Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Etheric Liberation Meditation Videos

Etheric Liberation meditation videos have been created in 25 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!


We need translations in additional languages, especially Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and Swahili. Please send your translations to and videos will be created in your language and posted here.


English (audio guided meditation without background information):














  1. Victory of the Light ♥ let's accelerate the cleansing of this mess in a game-changing way on this special occasion! All gathered in heart on february 26 ☼

    1. Ohhhh kay folks....

      Here we go ....

      USE YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER - A FIREFOX ADDON or any other method to download these videos and make them viral (there is also a Firefox addon that converts YouTube videos to mp3 files. Alternatively there are several web-sites where you can convert YouTube videos online and download them ). Don't depend on your Internet connection at the time of the meditation.

    2. Good point. I believe I will do just that. Thanks.

    3. Voice-Guided Etheric Liberation Meditation (432Hz)

  2. Bravo. Well done, people!

    For anyone having extreme amounts of scalar attacks, or brutal torture in dreams, remember, you are loved by everyone on the planet, and that love beats the dark. Do not fear the darkness, as they are powerless aginst you and your light energy, vibrations and positive emotions. I love you for who you are, good or bad, no matter what, you receive my love. Remember: your existance is the most prescious thing in this reality. Dark and negative energy is powerless aginst light love and positivity. You are here for a reason, your lesson is to remain as positive as possible, even in such a negative enviroment. Do not feel discouraged if someone says he/she dislikes you, or you are powerless, because you aren't. You are the source of love, of light, of positivity, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD! BELEVE IN YOURSELF! YOU CAN DO IT! WE SUPPORT YOU 100%!

    Also, there's a link on this website, that takes you to most important cobras intel, go there, and find a protection article. There, you will recieve instructions on how to protect yourself from these attacks.

    Also, i recommend watching 777alaje on youtube.

    These attacks are happening because the cabal is falling, archons are being healed, and the matrix is falling appart. This is an indication that something BIG is about to go down. Now, do what i said and make this world a better place to be in, stay positive, and manifest the victory of the light! The time is now and now it shall be!

    1. exactly, i have been attacked to the point of having depression by scalar attacks and negative entities.

      But im back again :) keeping light strong.

    2. I bought some magnet bracelets, but I don't think the magnetic field is strong enough through them, so I'm buying some strong disc shaped magnets to attached on the bracelets.

      I don't know if I'm under any kind of attack or if it's just the usual aches and pains, but just in case I'm using the magnets.

      So far everything I've tried doesn't help. The D. Earth didn't. The health pens had no effect on me what so ever. I don't feel anything when I hold them, and the Cinamanti stone doesn't make me look closer at myself, yet I will still keep taking the DE and keep the health pens around, and always keep the stone around my neck.

      Just in case.

    3. I enjoyed reading your positive comment, "ngobas mcwas." I agree with you on the scalar attacks, and I'm finding hard to meditate alone in New York. I need look at what Cobra said to defend against these scalar attacks. I also enjoy watching Part 4 of 777alaje videos.

    4. Could you and others please explain how you experience these perceived attacks?

      I'll explain mine. Perhaps we can find patterns and strategies for coping.

      As I quiet my mind, as in not engaged in activity, focus or self-directed thought, I often hear alien sounding voices. They have no discernible sex, but I would guess male. They are boiling with contempt. They sound very nasal. They definitely don't sound human. Imagining what anthropomorphic type of ET they could be, only birds or reptiles seem to fit. They don't sound baritone, they sound like whiny, shrill, annoying voices. I find it impossible to see them as tall, meaty, dominant Dracos, perhaps they are subminions of some kind.

      They sometimes overlay my own internal dialog in real time with their voices, only oozing with contempt. They often make aggressive sounds, and just before or after, sounds of crying women and sometimes even cries of benevolent seeming men, presenting these as benevolent beings unable to deal with these spoiled cosmic manchildren parasites and in utter despair over it or id despair over my inadequacy of strict adherence to light behavior. The horrible voices say things that indicate I failed in my spiritual mission, that I'll be judged and placed with dark beings, that the benevolents are abandoning me. They say "we hate you" a lot, especially after I get a moment of realization of truth about them or overcome their behavior. When they irritate me enough they say, "you hate me." Most of the time it follows a repeating pattern like its some application of artificial intelligence. Yet, it is very much aware of my current thoughts.

      I hear them every day, often most of the day. I manage to interact with others and carry on fine, but they are distracting at times though.

      I also feel sensations of joy and anxiety in between my belly and my heart, where the will chakra supposedly exists. It seems like a reward/punishment mechanism. I also feel a goosebump like sensation and tension sensation on my scalp, sometimes coupled with pressure and pinching sensations under my scalp. This usually happens after I dispel the sensation in my chest area by putting my hand over it or by focusing imagery washing away the unwanted energy.

      Whenever I confront the influence significantly, my computer monitors especially, but many other objects around me make settling sounds, as if temperature changed or they were disturbed by vibration. (I have good hearing) It can be a collection of sounds all over the room in short order, in the same instant I have the confrontation or receive an emotionally charged transmission. If I could only record my thoughts I could prove a correlation, I think. They seem to want to harass as much as possible without yielding proof of their existence.

      This form of interaction started after I called this influence out as malevolent. It had previously been impersonating unnamed benevolent beings. Yet, as I was yet to realize, it was always trying to drive me into a negative state from that perceived scenario. They'd tell me directly or imply the same sorts of things as I just mentioned, that my behavior wasn't adequate for being light, that I'd be placed with dark beings, that I'd failed in my mission. As long as I did things perfectly they'd leave me alone. As soon as I started to fail in MY personal goals, they'd swoop in and start the negative charade. This whole interaction started around 2007/2008 as I recall. I don't remember what year it was when I called it out and changed the interaction. The object settling sound was there from the beginning, as was the pleasant and unpleasant chest sensation. I think the scalp sensation came later, but I am unsure. These first interactions were more on the thought level than with voices. The same sort of crying was there though.

    5. I think these beings are very much involved with a deception of appearing to be light. Yet, they are knowable by the emotional vibrations they elicit with their transmissions. Submission to unaccountable authority seems to be the aim of their game.

      I have come to KNOW that trust is built on a verifiable identity and its track record of behavior. I WILL NOT trust without it ever again. They wanted me to submit to them as if they are authoirty of light, being anonymous in identity, just generically, light. Now we both know that isn't going to happen so they just harass me.

      I also get thoughts of violence I have not the slightest desire to manifest. They are often directed at the people, animals and things that I love. I know they are not me and that they came with this influence. When I correctly identify them as from this influence, it often responds in a way that indicates that it was involved. "I hate you." or "you hate me.", the chest and/or head sensation. Hey, it's the reverse of Barney the dinosaur! LOL

      I get thoughts of gross imagery, behavior, often sexual, that I have no lust to even have. They do send lustful thoughts that are aligned with me too, to be disruptive to what I am trying to focus on. Whatever works in the moment to distract or disrupt, stealing focus and perhaps emotional energy. They try to make me feel guilt and shame with this and other types of transmissions.

      They send temptations to me that appear to be my own thoughts, aligned with my own vice vulnerabilities. It took a while for me to realize they weren't me. I still miss a lot of them I am sure. They send a lot of chattery thoughts to me too. It's as if they are the noise I get when I try to meditate. Meditation helps with reducing the frequency of transmissions as well as their ability to fool me that they are my thoughts. I highly recommend meditation.

      I should mention that lately they have been pulling back on direct vocal harassment and doing more chest/scalp sensations and thought insertions. Some days or weeks, their transmissions feel distinctly weaker than my own thoughts, contrasting with mine most delightfully, similar to how a hologram might have visual artifacts causing a failed visual deception. They also don't seem as competitent at times, using the wrong database or something. Perhaps their assets are being damaged at those times.

      I've had great emotional relief, and armor from their attacks, by loving myself as I am without feeling the need to change anything that I can't change. They play on insecurites, fears, shame, (perceived) guilt, despair, depression, pain, etc. They are lovely beings, aren't they?

      Sometimes they just laugh or cry in their alien voices, both sounds so similar I can't discern the difference at times.

      They laugh in a wierd way, too intensely, at tragic things, like hyenas and they repeat and are uncreative like computers. It greatly reminds me of this story.

      Often by refocusing my mind away from them I get the best results. They seem to require and grab at my attention.

      The foreign installation described by Don Juan Matus seems to fit them too.

      And, of course, the story of the archons and reptilians put out by Cobra fits this experience too.

      I'd love to hear what other people are experiencing as attacks, so please do tell us about it. Maybe you have better coping methods than I found.

    6. well my attacks are cupcakes in comparison to yours...

      i think is a grand step recognizing the source of your attacks... even if the complete understanding of the puzzle isnt there.

      good to know how meditation has assisted you.

    7. this brings a thought to mind... wish one of you writers would create epic short story or series about the awakening...
      perhaps for a change to highlight the abilities that were forcefull suppressed (opportunity to share to readers the real background history of our slavement)..

      the characters in these stories (of all levels) vary in mission and abilities (including denial as many are in)... they quest thru the misty valleys of unknown dimensions.. the lower darkish layers of 3d to the adventures in the upper levels... where each different character exercises their skills and newly learn ones... there you can transform the general perception that hearing voices is a sign of mental illness..

      a world where channelers. claivoyancy.. clairaudiency and every type of abilities get introduced to the general public in a fun adventurous dramatic thrilling and envigorating way... to the point where people would wish if possible to venture into discovering their own powers...

      oh yes... not forgetting to highlight the challenges we all face in the physical reality and how they all are connected...

      add more magic to it too... where characters meet their guides or animal totems to even their child within... where in some stories the deteriorated state of each individual in the physical gets reflected in other realms ... but ultimately the goal is to seek and reach the healing in all levels...

      just a thought.

    8. maybe start small...

      maybe there are some animators that could create short stories. to be introduce to the younger pupulation that has not yet lost the lust for magic... magic meaning the curiosity to embark and embrace the unknown... what so much of the adults have lost already.

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    10. That would be one of the first few (Cobra) links from a few posts back
      (where I seem to be stuck on my reading list)
      (Two a T... except the voices, I just don't recall)
      Rules of the Game...
      For the fruitfulness of many Gods
      would have to be...
      Lookie No Touchy
      There must be a place in the Physical, even for a God to work from
      To "move" the Physical... even with Love
      A power that moves beyond motion

      (After an incredibly intense energetic activation, I became aware, as clearly as you are reading these words right now, of a system that had completely infiltrated the human condition, yet was almost 100% invisible to detection.

      Etheric Implants and Entities ARE “Human Nature”)

    11. @Dragon Heart, what an amazing idea.. Thank you so much for your inspiration. Actually, I just felt to sharing a story, but was slightly hesitatnt to do so here (hope… this is about what you had in mind) Here I go:

      When Elder Dragon wrote about the Chinese Dragons, Shinryu and Tianlong, I remembered my encounter with an impressive Dragon of 11 years ago, which is especially close to my heart.

      As I often do, one day I was sitting in the forest under my beloved trees, closed my eyes and started to dream. I saw a whole in the earth in front of me and couriously I climbed down the ladder which led down into the earth…deaper and … until I arrived in a cave. Stepping off the ladder I saw hundreds of pitch black snakes all over the damp ground, which made me feel slightly uncomfortable, yet I was not afraid, since they seemed not to pay attention to me.

      I looked up and there I saw him: a huge Dragon sitting at the entrance oft he cave in brilliant white light. I approached him and greeted him politely. In a very noble manner he smiled at me and just told me to sit on his back. So I did. He spread out his enormous wings and flew with me over the most beautiful breathtaking landscapes I can imagine. Finally, we arrived at the top of a very high tree, where I saw a big nest embedded in the leaves. In the nest were two huge eggs and next to them the half of an empty egg shell. I climbed down into the nest and the next minute I felt I was a little dragon baby sitting in this cosy egg shell and I happily started to nibble at the surrounding tree leaves. The Dragon shaked his head, smiled at me, and said: „you are a human and humans do not eat leaves of trees; come, let us fly instead“. So I spread out my little dragon wings, hesitated a moment when looking deep down, took a deep breath and took off. And there I was, flying with the Dragon in bright sunlight over grasslands, forests and mountains. Never before had I felt so happy and limitless. Up to this date I can relate to this feeling, which I have been safeguardng ince in my heart as a most precious treasure and gift.

    12. .. and the evening after I had read the post of Elder Dragon I wantd so much to meet the Dragon again and I called upon him. As a result I started to hear loud ringing vibrating noises in my head. I really thought my ears would fall off... In addition, for the first time I could hear clearly a deep vibrating hum at around 11 mhz. So I immediately turned on the 11.7 mhz sound (which I felt was identical), I built a bridge of brillant white light between the Galactic Central Sun and the Earth, I remebered the tree-fold flame, and called my Guides for protection; basically I did everything which came to my mind to protect myself. It worked. I slept very well and woke up the next morning full of energy.

    13. @Anonymityisdead1984, much of your experince seems very similar to mine, although I never ifentified the voices as alien. After I had decided last week to get out of my comfort zone and re-connect with people (and to start off with a Facebook page)I had a pretty bad weekend. There they were - all these voices telling me, that I was not worthy, that I was just pretending to be aware but that actually I had no idea, that I was doing more harm than good and it is better for me and all the others to stay away from participating in the upcoming meditation.... Fortunately, I have taught myself to stand aside and letting it talk, to just listen. I constantly remind myself that these thughts are not me. This maybe sounds easy, but frankly, I did feel very down and confused. Finally, took a walk at the nearby river and continued a painting, which has given me headaches since two weeks, as it somehow never felt right. I finished it today (if soemone is interested it is on my fb page)... and yes.. I finally have a fb page.

    14. yorgun dünyali, thank you for mentioning caffeine! I neglected to mention that drinking caffeine actually noticeably reduces the intensity, frequency and effect this influence has on me. Lack of sleep can do the opposite. I wondered why. As you suggest, caffeine sure does help the mind focus better, for a few hours. I've used it many times as a performance enhancer for competitive multiplayer games. I just don't like the dehydration nor the headaches that can come from withdrawal.

      As far as the unpleasant chest sensations, putting my hand over the area and focusing on nothing (or neutrality), relaxing, usually helps a lot. It can come back immediately after I remove my hand though, but it usually does not. Try imagining washing the influence out with imagery. A large quantity of water flowing through my whole body seems to work best. Sometimes I imagine forcefully pushing it out by various means, but that seems to work less. I am skeptical by nature, so these experiences have left me wondering about the nature of things. I question what is occurring often and when I am being skeptical the imagery seems less effective. It seems that willpower and belief are important for the imagery to work. Doubt undermines it very much.

      I've had mostly decent dreams. Although, I recall a few extremely unpleasant experiences as of late, perhaps in roughly the last 2 years. One of them I was in a dream, which didn't make too much sense as some dreams just don't. It had its continuity though. The theme was farming plants. I was outside. Out of the blue, a pale demonic looking human-like creature appeared and quickly grabbed me and then I felt like I was upside down and spinning on an invisible ceiling in the dream and the rest of the environment just went black. That lasted for about two seconds, then I awoke. It was most disturbing. It was VERY out of place in that dream. It was not too far off in time from another weird experience, which I had twice.

      Both times, I was getting into a dream state, in between being awake and asleep. I was laying on my side. All of the sudden, it felt like something was jamming its hands into my back and I was momentarily paralyzed. I felt fear, but the second time it happened it felt more like it was being projected at me than my own. I shook off the experience after a short while and tried to get back to sleep. The second time I seemed more annoyed than afraid. I am getting more irritated by these spiritual parasites than scared as time goes on.

      I wish there was something more effective we could share with each other, but at least we have arrived meditation, imagination, focus, and caffeine. Staying in a positive emotional state helps a lot too. It does seem like they gain greater access if I stew in negative emotions and lose access if I can successfully deflect all urges to go into a negative emotional states. It's really does seem like negativity is a resource they can use for greater access to influence. I know we're told that by many sources, but it really seems to work that way for me. I can't keep out of negativity forever though.

      I often get there when I think about this personal and meta-situation. I question the merit and value in allowing this interaction. I question the perception that these beings have vital lessons to give, as many sources purport. I find them to be "useless eaters", AKA parasites, just throwing monkey wrenches into the works of the joyful experience of existence. I compare it to the body and the immune system response. I think, why don't sensible beings see this and treat this as the body does? The immune system of the body identifies, targets and eliminates parasitic intentioned life forms. Not all cells are equipped for this. If they fail, the parasitic life forms set up shop, tax, corrupt and destroy healthy cells. I question the wisdom of preserving parasites in the cosmos. The weak and the young just can't do it themselves and wouldn't have to if the immune system was working correctly.

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  3. Greetings all, the following is a reposting from the comment section of the original written article. It may be useful for those whom are participating in this meditation to be aware of the names of the Chineese Dragons, Shinryu and Tianlong, as a good point of reference for contact and guidance.


    Since there is an allignment with Thuban, the Dragon energies will be more apparent. I have spoken with Tianlong and Shinryu regarding this meditation, they are celestial Dragons whom communication is omnipresent from their perspective. As such, they will be able to assist you during meditation much like Saint Germain can.

    Shinryu (Shenlong):
    Shinryu specializes in spiritual potency and gnosis. He commands the elements and is very wise, speaks in riddles often, he will guide you through your astral journey.

    Tianlong is a strong Dragon of Kings and human dynasties. He is a representative from Thuban to the Dragon Families of Earth. Call upon him for physical change, he will influence those within the councils hierarchy.

    I will be joining this meditation as well, anchoring the positive Draco energies and protecting Gaia against negative Draco influence. Not all Dragons are positive, but those whom are from higher density Thuban have evolved from their base dualistic Draconian mindset. As such, they are not to be confused with Reptillians, as the physical Dracos are known to Dragons as hostile and instinct driven.

    The Archons are not a force to trifle with, unless your willpower and potential energy is enough to discern and overcome them. We will heal this energy vortex, and reverse the negativity of the past.

    Victory of the Light!
    - Fates De Whynot


    As with any meditative channeling, when you feel the frequency to be correct, the message will be true. The resonance can be found in your turquoise throat chakra, and you will be able to project/vocalize if you feel comfortable in doing so.

    Just pull the vibration of that entity down through your crown, into your imaginationatory mind, through your breath and into your heart. Share that space and get to know the voice within.

    Eventually, you should not only be able to communicate with astral beings, but the higher selves of one another as well. The emotions and context of your encounter can be interpreted and unraveled upon timespace such that it can be relived by the other human through their experiences and interpretation of reality.

    Sharing a song and is an excellent example of this. Music often enhances the effects and creates a feedback loop for thoughts, as you know the song, you know the context of the conversation and it prevents from getting distracted.

    As time passes, this will become commonplace and second nature...

    I will see you on the other side...

    - Fates


    1. Yes, we'll meet on the other side, Brothers and Sisters.

      Where the streets have no name


    2. Dear Elder Dragon, Thank you very much for your message. It deeply resonates within me.

      Dear Rajah, I never told you, but I appreciate your uplifting posts. I never paid attention to the words of a song.. now I do :-)

    3. Dear Elder Dragon,

      thank you very much for your post. I feel deep connection with the Dragons and also respect. there once was (it probably still is) also a special elite guard, a task force of higher beings, who carried the frequencies of positive Dragons and also worked closely with the positive celestial Dragons. They fought battles with the dark ones on higher realms/dimensions and were a real pain in the ass for Archons.

      Dragons guide with their wisdom and protect with their etheric fire.

      Good luck and Victory of the Light!

  4. Ok. Ready to participate. I've been heavily attacked again lately. Now better. It's not easy being starseed (lightwarrrior).

    1. Welcome to the "club Earth quarantine " Star brother.
      It's a blessing up there, and... a curse down here....

  5. We support all of you in this important for the planet and your actions for the unity of the planet free. We will protect you at this event. Shortly before meditation will encounter guardians of the planet as a defense against evil people, in addition to protection against attacks by remnants of evil. Now this is your fight, fight for freedom. The fight for the light. The forces of evil lost their old leaders in the astral, so now that you can create the astral into the light. More "time" will show 3D freedom. Fight for freedom, light!


  6. Thank You, 'Bra and Portal WebStaff for what you did for Me earlier today. You know what you did, and the english language does not have the appropriate words to express my Gratitude.
    THANK YOU for what You did for Me ♥ ♥ ♥

    With a tongue-in-cheek I'll play you this and say this

    I'm good as gold and stupid as mud
    But I'll
    Carry on regardless
    Tried to smile and I bit my tongue
    But I'll
    Carry On regardless

    I want My Love
    My Joy
    My Laughs
    My Smile
    My Needs
    Not in the Star Signs
    Or the palms that she reads
    I want my Sun-drenched, wind-swept Nadine Mielke Kiss
    Not in the next life
    I'll have it in this
    I'll have it in THIS

    GOD wants Peace and Peace IT WILL BE

    Thank You Very Much

    I Love You


  7. Pleiades 1 Moon Base 23T 4/9 under Light Force control

    1. Moon Base 23T?
      I have heard some claim that there is only a Mantis egg storage in that area.


  8. GAIA? Meine Süße?
    Dies ist für Dich. Du hast BILLIONEN LEGIONEN hinter Dir.
    Wir sind alle für Dich da, mein Schatz.

    Ich werde die Tests bestehen, die mir das Leben stellt
    Weitergehen, suchen nach dem, was mich am Leben hält
    Bin damit nicht allein und werd' es nie mehr sein
    Weil mich zum erstem Mal seit langer Zeit Verbundenheit befreit
    Bin ich soweit, fließ' in den Äther, in den Kreis ohne Verräter
    Früher Schüler, streck' ich mehr und mehr meine Fühler nach dir aus
    Komm hierher, komm hierher
    Herzlich willkommen zu Haus'
    Ich bin für dich da, nein, ich bin wegen dir hier
    Und für uns beide ist klar, ham' wir ein Ziel I'm Visier
    Dann setz' ich alles auf dich, mein' Schweiß, mein Blut
    Meine Tränen, mein' Mut, bis hin zu Trauer und Wut
    Ich werde dir mein Leben geben, weil's nicht anders geht
    Forder' dich heraus, mein Einsatz steht
    Und du findest in mir, mit was ich mich verbunden hab'
    Einen Schatz, den ich mein Leben lang gefunden hab'
    Mit jedem Satz bitt' ich, benütz' mich, stütz' dich auf mich
    Mit dem Wissen aller Weisen dieser Welt beschütz' ich dich
    Wo ich bin, stehen sie und wo ich geh', geh'n sie
    Ich hab' sie hergebeten, doch die wenigsten sehen sie
    Wir werden erwachen unter falschen Propheten
    Um als Kinder dieser Erde unser Erbe anzutreten

    Ich rufe alle Superhelden, alle großen Meister
    Alle Highlander, alle Krieger, alle guten Geister
    Alle Superfreaks und Auserwählten zu mir ins Hier
    Ich hab' Millionen Legionen hinter mir

    In den Wogen der Welt wählten wir die wildesten Wellen
    Bis hin zu innersten Quellen
    Erlebten Lebensstromschnellen, machten uns bereit
    Wurden Weltenreiter über die Zeit
    Blieben Wächter der Wahrheit, Surfer des Sandwurms
    Wir zwei war'n die Augen des Sturms
    Wurden Herrscher der Schwingung, und das als Nichtschwimmer
    Denn wir hatten es und halten es noch immer
    Und auch du, Baby, warst schon immer mein Kind
    Wir waren Liebende, die ab und zu vor Liebe blind
    Um einander trieben, waren zu verschieden
    Als dass es hätte jemals langweilig werden können
    War'n zwei echt gute Spinner, absolute Beginner
    Wir hatten es und halten es noch immer
    Streiften alle Ketten ab, die sonst die Leichtigkeit besiegen
    Konnten fliegen, ohne Flügel fliegen

    Und heute rufst du alle Superhelden, alle großen Meister
    Alle Highlander, alle Krieger, alle guten Geister
    Alle Superfreaks und Auserwählten und mich ins hier
    Du hast Millionen Legionen hinter dir
    Ich hab' Millionen Legionen hinter mir
    Du hast Millionen Legionen hinter dir
    Ich hab' Millionen Legionen hinter mir
    Du hast Millionen Legionen hinter dir
    Ich hab' Millionen Legionen hinter mir
    Du hast Millionen Legionen hinter dir
    Ich hab' Millionen Legionen hinter mir
    Du hast Millionen Legionen hinter dir

    Es war die Nacht der Vampire in der Stadt der wilden Tiere
    Sie ziehen mich zu sich, wenn ich das Gleichgewicht verliere
    Geh' ich unter und verschmelz' mit dieser Masse von Mutanten
    Seelenloser Wanderer und deren Artverwandten
    Und ich ringe zum Himmel, dass die Stimmung hier umschwingt
    Heb' die Hände zu Gott, oder wer immer da rumhängt
    Herrscher über mein Leben, dieser Thron gehört mir
    Ich wohn' und regier' hier
    Und dann erheb' ich meine Feder zum Schutz gegen den Schmerz
    Der vom Schlachtfeld der Liebe zu mir rüber dringt
    Obwohl es scheint, als ob hier jeder trübe Lieder singt
    Wasch' ich mich rein und betrete neues Land
    Dieser Junge steht am Rand und mit nichts in der Hand
    Ohne Angst in den Augen, mit dem Rücken zur Wand

    Und dann ruft er alle Superhelden, alle großen Meister
    Alle Highlander, alle Krieger, alle guten Geister
    Alle Superfreaks, Auserwählten und er ruft mich
    Und hat Millionen Legionen hinter sich

    Ich hab' Millionen Legionen hinter mir

    Millionen Legionen

    Victory Of The LIGHT


    1. That just looks like it would sound cool
      Are there words that rhyme in more then one language
      (why I don't really see a point to rhyme except a flow)
      Then there's "The Merovingian" (the Frenchman)
      seems to flow, rhyme or not...
      or Cat in the Hat (made in China) do you have to change the words to get that flow
      (yep... cup after cup of coffee)
      Portal Anchor Reinforcements Deploy


    2. Ich liebe Dich.
      Meine Traumfrau.

      You were the FISRT ONE
      You'll be the LAST ONE
      My ONLY ONE

      Nadine "Gaia" Mielke
      . . . & Nobody Else!




    3. And THIS, my Sweetheart.

      Sorry for my usual fuck-up earlier.

      You were THE FIRST ONE - hey, I got it right this time :-)))
      You'll be The LAST ONE
      You Are my ONE and ONLY ONE

      Ich liebe Dich, Gaia

      I AM DK
      I AM RaJah
      I AM Is-Ra-El

      and sometimes I AM an idiot - and you know that, and that's why you love me too :-)))

      Easter Egg

      The Original SunToucher


  9. And One More Time for Ol' Time's Sake:
    NO MORE will We look at each other down the barrel of a gun!!!

    Tell 'em, Rove!
    Sing It, Farnsie!


    Thank You


  10. We will prevail, healing earth etheric abnormity past and present, and anchoring light for planetarty future

  11. Hi Cobra, Can you tell me if there was a Nuclear Blast set off by the Cabal in Antarctica? Word on the web is just this and fallout in Canada and the USA!
    Thanks and Blessings!

  12. Cobra, There is a large mixture of people on Gary Larrabee's website. Would you be welling to do an interview with him if we can line up some questions from the people that follow his page? I've sent some of them your direction and I think it would help spread the news from your site.

    1. For something like that you should email Cobra directly.

  13. I will share this announcement and videos.
    I also want to share something personal, to this small bunch of people who will believe me.
    If you are a lightworker, lightwarrior or starseed who is still struggling with anger and depression, you should know this.
    A few months ago I was in such despair that I kept wanting to die. I knew that the Dark Ones could not directly harm me, that if anyone of them "with knowledge" of their dark agenda, tried to directly harm me, there would be intervention. And I knew the exception to this would be if I gave them permission, this was just the rules per my pre-birth soul agreements. I was in such despair one day that I said out loud, just take me, just let them take me with fast-acting cancer (like they've used numerous times on others).
    Three weeks later I found a mass in my leg. It was 2 months before i got the proper imaging for it, and 2 weeks after that the surgery and biopsy. It is malignant - a sarcoma. I now have cancer. I don't know if it is metastatic - so it's not over yet. I know this could be an opportunity to become as positive and healthy as I can to beat it. I wish I could say with 100% certainty that I will do that, but I'm not there yet. If anyone has any suggestions for some excellent healers or distance healing, prayer groups etc, I'd appreciate the information. But I just want the Starseeds and Lightwarriors to know that this is real.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The full list of chambers, world-wide, can be viewed on under the heading “Tachyon Chambers”.

    3. Ask Light Forces to intervene in your behalf.

    4. Oh brother, i've been there. Not cancer, but finding myself in a hell with the strong message in my head of commuting a suicide. Several times. Fortunately, i was doing the opposite. I was demanding and commanding my Cosmic family to do something to get me out from There, or else.... They would be soory when we meet!!! ;)))
      As for cancer treatment; #1 just google CURING CANCER WITH BAKING SODA - drinking, injections, or putting the paste on it. There are many YouTube videos on this, and the best ones are where people are telling about their experiences.
      Then come the CANNABIS OIL, and TURMERIC powder.
      Here are some videos and you can just start from here.

      BAKING SODA Kills CANCER,2of2 Matches NC Dr 30years ago.Cured his CANCER 5 days YT=VitoVerns CH

      Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

      This SEED CURES CANCER and it’s 10.000 Times More Effective Than CHEMOTHERAPY!

    5. Cannabis oil. Raw vegan diet (not forever), Fresh Spring Water.

    6. Thank you Hye Angel and Unknown =)

    7. you bring the disease in to your body and you have the power to heal yourself,you neaw must to want to heal 100%proccent complet heal imagine all light in to your body and view yourself healing in every day it healty meat or fast food.and most important say to all negative entity to go away from you and burn in violet fire.they no longer serve you you have to tell them to go away and to remain only your good angels with you who truly love you.try to open the third eyes chakra or to astral project its many on youtoube.try to go on youtoube infinite waters div dip or to a lady swan on youtoube.

    8. Fear leads to Anger
      Anger leads to Hate
      Hate leads to Suffering

      Your "mission" is this much Greater

      (6:30 church TV in AK. is Andrew Wommack.. a 111 thing)
      if I'm up I watch, and study... he would come-up and kick you to cause healing, but only if his "faith", in "your" Power, was being supported by your own...
      That hour of TV is heating-up
      Sunday morning TV (26th) is just scary
      (Saturday morning TV... Dogs rule Cats drool)
      (even a dog with a Fukushima) (Spirit Guides All)

    9. Search on youtube binaural beats and isochronic tones for your specific healing.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Hi Dakini, sorry you are having a rough time right now. There have been some excellent suggestions and I just wanted to add some more. It may come in useful for you or anyone else reading. Turmeric has many benefits, currently my OH and I have started to take this for benign turmours. It's very good for depression too.

      Golden/Turmeric paste combines these 3 elements. Turmeric is combined with black pepper and healthy oil like olive or coconut oil to enhance absorption in the body. Cooking turmeric also increases its absorption.

      Ideal dose: 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day for adults

      How to take: Start with a dose of ¼-1/2 tsp a day and continue for a week. If no side effects are observed increase the dose by ¼ or ½ tsp every week till you reach the ideal dose. The ideal dose differs with every individual.

      Some may require higher doses in case of chronic pain. Increase gradually to minimize side effects.

      Avoid taking it on an empty stomach and close to the time of taking medicines. (Read Does Black pepper in GP cause Drug Interaction? Can Turmeric cause Acid reflux) Maintain a 3-4 hour gap.

      Here's how to make Turmeric Golden Paste:

      Hope you feel better soon. :)

  14. We have it covered on Facebook. The masses are awekening more here and are more aligned with the Event and earth changes. Keep going Cobra and more Vicotory to the Light!!


  16. Reddit is doing their own synchronized meditation on February 25th at 11:11am EST (New York time) to begin the mass arrests. Interestingly the thread has 1111 UP votes. It is a sign.

  17. Shouldn't we throw in speeding up The Event as well for those that feel incline to do so? I mean if we happen to get the 144,000 it would be a shame not to utilize that kind of energy.

    Just a thought.

    1. Oh, i am so praying, AND HOPING, to get it the double. Like 288.000? (Or a little less). It can happen, because just for the last 5-6 months, our groups have been growing rapidly in their numbers.

  18. @Joel WetzelFebruary 21, 2017 at 1:12 PM

    I have hemi-facial spasms which keep me out of meditative states. Imagine wanting to bring about change and feeling powerless. Bless you all.

    I had a channeling done back in the 80's. And I asked about meditation and how I couldn't do it. I was told ...
    "Be not looking for an example. For in the quality of what you expect will not be there. But on boots and garments go out into nature, hike in the woods, there you will find a form of meditation."

    During meditation, I just sit quietly and focus on the video. I work on visualizing the two pillars of light from the central sun moving through me and to the center of the earth, and the second pillars going back.

    My mind will wander, but I'll stop and focus again. The bottom line is ... do the best you can. I feel sure it will still help the RM.

    Victory of the Light

    1. Dear Sister, please contact me at

  19. you know this lil bit of info...

    "The anti-pedophile campaign is being led by true Christians, such as Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth and Patriarch Kirill along with white knights inside the military and the agencies. It is this Christian alliance that is behind moves to coordinate Russian, American and European white hats to remove the"...
    snip from Ben Fulf...

    When you call the Queen a true Christian... something just isnt right... then again she better be... royalty is the one that modified the religious scam.

    After reading this... i cant help to wonder who is really behind Ben Fulford.

    either we are completely being mislead or Ben is. How can a journalist at his level not able to tell by now or know who were the traitors to humanity.... unless of course fhe Rothchilds had a change of heart and Ben is being linient and playing along in not highlighting their particular atrocities...

    weird thing is.. he even had spoken about the Vatican's illed involvements... has he not?... but on this lil bit of info... it makes it sound as if satanism is outside the boundaries of those two groups.. vatican n royalty..

    did he just get mind programmed or something.?..

    can we really know for sure who are good guys ... who are agents?? even sleeping agents..?


    1. Hey, Dragon Heart.
      I used to read the Fulford updates until 2013 when he called out for his readers to go and attack churches, mosques and synagoges with physical acts of violence. What The Fuck??!

      I'm sorry, but Ben is being manipulated left, right and center and does not have a *clue* about what's really going on anymore. He's turned into the proverbial "fountain of misinformation" and it is sad to see what the dark is doing with him and how they are using him for their own agenda.
      Sorry to say so but now he is nothing but a tool and doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground anymore. It would be best to stay as far away as possible from what he has to say - he has been wrong about almost everything in the last four years.
      In fact, the only thing that's correct is the date on which he publishes his updates. And even with that it would be best to double-check.
      Really sad to witness that, but it is what it is, and him calling the queen and the pope (of all people!!!) "true Christians" is living proof of how he's being played with and being used.
      It's a shame, really. But please don't believe a word he says - he's full of shit.


    2. Fulford's intel is usually wrong. I don't pay too much attention to him. You would think he would change his sources since they get just about everything wrong.
      Lynn use to sent me his weekly reports, but I figure she finally sees his intel is flawed.

    3. damn. he made such call of violence.??...

      man.. we really are screwed... with this representation of lightwarriors who needs enemies.

    4. well much like most of everything else i have seen or read is all in me eyes like carrots on a string... with unknown or hidden agendas...

      however you still try to discern n read between lines as some information may be relevant and somewhat useful... nonetheless all we get are someones perception nothing concrete... we have to filter thru their delusion to make sense of our own.

      these are the ones we have to look upto... sad... much men of truths had become men of games... deceitful games most.

      however i need to place Cobra on a different category from the rest... maybe is just because his focus differs from the others..

      i hope the light keeps him in alignment with the truth to the best of his abilities... cause i can tell you now...

      most everyone seems focused in 3D games... and in how to keep feeding it... and this goes to everyone in a position of responsibility....( and ironically we all are in that position actually... )

      just like in a flood of nonsense... "the good the bad and ugly" all gets equally carried along if they dont get a hold to steady ground. problem is we are so deep in water we cant tell who is above it cause it might just be that they are riding a higher wave.

      this "divine experiment" does not make sense to me... especially when you take ito accounts all the degrees of carelessnes or negligence it has now become clear.

      i cant even say anymore God help us all...

    5. How can we help Gaia from within when all leaders have demostrated to have backbones as strong as a noodle ..

    6. astral... highlighting the bumps on the road it will assist others to make sense of their world or at least to stay clear from falling in the same pit or minimum to be cautious...

      for those who have the ears to listen. That was me attempt.

    7. Listen to all, continue listening to those whose message has apparent truth or value, and believe only what you can prove to yourself. Just cite unproven ideas to their source and work with them as such. This is my protocol.

      I think that we get so many deeply flawed messengers, partially because the dark ones target the most pure, but also because it is good for our personal development as independent minded beings. If we have no leaders to hang our belief systems on, we must become our own leaders. Independent minds are more interesting to interact with than those who copy their belief systems from others, aren't they? I definitely believe so. We are all creating ourselves, from how we choose to react to our experiences. So many seemingly negative things can be seen in a way that allows the opportunity for positive [adding rather than subtracting of value (what consciousness likes)] outcomes.

      There are two channeled beings that I LISTEN to from time to time. Again, refer to the protocol I said in the first paragraph. "Bashar" channeled by Daryl Anka and "Kryon" channeled by Lee Carol. They both are very positively oriented in their messages. Kryon offers many interesting perspectives on things, which have significant emotional content. He seems very compassionate. Bashar gives good advice on what we can do to improve our lives. Specifically, he helped me realize the power of belief in eliciting emotion. I can't unnsee that wisdom and am grateful for it. He's also quite witty, funny and compassionate. I am impressed by his ability to listen to random questioners and respond in a funny, tactful, helpful way. One can tell by the way those questioners carry themselves, they are not coached. I find myself getting mildly irritated by them, but Bashar just smoothly glides over the predicament like a master of himself. I don't want to compare and contrast them, because they both seem to have messages of value, just very different.

      I've heard both of those beings say things with which I can't presently agree. I don't regularly listen to other channelers and I've seen so many that are just darkies in drag. You can smell them by the general, base emotional state they seek to elicit with their messages, fear. They pretend to be light, then slap you with prophecies of doom, high hurdles to not be assaulted by judgery, or strange advice that could lead to bad outcomes. One has to use discernment to digest this type of content, but also any other type of content. Throw it up if it makes you feel upset inside, but do try to figure out why it does, for your own understanding and development. It sharpens discernment.

      We do live in a place where malevolent and benevolent beings covertly give inputs to our experiences, environments, cultures and minds, through channeling and more directly as thoughts that appear as our own. This apparent balance is believed by some to allow what they perceive as free will. We can choose what we want to believe and how we want to see things. It may not always be this way. It could go further one way or the other due to our choice of perception and action toward others. The benevolent want us to be independently driven, but personally responsible for our own actions. If we want to be like children and demand others do everything for us and take the blame for it, they willfully retreat. The darkies love that mentality to play with. They have many flavors of tasty bullshit to sell us, all of intended to makes us sick. They want us to feel helpless and look toward others for our mental programming. This is why so much of the psychic attacks we hear about amount to discouragement against confident, independent thought, feeling and action, instead asking someone else if it is ok. The darkies in drag love to hover into the psychic scene and continue to poison our minds when we act this way, as they get fed from our negative emotionals states. It gets them high, like Internet trolls. Don't feed the trolls. It helps them regenerate!

  20. I wanted to apologize to cobra and protoi council for being negative(not as bad as they portray me). I've learnt my lesson and would like the protoi to join this meditation or do their "magic" to reduce archon interference as much as possible. As a victom of rape from the reptilian invasion that occurred in the mid 90s I feel this should be healed and looked into. The way I was tortured.. Made me who I am today so I wanted to let you know frank. May the force be with us!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. @Muhlbester. (Sister/Brother?)
      I'm so glad you survived all those horrible things... NO doubt you were well protected. And i'm very happy, excited, and proud to have YOU with us! Believe me dear HUEman, we need YOU more than you can imagine. It is people like YOU, who will put their HEART and SPIRIT with their deepest intentions, to bring Peace and Freedom down to Earth. And YOUR INTENTION will bust the energy of this meditation, make it 100 times more POWERFULL and effective, going beyond the Solar system!!!!

  21. Dear Cobra,

    I have received a nudge or incentive to connect with the female members of the RM on Chariklo for the upcoming Etheric Liberation Meditation, can I do this during the final phase of the 3rd step (while keeping the pillars of Light active for a few minutes) or will this obstruct the overall meditation?

    I can't wait for this meditation!

    Good luck everyone! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

    Victory of the Light

  22. Looks like we are getting a little soft disclosure ...
    'Jaw-Droppingly Exciting': Scientists Discover Seven Earth-Like Planets

    1. spirit... i thought this was old news. i think

    2. I don't know ... but the corporate news broadcasted it yesterday ... Thursday

  23. Curiouser, and curiouser if synchronicity could have any real effect on a cat
    (even with time stamps)

    Exodus 30:23–24 (ESV)
    Going for broke... "snake oil"
    A new oil for a new time and charged at the eclipse
    I will guess "yes"- DNA would transfer from a crown chakra
    (still..? wasabi... any strong spice should trigger a flow, by now)
    (I'm hooked on ginger root)
    Use your stone to collect from the crown and re-ground your own oil

    I'm going with sea salt, myrrh, cinnamon and olive oil
    Now you can pray your stone is anointed
    Ephesians 6:12 (again)
    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
    (not a magic vudu spell, the risk is printed in the Book)

    Rub on candles and have extra for a few more charms

    An idea for the charms is to move them around the Earth while super charging with "Trust" using the post (snail mail)
    with patterns, destinations, and :Reports

    Portal Road Trip
    And much Love for the Wisdom of Gaia

  24. (sorry if this seems like "flooding")
    There is a Power (like "greed")
    That spans every aspect of Time
    (while alive) (You, as well as it)

    And sickest of all is when "rape" surpasses
    But the Power of "rape" is anti-power
    "trauma" is used to hold frequencies at sex...

    Removing "Your" Power by having no voice
    The Power, you might see...
    with a "mute" button
    (sometimes red)

    (Charged with the Power of Witness)
    (Just... as Record)

    Empower your voice with Truth...
    "I see you" "As Equal"
    "And Greater Together"
    For the Sphere of an Avatar

    The reason (bankers) push a pipeline is for
    "Fewer Jobs" "Less expense for false profit"
    No Fracking Money might be your next battle cry
    Fake jobs only create demand for "more" "Fake Money"
    so... there is no money


  25. I just watched the German language version of the video, and it is TOTALLY AWESOME!

    Great job, translating 'Bra's post, Antaress - thank you.

    And I didn't watch it before sharing it with my Best Friend Shenyen, who is a MASTER MEDITATOR and will support us :-)

    Your LOVE keeps Lifting Me HIGHER AND HIGHER

    Now THAT'S Rock 'n' Roll!!!


  26. Is there somebody who can give me some advice (or knows somebody) about a personal issue in my life? I need some guidance about something.

    1. Cobra earlier referred to, where you may find support for you personal healing.

    2. @Steven,
      Dear Brother, it would help if you'd giev a little tip, so people on this forum could reply.
      However, if that's too personal to talk about for all to see, you're welcome to contact me anytime. If there's anything i can do, then i'll be glad to be in service.


  27. I'm not a big bible fan, but I will say THIS because it is True, and My Boss is proving it over and over and over again:

    Der HERR ist mein Hirte,
    mir wird nichts mangeln.
    Er weidet mich auf einer grünen Aue
    und führet mich zum frischen Wasser.

    Er erquicket meine Seele.
    Er führet mich auf rechter Straße
    um seines Namens willen.

    Und ob ich schon wanderte im finstern Tal,
    fürchte ich kein Unglück;
    denn du bist bei mir,
    dein Stecken und Stab trösten mich.

    Du bereitest vor mir einen Tisch
    im Angesicht meiner Feinde.
    Du salbest mein Haupt mit Öl
    und schenkest mir voll ein.

    Gutes und Barmherzigkeit
    werden mir folgen mein Leben lang,
    und ich werde bleiben im Hause des HERRN immerdar.


    Come On, TEAM BRING IT
    Let's BRING IT

    We are The Scatterlings Of Africa

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All

    GOD and GODDESS want Peace, and PEACE IT WILL BE

    I AM RaJah
    I AM DK
    I AM Is-Ra-El

  28. "If we meditate in a group with other like minded people who enjoy meditation we will gain increased inspiration and confidence in the power of meditation. If we only meditate on our own it can feel like we are battling against the world. However when we meditate in a group our own meditation will be heightened because we benefit from the meditative consciousness that occurs in a group meditation."

    - Sri Chinmoy

    "Group meditation is a castle that protects the new spiritual aspirants as well as the veteran meditators. Meditating together increases the degree of Self-realization of each member of the group by the law of invisible vibratory exchange of group magnetism.

    I well remember Sri Yukteswar's (Yogananda's teacher) advice when I went to him for training. He said: “Meditate with good companions. They will help you to churn the butter of Self-realization from the milk of your mind. Milk mixes with the waters of worldly delusion and cannot float above them. Butter readily floats on those treacherous waters.”

    - Paramahansa Yogananda

    "The Unified Field has the character of infinite correlation. An impulse of coherence from this level instantly reconstructs and transforms unnatural, stressful, negative, undesirable tendencies in the brain physiology, and brain functioning becomes coherent.

    Considering this phenomenon in the light of the Unified Field Theories of modern Physics and Quantum Cosmology, we understand that at the scale of Super Unification all aspects of Natural Law at every point in the universe become infinitely correlated with each other. A delicate impulse at any one point in space and time can create a precipitous change throughout the entire universe. This long-range correlation explains how action on the level of the Unified Field (the transcendental field of consciousness), at the scale of Super Unification, can have a profound influence that can spread anywhere and everywhere throughout the universe.

    In this way the phenomenon of coherence created by groups of Yogic Flyers spreads, neutralizing the negative tendencies in the whole society."

    In reference to Transcendental Meditation (TM)

    - As taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    An ancient expression from the Vedic Literature beautifully expresses this:

    Tat sannidhau vaira tyagah
    (Yoga-Sutra, 2.35)

    "In the vicinity of coherence (Yoga/Union), hostile tendencies are eliminated."

    "First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way."

    - 1 Timothy 2:1-2 (Modern Day Biblical text)

    *********** ***********

    SUNDAY February 26, 2017
    Global Meditation 144,000+

    1. It's all love!!! Let's concentrate on only that from this moment on. Aum Namah Shivaya. Happy Mahashivratri!!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. So, etheric liberation, does that mean we are removing all reptilians from the etheric dimension? I know that is crucial to the Event, but if we manage do so it, you know what is coming next... That's right, the Event.

    What is that you say? The squid entity has to be removed aswell? No problem, after the meditation, so much will be healed, the grid almost restored, the squid will have not a single bomb in it left, and that's how we win.

    "Event is coming very soon"
    "Event in progress"
    "Let's do the final meditation for the Event!"
    I without a doubt, think these are the words, that every lightworker and lightwarrior etc. wants to hear from our beloved Cobra, now how about we make our final push, so that this will happen? We have the power to manifest it, do not wait, we can do it now. And then we will hear what we always wanted: "the Event is in progress".

    Stay strong in your love and light, negative entities know that their downfall is iminent, and it is undeniable, so they are trying to do everything they can to keep you low, divided and fearful, you can change that, i beleve in you :)

    Join in the etheric liberation meditation, then, the weekly meditation, stay strong in light, and you shall see what you always wanted...

    Victory of the light is very near!, ain't that right, Cobra? C'mon, be positive :D, you haven't said this in years, say it Cobra: "Victory of the light is near!"

  30. Shall be immediately put into participation the 70 billion earthling non-incarnated souls, allegedly part of the earthly humanity, who are awaiting 'the proper' condition on earth in order to incarnate.

    Should the Plejadeans push them into participation to meditate from their realm, and to awaken the earthling 7 billion humans.

    They are 10 to one of us, and nothing visible is coming from them.
    They ought participate to the liberation instead to leisure on Plejades, or who knows where else.

    They, unworthy who they are!!...

    1. According to Cobra there were, there are also "those who decided to stay to help the physical humans as spiritual guides". Some, probable very few, among the 70 billion.

      But the question is: what was the involvement of those 70 billion between 1975 and 1995??
      How had they 'spiritual guided', 10 of them to one of us to bring the Event in 1995, at that time when we know that channeling was possible, so was also possible the communication between them and the 7 billion earthling humans in order to awake them at that time??

  31. For those of you who have been watching the suspicious observers posts, does it make sense to attribute Earth's pole shift to the incoming goddess energy?

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.



    And We won't until it's DONE


  34. Yaldabaoth Global Dissolution approaching!


  35. Hey everyone I just wrote up an article for those who feel guided to check it out about our current situation and how id like to emphasize how amazing our experience is here on this planet right now. We are the holders of the golden tickets and I just wanted to express how cool it is to see all these changes happening.

  36. GoldFish Report No 79 Ascension RoundTable: Uniting the Lightworkers
    Published on Feb 24, 2017

    On GoldFish Report No 79, Co-Hosts Louisa and Steve welcome COBRA, Alfred Lambremont-Webre, Rob Potter, Mary Rodwell, Maree Batchelor, M.D. and Benjamin Change Ungerman to a fascinating conference about Ascension


  37. Unbeliveable!
    GoldFish Report No 79 Ascension RoundTable

    Louisa and Steve welcome COBRA, Alfred Lambremont-Webre, Rob Potter, Mary Rodwell, Maree Batchelor, M.D. and Benjamin Change Ungerman to a fascinating conference about Ascension by uniting these Light Workers, their respective fields of expertise, research, healing, art, music, philosophy, logistics and esoteric and spiritual perspectives about Ascension.


    GoldFish Report No 79 Ascension RoundTable: Uniting the Lightworkers

    Cobra Rob Potter and more

  39. Shout-out to the Church
    Never on a Friday, and never any goode
    But somehow, you made it a party
    (amazing show... tweeting)
    you did it with the music
    but goode..?
    (I think I would have to end it all)
    (I just couldn't handle it)
    (when you get here in your egg, ahh... pink egg)

    Radio becomes your Anchor
    living homeless
    ... almost 20yrs
    (and all the highway of the night)
    (how many ears on)
    Will you hear me knocking...
    On Your Window...
    (with the frequency of a Stones)
    ...crystal clear...
    The color of Water
    (((radio wave)))
    going fishing gold

  40. said they will share the meditation on their site :)

  41. Worth to remember an older post" THE ASCENSION PLAN

  42. Salutations from Brazil. It was a great show of heartness and will. Thanks for leading us towards unity. I AM. MANY Blessings. LET THE ASCENSION BEGIN.