Sunday, April 2, 2017


Pandora in progress, EELA in progress. Drastic Systems/Isidic security breach, in deflection. HVBN substable to stable. M minimum requirements met, Midas packages.


  1. The chatter is increasing ... don't know if it's good or bad. No matter each passing day brings us closer to The Event. :)

  2. did everyone see at disclosure news Italy that portal X is now open?
    it's for the Agarthans to come to the surface
    the work is not done but it is an honor to serve the Light with all of you

  3. Justice of Ma'at and victory of the Light
    This video deals with the 7th seal and the connection to numerology, and the alphabets plus more

  4. Wellsir ... PFC finally posted the March interview with Cobra on their website. I figure Cobra will post it shortly.

    Good interview too. Very informative on different subjects. Great job folks at PFC. :)

    Victory of the Light :D

    1. Actually, it is NOT a new one, sister. It's a year old, from March 2016.

    2. I agree the best rapid fire questions and answer session.Also the questions prove the masses are waking up to current speed .The quality of the questions were very good so good.Im sure cobra noticed the change in questions were at a higher level then any previous session. Good work!

    3. Hye Angel. it is a new one now. check it out.

  5. Merry-Go-Round, Merry-Go-Round.


    May the LOVE be with you always!

  6. Replies
    1. It is a message for the RM and LF ... it is not for us. They use a special code only they understand.


  8. Q: 'minimum requirements met'. How can that change into no requirements?

  9. I really don't understand them. Who can explain these terminology...Thanks!

    1. You can find the answer in this interview:

      It is the first interview from this list:

  10. I really don't understand these terminology... who can explain them..Thanx

  11. The Midas packages = gold incoming, the Reval?

    A couple days ago I was so high that I felt like I couldn't get much higher. During this time I realized, once again, the strong and utter
    futility of our fighting and suffering. Many times we've been "high" or naturally normal and in that sudden state where the void exists and
    the realization of the oneness of all hits again. Of course in that state and even beyond that state resides the true essence of all: that
    feeling of the immortal spirit and the infinite love of all. That divine love--that bliss--is the highest or the most perfect state attainable.

    Why do we fight? Why do we fight each other? Why do we fight ourselves? Why do we hurt and damage that love when it is such a wonderful and
    blessed place to stay? Yes, there is still duality; yes, all is cyclical; but has enough hate and anger and suffering not been more than enough?
    Yes, the malicious and private "elite" have controlled this planet with their selfish and materialistic ways for a very long time, but that
    terrible time is ending; they can no longer maintain their self-serving control because the majority highly outweigh the minority.

    Why live in fear anymore? We have went through that stage and we understand it; we have learned our karmic lessons and are clearing and healing
    ourselves. The malevolent ones still try to control us, and even still try to desperately mentally control us, trying to twist our own
    thoughts and emotions against us. Do you not get strange, hidden, negative thoughts? Thoughts of racism or violence or murder or disaster out of nowhere?
    This is all artificial and putridly distasteful. I have vomited mentally and spiritually from these "attacks" more than enough, and I am absolutely
    sick of it, and I know that we all are.

    In order to bring about The Event already--the positive event--we need to bring it about already! Every thought we have, every action we take,
    every decision we make, needs to be in alignment with that ideal of love and light and Paradise. There can really be no other way otherwise we'll keep going
    in pointless circles and keep going up and down like a foolish hamster hybrid going around and around on its drab, dreadful wheel. We have to
    use our collective free will and our collective co-creative consciousness to bring about that utopia and Heaven on Gaia already. It will be difficult at
    first but we need to make that all out effort of perfection towards that vision otherwise we'll just be kidding ourselves and repeating the same mistakes.

    That immaculate love and eternal freedom can and will be ours forever! This is why we live; this is why we suffer; this is why we learn; this is why we
    evolve--for that love and freedom of creative expression and sensation--not to be stuck in some hellhole prison constructed by our own biases and fears
    and that darkness within our very own mind. At any moment you can break free fully and ascend beyond all limitations--all it takes is that special, sacred spark inside.

  12. Remember, "This blog is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement."

    THANK YOU RESISTANCE MOVEMENT! THANK YOU LIGHT FORCES! THANK YOU, GALACTIC FAMILY, for the extra twinkle when I recognize you in the night sky, and call you out! ;)

    RM/LF are on the front lines. We are not, regardless of our pain. Surrender your ego, then you will remember that Victory is assured, and All Is Well. This is not like you. You have so much Wisdom. But I certainly have had my own challenges and meltdowns in recent months. I DO understand. There is no "wrong" in being enraged or overwhelmed of fed up with the Status Quo.

    We ALL feel like Strangers in a Strange Land...because we come from the Stars! On a Mission! Look closer, not at society as a whole (for it is an odd amalgamation), but look to your neighbors, your community and you will find inspiration to persevere. Sure, they don't know what we know, they may even call us crazy if we try to share it with them, but there are good people all around. Look again. Then you will realize that people in almost every neighborhood on earth want the same thing. Life, Liberty. The Pursuit of Happiness. Freedom, in every sense of the word. Love, Peace, Abundance, Harmony.

    Don't shoot the Messengers, for they are Angels who earned their Wings. Soon, we all shall fly, together. But for now, we huddle under gray skies and dream of brighter days. Don't let the clouds obscure your view, or cause you to think we are not on the brink. Persevere. "The darkest hour is just before the dawn." Right about now, my time..and it's a New Dawn that is upon us!


    We will awaken to our missions (if we haven't already) very soon. So get some rest. <3

    The more powerfully you make the intent to be loving in every moment the more intensely will you feel the Love that envelops you.
    04/01/2017 by John Smallman

  13. if you focused more on the positive common purpose shared between you, then you would not suffer so much.

    if we are not utilizing what we know to take positive actions in the world, might as well just do nothing.

    prepare yourself, love yourself, and open up to the blessings that stream in to all those who are ready and willing to do the work.

    be free

  14. I know what you're feeling ! I sympathize with all the lightworkers who suffer counter-attacks.

    Unfortunately, the choice of meditations like that of February 26th doesn't happen at random. They are much more effective when they are made during specific events (eclypses, planet positions, special days, etc.).

    These events lead to energies, vortices and open doors that can be exploited. But apart from these very specific meditations, there are those that take place every weekend ...

    Courage, patience and strength to the lightworkers. We suffer at times, but we don't do it for ourselves, we do it for humanity. It's a sacrifice, but never forget that you are eternal beings of light! This life is only a stage, lead it to good!

    The victory is near ;)

    Nikolas, Pyrenees, from France

  15. May the love becomes your stronger shield, because a angry mind is the full open guard.

    A mass meditation is NOT responsibility of RM.
    They can call it, but it's not about marketing to reach critical mass. It's about the collective consciousness bring it.

    It's NOT about your special way to defeat the Dark one.

    It's All about the better way for the hole world.

    It's NOT about what RM is capable of.
    It's about what we, the collective mind asking for.

    If any Lightwork is suffering from attacks, you should search how to protect yourself because you know the truth. And even in it's pain, remember, you accept the job and KNOW the riscs way before entering in the battle.

    Sometimes it's suffocating, and painfully. But we will prevail.

    No matter what happens. We already win it.

    Plz my friend, work more with the violet flame, and things will get better.

    Don't get mad with RM, I'm sure they trying hard as they can, on the limit they have.


  16. we all feel the same buddy ... most lightworkers are sick and attacked by the dark forces all the time, and we are close to hitting our limit here. both mentally and physcally

    so light forces please speed up your progress and make cobra do another mass meditation.

  17. Todo marcha en tiempo y forma???

  18. astral traveler
    I think the same as you..
    We needed another mass meditation
    Stop chimera group.. NOW

  19. Are You Prepared for Change? DaNell 31 March2017

    1. We have been prepared for the last 5 years. :)


  20. Not for the first time, probably not for the last time.

    OH MY GODS!!! ;-)

    SURF'S UP!


  21. Astral:
    I, too think we need another mass meditation.

    Here are "big astro events" coming up:

    April 10 -- Full Moon very close to Jupiter
    Aug 21 -- Total solar eclipse
    Nov 13 -- Venus and Jupiter sit close to each other
    Dec 13 -- Big meteor shower

    April 10 is a good idea, but not sure how much "power" there is in the full moon being near Jupiter.... Aug 21 is obviously a BIG DEAL. But Aug 21 and the others are too far into the future for me to think much about them...

    Found these (above) here:

    which is a light-weight website. Maybe others here can find better astro events on more sophisticated websites. We can throw our suggestions Cobra's way....

  22. Let's focus on connecting to Gaia more guys, no being has as much power as us humans do in earths liberation. It's in our DNA, which is why it is utmoast important we work on ourselves here on earth. We need to put in the work also. Know thyself...

  23. Vaccine corruption is being exposed. Don't be scared to share the truth about vaccines with your friends and family, you may save a life.

  24. Dandridge9April 1, 2017 at 5:52 PM

    I was able to locate the 2 following past mentions of Rh negative blood:

    Thanks so much for those links ... Kate ... thanks for letting me know. :)

  25. 2017 moving fast and the cabal are in panic mode it's awesome...Forget all and every bit of negative you in counter ,it has no more validity. The Light Is Bright you just can't run you just can hide The Light Will be Victorious..Every moment of the day the Light is twisting the brightness switch
    .BE OF THE LIGHT it spreads energy to the light forces ground light wherever you are all the time .Each and everyday. Let's free the children ,free the slaves ,free the bio experimented on free the light being interrogated

  26. If I believed Cobra was a fraud and this whole thing was a lie, this would be easier to stomach. As I do believe this is true, I can scarcely believe that it has been FIVE years of this same nonsense month after month! Talk about gross incompetence! As a teacher, I give this Mission Report (Progress) a grade of: F-.

    1. Don't judge the Resistance Movement if you don't know the whole truth.
      The enemy is more sophisticated than it might seem.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hi Astral Traveler,

    I understand your feelings and know how the situation has been unsustainable to everyone. I'm replying to you because I would like to share some insights that may be useful and uplift the awareness about some points you mentioned.

    And if the ETs out there, with their beautiful ships and technology, instead of, if we start to consider that, afterall, we are them but in a lower density? Can you feel the link? Can you percept that instead a barrier, what really exists is the continue flowing and linking all densities?

    People from space (those outside of the quarantine) are not better than anyone that is under the quarantine. They have more degrees of liberty because they don't have a limited perception in the way we do.

    For me, I understand and integrated that the most important thing is to be alert and know recognize all the vibrations that came in our way, to discern who is who. And from the moment we stated in our sovereign free will, that we revoke all past-present-future contracts that doesn't represent the natural evolution of our Soul, we are taking our power back and disempowerng those entities that have had made us their slaves when lowered our perception level to started living under a limited consciousness, the only way how they do controlled us.

    So, creating the link between this consciousness and the unlimited state of your own self is a portal of self liberation. Those that are there outside patrolling the Solar System and this planet for thousands of years, they are us that one day volunteered and, with love, wanted save the Earth.

    For each meditation that is made, there is a sum in the energetic field. The way we do it, if we are aware and link with all meditations we did/we are doing/ we will do, with every one that had/is/will participate in a meditation, something bigger happens!!!... The moment is only ONE and is all about Love, the universal glue that unite things! ;) <3

  28. Thank you all Light Forces!

    I must say that I feel quite uncomfortable in touching some themes, being concerned with letting out negative energies, which we all have more than enough of... so if that be the case I sincerely apologize to all.

    But I hope that things can really be effectively done to allow the lightworkers and lightwarriors to improve their condition now, while things get straightened out and as many people as possible continue to awaken, lest they may panic at the time of the event... It is obvious that financial slavery and distress is enforced individually on each of us by those whom, in physical or especially non physical form, still cling on their soon-to-end parasite leverage mechanisms:

    we NEVER deserved it and we choose it no more.

    I hope that the endless number of people that are left out in absolute poverty and ignorance, the masses of the forgotten ones, gain consciousness of what is happening, doing also their inner work so that the vibration of the Earth may raise even faster, while the individuals close to key positions who are able to take a stand so that more positive practical changes are finally set into motion.

    Victory to the Light.