Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monitor LSIP position


  1. Petar Vojnović has raised a valid concern.

    On the practical side why not have the same build up to the Weekly Ascension Meditation (which Cobra says has not attained critical mass yet) and make that as epic as the just concluded Etheric Liberation Meditation ?

    Remember Cobra has hinted in an interview that the Event can take place (in spite of the toplet bombs) soon after the critical mass is attained in the Weekly Ascension Meditation.

    Why are we attaining critical mass only in special meditations like this (no offense meant) but not in the Weekly Ascension Meditation !

    1. I speak for myself on this and would be interested to the thoughts of others. I poured my heart into the liberation meditation and I do this daily because for me liberation at this point in time is far more important as it will affect ALL and it will greatly improve the plight of ALL as soon as it happens. We will be having parties in the streets, full of joy and knowing of the great things to come for all. Ascension for me is down the track and a process that will come through my own efforts of self improvement and modification which is a journey in itself but difficult to attain with all the interference that is being run. In other words we should not be putting cart before the horse. Much love to all.

    2. Im seriously surprised that the RM or advanced psychics arent willing to do meditations on sunday. Why rely on humanity cobra when our own skills are supressed? I bet humanity will give permission to pray on out behalf to the underground groups. They are supposedly more advanced so why not have them assist us? If we are there halfway then there must be some assistance.

    3. I look at it like this, the weekly meditations were revving the engine and priming the energy to jump out of the gate full stop, which is what we did on Sunday.

    4. How is there even a distinction? The Etheric happened when we do the weekly. Is there trult a difference?

    5. Sorry, I just thought of this point, but I already hit send on my previous comment. There are people who are in need on a daily basis around the globe, but it's not until there is a tragedy that people (the collective) stop, take notice or pay attention to what's going on and want to help. The meditations are no different.

    6. Why is there a distinction? We did the etheric one at the time we do the weekly one. Is there such a difference that the etheric has no impact on the intent of the weekly one?

    7. imho. i think the call needs to be made to be unique...

      for example.. use one of them upcoming celestial events in order that such energy could assist in hmm i dont know...magnifying the intent or transform it?...then call out for the public to unite in that special day.. to make a grand effort...

      i am sure the daily or weekly meditations assist but individuals would not make it a point to be sure to participate obviously probably because they might feel the 144k is far from being reachead at this moment ... or simply they too busy... n wont make the time.

      this will sound vague... but there is someone somewhere being turture or ill treated seeking assistance... i cant recognize languague of perpetrator.. i do know is foreign ()... i normally dont ask of this but a specific person is seeking help.

      i cant give more details than this except that unlike me i believe some (if not many) of you may have the skills to assist her .

      whatever anyone can do to assist her please do so... or keep her in your moments of meditation.

      i know this is vague... and many of you probably receive calls as such... please keep her in mind.

    8. I think its because is every weekly, and people get discouraged since the critical mass never came. But if Cobra make a meditation for the event for a month from now, we can achieve the critical mass, since we can get more people to participate.

    9. Well, maybe because the Event does not require anyone to occur. Our task would be preparatory training to be in the best possible situation at the time of the Event. In short, housekeeping.

    10. things come in waves as we are all energy. Critical mass is the peak of a wave, the smaller waves are no less relevant. Many's lives ARE their meditation. All is a crecendo. All is well. The outcome is not in doubt. Just my thoughts on your topic. Love and Light

    11. It's because once a week is too often for most people to commit on a regular basis. I used to host a meditation group at home and I found that if it were once a month, many people will forget, and if it were once a week, few people would attend, but once every 2 weeks seemed to be about right - we got the most people participating when our meditation was once every 2 weeks.

    12. It's because once a week is too often for most people to commit to. I used to host a meditation group at home and I found that once a week, very few people would attend and at once a month most people would forget, but once every 2 weeks was about right - we got the most people participating when we had our group meditations every 2 weeks.

    13. Wondering if can do a meditation to heal victims of pedophilia, especially if you can tie into a more esoteric purpose like repairing a vortex or dissolving Yaldabaoth. Can be sure that you'd get a lot of non-regular meditators because most people are obviously sickened by child rape and murder.

    14. This huge meditation was coordinated world wide and beyond, with the exact moment of the eclipse, to use those energies as a huge assist, now the weekly meditations will likely be more effective....✨✨🌎✨✨

    15. One of the main problems I have encountered in trying to recruit more people into joining our meditations is that people outside our little group don't understand what the "Event" is. When I tell people about the Archon invasion of 1996 nobody knows what that is. It is complicated and requires much research to understand it. I think we need to change our message to stay relevant with the times and current events.

      On Reddit people were organizing a synchronized meditation for human trafficking (Pizzagate) and it received a huge response. Everyone wants to see these creeps arrested so many people joined in.


      Many people who never meditated before participated in this meditation including Christians and Atheists.



      Going forward I think it would pay off to be more flexible. Let the RM handle the Archons while surface humans are tasked with things we can more relate to like saving children from human trafficking and mass arresting the perpetrators.

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    17. @Dragon Heart, AD first part: I know where you are coming from... :-) I asked myself what "critical mass" as briefly confirmed by Cobra meant: 144K human surface people or 144K surface + Inner earth? I still think we can reach 144K surface people for a unique unified "Ascenion Meditation". I hope, Cobra will clarify, what at this stage the effect hereof would be if.
      AD second part: I am not sure, whether it is a special person in your mind; what I could offer you is, that I connect with you and send you all the light I am able to send you...give me the date and exact time and I will do so....

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    19. @yorgun Dunyah
      I disagree with that premise. I feel as if the reddit meditation was more significant in terms of human awakening because it shows human beings are taking the steps to accepting full responsibility for their own spiritual development. Humanity needs to learn to stand on its own two feet. Cobra himself even said on many occasions that he is looking for leaders not followers.

      Going back as far as Atlantis humans have been dependent on the priesthood, gurus, and ascended masters for guidance. They would lead and humans would follow. This led to humans developing a "savior complex" that paralyzed humanity from doing anything that was not directly approved of by the gurus and spiritual masters. The savior complex phenomenon can even be seen on this blog as there are many comments asking Cobra do "this" or Cobra do "that." It is time for people to take the full responsibility for the situation. Cobra cannot do everything for us. It is up to us to take the initiative. How many times has Cobra told not to wait for the event to be freed but to stand in our own sovereignty right in the now?

      The RM is not looking to impose yet another "savior" complex on humanity. No more saviors are coming. We are the saviors we are looking for. The reddit mediation represents the first steps of humanity reclaiming their sovereignty independent of the masters. This is not to say humans can't listen to their advice at all but humans need to take on a larger role in deciding their own destiny. It will not be done for us. Humans are divine beings. It is time we started acting like it. We are far more powerful than we realize.

  2. GoldFish Report No.79 Ascension Round-Table: "Unite the Light" (Full Length Edition)



    In the 2nd part of round-table Alfred Webre tells us about upcoming interviews he had with inner earth inhabitants...

    Cobra why did you not participate to the whole round table to discuss with Alfred on this item too??...

  3. From the Fulford report (this week)

    "“Satan has returned to the original creation and received absolution.” What this means is that what is going on now on the surface of the planet earth is a mopping up operation targeting lesser demons, this source says."

    And yesterday:
    "SpaceX announces 2018 manned trip to orbit moon"

    Wow, just WOW!!

    1. This Fulford thing could be a metaphore and not in spiritual meaning.

    2. Here are excerpts straight from the Cobra Matrix FAQ (http://esaccoalition.org/matrix-faq/) site when you search for "Satan" :

      "Lucifer and Satan

      Lynn - OK. Especially during the last few decades the Illuminati has been very successful in deceiving humanity by deception, especially "The great trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he doesn't exist “. Why so few people in the spiritual community are discussing the role of Satan & Lucifer during this critical time and only discussing the extraterrestrials? What do you think is the reason behind all of this?

      COBRA - The reason behind all this is BECAUSE those individuals you mentioned are no longer important in the great scheme of things.

      Lynn - What do you mean Cobra? Why are they not important?

      COBRA - Because one of them has been removed from the planet and gone to the central sun and the other one has crossed to the light and is working for the light forces.

      Lynn - Which one is working for the light forces

      COBRA - This is classified information at this point.

      ---ref pc0815


      Judi – I have some questions from the internet. Gill would like to know who is Lucifer and is he connected to any of the Alien races dominated this solar system?

      COBRA – This entity has been removed from the planet quite some time ago and is now working with the light forces and has been transformed and no longer part of the dark Cabal. This entity came from the Andromedan galaxy long time ago and he had an important role in the history of this planet. He is no longer part of this planetary system. So he is no longer here.
      ---ref pc0215

      Rob – Could you speak about the being known as Lucifer? Was he real? Is he quarantined here? What is the situation with the beings and how are they related to the hostile group of chimera.

      Cobra – O.K. That being has been captured by the light forces many years ago and has crossed into the light and is now assisting the light forces.

      Rob – Wow, that’s interesting news. That’s actually coincides with Dr. Bell said. He mentioned that too, so that’s interesting to hear you say it that way again.
      ---ref rp1214

      Rob – OK. Can you comment . . . The next question was, ‘Can you explain more about the being that we would know as Satan?’

      COBRA – No. No, I will not make any comment about that being.

      Rob – OK. Is he this same being as the one called Set.

      COBRA – Yes."

  4. From Fulford this week's report, that he wrote words as 'quarantine', 'faster than Light' shows that he is also informed of something about 'behind the scenes!'

  5. It looks like The beast's trail ends in Antarctica.

    Can you Cobra please tell us more about the source of radiation being detected in EU, probably from Antarctica in your next report?

    1. https://www.simonparkes.org/single-post/2017/02/27/Radiation-Over-Parts-Of-US-Europe

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  6. Solar Power used to cost over $2000 just to run 1 or 2 things in your house. Now you can run your entire house for around $200. Here's how you do it
    Future Of Solar Energy

  7. Thinking outside one box to include...
    (your idiot box..?)
    PBS New Series...
    Africa's Great Civilizations
    (I forgot, but still might be up on a smart TV)
    Fragments of "Time" all around our target
    Almost like, some kind of "Portal"
    Christianity established before the west showed-up
    And Powerful queens of Kush that stood against Augustus Caesar
    (hmm... no cemtrails)

    1. cant make heads or tails out of ur message however..
      i must agree to your thought... u hit it in the mark..
      "my idiot's box" indeed... there is no other way to describe it all..

      sorry had to borough that phrase for a second

    2. Bummer, I liked this one... I really liked the TV series (one of the tools I was going to blog)
      (oh, and didn't know why)
      I only get 4 or 5 TV channels... was it the "smart" TV..? (that's streaming apps... Roku, PS4, tablets)

      A bigger part of PBS is really starting to shine...
      Not the volume but the content is par with HBO, Show Time, and NetFlix... Do you suspect "fake history"..?

      Seeing all that (might be free on the net as well)
      was a much better connection
      How will you know if the Portal is fixed (except faith)

      12 churches carved into the ground I never heard of...
      Anyway, if the key Goddess Portals were the target, I could totally see what you mean

      HEY... have you ever run one of those
      free "shout boxes"... I have a few I don't use
      You paste the code on a page... but I use them with just the URL bookmarked

      Trump (and the first Lady) vs the Pope... still both..?

    3. Wow... that shouldn't have happened
      Little bit of a shock
      My little buddy (Son, 15yr old)
      We made some changes to his Steam account (IcePod) and he left the email open... kids
      (Try your "raging" posts with one on your lap)
      A Box for all sizes... It's the "free" one and might be a little slow (refresh button)... Just open in a new window to chat "live"
      even set-up get togethers ;)
      Just thinking inside the box

  8. This weeks Sheldan Nidle sounds encouraging!
    Can any lightworkers on here say if Sheldan's channelings are accurate and correct information? Thanks.

    1. Cobra has said that Sheldan is a genuine Sirian contactee. I trust him for the most part but recently his updates have been talking about the currency reset and revaluation as if they could happen at any moment. I don't believe those things can happen until after The Event, and people probably won't care as much about them afterwards.

    2. stuarttacey: I like what Sheldan Nidle positively expresses in this recent channeling and it seems accurate. I have only read some of his previous expressions and as much as they are positive, which is good, I remember them as being general without much details. I would also suggest that you might wish to look into the "readings" of Christine Preston (from Swansea, UK). She's on facebook and other blogs if you do a Google search. I think we all have to use our inner intuition because I have never found ANYONE who is 100% accurate in their perceptional abilities, gifts, and state of consciousness to know all things -- except the Almighty Father, Source. The same is true for Cobra and all Lightworkers, Angels; each person is meant to know so much, according to their mission, path, and purpose. But everyone has limitation except the ONE which has no limitations -- what we call the most high "God." Peace.

    3. Shelden Nidle every every week says the event and Nesara will be "next week". Is always the same. Forget about him.

    4. I remember someone asking Cobra about him and Cobra said his channeling was accurate.

    5. Dis info dont bother with channelings

    6. stuart arent his messages similar every week? in fact doesnt most all out there are?. is like a never ending roller coaster ride where at the end or beginning of each horizontal curve we get told that we are soon to reach our destination... then we get to face the next part... a vertical drop... then we get uplifted by a tease such as the discovery of ancient ruins (which by the way we never get to see but all those in higher grounds get to whisper about)... and on... and on. and on.

      Anyways... such is the mechanics of the game.

    7. @Love-Bliss-A.. Just on a side not.... without hesitation you are naming the Source / the One "Almighty Father, "God". This by itself is a limitation... and it is interesting that you found ONE to be 100% correct... hmm... you two obviously have a very close relationship.. :-)
      In any case, I certainly agree that we should use our own discernment when reading channelings...

    8. Manammarie: I agree that any "words" are limited in describing the indescribable SOURCE, the ONE which is omnipresent, therefore omniscient, omnipotent and all benevolent qualities which come from "Himself!" That "SELF" is ALL IN ALL. That is why it is the only COMPLETE knowledge, having no limitation, which differs from human beings or ANY of "His" creation, which have limitation. "God" knows all there is to know about all things, past, present and future, SIMULTANEOUSLY. No other being has that capacity. That is the point I was making. That is the ONE I was referring to, without a "second." Peace.

    9. US President Donald Trump Addresses the Joint Session of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives), America and the World -
      February 28, 2017:


    10. since I already "lost my religion" I can freely say... if the ONE didn't have limitations why did he choose to keep us in bondage... for the joy ride?

      What was soo enticing that he decided to bend to the demands of the dark ones. Where he demonstrated to the dark that as long as they could keep planets/beings hostage they were to reign carefree.

      What example did your Almighty... unlimited ONE God sent to his CHILDREN.

      I think is time then for your GOD to send us the true message of what benevolence and LIGHT is all about... and demostrate his almightiness... which is to STOP a ridiculous game in its TRACK..

      THAT Is WHAT A GOD MEANS for me. HE wants to do it with love nice.. Manifiest those darn cities of lights on the spot... Weather we like it or not.. weather we are vibrationally there or not.

      All this game does.. is to really want one to ask.. is THERE really a GOD out there.

    11. I think it is obvious I am not here to score points with heaven.
      Saddly but true... the more I learn about the macro and microcosm, the less I know... it becomes clearer by the minute.

    12. I think is time I step away from this blog for a while... specially when your thoughts are more feel with anger than with reason.

    13. "your thoughts" meaning mine.

    14. What if Adam chose to stick to The Plan of God...
      How can you blame God for guns, and cars

      So... let's make you God, and for my birthday, you give Earth... And I take the gift of fire to make guns, so I can rule over the Earth with suffering and pretend to be God with "all" the oil of Earth
      And now... I expect God to be angry, and do "something", because "unless" there is suffering, "money" (I created, has "no power")
      Who has the right to just toss-up there hands and walk away here... or
      If you give me enough rope, will I hang myself
      (like a cat stuck in a tree)

  9. Does anyone know the exact location of the Congo portal?

    1. From Cobra post:

      "The master key for the energy grid around the planet is the Congo vortex. That is a huge energy vortex that is anchored in Lake Kivu in Congo."


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Lake Kivu on Google Maps:


  10. Hermanos en la luz🌼 Soy chilena 🌺 my english is not so good 🌺 I believe we can achieve the critical mass in the weekly ascention meditation 🌷☘️ I have created my own group of friend that share the meditation 🌺 each day we are more 🌷 I just remember through WhatsApp about the meditation a few minutes before it begins and it works 🌺 I personally meditate each day 🌺 We can do it!!! 🌺 Each day, we are more and more 🌺 It is like the light rays at daybreak ☀️ at the begining, they are thin and soft, but slowly they grow and they increase their power until they achieve the most powerful light at noon ☀️🌈 our planet is awakening and we are doing so ☀️ the Schumann resonances power is reaching higher and higher levels, specially in Afrika. πŸ’« we have to continue struggling for the most important aim we have ever had ☀️ the liberation of our beloved planet through meditation, love and peace πŸ™πŸΌ❤️πŸ™πŸΌ is there anywhere something more praised than this goal? 🌈 we should continue working without looking for results today ... but the resplendent day is near 🌼🌿and each of us count 😍 we are not alone πŸŒ·πŸƒ our brothers pleyadians, sirians, arcturians, our intraterrestrial brothers and our ascended masters stay by our side
    πŸ™πŸΌ❤️πŸ™πŸΌ Victory of the light for ever and ever!!!
    πŸ™πŸΌ❤️πŸ™πŸΌ I send love to all of you πŸ™πŸΌ❤️πŸ™πŸΌ

  11. I liked the following dialogue and information which may be interesting and useful to others:

    Questioner: Amma, what is Your definition of unconditional love and compassion?

    Amma: It is a totally undefinable state.

    Questioner: Then, what is it?

    Amma: It is expansiveness, like the sky.

    Questioner: Is it the inner sky?

    Amma: There is no inside and outside there.

    Questioner: Then?

    Amma: There is only oneness. That is why it cannot be defined.

    *********** ***********

    Questioner: Amma, how does one learn to have pure, innocent love, as You say?

    Amma: Only something that is alien to you can be learned. But love is your true nature. Within you, there is a wellspring of love. Tap that source in the right way and the shakti (energy) of divine love will fill your heart, expanding endlessly within you. You cannot make it happen; you can only create the right attitude within yourself for it to happen.

    *********** ***********

    Questioner : Amma, what is true love?

    Amma: True love is the state of complete fearlessness. Fear is part and parcel of the mind. Therefore, fear and genuine love cannot go together. As the depth of love increases, the intensity of fear slowly decreases.

    Fear can exist only when you are identified with the body and mind. Transcending the weakness of the mind and living in love is Godliness. The more love you have, the more divinity is expressed within you. The less love you have, the more fear you have and the more you move away from the center of life. Fearlessness, indeed, is one of the greatest qualities of a true lover.

    *********** ***********

    In the text of the Yoga Sutras, the eight limbs of yoga are presented in the following order:

    1) the five yamas or personal virtues, such as ahimsa or non-violence, and satya, truthfulness

    2) the five niyamas or rules of life, including shaucha, purification, and swadhyaya, study

    3) pranayama, the breathing practices

    4) the asanas, the poses of yoga

    5, 6, 7,) the three stages of mental practice, pratyahara, dharana, and dhyana or meditation.

    8 ) Samadhi, the union of the busy thinking mind with its deepest, most silent level, the unified field of consciousness, the Self. Think of an individual wave settling down and experiencing the unbounded ocean. This is "pure happiness," "bliss," ever present BEING.

    However, despite the fact that Ashtanga translates as eight LIMBS, and not eight STEPS or stages, many have thought Patanjali meant that his eight-fold approach should be practiced only in this step-by-step, sequential order, starting with the personal virtues and observances, and culminating in "Transcendental Meditation" for the purpose of gaining samadhi.

    However, it is said that "the PATH of virtue is virtually impossible."

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM), illuminated Patanjali's words:

    Proficiency in the virtues can only be gained by repeated experience of "samadhi." In other words, it is mistaken to think that improved morality and behavior is REQUIRED to reach samadhi; rather, Maharishi said that virtuous behavior and morality comes as a result of the experience of that most unified and blissful level of life. Through repeated contact and experiences with "pure awareness," ever present "samadhi," one spontaneously gains all virtues. All branches of a tree grow simultaneously when we "water the root."


  12. What's going on? I just felt an extreme sense of urgency right now. Just received a sudden shock of energy that engulfed my whole being and made me feel anxious. I hope everything is going well down in Antartica. Don't let the cabal set off another nuke. My blessings are with you RM. Victory of the Light!!

    As always, Much Love and Much Light - Peace Be With You
    ~ The Light Sharer

  13. http://news.sky.com/story/meet-dorsen-8-who-mines-cobalt-to-make-your-smartphone-work-10784120

  14. Yes we need the same participation every Sunday morning no reason it cant happen.

  15. http://didthesystemcollapse.com/

    Haven't noticed the Shanghai Gold Exchange being open for several days now (unless the Web site above has stopped tracking it for some reason). Last time they the SGE was closed for about a week, the Cabal smashed down the price of paper gold and silver on the LBMA but that hasn't happened this time. Wondering if it means anything or I'm just overreading the tea leaves (as gold bugs tend to do).

    1. I had also noticed... And in the last two days the price of gold in the Cabal/Shanghai Gold Exchanges is mostly the same, even tough Shanghais's one is closed.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. "Massive East Coast Internet Outage Pinned On Amazon Cloud Failure"

    People saying that the

    "Southeastern Conference or the Securities and Exchange Commission" (SEC) is down too

    "It’s not just you: Massive internet outage is sweeping the East Coast"

    1. I misread that first. I thought it said Massive East Coast Internet Outrage Pinned on Amazon (thought Amazon Rainforest) Cloud Failure. You totally had me worried that the Amazon Rainforest was suddenly facing a draught.

  18. WE ARE COMING FOR YOU PODESTAAAAH...AND your whole crew! Demonstration permit sent today!


    1. I hope the light forces have a "special plan" for the Podesta/Clinton entities.

  19. I hope something good is going on behind the scenes, or else im going to lose my mind... Like really, living 26,000 years on such a world is hard stuff, you know, if you had my memories it would be getting killed over and over and over... That's horrible. I need healing, true healing, for myself and the whole humanity, not to live longer on such a world to "learn my lessons". All my lessons are learnt, now get me out of this hellworld or let's make it into a better place, ASAP!

    I have asked many times before, but PLEASE, let's so a mass Event (not weekly) meditation. Pick a good astrological date, and let's go! Do you even understand what would happen? If people saw a post, that there is a special Event meditation scheduled? We would reach 3 or more times the critical mass! The surface population wants the Event and we want it NOW! One meditation would be all it takes to free humanity... One... Please, for your and our good, for humanity, let's have ONE such meditation... Im sick of suffering and im sick of seeing people die all the time, but we could change this... This is not learning to be spiritual in a negative environment sort of lesson, this is pure madness, insanity, this is NOT how reality was meant to be, then why do we allow this to happen??? Cobra, pick up on this, i know, you have much stuff to do, and maybie now is not the time or something, but what is currently going on with our world, suffering and all, it's not beneficial. The lords of karma will drive people crazy, we will lose SOULS. SOULS COBRA!!! Im really sorry that i am negative, but please, for how long does this have to continue?

    1. I agree with you..but it won't be for long I hope...cause we both want this suffering for humanity to end now

    2. I agree, make the same meditation but for liberatipn instead. we already reached critical mass with the last one. As cobra stated.


    3. @ngobas mc
      I was having very tough times. Extremely disoriented and confused, so i couldn't get the strenght to do even my daily meditations. One day i was trying to find a mediation video that could help me to overcome my stress. After a while, i watched this video, and after the 3rd time, it worked! So, I got hooked to this one. It's so beautiful and it's only 10 minutes long. Actually, this is for the WHOLE humanity. Yet, i started by doing it JUST FOR ME. And after awhile i started feeling a lot better. I hope this will help you, too.

      Violet Flame Invocation -narrated by Patricia Cota Robles


    4. guys what has notmade cleared is if this particular critical mass was reached due to the support of the Agatthan... or was actually all from the surface population..

      the critical mass once required for the event was yhat it needed to be from surface pop...

      in addition it is necessary to revisit the question.. if the meditation will indeed triggee the event... or will assisr in removing bombs n clearing yaldab faster.. i think it will do the latter.

  20. Disruptive Technology and Free Energy Under Donald Trump?

    Foster Gamble from Thrive - Interview

    February 27, 2017

    In this Luke Rudkowski interviews an expert on disruptive technology and creator of the Thrive documentary Foster Gamble. Many rumors have circulated about Donald Trump releasing new technologies that the U.S government has kept secret and in this video we give you some context on this very important issue.


    1. Trump to release free energy technology has the same chance as Obama had relating to UFO disclosure

    2. Maxreg: Your comment reveals that you haven't viewed the video interview of Foster Gamble, which has much more to do with the huge developments in technology and inventions, than President Trump's revealing of them. Foster believes disclosure will be THIS YEAR, independent of what President Trump does. Notice how your comment reveals a bias, when instead, it would be valuable to be OPEN to all possibilities with God. Peace.

  21. I have the slight impression that we are manipulated on Samsara's wheel, it seems that our spirits are doomed in a slave cycle. You know what I'm saying and what I'm talking about, I'm tired of it. I want change here and now. Meditate for victory

  22. What really helped make this meditation a success was Archangel Michael removing from our sphere so many Archons on Feb 14. They can no longer gang up on me/us like they did before and total pressure opposition to my personal sphere has almost been halved.

  23. The critical mass include inner Earth human. I know the inner Earth human must have resonate the feel of spiritual attack die to the quantum connections of closest ties as the early human abandon their children allowing these childrens to be manipulated and enslaves by highly power archon and reptile histile species. We must forgive these human as well as those breakaway German civilization who has turn around to defend human against the reptiles when his own kind become extinct. When hostile reptiles become harmless lizard and fierce T-rex become harmless birds and chickens, all beings can turn into blissful and harmless lifeforms. Let the lightforce clear the anomaly and human grow with another peaceful 26,000 years cycle like Heaven. Do not take the role of chief justice into your own hands as you become part of the contagious conflicts engineered by the Archon.

    1. If you are a long runner of this blog you will remember that critical mass does not include the inner earth!...

  24. From the recent PFC Turkey Interview:

    "Q28: Now that The Illuminati is being shown as defeated in some alternative media and new government is taking place in the USA in the leadership of Trump. And it is being shown as Trump is going to do all the good things, disclosure, the revaluation, economic change, etc. Can we come to a conclusion that now the Illuminati seems to be fading from the scenes and the Jesuits are taking the stage and they are showing like a new world is dawning but they will stage the new world order and deceive all of us when we look at the events taking place now in the world.

    Is this their final game against the Event or the cosmic shift?

    C: Yes."


    1. It indeed is good to bear this in mind when following the developments, so we do net get fooled and distracted.

      It is the Final! game and we Lightworkers and Lightwarriors need to stand strong and do our work. And I am so grateful, we all did so at the Etheric Liberation Meditation and are continuing to so...

    2. good Zeus!!... you know who you guys are going to awaken... You are going to hear from him in a minute.

  25. More to the 26th folks! So an "Event" meditation may be... yet people in these comments have missed th specific tasks (all inter- connected) on the 26th that were imperative to happen before th "Event," such as wiping out th 1996 core evil's roots, Congo/Africa's human sacrifice (etc) home base on Earth, cutting off th dark's "food source," thus related evil like th head of Yaldeboth (?) and related suffering+control of humans could implode, be erradicated. Perhaps there's more to th Event taking too long ... like our united spiritually powered warriorship. Safety first

  26. Whatever we do on the surface of the Earth requires critical mass of 144000!

    1. a lightworker.. some high end algorithm came up with that number. I think is the minimum number of participants to create a desired energy field perhaps to be of influence.... I am being fairly simplistic in explaining... I really can't remember the actual terms. I might be wrong too :)

  27. When are we going to see that intel report? Did this meditation help speed up The Event? That's one of the main things I'm waiting to find out.

    During the meditation I asked for the speeding up of The Event too ... did anyone else do that????

  28. I feel that these are the steps for ascension. It's more than just doing meditations.
    I had been entangled for 15 years of depression. Mind programmed to be resentful and powerless victim.
    Being thankful 24/7 was my way to climb up from depression, and get out of the muddy terrain of negative thoughts. Using thankfulness I was able to reverse my negative vortex.

    Once I climbed up of the mud, practicing being joyful 24/7 is my next goal. Joy is powerful. It's the level where the healing occurs. Joy at a cellular level.

    In order to be in place of healing, we need to stop participating in the eternal cycle of persecutor, victim, and rescuer. The world somehow is entangled in this eternal transaction triangle. The trap where we keep running to nowhere.

    Joy is where we want to go. And by feeling joy, you can start a positive vortex that will transform everyone that surrounds you. You drag them into this vortex of joy, and that is how we can heal the planet.

    How to get there?

    LOVE is the tool. With love, you can unblock everything that is blocking from the place of joy. With love, we can forgive the most terrible things done to us and let it go. With love, we have strength to not be in fear anymore and stand up on our feet. With love, we can respect others and ourselves, and accept, which is embracing everyone's individualities. With love, we have patience to uncover the reality behind the reality, instead of merely reacting.

    Whatever you do today, do it with joy. If you don't feel joy, then use love to help you get there.

  29. In attention of the up coming Ascension Conference:

    To be taken into discussion details about the 4th density, its octaves, and how to ascend at any expense in at least the lower octaves of 4th density in order to escape alive the 3rd density??

  30. honestly astral. I think you need to exactly post this every time a new Cobra post gets created. As a reminder or an eye opener for those unaware to this.

    In fact I think such task should not be left to one individual but it should be set almost like a permanent post somewhere visible to all at all times.

  31. Just had a thought... send it to Ben F. apparently he doesnt know or "want" to know :)...