Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Pandora in progress, EELA in progress, B96 removal in progress. Systems/Isidic security breach deflected, PPN security breach deflected, PB removal attempt in progress, alert downgrade to yellow at 504. HVBN stable, M minimum requirements met.


  1. Merci. Avec toute mon affection.

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    1. Why is people still coming up or guessing on dates?

      if mid 2018 comes up n no definite Event please do not blame Cobra.

      Be hopeful that there is progress as we speak.. daily... that we getting closer, that we can make it go faster... that in fact it coould happen instantly...

      keep the flame of hope n push forward...

      this date giving syndrome has only assisted in bringing fear n anger in the mind of those when their expectations arent met(causing division).. cause others assisted in molding that illusion.. be it unintentional.. be it that there was a possibility that once it could have happened but it changed due to circumstances...

      point being.. lets focus on what we "know" not on what we can "estimate"... channeled or not.

      lets envision it happening without creating more drama. dates has great potential of creating drama.

    2. Just saying but I find it very interesting how the dates keep getting pushed back. I don't think it's going to take that long. I think any second now. How's that?

    3. i do like... the any second now idea :)

    4. Dragon Heart - not sure if you read or understood my post at all . Everything is simply probabilities that "activate" ultimately . Nobody knows the exact moment except the True Creator . As past = future - that means you are experiencing the "Event" now as one seemingly prolonged chain of events . Many people expect some "grandiose" happening , forgetting that theyre ignoring it at same time .

      Were seeing full disclosure getting into the public outpour phase right now - through Pedogate exposure of Hollywood circles which lead all the way up to religious and political personas , and directly to shadow government behind them . The disclosure is exponentially increasing , and cannot be stopped .

      Dont wait on anything or anyone - you ARE the disclosure , and "The Event" - otherwise , if you werent , you wouldnt exist at this point within this reality .

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  3. Sounds good to me. Let's get it done!

  4. Cobra, why did you say on your last interview that just one person can start the financial reset (ie: Ben Fulford could possibly start it) when that has nothing to do with removing toplet bombs? I thought toplet bombs were the main thing stopping progress, not the inactivity of just one person.

    1. thanks. I thought the removal of the toplet comes first as well. Then the reset.

    2. Cindy Kay Courier is doing a great job at restoring the Republic to the American people:

    3. The toplet bombs removal is in progress and some already have been removed, surface population taking right action could speed up the removal of the remaining toplet bombs, we do affect these things

    4. Ya true WATA, I can see that. I hope they are being removed steadily. Looks like things are heating up in the US as well with trump leaving for talks with Asia a day before whitehouse gets lock down and antifa protests about to kick off Nov 4. Obviously pedogate is heating up and Hillary just got accused (with proof) of rigging the democratic elections...

      Cobra said we would have an interesting autumn and that many good and bad things would happen. He later followed that up by saying we had a real chance of finishing this liberation within the next few months if we all do our mission with at least 90% effort. I can only help we are doing enough.



    5. I think that the hole point for the financial reset is to help those still in a sleep state to wake up.

      Because... we know it... we keep our job... anchor light and love no matter what.

      But the rest of us... those who have no clue.. are tight to the matrix... to the money system... the reset is for them... to free their minds from the chain off that slavery... and then they will see life as good as we know it can be... imagine when all people.. know inside that money is no more a problem to live a good life. Every thing will change... to every one... sleeping or not.

      The bombs are so important.... yes, but to the mass... money is life way.

      Setting the mind of all, free... is a good way to free us from the bombs... certainly it will speed up all good moves.


  5. Kevin Spacey’s Character in ‘House of Cards’ Shows How To Deflect and Distract from Scandals

  6. Hey Everyone,

    This video shows images of the directed energy weapon laser beams that made the recent No Cal and other fires so explosive and unnatural. Please share far and wide.

    Thank you so much.

    1. You are welcome, WestCoastMegan! Thank you for all of your contributions. Much, much appreciated by this one.

    2. Hi Sonja, you are kind. thank you.

  7. (Cobra must see)



    他們在精神上綁架了我和我在地球上的靈魂家族成員,我很確定他們是惡魔,因為我看過他們邪惡的發瘋(go Ape)過,他們運用了各種負面科技甚至還有時間旅行的技術虐待我和我的靈魂家族成員,要不是有光明勢力幫助我要不然我可能已經發瘋或自殺了。




    1. Got it, yellow crystal star seed kin 64, ad-sense becoming the truthfull coin due google's privacy information when we get our profile fullfilled qith related tags, they're achieving must needed to finance the worlds coin based on harmony and transport work of energy due our natural purporse of transmuting with the inside of the electron info shown on a minor and macro scale of temperature and electricity magnions of atraction

    2. 亲爱的,没有人可以帮助你如果你只在等待帮助。







  8. Deep gratitude for the progress
    SO IT IS!

  9. chucknoris1986
    July 1, 2017 at 2:26 AM


    There´s something I want to say before I leave this blog. I rarely make comments, but I´m following this site for quite a long time now.

    This latest interview was the last time I let myself be left disencouraged by COBRA.

    Over the years now it feels like a game:

    Encouraging followed by disencouraging followed by …

    In his own posts on his blog, COBRA makes hope for progress being made:

    „The year 2017 will see much more light …“

    „Our (Etheric-)meditation on Sunday was the turning point in the decisive battle for the energy grid of planet Earth that is taking place between January and April 2017, and one of the biggest victories of the Light. It is estimated that our meditation has cut the remaining waiting time towards the Event by half..“

    „The lightforces have enough …“

    „Justice of Maat!“

    „Fleets are in their final parking position …“

    „Operation … complete.“

    „BSMOSS final sequence in progress“

    And in the interviews and statements he always makes me feel we are FAR away from and not nearer to „the event“.There´s never missing a „We are not there yet“. First THIS has to happen and THAT has to change, THIS stone has to be removed THAT to be planted …

    COBRA stated, that if enough people show their will to free themselves from the cabal, it will happen. Didn´t we make that clear enough in the Liberation-Meditation?

    There´s always the feeling imo that we do nothing or at least DON`T DO ENOUGH and they (RM, Lightforces) do everything. Although even I know LOTS of people doing everything they can everyday to awaken humanity. There are so many people involved in healing, meditating every sunday at 4 pm GMT, doing research, informing people, blogging REAL NEWS...

    And all we get to hear from COBRA is

    „Actually the percentage of people who are awakened is not very high at this point yet“
    „It is simply not enough cooperation on the surface of the planet for this to happen, so the Light forces are now using plan B which takes longer“ and of corse „We are not there yet.“

    QUESTION TO COBRA: If it´s important to reach more people for sunday meditation, why don´t you make ONE BIG ANNOUNCED meditation like with the Etheric liberation? I´m sure we can do that again. If the announcement was big enough, posted ALL AROUND the different blogs and sites (truthearth, sitsshow, eventchronicle, prepareforchange ...) it would be successfull like the Etheric one obviously was.

    At the moment I´m feeling once more like ten years ago, like I´m chasing a phantom, a soap bubble. And that´s why for now I´m leaving this blog and wish you all the best! I came back because I thought „this sounds like change, this time we can make it“. But that´s obviously not the case SOON (there is that word again). One delay after the other.. I ´ve got enough now. Did my best. And I know many many people did and do their best, too. As can be read in the comments on this blog and elsewhere!

    Didn´t mean to spread anger or fear but had the feeling that this statement had to be done.


    May all beings be happy. May we all experience only good.
    Mögen alle Wesenheiten glücklich sein, möge Ihnen nur gutes Widerfahren!


    1. @ "chucknoris1986": You made your post on
      July 1, 2017 (at 2:26 AM), which I remember reading at the time, that expressed your frustration throughout the years of "promises not fulfilled" from communications on this blog, and that you were leaving.

      Then today, November 1, 2017, it's kind of ironic that 4 months' later you return to this blog to post the exact same message (copied from back then). What brought you back again? Perhaps your inner being does recognize that truth is present through communications here. Perhaps you are still seeking answers.

      I think we're all doing our best at this blog and no one is out to deceive anyone about THE EVENT. If they are, it's quickly recognized by everyone here.

      The decision exactly when to enact the tremendous Light and transformation on earth (THE EVENT) is not Cobra's, The Resistance Movement, or any single "entity" - even the highest archangels in the celestial dimension.

      It can only be ultimately initiated from the All-Overseeing Divine Intelligence which is everlasting Source, the "Almighty Father," "Mother Divine," Oneness, by whatever name we may call it, which is currently orchestrating the dissolution of darkness manifest from the "anomaly."

      I think there are Divine Laws setup that run on precise Divine Intelligence - without mistake. They are designated by Supreme Intelligence and the Almighty also has the option at anytime to directly intervene beyond those automatic setup laws, IF the Almighty determines it is necessary.

      That's when the "Avatar" (God-Incarnation) descends on earth, as I understand it. But that scenario so far has not been necessary according to the Divine Plan. Perhaps it will, I don't know. But it's more looking like the Light Forces are almost victorious.

      Even with the so called "mistake" of the unexpected anomaly, the "contingency" which exists as the "opposite" of the sublime purposefulness of the Divine; which allowed fallen angels to choose evil and destructive lives, and the horror of suffering as a consequence in this world, Source immediately was aware of it and effected the current plan to deal with it. Source is aware of "past, present, and future" simultaneously. But apparently, according to the Divine laws of nature already setup, that correction which is in process has taken a long time to complete in human time. That's what we're all feeling now.

      We have been told that there are ways we could conceivably speed up the process. Through meditation and prayer/affirmation for Divine Intervention. More powerfully, through "collective" meditation with the same intent at the same time collectively meditating.

      Also, each individual doing their best to find their natural "calling" within. And to follow what is felt to be best in each moment, not b

    2. (continued - the "enter" key got accidentally pressed before I completed the sentence):

      not because someone else told them what to do, but because of their own sense of what is right.


    3. A Fény Győzelme! :) Áldás Mindenkire !

    4. So you will wait a bit longer for your event, there are more important things to do now

    5. @ all: IT WASN´T ME who re-posted the old post again! I apologized long time ago and am back since long. Never meant to hurt anyone.

      @unknown: I´m asking you kindly to please STOP re-posting my old posts from the past. Things are a bit different now.. Never meant to hurt anyone with that. Was just tired of the ongoing and felt like never ending "prison-situation" as many of us..

      But I don´t want to read my old opinions over and over again and even having to deal with comments on it. TY

      Victory of the Light!


    6. Well-stated, @THE EVENT: COBRA / "COmpression BReAkthrough" For Divine Harmony On Earth

      The process is NOT linear, it is always in flux, responding to many factors, including the consciousness and intent of humans in any given moment.

    October 25, 2017 at 9:24 PM

    <3 Want to infuse all discord on our planet with healing and harmony, to enable all people to empower themselves and use their limitless creativity to transition out of any difficult situation? <3 <3 <3

    Join us in our daily hosted (free) MEDITATIONS-ON-THE-GO APP

    Our current DAILY Meditation SCHEDULE:

    Timezone converter:
    Add your own city or timezone to know the time of a meditation

    **Gaia & Yaldabaoth/Plasma Parasites - Detachment Meditation** "This meditation can be done individually or as a group. If doing it alone, it is best to do the meditation for 2 minutes when you wake in the morning and right before you go to sleep. The group meditation will be held once a week on Sunday at 3:45pm GMT/UTC (11:45am EDT) prior to the weekly meditation."

    2:00pm GMT/UTC (10:00am EDT)
    **Expanded Chimera & Primary Anomaly Meditation**
    In this meditation, we dissolve all negative exotic technologies of the Chimera as well as the primary anomaly entity Yaldabaoth and its plasmoids.
    Preview here: (live recording) :bulb: Please see #meditation-images related to this meditation to help you better visualize the locations.

    3:00pm GMT/UTC (11:00am EDT)
    **Geophysical Anomalies Meditation (Natural and man-made disasters)**
    In this meditation, we dissolve any manipulated weather situations and reduce the suffering from natural disasters.
    Specific focus: Wildfires in Northern California, Eruption of Shinmoe-dake Volcano in Japan, Puerto Rico and Vieques from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Volcano Aguing in Bali, Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland & Scotland, Portugal & Spain Wildfires and for the suffering of animals and plant life.. New added focus: fires at the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in Brazil.
    For more information:
    Preview here:

    4:00pm GMT/UTC (12pm noon EDT)
    **Light Forces Support Meditation (Black Alert)**
    In this meditation we bring more harmony and unity to planet Earth and her inhabitants and empower the light forces in their work.
    Preview: (using the suggested guided audio of August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse)

    4:17pm GMT/UTC (12:17pm noon EDT)
    **Expanded Ascension Meditation**
    In this customized meditation we accelerate our Ascension process including The Event.
    Preview here:

    1. Novo foco agregado: incêndios no Parque Nacional Chapada dos Veadeiros no Brasil.
      Para mais informações:
      Visualização aqui:

      Não é mais necessário, o incêndio foi controlado, mais de 80% do parque foi queimado!
      Mas agradeço com todo meu coração o auxílio do Prepare for change e dos irmãos que colocaram sua intenção para auxiliar com esta situação!
      Gratidão, amo vocês.
      New aggregate focus: fires in the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in Brazil.
      For more information:
      Preview here:

      No longer necessary, the fire was controlled, more than 80% of the park was burned!
      But I thank with all my heart the help of Prepare for change and the brothers who put their intention to help with this situation!
      Gratitude, I love you.

  11. Beaver moon meditation!

    Im doing meditation to end this quarantine, remove obstacles and heal all animals and plants from trauma and suffering.

    TIME: 5:23 UTC 4 november

    if you feel guided join me

  12. Time To Fulfill & Complete Our Soul Purpose Here

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    You know as well as I do that Planetary Liberation / The Event / Mass Arrests / Mass Landings ... etc, is taking way too long.

    Even though we get regular exciting updates from David Wilcock ... or Cobra ... or Corey Goode, etc ... it still seems to be taking forever to restore free will, regain unconditional freedom, re-unite with our galactic family who miss us so much ... and free Gaia.

    As a grid-worker & remote planetary clearing energy-worker of many years ... what if I was to tell you that all us Lightworkers ... Starseeds ... Goddesses & Lightwarriors have yet to TRULY unite?

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    1. Victory of the light and honor to the ground crew!!!

    2. Does your Higher Self say yes to this? Mine does. I hope you join us. Here's to The 144,000!

  13. Dragon Heart
    October 25, 2017 at 10:01 AM

    Lynn – Are we able to cease spiritual evolution at some point in the future?

    COBRA – You mean like stop it completely or something? (Yes) It’s not going to happen. Evolution is life force. It’s like a wheel that will never stop.
    ---ref pc0316
    Lynn – This person goes on to ask: are we forced to go forward with our ‘spiritual evolution’ in a way in which the archons are forcing souls to come back on earth? Is there a choice here that we have?

    COBRA – We are not forced to go forward. There is a natural desire of every sentient being to go forward unless that being is completely manipulated. Everybody wants to feel better. Everyone wants to be more happy. You are not forced to want to feel more happy. You have a natural tendency and desire to want to feel more happy

    Lynn – So it’s a good thing.

    COBRA – Yes of course. Isn’t that obvious.
    ---ref pc0316

    my advice... lets just first get out of this one hurtle unknown... then after u r completely awake.. then start with these rants.. they would have a heavier weight then.


    ger sey
    October 30, 2017 at 3:31 AM

    Spiritual Evolution is nonsense. The Perfect Spirit being used to feed this "Divine Evolution Plan", forced against his own Will.
    That's why you deeply feel you are not according to this Plan: its the voice of your trapped, enslaved Spirit who cries for Freedom!
    Those who defend Evolution, defend the Matrix, the Reincarnation Process and ultimately, they support the demiurgue, the "god" of this world.
    This is the Trap, the Tragedy of the Spirit, the Big Lie!
    Blessed are those who can discover their Spirit, realizing they are not the soul and the body: the latters are nothing but creations, designed to "evolve" and perish, at the end.
    The Spirits needs no "evolution", but to be liberated, unchained from this "Matrix".
    After all...look around: do you see "evolution" in this world??

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Decided to shorten me note with the following:

      I am aware that there are several new kids in the block... and your tactics do very little to uplift or to unite or even to clarify.

      There are some that will be vulnerable to your self pity plies unknown.

      I am no admin... but just as you have the free will to speak your delusion... so will I add mine for the sake of those u intent to entrap in following such a foolish quest.

      If you are willing to give it all up (as if you are the only one involved).. at least make a valiant effort to the end..

      Last Do NOT forget to tell your potential audience that choosing NO Evolution (if that was even possible).. it will not only affect you...

      Is my understanding from what I have read here:

      You are just a spark of many parts of the REAL YOU. (So is not only about just little you, kid). Even choosing to go to the Central Sun AlSO affects your twin soul directly where most likely is probably carrying the extra weight from your stagnation. Perhaps you would like to tell them how it affects your twin soul?

      Two: once you wake up from this Nightmare... You will be able to have a better picture. Your present "macrocosm" may not weight the most in the scheme of things.


    3. You're both right and wrong. We are currently trapped in the matrix, but you seem to forget that this movement exists to break us out. If you can reincarnate without memory loss, and/or not die to begin with, along with not living solely to struggle to live another day, but live to your full potential and express yourself as who you really are, then proper Evolution will flow naturally.

    4. EM: Should people learn to be more grateful for what they have, and have sympathy for others, instead of being constantly mired in guilt?

      C: Gratitude is a very healing emotion. If you are able to have it, that’s a good thing but don’t force yourself into this.

      Put it this way:
      Why have you to be kept back, if you are contented and grateful for you "as-is".
      You may be contented and grateful for your current position, to so an extent that you do not need or want more. Stop! It's well for you as you got till that moment, when you decide to stop.

    5. Due to nothing for good being seen (nor in personal issues, neither on a grand scale) after so much of our involvement, we consider again to step forward and to stand up for our rights!

      It's the claim of 'spiritual stagnation' to be ensured to our request, in exchange for the 25.000 years lost here.

      This is what some of us claim for, and what we need to have assistance of.

      We consider to claim it as many times as we feel it right, and as much is needed to gain energetic momentum and imprint in 'the grand scheme of things', which is 'wagged in our faces' each time when we claim something in our benefit.

    6. Evo.. my previous post was to counteract - Unknowns'1st posts.. not gersey's...

      "Unknown" has this idea in wanting to raise enough "followers" for a suicidal mission. ".. the "no evolition" demand.. he didnt explicitly estate it this time around but that is his usual rant...(look up his multiple copy/paste posts...)

      i know there r different "unknowns".. but this is the one with the self destruct mentality that wishes others selfisly to follow.. not by supplying all the missimg pieces.. but just by merely whatever is convenient.. n by mere complaints...

      i normally dont care wat people's beliefs are but there is just something off about this child that would b foolish to let just be...

      there r new people here that may get inspired by his intentional limited presentation.


    Theres no easy way to start this message. I believe i am the target of a mind control program. i have several experiences that can't be explained by conventional means. the first of which was an OBE that i've published here

    since then i've had strange "prophetic" dreams that are based on fear and power. at the core of it all is some kind of trauma that is hidden from my view. I have memory of being tortured with electrodes on my brain and i think part of the programming keeps me in poverty. i have no way to approach this without facing some kind of nervous breakdown.

    what i believe i have to do is go under hypnotic regression. if theres anyone that would be willing to help me fund a session with a QHHT practitioner please contact me at or on facebook at Yoesh Von RA.

    if you would like to make a simple donation my paypal email is

    UPDATE: I have found a QHHT practitioner within an hours drive that has agreed to see me for as cheaply as possible (willing to do it free but i'd really like to make it a fair exchange) so my main dilemma currently is transportation. it would be about 170$ to use Uber for the trip there and back and any amount we achieve over that will be given to the practitioner. so far one very kind soul has donated 100$ and another is possibly in the process of donating (how much i do not yet know).

    thank you all so much for your time and blessings! It means the world to this warrior!

    1. @Yoesh RA Trooth SOOOO happy for you, man! Just curious, where is this QHHT practitioner located? If you prefer to share this privately with me via email, just send me a message to (copy and paste, so there's no misspellings).

      It's possible this is something I may decide to do before the Tachyon Healing Chamber, since I don't have enough to cover both sessions and travel expenses for that yet.

      Wishing you all the best! :D

  15. COBRA:

    Yes, the key to our power is to connect the physical and non-physical to bring the plan - to bring the Light - which is already existing in the non-physical through all the planes, piercing the plasma, anchoring into the physical body, and doing our missions. The 144,000… we were born with a mission. Each of us has a mission. Do it. Carry it out and we will be successful - and we will be victorious. Victory of the Light - and thank you.

    Connect physical to non-physical plane... Raise our frequencies!

    Awesome way to raise frequencies. Be kind, be loving, be grateful. Look for the good! Everyone has personality weaknesses, everyone. We also have incredible goodness and love within us. Focus on goodness. Be kind. It spreads and it is fun & rewarding.

    Give a homeless person a meal. Smile at a stranger. Give a heart-felt thank you to those who assist you. Hold the door for an elderly person. Thank your husband, wife or significant other for all that they do. Hold their hand. Be grateful.

    Being vegan raises your frequencies. Try it. Even for just one meal, try it. There are awesome meat and dairy substitutes. Ask for the vegan area in your local grocery stores. Look up vegan recipes online, there are some that are incredible. Eating meat lowers our frequencies! Some of the vegan baked goods blow the traditional breads and cookies out of the water.

    Bury a Cintamanti Stone. That raises everyone's frequencies. :)

    If you are one of the 144k or not, raising our frequencies brings light to the physical plane and helps with the plan.

    If you are one of the 144k, and you know your mission: Do it. Don't look down or back, just do it. We are all cheering for you as is the galaxy!

    As long as we keep trying, we will be victorious! As Cobra says: Hold the focus, never give up.

    I love you Cobra, LF, RM AND Ground Crew!

    Victory of the light!

  16. Victory to the light, for the hope a brighter future, thank you Resistance movement


    Yesterday, October 31, I placed a stone in one of the most challenging locations here… Whew!

    I could use help from anyone who lives on Kauai and Big Island (Kona side) or anyone traveling there in the near future. It's a blast to participate and good energy, especially here.

    Anyone who is interested can contact me through my web site:

    Victory of the Light and honor to the ground crew!!!

    1. Please please please be careful there some treacherous shit in those islands.

    2. Thank you and you are correct. I am well trained, activated, and here because I can handle. I have Hawaiian and Arcturian protection. They've tried everything to take me out and I'm still here. I have no fear. I am penetrating the dark corners here with light. My last C mission on the 31st was seeking out and confronting the dark and claiming these islands and this planet as ours!!!
      Victory of the light and honor to the ground crew. Fear nothing

  18. So just wondering but are there any single women on here? It's so hard to find women who are awakened

    1. Don't look for opportunities. Create your own.

      Find someone is open-minded, yet asleep. And gradually, patiently, add another to the Light.

      Just make sure to follow the freewill principle. Do not tell them something until they name it first. Keep your secrets, but tell them why. I used the example "If you know about things, without understanding them properly, it makes you open to attack". I used that phrase many times until she named the things she wished to learn about.

    2. You are not alone...I have not one friend or family member that is awakened or is even open to the truth. Just hold on to what you know is true and stand in your are magnificent.

    3. Are there any single men on here? It's so hard to find men who as awakened...

    4. are there any star beingd here... if so... hard to find one who is .. well, who is :)

      i had to add me 2cents too :)

    5. I`m just wondering about what you meant with "It's so hard to find women who are awakened"...


    6. When I go to meditation Traineeship, Essenian treatments, or for personal development, there are practically only women.

      Admittedly, they may be less interested in extraterrestrials, which affect the dreamers more ....

    7. "Awakening" seems to be permeating both men and women at an equal rate.

      Eventually you will meet somebody, "Victory."
      You will too, "Cynthia."

    8. I'd like to meet a nice Arcturian lady. ;-)

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Yes, of course we are here, too! Among my treasured women friends are many highly intelligent, heart-centered and wise women, who are not seen, understood or valued by the average man.

      But even that is shifting, and we have to release our limiting beliefs, open ourselves to receive, and allow for possibility, so as not to limit our options. The world is full of distractions that take up time/energy that could be used for good intentions, including for creating a soul-level relationship. Get out in the world and follow your intuition, affirm "I am always in the right place at the right time." My most magical and deep relationships seemed to happen by chance, but I know better. They were meant to be.


  19. We will be free, and nobody can stop us.

    Get out of your own way

    Victory of Love and Light!


    1. Now...
      With the multitude of moments of flow...
      The Self that is being will adjust it Self to the moment that is...
      Emotions, thoughts, body language will be flexible of it Self as being the Self that is...
      One may not have a perfect behavior in all moments...
      We pause, breath, be thankful, may see a butterfly or a twinkle of a star to adjusting attitude to a higher state of being for our well being...
      This website, people, with the diversity of views, share to open the being of whom receiving or discerning....
      Its to each its own of what thought of feeling a person choose to known within Self...
      I am Thankful for you for sharing...
      It's good to know someone is keeping the warmth in the world...
      Thanks for sharing to shine your light within, upon the world...

  20. Don't look for opportunities. Create your own.

  21. I can't of course know what the code means, but I am optimistic that we are nearing the finish line and that any day now we will see something tangible in the US that shakes everyone from their amnesia and allows them to see truth of the control system in place. Victory of the Light!

  22. - New Information from /pol Insider Anons: MegaAnon, Breadcrumbs Anon (new), and White House Insider Anon -

    "Last weekend and today has seen another visit from another insider anon, 'Breadcrumbs' anon. The information is fascinating and he alleges that Trump will soon impose martial law, enabling him to replace rouge elements of each security agency.

    In addition, he claims that 11.3 will see Podesta indicted, and on 11.6, Huma.

    He recommends that we must study and prepare, and spread once proof on the 3rd is given. Knowing the plan, we can help through the transition.

    For those interested, dig in, and be prepared to have your eyes opened. It's a treasure trove of information and connects so many puzzle pieces. For those who do not believe anonymous sources, please feel free not to read any further and move on to another thread." (...)

    1. Thanks Victory. I like to read the intel that people link to. I have a hard time trying to navigate and 4chan so it really helps when a link gets posted. Recent intel has been pretty accurate. :)

  23. Another Mega Intel/Current Events Update

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  25. Some 'Energy Revelations' For You with Justin of StillnessInTheStorm, Halloween


  26. I had a dream, early this year, in which,
    being on a city sea side, in a dark night with a few mercury lamps only, there was coming from far the sea the loud sound of a song having the music of 'voices of the world' and Sarah Cecilia Carr's voice, in a kind of mixed Spanish-English nonunderstandable language,
    saying something about SOLARIAN Star System, and DISCLOSURE.

    Hopely, 'in the foreseeable future' the Light Forces would be able to keep it out from Akashic Records, and give it to the public in a kind of record to be shared.

    It is worth to be shared,... I tell you the truth...

  27. There is some Breathtaking HUGE LIGHT "LOVE-BOMBS" coming our way!!!

    As Cobra says: "Hold the focus, never give up." We are seing the beginning of the BLISS!

    It is an honour to be a part of MISSION EARTH!!!

    Victory of the Light!!


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    4. The video is not to convince me but i think it may still b useful for others to present to those who are still deep in the matrix

      i do agree with you... everything has been twisted in so many ways.. and for long that most that gets disclose upto the present time truth or not will be treated like an
      UFO phenomenom... a conspiracy theory especially the truth.

      Ufortunately that is to the advantage of those wanting to keep things hidden.. just prolonging the inevitable though..

      However... the tide seems to have a great potential to turn.. if enough of the truth comes out... and i do mean " enough ... not lil pieces every half millenium.


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  29. Kryon tells us ALL old souls...starseeds, to have patience....above all patience, when we start to become unpatient....we draw back our light frequency falls,,,,, so actually we are to blame ourselves.... KEEEP the light shining, NO MATTER WHAT........ no matter what, and notice in your quiet mind allllll the incredible changes that has taken place over the last year or so, and are taking place...... everything takes time, and we are so close to the victory, doenst a marathon runner has 10.000 thoughts of giving upp one mile before he/she reaches the goal???????, we have to be quiet inside and JUST focus on our light, thus sustaining the energy that is soooooo crusiel. Impatience does not drive us forward...on the contrary. One of the issues in shining your light is also that the light will hit the dark forces, and why do you think they act sooooo desperately theese times now, they are cornered, and they know.... WE HAVE WON, but we cannot raise our arms, untill the beast is totally defeated, the moments now are the decisive i just say....HOLD YOUR LIGHT............ thats all thats needed, the lightforces will know what to do with our light collective....but if we fluctuate this light, they cannot count on it......... sooooo pls. hold your light....then VICTORY OF LIGHT:-) thanks Cobra for allllllll your love and care. namaste:-)

    1. I know what I am about to say is totally a statement coming from ego, but ... I am the most patient person in this entire blog. ;) Numero uno. If you need a shining example of patience, just talk to me. haha

      My whole life is an example of patience stretched to its absolute extreme. Of course, I have been and still am a very unwilling participant. Patience, to me, is a prison. But yes, I know a lot about patience. The fact I'm probably the only virgin on this blog should alone speak volumes about my patience.

      I'm not venting, I feel good right now. It's just I feel people who are often struggling and needing to vent don't get the credit they deserve for being patient. I just wish people saw the positive side of me. The real me. The me that my girlfriend sees, who I just had a wonderful Skype call with. She was really busy with family stuff and we hadn't properly talked for over a month, but now it was just like old times, and she still sees me the same way she always has.

      She is full of love, light, compassion, empathy, beauty inside and out, kind and caring towards animals. Everyone who comes in contact with her online is inspired by her. And out of all her many admirers, she chose me, which still boggles my mind.

      She thinks about me all the time. Says such wonderful things to me. Says I am her soulmate, and I feel the same way about her. I just wish I could be like her. She's the person I would have been had I not been raised in such fucked up circumstances. I wish the qualities she sees in me are the same qualities I could shine towards others, in all communications I have with people. I wish I could inspire others the same way she does.

      It's just not fair to be struggling, and with every post I make, for people to pass negative judgment upon me. I'm only doing my best.

      I will be starting a separate blog soon and posting all recordings of my abuse, in the hopes that my family and I can finally receive help to remove ourselves from this set of negative circumstances as soon as possible. I want to shine a light upon this kind of abuse, so that everyone can know that these types of situations do exist, that they are cross-cultural, and that others in similar situations can be emboldened enough to open up and receive help, too. This is my attempt at disclosure, after battling fears for years and keeping quiet.

      I will not be posting any links to that here, I do not wish to bring people's vibrations down. I just want others to know what my next plan of action is, and what I feel guided to do now. I do not want to continue to guilt-trip anyone here and bring people down. I know this is not the place for that anymore, although I know my posting about that here has also served its purpose.

      But yes, my posts from now on will hopefully revolve around that of action and progress. All I ever wanted was peace and freedom. I only wish for that which is my sovereign right as a conscious living being, and for the sovereign rights of my loved ones. That is all.

      Peace and love everyone.

    2. Even if you don't like channelings, you may find something of value in this piece that will help you sort through your own challenges:

      "The Addictive Old Energy"
      Kyron through Lee Carroll
      This live channelling was given in Stamford Connecticut
      August 12, 2017

      To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Stamford.

  30. Cobra, Rockefeller did it! He came back to the light!

    I dreamt about him recently, and he was VERY happy, smiling and surrounded by love and light energies. It was as if he had been liberated from the nightmare of the past, and was feeling how subtle he was now.

    I think I cried in that dream, it was very positive. He must be in the mineral stages now.

    Victory of the light.

    1. You realise they can send you images so you think you won to confuse you, right? They're still killing and choping heads, nothing changed yet, world's still a mess.

    2. @Matas Vasylius I think he means the Rockefeller who died and was sent to the Galactic Central Sun. Hence the statement, "He must be in the mineral stages now."

  31. Victory of the light !!! Great day !!

  32. A vision of the future -

    A monument dedicated to the Victory of The Light! A triumph of humanity over the forces of darkness!

    I saw it. A huge monument dedicated to all who have sacrificed to bring this victory to fruition. Multiple monuments, dedicated to every aspect of the operation. A monument to the 144k, the light forces and so on.

    I saw a huge white statue of a person clad in armor holding a transparent shield with a sword. There was a book behind the shield representing knowledge, the shield itself represented purity and truth through trasnparency. The sword was the sword of Archangel Michael decorated beautifully in jewels and gold with a blue flame around it. The light of AN. Prayer beads around the wrist which held the sword. With an inscription on the bottom which read "A Light Warrior - To fight peacefully with knowledge, transperancy, Love and truth." It was amazing and utterly beautiful!!!

    I saw the names of those who have fallen enrgaved on marble stones decorated beautifully with a golden trim and a flouroscent coating which made them shine and shimmer in the light.

    I saw pictures. Many faces, including those of the 144k. There were pictures of the 144k which showed what they looked like in their earth incarnation and what they look like as their galactic incarnation. Along with a brief description about them including both their earth name and galactic name, as well as, what their role was. I saw many commanders.

    I saw a coronation. The 144k receiving the highest honors from the Galactic Federation for their bravery.

    I saw a great deal of happiness and tears shed accross the world.

    I saw new guidelines written and set for humanity.

    I saw many 144k leave their earth incarnation bodies and return to their original galactic bodies which were in stasis. Waiting for them to return were many happy galactic family members/team members. Congratulating them on a successful mission and celebrsting both their return and the victory they have accomplished.

    I saw a great deal of many good deeds being performed by humanity.

    Finally, I saw Gaia in her re-known beauty restored to her true self. The valleys the mountains filled with all kinds of different and new colors. It was amazing.

    Thank you all RM, Light Forces, Alliance and etc. For everything you are doing to bring about this change!! Victory of the Light!!

    As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You.

    In endless and hopeful gratitude
    ~ The Light Sharer

    1. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

      Love and Light,

  33. pleiadian perspective

  34. Cobra stated in his last interview that we all must do our jobs to help speed up things ... other than doing WAM I don't know what my "job" is. If I knew I would certainly do it. The LF/RM must realize I can't do my job when I don't know what it is, and they don't tell me. Cobra stated you (RM/LF)can now communicate to a certain extent so the ball is in your court. What is my "job"?

    1. I believe it is a matter of remembering. Connect with your higher self as much as possible and your mission will reveal itself.

    2. you'll receive your activation codes when the time is right. I know how you feel. Be patient and listen. The codes will likely come from "left field" so to speak.

    3. Hi, although I do not know what your mission could be and all... I sometimes wonder if all of us really do have a mission. Because I feel that us having "missions" may not apply to everyone... At least if implied in a career way and all or something..

      Personally, I feel that I do not have a particular mission and it feels more like the "mission" is to embody and be love, or rather, to be our highest, most authenthic self. Even though maybe it sounds "simple", but I feel like, that is one of the greatest missions as it requires a lot of shedding and deprogramming/reconditioning to get to that core. And the "career mission" feels more like, being free to pursue anything that we feel drawn to doing in terms of serving and all. And yeah... This is just my two cents, hopefully it helps somehow ><

    4. @ "spirittoo" and others: Finding out what our job, duty, or "dharma" (our nature) is doesn't need to be complicated or cumbersome. I think it is simply doing what we feel is right for us in each moment. Something that is right for us will naturally be effortless, what we enjoy and love to do. Unless we have a particular mission which necessarily involves challenges and hardship. Then, at least, we will feel that we are doing the right thing regardless of what emotions it entails.

      If we don't know what we're supposed to be doing, we can also pray about it, to be guided and given direction. And our path may change at different points in our life. What is right now may change later.

      Generally speaking, if we feel inclined we can participate in the collective meditations, individual meditations. We can participate in asking for "divine intervention" to bring THE EVENT as soon as possible.

      Or we can simply be our self, even if it doesn't look like we're doing anything "special." Perhaps our loving awareness and presence is enough. Helping others if we are able. Perhaps it is enough that we just face life each day and continue on.

      Nothing has to look a certain way. We are each unique. There is no way we can really "earn" our way into Divine awareness or any kind of sublime everlasting attainment consciously by doing anything, including our so called "job." Because our eternal nature and status is not attainable. It simply IS forever now. It can't be lost and it can't be gained in its essence. That is why some "non-dual" teachers advocate "giving up the search" for happiness. Because it's the very search itself which takes away from the recognition and realization of the ever present awareness which is true (eternal) happiness.

      We can't really go wrong finding our path in life. Because if something is our destiny, it will come on its own. Or we will be prompted to seek something out that just feels right for us.

      Consider this: If there is someone meant to realize a high state of awareness and be a leader for others, for example, to help facilitate THE EVENT and New Age, perhaps one of the 144,000 so called designated ones, then it ALSO makes sense that there has to be those individuals who will be LED. Otherwise, WHO would the leaders lead?

      The point of this illustration is that EVERYONE has an important role to play right where they are, even if it looks like we are nothing and not very much contributing the same as the next guy.

      What's right for one person is not right for everyone. And the Source of All, "Almighty God" has created ALL of the parts of Its/His creation in perfection; each part has purpose for the whole. Nothing is merely trivial and meaningless because it originates from maximum Creative Intelligence Power and Purposefulness.

      Victory to the Light.

    5. @ Spirittoo notre travaille est d'être la lumière et l'amour. Nous devons être le changement que nous voulons voir dans ce monde. C'est l'histoire du 100me singe, il suffit qu'une seule personne change pour changer les autres, nous sommes 144 000 nous pouvons changer la planète entière, simplement en étant dans de hautes vibrations tout le temps et en étant l'amour et la paix que nous voulons voir dans ce monde. c'est simple et en même temps très compliqué de ne pas se laisser rattraper par le monde 3D. Mais si chacun de nous peux faire cela, les choses seront grandement accélérées. Victoire de la lumière !

    6. It's not our job to tell you what your job is. I only have a vague sense of what mine is, probably because I find it hard to do structured meditation, but often end up in a meditative state when relaxed, like after yoga, or when drowsy just before bed.

      We have to sit with ourselves more in silence, ask Angels and Guides to help us bring into consciousness what our mission is. Nature can help to this effect. As more energy waves permeate the planet, our own intuition and tendency for synchronicity will also awaken.

      Only YOU can answer the question,
      "What is my Mission?" Ask for clear messages, perhaps signs, or information conveyed through dreams. Treasure those "AHA" moments, that sometimes come from within and can be triggered by something outside ourselves, such as reading information that resonates and fosters reflection and insight.


  35. VEL - OM Saravanabavaya Namaha - 1008 Times

    Saravanabava is SA RA VA NA BA VA – a combination of 6 syllables – constitutes the highest mantric power. Sage Agastiya (Agasthiya), mastered this mantra and as a result had direct encounters with the 6-Headed God Muruga and then revealed the secrets of the 6 syllables:-
    SA – Attracts all people to your door
    RA – Brings Wealth
    VA – (Va is also said as “Ah”) – Kills competition, diseases and debts
    NA – Dissuades enemies, suppresses problems before they arise
    BA – Attraction through charming
    VA – Stops negativity and influence from bad planets

  36. EXACTLY.
    I could not state it better.
    It is always easy to blablabla from a higher position:
    you should do this and that and you should do "your" job...
    untrained and mind controlled as we all are this is simply stupid to state!

  37. Hello everyone !!!

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  40. Waiting for this for so long! Victory to the light is all I can say. Although a lot has been said and written about this, I am sure everyone around the globe is eagerly waiting for this. The postponement of the dates is a little frustrating to be honest.