Wednesday, February 6, 2019

ANNABELLA upgrade to v1.3


  1. For all those that feel negativety and feel drained by entities a technique that could help

    1. By Merlin.

      “Scampur Exes, Emus Scampur!” 3x

    2. Also worth noting...
      (this page never went down)just un-usable
      And for the last week has been in full use
      Moon Day 28

      Year of the Red Cosmic Moon (2018/2019)
      7th Moon- Resonant- Inspires Attunement
      Yellow Cosmic Seed
      I Endure in order to Target
      Transcending Awareness
      I seal the Input of Flowering
      With the Cosmic tone of Presence
      I am guided by the power of Elegance
      (of special noting) This next Moon
      Galactic Moon (2nd Day)
      White Lunar World-Bridger 10 Galactic Portals *in a row
      5 days in... 5 days out...
      White Rhythmic Dog

    3. I always forget to add...
      Galactic Portals are marked on this calendar as...
      > greater than, < less than- overlapping in green

    4. ... can't forget 48 million page views
      one million each month

    5. Power of the humility and love of Christ power needed to combat this level. No tech can solve heart love and power.

  2. Wow I must be dialed in o felt a new post was coming and sure enough 20 minutes later here it is. I want to say I hope we are finished negotiating with the dark. Trust the plan and bring it in.


  3. Wes Tozer
    February 5, 2019 at 9:56 AM

    Your page is talking about minimal voltage changes.. 127v to 120v... If you have a specific question. Please contact me.

    1. The main subject is not the change of the minimal voltage.

      The main interest for the into discussion proposal is to have the lowest possible risk of danger, at the lowest at disposal used supply voltage standard.

      So, the 110V and 120V has to be into discussion, regardless anything.

      In our Light Communities the safety of its inhabitants must be at first of all into discussion.

      On other side, we can point out that the designation of supply networks minimizing the energy loses while maintaining the maximal safety into discussion will not be a problem as long we have short networks and free energy devices.

      And even for remote areas, as the case might be, we will chose the cable section as much as needed.

      discussion to continue...


  4. Dragon Heart
    February 5, 2019 at 8:18 PM

    I hope the LC will start to use zome free energy standards...


    1. Give more details how do you understand this...



    They are awaiting ETs 'to give them'...

    They do nothing...

    They only claim: should them be given...

    They have a single question... "when the Event will come?"...

    they consider that nothing is worth to be done,... because 'there will be released the new technologies'... and 'there will be given to them'...

    they await that: there will be given to them...

    these are they:... 'should it be given to them'...

    they know that "it's written in the stars",... and it has to come to them...

    they, lazy-handed!...

    should you give them!

    should them be given!!...


    1. anami
      February 5, 2019 at 8:25 AM

      Below, as of this date/time, there are 8 posts by "Unknown" about light bulbs and "Open Source Everything".

      Moderators: why allow this thread hijack, week after week? Is this a valid addition to Alliance sacrifice of their blood, while working to save the beings imprisoned on this planet? Is 8 posts not excessive liberties taken?

      Can this person not go create their own blog, instead of hijacking this important gathering place? Could you not answer this concern?


    2. James Taylor
      February 5, 2019 at 9:41 AM

      @anami, wholeheartedly argree. If I have to read 'open source everything' one more time..

    3. anami@

      James Taylor@

      Have you ever set a brick anywhere?...

      Do you know anything else than "when the Event will happen?"

      Please repurpose yourselves and step in, and,... may you put a shoulder to the upcoming light communities development...

      if you do your 'homework'... you will find that Cobra and his team have a broader concern,...
      and, at least give a search on the right of the blog...

      Please repurpose yourselves and step in with something useful for all...

      Kind regards


    4. Or, is this what you might be interested in?

      for your home:

      and for larger communities:


    Anyone interested ?

  7. I want to leave the Earth its posible that anyone can help me?

  8. galactics


  9. Calling Gloria


    I AM DC

  10. Im not kidding around praise to the power of love displayed in Christ. Power of humility in Christ and power of this robe needed.

  11. No other than the sword (praise songs to loves redemption) will suffice. Please aknowlege

  12. Great are you Love and Worthy of praise... By your power we trust in your love


  13. Ain't Nothin' Gonna Break MY Stride

    And not Yours either!

    Nobody's gonna slow us down

    I AM DC

  14. what are u doing. unknown is talking too much. silence that.

  15. this is not a hardware store. someone tell unknkn to stop talking. if i need bulbs n shit, i go get them

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