Tuesday, September 20, 2016

L1ASCVTX1V integration in progress


  1. iyiyiy... this is even more cryptic than the last one! lol Hope it means something good.

    1. the phrase 'integration in progress' in not cryptic! :-)

  2. Well, Welll, Welll! Now this is interesting!! Those with a skill set in Espanol will be able to find some revealing information, in terms of explaining the abbreviation/code. Now We're moving!

    1. your reply was as cryptic as the original post- please do enlighten us : )

    2. podrías elaborar un poco más? Gracias!
      Could you elaborate a little further? TY!

  3. Hope that is good news brother!

    1. you might be sure!
      all which in with 'integration' and 'progress' is good news!

  4. The Breakthrough is near!

  5. what is the integration going on?

    1. So many aspects , government, financial.secret space programs , disclosure , food ..... All being changed ( ready to change)
      Arrests , displacement of dark with light, underground bases distroyed or iberated , intergration of all these brances of the tree of life are being transformed into a completely new existence

  6. Listening to alot of rob potter interveiws they have been very goid.
    Cobra cory goode interview part 2 was extremely informative.
    And that was an older interview put covered very up to date subjects.
    There is SO MUCH going on and intergrating there is a full disclosure and it CAN NOT. Ne stopped the snow ball has been pushed down the mountain, the launch sequence has been initialized ,
    Light workers we still have so much ahead to help freinds and family wrap their thoughts about all sci_ fi is true and all they know and have known was the matrix that kept them in slavery

    We are already Victorious there is so much in place so much in the wings .
    Victorious we are already , Now the work we were put here for will begin . Light warriors we are the true golden threads that will bind the new global matrix of galactic freedom

    Victorious is the light

    1. Tell them about "this sci fic things"?
      Haha. Good luck.
      I did my best already with all the people that i know, and all i got are the same hive mentallity responses, same stupid reactions, same blindness again and again! So f'n incredible!!! It looks that we are still living in the same middle age. So i dont even bother with that anymore. Good luck to you.
      If the so called Event comes, and with it the Disclosure, they are doomed to be shocked. They actually deserve it.

    2. I hear you. Once it happens they will be ready to listen. Until then try not to get so frustrated.

    3. I prefer to spend my energy in better things.

    4. Exactly people ready to receive will ... People that arent open yet , will be numb and in shock and awe ....then you can stand before them calmly and ask "any questions?"
      The Event itself will up grade their consciousness the AI will be removed from all of us and they will be less fearful, less close minded .remember some sheeple are deeply weighted down in AI programimg.Cobra repeatedly says this AI programing will be removed thru all plains of existance the compression break thru with the anomaly removed the octopus removed the dark , industrial vacuumed into the central sun.

      Yes we have alot of work to do but it will be a lot more joyous with the new mind set sheeple will have from the event.

      Banking system fixed free energy rolled out , money and the uplifted mentality on a global scale like never before seen .
      You will not , we will not be in the negative laden old ways we will be in the all new improved new world .The age of Aquarius !


  7. We have switched on the Bright Lights and hit the Fast Lane.
    Please fasten your seat-belts and put your back-rest into an upright position.

    To the Left: Are You Ready? *nod*
    To The Right: Are You Ready? *nod*
    Let's Get It ON!




    1. Haha, I love you! You have the best comments. Let's hang out :)


    2. That is so nice of you to say that - Thank You, Leah.

      When all of this is over and We have defeated the dark Once And For All and I've got My Girl back in my arms I'm sure we can meet up for a vegan pizza and some cold drinks.
      First round's on Me - as long as Dini gives me some pocket money to spend 'cause I ain't got any :-)))

      Speaking of The Love Of My Eternal Life:
      Just like She has from the first time I saw her, She reaches in and grabs right hold of My Heart.

      Genesis Wusterhusen

      It was Love At First Sight, and EVERY SIGHT since then.
      Ich freu mich so sehr drauf Dich wieder zu sehen, Süße. Du bist die Beste, die Schönste und die Einzige für mich. Ich liebe Dich.


      Pedal To The Metal und Vollgas ab nach hause, alle miteinander.

      We are old, we are young, we are IN THIS TOGETHER



  8. This one I did not expect and did not see coming. Yet it was presented to Me and I want to share it. Ülease don't ask Me what the code in the URL means, I don't know either, but it's important.

    A few years ago an online mate of mine and his friends went to one of Prince's club gigs when he'd play to shows a night at the same venue.
    So, how was it?
    "Well . . . we paid 275 dollars each for a ticket, he played for two hours. And when it was over we all felt that we owed Prince money."
    Ooo-Kay... colour me impressed.

    So on that note, here's what just showed up right out of the blue. Or is it out of the purple in this case? ;-)

    It is quite the festival of Love and Light:
    Prince at the SuperBowl

    Love And Light And Peace It Will Be Forever.




    1. And The Song will begin Once Again.
      It starts NOW


      Victory Of Love And Light



    2. This ain't Prince - but it's from the Prince's Trust, and it's from 1987, the year Dini was born.

      "When you walk into the room you hold me close and we start to move
      And we're spinning with the stars above
      And you lift me up in a WAVE OF LOVE
      Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
      Ooh, Heaven is a Place On Earth
      They say: In Heaven, Love comes First
      We'll make Heaven a Place On Earth"


      Working on it, my Love. I'm really really working on it.
      Almost there.

      On The Air

      Love And Light


      This one just beacuse I had it in my head all night long last night.
      "The hardest thing I'll ever do is watch My Leading Lady kiss some other guy while I'm bandaging my knees."
      No shit . . Fuck those guys!!! ;-)

  9. Greetings Family of Light . I am integrating a deeper feeling of the Souls Presence in my mental and emotional states . The programing , perceptional awareness , beliefs that are limited are arising to be dealt with. Seen acknowledged forgiven blessed . Manifestations are notably quickened . The compression break through Event is tangibly more accessible energetically ,,,feelings , vision ,,,,manifestation in my other realms of unfolding events is confirming the quickening for All . Angelic's Abound .
    Yon Mee Shee Haah
    Hee Mee Shee Shee.

    1. When I told it, nobody was hearing...
      (after Cobra's July interview with PFC)

  10. Thanks Cora for the info.,

    Looking forward to hearing how successful last week's (9/16) meditation was. Or is L1ASCVTX1V integration in progress a result of the meditation.

    Power & Victory to the Light

  11. L1ASCVTX1V

    L1 Ascesion Vortex 1(first/only)version?


    Victory of light

    1. The link is to the post about the veil, Monday, June 18, 2012.

      At that time Cobra didn't know that an octopotus as a living negative entity surrounding the earth, with its tentacles full of strangelets and toplets reaching the entire solar system, and even the galaxy, was preventing any action for good, and until it will be completely removed nothing tangible for good will be possible...

  12. Please let LOVE defeat the EVIL HATEFUL DISHONEST ways of people I am having to deal with in my life. Something needs to CHANGE very quickly or I may be going home before my contract expires . . .

    1. Isolate urself from those toxic ppl as much as possible. It is not ur obligation to be next to them. If necessary, kick their asses.

    2. Hi David M Lowe,
      there is a spiritual teacher of "Mastering Alchemy" named Jim Self. He says: Every day imagine a rose in front of you. Then put these EVIL HATEFUL DISHONEST people in the rose and let explode the rose.

  13. Hmmm I don't know what that's code for BUT the feeling i get from this update is that it's not a reaction or counter measure but instead we have achieved enough success for the implementation of this program- again that's just pure intuition I haven't a clue as to what the program itself is.

  14. Thank YOU Cobra!
    This one is really very inspiring!
    As soon as i read it, this is what was put in my mind:

    ALL LOCAL and GALACTIC LIGHT FORCES are integrating, co-operating together to bring the FREEDOM as soon as possible.

    The button of the Victory of the LIGHT has been pushed, and nothing, or nobody in the Universe, can stop it from happening!

    Blessings and gratitude to the RM, and to ALL Light Forces for the job well done!

  15. Everyone remember to do the extra ascension meditation tomorrow.

    I somehow remembered to do the one on the 16th also, just like 1 hour before it happened. It was like a spirit guide tapped me on the shoulder just in time to do it.

  16. All is so filthy,... and so disgusting,... All that is related to do or to experience something... Anything!

    1. This comes from Spirit. Spirit really hates this bull shit realm.

  17. Cobra, at least after the Event will it somehow be an 'office' hosted by the Light forces, or at least by RM where we are allowed to declare all what we 'fuck', but without to be considered rough or impolite?
    For instance, if we need to declare 'I fuck...'.

    But, until then, would you please allow it here on this friendly blog? Of course without being us judged as impolite.
    Please Cobra... Be our friend once more.

  18. Finally there is a progress on L1ASCVTX1V integration... thank you Cobra!


    1. Yes.finally. we can all replace our shower heads with L1 ascension vortexes. We can spiritually cleans ourselves without getting wet.

  19. What ever happens on this planet i am here and will stand with the light and the freedom of all life forms and this planet.

    I have broken my soul contacts.

    No once owns me in this planet or the next.

    I am a sovereign being i take back my power and my energy...

    To the controllers here your next steps determines your fate make the right one....

  20. Cobra,

    Can you talk about this? According to Corey Goode and his intel only 300,000 people will ascend at the time of the event.

    "Corey: Well, it's quite a sight to behold. My heart was beating faster. I was breathing faster. And it didn't help my anxiety - the next thing that Tear-Eir communicated.

    He communicated that if at this moment this event occurred, less than 300,000 people from the planet would be harvested or ascend.

    David: And the word 'harvested' is a Law of One term.

    Corey: Yes.

    David: And was he using that term?

    Corey: Yes, he was using that term.

    David: Really? So that's very, very small. And tell us again what the criteria is for Ascension in the Law of One? It's very simple, right?

    Corey: Right, to be 51% service-to-others."


    1. That "information" is completely false.
      "Corey Goode" has admitted to have been MK-Ultra mindprogrammed in the past, and while he claims to have overcome that he still is. He is in desperate need of help and is in no position to make claims like the ones you mentioned.

      At this point in time he is a tool of the dark, mixing real facts with fear-based mis- and disinformation. I read the above quote, and it made My Heart cringe so badly it nearly made me throw up 'cause it is just so wrong.
      Ascension will happen to the entire Planet and all of us, not just 300k people.

      Please do yourself a favour and listen to your Heart and ignore misinformation like that. Don't be afraid, my friend, you won't be left out of the Ascension Process. It will be All Good for All Of Us.
      And that's not just a Promise. That's a FACT.

      Love and Light and Peace For All


    2. i dont know where he he gets his numbers.. probably from an out of space small colony sample.... is me guess :)

      especially since this game has been played out so horribly on Gaia and expect 51% of service? Does he take into account past lives, contracts etc etc...

      1 dimensional number...

    3. does it mean 300,000 will star glowing before our eyes ?:)

      I am not even concern who gets to ascend or not... what I would like to see is that everyone gets out of jail.

      "to Glow or not to Glow" it matters not as we all have different paths but at least experience true free will not this fools gold or fake free will.

    4. Your fear got you.
      Your mind stopped and hammered away those words to you and you need to go back and listen , after he made that statement , continue he said at that " particular point in time".

      I say Dont worry about the details stop the AI in you that feeds you fear , understand we all are infected with AI. , see it kbow it , shed your inner light on it say" I see you artificial inteligence , you have no control over my free will , I dont fear your small mind , my soul is untouched by you go away."

      I also need you to start a steady mind meld by listening to this when you let AI influence you again to the piint of freezing your thoughts on the negative.

      Here is simple effective medicine very powerful antidote


    5. I totally agree with Rajah. I don't think Corey Goode is a bad person, but the things he says just don't sound right to me. Maybe he is indeed being manipulated by the dark. Anyways, it's up to you to identify what resonates with your inner truth.

    6. I don't consider myself to be an "Inpath". But the fact is I do feel people. I can feel their feelings.
      I have a VERY hard time even getting through....I've never gotten through one of corey's "sessions". I'm just being honest. BULLSHIT always comes to mind. Am I wrong guys?

    7. Yep, most of Earth is riff-raff. That's how the Dark can maintain control without doing much.

    8. Every single person I've ever known is at least 90% service to self. All the "generous" things people do is really self serving BS. This number is totally accurate and won't ever include the majority.

    9. This is why the good aliens are so quick to say "we'll intervene IF the majority want it." They know perfectly well there isn't and will never be a majority; they'll do it for their own reasons in the end. Why do you guys think after the Event people will suddenly stop being themselves and be all happy and kind. Have you guys been to major cities? This planet is covered in sprawling hell holes with seriously shitty people. If they're left to their own devices (which they will), they'll still suck. Maybe our systems will be fixed, but ascension. LOL

    10. Patrick u really crack me up, but in a good way. You are a lucid observer of reality.


    11. @Kenny Gerces:

      You may be more empathic than you give yourself credit for; you are spot-on with your feelings about "Corey's" messages.
      His Soul means well but due to the dark's evil mind-control mechanisms the poor fella doesn't know whether to crap or wind his watch.
      But I don't think it's his fault.
      I personally know at least three peole who are very similarly controlled, and it is not pretty.

      Hang On - HELP IS ON ITS WAY!!! :-)

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension for All

      I AM RaJah

    12. I think there has been some misunderstanding about Ascension and the Event. We don't all have to be ascension ready at the event, it is just the beginning, one layer of 3rd density will be shed, the whole earth Ascension will happen over years or decades. It is ridiculous to think we were going to have some ascension event in the near future where God would need 5 billion or so suffering and deceived humans to suddenly be Christ-like perfect to qualify, that's just absurd.

    13. @Rajah. According to Cobra,asscension will not happen to the entire planet at the time of the event. The event will eliminate the dark forces (Primary anomaly) and allow us the freedom for us to accend at our own individual pace. Reguardless of wether you assend or not, the Event is about freedom.


    14. So let's just agree to disagree on the details and focus on the Big Picture.


      Lots Of Love And Light ANd peace Forever


  21. i agree :) yes i love it also.
    love n light. :)

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  23. Hey Rajah what's new? I always enjoy reading your insights. I usually skim through Corey's information when I'm bored at night. I wondered why he would post that and was curious to what Cobra would say about it.

    Bornoflight, thanks I'll check that out. :)

    Crazy stuff going on where I live. I live near Charlotte where the rioting and police are acting out. All of last week it has felt like a huge attack here.


    1. Hi golly,
      Thank You for your kind words of support, they mean a lot to me.
      I know the question was directed at Cobster not me, and my Brain didn't necessarily want to respond at first - but My Higher Self and My Heart said in unison "The heck you will respond, dude! That's far too important to be left unanswered." And I've been doing this long enough to know better than to argue with those two :-)

      So you live near Charlotte, NC?
      Wow. Just yesterday, before your comment was published, I was thinking about that town and the beautiful scenery there when I listened to The Ric Flair Show podcast. That is quite astonishing Synchronicity once again.
      It is All Coming Together :-)


      The SnowBall is turning into an Avalanche, and is picking up Speed fast. We Will Not Be Stopped :-)

      Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace For All And Forever


    2. To Golly,
      Whether the number is correct or not, it's secondary. The 300,000 number was a real eye opener for me. It has completely transformed me. Since then, I'm consciously aware of all my intentions towards other people. Look into yourself and ask if there is any room for improvement? I started to pray again, asking for guidance to show me the path how to be 51% service to others. Each planet stays in 3D only for 3x25920 years. Every cycle ends with an inevitable adjustment. We are already + 3 years over at the end of the 3rd cycle. "No one knows the day or hour" Jesus said. That's why it couldn't have happened on 2012.12.21 I believe that the worst of us must experience a cataclysmic event while in their physical forms, to pay back their karmic's debt for all the crimes against humanity. David Wilcock is connecting the dots brilliantly in Wisdom Teachings # 152-154.

  24. It may indicate lv1 ascention integration.

    Not only had I seen the public awareness raised but also the celebrities in the world.

  25. This article explains a lot why it seems like all hell is breaking loose...and why Sheldan Nidle makes more sense to me right now than Ben Fulford...which likely means we are very close to the Paradigm Shift. It's been a roller-coaster, glorious heights and dark depths, everyone and everything seems surreal lately. Patterns and anything obsolete getting triggered for release, revelation, revolution...multidimensional aspects shifting before our eyes. Alice in Wonderland meets Dorothy on her way to Oz.

    I'm going outside in nature as much as possible.


    LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Passing by Black Hole Systems”

    ...and in case her site gets taken down again, you can read it here, and see a nice black hole animation to boot!:


  26. Ascension Hang Over – The Blues, the Rage and the Flu
    By Vera Ingeborg

  27. Not only had I seen the public awareness raised but also the celebrities in the world.