Wednesday, March 28, 2018

GBN SD L0 clearance approved


  1. Part 1 of 2 posts:

    “The Bhagavad-Gita is the Light of Life, lit by God at the altar of man, to save humanity from the darkness of ignorance and suffering. It is a scripture which outlives time, and can be acknowledged as indispensable to the life of any man in any age.’

    The Bhagavad-Gita presents the eternal knowledge of integrated life. It presents the wisdom of living life in fulfillment. It brings to light the wisdom of the Absolute for the evolution of man at any time and in any place. It provides a technique whereby the life of the individual is naturally aligned with Cosmic Life – Natural Law – the Will of God; whereby the individual enjoys the support of all the Laws of Nature and lives life in harmony and peace.

    The great practical wisdom of the Bhagavad-Gita is the highest truth; it is divine wisdom revealed to man. It is recognized as the essence of the Upanishad, the divine revelation of the eternal wisdom of the totality of knowledge – the Nitya Apaurusheya Veda.

    The Bhagavad-Gita is the glorious dialogue between Lord Krishna – the Nitya Apaurusheya, unmanifest reality – the expression of Total Knowledge, Gyan Shakti – the power of the silence of Atma; and Arjuna – Kriya Shakti, the power of the dynamism of Atma. This dialogue or interaction of one with the other the interaction of silence with dynamism and dynamism with silence – is the expression of the eternal Constitution of the Universe, the Veda.

    Since time immemorial this relationship between silence and dynamism has represented the supreme disclosure of all knowledge and action. In this age, the evolution of knowledge has been so complete that the gap between silence and dynamism has been discovered through many means of investigation in different fields of knowledge, through principles and their application and practice.

    The Bhagavad-Gita, appreciated on this level of reality, is the guiding light of Divinity, which renders the foundation of individual reality in terms of the celestial light of Divinity. It is so perfect that at every level of evolution it will give some substantial reality to individual life.

    The experience of this evolutionary knowledge of Totality in the self-referral field of consciousness has been made available to the people of this scientific age, by presenting the research findings on the path of evolution of higher states of consciousness through the technique of Nistrai-gunyo bhav- Arjuna (2:45) – Transcendental Meditation as made available today. Which is also equivalent to transcending the field of incessant activity and experiencing its Source as Timeless and Dynamic SILENCE. There are many paths to transcend and realize the Transcendental, Absolute Self.

    The Bhagavad-Gita is recorded in the Bhisma Parva classic Mahabharat by the enlightened consciousness known as Rishi Veda Vyasa. It is comprised of 18 chapters in 701 verses, which contain the quintessence of the most practical and valuable philosophy of Yoga* and Vedanta** - true for all times and suitable for all individuals in every age. – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

    * The practical path to God Realization
    ** The philosophy of Unity of life

    Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 Verse 12: "If a thousand suns were to blaze forth together in the sky, they would not match the splendor of the Almighty ONE."

    Sanjay now describes the effulgence of the universal form. To give an idea of its dazzling radiance, he compares it to thousands of suns blazing simultaneously in the midday sky. Actually, God’s effulgence is unlimited; it cannot be quantified in terms of the effulgence of the sun. The simile of a thousand suns expressed Sanjay’s perception that the splendor of the cosmic form has no parallels.

    Victory of the Divine Light On Earth NOW.

    1. Please stop the proselytizing if you have nothing relevant to say regarding the latest COBRA posting.

    2. I agree with Sky Rider. Your taking up so much space with stuff that doesnt make sense or relevant to Cobra. Why approve this on every Cobra post? Not hating bro, just not the place for this.

    3. @Sky Rider: Cobra's post in "code," like other similar recent ones, are not meant for the general public reader of this website to figure out. He has said they are for the Light Forces in order to convey Intel to those the information is specifically intended for. Thus, no comments will be "relevant" in response to his coded posts, if that is the only criterion for commenting.

      You may note that my post indicates Part 1 of 2 posts. If you had waited for Part 2 of 2 posts, it would have been made even clearer to you that it IS relevant to THE EVENT, Cobra's posts, and why most of us participate in this blog for a harmonious world.

      Realization of the Highest potential in the individual and realization of THE EVENT for the highest potential and liberation on planet earth (and beyond) is relevant to everyone who is open to a better life for all.

      The Bhagavad Gita, from the Vedas, speaks of UNIVERSAL Truth. Just like Albert Einstein discovered a universal theory of relativity that applies to everything. It is not associated with any one belief system and is not even man made.

      Thus, it stands on its own for benefit to anyone who is open to what it offers and it is not proselytizing of any one point of view for others to follow.

      I even specifically state in Post 2 of 2 that each individual will have their OWN LIFE PATH for realizing the greater truths and happiness, etc., in life. I state that there are countless ways and paths for one to find the transcendental divine self.

      I'm sorry if what I wrote triggered anger or other feelings that made you upset and offended. If you take the two posts in their context, along with the username title of my posts, I think you may realize that my complete intent is meant to help.

      You are certainly entitled to your viewpoint, but I would ask you to please be respectful of posts on this blog. When you take your viewpoint further and actually accuse my post of proselytizing and not being relevant, you then have escalated your opinion to making a value judgment that it is wrong and that I should stop. That is not the purpose posts here, to make others wrong. Especially after Cobra has so recently addressed negative comments that are not loving and respectful of others. Thank you for your understanding.

      If a post is not meaningful to us, we have the option of passing it by. If it is meaningful, we have the option of gain from it.

    4. @Jennifer Morales: Please see the above comment to @Sky Rider which also applies to your comment. You, also, are commenting on more than just your point of view or opinion. You have made a value judgment about my comments: "Your taking up so much space with stuff that doesnt make sense or relevant to Cobra."

      If it doesn't make sense to you or is not relevant to you, that is fine. Pass it by or don't read it, if you choose.

      There is no "limit" to the amount of comments that can be made on this blog, technically, as far as space is concerned. So my comments are not taking away from others.

      Thank you for your courtesy.

    5. Your posts are profound and resonate deeply with me. Thank you.

  2. Part 2 of 2 posts

    Regarding the above posting – defining the Bhagavad Gita:
    The Bhagavad Gita is the “crème” of the Vedas (pronounced Vay-dahs). Vedas means All or Complete Knowledge (like the encyclopedia of everything).

    The Vedas are a UNIVERSAL language NOT created by mankind.
    They are perceived by individuals with high consciousness called seers, rishis. Veda Vyasa is the name of the rishi who perceived and recorded the entirety of the Vedas.


    All of creation expresses sound impulses, vibrations of energy. The Vedic “name” contains the “form” for any knowledge perceived. For instance, a rose perceived would be the Vedic sound (name) for the physical object (rose). In the perception of its sound is contained all the knowledge of the rose, including the details of how it grows and interacts with its entire environment. In other words, it is complete knowledge of anything one would like to know.

    The Veda is where the sacred “mantras” (pronounced mahn-trahs) come from for meditation. Again, they are NOT created by man. They are Divine, in the sense that they arise from the Source of their intention. That is, mantras are a sound with no literal meaning intended, but they are used as a “vehicle” for transcending (going beyond) – they take the mind from active thinking level to the transcendental SILENCE and Source of thought, the Source of Everlasting Self, the Source of God within. They have greater powerful pronounced SILENTLY than spoken aloud. Because they are perceived at subtler levels of creation where power increases, until the subtlest level is transcended and Pure Being and Unlimited Power is experienced as the ONENESS of all. No one mantra is suitable for everyone, there are many. Correct usage of a mantra is effortless.

    Truth of greater awareness is realized in and as one’s consciousness, as Pure Being, and not by one’s intellectual scrutiny alone.

    Each individual has his or her own path in life, being a unique soul from any other human being. Therefore, meditation is one path of infinite paths that may be suitable for any one individual. This is why one learns to listen to their innermost voice and guidance as to what role they are meant to play in each moment of life, to the best of their ability.
    We play an INDIVIDUAL part in the Divine plan and unfoldment of life’s greater Truth and Happiness, etc., and THE EVENT is for a more EXPANSIVE part of the Divine enactment that effects the whole earth and universe - and in turn certainly serves to LIBERATE and AUGMENT individual growth and realization.

    This is why I think it is said that are meant to live our life INDIVIDUALLY why we also hope for the THE EVENT to occur. Both are important and go together in the Divine plan and flowering of life.

    Victory is guaranteed of the Light because the Everlasting, All Knowing, Almighty Creator is greater than all of His Creation (which includes those who have chosen darkness in some way). It is only a matter of each of us living out our part in the victory which is inherent in the Light of God, Creator, Source, Eternal ONE.

    1. Ashtar! What a joy to see you in our midst. Thanks.
      I used to have the Bagavad Gita, even in my own language. But I could not get though unfortunately. A too big culture gap.

  3. OMG...LOVE, HUGS and KISSES to the Lightforces!! Thank you for being here♡♡♡♡you are really busy so I just keep sending LOVE and gratitude to You!! LOVE YOU ♡♡♡♡♡

  4. “Approved” is a word I ve been liking the most recently.
    Victory of the Light! 🌹

  5. Thank you, Cobra. It looks like everything speeds up. That is promising... Thank you, and every one involved, very much.
    Victory of the Light!!!!

  6. People are waking up so much faster, as the macrocosm of life itself is being reflected in people's daily lives as we are now overcoming daily struggles with ease, in the same way daily attempts to hurt the light is being overcome with greater ease every time.

    It's all snowballing and we are so very blessed to be alive, especially those of us who are living easy lives while still in "quarantine".

    Beir bua (Bare boo-ah)
    Bring Eternity/Happiness :)

  7. And almost forgot :D...To "bad guys" who's still left: Thank you but we dont need you anymore!! LOVE and LIGHT to you especially♡♡ I really wish you turn to the LIGHT too! Bless you and all the Best!!

  8. Wow, everything is moving ahead with THE RIGHT SPEED OF LIGHT! Thanks to ALL beings everywhere (above, below and on Gaia) who are part of this evolution as we march together towards VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!

    144,000 walk-ins Bird tribe(You were at the beginning till the end)
    When The Saints Go Marching In
    Number 22 - 4 = NEW FOUNDATION - NEW YOU.
    The event(22 month integration of your shadow self required until you become REAL YOU)
    If you are a Walk-in than the month of May.
    Karma ended on November 6, 2017
    Graduation december 18, 2017
    Mastery March 18, 2018

    1. Can you send links to the info regarding THE EVENT/THE "3" STAGES EXPLAINED! ect

      Thanks <3

  10. Thank you Cobra I appreciate you very much

  11. Sounds like a good resolution of the previous post. Not that I'm worried anymore, just impatient like everyone else :)

    1. I was very anxious too. Now I am happy and feeling hopeful that all this should be over soon.
      Not ten years from now!
      Please brothers and sisters, let's keep united. We can do it.
      Victory of the light!

  12. Cobra
    We note a profound injustice in the operation conatct dish. So if we understand well, only the enlightened beings who have a property and therefore money can receive the visit of the Pleiadiens? But it is the old world of privileges that !!!! Especially since almost all the Lumber workers have always been prevented by the cabal from having prosperity, it is a shame! On the other hand Vincent's parents have an empty property 10 km from us: so OUR property will we be warned by the Peiadiens if they land there?
    Thank you for your dear answer Cobra!

    1. The injustice existed before Operation Contact Dish actually. "I want them to land in my apartment!"

    2. Everyone will be able to contact and visit the peleidians as they please once the conditions are right. This Contact Dish is a TEMPORARY organized operation. So please, do not worry.

    3. I understand that now is a very difficult time for the young to buy, for many reasons. But actually, 20-25 years ago, it was easier for many of us, and mainly a matter of choice. With my husband , we didn't want to pay rent all our lives because we figured that we might not be able to afford rents later on in Life ! So we found an old house to fix up in the country, then borrowed the money , then changed jobs and moved in...(before we lived in Paris)I can tell you that our monthly payments for 15 years were less high than the rent we were paying before that and at the time, it was not so expensive.It is about the choices you make, not about money. It took us 15 years to restore our house with our own hands ....because we couldn't afford to pay craftsmen. The word "privilege" is not right.

    4. if the plann is to land it comes to reason it needs to be in a place they are invited and allowed.

      think of it what would happened if they land on a park... people will go up in arms.. park would get close.. anyways u could think of different scenarios...

      Has nothing to do.. who has money or not.. rich ir poor

    5. Why a property to land? Why the Pleiadians don't come to visit us in our houses, or appartment? They can leave the ship parked wherever they want. But please, just announce the visit so that I'm at home that hour or have the house in a proper way to receive the guests...

      I was joking... Please, stop thinking in a limited way. If there will be a contact, that will happen and doesn't matter if we have or not properties. By the simple reason we allow ourselves or invite that circuntance to happen, it will happen when the time is right.

      My recommendation is, don't stop boost your vibration. As more high we can go, the possibility to find higher dimensional beings is also an possibility.

      Think with Heart <3

  13. New Q

    Click on the blue-underlined 6-digit number to take you to the 8chan discussion.

  14. Seems like things are progressing! Victory of the Light!

  15. Wow this is a lot of action just while I was sleeping.


  16. It took the "Company of Heaven" 4 days just to approve an action to take out some negative L1 area?

    What did they have to do, encrypt it on a crystal then send it through a time vortex into the past, get it signed off by a former God like being then they had to get it stamped by the council of 12 then sent to the LOC for verification only to be sent back through the vortex once again to be sent to Pleiadian headquarters and finally authorized for action?

    1. 3d linear time only matters to 3d beings. synchronicity is not instantaneous because of required coherence of many free wills. no dictatorships beyond 3d. namaste.

    2. i don't believe i have ever witnessed a positive comment from you yet. if you had the expertise needed to undertake any of the actions/missions that are underway, no doubt you would have been recruited to do so.
      the truth is none of understand the processes required to get approval or agreement on certain actions from all involved.
      corey goode has mentioned many times that the galactic "politics" of this operation is complex. how lucky are we that COBRA spares us the details of all the differing views of all the different factions working with the federation and outside of the federation. there are many levels to these operations and our understanding of what is required is limited by our ignorance. there is nothing worse than an opinion that is based on a narrow view and limited knowledge. as we have been told we are very young and are still playing i the sandpit at kindergarten. accepting our limited knowledge and experience in this 3D reality is IMHO the first step in taking responsibility for accepting help and following instructions.

  17. This may be a close correlation? Green and purple night sky phenomena seen by people on the ground for 30 minutes or more. Same YT channel has purple engulfing ISS.


  18. I do not know what that means,I comment because I had a nice experience while cooking and listening to old music.Music I listened to in my twenties.Songs for beginners>graham nash< and Herman van Veen:ich hab ein zärtliches Gefühl für jeden Menschen,wenn er nur,vollkommen wehrlos lieben kann...Ich ersehne es so sehr,dass unsere Erde wieder ein Ort ist,wo man wachsen kann.

  19. Dear Cobra,
    Thank you very much for all the precious effort you make and its beautiful fruits you put before us :) This blog is like a sip of liquid light I take every day and it really means a lot to me. Please keep up this good work you do :) Thank you :)
    I appreciate the recent Pleiadian post mostly because of the valuable information and because you have expressed and set your personal boundaries. I appreciate your authenticity. Yes, please do remove every inappropriate comment. We are working here and most of us want to feel motivated, not distracted.
    I appreciate immensely all lessons in history (the one on sexual energy and systemic subduing of women, the one that explains Pleiadian contact via M. Orsic etc).
    I think humans would be different and behave differently if they would have more information. Thus I look forward to and appreciate very much any further history lesson... for example:
    - on how and for what purpose were the pyramids built & by whom...?
    - why does the idea of human sacrifice occur wherever there are pyramids? (Egypt, Latin America)
    - Where did the people of Mohenjodaro and Harappa go?
    - Was Rama (from the epic Ramayana) a historic personality? Legend says he came from inside the Earth. And Narasimha (Man-lion)?
    - Where were M. Orsic and the Vril girls taken and what happened to them?
    - Is there such a thing as the Pleiadian-Annunnaki war... if yes, for what, since when, what is our role in it?
    - What is Nibiru (in which dimension does it exist), is it coming, is it dangerous, for what...?
    - How were humans created and by whom?
    - Montauk staff say that some ETs call us "Pleiadian dogs". How come?
    - Is central sun same as the "black hole sun"... are they related and how?
    I have many more questions but I'll stop here :) Thank you very much dear brother, regardless of whether you respond to them or not. I look forward to reading what you write next :)
    My deep and eternal love and gratitude goes to your precious sources that help us in this hour of need. May you be blessed with all the good things, expected and unexpected.
    To you personally I am sending strength, protection, love and Light :)
    Hugs, J.

  20. Dear all,
    Just a thought: when some of us write about what they actually do not know but suppose this-or-that and think aloud this-or-that or express doubts or scepticism, or lecture something you do not know about... please think twice before you publish the comment.
    If it takes me 5 minutes to read the comment and 200 people read it, it's 1000 minutes. If 500 people read it, it amounts to 2500 minutes! It is A LOT of time. Is that comment worthy of that time? Is there anything else, more useful, that we as a collective do at that time?
    Thank you all for taking context into account and considering the wellbeing of us, your fellow humans on this blog. Thank you :)

    1. @Lighthouse, and to ALL who have joined us recently:

      Here's the BEST way to save your, and everybody else's time. 😄 🌹
      No need to use mathematics and to calculate... All you have to do is to take YOUR OWN time, and surf these 2 sites. You'll find that during these past 6 years, in his interviews, Cobra has answered to tons of Q's, on ALL subjects, we've been asking him. Believe me, you'll find MORE THAN you're asking for!

      I've copied the following FROM THIS SAME PAGE of the comments section, (on the upper right side), posted by Cobra.

      >>Many people have questions which arise when they read posts from this blog. Most of those questions are already answered in previous posts.

      #2 - Actually, this was the 1st one, created by "dragon heart".

    2. I completely agree with you.
      People can find tons of precious information there, much more than expected.
      Nice lecture to all!

  21. thank you again Cobra, I visit these sites several times a day to see progress,
    I know that people on the planet Earth can free themselves
    just our space brothers and sisters

  22. thank you again Cobra, I visit these sites several times a day to see progress,
    I know that people on the planet Earth can free themselves
      just our space brothers and sisters

  23. Let the Light remove all darkness now and forever on Gaia!

  24. i had the funniest dream last night.

    there were groups of people and i was explaining them what the event is, including my mother who i don't talk to since 2016. it was like i was kinda teaching them some things...

    victory of the light!
    love and hope to all <3

    1. Oh brother....
      That is NOT your dream only.... We all can't wait for the day when our beloved ones, FINALLY, will be awaken, so we'll BE "approved" by them as the SANE ones... We'll be UNDERSTOOD by them. I know they will start asking ME lots of, non stop questions.... And I am ready to be their guide to their awakening, and take them all the way to achieve their ascension.
      I hope; very S-O-O-N!

      See brother, we got the SAME dream! 😄

  25. If it should help in any way...I have a feeling that whatever our mind can grasp...truth is beyond..words...and is surfacing...beautiful..simple..

  26. Once again I'm here to reinforce that I'm ready to work in all aspects of this transition, to help people understand what is going on, to help hold the Light and make the whole process as peaceful as possible, and ready to receive my pleiadian brothers and sisters on my backyard for first contact!
    Ground crew ready, I'm here, I'm with you all, in the name of the power of Love, Victory of the Light!

  27. I am finished with this blog... thank you for releasing me! (this is not a negative comment)

    1. I was keeping on hoping that something is going to happen that will pull me out of the misery that is my life. Now that I realised that this is not gonna happen anytime soon, i finally became absolutely hopeless. And this has set me free from the addiction that was this blog.. now real change is able to happen (for me)

  28. Depiction of Yaldabaoth
    Yaldabaoth Tentacles Removal and Universal Dissolution Update

    Event/Compression Break Thorugh Window - 2018 - 2024
    Ascension Window - 2027 - 2028 (Around Next SolarMaximum)

    We the PEOPLE will hold the LIGHT

  29. Thanks for info !! Finally ! ! ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>> gooooooo !
    Viktory of the LIGHT !
    Love to you Cobra !

  30. Que a dispersão seja mais rápida..
    Vitória da luz...
    O meu respeito a vc Cobra...

  31. GBN SD L0 clearance approved - Great Britain (Brexit) ?
    Brexit is exactly one year away




  34. Something happening to my crown chakra today 100%

    A bit painful.

    1. See if is feeling same when u move to new spot

  35. We are the Light Forces!
    We are proud of this!
    We are proud of ourselves!
    We will be victorious in the end!

    Victory of the Light!

  36. Hi just updating LOVE and SUPPORT, with graceful gratitude !

  37. Love to All and Deepest Gratitude :) xxx

  38. I made a meditation song for Command PB Stardust!

  39. Exactly who is doing the all this cleaning? Galactic Central Race? Sirians? Andromedians?

  40. The “Event” is the moment of the “Compression Breakthrough” on earth.
    It is the moment when the European Union [New World Order/All Seeing Eye/Draco Reptilian Cabal Elite abusive bureaucracy/Head of Yaldabaoth] is dissolved.
    Brexit done.
    Next Italy
    It can any time/moment between 2018 - 2024 : {It is on US}
    We the PEOPLE shall overthrow Draco Reptilian rule.

  41. IMHO: GBN = Gabon, an African country bordering Congo. The Chimera might have a "hole" there...

    1. Or Great Britain...targeting City of London Banking's esoteric/black apparatus....Rothschilds etc

  42. Ok..chemtrails blocked the sun here in N Idaho..I dont get it.. If galactics now control the skies and are on the surface how can these white jets still chemtrail?? If we need the energies coming in to help people prepare for The Main Wave. I would think taking out all chem planes would be priority 1. Cobra please help us understand why this is still allowed.

    No Sun In Idaho...

    1. Cobra had stated before that many commercial airliners are equipped and to take care of it now, it would shut down much of the air travel for awhile and That it will be taken care of after the event.

    2. From the codes Cobra has posted for March both SD LO & SD L1 have clearance approvals but not noted as "cleared". I think (from the little I know) that L1 is closest to the surface & probably includes the chemtrail planes which in my area for several years act like they are being flown by drones. L0 should be the surface of Gaia. We all need to "hang in there" with lots of patience...Everything seems to be running along at a stellar pace...We are very close but we don't know when The Event will occur but know in our hearts, the end result will be VOTL!

    3. I wonder about this daily... some possibilities have come to mind:
      - this is one of the easiest things for people to see as they wake up. My family, for example.
      - Galactic intel has occasionally said some groups are improving air quality despite the spraying continuing.
      - it is not a strategic first step when much more dangerous threats need clearance first, ie toplet bombs and DUMBS.
      - stopping it before other things will require huge force while the Cabal still has their own dark power operational,and therefore slow everything down overall.
      Some possibilities that have come to mind...
      It distressed me so much and now I send the Violet Flame to every plane and drone spraying and generate active faith that ALL is unfolding in Divine Time. I can be patient now as I am confident and see evidence that the Event will take down geoengineering soon enough.
      Hang in there! Detox!
      Big Hug

    4. @Unknown: Cobra has said that chemtrails could continue up until The Event. There are many things the Light Forces cannot intervene with until the toplet bombs are mostly removed and The Event can commence. Otherwise, the damage would be much worst than we're witnessing now.

      There is a long history behind this where an agreement had to be made in order to prevent the dark forces from destroying the earth. This agreement was made with Source, God, whatever you'd like to call it. And for the Light Forces to work to correct the current dire situation without interfering with the agreement. Light Forces have been able to prevent world wars, however. Apparently, the earth is not meant to be destroyed and the Divine Will has prevented that.

      You can find out more by using the SEARCH bar at the top of the page and researching previous postings. You could look up chemtrails and other subjects Cobra has written about.

      Good question, it's a complex issue.

    5. ― Chemtrails have nothing to do with factions with space capabilities.
      ― The operations have not yet been completed.
      ― Here in Germany the chemtrails have become less and less in the last years.
      ― The danger from the food industry is much greater.

    6. never sun?
      I do think btw that we are strong enough. If we decide so.

    7. Their continued existence is due to the publics ignorance of them.

  43. Wow I don't know what the light forces are doing but I feel excellent today. My energetic fields feel very pleasant.

  44. L0 ✨ Victory of the light 🙏🏼✨❤️🌈

  45. Next monthly update will be very interesting. Maybe L0 is the surface or the last level before surface, we´ll see.Hope to read about it in a couple of days.

    Thank you Cobra

  46. It's going to happen sooner than later. I just feel that it will. Will organized mass meditations help in the remaining toplet bomb removal?

  47. I believe these recent messages are tied in with disclosure As our consciousness individually and globally is connected with these stations dealing with implants