Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SD L0 contact intrusion, urgent APR evaluation requested


  1. omgoddess this does not sound good...

    just came here to share these great news with you:

    victory of the love! victory of the light!

    1. Great news!! With the on set of Gold backed Chinese currency the dollar will collapse! VOTL!!!


    Julian Assange has had his Internet disconnected and is not allowed any visitors

    If you’re in LONDON please gather immediately outside the Ecuadorian Embassy

    Demand “Reconnect Julian”
    Until Julian is back online
    Thank you

    8:12 AM - 28 Mar 2018

  3. Dear COBRA

    Benjamin fullford contacted Japanese Nazis. The Japanese Nazis is a war criminal organization that caused the Second World War. Currently Neo Nazi in Japan is Freemasonry. Japan's Freemason is a devil worship group. Please call out to pay attention to Benjamin fullford please.

    Members of Japan Freemasonry
    I think that it is possible to grasp that it is a Japanese site, but 99% Nazi officials from the photo.

    It seems that some Japanese who joined Freemasonry at the time of opening Japan without knowing it as a devil worship group. However, what caused the Second World War and fascism is the Freepomson Japan branch that is related to the Nazis.

    Please be careful. There is a danger that Japan will do war.

  4. Assange Per Ben Fulford..isnt alive..cia psy op now..

    1. Unknown,may I have the link,pls? TY🙏

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