Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Victory of the Light (Tonight in Babylon)


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    1. Yes yes this is a wonderful feeling thank you C :)

    2. Happy Soulstice to you too <3


    3. Important update from Cobra: Monday, June 12, 2017
      Vacuum Metastability Event

      Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.

      Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the black stone, a top quark-antiquark condensate.

      The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan.


    4. Cobra, are we now entitled to consider that the Light Forces have taken control of the plasma plane around Earth, of dissolving the head of octopod, and of accelerating the dismantling of all toplets and of the black stone as well??...

    5. 光的勝利很接近了

    6. That's like a modern version of "Let's Dance" by David Bowie.
      Just makes you feel good.

  2. Uhmmm ... if this is a message, then I don't get it. Not the sharpest tool in the shed ...sorry. Lot's happening geopolitically though ... is it related?

    1. I think he is just saying we are getting closer,I don't see this going further than the end of 2018.

    2. @spiritoo:
      if you go to the video originally posted on youtube, you will find an explanation by TruthEarth, who created this video. Here's the link:

    3. i feel the same way. still i've got really good vibes from the sound.

    4. I ran into this video after last Sunday's meditation ... thought it was very good. Nice lead in to tonight (this morning) summer solstice meditation. Hoping it will be a good one.

      Victory of the Light

    5. Look at the labels. Ladies and gentlemen, something profound is about to happen.

    6. Wellsir ... another solstice meditation come and gone. I truly hope it was enough to help the RM/LF ... from the news reports it sounds like they can really use it.

      Cobra did say things would get real bad right before The Event. Of course we get closer with each passing day, but how close is the question.

      Russia has established a no fly zone in Syria, and they have been buzzing us air craft over the Baltic.

      The Syrian army and Iraqi army are working together at the boarder. Seems like the US will take advantage of this to start the war. The RM/LF are going to have their hands full preventing an all out war, so I really hope this last meditation helped them.

      Victory of the Light


    7. brandon stamps@

      ...you seem like all in your life will going further than the end of never.

    8. Unknown sorry I don't understand your comment.

    9. brandon stamps@

      for you all is everlasting,... or never coming...

      ...you seem like all in your life will going further than the end of never.

      this is the energy behind your message...


    10. spiritindo@

      for you the same...

    11. I'm pretty sure cobra also said we would start to see our dead loved ones right before the event.

    12. I think I can agree with that unknown thanks for the insight.

  3. Great song, sounds like a summer toplist. I think lot of hidden message in it.

  4. Victory of the light: This video proves the alien life in the Earth !!
    Disclosure is very near, let's get ready! (with Gaia.com, the french Thierry Jamin, and Jaime Maussan, the channel Discovery planned for the 12 JULY 2017!). Looking this historic video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-x3HfqjNNQ
    You can follow the page of Alien project in facebook, more info in the page !

  5. Disclosure video, an alien in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-x3HfqjNNQ

  6. Babylon going bye bye!

    Victory Of The Light!


  7. Thanks TruthEarth for creating this uplifting video. It's beautiful!
    Thanks Cobra for providing us with inspiration.


  8. Wow - that's SO COOL! :-)
    Thanks, guys!

    The object being inserted at 4:50 / 4:51 of the video just happens to be the *exact* pattern that is in the middle of the table right in front of me. Three years ago My Higher Self instructed me how to set it up.
    "You need to put a glass here, here and here. And there, there, over there. One more here, one more there. One in the middle, right . . . there. Yeah, that's good."
    Then a tea-light on top of every glass, and they all got connected by pieces of wood.
    As awesome as the video and the song are (and they are GREAT!), seeing that little detail made me even happier. I could hardly believe what I saw there - but I believe it :-)

    So one more time: THANK YOU.

    Love is the Seventh Wave

    Happy Boy :-)


    1. RaJah - that's the Kabbalahlistic Tree of Life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tree_of_life_(Kabbalah)

    2. It's a 10 tree grid, the sephiroph if I understand correctly, and actually it is a distortion. It's missing 2 centers #8 and 12... The correct expression is 12 tree grid. I was disappointed to see it, although considering it was in an Ariana Grande video I didn't have higher expectations. If my knowledge is correct the grid is a blueprint for manifestation, the tree of life, which was distorted for purposes of control.


    3. All right, thanks for your explanations.
      What I built here looks very similar but is different in a few important details, and it's a three-dimensional construction of course.

      But it's always great to find out later on why I was told to do certain things. I've long given up asking why as I don't need to know beforehand. As long as My Heart likes the things, I just Do them :-)

      Lots of Love and Light


  9. Dancing with The light..with The Love...with the goodness 💕🍷😍

  10. happy times!!!! bring them on!!!!

  11. Yeah, yeah.....
    Victory of the light now
    Thank you one and all who supported this mission at all levels :)

  12. I have (AK, usa) "big" patches of dandelions- so stressed
    1/2 way up the stem- they bend 90* south, then back up
    (a whole lawn, bent)
    except... there are normal stems mixed in
    Earth Weather Report
    Wheat Standing Tall with Seeds for Eden

  13. Absolutely awesome video! Thank you !! (Thanks JC !) So here we go... Solstice meditation in a few hours... See you there.


  14. Goodness me!

    I am posting this "live" and have not listened to the second half of the gig yet.
    "There is NO WAY that The Boss will sing Where The Streets Have No Name. No Way!"
    YES WAY, Baby! He's just entered the stage and is about to start singing, and I want to share it with you all live and in living colour.


    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All.
    And a wonderful Solstice All Around The World ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  15. We are almost there, are we? I have no strength anymore, help, :( I love you all and I feel so ashamed for my weakness, and I love him most of all. Help. V O L

  16. What a FANTASTIC energy raiser for the synchronized Solstice Meditation!!!

  17. Don't forget brothers and sisters!
    A great chance to speedup things!

    Global Solstice Meditation.



  18. I intuit very positive energies coming up during the solar eclipse this summer. Anyone else getting any information about that?

    1. I'm very sensitive to energy (or so I think - maybe I am deluding myself...) and I think the energy is so strong that I'm knocked to my feet a lot of the time......

      Sometimes I feel like I am living in a funhouse mirror with waves of energy ....distorting everything.

  19. Just beautiful😌...

    Victory of the Light!!!💫❤️

  20. I remember this song. You played it long ago.

  21. A nice uplifting message during a dark period of increased attacks on light workers.

    It is a nice reminder to keep our eyes on the ultimate prize.

    Speaking of that prize (The Event), one amazing thing about the Vaccum Metastability Event post... this truly gives a view of the advanced physics involved in Compression Breakthrough.

    It is absolutely incredible to understand how all of the pieces fit together from Cobra's very first post regarding the "phase transition".

    It is not easy to hold the light these days, but understanding (somewhat) not just the strategic but theoretical & applied physics of what will be occurring...

    ... there is a reason it will be called "The EVENT".

    It will be breathtaking in its scope... and absolutely wonderful, too. We lightworkers just have to make it there and be able to help the masses adapt.

    That is why we incarnated. Let's fulfill our missions!

    1. Thanks Biscuit!

      Time to start envisioning the world we want to create. We're past the solstice now... Let's do it !!

    2. We start to fill fully our missions when we embodied the Love that IS (= we Are). When assuming our True Nature we are linked to the Creator Itself. Is there any thing more powerful than this? The Archons and the Chimera cannot affect in those who are in connection with their True Selves, this way, cannot divert them from the path that represents their true missions.

      I hope that all the unfortunate experiences that caused us pain can be indeed the reminder to the Love that we are, not the illusion were we are in. This way, reflect upon it and give the chance to yourself to transmuted and convert to Light with the Love that IS. When we are aware of it, what arises become a question of our choice: were do we want to stay, Love or the absence of it?

      I see this 'recipe' like a 'magic wand' that will accelerate us all to the Event, that is, through the achievement of a certain coherency of consciousness that will triggers, but also, soothes this transition period into something much more pleasant. This is valid to all people in the surface of the planet, as long we are successful in our missions by simply being the example, their activity is affecting not only their reality (or density) but others fields, and it opens more cracks into the Veil so that the Light can express indeed Victorious.

      For portuguese speakers, here is a gift from my Dear One Ashtar. Hope this message can be translated soon to english so that everybody can be aware and enjoy it. :)


      Love yourselves as you never did before, and the world, the universe will give it back to you! This is what counts if you really want to life Heaven on Earth NOW.

      Peace IS in our Hearts now and forever!


    3. MUST BE READ:


  22. Meditating "victory of the Light" tonight on the west coast, the song definitely carries the spirit of Unity!

  23. Loved it! My main concern is when and should we stay working or just get out and convert fiat stock market $$ to silver and prepare accordingly? Really hard to keep going to work knowing it is all fake and meaningless in that it serves the debt slavery model.. Victory of the Light!

    1. Buy land and do permaculture, or join me in portugal.

    2. It depends on how much fiat wealth you have.

      This is my opinion, don't know if it might be of use for you:

      Keep enough fiat money in your bank account to pay your bills for say the next 6 months,that way when the Global Financial Reset happens you don't have to worry about your TooBigToFail Cabal Bank chewing up those numbers in your account.

      *If it takes longer than 6 months for the Reset, you can deposit more cash into your bank account to pay your monthly bills. Keep some cash on hand for this purpose, and for emergencies such as if all the ATMs go down, or a power failure and stores can't accept credit cards.

      My gut feeling is that something major will happen by the end of Summer and this Fall will be exciting.

      Even if the USD loses half its "value" in the RV, your rent/mortgage/car payments would stay the same numerically, so if your rent is $2,000 you'd still be paying the same $2,000 regardless of the new value of a gold backed currency.

      Gold coins and bullion is good as a store of value, a way to turn your fiat computer money into tangible goods. However,Gold is $1,246 an oz. today so gold is for people with lots of 000,000s in their bank accounts to store.(Then there's Simon Black sovereign man who tells people to buy farmland in Chile like him)

      Silver is a beautiful metal and although most aware people are buying silver coins and bullion (the US Mint can barely keep up with the Sold Out production) - I buy Antique Sterling Silver objects (such as 19th c. mugs, bowls,flatware). Sometimes I can get them for little more than their "melt" value - the today $ value of the amount of pure silver content in the item. Plus they have the add-on value of being antique, and awesome hand craftsmanship that does not exist today.

      *Silver is a natural anti-microbial, anti-viral, kills germs on contact precious metal. Ancient Romans put a silver coin in jugs of water to kill germs. It's a delight to drink water out of a silver mug, eat soup with a silver spoon.Beauty and function.

      The path to Ascension is to connect through our hearts to our Higher Self, our Soul.

      Beauty is the Food of the Soul.

  24. Just in time for Summer Solstice meditation, thank you! I'll join you all on the inside! Peace!!!

  25. Yes. Major 'goosebumps '. I am/He is/we are Ready!!

  26. Fabulous! Was dancing everywhere :) <3

  27. What a touching, exhilarating, inspiring wonder music video ! Surely a vibration raiser!! Thank YOU Cobra and your awesome team!!��❤️��

  28. WOO-HOO!
    Let's bring it HOME on this Solstice Nite!
    Let the Solstice Stargate open for...

    Thank You COBRA, RM, GF, all Light Beings

  29. Well, I would not pop the champagne yet...there certainly is no sign that the Cabal is even being set back enough to say, hey things are looking up. I honestly do not see any serious positive steps being taken by any major nations. There are only 2 decent Senators in the US, Rand Paul on the right and Bernie. In the house of representatives or thieves the GOP has total control, in the UK Labor only gained a few seats...Macron is a Rothchild banker, and the Chinese are more concerned about money than confronting the crazy US...so Russia is the only nation to question the insanity of the NATO bloc and they are far out on a limb by themselves. ....so Cobra, as much as I love your message, I certainly have my doubts. I believed in Corey Goode for a short while, but due to recent events in California and testimony by certain folks who were in his company very recently it seems he is most likely a bullshit artist, who is looking to take advantage of very desperate good hearted folks... He even has some well intentioned folks like Rob Potter convinced. Goode's priorities seem to have changed from planetary liberation, to partying with young chicks and using mind altering substances... I have posed this question to Rob Potter, he still believes him, wether you like the Dark Journalist character or not you must admit he revealed huge cracks in Corey Goode's organization. I also thought the whole Corey Goode Blue Avian story did not add up, especially when put under critical analysis. I never thought his intel was as positive as your's, and his understanding of the Mars program he claimed to be a part of was very lacking in details that any space traveler would surely possess ...I mean give me a break, he can remember some things about his journeys into deep space but not other things like what he did for 20 years on Mars.. His intel is weak, very weak, but I know you have many detractors as well, but so far you have not lost your message. My question is why would a highly advanced Resistance Movement need to post on an internet blog to disseminate intel information that could be easily hacked and deciphered.? Unless maybe your info is so benign that it does not matter...maybe you can address that issue for some of the more inquisitive readers of your blog.? Cobra, I do not see the surface governance reflecting any positive influence by outside parties of the type you have suggested, except maybe in Russia. When the Pope and Vladimir Putin are the only highly influential political players who have put forth any public outcry for the stopping of violence ongoing in the world then we definitely have a major disconnect... I wish I could act like the world is on the verge of a monumental metamorphisis, but there are really very few signs or indications that what you say is actually happening behind the scenes. I like most who visit your site need to believe in you, but you should try to explain what your real role is, and why. The resistance movement must have much more complex ways of communicating...so what is the real purpose of your blog...? Is your role to create a group of followers for energetic support ie...via mass meditation etc..? Perhaps your role is to provide some news for the absolutely destitute and desperate victims of this insane world...? That I could possibly believe... Cobra, when most people do not have clean water or food, why would people care about Elon Musk's rocket technology.... If the RM is telling you this is a sign of great things to come than they make no sense. Tourist flights to space on old rocket designs from the 1960s...really..., sorry Cobra, that is nonsensical and irrational, and if this is your new focus, playing club music or your blog as a source of intel, or as a moral booster...? According to you the world is on the verge of one of the most incredible events ever to happen to this planet, and all we get to validate this is a video of cartoon aliens dancing at 432 hz..

    1. There is unnecesary negativity and there is also constructive criticism, you fall in second category :P

      For those who are so positive- that good, feel like you want.

      I maybe to many times reread post from 2013, 2014, 2015 and it start to look like same, dont get me wrong im not saying its false or there isnt progress, there is progress but i feel it uphill battle and one song video is not a announcment of vitory but just mark in time.

      I also dont realy resonate with Corey or Wilckock, I understand theire are in diffrent position then Cobra and need money to function in this world, but i have problem with theire lack of... taking positive action, dont get me wrong, i just can understand why they cannot organize some mass meditation or get along with us? Intel is very important but more important is to take action. This is what i dont like with today things :P

    2. people.. my suggestion is to review old posts...

      Stephen: Why does your blog also carry secret code? I mean, that’s a bit obvious to the dark, isn’t it?

      C: It is a practical way of communicating to many Resistance operatives at once. They can get updates simply by checking my blog. Sensitive intel is of course transmitted by other means.

      C: Dark agents will never be able to crack that code and even if they would, it would not help them much. Actually, it would make them even more afraid, because it contains intel about their own downfall.

      Stephen: But you also appeal to the wider public as well. So it’s a strange tightrope to be walking, serving two audienceone with very public messages; the other having a top secret purpose. Kind of an unusual mix in the one blog, don’t you think?

      C: It is time for the general public to become aware of the Resistance Movement.
      ---ref sc0512
      (from golden age of gaia interview)

    3. personally i never trusted Corey... i got my reasons since day one.... however he still plays a role that even if the dark was using him... he also serves to some degree the light by introducing the population.. (those willing to listen) that there is more out there than we have been informed...

      unfortunately there isnt much role models out there in the public to follow to be honest. then again i dont really keep up with current events...

      however Cobra been consistent in keepin it as real as possible even if things are above our heads.. he is doing his job. regardless of our whininh fits discontent.

      last as far as progress.. the obvious progress visible is in the global scope per sa.. that can be established if we take a broader view on current affairs... donthe research

      unfortunately the obvious changes that would affect lil us drastically are not being deployed.. because is my understanding certain criteria must be met...

      the complete removal of the little insignificant bombs the influence of the cabal etc..

      also it has already been explain that those efforts being presented to thenpublic.. such as E. musk rocket etc.. is an attempt to broaden the mind of the general public... stepping stone.. the more people believe what they thought to be impossible the easier it will make it for the good guys to introduce cutting edge new tech or what not to the masses.. will assist in breaking the quarantine or matrix.

      alternatively we can just continue doing nothing n whine... n wait..

      it is obvious.. that if the event was to happen.. (if our caring creator ever cares to give the go ahead.. btw) once the event occurrs i would find it difficult to believe they would keeep us in the same technological level....

      if is true that full disclosure will occur then it come to reason... new technology not from the 60s will.be available to us...

      so... the obstacle we have is the same we always had.... we still hostages...
      and thus you dont see things as we wish it at the moment..

      that is how this game gets played.. most behind the scenes for obvioys reasons...

      this is a ping pong game people.. n we are the ball..

      however at least the good guys have informed us that we are being played... and informed us of the obstacles..

      as much as we wished al this to be solved instantly... it is obvious that at the level of complexity it is now.. it cant happened instantly..

    4. I couldnt agree more with some of what you say. On Corey, all I can say is. Evidence. He hasnt provided any and doubt he will/can. I want to believe him, but even a photo of a craft from a recent trip. One thing that never added up with me was, he claimed highly enlightened beings would fall out with him from time to time. That doest sound right at all. But, time will tell. I just wonder how many more lifetimes we have to go through to start seeing this end. As for Elon Musk, why is he investing heavily in AI. With the intention of making AI interface with directly with the human brain. I dont trust that at all. THe facts there are chemtrails sprayed 24/7 and nbever stopped. Plus many other things going on unabated, really makes me question the so called light forces existance. I believe we the Human race, need to stand up, join up and demand real change. As I cant see it ever coming from off world. Too many times our hopes are built up, only to be dashed with set back, or excuse. We are the change. We should stop relying on others to do it for us. Alot of times it seems we are been lied to, some out there are just being negative abot other bloggers, ego? Steven Greer being one of them. Most videos of his reptile eyes changing have been removed from you tube. I dont know what to believe anymore. I want this World to fair for all. Totsl peace, love for all living things. But i honestly dont see it ever happening in my, or my childs or grandchildrens (I dont have grandchildren yet) lives. But we the people are the only ones to change this. No one else

    5. I don't know if anyone can explain this or cite a better explanation by Corey Goode about the 20 and back program. In order for it to work the way he claims it would he would have to be time travelled back to the original date of entering the program and then also age regressed back to his age at that time. So my question is whether he is being sent back on different timelines? Also, that would mean there would be two of him during the 20 years, the one out serving in space, and the older (but aged regressed Corey) one back on Earth. Unless there is some sort of different timeline thing going on here? It seems strange that a cabal who is really quite malevolent would go to the trouble to send one of their enlisted folks back in time, even if their memory is mostly erased. This always seemed like the most confusing and under-explained part of his testimony, but would convienetly cover for his being around physically on Earth with his family during the 20 year stint, even though he was also supposed to be out on space missions simultaneously. And again, that would imply that two physical versions of him existed in the same time period, just that one was off planet doing missions. Anyone else find that unclear or needing further explanation?

    6. I like the message from the blue avians, put forth by Corey:

      ".....Become more service to others, rather than service to self. Become more loving. Forgive yourself, forgive others....Look within, rather than 'out there'....we each need to work on OURSELVES......"

      So it doesn't really matter if you believe Corey or not.

      The message from the blue avians is wisdom from the highest teachers and mystics and is timeless.

      I had a mystical teacher who taught exactly the same things the blue avians do.

      This is why the blue avians message resonates with me.

      No need to sweat the other stuff, really.

    7. George.. the problem with this game is that all the strings are being pulled from behind the scenes...

      how is humanity supposed to stand up... when 1 the ones willing are equipted with sticks n stones if that... . and 2. proof they get is only hear say...

      if those two areas are not addressed considerally then there is no such thing as humanity standing up any time soon...

      if the blindfolds are not removed asap dont expect humanity to rise up.

      if the fate of Gaia depended on humanity' ability to set themselves free "unassisted" then my guess would be that those thinking that way are too naive..

      or some would prefer to use that as an excuse as they are too deep in the game... or invested too much on it to let it just end today... it perhaps has turned into a job security for some and they would hate to lose such "ncome"

      since this been played for 26k years it leaves little doubt which two sceario is more realistic

      we have a creator that claims it didnt undertand the anomally... how long it takes to umderstand nonesense n stupiditt... 26k years?.

      it just brings a warm loving feeling knowing that we are in the hands of en entity that cared about us so much for the last 26k... willing to let us explore our inner worst or for someone to exploit it... but all to an extreme mind you.

      so ask me when i think our loving creator will give the final go ahead for the event...

      how fairy tale ending will it be...

      so my question to him.. can you at least make the end that will be such an end that will leave no doubt that there is a true Creator.. not a destroyer... not an enabler Not a player...

      can you show humanity that you truly care... Caring is not enabling ..maybe is a norm up there..

      at times... me wonders what this Creator really learn from those galactic wars...

      it seems that it learn that as long as things are done in a passive aggressive mode .. then is tolerable.

      he should be happy to know.. that his offsprings are just like him.

    8. WestCoast... have we not heard such message from many other places.. i bet if i was to read pretty much any of the online mediums websites.. i could find one msg just like that... in fact i think even i have come accross it in this blog in one form or another

  30. Boy, somehow forgot Cobra you really rock! Wise man.

  31. Yes...I don't understand this either. Ariana Grande...and this weird electronic music just doesn't seem in line with ascension energies. Maybe some hidden message, but can't we just get something more real

    1. imho this tune is good enough to qualify as an ascension song in my book...

      whatever ascension may mean :)

      it was a good tune actually.. for this unascended being.

    2. Yeah, modern pop music is abysmal, really low energy lowest common denominator cookie cutter music imho, and I'm not even old. It brings out the worst in me, but I've been checking my ego lately, and even in cases like this, I must realize and acknowledge people do have their subjective tastes, and it's better to be kind to those you don't agree with, and not place energy into things you dislike. Personally, I wish I was alive in the 1960's. That was a really missed opportunity for ascension, because things were really aligned culturally back then with both music and art. But it is what it is. I've got my own journey to focus on.

    3. @Unknown

      Ariana Grande - Next Generation Tranny. BOYVOICE'D CASTRATO.
      By Jon Humanity:


      Ariana Grande Transvestigation looks like Mauboy by JUNGLE SURFER:


    4. Well...

      My favorite ascension song is Age of Aquarius... by the Fifth Dimension.

      Cobra has posted a good video of this in the past.

      "....And the mind's true liberation...."

      Here's one of many videos. The 'bbublerock' promo goes away after a few seconds....


    5. Just so everyone knows this is actually a song by LoverushUK featuring Bryan Adams. Nothing to do with Ariana Grande.

      Also, the song is tuned to 432 hz which is mathematically consistent with universal geometry and creates natural healing energies.

      So, it really is in line with ascension energies


    6. @WestCiastUSMegan
      I love that song so much, too💜..I was in 9th grade when it hit the charts in 1969..just beginning my exploration away from the mainstream beaten path.
      Knowing what I know now (re: the Event), I listen to that song and can't help but wonder...how and what did this musical group know back then that most of the rest of us didn't yet? And their very name, The 5th Dumension..!?
      Most of us old hippies were familiar with the Astrological references regarding the Age of Aquarious...but just thought it was a really cool song.😉✌🏼
      The lyrics now, hold a much deeper meaning and truth to those who are paying attention!..😎

      Victory of the Light, yesss!!💫❤️💫

    7. Moon Mama,

      Yes -- GOOD QUESTION !! What did The Fifth Dimension KNOW way back then?

      "....When the moon is in the 7th house..... and Jupiter aligns with Mars.....then peace will guide the planet... and love...will steer the stars... This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..."

      And then the song goes right into 'LET THE SUNSHINE IN' ? I mean, is this the Event or what? Awesome, huh?

    8. @WestCoastUSMegan

      Sure sounds like the Event to me!
      Definitely awesome😎❤️...

      "...Harmony and understanding
      Sympathy and trust abounding
      No more falsehoods or derisions
      Golden living dreams of visions
      Mystic crystal revelation
      And the mind's true liberation

      Really, how did they know?..unless maybe they were Lightbringers not from this Earth?..which is food for thought.😉😌💫

  32. Yesss!! Thank you all brothers and sistres! Love&Lights to all beings!


  34. Happy Solstice my lovelies...

    Soulstice Rising Ascension Notes: Solstice & Divine Masculine - 20-Jun-2017 by Kara Schallock

    We are in the beautiful phase of the Solstice. It is masculine in nature. What this means is that it is not the old masculine of push and control, but that of the New Divine Masculine; that part of us that supports and acts on our dreams and visions; that which gives form to illusive Soul desires and upgrades our cells and DNA, as well as giving form to Light encodings. The Divine Masculine takes action in Courage and purpose. While we have integrated the Divine Feminine; this does nothing; we need both Feminine and Masculine to be balanced. With Balance, we have dreams and visions that are acted on. There is purpose in all we do, as we fully integrate our Divine Masculine with no ulterior motives; only the desire to support and serve our Divine Feminine. The Divine Masculine does not hide His Heart in a cave, for His and Her Hearts are one Heart. The Divine Masculine within us wants to act and bring to manifestation all the guidance of the Goddess. He wants to serve Her in all He chooses to do. He does not act without Her guidance. As we embrace our Divine Masculine fully, we bring our visions and guidance to fruition. This is the Solstice Purpose....

  35. ....This Solstice is quite powerful and its affects will last for several years. While there are many advances technologically, which can also make things much more complex, it is for us to keep things simple and place our attention in our core (Heart) and in this way, we keep things balanced, rather than rushing around attempting to understand all the new and confusing and complicated ways that this technology wishes us to partake in (and buy). If you feel you are being left behind because you choose to keep things pure and simple, stand your ground. Energy is shifting, yet it isn't intended to distract us with the myriad ways that most are using this energy. The shifting energy is to help us upgrade ourselves, cells and DNA; it is not necessarily for us to go out and buy the latest technology. It is always our choice, of course, True alchemy is self-transformation.

    Alchemy is magic and Transformation; it is up to us as to how we want to use it. We can use it to come up with the latest tool to empower the inner or the outer. It is our choice. When we do all we can to increase our consciousness, then the magical forms are manifest. Consciousness is to the extent that we know (knowing is not simply intellectual; it is full Awareness) we are Source; it is infinite. If you are in fear or in any limiting energies, your consciousness is diminished and so is your life, for consciousness creates life.
    Consciousness is the Divine Masculine. When we receive the higher Light Codes, the Divine Masculine helps to integrate them into every aspect of our being. The Divine Feminine receives; the Divine Masculine integrates and acts.....

  36. ....As we shift from one energetic pattern to another; a much higher and different one; we “lose” just about everything. This includes what a person is attached to; what is most important to them. This loss (loss is a mental perception) can bring up old emotions of shame, lack, anger, blame and many other limiting energies that still linger within. If you resonate with this, remind yourself that however it appears to you, it all is in Divine Order. In order to expand and rise in consciousness, the old must disintegrate completely, so that the New can be reconstructed from the mush that is created through letting go; much like the caterpillar transforming. As we continue to ascend, there will be constant shifts that help us all grow within our consciousness. If one needs to be shaken awake...whatever it takes...will transpire. Do what you can to stay centered and call on your Soul Team often.

    Realize that while this Solstice is quite powerful, the August eclipse will take this energy and create an even more powerful influx of Light. Remember that Light may be used for anything, so how will you utilize it? You can use it to complain, save/rescue, amp up fear or activate your Lightbody and inner galactic codes. Light is neutral. There is plenty of conflict in the world, yet I ask you not to add to it by worrying about it. Remember that Love expands into more Love and fear expands into more fear.

    As we move more into the New, there is no doing things halfway. You're either in or out. All of 3D is to be released. There cannot be any fear in the New. You can embrace Love; be Love; or if you prefer difficulty, you can let go of some things, but not others. Your choice....

  37. ...Do know the Truth that there is only Unity and Christed consciousness (Source consciousness); all else is the illusion of separation. We are here to know that with every cell of our being. Yet, if you are entrenched in the separation of what 3D symbolizes and you are drawn to the “ain't it awful” scenarios playing out, you will be seduced by 3D and like being caught in a sticky web, it will be difficult to extricate yourself, so alluring 3D is. When this happens, you actually feed and empower duality. It takes a courageous person to know the Truth and live it. It is not easy when one is outer-focused. When you stay centered in your Heart, it is easier to be more accepting and loving of others and self. Being Love integrates more Compassion and Benevolence, while dwelling in the lower energies of judgment and condemnation, separates. This isn't burying your head in the sand; it is choosing where you place your energy and what it is you want to prevail. Being positive helps to raise your consciousness as well as the consciousness of others, regardless of how it may appear.

    It is so very important to trust your own Intuition and visions. You may find that it feels empty to read others' words and thoughts. Perhaps this is a gentle nudge by Soul to trust yourself. Can you be empty without the need to fill up with someone else's words or without the need to follow someone else's Wisdom and instead, listen and act on your own Wisdom? I find it fascinating when someone, after receiving a reading or reading someone else's words says, “ I knew that!” Perhaps the need to have someone else validate what you already know is a perfect step for some.

    What if you don't resonate with someone's message; does this mean they're wrong? Not necessarily. It is either that it is not time for you to hear Truth or you simply do not resonate with the message. There is no judgment in this. Lightworkers often give a little push to move you along. Still, it's always best to resonate with what you hear or read; even if it makes no sense to you at the time. The mystics of today are meant to help humanity take a step forward. Mystics of other times were often ridiculed and fought against, especially when their message was not a popular notion the general population shared. And yet, they planted a seed which eventually took root. The naysayers are invested in keeping things the same; afraid to let go of what is comfortable for them. Which one are you? Mystic or naysayer?

    As we move to a bigger vision of life, we are helped along by the Solstice and upcoming eclipse. Breathe in your Divine Masculine during this Solstice period; honor the Sacred Marriage within you.


    ~ ~ ~

    If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!


  38. Replies
    1. Primary implants being removed. Immediate expansion.

      Pleiades 1 supporting removal of regressive implants.


    2. how much till the announcement?...

      P.S. tell to Radio' to press faster the acceleration acceleration pedal!...


    3. It seems Radio is touching the retarder pedal again...



    4. Radio's latest update:

      June 21th 2017
      "Pillars of Light (ATVOR) being installed. Attention Terrans for proper release."
      "Paradigms in finalization. Visualization of the NEW ABUNDANT.
      Primary implants being removed. Immediate expansion.(2)."

      June 20th 2017
      "VP (Vladimir Putin) Russian supporting primary idea.
      Allies* X – Counting for announcement started. Release appropriate protocols."

  39. i sense that the solstice meditation was a great success!
    and Coeo has been holding up extremely well with its new very stable meditation system.

    we would still like to let everyone know that, in case Coeo goes down during any of Cobra's or PFC's meditation initiatives, we are offering a backup on Discord: https://discord.gg/X4D6pQu
    where we are hosting the same or expanded guided meditation.
    thank you <3

  40. Incase people miss the context for this: back in 2012 when COBRA first came out writing this blog, he was asked during an interview to pick a song to represent (his feelings....or some song that makes him feel inspired?....side note: I actually do not recall the specific question, however I do remember this was the chosen tune).....as it gave him a rush of energy at the time!

    Hope this helps and perhaps this is an indicator of some great progress we may find out about later !!

    1. Progresses » YES! That accomplish our goal: Liberation (= Victory of the Light) of Earth Planet (= Babylon).

  41. Humanity is being set free and will thrive.

  42. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98-iBpbEbNk&list=RD98-iBpbEbNk

    listen to this and you will thank me

  43. Thank you , RM , Cobra , FGL .
    I am pozitive.
    Let's speculate that your joy in dream-vision will no longer last for months and years.
    Regardless of our situation and our understanding of this dimension, let us be forgiven for our excitement and questions many times the same, which means: "" soon "" very soon "" "*** ??? The Deviation of the Event has been, can not really do anything, the Cabal that has always failed to honor the negotiations. It does not depend on Creation to change anything to our help ???? Here we are letting you see, we feel like we are standing in The cause of the implants of control .Archons whose creation is who, who brought the evil, the anomaly ??? Maybe even the forces of light do not understand our expression of anxiety, and we are never here to experience this. Being the entities in this anomaly who are archons playing with us. Few of us can meditate our thoughts together in quarantine on the terra. You , Corey, Icke and a few are the ones who say Truth. That YES chose to come here, but the contract and the planet of free will have been changed to that of the Archons. And so many agreements, negotiations if ever for our liberation. It is normal not to say year, month, day, because the remaining cabal. A reply please, Thank you and blessings everyone .
    There have been many Delays on the changes. It is easy to question if they are coming at all. Assurances that all is moving ahead just unseen doesn't reassure those of us who have been working , 1 , 5 , 7 .... 35 years for this and are now elderly and not seeing any fruition. There have been virtually zero signs "visible" to show. Great deeds by lightworks have been happening since man was alive. So they don't point to a real change in hand. And of course the daily imformation we can see is almost 100% in the wrong direction and increasing. Perhaps the question and answers we need is when, if ever, will we see something and not just feel it?
    Victory of the light !
    Happy Soulstice to you all Star Family ! http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/06/20/what-do-you-mean-2024/

  44. Greatly enjoyed the video thanks!

  45. Gonna be a revolution, a change is gonna come,
    Gonna be a new beginning, gonna shine on everyone...Everybody knows it's over, we knew it all along...

  46. Wanted: Out of The Matrix.
    So excited about the prospect of meeting my galactic brothers & sisters, and infinitely grateful for everyone's on-going, gargantuan efforts to liberate this prison planet. Namaste.

  47. Victory to the Light and to our Hearts!

  48. Tick Tock......deep state is losing the plot!

  49. Thank you, Cobra and Brothers and Sisters, wow! Greatest meditation of all :-)))... And - GREAT VIDEO MESSAGE AND SONG. I have just sent the video to ALL my family including little children and they are responding! I think everybody is feeling something allready. Everything is pretty cool and very high! SOON will be higher! I am now wearing a lapis lazuli pendant day and night, it is a gift for my FIRST ET I WILL MEET. MR Sulu, take us home... LOVE and GRATITUDE to ALL BEINGS!

  50. Beautiful! Makes my heart sing! Victory to the Light!!!❤️

  51. Thanks Cobra, the Light Forces, Light workers, Fantastic Work.
    Let the new Dawn Arise, This is our Time...

    Victory of the light for All :-)

  52. Some news
    Coincidence? something is happening in Long island?
    Breaking: #FDNY responding to reported crane collapse in #LongIslandCity on 28th Road. @gregmocker headed to the scene. More at 5pm

    Prince Philip admitted to hospital with infection and will miss State Opening of Parliament

    1. Is Prince Philip part of the Cabal?

    2. "Is Prince Phillip part of the Cabal?" ...yes, super creepy is how he comes across to me...

    3. Yes 100% as are the the whole british royal family

    4. Mi5 Agent Admits to Murder of Princess Diana in Deathbed Confession? Yes, & Prince Phillip is implicated in this.

    5. I understand in general royal families are reptilian bloodline cabal related... but Cobra hasn't really mentioned specifically certain people in the british royal family. I cannot find anywhere in FAQ interviews about the queen specifically. I think everyone will be shocked about their beloved british royal family being exposed as part of the cabal when it comes time for the Event

  53. Mr. ROBOTO was better then this.
    So that text about special song is incorrect Cobra already posted other songs here (first was perhabs by Smaly7?) @Milt

    I was beaten to many times "is it yet" that when i saw that title Victory+Tonight i though ok then remembered "Where the hell you are?"

    On another less negative note a question to all of you:

    Is something diffrent on energetic plane? I feel like there is vacuum i can feel less positive and negative energy. Like there is a lot of empty space sudenly, and today i felt like the liquid part of this plane was sucked out and only more densier like solid and some membrane behind is there yet? Any confirm?

    1. i can relate a bit to the vacuum analogy. it was as if the creatos attention was turned away for a bit.

  54. Schumann Resonance is up!!

  55. to admin:

    I love you
    I am sorry
    Please forgive me
    I thank you
    I love you

    And... bye...

  56. Remember that the most crucial thing with manifesting something you desire is to imagine and to FEEL it as if it has happened already. This video is a great tool for this. So imagine all the great things that will be happening after the event, imagine and feel it until you could burst with joy! And dance, dance away on this music. Yay!
    Victory of the light!

    1. That's why my favorite song of all is I-M-A-G-I-N-E!! Sing it. IMAGINE all the dreams Lennon had happening. And FEEL IT! I call it the PRE-EVENT song, and consider "Tonight in Babylon" as the AFTER-EVENT song.

    2. @HEY ANGEL: you're so right :)

  57. to ALL i wish us a joyful liberation and a swift fall of babylon. i have felt a hift overe the past few days, a lighter energy around with sunshine pouring onto our part of the world in abundance and clear, crsip blue skies as well. i personally have had brief feelings of bliss washing over me for no reason and on my in breaths a warm feeling through my whole body. i felt the meditation today went well and then after i crashed for about 3 and a half hours and woke to the words "not long now". yesterday i had lunch with a friend i have not seen for 2 months. we spoke about the changes coming and as she is clair-audio she received confirmation that i was exactly right with the information then today for the first time ever i hear a voice as clear as day - coincidence. i think not.
    i send thanks, love and gratitude to all involved in planetary liberation and encourage all to hold the space, hold the faith and do what is required when it is required.

  58. i can't take it anymooooore


  59. Interesting. What caught my eye is at the 4:49 mark there is The Tree of Life design on the console.

    Check out the crop circle that appeared in the UK on June 16th: (3rd photo down)



    1. Thanks for clearing that up, Kate.
      I thought it was a Tree of Life, but didn't want to search the interwebs for confirmation. As I said in my earlier post at the top, I was guided to build that exact pattern with glass, wood and tea-lights - prominently featuring a wooden ashtray that I'd bought in Jerusalem in the middle.
      I was absolutely SHOCKED (in the most positive way possible) to see that symbol in the video.

      Thank You for the confirmation, that made me very happy. Great TeamWork once again, we're good like that :-)

      Xavier Rudd - Let Me Be

      Lots of Love and Light


    2. Do you know I posted this before reading the comments! When I read about your configuration and the fact you picked out the right place on the video, well that's synchronicity at it's finest.

      It stuck in my mind as I recently saw the crop circle on AWE and had to go back to double check.

      Oh, and thanks for the music! :D


    3. That's SO COOL :-)

      The "key" in the video is a tiny bit different than the crop sign in that the "dot" at the very bottom isn't there.
      And I didn't build that in my structure either.

      I was told to arrange the top five circles in the shape of a pentagon, with a quite large glistening Rock in tthe middle. There's pieces of wood connecting the five circles with that Rock, making a (very crooked) five-sided pyramid with a piece of amethyst on top of the Rock.

      The middle part of the rectangle below that consists of a wine glass with a shot glass in it and a large champagne glass turned upside-down on top of the wine glass. And again four pieces of wood connecting the bottom glasses with the top of the middle glass, another pyramid. The top of that is then connected to the Rock by a piece of dried-out yucca palm-tree leaf with a feather in it.

      All of that is situated in the middle of the table and is, again, connected to other glass structures to the left and to the right. It took MONTHS to set it all up correctly and to connect all the glasses with wooden chopsticks.

      I would like to share a photo of all that, but I am not allowed to do so as it is an integral part of The LightMachine. There's definitely a Tree of Life in here, and it is a new and Improved version :-)

      Anyway. Just wanted to share this with you.
      Thank You once again to all three of you who explained this structure to me.

      All right then
      Let's play some Music for Gaia!


      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All



    4. Whew, that's some light machine! Sounds very complicated. Thanks for explaining it to me Rajah. :)


    5. "Complicated" is the right word :-)
      There's over 40 glass objects and more than 60 pieces of wood involved. And that's only what's on the table in front of me.

      There's another 60+ glass objects, 13 space ship models, 5 wrestling championship belts, 3 Samurai Swords (with the Sword of Light is stuck in the floor) and over 50 pictures all over this living room, all put in *exactly* the right spot so that they all make up The LightMachine.
      It has 75 spots for tea-lights and candles, but I currently only use between 7 and 12 candles at the same time.

      Plus, I've stamped over 500 Flowers of Live on every picture and many other places in Golden colour. I am taking this very seriously, and it took YEARS to set it all up correctly.

      Now then, enough patting myself on the back, don't wanna risk dislocating a shoulder ;-)

      Thank You for your kind words, it's always a pleasure talking to you.

      Lots of Love and Light


    6. The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for going into detail, Rajah. :D

    7. all these crop circles as of late have been man made.

  60. Sometimes I feel like we're really close. Other times I want to ask How many miles to Babylon?


  61. Do you mean, what was called at a time, "the ball of Ascension"??...


  62. By the way, Cobra?...

    will it be 'the ball of Ascension'?... and will you also be a part of it?


  63. BTW!...Who of the readers (long, long term needed) do remember about 'the ball of Ascension'?

    It has disappeared from the web in last years...


  64. This is all what still may be found about:

    "energy vibrations, Galactics, Angels, Ascended Masters, reincarnation…the whole ball of Ascension wax. So that, ironically, when you wake up…"

    It's not pro, it's con,... but this is all now on the web about 'the ball of Ascension'...



  65. Cobra, could also tell us about it, if yes or not...

    it's not an intel about Ascension in itself,... it's only an ADITIONAL intel.

    But it's a wonder how all disappeared from the net about...

  66. Ancient Lemurian energies are being restored. In ancient Lemuria we only knew peace and love. Love is the only way upwards.

    The Divine Plan is to activate at least 400 million people who were in Lemuria and there is only 15 years for that.

    This is a call for the strongest spiritual warriors on Earth. If you had enough of pain, limitation and slavery and you feel in your heart that you came here to transform this world listen to this message from Hilasarius, Pleiadian Chief Leader. The next activations are taking place in August.


    Love & Light!

    1. Wow
      Just added this channel to my U tube
      Precursor would be Game Changer network
      Fade 2 Black... 3hr show- U run on Tweet Deck
      (all tweets stringed together)
      (I was allowed "Soap Box in the Sand" all last week-end)
      Ep. 677
      Helps explain the "Flow" of this chakra...
      (voice changer..?)
      How much "flame" would it take to impact this

  67. Replies
    1. (you just earned a trophy )
      Rodger Rodger
      I am One with the Force
      And the Force Is
      track 10 Pink Side of the Moon

  68. how about this piece of music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEdGmOpzzw0

  69. Be presence of Galactic Confederation,Cosmic Confederation!

    Protect ourselves and let us do our mission!

  70. As always, I want to Thank ESPECIALLY YOU, COBRA!!!! ❤️

    Last night i was getting ready to do the Solar Solstice meditation "according to the rules". I.e. watching the best video for that occasion, created by Teasy Love. But in less than 2 minutes i started watching the video, i was "pushed" to do yet ANOTHER Long Island violet flame clearing. I was hesitating... But then i remembered, (or THEY put it in my head), that THAT place, holding the magic Black stone, IS the most imprtant one to concentrate on. If we dissolve THE stone, then it'll be followed up with a domino effect of clearing the yaldo's head, the scary bombs, and the rest...
    So, after engulfing the place with the violet flame, i put a SPIRALING PILLAR of pure white Light over it; sent some soft love to it; and started saying bye-bye to the stone. I DID IT TWICE. Wow, I felt so good afterwards!!

    According to the comments, many of us can FEEL it:

  71. The footage is from a EA game for PlayStation so it's not any hidden messages it's just parts of video from the game right ? Don't get me wrong it does uplift me but I think the andromeda initiative part is confusing cause is that advertising the new game coming out or is it a real mission ? Google andromeda initiate mass effect to see what I mean...,

    1. Mass Effect do have message


  72. here are a couple of illustrations I have done, Called "The Event" and the other is DAPL Protest to honor the water Protectors


    1. hmm...
      what happens if I push You
      "Big Breath"
      now keep the flow going with Your words
      of the energy You bring to reality
      to sweep-up
      Even the Blind
      "And See"

    2. woo you did those illustrations?... very nice

  73. i needed this video.. just the feeling that we will be free, gave me such hope.. come on my friends lets cut the chains !!

  74. I have made a patreon to my permaculture village, you dont need to pay to join it.


    1. Bookmarked, and I understand what you are up against
      Don't give-up on elevating your thinking
      If the game is "rigged", "Change" the game
      More Help= less money
      The GPS electric shopping carts, that took us to the place floating box stores drop stuff
      Programing bots- we learned from Brad Pitt
      (with hackers) on Netflix, jacked-in
      (over the phone)
      For "real credits" & a "Lift to the SKY"
      (wingsuit- 3D printed- 2 "any" place on the planet)
      Every speed tube leads to
      "the city of food"
      "the city of health"
      "the city of planning"
      Party on the Solar Aqua Spheres- made to pull water from the air
      And Ranch the kelp on the currents that help make the weather
      Towed around by the floating "Pig" in the Sky
      And See the Plan of God

    2. that would be nice for those that would like to escape the pressures... but me question is... is it what some of us are in need to do...

      one cant find solice in leaving an already broken world where some trive in taking advatage of others without one adding ones two cents in highlighing it... even if our two cents is being ignored..

      i cant say the world tomorrow june 22nd will be a happier place for many... as we already know that is a song thats has been sang too often and already worn out... it turns out such jubilee will only be a possibility when the Event occurrs... for many

      so what is the task for many of you.. to guard whatever you can... to help whoever you can...

      those that cant stand no long indeed such haven would be a welcome alternative... reenergize if u will..

      not sure what much use we could possibly be in the ground if one only is equipted with sticks and stones to be honest.

      this is a very weird game

  75. Faith of the Heart / Star Trek Enterprise Theme: Rod Stewart

    It's been a long road
    Getting from there to here
    It's been a long time
    But my time is finally near

    And I can feel the change in the wind right now
    Nothing's in my way
    And they're not gonna hold me down no more
    No they're not gonna hold me down

    'Cause I've got faith of the heart
    I'm going where my heart will take me
    I've got faith to believe, I can do anything

    I've got strength of the soul
    And no one's gonna bend or break me
    I can reach any star, I've got faith
    I've got faith, faith of the heart

    It's been a long night
    Trying to find my way
    Been through the darkness
    Now I finally have my day

    And I will see my dream come alive at last
    I will touch the sky
    And they're not gonna hold me down no more
    No they're not gonna change my mind

    'Cause I've got faith of the heart
    I'm going where my heart will take me
    I've got faith to believe, I can do anything

    I've got strength of the soul
    And no one's gonna bend or break me
    I can reach any star, I've got faith
    Faith of the heart

    I've known a wind so cold and seen the darkest days
    But now the winds I feel are only winds of change
    I've been through the fire and I've been through the rain but I'll be fine

    'Cause I've got faith of the heart
    I'm going where my heart will take me
    I've got faith to believe, I can do anything

    I've got strength of the soul
    And no one's gonna bend or break me
    I can reach any star, I've got faith
    Faith of the

    Faith of the heart
    I'm going where my heart will take me
    I've got faith to believe
    That no one's gonna bend or break me

    I can reach any star
    'Cause I've got faith
    'Cause I've got faith
    Faith of the heart

    It's been a long road


  76. Bryan Adams is my number one fav, singer somg writer!!!! Love this!!!!,

  77. Those who are NOT ready, will be replaced in another orb to continue their path.

    There's NOTHING to worry about.

    Trust in the LOVE of ONE we are.

    Every complain you made are from a perspective of an sleeping being in the MATRIX. Set you free from this job, you don't need to put yourself in others positions, you are what you are, and everybody is right in place where they should be. You just need to save yourself, not others.


    Don't worry, it's just a game we all choose to play sharing the same reality, we are almost in the end of it, and we already win...

    Focus on yourself alignment, may other see it and so they will choose to do the same.

    The best way to teach others is to be an example of life and light.


  78. You did not notice that the music is 432 HZ frequency. That means it's to heal our minds too. COBRA is giving us clues and some tools ;)

  79. We'll all know when the moment come, they'll make open contact asap, so be prepared

  80. @ astral traveller with much respect and honoring your opinion i feel you are over thinking this. we as humans cannot possibly perceive the plans tht have been made nor the timing. i truly feel that once the initial shock is absorbed that we will get all the support we need for this peaceful transition. i know corey goode has stated it will be a traumatic time once we have all learned the whole truth, but the revolution will already have been won and we humans are quite resilient. when we see the sick getting the treatment the need and deserve, the hungry being fed, the homeless being housed and cared for etc., we will come together to assist in whatever way is needed and unlike now financial restrictions will not be part of the equation and we will not be restricted in what needs to be done. remember we make our own reality and what i hear is a lot of fear that this will not be the most wonderful time for this planet and all that reside in and on it. we will take time to adjust but also remember this will be broadcast via all media around the clock and that will help a great deal. we just need to remember to breathe. much love to you.

  81. It's Time to Feeeeellllll the LOVE!



  82. It'a me, baby! It's KP...

    Kp Radio Hawaii 6-22-17… “Time to start NOT ‘planning your future'”

    eaaaalaeeha... eaalaeee...
    I am already out of track,...
    The Hawaiian mission, The Hawaiian mission...

    Aloha, Aloha...


  83. Thank you Cobra, for the "fuel"... the effects of our efforts, whether or not we realize it, are unfolding.

    Victory of the Light!

  84. A bit of a pipe dream but hear me out.

    There would be nothing more fitting than for those who have fought against this nightmare, the hell they've been through, and the horrors they've seen, being vindicated. What better way to do so than a public celebration of these heroes deeds to free this broken world from the cabal's reign of terror.

    The soldiers taking arms, the journalists/patriot leaders exposing the corrupt systems in place, the "Batmen" investigating Pizzagate (gonna need SERIOUS healing since there's reports of investigators getting PTSD from the evils they're being exposed to) and trying to block false flags, etc, etc, are all true heroes worthy of public celebration.

    If this does happen, it would probably be most efficient/convienent for said celebration to happen at the village/town/city of residence for said hero. Maybe work with the hero for ideas. Afterall, the onlookers gotta have fun too. 🍷😂😝

    Here here!

  85. Beautiful video Cobra =)

    This feels of positive vibrations, and a statement of achievement, towards common goal and bright future for all.

    I keep this positive vision in sight at all times, through all intent. Gaia is a beautiful gem among the stars, and it is a great honor to share existence with her. Like a dog, I am faithful and true to her, and will guard her with my existance; through this process, until we part ways.

    That is a great desire I have, to leave her better then when I found her. If you and i can get along on that fundamental basis, then I feel like we can bring about great positive change, with cooperation...

    - Fates De Whynot