Saturday, July 20, 2019

VTXC/Systems security breach at 504


  1. ISLANDS and AREAS of LIGHT - Infrastructure Development


    3D-Printed Concrete Dome for Mars

    Floor Plans: multi level dome home designs

    * * *

    "If you feel guided to continue with Island of Light projects feel free to do so, but main focus now is to anchor as much Light as possible in the situation as it is now, to stabilize the transition."

    1. Home Fantasy House 3D print model

    2. Thank you muy dear brother , much love to you like always

    3. Why have to be concrete? It's not eco friendly have to be concrete for security? I have a project in mind for my home but I don't like concrete my dream is a cab and I'm very sure I can have a cab with a dome shape ;) dome in the exterior and a cab in the interior more worm like a home not a shelter thanks for the information here in my country I known a great lands to make a good project of a sweet village dome surrounded by woods sadly I don't have the money to do it.

  2. A first start begin ing
    B second next in command g
    C completion set contained n
    D destiny direction decision s
    E example exemplary representative
    F formulaic crossing fundamental passage
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    H honor horror mystery anomaly
    I identity personality
    J alternative assistant
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  4. David Chicago@

    As usual, your comments are interesting and, the more, very balanced.

    But we all remember your earlier ago question: "what Event".

    Please tell us again about 'what Event' do you tell us in the comment section of the previous post?...

    1. I tried to answer the best I could here:

    2. Thanks David!

      As usual your comments are very grounded and interesting.

      This section needs comments as yours.
      Kind regards


    3. David Chicago
      July 20, 2019 at 1:40 PM

      Around 2015 I stopped caring about the event. If it popped up in my thoughts I just said aloud "What event?". I become discouraged easily and have had nothing but disappointment so it helped me move on. I had a repeating dream years ago where I picked up something at a grocery store and the event took place. It was just the store shaking and vibrating. Recently the experience at the grocery store actually happened, detail for detail, but no event.

      It still shocked me and gave me hope that we are close. I had a "dream" in october 2017 where the event was an extremely powerful energetic storm like event. I was physically affected after awaking. It was like some of the event came back through time and it even messed with my naval implant. I hope this answers your question.


    4. OK! But was this dream n the grocery much later than 2015?


    5. And, do you know what's the problem?

      Some ask even now 'what Event'. Time will tell what one...


    6. On the other hand, rumors there are, even from 'pretencious' websites, about a presetted date (even 'long ago') for 'the Event'.
      You will find them for sure...


    7. Claim:
      "The Light Forces have already calculated exactly when the "Event" will happen, but for security reasons no date will be published."
      "Event will happen, calculated long before."


    8. P.S. NOT this the case:

      Others there are...

    9. @unknown, Im going to say the grocery store dream was happening around 2015 to 2016, but Im not sure. Recently at a store it actually happened minus the event. Until the event happens it means nothing.


  6. there are rules to the balance we inhabit

    dark and light balance on human action

    allow me to spar with this concept
    truth will result, see the all of it first

    dark does not act, humans do. 5g is built by human workers out making money just doing their job, they can't see it...they see society need money want necessities. meme socialmedia consumption diluted and lulled humanity odd. entertainment over attainment but first money is means to everything. one can get employed building dams that fast, it is not some special evil secret project...wanna work area51? enlist. study storms the same and make money in society however u like and u may uphold for dark or light. agendas accessible. all angles of both agendas are simply aspects of human society.influenced.. i knew a guy who suddenly was off to work an oilrig, he wanted the money and was off to drill the earth from a platform in the ocean. another learned massage, became a healer and was on his way to permaculture. people do what they choose. people obey the laws and attend the schools, follow the leaders, docile program input. either side must gain trust over populous otherwise logic goes off. overthrown by angry human protest, next up tries again

    there is no reptilian installing 5G. there are no greys daming the water. if there were then a lightbeing could showup elsewhere on the surface...or elect for the violator to be destroyed. no dark walks our surface. bases underground properly hidden. offplanet establishments always hidden. human minds influence (by) Light and the end the actions are human. humans make the arrests because human will did it. human decide humanity. human made planet dirty. human drives industry. human did everything! dumping trash in the ocean was logic not long ago now only human to blame for "the great pacific garbage patch" we did that! always humen

    dark has to follow rules, for them everyone must stay down and not rise. LIGHT VICTORY is ascension and given the unfair advantage of serious mind control present it only takes ONE. one ascender tips the balance to lightV

    for victory u need raise frequency So You Can SEE frequency in mental emotional physical spirit too many prefer to exclaim victory while (light)work is need, attainment cultivate, frequency rise, ascension is not a is must be taken

    the lightforces made a wager with the darkinvaders and both are held to their accord by beings of higher dimension. big brother overwatch. galactic war is senseless. complete mental control of a species is unfair. so. each. have. leaders. over the populations. for earth. each side can whisper in our hear. low frequency person receives subtle barely audible yet entirely actionable from both. To hear clear one must rise, (body) antenna requires more (muscle) power to produce audio. not bodybuilder muscle, cardiovascular circulatory muscle-support only to their adult limit, the prerequisite of an atlantian. a priest. an earthling.

    sway the balance Become Stronger make your self potent. train upstand and take YOUR VICTORY. the attained minds wrote books for this reason. worthy example always create output. answers are riddled in society today options are...better outside...better before...without society only nature and ancient remains. what survived ancient civilization(s) is more pure than today, markedly. a tree can instruct better than most personal trainer If You Can SEE guidance came from nature to nurture natural human

    timeframe, ascension.

    one ascender signals light intervention

  7. u know who else senselessly exclaims victory...the brainwashed fighters in the middle east yell a same phrase right before they blow something up. when i scroll these comments i see that...a bunch of brainwashed people calling out a phrase

    i am sincerely unamused with this, truly

    when u do see and meet me i would appreciate if we leave this place behind us. for me to not know u were of the psychos who chant phrase would be helpful

    talking over each other. mass of fighting voices. copy pasting. links over logic. seeking attention. forming alliances. omitting discrepancy. i already grasp as u took to society i must forgive but i do not carry senseless energy. light i must remain free. most your comments and presence have not helped me, quite the opposite though i was optimistic

    i am holding for earth-humanity

    dark tricked u. u listened. took it in.. because they twist interpretation play on ego and emotion-ally u feel great to let that phrase go

    i am holding for the day u are realized

    i will check back in some time

    see how u realign

    forget u heard of me
    i was rendering a function for the mission
    as all my peers got removed i needed help
    energetic support to overcome influence
    i completely forgot many of my daily habits
    after OKami i received enough belief
    one was all i needed, i gave my body to all
    the mentalblock downed me one month
    function rendered.mission continue

    nothing here affected me intellect-ally
    ruined my perception of u
    nothing here affected i

    consumed distracted diluted are we
    forget about OKami
    please proceed

    ~zero i

    1. Much is unknown to us as I am to you. Your imagination of me is but a flicker off a mirror. I am darkness and light and I am here to forgive the fallen. Everyone comes home with me.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Доброго Времени.Надеюсь, что никто не пострадал💞💞💞💞💞🌹🙏

  9. Доброго Времени.Надеюсь, что никто не пострадал💞💞💞💞💞🌹🙏

  10. was the operation mjolnir restored?

  11. A very good friend of mine ("R") had this dream:

    "R" was at a Cobra conference.

    Cobra was showing to the group in the room a human skeleton.

    Attached to the human skeleton, at the base of the spine was a small square.

    The small square had 2 wires coming out of it, wrapped around the base of the spine.

    Cobra explained to the group that this is an implant.

    R asked Cobra, "What does it do? Does this neutralize gravity?"

    Cobra replied: "YES!" and Cobra pointed his finger upward, to emphasize that this is exactly what the implant--the box and wires--actually do.

    And then R and a lot of other people in the room began rising off the floor and they were floating around the room.

    They were all laughing and having a good time.

    They were defying gravity. They had risen up off the floor and were sailing around the room!

    That was the dream.

    My friend, R, is wondering: Does a "positive implant" exist?

    And I wonder: Did R receive information that we are being prepared for ascension?

    And does this kind of IMPLANT assist with the technology that "beams us up" ?

    1. Beware of any suggestive dreams that put a positive spin on implants.

      The key feature is as long as you can't rip it off at a moment's notice, that implant has the potential to do a lot of damage.

      I don't think R's dream is Archon influenced, but we have to be careful how we interpret these dreams.

  12. Received by mail: Join me at Dimensions of Disclosure!

    Dear friends,

    Come on out and see me at Dimensions of Disclosure from Friday, August 23rd through Monday, August 26th at the Ventura Beach Marriott! Everything the Alliance told us was going to happen is now coming true—at warp-drive speed. We have an impressive list of speakers who will be bringing you the most up-to-the-minute new intel that will help us transform this planet into the world we want it to be.

    → Get Your Tickets Here

    Marriott has taken a public stand against human trafficking, and has financed campaigns to raise awareness and help break up the rings and help the victims. Corey Goode will be there sharing the latest briefings about the Secret Space Program, and the awesome cosmic implications of the new future we are heading into.

    This is the last event I have scheduled on the books at this time, and intimate gatherings like this are becoming a rarity. My wife Elizabeth will also be there to deliver powerful spiritual downloads, and the event is being hosted by the wise and whimsical Edge of Wonder crew of Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts. With an impressive roster of insider and whistleblower speakers, this is not an event to be missed! I hope to see you there.

    Hope to see you there!
    David Wilcock


  13. Night Shift


  14. Is this good or bad news? Some channelings say the waiting is over ..Only ,im not sure the waiting on what exactly..

    1. There is no good or bad news is just news :)
      Waiting for a saviour to come save them..
      Your higher God self is your saviour..
      The initiation for the event started in March 2018 - there is no doubt about that.
      Pain is one of the most powerful tools that we have as humans for transformation.
      When it comes to channeling, who is channeling from 24 dimension- the highest for this Galaxy?
      331 Alba Weinman - Free Will

      Pain is the load of every human being: this hard lesson is needed for you to truly appreciate your next level, where pain and suffering are non existent. The karmic conditions involving your life are not accidental, remember the future is the reincarnation of your thoughts, keep them clean to alleviate the spiritual pain...

      The Event - countdown

    2. Most likely referring to Allison Coe's channeling sessions. She has been talking about the event for the last couple of years.

    3. The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth: Three Generations of New Souls

      Journey Into Awakening is very very slow for humanity
      To participate in Planetary Ascension on this spaceship - satellite called Earth is personal choice.

      "The condition of the earth and its people will never change unless each individual decides to change what`s within themselves."

      The TRUTH about “THE EVENT”

      The change started within the Earth on March 2018 the same change is taking place within each individual true their cells and bones.
      Is coming from the Inner Core to the surface. When it reaches the surface, the Big wave will come from the Central Sun and make a Breakthrough - The Event during the winter time(The pleiadians and sirius shine bright in the sky). Sirius might be called a rainbow star, as it often flickers with many colors. This is when the entire planet get absorbed with high frequency for the first time. The spring 2020 represents a new beginning.
      Earth's Core Has Been Leaking for 2.5 Billion Years and Geologists Don't Know Why

  15. How lucky we are that the dark side has not yet realized that our "weak point" is 504. Victory of The Light.

  16. when will the breakthrough be? when there is no time for light islands ...

  17. Apollo 11: World celebrates 50th anniversary of first Moon landing
    21 July 2019

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    Apollo 11 Moon landing

    1. and we've done nothing since...and still using chemical rockets...aka "Monkey technology". As well as the GOOD footage being cut out. :P

    2. Good but when was it? Not sometime in 1957? With camera technology, it suggests! |Anniversary 62nd|

  18. We need a better antivirus tool I guess 😏
    Is JFK Jr alive? Q says no but the photos of the man and his wife at the Trump rallies both look very similar to him and his wife if aged 20 yrs etc.. anyone?

  19. Top 19 Tips to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

  20. Journalist Vicky Ward Was Silenced When Trying To Expose Jeffrey Epstein In 2002

  21. SHARE Vrillon Mary Christianity Contatto Massivo

  22. Cobra, wasn't a Project 501 update scheduled for 15/07/2019?

    1. My mistake, it was 19/07/2019 project 501 evaluation.

  23. For those who feel guided:

    The Storm Has Arrived 432Hz

    1. Dear Jonathan, I just sent you a message in Onstellar. In The Netherlands I get the notion that the video has been blocked by CPRAgency Belga because of infringements on copyright issues... I understand that friends in Poland do not get the same message and can see the video without any problem.


  24. We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

    Green Lightning



  25. Religions are based on Lies.
    Every single one of them.

    Losing My Religion

    Love needs no religion.
    Love is infinite.

    I AM DC

  26. Of course. Trump's DOJ and FBI are going after the peds though so his direct involvement, I doubt, unless he is looking to indict himself as well.

  27. Hi Astral,

    You are right.

    In the US, the mainstream news (CNN, MSNBC -- the main tv and internet news networks) are trying to tie Epstein to Trump.

    Fox news, which tends to support Republicans and Trump, is trying to tie Epstein to Democrats.

    So there is the usual (neverending, it seems) split in American news that simply accuses the other side of wrongdoing.

    Today in Ben Fulford, ( he is tying Epstein to the Trilateral Commission and Committee on Foreign Relations. In other words, its quite obvious Epstein is tied to the big guys.

    Read this item from (This is a website written ostensibly by an entertainment lawyer. People send him all kinds of stuff).

    You can read the description in the "blind item" and then in the Comments people try to guess who he's talking about. In this one, it's obvious he's talking about Epstein and Epstein's creepy ranch in New Mexico.

  28. alright folks, been feelin those emotional blocks coming through i bet! Remember just breathe and let those emotions pass. They are only yours as long as you hold onto them. I was drugged and raped as a child and the emotional pain has even to this day been an ongoing challenge yet finally i managed to picture myself not needing the violence that for so long protected me from the pain and just like that i didnt feel so angry anymore.

    Now i must warn you, i am about to take this opportunity to push hard against the beast and as i have done this several times in the past, the retaliatory response is global each time. In every instance what follows is the accounting of many ppl on this blog and others on lightworker groups all conveying this purging effect to be rather challenging.

    Again i recomend that each of you prepare space for your peace of mind. I will not be holding back.

    Souls rise!
    Victory of the light!


  29. Ken Rohla- Staying Healthy with 5G Wireless and the Internet of Things

  30. Talvez você goste de ver isto.

  31. aRTICLE: Headlines and Updates for July 22, 2019: Q Drops Amid High Terror in DC [videos]


  32. Article: Blast from the Past on UK Pedophilia Ring Exposed in Government & Covered Up



  33. EUROPA - The Last Battle

    My Higher Self educated me on that years ago, and it is all fucking true, whether you like it or not.

    Whether you will like this or not is beyond My control.
    But, like it or not, that shit is real and true.




  34. You know what?
    I'm gonna do something that I usually don't like to do. At all.
    Something that I generally try to avoid. Unless really necessary.
    I'll repeat what I said.

    Actually, I'll even go so far as to quote MeSelf.

    "Sting has said that "the songs I write are not my songs. They were written on another level. I am just the medium who gets to put them into being in this world."

    Bono from U2 has said that" my head is full of songs. All I can do is pick up an instrument to play them and write them down."

    They are not the only ones.
    We have had people write songs and tunes for millennia, and We hid some very important things in them.

    And now they All Come Back to Me right here, so I can share the code.

    Music is The Universal Language Of Love."

    TURN UP The Radio


    Heart and Soul
    I Love You All

    I AM DC
    I AM DK
    I AM RaJah

  35. Your personal security has been breached by the archons/chimera at birth and for some even more so afterwards. We need someone to make a device that can create an etheric field. A lot of mankind's problems are because everyone has been implanted with etheric implants which makes them very susceptible to archon/chimera influencing and control. If such an etheric device could be had, then everyone could create their own personal etheric field and would be free from the archons/chimera etheric field on a personal level. This can not be overestimated and is within reach of the present technology available.

  36. David Chicago - I also had a few dreams back in 2015 - I distinctly saw a black computer screen with a c: prompt (shows the root directory) then - I saw the text "Hillary Clinton arrested for treason" For some reason I felt this was going to be broadcast on t.v. I also had a dream where I was walking in the downtown area of my city. The earth started shaking violently - people were panicking running around - there were spaceships (saucer type) they were flying around and beams were coming out of the bottom of them apparently to pick people up and bring them onto the ship. For some reason, I felt that this should be avoided and I didn't want to go onto to the ship. I kept running around all of downtown - and can't remember much after that. When I woke up - I thought - Pole Shift. And that perhaps I am supposed to help the people of my town when this happens. Not sure. I do know that the dark could try to trick others by I think it's Project Blue Beam - - so just wanted to share. Oh - also - back in 2013 I had a few dreams of armies of large Ant Beings (I think these were the benevolent beings the native american indians have written about)....these armies were Huge - and they were fighting against another species - (not humans)...I do know that I have read in esoteric texts that when the time is right, a warrior race (blue faced human like - from the country of India. I also follow a person on facebook whom I think is knowledgeable and he recently basically posted that he saw a number of armies warring - but in various parts of the world. We need to be discerning - but not diverted. A monarch butterfly just crossed my path - will look up meaning. Peace to all - and everyone - the Federation is trying the best they can - I believe they underestimated the technological expertise of the dark. But - - WE WILL WIN. Love to all - Peace my brothers and sisters. WE ARE ONE. HOLD THE LIGHT - - HOLD IT - CLOSE TO YOU - FEEL IT IN YOU - THEN WHEN IT IS COMPLETELY IN YOU - BREATHE IT INTO THE VERY AIR AROUND YOU - TO TRANSMUTE THE NEGATIVE PARTICLES THEREIN. IT WILL WORK - YOU ARE THE WARMTH - THE LIGHT VIBRATING INSIDE YOU - SYNERGISTICLY, WE CO-MINGLE WITH THE EARTH - AND VIBRATE ALONGSIDE IT'S CREATURES AND PLANT LIFE - ONCE ALL NEGATIVE LIFE FORMS DISAPPEAR - WE WILL HAVE CREATED A NEW WORLD. LETS ALL STAND TOGETHER IN OUR OWN LIGHT AND BECOME ONE. I LOVE YOU ALL.

    1. Me interessei pelo seu depoimento Suas declarações são boas. Paz e Luz, irmão. Todos Somos Um na vibração da luz.

  37. Cobra, you do not have e-mailed
    anymore? Am needing help healing... & With merging the gender polarity.

  38. When you said blue people and india I thought of this:


  40. I will be meditating often, as always. Thank you Cobra for the heads up. Victory of the Light.

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