Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Mplan L5 override command sequence complete


  1. Wow!! Chills all over my body :D

  2. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-laRA1kY7NTs/VWsM-8vSDrI/AAAAAAAAB-Q/pgAXtDoXouI/s1600/cropcirclemay30th.jpg

  3. VOTL Hope to see some kind of breakthrough soon !

  4. what does it mean?
    please explain

  5. Thank you Cobra. May the illusion come to pass quickly, truths revealed for all to see and finally set free. Blessings, love and light for all engaged in this battle for the betterment of humanity. Unity consciousness will prevail.💖

  6. Dear Lightworkers,

    i am trying to propose to you now a day when as many of us as possible can meditate together for the situation in Afghanistan before you start banging heads over it.

    Saturday or Sunday. For this week and the following weeks also Saturday or Sunday.

    We could decide the time for the respective time zone together. Personally, I would be willing to meditate in my time zone even late at night, if that helps other lightworkers for their time zone.

    The main thing is that we agree with a focused intention to help the citizens of Afghanistan energetically.

    At least once a week. Maybe more often, if possible.

    I mean... i am not Cobra and I am not a member of We Love Mass Meditation. I do not have the same influence.

    But I think that we should be able to organize a simple mass meditation together. For 15 or 20 minutes.

    Without Cobra, the members of We Love Mass Meditation, the Light Forces or the Resistance having to constantly ask us to do so.

    If anyone feels led to join in or has other suggestions for a shared meditation, please contact me my Twitter account:


    Or: lightworkerger@gmail.com

    Or: lightworker_ger@tutanota.com

    Of course, I am grateful that We Love Mass Meditation provides the instructions. Without these instructions I would not know how to meditate.

    I am only interested in one or more focused mass meditations as I am aware that the "every 4 hours" option is not to everyone's liking.

    I don't usually make such suggestions because working with other lightworkers has proven to be more difficult for me than I had hoped.

    The will to do this should be there. I just try to give the necessary impulse.

    1. Maybe the "every four hours" option for Afghanistan is the most optimal setup, given the situation there, and what people can do, all over the world. I can't make every meditation around the clock, but I can do some of them, each day.

      Here is it for those interested.


    2. There is so much to do in the world, so much suffering, be it Afghans, Haitians, abducted children etc, that in my opinion the flower of life meditation is the best there is, because this meditation encompasses the whole of the planet and gives it our support for the most positive ascension line possible. Let us not forget that what we take for our reality is only an uninterrupted series of very negative emotions currently because we are abandoning 3D which is a dual dimension, where good and evil have come together from the beginning. duality comes to an end, the darkness does not want to die, in its last bursts it does as much harm as possible. The things we witness are the fruit of our beliefs and our emotions, let's learn to look at it all with love, without putting any energy into it other than love. When I meditate, I feel an immense love for humanity, I cry in front of so much suffering, then I think of Jesus, this big brother of love who supports us. If you've seen the movie Ben Hur, you haven't missed the scene where Jesus gives Ben Hur a drink while he is being dragged away. His gaze is filled with love, he feels no sorrow for the prisoner, only love, and this is what helped this prisoner to continue on his way. True compassion is this: if you cry with the crying one, you do not help him, you feed his sorrow, but if you offer him your love full of joy during this terrible time, you comfort him, for the love is joy and hope. Let’s pull ourselves together, it’s time to sing our victory; soldiers will fall, as in every war, but this is the last! And those who fall chose it before incarnating, not all are ready to live in this new world, some still need the 3D illusion; thank them for their love, and wish them good luck in the future.

    3. Dear LightworkerGER,
      They have already responded

    4. I agree with @lotus. Flower of life is something everyone could do throughout the day which I personally do. It's convenient.

  7. Please let the event happen were suffering far to much

  8. Apologies in advance for the randomness of this comment, but real life experience teaches through history sometimes. Took me a long time to figure out the connection lol. The SNES video game Donkey Kong Country came out in 1994. Reptilians invading the Congo two years prior... like seriously?! It was a rad video game for it's time graphics wise, also a sneaky move to enter the subconscious of 9 year old me. Also the "Banana Republic" disambiguation snuck in there as a reference. Cheeky.

    1. You may be interested to see these ( Disclosure ) :








      For 1996 specifically :

      crash bandicoot :

      Super mario 64 , black white checkerboard in castle, bowser/draco , capture the goddess

      Star wars "shadows of the empire"

      Final Doom

      MOVIES :

      Space Jam - Alien Invasion ( heavy sexual programming )



      Independance Day



      Mars attacks

      chain reaction


  10. Here's gold for everyone; take it or leave it.

    The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle Full Audio Book


    A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle | Full Audiobook


  11. I hope that is good news. COBRA please give us an update on the vaccines. Will my family and friends who have now gotten both doses die within 2 years or sooner due to side affects or other complications with the vaccine in their systems? Will the technology be available to reverse negative side affects for people who have taken the vaccines and haven't died from them before it's too late? Any update on this critical situation would be appreciated. Thank you for everything that you and others are doing to liberate humanity. VOTL!

    1. Imho the idea that vaccinated people will be all dropping dead after a while is pure fearmongering of the dark. There is good hopes that many of the vaccines have been replaced by placebos by the lightforces. also i think those who have gotten the real ones and have not had any immediate adverse reactions within the first few days/weeks will be fine. dont forget about the massive self-healing capabilities of our bodies! mind > matter! and after the event we will have med beds to cure any and all disease that was not already cured by ourselves. please try to maintain calm and dont fall into the fear-trap. its an information war after all and there is massive amounts of disinformation even among the "awakened" part of humanity. Stay strong! We got this! 💖

    2. A hint is that he said "There is a lot of fear based info on the internet about vaccines." They're bad but I think the everybody will die in X years is not true. I think if you make it past a couple weeks it means your body neutralized it.

    3. I heard that MedBeds can heal side affects but not reverse the damage done by the Nano particles.

    4. The spike proteins create blood clots the graphene oxide damages our telomeres the nano bots can get past the brain barrier.. I agree if Event happens soon all can be healed I imagine but many will exit the game.. local weatherman took it was hospitalized lung issues he openly told people about it on fb. Another man locally immediately was hospitalized lung issues.
      We shall see they are pushing it hard now.. USA.
      I can see a civil war if something doesnt happen to awaken the programmed ones

  12. Excellent news! Thank you Galactics! Looking forward to the next ascension update. Thanks Cobra!

  13. Let's go

    In light, by the light, we are light.
    Keep the shine on.
    Love to all

  14. If something that is wanted cannot be obtained (planetary liberation), or there are extreme delays and there is no visible light at the end of the tunnel, the solution is to let go of what is wanted, and cease to identity with what is wanted. This will stop the loosh generation, because a deep sense of peace comes with letting go. Let go. Detach from results. Nothing matters. Nothing outside oneself will ever bring happiness. Paradise could be given, yet the mind with its endless dysfunction would always try to find something else to fill the endless hole inside, incapable of ever being satisfied.

    Keep saying "No" though. Don't give the negative elite what they want. The negative elite have much bigger holes inside than the surface population.

  15. Ah yes, now I see it. No one gets what they want. The good guys don't get what they want, but the bad guys don't get what they want either. The surface population doesn't get what they want. Nobody gets what they want.

    1. That's supposed to make me feel better, somehow?

    2. Sherman don't be a hypocrite. How many times do YOUR comments make other people "feel better somehow"?

    3. Thought-form: "If nobody will get what they want, then what is going to happen?"

      Answer: I don't know. Maybe it will be a surprise. Maybe no one really knows what they want, although they think they do, so it will be a surprise. Maybe a nice surprise.

    4. This is the cancer of the universe. Might as well have a real war. It has been dragging on, and the long wait is enough to destroy everyone.

    5. Yep, UN404

      Least in a physical war, there's an end.

      When someone tells me, "go to hell!", I tell them, "Already here!".

  16. Cobra, is the etheric and astral plane cleared from all dark entities?

  17. (A needed subject change)

    Psychological Form and Undefined Form

    Eckhart Tolle discusses psychological time as being identification with the past and continuous compulsive projection into the future. Psychological time is destructive. Then, there is clock time, which is time that deals with practical aspects of life. Clock time is constructive. Just as there is psychological time and clock time, there is also psychological form and undefined form. To my knowledge, psychological form and undefined form was not discussed by Eckhart Tolle (although he alluded to this in many ways through his writings), but was something that came to me in a flash of knowing. It would be interesting to see Eckhart's perspective regarding this.

    Psychological form is identification with form based upon insecurity and neurotic psychological needs. For example, a person could want to have a perfect head of hair (no balding and so forth) in order to have self-value, or defines happiness according to his/or material possessions as a neurotic need to feel superior to others. Psychological form manifests itself as endless neurotic addictions to matter and substance, including drug addictions, as drugs are also of form.

    Undefined form, however, is to know the undefined nature of form. Ever look various physical substances in amazement at how complex and unique these substances are? The uniqueness of physical matter is something unknowable, so is undefined. Going out in nature, and accessing the Now in this way, taking in all the scents and physical surroundings beyond all mental constructs, is accessing undefined form. Undefined form is not limited to nature though, as all form can be accessed as undefined.

    Any interaction with form that brings a person out of their neurotic psychological mind is the accessing of undefined form. Any interaction with form that reinforces the neurotic psychological mind, with its endless insatiable neurotic needs, is psychological form.

    1. To be frank and perhaps blunt, there is a simple point.

      Philosophy not put into practice is useless pablum.

      Toward all the philosophic theory that Eckhart Tolle espouses, I ask a simple question,
      Eckhart, if you are reading this:
      "how is it that your deep dive into 'undefined nature of form' could not stop a raging fire from burning your property, when your simple neighbor used the mastery of the MIND (as taught by our Master Teacher) to change the winds that stopped that fire at the border of his/her property now unscathed?

    2. The psychological time you are speaking of can be corrected by the practice of the "holy instant," as described in A Course in Miracles. The "holy instant" is your willingness to release the past. "The past is the ego's chief learning device, for it is in the past that you learned to define your own needs and acquired methods for meeting them on your own terms." (p. 312)"The holy instant is a time in which you receive and give perfect communication...your mind is open, both to receive and give. It is the recognition that all minds are in communication." p. 311 Release all private thoughts. Accept the single Will (God's Will) that governs all thought. Allow the Holy Spirit (part of your mind that is in full communication with God and all creation and is beyond the limitation of time) to lead you in the holy instant. Practice it as much as you can. Thank you.

    3. sojounerbe, Eckhart says that when there is immediate physical danger, one should act appropriately. He goes in depth on this, and many other aspects. I guess you wouldn't know this though because you probably haven't looked at his material or read any of his books.

      Eckhart says there are three options when faced with a difficult situation: Try to change the situation, remove ourselves from the situation, or accept the situation.


      I apply his works to my life. It's the responsibility of the individual to do so, or not do so. It's far more than mere philosophy for me, but others may of course make their own conclusions. It would be nice if others actually did a little homework before making judgments though.

  18. Cobra please ask the light forces what we can do to counteract negative effect of the vaccines. I'm sure that like me, many lightworkers will have to get the jab either because it's impossible to get through the social pressure when literally everyone you know is getting vaccinated or cause they might simply lose their job. What can we do, pleidians? Please make a stardust command so we can clean ourselves and prevent evil effects from the jab. Is there a "less bad" vaccine brand? Please advise. Thanks Cobra.

    1. I saw your message. Please keep strong and dont let them force you. The end is near, my friend. Just hold fast! Love/light my friend. Keep faith and your head high. Please dont cave in!

    2. Far less people are giving into vaccine pressure than is perceived. That's why they are so desperate.

    3. The less bad vaccine is sputnik. But hard to come by outside of russia. It uses standard vaccine technology not rdna. I think Phizer is probably the worst, but young males shouldn’t take any. There have been many blood clotting issues there. Who know what the long term damage will be. Clif high seems to thing most everyone who takes them will die early. I sure hope not, but this has to stop soon! They are now force vaccinating children in Australia!! There a video of one of them have siesures after taking it. This has gone too far!!!!

    4. The less bad vaccine is sputnik. But hard to come by outside of russia. It uses standard vaccine technology not rdna. I think Phizer is probably the worst, but young males shouldn’t take any. There have been many blood clotting issues there. Who know what the long term damage will be. Clif high seems to thing most everyone who takes them will die early. I sure hope not, but this has to stop soon! They are now force vaccinating children in Australia!! There a video of one of them have siesures after taking it. This has gone too far!!!!

    5. They want to round up 25000 children and force vaccinate why save children in the tunnels and allow this to happen?

    6. We are 80% vaccinated here in Singapore and the regulations is getting real hard to go around. One Thai medic worker had 3 jabs and die with nose bleeding. He took 3 difference jabs.

    7. J&J is almost certainly the best. It uses "virus vector" which is a synthetic dummy virus. Has to be better because it doesn't contain genetic commands.

    8. <CoryCat
      Yes.It has gone to far and very quickly in Australia!
      For God sake Children !! And many of my friends and people don't listen and search but, rather in a mass hypnoses,wearing masks even on the street in Australia.

    9. Nothing can come between you and Father Mother one infinite intelligence unless you think you've lost the connection. Intention is everything. Keep your vibration high. Always engage in Pranayama and Kundalini. You cannot be harmed by anything when you are in a higher vibration.

    10. I think I need to dig deeper into a chemistry textbook. :-) Victory of the Light! ♥

    11. There are no good or "benign" vaccines, but since we're discussing which one might be less evil and harmful, I'd say probably Sputnik and Sinovac.

      @Patrick Kehoe

      "J&J is almost certainly the best" Hell no. Lots of severe cases of blood clots, thrompocitopenia and Guillain-Barre Syndrome associated with J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines. In terms of short-term serious negative side effects, J&J and AstraZeneca are probably the worst of the bunch.

      Longer term there's no way to know, Pfizer might as well be the worst.

  19. That was fast... Keep it up❤️

  20. This is huge, RFK Jr's Childrens Health Defense wins case against the FCC for safety of 5G! The government stopped studying the effects of EMF's in 1990. The best thing about this is they can't use only thermal heating as a measurement, which is where it's truly microwaving your brain to the point of cooking it. (I wonder if people realize the only safety criteria is if it doesn't cook your brain, then it's safe. That's caveman thinking!) There are tons of other harms which have been identified by independent studies. Part of the lawsuit is they have to address cellular metabolic functions like it damaging calcium ion channels (which is what causes the anxiety people feel.) This is such a good step to address the scourge of wireless. If they could use the same old thermal testing with 5G it would be pointless.


  21. I hope the MPlan, true to Ashtar, will be truly masterful...

  22. Maybe mayyyybe the light forces are controlling Taliban and things will go better now as override command could means what is happening right now.

  23. That is good. Light will win.

  24. Hmmm... what do you guys think?


    A paragraph from the article read: The FDP will showcase General Fusion's proprietary Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) technology, which can can create fusion conditions in practical and cost-effective means at power plant relevant scales, and pave the way for the company’s following commercial pilot plant. Construction is expected to begin in 2022, and will begin operations approximately three years later.

    2025... working fusion generator?! I mean, that's big, right? To my understanding, nuclear fusion is much more efficient and much more safe than nuclear fission, which is what power plants currently operate on.

    1. I think that after the event we will be even beyond fusion generators. free energy generators tap into the vaccum energy present everywhere in this universe and make energy practically "out of thin air". the laws of thermodynamics we are taught are flawed. perpetuum mobiles are possible!

    2. Fusion generators, compared to the alien tech, the REAL tech, is dinosaur tech.

  25. The only partially awakened
    Standing on the edge, below and smaller: An expression of the Divine Will - The Divine Male.


  26. These "Taliban" in Afghanistan don't really look like terrorists. They seem to be quite peaceful.

    There's something elseggoing on which is not like we are told the media. Also there was a Trump cap accidentally in their shelve..

    Did they actually free their country? Why was the president fleeing with all the money? Did he know it's Game Over?


    Victory of the Light!

    1. Exactly!! We armed the Taliban with sidewinder missiles in the 80s to shoot down the USSR helicopters and anti tank missiles .. we loved the Taliban then we betrayed them and bombed their nation after FF 9ii then invaded it.. guarding the poppie fields.. we should've left in an orderly fashion no doubt but we never should've been there it isnt our nation.

    2. Nope, sorry.

      Taliban reign of terror begins as fighters go door to door in Kabul with ‘kill list’ as women face torture & execution


    3. There's this perspective as well though from Tarot by Janine:


      Even if the airplane was a psy-op (did they make up the whole thing, including people falling off the plane in the air?) I would say that the Taliban is probably committing serious crimes against humanity in Afghanistan. I'm not there myself of course, so I can't know for sure. I could hear screaming in agony yesterday with my 'abilities,' for what it's worth. *Sigh

    4. It's not what you think it is. When Taliban came to power in 1996,there were huge atrocities committed on civilians. Professors, journalists, activits, singers, politicians were killed in thousands. Thousands of women from ethnic minorities were forced into sex slavery. Girls above 12 were not allowed to schools. Universities were closed. Only dogma and fundamentalist ideology were thought to children. Many of the Afghan women kidnapped ended up in brothels of Pakistan. Taliban as an organization is not Afghan in origin. It was Pakistani creation. Pakistan always considered Afghanistan as it's backyard,its spear of influence. In fact many of the Taliban fighters are volunteers from Pakistani army. Afghanistan is effectively a colony of Pakistan and China.

    5. I think you misunderstood the Taliban with peace-loving pleiadian, my friend, or you do not know anything about the Taliban at all.

    6. what is the email of cobra pleas???

    7. Sharia "Law"

      -Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand
      -Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death
      -Criticizing Muhammad or denying he is Prophet is punishable by death
      -Criticizing or denying Allah, The God of Islam, is punishable by death
      -A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim will be punished by death
      -A non-Muslim Man who marries a Muslim Woman is punishable by death
      -A Man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old
      -Girls clitoris should be cut
      -A Woman can have one husband and a Man can have up to four wives
      -A Man can beat his wife for any insubordination
      -A Man can unilaterally divorce his wife, A Wife needs her husbands permission to divorce him
      -A Divorced wife loses custody of her children at the age of 6
      -Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove the rape of a woman
      -Any Woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her attacker
      -A woman's testimony in court carries 1/2 the weight of any Man
      -A Female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits
      -A Woman cannot drive a car as it leads to fitnah (upheaval)
      -A Woman cannot speak alone to any Man who is not her husband or relative
      -Meat to eat must come from animals sacrificed to Allah through Halal standards
      -Muslims should engage in Taqiyyah or lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam

      Let's Meditate and pray from deep inside of our hearts for the people of Afghanistan. At this point, Archangel Michael has been invoked and can be empowered by us by invoking and vividly imagining, feeling, and knowing that he is protecting all of the Women and children in Afghanistan in this NOW

  27. 1/3

    Biden Is Bringing Financial Crisis Guys from the New York Fed’s Markets Group to His Administration: Should We Worry?

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: August 17, 2021 ~ wallstreetonparade.com

    Daleep Singh, Deputy National Security Advisor, at the G-7 Meeting in Cornwall, England in June 2021

    President Joe Biden is tapping insiders from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for key financial posts in his administration. These insiders played key roles during the financial crash of 2008 or the repo loan crisis in the fall of 2019 or the pandemic-related financial crisis of 2020. One of them was around for all three. We’ll get to the specific names in a moment, but first some necessary background.

    The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is an independent federal agency whose Board members are appointed by the President of the United States. But the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks that are part of the Federal Reserve System are owned, outright, by commercial banks, thus making these Fed banks private entities. The New York Fed stands out because it is owned by some of the largest and most dangerous mega banks on Wall Street, which also happen to be some of the largest federally-insured banks in America. This makes the New York Fed the epicenter in America of the concept, “too big to fail.”

    In terms of the New York Fed’s power, consider this: according to the most recent financial data from the Federal Reserve, the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks had a total of 647,525,381 shares of capital stock outstanding as of December 31, 2020. Of that amount, 217,599,537 of those shares were controlled by the banks that own the New York Fed. That’s more shares than controlled by the Atlanta Fed, Boston Fed, Chicago Fed, Dallas Fed, Philadelphia Fed, Kansas City Fed, Minneapolis Fed, and St. Louis Fed combined.

    The largest shareowners of the New York Fed are the following five Wall Street banks: JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of New York Mellon.

    The five mega banks that are the major shareowners of the New York Fed are also supervised by the New York Fed, despite participating in the election of two-thirds of its Board of Directors.

    These same Wall Street banks also participate in a litany of advisory groups at the New York Fed, which determine “best practices” for their industry. Those “best practices” were clearly not demonstrative enough to stop JPMorgan Chase from becoming a 5-count felon; Citigroup, a financial basket-case in the 2008 Wall Street collapse; and they didn’t prevent all of the mega banks from creating and selling toxic subprime investments and derivatives that blew up Wall Street in 2008 and launched the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, costing millions of innocent Americans their jobs and their homes.

    During the 2008 financial crisis, the New York Fed was given unprecedented powers by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. to create over $29 trillion in electronically-engineered money to bail out Wall Street banks and their foreign derivative counterparties. A significant portion of the cumulative $29 trillion went to loans that were collateralized by stocks and junk bonds – an unprecedented action for the Federal Reserve. In some cases, the Fed threw out its “lender” of last resort mandate, and actually bought toxic assets outright through Special Purpose Vehicles it created.

    The gargantuan loans made by the New York Fed from December 2007 through July of 2010 were unprecedented in its history, which dates back to its creation in 1913. The New York Fed rolled out most of those exact same emergency loan programs again last year, giving out the same no-bid contracts as it did in 2008 to various Wall Street actors.

  28. 2/3

    Having an entity that is owned by the mega Wall Street banks, that also supervises the same banks, that is also empowered to create electronic money out of thin air to bail out the banks with no spending limits, sounds like something out of an Orwellian novel. It is not a banking model for a sustainable financial future for a large developed nation – a reality that is aptly captured by the fact that the Fed’s balance sheet has grown from $924 billion in December 2007 to $8.3 trillion today – with American taxpayers, not the Wall Street banks, on the hook for 98 percent of that if things go amiss.

    Against that backdrop, we find it more than a little unnerving that someone is whispering in President Biden’s ear to tap folks from the New York Fed for key slots in his administration.

    Trading Floor at the New York Fed
    Trading Floor at the New York Fed

    The New York Fed has apparently not yet recognized that Daleep Singh, its Executive Vice President and head of its Markets Group that operates its own trading floor at the New York Fed, has moved on to become President Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor. As of this morning, the New York Fed still had Singh listed as employed at the New York Fed.

    According to the New York Fed website, this was Singh’s job description at the New York Fed:

    “…he oversees the group’s full portfolio, including implementing monetary policy, monitoring and analyzing global financial market developments, executing lender of last resort operations, providing financial services for foreign and international monetary authorities, providing capital market-related services to the U.S. Treasury as their fiscal agent, and administering and producing several reference rates for the U.S. money markets. He plays a key role in developing and implementing the Bank’s strategic direction and priorities, and is a member of the Bank’s Executive Committee.”

    Bloomberg News reported that Singh had been tapped by the Biden administration in February of this year. Singh was interviewed in his new job at the G-7 Summit in June.

    Joshua Frost
    Joshua Frost

    Last Tuesday, the White House announced that Joshua Frost had been selected by Biden to become Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Financial Markets. Frost has worked at the New York Fed for more than two decades. He also comes out of the Markets Group. Frost had apparently already moved to an unannounced role at the U.S. Treasury earlier this year: his name showed up in Treasury meeting notes in May.

    According to a March 1, 2014 press release from the New York Fed, Frost was promoted to Senior Vice President in the “market operations monitoring and analysis function of the Markets Group.”

    According to a 2011 fawning New York Times report, Frost played a major role in the Fed’s quantitative easing (QE) programs during and after the financial crash of 2008. QE, which has been revived again, allows the Fed to effectively create artificial (“administered”) interest rates by creating artificial demand for U.S. Treasuries and agency mortgage-backed securities by buying up tens of billions of dollars each month of the instruments. While the Fed reports all of these securities on its own balance sheet, JPMorgan Chase is actually the custodian for the Fed of more than $2.38 trillion in agency mortgage-backed securities purchased under QE programs – despite its five felony counts. (Apparently, stock ownership in the New York Fed has its privileges.)


  29. 3/3

    Frost has the distinction of having worked under three separate heads of the Markets Group at the New York Fed: Daleep Singh, Simon Potter and Brian Sack. Both Potter and Sack have moved on to hedge funds. According to Potter’s LinkedIn profile, he is currently Vice Chair of the hedge fund, Millennium. Sack’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he is the Director of Global Economics for the hedge fund, D.E. Shaw Group, and “a member of the firm’s Discretionary Macro trading unit.”

    Rounding out the crisis era veterans from the New York Fed is Calvin Mitchell, who is now Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Treasury. Mitchell’s appointment was announced on Biden’s first day in office, January 20, 2021. Mitchell served as the Head of Communications at the New York Fed during the financial crisis of 2008 when Tim Geithner was President of the New York Fed. Geithner and the Markets Group oversaw the sluicing of that secret $29 trillion bailout of Wall Street.

    When we say “secret $29 trillion bailout,” we really mean “secret.” The Fed battled in court for years in an effort to prevent that information from being released to the American people. Even after losing its case at the Federal District Court, the Fed appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. When that appeal was also ruled against it, it asked for a rehearing. When that was rejected, a Wall Street consortium of banks, that were the recipients of the trillions of dollars in secret loans, appealed the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. That appeal failed as well and the Fed was, finally, forced to release its bailout data in 2011 – after Congress had already approved, and President Obama had signed, the toothless Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation that enshrined even more power at the Fed to supervise the mega banks on Wall Street.


  30. Meditation for Afghanistan !!


  31. Divine Rebirths Continue #Theotokos

    SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (Gray News) - A California father confessed to killing his two young children after researching QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories that led him to believe they had “serpent DNA,” according to an FBI affidavit.

    Matthew Taylor Coleman, a 40-year-old surf instructor, has been charged with killing his 2-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter, the Associated Press reported.

    Authorities say he took them to Rosarito, Mexico, and shot them with a spear gun because he thought they would become monsters.

    1. ok now they are coming with the big guns at diffaming the awokened ones. this is just sick! i have recently noticed a crazy uptic in anti-Q propaganda, they must be doing something right ;)

    2. If true was he a victim of mind control?

  32. Super Supreme Pizza Creator - that’s a long pizza to create. Wonderful if you get all the ingredients in balance.

    Truly a Mothers love.
    -54 Loco

  33. Dr. Michael Salla

    Did Bezos, Branson & Musk secretly travel to Jupiter for negotiations with the Galactic Federation?

    On July 11, to much fanfare, Richard Branson traveled on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft for a highly publicized trip to the edge of space—defined by NASA as beginning at an altitude of 50 miles (80 km). A week later, he was followed by Jeff Bezos, who flew in a Blue Origin spacecraft to just above the Von Karman line, an altitude of 62 miles (100 km), the worldwide standard for the start of space. Around the same time, on July 23, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX was given the highly prized contract to launch NASA's Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter by 2024.

    What unites these three disparate space events involving pioneering aerospace CEOs is a claim by a former French archeologist, Elena Danaan, that a series of secret meetings were held in a floating extraterrestrial base (city) in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter in mid-July.

    This is an audio version of an article published on August 17, 2021 and narrated by the author, Dr. Michael Salla.


    1. Not sure about this one.. Bezos is free Mason Branson not sure but I suspect Epstein island .. Musk not sure but Tesla sure got alot of fed $$

  34. Afghanistan horror show, 3 possibilities. 1) The controllers just sold it to China, 2) The Us is too weak and lost it because of internal corruption, 3) It is one big dog and pony show (albeit people's suffering is real).

    1. 1 and 2.

      And maybe a plan of the cabal to them come back with a country as a treat to trigger a new war.

      Common we need these dogma people (taliban) out of the planet when the event comes.

  35. Interesting couple of days, wouldn't you say?

  36. Now, they are going to impose fully vaccinated for offices too. What the hell the light forces are waiting????

  37. As we are supposed to be on the same side, perhaps we should do ourselves the courtesy of acting like it.

  38. Awake a year and just meditating, not eating meat ect, just starting on my chakaras, will someone please point me in the direction, I feel good even though things look bad. I feel forgiveness where there was negative energy...... My moral compass is pointing in the rite direction...Any help on my accention is helpful. My Consciousness is expanding I see more everyday...

  39. There is a reason that I am communicating with you.
    It's a pretty darned good reason.
    Please listen.

  40. You have to live it.
    You have to be it.
    That's the way it is.

  41. Just for fun...

  42. In Australia we are not going anywhere unvaccinated, the state borders are sealed shut and you need to have proof of vaccine to go to work in some places which is fast becoming mandatory. This is their new normal, supposedly 'built better'. No amount of conspiracy theories and facts prepared me for what id happening now. Stay safe everyone and remember we are all people.

    1. The spider king was the occult force behind lockdowns. Sorry to be the one to point this out, but it was bound to be pointed out by someone. If the spider king is no more there should no longer be lockdowns, but this is obviously not the case...

    2. We are human beings, person comes from the greek language and means mask.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. We are looking forward to your next post.
    Nice talking to you,
    Have a nice day.

  45. When will it END? too many are dying !!!! Waiting for the MED BED !!!! MANY DOESN'T WANT TO DIE!!!! THEY WANT TO LIVE!!!!


    1. I'm sorry Marie, but when the event takes place there will have been many, many deaths. What some here do not understand is that it is a choice before incarnation, many have come at this period of end of civilization to benefit a little from the energies of light which are arriving; It will serve them well, but they need to reincarnate again on a 3D planet, when it is released. We all evolve at our own pace, some want to switch to 4D, 5D, 6D, others don't, they need to continue to struggle, to earn money, to work; sidereal journeys do not interest them etc. Everything is fair, we are travelers of the universe, we are not from here, to each his own style of travel. We are currently experiencing a great initiation, one that forces us to choose between fear and love. If we want to experience love, we must let go of fear, it is difficult, but an initiation is always difficult. Fear belongs to the ego, this dark part in us, and it has no place in 4D etc ... So this initiation consists in letting go of the ego. Good luck to all.

    2. OH....that makes me feel so BETTER. *slow, sarcastic golf clapping*

      Welcome to planet GULAG......YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!! :P

    3. Very important message:

      Not for very long!


      They tell me :

      “We try again and again to give you confidence and faith, and we know that this confidence and this faith is often tested in relation to what you go through those who think they are running your country.

      The problem is not that of a country, it is the problem of the peoples of planet Earth. All peoples are, in a certain way, called upon to contribute, that is to say, they are put in front of themselves. Will they be able to react healthily? Will they have the capacity to have discernment? Will they have the strength not to let themselves be completely manipulated by false realities, huge lies?

      So why all this? We have said it to you many times, we will say it again and perhaps in another way: all the inhabitants of the Earth are living the ultimate initiation, it will allow those who will have understood and who will be able to pass into the intermediate time before going towards the Golden Age.

      Some steps can go very quickly, but they are necessary. You do not see at all what your tomorrow can be, you are in the darkness of your consciousness, you do not know what can happen; we are going to tell you this: all of a sudden, we are not saying tomorrow, there will be a great Light on your world.

      Sometimes you feel sorry for being impatient, but it's human being not to see things moving fast enough. We will explain why:

      For thousands of years, from generation to generation, you have been caught in an immense spider's web called manipulation, enslavement of successive peoples; that what you are experiencing has been experienced in other times, in other times, with more or less violence, with more or less harshness, but history repeats itself over and over again.

      So how long will history repeat itself? Not for a long time, because there comes a time when the infernal circle must be broken, and it can only be broken by the will of the peoples, only by the will of human beings.

      If human beings still believe everything given to them by the media, they will have a hard time, they will not be able to free themselves from the imprisonment, from the formatting that has lasted for countless years handed down from generation to generation.

      You listen to what such and such a person says because, supposedly, they are smarter than you, because they seem to have a higher awareness of things, but have you asked yourself the question: "Is this true? ? " We are talking in particular of the heads of your governments, those who call themselves heads or leaders of governments.

      They have a superb, they speak very well, they say words but… what are those words? Do these words have depth, do they correspond to reality? You can use a word in a thousand and one ways. Depending on how it is used in a speech, a word can mean a lot of different things, so you let the words hypnotize you a little.

      You are made to believe that what you hear is right and good for you; you come to the time when you have to understand, where you have to distinguish what is real from what is not, where you have to totally sharpen your discernment and position yourself.

      We say it again and we will say it again, the positioning which is now required of you is extremely important, because to promulgate laws permanently is easy, at least for those who promulgate and enforce them, but for those who must obey these laws. laws are much less easy.

      Make no mistake about our words! As we said and we will repeat it, we do not have the right to impose anything, we show the way, we show the road, we give you some advice to go faster, to make this problem of civilization so difficult for the peoples ends. We show you the direction to follow.

    4. following:

      You may find it easy to go in the direction we are showing you, but young souls who have not yet experienced enough feel comfortable in this life, they accept the laws and live them with less. difficulties you.

      So in this day and age there are several levels of consciousness being expressed, and in your family you may notice that you may agree or disagree with people who do not see life at all the same as you do.

      So what else does it take to try to harmonize your life, to try to be in harmony with yourselves? The main thing is to be in agreement with yourselves, so we will say it and say it again and again: be sincere with yourselves and try to position yourself, try to say "no".

      It is much easier to say "yes" when you are in incarnation than to say "no. And of course saying" no "puts you at odds with all human beings heading in the direction of. ease".

      They still tell me:

      “We told you: it won't be very long! We are not saying it will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but everything that happens is going to accelerate.

      We tell you very firmly: this will accelerate either in a totally positive direction for humanity, or in a totally negative direction for it, and it will be precisely according to the positions taken, according to the agreement of the world's population, based on the ability of human beings to say "no"; yet there is always, even in the darkest moments, the Light that permeates; therefore the dark moments that you live are very conducive to the awakening of consciousness and to evolution.

      You are currently living on the dark side, the repressive side, you have the impression that the noose is tightening and that it is going to crush you completely. We say "no, the noose is not tightening, it will go up to a certain level and then it will give up everything".

      Everything will drop and why? Because human beings will have awakened in sufficient numbers and will have accepted, it is essential to lift their eyes to Heaven and say: "Father Mother, help us! Help the suffering humanity, help us to find peace. peace of heart, serenity, help us rediscover joy and Love, help the peoples of the world who are suffering enormously. "

      You can make this request to Father-Mother God as well as to the Great Beings of Light, but always with your eyes turned to Heaven, saying: "We humans have done all that we can, but we cannot do any more. more because the pressure becomes very strong; we put ourselves in your hands "(be it the Divine Hands or those of the Great Beings of Light)," Help us! ".

      Ask with your heart and not with your intellect, ask for this precious help which, be certain (we say well: be certain), will be granted to humanity, or at least the part of humanity that will have the courage to ask with one's heart for the help of the plans of Light, the help of the plans of the invisible.

      In any case, the help will be given to humanity, because it is part of the plan of resurrection, of total restructuring of all the lives of this world; help will be granted automatically since it is part of the Divine Plan.

      This help could be granted to you in a very short time, in a few weeks or in a few months, but in several years if you remain frozen, if you do not invest yourself, if you are going in the direction that we want to impose on you, if you do not refuse everything that they want to impose on you. "

      You may reproduce this text and give a copy of it under the following conditions:
      let him not be cut
      that there is no modification of content
      that you refer to our site https://ducielalaterre.org
      that you mention the name of Monique Mathieu

  46. https://youtu.be/SGlkwKA-t_4
    It just keeps going buddy...

  47. Masterplan?

  48. Replies
    1. I second that. Bring about the event or something similar already! Being incarnated here has become unbearable even for the strongest among us.

    2. @Mario

      Time we have SOMETHING happen, and TANGIBLE. Getting sick and tired of being 'brave and strong' 24/7.

      I said it once, I said it many times....earth = mother fucking GULAG.

  49. Surely the red lines crossed now come on guys

    1. 24,000 forced vaccinations of kids in Australia?? That isn't enough? Some have already died or injured from it.

  50. I've had my fill of "gonna be's" & what "is" stinks. Maybe I'll get lucky & die, then by the time that I come back everything will be great. I can only hope for the best.

  51. Have they...crossed the line yet ?

    1. Yess they have, i hope so. We need a situation update.

    2. I think they caused that line quite a few times already.


    3. Dutch Maria: Let there be peace<3

  52. Sooo true in update David and Goliath! It has just started and here in Finland politicians and "news" has really started to go crazy about corona...haahaa so easy to see:)

  53. Today Finlands "news" came up with a whole "new pandemic"...bloody diarree..."can spread really easy "...ok :D

  54. Enough talk. We want to see physical action now

    1. And it's been mentioned there's some down here VOLUNTEERING to join the fighting, the REAL righting.

      I personally want to FIGHT, in space, or below ground...rather than be stuck here, 'holding the light' while the baddies keep making life on this gulag of a planet a living hell....more so.

  55. I'm listening to a new whistleblower on Cosmic Disclosure, Michael Jaco. He was a UFO fighter pilot among other things. What caught my ear was him describing draco and how serious they are, and then says "But the spider beings are the baddest."

    I haven't listened but he has a podcast and probably other interviews around the internet.


    1. Babylon 5, the sci fi series, does some heavy stuff on the spiders, too.
      https://truthearth.org/2017/04/18/massive-disclosures-in-sci-fi-t-v-show-babylon-5/ <-----face book won't even let me post this anymore, did many times before, but not anymore.

    2. Don't forget about this one:


    3. Michael Jaco is great! Find him on one of his channels, "Unleashing Intuition Secrets."

      He has high-level contacts as a former Navy Seal and CIA guy and he was in Special Forces. I didn't know he was in secret space projects until one of his videos I just saw tonight, in which he posted a segment of himself from an interview with Emery Smith on gaia.com.

      Michael Jaco is interviewed fairly often by Nicholas Veniamin and he also likes to have interviews with Janine, the Canadian woman who does tarot, "Tarot by Janine."

    4. Some reason I don't trust that Jaco follow. Especially after seeing this video. Related? Is that why he shaved? Or I'm a lunatic that judges prematurely lol.


  56. I agree with Salvatore. No more words! Here in Italy they are overcome the red line, what are we waiting for all? Then you intervene in force otherwise we don't get there. Here it looks like a nightmare, they all seem crazy and senseless. If this blog is not a farce then you act. Time is up!!!

  57. We will all be dead by the time any ET beings step in to assist.

    1. I do not know the big "plan". I do feel very confident saying many are here already, living as normal people.

    2. COBRA....sadly by the time the Counsel, Galactic Federation, LFs, RM etc. come to liberate humanity it will be too late as there will be no one left to liberate. You'll have finally gotten rid of the cabal and all negative entities but for who? Humanity will be gone/dead. COBRA I know that you said it would get really bad and you weren't kidding. But What we are all living through currently and globally is beyond any planet's nightmare. Any miracle would be great right now!

    3. its always darkest before the dawn

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I suppose I should post this again for Italics_rs and others.

      It's always "Darkest before dawn" before a Golden Age exposed:

      It's true that there are examples of great suffering preceding breakthroughs in consciousness. However, "Darkest before dawn" needs to be held to its true meaning. "Darkest" means matters get as negative as possible. In the current situation on Earth, this means that the unvaccinated need to be holocausted and those who got the covid vaccine need to die from having their immune systems severely compromised. Thus, "Darkest before dawn" means that the cabal's NWO plans and depopulation agenda would need to be successful before there can be a Golden Age. So, whenever I hear "Darkest before dawn," I will know better. I will know that this a catch phrase to justify a global dictatorship and genocide, because a global dictatorship and genocide fits the real definition of "darkest." Actually, it could be taken even further than this, with even worse scenarios. "Darkest before dawn" is possibly a mental trap designed by the cabal, because this catch phrase definitely works in their favor!

      "Things will get worse before they get better" exposed:

      "Things will get worse before they get better" is one that's been floating around awakened communities for several years. For several years, awakened communities have believed this, and lo and behold, matters indeed kept getting worse! People believed this and it came true lol! Things kept getting worse, and people believed that things were supposed to do this (before getting better), and this kept happening over and over in a viscous cycle. Just exactly how much worse does it need to get before it gets better? Does it have to be the scenario of "Darkest before dawn"with a global dictatorship and genocide? Sometimes it is true that things do get worse before they get better, but many times it is unnecessary, and the cabal probably smile when people believe that it is necessary. Regarding the planetary situation, what if things don't have to keep getting worse, and things can actually... get better? There's a thought! Therefore, the catch phrase can be changed to this: "Things don't have to get worse before they get better."

  58. I found a Chimera baby on a car🚗

  59. Os ânimos estão se esgotando.

  60. Manipulation for vaccination
    No Higher Consciousness will ever try to influence someone's decision. What one can do is to inform the other. But any pressure to influence his decision is reprehensible. It violates the Galactic Codex. The mind of someone who puts pressure on another is the mind of a thief.

  61. It will be interesting to see if the world's largest group of lightworkers can hold Taiwan against the Chinese invasion, which is a matter of 'when' at this point.

    Seeing how US treated those who supported it and ran off leaving them behind, will demolish any trust other former US allies had with them, including Taiwan. As if the long history of US breaking treaties since the First Nations era wasn't obvious.


    Whatever the Cabal are up to, they don't show any signs of stopping:

  62. ZetaTalk:更大的需求
    写于 2003 年 10 月 11 日
    尤其是美国军队,不是为了维护公共利益,而是为了谋取企业利益,对此深感愤慨。最近几场战争几乎不是为了捍卫自由和民主,而是为了保护土地或捍卫现有的财产,像使用私人军队一样使用美国军队。北约演习期间讨论的兵棋推演包括的灾难与我们对极移的预测相当,巨大的破坏无一幸免。如果发生这种情况,火山喷发增加,地震撕裂的道路和摇摇欲坠的城市,大量无家可归的人和在农村流动的人,应该如何看待在世界各地的基地部署美军的条约?所有国家都会受到影响, 所有军队在这样的紧急情况下被摧毁和占领,当纯粹的生存是唯一的担忧时,没有边界问题。如果发生这样的地球变化,军队将被带回家,在隐蔽的情况下,很少大张旗鼓地回到各自的家园,最多只留下一个骨干人员在基地。借口是家里更大的需要。

  63. Why hasn’t the event happened yet? we need the light forces to intervene and arrest the cabal!!! Innocent people are suffering and dying everyday all over this world, when are the light forces going to intervene? What is it gonna take for light forces to intervene? WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR??? INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING AND DYING EVERYDAY, HOW MANY MORE HAVE TO DIE FOR THE LIGHT FORCES TO DECIDE TO INTERVENE???!!!!

    1. Not to be rude, but you're being a whiny brat and not helping the collective energy raise to it's proper level. Doubt and uncertainty are the opposite of what we need to bring about true change. Please orient yourself to a more optimal frequency. Whatever it takes to get you to a calm, more unified state would be appreciated. Thank you.

  64. Please EVENT NOW. I cannot hold on much longer and I'm not the only one. Please.

  65. I made a comment a few posts back about this interesting NASA patch for the Landsat program:


    which is tied to the EROS data center, Google Earth, Landsat Satellite (including Landsat 9 planned to be launched on September 16), AI, & DARPA.

    And wanted to share this recent video that I came across, as this relates to that last comment...

    Behind the scenes: What happens at the EROS center near Sioux Falls

    And this...

    Landsat Science Team Hears Plans for Landsat 9 Launch

    “Lompoc, CA, has officially designated Sept. 12-18, 2021 as “Landsat Week.” After the September 16th launch,  ground system operators and calibration and validation teams at the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) will take part in a comprehensive early orbit and commissioning phase to prepare the newest entrant in the Landsat series of satellites for the day-to-day work of imaging the Earth for the good of mankind.”

    Lompoc, California // Vandenberg Air Force Base


    Sublunar Operations // 7.14.2015


    David and Goliath // 8.4.2021

    “Right in the middle of this August to October period of Eris Pluto square, certain important operations of the Light Forces will be completed, and around September 18th  the dark forces might finally begin to lose power on the physical plane on the surface of the planet.

    A hint:”

    “The real reason why the dark forces are so much in a hurry to force their Great Reset is because they are afraid of the polar shift:”

    1. Nice. September 18 breaks down to 99. As in us? Have been seeing 11:09 and 1:19 lately, as well as 2:23. As in reversals of those energies, which can only be good as far as understood.

  66. Continued...


    Short Situation Update // 3.28.2017


    Now there are only about 180 members of the Chimera group left on the planet. They are a small and yet very powerful and dangerous group that maintains the quarantine status of planet Earth through a top quark-antiquark condensate located in Long Island, tied to plasma toplet bombs:


    They are infiltrated into key positions in US, Russian and Chinese military, the majority of them within the US Air Force, effectively preventing positive ET contact globally.

    More specifically, you can find them holding certain key positions here:


    And more precisely here:




    Final Battle Update // October 14, 2020

    “Chimera fleet is using the so called quantum black goo as their defense weapon against the progress of the Light Forces. Quantum black goo is simply compressed form of quantum primary anomaly that has been exposed to extreme entropy and is now being released by the Chimera in Low Earth Orbit and is being very effectively cleared by the Light Forces. Yet, it still does contribute to the overall primary anomaly around the planet and to general feeling of doom and gloom which surrounds the Earth:”

    “Chimera beings were once highly evolved angelic beings who chose to subject themselves to controlled toplet bombs explosion experiments long time ago in the galactic past. This, and numerous genetic experiments has mutated them into spider beings of unimaginable darkness:”

  67. Continued...

    Excerpt from the link provided by Cobra...

    “Rudolf Steiner-A Lecture given at Dornach on May 13, 1921

    “And from the earth will arise a terrible race of beings, in character midway between the mineral and plant kingdoms, as robotic beings of extreme, intense and logical intellect. They will spread and take hold of the earth, overlaying it as with a web of terrible spiders — spiders of enormous wisdom, whose organization does not however even reach the level of plants. These terrible spiders will interweave and intermesh with each other, imitating in their movements all that human beings have conceived with their shadowy intellect — without allowing it to be inspired by a new imagination, and all that is to come through spiritual science. All unreal human thoughts of this kind will assume the reality of being. The earth will be covered […] with terrible, mineral plant-type spiders, which will spin very rational interconnections with each other but with malevolent intention. And the human being […] will have to merge his being with these terrible mineral-plant spider creatures.”

    These spider creatures will be distinctly ahrimanic in character […] in an era of global computer and internet links, you may feel disheartened to realize how quickly this prophecy is becoming a reality on earth.

    So here Steiner has warned about these robotic spider organisms somewhere between the plant and mineral kingdom rapidly populating the earth. The term “ghostly” was also used to describe the spiders. The author connects them to the internet AND connects ahrimanic forces to the technological revolution. It fits perfectly.

    It is no coincidence that we call the internet the WORLD WIDE WEB, or the inter NET, or that search engines rely on Spiders to create the search. Look at the terminology spider, worms, and crawlers are all used to describe processes within the internet or the WEB. People have reported seeing these strange scuttle creatures which look like a cross between a crab and a spider almost mechanical coming from computers, TVs, and phone cables. I saw a black crab creature around the electric substation near my home. I have also seen them around mobile phone masts. It is as if they were feeding off the electricity. I saw these beings come and go from within these installations.

    There is talk on the internet about an alien based type computer which is not terrestrial which was seeded to us, so we would make what we have today GOO-gle’s world wide web. Goo – gle – a reference to Black Goo (please see previous chapters). There is talk that our television and communications systems are now in full control of an Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Scuttlers;  are a spider based AI, Spiders Bots were named after the Tentacle looking dark shadow forms which were seen coming out of electronics like laptops, cable boxes and LCD Televisions .”

    1. I too have begun to see these "things" out of the corner of my eye. All of a sudden a "shadow" will "run" to the other side of the room. Especially in the living room where most of the electronics are located. Also see them at times in the bedroom, but not as often as there are less electronics. Makes sense. Thought at first it was just my "eyes playing tricks on me", but I can tell now the difference between those "eye floaty things" and whatever the heck I'm seeing darken my actual vision wherever it travels and is noticed. Have yet to see this phenomena outside but I'll keep vigilant.
      This Peter Mouck fellow (used to have a channel on bitchute but I can't find it anymore called "Welcome to the Golden Age") mentioned that LCD actually stands for "Liquid Crystal Demon", yeesh! What about LED then? Good or bad?

  68. Because I Choose To

    Whatever It Takes

    Carry On, My Wayward Son

    Somos Mestres.
    Honra e Glória para todos nós que tivemos a coragem para estar aqui agora.

    Vitória da Luz!

  70. Atualizem plano de ascensão?

    Por favor acionem já o evento...

  71. Of course if Ets won't physically intervene it's up to the surface population to take charge by any means necessary. This involves the unfortunate and very messy 'feather and tar' 'witch hunt' scenario - if there is no direct physical Et intervention that's how it's going to have to be, at least in areas where people have access to appropriate weapons. In areas without appropriate weapons, people will be genocided by the cabal/mercenary armies of the cabal/military/police, with Australia being a prime example of absolute 100% doom - a modern-day holocaust in Australia.

    On a more positive note, August isn't over yet, and my intuition and some other intel is telling me that some good things are happening behind the scenes. I have noticed that there are some major clearings happening in the astral/etheric with my 'seeing abilities.' There is a significant clearing taking place. At the same time I can understand people's anger. To be blunt, the surface population is getting its 'butt kicked' and will have nothing to lose. A surface population with nothing to lose will do whatever it takes to survive, because at the core of freedom is survival. When freedom is taken away as it is currently being taken away, this leads to genocide (as has been historically proven beyond all doubt), so fighting for basic human rights becomes exactly the same as fighting for survival. As a net whole, the surface population has a very strong survival instinct.

    1. HERE is a poster from Cobra's blog who asked that ONE questions NONE of you, or those on Cosmic Agency can answer:

      Fix this ourselves? Really?
      Do police tell people in a hostage situation to "fix it yourselves"?
      Tell us then Sparky, how do we fix things ourselves when there are highly advanced ETs with superweapons that have special scalar grid inversion technology which surpresses human kundalini and inverts the planetary energy field?
      And what's wrong with expecting help from others. Are we supposed to live in a universe where no one helps any one?

      In the future, there is no hunger, war, or poverty. Unless you’re not a member of the Federation’s Country Club, then fuck you. Fuck off and die.


      So....ANSWER me.

    2. Sherman, it's not a matter of expecting help. It's a matter of survival. There would be no other choice. Perhaps re-read my comment, as it wasn't a matter of what 'should be,' but was instead a matter of must be if there is no physical intervention. Like I said, if the surface population did it themselves it would be very messy. If the negative Ets have all been taken out (chimera and draco and so forth) from the wipeout sequences then perhaps the remaining bad guys wouldn't have all these superweapons anymore, and it would simply be a matter of removing the remaining cabal. I don't know the status of the cabal's superweapons though. So yeah, it could get very messy with large causalities in the surface population to pull it off.

      Of course don't look at me as to why there is no physical intervention. Do you really think I have all the answers? Heck no. This is simply what I saw.

      It's possibly a matter of still not having all the nonphysical entities taken out yet. It's very confusing because perhaps enough nonphysical entities have been removed so that no one uses violence against the cabal, yet there are genocides still taking place so how can there be genocides when there are so few nonphysical entities? Wouldn't even the reptilians souls in physical bodies on the planet surface not be violent if they didn't have enough oon-physical 'encouragement?' It was my understanding that if the non-physcal is cleaned up, abuse in the physical would cease because there's nothing negative in the nonphysical to 'run things' anymore.

      There was only one thing I said I know for sure, and that is that I Am (I exist). However, there is one other thing I know for sure, and that is:

      Nothing makes any sense.

  72. Why do the Controllers want you weakened? Reflect on that.

    Essentially over the past year it has been made clear that the general population in the western culture of the United States is now considered the enemy of the centralized power of the elite, who have orchestrated an elaborate psychological terrorism plan in which to kill, disable and weaken the majority of the human population. By generating confusion and complexity, political and social schisms, polarization and conflict in many groups of people, usually those people that identify with some kind of a classification system, such as black-white, male-female, gay-transgender, vax-unvaxxed, it confounds the response on the part of those who are trying to defend themselves from the public onslaught of negativity or propaganda assaults. These senseless classifications are nonsense, as people have forgotten that we are one race of people, and this is our planet. The entire human race is under spiritual attack, the NAA don’t care what color we are or what we look like, they just want humans to be slaves and to give up our children willingly.

    Everyone in media promotion knows by controlling narratives that the actual truth does not matter, its only what people believe to be true. These deceivers will say anything, no matter how absurd or ludicrous in its scope of lies, to get the population to believe it in order to gain control over the narratives running in 3D reality. Sadly, this happens in any public forum when social media driven leaders tell their audience what they want to hear to gain a following or popularity, because most people do not want to face these deeply unpleasant truths. This is why we must value truth, speak the truth, stand up for truth, recognize when we are in the presence of truth and hold on to truth for dear life! A fast-moving information deluge, saturating people with a lot of data coming from all directions is the ideal battleground for this kind of psychological warfare to cover truth with lies. A fire-hose of narrative attacks coming from every direction gives the targeted person, population or organized community of people little time to process and evaluate the vast array of information as truthful because its being flooded into the community in several directions.


  73. The comments are that are removed by the author always intrigue me lol.. reveal something too deep?

    1. I believe that the author is the author of the comment (who wrote and then preferred to withdraw his comment) and not Cobra

    2. I have removed my own comment here and there since opinions change, sometimes minute to minute lol.

    3. No adam, you can delete your message by using the delete option in your message.

  74. Freedom's Core Motive

    Preserving human rights is more than just about preserving freedom. On a deeper level, preserving human rights is about survival. On a deeper level, humanity knows this, because on a deeper level, the collective consciousness of humanity has been historically abused and genocided every time human rights were taken away. From the Soviet Union to the holocaust to countless other genocides throughout history, the prerequisite was losing human rights. Only when a sufficient level of human rights disappears can a genocide take place, so it's very understandable why humanity fights so hard to preserve freedom.

    All genocides are in the name of a nonexistent greater good. In modern times, the nonexistent greater good is getting a covid vaccine for a virus that has a 99%+ survival rate. Those who refuse to get the vaccine are first discriminated against, not having the same rights as others through the vaccine passport. Those who refuse to get the vaccine are also regarded as subhuman, 'justifying' their genocide. Fortunately in the United States, people have the right to bear arms, and as long as this remains the case, the US will probably not have a genocide. Other countries like Australia, however, are currently at a very high risk of genocide, as the people in Australia don't have the right to bear arms and are being held hostage by the politicians, military, and police. In Afghanistan, there is a current genocide that is taking place. The Taliban own all the guns in Afghanistan, and the Taliban are psychopathic murderous religious extremists who regard Afghans as inferior.

    Freedom = survival

    Losing freedom = death

    1. Just because you don't have a right to do something, doesn't mean you won't do it. Trust me, when push comes to shove we will find a way to rise against them. Sheer numbers game. We have and always will have the upper hand in that regard.

  75. God bless all negative spiders to be marked with'X'. Amen.


  76. I'm feeling a profound emptiness inside. I feel there is nothing further for me to do in this world. Whereas, I will never be motivated to ever do anything again. Perhaps there is nothing further to write, and nothing further to say. I could just be a rock or an inanimate object for eternity and never care about anything ever again. Interesting.

    I wonder if this comment will make Sherman feel better. :D

    1. I fully understand. I also decide to stop incarnating here. I will stay here and help as long as possible. Do you think you have a home planet?

    2. Eat a sandwich. Always makes me feel better :)

    3. Patrice Closin, I don't know. It actually kind of feels like this is my first incarnation, like I've never existed as anything before. Or perhaps I was an animal of some sort in previous incarnations and this is my first human incarnation. It's as though I can experience thoughts and feelings of others but there's nothing I can call my own unless I only focus on Source and things spontaneously come through. Hard to explain.

  77. The Western US is burning up.

    The skies in California, Oregon, Nevada and Utah (and perhaps farther east) are right now filled with smoke coming from Oregon and California.

    The largest wildfire in the US is right now in Northern California, across 4 counties, blowing east into Nevada and Utah.

    This is happening as we all read that the water departments all over California have been ordered to drain lakes and reservoirs into the ocean !!

    Can you believe it? California farmers are being denied irrigation water in the hottest months of the year -- and there is a shortage of water to put out these fires !!

    The governor of California, Newsom, has a recall election coming up and it would be really good if he were recalled, but there is a lot of election fraud going on all over the US, so we shall see.

    I didn't expect to see Greece having wildfires, however, but there has been a video going around of Greek people having to be evacuated on a large ferry, as they look back, across the water, as their community is going up in flames.

    I have not been able to find anything on the internet about the fires in Greece until I found this small article today on Paul LaViolette's site:


  78. I ask to Cobra. What is the Red line? When the bad guys will sterminate us? When another virus appears and we will be imprisoned in our houses? When a lot of citizens will be dead or disabled or zombified? At this time the aid will be useless. WE Wait for a replay, HolyShit!!

    1. Until everyone is almost dead apparently

    2. Well if it takes a certain percentage of Light or whatever for an intervention, then yes, it may be awhile yet. If it's forced vaxx babies or whatever, I mean I don't know what could be worse than that. Not that I want someone or something to come up with something worse, definitely not. "Whose line is it anyway?" Remember that old comedy skit show? Hilarious. But really, whose "line" has to be crossed I wonder? A collective decision to create change? Or the decision of a few higher ups?

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. the survivors will lynch the light forces for waiting so long.

    2. From Dutch Maria.
      Unless they know why they had to wait so long, and that that work has been done for them, which, by the way, they couldn't possibly do without the required prior knowledge. Stay positive Sherman, it's all about the world. not just your neighborhood.

  80. Eighty percent of the contributors in this group write immature creatures. There is fear, the role of the victim, revenge, hatred, fear of death. But you are fully responsible for the state of consciousness you are in, and for everything that happens to you, if you do not accept it, you will only blame others and wait for salvation. In vain. Your low consciousness and state of low vibrations will not let you go because you would not endure the field of love.
    Yes, many will die, many will not live to see it, but if you die reconciled, you will still have your hands full.
    Subham astu sarva jagatam!

    1. É mesmo? Fale apenas por você. Enquanto todos estão cobrando por mudanças continue você aceitando tudo como um gatinho. Toda luta precisa de ação e não apenas ficar esperando. Tudo é válido e você não é o dono da verdade. Muitos aqui falam em nome do sofrimento dos que não tem forças para lutar. Aceitar tudo e apenas ficar esperando é muito egoísmo e em muitos casos reclamar e pedir por providências é sentir a dor do próximo.

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. I've been exploring different types of alchemy to help heal Mother Earth. Here's one that seems to be effective-Imagining and feeling AA Micheal's glistening blue sword rotating clockwise in an area of conflict while goddess sends pink light to that area, at times sending low vibe energies in a field of white glistening light. The divine male and divine female energies in tandem seem to produce an orgasmic sensation. Feel free to explore this. I do this whenever I take a nap or wash the dishes. Blessings and light to all!

  83. Remember this is the Dark time and it wont last too long! Focus on all good and how reliefed we will be when it is over ♡♡♡