Tuesday, May 16, 2017

BSMOSS (L3/L4 boundary)




    My Dears, it is of Vital Importance that as many LightWorkers and LightWarriors as possible, do a big step forward in their Spiritual Evolution and start actively and effectively cooperate in the Planet Earth Liberation.

    The next step, the third, is the "Activation Program".

    Every new Program, every new step, create a stronger base for the personal evolution and improve the effectiveness of all the previous steps (Programs).

    This new program is of VITAL importance for the personal evolution, it ISN'T a mandatory step, but it has the ability to quick and effectively speeds up your personal evolution and realignment with your Soul Mission.

    Remember my Dears... we are forming the new Earth Task Force, we need you! ;)

    Participating in this new program, you will progressively become more involved in your Soul Mission and in the Planet Earth Liberation.

    This program is based on a Group Activation that will start AUTOMATICALLY every Sunday at 03:00 pm Central European Time (CEST).

    To be inserted in this lovely program, simply ask for it. :)

    I ask the PLEIADIAN ALLIANCE to permanently insert me and (... list all the other persons you wish to insert) into the ACTIVATION PROGRAM, NOW! Thank you!

    One time you are inserted in the Activation Program, you will AUTOMATICALLY (without any further request) receive your activation together with all other worldwide Sisters and Brothers, one time a week, on Sunday at 03:00 pm Central European Time (CEST). At this time would be really useful be in a deeply relaxed status to obtain the maximum benefits, but the activation WILL START anyway, also if you are busy in your daily work.

    You can check the time of the Activation for your time zone here:


    MAKE THIS VIRAL, PLEASE!!! Share it worldwide! Post it on your websites, social media, and blogs.

    This is instead a blessing time my Dears, a time of incredible changes in a blink.

    More is changing, and also if your media are hiding this reality from the mass consciences, these changes are real and will shortly become evident to everyone.

    It is time to change your world my Dears, is time to bring Heaven on Earth.

    NOTE: for a comprehensive overview about "The Pleiadian Alliance" and our "Programs" take a look here:


    BE positive, BE True, BE YOURSELF.


    1. thank you fabio this has helped with the attacks, alot :). would recommend to anybody under scalar attacks.

  2. Congratulation RM & LF
    Cobra can you confirm this: "Morphic dissolved" ?
    So its look like some wave :P is sweeping our solar system in less then week

  3. I'm so thankful that things are moving along.

    My cintanami fell and broke, most unfortunately. Can it still be used in some way?

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    2. Call it that you have two smaller ones, now. The purpose may be to give one to another.


  4. Lost Star - Poem by Rabindranath Tagore

    When the creation was new and all the stars shone in their first
    splendor, the gods held their assembly in the sky and sang
    `Oh, the picture of perfection! the joy unalloyed!'

    But one cried of a sudden
    ---`It seems that somewhere there is a break in the chain of light
    and one of the stars has been lost.'

    The golden string of their harp snapped,
    their song stopped, and they cried in dismay
    ---`Yes, that lost star was the best,
    she was the glory of all heavens!'

    From that day the search is unceasing for her,
    and the cry goes on from one to the other
    that in her the world has lost its one joy!

    Only in the deepest silence of night the stars smile
    and whisper among themselves
    ---`Vain is this seeking! unbroken perfection is over all!'

  5. New Global Daily Meditation! - Violet Flame over Long Island, at 2PM UTC:



  6. The sable rattling continues ...now the US is lying about Syria killing so many per day burning their bodies. All this from a aerial photo showing no snow on a section of the building ...this they are claiming is where they burn the bodies. Complete and total BS, but of course the corporate news is pushing it as fact. The RM/LF has their work cut out for them.
    I would love to see some heavy duty exposure put out to stop this nonsense.

    1. Report: U.S., British Forces Enter Southern Syria Alongside Terrorists; Is A Bigger Battle Shaping Up?

  7. In babylonian times, when dark forces invaded the kingdom of Light in Babylon, there was Marduk of the Light. He was killed by dark forces and a negative entity, the draconian king from Alpha Draconis (?)went into his dead and then reanimated body. He portrayed himself as Marduk and so people who did not know what had happened, believed, he had gone mad. This unknown fact in human history is a real big deal. What the Draco king did in the name of Marduk is beyond any comprehension and it is absolutely invalid. The problem is people agreed to what he did because they believed it was their beloved Marduk. This ultimate trickery must come to the light and I assumption that his agents did the same on other places or at least had special rights through all the signed contracts etc.. The Draco king is a main handler of the DEVIL/Yaldabaoth. He must be brought back through the portal(s) where he came through (Alpha Draconis etc..?), in all incarnations throughout times and spaces.
    Here another thought:
    If it is true that Isis is Mother God-
    If it is true that Isis is the Source of all life-
    If it is true that Isis is the tree of life-
    If it is true that Isis is Gaia-
    >>>This would mean, Gaia IS the tree of life.
    If it is true that Gaia is the tree of life, it means also, Gaia IS the Kabballah. What does this mean?
    This would mean every energy of the Kabballah must find its correspondence on Gaia. The Kabballah has been manipulated and occupied by dark forces. The dark forces have infiltrated the Kabballah at certain spots. My question is, where are those spots? Has it to do something with Sumer=creation of the tree of life=origin and is this the reason why the cabal (lol) are so obsessed with Syria and call their troups "Isis"? Could we see by this that the manipulation of the tree of life has something to do with the portal there because its the energetic correspondence with an aspect of the Kabballah that has been distorted? How does this relate to the story of the snake with Adam and Eve and is this the beginning of exchanging Lucifer and Satan? The story of the kundalini snake which brings enlightenement to the women and through the woman embodying the Goddess (every woman) the man can awaken too through the kundalini energy. (It does not mean a man needs a woman for this, its more symbolic.) From this point in time the snake was considered evil and Lucifer was called a fallen angel - I suppose.
    VICTORY OF TRUTH! Victory of the Light!!!

  8. Hint : Lagrange Moon - Earth

    1. no that would be LL. L3/4 boundary is much further away.. I would guess near the asteorid belt or near Jupiter..

  9. What is the location of L3 and L4?

    1. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1BlyWifogP8/VW239myyvWI/AAAAAAAACbg/-p301Z6vK3s/s1600/L.gif


  10. This was such a welcome sight to see in my inbox this morning.

    Premonitions are given to the hu-masses of New Beginnings.

    Hopefuls transpire.

    Blessing carriers compress the timelines.

    Moments of perceptions are embraced, and released.

    Peace is accepted.



    1. Yeah!
      First I saw the newest message on here and then the GaiaPortal UpDate - quite the way to start the day :-)

      And just now I was gifted this song (which I did not know at all) that just radiates joy and happiness.

      Send Me On My Way


    2. on my way <3 :)

      may there be Light

    3. I truly enjoy that song - It's one of my favorites. I had not listened in a while. Thank you for posting. :)

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    6. Integrate and compress, like a pretend-a-fish caught in a net. You're a vile little know-it-all and it won't serve you well. Maybe try "just be"-ing nice?! Your gung-holier-than-thou schtick is disappointing.

    7. It's amazing how two different things like compression and integration can coexist simultaneously and peacefully. You should try it sometime!


    8. Bebe:
      A few minutes after reading it I was told that you would share that UpDate on here. Well done and thank you, I say! Glad you know and like the song, at least one of us knew it:-)

      Excellent, and so will we All be very soon.
      Onwards and Upwards we will go. And there ain't no stopping The Light!

      Oh look, something I haven't heard in over 15 years was just presented :-)

      Leave no track, don't look back.
      We're runnin' Higher and Higher!
      Take it or leave it
      But you better Believe It!


      Lots of Love and Light.


    9. RaJah - it was too good not to share and worth the risk of multiple posts, as unnecessary as that concern turned out to be. Here's one for you:



    10. Bebe, my dear,
      that is such an amazing gift you just gave me! The song and the lyrics are fantastic. The music is just *outrageously* good!
      And the fact that you sent me a song by Enigma? I'll let you in on a little secret: I have got an email address that I don't really use but it's still active. For obvious reasons I won't post the entire thing on here, but it goes something like this:



      SYNCHRO-freaking-NICITY IN FULL EFFECT, Ooooh Yeeeaaaah! Do you dig it? I Dig It!!!

      And you can never post GaiaPortal UpDates too often, the more the better :-)
      In this case, I thought about doing it myself, and My Higher Self said precisely: "Don't bother, Bebe will post it." Okay then :-)

      Lots of Love and Light and Thank You for your present.
      I love it, I really do.


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    13. RaJah - you are most welcome. :)

    14. Well since you asked, Just Be, no I do not find Gaia vile. Gaia is my mother and my home. She's been degraded by those she once trusted for far too long. I don't want to think ill of you, but Ive seen you verbally abuse people on here who only ever have nice things to say. That kind of back-biting will never serve the liberation of Gaia or her inhabitants, including the dead you say are your friends. You do them a disservice by lashing out at others. You're time would be better invested learning to control your tongue and your emotions.

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    16. Are you gunning for Armageddon? Gaia is part of something greater than herself. She'd do anything to give us a chance and that's been brutally taken advantage of. Mother she is, but she too belongs to a community of peers, whether you can see that or not. She does need help with liberation, not by us, but from us. Baby birds need to learn to fly and make nests of their own.

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    20. I can see that. Kindly take your own advice dear. Best wishes!

    21. I'm not going anywhere. You'll have to take me out if you want me gone. I have nothing to fear from the likes of you, your "advisers" and "friends". Just because you offer something doesn't mean I have to buy it, and vice versa. Don't be so rigid in your ways that you miss out. You're only hurting yourself in the long run.

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    23. I'm sure you care enough about what you think to make up for anyone who doesn't. I'm not threatening you by standing my ground. You told me to go away. I don't take orders or negotiate with things like you. Please try to be a better person. It might be a very long time before an opportunity like what's happening on this planet is presented again. Your attempts to hurt and undermine others Ascension, by whatever means works for them, has not gone unnoticed. That kind of attitude can't exist where we're all going, so I suggest you let it go and Just Be at peace, if nothing else.


  11. According to Cobra, a sudden event is under preparing, which will change our world for better, and will ultimately introduce us in a galactic society.

    MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLES FROM COBRA: http://prepareforchange.net/resistance-movement/cornerstone-cobra-articles/

    Be prepared!

    * * *

    A very important update from Cobra: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2017/04/situation-update.html#comment-form

    ~ ~ ~

    Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your mind
    By Preston James
    The current state of mind-kontrol is probably far beyond anything you ever imagined possible:

    You may want to get involved and use this as a guide to send your own letters to the appropriate individuals for where you live, including Wash DC.
    Extremely important thing is to awaken as many people as possible to the reality of directed energy weapons. The easiest way to do that is to make the following article viral through your blogs and your social networks:

    Our unified awareness and consciousness will transmute this situation, as it has transmuted countless situations before.

  12. White Fire of AN
    May 14, 2017 by untwine



    Cobra has also explained that advanced technologies of the Light forces which are used to remove dark technologies such as toplet bombs, and to transmute primary anomaly in the galaxy, are based on AN conversion:


    Therefore the White fire of AN can also be used in meditations especially in groups to assist the Light forces in clearing the solar system.

    1. That is very interesting. If Archangel Metatron is embodiment of White Fire of AN, Archangel Zadkiel the Violet Fire of Transmutation, who/what embodies the Electric Fire of Redemption? Invoking all of these in clearings seems to be effective.

      Also, I remember quite a while back Cobra mentioned that the Galactic Central Sun had a name that could be invoked but that he would not release it at that time as it was very powerful, I would like to know if possible for personal and galactic clearing work.

  13. Cobra Interview by Rob Potter!

    There was immense opposition to this interview being posted.
    Obviously certain interest groups mentioned in this interview did not wish this information to be released, but here it is, in audio format and as a transcript:


    If Rob's website gets hacked again, the transcript is available here:



    Monthly Cobra interview by Prepare for Change has been delayed also and we expect to publish it by the end of the month.

  14. Hello,

    Several astral travelers were contacted by the beings of the stars. They are worried and are asking to meditate for North Korea.

    Don't be afraid, just meditate more often in favor of peace and send light to Korea.

    Thank you !


    1. nikolas, i'm meditation with violet flame to send love n light to them. i did a meditation for 15 mins. i'll be doing this at 7 pm est. this is to put them at peace again. i made this meditations with affirmations and music.

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  15. YALDABAOTH UPDATE - UNIVERSAL Dissolution - Head
    16 May 54%
    16 Maggio 54%
    The Light Celebrates!

    1. Speed it up!!

      Press faster on the acceleration pad!!...

  16. Cobra has said that only after The Event will the Cabal owned lame-stream media be turned over to the Forces of Light and truth will then be shown instead of the current Fake Mass Media.

    Until such time, awakened people can see cracks in the cover-up and read between the lines for signs of positive progress.

    For example:

    *Firing of Comey > Russian hacker says Comey offered him bribe of $15 Million to say that he hacked DNC > Proof that DNC emails were leaked by Seth Rich, not hacked by Russians > Murder of Seth Rich > cover-up by Comey of Hitlery's treason > Public testimony by Prime Minister of India about Hitlery's pay-to-play scheme and Clinton Foundation Charity Fraud > US Federal Prison in Philadelphia ordered by Pres. Trump to prepare for Intake of 23 high security political defendants (one of whom rumored to be Hitlery Clinton > possible appointment of Trey Gowdy as new head of FBI who will absolutely kick ass in prosecuting Congressional Swamp critters.

    *Trump's first foreign trip as President is to Saudi Arabia > Israel > Vatican ----- He is making the rounds of the ruling Cabal Leadership!! (from top Khazarian to top Jesuit Archon)

    This could be a good sign or a bad sign -- if Trump has been compromised by son-in-law Jared 666 Kushner and Israeli-first dual shitizen/Mossad cohorts in his Cabinet to betray America, or bribed by the Rothschilds - this trip would be to "Kiss the Pope's ring" and bad for humanity.

    HOWEVER, if Trump is still working for the American people, this trip to the visible heads of the Cabal may be to tell them GAME OVER.

    According to Cobra, the last 180 Chimera are holed up in Long Island, so it's a waiting game until the Light Forces neutralize the toplet bombs, but they know the inevitable is coming.

    The 3 layers of battle: Space,Earth surface,Underground - seems like they are converging.

    The Spark that will ignite each Layer:

    * Arrests of major Cabal crooks, which seems imminent.

    * NASA disclosing that UFO's are here, which means NASA can let go of their stupid BACTERIA THEORY.

    * Cobra announcing the toplet bombs are taken out, Galactic Pulse hits us.

    *The Ransomware virus could have been a dry-run for the Global Reset because the SWIFT network and also ATMs in China were shut down.

    Every "news" event is put out by the MSM for a specific purpose, it is up to us to interpret the real motive - whether the Cabal or the Light Forces are behind it.

    1. great analysis! i agree with many of the conclusions you drew.

  17. Here is a free energy document detailing a way how free energy is possible. If we can combine this with solar energy oh yeah. No wonder college physics was boring to me. I knew something was being hidden: http://cognizantnationhq.weebly.com/uploads/1/0/8/0/10802824/energise.pdf

    1. Looked through it and found only some guys ideas but no actual test of it. The usual problem is that they cant imagine that an equilibrium will be found. Some people actually try to build their magnetic contraptions. So far the machine has always found an equilibrium.

  18. after the event, how much money will banks be allowed to charge for loans(through fees), if interest(usury) will be abolished?
    if interest is abolished, wont banks lose incentive to make loans to people?
    how will the reformed banking system work?

    1. Earth's financial scene is way bloated. Essentially, it's a huge bureaucracy without any productivity potential on it's own. Using money to make more money, via loans or via the many other ways, is part of the problem. We have here the super rich / rich hoarding money and using it in a quest to increase their personally "owned" part of the whole planet, while it could instead drive a positive purpose. Economists say money must be spent for the economy to grow ... now remember who's got the most money which could be spent ?!

      I've read everyone will receive a considerable amount of money along the event. And with regards to the excessively rich ... They call the coming a "financial reset" for a reason! I guess there will be little, if ANY, need for loans afterwards.

      And in general do not forget, that money's only purpose really is to regulate the distribution of goods and services, even in the mess of an earth we're still on. In principle / in theory the whole financial system could suddenly disappear and everyone could still live a life no worse than the current one if people were simply reasonable about their gives and takes in our civilization!

  19. Everyone we have to meditate for peace everyday, Especially for North Korea. I know I have not been meditating as much as I should be to assist the Light Forces. We must focus.

  20. Maybe Cat Stevens knew something, if not still a great song!
    Oh Peace Train sounding louder
    Glide on the Peace Train
    Come on now Peace Train
    Peace Train

    Now I've been crying lately,
    Thinkin' about the world as it is
    Why must we go on hating,
    Why can't we live in bliss

    'Cause out on the edge of darkness,
    There rides a Peace Train
    Oh Peace Train take this country,
    Come take me home again

    Oh Peace Train sounding louder
    Glide on the Peace Train
    Come on now, Peace Train
    Yes, Peace Train holy roller

    Everyone jump upon the Peace Train
    Come on, come on, come on
    Yes, come on, peace train
    Yes, it's the peace train

    L3/ L4 maybe the edge of darkness is getting brighter!

  21. Pleiades 1 Messages May 16th 2017

    P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!


    P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

    Magnetic* Junction: Stabilization in progress. Drastic harmonization by Zero* i. Inviolability being guaranteed. Reset at 98% (non-regressive). New Request (3D*NULL) by Zero i – Verdict: DENIED. Not necessary. Individual harmony in conclusion.


    Minaji* Group support positive visitors!

    Authorized Antarians. Unnecessary inspection.

    Allied* X – Babylonian 274Viol recognized. Attention for proper removal. (Encrypted).


    5th layer opening! “Virus* Sinus” working! 27% (non-regressive) – Next >>>> Opening of the 4th.

    Dissolution of imaginary spaces in progress. Evidence of REAL LIFE exposed.

    End of Transmission

  22. WHITE !!


  23. Corey Goode has recently tweeted this video from YouTube which points out a discovery of a patent that shows the infamous Triangular Spacecraft known in the UFO community as the TR-3B. Research shows that the inventor, John St. Clair, has also developed and patented a new type of propulsion system called a rotating electrostatic propulsion system. Below are the videos and links to the patents of the TR-3B and electrostatic propulsion system.


    Ready for a little MIC SSP drip, drip disclosure? 1972 TR-3B Patent!!! - https://t.co/zCyWWYjF4U https://t.co/aujDhZnMUh
    — SphereBeingAlliance (@blueavians) May 16, 2017


  24. Just-in-time again . . .


    Lots of Love and Light



    1. I know that "somebody" sent this for a reason. To watch, enjoy and share. And all I can say is that that is some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen in all of my lifetimes on Gaia:-)

      As an added bonus I have loved the song to those shenanigans in the video since I first heard the original version in 1982

      You shook me all night long [with laughter, and laughter is Medicine]

      Thanks, Big One :-)


  25. Dow Jones down 275, VIX up 22%, 10-year bond yield down 8 bp to 2.24, gold and silver up 1.5%+ - what's going on

  26. Successful meditation May 17, 2017, 2 PM UTC



  27. Robert Stanley on the Archons, Enki's Empire and the Coming Energy Wave that may end Human Slavery


  28. Finish them and be done with it!!

  29. A NEW AND VERY POWERFUL RIFE PHANOTRON! You won't find any that are this strong!!


  30. The cob waddled out onto the island and looked in the nest.
    The cob will defend the nest and the eggs.
    Ra : he fell, he struck bone.
    no more

  31. estimating a crash somewhere between 2019-2023. check for rising gold prices as an indicator for that crash to come. It will be more devestating than 2008. This iraqi dinar crap is total crap. if u feel u need to invest your currency cus of a maybe in currency drop simply put it in gold as the elite.
    Btw the world is flat. dont hate, get educated.

    1. John Relik, I think maybe your head is flat. Earth is a sphere with honeycomb pockets in the crust.

  32. Galactic Cosmology 101: "Dark matter" as it is defined on Planet Earth at present is a 'fudge factor' mathematically added to cosmological equations to reconcile differences between astronomical observations [data] and big bang expanding universe [theory].

    This theory is based on red-shifted star spectra observed ~100 years ago by Edwin Hubble. He explained the spectral shift by attributing it to stars' motion away from us observers.

    This then grew into the thought, that if everything is moving away from us, there must have been some point in the past when everything in the Universe was condensed into a very small space.

    In order to explain the 'motion' observed, someone postulated there must have been a huge explosion at the beginning of the Universe. Thus was born the big bang theory.

    Since then many, many careers and billions of dollars have been spent trying to quantify the BIG BANG.

    However, this line of thinking does not take into account time dilation in accelerated frames of reference, postulated by Albert Einstein, also about 100 years ago.

    In other words, there is no way to determine if the observed star spectral red shifts are due to receeding motion relative to us or due to time dilation caused by very large gravitational fields and other relavistic effects, across unimaginable lengths of time and space.

    The entire big bang theory, accepted without question now since 1922, is based on a false premise that spectral shift is due solely to relative motions of the stars. Eventually data and observation will cause the big bang theory to collapse.

    "Dark matter" is about as real as Peter Pan.

  33. Of the "Seeker" with heart
    and his "Power" that keeps
    "The Wisdom of Justice"...
    Trump vs the Pope
    may have been too simple...
    but how much more simple would it be
    "to win"... and still...
    (too still is motionless)
    to a measure of "flow" that has become
    Who You Are
    Los Angeles-based body artist Nate Siggard has developed Skin Motion, an app which creates designs of people’s audio waves known as ‘Soundwave Tattoos’ which can later be read and played back via smartphone.
    Time Travel (into the past)
    (blended with a dash of "now")
    "That's the Ticket"
    (time Portal) where did you go...
    could you stop being sent there
    (except by not knowing)...
    as the past, brought into the now
    used to from a "future"
    New "rules" for new "games"...
    Time of the Light
    For fire from the Ice
    (One cubic meter of combustible ice is equal to 164 cubic meters of natural gas, according to the US Energy Information Agency.)

  34. Plasma cloud... Dan Winters... he's describing the plasma entity? Yet it is the anomaly... Bliss is what feeds upon suffering. That's what makes it bliss... Or I am a fool. Largest picture possible is what I... I will not fail myself.

  35. but how can you "remove" the thing (suffering)
    (you sagest is bliss)to achieve "the thing"

    I feel like my only bliss is...
    to "remove" suffering

    I could be reading it wrong, but are you saying-
    You can't know bliss if suffering is removed..?

    A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link
    except for this chain- the "bond" that forms this chain...
    "Is Weakness"
    (if I "covet" the most- I suffer the least)
    greed feeds on suffering- remove greed- change the bond