Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Pandora in progress, gamma grid ratio recovery in progress, GR+. Project 502 on hold. Minimum M / HP requirements met, VTX / SD / DL requirements not met.


  1. Thank you for all you do cobra.


    1. Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Soundtrack

  2. Thank you, Cobra.💖🙏💖

  3. If we have had intel about 4D and 5D earthling physics, I might start a blog of 'meta-science', at least from my expertise and point of view.
    Can you suggest some 5D physics law, electricity (probable syntrophic), and others?
    Or some 5D technologies?

  4. I made a meditation song and integrated it into protocol Command PB Stardust. This meditation song will strengthen the Pleiadian Protocol for all those who need it. Command PB Stardust really does work. Allow my song to assist in your pain management. I care very much for all people going through extreme pain at this time. I can relate because I am one of those people with a body that has prematurely aged, and my pain can be extreme at times. I am weak because I am strong, and I am strong because I am weak. Here is the meditation video:

    1. I have also created a song of assistance ~ it is directly channeled via the Piano, and I wanted to make it available to all of us through this Age of Aquarius II period and going forward

      🎹 | Enjoy ❤ VOTL!

    2. Thank you, I believe I was led to your post this morning as I awoke in extreme pain due to osteonecrosis, fibromyalgia and more....I will listen to this, bless you and thank you! May your pain heal as well...


  5. Cobra💜🛸✨
    Resistance Movement💙👽
    Dragon Family💚🐉

  6. Oh thank you Cobra, thank you, seriously! SAME OLD, SAME OLD!

  7. Can surface population do something to improve conditions for
    VTX / SD / DL requirements ?

  8. I have done a part of work related to feedback from the Lightforces (about surface population being overly judgemental).
    I find it to be quite true, myself included. Therefrom, I have just learned to stop my mind and - observe.

    The emotional work related to that is very deep and important and unfortunately all-pervasive in surface population. It is called growing up.
    Purposely or not, we have been held in a position of cosmic children: endlessly looking up to some Gods and "Gods", our heritage/roots hidden, our lifespan short, our purpose lost (at least with general population). In that position, it is easier to look up to somebody to do the job for the eternal child. Also, "the child" can conveniently blame them and expect things from them.
    Every day for five or more times I watch physically adult people around me regress and expect and blame others and look up to something/somebody, be lost (learned helplessness), or project onto others what they fear or wish for themselves...
    The shapes that childishness takes are so numerous that I have to start to write them all down. It emerged as an important topic before my eyes.
    I guess any good book that works with Inner Child should be beneficial to us (for example: Erika Chopich "Healing-Your-Aloneness-Finding-Wholeness")

    This world needs adults who take responsibility and state it peacefully, who are capable of listening and learning without feeling inferior or superior, who love themselves and the others. Beautiful, adult humans - rare species, very much needed :)

    Love to my Family of Light :)

    1. @LighthouseSouth

      One problem.

      We need outside help...especially since we ARE genetically raped monkeys. We USED to live much longer in ancient times....WHAT happened?

      We need MEGA technology to solve our problems, we need outside help, COUPLED with the fact we got power mad conspirators constantly preventing us from getting better. And look how many DIED trying to fight them.

      We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY.

    2. What I focus on is what I get.
      Our attention is an amplifier. As much as I am aware you sound reasonable I choose to be unreasonable and intuitive. I take in things that empover me. I am a woman and I am taking my whole power back NOW.

      All that they target towards me is a boomerang that they will see soon, a second before it hits them.

      And thinking of humanity as of raped monkeys... NO Sherman, please don't. I am not a raped monkey and neither are you. Give yourself some dignity, nobody else will do it for you.
      I have read some Sumerian tablets and you know... it is similar as with the newspapers today... they want us to think something. Their genetic modification is an Anunnaki version of the history. It is more complete than our current version, but it is far from truth. It is what they see and what they know and... it is also narcissistic, anunnako-centric.
      Humans are much much more than that.

      I just learned not to depend on anyone except my Family that is currently not fully visible... yet ;):)
      And yes, whoever wants to help, they are welcome.
      Victory of the Light

    3. @LighthouseSouth

      Then WHY do we have SHORT life spans, and AGE, when the ALIENS live for centuries, if not longer, and DON'T age?!

      Why are we sooooo unsuited for this planet? Sun gives us burns, cancer, cataracts.....not many of us can survive in the wild, lower back pain effects most of us, and our rythems, when in space, matches a MARTIAN DAY.

      Fine....YOU got the answers?

      WHAT are we, then? And WHY are we so physically inferior to the ETs? WHAT makes it sooooooo damned GREAT to be HUMAN? Come on, show me....I TRIPLE DARE you.

      I plan to PURGE the human elements from MY genetic make up and be the ET I was once, in a past life.

      And if being human is sooooo nice, why's it been so rotten that it put me off EVER incarnating EVER again after I kick the bucket?

      Sorry, but some of us want to be something far, far, FAR better than human.

    4. And given how we lived much longer, in ancient times.....SOMETHING changed us to live shorter lives...and age....I call that a genetic RAPE if anything.

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  10. Pedogate: Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire !

    1. The Ghislaine Maxwell arrest is really good.
      She has the goods (blackmail material) on everybody.

    2. @GoddessPower
      Let's hope she don't 'commit suicide' like her boss.

      I won't call it a win until she is in a courtroom telling everyone 'the goods'.

      Look what happened when they arrested Epstein last year, NOTHING GOOD happened.

      So, I won't hold my breathe for now.

      Sorry about my pragmatism, but I seen a lot.

    3. Zero Hedge states that Ghislaine Maxwell might be sent to the same prison as Jeffrey Epstein before he 'hanged' himself.

      I wouldn't be holding my breath.

    4. Hopefully, now Trump and the Clintons will be arrested soon for utilizing Epstein's disgusting services. Trump was very close to Epstein and just like Bill Clinton, Trump went to Epstein's pedophile island.

    5. @Spec Ops

      I got friends already taking bets she's won't make it by Monday.

    6. Blind Items Revealed #2
      June 18, 2020

      The madam/procurer/sexual assaulter, through attorneys who are not the attorneys representing her on legal issues have made it clear they are in possession of a treasure trove of documents and recordings made by the madam which name hundreds of names and a range of crimes from soliciting to murder. Poison pill is now in place is the gist of what they said.

      Ghislaine Maxwell

      She had a head start after seeing the fate of Epstein and was prepared. If they off her it could be a flood of information released from dead man's switch. Who was her father? What is the MEGA group? Q has alluded to the fact she will lead to

      Selene, this video shows truth about Trump relationship with Epstein.

      Trump is Q+ and the Q team is working with the Galactic Federation of Light. My guides personally told me to "Trust Trump"

      Q post 4565 and 4566 should be looked at.
      Q alludes that G. Maxwell is a beginning in going further down this thread.

      Just trying to share some light. Much love.

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  12. Perhaps the forces of light need to ask for support from other universes, because the light forces of this universe do not seem able to dismantle bombs quickly. It's ridiculous when the number of the light forces exceeds the number of the dark ones by several billion times.
    The number of light forces in a universe is as large as the sea. Compared with the light forces, the number of dark forces is as small as a grain of sand. I can't understand that the sea can't solve the barrier set by a grain of sand.

    1. To follow your analog in explaining my perspective. The Ocean force can easily overwhelm and destroy the Grain of sand, let's pretend the sand is made up of many tiny molecules (despise this word) the ocean destroying the sand will destroy everything its made up of. unfortunately, you and I are apart of this grain... they only want to remove the TINY incommensurable few molecule that are risking the life of the entire ocean. I tried...

    2. @Shawn

      At the rate it's going, we'll be long dead of old age by the time the good stuff happens.

    3. They can’t because the dark forces even if they are small in numbers they have nowhere to go so they will either fight or take everyone down with them.

      Also they have eons at disposal to prepare their defense mechanism on this solar system. I agree that it’s a bit weird that it takes so long time for this bombs to be killed of, but I think the main reason for the Event not happening it’s in reality a different one but they just don’t want to say it.

      It may be that the Draco fleet will obliterate the earth in case of any intervention, or it may simple be that the earth population frequency it’s not so high enough to support the Event.

      Personally I don’t think the event will happen for at least couple years. Humanity it’s not ready for such drastic changes yet. Of course unless the dark ones decide to do something really stupid! Which I don’t think they will do.

    4. @sherman We're all very very tired... I hope you can hang in there. The event will not come in one day, it will be at least a 3 Year transition In my opinion. we could have already started. so I Pray...

    5. @Ascension2012
      No, man IS ready....we can't AFFORD to wait a few more years.

      I want to be ALIVE and YOUNG enough to enjoy the good stuff. NOT spending several MORE years trying to wake up a bunch of stubborn, brainwashed monkeys who's only response is to call me names, or slam their fists in my jaw.....I'm gonna run out of teeth at this rate.

      And I want off this rock, NOW!

    6. We ALL are ready for BIG positive changes.

      We need ABSOLUTELY the event happening right now!!

      We ALL doomed..if it still NOT happening. Suicides everywhere.

      EVENT......Right now!!!

    7. @Shawn

      Three MORE years?!

      What comes then, TEN more years?

      This is like those phony baloney cancer telethons that say 'the cure is just around the corner!'.

      Gonna take more than praying, Shawn to win a war....

      ...gonna take phasers, photon torpedoes, ships and the willingness to shed bad guy blood...for the bad guys won't come out with their hands up.

      This is a WAR. Time to kill the enemy, I say.

  13. Hosanna!

    Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested today!

    This is a MASSIVE, MASSIVE step towards planetary liberation. This will lead to the Clinton's, Aquinos, British Royal Family and so much more!

    Amazing job on the meditation everyone, we pulled a HUGE accomplishment off!

    I knew big things were going to happen soon when I saw those rainbow light ships at NIGHT, no less! Meaning, they can't be disproved simply as a "fire rainbow" or "cloud iridescence." They presented themselves to me and I took the opportunity to take photos of them. I posted them on here before, but if anybody wants to see them again, please don't hesitate to let me know. 😊💟

    In humble service, Love & Light,

    1. Te rog,vreau să le văd !

    2. Let's hope she don't 'commit suicide' like her boss did before the poop hit the fans.

    3. This is great news....but keep in mind who else is going to go down....

      Trump, Barr, and Dershowitz and their whole circle has been involved with her and Epstein for decades....they will be going down too

    4. Bună ziua, @Unknown

      Vă rugăm să găsiți imaginile în cea mai recentă postare Cobra.

      Victorie a Luminii!

      În slujire smerită, Iubire și lumină,

    5. @Sherman

      I hope not, but I don't think they'll make the same mistake they did with Epstein. There's simply too much at stake and no, Sherman, I actually have to correct you, with all due respect, of course.

      Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's boss. Not the other way around. She knows a whole lot more than he did, he was just a simple pawn the Cabal was willing to sacrifice (Which, they literally did) Maxwell was the real prize this whole time. Her testimony will be bombshell after bombshell. She'll be able to name, names and it'll run all the way to the top.

      It's good to finally see some justice. Who knows the amount of children these monsters have killed and harmed for life over the decades they were allowed to run free. Heck, this type of thing has been going on for thousands of years. Humanity is finally getting to see some closure against this nightmare.

      May it all be over soon, in the favor of man/woman.

      Victory of the Light!

      God always wins!

      Goddess wants peace and peace it shall be!

      In humble service, Love & Light,

    6. @atreianos
      Want to see those pictures please! 💖
      Love and Light 🙏🏼

    7. @Atrianos.

      All the MORE reason to be worried, since IF they killed Epstein off easily, imagine what they will do to HER.

      I seen a recent meme...left side had a phone operator saying "suicide hotline, how may I help you?" and on the right is a laughing Hilary on the phone going "I'd like to place an order"

      Justice will happen IF she survives to spill the beans. I thought when they arrested Epstein last year, we'd see the baddies get nailed in a big witch hunt.....WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

      I got friends already taking bets that Ghislaine won't be alive by Monday.

  14. when can anyone throw me out of this planet immediately and give me back my freedom and memories

  15. None of us are actually on the ship? We are all incarnations of them?

  16. Victory of the Light here and NOW.
    BTW, the arrestation of Ghislaine Maxwell is very important for the liberation of the planet as she is the key to the D.S, the royal's, the corrupts elite and celebrity worshipping Satan by abusing children's sacrifice's, through the blackmail data's she is in possession.

  17. Another meditation?
    All hands on deck! This one is good.

    For all the people who come to this blog to bitch about the OTHER guy on the planet who is screwing it up.


    Specifically, look at what is on the meditation menu in the instructions.

    "5. Visualize the Violet Flame purifying all human beings on the Earth's surface, liberating them from all programming, control and suppression. Visualize all negative behaviors and mind programming of the dark forces being removed from humanity, and all implants that had been placed into the surface population being completely dissolved."

    FINALLY we are taking action to fix BLEEPed up brains on the planet.

    My intuition tells me that we DID get the Double Goddess vortex activated. So this is why the short notice for this 4th of July event. The activation HAD to precede this new cleansing meditation.

    Let's DO This!

    Love y'all!


  18. Regarding the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, there is evidently a poison pill in place. I interpret this to mean, "If something (like death) happens to me, all the information I have will be released."

    Friday, June 26, 2020
    Blind Items Revealed #2

    June 18, 2020

    The madam/procurer/sexual assaulter, through attorneys who are not the attorneys representing her on legal issues have made it clear they are in possession of a treasure trove of documents and recordings made by the madam which name hundreds of names and a range of crimes from soliciting to murder. Poison pill is now in place is the gist of what they said.

    Ghislaine Maxwell

  19. Thank you for the report but it is all in abbreviations... I understand english but I need the complete words if someone could help me please ? Hahhaha... Love to you Cobra and all of you here!

    GR+. Project 502 on hold.
    Minimum M / HP requirements met,
    VTX / SD / DL requirements not met.

  20. Thank you soooo much ! ☆♡☆