Friday, June 30, 2017

Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group

You might want to read the transcript of this new Cobra interview by International Golden Age Group: 

Victory of the Light! 

PS. A link to the transcript of the previous interview (Cobra/Kauilapele) has been added to the previous post.


  1. Interview translated to spanish
    Entrevista traducida al castellano

  2. Why isn't hamourapi commenting anymore? Why did you ban him cobra? He had interesting stuff.

    1. You seem to be schizophrenic, first you say he is untrustworthy and now you want him back,
      his site is wumbu jumbu based on no real life correlation.

      But believe what you want.

      Love to you

    2. I miss him. He was an asshole but he was an interesting asshole.

    3. Hamourapi of your reading this, I want to or you know that I love you immensely like a brother. I was a protoi undercover until the dark bastards raped me in 1996 and traumatized me while your ppl did nothing. You owe me big time.

  3. Guys in feeling very depressed and my spirit is broken. I feel hopeless and can't seem to heal my spirit. What is the cure? I feel sad at the world and how the Jews have trashed it.

    1. I was really starting to empathize for you, as I feel the same way, until you said "Jews". Man, you push people away using that kind of lingo. The issue with the world has nothing to do with any one particular race or religion. Don't you read Cobra's interviews?

    2. strategy on your own

      Develop a

      master 'Lucid dreaming'.

      google "Stephen Laberge" for details.

    3. They caused 90% of the problems. They are dangerous do your own research as well as jewsuits. Like everyone seems to be ajew or crypto jew like puton. They even own trump.

    4. jews are really a problem cobra. They are way too many in high influence position. Are they the bastard race of fallen aliens? NO way they are that smart above us goyims.

    5. Looks that the problem is with all the possessed or semi possessed by the Demiurge ( in his many faces ) and his archons. They are possessed through cult and rituals.If Yahweh/Jehovah is one of these Demiurge faces, here comes the problem.
      But here it happens the same thing as with other religions/organizations. Only the upper elite knows the truth. The rest are used as pawns without them having any knowledge of the real truth behind. If they knew it,most of them would fast change sides and align with Humanity.

    6. The real problem seems to be a society that very cleverly and un-noticable infiltrates other organisations. Read about "khazarians". There is also another name for it that I dont remember unfortunatly but googling khazarians will get you started.

    7. You can't blame all Jews for the actions of the zionists. Not all zionists are Jews. It's just like the assholes that want to blame all blacks for the actions of a few. It is wrong and it's the cabal way.


    8. Very timely that this article showed up earlier today on Veterans Today. And it is correct.

      Just a few random facts that aren't allowed to be talked about:
      - Workers in German concentration camps received social security payments for themselves and their entire family.
      - The allied forces' planes were explicitly ordered not to bomb the train tracks to the death camps (which were organized by the Vatican and not the Germans!!!)
      -All the photos shown of concentration camp inmates starving to death are actually photos of German prisoners of war in the allied forces' camps like the Rheinwiesenlager in Cologne where over 750.000 people died AFTER THE WAR.
      - The Zionist societies in Berlin decided if people were allowed to leave Germany and go to Israel. Germany actually evacuated tens of thousands of people to Israel secretly via submarines against these societies' will.

      It is a huge hoax full of lies and distorting history to serve the Khazarian mafia and their perverse goals. For over 7.000 years they are hiding in Judaism as their front, so please do not blame the Jews for that, they are victims of that just like all of us and are being used by these criminals.

      I am not an anti-semite by any means imaginable, but I will say this:
      Khazarian mafia, Zionists? You're going down, motherfuckers!


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  5. "but they are realizing that they might lose the battle in the long term.
    long term??? are you kidding me?? I thought we were nearer than "long-term" by now!

    1. the chimera dont have to be completely wiped out in order for earth to be liberated. they just have to be removed from influential position on our evolution as a society.

    2. Don't be fooled by this talk of The Event being "near". We'll still be talking about The Event a decade from now. Progress will happen, but it will be excruciatingly slow, to the point that only the next generation will get to reap its benefits while still remaining young.


    3. Psichedelicpiperpied@

      as discouraging, on so ludicrous...

      Yoesh RA Trooth@

      we have to create a (let say small) groupus, to create our unite consciousness, and break away,... and leave to the heck Psichedelicpiperpied like narrow minded to create their decade next generation Events...


    4. Beck Jack@

      learn about 'walk-ins' and ask LF about!...

      ps google it!

    5. As per Cobra's intel the Event "HAS TO" happen before the year 2025. As thats the deadline.

    6. I have been following Cobra since 2012 and as many of us I am tired of waiting for the Event. Meanwhile we all suffer darkness, frustration and lonelyness. Many have abandoned already, nice persons that can't see any real advance. We need a honest answer dear Cobra: When do you think something mesurable will happen? We desperately need some light. Is it a matter of months, years...will we experience the Event during our current livespan?

    7. @unknown Aren't you the one always posting negative comments about how The Event isn't going to happen? Now all of a sudden you're the good guy? Pffft.

    8. @Kailem K Thanks.

      @CrisBarcelona Cobra says we shouldn't wait for The Event, and focus on our present lives. But what if our present lives suck, and we don't have the financial freedom to do whatever the hell we want like Cobra does?

    9. Stop waiting and start creating! To wait on the words of another human being must be very lonely. Get out and live life and be happy. In the end the universe will do as it pleases and at that point you have 2 options. Live in duality or be at peace!

    10. @James M Easy for you to say when you have cash, and were raised in a stable family structure with no abuse and with a lot of friends to support you in your crucial years of development. You have no clue how hard it is for some of us who aren't gifted with these blessings, and have no one willing to help them.

    11. Being happy is a choice. Not a circumstance.

    12. @Psychedelicpiper You're correct that it's harder for those who'd been traumatized from an earlier age. I've developed a page with instructions for an easy, natural technique for diminishing the various effects of prior trauma. The instructions are in the "About" section:

  6. Yes, let's hold the vision of what we want to create . Let's hold it all the time and everyday. Trump and Macron are going to meet on the 14th of July in France, both want to bomb Syria. All together, let's hold our visions of peace for Syria and the world !

  7. Untwine always asks excellent questions........

  8. Taiwan must be an amazing place! Stunning photos !

    Thank you Cobra and all of you for a very interesting and informative interview.

    It helps to hear that we all need to simply live our lives ... and stop worrying about when the Event will happen.

    This recommendation frees us up to create what we all need to create anyway, as I see it.


    1. ...
      'that we all need to simply live our lives'... may result, may involve,... in giving up to a certain degree... !

  9. already transcribed! i never realized how much i could appreciate that! HAHA

  10. Cool interview, I guess. Not really helpful for my present situation.

  11. no rush. take your time ... Creator...

    please dont incorporate any quick fairytale ending...

    what would your neighbors think... we cant have that

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    1. final battles (but never ending) are good occasions to defect...

      we have to do it now and to escape by our own,... no longer waiting for the Event.

      our (a few) unified field can help it!... act it now...

  13. very good can't wait for more intel.. :)

  14. New Video on the Fall of the Cabal


  15. That stuff on time travel is almost exactly the way the method is described in the Kingdom Hearts video games. Used by the main villain Xehanort.

    More potential soft disclosure. Guardians of the Galaxy 2's plot is about something similar to Pedogate (the child trafficking and sacrifice aspects) with Ego being an allegory to Moloch.

    Wonder Woman, more specifically Ares being an allegory to the cabal MO of manipulating war.

    We have a red alert on our hands. A disturbing set of videos on youtube being targeted to kids. Possible mass MK Ultra attack on our children ongoing. Becoming identified as Elsagate. Warning: Extremely disturbing.

    Warning: Emotional venting ahead. My apologies but I have stuff to "get off my chest".

    That one bit in the interview certainly explains why every single romantic venture I have pursued has only ended in rejection, loneliness, grief, and heart break. Just one more reason to never forgive the Chimera/Archon/Cabal/Fallen Angel....filth. Yet another reason to hate every last one of them with every fiber of my being. To desire vengence/retribution for every curse they've ever sent my way. Justice will be mine, and they deserve zero mercy.


    1. this is a way in which another generation of arcohons are growing...

      the nowadays giving up and 'never forgetting' lightworkers...

    2. Be aware that hate towards Chimera/Archons only feeds them and makes them stronger. When you hate something with all your heart it causes whatever you are hating to persist in your reality so you may continue to hate them. It is far better to acknowledge them and then to just let it go. Casual rejection of their constructed reality damages them the most.

      They are nothing more than losers and frauds who will soon be making a trip to central sun. In their arrogance they thought they were gods and made humans worship them for centuries but their time has come to an end. The mighty have indeed fallen and soon will cease to exist entirely. Sometimes I pitty them but only for a short while.

      They are rather insufferable beings who view empathy, mercy, and kindness as a form of weakness. For all their crimes against humanity and against the "source" they could still be forgiven but they don't want to be forgiven. They would only take that as an invitation to do more evil. Their fate has been sealed. To the central sun they will go. It is not because we have denied them mercy but because they reject the mercy we give them. There is no other way.

    3. Seriously, thanks guys.

      On the bright side, something did manage to clear up after that round of letting my pent up anger out. All that self loathing I had over being a miserable failure seems to have vanished now.

      Novusod, that's a good idea. Now the question is how to apply that method of damaging them in a way that my own spirits high (sense of humor)?

    4. I agree with you darknight. But we shouldent hate them. I personally just stick to pornography for the time being because the cabal is blocking me getting relationships.

      Wish it wasent this way. But we are sexual beings after all.

      Love to you all.

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  17. The Song Of The 144.000

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All



  18. what comes here into discussion is the term... "long term",...

    and it is not at all encouraging...

    1. Everyone in their 20's right now will be in their 50's by the time 'The Event' happens.


  19. beside all the 'interestingness' nobody ask about 'walk-ins'...

    1. if you want to learn about walk ins there is a super great show called Travelers
      Also, Meg Beneticte has a Youtube channel, she is a walk in



    - Master Teacher -




  21. Thank you very much for the transcription! It takes time to be done.
    Keep up our Light work! And do our job at 100%. Then, the Event will be trigerred.
    Thank you Cobra, thank you the Resistance Movement ♥


  22. and,... the 'plan C' will follow soon...

    This is due to many lightworkers giving up due to 'long term' and 'living in now',...

    and thus RM and GFL carrying on their own, with no earthling 'energetic' cooperation, in order to catch (a day before) the 2025 end of time frame...
    to avoid 'another cycle of dark' and earth destruction...


  23. the more the 'slow improvement comes' light workers should break away... and leave to heck... all this 'event waiting' and disgusting planetary 'evolution'...

  24. In regards to this:
    << Lynn – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing.
    COBRA – Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, that’s a great idea. Thank you Cobra.) >>
    A blog has been made for the RM containing explanations:
    Victory of the Light!


    1. You have to make the energetic link to them, to send them this message...
      otherways, it may be a blog as any other.

      write to Cobra a private message in respect of this.

    2. You say:
      "We create our own reality, our thoughts, words and actions attract events of the same polarity. Change the way you see the world and your world will change around you."

      This works only as a collective, not to an individual level.

      You need to have many like minded, to create a collective consciousness of the group, and to break away from the human collective consciousness, in order to create a different reality for the group.


    3. But, this is what Cobra doesn't agree at all: a group breaking away from the earthling collective consciousness.

      He needs to transform it (the earthling collective consciousness), don't need a few of us breaking free, and leaving to heck the others...

      He needs to transform it, no matter the expense or how much putting us on rack of it. He prefers to sacrifice the lightworkers and 'heal' them thereafter than to have them breaking away...

    4. You kinda nailed it, for once, unknown. I really feel Cobra and the Light movement in general doesn't care about us individual Lightworkers who feel strongly compelled by their mission, but have no means of achieving it. I have a lot of healing to do, when I could have just broken away years ago. I don't see why I haven't received some guidance from the other side at this point. I beg for a sign, I beg for divine inspiration to help me get out of my current circumstances, but I get NOTHING. Why have I been abandoned? Why does no one care? Why does almost everything I try just lead to worse traumas? I've found my Soul family via the Internet, yet I can't even be there for them, because they aren't in a position to help me either. I am not asking for handouts. I am willing to work. But I have no clue how to survive. The Light movement is going to have a suicide on their hands if they don't do anything to help, and possibly a few more where my Soul family's concerned.


    5. Psychedelicpiper@

      try to master lucid dreaming and 'shared dreams' to communicate with them in an altered state of consciousness...


    6. use your radionics device to target light beings with question for guidance.

      beside of the question, state your intent that this request should be understandable and harmless for them, so that to be welcomed in the best way by them.

  25. well i have to say i am not feeling encuraged by this interview. i guess the truth hurts. i have asked many times how is the surface population supposed to awaken when their is so much interference going on with our minds, soul etc. we have mainstream media on a 24/7 cycle of propaganda as well as all the other stuff. flouride, vaccinations etc., etc., etc. when any of us who know some of the truth raises our heads there is nothing to show as proof for what is going on and we dismissed and called crazy. ny entire family has distanced from both me and my husband and so has his family. WHAT TO DO? the internet for mainstream people, the majority, is not seen as credible or reliable and that is the only reference we have. not really convincing for people who need proof. it is sad that we are not "awake enough" but really we are in a catch 22 situation 0 we are not awake enough to trigger the event and it is the event that will remove the veil so we can awaken en masse. it is clear to me that the light forces just do not get how supressive and oppressive this version of reality is for the majority. my husband and i have withdrawn from the matrix as much as possible, closing our bank accounts and getting rid of our household debt etc., etc., we bought a decent supply of food, installed water tanks to guranatee fresh water supply and distributed flyers in our neighborhood referring people to PFC website about the event and links to info about the financial system. now our neighbors think we are crazy doomsday preppers, so much so i have not had a conversation with a neighbor for over 2 years. this information does not bring people together it divides them. last week i caught up with a friend i had not seen for 2 years and she was open to what we talked about, this is the only person in over 5 years who has not called me crazy, so yes, i can imagine getting enough people to meditate is impossible. my question is why hasn't that been obvious to COBRA and the LF/RM for a long time now. maybe the answer is that like our politicians they are not in touch with the grassroots of humanity and do not mix with people who are of lower frequency/vibration to know the enormity of what is asked of us when we are told to speak up and stand in our truth. i did that while in public life for more than 20 years and the pressure that was applied was too much to bear, and i am a strong and resilient person, but when your children start to question your sanity it is time to re-evaluate what you are doing. now i read that there is a PLAN B and i ask why wasn't that initiated sooner so the event could happen and the veil could be lifted and humanity could wake up and the truth could be widely known and our liberation could have occurred in a timely manner. then we have the issue of drugs being marketed to our children as an alternative recreational activity, even on some websites that claim to be spiritual in origin. really we are bombarded with bullshit by the minute and then are expected ti overcome implants, programming, scalar interference, chemical castration and awaken without solid evidence that we could make a difference. i do not apologize for expressing my views here and i do not consider this negative, but a true account of what is happening here on the battleground for liberation.

    1. imho there is nothing that you have expressed that seem out of bounds... before i proceed... that information about going for plan B was disclosed a long while ago... i cannot tell you exactly because i cant rem in what post it is found.

      now. although we dont know all details... it does seems clear at least to me as well that the the issues were undercalculated... something was.... (i would raise such question to our called Creator)

      i will leave it at that because i will endup ranting.

    2. Alright people, I see some of you are discouraged about somethings Cobra has said, well don't be because the resistance movement is truth. Let's just try and forget about the drama for a bit and wake your fellow masters by showing them this movie about the controllers. Wow!!!! You are going to be astounded when you see this!

    3. The answer is Cobra and company have the money to get around and live wherever they want and mingle with whoever they want, while most people like us don't. The Light does have its naive side. Unfortunately, they learn by experience, like we all do, and that is why things take so long.

      Either that, or they're just buying time to keep fooling us about The Event, coming up with constant excuses about why it isn't happening.

      Nothing wrong with cannabis and psychedelics, though there is also a limit to how much they can actually enlighten and awaken people, as witnessed by today's apathetic culture.

      These substances were responsible for the greatest awakening so far in modern culture in the 1960's. Unfortunately, we missed the opportunity then to truly gain root, evolve, and ascend, and now things are WAAAAAY harder. The power structure allowed a kind of controlled awakening to happen back then, to make sure something like that never happens again.

      Ascension is inevitable, I'm not a total pessimist, but when and how, is beyond me. My role in helping has been at absolute zero, and the Light hasn't done anything for people like me who genuinely want to play a role and help others. Everywhere I look, it's 'everyone for themselves'. The Light movement is geared more towards rich yuppies than anything these days.


      Plan B has been in motion the whole time, Bob. Read the article above, then look at these two paragraphs below which I have pasted from that article at the very end of this comment.

      The Light Forces do not put all of their eggs in one basket.

      For those who are obviously losing faith given the published Q&A, I will simply write that each one of us who chooses with the entirety of our being to continue progress on our mission NO MATTER WHAT... these choices of free will are what creates the energetic pull which accelerates the timing of the EVENT.

      There will not be much forewarning... because this is a war. Our inner guidance must drive us toward doing those actions which can allow the entire EVENT operation to be initiated successfully.

      This means we need to live our daily lives, but work each day in a state of ever-increasing "Event Readiness". It seems paradoxical, but one must simply adopt the mindset that "I will be ready" and breathe that mentality into your daily activities.

      This is how we create the EVENT.

      (The two paragraphs as promised)

      "The Light forces have communicated to me that an alliance / coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors, working towards the common goal of planetary liberation, and refraining from constant infighting, would need to be formed on the surface of the planet. Such alliance is crucial for the successful compression breakthrough. Dragon forces have communicated that such coalition would serve as a conduit for the energies that will be released at the moment of compression breakthrough to ease the transition.

      If this alliance is not formed, the Light forces have an alternative plan to carry out the compression breakthrough. That second plan is slower, but more secure. Details about that alternative plan will not be released on this blog, I will just say it will not alter much the way an average human will experience the Event."

    5. @bob steve. Your words are indeed true and your experience is the challenge of translating the spiritual messages in doses that are possible for the non-awakened to handle. In this case you have gone all in and thus distanced yourself to much from your neighbourhood. It is a fine balance to walk on.

    6. @New Age Biscuit And what if we are unable to connect with our inner guidance, and have no clue how to carry out our mission? Why do people like me gave to be cut off from Source, left to suffer in an abusive environment with mental illness without any help at all? The Event isn't happening as long as the RM refuses to help its own. Right now I hear the yelling beginning in my house again right as I type this comment.

    7. Plan B needs to be helping the Lightworkers who have already awakened fulfill their missions, but I guess they don't care about actually doing anything practical.

    8. @ slasher. we kept our message simple i.e. financial system and did not get nto ET's etc., which is exactly what COBRA suggested we do. we did not distance ourselves from the community at all. we reached out as we have been instructed to do - spread the word to be prepared. at the time we thought " THE EVENT WAS IMMENET" ,eant it was very close and thought the time was right to assist our neighbours to prepare, that was 3 years ago.
      @ new age biscuit thanks for pointing out plan B has been in play for a long time, i did read the article at the time and forgot what was said. i feel better with the remembering of this.
      we still continue with our mission to bebest of our ability and understanding.

  26. Good interview. I prefer transcript interviews over voice interviews which I find a little disturbing.

  27. If Earth is a prison planet, are we here because we committed a crime or for other reasons. For instance the ancient builder race trapped in cycles of reincarnation.

    1. Nah, no crime. We just got screwed over by the cosmic play. Maybe karma in a past life determined the positions we hold in our present lives, but it's not to do with the global scheme of things. In fact, many of us volunteered, apparently.


    2. It's not need for crime to be inprisoned.

      you need to be in one's no agreement...


    There´s something I want to say before I leave this blog. I rarely make comments, but I´m following this site for quite a long time now.

    This latest interview was the last time I let myself be left disencouraged by COBRA.

    Over the years now it feels like a game:

    Encouraging followed by disencouraging followed by …

    In his own posts on his blog, COBRA makes hope for progress being made:

    „The year 2017 will see much more light …“

    „Our (Etheric-)meditation on Sunday was the turning point in the decisive battle for the energy grid of planet Earth that is taking place between January and April 2017, and one of the biggest victories of the Light. It is estimated that our meditation has cut the remaining waiting time towards the Event by half..“

    „The lightforces have enough …“

    „Justice of Maat!“

    „Fleets are in their final parking position …“

    „Operation … complete.“

    „BSMOSS final sequence in progress“

    And in the interviews and statements he always makes me feel we are FAR away from and not nearer to „the event“.There´s never missing a „We are not there yet“. First THIS has to happen and THAT has to change, THIS stone has to be removed THAT to be planted …

    COBRA stated, that if enough people show their will to free themselves from the cabal, it will happen. Didn´t we make that clear enough in the Liberation-Meditation?

    There´s always the feeling imo that we do nothing or at least DON`T DO ENOUGH and they (RM, Lightforces) do everything. Although even I know LOTS of people doing everything they can everyday to awaken humanity. There are so many people involved in healing, meditating every sunday at 4 pm GMT, doing research, informing people, blogging REAL NEWS...

    And all we get to hear from COBRA is

    „Actually the percentage of people who are awakened is not very high at this point yet“
    „It is simply not enough cooperation on the surface of the planet for this to happen, so the Light forces are now using plan B which takes longer“ and of corse „We are not there yet.“

    QUESTION TO COBRA: If it´s important to reach more people for sunday meditation, why don´t you make ONE BIG ANNOUNCED meditation like with the Etheric liberation? I´m sure we can do that again. If the announcement was big enough, posted ALL AROUND the different blogs and sites (truthearth, sitsshow, eventchronicle, prepareforchange ...) it would be successfull like the Etheric one obviously was.

    At the moment I´m feeling once more like ten years ago, like I´m chasing a phantom, a soap bubble. And that´s why for now I´m leaving this blog and wish you all the best! I came back because I thought „this sounds like change, this time we can make it“. But that´s obviously not the case SOON (there is that word again). One delay after the other.. I ´ve got enough now. Did my best. And I know many many people did and do their best, too. As can be read in the comments on this blog and elsewhere!

    Didn´t mean to spread anger or fear but had the feeling that this statement had to be done.


    May all beings be happy. May we all experience only good.
    Mögen alle Wesenheiten glücklich sein, möge Ihnen nur gutes Widerfahren!



    1. Shit don't leave ME behind! I'mma come too

    2. Dude....if you don't notice any changes around you or the world for that matter, you need to wake up and stop worrying whether or not someone is right or wrong on their info. Research and you will see that this world is changing and when we wake up enough sleep heads the shift will occur.
      Love and gratitude!!!!

    3. Cobra's juggling between being a realist and getting his hopes up. But at the same time, it does also feel like one big con. I'm kinda on the fence, and I'm only here, because I've got time to kill. Eventually, I'll disappear from this blog myself.

      I think the best we can do, though, is save up and visit a Tachyon Healing Chamber, because that seems like the only legit tangible result this whole movement has had to offer us. I personally feel that's why I was led to this site.

      Anyway, namaste. Peace, love, and light.

    4. No one is perfect and this is a great challenge for everyone although the details for each person is unique. We are learning as we go and there are so many dead ends to walk into and then backing out and finding a new path. That applies to everyone, including Cobra.

    5. people are freaken out at the statement "RM using now plan B"... again.. this is not new news.. this was mentioned per the post someone found somewhere in 2015.. so please go back to that post and insert your comments of anger and disappointment back in time. I understand you probably just heard it...
      and is causing you turmoil..

      but do you understand now that we create our own drama when really is not necessary...

      u r gettinh angry at a concept introduced 2 years ago... such statement made on this interview does not equate to what you imagined as being a current event.

      yes.. is a known fact the Event is taking long... everyone got that... above as below..( of course except Creator is my guess... i am not going there). many are angry is understandable.. we need to go pass that people..

      .... got an idea..

      Can someone setup a discussion room voice enabled so we can argue err clarify concerns brought in the blog... perhaps to be operational right after a post is made..

      or post a link to an already chatroom... just post it after each post...

      that is the least we could do for one another i feel. Especially for new ones in the blog... but link mist be posted..

      it doesnt have to be a 24/7 helpline.. just spot to visit right after a post.. even if visiy brief.

      just a thought

  29. C : I would strongly suggest everybody to live in the present moment, and not be waiting for the Event, because if you are waiting for the Event, your life will get frustrated and boring and always waiting for the moment of the Event to come. If you live your life in the present moment, and actively are involved in speeding up the process, then your life will be full and very interesting, and then when the Event happens you will be more prepared.

    Key point "strongly suggest". Given that he's a nice guy and wouldn't intentionally deceive, this could be interpreted as years. Stock markets?? Delete all artificial crap in this fake normality prison. Technology obsession questions, where's alchemy so we can help ourselves? The main problem with the surface population is this. No feedback loop. If you have an alchemy protocol, made it and used it you see the effects....then believe, that creates a drive, a purpose. Meditation with no tangible feedback creates a situation where people do not bother any more. Look at all the posters from 5 years ago, nearly all of them do not post. The nonsense that we have to put up with is like living in a hamster wheel. You say that the of lack of cooperation with surface population is the reason, yes, but why should others have to be subjected to the whim's of democracy. Cobra can't you release a certain alchemical 'potion' that does something....not saying about a new form of cocaine :-) They won't blow the planet for that surely. But seriously, the surface population has NO FEEDBACK (energetic, tangible, with eyes) which to motivate.

    I read on a forum, morning dew and sea salt, your not going to answer but some of us want to help ourselves, with knowledge.

    1. There needs to be something those of us who are struggling with manifesting in our lives can do to achieve our goals. Awakening is useless if you're still completely cut off from Source, and have no clue how to manifest your desires. I know exactly what I want in my life, but no clue how to get it, and these past few years of my life have been a completely, utterly abysmal waste, as a result.

      "Meditation with no tangible feedback creates a situation where people do not bother any more." This is EXACTLY why I don't meditate much. I mean, what's the point? I'm just killing time. Yeah, I know it's good for your health, I know it's good for organizing one's thoughts, and it feels kinda cool. But it brings me no new insights, and more often than not, any insights I do have lead to very strong disappointments in life, furthering my PTSD.

      The only thing tangible Cobra's movement has to show for itself are the Tachyon Healing Chambers, although it still is pricy to travel and pay for healing for those of us who can't even afford to live in a peaceful environment.

      I've seen so many sites and videos talking about how to manifest this and manifest that, but there's always something missing. I think the Light really needs to step up its game for those who want to hear its message and put their lives into action. I don't think the issue is awakening people so much as helping those who have already awakened, but are completely unable to do anything about it, unable to connect with their Higher Selves and Source.

    2. So... I think you know what I'm going to tell you
      If this section doesn't get too busy
      tell me why I'm wrong
      (It's not about "You")
      Or you would have yourself be king, first..?
      The blog posts are extremely helpful, but I get a lot of what I need from a lot of the comments

    3. (jumps in)... i would much rather make meself be king first... but with the knowledge i hold

      these adventures as a peasant are an overkill... drainig... its usefulness has ceased.

    4. some of your comments ice.. i cant resist but to reply to... although of course consequentially the spotlight gets placed on you by me unauthorized and unlawful invisibles... as they dont believe in boundaries.

      i will tell you who it is about...

      in me own mind.. "is not about me"...

      it stopped being about me 8+yrs ago...

      it is however about the them...
      the indirect targets...
      the puppets to be...
      the naive public..
      the weak establishment..
      about those willing n ready to help but held back by the establishment.

      its about the cosmic games being played out in our microcosmic daily life...

      the lack above reflected before our eyes.

      its about games we all had loved to played and cant seem to know how lo live without.

      is about our belief... where
      instead of immediate mitigation we opt for postponement... where even some secrecy plays a major role in giving life and sustainment to chaos.... where manipulation become thr means to conquer/divide and direct...

      all leading to endless games.
      until it reaches a critical n conplex point..where mitigation is almost an impossibility...

      so... yes... it isnt about me.. at all.

  30. It was great! Excellent questions! Thank you for expanding my knowledge! I can't wait to see (again) the tachyon sky! :)Many blessings!


    1. try to master lucid dreaming or astral travel and you may have it ... like the event next week...

      act it now!

  31. "The primary anomaly existed also in the past universes, in the past cosmic cycles. And it has always existed as a potential. And this potential was manifested during interaction between the Source and the primary anomaly potential, so when universe birthed into space-time continuum, it was with that interaction that it came from potential to reality. "

    Cobra does Chimera came from this universe or theire remnant of past universes?

  32. For those who are commenting upon those "long term"
    First Chimera is cut off from Source guidance, second their are also cut from their Higher Self Guidance. Cobra spoked in some interviews that theire are more robot like [mr roboto]. So that means that theire point of view is drastically different from ours (we, higher being, ascended masters etc.) They dont depend on some vision or inner guidance we recieve, they only use advanced technolgy(exotic) and depend on it. So for them its diffrent league, they can think long term because they depend on data, but that data dont reflect true, real situation. Remember how ended US President Election with Hillary?

    1. Actually I can't believe how many didn't interpret that simple text correctly


  33. Palinkas, where are you (with your dog like face avatar)??...

    Yeaaa!! This is the update you was long awaiting for!!...

    Longer,... longer ... much longer!... long long term awaiting ahead!!

    here you had it! enjoy it!


  34. Drake about mass arrests:
    June 29, 2017

    P.S. Drake's speech is important here, not Kent Dunn's (which is ridiculous as usual, with his 4 planets brought here from Andromeda...)


  35. Important update from Cobra: Monday, June 12, 2017;
    Vacuum Metastability Event

    Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.

    Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the black stone, a top quark-antiquark condensate.

    The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan.

    Cobra, are we now entitled to consider that the Light Forces have taken control of the plasma plane around Earth, of dissolving the head of octopod, and of accelerating the dismantling of all toplets and of the black stone as well??...

    1. In the videos with Sam Muggzi and Drake, Kent Dunn is PLAGIARIZING a lot of good people. He takes their Intel, adds a distortion to make it seem like it's his. What he said is a Mish Mash taken from :

      * Dolores Cannon- she said the Earth will split into a "New Earth" and that you'd move into it without knowing it, you'll just wake up one day...etc., and people who don't Ascend will just disappear from your lives. (he stole these almost word for word). You can see lots of Dolores Cannon's seminars on ytube. She is a pioneer.

      * NASA Soft Disclosure - Trappist 1 solar system with 4 habitable planets - Kent twisted NASA's Disclosure by saying "2 planets are 3D and 2 planets are 5D". Seriously? this one's so ridiculous it's LOL laughable! Why don't we make Georgia 3D and Texas 5D?

      * Corey Goode's Blue Avians - Kent Dun says "there's Blue Avians, there's BLACK Avians". I think he also said White Avians in a previous video on goldfish, that "there's many colors".

      * David Wilcock - Antarctica Discoveries - the Pre-Adamites, the 3 Motherships nicknamed Nina, Pinta,Santa Maria - all that came from David and Corey's End Game I and II videos that they put out back in December 2016. Kent Dunn should not pretend that it's his intel, it's not.

      * Benjamin Fulford - Ben has talked about high level people like the British royal family, and Rockefeller flunkies trying to redeem Historical Bonds for large amounts. Kent Dunn now adding "historical bonds" to his con game because we're laughing at ZIM.

      In these 2 interview videos - a couple of notable Red Flags:

      **Conflation of Reptilians with Avians - "they wanna die, we'll make that happen".

      Kent Dunn says: " The Reptilians are coming forward, they wanna go to the Light. The Avians are coming forward, they wanna die, we'll make that happen"

      Slick NLP or Freudian slip on his part?
      Reptilians = Light, Avians = Die.

      This could be indicative of which side he's really working for. I can't imagine Cobra mixing up the Reptilians with the Avians. Conflation is a mind control technique.

      *** BEST Drake Moment:

      Kent Dunn started to bring up the RV,

      Kent: " The Dinar...."

      Drake instantly said: "Dinar, that's wallpaper" and chuckled.

      I'm wondering which is more worthless ---- Dinar Wallpaper or ZIM Toilet Paper??

      *People with Credibility tell us who they are and more importantly, who their SOURCES are:

      - Cobra - Official Spokesman for the Resistance Movement. Pleiaidian souls who live in the Inner Earth, below the 8.6 mile reach of the Veil.

      - David Wilcock - Brilliant researcher, great books and shows. (see him on Ancient Aliens and many videos of his Conference Talks on ytube) (I just saw one of him with David Wolfe and Nick Good where David says that a high-up Illuminati member told him that the Illuminati call Taco Bell, KFC and McDonald's a "weapons system" because any country, once they introduce Taco bell, KFC and McD's into it, there is no resistance.)

      - Corey Goode - ex- Secret Space Program. A lot of his intel has been corroborated and validated by Military Industrial Complex Insiders. Also more and more NASA Soft Disclosures have corroborated Corey's info re: Transparent Aluminum, factory like structures on moons, Blue translucent Sphere.

      - Linda Moulton Howe - one of the foremost researchers and speakers in UFO documentation and Ufology.

      - Dr. Steve Pieczenik - Official Spokesman for the White Hats, the Positive Military who are fighting to help liberate Humanity from Cabal rule. Awesome resume, he helped develop the Delta Force. True insider.
      Cont'd below..

    2. Continued...

      - Robert David Steele - CIA spy trainer, great strategist. True insider.

      - Benjamin Fulford - Spokesman for the White Dragon Society, known Forbes Journalist background, his father was the Ambassador to Japan - both of which make it credible that he has contacts in high level Japanese government, royal family and intelligence agencies.

      Re: Kent Dunn, and One Who Knows -now naming himself on June 24 as Richard Lee McKim Jr. (Btw-Gnosticism comes from the Greek word "gnostikos" which means "one who knows").

      What is the BACKGROUND which lends any sort of credibility to any or these people spouting off about the ZIM/Dinar "Exchanges".

      Over the past months, I have heard Kent Dunn say :

      he "has sources in the intelligence community" - which agency? "community" is too vague. Even Julian Assange can tell us when he gets leaks from the NSA, the CIA, or MI6.

      "I'm a Pleiadian" - anyone can say that, including me and you.

      "I'm with the Galactics" - which Galactics?? "I was just up there"... up there on a Galactic ship? which Galactic ship?

      He sounds like he makes it up as he goes along, and trips over himself like when he says that "5D has 8 levels", but gives a count that adds up to 7.

      Stop polluting awakened people with this relentless "redeem the world's most worthless currencies and get rich scheme". They are posting this crap on the Ascension With Earth Blog EVERY SINGLE DAY, 2 or 3 per day. (I like Ascension with Earth because it has many other interesting posts) They are now putting a "photo" and voice to One Who Knows to carry the Dinar Scam Baton since nobody buys what Kent Dunn is selling here.

      Enough is ENOUGH because running the ZIM/Dinar SCAM is not benign. To keep insinuating, encouraging people to own (buy) the World's most worthless currencies with 0 credible facts to back it up can really hurt people if they do this and lose their money.

      *** At this point, I'm considering reporting this Scam to the Attorney General and the SEC.

      *For Kent Dunn that would be Christopher M. Carr - the Georgia Attorney General . *deceptive acts affecting the public at large.

      As for One Who Knows, Dinar Chronicles, Poofness et al - The Attorney Generals for their respective States. The AGs and the FBI can easily get their true identity and locations.

    3. @eat2love. Great list. I consider most blog material as disinfo and harsch lessons for humanity to learn in order to grow enough to change our path. Having such a list over time gives you the perspective necessary to grasp the overall picture.

    4. those that u listed as individuals in the forefront should be contacted to get them all to cooperate on a huge meditation.. it matters not "what color is your alien".. or parachute... :)

  36. Cobra?...

    what can you tell us about 'the ball of Ascension'?...

    and will you also be a part of it?

    Who of the readers (long, long term needed) do remember about 'the ball of Ascension'?

    It has disappeared from the web in last years...

    This is all what still may be found about:

    "energy vibrations, Galactics, Angels, Ascended Masters, reincarnation…the whole ball of Ascension wax. So that, ironically, when you wake up…"

    It's not pro, it's con,... but this is all now on the web about 'the ball of Ascension'...

    Cobra, could also tell us about it, if yes or not...

    it's not an intel about Ascension in itself,... it's only an ADITIONAL intel.

    But it's a wonder how all disappeared from the net about...

    For newcomers: the 'ball of Ascension' was years ago a description of a kind of interdimensional party event
    which might happen (let's say nowadays) soon after the first contact.

    One of its reason, may we conclude, is a kind of teams changing,...

    i.e. lightworkers who are already higherdimensional at a soul level might go 'home' on their planets.

    for instance, pleiadean star seeds, to go back to Pleiades...
    or as case, if they want to remain to assist others in the Ascension Process...

    it is also possible that the description 'as a party' might be a description in a more mundane form so that to be assimilate by those who were not still familiarized with 'interdimensionality'...

    it was described like a party event organized by aliens presenting their contribution to planetary liberation, presenting also their fellow 'star seed' in human form which were part of the earthling team participating on earth...

    In a more mundane explanation,... consider a hidden army (in fact aliens) presenting itself to the civil population (in fact earthly earthlings), and presenting also its hidden agents infiltrated among the civil population (in fact the star-seeds in human form)...
    and also presenting it's further intentions (in fact supporting earthling Ascension), with or without calling back its civil members (star seeds).

    This is a roughly description of 'the ball of Ascension', which was on the web years ago, let's say before 2012,... but now disappeared.

    Many of the long, long, term runners may remember it...


  37. nothing news from 'Pleiadian protection program'...


  38. Cobra, how to bring a tachyon healing chamber in our area??...

    supposedly we have no money, but the good intent only...

  39. All types of cancer can be cured in less than a week with the combined use of the products from orgonodrome especially the silver ones and the lakhovsky oscillator. I do know how persistent cancer can be. When I say cured I mean it!

    You still haven't understood how powerful these products are. I will make a post explaining how they work cause I see people here who believe that it's the energetic frequency of the metal that heals. It doesn't work like that!


  40. Look here,... nowadays tech...
    not what Cobra in promising 'much longer' after the never coming event

    Behind Radionics, the wacky sound therapy...

    An Album of Musical Radionic Thought Frequencies, and the strange space it occupies in the pantheon of avant-garde music.

    Albert Abrams conducting a radionic experiment, 1923

    Radionics is a fringe science founded on the idea that all living things have defined vibrational frequencies.

    1. Radionics is very hit and miss for me. I wish there were more fool-proof methods for people like me. I might actually give it a try again, though. You're a troll, but you actually did a good thing in reminding me about it.

  41. On Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Cobra posted:
    There are great changes happening in our Solar System. A vast fleet comprised of many motherships of countless positive cosmic races has reached its final parking position on key resonance points within our Solar System to support the process of full Disclosure.

    On Friday, January 13, 2017 Cobra posted:
    As a response to all this, a large powerful galactic Light group hundreds of millions strong has entered the Solar System and it will assist in the final clearing of the Chimera.

    Who are they? Where do they come from? What ir their agenda? Could you dear Cobra please give us further information?

    Light and Love.


  42. radionics

    A “black box” approach to diagnosis and holistic treatment; banned in the United States. “Corrective” energy patterns are directed from the instrument to the patient, even at a distance, to treat deep-seated health problems. The devices often analyze samplings from the patient, such as a snippet of hair, to arrive at a diagnosis.

  43. Cobra, can the crop circles be understood as the release of sacred geometry for humanity on the surface? Thank you Hoana , Aloha Family .


  44. use it now to speed up the liberation:

    Radionics is a methodology for the detection and manipulation of subtle energies linked to physical matter: animal, vegetable or mineral. It is generally known as a system of vibrational healing wherein curiously configured “black boxes” are used to detect and treat disease conditions of a living body, be it animal or vegetable, anywhere in the universe.
    Radionics instruments can also broadcast healing vibrations to a single subject.

    They can be used to detect specific elements in mineral samples, or even to test for mineral veins using an aerial photograph or map.
    Their potential makes them appear magical when considered from the viewpoint of modern science.

  45. The message from the interview seems to be: the longer it takes, the smoother the landing will be. Like the Japanese embassy rescue in Peru in the 1990: they could have stormed in with guns blazing but then a lot more than one person would have been killed.

  46. use it to keep cintamany energy from where there are and to project them where you desire, without planting stones in the ground...

    Must be read!!



  47. This is the most common way people have explained radionics to me (and several people have tried):
    Radionics is a way of using a device to take your thoughts (or intention, or consciousness) and amplify and broadcast them into the ether to affect some kind of change in your own life or the lives of others.

    You could be seeking a romantic partner or a financial windfall or better health. Maybe you just want to find a diamond ring on a sandy beach. (This is something I was told a person asked for, and received, through a radionics device.)

    To some extent, the user (or maker) decides how to use the machine and for what.
    The device is a cosmic ham radio—a direct, if fuzzy, line to the big Whatever that provides things when they are asked for in the right way.
    Radionics is also called psionics or psychotronics, and radionics machines "wishing machines."


  48. Cobra,... but what is 'photoradionics' you spoke with A'drieinous in the plejadea interview (on GoldFisf report) but you consider to tell us nothing about???...

    Cobra, Cobra...

  49. you may use it to heal vortexes from distance:

    It is so surprisingly that Cobra tells us nothing about...

    1. Spooky Radionics! Yes, I've used it, but it did nothing for me for manifesting. Radionics is really hit and miss for me. I had to give it back, because I was merely borrowing it, but I've got another device that I own, and should try again with.

  50. Dear Cobra, Ive been following you for more than 2 years now and your message totally resonates with my inner beliefs.
    As a Allan Kardec spiritist, a very popular christian doctrine in Brazil, I've gone through a lot of teaching from spirits such as Emmanuel, Andre Luiz, Manoel Philomeno de Miranda, and others, channeled through the mediumship of the most respected mediums in my country, such as Francisco Candido Chavier and Divaldo Pereira Franco.
    The work from this very well inteded people have helped millions of people understanding both the material and immaterial worlds, as well as the interactions between them, as well as the incarnation and de-incarnation processes.
    Also, Chico Chavier advised us, years ago, about the transformation the planet is going through.
    I'd like you to comment on what you know about them and also recommend your followers any of theyr works.
    May the light be with us all!

    1. @Luís Teixeira
      Poderia um grupo Brasileiro organizar uma entrevista com COBRA no qual abordaria tais questões como essa. Tenho certeza que teríamos perguntas para uma entrevista interessante.

    2. Com certeza. Sabe se tem mais brasileiros por aqui ou ainda pessoas que compartilham da doutrina espirita?
      ** Cobra, I'm sure we'd have plenty of interesting subjests to talk about if we considered the spiritist doctrine.
      any thoughts???

    3. @Luiz Teixeira
      Não sei dizer em números ao certo, cada pessoa possui seus próprios sistemas de crenças. O que eu noto é que o Brasil será o ''berço'' da nova era positiva. Bem ao menos assim espero.
      Existem muitas perguntas o qual acho interessante para o COBRA relacionadas ao Brazil como por exemplo monumentos, piramides Amazonicas e portais para Agharta.
      Luz e paz a todos!!
      I can not say in numbers for sure, each person has their own belief systems. What I notice is that Brazil will be the '' cradle '' of the new positive era. Well at least I hope so.
      There are many questions which I find interesting for COBRA related to Brazil such as monuments, Amazon pyramids and portals to Agharta.
      Light and peace to all !!

    4. I can not extend much to spiritual matters related to Brazil in this blog. Briefly, what I can say is that despite political corruption, poverty and violence, Brazil has a strong female divine. This land has a biodiversity that speaks for itself, its people are hardworking, cheerful and receptive to all cultures. For all these things the Cabal is trying to distort the positive plasma of Brazil. Let us continue our mission here on Earth. Our fight is just beginning.
      We are all One. Victory of Light!

    5. You can find related information on the links:


      more info in:


  51. Cobra,... come forward!...
    and give a coherence of some concerns...

    Mind tech is even nowadays much more developed and publicly accessible than you leave us to believe...




  53. the Light forces have an alternative plan to carry out the compression breakthrough.

    That second plan is slower, but more secure.

    Details about that alternative plan will not be released on this blog, I will just say it will not alter much the way an average human will experience the Event.

    The Resistance has communicated to me that they will contact Drake just before the Event and give him substantial intel to be released publicly.

    1. I really hope the second plan involves helping those who've already awakened, because they sure haven't helped me!

    2. I should have read your comment before entering my own.

      Yes, Plan B has been in the works for a fairly long time in human terms.


    3. The problem now is that Drake is speaking about mass arrests:
      June 29, 2017

      P.S. Drake's speech is important here, not Kent Dunn's (which, ridiculous as usual, with his 5 planets brought here from Andromeda...)

    4. hpw can the light forces contact drake just before the event IF source only knows when it will happen?????????

    5. bob. the rm/ lf are the ones working toward setting up the event.. the theory is that they are the ones waiting for the sign... then it trickles down to the rest... so it makes sense that the LF would know when the event will happen when it happens.


  54. Sandor Gyory, come forward!

    You was many times the equilibrium of this forum, in its 'difficult times'...

    1. Rest assured it's difficult times for some of us since forever !!!
      How can i equilibrifi this entity infested forum after Cobra announced LF liberation plan B ?
      Do we get a big pack of bubblegum with it ?
      Is it the US cabal Wrigley's full of sugar again ?

      Should we assume the liberation forces are unhappy about our non participation as cannon fodder in (less than brilliant) plan A ?

      Pleiadean girls are really hot, but this matrix is extremely nasty ...

      Still alive


      OM love zeolite


    2. We have to stand up now, and ask for our desires beside of working together.

      What becomes clear now is that Cobra's plan of Ascension is surrealistic for the nowadays earth, even if liberation on the etheric and plasma plan occurs.

      We have to be here and draw our desire concerning the Ascension plan.

      They, RM, LF drew a presetted Ascension plan without to ask us for a word.

      It's like another case of say it dictatorship, but for the Light, for the 'higher purposes'.

      We have to stand up and to say: this yes, and this not for.
      And not to wait or ask for their plan.

      Let's act it now! LF will support out initiative in the way that Cobra claims they support any initiative for light...


    3. And, as a 'positive note',... concerning the plejadean girls, and no matter our arousal towards nacked chicks,... we have to understand there are from other species...

      There are their ladiyes, not ours...

      We have to show them we are much more realistic and grounded than they believe us...

      But for a 'hug group' they may be ours too...

  55. Thank you Team Light
    day to day things are better all the tine!
    Victory is ours!

  56. In a past interview I recall Cobra saying that the Black Stone has been "removed from the planet", so I don't understand how it's now back in the hands of the Chimera in Montauk.

    Also curious as to how the 180 Chimera are protecting themselves against the Light Forces. Must be a high tech plasmatic battle going on - how do you neutralize a Black Hole producing technology?

    Since the RM have dissolved the toplet bombs in the solar system plasma field, then the final obstacle must be the Black Stone which is a top quark condensate... which means it can produce a gigantic black hole?

    Feels as if something has stalled in the process, and for awakened people it's like watching a pot waiting for it to boil. It feels like forever when you're standing there watching it, but when you walk away then it boils over quickly.

    To put things in perspective, the Veil has been in place for 25,000 years trapping our souls and enslaving Humanity. The Light Forces arrived in 1999 to remove the 500 million Reptilians that came through the Congo Portal in 1996, so they've been fighting for us for 18 Years.

    After 13 years helping us secretly, in 2012 Cobra starts this blog, so I think that the RM only releases info AFTER they've accomplished each main objective. Standard Art of War.

    I feel the same way about the White Hats, there is way more going on behind the scenes, and after they strike, then the public will be notified. Think of casting a giant net in the ocean, it lays still while tons of fish are corralled into the net. Then the Hunter closes the net and hauls up the entire Catch.

    I was envisioning what life would be like without Cabal control, and all the mega rich elite criminals in power now ALL GONE.

    My Vision:
    * Feeling a huge energetic wave go through my body. (When I was younger one day I felt my heart area open wide and a FAST powerful rush of energy hit and filled my entire body, but it didn't hurt) The Cosmic Wave may be even bigger than that.

    * Disclosure - every President, Prime Minister and religious leader on the planet will be on every MSM network/channel admitting that We Are Not Alone. It will truly be Shock and Awe.

    * Banks and ATMs will go offline for awhile, when it comes back up, the money stolen by the Cabal will be distributed equally and POSTED to our Bank Accounts. All the Eastern Alliance has to do is somebody presses their finger on the RESET Button.(Ben Fulford says this is already in place)(Even Martin Armstrong had a post on his blog with an image of the Earth globe with a giant red button with RESET on it, and a finger poised over the RED RESET button)

    * A Great Rejoicing heard around the World !!!

    In October 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, the lower half of Manhattan was blacked out.(See that famous photo on the cover of New York Magazine) My neighborhood was blacked out for 5 days. On the 5th day, around 7pm, the power suddenly came back on.

    From inside my apt. I heard a ROAR - including from myself - which meant that everybody in my neighborhood all whooped and screamed at the same time. The Joy and Relief !

    Can you imagine the Global Wide ROAR when we all know that EVIL has been finally defeated and we are FREE ?

    Imagine a life with 0 financial pressure, what a sweet,sweet pleasure that will be.

    It's ironic that the Cabal wants to kill off 90% of people but it is they who will be killed or removed. The FEMA camps they built for us will be their new housing, minus the Millions of Pedophiles who will be sent to the Galactic Central Sun wood chipper.

    I can't wait to hear the ROAR OF LIBERATION !!!

    1. Cobra made the correction later regarding the status of the black stone.


    2. It's nothing coherent,... what so difficult to understand...

    3. Cool post eat2love. Inspiring and uplifting....which we all need about now.

  57. Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: Avoiding the lords of harvest

    June 21, 2017 by Edward Morgan



  59. Re the August solar eclipse: 2017 Solar Eclipse Energy Preparation - Client QHHT Sessions

  60. you have to post


  61. Thank you Cobra, great interview =)

    It is inevitable that liberation will come, for positive change in the long term. When The Event occurs, it would be advantageous if I were contacted. I am open to it now, physical contact, but it is not in a hurry. There's a feeling that I have, that joining forces would be benifitial.

    This isn't like a Star Wars, "turn to the darkside", sort of thing. I have laid my intent purely to you, through emails and posts, it is up to you if we can work as a team. Despite being deeply rooted now in the NWO system/orginazatuon, I am like a double agent, who is for the light.

    I know how all the peices line up, and how their system works, I work with Alpha Omega, the REAL one, ask The Ambassador for details on this organization.

    There is much change coming soon, watch how the UN is regulating Bitcoin, how the price of Bitcoin is falling, as it is sold short for a massive buy order by The Cabal. They will make physical resources worth a lesser amount than crypto currency. Be prepared for a massive takeoff of Bitcoin soon...

    All the best, and, Victory of the Light!!!

    - Fates


  62. Interesting to read a statement like (paraphrasing here) "that's how it works in all universes" when in a 2014 interview it was emphatically stated by C.bra that "NO! There is only one universe."

    Of course it's true that there are many, MANY Universes out there.
    But I just don't know, man. These constant changes to the narrative are feeling very suspicious, and My Higher Self is going on red alert here as well. It's always just small details that are changed (well, give or take the existence of a few million Universes) but the story just doesn't add up correctly. "Someone" is deliberately messing up the information given.
    In one interview it was said that the "black stone" had been removed, a few months later C.bra admitted in the comments section that he had been wrong and that it hasn't.
    Who provides this intel, and how can such major mistakes in communication occur?

    After twelve days and nights of intense preparation I planted my cintamani stone today. I did not "bury" it, I PLANTED it and She feels very happy in the soil right between two trees.

    New Years Day

    Lots of Love and Light


    1. where is your evidence of those mistakes? i would like to see it myself.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    3. @Yoesh:
      A few months ago a commenter mentioned a C.bra interview where he'd said that the "black stone" had been removed and asked what was going on.
      C.bra personally responded with "Unfortunately I was wrong, the black stone has NOT been removed."
      You can find that conversation in a comment's thread - I don't remember which one but it is there, and I'm sure you'll find it if you look for it.

      @Angel AC:
      That pictogram was really cute, and I want to say Thank You for that :-)

      One Tree Hill

      Lots of Love and Light


  63. You posted Drake’s timeline for the event back in 2012. “Timing of the Event - Drake's opinion” “In the next 30 to 45 days. And it can not be stopped.” This was over 5 years ago on April 9, 2012. I understand that people shouldn’t be waiting for the event, but this blog and other individuals have given false promises to people numerous times. It’s always ‘right around the corner.’ It’s always ‘tomorrow’ but never today. Then you say it’s the surface population that is slowing everything down. Yet you also say the surface population is being bombarded with frequencies to keep them asleep. And those who dare to try to overcome this simply become targeted individuals or get murdered. So, I will forget about the event and disregard this blog. I’ll take your advise and live in the present moment. I know that this isn’t my fault and it’s not the surface population's fault either. In closing,

    1. info finder.. i would not advise to follow old posts as far as timelines goes.. it is clear that much changes had occuur.. much was anticipatee predicted and or mis calculated... i dont think by then.. the toplet bombs were known about.. i cant remember exactly..

      as far as predictions i think it would be fair to say that this blog does not compare to so many others specially those that make daily predictions...

      it should be clear that Cobra tries to be balanced in providing the information that he knows about.. he tries not to give dates compare to how perhaps it was done on past times..

      he tries to give us sound advise... he tries to tell it as it is.. even if at times there might be some cotrections to be made... but those r few...

      it should be clear by now not to expect an Event tomorrow unfortunately.. just be aware it is being worked on.. is a work in progress... just live your life the best you can...

  64. New Goldfish report#107 Luisa, Kent Dunn with Winston Shrout

    Winston Shrout was Convicted in April 21, 2017, found Guilty of 19 Federal charges. He will be sentenced on Aug. 1, 2017.

    What was he convicted of ?

    "Man charged with issuing more than $100 Trillion in FAKE Finance Documents goes to Trial"

    He purposely sent a package of 1,000 homemade International Bills of Exchange, each purporting to be a legal tender for a trillion dollars, to a small community bank in Chicago "hoping to slip one by an unsuspecting banker,'' U.S. Tax Division trial lawyer Scott Wexler told jurors.

    The 69-year-old took the stand in his own defense, claiming he was given authority to make the financial documents from the Office of International Treasury Control in order to help relieve debts from mortgage foreclosures. The office Shrout cited, though, is considered by the U.S. government a fraudulent organization that claims ties to the United Nations and the Federal Reserve.

    Read full article here :

    Article about his Trial :

    HaHa "Homemade International Bills of Exchange" "each one for a Trillion Dollars) This is too funny :)

    I had mentioned Simon Black in a previous Cobra post's Comment, his Blog is The Sovereign Man. Simon Black is sovereign in a REAL and LEGAL way and he makes a lot of money doing it.

    This Winston Shrout guy is a joke. Brought to you by you-know-who.... LOL

    1. He should be convicted for "succesful parody" because using a Trillion Dollars and some people taking it serious shows how deprecated the financial system and society has become.

    2. I'm not sure what you are up to..?
      I plan to send the video link to family members to understand what the "reset" is... and what is holding things up
      Along with what I've always said about corey googe (from the father of webbots)
      Both long videos


  65. you will exceed the 2025 time frame...

    and,.. bye, bye!...


  66. Cobra, which is the status of banana messages and fear based comments after this 'long term' news?

    Give us a brief of the censorship....

    1. "The brief of the censorship" is that you should shut the f^^k up! Your messages was posted so there is no censorship.


    2. which is the percentage of this messages in this post?

      had you have much to delete?

  67. Be more patient. Learn from the Christians. During 2000 years, generation after generation, the priests have constantly asked for patience because the Second Coming of Christ was imminent and they are in the same situation now. As always.

  68. The Final Countdown 432Hz!

  69. It seems endless with no sign of abatement. The constant, consistent and proliferous 3rd dimensional comparative combative mind machinations. Why all the divisive nit picking analysis? If only some would develop the ability to see for themselves instead of the endless questioning. You still have your 6th chakra no one has taken it from you, why don't you use it?

  70. This video is NOT important. Don't listen to this!

  71. I don't think I'm any kind of starseed, but I thought I was single all my life because the Light has some kind of special purpose for me. According to Cobra 27 mins in ... the cabal is the one responsible. Story of my life ...

    1. Exactly same here but of course Cobra doesnt need to be right every time either.

    2. i never had a clue as to what my mission was.. but the choice of being single was me choice alone...

    3. Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that has been single ... I thought dang ... even Cobra is married. It wasn't a choice at first, but now it is. Thanks for the input. :)

  72. Why I don't get from people is why everybody doesn't try and participate in mass meditiations . I mean why don't they find a 15 god damn minutes to take part Sunday on the mass meditation.

    Probably a couple more of those the situation would change extremely fast . I'm starting to think that people are more influenced that they think , even we that visit cobra's post .


    1. It is most important to take part in global meditations especially the Sunday med. It is even more important for certain people to take part because it related directly to their mission for this lifetime. These people are needed to bear the brunt of the emotional body of the planet as the population reacts to the powerful downloads coming forth from the Central Sun. This could be your mission in life. your raison d'etre and it is here where you will make true personal progress for yourself and millions of others.

  73. Thank you to Cobra, Resistance Movement and all of the beautiful light forces. I have faith that this plan will be carried out. We must all work together as a team. Everyone has something positive to contribute to this situation. Mediation, acts of kindness, being a positive example of love and light.... everything helps. We will complete this mission... we have come to far to turn back. Have faith and hope! Don't ever give up! Sending you all love and light 💕❤️

  74. unknown in ancient times the event was promoted and shared and prepared for.. just as the St Germain Acvount n Global C. accounys were were setup. it didnot happen during their lifetime but it was still worked on...

    whatever is our fate.. may we be part of it when it finnaly manifests or not.. the idea is that we could still be part of the process..

    it doesnt mean stopping all we doing n live the life basing it as if it will happen this Sunday.

    Just sort out that frustration eatinh u.. that it isnt happening fast enough for u...
    we all concurr.. but what we wish and what reality is are two different things...

    you may opt to be disappointed because your timelines are not being met.. or you live yor life as best as you can... still knowing n learning about out predicament n perhaps participate... or not.

  75. People i would like to bring to the table the topic of communication especially with individuals that may not resonate with what you perceive to be the truth... matrix or no Matrix..

    now granted my peoples skills may be considered less than optimum.. if not at times savage like.. by some lol... i still however have some pointers that i would like to share whether is needed or not.. :) ( see? told u... savage :))

    i have listened to some of you about the losses you have incurred overtime from trying to promote, or share your believe to others... some i heard lost connection with friends family neighbors peers etc...

    now.. i am no expert on persuasion but is it possible that the approach used to bring your audience to at least listen with minimum judgement may have been a bit abrupt or perhaps had a degree of fear mongering .. if not looking too unrealistic for their taste...
    do you find their reaction toward what you had to share surprising?...

    put yourselves in their shoes...

    my suggestion you need to study your customer like a good sales person would do..

    approach them with the minimum information... with some a bit at a time.. gradual... some may come around to reach back to you for more feedback...

    as much as you would like to force people into believing in whatever you want to express it wont be a smooth transition especially if it goes against the core of their belief system... certainly wont be any faster.

    you dont have to force topics..
    do not present initially the most controversial topics to them... u neef to work up the latter of difficulties.. just like building a foundatio. u need to build a foundation of trust...

    present information at first on subjects that u know they would be interested about.. such as financial stuff... find literature videos... studies made by scienties or doctors (not from the mainstrwam media) that support your ideas.... do not only look at it from one point of view.. also present the other view that everyone seems so accepting and highligh the gaps.. in such rethoric...
    you dont have to connect the dots for them.. let them put the pieces together... that way it will be by their decision...
    their true free will with eyes wideopened or at least in the process off.

    you people should not be losing love ones on this... or peers... is counter productive... imho..obviously hurtful for u as well..

    yo want to the johova witness stuff n go door to door... try it out of town first :).. i would lol

    dont make ur life more difficult u can still do ur stuff by working with the flow.. not against it...

    you cant hack a matrix by tossing the rock on water and hoping it didnt disturb the water...

    smoothly create ripples on it.. it will reach the shore.. hopefully

    of course once tire of it dont do what i do.. i burn bridges lol

  76. it would be nice if we get training on this stuff but u need to self learn the necessary skillset to perform what u need to do in order to minimize the losses...

    You can accomplish ur goals people without having add more burden on your daily life...
    we need to stop blaming someone else for our lack of tactics...

    when you people are being ask to share and promote it doesnt entail...losing

  77. "Dragon HeartJuly 2, 2017 at 6:38 AM
    info finder.. i would not advise to follow old posts as far as timelines goes.. it is clear that much changes had occuur.."

    Yeah right...and then in like 20-30 years from now there will be a same story about how much changes had occuur and that will be the excuse why event did not happen yet.

    1. yes. it may be so... if you are seeking immediate changes... what i learn from this game is that immediate changes is just wishful thinking... the reality has been that changes are indeed happening but in stages n in different levels.. that unfortunately it may not create an immediate relief to tge general avg individual in obvious manners.. even energetic or physical changes are gradual... besides we dont have 20-30yrs...

      have u heard some people post.. the event is u?..

      the preparation to it is a long a long processs. period. What is there that seems deceiving about that?. is it not clear now... now can we all do our part toward it or we could sit n complain that is still not here... when we already know that much.

  78. Entrevista em Português Brazil :

    😊 luz 💓

  79. I'm not talking about immediate changes and my comment is not about that and after all it's been years and years of waiting. Something is wrong. Here you go again with excuses: changes are indeed happening but in stages. O man. I know all about event is you...but it's benn along time and I'm not a child.

  80. Great interview questions! Cobra thank you my sanity and my hope of a golden age for earth and the entire solar system has never been stronger. I dont consider myself a star seed / angelic soul but I am awake and resonnating with your intel and the blog where the folders are for reference of past interviews. I am not a good meditator but I try and it makes sense.. Thank you and to ALL THE LA RM LIGHT WARRIORS INNER EARTH I CANT WAIT FOR US TO ALL BE 1 AND ALL WARS HUNGER POVERTY DEATH TO END AND FOR ALL TRUTH TO BE MADE KNOWN. VICTORY TO THE LIGHT!!

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    1. @Valeria. Santiago A Google search reveals "EKPEN TEMPLE OF SOLUTION" to be a scam with a lot of people posting complaints. I am quite frankly surprised a post like this got accepted by the admins of this blog. What's the point of waiting hours on end for our comments to be accepted, if you're going to accept spam anyway?

      I found the love of my life without the need for such things. Granted, I could use a money spell, but I am not naive and gullible about such offers either.