Monday, September 20, 2021

Alert downgrade to red


  1. Feels Way Better!!! Whoa, GREAT WORK LF's!!! The energies have Clearly Changed for the Better!!!
    Hold The Love Folks!!!

  2. I hope this shit never goes to black again.

    1. Same, every time it's black i feel sick and with bad vibs for some time. Maybe i was to much connected to the grid or something else. I menage to actually be i a good state but i never want this again.

      Time for Ascension plan to be release and many more.

      We are 304 days after our last mass meditation and Ascension meditation.

      We need something. Time for the light forces to do something with us. We need support.

      I hope the astral and etheric is finally cleared or will be be very soon.

      We need answers we need intel and we need support from the light forces.

      We need action.

      I am prepared right now to act and be trained to work with the alliance or something else , to work and risk my life for the liberation.

      Again i condidate myself to a group that can recrute people for the field against the cabal.

      I am here, i want to be trained to do something physically against them. Just show up.

      I know that my mission is not only meditate for the liberation. I can't be here and wait or meditate. Please contact me.

    2. They set 2025 as the endgame date for mass depopulation and a Neo-feudal system. I came here to record these events.

    3. @Galactiquewarrior17
      BINGO and DITTO.

      I have, for quite some time, volunteered to join in the actual battles, to fight, to kill the bad guys. My offer still stands. Just do a few things for ME, and I will GLADLY get to the battle, be it on the surface, or in space. And it looks like I am not the only one who volunteers.

      So, light forces.....going to accept, it's OUR war, too, you know. WE'RE the ones who are getting diced in the crossfire down here, as it were. I personally want to be something OTHER than cannon fodder. I want to fight and destroy the bad guys, not 'hold the light' for the masses. This ain't even my home planet, anyhow.

      So, come on, light forces. Ya got fighters in the making. Pick us up, damn it.

    4. Sherman and Galactique,
      Count me in. Rather die fighting than this waiting shite. Get a move on!

    5. LesleyKim.

      Yeah, if i was rich i will invite you guys sherman and you and we will meet somewhere.

      Then i will try my best to find with all my capacities a group it can be in the military or a secret society that can accept recrutes and begin the training.

      I will train like if my life was in risk for being in a real place where physical action is done against the cabal.

      And sherman and you LesleyKim we will be warriors going to change this shi*.

      Sadly i don't have the resource for it. But if the light forces take way to much time, i can guarantee you, i will reach someone one day and begin to finally do my mission that is to take physical action against the cabal and meditate to.

      I want to be trained and i want with all of my heart to learn mysteries teachings from hight level people.

    6. Klingon:

      Qoy qeylIs puqloD.
      Qoy puqbe'pu'.
      yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI'

      Say'moHchu' may' 'Iw.

      maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'.
      nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu'.
      batlh maHeghbej 'ej yo' qIjDaq vavpu'ma' DImuv.
      pa' reH maSuvtaHqu'.
      mamevQo'. maSuvtaH. ma'ov.

      Original Lyrics

      Hear! Sons of Kahless.
      Hear! Daughters too.
      The blood of battle washes clean

      The Warrior brave and true.

      We fight, we love, and then we kill.
      Our lives burn short and bright,
      Then we die with honor and join our fathers in the Black Fleet where
      we battle forever, battling on through the Eternal fight.

      Literal translation

      Hear! sons of Kahless.
      Hear! daughters.
      The battle blood perfectly cleans

      the warrior who is brave and loyal.

      We fight, we're passionate, and we kill perfectly.
      Our lives are not long, but they're very bright.
      We certainly die honorably, and we join our fathers in the Black Fleet.
      There we always really continue fighting.
      We won't stop. We continue fighting. We compete.

  3. Some new original artwork that was made for us

  4. Anyone else feel really good today for no special reason? I feel like we really won today. I should feel depressed because today I learned that unvaccinated employee must wear a mask from now on at my job. Habitually, I would be anxious or angry about the bad news. I always have negatives idea that spin in my head, but not today. I had the rational part of anger, but not the emotional / irrational part where my blood boil inside and I have difficulty to concentrate. I'm always emotional, but I learned to keep my cool. Today was the first time I was still happy through the day even though I had to wear a mask to work.

    1. Fredj STOP complaining! All you have to do is wear a mask and you are still unvaccinated and you still get to work. Where I come from you have to have both vaccinations or you don't work and lose your jobs. Last week I had to get vaccinated against my free will because I had a choice either I work or I lose everything. And no I cannot get another job because any job here requires you by law to be vaccinated twice unless you have a legitimate Dr.'s note stating that you have a legitimate medical issue and you cannot be vaccinated. If all I had to do was to wear a mask I would be happy.

    2. @Fredj

      These "feel really good for no reason" days happen from time to time, relatively often even. Might have something to do with astral alignment, or the negative entities giving everyone a brief break for some reason.

      If you've been around long enough, you'd notice these positive days don't mean we're winning. In the grand scheme of this ongoing war, they mean jack shit.

    3. @TruthSeekerandTeller Thank you your sharing your story. This is exactly why I was so angry by all theses mesures from the start. No steps are easy, but yours is the one I would hate the most to be in. I'm sending stars of light in your direction.

  5. Replies
    1. Choose peace, turn into yourself. Enough is enough.

    2. Time to put down the harp and pick up the sword

    3. Won't do any good when there's a 'space mafia' of killers wanted to keep us as slaves, and kill us once we're no longer useful.

      Going 'within' only does so much, it don't win wars.

  6. Revelation 3:11
    Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.

    Bhagavad Gita: 3:11
    By your sacrifices the celestial gods will be pleased, and by cooperation between humans and the celestial gods, prosperity will reign for all.

  7. Thank you Cobra and all Light Forces! Victory of the Light!!!

  8. I wish we could have a update that made sense I know this is code but I think if we could all use a update

    1. Hi Maggie, try Starship Earth,
      Sign up for their newsletter and you will receive intel which isn't coded. Lots of hyperlinks to click on for more informative info.

    2. I love Starship Earth...been following her for like 7 years or something! She's my go-to...good quality stuff and I love her take on events.

    3. I love Starship Earth...been following her for like 7 years or something! She's my go-to...good quality stuff and I love her take on events.

  9. The ability to soul swap, does that begin tomorrow?

  10. We’re holding the light ๐Ÿ™Œ

  11. Probabilmente รจ un avviso di ribasso, ovvero una diminuzione del codice rosso, come se il pericolo fosse diminuito. Questo sembra una buona notizia.

  12. Don’t know what this alert means, it’s really for the RM anyway.

    But we really need an update, the situation is getting really bad with all the vaccine mandates. I cannot work if I don’t get vaccinated and young children and adults cannot go to high school or college without these damn vaccinations.

    Please an update would be highly appreciated. It’s very stressful for the surface population right now.

  13. Light IS going to win for sure !! Stay confident m'y Friends !! Je vous aime tous ✨๐Ÿ’✨

  14. So have "they" crossed the red line yet ?

    I thought the "galactic codex" was non-negotiable ?

    Guess there has to be "mass murder" committed instead
    and humanity continuing the fight, without any help at all.

    To anyone who thinks this is "whining" or "complaining" ?

    Then you are...

    A) Excessively wealthy

    B) Sanctimoniously entitled

    C) A typical contrarian

    D) Not an occupant of Earth (Terra) ((Gaia))

    Feeling teased yet anyone ?

    1. Yes, exactly. Mass murder. Basically, it needs to kill more people, than will die "naturally" if the Event comes later. For example:
      A) The Event comes in about 1 year from now - 10 million people die from scalar weapons, vaccines, other small Cabal operations, etc.
      B) The Event happens now - there's an open World War with the Cabal and remaining negative ETs, and 100 million people die.
      C) The Cabal starts WWIII, or some depopulation agenda before the Event - 1 billion people will die if the Event comes in 1 year from now.

      In those cases option A is obviously the best, and we should wait 1 more year if nothing drastic happens. Meanwhile, option C is the worst, and it's better to trigger option B if it starts to happen. This is the "red line". But the longer we can "relatively safely" wait for the Event, the fewer negative entities and physical ETs, and the less primary anomaly and Cabal control there will be on the planet. So the fewer human casualties when DFs are cornered and defeated at the time of the Event.

      The Event isn't some magic that will miraculously erase all evil in an instant, before DFs can do anything. There are cosmic energies from the Source that will trigger the Event, and support LFs in the final liberation of our planet. But it's a physical liberation as well, and so physical clearing will have to take place. This physical clearing will be easier and less painful to the human population if LFs can make more progress on higher planes first.

      This was also explained in my comment cited at the bottom of the last planetary update:

    2. BINGO.

      Though I do identify as 'D', not from this planet, and wanting to get the hell out of here, asap.

    3. You know a lot of this is full of contradictions. So what if we all die in the planet? Can't LF just capture our souls and send us back to our "home"? If we really are just in a meat suit- then what does it matter that the meat suit gets destroyed? This is like religion where logic is out the window and any option of salvation is either your fault due to inaction or your a victim with no hope of rescue. Either way - you're not in control of yourself. It's an absurd position. Like playing a game where you don't know the rules and even if you did, they keep changing, but it's all your fault for not knowing in the first place. Sounds like insanity to me.

    4. @Mainer
      Welcome to planet gulag.


  15. Releasing Illusion: Final Days of 12:60 Matrix
    10 Sept,21 Stephanie South

    The Time that we have been preparing for is NOW.

    Many do not realize the magnitude and whole systems aspects of what is currently unfolding.

    What is occurring is beyond the scope of most human comprehension. It is of cosmic proportions.

    Planet Earth is the focal point for many other world systems.

    We are now experiencing the amplification of frequency wars and the electromagnetic enslavement of the entire species encapsulated by the artificial timing frequency.

    We are in the final days of the 12:60 matrix. We are called to FULLY AWAKEN NOW!

    The 12:60 has its tentacles in all institutions and seeks total control over humanity, including its biology. We are in the final battle of the War of the Heavens. The end sequence of the 12:60 Beast has been unleashed on Earth. There is a War on Consciousness; A War on Freedom; A War on Imagination.

    All that is occurring is to merge us with an artificial frequency grid.

    Stay vigilant.

    The root of this frequency war is embedded in the mechanized 12:60 timing frequency. This is a subconscious implant that seeks to control and program our perceptions. It seeks full control of our body, mind and soul.

    Consider that all we have been taught about reality was generated within an artificial frequency: the 12:60. This means that we must reconsider everything, even perceptions that we take as second nature.

    “All fear-based programs and dis-ease have their origin in the 12:60 frequency. When fear programs become collective belief systems then an unconscious playing out of previously unresolved histories takes over.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

    All of the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan was to warn and prepare us for this Time if humanity had not chosen to return to natural cycles.

    He reminded us that everything goes in cycles. There is a Time of Corruption and a Time of Redemption. The Prophecy of Pacal Votan is about Time and the redemption of Time; it reminds us that Universal Wisdom is contained in our body, not in machine intelligence.

    The Law of Time describes the process of going from unconscious to conscious. The purpose is to wake up from the Dreamspell of history and all false perceptions.

  16. cont.

    Releasing Illusion: Final Days of 12:60 Matrix ~ Stephanie South

    To begin to grasp the whole system energetics playing out now requires us to rise above conventional thinking, polarity, and personal biases to see the bigger picture. This is the purpose of our work with the 13 Moon Calendar and Law of Time.

    We are witnessing the climax of the break of the Universal Order. This manifests as a polarized split in the Mind that is projected out into the phenomenal world. All of the Universe is unified in our Minds. The break or fracture of the Universal pattern manifests physically as all sorts of diseases, neurosis, and psychological disturbances.

    To Return to Nature is to return to the Universal Pattern. The Universal Pattern is experienced as the Synchronic Order, where beauty, order, and harmony reign supreme. This is what we are returning to.

    The new Tzolkin cycle began on September 1, with Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon. This cycle concludes on May 18: Kin 260: Yellow Cosmic Sun. The choices we make in this cycle will determine the future. Taking care of our emotional body and keeping our own inner harmony is key. This might mean you need to respectfully disengage from certain people or relationships.

    We do not want to waste our energy in relations where we have to explain, defend or argue our perception. We want to keep our frequency and energy as high and balanced as possible as we pass through the next stages of the eye of the needle.

    The Original Mission of the Law of Time stands true: Return to Natural Time–Return to Nature.

    Jose Arguelles’ original vision took into account that the crisis of the world community can end in two ways: “self-destruction, either dismally drawn out for another generation, or rapidly exploded through some ‘accident;’ or it can create an entirely new pathway by embracing the advent of galactic culture.”

    Losing our comprehension of the higher worlds, human civilization has veered from the sacred path. We cannot underestimate the spiritual dimension of our current planetary crisis.

  17. cont.

    Releasing Illusion: Final Days of 12:60 Matrix

    This year is the 20th anniversary of 9-11, the symbolic puncturing of the old Time. This day lands on Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey. This event inspired the book Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs, which explains how the 12:60 world goes through 28-year cycles, which brings us to 2029.

    This is the purpose for putting out the nine-year vision plan. 2020-2029. This is merely a structure to organize our activities within the Timeship. See links at bottom for 9 year vision map and the recently published Planetary Kin Report.

    There is a transmutation taking place in every cell of our human body and planet body. Information that was coded into our DNA is now being activated.

    We are in an age of embodiment.

    Do not succumb to the fear virus. Stay calm and centered.

    Envision the world you wish to live in. Envision it in detail.

    Take action, as guided.

    The New Way will be unlike anything that came before.

    New instructions are being given.

    Let’s turn off our monitor screen and Listen.

    1. Cake holding it down! Your dedication is motivating. Love Love you.

    2. how long does it take to 'activate' DNA? I've been having ascension symptoms since 2010.

    3. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Some an eternity because they bitch more than they lick and some it takes a few licks before they realize they can eat the whole thing in 1 bite. Nature will not give us more than we can take is key... You'll do fine, you have 30 years give or take to get out the cocoon of fear.

      I never could find it in me to like you so please just let me be, weak people stink like poop heads and cleaning out shit for brains takes time. Get into your own mind and out of others and you won't have to ask so many stupid questions. We are all different and that's been said ten billion times in life and on this blog. It's not ok to only hear what we like or want.

  18. No matter what, we keep our vibes as high as possible!

  19. ๐ŸฅฐHappy Mid-Autumn Festival to lightwoker worldwide!๐Ÿ˜˜

    ๐Ÿฅฎ Victory the Light ๐Ÿฅฎ

  20. this 3 days i feel good!
    but things have keep. light have hold and more brighter.
    loving and blessing all life!

  21. I wish to be on a spaceship and travel alone, helping galactic federation by my way by transporting stock and on. Visiting planets and peoples on the way. That's my dream. I have no more ambition for power more on energy and lifespan.

    1. Oh, that's also what I imagine doing after liberation ;)

      I'm a trucker now, and it's fine, but quite boring. Hauling stuff in space would be so much more fun and interesting. And no physical work, because we'll surely have some handheld anti-gravity devices to move stuff. Like when ancient megaliths were built on our planet.

      It's a nice vision to have, but I'm also open to new possibilities that I can't even imagine right now. Maybe there won't be need for such work, because there are replicators. Maybe all necessary transport will be automated, and a human pilot won't be necessary for routine routes between planets. Maybe work won't be necessary, and I can just travel on my own wherever I want. Maybe there will be new types of work that I could do.
      Maybe work won't be necessary, and I can just travel on my own wherever I want. Or maybe I'll be called to raise my consciousness and ascend in the 3 waves of ascension, or soon after that on some other planet.

      It's probably better to not get fixated on only one vision. Because there's a high chance that things won't happen as you imagine. There's too many things we don't know about the galactic society yet. But you can definitely keep imagining peace, freedom, and safety for all beings in the universe. Because this is what we're certain about.

    2. BINGO and DITTO.
      Also, for myself to have my true gender and genetics restored in addition to my freedom to travel the stars.

    3. @Tropby
      Whatever it is, I'm sure it's a damn site better than the diarrhea milk shake that's being crammed down our throats on this planet.

  22. Call almighty God Father and Mother with all the Heart, the point is to reach the critical mass of Awaken for the Event.
    Send all my Light and Love to You all, To the Light Planes, to Our Galactic Brothers, to our Spiritual Guides, to Gaia and his Realms. The Power is in. We are

  23. Looks like the crew is resting now

  24. Clearing old energies and evolution as part of ascension journey by the Arcturian Group.

  25. Billionaires and celebrities are building bunkers:

    I don't have the money to have a bunker built for myself so I'm waiting for the "Updated ascension plan" intel.

    1. In their case, it's probably more to try and hide from the Event and "survive" the planetary liberation. Because they fear they will be executed, or otherwise exterminated for their crimes. And some of them might be. Most regular humans will probably choose the Light and redemption though. Even Lucifer chose the Light, and asked for his soul to be reset in the Galactic Central Sun.

      But they don't know this, and know only the DFs' ways of retribution and punishment. So they desperately try to hide from the tsunami, even if they know it's most likely useless. But at least they can emotionally feel a bit safer, while cowered in their bunkers.

      There might be some chaos during the Event though. And some deaths if it's triggered too soon due to Cabal "crossing the line". So if you want to be absolutely safe, then you may want to get some cabin in woods ready to escape to. You don't even have to buy it. Just look for abandoned cabins close to where you live, and get ready to run away there if things go south. You just need to be able to survive there for a few weeks at the longest, until things calm down. So what's most important is water supply (rivers or lakes close by, with a way to boil and filter the water), and a distance you can walk in about 1 day with your bug out bag, in case roads would be blocked or jammed.

    2. Exactly. We arent supposed to go into survival mode and miss the party.. would be nice to see those tribunals and mass media taken over.. debts cxld

    3. I could care less for billionaires and celebrities. The most over privileged and hypocritical people around. Plus many of them rape and kill kids, and I don't have ANY tolerance for people who harm kids.

      Put em in either a jail or a morgue.

  26. COBRA! Thank you for continuing to kick Cabal butt! VOTL!

  27. If not, i will show up one day and i will find people how is taking serious action against the cabal.

    I will escalate all obstacles and one day i will show up with a very good resume. But it will take time. But i will succeed!

  28. I am excited Nyx is waking... pretty well so for: Jesus, Joseph, Michael, Peter, Moses, Buddha, Abel and Cain, Sophia, Ariel, Gabriel, Saint Valentines, Mary and now Nyx. Thank you to those who are holding the silver lining.

  29. Cobra what can you say about the escalating violence in Melbourne Australia?

    1. i dont know if you read Fulford, but he said some hints of what is happening over there, always use discernment

    2. its called a revolution against reptile tyranny... it will likely get bloody.

    3. Yeah I wish to hear about the earthquake that occurred not even an hour after dickhead dan made that vomit inducing press conference calling the tradie morons. As soon as the tremors woke me up I straight away thought "They're finally blowing up the DUMBS" please tell me this is true, bc this will be the first physical sign of action against these pedophilic thugs.

    4. @Jonnboy

      Look what happened in Romania, back in 1989.

    5. In Romania 1989 it was a coup not a real revolution. That place is now still in the hands of the european cabal

  30. Tomorrow is equinox♡ And beautiful energies we are being sent are most powerful then♡♡♡ Relax, open up yourself and just allow the Love to come to you♡ Dont panic :D (I LOVE that expression ♡)

    1. @Mhi65
      Me too :D

  31. Who is left that is able to breach the galactic security? I thought only non physical archons / reptilians on astral / etheric planes close to earth were remaining. I apologize I dont know the full scope nor should I.

    Be great to have ascension update cobra.

    Thank you

    1. What you are asking has crossed my mind too.
      I don't fully understand it either.

  32. I don't want to jinx it, but I think if people weren't meditating as much, we could have been on black alert for weeks/months longer ๐Ÿ€✌️

  33. Endgame Started. Victory of the Light, SOVEREIGNTY and freedom ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ›ธ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ด

  34. Yes it will get better and better ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Stay Strong, Say NO to Tyranny, and Hold the Light!

    I have been looking at the mainstream media a bit lately, and was pleased to see that the FDA rejected the booster shots for most of the public. The FDA stated that the booster shots are only acceptable for immunocompromised individuals. The Biden administration of course was very displeased with this. I see this as a victory for human rights. This put a considerable obstacle in the cabal's plans to try to coerce the population to get booster shots in perpetuity, at least in the case for the United States.

    I thought that the mainstream media might start being honest now, so I gave them another chance. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has decided to double down on covid fear porn and experimental drug pushing. The reason the mainstream media is doing this is probably to try to compensate for the FDA's ruling against the widespread use of booster shots.

    A violet flame can be sent to all the mainstream media corporations. This can be done by also bringing through the light of the Cosmic Central Sun and Galactic Central Sun. It's important to know that the mainstream media has absolutely no power whatsoever. Focus on people no longer paying attention to the mainstream media at all, and waking up and disobeying the experimental drug mandates and covid restrictions.

    The cabal apparently still don't realize that the people have the final say. There are too many of us who will not go along with this tyranny. Stay strong, say NO to tyranny, and hold the light!

    1. 3rd shot is the kill shot, the stage needs to be just perfect for them to give it out,, im sure this winter....

    2. @starlight, I have been trying to enjoy myself as much as possible but when I check my utube subs for new vids there is lots of good news from lefties in nyc protesting mandatory shots, the working class in oz out in huge numbers, and people like dr shawn baker starting to speak up more about corona madness and his channel blowing up along with it. Is the tide turning? Watch for another attempt at war soon if the push back continues.

    3. LongStar117, yeah, the tide may be turning for the better, which is why the negative elites could be resorting to 'natural' cataclysmic events. Or, maybe Earth is releasing tension, or a combination.

  36. Nothing is happening , nothing changing , not in a good direction. Same old fake matrix torturing us

    1. So what are you saying? And why now? Without any positivity? To be straight honest: The air is cleaner without your "message", which doesn't include one. Find your light, hug it and spread this.

  37. To whom it may concern,

    There are those who claim that the negative elites (I prefer this term in place of 'cabal') have surrendered and are negotiating. Probably every time in the past when the negative elites negotiated, this was the them lying in order to buy themselves more time. When the negative elites say they will 'do the right thing,' they turn around and do the exact opposite. The only real solution as this point is to exterminate the negative elites by any means necessary. No more chances should be given. The more chances the negative elites are given, the more damage they will do to the surface population. This should be painfully obvious by now.

    1. The only problem with this idea is We will find out that it is merely the ever lasting pattern when cause become the effect and effects become the cause.
      To me the real fundamental resolution will be meeting each other on a level plain field and understanding our Human tragedy as one try do destroy the other.

    2. @Starlight432

      Agreed. It's obvious by now that if the LF keep willing to negotiate and listen to terms of the DFs, this crap will never end. Certainly not by our lifetimes.

    3. Agreed forgivess after GCS. Being too kind can kill a person and or a species! We are in this position because the neg 4D ETs were allowed to take over earth and then fortify their position thus we became hostages

    4. Yes I agree. Take them down and bring them out now. I heard that the reincarnation trap has been deactivated , is that true I wonder ?

    5. It's beautiful, thank you!!!!!!

    6. The light forces was tricked so many times and still think that the negative elites will turn to the light which is the most foolish ideology. Perhaps, if we will to exchange our roles with the Light forces, probably they will feel the pain and suffering then.

    7. Thanks all!

      Yep, negative elites need to be taken out of body ASAP for processing.


  38. Funny how this was written 50 years ago and everything that was mentioned in the song went on to happen.

    And half a century later there is still a Bad Moon on the rise.


    Happy Eqionox and Lots of Love and Light.


    1. And it's "Hey babe, your supper's waiting for you.... . There's an angel standing in the sun....and he cries out with a loud voice " This is the supper of the mighty one, lord of lords, king of kings, has returned to bring his children home, to take them to the new Jerusalem." GENESIS, 1971, FOXTROTT, SUPPERS READY.

      - I should have activated my prayer capsule- ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. Supper's Ready.

      IZ - FA 1111



  39. Back to the Future.

    Johnny B. Goode



  40. Every single person counts - hold the light.

  41. Everyone is guessing. In fact, nothing can be read even from the words of the channelers. Total news outage.

    1. not all "channelers" are blasting their message to 1000s, where would a street walker have to go in 2021? the place where Jesus did most his work if not all? Get out the sauce and you will see with such great understanding.

    3pm EDT / 7pm UTC / 9pm CEST

    Join Lightworkers around the world for a FREE session for Clearing Our Implants on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, to benefit our individual spiritual growth, as well as to move us closer to planetary liberation!

    Also, since our session occurs during the exact time of the SEPTEMBER EQUINOX at 7:21pm UTC, we will be doing a special meditation together at the time of the Equinox to use the power of that moment to help speed up planetary liberation and the time to the Event! You don't want to miss this!!

    ✨Cobra has told us that these sessions ARE having an impact in helping to clear implants and that it IS both necessary and important that we continue to do them!✨

    By clearing our implants, we can become free of the false beliefs of the matrix programming that causes all of humanity much pain and suffering, and strengthen our own connection to Source and to each other.

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    For additional information and schedule of upcoming sessions in various languages, please visit:

  43. @astral this made me think of something. The first event related dream I had was kind of like a solar flash. The second one was more like a wave. Maybe the order was not a coincidence.

  44. 3 nuclear missiles were fired, one should have arrived in Japan, the second should have arrived in Europe, and the last should have arrived in the United States. Your planet has almost ceased to exist. --Ashtar chann.:E.Velazquez..

  45. This is the first song I've ever heard that mentions the word Archons in the lyrics. The lyrics of the songs on this band's entire album are inspired by Gnostic writings. I love the songs on this album more than anything.

  46. The alert should be upgraded to fan hitting.

  47. This is hilarious, a few pictures to create a false god. And for Russia to be a positive force, I think it's crazy.

  48. Why do we have to interfere all the time to stop the natural course of events ? It only leads to nothing happening at all it seems. Or is living in this nightmarish reality better than being destroyed by natural calamities ? ( or made by haarp , whatever)

  49. Victory of the LIGHT!!! Sending you all some love!

  50. Any of you so called"LF" motherfuckers bomb something underground in a town called Mansfield 100 odd clicks NE of Melbourne,Australia this morning?.... decent jolt for a city officially collapsing now under you know what......

    1. yep, big tunnel ops are moving into that region...

    2. Hey jonnboy, please tell me they're rounding up these a$$holes and getting the kids the hell out of there?? Maybe a few destroyed DUMBS to go with the blasts...??

  51. Great Work Anchoring The Light Epic Angels in Biology, with amnesia to facilitate free-will and mortality to give time urgency.
    Great Work Anchoring The Light!
    Keep Energy Neutral, Deliberate.
    Well Done Masters, I Feel Our Energies Rising, Unifying.
    Let's Keep Our Energies Focused Upon What We Want, for when we think and talk about what we want, that's what we get, and when we think and talk about what we don't want, that's what we get.
    Fucus, Relax, Breathe in what we want, exhale the rest.
    Violet Flame Works
    Command Seven hundred and seventy one×3
    Command Twelve twenty one×3
    Command RCV Stardust×3
    Time for The Galactic Codex and The Event.
    Well Done, keep up the good work, I'm very proud of you.

  52. A Summary of the Negative Elites' Plans

    ("Covid" and "covid variants" may be artificially modified strains of the flu.)

    In the United States, but not limited to the United States, here is a summary of the diabolical plans of the negative elites. Because the negative elites' plans are complex and vast, this is probably not a complete summary. This only covers the plans I'm currently seeing:

    - Target states and areas with low numbers of covid vaccinations with agents who are nearly undetectable. These agents purposefully spread covid/covid variants in these states and areas. Blame the higher covid cases and deaths in these states and areas on the unvaccinated through the mainstream media.

    - Target political figures who speak out against covid tyranny and experimental drug tyranny. Agents who are nearly undetectable give these political figures covid/covid variants. Give these political figures poor and/or harmful treatment in hospitals to cause them to very likely die. Then, make examples out of these political figures through the mainstream media.

    - Lie and distort as much as possible through the mainstream media to manipulate the public. Give the false impression that 'just about everyone' pays attention to and agrees with the mainstream media except for 'those other people who are the problem.'

    - Suppress covid cures in hospitals to get covid deaths to go up as much as possible. Give incorrect and/or harmful treatments to patients with covid. Record deaths from other causes as covid deaths. Record deaths that are not from covid, but test positive for covid at the time (through intentionally faulty PCR testing) as covid deaths.

    - Weaken people's immune systems and suppress awareness through 5G targeting.

    - Censor the alternative media through big tech cooperating with the government. Infiltrate and distort alternative media that is outside the ability to censor.

    - The experimental drug mandates/passports are a stepping stone for the great reset and social credit score, spearheaded by the communists/corporate fascists/negative elites who currently mostly reside in China. If these plans fall short of expectations, focus on dominating the planet through WW3 and/or instigating/amplifying natural disasters. Cause as much chaos and death as possible.

  53. In 1979 a parody was created of clown world 2020-2021. Im not joking.

  54. 22.09.2021 - Progress report about the HARD, TANGIBLE PROOFS of the Etheric Liberation on the 3D Earth:

    - Stop of MSM manipulation and disinfo, disclosure of Cabal crimes: 0%
    - Global mass arrests of the Cabal, Black Nobility etc. members: 0%
    - Positive financial reset (worldwide debt elimination, NESARA/GESARA): 0%
    - Disclosure of the hidden history of humankind (Atlantis, Antarctica, etc.): 0%

    - Disclosure of existence of sentient extraterrestial beings and UFOs: 0%
    - Disclosure of advanced propulsion systems (interstellar travel): 0%
    - Disclosure of advanced energy systems (free zero-point energy devices): 0%
    - Disclosure of advanced medical systems (medbeds, rejuvenation, longevity): 0%

    1. If you read Cobra's posts, none of this can be done without first clearing all the non-physical entities and removing the threat of the bombs inside human implantes.

    2. Probably will be like this untill the event. Stay strong brother!

  55. Insomma ma quando vedremo anche solo un piccolo risultato? Non pretendo nulla ma almeno vedere uno spiraglio di luce... Ma quanto รจ lungo questo tunnel? Mi sembra infinito.. รˆ molto faticoso e doloroso. Comunque sempre avanti fino al traguardo! Vittoria della Luce!!

  56. Why don't we make a global meditation and hold space for planet earth and humanity? As long as we fight the dark, it will become stronger. We need to embrace it an hold space for it and let it dizolve. In this way many will learn to hold space for themselves an heal. We need space to release the old wounds. Let's hold it! This is what i meant a time ago when i say "nothing Really matter, be nothing!", Cobra. Namaste

  57. What you will read is not a fake, but officially confirmed information.
    Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said in the video (available on YouTube):
    "Created an unprecedented data collection system - real world data of vaccine circulation - with a digital footprint of patient use."

    What can I say?
    Especially touching is the phrase "patient use".
    That is, you and I are not protected with vaccines, but somehow, for some reason they are used.
    I wonder who, how exactly and for what purposes.

    But the main thing is different - the "digital footprint".
    What is it? Murashko said: "real data of the real world."
    Not virtual, not informational, but real!

    this is exactly what can be seen on monitors - some material nanoparticles (nanomarkers, nanomarkers) inside the vaccinated.
    Moreover, they can be for everyone - special, which will allow us to be identified by the "digital vaccine footprint" using special equipment.
    Note again: Murashko said not about using the digital footprint for the population, but about using the population to obtain a digital footprint.
    Perhaps, by organizing a total vaccination, total surveillance is organized.
    Unique traces of vaccination inside us will be visible on monitors -
    this will allow us to identify us remotely and monitor us day and night.

    This is, of course, unpleasant.
    But let them watch - we are not terrorists!
    But, alas, the planet is steadily and quickly turning into a concentration camp ...
    It is sad...

    However, we have long been accustomed to concentration camps - in the 20th century, Germany, the USSR,
    China and many other countries.
    Yes, now everything is not the same as before, but civilized: dirty gas chambers with asphyxiant gas or northern frost camps no longer threaten us.
    They were replaced by comfortable and cozy medical infectious diseases centers with their own morgues and crematoria, built all over Russia.

    Here recently, a smart woman in England bought an original vaccination certificate with an original seal and signature from a doctor she knew.
    And the ukolchik with the vaccine, the cunning one, did not put it!

    Then I bought a plane ticket and was about to fly abroad.
    But at the customs, she was taken through some kind of device - supposedly to measure the temperature.
    And suddenly,
    said she was not vaccinated (“Vaccination as seen by devices.”

    I wonder what the British customs officers see inside the vaccinated - on the monitors?



  58. I wish to see the one always in my dreams asap maybe after the event as he/she had promised.

  59. AAMichael: 21.09.12 – A GLORIOUS VISTA SHALL OPEN BEFORE YOU (AA Michael)

  60. COVID19wax is trojan horse, jabbed people become Bluetooth!

  61. The recent volcanic activity on Canary Island of La Palma is not a completely natural. This volcano has the POTENTIAL to cause massive damage to the west coast of Africa, east coast of the United States and parts of Europe if the intensity of the eruption increases. The signs of volcano eruption started around the 11 Sep and I don't think its a coincidence it started just a few days after the new moon. For those who feel guided, there is a current ongoing meditation to decrease the current volcanic activity.

    Another sign of change on the physical plane is the collapse of the Chinese real estate market with the bankruptcy of Evergrande. This was announced around the 20th of September, right around the peak of the Eris-Pluto square which we are currently under.

    In my opinion these are strong signs of the dark forces losing ground on the physical plane. The volcano is their attempt to cause widespread death, chaos and suffering from the potential Tsunami and the collapse of Evergrande in China, the starting point of the collapse of the Dark finance system.

  62. Cable is down๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Los Palmus perhaps....
      We are close

      The Event is close, I can sense it
      in every fiber of my BEing.

  63. why Corey insist that the moon and mars havent been liberated?Is it true?

    1. It is false info. According to Cobra, Earth is the only place in the solar system (and Universe) yet to be liberated.

    2. They are talking about different stuff. Earth is a isolated planet. Mars and moon have negative forces/basements but not isolated planetary. It's different kinds of liberations.

    3. one thing thats important is he is finally being shown/speaking of

      main topics such as implants and spiritual warfare

      there are some similarities though to cobra

    4. I don't believe Earth is the only place this anomaly exist in this universe.

    5. No , the whole universe is a fallen universe

  64. i agree. this eruptions and earthquakes are needed. they are part of the polar shift and Gaias ascention. stoping it is like stoping the planetary purification. i see these vulcano eruptions as Gaia giving birth to light. VOTL!

  65. 2. Eris-pluto exact square slowly approaching.

  66. Autumn Equinox

    22 September 2021, 3:21 pm EDT


  67. i think event coming.Check all information below:

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. ..Hot stock tip...๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿง

    How Moderna Stock Can Double From Here   Keith Speights  09.20.21
    If you had bought shares of Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) when it first went public and held those shares, you'd now be sitting on a gain of nearly 2,200%. The stock has more than quadrupled so far this year.

    This jaw-dropping performance has given Moderna a market cap of more than $170 billion. Some think that the biotech doesn't deserve such a rich valuation. One analyst even predicts that Moderna's share price could plunge around 70%.

    But could Moderna instead keep rising significantly higher? It's possible. Here's how Moderna stock could potentially double from here.

    1. COVID-19 vaccine sales increase

    Most importantly, Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine sales can't decline; they must increase for the vaccine stock to have any shot (no pun intended) at doubling. There are a couple of key factors that could make this scenario a reality.

    Ongoing frequent boosters are a must-have prerequisite for Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine sales to keep climbing. The emergence of new coronavirus variants that render current vaccines significantly less effective could all but ensure that governments will authorize boosters.

    It would also help Moderna's prospects if other vaccines prove to be less effective at protecting against new variants than its own vaccines. That might not be a big problem, either. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published data that found Moderna's vaccine was more effective than others with the rise of the delta variant in the U.S.

    2. Cytomegalovirus vaccine crushes it

    Moderna's lead candidate outside of its COVID-19 program is cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine mRNA-1647. The company plans to advance the experimental vaccine into phase 3 testing this year.

    CMV ranks as the leading infectious cause of birth defects in the U.S. However, there currently aren't any approved CMV vaccines.

    Moderna thinks that mRNA-1647 could generate peak sales of between $2 billion and $5 billion if approved. The better the vaccine does in phase 3 testing, the better the likelihood is that the vaccine could rake in sales closer to the upper end of Moderna's expected range.

    3. Other pipeline candidates blow away expectations

    The biotech will also need additional help from its pipeline. Its mRNA-4157 program could especially provide a major catalyst. mRNA-4157 is a personalized cancer vaccine that's being evaluated in a phase 2 study in combination with Merck's Keytruda. Merck and Moderna have a deal in place to split any global profits on the vaccine 50-50.

    Influenza stands as one of the biggest vaccine markets outside of COVID-19. Moderna has high hopes for its messenger RNA (mRNA) flu vaccine that recently advanced into clinical testing. The company is also developing a COVID-flu combo vaccine.

    Another big opportunity lies with Moderna's respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine candidate mRNA-1345. The company has already reported encouraging phase 1 results for the experimental mRNA vaccine. Although Moderna is behind several other vaccine makers in the RSV race, it could still achieve success in the market -- especially if its vaccine offers significantly higher efficacy than rivals.


  70. 2/2

    How Moderna Stock Can Double From Here  
    Keith Speights  09.20.21

    Crunching the numbers

    Using an average biotech price-to-sales multiple of eight, Moderna would need to generate annual sales of around $42.5 billion to double its current market cap. Could the three aforementioned goals be enough to make that happen? Maybe.

    Moderna expects that its COVID-19 vaccine will rake in $20 billion this year. Let's assume that new variants combined with price increases allow the company to increase that amount to $25 billion annually.

    If mRNA-1647 delivers as hoped in immunizing against CMV, Moderna could be looking at another $5 billion per year. That gets the company to $30 billion in total projected annual sales.

    Moderna's pipeline prospects are more challenging to quantify. A successful personalized cancer vaccine could realistically generate blockbuster sales for the company. The global flu vaccine market currently tops $5 billion and could more than double by the end of the decade, according to Allied Market Research. Moderna arguably could capture 50% of this market if its flu vaccine significantly outperforms all rivals in efficacy.

    Successes for both pipeline candidates could put the company on track for at least an additional $6 billion in annual sales by 2030, bringing its total yearly revenue to around $36 billion. That leaves the rest of Moderna's pipeline needing to create another $6.5 billion or so annual revenue. Note also that we haven't addressed the potential for Moderna to use its growing cash stockpile to make acquisitions that fuel sales growth.

    Two issues

    Even though Moderna sports a frothy valuation right now, there is a path for the stock to double going forward. However, there are two issues that investors need to keep in mind.

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  71. 2/2

    Powell said there is no timeline yet and then launched into a defense of his personal holdings of muni bonds while the Fed was also buying up muni bonds. Powell made it clear that his muni bonds had been purchased many years before. In other words, in contrast to Kaplan, Powell wasn’t trading in and out of securities in 2020.

    Powell fielded more wonky questions from other reporters and then Michael Derby of the Wall Street Journal was called on by a facilitator for Powell. Derby is the reporter who first opened this pandora’s box and has been turning up the heat in related articles ever since.

    Michael Derby, Fed Reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones News
    Michael Derby, Fed Reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones News

    Derby reminded Powell that all 12 regional Fed bank Presidents had gone through the renomination process earlier this year. Derby asked Powell if anyone at the Federal Reserve Board level knew about the stock trading activity of Kaplan and Rosengren at the time they were renominated. He also asked if Powell still had confidence in Kaplan and Rosengren to do their job. (The nonprofit watchdog, Better Markets, is calling for both Presidents to either resign or be fired.)

    Powell first said that the 2020 financial disclosures were just recently filed so that people at the Board could not have known about the trading at the time of the renomination review. As far as confidence in the two men, Powell said “no one on the FOMC is happy to be in this situation….”

    Derby then dropped a bit of a bombshell, saying that he was aware that the Fed Board wouldn’t have had the 2020 forms but that in the case of Kaplan “similar trading was shown in years past” on his prior financial disclosure forms. (That Kaplan got away with it in earlier years may have emboldened Kaplan in 2020.)

    Powell said the renomination review process is more about leadership at the regional Fed banks and the individual’s performance on the Federal Open Market Committee. (Isn’t unseemly trading a black mark on leadership?)

    It was apparent from Powell’s answer that either no one conducting these reviews bothered to look at the trading activity of Kaplan or was competent to understand the significance of his trading activity.

    The bigger picture here is that the Federal Reserve is the same institution that Congress put in charge of supervising the mega banks on Wall Street, allowing them to simultaneously own giant federally-insured banks as well as casino trading operations. Under this structure, for the first time in the history of banking in the United States, the largest U.S. bank, JPMorgan Chase, had been charged with, and admitted to, five felony counts since 2014. And on the very day of Powell’s press conference, this headline was running across Reuters’ news wires: “JPMorgan Faces Oil Bribery Probe in Brazil.”

    It’s long past the time to break up both the Fed and the mega banks on Wall Street. The Fed should return to being just a central bank and stripped of its powers to supervise any bank in the United States. The mega banks on Wall Street should be separated so that no federally-insured, deposit-taking institution in the U.S. is part of a holding company that owns derivatives or stock trading operations, investment banking, brokerage or insurance companies.

    This form of bank separation served this country well from 1933 until the Clinton administration repealed the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. We’ve had bailout after bailout ever since then. It’s time for Congress to admit that things have gone hideously wrong since it approved the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and restore it.

    1. 1/2
      Three Gutsy Reporters Grill Fed Chair on Biggest Trading Scandal in Fed’s 108-Year History

      By Pam/Russ Martens: 09.22.21 ~

      Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell took a few wonky questions from various reporters at his press conference today and then Jeanna Smialek, Federal Reserve and Economy reporter for the New York Times, was called on. Smialek was the first reporter to lead the elephant in the room out into the open. The exchange went as follows:

      Smialek: “Prior to recent media reports, were you aware of the kind of security buying and selling that [Dallas Fed and Boston Fed] Presidents Kaplan and Rosengren were participating in last year? And I wonder if you thought those were appropriate?”

      Powell: “So, no I was not aware of the specifics of what they were doing. So let me just say a couple of things about this subject. We understand very well that the trust of the American people is essential for us to effectively carry out our mission. And that’s why I directed the Fed to begin a comprehensive review of the ethics rules around permissible financial holdings and activity by Fed officials. So those rules are in many respects the same as those for government agencies plus a number of things that apply specifically to us because of our business. One of those is — sort of three things I would point to in terms of specific restrictions: one is ownership of certain assets is not allowed and that’s bank securities and other things; secondly, there are times when we’re not allowed to trade at all or buy and sell financial assets – that’s the period immediately before and during an FOMC meeting; and, third, there’s regular disclosures. So everyone’s ownership and activities are all disclosed on an annual basis. So, I would have had to go back and read people’s financial disclosure to know what their activities have been. This has been our framework for a long time and I guess you’d say it’s served us well. The other thing you would say is it’s now clearly seen as not adequate to the task of really sustaining the public’s trust in us. We need to make changes and we’re going to do that as a consequence of this. This will be a thorough-going and comprehensive review. We’re going to gather all the facts and look at ways to further tighten our rules and standards.”

      Let’s stop right there for a moment. As Wall Street On Parade reported earlier this morning, the Fed’s trading rules, to anyone who has ever held a trading license on Wall Street, are a joke (that you could drive a Bentley stretch limo filled with insider traders through). The Fed’s trading rules consist of 284 words that appear on page 14 (Attachment 4) of a Fed document called the “Program for Security of FOMC Information.” The document is devoid of even a single mention of any of the following types of trading that should be prohibited for Fed officials: shorting the market, using derivatives to mask one’s trading, trading in S&P 500 futures contracts (which can be leveraged by 95 percent and trade almost 24/7 on weekdays); trading when one is aware that the Fed is about to make a market-moving announcement, regardless of whether or not it’s around an FOMC meeting; trading in securities that the Fed is buying up; trading in and out of the same security or futures contract, giving the appearance of timing the market; and so forth.


      Immediately after Smialek posed her uncomfortable question to Powell, Steve Liesman, Senior Economics Reporter at CNBC, was called on. Liesman wanted to know if it was appropriate for Fed officials “to be owning the same assets that the Federal Reserve is buying…” Liesman also asked what the timeframe was for the Fed’s review of all of this.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Every single way possible, on every single level, I am being attacked. My thoughts attack me. My emotions attack me. My health attacks me. My family/extended family holds me in low regard, so this is an attack. I am politically attacked. Psychologically attacked. Emotionally attacked. Psychically attacked. Money will soon become a problem, so I am financially attacked.

    About 30 minutes ago, I had thoughts about how much worse my life will get - even worse than it already is, for not getting the experimental drug - how I would practically have no freedoms anymore and so forth. The thoughts were to try to coerce me into getting the experimental drug. There was this main thought: "Oh, if I just get the vaccine, all this harassment will be over, I will be able to live my life, and I can finally get some peace." Then, I said out loud, "You can't make me do a fucking thing." Immediately after saying this, my left arm had an intense stinging sensation. Yeah. I pissed them off, whoever they are, when I said that. Yeah. I know what this is all about. It was never about human safety and well-being. Never. It's always been all about domination. Control.

    1. Stay strong brother! We got this! ๐Ÿ’–

    2. We MUST stand in our GOD GIVEN sovereignty and not give in!! Tell these attacks " this is not me and I will not consent..we have the FREE WILL to choose this. I have also been experiencing these. So extreme!! The thoughts and feelings..never had this before. I am so tired of this and just exhausted I made a choice to not experience this anymore! Just today, I did this. " I shouted out loud " No, not anymore, I am done LETTING you consume me in fear" it was gone in that moment..GINE GONE GONE๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ซ
      WE ARE THE ONES , WE WAIT FOR..we choose what we will, from DIVINE WILL
      LOVE you guys, my brothers and sisters๐Ÿ’š

  74. Turning Point
    Looking at the political landscape of the last few days, I would say that the control by the dark forces has weakened, as Cobra predicted.

    Nevertheless, this is no reason for lightworkers to sit back and relax, as the dark forces are now increasingly targeting them.

    For this reason, it is said "hold the light" and: [that it is appropriate to purify the energy of the lightworkers and the planetary energy grid with the Violet Flame.]

    1. Agreed. Feels like the tipping point was reached.

  75. Thanks Cobra I am seeing a lot of 222's which I attribute to the Goddess energy sweeping the world. Tganks for letting us know what is happening.

  76. Elena Dunnan twierdzi ze Mars i Ksiezyc sฤ… wyzwolone.

  77. More and more people are getting so much more happy and loving ♡

    1. What? Aussies are being shot in the back by paramilitary police, middle age people we know dying of vax and or ventilator induced death, people in stores with masks walking zombies, nobody waking up that I see.. where do you live?

  78. Hold the Light!!!
    The Galactic Codex and The Event, coming soon to a theater near you!!!

  79. "This is the time of great purification of Rigelian forces that invaded planet Earth in 1996, and after this purification is over my mid/late October, it will be expectedly much easier to manifest the dreams of the Age of Aquarius on the surface of this planet." -


    " operation pandora "
    result = rothschild family ( rothschilds are rigelians )

    Additionally, in Corey goodes recent experiences ( which he discusses seeing what cobra calls implant stations, corey describes them as "ancient satellites" associated with the mind/emotional control of people which of course is actually the anoamly implant scalar matrix system , he also spoke about implants and truama of starseeds taken into bases...a lot of correlation for those who know cobra...

    He mentions this part here :

    " bio-machines are millions of years old if not older. They were the result of the AI God taking over another solar system and these androids were built in the image of the civilization that had designed them. ( Possibly Rigelan ??)The AI took over these androids and used them and the technology of this civilization against them and wiped out every living soul in that solar system. These Droids carried a certain type of AI Programming that make them very useful and these Bio-Droids are what design and build most of their technology. They are basically AI Avatars that allow the AI God to produce technologies that the Reptilians are not capable of producing. "

    wondering if those are the rigelians b/c this was one of the first conquered races of chimera/archon , thus likely to have taken that similar machine merge path the Chimera started

    There is one group corey goode does not know of yet ( currently he believes the yaldabaoth to be the top ) and if anyone feels guided and has the ability to get this Chimera intel to him it would be very beneficial

    and would further prove cobra intel importance.

    (Update likely coming within week)

    Victory of The Light !

  80. Look at this pictures.I took this pictures at the sky and clouds.

  81. Replies
    1. Although I've been posting some rather intense material lately, I agree - Hold the Light, Anchor the Light.

    2. I got off track, and so am coming back to this:

      Statement of Faith

      I as the embodiment of the Cosmic Central Sun, Galactic Central Sun, and Solar Sun, declare the following:

      I don't care what the media says. I don't care what other people say. I don't care what I see and hear in the dreamstate/visionstate. I don't care what happens in the external world. I have faith that Earth shall be fully liberated, eternally. There is no force or power that can stop Earth's full, eternal liberation.

      Victory of the Light!

  82. Thanks for all your hard work COBRA. Every update you post is essentially a thesis on current events with links and associated content. We appreciate you keeping us informed and we Truly Appreciate You!
    Thx LF's, LW's, Resistance, Galactics, and The Powers of Love in our Multiverse.

  83. Hangin in there.. got sick with the covid no vax of course .. been a week now. We have had several 50 ish mens die we know. Heart attacks we assume they took the v. Between that and hospitals sedating/ ventilators people now dying here in our local hospital 47 yr old man no health issues.. they are killing them in the hospitals

  84. Better "upgrade" the operations to ludicrous speed... seriously.

  85. We need some updates now. I was listening to Juan o Savin and what he is reporting about the vaccines is scaring the hell out of me. Many of my family members have already been vaccinated and now I must also, otherwise I will loose my job. Please Cobra, we really need some update about what’s happening to the surface population. Surely the redlines have been crossed.

    1. Get 50-55% alcohol before and after vaccine if you are forced

  86. Prince Andrew Served with Sexual Assault Lawsuit in US ~ Reuters

    Britain's Prince Andrew has been served with a sexual assault lawsuit in the United States by lawyers for a woman who says she was forced to have sex with him at the London home of a friend of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, court papers show.

    Key points:

    • Prince Andrew is accused of sexual assault at the homes of both Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

    • The Duke of York denies all accusations 

    • Ms Maxwell awaits trial on charges of recruiting and grooming girls for Epstein to abuse

    In a filing with the US District Court in Manhattan, lawyers for Virginia Giuffre said they sent the civil lawsuit to the prince's Los Angeles-based lawyer Andrew Brettler by email and FedEx, and both copies had been received by Monday morning.

    Under federal rules, the Duke of York has 21 days to respond or could face a default judgment. 

    Ms Giuffre's lawyers previously said they also served Prince Andrew, who is Queen Elizabeth's second son, in Britain.

    Ms Giuffre, 38, accused Prince Andrew of forcing her to have sex when she was underage at the London home of Epstein's long-time associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein took his own life in prison in 2019.(

    Reuters: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services/File photo

    She also said Prince Andrew abused her at around the same time in Epstein's mansion in Manhattan and on Epstein's private island in the US Virgin Islands.

    Prince Andrew and his lawyers have denied Ms Giuffre's claims. 

    The 61-year-old has not been charged with crimes. 

    Ms Giuffre's August 9 lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

    Mr Brettler did not respond to a request for comment and there was no comment from the prince's London legal team.

    The legal challenge ahead

    Epstein, a financier and registered sex offender, killed himself in a Manhattan jail in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

    Ms Giuffre sued under New York's Child Victims Act, a 2019 law giving survivors of childhood sexual abuse a window to sue their alleged abusers over conduct that occurred many years or decades earlier. 

    Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

    She was one of Jeffrey Epstein's closet confidantes and until her arrest, was described as a "James Bond character" who might never be found.

    The deadline to sue has since passed.

    US District Judge Lewis Kaplan, who oversees Ms Giuffre's lawsuit, has urged both sides not to dwell on "technicalities" and instead to focus on the case's substance.

    "I can see a lot of legal fees being spent and time being expended and delay, which ultimately may not be terribly productive for anyone," Mr Kaplan said at a September 13 hearing.

    Last week, London's High Court said it would arrange for Prince Andrew to be served if the parties failed to work out their own arrangement and gave the prince's lawyers a week to appeal that decision.

    A source close to the Duke's lawyers said it was highly unlikely any challenge would be pursued now.

    Ms Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges she helped recruit and groom underage girls for Epstein to abuse. 

    Her trial is due to start on November 29.

    Night Shift

  87. We will get through this Dry Oasis

  88. Hello Infinity+1
    I have observed and meditated from the outside, but have never needed to speak with any light worker. Until today that is. I came across an article from Aurora Ray “ambassador of the Galactic federation”. I felt dark energy and death, eternal misery in the hands of the new world order driven by a shattered earth. When I ascend through the crown I feel peace, knowledge and Joy. Even the horrors of the world (NCSWIS) still leave me with a sense of joy for the awakenings happening on a daily basis. Why did Aurora Rays words make me feel like I was inhaling putrid death? I need to know, and you need to know that someone is tainting the light.
    Thank you for any response and thank you Cobra for allowing observation.