Monday, July 29, 2019

A Short Notice To The Surface Population

Next two weeks will be crucial to determine how the process of planetary liberation will continue.

The Light Forces are asking everybody to meditate as often as they can and as often as they feel guided, for the process in the next two weeks to continue in positive, harmonious and peaceful way for the planet, humanity and especially for those who are holding Light for the planet.

The Light Forces are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation:


Victory of the Light!


    LOVE AND LIGHT :) :) :)
    Aurélien (F.P)

    1. 🙏

      Let's hope we can finally get some tangible wins here

      Check out the newest Signs of Change recapping the buildup to this momentous time✨🍿

    2. Yes, we need tangible results, for once.

    3. They are plenty of then, just ask in which areas do you want to see tangible results

  2. Here's a poem I like. Some wise words found herein.

    "If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don't give way to hating
    And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise."

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
    And—which is more—you'll be a Man, my son!"

    1. James
      this is one of my favorites. I have it hanging in my home where I can see it daily.
      when I was a young pubescent the nuns sent it home with my sister and I. My mother asked us to memorize it.
      Its been with me for decades.
      I sent a copy to Trump et al. during all the needless investigations and MSM crapitude.
      It is a pillar of wisdom and I would dare say
      a Master Initiate's project at one time.
      It stands the test of 'no' time= timeless in its wisdom as the opera piece 'Handel's Messiah' another initiate piece.

    2. James Taylor & sojounerbe

  3. wow, these last days ive been feeling a great urge to meditate for some reason, maybe this is why? nice, gonna do what I can

  4. Love will win, Victory of the Light!

  5. Thanks for the update
    Traducido al castellano
    Translated to spanish


  6. i recommend falun dafa as a very powerful meditation tool as well as cultivation method.

    It has worked wonders already and ive only been doing it for a couple months now.

    1. Joshua is that the title of a guided video or is it a chant or...? Thanks by the way!

    2. thank you Joshua for the tip, and here I have sign for a course, and it is free...

  7. WoW! Thank you Cobra for the Heads up. Here we go Folks, this is what we have All been waiting for for so long. May Love and Peace, Joy and Harmony Fill our Hearts and Minds. Wonderful Times await Us. Buckle up and enjoy the Ride! The Light is Victorious! 🙏🏼❤️🌈

    1. Good reply. Great intel/advice from Cobra. Yes, I will be there for the Plan. California

  8. What why is Lilith on the label for this post? Is it true Lilith's origin story is a Hindu goddess? I'll meditate every time I get a chance to. This sounds very important.

    1. The lilithu are originaly Sumerian or Babylonian sexual demons (male or female) that the Jews in their exiles had admitted within their folklore.Towards in the 9th century in the old Israel was born the legend of Lilith or the first wife of Adam and mother of the lunar and demurigues spirits

    2. Lilith was one the incarnations of Isis. In the Hindu religion she is called "Karuna." (Care+Uno) The caring one.

      Sex is not evil or demonic but in fact has immense healing properties as Cobra explained in an article a while back.

      Further reading:

      The suppression sexual energy is one of the greatest deceptions of the dark forces.

      The truth is out there for those who seek it.

      Victory for the light.

    3. ObservantElf - I hear you here. My thought about - the Lilith tag- maybe - perhaps she needs to be a part of the completion of the transmutation of the remaining repressed female energies on this planet - she must be acknowledged - BUT - as a dying entity - So - that she may leave this planet. Energy - has to go somewhere - and this transmutation will allow her to see herself - and then realize that she is not part of this equation - anymore. to me - if we resist energy - it will snap back at us - twofold. But if we let it occupy - in a space where it is not getting any attention (which in her case would be negative attention) - she will leave - Or - allow herself to be transformed - transmuted - to carry more light. Just my thoughts.

    4. I did not mean demon in a Judeo-Christian sense but rather in the Paian sense, daemons or minor deities . Nevertheless the goddess Lilith received many infamous sacrifices in the ancient Sumer and many kabalistic and satanic groups openly worshipped her,according to my occult experiences it would be the embodiment of the regenerated feminine energies as well as a draconian deity .In the circles of the Moriah or of those who are naively called "Iluminati", the Liliths are the abortionists during unhealthy ritual . Similarly Lilith was since antiquity a very powerful draconian entity, she is linked to Yesod to other "female" Archon .I find it logical that if an entity was so powerful in our world of darkness for millennia this one is very lucky to be bound to the regressive and vampiric forces .Speaking of Vampire this entity is also a sexual vampire, psychic even bloody ,its energy is if you want a senblable comparison to that of Dracula or other draco lords

  9. We'll do it, of course! Thank you dear Cobra! VOTL

  10. This is a time we need to put our differences away and unite for a common cause. LIBERATION OF PLANET EARTH/HUMANITY. I’m not good at visualising during meditation but I’ll try and if that doesn’t work then intent should be more than enough. We all agree this is taking far too long so here is the call, the call to make a difference. Keep up the good work fellow ground crew

  11. Merci à Cobra ainsi qu'à tous les travailleurs et guerriers de la Lumière, nous y sommes presque! Victoire de la lumière !!! 🙏🏼❤️🌈

  12. Ohm Ah hung
    vajhra (pronounce: vash-ra) guru pe-ma
    siddi-hi hung

    Mantra - Vajra Guru - Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

  13. Manifesting NEW EARTH -
    A quick inSPIRITation for all of you to visualize Flower of Life grid on New Earth !!

  14. Love and Light to All!!!

  15. "Lilith is attributed as the grand lady of all demons. The demons are sometimes considered to be the children of Lilith and is said to be the woman (succubus archetype) who comes to men in their dreams."

  16. Victory of the light! 🥀🥀🥀

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  18. Victory of the light 🙏🌎🌍🌏💛💫☀️🌻🌹

  19. Thanks for the update. Could be the final push, if we all push hard enough! Violet sword drawn!

  20. Wow cobra. I am speechless. Ten days ago I started waking up and meditating at 3:30 a.m.for an hour,everyday, and at the end of the meditation spreading loving kindness and compassion. (I started going to sleep at 21:00 everynight). I sleep 5 hours and I am ok, maybe in afternoon sleep for half an hour If I feel sleepy and drink some coffee.

  21. Blessed BE- I received this very message a few days ago in a meditative state (no time/space).
    Focusing ever since- head start so-to-speak.
    'On it'
    So BE that.
    Thank U
    for the confirmation.

  22. Lately i hear constant buzzing and tinnitus in my head. its very annoying.

    1. Big panic attack tonight for me, Sara. @_@

    2. Could just be the 5D energies. Courage!

    3. Let me finally have contact with the aliens, and to change my body, finally.

    4. I hope that happens for you soon, Sherman

    5. As do I flat, had ANOTHER panic attack this morning.

      Hope they get here fast, I want SOMETHING good to happen in this life, which will be my final reincarnation.....I'm DONE after this life, I will NOT risk ANOTHER so-called 'life' like the one I've had these past 40 years.

  23. Big hug for my family of light, love you all!

  24. Traducido al español:

  25. Only harmony exists, because only harmony was created, any indererferece is the illusion, the belief of duality is the illusion, there is only on creator and one creation, it is only mortal belief that claims otherwise.

  26. We're in the endgame now! Victory of the Light!!

  27. Synchronicity, today I was guided to wear my Cobra t-shirt!



  28. Victory of the Light!🥇🎖️🏆

  29. Let's do this, Victory of the Light!

  30. So if everything goes well there will be no more toplet-bombs and lots of wise writing for the 3D future.

  31. The secret of lillith is in the destruction of tiamat/maldek. She IS karma. She will exact payment upon our enemy (black league) as was foretold.

    She will also trepidate everyone of us as is necessary to prepare us for godhood. For those of you calling her a succubus, all magic is sex magic. She comes to your "dreams" to entice you into that which you desire so as to bring you into a trepidation scenario. Pass her test and you will be fine.

    On a side note the dark brothers were pushing immensely hard on me and likely many others today. Once i became angry its like i couldnt stop. This is highly unusual considering how hard ive worked to conquer this. If your having trouble, just breathe. None of it ever matters like the illusions make you think.


    1. When you mean 'trepidation' i.e. coming from a programmed perspective of guilt over having sexual feelings?

    2. Not all magic is 'sex magic', that is nonsense. The vast majority of 'sex magic' belongs to the left handed path and has no bearing in spiritual illumination.

    3. not even close bro. She comes in enticing you sexually to set up the scenario. The scenario doesnt necessarily involve sex at all. Thats just how it starts. It typically becomes something else entirely almost instantly. Like an argument or violence as being one of many number of possible scenarios. Always depending on what you need the most.

    4. james taylor you as like many are but a reflection of just how unready so many are for the truth. Always warring with your own soul. Tell me, how are your dreams? Can you even remember them? You are trapped in a bias of duality and this is clearly indicated by the fear you speak upon subjects that are effectively common knowledge to any true adept. There can be no fear where we are going or we would simply take ourselves out.

      The right hand path is equally sexual or have you already forgotten about sacred union or sexual healing in your haste to fight that which you dont understand? The right hand paths magics are so immensely powerful that the dark forces have made every attempt to eradicate it from history. Why join them?

    5. >Joshua king david
      Ok thanks for sharing. Most of my dreams are of what I have experienced but are not exact replicas of the actual place, like a parallel universe.

    6. Joshua,a true adept would not have such a presumptuous, condescending and sickenly self righteous attitude. Nor would they ever appear on a public blog. Perhaps you should look to your own soul before speaking of others, for you fool no one other than yourself.

    7. Some of us are not that lucky to even get to have a DATE, much less sex. >_>

  32. I would also mention the super black moon on the 31st is highly related and there are already signs that it may be used for dark rituals so meditation and practicing calm is extremely crucial right now.



  33. So if everything goes well there will be no more toplet-bombs and lots of wise writing for the 3D future. (Benji is on leave, which is also a good sign.)

  34. Some music for the next 2 weeks:

    FM Attack - Sleepless Nights:
    FM Attack - Echoes:
    FM Attack - Images of You
    Synthwave - Dreams:
    Chillwave - Waves:
    Chillwave - Voyage:
    Chillwave - Stargazer:
    Chillwave - Spaceman:
    Chillwave - Space Car:
    Classic Trance - Ibiza '89:
    Chillwave - Miami Palms:
    Chillwave - Orbit:
    Classic Trance - Exotic:
    Chillwave - Prisms:
    Chillwave - Apex:

    Others on YT channel 'Odysseus'. Similar music on The Prime Thanatos and Astral Throb. These links will not be posted again.

    1. FM Attack is great. I have been listening to them for the last couple years. If you like them these are some good suggestions:

      Lost Years - Lightbringers

      Isidor - Crystal City

    2. Thanks bro. Just some suggestions I posted to secure the 2 weeks.

      "Humans Win" Credo
      ~ Humans Win By Standing Up To Injustice
      - Humans Win By Losing Their Fear
      - Humans Win By Researching The Truth Themselves
      - Humans Win By Opening Their Minds AND Then Their Mouths
      - Humans Win By Knowing We Are Great But Not The Greatest Power
      - Humans Win By Protecting Those That Are Unable To Do So, Be They Man Or Animal
      - Humans Win By Respecting This Earth We All Live On But Knowing It Is Not Our Possession
      - Humans Win By Reaching Their Potential
      - Humans Win"

    3. Alpha 9 - Come Home:

      Alpha 9 - Mix:

  35. Let's make this happen. Victory of the love and truth!!.

  36. Music by Tom Kenyon (messages are from 2013 - 2015, this is for music only):

    All Rights to Tom Kenyon. These links will not be posted again.

  37. Come on, family, IT'S CRUNCH TIME! ! The triumph of light !

  38. Thanks dear Cobra ✨ continue meditating to support Light forces ✨ Victory of the Light ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈


    Meditating on Flower of Life to aid in the upliftment of consciousness of these architects unwisely using non-eculdian geometry in their "work".

  40. Am I to read between the lines and posit light workers are under great danger?

  41. Thank you.
    Also, I totally know you guys are busy, can you find a way to provide some accurate reference material regarding the being known as Sananda and the one earthlings call the Christ? Thank you everyone.

    1. christ is the soul. It means to be an awakened one. Nobody is actually awake. Its more like sleepwalking. Gotta retrieve your soul first.

  42. OK! It's a good new!
    Victory of the light!

  43. Nous sommes prêts
    Ma fille est de nouveau à côté de moi
    je ressens une forte poussée de vibrations positives


  44. let's do this!
    victory of the light forever

  45. This is actually super important you guys. Please take some time out of each day to participate. It's REALLY crucial.

    If people could share this request with others that would be grand!

  46. I meditate daily. Also, recently felt inspired to buy a flower of life pendant on etsy. Wear it daily with my Cobra Cintamani stone that I made into a necklace. The energies are vibrating so high lately and building upwards. I feel so much joy, excitement, and anticipation as we inch closer to break-through. I literally can't wait to meet my galactic family. Victory of the light!!

  47. Dear planet earth, a short notice to the surface population - don't panic. Whew, that helped! :)

  48. Ok we been down this road before and I assume we should be all used to being disappointed by now. I can only wonder on what new excuse will be used if the Event in not produced before those two weeks.

    1. Enough with the negativity, there's too much of it on this blog. Too much complaining, "it's not here yet". So DO something about it then! We ARE the event! It's a spiritual war and we are the warriors! Nothing is going to be handed to us, we have to be the change. Complaining and getting depressed over another disappointment just feeds the darkness. There's too many depressed people or trolls on here who claim they're going to kill themselves after every "bad news". We are getting closer every day, I can finally feel the energy picking up after so long. I've been feeling exactly what COBRA said just before I read this. We are in a critical time now, things could go wrong, or they could go very right, and we are the ones who need to hold the energy and not go into a downward spiral just because the event didn't happen when we wanted it to. There's a lot more going on then you know. Things way above our ability to understand.

    2. Cobra never stated The Event would happen in the next two weeks, he just implied that a major operation would be taking place.

      What I hope to see happen is Epstein's trial fast tracked, which will expose the massive pedophilia crimes committed by the cabal, which should begin the cascade of revelation and awakening that should quickly lead to The Event.

    3. >Evolution
      The Deep State almost succeeded in finishing him off. the fact he was even attacked shows the South District New York Police are still underestimate the Deep State and their willingness to cover their tracks at any cost.

      Drone footage of the bed in that temple on Epstein Island showed copious amounts of blood stains on the plastic covered mattress (exposed by color enhancement by a certain freelance journalist to remove the filtering effect of the window). Its clear whoever bled that much on that bed is dead. Epstein's the key and they are not doing a good job of ensuring his personal safety.

  49. Will do!!! We can do this right? We so so need this. This world isn't going to make it much longer. Love to all my brothers and sisters here. We can do this! ❣️🙏❣️

  50. I have been seeing a lot of angel numbers, like 222, 333, 444, etc. I have also seen lots of spiders and other insects. If I am out walking at night I seem to always feel webs on my face and arms even though I am walking down an open road. According to the fm144 blog this can be a bad sign. I looked up CoBras flower of life post and images of the flower of life:

    The owl and deer are my spirit animals so I thought this was cool:

  51. Absolutely! Starting now!
    V 2 T L

    �� Light of Love.. Kamala Angel ��

  53. Black supermoon July 31st

    news to me too.



  54. Mission flower of life. I am in

  55. See if this is true for you, or not. But sounds such as riging in the ears, humming sounds, buzzing of bees, even flufe can be experienced as one is tuned to inner spiritual planes. In other words, it can be a very positive thing.

  56. Replies
    1. You can use it in your meditation...


    2. "Many temples of the Goddess will be built after the Event. Until then,..."

    3. Looking forward to seeing these temples as a guy, just to experience what its like that many hundreds of generations before couldn't experience.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Ready for the calling on the highest peek! Let it heal and shine! Thank you for inviting. Love and shine to Everybody!

  59. Ready for the calling on the highest peek. Let it heal and shine! Love and shine to everybody!

  60. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Getting SERIOUS about Controlling these Energies and Thriving

    There's so much going on ... both internally within all of us & externally with Planetary Liberation.

    I'll only provide the topic headers in this short notification message, because what's going on is more than enough to fill 2 radio show episodes.

    More will be provided to you soon.

    Here's a small taste ...

    Support In Handling These Desperate Attacks & Intense Energies, so you can thrive ... and NOT buckle under

    For now ... the only real challenge for us 144k Warriors & Goddesses is being able to thrive ... and grow STRONG, as the grand finale of planetary liberation continues in intensity ... overwhelming many lightworkers.

    Gaia & humanity can't afford that!

    And it's my job to make sure the overwhelm stops & is reversed ... for YOU.

    Many of us have been 'interfered' with to prevent sleep.

    This seems to be the main new 'external tactic' both physical & non-physical darkness is resorting to, to prevent our participation in planetary liberation campaigns / activities.

    They WON'T win ... for two main reasons:

    The "Secret Weapon" Darkness Has No Answer For

    1) The ICB (Internal Compression Breakthrough) Guided MASS Clearing Audio Session has gone through what could easily be described as a 'metamorphasis'.

    And it was already one of - if not the most - powerful & comprehensive clearing sessions available, which anyone can use ... on demand ... whenever needed.

    It's been shortened - and greatly improved - so you can handle anything that comes your way & no longer suffer from compression breakthrough symptoms.

    This is one of the main tools for you growing STRONG ... and not just 'coping' ... as these energies intensify - thanks to planetary liberation getting closer and closer to the final crescendo.

    More about this ICB breakthrough in my next email. This is arguably the ultimate tool darkness simply doesn't have an answer for ... (which is why we had to REALLY fight through to some stiff resistance, just to get it to you - and that's no joke!).

    It will be provided soon. And people who've purchased the ICB in the past (proceeds go to the 144k Campaign to accelerate planetary liberation) ... will get it for free.

    Methods to Regain Sleep

    2) I'm experimenting with a combination of various physical & energetic methods to shut down the blatant & more recent attempts by the physical & non-physical darkness to prevent sleep in all of us. Once I've completed these experiments ... I'll immediatly let you know what to do, to shut down this latest attempt to exhaust our energies so that we can't do Mass Meditations.

    Important 144k Mass Meditation this Wed Night / Thurs Morning !

    3) The next game-changing 'Energetic Event' is this Wed night (Thurs morning in the Eastern part of the world).

    This isn't just another opportunity to raise the planet to a higher timeline that's much closer to the smoothest & quickest Event timeline ... but to also potentially shut down the 'prevention of sleep' attacks that have recently been launched.

    They want to play hard-ball?

    The 144k is here to respond in-kind!

    Details of exact times for your time-zone will be emailed to you.

    SO ...

    ... keep a close eye out for daily emails over the next few days, centered around the crucial 144k Mass Meditation this coming Wed/Thurs ... and the release of the shortened & improved ICB audio...

    ... that will get us through now that the war has finally reached the surface of the planet & help us all withstand (& thrive) in these overwhelming make-it-or-break-it physical & energetic events over the coming 7 days!

    Stay tuned!

    1. @unknown, "Many of us have been 'interfered' with to prevent sleep."

      My whole life. I figured out in my early twenties it was archon related. My sleep began to improve but I would receive various attacks and awake to different archon types and occasionally reptilians in the room. I would then burn sage but money was tight and it was often sage or food so I would use it sparingly. My sleep would get pushed into early morning for days or weeks, then late morning, then early afternoon and late afternoon, and finally back to early morning.

      I couldnt fall asleep at a normal time and if I did I would always get attacked. It was impossible to have a normal life and job. I made money off the books on my own time so I got away with it, but its been that way for about eight years. My advice would be to try what CoBra has been saying with the flower of life symbol and burn sage if attacked. If you have to, burn some before bed.

    2. Wednesday: 1:30 AM GMT/3:30AM Europe/9:30PM New York/6:30PM California

      NEW MOON - NEW ERA - 144K Mass Meditation on WEDNESDAY July 31st (America)/ THURSDAY, August 1st (Europe/Asia)

    3. Sleep has been a life long problem for me and as of late, increasingly so. Lots of travel dream time and incredibly disturbing dreams and sometimes shadow being visits. Since I started reciting immediately before bed, "I surround myself with the divine white loving light", the psychic attacks have at least stopped, but I can't remember my dreams now and still can't sleep more than 5-6 hours. I'm chronically exhausted but at least not as "disturbed" in my sleep.

  61. I did a wallpaper with Gaia and Flower of Life Grid.
    So we can see it everytime we look our desktop.

    Two resolutions.

    1920x1080 -
    2560x1080 -


    Plz, use and share if you like.
    Let's do it, we are free every step ahead.



    1. MARVELOUS! THANK YOU! Ill do an animation with a mantra to help people visualize it :D

    2. great! thank you

      victory of the light

    3. Changed my computer wallpaper to your beautiful photo! Thank you!

    4. Im glad you guys find it nice...
      My best intentions..

      I also printed some flower of life symbols and gave it to people i know... and fill my home with it.

      Also put in my phone... to care it all around.

      We will prevail.

      Let's do whatever we can...
      the minimum is enough to help.


  62. Join an alien 👽 team with female 🔍🎿🎀

  63. Is there a way to create a guided meditation for Flower of Life to be posted on YouTube?

    1. I noticed in my YT recommendations that Smaly7 has indeed uploaded a guided meditation. Thank you very much Smaly7!

  64. Hi all remember this is a shithole planet and holding the light isn't as simple as giving a few sweetie pie kisses to everyone and thats it. Love and light does also does not equate to weakness and doesn't mean being a doormat for the ignorant masses. Sadly these misunderstandings are so prevalent in the new cage movement and the light worker culture. Which is why everyone tends to drive themselves up the wall with this shit! :D

    1. @BattleMage, "new cage movement" gave me a good silent laugh. Thank you.

    2. Thanks David I first learned that term from Mark Passio and Cameron Day if I remember correctly. Anyway its true and everyone on this blog knows it! Even COBRA himself has acknowledged the distortions of the New Age Movement and the lightworker community if he had not I wouldn't even bother reading this blog any more. And honestly the puritanical religious fanaticism of some New Cagers makes me Irate!
      Here are some the following things these people claim

      1. Everything ever will lower your vibration. And if you disagree with us your a darksider or unenlightened maybe both.

      2. Never tell truth if it goes against the group just deny!

      3. Worship ET without question never question them even when you are left with more questions than answers. If you do than you must be a darksider.

      4. Never question contactees or alleged contactees and channelers even if their motives seem less than pure And if you do than your a government agent!

      5. Et needs money!

    3. I am not worshiping the aliens, I'm calling out to them for help, to get me off this rotten planet, give me my PROPER body and life span, and to travel the stars.


  65. Singing in Harmony with other Lightworkers...This Light of mine, I'm gonna let it Shine, let it Shine, let it Shine!!

  66. Well, I dreamed I saw the silver space ships flyin'
    In the yellow haze of the sun
    There were children cryin' and colors flyin'
    All around the chosen ones
    All in a dream, all in a dream
    The loadin' had begun
    Flying Mother Nature's silver seed
    To a new home in the sun
    Flying Mother Nature's silver seed
    To a new home

    Neil Young - After the Gold Rush (1970)

  67. Tegnap este részt vettem egy meditációs gyakorlaton, mivel a belső hang megszólalt bennem.
    Számomra ilyen megtiszteltetés nem volt még.
    Az Angyalokon keresztül hívtak meg.

  68. We Will do th this meditation until the event!
    victory of the light !

  69. Thank you COBRA ! so gratefull for your update which was very necessary these days to help us in maintining the Light on the planet Earth ! I invite you all to do more meditations on daily schedule these weeks, for example : Goddess Meditations, Cosmic Central Race Meditation to help us, Key to Freedom Meditation even each 4 hours, and more ... I send my romanian version of Cobra's post, please follow his advices and search for meditations on Welovemassmeditation blog, Active meditations page:; here you can find all instructions and audio guides, Facebook events created. We can imagine our beloved planet surrounded by a golden protective huge Flower of Life, with very stable and regular lines and pattern, keeping the bright Light on the Earth ! My post : Victory of the Light !!!

  70. The Dark Forces are angry and panic-stricken about what the Light Forces are doing, what you can already see in strange violent press reports. That is why the Light Forces need our support.

  71. Meditating is good but isnt simply being kind loving and forgiving during our daily lives. Sending love to the dark ones and all of humanity often? Fear has been the game but if one doesnt buy into fear anger panic etc you keep your vibration high. I have read some pretty angry upset posts on this blog and it occurred to me these people are vibrating low and hurting the collective which has to reach 51% worldwide I keep reading

    Toplet bombs are holding back the wave coming right Galactics must be close to removing them. Sending Love to all of humanity and Gaia!

  72. Awesome!
    Thank you.
    I am looking at my new desktop background between tabs and report back that it is quite effective.
    I 'feel' the energy surge upon observation.
    THAT transmits out into the cosmos.
    So be it.

  73. The tower has to crumble for the phoenix to rise from the ashes.



  75. As Johnathan said in his wonderful video last week:
    The Storm Is Here

    This is


    I AM DC

  76. Major Solar Storm To Strike Earth This Week As "Black Supermoon" Looms

    An absolutely massive hole has formed in the upper atmosphere of the Sun, and our planet will align with that hole later this week. Once the alignment happens, Earth will be bombarded by a “solar storm”, and nobody is quite sure yet how bad it will be. If the storm is relatively minor, we could just experience a few disruptions to satellite communications and see some pretty lights in the sky

    More at:

    1. Probably why I feel so drunk, and having panic attacks this week. @_@;;


  77. For Wacken Open Air cleansing:




  78. Thanks Unknown. I will use. Much appreciated.Here is a post with your graphic namaste

  79. Wonder if Lilith is related with tags from


  80. This here should not get "lost in the shuffle":

    ?.! July 28, 2019 at 4:49 PM

    Channeld message about the moon, important.

    The sound is better at 1.25 times the normal speed.

    As with every channeled message, there may be a few inaccuracies in there, but the basics about the current artificial "moon" are consistent with what I was told by My Higher Self as well in 2012.

    I have also read about the two natural moons that used to orbit Gaia, and that information was also confirmed by My Higher Self.

    Knowing that all this time, it drives me crazy when mass meditations are being held during solar eclipses or lunar eclipses.
    During a solar eclipse, the artificial moon blocks out all of the positive loving Light of our Sun, making the dark disruptive energies and frequencies being emitted by the space station called "moon" even more effective. As if they weren't bad enough.
    The last time there was a full solar eclipse and a mass meditation was held the "critical mass" of participants was reached, which was great. Unfortunately, almost ALL of the surface population's loving energies were syphoned off due to the "moon" being stronger than usual as it totally blocked out The Sun.
    The meditation in (I think it was) August 2017 was indeed epic - unfortunately it was an epic fail.

    The meditation during the lunar eclipse didn't do much better, I'm afraid. It happened at the exact time when the "moon" was at its darkest, being completely shadowed be Gaia from The Sun's loving and positive Light and Energies.
    It was once again at a time when the "moon" energies could not be counteracted by the Light Of The Sun, and the dark energies were at their strongest.

    Good intentions, not-so-good results from the meditation.
    I'm sorry, but that is what happened.

    Please do yourselves and Your Selves a favour and listen to that YouTube video (at 1.25x speed) because everything said about the moon is true.
    It is NOT a natural sattelite at all, it was brought here with bad intentions, and there are quite a few ancient civilizations having recorded their memories when there was NO MOON in the sky.


    1. complete and utter fear porn. You all agreed to be here. We designed it to trap the dark forces. It just so happens that this would also mean that humanity would also likely remain trapped due to their weakness to material desire. Again this was anticipated and again you all agreed to get through this process until the war is over. You dont know your own soul path but you would regurgitate fear, shame on you.

    2. Feel the same, RaJah. Thank you.
      My HS told me as well, that the "moon" was artificial object, lowering vibrations and distorting feminine energy.
      Wasting time and God/Goddess energy to direct ourselves according to "moon".
      Lunar principle is not eternal. Divine feminine solar principle is eternal.
      Our HS knows it. Just follow it.
      In respect and Love

    3. @RaJah, I had a bizarre dream a while back where the moon began to fragment as a large object shot out. It seemed like it was at the moons core. I never thought the moon was artificial so it was strange for me to dream that it was. Something else was that in this dream the sky was a black violet and the moon a bright white violet. Kind of like the place where I saw the anomolous black tunnel. I didnt get a good look around but I did notice barren wasteland and dark skies with eerie violet light.

    4. I agree nephilim drive moon here from mars I had heard from wilcock and yes it has or had reincarnation tech on it and many dark et bases. Even our sun has been blocked by artificial white sun they launched to mask the dimming real sun. We need disclosure but also how to do that and keep humanity high vibe??


    5. @Jkd:

      "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man..."

      The Dude


    6. >Rajah
      Cobra already clarified in one of his posts that the Moon is not an artificial spaceship, nor is it run by shapeshifting lizards and is part of the Goddess energies and tied to motherhood and female anatomy.

      It has been cleared of the dark forces as well.

    7. @Joshua King David

      No, I did NOT chose to come here, I was forced or tricked to come here, due to Archon/Reptilian meddling.

      I'd never willingly come to this lump of rock, and especially not in a man's body.

      And what prize or victory am I going to be presented for this HELL the past 40 years I've lived, hmmm? As in "Thank you very much, THIS is what you fought and suffered for! THIS is for all the years of misery and PAIN you've gone through!".


  81. Diet is very important to be stronger and protected, and has been underrepresented.

    For the vast majority of people, I'm not saying to eat raw carnivore or low carb either. That's another extreme in itself. Research on your own too. Just something to consider:

    Health Warning - The Top 10 Negative Side Effects of an Ethical Organic Plant Based Vegan Diet

    Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment


    1. I have tried a variety of diets and types of exercise. I did like the low carb diet. I think one of its strengths is that it cuts out a lot of processed food. I am trying it again, but with a little more carbs, more probiotics, and a little raw meat.

    2. Thanks for putting it out. The vegan bunch is a cult, and may be part of an agenda to limit animal specific nutrients to pills that can then be jacked up in price like the rest of these supplements.

      If you have a single chambered stomach, you need meat or at least some form of animal protein source like milk and its derivatives.

  82. i like the math just keep it simple = Seven Hundred Twenty Six = Beethovens Moonlight

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. What do they mean by 'how the process of planetary liberation will continue'?

    1. A process that culminates in an Event. Therefore. The Event is now really close. (Pleiades1 encoded messages arrive with a delay, which may be important. )


  85. Get ready folks!

    Cobra has also just confirmed what I was sensing a while ago.

    That July, early August ... with its plethora of massive astrological EVENTS, is beyond crucial!

    Hence the 144k Mass Meditations on July 2 ... 16th ... 31st ... and Aug 10.

    LET"S DO IT ...

    Let's make Goddess proud .... and JOYFUL again.

    ( ... what a great political slogan - " Make Goddess Joyful Again!"

    And as Joe from PlanetsWithin.Com said on last week's show ... New Moons are pivotal to controlling which direction this planet takes and what happens to humanity.

    As always ... the 144k is there FIRST.

    The first to be on the energetic battlefield clearing the way for other meditation groups ... performing the 'specialist work', and making sure the absolute most is made of the opportunity to free Gaia ... realize our freedom ... and to rejoin the galaxy as a free and sovereign society!

    See you all there!


    for the 'New Moon - New Era' ... 144k Mass Meditation

    Date: July 31

    Join Time: 9:30pm EDT (US)

    Start Time: 9:40pm EDT

    Your Timezone:

    Link to Join Live Guided Broadcast: Click here & scroll down to the radio section of the 144k Member's area

    New Moon Maximum/Start: 11:12pm EDT

    ... see you on the non-physical!

    Time to get activated & swing into action ...

    Yours In Service ...
    The Unknown Lightwarrior

  86. My impression with this post is that of a serious background.

    And there are really important operations to do, such as loosening the toplet bombs connections between light workers and the cabal. With such actions one can imagine that the dark ones react very angrily. Therefore we should contribute to calming the situation as much as possible so that things don't go wrong.

    There are already observations of extremely irritating events, which are probably due to what the dark ones are capable of.

    1. The dark ones need to found and EXTERMINATED, once and for all.

      It is THAT simple.

  87. I could feel your warm, welcoming, caring and smiling energy. Thank you, I am blessed with it shivering allthrough my body in 32 Celsius degrees. The Phoenix is full wings open above the flower and holding its body to everything May come because it is its nature that was found 2 Weeks ago. I am with you and Thank you for getting me, my Brothers and Sisters! Sending my love and inner happyness to áll of you🙏

  88. So..Event is gonna happen this year?

    1. Probably not... who knows...
      Doesn't matter anyway...

      We need light...
      We need to clean things...
      Teach others...

      It will take sometime...

      Let's enjoy the ride...

      Because no matter what, it will happen one day.

      Keep the light on!


    2. @Unknown

      Only means a damn if it happens when I am alive and young enough to enjoy it. Otherwise, it will won't mean, as my dad used to say, "A damn shit".

  89. Transitioning into the next Phase of the process maybe?

  90. Yess! Thank you ♡♡♡♡

  91. Join us daily at 6pm utc. VOTL!

  92. Darkness is an inherently weak, but pretends to be strong.

    YOU are inherently POWERFUL but have been convinced that you are weak.

    Turn up the love as high as you can, this vibration is toxic to darkness. We can flush them right out of our Planet if enough of us pull together!

    You are powerful agents of light, all you have to do is focus and meditate following your guidance. Impromptu meditations are incredibly effective.

    Do not underestimate your ability to bring on the EVENT! Its
    all about US working together…
    The Event Happens When YOU DO SOMETHING GREAT!

    Unleash your light and love upon the planet! Open the flood gates, You are so capable and powerful, all you have to do is awake to this, unleash your untapped potential, flood the planet with LOVE/LIGHT. Invoke the One Creator, call in the Angelic forces, You are LIGHT WARRIORS!

    There is nothing else but this…

    1. Gonna take more than a pre match pep talk.

      Proof of said powers need to be shown.

  93. """devil's tower""" IS A TREE
    look up ancient tree stumps

  94. I used to play the ratchet and clank games in middle school, 2002 to 2005, which was a very rough time for me. I hear 2004 was bad for a lot of people. Those games were something I had in common with a few of the guys in class and it helped me through. One of the friends was named david and the other guy had the last name liberty and really loved russia for some reason. Its funny looking back when CoBra says that russia is resisting the power elite and the kids last name was actually liberty.

    Ratchet and clank is sort of funny and quirky and looks like a pixar movie except the characters are all aliens. Around 2016 I was playing the first one at the part where clank gets struck by lightning when lightning struck outside and I lost power seconds later. I was playing the first one yesterday and noticed I had 44,444 bolts and there was a portal in the room with the number 4.

    According to some, 4 is the number of the angels and seeing many fours is a sign they have your back. I have felt different since CoBras short notice. Not better but different and I made a step today to see about financial aid. Meditation has also been a little better.

    I was linked to number 1255. I used to see 12:55 a lot but thought nothing of it.

  95. I swear i saw a quick "Red Alert HVBN at 504"a few days ago after this"Short Notice" was posted and it disappeared very quickly....did anyone else notice this?

  96. so tired of society and that shit is everywhere. society tied everybody to housing and rises that shit like interest rate extortion. everybody working always. your resume your i.d. got us tagged up like cattle to the daylight clock we dedicate. everyone with a hampsterwheel spinning and i looked at mine and stopped it

    got a vehicle and laid down. kept my job and stayed afloat. to me society looks like modern covert slavery. i did not want to pick so much cotton. work for what i need. i want my god dam time. ima need my fuckin time, following?. so i decided to ball on budget. the things one sees while existing outside housing are negligible and irritating. i went in knowing there are more vacant homes than homeless and i vowed (to the dark and the light) do not cross my line or i go off radar, line being the illogical fucking with of me (so play fair, watch over me) i dedicated all my time to attainment. the smart phone maker. the book i never read but kept in Threat still unchecked but if unfair circumstances arose i swore i would open doors. already ttained enough, fuck-it, jail means calisthenics FuckYou i have work i can do in and out equal. balance remained. i from a truck for a year or so then got a van. to this day i swear all indoors is just too much space. superfluous waste. the van was enough. swapped the battery for a deepcycle boatbattery to charge luxuriously all my electronics and that was the way until last year. walkabout complete, city tour over. everyday read and entrain. read legit and watch proper shit when not working.

    society is watery. i seek potency. with my time i fed mind and body spiritual perspectives harnessed. gym shower laundry. i took my life seriously. regularity amid erratic tendancies, if people catch on that makes no and i stay yes. kept away properly as the scenery. these people are insane, always beyond their awareness. everybody just work eat fuck and repeat Not Shit fucking awful looking at me from a distance motivated i continue my methods grew. ew. never develop a pattern where i park. i could not even regularize a gym for the sticky people gravitating to me. remember this entire time my mind was not mine, light and dark occupied this mind. i was as well guided as profoundly confused. i decided to stay clear of all variables. keep it. i to myself attain n train and make everyday progressive One Day i will be rewarded. the very trained runner running an unknown distance. i am quite sure of my training (techniques) and path following but how long is the distance, fuck-it, steady flows simply. you would be surprised how much dark can infiltrate a mind, very, very, humbled. i see it in most everybody. i see people so clearly and it can be offputting to speak gently. i like solitude and liked the times i had until when remember how much fun everyone keeps, i'll have my day. they win today. society so strange, eating into obesity, fucking so young, trusting that school made u complete...i just could not join, horrifying the way most appear to me. i feel like a subspecies, insurgent, ordered to unfold and grow before reinforcements arrive. totally behind enemy lines

    if u want to appreciate your life, go for a drive, then stay driving. belief- make it worth it so every moment is productive then when looking back find pride to verify it had purpose. i kept media loaded in my devices and always intaking sources higher than i. that was the rule, never do it twice and always more attained.

    there are people sired by cartoons. Family Guy owns people. i can see the discrepancies and they horrify me. docile creatures 'empowered' and awful. i liked the van to a degree and nothing society feels at all free. i want the trees. i want to go live in the trees. this place is insane and inside it all feels crazy. i can dismiss myself and do so daily until orders arrive. i swear if the trees had fruit i'd be gone.

  97. senior year college i finally decided to talk to him, this homeless guy i named Sketch Master Flex, because he just sat in this same spot everyday with quarters beside him. so i just sat down beside him and asked if i could chill. asked for a smoke to which he gave an unfiltered ridiculously beyond me cigarette. we spoke cordially. i never forget he told me People Have No Time he and i sat together and this time i was watching students and not walking by. People are rushing always, everyday they repeat it, schedules appointments etc..i saw from his where i was normally. i saw the students all walking faster than comfortable, some chill but most not like...master...who i had seen for years now i realized he walks slower. he was comfortable. i gave him some batteries and a couple dollars and peaced. it was moreso the mentality his mood the realization i was herd until that day. he broke me away though too young then to learn his name, he was elder, i respected him since and never spoke of him again. stupid youthful me i swear i was one of them, on my way to what i don't need and chasing a dream unseen beyond thus making me reach. campus life of the weekend warrior, pre 9to5. i was drowning out there then he gave perspective. that was a free man. there are not many of them. he was with time. i have met many men approaching freedom, one i gave the gloves i was wearing because he looked like me and i was checked by that, seriously, 20 years old and outside for real outside full on, bought him mcdonalds and pressed on hoping he manage. did he find freedom or just get money and escape it. i believe this society is lost and losing its people but the truest signals survived the toughest fall. later in life i vowed to do a (controlled) walkabout because i needed to be free. people do not see how society has holes people fall through, people lose jobs miss rent and find not forgiveness but societal mentalities of it not being their problem, society trains us to overlook humanity. i figured i should be ready. as a (vehicle)gypsy i wasted cotton like a freed slave on tea tree oil astringent and cleansers, i taught myself all the levels for protection so if society flipped my switch i would be enabled to carry it clean. profound realizations at observing others had more possessions ondeck than i had when housed. so many lacked adaptation. i fit in a backpack. then i can select luxuries. some people cannot exist without the entire house of things. saw people clinging to things the only open space was their seat and they slept sitting up. just sayin, society has everyone's ticket and nobody expects to get punched.

  98. code of the ruthless
    stay afloat and honor the boat
    there are many who tried for the shore
    prepared to swim they were not aware
    dangers abound outside the boat be ready
    so many timez i have seen people casually
    casual happy fuckers not ready but all their time spent cozy comfy in housing with money and climate control sent them trying for what they could not reach. not afraid to speak. do whatever it takes. actions make change in this place of docile minded people barely awake mistaking the comforts they know.
    appreciation is a virtue, a most profound perspective all too often granted without the effort required until later when the given gets taken.
    the ruthless grasp the preemptive strike called in advance because the logic demands their action. i believe had i not gone for my walkabout i would have been given it. i did it on my terms and progressed, with respect i retain it. i will always fit in a backpack and ensure future vehicles account for all possibilities. it is not over until everyone is accounted for, i have seen enough to never let guard down. processes for my rise required perspective depth. outside.
    the train echoes at night and the sound can be followed by ear. park toward the blizzard and enjoy the show, i always rode storms at grocery stores. birds are quite aware neighbors and i loved their wake up calls. birds sleep midday to rest their wings, i swear some flocks adopted me.
    do not respond to self unless it more than holds your focus, i learned to omit myself as well as others and just study as well as appease myself and do what aspects need. i would say. back in the day. mastery required a cave. and this vehicle is my cave. if monks would go away and return enlightened then all this technology is a pure and profound advantage. my cave had a smartphone marijuana and grocery store access. could be worse. totally under control.
    i believe if you dont think it can happen, look at all the variables and plot trajectory for security, safe and secure always. the patterns speak. i believe all my angles are nice and smooth now, full circle.

    Something to listen to during this crucial period ~

    (piano transmission^ encoded <3)


  100. COSMIC HOWLING MEDIA 1-meditation into liberation/homelessness/psionics.....

  101. Victory in the Light! So grateful for this - thank you Cobra, Jim and team (144k)for everything you are doing.


  102. my inception was an unfair attack
    i became planet-guardian at age 3
    nemesis knew not of my story BeCause
    i was 3 innocent and naive outside playing
    attack involve a skateboard and pavement
    i hit a crack and fell but during freefall i forgot i had arms and faced the ground with full force iMMediatelY body awoke to full consciousness, becAuse i did not die, as to why my arms were gone but upon inspection found all limbs intact. nOw. i am 3 barely with language and a full conscious body. body respected this knowing full well i was under attack Hid His Self as in i never knew my body was awake. all my life curious random chestpain. all my life following guidance. all my life augmented normal. body task preserving me during society. i sucked housekey to distract from schooling. i rode bicycle always gathered kids to play activities. never date no dances avoid plague. i graduate age 18 flip switch and ask the cool kids to get me high. 1/4oz lasted my entire summer. blah blah blah age 20 body triggers me. i had just learned lucid dreaming thankful to movie Waking Life and went to sleep to try. woke above body in omnipresent prestige i could see 360 and all near me. then i gained a second awareness. body in bed thinking as me while i above floating simultaneous thought stream. i was double and lost all comfort, believed it dying major panic took over. slowest transition to body began, the progress meter was in my mind, 99% out and 1% in. 98 to 2. 97, 3. i transitioned for one eternity or one lifetime. effectively ruined me. i sprung to the lightswitch and then all the lights. resisted sleep for days beyond my memory...inevitably began questioning...researched OOBE and began a journey. we named it magi13 as from that moment a curriculum appeared in each moment set to continue for 13 years. left foot right foot mind arrive at destination. head down, travel distance. spirit said never chase the dragon, lots of iterations finish that beginning line, be happy to track it. fast forward now i am 33 and fully conversant with body and spirit. i am aware of their opinions and quite content to continue. i am the anomaly of an unfair trauma. one inverse harry potter scar for me and one god dam victory for team light. they had this place stitched up. spirit was watching through body all my life. we were fucked unless i gave it up. given.

  103. 0 unity (heart conscious) chaos p
    1 no (recognition) stop r
    2 yes (agreement) continue x
    3 divine (trinity) balance z
    4 change (adapt) evolve k
    5 acknowledgment (of change) grace i
    6 assistance (insight) teacher m
    7 creator (creativity) creation e
    8 masculine (power) nature d
    9 feminine (navigation) nurture v
    10 knowledge (formula) set c
    11 communication (attempt) broadcast t
    12 conversation (connection) download s
    13 input (programmer) assimilate yes
    14 output (program) extrapolate oh
    15 registration (recognition) instate on
    16 initiation (schooling) understanding in
    17 completion (graduation) exit off
    18 application (of wisdom) from initiation
    19 reunion (offset) home endings
    20 mastery (life) beginnings again

  104. A first start begin ing
    B second next in command g
    C completion set contained n
    D destiny direction decision s
    E example exemplary representative
    F formulaic crossing fundamental passage
    G gnosis gentle adult upstanding
    H honor horror mystery anomaly
    I identity personality
    J alternative assistant
    K eld old versed established
    L love & light
    M from silence to inform
    N extrusion quantity examples prereq
    O imprint modification
    P poise presence
    Q inquisitive for perspective
    R sparring challenging respect dual
    S body physicality
    T power strength
    U higherSelf or person
    V oracle portal access vision
    W with
    X power anomaly goodNbad
    Y why
    Z container


  106. Khalil Gibran : The Madman

    "How I Became a Madman
    You ask me how I became a madman. It happened thus: One day, long before many gods were born, I woke from a deep sleep and found all my masks were stolen—the seven masks I have fashioned and worn in seven lives—I ran maskless through the crowded streets shouting, “Thieves, thieves, the cursed thieves.”

    Men and women laughed at me and some ran to their houses in fear of me.

    And when I reached the market place, a youth standing on a house-top cried, “He is a madman.”   I looked up to behold him; the sun kissed my own naked face for the first time. For the first time the sun kissed my own naked face and my soul was inflamed with love for the sun, and I wanted my masks no more. And as if in a trance I cried, “Blessed, blessed are the thieves who stole my masks.”

    Thus I became a madman.

    And I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.

    But let me not be too proud of my safety. Even a thief in a jail is safe from another thief."

    i found this book final day of college i wandered into a bookstore and it was the only book i had bought outside of school. worthy reading.

  107. Tulsi Gabbard, Resistance member? Joe Biden clone?

  108. Andrew yang connected to dragon groups?

  109. Iran-US proxy war to keep cabal funded and public distracted? Surely both sides infiltrated by resistance and cabal agents?

    Jeffrey Epstein Transhumanist?

  110. Started doing frequent meditations about two months ago due to feeling the need. I was busy clearing the grids. Now the report is plasma spider webs in the grids. Getting back to work! I feel good things coming and trying to keep up the highest timeline and being positive. Always a pleasure working with such a fine group of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors! VOTL

  111. i have no input to give at this moment, none. without question there is zero information. alone am i in the void of mind without direction. waiting am i. will spirit say hi. body is silent. mind is bored and talking. i should like to amuse myself a little, discuss something proper, but i have no topic. topic form discussion, without this i have no direction, tragic. what will i do without master's guidance. form of word logic without input. strangeness. that's right i speak of me the stranger for society, do no harm and change no thing, keep going, unseen. bored is me without sympathy for my superfluous feeling. laughter can be arranged. bored i can stay productive anyway. examplary rhetoric for the proper student. i am stoic. a proper personality without judgment or concerns in present. my destination is a future objective, as such my present is always given. formal request denied, i am the scribe without form, operating rogue to show how it goes. one is many if two is a crowd one oughta slow self down. zero i calmly, 501 projected, my name will remain hidden until i see proof of the progress they spoke of before i began talking. they told me a most glorious thing. that i have students and my kin are learning. blessings. this pleases me. everyone should learn sungazing. without light one cannot live life. imagine the void of mind without light, strange encompassing nest without a place to progress. i gather brightly and flourish given i have a topic. god i am bored, such is my life, normally i dont look Always Keep Going laughter is an acceptable response if silence eludes you and emotions choose you I Don't Care and have not for some time. is it over yet? are we there now? formal try at amusing the time. A For Effort?i can try again (lol) i should probably do something proper. exercise my vessel for its pending movements require fitness beyond its present constitution and i am enabled. this was a profound waste of time. welcome to my mind everytime i comment You Owe Me Time life is not online. that was one pass. i changed nothing at second glance. bye.

    1. I do have a question Hawk. It seems we agreed on all kinds of things and we are here to liberate Earth and humanity. So that goes for me too. We are not supposed to have any memory about all this, all that was discussed and agreed before being born.
      Even, after that I discovered, we were hypnotized, doing all the things we were supposed to do to spend money. And to accept the horrible things of/under sex abuse. And, I suppose, as parents to sell our children out of poverty.
      I myself can feel how we were prisoned through our mind. I have a very small awareness, I suppose like the most people. Or maybe I am worse.
      I am here to liberate earth and humanity, like all of us. What sources can be given to remember our appointments?

    2. ... and thank you for all you do to help us a step further<3

    3. ... and there was the great forgetting of ... 1994(?) How can we ever remember anything...

    4. @MAria

      That us why I call bullshit on it it all....IF you are supposed to do something specific in this life, and chose so before being born....WHY the amnesia?

      In war...and let's admit it.....we are in the middle of a war.....forgetting it all, and hoping we, somehow, can remember, all on our own.....with no weapons, no information, no intell, no powers, no TACTICALLY DANGEROUS. And what victory, or prize, are we going to be in "Thank you very much! THIS is what you have suffered for! THIS is for all the misery and PAIN you have gone through!" ?

      Also, I refute I came to this planet by choice....I was either TRICKED, or FORCED to come to this miserable lump of rock. Being born here, as a human, as a man....all courtesy of Archon and Lizard meddling.

      And I got a mega, and I do mean MEGA score to settle with them. I, I NEED to find the specific Archon or Lizard who did this to me, RIP OUT THEIR WINDPIPE, and beat them to death with the tonsil end.

  112. again? said again! i can go again!! bring it (exempted curse pronouns) i am so seriously ready to spar. i found none worthy from society and i tried. i used to go on facebook seeking what i termed spiritual sparring. my homie knows this, i had one friend at the level (bless it) the rules were nothing off limits. personality development. we shared books music movies i would visit he would visit me with an external USB and take everything regularly. a most proper ally. my friend of the flame sparking. always brother always. i wish more were like him. i would venture facebook ronin seeking a master. i found some but most cracked and some broke. i have been blocked often (lol) they were personalities unequip for sparring. i was different. i had been ruptured. i was excessive strength and growing. i needed someone to stop me at limits to show i needed growth. none would show and inevitably i sparred myself equal. i had this job in the computerlabs at college where tasks minimal and time excessive. learned to write myself into challenging discrepancy. taught myself of silence to progressing. words needed defined from what i said. time to be taken to consider what was given. it would be odd to consider it a journal, i never saved a word i wrote. write from the void to the void and later for fire. affirmations and proper intentions given to fire because i had a perspective. the ether is there. fire is here. transfer my propositions to the ether for me. notepad carrying bicycling freak. fire anywhere anytime for me. i like to think it achieved something. maybe i just humored me (over that all i hear spirit saying no but no topic arose). that's ok man i can do this alone. words float for distance when my pen posed intention to friction the paper was given purpose. i consider it a logical quest to sire myself in a society with elementary level readings. cannot read same thing twice so after i mused the ancient minds mine was left to be made right without any input from society i went scribe. medium without disposition. my magi13 curriculum required i take a task. said in the end will be free time and with that mastery must output. i chose an output and english is not it. wait for it. the name will be given and my name changed with it. it will make me money and you will fucking love it. You're gonna like the way it is. i guarantee it. LoL


    Here is an update on the following topics:
    Flower of Life meditation
    Meditations every 4 hours
    Reminder of New Moon Peace meditation on August 1st at 2:45 PM UTC
    Lion's Gate Portal meditation on August 8th
    New Emergency Meditation Foci: Wildfires in Siberia & Hurricane Erick

    Flower of Life meditation
    As suggested by Cobra, the next two weeks will be crucial to determine how the process of planetary liberation will continue.

    And the Light Forces are asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation.

    It can also be seen in the message from GaiaPortal that humanity is on the verge of "major awakenings", which will lead to the full Ascension Event.

    Therefore, we suggest doing the following meditation to help achieve these aims. You can do this meditation as often as you feel guided throughout the day.

    Here are the instructions of the Flower of Life meditation:

    1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

    2. Visualize your soul star chakra lighting up with brilliant white light. Visualize this light in the form of a vortex spiraling down clearing your energy field.

    3. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to stabilize the transition on Earth and manifest the most positive Ascension timeline for Humanity.

    4. Visualize the golden Flower of Life sphere around the Earth. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere assisting the planetary liberation process, clearing all darkness from the surface of the planet. Then visualize the Flower of Life sphere purifying the leylines and vortices within the planetary Light grid.

    5. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere creates harmony, protection and peace for humanity and especially those who are holding the Light for the planet.

    6. Now, visualize the golden Flower of Life sphere encompassing the Earth and elevating the vibration of the entire planet. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere manifesting harmony and the most positive Ascension timeline for Humanity.

  114. Thank you COBRA for keeping us informed. Keep up the great work. We all need you, this blog, and this information to keep are minds together. Peace and love to everyone, we all one. Let's do this, victory of the light!!