Friday, February 21, 2020

Project 502 modulation postponed to EOL2PSEQ


  1. Still don't know what means :D ...but know we are getting there ♡♡♡ Keep on seeing Freedom, Abundance, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Love, Giggling, Dancing, Singing, Paynting, Shining, Smiling, Happiness...etc etc♡♡♡

  2. I wrote this piece earlier(some additions too)... I know this is off topic.. But i need to say it for the record.... (had to break it foen in seceral posts.. is long
    It is unfortunate that i got caught up or i should say i keep stumbling into political "chaotic" themes online... i for one if i could and at one point. i will stay away from it... why.. because i see the rift.. i see both groups at leasts online mistreat one another to make a point... i know people that consider or lean toward democrat party views hmm... i am from new jersey ..hmm now that i think about it i dont know if anyone i know or knew was leaning toward republican party.. hmm now that i think about it again i dont know if i know republicans at all (i never asked... and is irrelevant to me what party is who). I was just like evereyone else.. i believe in the ideals and messagee that have/had been blasted thru the news etc(just like many people do and did).. so. i understand both sides.... and just like every other individual regardless of political affiliation i had to deal with the day o day tasks regardless of politics... ( the moment that i stopped swallowing everything the news was showing [the rare times i watched tv] was when i stumbled into the world trade center events as explained online not just by a punk from the corner..but by other either military officials or engineers etc... i read things that made u go hmm enough to kick u off the bandwagon whichever if i was on)

    So the demonizing of one party member and the other as i look at it.. it makes no sense to me(because at the end of the day we still enslaved to our daily routine.. n when we deal with each other on a daily basis whether at work or home at least for the general population politics is the last thing in our minds.. am i wrong? ).. this drift and condemnation pitch is being done mainly by those higher up (regardless which field) setting an example for others to do same...

    I am from neither party.. never was.. and would never choose one.. the answer i would give to someone that would ask me about what party i belong. Is the same answer i would give if they were to ask me about religion... "my heart is religion enough for me"... thus.. "my heart is politics enough for me"

    I have maybe twice voice me opinion online regardlinh political issues being brought up.. my online view is about the elimination of corruption and that is regardless of party.. cause honestly i still wish i knew who are are good guys... in this world of deception and illusions .. is even hard for me to tell..
    But if i was ever to vote .. it would be for someone that i know is doing something to help humanity as a whole.. regardless of party affiliation..(Part 1/4)

  3. I have heard many sides about why they dont trust the current president and why people do trust him... even has been written on some forums that just like any other political figure in power they are being handle by another group.. being Rothchild or Cabal.. and this is where i say.. one cant tell for sure who is working for who at whichever poiny..

    However one cant also ignore that the current president is stirring something.. whether is personal or purely business.. whatever he stirring is assisting to clear the oppossition that have had the population on a spin cycle. ... in an old paradign...but one also most consider the other group backing him up. The Q... which simply enough has a greater degree of transparency toward the general public. Is guiding them to see more than they ever have(Even if their focus is more "down to earth".. Just as this forum is bringing a certain group of individuals to another degree of awareness. ) all from diff fields toward some shared goal.
    Now if ultimately this is just a pure game to then later once the sympathy and loyalty of most people is gained and the opposition wiped out the population gets pulled into another spin cycle. I dont know. Until that becomes clear.. the sensible action is to support whatever positive initiatives are being done to free humanity regardless who is doing it.. (activism... Q . Cobra etc) if pikachu was a frontrunner and making mountains move would also get a High five

    Nonetheless... my bets always are clear on one thing. My bets aim toward the heavens.. what i understand about humanity and history ..(if we were not in the end times) is that history repeats.. so.. since we are in the end times.. i have to give it a chance that indeed things are moving for the better.. but since i understand also about human tendency (whether by designed or not) into turning a process into a job securiry... my bets would still ultimately rests in heaven's arms.

    So anyways
    i understand that in order for progress to occurr.. the old paradignmn have to end. We see that in many ways.. the eruptinh chaos is part of such cleansing

    However i still dont like how one group mistreats the other.. i especially worry about those that had been caught to play along because they had been compromised... that is another reason why i would lean and hope for heavens to touch ground faster than expected... because knowing about humans in general. and u see it from both sides.. some have a tendency to linch first... ask questions fact.. u see such view from some leads...(Part 2/4)

  4. Now if ultimately this is just a pure game to then later once the sympathy and loyalty of most people is gained and the opposition wiped out the population gets pulled into another spin cycle. I dont know. Until that becomes clear.. the sensible action is to support whatever positive initiatives are being done to free humanity regardless who is doing it.. (activism... Q . Cobra etc) if pikachu was a frontrunner and making mountains move would also get a High five

    Nonetheless... my bets always are clear on one thing. My bets aim toward the heavens.. what i understand about humanity and history ..(if we were not in the end times) is that history repeats.. so.. since we are in the end times.. i have to give it a chance that indeed things are moving for the better.. but since i understand also about human tendency (whether by designed or not) into turning a process into a job securiry... my bets would still ultimately rests in heaven's arms.

    So anyways
    i understand that in order for progress to occurr.. the old paradignmn have to end. We see that in many ways.. the eruptinh chaos is part of such cleansing

    However i still dont like how one group mistreats the other.. i especially worry about those that had been caught to play along because they had been compromised... that is another reason why i would lean and hope for heavens to touch ground faster than expected... because knowing about humans in general. and u see it from both sides.. some have a tendency to linch first... ask questions fact.. u see such view from some leads...

    Now i dont expect leaders(in whichever official capacity) to have a mother theresa attitude nor a ghandi... however the nurturing of viewing those that diff in views as of less value makes this whole process toward the goal of "freedom" longer to achieve... thats one reason why i would bet on heaven... also on the fact that heaven would be best qualify to be a judge jury ..n executioner. Terrans tend to judge from 1 dimensional perspective... we all are more than just that....our behaviour whether good or bad could not be explained fully by one Dimensional view. So yes.. i am concerned about those that had been caught long and deep by the dark.. Those at the verge of freedom needs to consider at a point to be a real life version of "what dreams may come" to those caught n left trailing behind.

    I do really do give credit to anyone that had poured their heart and soul to make a difference in this whole global mess... when the end is here.. however.. the victor must not forget that everyone had been played... and thus if judgememt is to be given... do not forget to look deep into the "origin" of things (Part 3/4)

  5. I am returning .. to the point of no politics for me... Politics clearly is one jungle i am not qualify to venture into... nor that i find pleasing...

    Everyday... i will pray that heaven does not play a joke on us.. by sinking back into complacement... and letting the conclusion be define what they called "free will" of all.. when they know well that unconditional freedom is long overdue.. n that truly any decisions made within quaratine earth is anything but true "free will".. for if they were to ask anyone with eyes wide opened what the choice would be. I reckon only a madman would choose to prolong the conclusion to a really badly played game.

    I pray that truly when the first opportunity to stop the game arises they would. set all free.. that is what real light heart imho would dictate... i dont know the politics from above but by me Home Star let it not be like the politics below (Part 4/4)

    1. I agree totally. Very well written. Thanks Cobra.

    2. Politics are a form of duality in that both sides tend to consider the other side as the opposite of them. When in reality if BOTH party members who are not dark knew full truth they would be in disbelief to learn how both parties have the same goal, control. To me the last real President was JFK period. He wanted disclosure of UFOs of the tech we had recovered, he wanted to end the Fed even printed like 7B UST notes backed by silver. He wanted no war with USSR nor Vietnam. He wanted CIA taken down, why they had him killed. Puppets since JFK. Ok Trump, I voted for him had to HRC was clearly dark, who can destroy 30k emails and not be arrested. Who can call Russia our enemy in a debate and people still cheer? Both her and Bill have taped and killed and via their foundation defrauded people and or been bribed.
      I follow Q I hope it all works out and Trump does the right thing we shall see. Arrests. RV. Disclosure 911 truth Roswell and our SSP all of it we are prisoners and most are clueless

  6. I made a meditation song and integrated it into protocol Command PB Stardust. This meditation song will strengthen the Pleiadian Protocol for all those who need it. Command PB Stardust really does work. Allow my song to assist in your pain management. I care very much for all people going through extreme pain at this time. I can relate because I am one of those people with a body that has prematurely aged, and my pain can be extreme at times. I am weak because I am strong, and I am strong because I am weak.

  7. Earth Orbit L2 Postponed Second Quarter?

  8. Great More postponing the usual business for the past 10 years nothing new they keep postponing everything.Ridiculous attitude from the light forces!

    1. Without LF you would not even have the option of complaining.

      If you do not like it here you may leave.

  9. Are the beings from the Central Race what we would know of as being Angels?

    1. I believe so.
      Rob – David Wilcocks has come out with some new information there. Of course, a lot of people are talking about it, and it’s . . . for me, it’s a little bit of a tabloid thing because they allegedly have a bird pheno type. But a lot of people are asking, ‘Can you talk about the Blue Avians?’ Is this confirmed in your circle?
      COBRA – You’re speaking about David Wilcock, I suppose.

      Rob – Yes, I’m talking about the information . . . He claims there is a group called the Blue Avians.

      COBRA – Yes, Okay. I can explain. Actually, what he’s referring to is the resistance people called the Central Civilization. The Central Civilization is the civilization located in the central region of this galaxy close to the Galactic Central Sun, and it is, of course, the civilization in the galaxy which the spirituality amongst humanity of man expanded outward throughout the galaxy and started creating the network of life. And those spherical ships belong to the Galactic Confederation and belong to the central civilization which is actually founded the Galactic Confederation millions of years ago and the so-called Avians are nothing more than angels. When those angels manifest on the physical plane they have wings. This is the simple explanation of what is going on.

      ---ref rp0315

      Look under Menu topic
      Star Races/Beings

      There is more info about them from other transcripts there

    2. Reading DH's reply, it looks like Cobra is not familiar with the Corey Goode (not Wilcock) depiction of Blue Avians, who are humanoid Avians but have no wings:

      However, an advanced race who can take physical form at will might well be able to take *any* form, including one with wings.

    3. Do either of you think there could be starseeds from the Central Race incarnate on Earth at this time????

  10. I'm sure it will be worth the wait😉



    Pleiades 1 Messages February 21 2020

    P+ Artillery” are ready for final removals.

    Are Lightworkers being removed or are the dark cabals being removed????

  12. I wonder if people with the corona virus could be helped with the tachyon chambers of China... and Taiwan... and Japan?

  13. benefit of China manufacturing (CoVid19) shut down = less plastic in the ocean..

    Boylan Slat (Ocean Clean Up) touring Asia

  14. Using this blog's search function, this is the first time 'EOL2PSEQ' has been mentioned in this blog.

  15. Embodying Integrity pt 2

    Self-Inquiry upon Personal Integrity

    To build and maintain personal integrity takes some effort and commitment, like developing the self-awareness that is required to define your personal values so that you can measure your behaviors and actions, in order to evaluate how aligned you are to your authentic self. When you consciously participate to clarify personal beliefs and core values, the next step is to honestly assess how well you are doing, by reviewing yourself in a personal integrity report. It may be a powerfully positive process to review your core values and generate personal integrity reports annually, so that you can see how you are evolving and transforming, as you better stay aligned to your own personal value system. This begins to develop more competency in self-leadership and life management skills, so that you are empowered to make positive differences from the values that you lead in your life. Real self-leadership and Self-Ownership begins when we have absolute clarity within the context of our personal beliefs and core values, which become the guiding principles we follow in our lives.

    What are the most important Personal Values that motivate my life? Choose up to five of the most important core values that feel the most essential to live authentically and express your highest purpose. Then focus upon those themes that you have chosen and evaluate if you are practicing and increasing these important values throughout your life. In the Guardian context for reclamation of Christ, our personal core value system would be directly connected to the Law of One practices. For example, for those dedicated to be of service to the Law of One, some of our most important personal core values are:

    Expressing Unity Consciousness, knowing we are all interconnected.
    Expressing Unconditional Love and Compassion to Myself, Love Others and Love Earth.
    Expressing Service to Others orientation to motivate personal actions.

    Maybe upon deeper reflection or in the future you’ll find that your most important personal values are shifting, or are revealing differently in order to become more specific in their quality. The more specific we are in identifying our core values, the more accurate and clear we can be when applying those to the behaviors that guide our life. As an example, let's say through deeper self-study you have identified a recurring pattern that makes it hard to feel confident in valuing yourself when in the company of intimidating people. One of the core values that you choose is to Value Yourself equally to others, no matter what happens. To make this an important guideline in your life will help strengthen personal behavior to value yourself while in intimidating situations, which increases Personal Integrity.

    Once you’ve defined some of your most important personal values, then inquire on each one to evaluate how you can better align your thoughts and behaviors with the meaning of each value. For example, ask three questions about the core values of expressing Unity, to help you accurately assess positive changes that you can make to be more authentic and within integrity.

    What does Unity mean to me, how do I express Unity in my thoughts, behaviors and actions?
    How can I better practice Unity consciousness throughout my life?
    Am I practicing empathy with others to more deeply express Unity?

    1. Why do you long post pages and pages of material every time? I think this has been going on for several weeks now. Do you think this material is interesting for everyone?

      If you want to publish long texts you might open up your own blog.

    2. TC is one of those that appear to need others to validate his/her existence. "Look at this! You see! I'm smart, thus you should love me!"

      I believe individuals should respect others. When someone builds a blog and invites comments, it is impolite to be a guest and then hog the comments. It's lack of respect for the host and for oneself. How can we respect that person who does that?

      Bad TC! No internet for you! Go to your room...

    3. Yes totally agree with that !!!!
      Stop these messages for the sake of everyone. My god at one time, I thought I was the only one who couldn't bear it anymore tank you wizard.

      Translation from google

    4. ..also creating a sort of "Halls of Amenti" and add interesting/educational reading for the long wait for...

    5. ..quite sure if Cobra does not like what I am posting he wouldn't allow it. My posts are an antidote to the boring, narcissistic whining and complaining about nothingness when you could be making strides toward personal >Ascension< instead of just w a i t i n g for something to happen. But you know - freewill and all that... ultimately it is your choice to be the light in Service to Others and to clear your own mental miasma. Thank you for thinking I am smart - at least I provide something interesting to read and then process.

  16. Alignment to Natural Law pt 10

    The Thirteen Principles of Natural Law

    We can live in conscious participation to align with the Natural Laws, which will support our path of Gnostic revelation during the Ascension cycle, and support the actualization of our purpose and mission on earth. Choosing Love as our constant guide is the key to everything, as our pure heart and inner spirit will guide us through these mysteries in order to truly know ourselves. Consider meditating and reflecting on what these laws mean in your life, and notice when they are operating. Intentionally choosing to work with these Natural Laws in the love polarity to positively impact your manifestations for achieving your highest purpose, and to circulate more love and goodness on the planet.

    1. Law of Mentalism

    Astrological Correspondence - Aries – Mars – Fire
    Chakra and Sphere 1, Subconscious Mind of Ego-Personality

    The Universal Law of Mentalism correlates to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of Unity above it, in that all things share a connection with the Universal Mind, and therefore are subjected to the Law of Structure that creates all things. Whether it is referred to as the mind of God, or the mind of All One, this is the pure consciousness of infinite intelligence that expresses its principle through natural laws, spiritual laws that govern our creation. All things are made of intelligent energy that are expressed through the energetic substance, frequency-vibration, blueprint, and an active power of motion, which takes direction from the instruction sets set forth and created from the mind. All things are created from a state of mind, a quality of thought and that which has been co-created within a system of energy, such as a planetary consciousness. Everything that we observe in the manifested worlds are the result of a mental state, a belief system that has preceded it.

    When an individual observes the interaction of thoughts within thoughts, and neutrally observes all thoughts and actions, this law begins to be understood and applied to personal wellbeing and spiritual growth. It is critical to master this law first, in order to influence all other Natural Laws, as the mental plane has the ability to influence what happens in multiple dimensional planes all simultaneously. Our thoughts influence multiple planes, within our own lightbody and in the outer realties. They have an energetic effect, as well as a spiritual effect which we may not see with our visible eyes, but takes place in the subtle forces around us, permeating into multiple stations of identities and realities.

    Comprehending this principle allows the spiritual seeker to apply their mental body functions to serve their highest expression, which influences all other Natural Laws and allows us to interact and interconnect with many other layers of intelligent energy. These are the consciousness aspects of other selves that exist in other dimensions, such as Soul, Monad and Avatar, as well as the intelligence aspects that exist within our physical body, heart and emotional layers. It is wise to remember thoughts are things, they are the seeds from which our garden grows and in order to change the harvest, we must first plant new seeds.

  17. Supporting Loved Ones During Spiritual Crisis pt 6

    When you are working with the awareness that you are a Genetic Pathcutter (See Ascension Class 4 of Genetic Pathcutter) you will see how the clearing of layers move into larger and larger group fields in order to reach the critical mass functions of embodied light on planet. These multiple layers move in multiple octaves of patterns, which are moved in cycles of biological time. Because of the necessity of obeying the governing Law of Mechanics in the dimensional fields, without which damage can occur to the person’s DNA or time space fabric, there are times when certain processes cannot be fully extracted or healed. Because the sequence has not yet loaded into the body’s station of identity, that merges with the same time sequence in this station of reality. The station of identity micro, as defined by embodied frequency must merge and fuse to be compatible with the current station of reality, macro. The time sequence and the biological sequence must merge together and fuse, in order for a complete healing to occur.

    This is why sometimes we have to have great patience and perseverance and KNOW, when you have fully committed to your Ascension path there is nothing to worry about. Like why you are not healed yet. Your body and your Spirit have to align themselves into the sequence that fits into the biological pattern, as well as the time-space pattern. Many times you have to catch up personality functions, to communicate with your spiritual functions. If the personality lives in fear or denial of its true essence and purpose, the healing cannot transpire. If the personality develops superior or inferior ego complexes, healing cannot transpire. So what this means is when you pray for help from God, when you do the practice of dedicating your body, mind and spirit to serve Gods light, It is ALREADY DONE. You have nothing to worry about. You are not being left behind. What your responsibility is, is that you have to accomplish the arduous task of LIVING YOUR LIFE authentically, clearing your ego and not falling off the wagon with your spiritual, self-commitment.

    This is what I mean about cutting through the illusions. There is nothing but God. When you have some horrible disgusting implant or artifact taken out of you, rather than reel in horror, remember there is purpose in it. Ask to see its purpose and why it has shown up. When you perceive it this way, it does not have to repeat itself or scare the daylights out of you. There are some really strange things in our Universe. Get used to it!!

  18. Overcoming Fear pt 4

    Right Thinking in Facing Fear cont.

    When we Overcome Fear we can break free from impulsive reactions that are triggered from domination based tactics used in the everyday world, and from manipulators that use aggression and intimidation in order to take control over our mental perceptions and emotional reactions. From this awareness, we can see these interactions as lessons for mastering our personal growth, which we gain incredible spiritual strength from. We live in a mind controlled world that uses fear based perceptions to socially engineer slavery. What steps can you take now to begin to free yourself from the patterns of mental bondage and personal suffering, forming strong mental skills for recontextualizing fear and improving your ability to emotionally self-regulate? What spiritual lessons does fear reveal to you now?

    Frequency of Fear and Feeling Unsafe

    The frequency of fear is what makes people feel threatened and unsafe in the world, as well as feel disconnected and separated from other people, which generates disunity in the world. Disunity breeds self-deception, false perceptions and many negative ego character flaws that generate relationally unsafe people. People with a lack of empathy or ethical conduct have a tendency to deeply criticize, blame or judge others. When fear rules us, darkness rules us. It also rules our relationships, which extinguishes the possibility for sharing deep human heart connections and forming empathic and loving bonds. Please take note of how fear is rooted in darkness and can destroy ethical conduct, respect and empathy for others very easily. Fear destroys the hope for unified cooperation to exist between people which breaks down compassionate communication, that could be directed towards problem solving greater issues that impact all of humanity. One controller type person that uses fear to manipulate others for power can easily destroy the accumulated unity, positivity and trust earned in an entire organization or community, in one fell swoop. Thus, fear is the main manipulation tool of the controller archetype that is designed to generate perceptions of being threatened and feeling unsafe in the company of others and in any kind of social setting. It also produces relationally unsafe people, who are generally unethical, disrespectful people that lack empathy for others.

  19. Dimensional Doorways pt 10

    Descending Timeline - Dark Night of the Planetary Soul cont.

    The Guardians estimate that this has been transpiring for upwards to 30,000 years in this planet's time cycles. This Patriarchal Dominion Enslavement Program is the last Holographic Reality Program along with its related Holographic Inserts and phantom matrix programs, which have been replaying in the human evolutionary cycle since the Atlantian Root Race Cycle.

    The vibratory critical mass with groups of people will indeed be the deciding factor resulting in the frequency split through the different timelines or dimensions. More cities and community living areas will reflect either a harmonized or discordant group vibration, that will either repel or attract certain levels of consciousness. Most Humans will be sharing the experience of intensified energies in these time splits as a sensation of instability, mystery and that anything can happen at the drop of a hat.

    Those that may get stuck in the lower spiral of these energies will be repeating the old timeline along with the Theme for 2007, that astrologically was represented in the Eighteenth Portal of Consciousness known as the Moon in classic Tarot. (See article from January 2007).

    This may serve to stabilize the learning process for these souls who will be outwardly appearing to have a Dark Night of the Soul process, along with the planetary version of that same dismantling. The dark night of the soul is a necessary alchemical process of evolution in a polarity system such as ours. Attempt to view those going through this process with the utmost compassion and still remain neutral in perception. Many times the circumstances we perceive as painful can be the greatest act of compassion in creating salvation for those ultimately seeking true liberation for their soul's journey. Please do hold space for these groups of human beings in your hearts during this year. It will be a confusing and sometimes painful year for many as they undergo the dark night of the soul process.

    1. Witch article from January 2007 are you referring to?

    2. --》michaela

  20. The MetaGalactic Core pt 6

    Sagittarius A Star cont.

    Sagittarius A-Star has been producing bright X-ray flares on an increasingly consistent basis with aggressive winds of cosmic rays emitting energy intelligence, ranging from low frequency radio waves to high energy gamma rays. During the Ascension cycle and with recent corrections made to the Metagalactic Core this transmission activity has rapidly increased.

    This particular section of the time matrix originally functioned in the eighth dimensional spectrum of the Metatronic Galactic plane and held the 8D stargate that led into the Andromedan system. This stargate became inverted when these sections of the time matrix collapsed and went into increasing stages of magnetic reversal and gravitational field warping. The remnants of this chaotic history from the Galactic Wars in the Orion area are made evident in viewing the spiral arm of the galactic nebula, which is scattered and has multiple breaks of discontinuity as a result of gravitational distortions. The magnetic reversal matrix distortions drag down the creations in the entire Milky Way system, warping the trajectory of the Solar System’s planetary orbit into a destructive event horizon. The damage incurred as the result of warring destruction waged upon the integrity of the time matrix, pulls down the inhabitants to slowly descend into a death spiral that would eventually be consumed in a supermassive black hole, and this would happen over the evolutionary cycles of millions of years.

    The separation of the Milky Way system from its Mother Universal Time Matrix located in the Andromedan Galaxy, resulted in the subsequent invasion of our time matrix from an assortment of warring entities that flooded into the Galactic Plane. This invasion originally occurred in the fallen parts of the Metagalactic system that became centered around the black star Abaddon. Abaddon was used to fuse our time matrix into its current unnatural Galactic Core configuration, which further runs a superquantum computing network of the black cube matrix, which projects unnatural portal links from the planets in our Solar System into the neighboring black hole system. This structure is connected to the inorganic four of the Yahweh Matrix and this is the alien architecture that has allowed an access to these invading entities, directly into the planetary logos matrix from the north and south pole. The primary NAA underground bases are in the Antarctica region, to keep a watchful eye on the activity sourcing from the Mother Arc’s 9D stargate.

  21. I believe we all have to figure out who killed Dr. Plummer.

    The articles in Cobra's previous post hint at the idea he is involved in developing the corona virus, but they don't actually say he developed it or that he is a bad guy.

    Is he a good guy? Or a bad guy? My guess is he's a bad guy, and he helped develop the virus. From the Zerohedge article on Feb 8:

    "Update (1135ET): It seems that Mr. Plummer made a habit of getting the biological material he was working on 'stolen,' as we found a report from 2009 in the Winnepeg Free Press that details the theft of 22 vials of biological material was 'confirmed by scientific director Dr. Frank Plummer.'"

    The guy just happened to be around every time a virus was lifted out of where he worked. Hmmmmm.....

  22. "This NASA photograph reveals evening lighting in the U.S. and its neighbors, much of it from arc plasma lamps. The light from those lamps may signal our presence to alien civilizations."

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Plasma spiders gone but physical Chimera (Spiderman) still web shooting it out at DARPA and U.S. Space Command. Plasma toplets (last layer) still under clearance.

    2. Rest of the entities first I suppose.

  24. And to all the lightworkers who are broke with no money (probably the majority of you), just get a credit score and take out a bunch of loans and invest in stocks. Have fun with it! Why not? Then if worse comes to worse just file for bankruptcy! Who cares anymore? lol!

    1. LoL 😇 Yeah, Fuck the System! They've Fucked Us for long enough. The Light is Victorious!

    2. Take a loan, move to a different country.

    3. Dr Bob, exactly. I really like this guy's advise. He has several F bombs though, but I just view the F word as verb lol! He makes some very good points.

    4. I only want go suicide..only! We ALL need the event to!! NOW!!! Within weeks!

      Ive lost ALL my faith in ALL lightforces, who still delay/postpone the EVENT, instead of start it right now!


      ALL these so called mass meditetions..critical mass reached or not...has done NOTHING!!

      YES..they have done something.

      MORE MISERY...delay/Postponing of the SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO needed EVENT/breakthrough.

      OO im sooo cannot believe.

      Take me OFF planet right now!!

      Take me to the sooo long promised UTOPIA/paradise..fifth dimensional world..where MORE than okay.

      PLease EVENT right now!!

      The world is dying..getting cabal....SOS....SOS...SOS...S....O...S!!!!

      Start the EVEN T right now!!!


      STOP ALL the stupid delays right now..dear lightforces/source.

      Love and light.

      I want peace for us ALL/whole universe.......RIGHT...NOW!!

    5. we are the system. who is this outside thing you are fighting? nothing is outside. it comes from inside.
      stop fighting it. forgive your selves from inside out.

    6. Thats a good way to become homeless. Better try to get along with what you have, then they have no reson to kick you out of your home. The Lord will help all who ask! :)

    7. Needs a monthly income in Brazil.I believe it is the same in all locations.
      Bastards will be bastards

    8. If you don't have a lot of money, chances are your credit is toast, too. Can't get a loan without immaculate credit, and the credit system rules are a scam tilted in favor of the banks and lenders. In the US that is.

    9. Do it in a smart way though. Make sure you can handle the potential loss. Many financially independent people risk everything though. They were willing to go all-out. Most people are too docile to put themselves out there. Most people are also easily manipulated by fear judging from today's stock market landslide. That's why I really don't like people in general, even though I am one. They are called sheeple for a reason.

  25. As far as I remember,he promised before the last conference that he would speak more clearly about the top-let bombs.

    1. Here ya go, you may find some useful information here regarding Toplet bombs :-

    2. He said there is only one mire layer of Toplet bombs. If we have a Mass Meditation on April 4th/5th then that should clear the rest of them.

  26. Ahh! More delays! I love it! 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Cobra, do we have to endure these looooong posts replies that have nothing to do with compression breakthrough?? So annoying. Stop it people. More delays probably mean delays in justice as well. I know Q Anon is linked. So frustrating...

  28. uh...Why are people so disappointed? We don't even know what the first message meant. That said, it is pretty hard to maintain your sanity with a 'love and light' outlook. I find it annoying that these light forces don't seem to understand the human experience. Yet, they want to dictate how we should think and feel.

    Here's what I learned, the light forces may care about humanity in general, But they don't give a damn about the individual. In other words, it doesn't matter to them how much you or I have to suffer as long as humanity is course-corrected. This isn't necessarily bad, but it does mean that the individual is pretty much on their own or at the mercy of aliens whose nature we don't fully understand yet. This is exactly why I don't care for the love and light path. There is absolutely nothing 'loving' about it. Why should I care about what the light forces want when they don't seem to care about MY goals and what I want? And don't even give me the ego is bad crap, I'm sick of hearing about it

    Having said this, I will cooperate with these guys as long as it suits my purposes and agenda.

  29. this entire event seems postponed...

  30. With entities being quickly removed from the plasma plane is it fair to say the toplet bombs are now gone? I recall only these T bombs stood between us and the the main wave being sent. I realize the Galactics want more time so more on earth can resonate higher with the energies but I still see chemtrails jets so I think we cant wait any longer the poison they inject into our air and then into us has not stopped. Why the Galactics cant start taking them down I dont know.

    Using a baseball analogy,are we in the 9th inning or the 7th inning stretch?

  31. Strt the event right NOW!

    Suicide is about to happen very...soon..IF again delays/postpone of the event happens.

    The whole earth and ALL its inhabitans are dying because of the cabal.

    And still no event!!

    Its a shame..bloody shame!

    I have no words for it!

    I demand the event to happen very soon this year second later.

    Start the event right now!

    Or we ALL die!

    1. 迫切希望事件在几周内触发,我真的再支撑不起了。

  32. "Operation Disclosure"

    Cobra or anyone is this website worth following it talks about cabal crimes, arrests and pending RV etc. It has been very positive the problem is I have yet to see any proof to confirm anything they state.


  33. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT forward with the truth sooner or later the truth will come out. i can feel and see their endtime is near they stared acting like hungry wolves. it's a mater of time they will go the belong to with their sick greedy mind no turning back now.
    'Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. the obedient must be slaves' Henry David Thoreau.

  34. Maybe it's been postponed because it's been superseded. The dynamics are moving very quickly now.
    Disclosure this year!
    Sealed indictments revealed this year!
    Hidden technologies exposed this year!
    Anyone for tea 😀😷🏁

  35. Info Finder, It is quite impossible for me anyway, to make money off of other peoples slave labor. Wall street is not the economy, rather a parasite ON the economy. The Stock market is the corporate welfare system and money laundering. My integrity would never allow me to do that.

  36. I do not understand everything but I have faith all will be well🙏❤🌎

  37. Some humble assumptions about cryptic “Project 502 modulation postponed to EOL2PSEQ”…

    On Thursday, February 13, 2020 Cobra informed: “Initialize Project 502, modulation target 200223.1433Z”.

    I presumed that it could mean the date - 23rd of February 2020, the event – New Moon, the time – 14.33 EST, and the place where the New Moon impact will be the strongest - East Coast of the US.

    Now the “Project 502 MODULATION POSTPONED to EOL2PSEQ”…

    Here the key word is MODULATION. Modulation (lat. Modulatio - regularity, rhythm) is the process of changing one or more parameters of a modulated carrier signal using a modulating signal.

    The transmitted information is embedded in the modulating signal, and the role of the information carrier is performed by a high-frequency oscillation called a carrier (modulated). Modulation, therefore, is the process of "landing" an information oscillation on a known carrier in order to obtain a new modulated signal.

    As a result of modulation, the spectrum of the low-frequency control signal is transferred to the high-frequency region. THIS ALLOWS TO CONFIGURE THE OPERATION OF ALL RECEIVING AND TRANSMITTING DEVICES AT DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES SO THAT THEY DO NOT INTERFERE WITH EACH OTHER.



  38. Trying to unravel further new Cobra crypto-info: “Project 502 modulation postponed to EOL2PSEQ”.

    In EOL2PSEQ - EOL is an abbreviation of the words "End of Line", in our case - "the END of a SEVERAL COINCIDING STRONGEST STRONG COSMIC FLOWS – from New Moon, Mars close to shadow node of Ketu, Uranus and Fomalhaut". The EOL auxiliary module monitors the integrity of the power lines. When used together with the main EOL module integrated into all controllers and routers of the stars and planets system, the entire direction of the space flows impact can be monitored.

    2 – means “TO”

    PSEQ (The Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire) is a 10-item questionnaire, developed to assess the confidence people with ongoing pain have in performing activities while in pain. The PSEQ is applicable to all persisting pain presentation. It covers a range of functions, including household chores, socialising, work, as well as coping with pain without medication. The questions are the following:
    1. I can enjoy things, despite the pain.
    2. I can do most of the household chores (e.g. tidying-up, washing dishes, etc.), despite the pain.
    3. I can socialize with my friends or family members as often as I used to do, despite the pain.
    4. I can cope with my pain in most situations.
    5. I can do some form of work, despite the pain. (“work” includes housework, paid and unpaid
    6. I can still do many of the things I enjoy doing, such as hobbies or leisure activity, despite pain.
    7. I can cope with my pain without medication.
    8. I can still accomplish most of my goals in life, despite the pain.
    9. I can live a normal lifestyle, despite the pain.
    10. I can gradually become more active, despite the pain.
    Answers are given on a seven-point scale from “Not at all Completely Confident” to “Confident”.

    Summing up, it turns out that the planned space impact on February 23, 2020 of New Moon with Mars close to shadow node of Ketu, Uranus and Fomalhaut at 14.33 EST on the East Coast of the United States could be too traumatic for the population. THAT IS WHY IT WAS POSTPONED UNTIL MORE FAVORABLE CONDITIONS.

    1. What are you doing?! Read Cobra's older blog posts about the kind of technology they are working with and you will realize you'll never figure out what they are talking about. They're top secret military operations, the acronyms aren't going to be on Google.

    2. What's the idea with the pain?

  39. Notes from Taipei Ascension Conference
    November 30th, 2019 to December 1st, 2019:

    "Planet Earth is a jail. Only a small section of Galaxy / (has) remained in the grip of the dark forces – Rigel and Earth.

    Vaccinations / open your energy field for reptilian entities to enter your body.

    The (sub-atomic) quantum field is influenced by our consciousness – by our mass meditations. Mass meditations are very important, they produce a coherent field to change the timelines and... Only our consciousness can transform what is happening on the planet.

    Earth is a multilayered prison. / It takes time to deconstruct it. We are deconstructing this prison for the first time in human history.

    The Primary anomaly is (the) opposite of sense.
    Nobody understood the primary anomaly because it doesn’t make sense.

    The purpose of the SSP (Secret Space Program) was to set a stage for the draconian/reptilian takeover of the planet.

    The USA is spending one trillion dollars every year on SSP.

    On the surface of the planet, you have Dracos incarnated in space programs, (and) in Air Force Space Command to prevent positive ET contacts. The purpose of military bases is to monitor the skies and check for any extraterrestrial activity.

    A new cycle is the cycle of paradise without any anomaly. People will not be ready (for it) and will go through a process of shock. Now we are only in the preparation process.

    St. Germain has been working for hundreds of years on this project of the New Atlantis.

    In the last 25,000 years, every possible criminal was welcomed to this planet. Planet Earth is supposed to be a sacred planet, in perfect harmony between technology and nature aligned with our spiritual purpose.

    Between the Event and the polar shift / the Islands of Light will be built to stabilize the energy grid of the planet for the time of the polar shift as the final purification of the planet (1,500m high waves) arrives.

    At the polar shift, when big tsunamis start happening, there will be an evacuation of the surface population and some / will ascend."


  41. "My CIA medical sources have been telling me all along that this is a bio-weapon. What is interesting is that according to the statistical models they use, it should have infected hundreds of millions of people by now but it has not. Something has attenuated the virus and turned it into something of similar intensity to a common cold."

  42. And in continuation of the topic...If my conclusions are correct (comments of 13.02. and 23.02.2020), then based on The Cobra posts, it can be assumed that Project 502 is one of mechanisms that allow to embed into existing cosmic flows, manage them and condense them to the strength of a laser beam. With specific goals and specially designed programs. In some cases - to destroy the Chimera and other negative entities on the plasma, etheric, earth and underground levels. In other cases - to transform people for the better, not killing and maiming them in the process.

    This is the biggest problem. For many it is easier to die than to change. This is true not only for people, but also for entire social, political, economic institutions and systems. But, as the old saying goes, who doesn't want will find a thousand reasons, and who really wants will find a thousand opportunities.

    Now such opportunities really appeared, thanks to Light Workers, mass meditations and other fundamental changes. All that permitted not only to anchor the necessary cosmic flows on Earth, but also to reactivate and restart such mechanisms as Islands and Cities of Light that existed on Earth before the now passing Cosmic Night and all space wars and invasions described by Cobra. And at last these changes can't be stopped.

  43. The MetaGalactic Core pt 7

    Sagittarius A Star cont.

    The Galactic Plane of our Milky Way system became distorted through a blend of damaged energy fields and collapsed time matrices, along with insertions of black hole entity artificial machinery used to hijack the organic base 12 architecture and then bend and twist the time matrices into artificial configurations that could be manipulated and controlled by the NAA. This is the seed of the suffering that humanity has faced in the artificial timeline wars with competing core manifestation templates, one organic, the other artificially generated by the invaders. To maintain the unnatural energy field configurations through magnetic reversals and advanced alien machinery that support the race lines of Black Sun DNA reversal 10 templates, the Flower of Artificial Life manifestation template was generated as the primary holographic architecture inserted in the Galactic Plane.

    The Metagalactic Core distortions from the black cube matrix were holding the Artificial Flower of Life geometric template in place, to disrupt and prevent the diagonal grids from functioning in one dimension to another. The Artificial Flower of Life geometry was designed to ripple distortions from the black hole entities artificial 8th Portal throughout the lower dimensional architecture, seeding Metatronic code and 60-degree angular spins. This death technology was designed to collect quantum energy siphoned from these lower creations, where the main loosh collection site returned back into the Metagalactic Core and was utilized to power up the artificial realities and neighboring black hole systems. Further this alien construct was designed to feed energy sources into the many phantom hyperdimensional pockets and hibernation zones where negative entities reside. This is how they colonized the Solar System in order to maintain their existence within these virtual AI timelines, that they have generated for the purpose of conquering earth and propagating their race lines in the Milky Way system.

  44. Dimensional Doorways pt 11

    Descending Timeline - Dark Night of the Planetary Soul cont.

    With this Moon influence in its higher expression, one can come to see and experience themselves more deeply as an evolving body-soul consciousness, through intense polarity or suffering of the dark night. It is a time of contemplation of the inner mysteries of God-Self and to go beyond belief and identity structures. As with any repeated pattern or cycle, when we did not listen the first time the pressure applied is immensely more powerful and perceived as incredibly dense or painful the next time around. This is the danger inherent in our Timeline Cycles now, we will always have an offering or oportunity to choose something higher, yet if you have not controlled your lower impulses of negativity, it will be much more challenging to control them within the current unrelenting energy-scape.

    Some frequent keywords for the Tarot of Moon energies:

    Lack of clarity, Tension, Doubt, Fantasy
    Deception, Psychological conflict, Obscured vision
    Confusion, Illusion, Fear, Worry
    Romanticism, Anxiety, Apprehension, Unrealistic ideas

    The Nineteenth Portal of the Sun - Inner Radiance

    Those that have had sufficient practice facing the trials and challenges of the Moon influence over the last year in 2007, have developed the necessary strength of character and the guidelines to lead. We have been totally reorganized within our personal structure and have increased our direct body consciousness. This is the Key to the direct emotional cognition function of our bodies inherent wisdom, in using the discernment of Higher Sensory Perception. A new Self Mastery has emerged.

    As we enter this 19th portal there is also a new level of awakening, a deep conviction about our place in the Cosmos. In this level of our spiritual unfoldment we reach what the Ancients refer to as the Regeneration. As a conscious rebirthing process, our very being will be rejuvenated as the Rays of our Inner Sun pour into our bodies, so as to draw in new vital energies. We can direct this Solar Energy to bring comfort and peace with added enthusiasm and new excitement into our experiences. We are transformed into a New Person.

  45. Overcoming Fear pt 5

    Frequency of Fear and Feeling Unsafe cont.

    Essentially, unsafe people have weak character qualities that tend to spread fear and disunity, which make other people feel unsafe while in their presence. Many unsafe people have developed walls to distance themselves from others because of their hidden fears, that stem from unhealed personal trauma. All of us have been in the company of an unsafe person and noticed how uncomfortable and tense we may feel while in their presence. When we cannot be authentic and truthful in the presence of another because we fear they will judge, persecute or attack us for revealing ourselves, we feel deeply uncomfortable, drained and unsafe when we are in their presence. Many relationally unsafe people are ruled by their fears and many of their reactions and impulses are made unconsciously, through their unhealed mental or emotional triggers.

    Let’s bring to mind some fear based negative ego qualities that create relationally unsafe people, people we cannot be completely truthful around without fearing we will suffer some kind of repercussion, attack or punishment. Unsafe people can be judgmental, blaming, manipulative, dishonest, narcissistic, emotionally unstable, irresponsible, gossips, Gaslighters, control freaks, back-stabbers, demanding, and entitled with superior attitudes. Sounds like a lot of darkness is present in those behaviors, doesn’t it? When in the company of people that demonstrate these fear based negative ego qualities, we may need to create strong boundaries and set the terms of our interaction with them. In some cases we may need to sever the connection entirely. There is generally nothing positive that will come from continually feeding destructive, harmful or abusive relationship patterns that refuse to heal or evolve. We have to plant seeds where there is fertile soil, if we want a garden to grow. And to shift out of the negative polarity of fear, one may need to pull weeds, or walk away from that relationship pattern as an act of self-love and self-preservation.

  46. Supporting Loved Ones During Spiritual Crisis pt 7

    When we are observing others, our family and friends and even ourselves, this principle of biological growth matching spiritual field growth, will also have influence on your personal spiritual development. It is something to consider and meditate upon the cycles of life. We do have more implications now as planetary accelerations are impacting us, which also act as an additional intense catalyst for ascension awakening. So it may be important not to get too caught up on your family member who is still flailing about, especially your children or younger family members. Some of the younger Indigos, like Indigo 3 's,have a stomach curdling pathway to carve out in order to wake themselves up! As a parent, this is a nail biter for sure. One has to really work hard to be non-attached and to understand at what level you can be of service and help your loved one without interfering. As an example, because of the original 12D human crystal template, many people wake up at Age 33 and may have a huge catalyst awakening in their 32nd- 34th year. Additionally, this is why in the Ancient Mystery School setting, a 33rd Degree Mason is at the top of the esoteric Pyramid of Wisdom.

    As we understand Ascension Mechanics, we study patterns, numbers, archetypes, physics and cycles. Everything in creation has intelligent purpose in pattern and nothing is random. As such we can take into account the four basic stages of biological cycles which include two additional catalysts into the lifestream called the Taskmaster. Saturn acts as the taskmaster, which means, if you have not figured out how to get aligned to your heart, some massive life altering event, or even your exit point or death, will transpire as you were not paying attention to your soul task. There is no judgment in this, as you set the exit point yourself! However, if you are wasting life force energy and not being productive, the soul may call you home and invest its energy in another one of your lifetimes. During the Tasking periods, you will notice many people leave the planet. As an example we have seen a lot of celebrity rockstars leave the planet around Age 27. This was the Taskmaster calling them back home for a start over.

  47. Alignment to Natural Law pt 11

    2. Law of Correspondence

    Astrological Correspondence - Taurus – Venus – Earth
    Chakra and Sphere 2, Instinctual Mind of Ego-Personality
    Royal Star - Aldebaran

    The Universal Law of Correspondence shows us that which is expressed from the inner world, is matched in what expresses in the outer world, and vice versa. On the spiritual path, our ultimate goal is to express more balance and symmetry between the layers of correspondence that we become aware of. The principle expresses the idea that there is always a correspondence which can be observed in patterns between the Natural Laws of consciousness that exist simultaneously in the multiple dimensional planes of being and life. As above, so below; as below, so above. What is manifested in the material world, reflects the quality of the thought behind the pattern from the unmanifest layers. This principle also states that there is a correspondence between multiple planes of reality which may form into integrated and harmonious interactions delineated as: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes, at the individual (microcosmic) and collective (macrocosmic) levels.

    If we want to understand more about the causal reality and events happening around us, we look at the macrocosm to the microcosm, and the microcosm to the macrocosm and we observe the interconnections and patterns that are present there. To understand the nature of problems and life lessons, we look beyond the linear thinking of the issue. Instead we look at what exists in the energetic layers that created it, to see the patterns and the shadows of what generated that situation.

    If we want to see the accumulated thoughtforms that have created an organization, if we want to reverse engineer something that has manifested, we look for the correspondences. We look at how that thing was created by observing the macro to micro patterns, the influence of the system of energy that was co-created, and the motivations that are behind it. The Law of Correspondence informs us of the original intent and quality of thoughtforms that were used to co-create a manifestation, in which we can observe causality through the mirror of reality. In this way, it is very similar to the basic comprehension of the Law of Attraction.

    The Law of Correspondence is magnified by the importance of its position in our Universal Time Matrix. This Law manifests as the Guardian of the Eastern direction in the Pillar architecture that forms one side of the Four Cardinal Directions (N-S-E-W), that are measured in the Cosmic Time Cycle. The new celestial direction in the cosmic time cycle form into the King-Queen mandala of the Crown of the Magi, which belong to the Aeonic Pair, and is a type of Cosmic Celestial Time Calendar that opens up into Infinity, or the 360 Worlds. This is why Aldebaran is referred to as the Guardian of the East, and is one of the set cardinal directions of the Four Royal Stars. Hence, Aldebaran and the histories of the Michael Wars have impact on the Law of Correspondence, which form into many of the thought reversals used to hijack the Law of Attraction for Service to Self or harmful purposes.

  48. Embodying Integrity pt 3

    Self-Inquiry upon Personal Integrity cont.

    Am I living in Personal Integrity and what areas can I improve? As you meditate and reflect on your life over the past year, assess if you have been authentic to your core values and the ways that you can improve your actions, to reflect integrity and authenticity in the future. In each area when reflecting upon personal values, inquire on what is aligned to your authentic self, those things that feel they are functioning well. Then place your attention upon the personal lessons and opportunities that you have to greatly increase inner strength, the core strength you will need in order to act authentically and within personal integrity.

    Summarize the key points in your Personal Integrity Assessment for reference. As you gain clarity on identifying important personal values and how you can build and maintain authentic integrity, prepare a summary of key points that you can revisit for inspiration to help guide your life direction and purpose in the next cycle. Print out your notes to clarify in more detail your personal vision for living within core personal values, knowing that when you are maintaining personal integrity it naturally aligns to fulfill your highest purpose. Embodying core personal values, living, thinking and breathing those values is what expresses Personal Integrity. This is the key to avoid negative cause and effect or miasmatic imprints upon what you are manifesting. Then make an effort to re-read and reflect upon your Personal Integrity Assessment regularly, to keep you focused on what personal core values are the most important guiding principles of fulfilling your most authentic expression.

  49. Notes from Cobra's Taipei conference, December 2019 are published here :

  50. 最终胜利快点到来啊

  51. Cobra, how does joining the Resistance Movement affect the ascension waves and returning to the surface of the planet?

  52. Just now only have we Cobra Conference reports:

    1. Awesome details about our liberation, healing and various phases of the ascension process! Extending deep gratitude to Cobra, Resistance and all the Light Forces who have worked so long and hard to help free us from this prison planet.

      The most important take-away from the conference is that the true KEY to accelerating our liberation is greater participation in the Mass Meditations. The increase in numbers amplifies the laser-like group energy we release that literally cuts through and dissolves the primary anomaly surrounding our planet.

      As we meditate in sync with We Love Mass Meditations lets visualize throngs of people joining us and dissolving the anomaly at lightning speed! Just think......if the majority of the surface population came together with a singular intention in just ONE mass meditation, we would dissolve the Matrix in less than one day!!! That is the POWER we possess as a collective. Time to use it!

    2. Very well said, Sacred Architect 5D. You phrased it perfectly. The greater the participation in our synchronized-focused-Meditations, the greater their Power to release this realm from unwanted influences. I really like your idea of meditating to invite more Light-workers and others to join the daily round-the-clock Mass Meditations.

      Thank you.

  53. Extra-Dimensional Vs. Multi-Dimensional 1/2

    The term “extra-dimensional” was recently incorporated in addition to the term “multi-dimensional” to better describe the source of reptilian invasion that this planet has been subjected to. Many people when at various stages of considering this terminology in regards to learning about the exopolitic agendas, such as the negative alien agenda, have a very challenging time mentally comprehending how the invasion transpired. In the earlier stages of being introduced to the Negative Alien Agenda, even people that are very familiar and comfortable with the UFO and ET movement, have difficulty grounding this fact as a convincing reality into what the control mechanism on earth actually means. The majority are still not seeing the underlying mechanism controlling the global elite, and believe that atrocities are related to human error and human cause and effect. This is partially accurate, and heavily misunderstood in the New Age population. Most people when getting introduced to the idea of the Negative Alien Agenda, will then ask the question, “Well, if we have been infiltrated or invaded, if our government is controlled by an alien force, why can't I see it with my visible sight? Where is it?” Because people are highly programmed and mind controlled, it is a difficult process for the brain pattern to learn how to see the blaring signs hidden in plain sight, everywhere in human society. Human beings have adopted and progressed into an alien or anti-human society, and have been tricked into believing it is organic, based on human free will and self-determination. It absolutely is not.

    As a means to explain and understand the Negative Alien Agenda, these entities and the forces they incorporate are Extra Dimensional, meaning not sourcing from our visible light spectrum. Most people have a hard time grasping that concept, as what they cannot see in visible light, through their eyesight, they have a hard time understanding. Its state of existence is beyond the 3rd dimension.

  54. Extradimensional vs Multidimensional pt 2 {final)

    Negative Aliens operate in and from extra-dimensional realities. They are sourcing their control from outside the visible light spectrum, and controlling what humans can see through holographic inserts and other technologies. They direct these forces of control, enslavement and technology, to serve their parasitic nature and build their replicates. As we know they are bullies, elitists and war strategists, as their main concern is to rule over others who will then serve them.

    NA’s operate extra dimensionally to control matter in this dimension. Most of them are not able to physically occupy a body in this space/time. If they do, it’s for very short periods with precise measurements. Humans do OCCUPY this space, yet are not aware of forces controlling them extra-dimensionally. Humans and these Aliens both simultaneous exist multi-dimensionally, the capacity to exist in multiple spaces of time, except many humans still have the god spark which allows them to connect to organic timelines and not the replicated timelines of which the NA’s are forced to live in. Which means their capacity of multidimensionality is inferior to humans, based on the genetic template. They hate us for knowing that and even saying that, and tell themselves it is not true, but it is true. They say they created us and its hogwash. They genetically messed with us, that is hardly an manifest creation. They desire to destroy that capacity of god spark attainment and organic timelines, which they cannot access, and have been working that agenda for 10,000 years specifically.

    So in these definitions, Humans and ET’s are capable of Multidimensional intelligence, even though the spectrum of multi-d capacity is extremely varied. NA’s cannot connect to a organic timeline, they can only destroy it through leeching onto it and sucking out all the quantic field of its mass of energy. When they do that, they destroy time fields or maim the future probabilities based on the fact that the consciousness of humans are enslaved and spiritually oppressed. If we do not access our multidimensionality and align to the organic fields, they can “consume” them. Clearly that’s why they do not want us comprehending this fact. Naturally this is a directive of Guardian Forces, both human and nonhuman that are stopping the destructive result of such actions, as its very harmful to not only the earth and her creatures, but many other worlds.

  55. OMG !!Command RCV stardust,did work !in 2.17,I had a really bad flu,and after Cobra 'post come out,I said it only few times,and the flu had gone, and I felt perfectly well, only takes one day, one say was absolutely impossible before, but it happened after I said “Command RCV stardust. ”So I felt that this could eliminate many kinds of viruses !​Everyone could trust this !Please have a try !

    1. Can confirm to this, it works. The "Command RCV stardust" protocol was amazingly effective for me as well, for the flu like symptons I was experiencing for almost a week (sore throat, bouts of fever, inflammed lymph node, general fatigue and lack of energy). My healing happened overnight, too. I wasn't taking any medicine, the only treatment I was doing was drinking ginger+lemon+honey homemade tea twice a day for the throat.

      I doubt I have/had coronavirus, so the protocol seems to be effective against other kinds of viral or even bacterial infections.

      Since few people ever talk about it, just a reminder that there is also the "Command PB stardust" protocol to alleviate pains.

  56. The last days here in Germany are really hard .. False flag attack with many deaths, the society is splitting up more and more, today another one drove his car into a carnival parade :( I hope these are all signs that it will soon be over.

  57. I feel all my youth has been wasted. Hope the event happens soon and the access to miracles. Harth

  58. Does anyone know why can't I get reunited with my twin flame? My life is so meaningless without her. Where is she? I've wasted so much time , without her.

  59. Hello my Pleiadean Brothers and Sisters.

    I need your help! They use 5G-Radiation (Resonance Cascades) to cause all kind of Cancer and Infertility. I live right next to a 5G tower and my kidney hurts badly, at age 30. And they want to trigger Civil War projecting Depression and Suicidal Thoughts using these mobile frequencies. (Overtonal Octave Modulation for Thought Control)

    Since I know that Qanon (JewAnon/Donald „the J is for Jew“ Trump) is just a PsyOp Hoax to keep people inactive, I and many other Lightworkers feel lost, cutoff. (Yeah, yeah, trust the plan...)

    Now the degenerate germanic US-Jewish-Military shows up here in Germany to provoke the Russians.

    Can‘t you just openly intervene and blast these 5G-Towers with some Scalar Wave Weaponry?

    I feel really exhausted.

    Help! I think 5G is even worse than Corona.

    Much Love and Light from Berlin ❤️����������‍♂️

    1. @funktor, Supposedly 5g was going up in China and weakening the peoples bodies which helped the c virus spread. I am not a fan of q and trump but the cabal seems largely run by the black nobility families and royals. They had babylonian and kazars running their banks for them and also in the european governments. These people posed as jews but were not. Regular jews took the blame for the corruption and it has been an effective psy op and cover for something like a thousand years. The babylonian and kazar lines became so powerful that they intermarried with many of the noble and royal lines which has built up the psy op that the european elite were jews, when they were just part babylonian or kazar. I think all of these elitist groups largely go back to the kurgan tribes anyways.

    2. David, thanks for your Thoughts.

      Of course, the 12 Tribes, the real Jerusalem people, are no Talmudic Evil.

      Here in Germany we use „Jew“ as synonym for Talmudic Evil (Khazars, Merowinger Blutlinie).

      Martin Luthers “Judensau“ is a good example. :-)

      And Trump is one of the bad guys :-(

      Look at his big fat Grin while shaking deals with mass murder Israel Talmud Whore Netanyahu.

      Wake up.

  60. I do not have flu, but I still use Command RCV Stardust. Every time I repeat it, I feel a sense of upliftment/cheer rising up from my heart. It is like communicating with LFs all the time. With deep gratitude for all LFs.

  61. Looks like Wall Street has the Bernie-rona virus.

  62. One more comment if possible, thank you. Basically I had two plans, at least for my own case. Plan A was to have planetary liberation so that no one had to be in scarcity ever again. Thus far, plan A has failed. I see plan A as a failure because it's been a very, very long time, and no matter what is said on this blog by the author, there is very little to no change on the planet surface. It's 'business as usual,' although I will keep in mind that the coronavirus was was basically turned into a common flu virus.

    If plan A failed, plan B was to become financially independent so that I would no longer have to be a 9-5 slave. I figured that if the rest of the world is not liberated, I could at least liberate myself as much as possible, obtaining a larger, better, less nihilistic cage. No garage of expensive cars I never drive or anything like that. No huge mansions or a multi-million dollar houses. I'm not into that kind of excess, and never will be, despite the common view (often justified) that people always want more and more. No. Plan B is me not having to be a 9-5 slave anymore with the threat of being homeless or 'living in my mom's basement' if I quit, or being stuck moving from dead-end menial labor job to dead end menial labor job like a zombie. No more of that. I'm so ridiculously done with that.

    Thus far, plan B has also failed.

    There is no plan C.

  63. One final last comment for this post. I have made a meditation for dissipating fear of the coronavirus, since the coronavirus itself has been rendered into the potency of the common flu. This could be done every 4 hours as well.

    Instructions (Suggested duration of this meditation is 15 minutes)

    1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

    2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to transmute mass fear of the coronavirus into neutrality.

    3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

    4. Visualize the White Fire of AN purifying all fear of the coronavirus into a sense of peace and well-being for all people on the planet surface.

    5. Visualize everyone on the planet surface waking up to the fact that they are being manipulated by the fear-mongering media. Visualize everyone on the planet surface not allowing fear to dictate their actions, but instead investigating for themselves in order to know what is really happening.

  64. Lots of talk. What happened? A delay? A time to see how we feel? A serious reaction to a delay?
    What'd really going on here? We dont know what's going on. We get "bits" on purpose because we cant know...right? We seem angry. We are. Were tired. We are 150 thousand that stay up to the middle of the night to meditate. How many people are in this world?
    The Event got delayed to help "others"
    NO. Stop it. The others have no clue and something is catering to them. What about US? The true light bearers?
    No more. I will activate myself in a day or so. Cant say when huh?
    I am not happy. I will do it.

    1. @Diana Miller, There are thousands doing energy work like the meditations but there are millions doing various things day to day or out of body. They dont consciously know whats going on but they do their part. We are a minority of 7 billion that dont understand and are not doing anything and it is not fair. I think its one of the reasons many well meaning alt media types have went for q or trump. They are so exhausted and want to see tangible undeniable proof that things are getting better, but unfortunately they are just interpreting things to maintain their morale and sanity.

    2. David Chicago, know I am aware of tactics. I am neither for or against Trump. I am for humanity.

    3. well, i was writing a long text, but i gave up, just to much time and pain, besides, seems all is pointless anyways.

      but a few words of wisdom for all to think of (specially our saviors),
      something that always comes to my mind is:

      "those who are hungry are in a hurry"

  65. I went in and saw. Its ugly. Ugly evil that needs to end, there is no recovery. Control mechanisms everywhere. Too many saving themselves besides others as a whole. The system is rigged for self preservation. No more. See for yourself please.

  66. I know most dont know me. I'm quiet. I'm from a high density on a mission, as most here are. I am a seer. I have compassion and love for true souls. I have a mission to fulfill. I will not let my fellow comrades die of heartache and dispare. We are born, "learn" you have to earn a living. Pay for basic NEEDS like water, food, shelter.
    Why? Prison planet? Were slaves?
    Seems to be the case at hand huh?
    What to do about it?
    Fight. I'm something good but wont say. 2 days. That's your wiggle room. That's it.

  67. Replies
    1. until what? if you dont mind me asking, I am very curious.