Thursday, September 21, 2017

PPN alert downgrade to red


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  2. thank you Jesus. my prayers go out to Cobra, all Lightworkers, and Lightwarriors.

  3. I have this entity around the bottom of my head/top of my spine area that basically has near total control over me. I feel like a puppet at times. What can be done?

    1. Visit a Tachyon Healing Chamber, if you can afford it. $60 a session, 5 sessions recommended. Read the testimonials on the different clinic websites.

    2. Be still with love. Start love yourself and also the entity. And you will be alright. Because if you will be emotionally and psychologicly in harmony and balance, then the entity isn't able do anything to you. So be in harmony and you can do that because of your selflove. You can get to the balance your emotions and take back your control over you. To do so, you must accept your emotions and don't judge them. Just give them hug in the form of your love and just transform that negative emotions or negative energies. :) Best of love and light wish Píta. :)

  4. Both black alerts downgraded to red in just several hours - we are winning this!

    Now's the time to keep up our efforts to strengthen the light and love grids of the Earth, serving as the ground forces for the Light Forces. Tomorrow at 8:02 pm GMT is the equinox, a great time to join together to build an extra boost for Victory!

    Again, here's the link to the PFC meditation:

    If you want to invite friends/family to lend their intent, but they are more "prayer/mundane meditation" type folks, you can use this blog as a jumping point, it points to the above as well as a list of "generic" prayers/meditations from different denominations, so hopefully everybody can find something to get them to decide to help out:

    If you ever feel guided to invite somebody to participate in our liberation in whatever way is right for them, please follow that guidance! We have many paths as human beings, but they all lead to Victory! <3


  5. Teasy Love
    September 14, 2017 at 10:39 PM

    The dark forces are fighting for their lives using every trick in the book to create discord and separation between the peoples of Earth.

    This is our chance to strike the iron while it is hot and come together in our unified actions in our own unique ways to permanently stop the dark forces in their tracks.

    We are now DAILY hosting any and all related special guided meditations that we have the manpower to host for, to guide the energies into alignment, preventing the dark forces from succeeding in their last stand, as well as permanently grounding the foundation of the light forces for a gentle shift of power in favor of the light.

    Our Discord PFC meditation channel: Prepare For Change Meditations on Discord

    The official COEO PFC meditation channel: Global Synchronized Meditation on COEO

    - Long Island Violet Flame meditation at 10am EDT (2pm UTC/GMT) on Discord and COEO (Daily!): Play on SoundCloud

    - Expanded Ascension Meditation at noon EDT (4pm UTC/GMT) on Discord (Daily!) and COEO (Sunday only): Play on SoundCloud:

    We have humbly been given this task in this Divine window of opportunity and we would be honored if you could join our efforts to herald in the light for the New Age that is about to commence!

    Your support and participation have an ever-lasting effect, so this is a grand Return Of Interest on your highly valuable investment of time and energy!

    Victory of the Light!

  6. Hey Everyone!!
    Steps becoming faster and faster.. Every possibility is used now to try to let it escalate. Stay attended!!
    An other important thing I've watched, Your visionary power of you is redirected partly and misused by the dark ones. Ask for protection before the meditation!!!
    One of the main reason for your imagining that you couldn't change much more..
    Love and gratitude for You,


  7. Time is approaching for our Equinox Meditation and the energies are rising more and more as people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum.

    There will be hopely signs in the sky in the form of rainbow cloudships especially in Asia in the next hours before our meditation, and we hope that the Light forces are supporting us in this endeavor.

    Next hours will be decisive for how many people will join us and how much impact or meditation will have on the planetary situation.

    Therefore we ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide.

    Let's do this!

  8. Hello, can someone please give a complete list of times and meditations in 1 spot.
    searching all these sites is pretty confusing.
    so far i have the storm times.
    I really think there should be a better effort to list a global list of meditation efforts and times so we can all get on board now.

    1. I don't have ALL of them, but I have links to the ones I've found in the sidebar at this site:

      A really handy resources is the countdown clock by PFC, with the time left for various meditations:

      The big one is the weekly, of course!

      Thanks so much for your aid to the Light! Love you!

  9. this is the best chance for people of the know how to introduce to the islanders about free energy devices....

    i am sure some of u are in Puerto Rico.. do u guys know of people that are mechanically incline.?..

    if is finance u need to buy the tools or parts needed to build a prototype create a gofund me as long as indeed the money gets used for that.. to be given to people for free would be ideal.. teach the neighbor how to build one.. get together as a community n build more... but.. the most important step is building a functional prototype...

    and spread it.. by giving or building one protorype in a commu ity for others to take over... u dont have to go to different places just show ur neighbor n the news will wideaspread...

    that is of course if there r functional free energy devices out there... Those in the know should provide guidance .... thats how u can help even if thru skype..

    this people .... is how u can turn the chaos around created at your something that will lead dependencies..

    i thought the blueprints are out there in the internet..

    someone kust create a prototype n help ir neighbor build one..

    is as simple as that..

    contact those groups that supposedely are building those devices...

    reach out to us to help u pay for the parts... ( no scammers allowed).. but ideally instructions to be aupervised by someone that has build one already so time is not wasted n we know funds are being used appropriatey..

    jus saying.

  10. Cobra, we need another answer from you, we are years long asking for.

    How many of us have to meditate in order, and with the scope, to awaken all the 144000 of Orders of the Star, to their particular mission?, - now, but not after the Event, as you claim in your interviews.

    This is another answer to one of our long lasting but unanswered question.


  11. Reminder: September Equinox Meditation September 22 at 20:02 GMT

    9/20/2017 03:24:00 AM




    1.Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

    2.State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring complete healing and liberation to Planet Earth and her inhabitants.

    3.Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, through the Motherships of the Galactic Confederation, and then through your body to the center of the Earth.

    4.Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky, through the Motherships of the Galactic Condfederation, towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy.

    5.You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

    6.Now visualize a soft pink healing divine feminine energy,

    7.See this beautiful pink light dissolving the plasma primary anomaly entity completely, along with all remaining toplet plasma bombs.

    8.Visualize all plasma everywhere fully transmuted, restored to its original intent, and healed.

    9.Visualize white light pouring into the New Atlantis Energy Grid and strengthening it, for the benefit of the entire Earth and all who live here.

    10.See the people of the Earth fully healed, making healthy, happy and strong choices, as they use their creative powers to manifest the New Earth.

  12. It seems like "everything" they faked
    -and the ones that want credit most-
    is being pushed onto MSM main stream media
    for maximum exposure

    Twisting what they want to be "facts"
    a full 180'
    There has to be reason events even stupid as...
    No more trade with China
    All the $$ possible on adds- but Russia changed a vote
    (with nothing
    You all have to just pay more- no matter who starts a war, or where (war or no war)

    If they force the world to vaporize us...
    are the mass arrests postponed..?

  13. Puerto Rico, Mexico City folks if you are out there can you tell us if you are alright?

    1. Hello Spirittoo... I'm at Mexico city at this moment.

      Many buildings are damaged and many people lost their homes.But considering how strong the earthquake was and how crowded and big this city is, there are few deads and material losses. About 30 buildings collapsed, hundreds are damaged and people can't come back to them.

      In the brighter side... It's extremely heart warming to see how everybody in the city is helping and dedicating most of their times to help. People by themselves achieved an incredible level of support and organization. People offering to host strangers in need. Many people opening centers to revive and distribute food, water, medicine, tools, etc. Restaurants, hotels, and many business giving their services for free. The collapsed buildings recieved thousands of people trying to help to lift rocks to get people out.

      You can feel and incredible energy of support and love in people. Of course there's a lot of fear and sadness too. So please send a lot of light here.

      Watching how this people reacted here makes me think that they are so prepared for the event even if the transition wasn't that smooth.

      Love and support dominated over fear. People got away of the daily distractions and self defenses barriers to become one with the community in love and support

  14. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017



    Friends, I am Saint Germain and I feel that you are distressed at this decisive moment of life on planet Earth. There is so much uncertainty that their hearts are closed to Love. The news around the planet practically only deals with corruption, threats of war, sanctions, disputes of power where the strongest - the good guys - try to impose their will upon the bad, invariably the victims.

    It has been so throughout its history, however, in the last decade the emphasis on judgment and accusations about the enemies - of the dark ones - has been accentuated exponentially, so much that in the present days, the news is practically only about this, almost 24 hours per day.

    Wherever you look, the same news is stamped on the headlines, on the television, in the newspapers, in the magazines, on the radio, incessantly repeated in order to have the greatest negative impact on the minds of innocent human beings, who, by allowing themselves to absorb all this negativity - the choice is always yours - give their power to the dark ones who have always kept them enslaved and kneeling before their irresistible oppressive power.

    This was to be expected, and it is all within the framework of Heaven's planning to free mankind from slavery. Have faith.

    There are so many activities being developed - at this time - all over the planet, in a joint effort and coordinated by Heaven to synchronize the germination of all the seeds at the same time. So we tell you that when the time comes for change, everything will happen very quickly, for the seeds will all germinate at the same time in a magnificent spectacle that will bring peace back to their hearts to the planet.

    But despite this desperate struggle of the dark to try to control the minds of humans, the decision of which path to follow belongs to each one. Again I say that there is endless abundance waiting for each of you, and all of it is available to be accessed at this time, however, wrapped in these clouds of fear, those who want to access this abundance will have to give up the distractions that keep them away of the Truth of Love of who you are.

    It's a personal decision.

    It requires personal commitment.

    It requires personal action.

    It requires strong personal intention.

    It requires personal determination.

    Everything, absolutely everything you want, whatever you want, is possible for you to attain, as long as it does not involve the free will of others, and does not harm anyone else, but it is up to you to create a plan of action, a plan personal, and follow him to every thought throughout his coming days, living the moment of now, committed to this plan.

    The only way for you to conquer what you desire is to seek the path of your dreams in your hearts and to ask for support from the angels of heaven to find the way you have sought, and it is through this effort to go within yourself and especially - to ignore the dense clouds of fear around you, that you will find the calm, the tranquility and the serenity enough to see the best way forward, to have clarity to see the signs that will lead you to the realization of your dreams.

    But for that, as stated above, you have to make a singular decision, to abandon and ignore your media, they today do not want your good, and to focus on the pursuit of your own wisdom, to create the world you want.

    Everything is possible. Everything is available, right now, right now. Just make each decision.

    Channeled by Adriano Pereira

  15. I don't know what your codes mean,but I don't have to in order to actively support by means of meditation. So if you'd like to put together some meditation instructions for these black\red alert specific times, it would seem as though you have a community here chewing at the bit ready to help out. Even if people already jump in that way, a group effort would be strongly effective. For example, when a reader sees an alert, the reader would be able to retrieve the meditation and immediately take an active roll in assistance. In addition, the alert meditation could be arranged every hour on the hour for an energetic link of coherence until the alert is posted as having been lessened. This way people are able to make the connection as often as they can, yet strength is being lent as much and as efficiently as possible, subject to improvement through the course of action, of course. Personally, I'd love to help as best as possible. Thanks for your consideration :-) Also, if there is already a similar plan in place, would someone kindly direct me to it? Thanks!