Saturday, February 16, 2019

ROOTEXE isolated, SURFACOM modulation in progress to RRR10


  1. (Not exactly relates to these codes)

    When Cobra posted about The White Dragon society he stated that elders thought their role was too powerful after the Event but that just means they think their role is huge from a humble standpoint. Maybe, at least. Not trying to be disrespectful, I’ve just thought about this for a while.


    1. What do u mean. Could u post the exact wording.

    2. Well.. i believe after the event humanity will receive guidance from different groups .. including but not limited to Agarthans.. from ascended beings etc...

      And hopefully by then i will get to meet my tf.. not to speak of a past... not to learn 1more mantra... but to help me wake up inside... just as if in a blink of a eye i could live life as perhaps once i knew or perhaps even better... where every second where time no longer will be of significanve as we know it will still feel as if it counted.

    3. Just that they think they have a big role




    1. "Stray voltage is the occurrence of electrical potential between two objects that ideally should not have any voltage difference between them. Small voltages often exist between two grounded objects in separate locations, due to normal current flow in the power system."

      "Stray voltage is any case of undesirable elevated electrical potential, but more precise terminology gives an indication of the source of the voltage. Neutral to earth voltage (NEV) specifically refers to a difference in potential between a locally grounded object and the grounded return conductor, or neutral, of an electrical system. The neutral is theoretically at 0 V potential, as any grounded object, but current flows on the neutral back to the source, somewhat elevating the neutral voltage. NEV is the product of current flowing on the neutral and the finite, non-zero impedance of the neutral conductor between a given point and its source, often a distant substation."

      "Stray voltage is defined as "A voltage resulting from the normal delivery and/or use of electricity (usually smaller than 10 volts) that may be present between two conductive surfaces that can be simultaneously contacted by members of the general public and/or their animals. Stray voltage is caused by primary and/or secondary return current, and power system induced currents, as these currents flow through the impedance of the intended return pathway, its parallel conductive pathways, and conductive loops in close proximity to the power system."

    2. Areas of Light development...

      …From the disgustingness of the 3-phase power system with grounded neutral as an active wire,... to Tesla's wireless transmission...

      …Let's develop a 'clean' environment with no stray-voltage for our Islands and Areas of Light... Time is now!...


    3. Now!...
      It comes, how clean or not is an environment in which you have stray-voltages?

      Would you 'like' to have stray-voltages, even low value or not dangerous?...

      From a metaphysical, from a higher dimensional, point of view... is somehow the stray-voltage something that makes the Area of Light not clean enough?...

    4. Island of Light of Brazil development...

      Setting 'extra low voltage standard'...

      discussion to come...

      actual réglementation:
      "Some types of landscape lighting use SELV / PELV (extra-low voltage) systems. Modern battery operated hand tools fall in the SELV category. In more arduous conditions 25 volts RMS alternating current / 60 volts (ripple-free) direct current can be specified to further reduce hazard. Lower voltage can apply in wet or conductive conditions where there is even greater potential for electric shock. These systems should still fall under the SELV / PELV (ELV) safety specifications."

      "In Brazil, ELV (Extra-baixa tensão or EBT in Portuguese) is officially defined in Regulatory Standard no. 10 from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment as any voltage "not exceeding 50 volts a.c. or 120 volts d.c.".[5] Although that standard defines safety rules for electricity, the Regulatory Standard no. 12 requires an even lower voltage for start and stop devices on machines and equipment made from March 2012 and on, stating it shall not exceed 25 volts a.c. or 60 volts d.c."


    5. No grounded active wire if you want to avoid stray-voltage!... nor for supply voltage, none for 'low-voltage' (extra-low-voltage), no else...

      active wires have to be not grounded!...

      Visit the pages and look up the diagrams for a better understanding.

      The main page:

      and a Q and A page:





  5. この前のアップデートで、僕らもイベントを待つのではなく行動を起こしてイベントを起こしていくんだと思いまして、考えたのですが




  6. Cobra...PLEASE...UPDATE!

    Were all waiting for the event.

    Our ship is sinking, and we off course want get out of it right now! Yes RIGHT NOW!

    Before its too late.

    I have heartproblems too.

    I want experience the event...ALIVE, and in good health please.

    And no, there are NO bubbles of heaven, if so, we must feel them, we must feel very light then, like on a good marihuana/LSD.
    , with bringing the event.

    Were running out of time, and...PATIENCE..........TOTALLY!

    Namaste. Love and light.
    Say to all lightforces/ET,s, and source...HURRY

    1. You realize our calls for help were already answered right? So no amount of "come save me now" pleas are going to make it go any faster. Consequently it actually PROLONGS the process. So please practice some humility, for the sake of the planet have some self-respect.

  7. Soul Families

    Why do the dark ones get nervous when only 2 members of a Soul Family physically meet?
    A fifthdimensional relationship is possible between members of a Soul Family that the Dark Ones cannot control.

    This case, for example, shows that human programming is activated to attack relationships between soul mates.

    Nevertheless, the energies have been supporting soul families for some time […]

  8. Awesome! Eteenpäin, sanoi mummo lumessa. Carefully and slowly forward.

  9. 言而无信。不是绅士的品格。你们需要立即兑现这么多年的承诺。请把你们的诺言一句句对照,哪一条是兑现的。再看看黑暗势力集团的宣言,哪一条是没有实现的。你们心里可有羞耻感?你们的心里都是对自己行为失败的辩解理由。我要问一句:是谁造成的这么夸张的局面?是人类?还是你们对黑暗势力的无比仁慈之爱。直接扼杀了我们所有的底层人民的生命和灵魂自由~~~感恩尊敬的Cobra先生。保重,每一位还挣扎在崩溃边缘的战士,包括我自己。衷心祝福我们,即刻得到解脱。无论是肉体和灵魂。

  10. just have been feeling huge acceleration this past week.
    sleeping a lot and very anxious (in a good way) as awakened.
    can't stand industrial food anymore.

    victory is here. we can feel it.


  12. Keep fighting.we will win. Thanks.


  14. The event. Will it happen one day? In my lifetime? It becomes increasingly difficult for me to imagine it, and time passes and passes and we fight and fight for our daily survival. Thank you Cobra for your tireless efforts.

    1. Qu'importe que nous soyons "vivant ou mort" quand l'évènement se produira, il atteindra toutes les couches de l'univers, et les défunts le ressentiront avant nous puisque le monde astral est de plus haute énergie que le monde 3D. Notre corps est seulement un véhicule de la Vie, qui est éternelle. Après celui là, c'est un autre, et le suivant viendra dans un monde libéré, où l'évènement aura eu lieu, alors qu'importe! Moi aussi je voudrais le vivre dans cette vie, mais si ce n'est pas le cas, tant pis, ou tant mieux, je le vivrais plus vite et plus fort si je suis là haut.

    2. I had, I think, event like situations twice in my life. I don't remember the second or first trigger, but I was then in a mood like on LSD, loved everyone and everything and it loved me back. :) The other trigger was when I walked out of jail after 11 months. I felt like I am flying. I think that the event will make us all like this. Ehm...what to say....go to jail and get out of it alive and then you will have your event. :) (I could not reproduce it, though)


  15. "The Level-2 Immanuyana and Level-1 Immanuel High Veca Codes are PHOTO-RADIONIC Codes,
    carrying the Mathematical Programs of the Trion-Meajhe Field Khundaray Primal Sound AND Kee-Ra-ShA
    Primal Light Currents. The most powerful Yunasai-Eckasha Codes are PHOTO-SONIC Codes, carrying
    the Mathematical Programs of the Khundaray Current Primal Sound Meajhe Field AND their bridging God-
    Seed vibration-rhythms connecting to Source."



  17. Crystal Pylon Temples and Free Energy

    There are locations on Earth called cue zones or cue sites that directly connect to the crystal pylon temples of Inner Earth.

    Crystal pylon temples are massive selenite quartz crystal structures that run the photo-radionic energies of the star gates through the planetary rock bed and through the planetary template.

    They keep the Inner Earth star gates opened at all times so that the Inner Earth does not have to wait for a Star Gate Stellar Activation Cycle in order to benefit from the frequencies that come through the star gates.

    It’s all right to leave your star gates opened if they’re being properly maintained and kept in balance.

    The opened star gates provide a massive free energy system for the planet that has awesome power, and that doesn’t create any nuclear wastes. It’s a power that is in harmony with Source because it’s built upon proper use of Source energy and natural use of Source element.



  19. Informational Field Created by Counter Rotating Magnets. Nano Skin Filters Supply of EM Data to Heavily Conditioned Current. Ionized Plasma Cascades via Resonant Nodes Harmonized With Current while Exponentiality Increasing Amplitude for Access. Sound Increases Dimensional "Surface Area" so as to Contain More EM Energy in a Localized Space/Time. Generate Certain Probability of Dimensional Area Being Enclosed in Energy with No Localized Outlet so as to Access Plasma Energies from the Permeable Dimensional "Area" Between the Depth, Length, Width, Time Axis to the Ascendent Axis and it's Localized Energies.

    Feed the Planet.

    To Collaborate
    Alexander William Britton
    Twitter: @awb555

    1. You may have to reel back a bit on the science lingo if you want anyone to understand. Unless of course the ones who do understand what you said are the only ones who can help, then I understand lol. There's a lot in your statement to take in, so bear with us who aren't "up to snuff" as it were ;)

    2. SHe may have to learn proper english first: No word is in uppercase there except for I and the first wordc of the sentence. :)


  20. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craf


  21. Areas of Light development...

    Some other new images are in place...

    the big size 'campanula' is 'growing':

    'campanulas' units seem at most, from a distance, with campanulas, and also with cup-saucer campanulas from underneath,
    as long you can do a lighting unit to seem (at least from a distance) with a campanula or cup-saucer campanula,... it's very very difficult (impossible) to make it to seem with a rose or other flower...

    1. Areas of Light development...

      A clean environment, with no 'stray voltages'...

      discussion to come on the blog:


    1. Thank you for this valuable information!

    2. @Rainbow Warrior

      What about those of us who LOST their hair?
      I fell victim to baldness at the age of 16.

    3. @PulseFire

      You're welcome!!!
      Love and Light!!!

      @Shermen Potter

      I'm sorry you had to go through that. Maybe you could look into this...

      May you find your peace!!!
      Love and Light!!!

    4. @Rainbow Warrior

      thanks.....but I want the ET's to come and not only give me back hair, but to make me the woman I should have been born as, or, at least, change me to look and sound like one, and with their amazing technology, I KNOW they can help me.

    5. @Sherman, looking like a woman and sounding like a woman is not all that there is to the qualities of actually being a woman. Change your hair, change your body and change your voice all you like, this will not give you the feminine qualities of mind.

    6. @James Taylor

      You are not me. I also did not ask for your advice or anything.

      Until you walked a mile in my shoes.....don't make any conclusions.

      And when one is trapped in the worst prison, the prison without will be angry, sorry if I, once again, don't sing 'rainbows and lollipops', even in the worst of times. Many transgenders are angry, angry at the universe, god, etc.

      So, unless you go through it, you do NOT know.

  23. Shambala = Tramp Stamp 1999 Go Big Blue

  24. What does all this mean in language that I can understand ? Someone break it down for me please.

    1. Break it down now!

      Nawhnawh nawh nawh nawhnawh nawh.

      Nawhnawh nawh nawh nawhnawh.

      Stop! Hammer time.

      Oh yeah, i win the internet today. 02/16/2019 goes to me.
      see yall on the dancefloor tmro.

    2. I noticed last night something that I've never noticed before. there was something artificial near the region of my brain that altered the rhythm of my thoughts. metaphorically, think the of clock on a computer which makes sure operations are in sync. needless to say, when the rhythm of my mind was altered, I was very effected - specifically, this created a trance. so today, that is all gone. no more trance. I have some control of my thoughts for the first time in ages.

    3. The original purpose of this blog was to relay coded messages to the Resistance Movement. If Cobra's not speaking in plain english it's meant for them, not us.

    4. You ask for clarity and what you get is a person with profound intellectual disability having a mental age below three years who is generally unable to learn or construct 1 intelligent thought to string into a sentence

  25. Schuman today :0

  26. The Hidden History of Humanity


    Very good description of the evolution of consciousness and ancient mysteries.


    Veil after veil will fall. But vail after vail remains.

    1. I see this video is heavily influenced by the teachings of Theosophy. Helena Bavatsky's writings of the ancient wisdoms are invaluable, it's a shame much has been distorted by those that followed after her.

      Personally I fully argree that no great evolutionary changes will occur for humanity for many, many thousands of years.

  27. I do not like this. Please tell aliens to land now. Okay, thanks.

  28. 🤔 что тут происходит?

  29. You can remove, or balance aluminum within your body.
    Upload your photo, search "Aluminum", run program "balance" or "removal". It is a kind of the experimental method as radionics psychotronics.

  30. Yeah I have to have surgery for a tumor on my kidney, please pray for my complete healing!

    1. I hope You will get through this with no complications!

    2. God bless you. I will pray for your complete recovery. Picture angels around you during surgery.

  31. Think about the saying, “The sky’s the limit” for a minute.
    Do you think maybe, just maybe the cabal coined that saying as part of their programming?

    1. Absolutely. It's like a backhanded compliment lol. Apocalypse is coming though, and it's a good thing.

  32. Thoughts on this Pleiadian Transmission by Michael Love:

    1. I don`t know actually what to think about this. Of this transformation to 5D vibration level. I don`t know,- there is an opinion out there that even inner earth civilisations is not on 5D consciousness level and we are barely beginning to transition in 4D....Maybe with a help of these incoming energies we can make a lion`s jump...? Who knows....If we don`t try we`ll never know )). There`s definately some great energies incoming for a last 2 days, yesterday and today. It`s been a wonderful sunny weather here where I live as well! And I`m having more optimistic feeling than usual )). I totally agree with a message that we have to shake off 3D energies ASAP because they are no good what so ever. For me personally it is literally painful to even see some 3D stuff going one. Can`t bare it anymore so I`m having an impression that it`s something very dangerous now. About this inner job,- I think that it`s not only important to assimilate and to figure out how to use these incoming energies but to get some knowledge about what this whole creation`s about, how it functions, what are we and what are we doing here and what`s the purpose anyway. Knowing all this kind of fundamental things really helps in rising own vibrations and consciousness level. And we definately have to stop paying atention on all the crap on the mass media and everyday useless drama. I wish you all luck and great success in this 5D inner work! Hope we will be there soon! P.S. And this statement that our mission`s are almost over now...well...I`m having huge resonance with it!

  33. well done and thank you. I notice today that those fuckers don;t have complete control of my thoughts. very pleasant change. I hope it lasts forever.

  34. Schumann Resonance has been a "white out" situation today.
    Holy Cow! -

  35. Right you are :) Keep your eyes on the prize everyone, this may be a bumpy ride.

  36. Cobta RM Light Forces ..... Please do something to speed up the whole thing we are more than just tired we are beyond frustration and despair ...... Not matter how much i try to be patient and improve my life it is very difficult, too many hassles . Troubles .... They are keeping us in poverty PLEASE we need URGENTLY some relief ..... Some financial support . Don`t know how to ``make money`` ......... How to function in this fake matrix. We are all tired of it EXHAUSTED. Maybe another( last ..... I pray ) global medditation soon ? Thank you for your efforts and sacrifice ... I Love you . Peace

    1. I am soo with you. What helps me is think deeply on the changes you want to see in the present world. How you would bless those you see suffering around you. How you would spend your time and energy when you will have endless day at a time. Sometimes even focus on one breath at a time. We are closer to victory than we ever were.

  37. Seems that phase III has already began!

    Pleiades 1 Messages February 9 2019
    Pleiades 1 Messages February 10 2019
    Pleiades 1 Messages February 11 2019
    Pleiades 1 Messages February 12 2019
    Pleiades 1 Messages February 14 2019

    QAnon February 15 2019 Update – Phase III #WinningBigly

    1. Hopefully this is the phase 3 they are talking about:
      "The third phase of phase transition is called Bubble Elevation phase. This phase sees the thermal flux from the Galactic Central Sun rising exponentially, with more and more Bubbles of Heaven actively forming and matrix society actively collapsing, until the thermal flux peaks at the moment of the Event.

      The moment of the Event is the moment of critical thermal flux, the matrix society collapses, the Contact is made, the entropic elements of the old society are swiftly removed, and we enter into the fourth phase."

  38. <3 <3 <3 Daily Buddhic Columns Meditation
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