Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Hold the Light

Light Forces have begun to clear the innermost layer of the etheric and astral dark force matrix with still tens of billions of Reptilian entities present. This practically means that the battle for the planetary surface on the non-physical planes is now reaching its peak. Dark attacks in the last few weeks have collapsed about 40 percent of the Light grid on the surface of the planet, and thankfully the grid is slowly recovering in the last few days.

Non-physical dark forces are using their scalar technologies and entity possession to keep the surface population in a state of fear and induced mass psychosis:



This fear is like a cloud around the planetary surface and even most of the Lightworkers have succumbed to it.

Light Forces have communicated that it is of the utmost importance to go within, connect with the Light and hold the Light no matter what happens in the outside world in the next few weeks and months. If enough people hold the Light, this will ensure the most positive possible outcome in the current challenging situation.

There are many scary news in the media but ultimately there is no reason to be afraid for the vast majority of people reading this blog. The vaccines are NOT being used to depopulate the planet, and vast majority of people taking the vaccine will NOT die. After the Event, the Light Forces will be able to reverse and heal ALL negative side effects of the vaccines with their technology.

Light Forces have also communicated that it is very good for people to minimize their exposure to mainstream and alternative media and rather spend more time in nature, meet each other in small inspiring groups, listen to the music or do whatever it takes to keep the vibration high. If you feel so guided you can also meditate and clear the energy of Lightworkers and of the planetary energy grid with the violet flame.

Tachyon technology can help people maintaining high vibrational state of consciousness:


Also, cintamani stones, worn individually, can help a lot for that purpose, because they are the highest vibrational matter on the planet:


As non-physical planes are getting cleared, the Pleiadians are getting closer to the surface, as you can see in this video: 




And the following cloudship has encircled Mount Fuji a few days ago:



Marco Polo, an ambassador of the Venetian black nobility families, made contact with negative Cabal families in China already in the 13th century. This was the beginning of long and successful cooperation between Eastern and Western Cabal factions which was greatly expanded with Jesuit presence in early Qing court in Beijing in 17th and 18th centuries.

Since in the last few decades the Western Cabal factions were greatly exposed through the alternative media, the black nobility families and the Jesuits have decided to move many of their key people from West to China and in 2016 they have partnered a new alliance with Xi and the Chinese Communist Party as the visible Chinese front and World Economic Forum as the visible Western front. Their goal is New World Order dystopian society with China as the world hegemon.

To achieve that goal, they have released the coronavirus and the Wuhan lab is still developing new strains, with some sources claiming that they have also developed the delta variant and planted it into India. It is not a coincidence that Shi Zhengli, the famous Bat Lady from the Wuhan lab, is warning about coronavirus mutations:


Partnership between Eastern and Western Cabal factions in the pandemic creation is clearly visible:



To achieve their New World Order goals, to secure rare earth minerals needed for their global high tech dystopia, and to secure cash flow from the drug trade and human trafficking, China has started changing the regimes of their neighboring countries. The first country to fall was Myanmar and the second one was Afghanistan:



Joe Biden and Mark Milley were not incompetent players in this game but instead willing slaves to their Chinese handlers:


The following meditation can help healing the situation in Afghanistan and you can join if you feel so guided:


The only positive aspect of the Afghanistan situation is that Russian special forces were able to rescue several Pleaidian hostages that were kept in secret prisons in Afghanistan by the US military since late 1990s.

Next country the Chinese want to subjugate is Taiwan. China wants to secure its semiconductor and microchip industry. For that purpose, since March they have killed some key positive Dragon members in mainland China and arrested some others. This has weakened the Red Dragon forces in mainland China who have until now been keeping the invasion of Taiwan at bay, as now they have to keep a very low profile in order to survive. This situation is finally being addressed and the Light Forces are taking action to resolve this.

On August 28th the first of the two exact Eris Pluto squares will be taking place:


On that day, many protests against coronavirus restrictions are scheduled worldwide and according to intel sources they might turn violent. Light Forces are asking those who feel so guided to meditate and to clear the energy of the protests with the violet flame in order to remove the negative violent energy and to encircle the protesters in white Light to protect and support them. If the critical mass of 144,000 protesters gathers worldwide on that day with a unified message, this can begin to turn the tide in the battle between the positive and negative timelines.

August 30th is set as a trigger date to start a global revolution by certain groups.

In Australia, truckers are doing it:



One commenter on my blog made an interesting comment on how this may play out:

In France, groups allegedly connected to the Positive Military are planning it. According to sources in France:

The other interesting strategy the protesters have is to start taking over the mass media:


It is impossible to predict how all this will manifest, but between now and the end of October a Kuiper Belt object named Altjira is in exact conjunction with Rigel, the star of the Orion dark forces:



This is the time of great purification of Rigelian forces that invaded planet Earth in 1996, and after this purification is over my mid/late October, it will be expectedly much easier to manifest the dreams of the Age of Aquarius on the surface of this planet.

Toplet bombs inside implants have not been cleared yet, and they are still the main factor preventing the Event:


One commenter on my blog has explained the situation very clearly:

The next two months are a key time in human history and we need to hold the Light. Every person counts.

Victory of the Light!



  1. This is pretty much orientation I had. Let's go LF!! I'm gonna keep shining even if I leave my physical body, we have nothing to worry, keep pushing and counting on us to help in any way we can!

    Victory of the Light!!

    1. I'm gonna shining with you. Thank you!

    2. Positions correct as of 24th August, Time is Zulu.

      Earth is facing right at 3 o'clock under the lettering.


  2. Thank you for the update Cobra! I have been feeling so much anxiety recently and didn't understand why. Is there any estimate on when the scalar technologies that are transmitting fear will be disabled?

    1. Are there any key portals in Afghanistan we can investigate?

  3. Thank you COBRA! This is very important news. Many people are in fear of the vaccines and it’s good news that the negative effects can be removed. Hold the light everyone! We can finish this!

  4. Wow, I was waiting for this update. I come check your blog, Cobra, for the first time in about a week or 2 and it just so happens that I checked it at the exact moment you posted this update, before you even added pictures to it yet. Can't say that is a coincidence that I felt compelled to check at this exact time.

    I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate everything you've done to be a guiding light for humanity, Cobra.

    The physical attacks you've faced from the Cabal at home, the taunts and threats, even your lover being killed by those bastards is enough to make anyone think twice and yet, you persisted beyond all odds. I have deep respect for you and everything you have done and continue to do for all of us. You inspire me personally, because regardless of all the hardships you have faced in this life you have persisted.

    I'm glad the pleiadians managed to convince you to come back to Earth, it seems they were right all along and it was all worth it in the end.

    You made the right call, Cobra and you deserve all the respect in the world for the unsurmountable task that you managed to accomplish.

    I respect, we all respect you and love you. Whatever merits heaven has in store for you, you rightfully deserve and you WILL be reunited with Isis Astara in a more loving and caring environment than Earth ever was in the past.

    Peace be with you, my teacher.

    Love ❤,


    Will be posting a new video of multiple ships (or something in the sky) in perfect formation soon. I thank the light forces for showing themselves to me as reassurance that all will be fine.

    Amen & Adonai.

  5. light coming together!
    we are .
    do the inner calling.
    love never give up

  6. Check out this Rap News guys they are really good at exposing the cabal tactics:



    1. Man, it’s actually a satire show. Calm down, no one it’s actually said that you need to “focus on the cabal” just enjoy the life

    2. Yes, they are just a satire show but they show some truths there as the guy is really talented.

      That’s why I was posted here because it can lift a bit the spirit as the “General Baxter” representing the deep state is very funny 😆

      I don’t have time and patience anymore either to go on the rabbit hole of “conspiracies theories” all over the internet specially when it’s the same recycling stuff :)

  7. Thank you for the update COBRA! We'll hold the line and HOLD THE LIGHT.

    Please don't let up LF and RM... let's finish this! 😉


    1. Here in Las Vegas, I've seen a license plate like this: "1OF144K"
      Could it be yours?

    2. I'm afraid that isn't me but I like their style. Why haven't I thought of that? Lol!

      Let's Hold The Light Hye Angels!

  8. RM(東京)の入り口を公開します。

    TPA 下口



    1. 面白そう!


  9. COBRA Thank you soon much for this update! We were all losing hope! VOTL!!!

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    1. Dutch Maria: then take your time needed to recover Starlight<3

  11. Parece que o FDA foi coagido (pelo pânico de Cabal) ... ou forçado pelos chapéus brancos, a violar várias leis e regulamentos de saúde PRINCIPAIS ao aprovar a vacina Pfizer sem os processos regulatórios padrão, como:

    audiências completas sobre todos os dados de todos os ensaios da vacina
    prova de que não há outro tratamento disponível para 'Corona'
    e outros requisitos, os profissionais jurídicos saberão tudo sobre

    Isso [no mínimo] criou uma armadilha legal para o FDA, que poderia facilmente resultar em sérias ações legais em todo o país.

    Tudo isso é quase com certeza o evento 'Cisne Negro' sobre o qual Simon Parkes alertou no domingo, com a menção da ação do Chapéu Branco até Quarta ou Quinta ... que estou assumindo que será na forma legal mencionada acima.

    É importante estar ciente de que tais coisas podem levar à prisão de altos funcionários do FDA (ou seja, membros da Cabal).

    Teremos que esperar e ver.

    Uma coisa é certa ... o 144K FEZ SUA PARTE em elevar a linha do tempo para um em que o FDA [Cabal] comete um erro tão estúpido ... realmente tem seu traseiro processado ... exposto ... seus grandes controladores de Parma revelado ... e possivelmente trazendo mudanças fundamentais às leis de saúde como resultado.

  12. We continue to Hold the Light, using I AM Presence and the alchemy of the Violet Flame. Thank you, for the Truth always prevailed. We are getting into place once again, confident and ready for this final showdown. Looking forward!🌹🔥💣 #MotherofAllBombs
    "after this purification is over by mid/late October, it will be expectedly much easier to manifest the dreams of the Age of Aquarius on the surface of this planet." Every thought counts!

  13. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  14. The vaccine can cause anaphylaxis, anaphylactic shock, blood clots, stroke, aneurysm, brain hemorrhage, pericarditis, myocarditis heart inflammation, antibody-dependent enhancement, mRNA vaccine spike protein. The distribution throughout the body and the accumulation in multiple organs and the brain of the spike proteins created by the mRNA inoculations. The inoculation goes to the deltoid [arm] muscle to then be expelled by the local lymphatic system. The lymphatic system then spreads the residual (spike protein) to the lungs, liver, heart and brain. It is very highly toxic and is expected to cause widespread causality and death. Do an autopsy you'll find Spike Proteins from mRNA Vaccines in every organ of the vaccinated who have died.

    Antibody Dependent Enhancement now emerging in the vaccinated. The jab decimates one's immune system through a mechanism called Pathogenic Priming, also called ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) and is causing the jabbed to drop like flies when they are exposed to any corona virus such as the common cold or flu. The immune system sees you as a pathogen just like any other pathogen floating around that doesn't belong in the body. The human immune system will attack to kill the mutated cells of its own body as it will regard them as ''biologically foreign bacteria''. Death by immune response. The experimental mRNA vaccines will weaken the immune response to the virus, through Antibody Dependent Enhancement, leading to death. The deaths will be the result of mutations in human RNA and DNA genetic codes as well as m-RNA and m-DNA substances contained in the vaccines. Death by cytokine storm & anti-spike protein antibody. Poisons that can cause blood clots resulting in mass population deaths from blood clotting and in the destruction of blood cells of those taking the vaccine, due to their immune system attacking the mutated cells in their body DNA as a result of the genetically engineered m-RNA viruses of the genocidal vaccines. The Vaccines can cause Neurological Disorders, Autoimmune Diseases, Organ Failure, and Death. The experimental Covid vaccines are already linked to hundreds of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths around the world. The Long-Term effects will be devastating. The mRNA Vaccines will cause irreversible DNA damage, including local and systemic inflammatory responses that will spur autoimmune conditions, cancer, organ damage and failure and fatal neurological disorders. The mRNA vaccines trick a person’s body into attacking critical functions like cell repair, fertility and neurological function. The side effects of the mRNA vaccine might take months or even years to become apparent, and by then it may already be too late for much of the population.

    1. The vaccine is a depopulation program. Its obvious. But there are good treatments... 1000 mg c- vitamin, D3 vitamin, zink, magnesium it will increase the immunesystem.

    2. Great post all true. Vit c and Zinc wont help the vaxxed it helps us who choose not to be injected.

    3. There are many real scientist and Doctors with amazing credentials explaining why these vaccines are not good. They are not Russian paid trolls people!

  15. Cobra at this point is it possible to survive on the Astral planes if u have a lot of trauma? I'm so tired and feel like the end is near, I don't have months. I might not have days. The weather is rainy and cold... And I'm done with government employees forcing me to suffer. I am running out of money and time. What is it like on the Astral plane?

    1. What's happened to you, dear soul? What's your life story? How old are you? Where are you? How did you get here? I have to know this because I want to help you to be happy, free and joyfull again!

    2. Amemona thank u. I am currently in between apartments and my doctor apparently wants to send me to the loonie bin again. Except it's a new one and scary. If I don't go willingly they will send cops after me. It's so cold out and everything is cashless. Even if I find an apartment there's so much red tape. I can't do this anymore. So many toxic people. I don't want to be at their mercy. Covid is messing things up and making simple travel difficult or I'd be on a train already.

    3. If u want to help please pray to the light forces to help me and protect me. I rarely ask but I'm desperate.

    4. We need direct ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY.

  16. Thank you!
    Okay, hold the light.
    Lots going on this weekend!

  17. Thank you to all who do what they can, in their own way, to serve the Light! I’m so grateful for this blog and Cobra for your intel. It has served a far greater purpose than anyone could have imagined. Sending you all Love and Light to lift your Spirits. We truly are One. 🙏

  18. Thank you to all who do what you can, in your own way, to serve the Light. I’m so grateful for this blog and Cobra for your intel. This blog has served in a way that I don’t think any of us could have imagined. Sending Love and Light to all to lift your Spirits as we soar on the wings of the Light. We truly are One 🙏

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  20. The Devic Realm:
    "In connection with the Seven Mighty Elohim as the Builders of Form, we enter a Realm of Creation known as the Devic Kingdom. Here in graded order, according to their state of evolutionary unfoldment, you will find the vast Kingdom devoted to the molding of Life's substance into form in accord with the Divine Will of the Father-Mother God.":

    "To secure the friendship, love and cooperation of the Nature Devas and the Spirits of the Homes, and the Cherubic and Seraphic Conductors of Light in any locality, is to secure great assistance in creating, maintaining and expanding these focuses of Harmony and even sustaining perfect weather conditions and the perfect response by Nature to crops and to flowers."

  21. En español:
    Sesiónes para remover implantes en la parte derecha superior. Ver con un ordenador/computador, o ir al fondo y presionar "ver versión web".

  22. Realistically encouraging as always. Never "sugar-coating" but always a bit more hopeful every time. Impossible to stop ✌️

  23. In truth,
    are not we each responsible for our own electrical field of reality? Like the halo that surrounds the images of famous saints and Yeshuah?
    Their bands are powerful, peaceful, fearless, and filled with the Glory of God, the Purpose of the Holy Spirit, and the Power of the god that we each are.
    Removing our own demons, that want to fill us with judgement, opinion, hate-
    BE like the Gandolf of myth, hold up your sword of Truth and declare, "BE Gone Necromancer- you shall NOT pass" !
    IN other words, say, "no".
    Do not consent. Hold your power.
    Do NOT give up your life for a vacation trip or shopping at a store.
    In the Light of All Eternity, is your life worth a trip to the store for the euthanasia jab?
    Prepare, store your foodstuffs and clean water.
    You do prevail. God wins.
    Be strong
    be LOVE
    be LIGHT.
    be fearless!


  24. Doing my best to HODL even if it doesn't look like much!

    I concur, there is some fear energy running amok. For people who cannot get out to nature, watch peaceful videos of nature on youtube! It helps.

    We had some cloud ships make an appearance in my city recently too. <3

  25. Text in three pictures:

    One commenter on my blog made an interesting comment on how this may play out:
    This is interesting.I'm glad I'ma trucker in Japan, and don't have to fight against any lockdown s or COVID restrictions.I wonder if they can convince all 246, 000

    truckers in Australia to strike though?Many truckers work in small companies, which they treat almost like family.And many of them are old, and probably don't want to

    get involved in such risky things.But the situation in Australia is interesting:"There are 6 major cities across the continent, so the freight movement is very

    different.This means the majority of Australia's freight runs from Melbourne in the south to Sydney or Brisbane, the North and Adelaide in the Central South

    region.Longhaul trucking runs are to Perth in the west and Darwin in the north."https://www.smart-trucking.com/trucking-in-australia/There'salso a severe trucker

    shortage in Australia.And those big cities have very few routes out of them.Like 4-7 highways.Then they have long hauls through savannah and deserts.So it should be

    very easy to block those few roads with a handful of trucks.Of course it'd be i legal and dangerous.But you'd need probably less than 100 people to do it.It can be done

    by truckers from just one small company.And with driver shortages, probably even just 1/4th of all truckers striking at the sametime would be enough to severely

    destabilize their economy.I wonder if this will get enough traction to do something major.If this would work in Australia, then other countries could try to imitate

    it.Even if it wouldn't work as well in EU, or America, just the threat of things getting out of control should send shivers down the spines of politicians.I don't

    like that they have to threaten all citizens with starvation though.But if that's what it takes for their government to listen, then it can't be helped, right?

    In France, groups allegedly connected to the Positive Military are planning it. According to sources in France:
    There is a call for revolution on September 4, with a 3 pages letter,which claims to be supported by the land forces Army.
    It is written"general mobilisation order"with the logo of the land forces Army.
    it was sent to medias and trade unions.
    There is no name who signs the document, they only present themselves as simple French citizens and officers Army.
    "The strategy of a popular revolution"explains that previously there will be 3 days of strike.
    To overturn the government, people will have to goto the prefectures and power places in Paris.
    They claim that they sent 50,000 documents.
    The farmers will have to block the police force, the trucks drivers are also mentioned.
    The Army Ministry denied the document.They are investigating to find who did that.

    One commenter on my blog has explained the situation very clearly:
    It's because we are hostages on this planet. There are toplet bombs inside human implants, that could explode and kill everyone on the surface. And the LFs are just

    weighing the lifes lost in each possible scenario and timeline. Ofc the Cabal and DFs are killing many people already, and making most people on this planet suffer. But

    apparently it's still better than a full-scale open war on the surface, or the bombs exploding. It's like: -we wait 1 more year for the Event-10 million people die

    because of Cabal's control over the planet-there's open war with the Cabal, Draco, and Chimera-100 million people dietoplet- bombs are activated-7 billion people die,

    and there's no one to liberate anymore Dunno why the last Chimera wouldn't activate the toplet bombs anyway, just before they're defeated, or before most human implants

    are cleared. But the LFs are waiting until all big threats are gone, and it's just surface Cabal to clean up. They're choosing a timeline with the least casualties.

  26. I had a dream last night that a mountain made of ash formed under a giant red dot with a white background as if to symbolize Japan. When I woke up, I thought, Mt. Fugi!

  27. HOLD THE LIGHT (AS COBRA SAID) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3Uc-tuVbcM&t=29s

  28. "This can begin to turn the tide in the battle between the positive and negative timelines". So we are currently back on a negative timeline? I thought this was already prevented from happening.

    1. It's a war. If we can change timelines with meditation, then Cabal and DFs can do sa as well with their dark rituals, etc. They have millions of members, and control over the mass media. That's how they kept their power here for so long. It might be an infringement of The Galactic Codex, but the law of attraction and other rules of the universe also apply to DFs and their minions. They can use them for their own advantage just as much as we can.

    2. Yes. It truly is a war for your soul. That I can absolutely confirm. Hold your ground.

  29. Absolutely! "Hold your position!" --Gandalph

  30. My Love and deep gratitude to YOU Cobra, for being our LIGHT-HOUSE for so many years! (Now I'll read :)))!

  31. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! VOTL!!❤️🐬🐋🙏

  32. We will hold the Light!
    (its easy to imagine them singing "hold the light": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htgr3pvBr-I ) 😋
    Thank you Cobra, thank you Lightforces!
    For the Victory of Light! 💖


    Victory of the Light! ✨🌟

  34. Victory of the Light - now is the time - let's get it done - the reign of the dark side is over - Peace, Love, and Light to all !!!

  35. Now that the quantum superposition dark technologies are almost gone, the Tunnels of Set are almost gone also and implants are not quantumly entangled anymore.
    ??I thought the toplet bombs had already been removed.

    1. The remaining toplet bombs are inside the implants. When all implants are removed, we can assume that toplet bombs are gone as well.

    2. Yes werent implants to be cleared months ago per cobra update? He said it was unsure how the people would react once the implants were removed.. perhaps a delay.. I was jacked to see people awaken

  36. It seems that only the Event can completely solve all problems on earth.

  37. Thank you LFs Alliance LWs Cobra and all holding the light! Curious Sept 18th was mentioned as an inflection pt last major update and also mentioned was ascension plans changing I think..
    Will keep holding the light resisting smartly to the jab etc.. I too wonder how could chimera be removed from the bases and not trigger the TBs implanted in us?

    How did it ever get this far Law of One never mentions any of this in the first 2 books.


    1. My speculation is that the LFs will find a way to deactivate toplet bombs or nullify their effects, without informing the DFs about it. This would explain why we don't have almost any information about such plans from LFs. They'll try to push the button, and the wires will be already cut and the bomb disarmed. And by slowly clearing the higher planes and getting closer to human implants, it's getting easier to execute this plan for LFs. They're probably also betting on DFs' pride and fear, to not believe that they've lost and not activate the bombs until the last possible moment.

      This is the only explanation I can think of right now.

    2. Trophy thanks! Yes we are in a war.. disinfo is part of it. Next 2 months will be key..

  38. Thanks for the update. I have a few important questions?

    Are the Agarthan Network and the Resistance Movement practically the same organization today? Do all the Agarthan societies now belong to the Resistance Movement? Do they operate under the same commander and spiritual leader? And are the High Priestess of the Resistance Movement and the High Priestess of Agarthan Network the same person?

    On the Arbre Solaire’s video “Planet X - Chronicles of a Planetary Liberation” features a woman called the Mother. According to the video, she is the founder of the Resistance Movement and its first leader. Is this true or is it just a myth or a story. Watching this video always gives me confidence that we can change everything around us if we are persistent and determined enough.

    If this woman is the Mother, then who is the Father?



    Aut mors aut victoria!

  39. Gratitude to you COBRA, RM, GF, and all Light Beings for every moment you spend holding the Light and Beaming your Light.
    This was such an important message which we have all been looking forward to. We know the battles that lie ahead. But we know there is Victory of the Light. So Mote it Be. And So it Is.

  40. "Dragon sources have communicated that holders of cintamani stones are part of the planetary grid for Compression Breakthrough. This grid now extends into the Agartha network. Cintamani is a sacred stone of the Agartha network. Dragons are asking everybody to treat cintamani stones with respect and are requesting people who are involved in surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones in moments when they are having a conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in a extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid."


  41. Vaccines are not safe. Authoritarianism is not enlightenment, and certainly not for our best. Hold your ground! Trust nothing, and above all "know thyself". We can discuss the merits of vaccination after the war is won.

    1. If you don't trust the vaccine do not take it. Our beliefs can be very strong and effecting our perception, so if you were to get it against your own guidelines you may be setting yourself up for what you believe. Most things are inert, neutral, it is the energy in you that is giving them an effect. For example, you have a feeling that drinking sour milk will make you ill. Another person may not believe it does. Who will get ill? There are many variables in this, so examine your beliefs thoroughly before choosing. Covid itself doesn't kill, either does the vax. But ask yourself, do the people who have an adverse reaction also have beliefs and doubts about the negative effects? It isn't so black and white as This vaccine does this, or covid does that. like I said , both are neutral until activated by your associations.

  42. Thank you cobra, thanks for talking about what is holding the event, and the situation about the toplets bombs.

    Let's finish it! Hold the light!

  43. Everything we have been claiming to be is about to be tested. What a post 😁. Thank you COBRA.

  44. Is it ok to facet cintamani stones? It wouldn't effect it in a negative way, would it?

    1. Cintamani is unlike other minerals. While some minerals can do well when faceted, the Cintamani stone is not one of them.

      Cintamani stones should be kept in their raw state. They shouldn't be faceted, polished or cut in anyway.

      "Cintamani stone is an emanation of pure Light and is an outer manifestation of the purity of our Soul"


      " Esoteric symbol of the Brotherhood of the Star is the heavenly stone of Sirius, fire jewel, cinta mani, lapis ex coelis, which represents the jewel of our true Self (atma-buddhi-manas)."


  45. Thank you Cobra. The last while has definitely felt very oppressive and dark. I am doing my small part but always wish I did more! I will hold the light forever

  46. "Les vaccins ne sont PAS utilisés pour dépeupler la planète, et la grande majorité des personnes qui prennent le vaccin ne mourront PAS."

    Ce n'est pas ce que dit Maître St Germain. Mon cher Cobra, ne vient pas me dire que c'est un message du bas astral. Ce coup-là n'a jamais marché avec moi, même quand c'est l'Archange Métatron qui m'a fait ce coup il y a quelques années... :)
    Je sais reconnaitre les vibrations d'un maitre ascensionné quand j'en vois un... tout comme je sais reconnaitre les vibrations d'un véritable être de lumière tel que toi... ;)

    - Message du Maître Saint Germain : Le Choix de ceux qui se font injecter -
    Beaucoup de gens, qui se font maintenant injecter contre le Korona, savent que leur temps sur cette Terre est terminé !
    (10 juillet 2021):

    1. But Cobra also once said that 80% of the pipes are wrong, and that St Germain talks very little with the beings on the surface. And I believe it.

  47. Replies
    1. It depends on your angle. This planet may not survive, but if you are connected to your true inner light, you will survive, and the controllers will perish-- regardless of what happens to the earth. Don't let them take your soul down with them.

  48. VOTL is GUARANTEED; never forget that. Hold it with you always. Let it be your anchor as we are the anchors of light on the surface here and now. This is what we are here for! It's now or never.

  49. Wow. I didn't know Cobra personally reads all my long comments. I don't even have any official intel, or psychic powers. I'm not meditating that much, and I'm not a part of any Lightworker groups either. I just like analyzing intel, explaining, and predicting stuff based on logic.

    So I was very surprised when reading this update. Thank you very much, Cobra, for this shout out! I'm very humbled and glad that my babbling and overthinking is useful for some people.

    As I said in the quoted comment, I'm just a truck driver in Japan, and no one special. The DFs don't even bother to attack me during meditations, or anything. But please, let me know if I can be of service in the future. I'll support the LFs, and RM in any way I can.

    1. Tropby,
      you may think you are humble, but there's a GOD spark inside of you. You are more powerful than you know.

  50. super coooool-after the event the lightforces will cure the vast majority who are getting vaccines,and the vast majority will not die....

    i sure hope thats true-and it probably is considering the source of the intel.....

    the covid shots are an attempt to turn the population into AI driven superslaves perhaps then.....

    we on the surface from here on into liberation - will see and participate in groundcrew lightforces operations that is now very quickly shifting into overdrive conditions.....a kinetic superpowerful bursting of light on the surface that is throwing the cabal off balance-off their game.....

    we got to tire them out more first for a while-the massive protests by lightforces members is doing such very effectively....

    more of us will hit the streets now-its time to unite with our brothers an sisters of the light in the common plight.....

  51. Letra kesp on singing, dancing, meditating, protwcting Mother Earth and enjoying the opportunity of being here in suco peculiar times. Let's keep on shopping our own light. VOTL! Love you all LF, RM,COBRA!

  52. Coronavirus mutates in about 2 weeks. It is constantly mutating.

    1. It’s called releasing the new strains in the vaccines, just like they do with the flu vaccines. Delta was in the ones they sent to India.

  53. With all due respect. Will/Volition is the highest and most sacred
    Law. Means: Get injected with unknown substance against your will is the actual definition of Abomination.
    As far as I can say, Do not do anything against your will no matter what other suggest.Freedom all ways comes with responsibility, not conformity to other ideas.

  54. Dr. Anne McCloskey of the NHS gives an impassioned plea after working all night in the hospital, where almost everyone she treated was double vaccinated for COVID. Young people in their 20s are developing disabilities she has never seen before.



    irish goddess doctor speaks up and gives the house of humanity a name.....

    the psychological effects from the death cults covid operations have and are devestating on the lightquotient levels on the earths surface absolutely.....

    lets build the lightquotient back up and beyond now - and move away from soaking oursleves in despare producng pschological warfare tactics the cabal has been very successfully at unleashing.....

    1. Exactly the longer the vax goes the lower the collective light right?? How can we trigger the event if this continues??

  55. As Cobra mentioned, the next weeks might be quite volatile. We can greatly help not just the liberation of this planet but also us if we fully and truly be who we really are – mighty angelic beings that entered duality and incarnated on earth in order to transform it.
    Its crucial to step out of duality with all its fears and connect with our higher selves on a daily basis. Ask it to come more into you and through you. Ask it to clear everything that does not serve you. Try to find out the name of your higher self and use this name when connecting with your higher self. Feel the unconditional love flowing through you. Open your wings and step into your greatness.

  56. breaking news - political party leader demands the secret documents be released to the public.....as the disclosure valve keeps opening wider.....

    canadian federal opposition party leader erin otoole-quote-----these documents are about the transfer of ebola and hammipa viruses to the wuhan institute of virology in march 2019.....the documents also contain information about scientists with ties to the chinese military,who had their security clearance revoked and were fired after the transfer.-----unquote.....


  57. Automata ancient-present, AI, hybrid human-animal, smart city, transhuman robot.

    How automata, cyborgs and robots already exist in antiquity and form the basis for the Artificial Intelligence they use today for surveillance and control while dehumanizing us through nanoparticles in vaccines, the creation of human-animal hybrids or the brain-computer connection, turning us into robotic transhumans and wanting to rule the world.

    "A British non-profit organization associated with global corruption during the COVID-19 crisis and with historical and current ties to the British eugenics movement established a global health-focused equivalent of DARPA last year. The move went largely unnoticed by both mainstream and independent media.

    The Wellcome Trust, which ranks second in influencing what happened during the COVID-19 crisis and vaccination campaign, launched its own global equivalent of the Pentagon's secretive research agency last year to officially address the most pressing health challenges of our time.

    This global health DARPA, known as Wellcome Leap, aims to find "breakthrough science and technology solutions" focused on "complex global health problems" by 2030 or sooner (...).

    Not surprisingly, their current programs aim to develop incredibly invasive and in some cases overtly transhumanist medical technologies, including a program focused exclusively on the use of artificial intelligence (AI), mobile sensors, and wearable brain mapping technology for children under the age of three (...) an incredibly sinister project that poses a major threat not only to today's society, but to the future of humanity itself.

    One of their projects is to enable the use of machine-human hybrid organs for transplantation into humans. This goal focuses on restoring "organ function using engineered organs or biological/synthetic hybrid systems" with the goal of creating a fully transplantable human organ after a few years (...) the program also references genetic engineering to "enhance desired characteristics and insert traceable markers."

    The most troubling program envisions using infants of test subjects, specifically babies from three months to three years of age (...) This technology - though touted as a means to monitor children's brain functions to improve cognitive performance - is a recipe for total surveillance of infants and toddlers, as well as a means to alter their brain functions at the discretion of Leap's algorithms and programmers.

    The ultimate goal of this Wellcome Leap program is to "eradicate the stubborn diseases that cause so much suffering in the world." However, they plan to do this using AI algorithms, whose predictive ability is never 100 percent accurate, and genetic engineering treatments, almost all of which are new and not well tested. This last point is important because one of the main methods for gene editing in humans, CRISPR, has caused significant DNA damage in numerous studies ...

    The most important question is: Will we be seduced into allowing transhumanism and eugenics to be openly pursued and normalized, including through initiatives like those of Wellcome Leap, which seek to use babies and young children as test subjects to advance their nightmarish vision of humanity? If well-crafted advertising slogans and media campaigns that paint utopian visions like "a world without disease" are enough to convince us that we are handing over our future and that of our children to military personnel, corporate CEOs, and eugenicists, then there's not much left of our humanity."

    Whitney Webb, American author, researcher and journalist

    Documentation linked in 13 languages.


    Alea iacta est ...

  58. why isn't the Chinese space secret program revealed, how did you threaten ??

    1. Probably because Taiwan wasn't directly attacked yet.

  59. Wake up and drink a glass of water.
    Step outside (or look out the window) and take a couple of deep breaths.
    Listen to old songs you used to like, or if you have recent ones that’s cool, too.
    Play an instrument, draw/paint, write a couple lines, work on a craft, garden, cook.

    In short, keep it light.

  60. Afganistan didn't fall, it was liberated from globalist control.

    1. You may be right. It is a possibility. But it is still too soon to tell if light force truly exist. So far, only fifth is visible. Yet, I do sense good, somewhere.

    2. Guys Afghanistan is just in control of china now. Stop thinking talibans are the good guys. They are suppressing goddess energy! By violence.

    3. Wrong,.I assure you everything co.ing out of Afghanistan is 100% controlled. From the news, to the trafficking, to the puppets being placed as figureheads.

  61. My name is Holder….



  62. Thank you. I admire your sublime.

  63. Spacetime portals, fractal multiverse, biophotons, chrononauts, AI, déjà vu.

    How the boundaries of linear time are collapsing and synchronizing with a cosmic rather than terrestrial timelessness while millions are being introduced to Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

    "We have a sense of perceiving "a time continuum." However, as imaging diagnostics show, only intermittent images imprint themselves on our brains. Between two perceptible moments there is always an imperceptible moment.

    We live in simultaneous times, one real and one imperceptible (...) We have two different times at the same time: one second in a conscious time and thousands of millions of seconds in another imperceptible time, in which we can do things, the experience of which we then take over into the conscious time (...) in every present moment I have an imperceptible time, in which I build a potential future, I memorize it and in my real time I realize it.

    The doubling of time has been scientifically proven and the theory has provided justifications at the level of particles and at the level of the solar system. The phenomenon of the time doubling leads to the fact that the human being lives in the real time and the quantum time, an imperceptible time with several possible states: He remembers the best one and transmits it to the one who lives in real time.

    We could say that there is an exchange of information between the conscious self and the quantum self that allows us to anticipate the present through the memory of the future."

    Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet (b. 1940), French doctor of physics (fluid mechanics), author of the theory of the doubling of space and time


    "Time is not just a human invention or category. For the physicist, time and space, together with matter, are part of the equipment of the universe. Or rather, they are what the universe is made of (...).

    The existence of an ordered and coherent universe, which contains complex, organized and stable structures, requires very special laws and conditions (...)

    The laws of physics allow us to think of a "journey through time" (...).

    This was demonstrated with two synchronized atomic clocks: One we leave on Earth and the other travels in a jet at high speed; when we compare them, the stationary one is slightly farther than the moving one (...) even if you stay at Barajas airport and I make a round trip to New York: when I land in Madrid, there will have been a time difference of one nanosecond between the two of us (...)

    If it is possible to travel through time as well as space, we can imagine that the universe is populated by a single species in the future as well as in the past, so that they could also be our ancestors. It would not be necessary for life to appear independently in many different places. This would be a strange twist in the history of time travel. We would go back in time and seed life on other planets in an earlier age."

    Paul Davies (b. 1946), British theoretical physicist, cosmologist and astrobiologist

    Documentation linked in 13 languages.


    "You are made of a part of the infinite and the stars, but you do not know it because you are asleep."

    Krunula, Commander from the Pleiades 🕊

    Amor Vincit Omnia ...

  64. Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Obelisks, Stellar Technology Portals, Toroidal Energy.

    If we would learn from the wisdom of the magical Egyptian culture, we could acquire their knowledge of the stars as well as the Free Torroidal Energy they possessed.

    "The precision of the science, the geometry, the alignment, the sawing of the stone, the drilling of the holes, and the architectural planning of the Great Pyramid were the result of a heritage preserved by the wise ancient priests of Egypt. The Great Pyramid is the greatest architectural achievement of mankind. Two and a half million blocks, varying in size from two to seventy tons each, were used to build this silent guardian of the past, the largest and perhaps most enigmatic of the three related structures on the Giza plateau.

    This marvel of the past is more than an architectural feature, however, for it incorporates a level of precision far superior to anything the world has produced since that time (...)

    How could the pyramid builders possess such extraordinary insight into a science and technology that is so little known even today? What has become of this lost technology and why has so much of it only been rediscovered in our time?

    To answer these questions, one must embark on a journey that reveals "an almost alien world." It is inhabited by a forgotten culture consisting of a priestly elite who lived in Egypt, in the fertile Nile Valley, in a very distant time, long before the recognized emergence of civilization."

    Andrew Collins (b. 1957), British writer and researcher


    "The civilization of ancient Egypt never ceases to amaze us (...) The Great Pyramid ... it is as if these monuments do not belong here or should not be there. They are so big, so perfect, so old and so unknown ... To have there a monument of this quality, size, precision and of overwhelming dimensions, containing astronomical alignments and mathematical constants ... we still cannot explain it. It is a great mystery that, in my opinion, has not been well solved by the experts. To assume that these monuments were built as tombs was a big misconception.

    They don't really fit the theory that they are tombs, but fit the idea that they are some kind of "metaphysical machines" rather than anything else.

    I think it's time to look at these monuments in a different light."

    Robert Bauval (*1948), Egyptian archaeologist, engineer and writer of Belgian origin.

    Documentation linked in 13 languages.


    "You are needed. You have been in training for this assignment for lifetimes, and you did not come unprepared. All that you need to know is inside of you." (DNA code)

    Semjase, Starfleet commander from the Pleiades 🕊

    Victory of the light ...

    1. Per Law of One Blue Aviens using thought manifested the great pyramid about 6k years ago. Originally it was covered in a white limestone cap as buried Stones at the base confirm it fell off during earthquakes... was used by locals

  65. S.Korea is a test bed for cabal.Corrupt elections were held in Korea in the same way before U.S.
    People here are highly brainwashed and have a very high vaccine rate. This year I lost my job which I worked for 15 years because I didn't get vaccinated. I meditate every day waiting for the event. Every day in dreams, in reality, they attack me. I try to hold the light. I think everyone in the world feels the same way as me. I offer respect, love, and gratitude to everyone who helps the Earth. I pray to pull the event to the source every day. The victory of the light!!!!

    1. Sorry to hear this news! Many here in the US are falling for the vax lies. They arent awake and now spikes in cases due to vaxxed people becoming viral incubators! I hope you have funds to wait it out a bit longer for all to happen. I have heard from many sources this Fall truth comes out.. people are upset learning it all.. Event next Spring / Summer

    2. I have a friend, she not even 30, I think, and she got married last year. Both she and her new husband, who is also young, both took the vaccine a few weeks ago, so they could keep their jobs. She got pretty sick....she's getting better...but her husband is in the hospital, tubes put in him....and it's possible he might die.

      My friend might become a bride, and a widow, all in the same year.

      GET THE LEAD OUT, LIGHT FORCES. I still volunteer to join the actual fighting.

  66. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    Frenche translation of the post

    Traduction du post en français :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  67. The attacks especially during lions gate till the full moon were crazy... an incredible inner fight with much beauty on the other end.
    We will stay strong & hold the Light!

  68. Beloved stranger ... What about lipid nanoparticles in vaccines? Do you know that they incorporated these lipid nanoparticles in vaccines to fragment the DNA? So why did they put together this whole World Show of the pandemic if they would give us vaccines that only have side effects? I do not believe that these people obsessed with the apocalypse and the depopulation do all this to vaccinate us all with almost harmless vaccines! What good is this to them? They invented those vaccines for something ... or do you really think it was to save us from a virus that they created themselves? This is the first phase to something bigger and I'm not selling fear porn.

    Yes! people who get the vaccine don't die i see in my family and they are getting sick from vaccines but may not die but get sick from manipulating their DNA. Are the light Forces telling you that they can fix broken DNA? Are you sure? Because med pods work with DNA in perfect condition, not when it is damaged because samples are taken from the DNA of the person for its reconstruction since everyone has their own frequency and information, we are not serialized !! You know that I am not contradicting you for bothering you nor do I want to disrespect you, I love you but then for me, for you to say that vaccines are not going to kill people and then they will be cured is like encouraging people to be get vaccinated because in the end you give them hope that the Pleiadeans will heal them and that is wrong because no one is going to save us !! more than ourselves !! we have the power!! and people expect to be saved sitting idly accepting the mask and the vaccines! accepting the vaccine agenda because they think they will be saved in the end !! and what is the end? for each one there is an exit door! Please tell me that you have not taken the vaccine !! that would break my heart! Have you already been vaccinated? to allow vaccination is to accept the agenda and if it is an agenda that comes from them, we must not accept ANYTHING that comes from that agenda! You know that I love you and it hurts to hear you say things like that because I can't believe that instead of encouraging the population to resist the vaccination agenda, you give them to understand that they can get vaccinated because later they will be fix it!! that doesn't work like that! the best thing is to resist this whole agenda because that is our real fight! our mission is to fight against everything implemented by them not to accept it. 😞

    1. Cobra never hinted that it was safe for us to get vaccinated! He wants to be reassuring for those who panic. He also said that the goal of vaccines is NOT to kill. We now know that the real goal is to transform us into bionic beings; it's a global experience, and we are the cobays. It is the young people who pay the high price because their immune defense responds more violently to this intruder, which makes sense. Then there are those who find themselves disabled because their immune system has tried to rebel but has not completely succeeded, and finally there are those who feel good because their immunity has failed them and let the virus enter; they are good at becoming AIs.

    2. I mean, do you want Cobra to LIE to us that vaccines are extremely dangerous? He has to say something, because everyone keeps asking about it in the comments. Lying to push our agenda would be the same thing as what Cabal is doing.

    3. @Lotus, thank you for the interesting angle. It makes sense. Time will tell. Until then, being unhealthy is not fun. I think I'll skip the nanotech in my blood too.

    4. Agree!! Trump was promoting it has made me step back and re examine it all.. what is truth who is truthful. Why always a delay.. Galactics have removed dracos and chimera and yet Toplet bombs remain in us? Astral planes are not clear yet.. how can there be such a strong dark team with dracos and chimera gone?

    5. I heard Trump got the vaccines out early, to mess up the bad guys' plans:

      "For example, look up “GEORGIA GUIDESTONES”. And, in one of his speeches, Fauci assured his audience that a Pandemic was coming for the Trump administration. He and his cabal associates own all the patents for the Corona virus (SARS). Proof of that has been all over the Internet as well.

      WHEN TRUMP released the vaccines in record speed in 2020, it completely disrupted the CABAL plans. Their original plan was to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest through 5 years of torture/full lockdowns/martial LAWS/mental psychological ops >[MSM] EXTREME EXTREME FAKE DEATH COVERAGES WORLD WIDE >>MOCKINGBIRD<>>ADRENOCHROME<<<. That was the ultimate plan.

      By Trump releasing the vaccines, he countered the cabal plans. The cabal was thus forced to spend TRILLIONS across the world creating the vaccines. Many of the vaccines are saline – – and thus FAKE. But also many are real and laced with mRNA and deadly compounds. That’s why they keep wanting you to take more and more vaccines. They are still producing the real mRNA, nano by-products of deadly additives, to insure sickness and death and biotechnology engineering control. In its first stages.

      When Trump released the vaccines, half of the Trump supporters also had great fear of the COVID-19 and believed in FAUCI and WHO and believed in the scamdemic. Trump couldn’t lose these supporters. Later there is a plan to correct the vaccinated in 2022."

      Would like to hear from the light forces on this.

  69. We're going to get through this. Thank you for the update.

  70. Hi Cobra, Maria Bernadis said that the med beds would heal people who have had the injection, but she said it won't heal the soul. Is this true?. Blessings.🙏🌞💜

    1. I refuse to believe the vaccines were THAT well made. Or that the med beds are THAT incapable.

    2. Sounds good. But that is in the future. Today, right now, your health is more important. And above all, your spirit is the most important gift ever created in this universe. Protect it with all your might and strength. Now is the time to find inner strength you did not know existed.


    3pm EDT / 7pm UTC / 9pm CEST

    Join Lightworkers around the world in a FREE session for Clearing Our Implants on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25, to benefit our individual spiritual growth, as well as to move us closer to planetary liberation! By clearing our implants, we can become free of the false beliefs of the matrix programming that causes all of humanity much pain and suffering, and strengthen our own connection to Source and to each other.

    ✨Cobra has told us that these sessions ARE having an impact in helping to clear implants and that it IS both necessary and important that we continue to do them!✨

    Please join us and spread the word... the more often you attend, and the more people that attend, the more powerful it will be!

    English/International Session WEDNESDAY AUGUST 25:
    3pm EDT / 7pm UTC / 9pm CEST
    Visit this link to join the live broadcast: https://youtu.be/V5DUMRlUABM
    And on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/102015934786696/posts/373662940955326/

    This session is conducted in English; however translations of exercises in Hungarian, Croatian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian, Czech/ Slovak, Polish, Romanian, and Persian will be available during the session.

    Note: There is also an AUGUST 25th session conducted solely in German at the same time (7pm UTC / 9pm CEST)
    Visit this link to join that live broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKpQ4lVWDBW76C69raKUVDQ

    For additional information and schedule of upcoming sessions in various languages, please visit:


  72. We'll be back in the high life again
    All the doors I closed one time will open up again
    We'll be back in the high life again
    All the eyes that watched us once will smile and take us in

    And we'll drink and dance with one hand free
    And have the world so easily
    And oh, we'll be a sight to see
    Back in the High Life again


    So it will be.

    Lots of Love and Light


  73. My body, my choice. That is not based on fear rather an expression of my Sovereignty in and outside of this realm. I know who I AM so I choose. The illusion is strong and takes many forms in this holographic video game. Gratitude is the key to these troubled times. An instant boost of frequency. gratitude requires no practice for immediate effect, yet if practiced is much more potent.

    Spirit whom I call "ONE" often sends songs to me in my morning tea. I will start humming it not realizing, then at some point I recognize I have a random song in my head. Once I realize it I go listen and look at the lyrics. This is the song that came today. This idea is not a stretch to believe once ONE understands it is the same consciousness behind every eye. Todays message to me and to all from Spirit (ONE) is "Trouble me, My back is sturdy & strong". For me these communications are about as kool as it gets.
    disturb me with all your cares and your worries
    (Trouble me) on the days when you feel spent
    Why let your shoulders bend
    Underneath this burden
    When my back is sturdy and strong?
    Trouble me
    don't mislead me
    The calm I feel means a storm is swelling
    (Speak to me) there's no telling where it starts or how it ends
    (Speak to me) why are you building this thick brick wall to defend me
    (Speak to me) when your silence is my greatest fear?
    Why let your shoulders bend
    Underneath this burden
    When my back is sturdy and strong?
    Speak to me
    have a look inside these eyes while I'm learning
    (Let me) please don't hide them just because of tears
    (Let me) send you off to sleep with a
    "There, there, now stop your turning and tossing"
    (Let me) let me know where the hurt is and how to heal
    Spare me
    Don't spare me anything
    disturb me with all your cares and your worries
    (Speak to me) and let our words build a shelter from the storm
    (Let me) and lastly, let me know what I can mend
    There's more, honestly
    Than my sweet friend, you can see
    Trust is what I'm offering
    If you trouble me

  74. Thanks Cobra, Resistance, LF, Galactics and LightWarriors. Been a bit down on myself for being so down in general. Makes more sense now. I shall take this excellent advice and immediately apply it to my behavior, thoughts, feelings, outlook and attitude. This might be the most important Cobra post so far. Thanks Cobra for this info, much needed and much appreciated.

  75. Many thanks for the update. I think that things are still proceeding nicely considering the difficulties, and I am looking forward to see the results of the protests and movements. And I find it very important to remind ourselves of our true power, our true nature, as it is.

    In this sense, I would like to share the following video. I have heard of her only recently, but I think she makes some very interesting and inspiring points:

    HOW TO STAY CALM, GROUNDED, SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED IN AN INVERTED WORLD - SPIRITUAL GUIDES & MESSAGE!, Video, August 22nd, 2021, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwx5b2o1pKM

    This confirms my experiences as well. Difficulties may exist, and millions of people have them. But being angry and emphasizing difficulties create exactly more of that, namely more difficulties. Even actual help and tangible and physical change is undermined by cynical attitude.

    An example. I knew a healer and he in turn knew a woman who was a disabled cripple from age 12 or so onwards. She fell from a train, and had endured several surgeries since then. At age 65, she looked like a crippled and ugly witch. Similar to one you would find in a fairy tale book.

    The healer told he had sent the woman to Daskalos of Cyprus. The “Magus of Strovolos” was considered a miracle man, so to speak. At this time, roughly eighty persons visited him each day, and most of them got cured.



    So the woman went in, and then it happened. Daskalos stroke her spinal column and straightened it, and he also lengthened her right leg. At the end of the session, the woman came out upright and healthy. When she returned home she went to her doctor, and he simply could not believe it.

    But she remained a cynical woman. She even complained that Daskalos overlooked a small bump on her left wrist, stating if he were right into it, he could have done that one as well. So the healing did not impact her on a deeper level. Instead, she was bickering.

    A couple of weeks thereafter, she fell from the stairs in her home. And the heavy injuries led her to be paralysed and left her having to sit in a wheel chair. She simply could not deal with it. Her constant cynical attitude created this whirlwind of energy around her attracting or allowing new misery.

    So, you might argue she was not ready or willing to change. I think the mind has to adapt as well, and physical change is 49 % of the equation, at the very best. So I am grateful that the life or light forces go the non-physical consciousness path first.

    Since working at the consciousness-level is the only thing which lays a solid foundation in the long run. I guess that if the light forces had done it differently, any good results would have been spoiled by severe by-effects. And that in turn would have hampered the proceedings after that.

    Stay tuned! Consciousness is key.

    1. Welcome to Planet Alcatraz.

      MY issues can't be solved with 'thinking happy thoughts' or some medicine man. Only the aliens can help me.

  76. This is really good news! It seems we can now openly talk about the medicine of the galactics to counter the vaccine. This is great. Of course it may be too late for many but there are those who want to leave.

    Yes, for goodness sake just turn off the news. Just don't watch it. You see news updates anyway.

    From what I was told by a pleiadian I am channeling, the pleiadians are coming soon. He told me today they sense us on earth and all over the rage is building. We can act soon. Try to meditate on protesters to calm them; we don't want violence we just need to say "enough".

    And not just Russian forces rescued pleiadians. I've heard they are all rescued the world over. All pleiadians rescued! Amazing work and really hope so to.

    1. @Psychic

      Ask them to come see me, please. I feel my soul is Pleiadian, and want to see if they can help me. I need a lot of help.

  77. Thank you Cobra and plaedians, I needed this.

  78. Thank you dear Cobra, Light Forces and Resistance Movement! There are many very good news and one is catching extremely my attention, we need to make the critical mass, in meditations and in resistance against pandemic restrictions, as 144,000 lightworkers can change the course of the planetary history, can stabilize the best positive ascension timeline for the earth and all humanity! I send with much love my translations here! Romanian translation link: https://evak2019.blogspot.com/2021/08/tineti-lumina-de-cobra-24-august-2021.html and Italian translation link: https://evak2019.blogspot.com/2021/08/tieni-la-luce-di-cobra-24-agosto-2021.html Victory of the Light!

  79. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:


  80. Also, I was told to keep it hush hush about the medicine of the galactics, because if people hear they will be cured later, they may ultimately take the jab where otherwise they wouldn't. And it could mean death for them, depending on their vibration they could succumb fast. So please be careful how you spread it around. At least that is what I was told.

    1. Think cake as you .. I hold back. They have to learn responsibility.

  81. About the 144 000 threshold, even mass media are reporting that we are around 200 000 protesting. And we know mass media tend to lower the number. We all have some common slogan like "Macron, ton pass, on n'en veut pas !" (Macron we don't want your pass), "Liberté !", "Macron démission", and chanting the national hymn.

    Also, for now, it is going pretty well, media like BFM TV would jump onto any violence and try to make it look like that is what the whole movement look like. But there is not enough violence right now for them to try to picture the protest their way.

    Having large protest in august is unseen, and it is expected to grown in September when peoples will be back from vacations.

  82. What are the federation's red lines regarding vaccination? And is there basically a red line about vaccines and free will violations against humans?

  83. Fear? Yes, I was terrified. What I fear is the earth that still hasn't changed in ten years. What I fear is a boring life. My fear is that the good life is a lie. My fear is that the light forces do not exist. I fear darkness and light, and the eternal battle between good and evil exists only in my imagination. My fear is that my patience is running out. My fear is that I will fall asleep again. My fear is that I can't see hope. This is my fear.

    1. Just don't get fixated on this so much. There's no point in worrying about things you can't change. Have a plan for your life, as if LFs and DFs didn't exist. Think what you will do in 5 or 10 years, and what you can do to be happier in this system. And if the Event comes, it will be a nice surprise. A cherry on top. See it as a bonus, and not as something you desperately wait for and demand every single day. That will drive anyone crazy.

    2. Hey :-) do not be afraid ;-) the dark ones should be afraid of us. the dark side wants you to doubt it BUT WE ARE STRONG. I wish you much luck :-D

    3. Then you are focusing too much on the physical realm of chaos and distraction and not on your own connection with the Light. Fear is another commodity sold to you by those in control. It is okay to have felt fear. It is also okay, "To let that shit go." And be with God Inside.

    4. @端木侍其

      I got similar feelings. I'm afraid I'll be a human man the rest of my life, living a highly limited life on this gulag of a planet, and one day be in some old age home, still waiting for both the event, and first contact, not to mention being denied the healing I so badly need. I want to go HOME, and get my TRUE self restored, and get the last laugh on the archons, damn it.

  84. I swear it was already stated that a positive timeline had been secured. Why does this not feel like progress?

    1. It is a tug of war. We are in the final stages of this war. Hold your light by knowing yourself. The inner strength found in your spirit is power.

  85. Try continue holding since '91

    do something or can the whole project.

  86. Will it be bad if you wear the cintamani not individually but with other tektites + an aquamarine & almandine garnet?
    (For when the event happens)
    This combination still connects you to your higher self but with a little bit of extra.

    1. I wear two tachyon pendants, and have cintamani stones in my crystal grid which I meditate next to every day. It has reduced COVID in my area, I personally havent had even a head cold since the pandemic started (being around many who have fallen ill) and has increased the Light and awareness tremendously. It's not just about my own connection anymore.

    2. I think that I got an answer telepathically

      I'd love to write all about the setup that I carry on me every single day, but something tells me that I shouldn't do it here now.

      Tektites are what got me to this blog in the first place; they make up together with crystals especially partly my life's purpose.

      Again Cobra, I want to thank you for everything that you do, you are greatly revered & honoured.

  87. What the Light Forces need to realize is that we down here are doing the best we can in unimaginable circumstances. What the Light Forces need to understand is that many of us faithful lightworkers have meditated our hearts and souls out for years, did everything to raise our vibration, followed the inner call to help the world in our unique ways, slaying dragons best as possible given our hostage situation that unfortunately affects our mental freedom to reach the highest, purest vibration possible. What the Light Forces need to understand is that despite our best attempts, we're still very much stuck in physicality and the Dark attacks are bleeding us out to the point that we have little to no capacity to hold light anymore. They have ruined my life no matter how committed I was to the light, my mission, meditation, alchemizing the darkness into light, first starting within myself. I am check-mated and I no longer have the capacity to meditate, I am constantly being attacked mentally and I have no power left to fight it off. The attacks manifest word by word in my physical life through my loved ones, every one of them turning into heartless and soulless monsters. What the Light Forces also need to realize is that many times they were wrong or at least overly optimistic about the planetary situation and yet over and over we're asked to trust the new intel, right now about the vaccination - even against our own better judgement. I'm seeing people dropping like flies from the vaccination. People who were bright, awakened, fighting for the New Earth. People around me have all lost faith and are grieving. I used to be able to draw in many people to meditate, now they won't anymore. No wonder the light grid is collapsing. We are being abused down here physically, spiritually and mentally, we are being crushed. All my admiration to Cobra for holding the light despite all the personal tragedies he's gone through. Many of us are also dealing with similar personal tragedies and we don’t even have any proof of the Light Forces aside from beautiful clouds and vague dreams at night. Despite all those successful meditations, not even the positive timeline is established, how are we to reach the Event without? Then we’re told that vaccine damage will be reversed after the Event but we’re not even on the positive timeline yet, despite all our mass meditations and efforts. Vaccinated people are dropping like flies in the meantime so how can we feel better about the post-Event situation? Most of us won’t survive to that point at this rate. If the Light Forces have this much difficulty with the Dark, despite their technology and advancement, then perhaps someone can take pity on us down here, trapped in these very limited bodies and especially in these very limited and abused minds. Our abused minds can only go so far to manifest high outcomes down here. Our abused minds are running in loops, forced to re-live and re-manifest our traumas, despite our best efforts to heal. Any time we take a step ahead, we are attacked and these scalar technologies damage our minds, relationships, and our divine self confidence further. Please, Light Forces, we need tangible help. I believe in you, I understand it’s a war, but the time has come that we collectively need help. It breaks my heart to say this but I am cranking out loosh for the Dark against my will and no meditation nor self-work is effective anymore. We're being tormented here just like the captives are being tormented underground. I do not intend to come off as negative, but I am begging the Light Forces to consider how much a limited human can take before their light goes out forever. We who meditate and pray and visualize through our tears and hopelessness and being attacked severely and immediately for all that we do - we who do all that was asked from us without any physical evidence that it's real, we are heroes. Please don't let your faithful heroes fall.

  88. Aqui no Brasil no dia 07 de setembro data da independência da nossa nação marca a data da nossa libertação do sistema, teremos a maior manifestação do país, o povo, os caminhoneiros, policiais militares, fazendeiros, empresários todos juntos para derrubar o Suprema Tribunal Federal, Deputados e Senadores que querem vender o país para a China. Estão prendendo pessoas por crime de opinião, querem entregar o país ao comunismo, mas o Brasil se levantou e nossa nação não permitirá.

  89. Se gli operatori di Luce riescono a tenere la Luce nei prossimi mesi, sono convinto che riusciremo a riportare il pianeta in una timeline più positiva. In questo modo si cominceranno a risolvere varie situazioni spinose e cominciare a migliorare la qualità della vita sulla Terra. Così le persone cominceranno a convertire la paura in sentimenti più positivi e propositivi. Questo a sua volta porterà ad un aumento della frequenza della griglia di Luce planetaria che a sua volta favorirà il processo di liberazione del pianeta, innescando un circolo virtuoso che farà tornare la fiducia nelle persone. E così via in modo sempre più esponenziale affinché l'accelerazione degli eventi positivi avvicinerà ulteriormente la data dell'Evento.

  90. I need light workers at my channel, specifically those who want to aid in the liberation from msm news propaganda. I've been exposing the dark subliminal messages , and obvious CGI/demon tech in the images coming out of Afghanistan. If you are going to expose yourself to news, at least do it in a way in which you can see past the fear codes, and enlighten people about the dark programs they are essentially run on.
    Do you know, those images they play over and over on the news are full of subliminals of the most foul nature? The scenes and directions of these images are soley produced towards inflicting as much fear and negative associations on your mind as possible?And these are what put mind in fear and other negative attachmentments just from viewing them, regardless of ehat is really happening? I need help to spread this awareness.


    Let all protests be non violent, I've been observing the Australian protests and they are mob mentality and heading towards violence, that is not the way, it needs to be done in a way that wont spiral back to dark programs implanted with opposition and trauma. This battle won't be won with guns or physical violence this is what we want to move away from. Collective awareness will be enough. Remember, they want to divide and conquer, they want to set up two sides, vaxed, non vaxed, and let them guilt each other into strife and more separation. Don't fuel the fire, make your choice and don't worry about what others are doing with their choice in this issue.

  91. People think that since positive timeline has once been secured and that means it's been secured for good. How wrong is this thinking!

    This is war, we need to keep defending the positive timeline. Cabal is throwing everything at us they can trying to lower our vibration and throw us off ascention path. They will keep doing this until last one of them is gone or subjugated.

    Yeah, things are bad in the world. But it would have been so much more if hadn't been for Cobra and light forces and us keeping the light and doing meditations etc.

    There could have been open wars,millions dying, worldwide famine, worlwide unrest and riots, even more natural disasters, deadlier diseases etc..

    So while things are not pretty, they could have been so worse.
    Need hold this storm off. One beautiful day we will emerge victorious. Let come sooner or later.
    Great thank you to everyone doing what they can to stay positive and hold the light!

  92. Cobra: "We need to hold the Light. Every person counts."


    Pentagram - a sign of the Divine Will (Male aspect)

    Sickle - Harvest [Higher dimensional Energy to supply the many].

    Most of the grain has stopped - Our mission is especially needed.

    Vortex - Our cooperation sends support to the Light Forces.

  93. hello my friend , be, just bbbeee --- you darn right I -AM. as i look deeply with-in after facing myself. my inner faults, my inner truth I ACTUALLY LIKE MYSELF SOME- WHAT. i was never blessed as some claim to be, hhmm, a channaler- remote viewer, etc. never had a visit from a spirit or any other, etc...still as i look around at the evil in plain site i look inside myself into--my inner truth, my inner light then pray. I- AM A WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT, I WILL FIGHT THIS DARKNESS WITH ALL MY BE-ING WITH MY INNER TRUTH, MY INNER LIGHT GUIDING THE Way .-----FAITH----IN YOURSELF--THE LIGHT------GOD ALMIGHTY ...

  94. thank you Cobra, thank you RM, Thank you Light Force we can do this I Fear No EVIL, The Only Fear to fear is fear it self Peace Happiness Love and Abundance to all we will wine
    Victory Of The Light

  95. Gracias Cobra..
    Ahora comprendo porque esa sensación de pesadez en el cielo..
    Llama violeta todo el tiempo..
    Victoria de la Luz!!
    Victoria de la Luz.

  96. "The other day, a research group at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences / AIIMS, which has established treatment guidelines for corona infections in India, has published a paper investigating the preventive effect of ivermectin. According to the report, about 3,900 medical workers (staff and students) were given 0.3 mg / kg of ivermectin twice at 3-day intervals, only once, and then. As a result of conducting clinical trials divided into three groups of those who did not, it is said that those who received ivermectin twice reduced the new corona infection by 83%. It was the first time in the world to publish a paper. It's a class research group, so it's very reliable. "

  97. Hello :-) I am 21 years old and I managed to heal my symptoms of neurosis. My bad condition was due to the presence of the toxic boy I had recently broken free from. Now I'm happy :-D I wanted to share with you a way to deal with the dark and other annoying people (e.g. Bill Gates). If what the dark people do makes you angry, try to think that they won't be here tomorrow :-) such a thought should make us compassionate and patient with these people because "they don't know they won't be here soon and we know" :-D in addition, we stop releasing the anger energy that the dark ones feed on. if you know a better way than mine, please share it with others ;-) have a nice day and victory of the light :-)

    1. I want all the bad guys either to be in a jail cell, or a morgue.

  98. This month specifically is quite dark. I believe I got the Delta variant and recovered with the help of Command 12 21 team. I did pranayama throughout the time and it was quite difficult as I had difficulty in breathing. Lot of tears during this full moon. I got cuts and bruises in my body and I have no idea how I got them, but my intuition says I have been attacked by DFs. Without help of LF it would have been unthinkable. I'm forever grateful for Light Force, my soul family, Lightworkers and Cobra for Love and Light.

    Here a Aryurvedic Soup Recipe by a Sri Lankan Aryurvedic doctor for this virus which would boost and strengthen the immune system. Currently this is what Military hospitals are offering here for patients as a immune booster. He recommends to drink this soup for three days, three times, 200ml each time for anyone who got the virus. For others 200ml per day, twice a month.

    Ingredients: Pumpkin
    Curry leaves
    12 black pepper seeds
    Lemon or Lime

    Method : Take the vegetables (enough quantity as you prefer), peel and add preferable amount of water, 12 black pepper seeds, and preferable amount of salt. Add curry leaves as well (Don't worry if you couldn't find them) Boil till the veggies are soft.

    **Don't add tomatoes. Add only lemon or lime preferable amount before you drink.

    **Drink 200ml, three times a day if you have the virus in your body.

    **The doctor highly recommend to use precisely 12 black pepper seeds, not powdered.

    **If you healthy and need a immune booster, drink 200ml of this soup twice a month until this virus is completely gone from the planet.

    **Always remember the Goddess energy and the pink light and thank the goddess for her love and light.

  99. V slovenščini: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2021/08/drzite-svetlobo.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  100. Strongly recommend Emerald Goddess ring from ohttp://tachyonis.org/GoddessCollection.html during this challenging time, I have very big social problems and spend most of my time alone for last 3 years, I bought this recently and keep wearing it even I’m sleeping, feels great sleep with it, and cintamani stone, really boost my inner guilds. Kept the ring on for last 48 hours, my social anxiety was getting much better.

  101. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UWEUHDCnZxE

    Positive song.

  102. “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

    ― Thomas Paine

  103. Serious question time,
    Just how many of the original Lightworkers and Warriors in your original contact group did not get made or murdered?

  104. Was it all of them?
    Or, was it just most of them?

  105. I have no fear. However I have been attacked by the darks in my solar plexus, attack which manifests into a terrible neverending gastritis and weakness. My diet is excellent so it is not diet related. I just want to sleep

    1. I recommend to read Sananda website: the Arcturian council by Daniel Scranton about why solar plexus is now hurting:)

    2. You can use marshmallow plant and flaxseed for gastritis. They help me greatly when I have these problems

  106. When will you update us on pole shift/ ascension?

  107. Tachyon Technology
    I have also had good experiences combining it with Sacred Geometry.

    - Place a Cintamani stone or glass cells on a Flower of Life.
    - Place glass cells in the form of Sacred Geometry.

    A noticeable improvement in energy occurred after a few days.

    I also felt something like this when evaporating tachyonized water.

  108. HOLD THE LIGHT! Thank You! Best advice to remember these times ♡♡♡

  109. Protect yourself from this fog. Do the meditations.

  110. 1. Taiwan is a country?
    I am not trying to create political argument. But I must say that Taiwan is NOT a "country" in a sense. Actually ruling "Taiwan" area is a country called "Republic Of China", "China", See? ! In a sense, It's a former dynasty of China, just because the "Kuomintang" (KMT) lost in the battle (Civil war of China) in around 1950, they move to Taiwan as their "Base area".

    Before Taiwan government alter the constitution and stated that Taiwan is an indenpendent country, You could not say Taiwan is a country, which is further from the truth.

    You could say there are two different "China", but You can't say Taiwan is a country as the fact is that Taiwan have NEVER ever been "separeted" from China (Republic Of China). Even the constitution of (Republic Of China) Clearly stated that Taiwan NEEDS to be united with the mainland area.

    2. "invasion" Taiwan?

    You could say that China (the people's republic of china) is "recapture" the Taiwan area but NOT "Invade"."Invade" is base on country to country, not "regime" to "regime".
    Actually Taiwan could also "recapture" the mainland area, if they are able to.

    China (the people's republic of china)/ (Maindland area) have not had any Armistice agreement nor Peace agreement with Taiwan(Republic Of China).
    These two regimes is hostile. They could have attacked each other till one of them surrender or disintegration.

  111. the pleiadiun ship cobra posted above really does look just like seen on billy meyers film clips.....pleiadiun scout ships.....

    great and very helpful intel delivery by mr cobra.....

    excerpt from the native american prayer - i seek strength not to be superior to my brothers and sisters,but to be able to fight my greatest enemy - myself.....

    1. I just need ONE of those ships to LAND by me....just one.

  112. I have heard that the Lucifarian angelic beings have disappeared completely and are no longer detectable by positive angelic beings. I see this as an indication they have lost and are attempting to escape or that someone very powerful has removed them from our universe. Upon receiving this info I imagined a grey/white tall and powerful reptilian with an Egyptian black staff mentally forcing them into a central sun star gate.

  113. This is the final battle for liberation! This has taken longer than was anticipated many years ago. But there was/is no other option. So, indeed, hold the light. Try to relax, go out in nature,exercise,eat healthy, help others who are in need,
    It's impossible to predict how long this final battle(s) will take. But we must be close and it's important that humanity and this planet can get safely through all this. That is the most important aspect and not the timing of the Event.

  114. I have to admit, I am very tired of it all and recently I've been focusing on new age / light stuff less and less, it's the reason I've been participating less in the comments and focusing on other things. To me, things have been feeling more and more like empty promises or LF propaganda (as if we're not being told the whole truth and things aren't going as well as intel like Cobra's claim). I just notice more and more dissonance between positive intel and what we see. Protocols like Command PB Stardust and 12 21 also seem to be losing efficacy as of late in my reality bubble.

    The world seems to be turning more and more crazy and surreal every day with no end in sight. Insane is the new normal. And not only because of the tragic situation in Afghanistan but everywhere. 1. Apple now openly admitting that they put backdoors on their phones and spy on their users emails and photos, but it's okay because "it's for your own good and safety, think of the children" and most people aren't protesting it. 2. The new "gig economy" with Uber-style apps basically legalizing serfdom and slavery everywhere. 3. Also look at the recent NFT bubble - while millions around the world suffer in hunger and poverty, nouveau riche sociopaths are paying hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to claim ownership over low resolution jpegs - it's insane and a new low for them. If the Event ever comes, these people must face some kind of retribution, punished and healed somehow. Tech only being used for evil.

    I understand this post contributes nothing positive and it's negative. I just felt like I had to vent and have nowhere else. I want off this wild ride. If the LF were able to just send some kind of "signal"...

    1. I think it's all encrypted here. And Cobra can't talk anything about the details. But being cleaned in the middle is telling. NO? 👍 ✔

  115. This exactly what we've been doing here: "spend more time in nature, meet each other in small inspiring groups, listen to the music or do whatever it takes to keep the vibration high!" So here is a song and video to lift the vibration "Another Sunset" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQrsx8H1kkE

  116. You and I Mysteries

    [The use of triplet wheel sweeps in fingerpicking adjustments]

    This lesson by 7-year-old Miumiu on the song "You and I" may be an allegory on mystery schools to soulmates.


  117. You wouldn't get it | Joker


    breaking news-the earth surface humans are getting it now.....

    what one finds funny reveals much.....

  118. So this actually makes a lot of sense, the main reason the event hasn't happened yet, to put simply is because it's not the right time. Divine timing is what were looking for. The toplet bombs located inside the implants of the surface population will be the deciding factor, but those won't be cleared until the situation on the surface has improved to a greater extent. Simply because they can't be removed until then.

    If a toplet bomb were to go off, that would mean instant annihilation of the earth and potentially some of the solar system. But you may ask why would that be a big deal if after we leave our physical bodies everything can be solved afterward because there is no death. Yes that is technically true, but if that were to happen it would "create quite a strong anomaly which would severely slow the evolution of all beings involved in the process". Meaning that the ascension of this planet would fail for the moment and take who knows how much longer. Our planet being the last stronghold of primary anomaly and DF in this universe (from what I understand) this would be quite annoying in the grand scheme of things, because so much work has been, as is being put in here. This is after all supposed to be one of the coolest ascensions' ever? Because we will actually be taking our physical 3D bodies with us, which I don't think has ever happened before. That is why there seems to be so many delays. Now then you might ask, if the the dark forces know that their end is inevitable why wouldn't they just trigger the toplet bombs and go down with the ship anyway? I think this is where that fine line is made in the balance of the them thinking there is still a chance for their plans succeeding explaining why there is not more drastic action taking place by the light forces on the surface, because of this. (Not sure if this makes sense, kind of hard to explain).

    I think it's easy to forget that this has been going on for 25,000 plus years but if you think of it in the grand scheme of things you can see in that sense how close we actually are. This is the way things look like right before a breakthrough in my opinion.

    If we've held out this long, we can hold out a bit more. Peace.

    1. @Julian
      Will only mean anything to me if I am both alive and young enough to enjoy it. I'm 42, now....been waiting since I Was 11.

  119. Gracias de Cobra..
    Que alegría saber que liberaron trabajadores de la Luz..

  120. I have also heard that some very high level intergalactic counsel has ordered an end to the negative influence in this sector of the galaxy and to assist in the liberation of planet and the solar system. They are saying that they are focused on liberating Mars from the negative forces that are there escaping the battle here on the Earth. They are also getting involved in waking the humans on Earth and are going to prevent any solar events from damaging the surface human infrastructure until they are able to become fully protected from such an event. They have confirmed that the planet Earth is a living positive being and will not allow any more damaging of the planet and will not allow any negative force to work against the positive timelines and that the positive timelines can no longer be altered.

  121. from this article-quote----At 9:45 a.m., Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that masks would once again be mandatory in all public places throughout the province, halfway through a press conference that was mostly about COVID-19 policies in schools and universities.

    Factor in the announcement of a vaccine card the day before, and it was a deluge of announcements in less than 24 hours, the government once again changing course after weeks of saying present measures were sufficient.-----unquote.....



    i can feel the heavier density energies produced from these recent cabal driven illegal imposements.....

    the medical industrial complex puppet quack is our principle cabal representative now-not the politicians.....

    the cabal plays god on us now without even attempting to mask it as something else.....

    the good news is we lightforces members incarcerated on the earths surface immersed in various levels of tyrannical lashing discomfort zones-are gods also of course.....gods from the GOD head.....

    fear not the lost corrupt souls who in some cases are being real deathed for their crimes.....

    the key issue i would propose is perhaps for more and more lightforces soldiers on the ground now to harness their fast emerging powers and transmit them out in ways that serve the light-as we are evolving so fast now we may require many moments to incorporate these powerful skills into our physical mental emotional and light bodies.....were going from a tricycle to a bicycle-takes a little practice and then we are liberated and free to travel all over prime creators kingdom/queendom.....

    some of us may need to go into the forest,meditate lots etc to remain in active war theatre of operations.....

    of course the advanced lightforces encourages us to engage in such high light quotient type operations on earth-as often is written of in various forms by mr.cobra.....

    cobras intel can definitely help prevent some of us from going to far off the range.....

    and when some of us do - cest la vie quelque fois....we lightforces are not the ones facing real death sentences here.....we will be all free from this dark beast one way or the other very sooooon-so if you f$$k up - you often learn valuable powerful lessons from such experiences.....

    of course in this final stage of the war we want to rise up now to the top of our game-and we will and are of course-hahahahaha.....

    for any interested - this is an excellant new opportunity to develop ones psionic abilities......

    compliments of the covert space cowboy.....


  122. Eu preçiso de ajuda finançeira, eu tenho feito muitos trabalhos energéticos, de limpeza no astral, eu tenho enviado muitos seres das trevas, para o conselho galáctico, com a ajuda de Mãe Maria, e os meus guias. Faço trabalhos com o grupo 144K, faço trabalhos de geometria sagrada, através do desenho de símbolos sagrados, que estão a provocar grandes rombos na matriz. Mas a minha alma foi muito traumatizada em bases subterrâneas, e sofri muitos ataques ao longo desta vida, o que me impede de realizar dinheiro. Por isso eu pergunto se alguém sabe de alguém que tenha fundos para me ajudar, porque eu preçiso muito, obrigado pela atenção, muita luz.

  123. I am holding Light for the planet!
    I have also witnessed vaccines to be more dangerous than you say, in many ways.
    But I do not consider it relevant. I present it clearly to people and let them decide, remaining peaceful. I do my job and do not feel fear. Never ever.
    Just holding Light for this planet and her inhabitants.

  124. Ho molta voglia di ritrovare la mia fiamma gemella. Sono innamorato di una donna che sogno di notte, vedo il suo volto ma al risveglio lentamente dimentico il suo volto.ti amo amore mio anche se non so dove sei. Spero di incontrarti di nuovo subito dopo l'Evento. Vittoria della Luce!