle with some kind liquid. In my dream I had drunk it. When I woke up I knew I am going to be o.k. Next time many years after she was a doctor (same woman) who treated my bad case of odd ears problems -I or the doctors I had visited could not do anything about that something moving inside my ears. In the dream she put something very fast moving like q-tip tool for 1 sec. When I woke up I was wondering if this will also help me but because the help from her was so short, I was kind of in disbelieve but in a week I forget I even had this problem. But I did ask her name - Diana (exactly sound like Daiana). Week ago I saw in my dream Maria, mother of Jesus Christ came of icon on wall (there was row of several different icons on the wall- I don't have in real life) she did not pay attention to me standing with the open month. She moved her hands in from of her for awhile in empty air and told me I don't have evil in my living space. (Thanks for Good news!) She was ready to go away, but I stopped her and ask to check one of my pet with cancer. She moved toward the animal so fast, I did not expected that. She took it in her hand and just as fast put it back and told me move it to the sun light. When I woke up- I did that but I also took my pet to vet for cutting off tumor. My pet is fine now. I thankful to all those wonderful beings for watching over me. I still wonder why she came to me to check my living space. May be because my step son being used in witch ritual (he was baby) by his mother and now his is 18 but living in self distraction, causing me so much worries about him, the common sense is totally not his thing. I hope Mother Maria's visit will also have some kind good manifestation for him since he is part of my living space. The Metatron's voice I heard was the most clearest in reality and it also left me feeling print with his energy. His voice was very soft and warm almost like woman's but same time it was voice of very sharp, full of authority person. I did'not feel any kind image of him.

  118. I have one thing I think I should ask in this community of spiritual people. Since I was a very small kid I felt as I was born with some kind object in my right hand. It is not physical, not seen with the eyes but feels as it always there. I don't feel it all the time -the feeling comes and goes, less now since I am an adult. The object is 3D, feels like a plastic but warm and no sharp corners, not ball, more to square shape. Is it implant? Or what it is? I have it and I don't know anything about, it does not bother me with my daily activities at all. May be someone else have it?