Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Minimum L2LSIP security requirements met, modulation in progress, P502v1.0 operational


  1. Well!.. this sounds positive!✨

  2. Good.

    Now — what about mobile radiation? (4G, 5G, Wifi)
    I know people rely on their Smartphones in Crazy Times, it calms them, but its killing people at the same time.

    Plus, the Cabal uses it to steer their agents (Thought Control)

    It is like lacing Candy with Poison, feeding kids to make them addicted.

    We need a Quantum Entanglement Based solution for exchanging Information, oscillating under a natural 1/2^n entropy, to not harm Human Cell any further.

    Please, help!

    1. To bad a EMP of the entire planet can't be done. Maybe a well placed solar flair but obviously that's not realistic.

  3. Victory of the Light!

    May the Violet Flame envelope China and Italy fully and destroy all corona viruses and heal all those effected.

    Love and Light to ALL sentient beings on earth.

    1. I did a meditation this morning about violet flame in Italy

    2. I did the same yesterday. Great thanx from Piedmont, Italy.

      Victory of the Light!

  4. The Masculine Wound pt 1

    We have just come through a wave of transmissions, which have opened timelines ripe for Masculine Healing. As many of us are aware, the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) also tries to capitalize on these waves. We will discuss current NAA efforts underway to attempt to further enslave masculine energies. Some of the information on mind control and holographic inserts may sound daunting if you are new to this type of information. Please do not get into fear around this information. Stay present and neutral, use the core tools and you will not get caught up in any of the drama.

    Recently our planet has received unprecedented levels of liquid plasmic light transmissions pulsing through the planetary grid network, which first enter our atmosphere through the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Several milestones have been reached in the Ascension timeline with the yield of charged particles and subsequent light emissions that result from the interaction between Cosmic Rays, Solar wind and magnetospheric plasma. The interactions between these cosmic forces have radically increased proton activity in the planetary atmosphere, which produce an incredible amount of potential energy and consciousness available to the planet and to humanity. The accelerated infusion of proton activity is reshaping the Earth's magnetosphere, creating fluctuations in the speed, density and direction of the magnetic field, which are strongly impacting the Earth's local space environment.

    Magnetic shifts greatly amplify the polarization of forces and increase the energetic schism that exists between the spectrums of frequency that are in the environment. As the energetic schism increases, the extreme polarity of combined forces that coexist together within a collective energy field split apart. At the point of divergence within the splitting frequencies, communication links are opened into many simultaneous timelines where the instruction set and cellular memories can be accessed and read. This makes it possible to directly project consciousness into these areas for correction and intersect into many different reality timelines, traveling in the past, present and future all at once. energeticsynthesis.com

  5. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe there’s a way to alter the radiation with metaphysical means and make the change spread to other devices... though I have no clue how this would work, since I don’t know how the phones we have could even operate without blue light and the other harmful stuff in them. Many phones are also made with minerals found by enslaved children in the Congo, so that’s also a huge problem.

  6. Unfortunately even the most enlightened find themselves short of certain knowledges: this corona situation is just like any other phenomenon happened before which is just cooked up propaganda about government hidden agendas. Due 2 radioactive technology such as 5g,wifi,smart meters, haarp etc, and gmos foods, fluoridated water system etc causing body and emotional imbalance ("disease"). They spread these things to the public, not acyual viruses.

  7. School yourself here everyone : https://www.houseofnumbers.com/about-house-of-numbers/synopsis.html

    What happens here is just technology being utilized as a weapon and not viruses. U can't possible create viruses to destroy life, what they can do is fake by using lab created chemical concoctions and release to the public via various channels, vaccinations, food, chemtrail, 5g tech, etc.

    I think if it's meditation it should cover every corner of the planet and not just Italy or Europe, let it be everywhere. Why Italy now while there have been others like Iran, China, Japan, etc. We need to understand the situation here in earth is dire and we need to act unfortunately the rest of the population is still fast asleep and will be for a very long time, hopefully not forever. I hope everyone understand and be blessed and stay safe.