Monday, October 17, 2016

Pleiadian Situation Update

The Pleiadians are regaining territory inside our Solar System fast and have already recovered to the degree that is comparable to the situation in May 2016. The Sirian and Andromedan fleet was not affected so strongly by the events in September and early October and was able to hold their positions better.

Every major setback is thus followed with a big leap forward. The Pleiadians are already setting a new Tachyon membrane positioned around the Earth at a certain distance inside the Moon orbit. This membrane is structurally similar to what some other people call the „outer barrier“. This new membrane will cut off the head of the Yaldabaoth octopus from its tentacles and drastically speed up the clearing of the Solar System.

The Pleiadians have also begun to contact non-incarnated humans in their afterlife on the higher astral plane.

The situation on the non-physical planes was quite challenging in the time frame between 1996 and 2016. After the big evacuation of the non-physical humanity in August 1999 only a few billions of non-physical humans remained on the etheric and astral planes around the Earth and many times more Reptilians. These Reptilian hordes were removed layer by layer throughout the years by the Light forces until 2015, when human race again became prevalent on the non-physical planes around the Earth.

Now the Pleiadians are reawakening the non-physical humans and training them to become spiritual guides for incarnated humans again. This process is also clearing the path for angelic beings to again inhabit the astral and etheric planes.

Next, the Pleiadians have begun to partially disable the plasma scalar weapons installed on low Earth orbit satellites. This scalar weapon dismantling process will continue.

The situation with the biochips is not improving yet.

There is a certain implants clearing protocol that can be somewhat successful in counteracting the activity of the physical biochips to a certain degree, as they are located at the same spots in the body as the plasma implants:

The main factor holding back the Event are still plasma toplet bombs.They are still spread along the plasma tentacles of the Yaldabaoth entity. In the head of the octopus around the Earth they are connected to the following:

1. Plasma scalar weapons on the LEO satellites through plasma ultrasound technology

2. Physical biochips inside surface humanity

3. Infrasound plasma scalar devices in the low underground bases of the Chimera

As the Pleiadians have made those advances in the last few days, the Chimera has incited the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors against the Pleiadian race. One example are current „channelings“ of certain entities named „Stan-X“ and „Sherr-On“ that are spreading complete disinformation about the Pleiadians and the Resistance Movement. 
Do not let those things distract you. The Pleiadian energetic contact with the most awakened and least programmed Lightworkers and Lighwarriors will increase. Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light without any hidden negative agenda, as anyone who has ever met them can confirm from their own experience.

The second main factor holding back the Event is the deep mind programmed state of the surface humanity which has chosen the slowest path possible towards the Event. Now a small minority of people is overperforming and carrying the load of Liberation for many, whereas the vast majority is underperforming and just complaining. Many people are asking me what to do to speed up the Event. The answer is very simple: each of you has been born with a mission. Go inside, discover that mission and carry it out. All our missions combined will create the Event.

As I have said many times before, the financial reset will NOT happen before the Event.

As I have also said before, both Trump and Hillary are puppets of the Cabal:

Banana comments and reactions to my recent posts have proven that a lot of healing work needs to be done. Facing those comments, when I have asked the Resistance why should I continue posting on my blog, they have communicated that „they need a voice of reason and sanity on the surface of the planet that can assist in the Breakthrough“.

The main problem is fear which tends to cloud people's judgement. Some people have the tendency to deny the fear and pretend that everything is perfect and we are all one (the New Age crowd) or to project the fear and see everybody as the agent of the Cabal (the conspiracy theory crowd):

The key to true discernment is to:

1. Acknowledge your fear and other suppressed emotions and transform them. There are many ways, approaches, healing modalities and techniques to transform emotions:

2. Educate yourself in basics of science, art and all other areas of human knowledge so that your mind can not be distracted with total nonsense many times appearing in alternative media (Nibiru crashing into Earth anyone?)

3. Meditate or find any other way to connect with your higher self

4. Free yourself from the bias and nonsense of the alternative media as you have freed yourself from the bias and nonsense of the mainstream media, and think with your own head.

There were may fear based responses to my current post about Asgardia. I am saying here again, Asgardia project is NOT connected to the Cabal and is NOT harvesting people for slave labor in space nor is it the second brain drain.

It is simply a project from a group of enthusiastic scientists that wants to start a breakaway civilization. Although there is the human factor involved with all suppressed emotions and intellectual prejudices of project founders thrown into the mix, the project has potential and the Pleiadians have communicated that they will support the project and attempt to make contact when the time is right.

In the human history there were many successful positive breakaway civilizations, among them the Grecian Hav-Musuv breakaway civilization in the 4th century BCE:

The Mayan breakaway civilization in the 9th century CE was another positive breakaway group, as was the Marconi breakaway underground city in south America in the 1930s: 

and of course the Organization (the forerunner of the Resistance) in the 1970s.

If the Event happens in a few months, the Asgardia project will not have any global impact, but if the Event happens a few years from now, it might well become the trigger for the Compression Breakthrough.

The Light forces are supporting all positive timelines regardless of their time span, as they all create the magnetic pull that draws the moment of the Compression Breakthrough closer.

The Pleiadians are wishing for humanity to lift off the ground and are supporting all public space initiatives with positive potential. So they have supported the Vril girls (this project was later hijacked by the Chimera), they have supported the public NASA program to put man on the Moon as „Nordics“, according to testimony of William Tompkins:

The Pleiadians are thus also supporting the Asgardia project and they are supporting Elon Musk in his vision to create a public Mars space program. 

Elon Musks' project is another project that has a potential to act as a trigger for the Compression Breakthrough.

The Pleiadians are supporting all positive space initiatives because they make the Contact easier. When the Resistance has sent a few of their spaceships from planet X outwards beyond the heliopause to contact the Pleiadians, that contact has resulted in revolution on planet X and its subsequent liberation. When my team has made a small step towards the Pleiadians by launching StratoProbe 1 beyond the Veil, the Pleiadian ship has appeared on this photo:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Well, at least things did not get worse a lot. We will see how things come forward now.

  2. What is a plasma toplet bomb and how does it work?

    1. @Tobalini ... You can find answers to your question on this blog and here ...

    2. It's like nuclear space time vacuum. It will suck the shit out of us in an instant. Like a blackhole on both physical and plasma plane.That's why it is needed to be carefully and strategically removed.

    3. Do your homework before to ask here. There is already answer from Cobra...

    4. Cobra, before 'warm up' more, here a question:

      If the supposed Event is not coming in few month, and Asgardia and other projects are growing,... than could we not back free with these ones, and let to heck all beyond to live in slavery and 3rd-D? What, the hell?

      Is it not for best to invest our efforts in a core group of most awakened and deprogrammed,... and no longer waste endless efforts to awake the unawakable ones?

    5. unknown, I'm temtped now to ask you to do your own HOMEWORK and stop dictating it to others, okay?
      It's always been this way, that 5% of a civilisation is awake and that 5% usually doesn't choose to leave a sinking ship with the remaining 95% on it. Of course you can break free of that what feels like a prison to you, but don't involve others in that decision please and stop projecting your frustration.






  3. Do not doubt for a minute about the positive impact you have had on many individuals... In opening their eyes regardless how much we or humanity whines... To whine that is an expected reality or side effect.

    there are greater accomplisments that can't be measure in words nor that can be seen on feedbacks or lack thereof.

    By the way your methods are a heck more appreciated than any other prophet or soothsayer from history that stuck with coded messages, proverbs or quatrains for us to decipher at the risk of misinterpreting the msg. I am sure they had their good reason for such approach.

    Nonetheless, i am compelled to Thank you for not treating us like fools. for sharing the information when allowed as is.. Raw and to the point as possible.. For giving us your all.. For doing your job even if it seems unappreciated.

    Now... granted that i dont know if anything anyone says is real it doesnt mean i cant feel your intent to be transparent and honest... I feel it is...

    For what is worth. I thank you.

    1. Never give up, Cobra...we need people like you.

    2. I agree. Well said and thank you. I live in a state with heavily programmed thus resistant beings.I believe that it is for my benefit to be here to learn to love unconditionally and to hold a level of knowledge of help when anyone asks. Never forcing. Sometimes I can be impatient, like many for events to move more quickly. I welcome raw truth. We need it, it shines through the bs.

    3. I also felt that during the last post, there were a lot of comments that have marginalized your efforts so I am grateful that you had addressed this "feedback/comments" in this post. Please know that we appreciate the difficult work / mission that you have been tasked to do and that there are many who support you. Thank you Cobra!

    4. Yes we lightworkers are slacking, but you are much appreciated in this crazy time Cobra, thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. Cobra, you are the most reliable information source there is, working hard on humanity's behalf. Don't be discouraged at our lack of appreciation. We need to participate in visualizing a bright future to co-create one. Thanks my brother for this update and your tireless work. Victory of the Light!

  5. Keep fighting. The light will win. Love to all.

  6. Thank you Cobra. I don't typically comment but I want you to know that you are indeed a voice of reason and sanity to perhaps the silent majority of those who don't comment. I greatly respect your integrity and I appreciate that you still maintain this blog after four years of trying to relay the truth (which I have come to trust you on). You are much needed, I assume many people feel the same way but don't express it. Hopefully the negative comments are only a minority of the people who read your blog.

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  8. I understand humans need to try and awaken ourselves and increase our vibrations but our free will has been taken from us with implants, Chips, Chem trails and poison food and water. The all knowing God and his angels should be able to get rid of these people and planet killers with no problem. We ask for and need help now. Stop the suffering!!

    1. I dont think our free will is completly taken away from us. If we really start to understand, all together not many things will be impossible for us. But we are confused, lost.

  9. I need a tree house so i can get away from house and kids cats ect so i can meditate in peace quiet ...I don't sit on dyke in nature do it because i get chills up down my back something is watching me ...Also we are in our new house we been here for 2 months now me and my youngest son have been hearing whispering ....In my room when getting into bed one night only and like some one was talking whispering i also started seeing Ships and orbs in my dreams past weekend for 2 mornings in row .. in living room while other kids are there i will hear my sons name being called ..I sit there with my head up just looking speechless and my son all sudden hears it he lifts his head up says yes yes did you call me mom ....I says ummm no you hear that too your name yes thought it was you mom ...

  10. you had mentioned Elon Musk the other day and in a sinchronicity I stumbled upon this interesting article today and shared it on facebook:
    13 Amazing Ways Elon Musk Has Impressed & Improved the World

  11. I wish there was more hard evidence to support the claim that trump was an agent, I want to have hope that there are good ppl out there fighting for liberty and even paul is an agent?? Cobra, you should just put out a list of well known cabal agents in your next post so ppl can be more discerning. I follow alex jones and he is being reasonably cautious with trump. This is ridiculous but it makes sense in some way, he was supporting hillary before so anything is possible. Ill do my part and spread the light with my powers.

    1. Agreed all he says seems to be exposing the cabal, he seems to really care about America and the future of it for his children too. What indicates he is not who he says he is?

  12. Goto:
    Category: Quarantine
    SubCat: strangelet and toplet bombs

    or click

  13. anyone here been to a tachyon chamber yet? if so, did it work? did it bring strength to the body and clarity to the mind?


  14. Very good. Really very good, Brothers and Sisters.
    The dark pulled out all the stops and threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Light forces, and We're still here.
    Getting stronger than ever before.
    Sure there's problems, but we'll find the solutions.
    After all, that's what it's all about, isn't it.

    Alive And Kicking :-)

    Weiter geht's, Freunde. Onwards and Upwards.

    Love, Light, Unity, Freedom and Peace for All and Forever


  15. Reminders on Primary anomaly, accretion vortex, plasma tentacles, strangelet toplet bombs

    Primary animaly:
    Earth Primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly Accretion Vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact.
    See Latest news on plasma accretion vortex quarantine


    Plasma Accretion Vortex

    "...This vortex looks like an octopus with its plasma tentacles extending into the interplanetary space, strangelet bombs being cancer cells in its body. This vortex is not a dead plasma field, it is actually a living entity of a negative nature…" (see Yaldabaoth)

    The activity of this plasma accretion vortex gets magnified every month around the time of the full moon, when Earth-Moon plasma doorway opens:

    The network of implants in the plasma energy bodies of the surface humanity is the deepest hole of the collective subconsciousness and the basis of the planetary...



    "...plasma octopus entity around the Earth…" (a living entity of a negative nature)
    Gnostic myth clearly states that Yaldabaoth was hidden in the »thick cloud« of plasmatic plane:


  16. another comment: no wonder why you chose to remain anonymous - not to protect from the Cabal, but from the human looneys, the human ego is fragile, that's where the implants trigger emotions and fear and the sense of separation...

  17. one more, since you mention Pleiadians: highly recomend the book "Bringers of Dawn" - Barbara Marciniak
    "...coming from space to teach you of the Pleiades...."

    1. We are enough about old and recycled information...

      We need news!... New ones...

    2. Have you read this recommended book? You certainly act like a troll and are pushing dark comments....Lighten up! Or better yet, please move on to a blog that fits your mentality!

    3. Kiko, I like this book too, "Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak. It's uplifting and fun, kind of light reading. Thanks for making people aware of it. ...:^)....

  18. Just amazing, thanks COBRA, we waited thousand of years for this moment, we can wait more time, 2016 oe 2020, it's sad but we need more people awaked, around me this week people looks to start awakening, why? because i said i "joined" to asgartia, then they started to ask.

    And of course we have the Wikileaks show with USA elections, Solar Storms in the news..for me it's too slow and gradual but i understand the people who start to awakening now..need to be gradual and slow or they will get a shock.

    "The situation with the biochips is not improving yet."
    Well, maybe next time *sight*

    I akways i get the example that we are kids "dad are we here now?" and dad says "no, not yet", after 3 minutes "dad are we here now?" and dad "no, just wait 30 minutes", kid "i dont' know what is 30 minutes"

    Out time is like kid's time
    And i received confirmation from asgartia, of course , it's an automated bot

    Will see what happen in 3 weeks, USA elections.

    The link from the right side,, is wrong "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."

    For spanish people who want to learn RV and view possible future events

    Free resources and manuals and you don't need any registration

    1. For Spanish speaking people, look at this. Use discernment, but it is full of great information.

    2. There is alot in english on that site.

  19. Sounds like the situation has improved. I can certainly understand Cobra's reluctance to continue posting ... there were a lot of fear base comments especially the ones about the posts didn't come from Cobra. Or that the blog had be compromised by the Cabal.

    But the RM is right ... we definitely need a voice of sanity.

    People need to remember this statement from Cobra the next time they complain about nothing happening...

    "The second main factor holding back the Event is the deep mind programmed state of the surface humanity which has chosen the slowest path possible towards the Event. Now a small minority of people is overperforming and carrying the load of Liberation for many, whereas the vast majority is underperforming and just complaining."

    Many of the set backs and delays happen because the lack of cooperation by the surface population. Yet, many of you blame the RM and LF. If not for them we'd be dead.

    Thank you Cobra for the update ... very informative.

    Victory of the Light.

  20. well thanks Cobra for the update .and thanks to all the light beings and resistance for their hard work to liberate planet earth

  21. Thank you for continuing your posts and your mission.

  22. Humanity has chosen the slowest possible timeline towards the Event, this is unfortunate but not surprising.
    The rest of us continue to do whatever we can to raise our own frequency and that of the reality around us.

    Sending you all and the RM much Love and Light. We will continue to expand ourselves, to go within, to shine our Light without expectation and intend that all will be as it should...and that Divine Timing will be just that. :)

    1. Hmmmm...but all other sources say that we have chosen accelerated timeline. What is the truth?

  23. Thanks for these more detailed updates lately Cobra.

  24. Feet on the ground , soul in the light.

  25. I am so grateful for this update. I am also very sad to hear that we, the collective, are so far from being free. This did at least explain why I have had almost zero interest in listening to channelings as of late. Over all I call this update a win. Thank you.

  26. cobra,
    i understand (and have experienced) the frustration as you have expressed. i would like for you to know that i, too, have been guilty of projecting my personal disorders on to the Light Forces when i first came to this site about three years ago. since that time, i have experienced increasing levels of clarity. one result of this has been a greater respect that i now have for the tenacity required of you and the Light Forces. you are very much needed in our world.

    the liberation of this planet, as it has been progressing so far, is challenging even for the most developed souls among us who are incarnated at this time.

    you are in the company of Saints.

    ben roath

  27. Namaste.. Thank you for this update Cobra and RM.

  28. Thanks, Cobra, for staying with us. I do appreciate your voice of reason, and am very sure there are many of us who benefit from your blog. I feel that you speak the truth to the best of your ability and that is hard to find right now. So again, thanks.

  29. Thanks Cobra!

    Many many interesting pieces of information and reassurances also. I *love* hearing that the Pleiadians are back!!

    When Cobra wrote the Pleiadians were returning just a couple of weeks ago, in fact, we were outside a few nights before. We were looking at the stars (which we often do, on dark nights when there are no clouds). We saw a moving ship up there -- with an enormous, bright, energy field. It "powered up" and then "powered down" as it moved away from us ... and it had also a wide, black, rippling circular aura around it as it moved. The aura was filled with rippling energy.

    We thought this craft and the aura might be Pleiadians, because it felt magical and it had unbelievable energy.

    Meanwhile, Okay, I'm on board with Asgardia. I didn't sign up, but that's okay, I might still sign up.

    I appreciate the Light Forces (Sirians, Andromedans & Pleiadians!) and all this space information (!!!) and thank you to the RM and to Cobra.

    Sending you all some love.

    1. did your sighting resemble any of those presented in this video?

      there are two Events that will happen in our near future. the first one will be what cobra has been preparing us for. it will be followed (in due time) by another Event known as the Emergence or the Day of Declaration. this second Event will mark the return of the Masters of Wisdom (earth's Spiritual Hierarchy) into our everyday world.

    2. My heartfelt thanks to Cobra, RM and the Light Forces!

      Cobra, I deeply appreciate your information as a reliable anchor and point of reference and I am sure many who do not often comment here but only read your website feel the same.

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience.
      Something similar happened to me last Saturday. In the night I went up a hill, sat in the gras, the full moon shining into my face, and meditated. I felt a wonderful high vibration, feeling/seeing myself a bright star glowing and reaching out...and afterwards I kept lying in the wet gras, starring up into the sparkling sky .. and I talked to my friends up there, whom I felt very near and asked them, actually begged them, whether they could give me a wave of some sort, if appropriate... nothing happened.. besides an aeroplane moving by... when I was just getting slightly impatient suddenly there was the thought in my head "wait... it's not a good idea to wave in front of the nose of a plane...:-)".. so I waited.. and as soon as the plane had passed by I saw a big glowing white sphere moving through my sight field from the right to the left and then vanishing. The sphere had the size of double the sun as usually seen in the sky and it was followed by a sort of white energy field surrounded by a small black field. I was overwhelmed with joy, my tears running down my face and at the same time I felt very very homesick...

      So, definitely I will continue doing my job down here, Honestly .. I still have no clue what my mission down here is .. maybe just transforming my fears, my anger and other negative emotions ... uff..that's really hard work... not engaging in new fears thereby feeding the dark, getting my vibs as high as possible and getting them stable and taking one step after the other, being grateful for the patience of my guides ...

      Thank you all for being here!

    3. Astral Traveler & Manamarie:

      Astral, the "thing" that I saw was moving through the sky... it took maybe 1 or 2 minutes to make its journey across my sky. In some of these videos (in your link, Astral Traveler) the "thing" is perhaps hovering.?? I can't really tell, honestly..... But what I saw was not hovering.

      It was not sitting still, in other words. And--I did not look at every piece of the video you provided.

      The "Secret Space Program" evidently also has their own fleet and that fleet has ships, most likely, that are often mistaken for ships from another planet. (Perhaps the SSP ships are built at Lockheed, in Southern California -- who knows?)

      It is hard to know, therefore. All I know is that what I saw had enormous energy from its light source, plus a huge aura around it, as it moved through the skies...The enormous energy is what makes me think it is Pleiadian. But *I could be wrong!*

      I'll just file this away and keep my memory for future reference, in case I see another one of these.

      Manamarie, your sighting sounds really exciting !! Thanks for sharing.

  30. be the change we want to make in this world... and others will come to us with their questions wanting to know more.

  31. We got work to do brother's and sister's. The dark ones still seem to persist that they can still change or escape the reality they are facing. It's quite sad and comical at this point. All the more reason to keep believing into the future of what awaits us OUR family. What's that song Selena Gomez sings Kill em with kindness.

  32. Faith is everything. "If you you have faith as a grain of mustard removeras mountains. Thank Cobra.

    1. Youre quoting a verse from the Babylon Slave Masters Hand-written Bible of Dogmatic control & now worshipping Cobra??

      He's just a Guy (w/ a lot of knowledge we don't have) You need more Faith in yourself & your Inner-Voice. Cobra is not Moses.

  33. Sorry Cobz I must admit I posted a banana comment and I apologise x

    1. If you are a true warrior, you have not to apologize...
      It is part of our strengthness...

  34. CONRA-Can you post a picture or illustration of the toplet bombs so we can more effectively visualize them being removed in our meditation? Victory of the Light!

    1. I have been using the "Syria Ninevah Seal" as a meditation aid to stabilize the toplet bombs. (stabilized toplets)

      The Syria Ninevah seal is the masculine counterpart to of the feminine Halaf plate.

      Nineveh province in Iraq where the seal was originally discovered is also the location of an important energy portal. This energy portal is currently occupied by the Islamic State. An offensive will soon be underway to liberate Nineveh province after which the threat from toplet bombs will be reduced considerably.

  35. The Zetas have said that Elon Musk's project to establish a colony on Mars is for cabal members only, and that the Council of Worlds will not allow that to happen.

  36. If you look in the upper left corner of this blog page you will see a tiny search box. I entered the term "plasma toplet bombs" and got this page link:

    This lists all Cobra blog posts using the term.

    Scroll down the page to see older posts.

    At the bottom of each page in the lower right corner is tiny writing in orange that says "More posts". Click that link to see the next set of related content, and continue doing this with each page. You will then have accessed all the posts mentioning the desired term.

    Read and learn! :)

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Oh, that was supposed to be a reply to Tobalini at the top of the comment section.

  37. Thank you Cobra! Please keep up!! I feel the same about the surface population: one important thing is to educate, sharing information on social network. Open people's mind with issues matter to them the most: food (dangerous of GMO and roundups), health (vaccines), truth about 911, evil cooperates behind presidential candidates, information from wiki leaks. The more we post, more people will start be aware of those things and start researching when the time is right. It's 100 money theory.
    I hope you feel better. Your posts are very important, it made me sure about helping with the event.

  38. (p.s.) It is our intention that they NEVER work.

  39. No more complaining. It's time to buckle down and do our part.

  40. Thank you Cobra! Thank you Pleiadians!

    I appreciate all that you do to help free humanity, thank you.

  41. I feel such efforts as the Asgardia project can serve as a distraction. I am interested in having the Event happen earlier rather than later. The fully merged Twin Flame power is the most powerful force in the Universe. I want people to know this. I have fully merged with my Twin and we live together holding the energies of perfect unity consciousness with no attachments to any false 3d/4d programs. Our energies keep the skies above clear. The birds and other animals and ET ships gather round us in joy. Other people can do this, too. I don't think it would take many more twins like myself to tip the scales and bring on the Compression Breakthrough.

  42. Stay strong brother. Awakening people are normal to be questioning and shooting to every direction. But they are looking for a Light to follow. You are one of those steady bright Lights.
    And are a bridge, a important one to delivery the message. And many of US honor you.
    The Event is approaching and it is certain, it only I matter of how and when we will break the last string.

  43. Well yes cobra the majority of the human race will drag their asses. But they do this as a symptom of change. When it matters they'll shuffle back onto their feet. Human energy can be ridiculously slow but it has to release all the BS before it can fly.

  44. Thank You Cobra!!! Victory of the Light!!! ~Aum Shanti~

  45. after this last Cobra post I have to say I am done. You will not be hearing from me anymore. The credibility of all the messengers are over as far as I am concerned. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. I cannot deny that much has taken place in my own life, but if this goes on and on for months or even years as COBRA says. I will no longer forward any messages that make me look like a fool.I have already damaged my own credibility with my friends and family passing this stuff forward. The only ones that benefit from this Mis info are the ones causing harm to humanity and the planet. People are suffering and there appears not much legit help in sight. If you really wanted to bring about the event I should have been involved because apparently you cant do it. No encouragement with some real activity we can see. The convoluted Now messages and the bad attitude excuses have got me over it. I have dropped off the path of just listening to my own inner voice. Tonight that stops. In my heart I know there is nothing to do other than be what I always have been. Fed up and signed Off. If the plan was to raise the vibration of humanity, they have done the opposite in me. I can see where this could be a misery loop with constant messages of eminent activity that never appears. I will not be checking back in. Like an addict I will be weaning myself off of this particular hope drug. Apparently death with be the "Event"

    1. Take your "FREE WILL" back Greg! I think Cobra is "sincere" to a point- but I don't think he's telling us everything. This is either the Fault of his "Bosses" (Those whom Cobra serves) or Cobra...He's certainly a cryptic guy.

      I like that he did some interviews w/ Corey Goode at least you know Cobra's NOT 100% full of crap! (in Cobra's defense) but I don't think Cobra deals w/ the "world" the way 'Normal Users' do (The Banana Throwers) he has so much knowledge & info we don't that he's "Detached" from it's daily grind in ways Rob Potter, Corey, Wilcock (& Others) are not.

      I do feel incredibly "let down" by Cobra so now I'm kinda curious to see what the Next "Revelations" are- How will he punch-up or repackage his messages (or Not). You do what you "Inner-Gut" tells you to Greg. That's what Rob Potter told me to do...when I complained about Cobra like 2 years ago.

    2. Beware of receiving negative thoughts that are not your own. They'll masterfully construct very believable belief systems that disempower, depress and disengage you from trying to be effective at improving your life or the lives of others. These negative thoughts will usually come in a way that they appear to be your own thoughts. There are subtle differences though.

      You have to pay a little more attention to them to receive them. Your own thoughts should come first and then verbal and other translation come afterward. You won't mishear your own thoughts, yet these transmissions sometimes are unintelligible. Strange yet familiar feelings may precede or coincide with these negative thoughts. They can come in streams that can have pauses between each transmission that last several seconds. You'll find many of these "foreign installation" based thoughts to be disagreeable. Disagreeing with your own thoughts? Doesn't that seem odd? Yeah..

      Mostly this "foreign installation" influences with temptations. These seem like they originate from your mind, but they amount to suggestions for you to do things outside of integrity with yourself or the greater whole. They play on your desires. These also come after or during streams of negative thoughts. As those negative thoughts are draining, you will likely feel more inclined to indulge in something pleasureful to make up for it, ripe for the foreign influence toward temptation.

      I speak from experience, believe it or not. I've been aware of this presence for about 8 years now, but realize it has probably always been there. This foreign installation effects us all, but those more aware of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors, or those on a path of self-improvement or spiritual growth, will likely be more aware it is occurring than the average person. They may be more targeted too, because they are more likely to cause positive change.

      I'm not suggesting that you cast skepticism aside and just believe anyone, that is foolish. Let evidence be the authority, rather than any particular being. Just please be aware that we are being influenced to be "docile, helpless", "complacent, routinary and egomaniacal" by a foreign predator that is bent on domination and control. Blaming others and doing nothing is one of its patterns. I often feel compelled to do it too, but what we're really doing is expecting a lot of burden to be taken up on the backs of others without having to put our own effort into it. Imagine what would happen if ALL humans did that.

      "In Castaneda's final book, The Active Side of Infinity (1998), Don Juan challenges Castaneda to reconcile man's intelligence, demonstrated in so many achievements, with,

      "the stupidity of his systems of beliefs... the stupidity of his contradictory behavior."

      Don Juan relates this blatant contradiction in human intelligence to what he calls "the topic of topics," "the most serious topic in sorcery." This topic is predation.

      To the horrified astonishment of his apprentice, the elder sorcerer explains how the human mind has been infiltrated by an alien intelligence:

      We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so...

      Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores.

      They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary and egomaniacal."

    3. cobra is an advanced level initiate. his path of spiritual initiation is mostly unacknowledged in our contemporary society. detachment is one of the signatures of development.

    4. Listening to yourself and what feels right is the best you can do. I think you will do just fine.

  46. i feel relef thank you cobra! some how i knew that the situation is going better is good to hear it!

  47. I put in my name for the Asgardia project, even though I am 66 ,& not in perfect health . I am currently healing my body, and hope to find something I can contribute.

  48. Hey Cobra, I believe in Elon Musk. Is he the reincarnation of Tesla?

  49. I recognize that stan-x and sherr-on code names coming from the american kabuki website, the same one self claiming to be in contact with the sphere alliance thru another person starting about 2 years ago.

  50. Thank you Pleiadians and Cobra!!!

  51. Things get worst? That cannot happen. The transmutation and unification of the two polarities need to have a retraction and expansion movement, it is natural. Light opens itself up, invites in dark-light to then jump on and transmute it. There is no retraction that is not part of the plan to go forward.

    1. My concern is having to depend on the unwashed masses to 'awaken' for the good stuff to happen. I see so many closed mines and so on. Also, I HOPE Ican get ET contact, PHYSICAL ET contact while I am both alive and young enough to enjoy it. I'm 37, now, I don't wanna be dead or in some old age home by the time contact happens. o.o

  52. I encourage ppl that has not one so to listen to all Cobra's interviews from past, you will find them on YouTube or or pareforchange website or rob Potter website.
    You are gonna learn a lot, it is worth every minute of listening his past interviews.

  53. Thanks. I like the little further explanation of the last post. I am glad the Pleiadian situation has improved for they are my people and I look forward to more contact with them, for it has been too long now.

    Please keep posting I look forward to posts like these they seem more inline to my current level.

    I felt the strong urge not to read as much alternate media also for the past several months or more feeling the same about much of it as I do the main stream. I skim through it any more to see if there is anything that jumps out at me that is positive and pointing us to liberation/event.

    Mean while, I just keep doing what I do everyday and things seem to be improving for myself and my household gradually. I can not say it is so for some, but I some how knew that would happen. I seemed to be gently pushed into leadership type roles, which I really detest on the 3D level due to the 'politics' involved. I suspect there are reasons I do not quite fully know or see yet. Time will only tell.

    Anyways, I am just trying to go with the flow, stand up for what I believe is the betterment of all, and take care of my own business first and for most. Oddly enough, I am not naturally very artistic, but I am learning things and got an opportunity to have Adobe creative cloud subscription for a year. I figure there is reasons for that I don't fully see at this point either, but will not look a 'gift horse in the mouth" as they say. :)Thanks again and Victory to the light and all of us down here in the 3D trenches!

  54. Which are 'banana comments' in Cobra's blog?

    More details from readers please...

    1. Cobra,... I had a short hard time to understand what the 'banana' means...
      In some cultures there are the cucumbers... :-)

    2. we are all being asked to make the inward journey now to find these answers for ourselves.

      while many are being called, how many of us will measure up to the task?

  55. What if life is a waking dream?
    Does any one "reality" or "story" of what is going on really feel like the absolute "way it is" or does it just feel like one version of truth?? 
    How do these thoughts feel? ....
    "I feel humanity is on the fastest track to liberation now! We are bright, brilliant, loving, ready, and everything is coming to a head and heaven on earth is unfolding now! ..."
    What if your unconditionally loving intention is everything?
    What if those that don't believe this and think that they know the only "way it really is" or the one true reality story just haven't reached that stage of realization where you discover there are infinite versions of reality or infinite Source waking dreams?
    If you resonate with this - go ahead - choose your own!

  56. What we have new for out direct action is a confirmation from Cobra that Asgardia is a genuine project and supported by Plejadians...

    So, many many of us may involve, on growing in a greater and greater breakaway civilization...

  57. Cobra!... you have now to face a comment...!...

    Before ask RM to leave this blog, you have prior to ask how to keep together our group hug, ...aside of banana comments...

  58. Thank U Cobra for your tireless work, always humble and impartial sharing of information. Please don't stop!

  59. Cobra, but plejadians are alone in this battle?
    Where is the rest of light confederation?...

  60. THANK YOU PLEIADIANS!!! May all your projects be under the GREEN LIGHT!!

    >>The Pleiadians are already setting a new Tachyon membrane positioned around the Earth at a certain distance inside the Moon orbit<<.

    Here is the links of 2 videos showing the ANOMALY PLASMA engolfing around the Earth a few days ago.
    BTW, please, don't listen to his Saturn is Nibiru bs....



    >>This new membrane will cut off the head of the Yaldabaoth octopus from its tentacles and drastically speed up the clearing of the Solar System<<.

    Woohooo!! Let's drink to that!!!

    And THANK YOU Cobra for informing us about "Stan-X" and "Sherr-on". I knew it, but hearing it from YOU is always what i'm looking for.

    VICTORY is around the corner!

  61. All I have been doing for the last 6 months is sitting around playing video games while watching alternative media videos waiting for the system to crash.

    I realize now I need to focus on my mission or as Bashar says: "Follow your highest excitement."

  62. Potent intel and some tough love from Cobra, who thankfully, has not given up on us yet! ~PB


    Thank you, Cobra. We feel your frustration, we will do better. I felt a big shift the other day. Despite a lot of stress in my life, I feel calm and optimistic, more so than I've been in many months.

    Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Resistance Movement, The Pleiadians, Sirians and Andromedans and all Lightforces. Thanks fellow Lighworkers and Lightwarriors, we can do better. Special thanks to visionaries Elon Musk and the Asgardia crew, and all those who believe in possibility.

    I'm especially thrilled to learn about the new Tachyon membrane positioned around the Earth, and the disabling of the plasma scalar weapons on low Earth orbit satellites.

    I'm a Conspiracy Truther, but lately I've noticed how even Alternative media can be just as dualistic, toxic and distracting as MSM. Since much of it is online, its' too easy to go down that rabbit hole (but we've got work to do here, Neo! Wake up!) Yes, in order to escape The Matrix, we need to manifest The Event.

    I'm also a New Ager, but the articles and videos I like to share focus on helping people to grow, heal and understand themselves and others.

    Anything that is attacking, negative, or just feels "off", too fluffy or harsh, I will stop reading/watching. Don't forget that with few exceptions which Cobra has previously mentioned, the Cabal deliberately influenced Hollywood to instill fear of "Aliens" and a "takeover agenda" in the mass consciousness, to prevent Disclosure and Contact.

    We're all channels. We just need to get clear on what it is we're channeling. That's my intention, anyway.

    Much Love <3 Peace and Victory of the Light!

    Such a lovely voice:

    Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace
    (Prayer of Saint Francis)as sung by Skye Dyer,
    Daughter of Wayne Dyer

    1. as someone has posted in this forum, he asked how are we to fight the dark ones with their advanced weapons when we are left here with only sticks and stones to defend ourselves. as we make the inner journey, we are exercising our ability to channel the very Power of Angels.

      thank you phoenix.

    2. Well, I am learning the hard way, spending quiet moments in contemplation and making self-care a priority are the necessary prerequisites to inner peace. From there, we can weather the storms and stand strong as beacons of light. Even when our light seems dimmed by the fog of confusion and noise from multiple unknown sources, we can trust ourselves and have faith, persevere till that new dawn arrives, bringing us clarity as we flow with ever-present change.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @astral traveler
      I appreciate your thoughtful responses, and those of many other loving, thoughtful people.

      Meanwhile, some have continued their modus operandi/ banana operandi ...sigh.

      Cobra's messages are most pure to me of all the many things I read or watch. His heart is always in the right place, despite his necessary detachment. His frustration only endears him to me more, for even his seemingly infinite patience can be tested.

      It has been hard for me to be clear on my exact mission, beyond helping people through transition, because I get caught up in the challenges of the mundane world.

      Cobra's messages are of vital importance, not only for this community, but for all of Humanity and for all sentient beings in the Galaxies.

      Please don't shoot the messenger. His message may be the key to our very existence and survival as a species.

      We'll have more clarity in retrospect, but we're not there yet! :)


  63. In the almost 4 years I've been reading this BLOG, No Sentence has summed up my experience better this line from Cobra:

    "BANANA COMMENTS and reactions to my recent posts have proven that a lot of healing work needs to be done. Facing those comments, when I have asked the Resistance why should I continue" - Yes folks, "Banana Comments" (So what are we 'Apes' compared to the Evolved & Enlightened Pleadians? - I've heard a few people (who claim to be Contactees) mention that many of these "Inner Earth" (or Higher Enlightened Beings) actually think of us "Animals" or mildly insane (based on what we put up with)...Being a "Walking 'Happy Meal'" for Fear Sucking Loosh-Bags might make anyone seem "Sub-Human".

    WE ALL have a Job & a calling: I am what the Pleadians call a "System Buster" (I call "Bullshit" & Troll. I live to kill the Illusions of Others) and Sorry, You 'Lost Me'... Even that Happy Hawaiian guy KP said on his site that "Something was OFF" w/ that last Update. Or Maybe we're all tired of you kicking the can down the road w/ No END in sight.

    I DID notice you mentioned the 'Compression Break-Thru' could happen in a few Months or a Few YEARS! (Years! Who wants 2020 in the Event Office Pool anyone?). So Please Continue doing your thing, I hope it works out for you.

    No one gives a crap about people who "BrokeAWAY" (Yeah, they Escaped & left us here) and No One cares about Space Trips in 10 years- we have "real Lives" & stuff to deal with IN THE NOW w/ the other Primates on the Banana farm. Sorry some of us are Not as Evolved or have your "experiences" & level of Patience...some of us might be "Beyond Healing" and are just waiting fro Death & get off the Battlefield from the War we didn't know we we're in. Some of us have had 1 too many "Gettysburgs" & "Omaha Beach Battles" in their collective past lives. That and your bed side manner makes Vulcan's from "Star Trek" seem like Stand-Up comedians.

    But Hey, I admit to being an imperfect being- *By-Gones* Duality made me do it! Just throwing Banana's over here. Don't forget about the "Healing" you said we're all in need of you might be on to something there, Let me know when you find some!

    1. @ Gantz: "whom the shoe fits, wear it" and "the best helmsmen stand on shore".

    2. Yes folks, "Banana Comments" (So what are we 'Apes' compared to the Evolved & Enlightened Pleadians? - I've heard a few people (who claim to be Contactees) mention that many of these "Inner Earth" (or Higher Enlightened Beings) actually think of us "Animals" or mildly insane (based on what we put up with)...Being a "Walking 'Happy Meal'" for Fear Sucking Loosh-Bags might make anyone seem "Sub-Human".

      This topic says a lot!!!

      It shows the full disrespect of these "higher" beings against the value of beings. Those of you who don't see it have a real problem with your mind model of "light"...

      No light being would ever think about other beings like this! NEVER EVER!!!

      Yes, I also find often hard words. Tell people to f##k off... But we see even the darkest motherf###ers as beings worth to get taken to prison for cleaning and healing...

      Beings like these expose themselves always. You just have to start realizing it...

    3. Hi frank, i know you hate me for no reason but i wanted to share something. I had a dream where you were in it and i think it was being manipulated by dark beings and i was scared. You were answering my questions and it felt real, I saw how dark the darks were and i felt glad ppl like you were taking care of them. I would like to thank you despite you hating me because im glad there is resistance to this new world order. BTW do you take care of the physical darks too or others do it that are physical?

    4. @frank
      arent these beings non fractals? They dont have the same perspective as us "stupids" down here. I think it seems plausible because they can never experience the pain down here according to someone who wrote here once something similar. Also there are different gradients of light.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. I have been reading American Kabuki for a few years now. It's the blog from which the narrative unfriendly to Pleiadians that Cobra mentioned came from. It has been been an interesting site. I don't like to speak against others. Yet, I have my suspicions. I try to hold them to myself. I could be wrong.

    I have noticed that the narrative put out on that blog has been somewhat pro-Draco and anti-Pleiadian. I wondered if it was deception to create division between Earth humans and the Pleiadians and other benevolent ETs while creating sympathy and trust toward the Draco. I mean, as far as humanizing the Draco, there literally are very human Draco in the narrative, called "Dracomax."

    I still occasionally read the blog, but my faith in the American Kabuki narrative from the "Sphere Alliance" is absent. He means well and I find some of his ideas quite agreeable, although nobody has a monopoly on ideas.

    I listen to several sources of information and I fully trust none of them, Cobra included. (No offense please, it's just my way of discernment) Yet, Cobra seems to care about others, is informed, internally consistent and what he says I can sometimes get correlation with other sources. He also doesn't contradict what I know.

    Although, I wish he'd be more clear about the idea of false light. He said there is no false light, but then again, he also said that the archons would trick souls after death using karma. That sounds very much like a false light paradigm. Of course we don't want people to fear the ETs trying to help us. Clarification might be helpful to contrast the imposters with the genuine. To pose as divine judges and punish on behalf of God is quite a bit false light in my opinion.

  66. I have experienced attacks in my mind from beings that were presenting themselves as benevolent beings. Yet, they were almost always pushing me toward emotional states based on fear, usually shame and guilt. If I failed at personal goals, these influences would suggest or outright say I've already failed at my mission here. They'd then suggest that divine judgement and therefore future assignment to the presence of dark beings was imminent. They essentially used good ideas and behavior, the truth as much as possible, against me in order to get me to feel fear. It took me a while to realize their nature.

    Just use introspection and ask yourself where they are leading you, toward love or fear. Those that make you afraid are not necessarily dark, but if they do it almost all the time, they likely are doing it for their own good, not yours. The best deceptions contain the most truth possible while inserting just enough belief based poison to get the job done, your misery, apathy and powerlessness. Question everyone. You are God. God is his own master. That is key to this awakening. There are many that want to be our masters, because they know our potential power. They want to wield us like puppets, using strings of religious belief, thought and feeling, compelling us to follow their ideas blindly. Beliefs are like computer code, they form our thoughts, feelings and actions.

    Don't buy beliefs from sources without a verifiable identity and a track record of behavior, two required elements that build trust. Don't trust without them! These beings love to be trusted as anonymous, because if you catch them in a lie, you can't pin it on them. They'll just pretend that they are someone else later on and continue deceiving you.

    They'd tell me "you don't care" (enough about others), if I didn't act like a good enough boy scout, implying punishment, damnation for not being adequately oriented toward integrity and service to others. Their pattern is basically, truth used to construct a scenario where you believe you are to be judged and punished by them. It elicits your free will consent, your submission to their dictatorship, through belief. It mirrors what I expect on the other side, karma being used to make a believable fiction for why you need to come back to life and be tormented for the benefit of these same loosh suckers.

    These beings gave us our ideas of good and evil. They distort our perspectives on both of these perceived polarities. I prefer to see it as a conflict between parasites and producers of the joy of life, spiritual energy, loosh, whatever you call the fuel of the mind to motivate movement in life. The dark/evil are just parasites of this energy. The light/good are just producers and sharers of this energy. This made understanding a lot easier for me. Evil is mysterious, loosh feeding parasites are not. They are cruel for the same reason why mice in a study kept hitting the lever for water laced with cocaine rather than regular water. It gets them high. They are druggies of stolen joy of life. The younger ones don't realize they are parasites as much as the older ones. This production or parasitism of the value of others' existence is really what the conflict is all about.

  67. I feel much better now, but i need to reread this latest entry since I have resonated with the P's since I first discovered their channelings through Barbara Marciniak. I am struggling with low energy and the necessity of and the ability of taking better care of myself. I need to address my current resistance to meditation and further self-discovery in my early 60's.....

    1. try drawing patterns. It focuses the mind and body away from time and thought. It requires little energy and regulates the breath.

    2. David M Lowe:

      Regarding meditation, sometimes it helps to simply play "uplifting" music that you like. Sit there and listen to it for 20-23 minutes. Your mind will focus on the music and wander off a little too... but the music you like will help you sit down and relax.....Over time we get better at just sitting in silence... sometimes we go back to music... it's okay to vary it...

      For me, I like to keep my spine straight and usually my feet flat on the floor so that a beam of light connects me from the center of the earth, up through my spine, to the top of the universe.

      This helps my health (clears out blocks in the chakras) and posture, too, and energy level.

      I have had numerous office jobs over the years (arghh... we all have) and people sometimes comment on my posture -- I have a very straight back -- it is from meditating, I am sure.

  68. Thank you Cobra! You truly are a voice of reason and sanity on the planet and the reports are assisting. Many people are reading and taking the info to heart, never commenting. Please don't stop the reports.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Thank you Cobra, but you seem too easy discouraged by banana comments, so you have to keep in mind that warriors, as soldiers as well, are very accustomed with this 'bananas'...
      Please try to be true warriors together... :-)

    2. Very well said, Lightworker, thank you.
      I know this is true. The meek shall inherit the Earth. Although I don't consider myself meek, often,
      I know the silent center within where words are absent.

  69. Cobra, the Pleiadians have to take in consideration, the 'walk-ins' phenomenon as a solution for those who are too weared and therefore unable for push 'a bit longer' for their mission, but have still a strong physicality and welth.

  70. Cobra, tou say so: "The Pleiadian energetic contact with the most awakened and least programmed Lightworkers and Lighwarriors will increase".

    How will this be possible without 'explosions'...
    And how do we proceed for the energetic contact?...

  71. Cobra, ...what means "When my team has made a small step towards the Pleiadians by launching StratoProbe 1"...??

    Are you not already in contact with Plejadians? Are you not the RM speaker, which the Plejadians are part of?...

    How are you doing... steps towards Plejadians?...

    Are you not somehow in none contact, and you try only random contacts?
    It's a logical point of suspiciousness, not a programmed-mind conclusion...

    [Cobra ?]

  72. Shall the "small minority of people is overperforming and carrying the load of Liberation for many" break free and build its core group shared consciousness, join breakaway civilization projects, and leave back the rest of opposing the awakening and liberation process!!...

  73. THANKYOU! THANKYOU! you are right about a foundation in science, history, philosophy, art etc. the truth is like a sip from a running stream, not a puddle... fruit picked from a tree. We are not to be just shoppers.

  74. Let's break all energetic or soul contracts concerning the alleged mission to awake the unawakable and reticent population, and leave them in peace of living as they want. This is their will (to not awake) and we have to respect it.

    We have to build our (awakened ones) shared consciousness, it has the critical mass already (of us only) and break free!!

    Let leave further the unawakened to live in their will their life, and eventually awake later when their time comes too.

    Shall be respected both our free will (the awakened) and theirs as well.

    May it be for the good of all!!

  75. Opened a lot of eyes....Good this happened....Finally told us some hard core truth!

    1. Cobra always tell hard core truth but he tend to tell it in a way that is not so obvious and harsh, but this time it seems to reach Cobra's maximum limitation of tolerance. Actually he can do the same thing like Corey Gooded do with Elena(Google it if you don't know). I always think Cobra hasn't given enough fight back to those disinformation around Internet, but I know he has his own reason and respect his decision. But this time I have to say "good one"!

  76. Cobra, will somehow "This membrane is structurally similar to what some other people call the „outer barrier“." look rather like a Tsernobyl concrete shield keeping inside of it all the remaining but unclearable darkness?

  77. Thank You Cobra and Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters and All the many other Being's & Groups aiding our fight for Freedom...I for one have deep Gratitude to You and All involved :-)
    It is hoped that once the mind control technology and implants have been destroyed that many more will begin to wake up and get this process fired up from our side.
    Love is Light and boy do we need more Light :-)

  78. Cobra, Cobra...
    You seem as one of the best friends...

    And... as good friends... we have to keep together...

  79. Thank you, Cobra. Very positive news and many sources of info with it, to freshen up and learn more, filling in the gaps. I think you're in a position of high knowledge and overview, carrying the brunt of complains and frustration, present in about 95% of human civilisation anno 2016. I think it's got to be part of your journey to learn to live with it and still stand strong. The voice of a prophet in the desert is carried on the wind of change and reaches far distances. For many it's hard to not demand and depend on a fixed outcome. I've noticed that to some it's as if they're impatiently waiting for a sweet, promised by daddy. It looks like we all need to grow up and act our true age, our inner knowing and skills. I'm not in fear at all, it's all going to be fine. I've felt the heaviness of "the work" these last months, taking the brunt too, sort of. It's a wake up call to remind me that I can only do my part and nothing more. You're doing yours in an excellent way. Peace of heart be with you!

  80. So in creating shitstorm, directed a Cobra, you basically shot the messenger. AS a result of this, he wanted to hang up his "guns"(because of all of us ungrateful clowns.) Keep in mind, that we are all in this shitstorm(and we help create, to some extent or another) together, and attacking one another, we make it worse. So next time? Don't shoot the messenger, or he just might tell all of us clowns to take a long walk off a short pier or to go fly a kite. We loose what is a valuable source of information. So, don't be a bozo, it makes it easier for the real bozos to win this fight.

    Cobra, don't loose the faith, a lot of shit is hitting the fan, and a lot is getting "splattered" because of this.

  81. Thank you for this update. Cobra, please keep on posting! Know that there are people reading here who don't comment much, for their own reasons, but who very, very much appreciate your work!! Your voice of sanity is very much needed in this world.
    I often asked myself how you cope with all the negative comments. Please keep on ignoring them and know there are people you are helping very much with your updates!
    Thank you Pleidians and all other Ligthforces so much! May you be safe in your lightships at all times.

  82. Thank you Cobra for All. Keep it up your great work. There are so many believing and trusting in you and your whole team, in all the beings of the light from everywhere.
    Every day there are more people getting more conscous and aware...
    and finally the light wins, because it is the only ONE :-)
    Victory of the Light!
    With Love

  83. "Individuals are going to experience, for the first time, that Divinity is not 'outside' but situated simultaneously in the heart and in the universe, in all of creation.... the true Lord is in the heart. If you want to know Him try to understand the Voice of Silence.... Silence is that space which is free from conditioning ... (The day the Self within is free of the stresses and strains inherent in the processes of being and becoming), yet fulfills its duty in a detached manner. The Kingdom of the Lord is experienced by the Self in the heart."


  84. Victory to the Light! Thank you Cobra and to all supporting the Light!

  85. Sincerity of spirit:
    Benjamin Creme describes Maitreya's use of the term "sincerity of spirit" as "... seeing reality without distortion.... (It) is freedom from the glamours of the emotional plane, so that you see life as it is.... When you are speaking from the heart, totally sincere, consonant with who you are and what you are, without pretensions or glamours ... but direct and pure and true to yourself -- that is sincerity of spirit."

    Being and becoming:
    Maitreya is patient. He says: "... isms, ideologies and beliefs are essential stages in the life of every human being .... evolution can only take place through them." He cautions that "we should not tell people to abandon their beliefs and philosophies, because they are important for survival in our present world.... They 'get us up in the morning and send us to work in order that we may pay the bills and care for our family.... "(SI-3/90,5) Nevertheless, on the path of evolution, "... the moment a person gives up his brand of ism he will be free. He will find that I am within him for I am free of all ideologies." (SI-1-2/90,5)

  86. In July 2016, an apparition of the Madonna appeared over the desk of a female employee at the tax office in Daloa, Ivory Coast.

  87. Well, seems like someone is in a bit of a snit! Cobra, you have to realize that the people reading this blog live in the real world. They live isolated lives where they cannot share this information with most people for fear of ridicule or mockery. You seem to live in a world of crystals, tachyon chambers, space balloons, and surrounded by people who get it. Most of us are not so lucky.

    So, each month we listen to the monthly interview and all we hear is about how wonderful things are going to be after the Event. Nothing good can happen until the Event. We have to prepare for the Event. Everything depends on the Event. Well, that has been the message for four years now and still NO Event!

    People writing negative comments are not doing so from “fear”, they are doing it from frustration! Things seem to be going progressively well and then the Light Forces seriously dropped the ball on the biochips! How in the devil’s name could that massive mistake have happened?? How could the Dark Forces pull this off when they are surrounded and there are mind-reading ETs all over the place?? People have the right to be upset about this massive, massive mistake!

    And, who cares about Asgardia? Talk about distractions! We have enough unresolved problem on this planet without the wish to move into space and cause space to be polluted also! And I think with the SSP it is already pretty crowded up there. People have good reason to doubt that project because it has no immediate value. It is a pipe dream and a distraction from the real problems we face.

    1. OMG, James you have speak out what I want to say.

      Don't get me wrong Cobra, I am not complaining RM and the light force, but James's description is also a harsh reality on the surface among the average people. You have a team to carry out the mission ,have great amount of people who understand what you are saying, that is very good. But we, the average people who get up in the morning, go to work for struggling for life, we don't have people around us to understand the situation of liberation, we face many kinds of problem daily, not only the fear of ridicule or mockery but also many others things we have to consider. So those who are complaining, some of them really haven't any little patience and just sit there to watch and blablabla, but some of them who tolerate all kinds of the pressure in daily lives to assist the liberation, they are sincere and loyal light workers, they keep helping in their own way to assist the light force through out these years.Please forward this situation of surface people to the RM and the Galactic Confederation through your contact, because you have mentioned the ascension masters "above" don't quite understand our lives here.

    2. james,
      the answers to our questions and the resolve to our frustrations lies not outside of us, instead it comes through us when we make that inner connection - through prayer, for example. prayer is simply asking, petitioning our more highly developed friends who live with us and among us, only they reside in a frequency band not yet detected by our present state of physical perception.

      as we develop a relationship with these Advanced Beings who live beyond the reach of our five senses, the answers to our questions and the inner peace that we yearn for will come through us. in short, the inner connection that opens us up to the Divine is a relationship with real and actual beings. they simply do not inhabit our physical plane. so, this is like nurturing any relationship that we may have here on earth. it involves communication, sharing, trust, patience and, yes, even Love will enter the picture. it is up to us to initiate this process. then, it is up to us to listen.

      as i have said (preached) in my comments many times, this path of Liberating our human family here on earth is a Spiritual mission. it is a High path, meaning it requires that we become channels for the High Frequency of Divine Light. the Light that comes through us and radiates from us will raise the rate of the atomic resonance in our atmosphere. we are NOT raising the vibration of humanity, we are raising the vibration in the space where humanity lives. this is how we overcome the advanced technology of the fallen ones.

      the choice is ours.

    3. I agree completely. We are hopeful for 'the Event' but it is discouraging. And what do we know? How are we to believe any of this? Yeah... I know use your discernment. You can't blame people for getting frustrated, there are constant delays and never any real success (that WE can see). The Asgardia thing was pretty random, so understandably that got people confused. You say it is NOT a cabal operation, so OK, we believe you. But all we have is your word. And you seem pretty level headed so that is why we are here. Anyways.. I'm rambling lol. I appreciate your efforts, I just hope I'm not being snookered because I have also told people about 'the Event'. :)

    4. Oh I hear ya James. 1st it was the Veil, then Cleaning out the Astral Plane (multiple layers), the it was Vortex's, then it was Cintimani Stones, then it was the Goddess Dou came back from the Stars, then the White Dragons had a conference- I haven't ANY Evidence of Anything Cobra tells us.

      ALL I know is- The Banking system never fails, Hilary still magically walks around (even though she's supposedly dying or a Clone?), Ben Fulford talks about "Bounties" on Noble Blood-lines, The Pleadians "still Love us", the Inner-Earth wants to help, but their hands are tied because of a Treaty- so they need US (the Banana Throwers) to Meditate 'REALLY HARD' and I'm out of Unicorn Blood for Potions Class.

      I heard some guy claim the GF attacked some Reptillians hiding on an Alternate Mars timeline & they crashed 50 Different Mars timelines all because Donald Trump he'd put Hillary in Jail during debate #2- That's either Amazing or a Bunch of Crap!- can't prove any of it.

      Julian Assange (Wiki-Leaks guy) is taking the "fight" to the Kabal. He's Burning down the Elite Mass Media w/ their own E-mails. This Man is one 1 guy. He doesn't mediate, have Inner-Earth Allies, & does his crusade SELFLESSLY at his Peril for Humanity. I don't know if he even believes in God or Aliens- But I can SEE his RESULTS! ALL I ever hear is: "The clearing of the Chimara group continues on the Surface of the Planet"- Seth Rich, Andrew Breitbart, Many other Journos, & Whisleblowers are DEAD because they stood up to the 'Kaz Mafia'- Where's the Justice for them? What did the Pleadians do? James O'Keefe III from Project Veritas is 1 guy w/ a hidden camera on a tight-rope w/ NOT NET exposing Election Corruption (for over 4 years!) This man is risking his life for the simple "Truth". Dr. Steven Greer was given Cancer, Corey Goode almost got poisoned, Wilcock has had death threats. ALL for trying to enlighten humanity against our "Common Enemies".

      You use a "voice changer"- I have ZERO Problems w/ that (Protect yourself!) but many of us don't see ANY of your results. I hear about stories & conferences & portals & banking family gossip & Goddess 'This & That' which is fine- But I think you're "Over-Selling" the 'Event' and it doesn't sound like it's gonna happen for another 2-3 years anyway...why cause Humanity Sucks & our collective vibration blows - Don't Blame the Prisoners for 'Low Moral'.

      I respect you for "trying to help" but you might need to re-think how you Speak for your Bosses- Just 1 guys opinion. 1 Guy, 1 Banana. Yes, I talk to my guide this way & I'd say this your bosses if they ever come out from their hiding spots (NOT Mocking! stay safe! but you see how this looks from our end right?). Have your Bosses ever read our comments? I doubt it. Why would they.

  88. Dear Cobra, You are one of the few Voices of Reason for us right now and we need you through thick & thin to hold onto your sails....Please don't give up on us when the naysayers burden down your blog! You are more appreciated than you sometimes feel & we admire and love you for the job you're doing!

    On June 11, 1948, a V-2 Blossom launched into space from White Sands, New Mexico carrying Albert I, a rhesus monkey.
    Add some humans, up-grade the shiny can, to watch the lights as you drift around a few more times
    Is there a posted history of the 3 factions of the SSP..?

  90. Cobra please do not give up. I am sure there are more of us out here than you realize that are as you described and are patiently waiting. You are the voice that keeps my mind connected to the situation.

  91. Dear Cobra, Thou beloved great Teacher and Master,
    Dear Pleiadians, Thou beloved great Masters and Forefathers of mankind,
    Dear Resistance, Thou beloved great Teachers and Heros,
    kindly accept my humble gratitude, heartfelt feelings, love and devotion. I am your servant. I can not express my sentiments with words... When I remember your mercy and your sacrifice to humanity, I simply start to weep out of ecstasy. Cobra, your Intels are my life and soul treasure. Please never let us down. Always stay with us fools and rascals on the battlefield of conquering the darkness. Never let us go in vain. Together we will trigger this coming Event!
    To all my brothers and sisters, who are writing and reading these comments to Cobras Updates I simply want to tell:
    Let us doing healing work for those writers or lightworkers who are still not convinced of Cobra´s Intels. Let us send them light and love. At the same time I want to tell those writers who do not appreciate Cobra´s intels, who always complain, lament and blame others:
    „LOVE IT (this mission) OR LEAVE IT!
    We lightworkers are the supporters of those great personalities who are more advanced than us. Our wonderful service is to support the triggering of the Event. Cobra, Resistance, Pleiadians and all other Lightforces are full of love and mercy to us. Let us start to become grateful for their teachings, their deeds and wonderful sacrifice to humanity. I am a witness of their physical, energetical and spiritual presence and I want to tell you that there is a proof of their words and deeds for those, who are honest, sincere and eager to serve the truth. Truth will come to those, who are ready and humble. A truthful Teacher comes to a truthful disciple who calls for guidance. It is very simple. A Mother comes to a baby who cries....
    Dear ones, I cried very loudly and I started channeling with Angels, Masters and a Commander of the space fleet of Galactic Confederation. And they answered my call telepatically. I regularily get their messages. Also Cobra and his friends answered my call for help here in Austria/Europe. They all blessed me and this Country and still protect me and my service to this mission. This is a great gift and blessing for me and there is no more fear in my life! I am so thankful. There is a teamwork with Lightforces and I can proof that Cobra´s teachings work out. I have already some disciples here in Austria and there are almost 700 people all over the world (in more than 20 different countries) who are reading my homepage Golden Spirit Event, month per month. I started to spread Cobra´s Intels to friends, neighbors and even to personalities in Politic scene. We are successful in many ways, step by step. Still there is a lot of healing work to do for the next decade... I hope to inspire you with this comment. We from the Team Golden Spirit wish you love, light, and success with your missionaries and projects all over the world. May Cobra, Resistance, Pleiadians and Lightforces bless us again and again! Victory to the Light!
    Sonja, Team Golden Spirit

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You realize Cobra is not a "God" or even an Ascended Master (in the Madame Blavotsky sense of the word)- Why you praying to these people? Wishing them well & sending them Positivity is perfectly fine & respectful but seriously...

      Corey Goode said the Blue Avians (Sphere being Alliance) has dialed by their talks because they're very dismayed that Earth people are now "Praying to them!"- their message is "Get off your Knees! & make the change w/in you!" (I'm Paraphrasing -don't quote me!)

      Respect for your fellow "Light Worker" is one thing but you don't Bow or Pray to the Source!- it doesn't need your worship! It just is. YOU are part of the Source...a little fractal of Prime Creator my little Photonic Friends.

      Why do I bother.

  92. This blog is a valuable source of intel, together with a few others. I enjoy the coordinated "weekly meditations" a lot (and so do the trees, the animals, the water, and the earth). So please keep going. Please do not close the comments section either, some readers post very interesting info.

  93. Wonderful!! :-) Sounds positive. Lets keep working together through thoughts and actions based solution. We are the change!! :-)

  94. Thank you COBRA for your tireless commitment to the Light. Sending you so much love and gratitude since 2012.

  95. "Some people have the tendency to deny the fear and pretend that everything is perfect and we are all one (the New Age crowd)"

    Are you saying we are NOT all part of the One? Enlightened beings tell us otherwise.

  96. Cobra,my pologies abaut Asgardian post.
    And Thank you Cobra for the update.
    It is not easy to trust an post,i remember you saying make you,r own diserment,so i have done that with a clear head.My pologies again.

  97. Thank you COBRA for your tireless effort towards the Victory of the Light. I have been sending you love and gratitude since 2012.

  98. Thanks for the update Cobra, keep it up!

    Victory of the light!

  99. The only disappointing aspect of this latest post is that, once again, it failed to mention the importance of translations in the liberation process.

    Cobra,translations are something actionable that every non-native English speaker can do, and apart from the weekly meditations, is probably the most important thing that many people "complaining" can do, and that can have a tremendous impact a speed up the liberation process.

    There's a tremendous asymmetry in the information out there because the information simply doesn't flow in the non-native English audience like it should, and therefore is causing a slowdown in the whole liberation process and compression breakthrough, IMHO.

    I believe it would be very important for you to emphasise that continuously in further posts.

    Victory of the Light!

  100. Keep up the good work Cobra! Personally this blog is very inspiring!!

    Thank you for your commitment.

  101. Cobra, better to publications every month or two months, and not talk about partial victories of the Forces of Light, many times I have read that have a victory, then it was not victory, which was defeated Such publications is very dangerous, much discouraged, and seems deception. I had problems of credibility with the people who told them about these issues, friends and family. information should always be consistent. If it is dangerous to publish by the cabal takes information, speak little better. See you, greetings.

  102. thanks for all your work and sharing info with us. I sometimes feel helpless, like being in the middle of a battle where i cannot do anything to help, just watch. I sometimes feel like it's not enough to just meditate or find my mission in this life to help things change. Thank the Pleiadians for having such an active rol in our planet's liberation, I hope to meet them someday. Sorry if some bad day i posted something that made you feel your work is not appreciated, i know maybe i did. Hope things change soon and we can all live in peace and with love.

  103. Dear Cobra and fellow people on The Journey!

    I have been following this blog since the very very start and even though I have long stopped commenting I still keep an eye out on what is happenning.

    I understand your frustration Cobra, I often was very annoyed by the gullibility and lack of basic education in alternative media circles that makes some people believe any gibberish nonsense without using some rational/emotional discernment.

    You are a beam of sanity and rationality for me among all the love&light pink syrup fairytale bs and I have to say I only check your site these days that belongs to the alternative circle.

    Keep informing us and your sane voice, it is very much appreciated by a silent majority I think.
    Hopefully we get to still be alive when the Event happens.

    All the best,

  104. Some days i just feel were forgotten its like its never going to happen, I have the faith I just need more strenght on my own...

  105. Cobra, I was awake when I came to know of you. But having followed you for these years and even attending one of your conferences I am sooooo much more aware and awake as a result of your tireless efforts - so thank you from the top of my spirit! You do not colour information, you give it to us straight even if it's unpopular with some. You in no way use the information for exaltation of self and you do all of this with the countenance of a wise and loving older sibling or parent! Do not doubt that you are making a huge difference, even though some are just awakening or even a bit lazy! For the rest of us, we would do well to employ loving patience with some of our less awakened brothers and sisters. Can we try to bear in mind that we received the clarion call of higher knowledge earlier than others - and with great knowledge comes great responsibility?! Patience is not passive waiting. Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals.

  106. Thank you Cobra & all light forces. This is crunch time & we need to meditate more & continue working on ourselves as well as supporting each other as we move forward. In unity & resonance.

  107. "Banana comments and reactions to my recent posts have proven that a lot of healing work needs to be done."

    Those were exactly my thoughts the past few weeks. And don't think I'm exluding myself, I have been very reactionary in the last few weeks. But, as you said, it just proves to me how much healing I really need...we ALL need.

    I want to tell you, Cobra, how much your blog has meant to me these past few years. I'm a young guy, but I've had some hard times. Family members passing, stuggling to pay the bills, feeling under attack, feeling like the event might never come. Feeling pretty hopeless sometimes.

    Knowing there are other people going through the same thing, but that also, there was a great teacher, who would be a voice of reason and calmness in the storm of chaos which is the world today.

    He is fighting a battle i don't think many of us can really imagine. As a direct threat to the cabal, you can be sure he likely receives more negative attacks than the rest of us combined.
    On top of that, he also receives all kinds of personal attacks, credibility attacks - from the very people he works so hard to help.

    I can only admire your strength, courage, and selflessness, and hope that someday or somelife, I can say the same of myself.

    Thank you for all you've done. Thank you for the sacrifices you've made. They will not be in vain.

    Victory to the Light!






  109. No matter what person or group says what info, whether good or bad, we know in our hearts, souls and Higher Selves, what it is that we should be doing.

    And if we can't figure that out, then a good default is to meditate and escalate love, kindness and respect. Any situation can only be improved by doing so. And maybe spread some hugs around, everyone could use more of those, or a kind word if people are touch-sensitive/PTSD.

    Don't allow yourself to get sucked into unnecessary drama or stress. Everyone and everything comes from the same energetic Source, we have merely chosen to experience different aspects of it, but eventually will return to Oneness in the fullness of time as it resonates within us to do so. We'll all have a good laugh about it and about having role-played different sides while we were too asleep to realize that the concept of opposing sides is an illusion meant to advance negative energy.

    So feed Peace, escalate Love, spread Kindness.

    "“Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you've got a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, babies-"God damn it, you've got to be kind.”" - Kurt Vonnegut

    "With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds." - Abraham Lincoln

    1. an appropriate and beautiful quote by Mr. Lincoln.

      thank you.

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  110. Cobra, I for one, appreciate your posts very much. I am not one to post often, and when reading the comments (not very often) I ignore the ones that are negative or complaining. For every negative post there are probably hundreds of positive souls not responding in the background, who appreciate the updates. Keep it up. Thank you.







    1. meditation is, indeed, not the only way things get done here on earth or probably on any planet. it is only one of any number of vehicles we have access to that allows us to bring true benevolent guidance and protection into our daily, day-to-day, everyday lives. meditation can be instrumental in restoring balance.

      please keep in mind that we are still living in an archon created and controlled environment. if, during our lives, we never use our innate gift of calling upon kind, loving guidance and safe protection into our daily routine, then we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to the potential of the heavy handed dictates of the ones controlling this realm - the archons. if we are a messenger of Light, such as an incarnated star being or a Lightworker or a Lightwarrior, then we are identified and singled out immediately by the fallen ones who can see and read our soul's signature and our purpose for being here. those of us who are in this category are viewed as "enemies of the state". we are dealt with harshly if we dare to come to this planet and think we are going to succeed in dispelling darkness. such is the fate of so many powerful and gifted souls of Light that come to earth. this is why we need the help, protection and even the wise guidance of our natural guardians.

      just as the cabal members routinely and religiously appeal to a dark overlord fallen angel for their strength and success in controlling humanity and all life on this planet, conversely, those of us who are of the Light need to engage the Divine for our safety, for true loving guidance and for success in our purpose.

      after the Event happens, we will need to heal and grow quickly to show that we, as a species, are mature enough to maintain a galactic society here on this New Earth. it is not going to be done completely for us. we have to grow and mature as a species. this is ours to do as we evolve into an advanced society.

  112. High, you say here that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are a puppet, I think you don't know what you say, because If you are in contact with the Masters Ascended you know that Donald J. Trump is the extension of Master Ascended Saint Germain and he have the task of confront the cabal and that is what he doing, here is the title of the audio video where the Master and Mother Mari talking recently about that: ARCHANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS Prophecies September 29 2016, please hear this and keep displaying the light and not the darkness, OK!!!.

  113. " A voice of reason and sanity on the surface of the planet that can assist in the Breakthrough " I couldn't agree more with this statement. Allow me to add perfectly honest, ' non-jugdmental and drama-free ( witnessed firsthand ) : Cobra... what else haha ?

    I've come to realize that you're a blessing for the Collective at this time, a top " insider/whisteblower " with the spiritual background of an initiate of light. Many people previously involved in black projects are also providing great intels, others are highly realized and their spiritual assistance is priceless. But i don't know many ( if any ) individual who reaches such highs in both fields, inner & outer. A unique mix that helped me to see the bigger picture for the very first time ! Yep, the person behind the codename C.O.B.R.A is a pearl - a tachyonized one ;)

    We can easily imagine that he has also a family, bills to pay, and feelings that can be hurt by insane projections - just like each and every one of us. My Advice : people on this blog should think twice before pushing the [Publish] button. If it's neither kind nor constructive, it is not needed. Show some respect - both to yourself and to others. Stop throwing bananas ! Start offering strawberries instead ♥ and make a stand for Planetary Liberation in your own way.

    Regarding the post, i felt it ! A major Pleiadian retreat could only mean a kickass galactic counterattack - bouya :) such an agreement violiation by the dark forces had its price, and it was high. Thank you so much for keeping us informed my friend - let's hope that the scalar devices will be dismanteled soon, really vicious...

    ♫ Anectode : Today I've received a " little signal " from above to celebrate the 100.000 views for this video, weeeeeeee !!! I do not care about numbers nor ownership - it didn't came from me, I see this as a mini-victory for the whole Collective. May this message become mainstream very soon :

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ~JustBe~October 18, 2016 at 1:23 PM

      Hm. Strawberries. There was a time, many many years ago, that I started promoting the concept of "wish for strawberries". It caught on at the time. And for years later, people still randomly said it to me as a demonstration of their well wishes. I'm glad to see it resurrected. You must have some kind of well wishes to the world around you Arbre Solaire, to have even received that idea and inspiration to write it.

      I was with a Russian when I came up with that saying and demonstrated a manifestation for us, to do with it. That was a long time ago. Thank you for the reminder.


  114. Cobra,

    If I could have access to Only One site on the internet; No question about it for me, I would choose yours. You are a pillar of Light & Love in this vast wilderness of darkness, illusion & confusion.

    Thank you Cobra for Being/Holding this light/Love for us Light Warriors & Workers. You are Much Loved by us. You make a Huge difference.

    Blessed Be,

  115. Dear Cobra, thank you for this update and the great work you have been doing!

    I've been following this blog since the spring of 2012 and it have been hell of a journey. I do not comment often but rest assured, your blog had tremendous effects on my understanding about... basically about everything, but most importantly about my place in this whole situation. Then I felt confused, sometimes even helpless and now I know who I am and what my purpose is. You helped me get more and more awake step by step so it's difficult to express my appreciation and gratitude properly... anyways, thank you again! :)

  116. cobra, you have no idea how important you and this blog are to me and a lot of people out there. for not even a second think your blog is not important nor that it doesn't have a great impact on earth. I usually don't comment here, but i would like to let here my huge Thank You so much!

    Greetings from Brazil!

  117. Cobra:

    >>The main problem is fear which tends to cloud people's judgement. Some people have the tendency to deny the fear and pretend that everything is perfect and we are all one (the New Age crowd) or to project the fear and see everybody as the agent of the Cabal (the conspiracy theory crowd)<<:

    HYE ANGELOctober 10, 2016 at 1:03 PM

    Dear #? UN-KNOWN,

    When i see Warriors like YOU, i wish i could thank YOU as a Sister, or a Brother, and say a few inspiring words to YOU by using any kind of name. A pseudonym, a name of a hero from a legend, from a movie, or a myth...

    Unfortunately, recently, there are too many of you.
    Is that fear that keeps all of you from becoming to be known as somebody of this family/group/forum? For a true WARRIOR of Light, it should NEVER be the case. Please, shine YOUR "LIGHT SWORDS" with NO fear.
    I do. I'm not even afraid of showing my face<<.

    Yes dear ones, UNFORTUNATELY, after thousands of years being programmed to
    F.E.A.R. life itself, it has plunged deep roots in human psyche, and has became a DIS-EASE... So, for the majority of the people , it's not easy to get over with it....

    >>4. Free yourself from the bias and nonsense of the alternative media as you have freed yourself from the bias and nonsense of the mainstream media, and think with your own head<<.

    Sorry, but after reading these words by Cobra, i just couldn't resist re-posting this for one more time.
    Actually, there's nothing to apologize for. There are plenty of newcomers every single day.

    HYE ANGELAugust 10, 2016 at 8:07 PM


    From now on, i will stop FOR GOOD, wasting my time and read/watch the few remaining sites/sources i used to check, and the materials they have.

    NOTHING to observe or study- but those few short, yet TRUSTWORTHY intels by Cobra, and the pleasure of reading some of the most wonderfull comments placed by HIS followers. (Sorry, Cobra, though YOU never liked, wished to be called a guru/teacher, there's no better word to describe who we are on this site).
    Well.... I think "The Army of Light Warriors" would be one of the most appropriate title for YOU and for us! ;)))

    So, let me see....
    The number one source who recently I am very disappointed with is; anti-Putin Fulford.
    NO more Fulford.
    NO more Wilcock and Goode.
    NO more RV deep intel.
    NO more ZAP.
    NO more Keenan.
    NO more ANY channinlings by ANYbody.

    I have always Loved and trusted Cobra.
    I have been one of the few devoted "cobrasssss".


    Victory of the LIGHT is around corner!<<

  118. Cobra...don't get discouraged by the lack of serenity being provided by the human race...we whom are aware will never give up to make things better...even if some don't won't to accept that this intel is true...just know that you have us light workers by your side to give out a timeline that can be different from other ones that already happened... Not all human will be awakened... But a vast majority will make a huge difference for the path of our development.. And Asgardia is a major mile Stone for us and the Compression breakthrough... Love and light Always

  119. How drastic many prophecies are? There is one modern prophecy about the antichrist throwing bananas in comments because of his desperation!
    Cobra thank you for your creative touch, it adds more beauty to the world. Thank you for all of your light!

  120. Lucifer:
    „They have told everybody I had denied to come home into the arms of my beloved Father..“ he says voiceless. „But in fact I never left home…. they used my name for cruelties and vandalism to my Father’s creation, by encouraging artificial life… believe me, Eve… I have never ever strived to be a creator or God… all I did was criticism of the high universal ranks who tried so obviously to mess around with my Father’s concept of creation. The „Law of not interfering“ was led „ad absurdum“ – until it turned against light and life. At this time back then I had successfully been managing my planetary system for a longer period.

    I had pretty much understood my Father’s concept. And I had understood that he was aligned with Papa Source. So I was standing up to publicly tell what nobody else had the heart to do. I’m still missing the words about what happend then. It was a complete embargo set active against me and my people. They must have put CM’s seals on some documents he has never seen.

    Contact between my Father and me was completely disabeled. They got my seal, too, to put it on destructive orders, to make it look like my decrees. I have even heard, Eve, that a double – a clone of artificial intelligence – had been created and programmed to travel around and infiltrate universal citizens. I have no idea, Eve, how such a degree of meannness can move into these high administrative ranks.


    "Truth will set you free but first it will piss you off."

  121. Cobra, There is a saying that a soldier is not happy unless he is complaining and when he is quiet that's when it's time to worry....all the complaints you heard were not necessary and I apologize...but man we are beat up and bruised like you are....I thank you for all you have done....and I send out my love to you and those you liaison with...I know you are only human as well...and the criticism is difficult to see, hear and take....we have criticized the messenger....but we do love you and thank you for this blog...much appreciated my dear gifted and blessed brother of the light.......

  122. Cobra, I want to thank you for your information and your role in the Event. Without Beings like you, we would still be stuck in the Matrix with NO-ONE being awakened.

    Cobra says to go inward to find the mission you were sent here to do. I have gone inward for years and intimately know my mission and have been living my mission for as long as I have known about it. My Mission Statement is "To make a Powerful, Positive difference in every life I touch."

    To this end, I use the Parable of the 100th monkey to understand my mission. I also understand that I am "Anna", and that as soon as the minimum amount of change has taken place in the microcosm, everyone in the macrocosm will automatically change. I know this and I believe this.

    I also understand the Universal Laws. One of them I want to remind everyone about here is the Law of Attraction. What you think, you will get. If you are thinking negative thoughts, you will get negative results. I would also like to add that positive thoughts energize the Resistance and those working for the Light. At the same time, negative thoughts energize the dark forces.

    I have seen a lot of complaints about God and the ET's not doing enough to help us. Remember, this is OUR world, and while the fight the ET's undertook has lasted eons, each world still has a duty to themselves and their fellow beings to fight WITH the Resistance and the ET's to make this come about. Despite the fact that we have lived on a prison planet since the start of Gaia's history, we still owe it to ourselves to do what we can to throw off the shackles and make a conscious decision to PARTICIPATE in our liberation.

    I want to leave everyone with the understanding that you are LOVED, no matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter what your choices are, you are still Loved.

    In Light and Love,

  123. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and sanity. The four practical steps towards true discernment are very much appreciated and I will put those to good use. I am not making excuses for others when they are being negative or overly aggressive with comments but it is understandable, although wrong. People just need to find a better way to let out the anger in a healthy way. My personal recommendation? Exercise, in whatever way you enjoy. Hiking, Body Weight Workouts, Yoga, Martial Arts, it all really really helps.

    We are all tired. The financial/work world ways heavily on many people (myself included) and I feel that it is one of the most effective tools of control. I would like to see more people join the Ubuntu Movement so we can move away from a financial system and work as a community again. Sharing the work load and having a lot more time for ourselves to live, learn and help liberate the planet. I know Ubuntu was mentioned on the site before and that put a smile on my face, along with Basic Income. Anyone interested in connecting with local Ubuntu groups check this link out:

  124. A too big gap in the understanding and knowledge of other creatures leads to lack in empathy. This leads to separation and disharmony. Subconscious frustration and a need for rules to follow. Rules that dont need to make sense as long as they are there to guide you. External guides someone else is putting up, to guide all separate creatures along a common path. The path humanity has been lead along for a long time. It is hard to see anything outside the alley when you are walking on it.

  125. Cobra, please don't stop posting on your blog! I appreciate so much what you do and understand that it must be very difficult at times. But there are people who really resonate with what you are saying and feel that there must be truth to it. But understand that it is hard when literally nobody else gives those kind of infos. A lot of it is very far out and difficult to confirm. We want to believe that everything is that crazy (earth last planet in universe to be liberated etc), but it is just not easy believing it when you are so isolated from all of this.
    As for myself, I just want to say that a lot of what you are saying gives sense to my life, like an affirmation from outside, something I have not found anywhere else, and this means a lot to me! Please keep telling us about the primary anomaly, the octopus being and everything that is going on on this planet and around it. Love you

  126. How The song say , step by step ohh babyyy!!!! LOL


  127. James MitchellOctober 18, 2016 at 4:20 AM
    >>Well, seems like someone is in a bit of a snit! Cobra, you have to realize that the people reading this blog live in the real world. They live isolated lives where they cannot share this information with most people for fear of ridicule or mockery. You seem to live in a world of crystals, tachyon chambers, space balloons, and surrounded by people who get it. Most of us are not so lucky<<.

    (Please, take some time to read the original posting)

    James, you've got some quite good points in there.
    Yes my Brother, it would be much easier for us to be amongst people who would not put us down, ridicule and laught at us, and call us names.

    We would feel more uplifted and would FEEL more powerful to take the tasks....
    It would be a more JOY-full "hobby" to take time from the harsh realities of life, and concentrate on our mission.....
    And i could go on, but i have to stop.

    Now. Can YOU picture yourself being in the position that Cobra has been put for more than 4 years?
    Try to FEEL his own frustration and disappointment when HE sees that he's put himself through the hell, and he IS the one who've been blamed and accused for everything he's been asked to post and inform us.

    Beleive me, he's as igor and anxious to see the VICTORY OF THE LIGHT as we are. Yet it seems, that we're making 1 step ahead, and 3 steps back!

    Once again, would you like seeing YOURself harrassed and blamed for the things where YOU HAVE NO CONTROL AT ALL, my Brother?

    So, why not T-R-Y a little harder to change your toughts and ACTIONS?
    Remember this?

    >>The 3 "C"s in life:

    You must make the CHOICE,
    To take the CHANCE,
    If you want anything in life to CHANGE<<.

    Maybe listening to what othere's are working on would help you to leave Cobra alone, and concentrate on your own mission.... You're a powerfull SOUL, (and i know so well who YOU are, and what your mission is.) Unfortunately, right now, you're very disappointed, confused and YOU're just feeling lost like most of us do. (I'll be sending you a personal email about the "hell of the hells" i WAS going through.)

    Please, listen to what this person, "ETUKLA" is saying. It's so beautiful and extremely beautiful. I couldn't agree more.

    etuklaOctober 18, 2016 at 2:44 PM
    >>My Mission Statement is "To make a Powerful, Positive difference in every life I touch<<.

    I wish that YOU, dear Brother, would start thinking more about your OWN mission and BEgin spreading Love, Hope to the world, and make positive difference FIRST, in YOUR OWN life, and then, other people's lives around you.

    I had to reply, because I Love YOU dear Brother, and I want YOU to remember who YOU really are.

    Your sister,

  128. Cobra,
    Legends Can Be Now...and forever
    Teaching us to love for goodness sake...
    Legends Can Be Now..and forever..
    Loved By The sun...
    Tara Grace..Daughter Of The Elohim...

  129. I've seen the mystics play there
    Once or twice but I knew they had a reason
    Enchantment plays it's cards all right
    Hand in hand with the workings of the seasons

    Legends can be now and forever
    Teaching us to love for goodness sake
    Legends can be now and forever
    Loved by the sun, loved by the sun

    Two and two go so close together
    Whether there is hope that is torn apart
    In the words of all that's singing
    Hand in hand the beginning is at the start

  130. Legends can be now and forever
    Teaching us to reach for goodness sake
    Legends can be now and forever
    Loved by the sun
    Loved by the sun

    Who sings of all of love's eternity
    Whose shines so bright
    In all the songs of love's unending spells

    Only lightning strikes all that's evil
    Teaching us to love for goodness sake
    Hear the music of love eternal
    Teaching us to reach for goodness sake
    Legends can be now and forever
    Tara Grace..Daughter Of The Elohim