Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Discernment and Awareness

Although drastic action was taken, the situation with directed energy weapon attacks upon Lightworkers and Lightwarriors is far from being resolved and the following article still needs to go viral, translated in as many languages as possible and posted on blogs worldwide:

Here I need to repeat again that the main reason the Light forces do not intervene more directly are plasma toplet bombs:

As plasma strangelet bombs have already been removed successfully, so will be plasma toplet bombs and that will lead to the Event. As soon as the presence of plasma toplet bombs falls below a certain threshold, the Light forces will address the directed energy weapons situation very drastically if it does not get resolved more peacefully until then.

On top of those weaponized attacks, a massive disinformation campaign against the key Lightwarriors on the planet has been engineered by the etheric and plasma Archons, manipulating personality weaknesses of certain people, "suggesting" them to attack. It started immediately after I published this article about directed energy weapons:

A certain individual that „has no idea of what he is talking about“, has released a public attack against me, and there was enough awareness to quickly put that into perspective:

To put it again very simply: I have released the directed energy weapons article to bring awareness, NOT to spread fear. Only awareness can transmute such situations. Denial will not make them go away. In fact denial which led to passive allowance is the main reason why concentration camps in World War 2 were even possible.

A few days later, a similar attack targeted Corey Goode and that was quickly put into perspective too:

It is true that Corey Goode and David Wilcock were not very open to cooperation, but they still did a huge contribution towards the planetary liberation. Although together with my network I am powerful enough to positively influence the planetary situation, imagine what we could do all together if we would cooperate!

To help clarifying the issues, the Resistance has asked me to briefly provide my perspective on Corey Goode's intel.

Through my sources I can confirm: existence of secret space programs, spheres in the Solar System, extensive ancient ruins throughout the Solar System, ruins in Antarctica (and also in Amazon delta, gulf of Aden, bay of Bengal, north of Long Island...), giants in stasis

Through my sources I can NOT confirm: existence of Anshar, Corey Goode's recent experiences beyond the surface of this planet

I also know beyond any shadow of doubt that main Atlantis civilization was in the middle of Atlantic ocean, with precise location revealed in this post:

All this is a lesson for many people in the Lightwarrior and Lightworker community to start using discernment. True discernment is not possible on mental level, it can only appear when you make contact with your Soul, your higher self. Then you simply KNOW.

Until then, the following two articles can help:

If we focus again on the planetary situation, the North Korean conflict node still needs to be dissolved:

I would also like to bring massive abuse of basic human rights in North Korea to public awareness:

There is now a strong worldwide campaign to expose the Cabal. The following genuine testimony has reached over 1 million people:

Evidence about a child abuse ring extending all way up to UK royal family has been recently released:

Also, Russian mainstream media now talk openly about Trump being controlled by the deep state:

Jared Kushner is identified as being his handler:

Probably you already know that Kushner owns this building:

But most likely you did not know that 666 Fifth Avenue is the home address of Rockefeller Grand Lodge, the main masonic lodge of the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal (link in Spanish, you can google translate):

The Eastern Alliance is now speeding up their preparations for the Reset:

Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwean Dollar are NOT the key currencies in the coming financial Reset.

People are becoming more and more aware that taxation is theft:

The idea of universal basic income is getting more and more support, and now even Cabal is considering using it in their own version of the partial, fake Reset:

Needless to say, only full Reset with abundance to all humanity is an option.

Victory of the Light!


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    1. Thank you C, even justin sather with destroying the illusion was attacked the other day. It does seem as though the anti truth movement is becoming more intense recently. Darkest before the Dawn

      Looking forward to the Rob Potter interview*

    2. Thanks Cobra, you bring so much to the fight against the Cabal. The information you provide is key to all souls on earth, our support and meditation are here to assist all brothers and sisters in this fight, even if small compare to what the lightworkers and lighwarriors are doing in comparison.
      Discernment is certainly of the essence, too many lies and too much disinformation is going around, but you warned us about it.
      Once again, thanks for everything you do for humanity. Victory of the light brother!!!!!

    3. Queen calles her entire household to "highly unusual" emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace today 4.5 but mystery surrounds the reason why (Daily Mail). Something is going on..they are freaking out!! Let's send the transmuting Violet Flame and LOVELIGHT to London:). "THANK you, but we don't need you any more"!

  2. Thanks for all this information!

    I watched the video of the elite Dutch banker a few days ago... and I think this video will be believed by so many people who are still quite asleep regarding most of these subject.


  3. thanks Cobra

    I should say something but Iam too much confusted..so no commento about this update.

    Welp i recently watch very good old movie "All that jazz"
    and now im stuck with that song

  4. Okay, after reloading the page 187 times to be exact, i can write a comment!

    First of all, thanks.

    Secondly, it is nice to hear that exposure has started. I suspect removal, then disclosure soon?

    Thirdly, how are we doing on removing plasma toplet bombs? What is the progress?

    Fourthly, how does one protect himself aginst these new attacks?

    Fiftly, can someone please sent me some love? These attacks are litteraly driving me crazy, so crazy that i seriously cannot feel love at the moment, and if i do, i get extremeley angry.

    Thanks yall, PEACE

    1. I will send you love but you shouldn't be so paranoid. After all thoughts create reality. And it could be just personal cleansing of old energies. Although I too get a little uneasy when I try to meditate

    2. Done, dear one!
      However, i would suggest you, instead of Love, to use the word LIGHT. It's the same.... In the mean time, it's NOT the same.
      Also, i remeber Cobra saying that against the ELECTRONIC attacks magnet is working the best. So, I got a pair of small magnetic globes and i hold them in my hands most of the time. I think it's doing the job.
      Try to get a magnetic BRACELET and wear it. (According to some, magnetic necklaces are NOT suggested, because it is not good for your heart). Get some other magnets and carry them in your pockets, and put some around "your space".
      Blessings and LIGHT!

    3. Hi ngobas!
      >Fourthly, how does one protect himself aginst these new attacks?

      For defence of yourself, some kind of radionics scalar energy devices may be effective.
      If you get physical symptoms, protoi free healing crystal may be useful too...

      Also faraday cage or pyramid headgear can guard you. I made pyramid headgear of copper wire. And in my room sometimes I put it on my head. I recommend you not do it outside the house! Its appearance is very strange!

      You can also guard yourself by meditation or visualization of light etc. I like so. Well, these methods take few minutes or more, and they needs deep concentration.
      Sometimes it's useful if you apply convenient tools. At that time you can use your time for other purpose.

      Victory of the Light.

    4. Brother, read my words.
      Cus thats the only way you can see the force within me.
      Doesnt matter what it call, you already knew.
      I have observed you for quite a time and i feel exactly what you feel. Those horribly, destructively, endlessly waves driving me to nearly suicide and i thought no one like me untill i saw you.

      There are not many like me and you.

      Living avatar, we have archived the body of light.

      There is nothing left inside of us to transmute.
      Its others. We are working beyond our capacity to transmute everything into light just because that is our wish to serve as LOVE.


    5. Learn to live in the moment and let go of the need to control outcomes.

      Trust that you are invincible, that the toughest moments bring an epic potential of growth - and take any challenge as a proposition for growth from places that otherwise seemed bleak.

      Much love and wholeness you will find!

      Many blessings!

    6. I wear a tachyon pendant and earrings.I am Surrounded by Several EMF pyramids ..Cintamani Stone

  5. Thanks cobra. Yes, one of our key member of our LIGHT WARRIORS team had been attacked and while he was meditating, he breathed his last yesterday. No health issues, nothing. I want justice of Matt to be implemented strictly.

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    1. Well said!

      "...we no longer need sugar coated demi-truth at this advanced stage of Planetary Liberation." <---This bears repeating...ad nauseam, if necessary.

    2. There does not exist a something like a hirarchy in the world of light. When all beings will be reconnected fully to the Source, they will understand, see and feel, that a thing like hirarchy belonged to duality. There may be something like "inner" and "deeper" but also this would not be the right term, because everyone will know we are ONE and who he is: An infinite being of light in ever expanding, ever deepening LOVE and LIGHT. As we are solving this duality backwards, everything that created the mess we currently live in needs to be dissolved and forgiven. If we let go one obstacle the next shows up to be solved and so we enter our original way of being more and more. The cause of this lacking co-operation seems to be very old though. There was a point before - when where all ONE. Let us find it together.

  7. Every single bit of information/clarity/repeated information/updates you give is powerful, maybe beyond what you can imagine. Thank you.

  8. Thank you. I re-posted. I believe all of this to be true as I have heard it from several trusted sources out there. We really have to listen to everything, and then ask our HS, and you will be fine.

  9. Thank you for this which I have heard from other trusted sources. It is imperative to read as much as possible, so discernment comes faster and faster. For me, it's mow immediate.

  10. Cobra, you have my full support. I trust you.

    At first, I doubt of you because I spent a few years reading liars. With time and good information I began to trust you.

    It was great to see when "contactees" and "channellers" said that something big would happen, you were the only one that said that nothing would and we should stay calm.
    When nothing happened I thought "Cobra is the man"

    Keep fighting. Victory of the light.

  11. Enormous thanks and good energies to you and the freedom movement Cobra.

  12. Světelný pracovník z České Republiky. Přes tři roky na mě temní dementi útočí. Rodina je zmanipulovaná proti mě. Jsem sám ale lidé za to nemohou že je temní používají k útokům proti mě. Směju se jejich trapným způsobům a přeji si aby plazmatické miny co nejdříve zmizely a skončilo srabské mučení obyvatelstva ze zákulisí. Téměř veškerý čas kromě spánku bojuji za výtězství světla. S láskou v srdci Schrapnel~David Šertler~

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    1. expand J.B.
      isn't the purpose of all these efforts being made is to prevent that.?

      I recall not sure where that once a fallen universe or creation (maybe i read it wrong) had to be wiped out... Thought the idea was to prevent a huge loss like such to occur again.

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    3. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... justBe has been removed by the author justBe

    4. Just Be do you need to be at the defense?.. i was asking to expand.. cause i could not understand where you were coming from..

      when i read the word .. i think selfdestruct.. i was imagine you were referring to the world. in fact i think u used "world"... so i was wondering why would we be pushing for Gaia to be destroy..that is what crossed me mind..

      woman take a breath when you read posts.. they are not all out to get you or trick you..

      it was just a mere request to expand.so i could understand.

    5. as far as your last response (removing the defiance tone to it) i agree about this sector needed to be quarantine as well as the fact it was not done propertly.. but that is spilled milk now.

      that is something that i hope everyone above have learn...

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    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. ok. and i understand your views. As far as the bad guys they need indeed to be dealt with. i agree and understand.

      as far as my purpose being here...is not to watch worlds get destroy...
      unfortunately thats all i been seeing right before me eyes.

      but anyways... thanks for sharing n expanding

  14. I am glad that those articles were helpful to some. Happy to offer what I can.

    1. Hi Justin Deschamps,
      Thank you for your dedication to helping others by spreading awareness on your website.

      It will be great to have the countdown Meditation widget(from Cobra's website, with link and guidelines about weekly meditation) on Your, Corey Goode and David Wilcock websites, so new people will find their way to actively participate in this meditation event for peace.
      But of course, only if Cobra accepts and give permission or approval for using the countdown Meditation widget.

      Thank you, Victory of the Light!

    2. I give permission for the countdown widget to be used freely.

  15. Wow. Thank you beloved Cobra. Without you many people would have less hope. I am aware we need to take action ourselves too on all levels:
    On plane of
    ~dark matter
    ~physical (! ;) sigh)

    I so love this picture, the contrast of the rose versus the rest being black-white background. I consider all beings of light make a difference like this image affirms to.

    Victory of Love and Light!

    Gaia Lucifer

    PS: Why I choosed this name (Gaia.the.true.lucifer) of my website is because I believe it is not right to change Satan with Lucifer or considering him being "fallen". Lucifer does not need to be redeemed, he is the redeemer, he helps Archangel Michael to restore creation. Its actually a her and I can't wait to meet her. You know many sacrifices of the cabal are dedicated to Lucifer. This means they do those child-sacrificing rituals in the name of the Goddess Isis, our beloved Divine Mother. This is not okay. I am going to end this with all my power and Love I have for GODS creation.


    1. I agree that Lucifer is in fact ''she''.

      Lucifer is another namer for planet Venus before sunrise (not sunset), Venus represents feminine aspect of Source or Goddess. In order to suppress the Goddess and destroy her image (and also suppress women troughout the world), the dark ones transformed her in to the devil or Satan (with whom Lucifer is associated by many people). And the pentagram is also just a path of Venus when she completes her Rose pattern (as seen from Earth) in the course of 8 years.

      I also think that Satan or Egyptian god Set was at first a very powerful agent of the Light forces (as seen on the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs protecting Ra (the personofied Light, Creator) from Apep (a water serpent or dragon, which represents darkness and chaos and threatens to swallow Ra or Light) with his spear, you can see the same image throughout Earth's history of heroes slaying a dragon). Perhaps they captured him or his twin flame and forced him to work for them just to keep her alive. Through many bad deeds that he was forced to do, his mind slowly darkened, and was probably also implanted and he ended up doing many bad things and the dark ones actually revered him (they named those plasma tunnels after him). Eventually he found his light, if I remember correctly, he is working again with the Light forces.

      This is basically what the dark ones were always doing, capturing positive beings and transformed/implanted them into working against the Light, each time a positive being was captured, they learned of the newer tactics that the Light Forces were using. That is why the Light Forces also started using compartmentalisation, although they would rather share all the details with each and every one of their teams, but simply cannot afford to do so, as the risk of being captured and informations extracted by the dark was/is too high.

      Anyway, all will be revealed eventually.

      Victory of the Light!!!


    2. Brilliant comment, NinchXD.
      Seen from the Sun, Gaia's and Venus's orbits form this very spectacular pattern.


      And from what I have heard, another word for Lucifer is "The LightBringer" - and I do have a selenit LightBringer chrystal right here in this very LightMachiine :-)

      Let there be LIGHT


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    4. Ivanka Trump Was Born A Man - Proof of Fake Pregnancy & Childbirth:


      By Apostle Laura Lee: "They transgender the children from infancy. This is generational satanism. And when they transgender prepubescent Ivanka never develop the secondary male characteristics. When these generational satanists transgender the children from infancy they suppress the secondary male development to great extent. These people are in the generational satanic elite. They are transgendered from infancy in order to worship the devil. They worship the baphomet and it is their religious faith."



      Ivanka Trump Was Born A Man Just Like Michelle Obama - YouTube by Russianvids:


    5. @NinchXD: Ok, interesting, that would mean Seth was not the first being who lost connection? I thought he was the leader of the dark forces. Well, the universe is big...Who knows...In the templar documents it was Jaho (some people believe he is also JAHWE, Satan) who left heaven and he wanted to nail God at the tree of life, enslave all beings and then mock God/Source. I can't prove that this is the ultimate truth, but why where those documents kept secret until recently and why are Ereskigal and Marduk depicted there as one of the main leaders of the lightforces, whereas in other stories they are not described as so positive beings. Or maybe those well-known underworld stories refer to the sacred world of the unconscious, un-born mysteries and have been painted with wrong colors.

    6. @Gaia Lucifer: I don't know for sure about Seth, that is just my current understanding, maybe Seth became a leader of the dark forces simply 'cause he was fed up being used as a proxy and a warrior slave and instead of destroying them, he took over as his heart became darkened and no longer served the Light. Or maybe everything I wrote is totally wrong, but I do wonder why he was depicted as a protector in the early history of ancient Egypt.

      As far as I know, the angel we know as Lucifer wanted to know, how it would be to cut connection with our Source and exposed himself to strong EM fields. He then immediately regretted that action and asked the other angels for help but ended up trapping them as well. As the tidal forces of those EM fields grew exponentially, they all lost their minds and eventually decided to take over the galaxies and thus became fallen angels.

      And we have to take into account, that many stories were distorted over the centuries, so who knows who was really who and what really happened. As you said, some stories could've been portrayed with wrong colours on purpose.

    7. And yes @RaJah, Lucifer is another name for ''morning star'' which describes planet Venus before sunrise (and as ''evening star'' before/after sunset). She literally brings forth the Light, hence: Lightbringer.

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    9. Shedding Light over Lucifer: Solving the a Universal Drama

      Lucifer is a Source of Power.

      Those who have it, have All, independent if they are serving or not the Will decreated by the Prime Creator.

      Lucifer is a SHE and is the embodiment of the Feminine Principle. She is the Goddess.

      The darkness stole Shakti from Her Pure state of Bliss in the Highest Realms to rape Her through the sacrifices for them commited. They do not honor Lucifer, they use Her as their Source of Power so that they can manifest and challenge the Prime Creator, creating to the Anomaly field that is aleatory to what was Divinely Decreeted and inscripted in all Universe as the Golden Rule and the Golden Ration, mathematically expressed in the Fibonacci equation: Harmony in all sequences.

      Shedding Light over Lucifer is acknowledge the Truth that will regain again the balance of the Universe. She wants return Home, come back to Her Pure state of Infinite Bliss. Peace on Earth will be when the last remnant of the dark beings were purged and She released. The Feminine Energy needs to return to the place where it belongs: complementing the Masculine, recreating the balance.

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  17. The light keeps rising. I KNOW the dark forces cannot stop us. Thank you Cobra. Victory of the Light!

  18. Hi COBRA, i created a blog for spanish people, the target is translate to spanish all your posts, i started with this one, as you "requested" translations.

    Here is:


  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry Westcoastmegan I'm not picking on you bc of thelast thread, I promise, this is rather a personal issue I have with fraudsters (not you! you are just caught ion the middle of it)) but, since you told us, at some point here, that you made "the US new age pilgrimage" to mt shasta to see Corey Goode? yes? and yet suggest us who, number 1: have NO interest in Willcock/gaia globalist production controlled realities to do this ->

      "Perhaps if enough of us contact David and Corey we can get them to coordinate and cooperate"

      You've got to be joking. No interest or no time for waste. They know, but refuse (bilateral) cooperation. Number 2: Wilcocck since at least the beginning of Cobra's portal2012, and Goode since…umm whenever, have their eyeballs glued on Cobra's blog for "intel" they can spin into fantastical stories and finally, you are 100% correct here:

      "Participating and cooperating won't cost them anything, and they would help the planet!!"

      So true…that is why they truly do not understand what they are doing to their own soul-evolution.

    2. Let's hope David W. and Corey G. get on board.

      They say on their weekly gaia.com show "Cosmic Disclosure" they want the solar sneeze (The Event) to happen just like everyone else does.

      Both of them talk about how we all need to use our co-creative consciousness, such as in group meditations. So they understand the value of group meditations and their effects on the planet.

      Perhaps if enough of us contact David and Corey we can get them to coordinate and cooperate with Cobra's meditations.

      Participating and cooperating won't cost them anything.

      Hello David and Corey ?!!

    3. Hi Freia, (I edited my post and it landed below your note).

      Yes, true. I did go see Corey at Mt. Shasta last August. I have never seen David in person.

      It's hard to know why they haven't participated in the meditations or promoted them. Maybe this Cobra post will be a motivation for them.

      I remember one of David's web moderators write words to the effect that "David doesn't mention Cobra because Cobra doesn't follow the Law of One."

      I immediately thought that comment was probably disingenuous (the web moderator was not sincere with this comment, I felt) and I felt "there are other things behind why David doesn't mention Cobra."

      The most basic reason that David doesn't promote the meditations could be that he doesn't want his adoring public turning their heads to another source for intell.

      And if this is the case, it is truly a weakness of David's... But it is a waste of time to ponder David's psychology. He and Corey are helping out in enormous, other ways... which is great.


      Corey is a slightly different case -- Corey did not want to become public in the first place. He is very consistent and comes across as very sincere.

      But...without photos, it's hard to know if some of his wildest adventures are real.

      Let's tell them to get on board.... It's really the gigantic love goddess-- it's the love train!!! Oh, I feel a song coming on.

      Here's an old, but completely delightful video with that song, Love Train, by the O'Jays.


      ....love, peace, aloha, ho'o pono pono....

  20. Thank you COBRA, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!


  21. I'd just like you to know that while My Higher Self sometimes disagrees with details posted on here, We agree with and really support this post.
    Scalar weapons and directed energy weapons are very much a reality, have been for years as a matter of fact, and C.bra is only pointing out the Truth. It's not "fear-mongering", it's about exposing hidden weapons so we know what is out there, are prepared and can combat them.
    They are the reason why you may sometimes find yourself thinking thoughts that are totally unlike your usual character, and you ask yourself "where did that thought come from? I am not like that." that's because those are not *your* thoughts, they are planted in your head by advanced scalar technology. It really is very disgusting.
    Happens to me as well, thankfully I've learned to detect those "fake" thoughts and know how to ignore them as they are not mine and I reject them in my reality.

    Listening to and learning from My Higher Self was not always an easy process as that means giving up "truths" and "beliefs" that I had thought to be true for years, sometimes decades. But I constantly listened and My Heart would support the information given by My Higher Self, that's still how it works to this day. There are things that I just know, KNOW!, are correct even if they completely contradict everything my poor little brain has been exposed to all those decades.

    One of my first steps when My Higher Self started teaching me was to openly admit to myself "Everything I think I know is wrong." The learning process got a lot easier after that :-)
    As I've said before, I usually scan over an article on the internet really fast to see how it *feels* and what My Higher Self has to say. If it feels all right, I'll read it and usually get some corrections pointed out. As in "there's a lot of good in here, but I'll tell you what's incorrect. Take the good stuff with you, leave out the bad stuff and never bother thinking about it again."

    Same goes for the links provided by C.bra on here. I'll ask if they'll help me and do something for me and if the answer is "Yes" then I'll open and read them. If the answer is "Don't bother" then I won't. Not that they're not important, they're just not meant for Me. Easy as can be.

    Anyway. Just wanna let you know that Your Higher Self *really* KNOWS what's going on. Try and get in touch with your Soul and you'll find the BEST teacher in the Universe: Your True Self.

    So on that note I will just repeat what I wrote yesterday :-)

    It's All about SOUL

    Stay strong, stay united and stay healthy everyone.
    Keep up the good work you all are doing.
    We will be victorious. So it is written and so it will come to be.

    Victory of Love and Light. And Peace for All and Forever.



    1. Yeah, it's really not that my tiny little brain disagrees with what C.bra sometimes says, it's that My Higher Self, my SOUL, just tells me "that intel is wrong" and wants to point that out.
      Not because C.bra means any harm, it's just that his "sources" tell him incorrect things. Often for security reasons, 'cause we can't let the whole real truth be told openly while we're still at war, can we?
      Luring the "enemy" into a false sense of security that "hah, they don't know what's going on" is part of the Game.
      And part of my job is to make those loop-holes obvious so even those dimwits get it.

      99.9 per cent of my posts are written by My Higher Self and my 3D-body only moves the fingers to do the typing. Is everything that I write completely true? Hell, No!
      Not while we're still at war.

      I'm a frickin' LIGHT WARRIOR, and deceiving the dark is part of my job.
      My job is also to not believe everything I read or hear ;-)

      No harm meant, no harm done.
      We're all in this together, and WE WILL WIN.

      Victory of Love and Light.

      Now please gimme a song to end this rant, Boss ;-)
      *clicks on YouTube*

      All right! I'll take it!
      Thank You Very Much

      This Purity, Purity is A Lie!

      Lots of Love and Light


  22. Well that's some guts to show about time!

  23. There blocking any and all of my attempts to post this article!

  24. Justice of Ma'at!
    Justice of Ma'at!
    Justice of Ma'at!

    ... bring more of it, please!

  25. Thank you for the update Cobra.

    It is unfortunate that David Wilcock and Corey Goode are not cooperating more with you and the Resistance Movement, and I think that David Wilcock will have a hard time getting over ''Earth is a school'' sort of thing, but he is still great with all this info he's come up with and gathered through years of his research. And there are also some things that Corey Goode speaks about, that I do not resonate with fully, I've seen a blue avian in my dreams, but he was not exactly the same as Corey portrays them. Or maybe I was interfered with, who knows :-) (although everything seemed genuine, with no blackness around it, as it usually appears when the dark ones try to manipulate my dreams).

    And if anyone doesn't believe Corey about SSP's, they can watch stargate SG1 and Atlantis series, which nicely show some soft disclosure about SSP.

    Practicing discerment can be a bitch, as sometimes I can ''just know'' that something is total bullshit, and on other occasions I can fall directly for it. Just yesterday I learned the same lesson I preached about not too long ago. I didn't dig further for the truth. Thank God I have someone who told me to look further for the truth and not settle with the first thing I find on google search. How stupid was that? lol

    Victory of the Light!!!

    1. Thanks for the reference to SG1 and Atlantis. It is true for me that when I watch TV series I can feel the truth when it is relevent to our journey> SG1 series had me mesmerized, and I woud say to my husband this feels so real to me for certain episodes. the last season was particularly revealig given the cabal agenda to have us fall down in worship at the feet of the tall whites - "the book of origin" is indeed a warning.

    2. Yes Bob Steve, and these soft disclousures are not just in that particular TV series, we have this stuff all over the futuristic PC games. I swear, when I first saw Mass Effect PC game series, there were some locations in that game that I just knew I saw ''before''. Perhaps some memories from previous lifetimes were triggered this way, with one of the side character's story being almost same as mine when I first came here on 3D planet Earth in times of Atlantis. Like it was copy+pasted. Like someone who knew stuff contacted their designers and gave them almost the exact plans of those space stations.

      Thank you for your comment Bob Steve :-)

      Victory of the Light!!!

  26. Thank you for letting us know, I identified a attacker pulling through week coworkers before you had mentioned it the first time. I have to admit that I went after it to stop it pulling through others. Because of this I bear no ill-will towards those that did it and showed those people I'm still cool with them.
    For now I am putting up protection barriers to deflect these attacks and until I hear otherwise will continue until all is calm.
    It has been humbling to know they think of me as a light worker, good enough to be attacked from the other side. The most pain is seeing in the week ones eyes they know they did a wrong but have no clue what just happened and to try to explain to them what had just happened was blown their mind away. Anyways I appreciate your updates they always seem to fall right when trouble kicks in, thank you so much

  27. Are we close to the event now? What is the timeline for all the plasma toplet bombs being gone?

    1. Each passing day brings us closer to The Event ... that's just logical. I'm sure the intel about a timeline on the plasma toplet bombs is classified.

    2. An octopotus,... previous with its tentacles full of strangelets and toplets reaching the entire solar system and ever beyond, but now, luckly, only about a half of head remaining, is preventing any visible progress,
      ... and nothing for good will happen on a grand scale until it is completely removed...

      And this is what is preventing the positive military to do the movement...

    3. Follow the website https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/pleiades-1-messages/

      and also the page


      and you may have an estimation.

      Thus this intel is Follow the website https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/pleiades-1-messages/

      and also the page


      and you may have an estimation.

      Thus this intel is controversed, it fits however roughly the progress about the octopod, as Cobra described it...

    4. The summer solstice is when all the plasma toplet bombs will be gone.

    5. No one knows exactly when they will be gone. I am hoping it is sooner my friend.

  28. Thanks Cobra! So much great information to help many Lightworkers to help strengthen their purpose & the core of our Light Movement!

  29. LOL That's hilarious that the Cabal is trying to push their own Fake Reset :)

    This is a sure sign that the tide has turned and they know it, so they are trying to co-opt the freight train of justice snowballing towards them by a lame attempt at placating us with tiny crumbs of their ill-gotten $$$ pie.

    The TRILLIONS and QUADRILLIONS $$$$$$$ that they have stolen from humanity belongs to us all!

    Victory of the Light !!!

    1. I dont see it as so hilarious as that seems to be the tactic they always use. They almost always infiltrate and distort good initiatives. So they will definitly infiltrate and distort the reset also and the real challenge is to avoid it.

  30. Infinite Intelligence send RM through human english speaking COBRA. GOD want to spread hope and higher vision of love. Infinite thanks in return to infinite love given.

  31. I came across a really old tune today... "From the Beginning" by Emerson Lake and Palmer -- they were terrific musicians. The melody is beautiful and haunting.

    "It is all clear... you were meant to be here....from the beginning."


  32. Forget about who is right and who is wrong. Just always be doing more of whatever you can, like participating in all the growing global group meditations for starters. All this unstable volatility among lightbearers should stop.

  33. that's why we love you, thanks once again!

  34. Namastè Cobra, with much respect, gratitude and thanks.


  35. Your comment is not only 100 per cent true, it is also TOTALLY AWESOME! Thank you so much.

    And may I just say that "Needless to say, only full Reset with abundance to all humanity is an option." is the single best sentence C.bra has EVER written. Excellent, bra.

    Let's show'em how it's done!

    It goes something like THIS: The Power Of LOVE

    And This: The POWER of LOVE

    By the way, did I mention that . . .

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ra Jah

  36. Thank you Cobra. These last few posts came in a right time as I was seeking info on wtf is going on around me. I was aware of the psychic atacks but now I understand that what I am experiencing is a combination of discarnate psychic and 3D weapons.

    Namaste and victory of the light!

  37. Dear beloved brother cobra
    Please read carefully my massage.
    I have came across one of the most powerful if not the most powerful frequency modulation technology to literally brake down the evil mind control programing which it called TRIAD WAVES. This made by Brenda Williams ; https://www.gaia.com/video/frequencies-heart-brenda-williams.
    It will be very useful for all light workers/warrior to use this so we all can be in our full potential to support the Cosmic conflict in to complete transformation from darkness back in to the light of unity.
    This is the REAL DEAL as you can see how hard it being suppressed and most Human that was part of it are no longer with us.
    Please hear attached sample: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/steveskudler28.

  38. As odd as this may sound...I have a Reverse Magnetic field...helps to dispel attacks...Light.!!

  39. ITCCS Breaking News: Report on the disruption of the Ninth Circle cult’s sacrificial rituals on April 30, 2017 – please post and circulate – youtube broadcast to come:


    The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I believe we must face the obstacle to transmute it. This is one obstacle (Ninth Circle) that I CANNOT WAIT to transmute. We must free these children. Also, this brings me so much hope and determination.

      I know it's difficult to face the truth, but passive allowance in not an option for me so thank you for sharing this important news.

    3. Sonja, you are right.
      I deleted my comment above yours.
      What is constantly being exposed is beyond evil.

      We each have to "buck up" as we say here in the US, mentally and emotionally process it, and figure out a strategy for getting it out into the greater public conscience.

    4. Rescuing a few kids is a step in the right direction but is barely a drop in the OCEAN of small children being abducted for rape, torture,ritual killing and porn.

      From the FBI database:
      According to the FBI, in 2016 there were 465,676 NCIC entries for missing children. Similarly, in 2015, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 460,699.

      The FBI data not include the vast numbers of little kids smuggled into the US each year.

      According to Illuminati Family survivors like Cisco Wheeler, she said that the life span of a child sex slave is 2 Years. Another survivor insider said that the average life span of a child sex slave is 5-7 Years before they die from continual rape, torture, disease and malnutrition.
      Then there are the babies and toddlers used for Satanic ritual gang rape and killing.

      These innocent children and babies never grow up to tell the world about the pain and suffering they endured, nor the heinous crimes committed against them by the evil Cabal.

      Their crimes against our children is WAY WORSE than their financial and depopulation crimes against us.


  40. This may not mean anything to anybody except for me.

    For many years now the "routine" has always been the same. Well, not the same, but similar.
    Light up the candles in the evening when the Sun sets, replace them during the night and go to bed when the sun rises.
    Bringing LIGHT into the NIGHT has been part of My Job for *years* now - which is part of the reason why I can't have a "normal" job, I'm just too busy taking care of what is *really* important.

    And every once in a while I'll get this lovely "kick in the ass", which is a boost of energy from and to my Mind, when I'll stay up and about doing what it is that I do way past SunRise.
    This night is one of those instances, and I'm so happy to be allowed to stay up and keep on working for the Light!
    All three glitter-lamps, which (in theory) can only be switched on by physically shaking them, could be switched on by my thoughts or by clapping my hands over and over again :-)

    A few hours ago I was directed to Open The Door and step out onto The Balcony. Just as I stepped outside a flock of five sparrows left a nearby tree and flew directly past me, happily chirping and tweeting - I just stood there with my mouth open and gave them my divine hand-signal of The Universal Love.
    That was *such* perfect Timing once again!
    If I was any happier I'd have to be twins just to handle it :-)

    Just now, I politely asked for a song to share with you all and the Universe as a whole, and I was gifted this one.

    Kyrie Eleison, through the darkness of the night

    As a back-up (just in case, you know...) I was given this one an hour ago, so I may as well include it too.

    She's gonna make it through the night.
    And so will all of you.

    Blinded By The Light

    Team Bring It?
    Team No Fear?
    Team Flash?
    Team Light?

    Are! You! Ready!!!


    Lots of Love and Light. And Peace for All and Forever.

    Alles wird gut.

    Ra Jah
    Lars B.

    1. "Are! You! Ready!!!" (so hot)
      need a bit kiddinn here


    2. Soon be home - only twenty miles from Elmshorn.

      WACH endlich wieder AUF und schmeiss Deine LichtMaschine wieder an, Dini!!
      Du strahlst heller als die hellste Sonne! Nun MACH mal!

      Drop the Pilot!

      Flieg endlich wieder selbst, Du kannst das besser als alle anderen!
      Solltest Du Hilfestellung dabei brauchen bin ich immer an Deiner Seite und pass' auf dass Du nicht auf Deiner hübschen Nase landdest - versprochen :-)

      Aber nun mach mal, Blondie.



      Ra Jah

  41. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn15kLSzlhE&t=3220s

  42. http://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/the-dangers-from-5g-millimeter-waves.html

    Electronic warfare !??!

  43. Maybe my experience can help someone who is attacked with noted here psychotronic weaponry... I was attacked in 2004 (voices in the head, visions, virtual screens, holograms). You can win this battle if you: don't panic, release your main fears (of death, about family and loved ones, ...). Since then I never was attacked directly.

    1. In addition to that you need to be connected with I AM PRESENCE (Your Higher Self), your intention must be "never surrender to dark forces" and ... percieve all this stuff as a game, not so deeply seriously.

    2. It's true!...

      Thanks for insight...

  44. Thank you.
    Victory of the Light!!!

  45. According to Cobra, a sudden event is under preparing, which will change our world for better, and will ultimately introduce us in a galactic society.

    MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLES FROM COBRA: http://prepareforchange.net/resistance-movement/cornerstone-cobra-articles/

    Be prepared!

    * * *

    A very important update from Cobra: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2017/04/situation-update.html#comment-form

    ~ ~ ~

    Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your mind
    By Preston James
    The current state of mind-kontrol is probably far beyond anything you ever imagined possible:

    You may want to get involved and use this as a guide to send your own letters to the appropriate individuals for where you live, including Wash DC.
    Extremely important thing is to awaken as many people as possible to the reality of directed energy weapons. The easiest way to do that is to make the following article viral through your blogs and your social networks:

    Our unified awareness and consciousness will transmute this situation, as it has transmuted countless situations before.

  46. Thank you, Cobra, that is a lot of information, even before exploring links! Of course, we still have challenges to overcome, both personally and collectively, but clearly there is progress. PERSEVERE! Good to know much of what was suspected, actually IS, although it may be necessary to adjust our perspectives in some areas .

    Thank you RM and Galactic Family for your tireless efforts, for intervention when possible, for healing and support, as well to all Lightworkers/Warriors and all those working to liberate humanity and Gaia...Thank you, Bless you, May you and yours be safe! <3

    It has felt like we've been in hurry-up-and-wait mode lately, which doesn't help with manifestation. Had to remind myself to get out in nature and move, it helps quite a bit! Everything is so green, and there are plenty of fragrant blossoms. The weather is pleasant and less erratic. Our drought has ended. Mercury goes direct today, yay! Hold the Light, because a lot of people will be needing it. Reading this gave me a big boost!

    Victory of the Light!


  47. 5.2 - Deep State Proxy Destruction & MSM 1/2 Truth Disclosures
    Destroying The Illusion


  48. You know, although this update is sobering on many levels, because we have numerous challenges to overcome, it also feels like a breakthrough of sorts, because Cobra told us that as we got closer to The Event, he would be releasing a lot more intel.

    This certainly feels like a turning point to me....for all of us!

    1. A very good observation Phoenix Boulay! It seems to be true! We'll see, if even more frequent updates follows in the coming weeks.

      Oh man I can't wait for the Event to happen already :-)

  49. Being connected to our HIGHER SELF is the important key to get our true discernment.




    The Pleiadian Alliance is a Light Task Force formed primarily from not human physical Pleiadians coming from the Pleiadian System.

    Many of them are direct members of our Star Families, so we have a strong connection with they (at the Soul level).

    They are coming now simply because prior wasn't possible nor safe.

    They are coming here with great enthusiasm and high advanced technologies specifically effective to help LightWorkers and LightWarriors to protect themselves from the current Electromagnetic attacks.

    They are here to help their own family members currently incarnated on the Earth Planet, so is very strong the wish that inspires them to help us.


    The purpose of this program is to protect the LightWorker/LightWarrior from any Energetic, Mental and (especially) Electromagnetic attack, but require that the user will renew its shield many times at day. At every renew the protection shield will be a bit stronger and will last for a bit more time.

    To be inserted in this lovely program, simply ask for it. :)

    I ask the PLEIADIAN ALLIANCE to permanently insert me and (... list all the other persons you wish to insert) into the PROTECTION PROGRAM, NOW! Thank you!

    One time you are inserted in the Protection Program, to call its shield in action, simply think the phrase: "Activation of the Pleiadian Shield, NOW!"

    Every time the shield protect you, its life span decrease, so if you are often under attack you have to renew it often if you are rarely under attack you have to renew it rarely.

    There isn't a fixed rule to renew the Protection Shield, but we can give you some useful suggestions:

    1)...renew it before going to sleep and immediately after wake-up

    2)...renew it more often if you are in stressful environment or situation

    3)...renew it every time you feel a bit discomforted

    4)...many Energetical and Mental attacks (NOT the Electromagnetic one) comes from unconscious open gates, and the shield cannot block them without your conscious cooperation, so if you feel to be under attack renew the shield but remember also to relax yourself and exit from the conflictual mental status that was trigger from the attacker (you can continuously call on the Protection Shield as a MANTRA), this will allow the shield to works for you.


    The complementary tool of the "Protection Program", while the first protects against external attacks, this heals internal injuries.

    BE positive, BE True, BE YOURSELF.


    NOTE for COBRA: if you feel this information aren't True, please reject this comment, thanks.

    1. Cobra, is this intel true??...

      It seems,... but tell something!...

      We need your confirmation, in order not to be something due to improper channelings...

    2. Yes the Pleiadian protection program can help to a certain degree

      activate event now
      activate event now

    4. YES!!... We have confirmation from Cobra!!!...

      Now... in full speed with the Pleiadean Protection Program!!...

      The speedometer must be overloaded...

    5. Alright, Pleiadians for the win!!!

      I asked them again to be inserted (and also my family members) in ther protection and healing program. Their Protection Shield really works like instantly and don't mind that I need to keep renewing it!

      Thank you again Fabio and thank you for the confirmation Cobra!

      LOL unknown, full spead ahead indeed! hehe, wow, finally some good news (about the active protection I mean) ;-)

      P.S.: Dear Fabio, may I have your permission to translate your text into my language and spread it? I swear, I will not change a word your wrote.

    6. Excellent protocol! Do the Pleiadeans/Galactic Confederation have Financial Abundance, Soulmate/Twin Flame, Perfect Career programs? Seems like one could ask to be included into these as well, with regular mental/verbal reinforcement.

      A clairvoyant once gave me the following protocol to day whenever but definitely at least 1x per day. Stating verbally or mentally (preferably verbally) the following addressing your guardian angels/spiritual team/light forces or whoever works for you while doing brief visualization of each step:

      1.) Shields Up! (spherical toroidal shields on all planes works good)

      2.) Clear the path ahead of me today! (on all planes)

      3.) Sweep me clean! (on all planes)

      4.) Raise my vibration to Love, Harmony, Peace, and Joy! (or whatever sounds good to you)


    7. Dear NinchXD,

      yes you can translate all my posts.

      Only translate the updated version directly from the Official Blog (just opened), here:


      NOTE: add the reference to the Official Blog to any translation, please!

      BE positive, BE True, BE YOURSELF.


    8. Thank you Fabio. Don't worry, I always add references to the official sources of all my translations.

      I tried the link you provided and it's not working yet (the closest blog I get on google is http://theearthplan.blogspot.com)

      I guess it'll work by the time Cobra approves my post :-)

      Victory of the Light!!!

  51. Thanks ! Blessings ! Hugs !
    Co.bra & RM and everyone .
    Goooo Stars ...Before...
    Victory of the light !

  52. Thank you Cobra for your consistent and unwavering sharing of truth.

  53. " the following article still needs to go viral, translated in as many languages as possible and posted on blogs worldwide:


    Here is traslated to spanish

  54. During the Wesak Taurus Full Moon, the veil is thinnest between the higher dimensional planes (6th Dimension Pleiades, 7th Dimension Sirius & 8th Dimension Galactic Core) and the Earthly plane (1st Dimension Crystalline Earth’s Heart).  It is during this thinning of the veil that we have the opportunity to consciously embrace the unification of Heaven & Earth within our Hearts.


    May 10th is an extremely important day, so make sure you mark it in your calendar. 
    it is highly likely that the Full Moon and the Nodal shift will activate it – you can expect remarkable breakthoughts and unexpected news around this date!

    1. Cobra, what about May 10 and May 17 this year??...

      May 17 was proposed a mass meditation. Is this date importand in your opinion and full moon as well??

      We need an answer...


  56. Fascinující NATOm je,že ANI TADY se pár lidí nedomluví na společné akci proti špinavcum ARCHONUM...A což teprve ostatní populace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re6YwHNSqOQ

  57. Confused. How is it archons were removed from the service yet still influence events from the astral and etheric planes? How where the fema camps / bunkers cleared if the LA cant operate on the surface yet due to toplet bombs in the plasma veil? Why cant the LA simply teleport darpa and raytheon people to planet X and the dangerous cabal members? We have 1000s of ET ships now by earth so cant they deal with the remaining plasma veil and then emp specific targets. The US public needs to see something to be shocked and awakened. People on FB ignore my posts as they cant fathom the truth as there is nothing they can SEE TO CONVINCE THEM. See my pt here? Until they are hit with cold water they wont wake up.

    1. unknown i think you are confusing the groups. as far as the undeground bases go.. thosr belonging to the chimera were not cleared.. only those belonging to cabal..

  58. Corey Good and David Wilcock.
    I think those two guys are just a regular people from the street with lot of free time. I just cannot see how people like them could do some huge contribution to planetary liberation and you have to ask yourself what did those guys have done for planetary libertation except killing time on the internet and I think that at least half of the the stuff which they are talking about is false. The frist thing that comes on my mind when I think about David Wickock is his naive and uncritical lectures and his blog which is full of semi-information. He was so wrong about 21 dec 2012. and If he was a fair guy, he would go away after that, but no, here he comes again and I just cannnot believe that grown people can take him or Corey Goode for serious.

    1. If information and dates are given the onus is on you to decide to believe or not. It is not on the person delivering the information to be correct.

      That being said, I don't really trust either of them. I see David as being genuine but naive...like a puppy. Corey is MILAB. Enough said. But, they do have their roles to play in this. Their role, like most everyone else's in the information gathering department, is to get people to open themselves to the idea that things are not as we've been told.

      Our duty as individuals is to learn discernment and decide what info we take and what info we leave. This is not about following people, gurus, leaders, etc. It is about following information. If your path aligns with another walk alongside them, not behind. If your path diverges follow it, not them.

    2. More about 21 Dec 2012


    3. Hi Petar Vojnović,
      As a reader of Corey Good and David Wilcock you are becoming more consciously aware that there is something wrong in our world. I think it's a good start for further steps.


    4. Bebe:

      I could not have that said any better even if I'd tried a thousand times.

      WORD and Amen.

      Ra Jah

    5. Ok, to be honest, even some may not like that, but I rarely read anything neither of David Wilcock nor Corey Goodey. If I read headlines "ruins found in Antarktica" thats actually enough until the FULL disclosure comes. I observe people getting distracted by that info and loose focus on what is really important: Synchronized Meditations, transorming own shadow and bringing the archons into the Central Sun with gentle or less gentle slaps. Haha, no, I don't like slaps, I just kindly remind them at their choice and then my intention is enough to bring them where they choosed. I see, we have to be careful with those information too. If all those dark beings were light in the beginning, if thats true, I would be the happiest girl in this local star cluster if they would all return to the light. This duality game seems more complex and it has lost control over itself. Totally.

    6. Thank you. I can take no credit for that. As much as I wish I could. ;)

      Thank you for the song.

  59. Bottom line,we have to hang on until the Event,nothing more.

  60. Cobra, can you TRULY confirm that ALL plasma strangelet bombs are removed right now? You was wrong about the black stone, are you 100% sure all of them are truly removed?

    1. Change your picture, it comes from a drawing of a Nazi pulling a train whistle which is that face and it's saying "Joooooos".

  61. Cobra, may you accept us here 'as is'. As we are!
    We may be considered the hug group you speak about (on the right on this page).

    But do you know what is the real fear, the only one fear, coming from you??...

    It's you coming with another 'layer' of intel after the removing the obstacles as we now nowadays... The expectance of a new intel... on how unexpected, on so bizarre...
    This it the real fear, not the fear which other claim...

    We can not forget that at the time of the post you tell about
    the toplets (now the main obstacle) were not yet into discussion...

    1. I'm apprehensive, I hope there's not one last super bomb hidden, I hope those toplet bombs are even the last defensive weapons they have

    2. guys.. you keep contempleting that idea that there is yet one more thing yet to be of a surprise... and what you are doinh is giving it a spark of potential of life...

      Let me tell you.. even if there is yet one more obstacle we will overcome it.

      some will take such news as cue to close shop.. but others will still stay... and some new will come along and others will return..

      thing is. we are playing in a volatile game... it is unfair to expect from Cobra who is the communicator to inform us of obstacles that he might not even be aware of or not given the cue to share it.

      however .. what i think is fair to expect from him is that no matter what... good or bad he will let us know.. when it can be disclosed... it is obvious that not all can be disclose for security and tactical reasons....

      so please cut Cobra a break regarding this fear you are all holding... release such fear and you will have less stressful moments...

      if it comes it comes.. pray, it does not...

      what is the point of feeding the fear machine when the event has not happned yet..

      if thought is power then i would advice to mind your thougths.

    3. What we can expect roughly at this time.

      1 A tinny layer of anomaly around the surface tied through portals to the plasma filaments of darkness remnant in the Orion arm of the Galaxy, which may make unhandleable the surface population,

      2 The lack of completion of Cintamani grid and the necessity to inset stones in the depth abroad the ocean and in the depth of caverns,

      3 The lack of angelic beings grounded around the world,

      4 The human factor of the vast majority of population which is unable to cooperate, and is unpredictable of an estimation by the LF,

      5 Other much more strange and unexpected facts...

      The more we understand and put into discussion, the more we anticipate, the more our involvement, the more we help LF in prevention and overcoming what may be unexpected...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.


    6. Amen to that, beautiful Angel :)!!

    7. There is nothing else left. I'm 99,9% sure.

      The plasma plane (abyss) is the last stronghold of darkness in this planet. Whenever they clear that plane, and get rid of the toplet bombs, the event will follow.

      Cobra said that the event will happen when the galactic superwave arrives, and there are many scientific researches talking about the possibility of this wave coming STILL in 2017.

      The breakthrough is near, hang in there, guys!!!!!!

  62. Kostas Karakostas speaks about making ET Contact TONIGHT on Ground Crew Command Radio!


  63. C, I am upset inside for this reason. Are you a messenger without solutions?

    You have shared lots of insight, knowledge and truth with many people around the world.

    I find it much easier to sit back and do NOTHING when I was ignorant to the situation 5-6 years ago, but when I am filled with inspiration and knowledge without a plausible action, I cannot do a single thing about it, it begins to eat at that individual 24/7.

    Only thing C has done for anyone is spread intelligence, bring people together for TRUTH, and asked everyone to meditate in sync for a better world. All are beautiful and very respected, but other than that, no REAL action is being placed.

    Why is this the case C? I AM ready to take ACTION!

    1. Wht kind of action do you envisage. cobra gives us the action needed everytime he communicates - meditation is our action and connecting with our I AM presence, remaining calm and eventoned emtionally, dealing with our fears and insecurities, treating each other with love and respect and being mindful in our daily interactions. So in short BEING the best YOU you can be. none of these are easy tasks to achieve ALL day everyday. it is hard work living a mindful life rather than resort to the hysteria that we have to be action heroes. it is always easier to look without than within and deal with what needs to be dealt with. we all have our role to play and sometimes our ego tells us that is no enough. with love and light.

  64. Em português:


    Petição/petition :


    Vitória da luz!!


    1. I think a lot of those planes are just holograms and not actually spraying. I noticed months ago when I was very fearful, scared, or angry at their existence, I would always see more of them. Particularly right above me. I have released all fear of them an have since hardly seen any. Sometimes I see one in the distance, laugh at it, look away and by the time I look back it has vanished. Imo the actual chemtrailing has gone drastically after that last global meditation for Syria.

    2. Chemtrails are primarily for weather control. It's still not a good thing but they're not as directly dangerous as people think.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Hello everyone,
    I find the Dutch whistle blower interview to be extremely important and credible.

    Could you point me towards youtube videos that are of similar quality & credibility, hence intelligent, well-educated, but stuck in Matrix people could consider them to be true and would be a good food for thought for them?

    So I am requesting videos from CREDIBLE sources, not some love&light hippie sharing his/her views on reptilians(which very well may be true, but majority of people would write it off as a rambling of a 'conspiracy nut'), but say former MK-Ultra victim testimonials, high ranking generals and the like. Anything that is about the corrupt power structure.

    Thanks in advance,

  67. Ashtar Defragmentation Started – Pleiades 1

    1. "I tell you that I am, again, approaching Earth with my ship, and I intend not to leave it out of sight.
      Although gently camouflaged in a closer approach and in the form of a star when higher. I will give you shades of dark blue, yellow and golden ruby, so that you can easily identify it.
      My approach, of course, will also cause some movement in your atmosphere, so that you can see more colorful, spiral-shaped clouds. It is a sign of my love for you."

  68. Babylon 5 Used for Soft Disclosure by NASA? (new article)


  69. The week of the peace meditation for Syria I received an attack from the dark. As funny as it may sound, I was bitten I had a tic attached for 2 days until a loved one realized it was a tic. I am trying to stay positive and surround myself with light and protection. However, I still have that fear I don't to feel. Also, after the Congo Vortex meditation, I felt so strong and connected with you all. I felt this until the peace meditation. So I believe the dark it's trying to push me down. I am still connecting to "I am that I am" but I would like the fear of getting sick to leave. I just needed to share. I will buy the magnets! Peace and love.

    Cobra, thank you for all that you do. Your guidance is shining light and I would never think otherwise.

  70. I just needed to share that for the first time I got a tic bite on the week of the Sirya peace meditation. A loved one noticed a mark for 2days until we realized it was a tic. I want to let go of th fear and I'm surrounding myself with light protection but the fear of Lyme said disease is there as I am very sensitive. I felt the strong connection since the Congo Vortex meditation. I could my vibration so high and connected. I believe the dark can act on many ways to bring you down. My body has been very shaky like a current on the back of my head. I will buy the magnets. Also, I am still able to connect to ' I am that I am' and feel so peaceful but half of the time I have this fear.
    Cobra, thank you for shinning light-information and guidance. Love and light to you all.

    1. Cody Love, if you didn't get sick after you got bitten, you are probably ok. When there is an infection, you should get a fever as well as swelling of the ganglions around the neck. That's what happened to one of my friends after she got bitten by a tic .Even still, they said she didn't get Lyme desease but in my country, there is no sure tests (and on purpose as I found out!).If you live in Europe, the only country that takes Lyme desease seriously and cure it is Germany.If you had no side effect, don't worry.Stay positive. I'll send you healing energy during my meditations to help you get rid of fear...You know, your post rang a bell for me, I am absolutely paranoid about tics and they are everywhere ! I am glad Germany is just across the border.

  71. thank you Cobra. and may The Lord protect you. may The Great I Am protect all lightworkers, and light warriors.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Now I see why you always delete your comments. "If you've chosen to go dark blah blah" lol! It's like an annoying TV commercial.

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  73. Thank you Cobra! Peace Reigns on and within Earth and throughout all of Creation.

    Anchor the Light Daily everyone and shield up!

    The Goddess wants Peace!

    Victory of the Light!

  74. https://truthearth.org/2017/05/04/synchronicity-report-2/

  75. This is my first time commenting. I like many of you am thinking this is taking to long. Instead of getting frustrated I suggest we take matters in our own hands. We should organize or own viral meditation. We don't have to wait for a reason or for Cobra to tell us when. Actually we already have a reason, our liberation. We know how to do it. We anchor the pillars of light through us to Gaia's core, invoke our voilet flame, and send out the soft pink divine feminine energy. If we do this and focus on the situation in Korea, we could have a very positive impact on that situation and our liberation especially when we reach critical mass. I suggest 5-12-17 12 A.M. E.S.T. for two reasons. One, 5-13-17 is the 100th aniversery of Fatima, two, I heard a post on youtube where Queen E. was saying that WWW3 has to start 5-13-17. I don't know about you guys but I don't need another war in my life. We just might be able to finish off the plasma entity and toplet bombs allowing the light forces to reach the surface and finish this situation. Send your love, light, and healing to North Korea, it's people, and everyone involved in that situation. 5-12-17 12 A M EST. We can do this. Make this suggestion viral if you're with me, and if not I'll do it my self. GODDESS Wants Peace And Peace It Shall Be ! Love and light to all. VICTORY Of The Light !


  76. Hello Cobra,

    In your last post you said: Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwean Dollar are NOT the key currencies in the coming financial Reset.

    If this is so, then:

    1. What are the key currencies?
    2. How will it be arranged?

    Many of us would like as much detail on this as you have because we are sick and tired of listening to fabrications from know-nothing know-it-alls.

    Thanks very much,
    Parisse Deza

    1. Gold and stuff that have valua, like land , is the best choice. Put your money into land.

  77. Cobra interview with PFC, Apr.2017??...



    Good news my Dears :)

    Today, the "Protection Program" received its first major upgrade!

    Its shield is today more effective that yesterday.

    To test it, simply renew your Pleiadian Shield... NOW! ;)

    NOTE: we are working on The Official Blog...

    BE positive, BE True, BE YOURSELF.


  79. What ?

    So the boats a' rocking.


  80. They have been behind the destruction of my health, my life, my body, my mind for a time. I set up what was Etheric Liberation, I think I may have upset them. I am never angered knowing by them, though I am going through a lot of deep, dark, clearing. It does not take a deal of simple logic, common sense and reasonable capacity...no genious required, to see that Cobra is the antithesis to the cabal. Do they deserve the page space, there is nothing to hide, from our perspective. What took them so long. They/he is just a crack pot, heavily influenced. If this entity thinks it can threaten our trust and unity, in Cobra, and eachother, it cannot think. I clean it with Ho'oponopono. This ancient Haiwian mantra/prayer healed a hospital of criminally insane by Psychologist Len Lew; It is.. " Dear Father, I am sorry this occurance of very distresssing information re Cobra has happened, I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you." It enough of us healed those weopons, what could we do. It is simly giving it over to the Divine, zero point, at which is was created. NB I have noticed other have found these weekly meditations pretty hard to vidualise and then actialise. Higher Dimensions, please note! Namaste, thabjs to everyone of you. I keep asking for honourable discharge, to damaged in battle, the fact it is not granted maddens me.

  81. Korea of the North
    U see me as

  82. As someone with intense and sporadic yet rheo-continuous episodes of paranoid schizophrenia, OCD, and miserable anxiety, it has been somewhat easier for the dark minded ones to attack me, though I resist, adamant in my yearning for the Light.

    In the beginning it was mainly OCD and anxiety, but schizophrenia seems to have hopped into this dreadful farrago I go through personally daily. However, I've adapted to cope with it as the days went on. This is the evil's final sprinting dash but we must remain resolute in our Light and stillness.

    The Chimera is the last major obstacle in our way. The rest are child's play compared to that sick hybrid beast. Be careful when battling satanists, lest you become like them. Don't let them possess you. Constant exercise, meditation, yoga, stillness, and positive thoughts are helpful coping techniques but we need to unite more in our Light and Peace. It's the only way. We cannot cure the raging fire with more fire; we must adopt the placid, cool, blue water.

    Our ego is the only real enemy. It could be a perfect win-win for the All. I want that Paradise.

  83. Any chance I can get a one way ticket to the central sun? I am kinda tired of being a punching bag for all the shit that is going on and not having real tools to deal with it. So can you inform one of the resistance members to take five seconds out of their war with the cabal to throw me into the central sun that would be great. I have intentions of being apart of this tug-o-war game because the light forces aren't willing to put the planet at risk to swiftly end the problem.

    1. There is a saying that sometimes one must knock out a drowning person (so they don't pull you under) then you can bring them to shore. I obviously will not knock you out, but I want you to know I fully volunteer to bring you to shore if need be.

      Hold on a little bit longer. Victory has never been closer.

  84. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43ElZBlMfY Andromedan leader speaks.

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    The Official Blog is finally ready!


    BE positive, BE True, BE YOURSELF.



  89. Thank you Cobra,interesting time we live in, perhaps not the optimum choice of future, but this is what has solidified... it is what it is; now it is what we do next that matters...

    1. what has solidified?...
      what is what it is?

      what is now what we do next, and what is that matters?...

  90. Thank you Cobra for this intel.
    As you say when we are connected to our higher selves we able to see Deception from the Truth.
    I personally think some of the lightworkers with blogs are easily swayed and let their egos run away with them, are suffering with Burnout and blame innocent people like Corey.
    It takes courage to come out and get the sleeping to Awake and really hear you.
    Much light to you Cobra for the 35 Years and more in your commitment to this Planet.
    Cobra, you and the Resistance show us what true Courage is and what it really means to be called LIGHT WARRIOR.
    Thank you for setting this Bar high ...

  91. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IspDtpMLALo 2nd Andramedon counsel

  92. I'm wondering what Cobra and other people think of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are starting to really take off and become mainstream. Are any of you guys invested? I sure am.

  93. May 4 Benjamin Fulford blog update. http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/

    "Warning from a reader for US to watch out for Israeli submarines in Asia

    Hi Benjamin,

    I suspect a US carrier to be sunk by German-built Israeli submarine to avert US bankruptcy / perpetuate the flow of danegeld from cut-throat-kept, recalcitrant Japan as well as to regain control on world events.

    Having intimate knowledge of design and technology, I am convinced that no other submarine is capable of the job undetected. I would like if you put the possibility into public awareness in order that it may deter such possibility."

  94. “Clearing” to Encourage Other Light-workers:




    The situation is absurd as always.
      I would not teach these techniques unless it were the Mother Gwan Yin urging on the importance of this.
      Since no one here is caring for me, about what weight on my back, at the very least they would ignore any teaching me, teachings worth the money I need.
    But the bastard will teach.

    In my experience scalar attacks have occurred since 2007/2008, at that time my situation was extremely turbulent and there were two more light warriors close to me who are crazy to this day supported by this type of war.
    I noticed that the attacks came as needle-pricks of red energy in my neck and with the help of non-physical entities there was a campaign for them to dominate my Nadis, that is, possession.
    What defined my victory over this campaign was exactly the observin of myself because if you have a "Christic" character the attacks will give you energy instead of hurting you anyway.

    But if I enter in someone negative thing I will be in consequencies from the plasma attack, So to be on my guard I decided to defend myself with a plasma device.

    The Formula:

    So what I want to explain to you is that the more you vibrate in a fierce character of responsibility in being more light you will be immune to scalar ticks.
    The problem you have to face is self-sabotage. Things like cheat yourself for convenience.

    You have no choice, you are positioned in the cabala of life, the universe does not understand you as a "half-light" if he realizes you being this illusion he will sabotage you because there is no other savior in your microcosmic reality that is macrocosmic as well , The universe in the person of the right arm of the source preferred to be severe with you. So I say to you that yes:
    You're being observing all the time.

    There is no escape, or you are light or you are from the tree of death

    Therefore the formula is:

    Your character.

    But it is cowardly that you have to face attacks of malicious beings during your life path.

    This is why and what you must do to neutralize these resources from the slag:


    You must use scalar technology to neutralize scalar technology.

    Being direct:

     You will either manufacture or purchase a device created by Dom and Carol Croft which is called succor punch, this device is a plasma wave generator of a quartz crystal.


     Make a perfect circle of any material, the color of this circle should be black.
    Make an equilateral triangle of size that supports black circle.

    Use a pink quartz crystal (you should clean your quartz by giving it a temperature shock on it, be careful that the shock is not so powerful but also make sure the shock is at a level that impacts the crystal according to your size)
    Use other colored crystals you like.


    Small consideration:
    You will create a circuit of plasma technology.
    The plasma plane is nothing more than the macrocosmic psychic plane.
    Know that Mother Gawan Yin will always help you when you ask, believe otherwise is based on illusion.

    Now make the circuit this way:

    On the circle position your personal photo and the the succor punch on top supported on the other crystals so that it has the tip facing up. Put salt on the circle up the cristals, your photo and the succor punch (the salt is an exorcist element)

    You can connect the two ends of the succor punch to a cell phone charger (be careful not to shock).

    Point one of the ends of the triangle to the direction related to the phase of the moon at the present time (see table below)

    Moon Waning: east
    New moon: north
    Crescent moon: west
    Full moon: south

    After turning on the power through the cell phone charger (you can do without turning on the electric power) you should call the Goddess Gwan Yin but physically clean the place (hygiene) before calling her.

    Create an ether circuit:
    Create a wide beam of intense white light coming from the central sun, this beam should find Gwan Yin and cross to your plasma device and go to the center of the earth (within this light beam there are beautiful spectra of light similar to those that a kaleidoscope creates , However these beams are loving intelligences of the heart of the mother Gwan Yin) after this light comes into contact as earth's magma center another shaft is born from within the first shaft but its color is coral and white, and this shaft crosses the whole Way back to the central sun) after the created ether circuit you should then create a white energy ball that transmutes into shock-pink and then back to white encompassing your entire device, do this mentally but with the care of Insert your emotions about.

    Done so you should make it fall into the plasma only through your intention and after this make it fall into the physical only with your intention, you can enter the command:
      In ether, plasma, and physic now.

    Activate this device forever in your intention, from you to you.

    Is done.

    congratulations ! You bugged the infamous plasma attack.

      If you are a lightwork and a lightwarrior, if you do not unite ourselfs you are warm and half- light, that is, you are playing try to be ... As you joke with your own dignity the archons will joke with you. Any intelligent person must know how to have at least strategy in a delicate situation like this.

    I had work to donate this article! .
    So you can aprove this.


  97. Prepare for Change


    The Event

    Cobra RM





    About Us

    Event Support Groups

    Sisterhood of the Rose




    Technology Group



  98. Bebe, Cobra said:

    ''It is true that Corey Goode and David Wilcock were not very open to cooperation, but they still did a huge contribution towards the planetary liberation.''

    And I wrote that I just cannot see how people like them could do some huge contribution to planetary liberation. That's all. And one more thing, if the guy is just delivering the information,he should still think about what he has in his hands and if that information is false and he is not thinking clear - he doesn't have the power of reasoning, then it's his falt also for putting the wrong information to the people. There is some responsibility.

    Orange juice, I'm not reader of those guys. I just read enough to see what's going on. I read Sri Sathya Sai Baba and other saints who came to help us to work hard and be successful on our spiritual path. My life and my path is not some childlish collecting of the information about somehing wrong in the world and especially not from guys like Goode or Wilckock. You should see that from my first comment. It's really ridiculous when you say further steps based on those two guys and anybody can see in my comment that I dont like them. No spiritual sadhana, no devotion to God, they only talk about that, if so.

    And just let me explain this "Wrong in the world" and why those guys have almost nothing to do with knowing about troubles in world and how to fix/reduce them. Yes, I know for satanic control system and all that, yes it's a problem and yes they do talk something about that, but on the other side those two guys and most of the people on earth are not doing anything to fix/reduce the problem. In fact, they are making it worst. Here is one example: every day there is 1 million slaughtered animals just because people are eating meat. Just imagine how much those animals, when they are slaughtered, release energys of fear and panic and that is a food for negative entities. It's a terrible thing, and it's people fault. Not archons fault. So, how can someone talk about evil reptiles and archons and complain about them and at the same time eating meat? 95 % of the people on earth are eating meat and they wanna liberation of the planet. They are complaining about something. Come on. It's so sad to watch. It's pure ignorance and underdeveloped consciousness. Yes, we have to get rid of this demonic beings and satanic control system, I know that, but what did you do to purifie youself so you can have a better defense? The man who kills the animal and the one who buys that meat in the store, they are both equally wrong, and in the eyes of the karma it's a same responsibility. And where is compassion for the animals? Compassion is the essence of spirituality. I'm a vegetarian for 16 years, I'm doing Reiki and meditation for 16 years every day and after all that time I know what is just an internet talk about "Something wrong in the world and taking further steps" and what is daily spiritual discipline and to become a better person through spiritual discipline. Make yourself better, that will change the world.

    1. Thank you for your clarification. I respectfully disagree.

    2. Right on Petar, well expressed
      I agree on everything and feel a collective sigh of relief amongst many that Cobra put this out in the open…around the same time as a most accomplished in above top secret / black projects researcher, who is much respected by his peers for his compassionate demeaneur and meticulously documented work, Bill Ryan's Project Avalon thread:


  99. Excuse me, but I have been under attack for some time now…

    Are we in Junior High? Because this is what this community begins to look like. Are we forming cliques and gangs now?

    We are heading towards Oneness, right? Then why do I have the funny feeling of still being categorized into sheep/cattle or/and those who are ‘Equal’ and ‘More Equal’ either by the Dark or Light Forces?

    TO COBRA: I do believe you work for the Light and appreciate everything you have done so far! However, I have noticed that you are very sensitive to critique. I am not referring to vicious attacks but simple disagreements on a topic. I recall your threats to stop updating us because some expressed their frustration with the timing of the Event. We all feel tired! Should I, as a sovereign being, follow you blindly without questioning? Do I always must appreciate, accept and clap? Does this expectation come from an evolved being or a big ego? Yes, many of us still act as sheep that need directions and that may be irritating to someone operating on a different level. On the other hand, someone operating on a higher level should have better understanding and compassion, don’t you think? What’s important is that you have a growing number of people willing to learn, assist and help this planet. You should CONCENTRATE ON THOSE WHO ARE WITH YOU and not on those who are against you. But please remember I am not here so you can say I AM powerful (with my network). No, I am here so WE BECOME POWERFUL.

    TO WHO CLAIMS TO KNOW: What is the real reason behind your recent attacks? Accusing someone of lying because ‘you know’ does not sound very convincing. Why are you so upset about the Dinar? I am not convinced that you represent Cabal but a currency reset that makes some people rich just because they had prior knowledge of certain currency re-evaluation…sure sounds like a Cabal plan to me. Are you referring to the reset planned by the Cabal? If so than I am very sorry that you got tricked into it. I do not believe their plan is going to work. Do you really think you can become rich by exchanging your dinars and then get some extra cash after the Event as well? What are you going to do with all the money? Spend it in 3d or share it with your fellow humans? Have you forgotten? After the Event, WE WILL BE ABLE TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Finally!

    I do SECOND someone’s view that the surface population needs a bucket of cold water to wake up but, unfortunately, this is not going to happen without the MSM involvement.
    Wilcock/Goode – I appreciate their courage and determination in bringing the disclosure closer to the surface. If they do not fully agree or support what Cobra represent…than be it. I am going to bless every single researcher or whistleblower that has the courage to share their knowledge and experience. Regardless of whether they agree with my main source or not.

    I have said my piece
    Blessings to ALL

  100. Short film: Alike


    (It's worth watching through the credits.)

  101. Divide and rule

    is the agenda of the Dark Powers. The purpose is to prevent the union of human consciousness, for this would lead to the end of slavery. The Dark Powers and the Cabal make every effort to bring the division into the light workers.

    At the moment I observe a greater harmony among the unawakened. - The decimation of the Dark Powers is already so advanced that they can no longer 'care' about all. That is why they focus on those who can be the most dangerous to them.

  102. Cobra, my beloved brother, if our mass meditations are working, we have to keep doing this, don't you agree?

    Victory of the light.

  103. The painful truth is there is an immense need for Earth reared Homo Sapiens in our Universe. Earth reared Homo Sapiens are desired in many places around the Universe and by many different extraterrestrial races. This creates a strong need to establish the following on Gaia:

    The future of Gaia is to be a developer of robust technologies, as Gaia (our planet) and our sun (Sol) are experts at creating genetic diversity. It is this genetic diversity in the Homo Sapien species will help us engineer very valuable technologies to other extraterrestrial species. Especially fail-safe mechanisms.

    For example, using Finite State Machines to program safety features after watching the behavior of another of another extraterrestrial race.

    Homo Sapiens in plentiful conditions is more open to reasoning. Can be reasoned with to limit numbers. No mega plague nor mega war needed on Gaia (Earth) at this time (2017 American Calendar).

    Homo Sapiens when suffering from nutrient defects cannot operate higher level technologies. If population gets too high Homo Sapiens get psychotic and as a whole cannot operate higher level technologies. Therefore, Homo Sapiens is not a true threat to extraterrestrials.

    Because we are not deemed a threat, we have been destined as a Type I civilization planet now (2017). We are a civilian planet under the protection of the Galactic Federation.

    The New World Order's responsibility is to help ensure the flow of goods and trades while free energy is developed. It is okay to use dirty energy for now because that will transition to renewable and free energy in the next few years.