Sunday, February 10, 2019

SecureShell active, continue mission, all hyperphase over 0.80 upon request, all new protocols upon approval. ROOTEXE retreat.


  1. ♡♡♡ You are a sacred and precious being beloved Cobra. I love you so much. You deserve all love and healing. Thank you for all you have done to save planet Earth. Hold on we are with you. Big hug ♡♡♡

    1. I see your good intentions but words are very powerful and we dont want to exclude all other lovely souls out there :)
      Every soul is sacred and precious. And every soul deserves love and healing. It is wrong that just a single person should deserves all. With the rest I can agree :)

      Big hug to every loving soul out there ♡

    2. I agree with both.
      Love is what ALL of us, incarnated souls, most need nowadays.🌹

    3. Pulse Fire:

      Warriors deserve something better than love: MY RESPECT. Cobra is a true and loyal Warrior therefore he has my respect

    4. I'm just glad he finally told his followers that the Event won't happen for several more years

    5. Inana, linda luz, será que o Planeta precisa ser "salvo"?

      Ou será que seus habitantes deveriam honrar sua hospedeira?

      O CoBRA, como tantos outros fazem a parte que lhe cabe.

      Cada um tem sua responsabilidade de outrora.

      E você se ama?

      Porque só conseguimos amar seja quem for se o amor por nós e em nós transbordar.

      Seja grata, mas principalmente à VOCÊ, por está fazendo a parte que lhe compete.

      Com carinho, Viviane.

    6. O trigo merece ser salvo, a palha vai pro fogo

    7. I love you Inana Eliana and Cobra (even before I met you personally)! After I met you both phisically it was a confirmation to trust the feelings, follow the Heart! Miss you and hope to be with you soon again! <3

    8. Yes Kiko, agree, it was amazing to meet you, love you so much ♡♡♡ .... let's all be together soon.... ♡♡♡

  2. The revolution will not be televised

  3. I decree in my I am presence and higher divine self, call into an accelerated integration of the 5d unconditional love frequencies. Today 2/10/19 the skies were sprayed with chemtrail worse than I've seen in 5 years. The cabal must be removed immediately!!. I know all is coming to a crescendo but this has to be addressed. It is a violation of millions of sovereign beings rights. And so it is!! Victory of the lightworkers. 2/15/19 will be a big day if not sooner.

    1. Together we will have higher consciousness.

    2. I couldnt agree more! Poisoning our skies daily. I am baffled as to why cloaked galactic ships are not on patrol taking down these ctrails jets or at a minimum forcing them to land or teleporting them to the ground then disabling them. We want all to awaken this only hinders that.

    3. same here in Curitiba, brazil.

      what do you know about 2/15?

    4. Qual sua atitude ao se deparar com o céu com cemtrais?

      Usa a sua soberania para limpar o céu com um simples comando?

      Senão, conhece por você a mudança que gostaria de vê.

      Com carinho, Viviane.

    5. Povestile cu "liberul arbitru",care nu permite interventii,sunt ....povesti ! Atat ! In rest,ca si pana acum. Ramane,ca tren !

    6. We need direct ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY.

    7. We need contact with our SPIRIT, and we need it Now

    8. @Lux Increata

      I need ET contact.

    9. Yes, @Lux who are you to judge whether anyone has that.

  4. The struggle between Lightforces and the Cabal on this Planet is like sex :D Dont believe me? Let me explain:

    It is always going back and forth back and forth while the energy rises and rises.. until the the big orgasm (the Event) we all desire most. Sometimes we think we are almost there but then we realize we are not as close and need to keep going. So the back and forth action continues until it inevitably leads to the big orgasm/event.

    (By "back and forth" I mean that when the Lightforces take action, the Cabal does counteraction and also the other way around. )

    I just wanted to share this funny creative thougt that just came into my mind. It reminds me: Let's not take everything too serious, it is just a game :)

    1. PulseFire: it is NOT a game!! It is a serious situation all the way up to now. Don't underestimate this "game", what you call it. Just think of the "toplets", which are still a threat to us all.That's just ONE part of dangerous matters. We should support Cobra and his helpers by visions of a free world - free from slavery and suppressions....

    2. Sure but in this game children are being sacrificed for their adrenochrome and millions are starving when we have plenty to feed everyone. The dark wanted 90% of us killed via a nuclear war war. Tried to nuke Charleston SC in 2012 per Karen Hudes

    3. A LUZ NÃO luta, meu querido!

      A luz se expressa em amor, em respeito,...

    4. @PulseFire

      This is not a game, Pulse.

      And this IS serious. And this so-called 'game' is anything BUT fun.

      This is not a game, PulseFire..........

      .............this is WAR.

    5. I feel it coming, get ready the umbrella :)

      just kidding

    6. Haha you really didnt get it..

      Yes it is a game. If you would evolve further to your true spirit-self, you would see it for yourself. Everybody plays his own game, his own reality. Of cause it is not perfect here but you can choose if you want to live a fear based reality or a love based one (much comments here look like many still live in the fearbased one). And you can even choose what you want to happen in your "game". Manifest love and light and see that it is a game... Every spiritual evolved beeing would agree with the thesis that life is a "game".


    7. Except that with sex you have two parties working together (assuming it's not rape of course) towards the common goal of achieving an orgasm (here we're excluding the real sacred sex which aims at more than just achieving an orgasm), but in this situation, the bad guys are trying to prevent the orgasm (Event). So your interpretation is wrong, it's not the Light Forces and the Cabal that's having sex, it's the underground Forces of Light (+ the awakened surface population) and the off-world Forces of Light that's trying to achieve an orgasm (the Event) and the Cabal is constantly interfering to prevent it. Like a cockblock if you will.

      And just like others already commented, this is not a game in any respect. We’ve got no idea how enormously serious the scope of all this is, but unfortunately most of us cannot even begin to imagine how horrifying it is, because it was so ingeniously hidden from eyes of the surface population. On the other hand though, to type two great quotes, in the age of information, ignorance is a choice and so bad guys thrive not because they’re powerful, but because the common people choose to look the other way and thus not become the good guys.

    8. @PulseFire

      SPARE me the cheerleading.

      MY joy will only come when I get out among the stars with everyone else out there.

      Sorry, but I threw away my rose colored lenses 6 years ago.

    9. @Shermen
      But let me remind you that the normal population will not experience such things soon. It will be the ones with persistent high vibrations that can match the vibrations of the pleiadians and other star-races that will experience "getting out among the stars". And for becoming a highvibrational being it is necessary to sustain love&light and to create more of it in every way. You have to work for it and start living in your own bubble of heaven with high vibration.

      I promise you that with keeping your setting, you wont be able to reach the necessary vibration to have contact. And that is not to offend you but to remind you that there are certain requirements that have to be matched to be able to have contact.

    10. @PulseFire

      Maybe mine is high enough, ever think of that?

      Sorry ,but I HIGHLY doubt one has to live as a SAINT or a Tibetan Monk in order to be 'worthy'. As David Wilcock said, "that's impossible. I'm in California, no way in hell can one live like a saint,'s not gonna happen".

      And YOU try to tip toe through the tulips, like Tiny Tim, when you live on "PLANET INJUSTICE". When you lived a life of PAIN and DISAPPOINTMENT like some of us had....we NEED contact.

      So far, you sound more of a holy elites, no better than those christians who lecture gays and transgenders.


    12. @Sherman, have you not said yourself, that you have never known joy in all your life? I wouldn't equate that as being particularly blessed by 'high vibration'.

      Judging from your comments posted on this blog, you sound quite angry, what with all the talk of fighting, blood and teeth etc. Again, anger not being a particularly high state of being.

      Saints have lived, and do live now, on Earth. Just like us.

    13. @Pulse & Elisa...maybe you are both right. It is a very serious game. Maybe even the Resistance can't help but to be a little "gamey." On some level animals don't know the difference, we are playful and creative beings, this colors everything we do. And we are not the ultimate judges, as the Bible says we do not fight the A.C. by ourselves on the human 3D level. Maybe this is why we get so ambivalent and passive like spectators; what would you expect with so much misinformation?

    14. Or maybe you are rather classically repressed, James Taylor. Maybe you project an angry person (due to being trained to respond to stimuli a certain way) at any expression of a perception of negativity (something that takes away from quality of life & state of being) because you don't know how to integrate these very negative parts of the story into your mental models.

    15. @James Taylor.


      1: Being born on Planet Alcatraz
      2: Being a human
      3: Bring a man
      4: Living on a prison planet
      5: Denied technology, science and medicine we have a goddamned RIGHT to have, all because a handful of rat fuck asshole wanna protect their profit margins and keep everyone as slaves......all while everyone ELSE, outside Planet Alcatraz have the good life.

      And let me tell YOU something, does NOT need to be happy, and singing "Rainbows and Lollipops", despite, or because, of the CRAP all around this planet.

      And I mean it where I'd rather DIE, on my feet, FIGHTING.....than live, as a slave, on my knees. So, FORGIVE ME, oh WISE ONE....of I don't tiptoe through the tulips like you seem to.

      We are in a WAR, just in case you have not noticed...and in war, we're not gonna be smiles and laughs.

      And, history shows, many saints were KILLED, often horribly. I have no desire to be either a saint, nor that of a martyr.

      The aliens need to know just how SHITTY this world is....and I think YOU need to as well.

      And, being a Romanian, I can tell you, with authority, that fighting is going to be the only way to free the planet IF the aliens do not come and help us. Look up the Romanian revolution of 1989.....we HAD TO FIGHT. My dad, as a young man in the 60's, risked his life crossing the borders to get out of there, having to sneak across govt checkpoints, rail roads, etc. If he were to be caught, he'd either be rotting in a prison, or shot on site.

      The bad guys are NOT going to simply surrender and 'come out their hands up', nor will they 'see the light' and stop being evil. If you think THAT, you, sir, are living in a land of MAKE BELIEVE.

      Having a high vibration does NOT necessarily include rose colored lenses, Jim.

    16. @Sherman, I don't know how many times you're going to throw the 'rose coloured lens' line at me. Have I ever, even once, written a 'sunshine and rainbows post'? The answer is no. I echo your own sentiments of discontent back at you in hope that you'll consider Pulsefire's worthy point. Alas, you're anger has rendered you blind to that, again.

      I do not need you to tell me, what you deem I should know. You have no idea what I know. Your stare of being is simply incompatible with the higher realms. Being aware of the negativity in the world, to fight and struggle in life does not equate to you being free of your own self responsibility.

    17. @Zelda, to be honest friend, I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say. You're wording is rather non-sensical.

      If you're suggesting I'm an 'angry' person because I can't integrate the negative aspects of reality into my conceptual framework.. Well you're utterly wrong.

      If you're not suggesting that, then forgive me, I have no idea what you're trying to say.

    18. @Sherman Potter
      You are not only angry. First of all you are Emotionally Unstable.
      Having a high vibration necessarily includes a emotional stability that you see things as they are without getting triggered emotionally.
      And with words like "handful of rat fuck asshole" you only show in what vibrations you reside.

    19. @Pulsefire

      Sooooooooooooooo, in order to be 'worthy', I MUST be Ned Flanders, eh?

    20. @James Taylor

      I'll be happy once I meet aliens, get my body feminized and travel the stars like we SHOULD have been.

      And being we are in a war, GOOD LUCK at living like some sort of ned flanders saint.

  5. We are One, and we are Love, Friends.
    All is coming together.
    Focus your heart on generating that feeling you wish to feel in the world.
    Focus your mind on remembering that feeling, and believing in it.
    Let the energies change your Within.

    We are One, precious beloveds.
    We are Love, precious ones.

  6. Thoughts and prayers and Light the power of 10,000 suns your way COBRA and the resistance working for Peace on Earth for all beings. And so it is.Namaste. Thank You!

  7. Man, all you do is throw out computer terminology and application codes... lol.

    Strange way to communicate. I'd love to see the cypher if legit.

    1. Mais é o que nós somos aqui, um programa. Simples assim!

      Agora, em essência, somos energia.

  8. Understand the Law of Attraction. If you send out fear based messages into the universe it will come back to you in spades. The wise Rhesus monkey says: "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil..." and most importantly do no evil. Send out love only. Do this and you will enter a bubble of heaven where darkness cannot dwell.

    Peace be with you.

    1. Yes very true. What is hard is..identifying evil.. and not getting caught up in thinking about it so u dont attract it more. We know child trafficking, rape murder sacrifices babies involved how worse can it all be. We want justice! Source wants justice I hope. Yet we need to stay aligned, in the heart.. forgiving? The pleaidians waged galactic wars for eons against the dracos..actually lost to them 350k yrs ago and earth fell.. how they ascended yet reclaimed their own planets and defeated dracos there yet still kept a high vibe I dont know. Sadly earth has been in entropy ever since.

    2. Unknown, understand the power of the "retcon" or retroactive continuity as some people call it. It is part of a higher dimensional 5D way of thinking. Things that happened in the past can be erased from the time line like it never happened. Many of the most evil deeds will be retconned out of existence. This can happen because time itself is an illusion. Past and future do not really exist. All that exists is the ever present "now."

      Time is a like a book. If you step away from the book and observe it as a whole one can see that the first page exists at the same "now" as the last page. We can only read one page at a particular conscious moment so we have this illusion that time exists but time is not real. All pages of the book exist simultaneously. There is only the now and what we choose to observe.

      And not only that we are also co-creators of this book. It is constantly being written and rewritten by us and those with dark intentions. We can tear out pages of the book and write new chapters to replace the one's that were deleted. Old chapters that we do not like can be ripped out and thrown away. There was no galactic war because those chapters will be deleted and rewritten to better serve the light.

      The concept of justice is meaningless when you have a "history eraser button." Justice is tearing out the dark chapters of the book so those events never happened.

      Isaiah 65:17 "Behold, I create a new heavens and a new Earth, and the former things shall not be remembered."

      Don't hold onto those dark energies contained within the dark chapters. Allow us to erase the darkest chapters from this book and retcon them out of existence. I urge you to "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil..." so this most critical mission can be accomplished. When all is complete it will be as if the dark never existed and none of that ever happened.

      Peace be with you.

    3. @Unknown

      We need direct, physical ET contact....

      .....and we need it YESTERDAY.

    4. See all horrible things in this world, be aware of all this horrible things, it is needed, but at the same time as a response to it, you must do what you Love the most, do your mission/purpose here and that is how you can be the Light for this world and Manifest the Event more easily and as fast as possible. When you see the evil here, rather than to react upon it, do some positive focused action for it to be better, to heal it, to expose it. Do what you feel guided to do regarding the interaction of the Evil here and your mission. Do what you Love in order for the Event to happen asap and the Evil will be Transmuted once and for all... <3

    5. Novusod that was an excellent and informative post. I like to imagine our new Earth situation as a Restore Point on a computer system. Simply go back to before all the bad happened (A.I. virus takeover).

    6. @Peter Kokoska

      I just want off this god damned planet.



    Subject: Setting voltage standards for household power supply

    In our Light Communities the safety of its inhabitants must be at first of all into discussion.

    The main interest for the into discussion proposal is to have the lowest possible risk of danger, at the lowest at disposal used supply voltage standard.

    Pages with diagrams for a better understanding are in place:

    The main page:

    and a Q and A page:


    1. The main interest for the above into discussion proposal is to have the lowest possible risk of danger, at the lowest at disposal used supply voltage standard.
      So, the 110V and 120V has to be into discussion, regardless anything.

      Consider the 120V, the case for Island of Brazil:
      In this case (in which this has to be the maximal voltage), for sure it has to be the line voltage (at disposal in your house).
      If you touch a phase (a 'leg') and the ground, you have only 70V (120V:1.732), but not 120V as in the case of 3x208/120V. In case you touch one 'leg' of the single phase system, you have 60V (120V:2) only.

      Look up the diagrams in the links above.

      In our Light Communities the safety of its inhabitants must be at first of all into discussion.
      Any kind of hazard has to be minimized for the inhabitants of Areas of Light. Take it seriously!...


    2. There is already a safety standard 'world-wide' in this concern. It's not a childishood.
      It refers to 110V, but we consider it also for 120V as maximal supply voltage:

      "The IET / BSI (BS 7671) also define Reduced low voltage (RLV) which can be either single phase or three phase A.C. This system has been used for many years on construction sites. Both single and three phase. The single phase voltage is 110 V a.c. though having a "centre tapped Earth" reducing the voltage to Earth to 55 V a.c. The three phase is 110 V phase to phase, 63 V to Neutral / Earth. This system is slightly outside ELV but still very commonly used for cord powered hand tools and temporary lighting in hazardous areas."


  10. Areas of Light development...

    Some new images are in place...
    - the 'stump' is 'growing',... some details are ready:

    - and also the big size 'campanula':

    …more details will come 'soon enough'...



    2. as long you can do a lighting unit to seem (at least from a distance) with a campanula or cup-saucer campanula,... it's very very difficult (impossible) to make it to seem with a rose or other flower...

    3. The LV 'campanulas' units seem at most, from a distance, with campanulas, and also with cup-saucer campanulas from underneath:



  12. We fear in proportion to how much we love what is threatened. To protect is to love. Don't sever your protection from what you love or it will be hurt and will feel hurt by you if it perceives it.

    Love vs fear is is a false dichotomy. It's truth vs deception. For if you act to protect due to perceived truth, the fear was warranted. If you act to protect, or even love, due to perceiving deception as truth, you become a tool for a manipulator. We are under attack by AI augmented, spiritually bankrupt, negative emotional energy farming, deceptive manipulators. They win when we believe their lies and sin.

    Actually, the truth is mainly opposed by our own emotional weaknesses. We virtually all still lie to ourselves about many things in order to avoid facing the unpleasant, negative emotions that we know would arise. These emotions push us to correct the situation. The pivotal point is when we choose to lie, or install the appropriate software, being completely honest to ourselves. We won't free ourselves with corrective actions unless we feel driven to do so by telling ourselves the truth. Our spiritual opposition are masters of deception for this very purpose, piping into all of our minds as our own errant mental chatter.

    I know, because I experienced it in ignorance and knowingly perceiving it in real time, many times. They want our moral corruption to own our minds eventually as predictable pawns, and many little emotional snacks until then, like bullies stealing candy.

    They want us to be petulant children, so we never grow up. The light wants us to tell the truth and be responsible for ourselves, to do what is right for both others and ourselves. The dark can't feed on us or control us if we do that. So, they don't want it. The light wants self-control in free will, not control over others like their counterparts, flunkies of the experience of otherness, penetrating others' minds in order to expand their own wills. There can be only one lonely, vacuous, self-loathing spiritual abomination! What will be will be, when we lie until we die.




  15. Hola
    Alguien de Hungría o España?

  16. Thank you, Cobra for your informations! Sounds REALLY good today! And thank you for your work on liberation of the mankind <3

  17. After all, how can one be "born again" without a little precursor, you know? ;) Excellent insight!

  18. Bonjour cobra. Je voudrais savoir ce que est le concept de l'ego. L'anomalie primaire a quelque choses à avoir avec notre ego ? Quant l'anomalie primaire contrôle notre vie c'est donc l'ego qui domine (la dualité) j'ai bien raison ? Je me pose aussi la question que je me pose depuis longtemps. Les pensers intrusive qui viennent de nulle part dans mon esprit me rende fou puisque elle sont les plus ignobles pour moi, aise une attaque des archontes sur mes point psychologique faible ou aise juste l'anomalie ou une parti de moi qui dois être Guérir pour que ce genre de penser disparaissent ? Cobra je pense que si vous nous donner quelque information sur ces penser intrusive cela pourrait accroître notre évolution personnelle et pourrai faire avancer beaucoup de choses sur notre compréhension. Merci pour tout cobra et rester fort de lâcher rien. Je voudrais bien savoir ce que vous pourriez me dire sur cela🤷🏽‍♂️ merci quant même et passer une belle journée !!!

    1. Galactiqueworker17 tu pourrais lire les conferences et interviews de Cobra. Il y apporte beacoup d'informations. Pour ce qui est des pensees intrusives, la meditation est un outil tres efficace et puissant pour controler l'ego. Il y a aussi une methode qui existe et j'utilise depuis quelques annees qui est tres efficace pour se guerir soit meme a tout les niveaux. Cette methode s'appele Immunics. Tu auras besoin d'une petite formation de quelques heures. Bon courage!

  19. Heyo. From Ontario, Canada here. Discovered this little gem on :D

    Ice crystals hehehe. Classic. Posted on the site at 4:44pm and the video is 44 seconds. Fantastic :)

  20. In the flash of the moment...all that is Done will be Undone (Cobra)
    This video is from a time when the earth was not yet the center of darkness in the universe.

    Since January 21, 2019, after the mass meditation that irrevocably anchored the energy of the Cosmic Central Sun here, all that is Done will be Undone with the beginning of the Bubbles of Heaven.

    "Whenever you align with the Light, your life will be easier and easier. Whenever you focus on the old world falling apart, things get worse again." (Cobra)

    1. "In the flash of the moment...all that is Done will be Undone"
      Throughout 2019, 12-strand light-DNA Activations, for the 12th day of each month, in alignment with the higher frequency in-flows and potentials of this potent year within the Planetary Shift.
      When you Come Undone in the year of the ��

  21. COBRA, please comment on this video regarding Military tribunals in Guantanamo bay and all the reports of prison barges in Guantanamo bay. I personally am not comfortable with Military tribunals as it sidesteps constitutionally guaranteed right of due process for all that is transparent to all and can have a jury of their piers. This to me is a very undesirable precedent. Thanks

    1. Actually military is swift and matter of fact there is no time for.our normal British bar illegal system, maritime law where $$ decides your fate. We need tribunals

    2. That's a whole Lotta faith in your peers.

      Misplaced IMO.

    3. Indeed. I would also like to hear Cobra's take on DJT actually. Hey Cobra, what's your take on DJT?

      ... crickets lol.

    4. @Greg Dampler
      It is better that is it military tribunal, for civilian courts take too long, and those being arrested know how the civilian courts work....especially since they've had 'em in their back pockets for decades.

      Military tribunals will be fast, and straight to the lollygagging

  22. I think I forgot the link. here it is from "prepare for change"



    Geomancy (Greek for "earth divination") is the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously.
    The Geomancer engages with contemporary building sites and materials.

  24. Interessante:


  25. Cant wait for something concrete. Anyone have photos of the rainbow ships around earth or the sun?

    1. No pictures. Though if we are talking about the same thing, or if what I'm thinking of is what you are referring to, you should check out this website:

      I saw one of these so-called "circumhorizontal arcs" outside my window last Winter here in Guelph, Ontario. Plasma related event? Chemtrail "oil puddle" in the sky? Maybe Cobra could provide some insight here?

    2. @me2323

      Tangible evidence is what is needed. Simply 'spreading the word' will not work, it NEVER works. Otherwise, it's no better than a religion.

      And lights in the sky won't suffice anymore.

  26. I just discovered this, and missed all of the rest. I didn't even know about it and I was being attacked. Well something did happen when I meditated and fell asleep to 0010110. But I knew nothing of the protocol. And I didn't know it was mass meditation. But I am looking into if it is continuing?

  27. /Cobra thinks it that the Event can happen at any time. By Cobra Force Majeure/Act of God: in case of the Event and/or serious global disruptions in financial os transportation systems, the workshop may be canceled and registration fee returned to participants at the earliest possible time. (...)

  28. Article:
    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 12 2019 Compiled 12 Feb. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

    (Video) David Zublick Channel -- Soros Arrested: Bush Pleads Guilty to 9/11, Obama Begs for his Life

    Video: David Zublick:

    1. good but then, who's walking around in the big-world? something clone ??

  29. what’s up with the energies, I almost passed out

    1. Stay grounded my friend by practicing grounding techniques, everyday or more. I had a massive release of pent up emotions the over day. Extremely intense. Eating root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, onions, potatoes etc. that grow from roots all are good. The colours red, green and brown to reinforce Earth connection and root chakra charging. Standing barefoot outside (even in the snow like I had to lol) and taking a cold shower are all great ways to "get back to normal". Hope this helps! :D

  30. Jamais la faute de personne juste des autres !

  31. Victory of the Light Cobra and all Beings of Love... <3

  32. @Pete Grandbois

    I'll believe it once I see the ET's land, get my body changed and travel the stars.


  34. anyone know whats rhis?

  35. In the power of the I am that I am, I command that (state your command here). My logic is that now since the UCS is here it will much easier to make a connection. The dark cannot access Source. Source basically 'incinerates' them. Also, making a command for something that is not aligned with Source will have no results. That's why there are those who command 'demons' and so forth to get what they want.

    When someone commands in the power of the I am that I am, they are commanding themselves, as one and the same as Source.

    1. Anami, certain combinations of words can be used as a tool to reach into deeper aspects of being. Visualization can be used as well. "I Am" is the I am presence of oneself, and it's previously been stated from this blog that this is one and the same as the cosmic central sun. To say that this has little or no power is a bit presumptuous.

      If you re-read my description, I also stated that lesser requests would have no effect when working with "I Am." So, if someone wanted to make it stop raining but did not have a higher purpose for doing so (true intent), then of course nothing would happen.

      I assumed that it would be understood that intent would have to exist behind the words. Also, it would be impossible to be able to estimate someone's spiritual progress when the original idea was misunderstood.

      Meditating in oneness without words is fine as well though. Usually when I do this, ideas such as the one I described enter my mind.

    2. @info finder, how would you define darkness? Is it all that is 'negative'? Creation/Source blinks at neither the dark or the light. The concept of infinity cannot tolerate the notion of separation, only unity.

    3. James Taylor, yeah I'd define darkness as negativity. It's finite, with a beginning and an end. To me, only something eternal can truly exist; something without a beginning or end. So darkness is temporary. It's possible that the light could be the same as "I am." I'm uncertain on this though. Seems like "I am" is the watcher/experiencer, rather than being the light itself.

      Anami,thank you for the input. It's often difficult for me to communicate with words alone. It has to be more than just words, true.

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    February 10 * North America USA / California Los Angeles
    February 11 * North America USA / California Mount Shasta
    February 12 * North America USA / District of Columbia Washington
    February 13 * North America USA / New York New York
    February 14 * North America USA / New York Long Island:
    February 15 * Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    February 16 * North America USA / Virginia Arlington: DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
    February 17 * North America USA / Colorado Colorado Springs:
    February 18 * Peterson Air Force Base
    February 19 * Africa Egypt Giza
    February 20 * Asia China Beijing
    February 21 * Asia China Chengdu
    February 22 * Asia Taiwan Taipei
    February 23 * Europe England London
    February 24 * Europe France Paris
    February 25 * Europe Germany Munich
    February 26 * Europe Italy Rome
    February 27 * Europe Slovenia Ljubljana
    February 28 * North America USA / California Los Angeles

    More information:



    1. There is a magician, showing the audience the same thing as a psychic. This magician performs illusion with tricks, and says all psychic powers are tricks.

  38. Hi Cobra and RM,
    In a new Corey Goode post is said:
    " She was speaking of ascension and the solar event. One of the topics was that most humans are so full of aluminum and other metal alloys, that when the solar event does occur, many will conduct the extremely intense EM energy and cause spontaneous combustion."
    at the time of the event, would there be a problem with dental metal implants, or other metals put in the body through operation ?!

    The link:

    Thank you

    1. Toto, I too read that same report, worrying.

    2. n my opinion, these problems will be solved by then. The injured body is healed and maybe we can grow a new tooth or replace it with other technology.

    3. I think this is about two different solar events. The first (which we hope, meditate and act for) is the "event" solar flash, the wake-up flash, the veil remover. The 2nd is the one that triggers the physical Pole shift. Until then we all got the chance to heal, because after the event it will go very fast for mankind. There is nothing to fear, but much to do for all of us. :-)

  39. @Pete, let us put aside drug induced delusions,

  40. Nice, I also posted that article from it's a funny one eh? Lol. Always with the ice crystals ;)

  41. Law of One. It's a long read but excellent in laying out the relationship of service to self and service to other in the Ascension from 3rd density. STS must be 95% polarized to ascend (be harvested). Their negativity is the CATALYST for STO to become more living & compassionate. STO need to be polarized 51% positive to ascend. Sitting on the fence is not option unless you choose to remain 3D. Namaste.

  42. Horrific Satanic Abuse Survivor Testimonies

  43. Open your heart, stop judging, high vibration can't be delusion, only the matrix we're leaving. Thank you Divine for providing us with sacred plants to go beyond the veil and see behind the delusions of this world. Love and light <3

  44. Have a wonderful Valentines day everyone ♡♡♡♡ Stay calm, relax and enjoy the Show watching the old world falling apart, giving way to the New ♡♡♡♡

  45. The normal population will not experience contact soon. It will be the ones with persistent high vibrations that can (almost) match the vibrations of the pleiadians and other star-races that will experience "getting out among the stars". And for becoming a highvibrational being it is necessary to sustain love&light and to create more of it in every way. You have to work for it and start living in your own bubble of heaven with high vibration. Never back down. :)

    I just want to remind you that there are certain requirements that have to be matched to be able to have contact.

    Start to PLAY:

  46. I read it through front to back, but I think it's more of a "Choose your own adventure" novel lol. Just as the bible has a table of contents to refer, so to is that great body of work to determine where you would like to go :) The only thing I was curious about was this: What about perfect 50/50? I have heard of an entity called Il Separatio (literally the separation) to which there is little to no information regarding said entity. Very curious indeed.

  47. @Cleopatra,drugs have no place in any true mystery teaching. There can be no 'high vibration', if we must use this term, gleaned from such practices. My heart is open, but so are my eyes.

  48. Give us some relief PLEASE............... How long will the suffering be allowed to go on

    1. I hear you brother, just hang in a little longer. You made my day, I feel like that at times..

    2. Do you rely on David Zublick to get some intel? I do. Listening his report, you may feel good a bit. Enjoy!
      Soros Arrested: Bush Pleads Guilty To 9/11 - Obama Begs For His Life
      David Zublick

  49. I'm glad to see people in germany finally begin to rage against the EU-Parliament and the german goverment again... and not only in germany but in the entire european union!

    No suprise that mass media like tv, radio and newspapers are not reporting anything about the so called 'Article 13', one of many attempts of EU-Lobbyists to destroy the Internet, to the point where a more freer expression is no longer possible, may it be art or other creative content. And the only ones who are activley talking about this are people on the internet, who are working for online-magazines or just try to bring awareness about that to the people in there own way.

    There was a petition against article 13 were about 5 million people has signed, but EU-P(estilence) just ignored them. I bet there are at least 5M ppl who are very salty right now.

    The CDU (the officialy most voted party in germany) is now the most criticized party and hashtags like #NieWiederCDU (never CDU again) are spread on twitter... But I think all other parties would have done the same thing, as politicians are mainly just puppets...

    Eventhough ppl are not really standing up for their spiritual development, I'm happy that they are standing up for something.
    For a tool that can be used for alot of good things, that can also weaken the influence of cabal-controlled-tv (yeah I know, there are also alot of websites with alot of cabal-banana-news).

    #NochNieCDU #NieWiederCDU

    Victory of the Light!

  50. @Cleopatra

    Some of us prefer not using psychedelics, I don't want to have to get stoned in order to do something.

  51. Per Corey Goode per Anshar inner earth beings (future humans) most humans aluminum levels are so high when solar pulse hits it will kill them via spontaneous combustion. So I ask again, WHY ARE GALACTICS NOT SHOOTING DOWN CTRAIL JETS DUMPING ALUMINUM NANOPARTICLES WE ALL BREATHE? The war is on..shoot them down and show us you are with us.

    1. @Unknown.

      Also, the Galactics outta arrived and clean this crap out of human bodies, if that is the case.

    2. Agree that chemtrails must stop, but please site a link for Corey Goode saying that. I have listened about all of his disclosures and never heard that. Thanks!

    3. I've been taking broken cell wall chlorella for awhile. It helps remove heavy metals from the body and provides a lot of nutrients too. Just found an article that taking silica removes aluminum from the body and brain.
      Victory of the Light!

  52. Darkness will be Undone

    In the comment area of youtube music videos of the 1970s you can read for example:

    “I feel painfully how current musicians have no talent.“
    “The old times when music was good.“
    “70s music. - Nothing in this modern world, gives me the same feeling.”

    How did this come about? Through the Great Forgetting of 1996.
    Now, through the Bubbles of Heaven - "All that is Done will be Undone".

    We now can create Bubbles of Heaven by ourselves.

  53. But I don't mind if you don't approve my previous comment. When you approve it, banana comments from monkeys come in like flood, and you have to read all of them. So, you don't need to approve mine. Thank you.

  54. Sharing my experience with The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush

    Hi, dear Ground Crew;
    When the galactic pulse is going to hit you, washing over and through your body, affecting your every cell, do you believe your body can handle that impact? Or do you worry that you may faint and collapse or even die? When people talk about preparation they speak of having water, food, items and money in store for a possible break down of the system during and after any disaster or event.
    What about prepping the body?
    Humanity will experience the galactic pulse in 7.5 billion individual ways. The range of experience may be from immediate death due to overloading and short-circuiting your system - all the way to instantly upgrading your physical hologram and ascending in your lightbody to graduate from Earth.
    As a ground crew member I am living consciously as a conduit or anchor for Source Energy; I always strive to be as clear as I can be, since I'm committed to serve as a portal in creating the New Earth reality. In this article I'd like to share how I increased my physical preparedness.

    Sharing my experience with The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush
    The greatest contribution to the whole we can make is our own self-healing.
    Early on I followed Jesus' advice of “Physician Heal yourself”. At age 72 I haven't seen a doctor in 35 years. Over the decades I accumulated a magic bag of self-healing tools to keep me healthy and vibrant.

    One year ago I came across the book “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz.
    I instantly recognized what a precious gift had come my way! I studied Andreas' website , I read the ebook, watched his youtube interviews, and watched many videos by people who shared their experience with the amazing liver and gallbladder cleanse.
    Once I was familiar with the protocol and completely confident that this modality is for me, I gathered the ingredients and started my cleanse in early 2018.
    I did a liver and gallbladder flush every three weeks. Altogether I needed 17 flushes. The first three flushes were rather difficult. I realized that I am not as robust as other people. I kept vomiting after the Epsom Salt intake and had to take a new run at it the next day. I felt no pain but unpleasant movement in my liver area. I was nauseous and felt emotionally out of balance. However, things got easier with each cleanse.
    I did not expel any stones, instead large amounts of green sludge and gravel came out of my liver. I was shocked to see that my liver was so congested. I have been a vegetarian for most of my life and rarely drank alcohol. In fact, I haven't had any alcohol in decades.
    According to Andreas Moritz, 98% of the population have clogged up livers and gallbladders to some degree or another due to living in conditions of heavy air, water and food pollution in our societies.

    Andreas Moritz wrote his book “for all those who wish to take responsibility for their own health and who care about the health and wellbeing of their fellow human beings.”

    Andreas writes on page 3 of the book:
    “If you suffer any of the following symptoms, or similar conditions, you likely have numerous gallstones in your liver and gallbladder:
    Low appetite - Diarrhea - Hernia - Dull pain on the right side - Hepatitis - Pancreatitis -
    Duodenal ulcers - Depression - Prostate diseases - Menstrual and menopausal disorders -
    Skin disorders - Loss of muscle tone - Pain at the top of a shoulder blade and/or between the shoulder blades - Tongue that is glossy or coated in white or yellow - Frozen shoulder -

  55. continued page 2
    Headaches and migraines - Sciatica - Knee problems - Chronic fatigue - MS - Excessive heat
    and perspiration in the upper part of the body - Difficulty sleeping, insomnia - Hot and cold flashes -
    Food cravings - Constipation - Flatulence - Difficulty breathing - Most infections - Heart disease
    - Nausea and vomiting - Impotence - Urinary problems - Problems with vision - Liver spots, especially those on the back of the hands and facial area - Excessive weight - Dark color under the eyes - Scoliosis - Stiff neck - Tooth and gum problems - Numbness and paralysis of legs - Osteoporosis - Kidney diseases - Alzheimer’s disease - Very greasy hair and hair loss - Nightmares - Digestive disorders - Clay-colored stool - Hemorrhoids - Liver cirrhosis - High cholesterol - Brain disorders - A ‘bilious’ or angry personality - Other sexual problems - Hormonal imbalances - Puffy eyes - Dizziness and fainting spells - Strong shoulder and back pain - Gout - Asthma - Yellowness of the eyes and skin - Joint diseases - Obesity - Cancer - Cold extremities - Cuts or wounds that keep bleeding and don't want to heal - Stiffness of joints and muscles.” (end of quotation)

    About Andreas Moritz
    Andreas Moritz was a Medical Intuitive, practitioner of Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Iridology, and other.
    He suddenly died in 2012 at age 58.
    Andreas developed his liver and gallbladder cleanse in response to his own many childhood illnesses. As a teenager he began studying his case and experimented with his diet. As a young adult he suffered through 40 gallbladder attacks that led him to research and test liver cleansing methods and finally developing his “amazing liver and gallbladder flush”.
    Andreas writes: “During my first real liver cleanse, I passed over 500 gallstones. My gallbladder attacks stopped from that very day. After 12 cleanses and 3,500 gallstones less, my liver was completely clean and, at last, my health was the way I always wanted it to be.

    “The amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” was written in 1998. It became very popular and got translated in many languages. There many millions of people all over the world integrating the liver and gallbladder flush in their lives. Andreas wrote 16 more books and gave 220 video and audio interviews.

    Excerpts from the book
    “Liver congestion and stagnation are among the most common health problems, yet conventional medicine makes no reference to them, nor does it have a way to diagnose these conditions. In other words, liver cleanse is an important chapter missing in the medical profession.”

    Andreas says in one of his interviews that his patients were told by their doctors to remove the gallbladder for it is not needed. Yet after removing the gallbladder surgically the digestive system can never function properly again.

    “Gallstones are a major cause of illness in the body. They impair the functioning of the most complex, versatile and influential organ of the body—the liver. Nobody has ever devised an artificial liver because it is so complex. Second only to the brain in complexity, the liver masterminds the most intricate processes of digestion and metabolism, thereby affecting the life and health of every cell in the body. By removing the obstacles that prevent the liver from doing its job properly and efficiently, the body can return to a state of continuous balance and vitality.”

    “The failure to recognize the incidence of gallstone formation in the liver may very well be the most unfortunate oversight that has ever been made in the field of medicine, both orthodox and complementary. Relying so heavily on blood tests for diagnostic purposes, as conventional medicine does, may be a big disadvantage with regard to assessing liver health. Most people who have a physical

  56. Continued page 3
    complaint of sorts have perfectly normal liver enzyme levels in the blood, despite suffering liver congestion.”

    “Age is no impediment for the body to be healthy. As long as your liver is alive, the liver cleanse can help you improve its functions and, thereby, increase the nutrient and energy supply to the cells of your body. The negative aspect of aging is just a progressive state of malnourishment and toxicity, both of which can be helped with a series of liver cleanses and adjustment of diet.”

    “Clearing the liver and gallbladder from all accumulated stones helps to restore homeostasis, balance weight and set the precondition for the body to heal itself; it also is one of the best precautions one can take to protect against illness in the future. To have a clean liver is to have a new lease of life.”
    “The liver cleanse has direct implications on how you feel about yourself and others. Anger arises when gallstones prevent proper bile flow. A bilious nature is one that keeps toxins trapped—toxins that the liver tries to eliminate via bile. Vice versa, anger can trigger gallstone formation. People who cleaned their liver don't get angry anymore.”

    “The liver cleanse is one of the most invaluable and effective methods to regain one’s health. There are no risks involved if all of the directions are followed to the letter. Please take the following instruction very seriously. There are many people who followed a liver flush recipe that they received from friends or through the Internet, and suffered unnecessary complications. They did not have complete knowledge of the procedure and the way it works, and believed that just expelling the stones from the liver and gallbladder is sufficient.”

    Brief Description of the Liver and Gallbladder Flush
    My intent with this article is to help spreading this simple self-healing method by sharing my own experience. May it inspire you to read the book and watch Andreas Moritz's video interviews, plus youtube videos by people sharing their liver cleanse experience. Again, be advised that the liver and gallbladder flush is not to be taken lightly.

    For the 5 – 6 preparation days you need about 5 - 6 teaspoons of food-grade malic acid powder.
    (drink 32 oz of malic acid water or 32 oz of apple juice throughout the day)
    Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) - 4 tablespoons
    Olive oil, best organic quality, 4 oz
    2 juicy grapefruit for 6 oz of juice.

    I'm going to describe the protocol the way I applied it for my 17 liver and gallbladder flushes.
    In preparation I drank for five days 32 oz malic acid water in order to soften the gallstones.
    I added some apple juice to improve the taste of the sour water.
    I ate my regular mostly vegan diet throughout the preparation days.

    Day 5
    I had my regular hot oatmeal breakfast.
    Between breakfast and lunch I drank 2 glasses of malic acid water.
    At 1 pm I had for lunch Basmati rice with broccoli as my last meal of the day. I ate Basmati rice with broccoli as recommended by Andreas as a ritual on day 5 throughout all of my liver cleanses.

  57. Continued page 4
    At 3 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm I gave myself a water enema.
    I prepared 4 glasses of 6 oz water with 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt each, well dissolved.
    At 6 pm I drank one serving.
    At 8 pm I drank the second serving.
    At around 9 pm I went to the toilet several times to eliminate.
    I prepared for the actual liver flush at 10 pm.
    I set the alarm clock to 6 am. I propped up the pillows.
    At 9:45 pm I put 4 oz of olive oil in a mason jar; I squeezed the 2 grapefruit.
    I thoroughly shook the concoction of 4 oz olive oil and 6 oz of grapefruit juice.
    At 10 pm I drank the mix while standing next to my bed. I immediately laid down, on my back, with propped up pillows, completely still for half an hour. (The liver is the most active during the time from 10 pm to 2 am.)
    With the rambling in my belly I usually was not able to find much sleep during the liver flush night.
    At 6 am I drank the third serving glass of Epsom Salt water.
    At 8 am I drank the fourth serving.
    At this time I started expelling green sludge and gravel from my liver. It usually took at least ten trips to the bathroom. I examined the sludge, it's colors and texture, and made notes.
    I always felt exhausted and weakened from the procedure and sleepless night and spent most of the day in bed, resting between the bathroom visits. I could sense how the liver flushes caused subtle changes in my bodily functions, even shifting my bio-rhythm, and also how it influenced my emotional state of being.
    I drank some grapefruit juice later in the morning and at lunchtime had my regular oatmeal breakfast.
    In the evening I gave myself two water enemas. More sludge and gravel got expelled.

    The liver flushes became easier each time.
    Andreas Moritz states that the liver flushes can cause tiny stones ending up as sand in the kidneys, therefore he advises to do after every four liver flushes a kidney cleanse with herbs, which I did.
    As another important consideration, once you have started cleansing the liver, you must continue the liver flushes until no more stones come out. Leaving the liver half clean for a longer period of time can cause problems when the loosened toxic stones get deposited in the digestive tract.

    Younger people may need only a few liver and gallbladder flushes to clean their system, depending on lifestyle and diet. Older people may need thirty or more liver cleanses over a period of two years to regain a healthy body.
    According to Andreas Moritz, once the liver is free of stones, one should still carry out two more consecutive liver flushes to ensure the liver is squeaky clean. From then on it takes the liver six months to heal and rejuvenate itself.

    The pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex
    More and more people are waking up and realizing what is happening on Earth.
    All areas of society such as banking, government, media, military, religion, etc. have been taken over by the negative global elite as our leaders and controllers. They are writing the global narrative. Their plan for humanity is the New World Order of total tyranny with a population deduction down to 500 million humans.

    The masses have been conditioned to live within the parameters of the installed healthcare system. The pharmaceutical industry goes hand in hand with the corrupt government department that is overseeing the food production industry. They promote inhumane factory farming and GMO foods. The large food store chains swallowed the small food stores. They mostly sell lifeless processed food, fortified with

  58. Continued page 5
    chemical byproducts from the petrol industry. Right inside these huge food stores are the pharmacies, selling the pharmaceuticals that the TV commercials announce as treatments for the people’s ever increasing health and mental problems.
    As a result the majority of people are in dire condition: toxified, obese, plagued with ailments and diseases, emotionally numb, functioning at the low third-dimensional level of existence or struggle for survival. In this deplorable condition the American mainstream population is easy to herd and control.

    The healthcare industry is all about the almighty dollar. It is about mining the human body for money. The parasitic pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex is “infested with the greed virus”, making $3.5 Trillion a year. The medical doctors have become their slaves, as well as all others working in the healthcare system.

    Over the last years, many holistic medical doctors and scientists have been assassinated by the ruling elite for blowing the whistle about the methods of weakening and reducing the population through vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, cancer treatments, surgery, etc.
    By now we know that whistleblowers are being “suicided” via secret weapons that make their death look like a heart attack, suicide, or car crash. Often their entire families are assassinated.
    Sooner or later, all crimes of victimizing the population in the name of the healthcare system will be brought to light.

    During each of my 17 liver flushes, as I was laying still on my back to let the olive oil concoction push the stones towards the two main bile ducts for elimination, in my thoughts I thanked Andreas Moritz for gifting humanity with this simple self-healing procedure.

    Since I live below the poverty level and rarely can buy organic food, I've been doing my best to keep my physical vessel clean through regular fasting. I appreciate that the liver cleanse is so inexpensive and simple that it could be done by everyone. From now on I'll be doing every six months a liver cleanse to keep my body free of toxins and capable of coping with existing in our rough and harsh world.

    After cleansing my liver throughout the entire last year I am now vibrating at a higher frequency. It was well worth the effort. The liver flushes became easier each time.
    Also, it was truly a visceral experience and I now feel well grounded. I am pure inside and out, my mind is clear and easy to focus. I'm ready to shift higher as my input into the collective.

    The liver and gallbladder flush is the way of the future! Eventually, all people will awaken and regain their sense of responsibility for their precious physical vessel. Hospitals, clinics, and rest homes will provide the services to facilitate the amazing liver and gallbladder flush, thus making it accessible for everyone.
    People are awakening to the truth that those who claim to care about us, are intentionally harming us. Once people have enough of being the victims of the system they will rise up and dismantle the Healthcare System.
    In six months from now I plan to create a video as an addendum to this article in which I will share my healing experience.

    In service,

    1. I found similar liver cleanse by Hulda Clark, also on the dead doctors' list.

      It is because the old "nobility" families own the pharmaceutical industry and Swiss "quality"

  59. I was talking about the plants, and you're talking about the drugs, so I see its misunderstanding. What about the shamans? They were also bringers of the true knowledge. Love and light <3

  60. Goddess wants light and light there shall be ❤️


      PRIESTESSES OF THE ROSE ~ Path, Training & Mentorship ~ Apply by Feb 22



  61. Scurrilous energies dissipate as Cosmics infuse.
    Territorials are abandoned.
    Levitations commence on grand scale.
    Fortunes are collected and shared.
    Maters are seen in the Telepathics.

  62. @Cleopatra, there's no misunderstanding. Using anything outside of yourself, be it drugs/plants is no path to light. Shamans have brought no world religion/occult knowledge/mystery teaching to the world. I don't know how anyone considers sitting in a jungle and expelling bodily fluids from both ends to be a path to enlightenment. I'm afraid there are no shortcuts.

  63. Hold on family, my spidy senses are tingling. I believe the shift is accelerating big time!!. Hold the light, I expect a cobra update in the next day or so. Victory of our light and love. Dear cabal don't destroy yourself, choose love we can accomplish so much together. The old matrix forces us to give up hope. 5d days of bliss and jou ahead!!!

  64. Dear ones, you don't need to get stoned in order to do something. Neither do I. But I also can not deny the healing effect of the sacred plants. You have a free will to choose what to do and how. Acceptance, compassion, understanding.... We need more of these. Love and light <3

  65. Dear ones, you don't need to get stoned in order to do something. Neither do I. But I also can not deny the healing effect of the sacred plants. You have a free will to choose what to do and how. Acceptance, compassion, understanding.... We need more of these. Love and light <3


    Berlin ( GERMANY)
    24 Nov 2018
    A weekend of Full Inmersion into Feminine Mystical Path from Sacred Whirling, Heart centered Holistic practices and Sufi Poetry. Sufi Mysticism offers us a Path of union through the practice of the Sacred Whirling, the Prayer, the Song, the Poetry and the Mystical Dance. In this Special Gathering , Lalita will initiate us trough the vision of Sacred Whirling and Persian Mysticism through Dance and Poetry in Motion.
    A calling for women to connect from the Heart with the Divine Union between Lover and Beloved.


  67. Additional Important Information Regarding Yoni Eggs:
    Please do not use Yoni Eggs if you have an IUD, if you are pregnant, or when menstruating.
    To prepare the cleaning of your yoni egg, for it's first time use, place your egg in a pot, add cool water to cover your egg, bring the water to a boil and keep boiling for 10-15 minutes. Leave to cool in the pot, or scoop out with a spoon and place on a clean towel to dry and cool all the way before practicing.
    You can also string the egg with non-waxed and non-flavored dental floss and insert into your vagina, tugging upon it gently to first feel it inside you and for easier removal.
    To insert into your vagina, you can lubricate it with coconut oil or your saliva.
    When you are first beginning, you can do this practice lying down in your bed. And then move to sitting up. Then to standing.



  69. Yesterday as i was feeling quite sad and lost being in a strange environment , i saw writen on a guy's t-shirt '' pain is temporary ..... Victory is forever''. Very uplifting

  70. Please Cobra, update! We all demand, to have the event right now!

    No excuse!

    Alot wil leave this blog, and even suicide, IF, we will have to wait for months more!

    Again, this an S O S! RESCUE! NEEDED highly!

    S O S!

    LET THE EVENT HAPPEN RIGHT NOW! Source...lightforces, and ET,s.

    We are on an sinking ship, that cannot be recued anymore, IF no help is comming.

    We are literally/laterally on a sinking ship.

    And we want get out of it right now!

    1. Oh well. Sai Baba talked about the same! Finally, people will demand to be over...


  71. Achintya is the Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School and Global Sisterhood. She is dedicated to supporting women reclaim their Ancient Feminine Power & Sovereignty, and embody their Soul Essence.
    Achintya is a Priestess of Avalon, ordained in the Temple of Isis and the Rose Lineage of the Magdalene. Through extensive alchemical and somatic training, Archetypal Goddess Embodiment, Oracle Gifts, Moon Wisdom and her Priestess Path, Achintya expertly guides women through Light and Shadow home to their innate Wisdom, Truth, and Power.
    She journeys to her Priestess homes of Avalon and Egypt yearly for Re-Dedication, Offerings and Communion. She has received the blessings and been commissioned from these sacred lands and the Rose Mystica High Council to share these mystical teachings and oracle transmissions in her offerings through Goddess Rising Mystery School.
    Achintya is also a Certified Wholistic Health Practitioner, Women’s Embodiment Mentor, Acupressure & CranioSacral Therapist and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher. She is from British Colombia and lives on the island of Maui with her husband. She teaches both online and in-person internationally.

  72. Seems that phase III has already began!

    Pleiades 1 Messages February 9 2019
    Pleiades 1 Messages February 10 2019
    Pleiades 1 Messages February 11 2019
    Pleiades 1 Messages February 12 2019
    Pleiades 1 Messages February 14 2019

    QAnon February 15 2019 Update – Phase III #WinningBigly

  73. james gilliland-(excerpt)-quote-----Everything begins in Consciousness, lowered into Light, then Energy followed by Mass. In other words, everything you think is real is nothing more than condensed consciousness light and energy. There has been a lot of miscreation out of alignment with Universal Law. This is being cleaned up from the top down. The lower 4D is being cleared out along with those who have aligned with and built their kingdoms in 3D at the expense of Humanity and the Earth. Their institutions designed to control and enslave the masses are also being dismantled. If there was a true audit of the trillions of dollars taken from the masses and dispensed to the global elite a revolution would soon follow. Thus, the white hats, yellow vests and entire countries are rising up. There is a failsafe mechanism in the soul. When things hit a certain level of suppression it activates and there has been a global activation. When these stolen assets return back to the people it will jumpstart Heaven on Earth. Power will be returned to the people. Fueless energy, anti-counter gravity, suppressed cures, energy medicine has been released. As this moves into the mainstream it will aide in the transition.-----unquote.....

  74. Hehehe. Watched a tv show called "Umbrella Academy" yesterday. In Season One Episode Five titled "Number Five" there is a bus at time marker 12:38. If you look close it has bright green letters on the side centre behind the main character that says CBRA lol. COBRA is that you? ;)

  75. Hi everyone, I'm new to this blog, but interested in it, I was gonna ask (not sure if I get answer), I had a dream (dreaming while asleep) that some violet things like huge flowers started to come out from underground caves. This things were somehow related to biological evolution. Is here someone who can exlpain if it's just a dream or what a hell was that. The thing is I'm not really into all that stuff but seems like being involved in that games, and getting pretty frustrated, because of a lack of actual info.

    1. Hello and welcome sunhort.

      To get an idea for this blog is about you should read through as many of the previous blog entries as you can.

      Short summary of the plans of the light forces:

      Cornerstone Cobra articles:

      For event related dream analysis watch some of Allison Coe's videos.

      Peace be with you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. @James Taylor If you study the shamanism you will see that the shamans were one of the first people with okkult/spiritual knowledge and understanding. Their knowledge and wisdom was not linked to substances, but they used these substances as tools for different purposes in a harmonic way. One purpose was to better access the unconscious parts of the self.
    If you study the origins of the knowledge of modern mysteryschools, you will see that shamanism is a very important origin there. Many of the old shamans had spiritual contact to the masters and starbeeings.
    Don't underestimate Shamanism.
    Mainstream media won't tell you that. It is the same with every culture that possessed ancient spiritual knowledge (see ancient Egypt, see ancient Mexico Mayas, ancient India). These advanced cultures have had much knowledge much more than we can imagine. And this knowledge is so important that Cabale want's us to look at these cultures and see them like very primitive under-evolved cultures so that we won't find the ancient teachings of the gnoistic knowledge and other hidden truth. For that reason they also destroyed the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the incredible rich collection of gnostic and spiritual knowledge of the universe/multiverse.

    The Hidden History of Humanity:

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