Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weekly Ascension Meditation Videos

Here are the Weekly Ascension Meditation videos in 16 languages:


English (narrated version):













Chinese (Traditional):



Victory of the Light!


  1. OK. The mission continues. I have taken a sabbatical and travelled for two months through beautiful west usa and canada. I advise everybody to take as much time off as you van and go into nature.

    1. I just recently did exactly that! Left texas behind and travelled to colorado springs with nothing but a back pack full of survival gear.

  2. Hey everyone here is an article I wrote that summarizes the big picture here on Earth to the best of my research of this blog and other ones. Thank you and much love! There is everything about the weekly meditations in there also. =]

    1. How (the heck)many times would we hear anymore that "Earth is a very valuable planet", and till when??

    2. If we all put just a few percent of your efforts, would make the cabal shudder. Great job Johnathan!
      My meager attempt is to read comments on sites that are discussing similar topics, as found on Cobras blog. I then add a comment that includes Cobra's link. More followers, more meditations.

    3. I went though the article, but the part on Czech Republic, taken from is complete disinfo. This did not happen. I live in Prague. There was NO request from Czech Government to stockpile anything, shops are full and all is business as usual. The person talks complete nonsense. Better erase that part. What we had in the news some time ago was only comments on the German announcement.

  3. Cobra lets upgrade to two meditations a week permanently. I'm sure the majority of people who actually participate in the meditations would whole heartedly agree. It's time to go hard or go home, people are suffering everyday, enough is enough everyone always agrees but we never do anything differently.
    Ideally we should be coming together for mass meditations every single day, imagine the effect it would have on our group consciousness. We need to start coming together with these mass meditations more often, 2-3 times a week atleast. TWO DAYS A WEEK ISNT HARD. THIS COMMUNITY NEEDS MORE MOTIVATION! WE GOT THIS. VICTORY TO THE LIGHT!!! Love and light you all ☺️✌️👽😇❤️✊

    1. I think by far the best thing we can do to improve the effects of the meditations is to contact every major player in our circles - like Simon Parkes & Corey Goode - and get them to advertise the meditation on the front of their websites where all visitors will see it!! How about these big forums we hear about; like Above Top Secret?? Imagine what kind of benefit could be attained.. a meditation countdown on the front page of these websites!

      Simultaneous participants in the meditation is possibly more important than frequency of the meditation!

      So who's going to put in the time and get us these virtual locations?? ~___^


    2. I agree. It's just frustrating. I've posted a comment similar to yours before with no response. I mean considering all the resources Cobra has at his disposal why is it up to us to reach out to these types of people?
      Is it really that hard for the RM/Light Forces to contact people like Simon Parks, Corey Goode and David Wilcock who are pretty much on the same page as us (no idea why David refuses to work with Cobra though) and who are already heavily involved.
      It's all so confusing have you read most of Corey's content? According to Corey in one of the Cosmic Dosclosure episodes Ra Tei Eir states that humanity has to save itself and its up to us and our group consciousness to make the right decision. Ra also communicated to Corey that if we were to make the less than optimal decision we would know and our world would shake around us. Then while David and Corey were talking about this David says to Corey that a lot of people will actually get pulled out at that time and not have to experience a physical death if their karma allows it and that this was kinda of just a cosmic wake up call for everyone and Corey agrees saying yes that's what was basically communicated to me.
      Are you starting to realise the extent of my confusion now lol. Cobra has pretty much already vertified Corey's info they had that interview together and Cobras also explained that the beings referred to as the blue avians by Corey and the SSP are actually known as "The Central Race" or "Wingmakers".
      If you go even deeper you realise that these beings are the same beings from "The Law of One: Ra Material". David is a vivid studier of the law of one and Corey and him both agree that they are the same beings, they even communicate to Corey in the same way. In the law of one there's something called the first distortion or the law of confusion/free will. Now it's all really weird but basically Ra is a social memory complex and they can't communicate things and do things for us like landing here and saving us unless our group consciousness allows it. Or communicating vital information to us in regards to our past, present and future because well pretty much this law of confusion or free will allows us to find out everything for ourselves. Then we have Cobra saying that negativity shouldn't exist in our universe and we don't need it to grow and that everyone should have the right to all information. Now this material the law of one was all before the massive invasion in 1996 the law of one was published in the 80s. Really need someone who's into it aswell so they know where I'm coming from

      Ahh I'm so tired lol it's way too late and I'm using my phone sorry for the rant haha these are just the things that run through my head when people say it's up to us. Cobra and Corey really need to have another interview to clear all this up because honestly even though I'm participating in the meditations it's making me pretty apathetic..anyway I gotta go to bed left a lot of other things out, could of structured this a lot better but oh well. Hope Doctor Chops gets better soon!! Love and light to you both.

    3. Most people here worry because they think there is only Cobra's weekly meditation to help clear the veil but there are more meditations going on around the world. I am in France and I also follow a French meditation group. It is a little bit different in the sense that we are not asked to visualize the event but the goal is the same: feel Love, send Love to everybody and the Universe.It is a guided meditation on Internet. Tonight, we were 564 connected and doing it ! I am sure they have this too in Spanish , Italian, German and so on speaking countries...People are waking up everywhere !

    4. Every "word" you saw
      is a

      "Invoking Wisdom"
      And the

      Moon Day 5, Kin 19

    5. @Prodius
      It indeed is confusing if you try to combine all information and beliefs that people have. The reason why it dont work is that everyone has their own version of their truth. Sometimes it is correct from certain aspects, sometimes it might be totally wrong. I try to read different opinions without believing it and then feel what seems right for me when I look at my reality. I think that if you dont ground your beliefs in yourself but only go by what other tell you you will be lost in the labyrint.

  4. Blessings to all!
    Thank Co.bra & RM-hug
    Together we are one dear ambassadors lights!
    Power - love - peace - harmony, is in everyone's give each and install power TRULY VICTORY LIGHT ~ INFINITY ~!
    BEFORE .......... !!!!
    NE NOTHING stands in the way ..........
    To be back home, forget what was there was no 3D ~ ~ THE ANOMALY?!
    WHAT IS IT ?!
    OOOO: never was!
    In intergalactic dictionary this word .... * NO *
    The portal is OPEN
    Via ~ COME HOME .. ?? ....NOW....

  5. Fall Equinox September 22nd

    Let's make it and Unite in our hearts today. I am looking forward to Unite with my complete Element in the Tri Sphere group. I am Gemini ~ air.

    Much Love to you all and to SotR

    It's rather easy to shine in the Light but glow in the dark that's mastery
    ~ Rick Beneteau~

  6. Hi guys. I recently posted a request for the readers of this blog to help me heal my cat Doctor Chops (posted on COBRA's last major update.)

    I really appreciate the two suggestions I received about healing him by altering his current diet of processed cat foot. As you can probably guess, I am a advocate of alternative health.

    BUT, I mistakenly told you guys that Doctor Chops has "Acute Liver Failure"... when it is in fact his ~kidneys~ that are failing!!

    I need to once again ask for a diet to put my cat on - but for "Kidney Failure" instead. I can't risk giving him the wrongly specified foods because of my mistake! I just hope the same people as before read my post and reply..

    I would like to add:

    That my cat is a fussy eater, so it would be easier to give him as unvaried a diet as possible; without losing the much needed nutrition from organic/natural foods.

    Doctor Chops will eat more of his food if we sprinkle some dry food on top.. so is there a brand of dry cat food that is organic/not processed that won't aggravate the Kidney Failure..?? I doubt it somehow..

    I live in London, UK.. so my options of which farm to obtain the organic produce from may be limited! Could I obtain everything I will need from an organic butchers??

    For those who missed my prior post on COBRA's last update and want some context..

    "...Today the Vet delivered the unexpected news to us that our cat has a slim chance of survival. He's just 6-7 years old and I don't want to give up on him straight away..

    If you like cats and don't mind - I would be so grateful if you could help me imagine Doctor Chops as healthy!

    Here are 3 pictures of the cute fella:




    That's everything I can think of... Thanks again!!

    1. Energy and healing video

      Instructions are here.

      Channel the healing energy from the video to the cat. Use loop player and/or offline version. 24/7 for a few days. We already have good results with animals, including cats...

    2. I love Doctor Chops ! What a cute kitty.

      I suggest we all (we commenters here) look at the photos from Divinasion and we can all visualize Doctor Chops as a healthy, happy kitty.

      We can all send him energy and health from wherever we are on the planet.


      I did a search on Natural News and found these two articles:

      Get well, Doctor Chops.

    3. build a small orgone box with three layers, place the cat only 5 minutes there It's important build a orgonite cone to put on the top of box .. The orgonite should consist mostly of quartz powder and dust of metal. I must say that you could buy tachion parts and insert inside the box
      Build a orgonite dish the same way and put under the spot where he used to lie also build a orgonite pendant to collar him.

      It will reach the cure easily after that.

    4. do not force the cat to be exposed to orgone against their will, over-load may cause damage

    5. What a beautiful and lovable cat ! I will think of him and visualize him as healthy, you can count on me! But also, why don't you contact a healer? More and more do healing for animals, too. I had one come to my house for my goat who had a congenital torticollis. He just laid his hands above her without touching her and it worked like a miracle. The next morning, her neck was straight in line for the fisrt time after so many years...Try, healing works great with animals. I cannot recommend onein the UK though ,since I live in France

    6. Thanks again everyone, I wish I could use your advice.. but he had to be put to sleep today :( Apparently it was cancer that was causing the Kidney Failure - and it was so advanced that there was no time to successfully try an alternative diet and experience the effects of our meditations!

      He had his blood cleaned yesterday (Friday); and by this morning, he had regressed to his worst point.

      Again, thank you so much everyone & kind regards.

    7. Oh, I am so sorry to read about Doctor Chops!!

      I was visualizing him yesterday in my meditation, happy and healed.

      But here is what my meditation teacher told us for years....When we lose a cat or dog, they can reincarnate in 6 months -- sometimes if they were a cat, they can come back as a cat -- but sometimes if they were a dog, they can come back as a dog. A dog can also come back as a cat.

      You may be able to find Doctor Chops again, in other words, in just a few months. Keep your eyes open for kitties and dogs who act like him.

      I am so sorry for your loss.

    8. The "Unconditional Love" Dr.
      Chops teaches
      the only thing holding this world

    9. Hi Divinaison - Sorry about your kittie. For any pets you may have in the future, this holistic pet site seems to be helping animal owners.

    10. My condolences to you for the loss of your good friend. Hugs and blessings to you. Many pets get liver and kidney cancers if the household they live in is cleaned with Swiffer Wet Jet products. The chemicals used on the mops and such are very toxic to small animals. Every person I know who has lost their pet to these diseases, and their have been many, was using these products.

  7. Mission accomplish ... beginning of autumn meditation complete. Welcome beautiful fall. My favorite time of the year. I hope this was of some help to the RM and LF.

    Victory of the Light.

  8. I still don't think Clinton died, if she did then they have a clone to replace her. Not to mention it doesn't make any difference if she is dead or not because her replacement has taken over and it's business as usual. Hopefully Cobra will confirm these death reports during the next interview.

  9. We have it done, Cobra. The meditation on autumnal equinox on 22 September 2016.

    Give us other clues. Other points of meditation.

    We have now the audio:
    We do it merely.
    No matter for what, but we do it.

    1. I participated in the extra meditations. Thank you for the opportunity to have input into the liberation of the planet. I know Cobra and others are very busy and I appreciate all that is being done by all. So when can we expect the september interview with COBRA. These interviews seem to be getting further and further apart.
      with love, blessings and gratitude.

  10. Did my bit, complete cloud cover over London UK at the time and an hour later sun's out. Had to do it during work, pulled over on a meter, anyone know if I can claim back expenses from the 'resistance movement'. On another note I don't think my manager will accept my excuse why I was pulled over doing nothing between jobs "coz I'm saving the world"!

  11. It is very very very liberating to know most sheep are infected with AI ( artificial intelligence ) Noe one can understand why sheeple are depressed and lack motivation . The AI anomaly will be extinguished at the time if the event and along with negative thru out the galaxy.

    That mean the awaken ones will have a much much much more easier
    Task showing the way to family and freinds what you have repeatedly tried to tell them for years!
    The resistance we face is not natural , but artificial AI at work.
    Light workers/warriors have less infection because we have always naturaly kept our vibrations high in our daily lives, we all seem to be extremely allergic to drama, which helps ward off the AI .
    This AI is pervasive thru out the galaxy .
    Keeping your vibrations high, and evoking your freewill can limit its hold on you.

    But here is the funny part.hhigh dimensional beings and highly advanced cicvilizations have technology to keep it at bay from their planet.

    Eath is over run by it as we are left defensiveless with no. Technology to aide us.
    Serious yes , powerful , yes till you have technology that keeps it at bay.
    They have showers for travelers to destroy the AI !!!
    Isnt that FUNNY a shower in a chemical can render it useless.

    Here is my plea.Until the even comes.
    We dont need centimarni stones or even tacheon chambers.

    What this planet can use is to be hosed down in that AI killing chemical , then teach us how to make it so we can have our own body wash in every showe in the world ! That would do a "world of good" for this planet in getting to the EVENT to cobra and the RM !
    Please pass the soap !

  12. FYI
    there are 2 other guided meditations, one with a male and one with a female voice:

    male voice (created by

    female voice (created by PFC Toronto):

    both of these meditations have less pauses inbetween the segments than the guided one Cobra posted; the first meditation being 7 minutes in duration, and the second being 11 minutes, rather than the 17 minutes of ANtoAN's version

    use the one that resonates most with you <3

  13. No link for Esperanto? Come Onnnnn!!!!!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. A note of caution to you guys. Those aches some claim to be derive possibly from ascension side effects may not necessarily always be. I got a group of idiots that have been targeting me and those around me with substances that generates body aches (which ultmimately is really to generate permanent health issues).they tend to expose others indiscriminately or use them as guinea pigs or just for kicks...

      The best advice i could give is Not to get paranoid but be mindful of the surrounding or environmental changes.. But most importantly listen to your body... Especially if changes are overnight.. Or instant. Make a note if conditions improve in different rooms or outside etc.

      Those that have the mean to monitor the air and specially if they suspect they got immature /"children" harassing them do it.

      Full body ache can also be a result of long exposure to the substance i get expose with at times.

      By the way the substance is unnoticeable to many people.. However some do get to feel it when in right concentration... But unfortunately if people feels it or not it will still affect them as i have found out.. Some more than others. Note however i am not in the medicine field nor a chemist nor an investigator so do take me disclosure with a grain of salt... However i do hope me info will lead you to look at symptoms with a broader view of possibilities.

      Just a thought.

    2. Piperon:

      Line up next to Doctor Chops, and we'll send energy to you, too.

      I read your note and immediately thought: "Is he drinking enough clear, pure water? Maybe he isn't." So: make sure you are drinking enough water. Drink the purest water you can and then drink some more.

      Eat some tumeric (the spice) also, which calms down inflammation.

      Stay away from acidic foods (no coffee, no meat, no sweets, no alcohol).

      Eat alkaline foods as much as you can (lemon in water first thing in the morning, then all day eat watermelon, other melons, apples, squash, all varieties of peppers, green leafies).

    3. Hello Beloved Brother,
      Though i myself need healing energies, I'll be in service to YOU, (becasue that works faster than working on ourselves) ;))

      BTW, can you please contact me? I want to know more details, in order to be more helpful.


    4. Dear Piperon,

      I've had those aches and pains recently also...It's part of the Ascension process but I found that 2,000 mg of Vitamin C in the morning & 2,000 in the evening have gotten rid of the problem. Of course lots of good water and I take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every morning to help my system to be more alkaline. I also notice that participating in the Ascension Meditation is a big booster spiritually (& bodily). I will send you some healing energies along with the other Light Workers who read your message. The sound of the Flute is also very healing as is the Recorder.

    5. Keep you strong, ignore 'the Hum', and ask for energy from higher Sources.
      It works! The etheric and low astral planes are much more clean now!

    6. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, stated by Sherlock Holmes.

    7. The healing power of "Light" from Stars
      further than you can know
      Will find your

      This is your power

    8. Beloved Light Brothers and Sisters,
      Thanks you so much for your healing energies.
      I found one of problem the caused my body aches, it something to do with the dark entity.
      The body aches only starts at 6pm and end at 6am.
      And I cant sleep for almost 3 weeks already.
      I have to sleep in the morning after 6pm and cant work. I am a self-employed, no work no income.
      I hereby thank you guys once again for the help.
      May the LOVE be with you always!


  15. Thank You to everybody who helped in making these wonderful videos to help Us All take the next step. You are great.
    And to each and every single person who participates in the meditations: Thank You.
    And all of *that* is SERVICE To OTHERS!!!

    Kyrie Eleison
    Down the road that I must travel
    Kyrie Eleison
    Through the darkness of the night
    Kyrie Eleison
    Where I'm going, will you follow
    Kyrie Eleison

    And then I look straight at HER
    And SHE looks straight back :-)

    And We're All Working On The Highway
    Layin' down the blacktop
    Working On The Highway
    All Life long WE DON'T STOP
    Working On The Highway
    Blasting through the bed-rock
    Working On The Highway

    Full Steam Ahead. Durch die Gitter mit Zartbitter.

    Your friend and fan


  16. All is so filthy,... and so disgusting...
    It is enrooted in the core of this planet...

    No matter how many veils and veil tech will be removed.
    Or how much love ocean will surround it.

    It will be a huge filthfulness surrounded by the Ocean of Love.

    Most probably by only Ascension will we leave it behind.
    Continue with Ascension Meditation.

    Beside of it, the disgustingness is in its home. It is unwashable...

    1. Not tru its a man made anomaly and has been and can be washed.
      And cheer up . its all to be removed with technoligy and cosmicly

      Meditate no matter ,its always the best thing to do
      For self and others

    2. Enough Love/Light will erase the dark. Our Ocean of Love will wash away this evil. Our Gaia is very much alive & is in the process of cleansing her roots (floods, storms, earthquakes, etc). Hang in their for the Victory of the Light will renew you!


  17. Dear Cobster,
    Dear Portal WebStaff:
    It took me quite a while to notice that but I finally did . . . better late than never, I guess ;-)

    This latest post of yours was published at exactly 11:11 in my time-zone - right here . . . in Stone Castle, Germany ♥

    TEAM BRING IT Brings It!

    I Bring It.
    You Bring It.
    We ALL Bring It.
    TEAM GAIA Brings It.

    And once again I'll play Us All this one, it is more true than ever before:

    No more will we look at each other down the barrel of a gun

    You're The Voice, try and understand it
    Make a Noise, make it clear
    We're not gonna sit in silence
    We're not gonna live with fear

    We Are The World ♥

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension for All

    I Love You All, and NOW We All Bring It . . . HOME ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. And ... As always

    2. Long runner of this blog may remember that 11:11 synchronicity has occurred many times to you.

      A car number two years ago, and many others :-)


    3. The numerology synchronicity continues to this very day, and every day. I don't have a car anymore and do go on the main streets very often, but every time I do there are 1111, 3333, 5555, 7777, 8888 amd 9999 license plates wherever I look.
      Just today after I had read your comments I went to my bedroom window, looked outside, and there was exactly *one* car parked in the entire street. License plate read 999 - of course. As Timing would have it just as I looked and smiled the driver opened the door, got in and drove off :-)

      I still always keep 1111 unread emails in my Outlook inbox as well as 1111 files in my torrent program. Since, to the best of my knowledge, the number 1111 means, among other things, that The Universe is "taking a snapshot" of your thoughts I always celebrate the sight and think "Absolut Alles wird gut", meaning "Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be All Right." No kidding.
      Thank You so much for the Bob Marley songs, BornofLightWarrior. Absolutely Perfect Timing and TeamWork. Here's a few, more :-)

      One Love

      Get Up, Stand Up

      Exodus - Movement of Jah People




    4. Funny how I triple-checked that all the links were correct, and the second one was published as being identical to the third one. I like that :-)

      So One More Time:

      Get Up, Stand Up

      Thanks A Lot for the newest UpDates, Cobster, they feel really good to this old Taoist here.

      Love And Light And Peace Forever


  18. It's right inhuman to oblige someone to evolve spiritually against his will. No more spiritual evolution, for allegedly 'higher purposes'!! Stop!!

    Technological evolution only!
    Technological Ascension!! Not spiritual!! Dixit!!

  19. RAND Corporation Part of Alien Proxy War Involving USAF & Navy Secret Space Programs

    [...Semiajse...! Huaaa!]


  20. US Maj Gen Reveals What's Really On Mars

    US Maj Gen Reveals What's Really On Mars.
    From Robert Morningstar 9-25-15

  21. Blue Orb Sightings Have Increased and are Expected to Rise, According to SSP Insider Corey Goode:

    1. Wonderful. Yes i hope the next step will be then red orbs... then the green... We can't take more than that... Make sure too is on a span of 5 years... Dont introduce them too quick... Me fears it will traumatize us all.

      Is this supposed to be considered a great accomplishment... an eye opening event that is news worthy?

      Until we dont get to see them spaceship they should keeps those teasers to themselves. We have enough of them already... They want to awake humanity?? little lights in the sky where humans may confuse them for birds with flashlights wont do the job except to peek the interest of a few for an hour if that ... And back to business the next...

    2. How about Blue Avians sightings... That sounds more news worthy... For a change... But no.. We get blue orbs... We keep getting pacifiers...

  22. Cosmic Ray Warning, App Peak, Quake Watch | S0 News Sep.23.2016 - Suspicious0bservers:

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I need urgent help, my beloved has said this morning he just has a short meeting on planet Earth because they are in need of some advice about their so called "Atlantis" and some invasion (no idea, who in heaven should do something like that, seems they are a bit paranoid) and now he does not show up and I want to go to bed, I can't sleep without him, there was no single night ever that I have slept alone, without him, please if any of you knows where he is....I start to worry....

    1. Trying to figure this... So u are writing us from off worlds?

      Assuming that you are for real since i have learn everything is possible...

      1. I hope you have made arrangements so you would not be tracked or identified cause zeus knows if the bad guys are reading this they would probably put some efforts into knowing who you are.
      2. If. U r indeed from off worlds ... I hope the right group will contact u telepathically or through whichever secured/ encrypted mean
      3. Dont u pipol have some sort of safe holographic means to attend meetings? Why risk giving the chance to the bad guys of getting hostages or getting stranded in the matrix unless is necessary. If he is not a ground crew then me suggestion is he play this game in a reasonble safe manner.
      4. If the real purpose of ur little note is to instill fear into the minds of men regarding an invasion from the dark forces... Well sorry to break it to you but that is not new news.... Now if is an invasion of tge light forces then well that would certainly be an about time news :) for a change.

      Regardless of the motives or truthfullness of your inquiry i hope your love one finds the way back home as u have wished.

      I am holding meself back about ur ccomment on sleeping alone. I may sound too insensitive.

    2. ger sey - this is exactly what I was thinking, I have the same question???? We haven't heard from Cobra for quite a while & now only photographs & code words. Someone is obviously vetting comments, but not necessarily Cobra. So Cobra Are you OK? or have you been replaced? or what is happening?

    3. 'Sis, sorry to inform you that he is currently frolicking around with you-know-who on one of Neptune's moons.

  25. GoldFish Report No. 62, "Geopolitics Firestorm" with the Ambassador, Alfred Webre and Martin:

    On GoldFish Report No. 62, The Ambassador welcomes guests; Futurist and Author of, Alfred Lambremont-Webre, and Systems Researcher Martin: to discuss the firestorm of events happening in the Geopolitial Arena.

    It might be more interesting if Cobra had been on discussion again. :-)

  26. Kp Radio Hawaii 9-24-16… “Limited Hangouts… a conversation with Mike Harris”, Posted on 2016/09/24

  27. Replies
    1. Kochana Rynka...I pray...from my lips to the Creators ears...All Is Good and So It Is...Done...Amen
      Milosc I Swiatlo w naszych Sercach...~to ja chinka~

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.


    25.09.16 08:43:12

    Hi to all,

    just received this and share it for your consideration:

    Love and Light


  30. At the time of writing prepare for change countdown clock is wrong, says meditation at 5pm gmt. Have emailed them.
    Have seen on other sites people posting wrong times, not comments actual sites wrong times for equinox meditation by 1 hour. If humans can't get the basics right what chance do we stand.

  31. Shifting into Second Harmonic Universe | Ascension Glossary

  32. Check out my Magrav's compound capacitors, they're much improved. The plasma flows in the larger set from left to right, then out the small set right to left with some branches along the way to the coils. The coils are likewise insane. I think I'll call this model Big Pimpin', coming to a coffee table near you.

  33. There's NOTHING to worry about! Every thing will be successfully accomplish!

    Yaldabaoth cristalizing x%, Orion immigrants returning peacefully.

    People with Love In Heart >75%.

    Keep HIGH vibration, no matter what.

    Victory of the Light!

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  35. youtube is flooded by wilcock and cobra interviews all dated september 2016. maybe to blur the message.

  36. All the other sites are saying the rv gcr is going to happen on the first exept cobra whats up with that

  37. Why are we picking on the polish does anyone know how meny polish jokes there are ? Three the rest are true stories

  38. Cobra, as usual, you came with something new in your interviews. In the last one (august, with PFC) you told us about something like 'sending to the Galactic Central Sun by volunteer'. More exactly by the person's own request, but not as a punishment due to not be able to accept the light.

    But Cobra, will all the requests 'by volunteer' be granted, for all those who ask for it?

  39. Therese says so "– this is NOT what The Event / Reval is truly about. It is not about escaping reality it is about a time of living and co-creating in great joy on the physical plane while also being in a process of ascension."
    in her post on PFC:

    But may you know Cobra, for many of us... it is only to escape. Not to hard work anymore in post-Event era!

    No longer creativity or co-creativity after the Event.
    But, idly leisure instead. Nothing to do! No joy, no sadness. No love, no hate! Nothing of any kind!

    Technological Ascension only!
    Shall you prepare the Ascension technology needed for all requests!
    Thanks for understanding!

  40. I am sharing with you my Lightwarrior experience.

  41. Just pure brilliance from you here. I have never expected something less than this from you and you have not disappointed me at all. I suppose you will keep the quality work going on. ascension guide


  43. Health and body care is very are very important for life and that's why some medicine and some tips are specially design for telepathy meditation.
    signs of telepathy