Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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  1. When circumstances are most difficult, That is when we are the strongest <3

    Victory of the Light

    ps. When the Angel Number 311 appears it is a sure sign that positive change is coming.

    LoveLight Blessings from Iceland <3 Sigurgeir Bergsson

  2. We will continue to hold the light!!
    Thank you dear Cobra and Lightforces! 💖

  3. I'm under attack I think. Heavy painshocks in my head and body. Dizziness.

    1. I think it is Ascension symptomes♡ Don't worry!♡

    2. WHEN will the symptoms end, and will the 'ascension weight gain' go away?

    3. Trebamo sam mirni biti. Mir, mir, bez obzira na sve ono sto se dogadja sa nama i uokolo nas. Simptomi su raznorazni od onih vrlo bolnih i nelagodnih fizicke naravi kao i dusevnre prirode .Pokadkad mi se cini da cu izludit a neznam odkuda sve to, te konfuzije,strahovi. . Mislim da smo sada svi dovoljno svjesni i znamo da samo Zajedno udruzeni mozemo iznjedriti onaj kvantni skok u visu svijest u vise svjetla.Nema potrebe za brigom a jos manje za strahom. Mi so svjetlo, dolazimo iz svjetla, nosimo svjeto,ostavljamo svjetlo i vracamo se u svjetlo. Svjeto za pozz..

    4. Won't mean a damn till we feel better, and get some, you know...BENEFITS from all this.

      I've had to put up with this since 2010.....the whole of my 30's was TAKEN FROM ME, thanks to ascension symptoms.

    5. Because New Energies is coming. Please allow your body to rest well. An extraction from Datre's transcript:

      What is happening with the new 'energies' is that the peoples are being affected by the energies in many 'different' ways. You are being affected physically. You are being affected emotionally. And you are being affected in your thought patterning. In other words, these energies that are coming on to your planet are making you take a good look at yourself. In other words, there are those that are making up their minds what they want to do, as far as their existence is concerned.

    6. Could be ascendion, could be atack, could be bądź stołach, go and chęci with doctor first, then eat well home made nutrious food, then cole back for morę advice....

  4. Go for it light forces. I hope the clearing is soon over of the negative entities.

    Cobra if in your next update you can talk a little bit about the chimera group in the surface it will be very interesting!

    I am so excited to know the Ascension plan update and the polar shift informations!!!

  5. Cobra you have been such a great person since 2012 when you provided so much information on YouTube. Then they took down all your videos. I was totally gutted. Well I have the audio and text versions. I also have made videos on my channel to wake people up here.
    Respects To all Your Tesm
    Antony H. Portsmouth UK.

    1. They did take down all the videos! That's awful. Especially because he had interviews on so many different channels. It's getting difficult to have any hope.

    2. The reason why IT was talent down may be misinterpreted....

  6. Non credo che si possa sperare nel fatto che non ci sarà violenza tra i manifestanti. C'è troppa sofferenza sulla Terra, è ovvio che il popolo si ribella. Con questo non voglio dire che accetto la violenza. Ma pensare che non ce ne sarà non è realistico oggi. Invito tutti a meditare attraverso la Fiamma Viola grazie Cobra e a tutta la flotta positiva che sta lavorando per la liberazione del Pianeta Terra. Ciao a tutti.

  7. We need to start a revolt, start a revolt, start a revolution! We are not pigs.

    1. How do you fight tanks, machine guns and directed energy weapons?

    2. @ Sherman from Dutch Maria: How do you fight the wind?

    3. American truckers have shown the way. We can do a lot, if only afraid of death and bullets, then how can the world be free? We can meditate, we can share videos, we can stockpile supplies, even guns, we can block roads, we can march. The most important thing is to make a noise and not give in. The planet belongs to Gaia, to everyone, not the government.

    4. Violence just causes violence, tanks are not a problem, in general weapons and physical strenght are not revelant. First we need to win on spiritual level. Starting riots won't help at all IT wilk make thing worst. Lord of blood spilt with no guarantee for aby improvement...

  8. Last fight come on.victory is the Light

  9. Похоже на интенсивную битву ...

  10. Ascension Energy Update Solar Flare

    Love and Light!

  11. "VERY IMPORTANT: Doctors are not allowed to do autopsies on anything corona related, including vax deaths. All of these people are going straight into the crematorium.

    Having one of the brains get cut open clearly means someone "misbehaved" and probably got prosecuted.

    The German doctor video was accurate, NOW WE HAVE THIS from France:
    (18+ Viewer Discretion Advised)


    Trolls: Send me whatever you want, including the above video "presented elsewhere as something else", I will NOT BELIEVE YOU.
    Those clots are exactly where and how I would expect them to be from a clotshot.

    - The reality is that when the brain is not supported by the skull and is fresh, it is basically like jello and squishes out when set on a surface so it looks wider. A cow's brain is the size of a baseball to boot. Yes, that's a human brain and the arteries are TOTALLY CLOTTED.

    - If this was a natural stroke, there would have been one clot of much smaller size on only one branch further up in the brain. This particular brain has massive clots right where the arteries hook up and the blood returns.

    - Brain bleeding usually happens on the outer portion of the brain, and clear problems would have been visible before they cut the brain open.

    - No one gets natural clots so damn huge they block off every last path blood could possibly enter the brain, clots the size of snicker bars. THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE NATURALLY.

    - What we have here is a sudden death due to sudden massive clotting. Clotting that was intentional, and caused by a weapon. ONLY a weapon could have done it so severely.

    - Another thing that REALLY DOES IT is you know damn well from the way this video was shot that the doctors that cut this brain open knew EXACTLY WHAT THEY WOULD FIND, and that they had seen this before, so much so that they were able to set up a camera and nail it. That would not be possible with a natural clot because you would never know where it was to cut right into it.

    - This specimen was too fresh for blood in the system to clot like that. Even in cadaver brains that have been put in formaldehyde there's nothing like this, no matter how old the blood gets.

    - Not even cadaver brains have that after they have sat on ice or in formaldehyde for god knows how long.

    - Embalmers remove all blood from the body up to days after death by simply hooking up to arteries near the heart and pushing the blood out through veins with embalming fluid. If it was all clotted up, that would not be possible.

    There is simply no way I am going to get trolled on this, it is what it is, as presented."

    - JS

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  13. FBI traffics children with Securitas.

  14. You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about! 🌹✌🏼❤

  15. Roller coaster jiihaa:D Hold on to your hats fokes!♡♡♡

  16. Looks like the equilibrium has not stabilized yet.

    Holding the Light will help the equilibrium point converge towards the positive ascension timeline.

    Victory of the Light!

  17. Whatever it means..something is going on.

  18. Without the manipulation of the dark ones…

    a wonderful song.
    Miumiu Guitargirl makes the dark side fade.

  19. We want something else.

  20. Life is like a game of cards. You have to play with the cards you've been dealt. Sometimes you're lucky. Sometimes you are not. Even if you have great cards, you can still lose if you play poorly. You can have poor cards and still win if you play them well.
    The result of a game isn't 100% determined by how you play. However, it is not 100% determined by the cards.
    Your life or planetary liberation does not depend 100% on what you do. But c'mon, it's not 0% either. Focus on what you can do, and leave the rest to the Light Forces.
    Let's say that your life is hard and you can't do much about it. It's 33% what you can do and 67% what you need help with. You need to determine what you can do and what you cannot do. Be honest about it. Then do your part.

    A person who believes it's 100% up to them will have a hard time dealing with reality.
    Believing it's 100% up to the Light Forces won't get you very far either.
    These are both oversimplifications. They assume that only one factor determines the outcome.

    1. This is not a game. And even if it IS a 'game', the 'game' is rigged, marked cards, weighted dice, etc.

      This is a WAR. We need outside help and some weapons, REAL weapons.

    2. @Sherman
      Of course, we need outside help, but we also have to do our part.

      I’ll use your analogy:
      Bank robbers have taken hostages. The police are trying to free the hostages and arrest the bad guys. Nobody expects the hostages to free themselves on their own. However, they should at least not make the job more difficult for the police.
      Let's say the police find a way to communicate with the hostages. They use it to tell the hostages what they can do, to speed things up. I’d say it’s reasonable for the hostages to cooperate and it’s very unwise to say ‘Go to hell! Oh, and by the way hurry up!’.

      Right now, the Light Forces are telling us that holding the Light would make their job easier. It's a good idea to support them at least in this way.

    3. I say do a 'die hard!'

      We humans, thanks to our DNA being RAPED and VIOLATED like one of Epstein's many victims, do not have the REAL life spans and lack of aging the light forces have.

      MAYBE if we we HAD REAL LIFE SPANS and NOT AGE, we TOO, would be patient.

      I don't want my final incarnation to end on THIS miserable lump of rock.

  21. Wednesday, February 26, 2014

    ..The Galactic Central Sun is the source of our free will and of course the Cabal can not stop the Galactic Central Sun! Nor can they stop the cosmic wave of Light which accelerates the key breakthroughs in evolution to happen faster and faster, converging into a mega breakthrough point in our near future:

    Urgent meditation for liberating all hostages from underground bases:

    Peace (Crop circle) and Victory Of The Light!

  22. Who are you writing for? Ordinary people do not understand this message. Then it's better not to write anything.

    1. The message is not for you and nor for me.

    2. I AM writing to share what I learned to whomever. The most important is to mind my own business and not critisize anything or anybody else.

      Dutch Maria

  23. well, my area is now implementing Vaccine papers to gain entry to "non Essential" Business. Schools, Travel, Work. I'm about finished LF's. I'm about finished. I cant even afford a home to shelter from this hell.

  24. Força Trabalhadores da LUZ! Gratidão à todos nossos irmãos que estão nessa luta para nos libertar. Gratidão, Cobra! Vamos sair deste estágio, e tenho muita fé que a melhor linha do tempo está próxima. 🙏🙌

  25. I think and assume that main trouble between df and lf are played out with russia and china (I mean with cabal faction that is present now fully in the Lands of china and the lf working through ru)altogether EC is very cautious with ru, and my fast conclusion is that the game is over and hallelujah!Jah Jah Jah Jehova Jehova Jevoha

  26. What's happening in Brazil?

  27. North

    NEWS - Be mindful as we can change a planets magnetic field.

    Sept 11th is formless birthdate and the peak season of Jason (just because it isn't on your doorstep doesn't mean it isn't slowly walking to a town near you)

    Much love and I would have all my supplies by 9/11, it was used to stop the 2012 ascension timeline... Take care.

  28. COBRA....I hope that this is good news. Sadly I will be forced to get the vax next week. If I don't get it I will be out of two jobs and believe me I am lucky to have these two jobs while many are out of work. I am devastated because all workplaces are forcing people to get vaccinated.

    1. Clear your vaccine with violet flame. If you see anything that represents low vibes send it to the light and ask AA Michael to clear it. I would clear it for at least 4-7 days for at least 10-20 minutes each day.

    2. Please ask your 12 21 team for help

    3. Ruzya, quit your jobs. Say "No." You don't have to do anything. You have a choice, so take a stand. Give them a notice and/or file a lawsuit. Here's more info regarding this:

      It's also definitely a huge exaggeration saying that all workplaces are requiring the vaccine.

    4. Don't take it ever please. Just leave and pray all the time. Have faith, and you can find other job elsewhere

    5. Actually, I live in Ontario, Canada and Ontario Canada will be rolling out a vaccine passport Oct.1st. If you don't have a vaccine passport you will not be allowed to work anywhere, travel by plane, or be able to go to stores etc...they will make some allowances for awhile in regards to stores. Already workplaces are sending letters to returning employees that they must be vaccinated before they return to work. Any new employees anywhere are also told that they must have the two vaccine shots to work. I already have a compromised immune system but my Dr. still says that I have to be vaccinated. Canada is becoming like Nazi Germany. I am completely devastated. If I die from complications I hope my family will go after the government, the pharmaceutical companies etc. Please wish me luck because I am going to need it.

    6. THE NURNBERG CODE (1946) - forbides any forced medical experimentation on humans and it stipulates the right to informed consent. The Nurnberg Code has 10 points.

      THE GENEVA CONVENTION (1949) - under article number 32 and 147 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV: “mutilation and scientific experiments ‘NOT’ necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited.

      THE INTERNATIONAL CODE OF MEDICAL ETHICS (1949) - it stipulates the duties of a doctor towards his pacients (the doctor has to offer the pacient all the information available regarding negative side effects of medicines, including vaccines!);

      THE HELSINKI DECLARATION (1964) - it states clearly that “the wellbeing of the person who participates in medical research always comes first” (the wellbeing of the person taking part in medical experiments must prevail over all other interests!);

      THE BELMONT REPORT (1978) - it includes three basic principles that must guide ALL medical researches made on human subjects:
        - the principle of respect for humans and their autonomy (protection of the autonomy of ALL people, treating ALL people with respect, permission to ALL people to express their informed consent; The medical researchers must be sincere with the participants, letting them know about possible side-effects and injuries and they must NOT commit any fraud in order to deceive particpants);
        - the principle of welfare: not doing any harm to anyone; Medical researchers must minimize all risks for human subjects participating in an experiment;
        - the principle of justice: prohibits any exploatation of humans.
      THE INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY ETHICAL LINES FOR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH ON HUMAN BEINGS OF WHO (2002) - persons capable to make a personal choice regarding any medical procedure must be treated with respect, no matter what decision they take. Persons with any disabilities and vulnerable persons must be protected against prejudices and abuses.

    7. THE WMA LISABON DECLARATION REGARDING THE RIGHTS OF PACIENTS (2002) - contains the following principles regarding medical procedures, including mandatory vaccination:
        The 3rd principle: THE RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION - the pacient has the right to choose freely medical procedures. The doctor has to inform the pacient about benefits and RISKS. An adult pacient has the right to NOT give his consent to undergo a medical procedure or therapy. The pacient has the right to understand clearly the implications, purposes and results of any medical procedure or treatment. The pacient has the right to refuse to participate in any medical research and he or she can refuse to become a subject of study.
        The 6th principle: procedures against the will of a pacient must be made ONLY in exceptional cases, if this fact it’s stipulated by law and according to ethical medical principles (for example, a blood transfusion for a pacient that suffered an accident that puts his life in danger). Any person must know that at any time they can invoke the right to physical integrity in order to protect his/hers own body against any injury. The right of being healthy is an inclusive right and provides certain liberties. These liberties include the persons’ right to control his own body and health, the right of NOT being subjected to injuries and the right of NOT being subjected to medical treatment/procedures/medical experiments without informed consent.

      THE OVIEDO CONVENTION REGARDING HUMAN RIGHTS AND BIOMEDICINE (1997) - the entire chapter II of this convention is dedicated to aspects regarding informed consent. This Convention is not specifically recognised in The International Pact Regarding Civilian and Political Rights (ICCPR) or in The International Pact Regarding Economical, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), but it was interpreted as being part of connected/related rights, including the right of NOT being submitted to torture, NOT being submitted to cruel, degrading and inhuman treatments (ICCPR article 7), the right of a person to safety (ICCPR article 9), the right to private life (ICCPR article 17) and the right to attain the highest health standard (ICESCR article 12).
        According to these stipulations the state must take the neccessary measures to protect persons from threats against physical integrity, regardless if these threats come from state (politicians, doctors, nurses, etc) or private agents (employers, for example).

    8.  THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION REGARDING BIOETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS - it was approved by The United Nations and UNESCO. The articles of this Declaration admitt that the right of an individual pacient prevails above the collective welfare and that nobody can be forced to undergo a specific treatment. Personal rights are guaranteed above collective rights.
        Although these Treatises are mandatory for the countries that ratified/approved them, the standards that are imposed by them have powerful moral and political force including for the countries that did not ratified/approved them.
        THE SIRACUSA PRINCIPLES impose that any measure taken by the state that can might restrict human rights must use the least instrusive and restrictive ways which cannot be arbitrary, unreasonable and discriminatory.
        Mandatory vaccination also stands against the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (the right to life and liberty, protection of personal and family life against arbitrary interferences, liberty of thought, consciousness and religion, liberty of opinion and free speech).

       If you live in European Union, you should know that on 27 January 2021, the Council of Europe signed RESOLUTION 2361. Here is an excerpt:
      Member states of European Union MUST:
      “7.3.1 ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is under political, social or other pressure to be vaccinated if they do not wish to do so;
      7.3.2 ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated;
      7.3.3 take early effective measures to counter misinformation, disinformation and hesitancy regarding Covid-19 vaccines;
      7.3.4 distribute transparent information on the safety and possible side effects of vaccines, working with and regulating social media platforms to prevent the spread of misinformation;
      7.3.5 communicate transparently the contents of contracts with vaccine producers and make them publicly available for parliamentary and public scrutiny;”
      The entire document is named “Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations” and you can read it here:

  29. They will
    They know it.
    We know it.

    God knows it.

    For, God always wins.

    Blessings and to your team and RS support is in our hearts, to all--> never, ever give up!
    For the meek shall inherit the world, and who would those be?

  30. Is this the great battle of our times? The dark are real I have beenvisited by a dark entity after doing a light grid for the Goddess. I am not afraid they should be. United we stand as powerful forces against these unwanted beings. Vote.

  31. It is difficult to hold the light at this time.

    1. Hang on brother! Stay strong.

    2. We need a tangible win, not cheerleading.

      As I said prior, George Washington's army NEEDED a tangible win to keep on going, otherwise, had they not gotten one, the Washington's army would have disbanded.

  32. I was watching a random snl video from 1995 where chris farley was dressed up like newt gingrich and addressing what may of been the house of representatives. After four minutes thirty seconds in he says something that caught my attention and made me listen to it a few times. "All in favor of moving the nations capitol to atlanta georgia say aye". I remembered that CoBra linked to info about the mock capitol building in where else but atlanta georgia. Coincidence?

    1. No coincidence they do this on purpose like the Simpsons.. they tell us what is coming why Simpsons still on the air..

    2. @Longstar117
      Interesting, thanks for sharing.

      CDC corporate headquarters are also located in Atlanta, Georgia.
      CDC is not a government agency, it is a corporation and government contractor like blackwater.

  33. Hello ! Let's keep the light up !

    I am the creator of the Flower of Life graphics we have used in the past videos.

    I have finally made new FOL art, and also a interactive version that might be helpful:

    Also some on-topic artworks after much contemplation:

    Feel free to use any of the media on this website for future meditation videos/website updates.
    Perhaps it will help others bring good energies in these important times.

    Thank you to everyone for helping in their own ways

  34. A single human Avatar truly resonating the Divine Energies can bring about "The Event" and "The Galactic Codex". Because we want Master C to help us we have disqualified him, but we may become that which our teacher may not, for the energetic expectation of seeking a 'savior' has 'disqualified' the very person who could truly helps us for his 'sacrifice' in being the messenger. Let us pick up the mantle of responsibility and accountability and carry the torch with Absolute Love

    1. I've realized there are many Avatars. Not all of them are well enough to fulfill this mission because of the attacks of the DF. Those with more strength are really needed at this time to do the work to rise up.

  35. From Dutch Maria:
    I had my own recommandation for the light. I dreamed that in a talk with someone I gave a definition of happyness: turn head over heals in the sky. Later on I changed it by a definition of what you would do by happiness. Anyway: LIGHT!!!

  36. Again:

    MariaAugust 29, 2021 at 10:57 AM
    From Dutch Maria

    We have to have food for 2 or three weeks in stock for whats coming. My latest solution I want to share with you. We also need water. I now have a lot of soup in stock, wet soup. So you´ll have water to eat as well. First of all ofc you need gas, camping gas. Then you must have onions in stock as well, and perhaps cans, small cans of beans and vegetables. Whatever you want to add to your soup, always warm first what needs to be like baked onions, perhaps quinoa, potatoes. Warm first and add to you soup what you want. Latest warm the whole soup. Good luck my dearest fellow citizens and lots of love.


    TropbyAugust 29, 2021 at 8:31 PM
    I have several sources of water to use when the time comes. Can soups and camping stove are good. But you'll need way more water than that.
    So I have:
    1. Stored water bottles. Just reuse any PET bottles instead of throwing them away. Disinfect them, pour in clean boiled water, and store them wherever you can.
    2. Immediately fill in your bathtub if you hear about any crisis starting on the news. And cover the top with plastic, so it doesn't get dirty. But even if it gets dirty, you can still use the water after boiling and filtering it.
    3. Get water tanks. They take less space than water bottles. And you can buy any size you want.
    4. If you have a water tank, you can connect it to a gutter outside, and collect rain water. Just boil and filter it before drinking.
    5. You should absolutely locate a river that's the closest to your house. Even if it's far away, small, and dirty, it's your only unlimited source of water if you'd need it. Depending on how dirty it is, you might need better filters, or to filter it a few times. But as long as it's not chemically contaminated, you can eventually make it drinkable.
    6. The easiest to make filter is a cut plastic water bottle with layers of charcoal, gravel, and sand. You don't need much charcoal for this, so just a 5kg grill charcoal bag should be plenty. Swallowing a small amount of charcoal also works as a laxative, so you might want to use it if you ate something suspicious and have an upset stomach. Just grind it into a fine powder, and swallow a table spoon of it.

    1. Again:
      MariaSeptember 2, 2021 at 6:06 AM
      Thanks Tropby!!! I think many people don't realize what it means. I want to add some more information:
      I have an out door water filter. Its not cheap, I think mine was some 200 euros, but it cleans 55.000 liters of out door water.

      And another one: bio toilets. You need to have a toilet with a hole to sit on and a bucket underneath. And sawdust for removing. The advice from a knower: take a few buckets (they use 6), and empty them in one go. Also cover the shit after every time you used the toilet. One thing is a condition: a piece of ground, in your garden or somewhere in the bushes. Remember that it might be not easy the first day after all is shut down to go outside your house. Sawdust does take the smell away. So be creative.

    2. Yeah, toilet is also important. But not absolutely necessary. At worst you just need to dig a small hole in ground, and then cover it after use. And if you need to stay home, then just use plastic bags in a bucket or emptied toilet. It won't decompose in plastic when you throw it away, but it's not the end of the world to do this for 2-3 weeks.

      I think people should focus on essentials first. Remember the rule of 3's. You can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours without shelter (in extreme weather outdoors), 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.

      Food isn't really essential for a 2-3 weeks transition then. You'll survive on whatever's in your fridge, and pantry, even if it runs out after a week. But you absolutely need water. So everyone should think about how to store or collect it on their own. Everything else is just comfort and luxury. Except for essential medicine. But most people with chronic diseases should have about 3-4 weeks worth of their medicine at hand anyway.


  37. This is a song about wanting, needing something very much and doing whatever is necessary to get it. I had it playing in my head for a few days, and now it was stuck to the YT starting page.
    And not without a reason.

    This is

    I Drove All Night


  38. A remoção de parasitas Anamórficos da Grade de Energia Planetária está em pleno andamento agora. O Avanço está acima de 70%.
    Por favor, COBRA, nos ajude a nos livrarmos de nossos parasitas pessoais. Não somos idiotas. Mas a maioria de nós desconhece ou não sabe usar os cerimoniais e ritos para retirar os parasitas de cima de nós. E não me venha dizer que isto faz parte dos contratos. Não faz. Precisamos de ajuda urgente para resolver isto.

    Vitória da Luz.

  39. when things are at the darkest, sometimes miracles happen. Not always, but I've seen it happen many times.

  40. Dutch Maria.

    I want to share very handy food for those 2/3 weeks: couscous. You put it under hot water: 100 gr. couscous with 100 ml. water. Let it well up and ready! Its like rice, potatoes. You finish it how you want, with vegetables, sauces.

  41. Greetings Family of Light .

    Our triggers can be activated when we are Not Grounded and Not Holding Sacred Space ie: working with the Soul Higher Self Pink Diamond light within the heart . Negative Entities will move through the path of least resistance . Those close to us . After an attack Yesterday I was guided quickly to see white light from the Soul Star swirling through all those involved , re affirming the column of Light With the 5 pointed star , using the 121 Command ect . I can see and Feel my stuff Up Front and Center . I Am All That I Am .

    Thank you Cobra.
    Victory Of The Light!
    Catherine Marie Mingoia

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  44. When Alexander Bell invented the telephone, he had three missed calls from Chuck Norris.

    Chuck Norris can moonwalk forwards.

    Did you know Superman wears Chuck Norris underwear


  45. COBRA. Your my Icon since 2012. Your interviews from 2012-2016 changed my life, then youtube removed all the videos you done. Gutted!. I am trying to download the audio interviews instead and cannot. Prepare For Change will not allow it.
    Love And Light Antony H. x


  46. And

    Toward The Light

    We Go.

    There's No Stopping Us