Thursday, January 13, 2022

Situation Update and a New Cobra Interview

Since our Divine Intervention Activation, the war to liberate this planet on the non-physical planes has really escalated. While the dark forces are attacking whenever they can, the Light forces are clearing dark networks and have already managed to clear the majority of primary anomaly on the astral plane.

The main focus now is the clearing of the primary anomaly on the lower mental plane and the so-called Invisibles. Invisibles are Archontic entities which inhabit the lower mental plane around the surface of the planet and are the ones creating and manifesting the false ideas matrix. They are the beings responsible for ideas such as karma, prime directive, purposeful suffering, omnipotent God, purposeful duality, flat Earth, second law of thermodynamics as the ultimate truth, speed of light as the maximum speed, monogamy as the only choice, global warming, woke ideology, critical race theory, etc.

Invisibles are entities that are almost transparent, creamy opaque blobs, and are almost undetectable even for advanced clairvoyants on the mental plane. Since the Archon invasion in 1996, they have managed to invade the auric field of the mental body of almost every incarnated being on the surface of this planet.

The Light forces are estimating there are about 500 humans currently incarnated on the planet with their mental body fully intact, without Invisibles infestation. Everybody else is at least partially mentally possessed, ranging from small areas of the mind where the person acts irrationally, to the full possession where the person has almost completely lost free will and ability for common sense and rational thinking. The key here is to acknowledge the possession, which will be extremely hard to do for most people, expel the entities with decrees, purify the mental body with the violet flame, and reclaim lost mental abilities and exercise common sense.

Clearing of Invisibles network will continue with full speed for another month or so, and peak stupidity on the global scale is expected in about two weeks:

The Light forces will then begin to massively clear the energy imprint of the suppressed trauma complex of the surface humanity, and many situations that could not be healed before, will suddenly heal easily.

More and more members of the dark forces are beginning to realize that their defeat is near, and Chimera-controlled DARPA had no other choice than to throw Fauci under the bus:

Many independent sources are claiming that Omicron variant was developed by the positive factions to end this pandemic once and for all:

With the pandemic ending, the dark forces are left with their usual strategy of trying to manifest World War 3. Now they are trying to do this by engineering a conflict between Russia and NATO:

Russian top brass has already meet a few times this year with their Pleiadian advisers deep within the underground complex of Yamantau, built in the early 1990s and expanded in 1996, which is one of the two main Pleiadian contact sites for the Russian military:

Russian military has started developing trust issues against the Pleiadians towards the end of last year, when they begin to realize that Pleiadians are there not only to protect Russia against foreign invasion, but to actually and literally liberate the planet. This prompted Putin to search for stronger alliance with China, which is his first big geopolitical strategic mistake:


Now that things are getting serious, the Russian military is again listening to Pleiadians a bit more, especially since their last meeting on January 6th.

They have managed to abort a color revolution attempt in Kazakhstan:

And are now expanding Russian influence towards Venezuela and Cuba to counterbalance NATO:

The Pleiadians have communicated that nuclear escalation will NOT be permitted and all missiles will be intercepted, but they are still asking people to meditate for peace between Russia and NATO to avoid any unnecessary violence:




The Light forces are also asking for everybody who feels guided to participate in our monthly Divine Intervention Meditation at the exact moment of the full Moon on January 17th at 11:48 pm UTC.

Instructions are here:

And livestream video here: 

And guided audio meditation videos in 39 languages here:

A new Cobra interview about Tachyon chambers has just been released by our French team.

The video is here:

Transcript in English is here:

In French here:

In Italian here: 

In German here: 

In Greek here: 

In Romanian here: 

In Croatian here: 

In Arabic here: 

And in Japanese here:

Victory of the Light!



  2. As ever, thank you for keeping us so well informed. Realising that mosts minds have been infected, is important and explains many things. Realising we can free ourselves is even more important. Bless you for all the work you do Cobra.

    1. 22nd May 2013 C.E>, the 'Invisibles'.

      "There is a certain form of entities that was not mentioned yet. They are called Invisibles because they have the tendency to melt with their environment to the point they become energetically invisible.

      They inhabit the lower mental plane. Their purpose is to shut down the capacities of human mind and to induce stupidity into the human population in order to keep it enslaved.

      They are mainly responsible for many distorted belief systems inside organized religions and lately in the new age movement, which has deteriorated from pure beginnings in the 1980s into just another mind programmed cult after the Congo invasion in 1996.

      One of the main mental tricks of the Invisibles is that "All is well", suggesting people to deny things that are not well and thus stripping people of their inherent power to change things that are not well."

      Because Action is the Final part of the Trivium that starts with Thought-Emotion-Action, or Knowledge - Intuition - Action.

      The deception of 'All is Well' and 'What You Resist, Persists' was to get us to not take Corrective Action against tyranny.

      Inevitably it makes the victim apologize for their government abusers in the Abuser-victim complex we are seeing play out with regards to the Bioweapon-Injection mass propaganda and gaslighting.

      New Age has been appropriately called the religion of standing down.

  3. FRENCH website for MEDITATIONS

  4. Yes, Compassionate acknowledgment of possession is the first step in exposure and transmutation of the invisibles. Love and Victory of The Light!

  5. Jaw-dropping. Im speechless...the mental stuff, reclaim the lost mental abilities part hit me hard...even if I was certain about my spiritual evolution these last 10 years, I was feeling preey much dumber, ashamed of getting lazy to think, read and do research...its all much clearer now, thank you!

    1. Visit a neurologist and take cognitive tests, most likely these are the beginnings of Alzheimer's, dementia

  6. Thx Cobra!I believe that cooler heads and warmer hearts will prevail in this situation and that the Alliance is finding a way to "make lemonade out of the lemons". And bottom line is that NATO doesn't have the money and unified will of Europe to make a big enough push against Russia, not to mention that the Biden admin is in accelerating collapse.

  7. Bene, ottimo. Grazie per l'aggiornamento Cobra. Vittoria della Luce!

  8. Thank You Cobra for the much needed update, we appreciate you.

  9. Merci mon Dieu. Merci à vous tous

  10. En español (in spanish):

  11. The Event this year? Likely or unlikely?

    1. very, if not extremely likely!! 😁 🥳 👽 💖

    2. Don't get your hopes up it was the same as last year... just work on yourself.

  12. but isn't full moon on 18th (not 17th)...? Much Love

  13. Great, Thank You Cobra. Plus The Light Forces!

  14. For me, fauci is thrown under the bus when he's finally arrested..

    Victory of the Light!

  15. Of course, I will do the Divine Intervention Activation Meditation at the next full moon and support the Light Forces.

    I like this meditation and decree very much.

    I sincerely hope that the other Starseeds will understand this and do this meditation once a month, if possible, to support the Light Forces.

    "More and more members of the dark forces are beginning to realize that their defeat is near"

    Is it possible that many here believe that the Dark Forces are finally defeated in 2022? Or 2023 at the latest?

  16. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:

  17. Hey Cobra - Could you please clarify a bit more what you mean with "They are the beings responsible for ideas such as karma, prime directive..." - I would like to understand especially those 2 (karma/prime directive) more, in relation to the false idea matrix. I would really appreciate an answer, it feels very important for me!

    1. Karma is an archon thing...they MAKE people think they NEED to pay for some crime or sin from a past life..which is bullshit, especially since we can't REMEMBER past lives. They just want to keep souls here as their 'emotional energy cattle'. And, IF karma existed, we'd be seeing a lot more evil people die NOT form extreme old age, but from assassins' bullets and angry citizens.

      Prime Directive, a non interference policy beaten to death on star trek, is another archon thing. Designed to make you feel that 'we're one is gonna save you, you're on your own!'. Idiots like David Wilcock and ESPECIALLY the YouTube channel, Cosmic Agency, keep spewing that...saying we all CHOSE to be here to experience misery, and that no one can help you, due to free will....BULLSHIT.

    2. I agree with Sherman.

      You need to distinguish between Law of manifestation and Law of karma. Law of manifestation states that we co-create our reality with our thoughts, emotions and actions and is part of the Light teachings. Law of karma states that we will suffer consequences of our past actions and that our past actions are debt that has to be paid off - this is part of mind programming teachings of the dark."

    3. "Lords of Karma have nothing to do with the Ascended masters. The whole teaching about karma is a disinfo programming attempt from dark force agents that have infiltrated mystery schools in India millennia ago. The purpose of that teaching was to strengthen the control mechanisms of the caste system in ancient India. Lords of Karma are beings on the astral plane that to a great extent dictate the incarnation path of those about to be reincarnated.

      Karma was never part of Ascended master teachings. Ascended masters teach about love, forgiveness and liberation. There are no direct Ascended master teachings on Earth right now. All Light teachings available on Earth come from their disciples and all those teachings are biased to a certain extent."

    4. Perfectly explained, Sherman!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Instead I would like to know why Cobra says that the speed of light (limit) is an arconte idea, like the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Yet experiments demonstrate the existence of these limits of the universe that we experiment in 3 D. If they are not real then we are making everything wrong, in astrophysics and in the life we live. Many phenomena of this world would be illusions and fakes.

  18. Yes!!! We are humans under occupation. They fear us because we have so much potential to be a beautiful civilization. Clear the mind control. We are beings who need each other, real healthcare, real education, real opportunities, real love! We are born free but placed under bondage under an ultra- exploitative system with various degrees of benefits for those who comply. Stand up humans! We will never tolerate their bondage ever again, from any one!

    1. You need WEAPONS and REAL TECHNOLOGY for that; otherwise, you're just another bullseye.

  19. en que ayuda tu cambio de sexo?.......

  20. Very good. Looking back I wasted inordinate amounts of time trying to help people I knew understand that their minds had been compromised. Pointless... since the mind control entities just convince them that nothing is wrong and that I am nuts. It didn't matter if I helped them remove the entities temporarily and they broke free crying and asking me what the hell they had been doing.. they would go right back to sleep and not even remember waking up. Also these entities know how to create a lot of custom-tailored conflict.. having access to the brain and subconsciousness and all.. just.. grrr!

    They also managed to interfere with some of the most "awake" and spiritually advanced people I know.

    My years of personally wrestling with these entities while they attempted to take away my will was really.. something. BYE FELICIA!!

    1. The issue with the 'Invisibles' certainly makes things clearer as to why despite us drowning in independently sourced information outside the state controlled information for the last decade, the situation with the Surface Population has not improved, it has degraded.

      Good luck pushing up against all that when these entities are with them 24/7 and you just meet people you know for on average a tenth of that time.

      Cobra mentioned Flat Earth. The timing of the introduction of that has been mentioned recently by some in the alt-media community when looking back on the vast numbers of people who gave in to the death shot.

      The 'product launch' of Flat Earth psy-op was a key factor in discrediting alt-media information, at a time in around 2015 C.E. when alt-media was reaching critical mass to go mainstream.

      The Flat Earth psyop created a weird lunatic cult that chased away those who were on the verge of waking up by going, '... but they believe in Flat Earth. I am done here.'

      The result we are seeing is people who might have avoided the shot ended up taking it, and those who eagerly went along with this psy-op are morally culpable as those in the intelligence services who pushed it for those who didn't wake up as a result of their efforts, and either died or crippled by the death shot.

  21. Entrevista traducida al castellano

    Interview translated to spanish

  22. Aaaw! Cobra! whenever I hear your voice (even distorted) I feel so much 💖💖💖 !!
    thank you so much! I am so grateful to be part of this! 🥰
    Victory of the Light! 🥳

  23. Thank you Pleiadians for reminding Putin that you are here to help liberate the entire planet not just Russia! I love all of you for wanting to save humanity, the earth and all of her creatures!!! Thank you! VOTL!!!

  24. I can't help you in regards to changing your sex. However for me personally, it was never an option even tho I am a female soul in a male body, having trouble embracing my masculinity (getting much better tho!). Souls are actually androgynous, but tend to plarize towards one of the two sexes. So if you consider that we each have both male and female aspects in us and can embody both, regardless of our phyiscal gender, I wonder if an operation would be even adviced from a higher perspective or if its not rather the ego's way of avoiding having to integrate the opposite sex..

    Another thing I wanted to add in regards to shadow work:
    My favourite way of doing this is healing the inner child with as much self-love as possible. this really is THE key to healing. And another thing that was shown to me: radical self-acceptance is (sadly) also part of it..

    These are just my 2 cents and in no way meant to disregard the pain you are going through!

    I wish you all the best! 💖

  25. Back in 2000 we still had logging and so many inhuman farm standards... I don't see a way back. Too many people. Oh well, take care of ur community , that is doable

    1. Get the tech, the abundance and healing stuff, and most of the problems will go away.

      MONEY, and this fake scarcity status quo, is a big reason the world's a shit hole.

  26. The Pleiades people can't stop a nuke just like they can't stop an earthquake, a toplet bomb, or children dying from cancer and other diseases every day. Its sad really the false hope and promises

    1. Hmm.. dont know about u but...

      The fact that we all still chatting on this blog should be testimony enough.. that nuclear annihiliation has been prevented.
      U really think that some of the psychopaths ruling some world region would not have attempted already plenty of times to push thhose nuclear buttons by now.. n all attempts stopped?

      There r some military eye witnesses mentioning about missile launch failures n equipmemt mal functions on those nuclear facilities...

      Just sayinh

    2. Unfortunately, you are right.

    3. UFO disable 10 live nukes at top secret base
      Ex-Air Force Personnel: UFOs Deactivated Nukes
      Did UFOs Disarm Nuclear Weapons? And If So, Why?

    4. They have been doing it for decades. It's well documented on numerous UFO TV specials, interviews with military personel, books and UFO reports. There is a video of a UFO fireing on a missile.

  27. Cream flavored stink demons need to fucking go

  28. A couple questions. Where can I learn more about the planes of existence and the mental body in particular? The Plasma and Mental Planes are new to me, I learned about them thanks to Cobra.

    Also I am in Central Florida and the closest Tachyon Chamber to me is in Virginia. Is anyone building one closer to me?

    1. I believe the explation on the planes of existance is bury somewhere in this blog. Try

      Top left on search field.. try diff key words. Maybe "plane of exist... may bring up articles on if


  29. Arabic translation of this article:
    :الترجمة العربية لهذه المقالة

  30. Wait, even the Pleiadians encourage monogamy, and so do positive esoteric schools.

    1. I heard they are not so monogamous, and find such a concept as 'quaint'.

    2. From Billy Meier to Barbara Marciniak I have always gotten the impression the the Pleadians are kinda loose ;) One of Barbara's books read like a beginners guide to Tantric Magick.

    3. Dont lose sight that their world is not dense as ours .... whether they choose monogamy or not they live a more
      balanced life. If they are able to connect to their twin... i could see some choosing to be momogamous if agreed by both... if couples are more adventurous.. n there is no fear of illnesses or social stigma i dont see why having diff partners would be illogical kr strange. You got twin flame and soulmates around.. maybe the connection among them is strong to lead to multiple relationships.

    4. ...and besides i dont think they have to worry about females getting pregnant. i think they use Fed Ex to get their kid delivered.

    5. Pleiades is not a planet. It is collection of stars. Marriage system will surely vary depending on the region.


  31. Thank you Cobra to send us this great update! Here is the Romanian translation for our friends: Keep going, keep fighting and always in the Light!

  32. Very surprised and disappointed with your mention here COBRA about the so-called "woke ideology, critical race theory, etc." being considered an Archon structure because these movements are about truth and reconciliation of that truth, which obviously reveals Caucasian peoples horrendous legacy regarding human rights and general anti-blackness. We cannot ignore that black people have been subjugated to fierce and unrelenting oppression, genocides, police killings, assassinations, invasions, violence, take over of their countries, pharmaceutical poisoning, lynching, sexual violence, poverty due to European nations looting indigenous lands, slavery, Segregation, Apartheid, farmed for breeding, and all the psychological violence of racism and it's traumas... Why are white people so afraid to have conversations that center real truth and take responsibility for the ongoing systematic brutality and evil against black people across the world? Critical race theory and so called "wokeness" is about liberating the truth of history and the lies that have erroneously centered white people as great liberators and godly instead of the complete opposite. I see this resistance to black liberation and truth even in the "disclosure"(ironic) and the "light-worker" community as very disturbing, dishonest and a betrayal to the majority of people on the planet, who are not white, they are black and brown. If the Pleideans and white hats are anti-black, then just say that. Such a disappointing addition to your post among all the other good news. It took me by surprise Cobra. This comment is for Cobra, so I won't be reading or replying to any other beings comments.

    1. The dark ones have infiltrated many movements.

    2. HOLD IT!

      The 'woke' culture just shames one side for being not of the 'woke's side. And the groups like Black Lives matter, and critical race theory want to make everyone ashamed for being NOT in ALL of us are responsible for the crimes and horrors of the past.

      Let me tell you something. When slavery and segregation were going on in the America's, my ancestors were too busy dealing with conflicts in their oppressive countries.

      Also, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, are just groups of THUGS, paid for by guys like George Soros, who was a Nazi supporter, and wants to create race riots....and both these groups burn buildings, destroy property and set fires.

      and don't get me started on critical race theory.....or that of cancel culture.

    3. This wall of text is a classic example of someone who definitely drank the Invisibles' Kool-Aid.

      Caucasians in the colonial era were used by the same transnational corporations of today run by the same banking and royal families as foot soldiers to effect the iron fist of the Negative Agenda in the Americas and Asia, including Southeast Asia where I am at.

      In these regions they used the tactics learned from the Roman Empire of playing local tribes against each other on their differences, in order to make takeover easier.

      These methods perfected in that era are now being used in the western world, with Critical Race Theory being turned against the general Caucasian populace because they are the last remaining culture left that has preserved some notion of individual rights and liberty,

      The Cabal does not like an open minded free-thinking civilization that won't bow to a Centrally Planned authority and will walk away from injection mandates.

      The world is run by transnational corporations who do not care for flags, nations, color of skin, gender. The divide and conquer methods may vary but have one goal, to keep us divided so we will be consumed piecemeal.

      Don't become the useful idiot.

    4. No Cobra is correct the woke and critical race theory etc is archon mind programming. Every race, color and creed of humans have done inhumane things to eachother throughout history it's NOT only the "white people" who have done this. On the surface it may appear to be about "truth and reconciliation" but it reality it's about divide and conquer. Getting portions of the population to constantly fight and blame eachother for past grievances rather then putting the blame where it truly belongs... on the dark forces for orchestrating the situations in which humans attack eachother without mercy. Also the reason I think you said "I won't be reading or replying to any other beings comments." is because you know deep down what you're saying is wrong therefore that is an attempt to avoid any criticism or have to defend a convoluted position. The point is right now we ALL OF US as humans need to come together and unite as one no matter what personal beliefs anyone holds so we can liberate ourselves from the dark forces as a species. WWG1WGA!

    5. Reading above... makes me want to blink. Almost feels like a setup. Either that or the person above have missed the point of "liberation of a "planet". Liberation does not focus on one race gender/creed specifically n specially not at the expense of another in order to feel vindicated by any equally unjust or "umbalanced" means. Those that are not aware yet.. everyone has been screwed.. whether in this lifetime or on a previous one. Whether u feel u or ur group are the victims now u probably were the victimizer on a previous life(wouldnt that be ironic). Separation of all sorts are by designed n not new tactics... not just in gender race but in all areas including in politics... who designed the games. .. the archons n minions.. and we all have and still play their game. Bad guys infiltrate all sorts of movememts that may have had noble starts...(history is littered with examples -freemasons for one) unfortunately over time if u dont guard it it becomes at the end a tool for the bad guys to reach their goal.. if u truly believe that certain if not all ideologies out there roaming have not been compromised.. all i can say is. "Have u not been watching"? In short.. liberation... true liberation is where freedom is for all. Is as simple as that. Imho a lightworker's love for humanity is not limited to one race creed or gender... is all encompassing.. cares for all. The lightworker understands the real enemy is not ur neighbor. . Understands the real slavers are those hiding behind the curtains... n that they been doing the same tricks on all of us for lifetimes.... remember that.. lifetimes.

      Do not lose focus or sight who the real enemies are.

    6. but also, 3K, sooner and more visible.

    7. That's precisely why I myself want to create a Fantasy Manga with a Black Male Protagonist and myriad races of characters he assists so I can help uplift the image of black people so they can be seen as a Hero too and equal to Whites and Asians who have so much representation in games, anime and manga as Heroes. Peace, Justice, Equality, Light, and Love.

    8. Woke ideology is a no sense mk ultra deformed believe. You have been infected, so you need to please see and understand the truth by understanding the other side. Please begin to take a moment with yourself and try to open your mind about other way of thinking. The people affected by the woke ideology are very aggressive to the truth and common sense. Good look lightworker!

    9. Actually you are totally brain washed. Stop with this no sense. We are in 2022!

      Stop with this anti black no sense.

    10. I could write a book on this subject and take all of it down but Ill keep it simple. This is anti western propaganda to cause division and problems in the west regardless of how bad things were. I cant believe how many do not know that these things only happened because of the large number of black, brown, and asian elites and kurgan like peoples around the world who were just as bad as the european elites. The elites around the world worked with each other and intermarried with the european elites at the top. The agendas only worked because of some of the black, brown, and asian people. Leaving these things out is propaganda and will only aim grievances at common whites and leave the elite classes completely off of the hook.

      Disease killed half or more of the american indians and governments run by knights and other masonic orders did the rest not common whites. They do not teach that because they teach propaganda.

      This is being used as part of the ongoing kalergi/helter skelter/altlas shrugged plan to take down the west who have been used by the elites heavily and also exposed and stood up to the elites more than anyone else. Things are complex. I am focused on the archon network, the reset, and more so healing and growth for myself and some others. I am not focused on an archon suicidal white guilt program and a satanic cult around the suffering of others and the destruction of the west.

  33. Victory of the Light 🙏☄️🌠

    Thank you so much LF and RM also Light workers and Light warriors 🙏

  34. i agree with this matrix and entities that control our lifes with the mind control system, finally i got confirmation to my beliefs.. so lets see how they will deal with the light forces, cause they are bullying us, the weaks..

  35. And continue the victory of light.👊

  36. 500 incarnated people on Earth whose mental bodies are fully intact would mean that this applies on average to only one in 15.5 million people.

    1. Welcome to planet gulag, pal.

    2. what is your estimate? to me it does not seem to be greater than 1 in 200000. past that I do not know

  37. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  38. The Russian mentality was summed up by the President of the Russian Federation in a Valdai conference, the same time he said 'if attacked, we will go to Heaven as martyrs. Our enemies won't even have time to repent'.

    He also said ominously that if Russia ceases to exist, the rest of the world 'is of no use to them'.

    Their trust issues come from events of the last century.

    The trauma of the Second World War as well as the current geopolitics has only further encouraged the siege mentality.

    In this light, the Pleiadian egalitarian mindset would have clashed with the Russian tribe first mentality. Pleiadians being an ET species would see us as one species, just as we class urban pigeons who have different feather colorings as still 'Rock Pigeons' (their official common name).

    Geopolitical analysts like Matthew Ehret of Canada and others like Rogue News see China in a favorable position, because of their Belt and Road initiative. Ironically because they are a strict Centrally planned authority that doesn't need to worry about 4 year voting cycles they can plan in 50 to 100 years ahead which has enabled such long term projects to take place.

    As an example, in the US their Acela 'high speed train' derails at below 80 miles per hour, while China has now the world's largest network of trains going above 200 miles per hour.

    Geopolitics and finance tend to be closely intertwined, and their view of China is rose-colored by the fact they appear to offer an alternative to the toxic US dollar.

    However China is not known for its human rights record, almost up there with North Korea, and its people controlled with social credit scores and a sinister program of disappearing people who open their mouth criticizing the CCP. Brainwashed people who have fallen for the rose-tinted psyops of the CCP say China's forced organ harvesting is an intelligence psyop.

    China also smells blood with US overstretched all over the globe with regards to Taiwan and geopolitical analysts in the Alternative Media are rubbing their hands with glee at the idea of Taiwan being invaded and taken over by China. Its disappointing they do not consider the consequences that will follow for people there especially given the historical animosity and the typical scorched Earth methods the Orientals typically use against their enemies.

    The US has not been a good example and in some cases has been more tyrannical to its citizens than China. Their foreign policy has also angered a lot of people outside the United States.

    'The day when children around the world will be able to sleep at night is when the US ceases to exist' was one of the comments coming from a Global South oriented website.

    So when it comes to geopolitics both sides have many ills with no black and white, but people are falling for the idiotic 'lesser of two evils' mentality.

    I would venture that mentality can also be filed under the 'Invisibles Archontic Programming', because 'lesser of two evils' just means you go down the spiral staircase instead of taking the elevator - the final outcome is still the same.

    Overall the world as it is, is a gross disappointment. At least I don't buy into the idea that suffering is needed to learn, or that speed of light limit is not possible to overcome, which comes from a cop-out defeatist mentality who doesn't embrace the spirit of innovation and achievement and leaving a better world for the next generation.

    Instead we are seeing for the last 20 years a stagnation and a degenerative loser mentality. As for stuff like Flat Earth, Climate Change and Critical Race Theory if you believe that garbage you belong to a mental institution.

    1. Don't forget cancel culture, and so on.

      I soooo gotta get off this useless lump of rock for a planet, FAST.

    2. I am at a loss as to what to do with those who refuse to help themselves. Whether it's looking up the definition of a term or organizing their lives, they refuse to experience or even take responsibility for their own existence. I'm baffled and dismayed. My only response is "no one can live your life for you."

  39. Cobra, with all due respect, the light forces talk about the event since 2012 and nothing happened, so now that Putin seeks a realistic alliance with China, he is commiting a mistake?

    Russia has been attacked many times, they know the horrors of war, sorry, but they shouldn't AT ALL believe in promises which don't materialize. I'm sorry, but there is a limit to everything.

  40. Were these the invisibles?

  41. Thank you for the update, Cobra.

    And for all the new information (new to me, anyway) about the tachyon chambers. So fascinating.

    I guess I need to acknowledge that I am possessed. It won't be difficult. As one friend of mine has said for a long time: "Well, everybody is a little bit nuts."

    I am surprised, I guess, to read that the Russians are surprised to find out that the Pleiadians are not there "just for them alone," but for the whole planet. It's sort of funny, really.

    Okay, thank you Cobra and thank you Light Forces!

  42. On the Surface Population level, its been made obvious that Russia has already been quite chummy with China for some time. For several years before CooF especially with Syria they have been cooperating diplomatically and militarily with regards to the BRI.

    The new Silk Road was already established with the first shipment on the overland route from Beijing to London completed back and forth some years ago. This would not have been possible without Russia-China cooperation with Kazakhstan.

    Kazakhstan apart from its importance for space launches for Russia, is its western border is near to the strategic nuclear deterrent for Russia based in Engels Air Force Base in the city of Saratov along the Volga River. Its border also next to the Urals where Mt Yamantau is located, strategic nuclear silos and rare earth minerals are located.

  43. Replies
    1. Have you SEEN how many marriages go to hell on this planet?

      To convince someone NOT to get married, I'd suggest showing them the english comedy, "last of the summer wine". Marriage is more like a prison sentence, from what I seen around me. Looking at the Victorian era, for example, it's amazing English society survived to this day.

      And, after being DENIED romance, love, intimacy, and sex for soooo many years....decades now......I don't think I could settle for just ONE person forever.

    2. I dont think it is a vad idea. It is a choice. Nothing wrong with it.. however our behaviour is mostly guided by a belief system .. derived from customs or societal rules... in addition.. rem that women were wired up resulting to lean toward monogamy unlike men. However unless certain criteria is met ... being with one partner or not still can be fulfilling for the individual. Problem is those criteria area not abundantly met because of the control mechanisms or the old programming

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Muslims will be right to have more wives than one.

    5. Non ha detto che la monogamis è una cattiva idea, ma credere che sia l'unica via possibile è errato. C'è molta differenza

    6. @unbeknown, it may not be right for everyone.

    7. It's not a bad idea. He is simply saying that it's not the only way.

      "To be more prepared for those connections, the surface population needs to be aware that the Pleiadians and the Resistance have a very similar societal model that is based on soul families. Sometimes they are fully committed to exclusive sacred union with their twin soul or their primary soulmate, and sometimes they form open polyamoruos connections that are based on Soul Love and free flow of sexual energy. Same sex unions do happen among them, but they are free from any Archon interference that is so prevalent on the surface of this planet."

    8. It's not a bad idea. It's just not the only good idea. The universe give you the abundance of people dear to your heart. It's up to you if you want to have a sexual relationship with one of them, or many of them, or none of them. It's a matter of convenience for all the sides of those relationships. You can also have many love relationships with people of opposite sex, have emotional intimacy with all of them, but have sex with just one of them. Is it monogamy then? Or not?

  44. So the pleiadians fixed everything with russia who are trusting them again, but we have to meditate to don't have war between russia and nato? Wtf?

    1. They have not settled everything. Even Putin does not understand everything and can make wrong decisions.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Polish translation:

  46. many people have a low self- image,is it related to the invisibles?

    1. When I compare people with how they were before 1996, many have a false image of themselves and others. My impression is that the invisibles contribute to this.

    2. Maybe, but I place more blame on the Archons for that they did to me, even before I was born.

    3. it is related to choose, be a meal or not, raise one's own freq/vibe and they can't feed off you, they have to move on like an animal does in the forest.

  47. Let's meet new challenges together until the victory of light.🤗

  48. I must ask for a consideration of the Light Forces to establish a focus of the Light upon Fort Carson, Arkansas.
    Fort Gibson is the end point of the Trail of Tears for the Eastern Tribes of the United States (more or less).
    It is a very potent negative energy nexus, and happens to be an underlying negative energy anchorage point for the Anglo-Saxon imperial mental/emotional energy field.
    It needs to be cleared.
    Not to mention the fact that the bound souls of the Eastern Tribes very much need to be freed.
    Their reincarnation cycle has already been at least partly restored (through very difficult, coming to an understanding...),
    But, it's not enough.
    They have to be able to complete the journey if it isn't enough for them to only reincarnate.
    You once mentioned that American battlefields needed consideration. This does too.

    1. I'll add Fort Carson and Fort Gibson to my list for clearing. Perhaps someone can bury a cintamani stone there.

    2. Jonah has been on that line a few times in the last 4 months supporting in presence... this is golden, thank you as so many look up for answers, they forget our Goddess is at our soles.

    3. Thank you for mentioning all of this.

      Can you please share an article which indicates the location of the Fort Carson in Arkansas? I cannot find anything about that Fort in Arkansas. Usually there are wikipedia pages for most Forts but there doesn't seem to be one for that spot.

  49. アガルタ(東京)の入り口を公開します。













  51. @ Libra

    Don't worry, you will get the changes you want. I imagine how much you and Sherman suffer because you are in the wrong body. I always had in my mind that everyone should be beautiful and perfect in their bodies (as I am aesthetically oriented), I never understood why there are so many ugly people in the world. About sex change, recently I saw a presentation by Jared Rand about the Celestial Chambers (the new name for Med Beds to avoid confusion with fake Med Beds out there) and its capabilities. According to Rand, there is a type of CC that is reatomizing, which means you can create a 3D blueprint of the body you want to have (to the minimal details, including gender change, race change, even exotic skin, hair and eye colors if you wish) and lay it over your body and the CC will reatomize your body and manipulate your energy body and DNA and will sort of "print" this new avatar into your physical body. And that is the technology he is developping, imagine what technology the Galactics have... So everything is possible. What you can do now is plan what kind of new avatar you would like to have once this technology is released. In the end, everyone will be aesthetically beautiful, no more ugliness in this world in any way, shape or form.

  52. I need a gender change as well. And a species change, want to be alien again...pleiadian....just to get rod of this human contamination...flaws, weakness, aging and all....and in THIS lifetime. To all those saying 'focus on the NEXT lifetime!'....go to hell.

    And I'll be the first one in line to get off this rock. Don't want to stay on this rotten planet any longer than I need to.

  53. Does anybidy know whats with GaiaPortal? No New messages for months now

  54. ...
    In the current now moment of present awareness we all have the power to change, shift and release these karmic patterns, which changes the station of our consciousness into a higher timeline and allows more light to be embodied.

    As we become aware of the releases of karmic imprints or shadow energies, we can intend to transmute those energies through the solar consciousness of eternal light, seeing the Christ consciousness as a Sun image, merging the combined shadow energies with the solar light, to bring them into synchronization with the highest possible harmony and outcome.

    Whatever quality of energy is generated from thought, emotion or behaviors, this combination sets into motion a cycle of energy that must eventually return back to its causal source, completing its circuit.

    There are many dimensional planes of causation, but nothing will escape the law, because at the end of the cycle all is being accounted for.

    It is up to each of us to understand and make proper use of this law, because on the path of expanding consciousness, we learn that we will have to answer for our actions, we will account for the energy we were given. ♡ ~LR of ES~ ♡


    1. There is no such thing as karma.

      Otherwise, we'd see more bad guys getting destroyed.

  55. I AM so grateful to you Cobra for this gift of clearing the invisibles ! I always felt them but couldn't pin point what it was.
    Thankyou !! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ❤❤

  56. No offense, but this sounds to me just like a thing those so called invisibles would do.

    You chose to be born in this family, this body, this society. You are not in the wrong body, you just have mental issues. Which is not an insult, just a fact. We all have mental issues.

  57. By the way props to Cobra for landing on a geopolitical goldmine of information with Pepe Escobar's article on The Cradle.

    This is what we call a 'Blockbuster' exposing US and UK taxpayers' dollars at work:

    "Virtually no one knows about it. But last December, another coup was discreetly thwarted in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. Kyrgyz intel sources attribute the engineering to a rash of NGOs linked with Britain and Turkey.

    That introduces an absolutely key facet of The Big Picture: NATO-linked intel and their assets may have been preparing a simultaneous color revolution offensive across Central Asia.

    On my Central Asia travels in late 2019, pre-Covid, it was plain to see how western NGOs – Hybrid War fronts – remained extremely powerful in both Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

    Yet, they are just one nexus in a western nebulae of Hybrid War fog deployed across Central Asia, and West Asia for that matter. Here we see the CIA and the US Deep State crisscrossing MI6 and different strands of Turkish intel.

    When President Tokayev was referring in code to a “single center,” he meant a so far ‘secret’ US-Turk-Israeli military-intel operations room based in the southern business hub of Almaty, according to a highly placed Central Asia intel source.

    In this “center,” there were 22 Americans, 16 Turks and 6 Israelis coordinating sabotage gangs – trained in West Asia by the Turks – and then rat-lined to Almaty.

    The op started to unravel for good when Kazakh forces – with the help of Russian/CSTO intel – retook control of the vandalized Almaty airport, which was supposed to be turned into a hub for receiving foreign military supplies.

    The Hybrid War west had to be stunned and livid at how the CSTO intercepted the Kazakh operation at such lightning speed. The key element is that the secretary of Russian National Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, saw the Big Picture eons ago.

    So, it’s no mystery why Russia’s aerospace and aero-transported forces, plus the massive necessary support infrastructure, were virtually ready to go.

    Back in November, Patrushev’s laser was already focused on the degrading security situation in Afghanistan. Tajik political scientist Parviz Mullojanov was among the very few who were stressing that there were as many as 8,000 imperial machine Salafi-jihadi assets, shipped by a rat line from Syria and Iraq, loitering in the wilds of northern Afghanistan.

    That’s the bulk of [Daesh]-Khorasan – or [Daesh] reconstituted near the borders of Turkmenistan. Some of them were duly transported to Kyrgyzstan. From there, it was very easy to cross the border from Bishek and show up in Almaty.

    It took no time for Patrushev and his team to figure out, after the imperial retreat from Kabul, how this jihadi reserve army would be used: along the 7,500 km-long border between Russia and the Central Asian ‘stans’.

    That explains, among other things, a record number of preparation drills conducted in late 2021 at the 210th Russian military base in Tajikistan." - Pepe Escobar

    1. With central asia you have russia to the northeast, china to the east, US nato run turkey, israel, etc to the west. It could pull most nuclear powers in just like war with syria and iran. It makes sense from the cabal angle. The above mentioned article also makes it sound like a failed move out of desperation too.

  58. Golden Aeonesis

    Our gridworking adventures and personal experiences with the Amethyst Dragon Kings from the Rha God World Creation continue to reveal the deeper mysteries about humanity’s true origins. Since the activation of the Albion Cosmic Magenta Rod, Magenta Grail Cup and Scepter Codes in the 11D Newgrange, Ireland gateway, the mysteries upon mysteries are unfolding.

    The ongoing revelation of the Christos-Sophia spiritual identity, the resurrection of the Solar Female Christ in her Triple Solar Goddess emanation are heralding the age of Golden Aeonesis, which ushers in the organic timeline of planetary Ascension.

    Together, their reunification in matter signifies the embodiment of the sacred Universal Rod and Staff to ensure angelic humanity’s return to the uniquely aligned destination that is based upon our original spiritual family’s Solar Sun-Star genetic factors. Through their return to this material world, they slowly reveal the mysteries of creation to the sincere spiritual seeker that loves truth, confirming the momentous position that our planetary collective consciousness has in fulfilling the divine plan of Universal Ascension within the Cosmic Order.

    Beloveds, we return back into the arms of our Cosmic Parents in the God Worlds as the crystal rose hearts of the star-born, the eternal stars that we are.[1]

  59. In the fog of global spiritual warfare, nothing can be accepted at face value, all is shifting on the inner, in between and outer planes, as the planet is in a state of grand flux in her ascension evolution.

    Through the transcendent moments of the triune unifier fire-water transmissions that were designed to surface our deepest spiritual wounds during the Ophiuchus cycle, these potent personal activations led up to a major crescendo of grid wars and defense of Christos trinity architecture and gateways.

    December was met with the major unpacking of NAA artificial machinery running black magic grids, reversal currents and metatronic base 5 programming throughout the ley lines as Dark Mother.

    These changes generated a series of explosions in the outer fields as the result of a series of Cathedral Activations which led to a grand activation at the Lincoln Cathedral in the United Kingdom during the Winter Solstice.
    ♡ ~ LR of ES ~ ♡

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you for such a constructive comment.🙏🌈💞

  61. Hello and thank you for all the good work. A question : what about MARBURG? Some people say it s the next step in their plan...

  62. Thanks Cobra for the update and the interview.
    French traslation of the post.

    Traduction de l'article en français :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  63. ET Fleet arrives to watch humanity’s liberation – Interview with James Gilliland

    1. Glad you also posted this Unknown! =)

    2. Peak stupidity is what they are really here for.

    3. they need to appear and LAND and HELP....not silent cheer leading.

  64. @fluffy
    nope, I NEED the gender change...when you look in the mirror and are ALWAYS on the verge of CRYING, because one is trapped in the WRONG gender body, and, to add insult to injury...UGLY will not embrace it, sorry to tell you. Go ask ANY transgender person and they will tell you how much they 'EMBRACE' being in the wrong body.

    @Unknown #1
    Hope so, and it better be getting here FAST. Humans, so far, always seem to get the tail end of things....short life spans, aging, sickness, ugliness, etc.

    @Unknown #2

    I did NOT chose to incarnate on this planet, as a human, a as a man, and NOT the bigoted, greedy religious assholes that is my SO-CALLED family.

    Not a mental issue....but ARCHON MEDDLING. You sound like the new agers and,dare I say, cosmic agency

    IF I get half a chance, I will look for the Archons and Dracos who did this to me, and I WILL teach them the TRUE MEANING OF PAIN. For what they did to me can never be forgiven, and I'll make a pair of stiletto heel pumps from their skin if given a chance, to wear as a war trophy.

  65. So after this lower mental plane is cleared and people are able to think & perceive clearly, would the next step be releasing the truth in the mass media?
    Or will the battle still continue in the non-physical planes while there is nothing tangible occuring on the ground?

    1. I think a healing process will be necessary.

  66. "With the pandemic ending, the dark forces are left with..."

    There are also rumors that a 'climate lockdown' is under preparing, and is in cards thereafter...

    1. This may be one of the possibilities. Or they could go with threats of war, financial collapse, cyber-attacks & grid shutdown (cyber polygon) or even another pandemic ala smallpox.

      I am not fear-mongering, but we need to be aware of the possibilites in order to see through the bs & prepare as much as we can. We have to count on ourselves & band together with like-minded people for now. Good luck & godspeed everyone.

      As an aside, I don't know why my earlier comments aren't appearing.
      I would hope this is a place for open discussion & opinions instead of the constant censorship we have to navigate through on big tech platforms.

    2. @unknown, possibly...or they overplayed their hand with the rona lockdowns as well as pushing for war, and wont be able too. I dont know.

  67. For those familiar with the Matrix movies with Keanu Reeves. I remember a quote in the final fight scene with Smith.

    "Smith/Oracle: Why, Mr. Anderson, why? Why, why do you do it? Why, why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting for something, for more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is, do you even know? Is it freedom or truth, perhaps peace – could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson, vagaries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself. Although, only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson, you must know it by now! You can’t win, it’s pointless to keep fighting! Why, Mr. Anderson, why, why do you persist?
    Neo: Because I choose to.

  68. Thanks for the follow-up Cobra! It's great to have another post so soon after the last to hear about all the good and positive things now happening as a result of the Divine Intervention Activation. I hope more frequent posting will be the trend going forward. It's a boost for we surface troops :)


    The Eight Degrees of Ignorance and Stupidity

    Sixth Degree (Unyielding Stupidity): At this stage the Unyielding Stupid express total unwillingness to accept any fact presented to them that is contrary to their own presumptions, regardless of even monumental levels of proof from all other sources. No amount of convincing will succeed in dislodging their false belief or facilitate their acceptance of truth. In fact, the strength in which they will hold their falsehood is nearly proportionate to the amount of effort wasted by others trying to convince them otherwise.
    They also tend to accept new information as “factual” based on a very low initial bar of proof, especially if presented to them by a source they blindly assign credibility. Once falsehood becomes resident in their mind it is nearly impossible to rehabilitate by contrary, yet factual evidence. From this they incorporate falsehoods into their thinking and behavior; which of course leads to feedback loops of bad decision making and the consternation of all around them.
    Normally minded individuals will certainly experience frustration and annoyance in having to be forced into proximity with the Unyielding Stupid. For one’s own mental wellbeing this flavor of stupid is better observed from a safe distance and at best if not at all.
    These stupid individuals are also easily manipulated by others who they’ve assigned expertise or kinship. They tend to place greater importance on the person or ideal they devote themselves to rather than the information or events presented by that person. So by extension they blindly follow a few because they both lack the ability to effectively think for themselves and that everyone else who might disagree is wrong (i.e. religious zealots, brainwashed individuals devoted to politicians, celebrities, etc.).

    As Carl Sagan would say:
    "You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep seated need to believe”.


    So there is no point in trying to wake up the brainwashed zombies/sheeple. Let the zombies die in their own stupidity, let's take care of each other, the salvageable awakened ones.

    Live and let die!

    link na cesky kanal Cobry na telegramu, připojte se,pokud mate zajem.

  71. Ft. Smith is Arkansas, Ft. Gibson is Oklahoma. Sorry about that.

  72. Message to Vladimir Putin:

    What good does it do to ally with the Chinese Communist Party to protect Russia when by doing so Russia loses its soul?

  73. mushoku tensei: jobless reincarnation season 2 Original title of episode 23
    Awakening, one step,
    The last episode was updated at 0: 00 on December 20th.
    Then I attended at 0: 00 on December 22th DIVINE INTERVENTION ACTIVATION meditate on
    In the painful reality, the protagonist took the first step with the motivation to find his mother, and I felt powerless in reality, and I compromised in the attack, and all this was connected again.
    Suddenly recall this interesting correlation! Haha, it's really touching!
    Hold the light!!!
    Victory of light!!!🤗👌

  74. SEE. Told ya there is absolutely nothing changing here.

    Best and most accurate statement of alien news update EVER in my 30 years investing into cracking this MakeTricks.
    "peak stupidity on the global scale is expected in about two weeks".

    You would bet your life we are already in peak stupidity.

  75. Libra i would not worry how u would integrate into society. .. my estimation is that eveyone will be affected in a life changing manner... seeing people with new limbs to healing of what were incurable illnesses to new avatars whether to younger bodies or some in diff gender bodies will probably would be less traumatic experience .. in fact it may be enlightening not only for u but others.. even if there was some rejection by some... what is important is that you do what will make u happy n understand people are at diff levels n paths. Life will change so fast for all in good ways.. that i doubt their fears would not linger long...

    Libra & Fluffy great perspective n healthy way of dealing with your situation under the circumstamces. Fluffy I agree with the thought of souls holding fem/male energy

    Unknown. Is my understanding a lot of the details or decisions regarding our reincarnation is not necessarily made by us. To some small degree only

  76. Great news,thank you,Cobra.🧚❣️🙏

  77. I hope karma exists. Evil people deserve punishment!!!


  79. Thank you Cobra for this great update. Thank you also for the tips about invisibles. Via muscle testing, I confirm I have some. I'm going to work on mine. I have a couple of books about spiritual cleaning. Time to put them to good use!

  80. I am 7th degree stupid haha and surrounded by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th degree stupid people.
    I guess after reading cobra's blog and trying to enlighten stupid people makes me 7th degree stupid. (Sherman you are included in this degree, don't kill me for saying it!)
    Well anyway in one month I will not be stupid anymore! Its stupid being stupid 😜😜😜

  81. Obrigada COBRA. Estamos resistindo. Agora, com essas informações, fica mais fácil identificar e bloquear a influência dos "invisíveis". Continuaremos a meditar e resistir, resistir, resistir. Vitória da Luz 💖🌹🌎🌟

  82. Thanks for this site !
    Keep the inner peace, always!
    What means - monogamia & karma is from black side . . . ?

  83. Thank you so much, for the information, but feel the need to ask:

    Can understand how flat earth or monogamy can be false ideas, totally - but how is global warming in the same folder? Is the earth not getting warmer?

    Is it not being triggered by our economical ways? What about everyting else that also comes out with/from this crisis; ecological, waste, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification? All false as well?

    Would love to understand the narrative around this one.

    Cheers! & Thank you again!

  84. If there is an armed conflict between Russia and NATO, China will most likely take the opportunity to attack Taiwan, and then the cabal will be easier to spread the war to the whole world.

  85. German translation of the interview / deutsche Übersetzung des Interviews:

  86. Wow Majority of the Primary Anomaly cleared? since the last report this was only in about 10 days. Serious progress

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Entities: The Darkness has progressed since Jesus walked the Earth. This increased density has caused a situation where people are rarely more than 20% in their bodies and they are often sharing their bodies with Entities, (ghost, the emotional bodies of people who have passed on). These Entities cause auditions and a host of other problems. They need to be cleared out in order for the Spirit to come into the body 100%. The Galactic Federation has allowed negative ET races (Greys & Draconians) to abduct people and do things to them against their will, such as: Install tracking devices Inject them with mental and physical implants, use devices that control and alter Consciousness according to their will. Each time just before an individual was incarnated, he was re-implanted again. In this way, the surface population was kept in amnesia. Infiltration of the physical body by the ‘Dark Forces Agenda’ has radically compromised the human energy system. This has prevented the physical and spiritual development of the Human Race for eons. This has threatened Humanity to near Spiritual extinction. The Dark Agenda’s many methods have included negative imprinting, mind control, tracking devices, psychic attacks, mental and physical attacks, negative implants, invasion of privacy and freedom, soul theft, abduction, spreading of false teachings designed to distract and lead people away from their own Divinity. This has become a very large clean-up mission on our part. The Dark Forces are trying to take over the Light’s Creations. We realize that there is a need to clean up this situation and the Divine Forces are united in this effort at this time. Light bearers throughout history have come into physical form to facilitate a positive change and help uplift human consciousness in overcoming the force of Darkness. Many of these individuals have suffered from living under the Dark Agenda’s rule. Imposters of the Light have proliferated on Earth for a long time. They mislead, misdirect, torture, kill, and steal Life Force Energy from the Earth and its inhabitants. These dark forces have covertly infiltrated all societies on Earth. This situation has made it necessary for the Creation Lightship to activate Universal Energy Shifts to cleanse, realign, and restore Spiritual Divine Harmony. All inhabits on Earth were created to experience Love and Light. Creation will no longer allow this darkness to go unchecked. Originally the Galactic Federation was created as the Spiritual and Physical Guardians for Earth and its inhabitants. They were created to: Offer Spiritual Guidance Aid and Assist when needed Protect from Dark Force invasions Provide physical healing when needed Help with Ascension Preparation at the Time of the Shift Unfortunately, the Galactic Federation did not hold their Spiritual Integrity in Love. This caused them to become infiltrated by the Dark Forces. This was accomplished through extraterrestrial races allied with the Dark Agenda who were seeking to control and infiltrate the Galactic Federation as well as the human race. The Darkness overtook them.

  89. Become Free of Entrapments: Forced Reincarnation Karmic Lessons Parallel Lives Entities, Mind Control, Cordings Endless Reincarnation on Earth We did not install your enforced reincarnation process. This again was in accordance with the Galactic Federation’s alliance with the Dark. The reincarnation process was devised to capture and use your energy for the Darks own parasitic agenda, i.e. the theft of souls. The Dark Forces built the etheric soul traps for the harvesting (recycling) of souls. Humans are recycled after death to remain in the Matrix. A soul-catching net or soul net awaits us at death – and keeps us in the Matrix – The Dark Forces feed off of our negative energy and this is why humanity continuously reincarnate. To allow our spirits to move on and return to Source/God/Creator would end existence for the Dark Forces. All Spirits were created as a unique expression of the Divine, freely expressing their own unique Love and Light Frequencies in all of their creations. This was the original Divine Plan. You were created to experience one life at a time. Being held captive on Earth without your Twin Flame, reincarnating over and over again to learn karmic lessons, having your Spirit Energy diluted into numerous parallel lives. This all came about from the Dark Side’s infiltration of this planet. This was never part of the Lights Divine Plan! Karmic Lessons: Negative programming from past lives (karma) was never intended to be imprinted on the physical body. This is not part of the Divine Intention. Born over and over again on Earth without being able to leave and being held captive was a program put in place by the Dark Agenda. Parallel Lives: I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘spreading yourself too thin’. At this time on Earth, people are living a multitude of parallel lives simultaneously. These lives can affect you without your knowledge or consent. This process was not created by the Light. You were created to live one life in the NOW.

  90. so the CCP is the savior of the planet ? really ? so whatever CCP did to their citizens is good for whole planet's human ?

  91. @Sherman
    I feel you! I really probably can't imagine what you are going through..
    If you manage to keep holding the light even under those circumstances, you truly acquired spiritual mastership!
    Soon this will all start to heal and/or be rectified.
    Wish you all the best! 💖

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. ...

    Other than to say, when you live in a scarcity driven economy, built upon competition, where there is no security for your survival built in, people are no doubt going to vary their ethical behavior based on their needs.

    And a central problem is that when you really look at the system, there really is no viable, measurable moral foundation to begin with.

    Market trade is a process of seeking advantage, not mutual benefit and effectively a near zero sum game.

    So of course, people are going to cheat because people are inevitably going to lose and they don't want to.

    It's psychologically and sociologically naive to declare humans should simply behave some certain way within this kind of system, a system that is fundamentally oppressive to the already by structural default.

    When you see inner city gangs that are built upon crime and violence, inevitably when you track back the origins of that behavior and group identity, as these things evolve their own cultures, it's rooted in deep scarcity and oppression, almost universally.

    Anyway, all that aside let's first remind ourselves what the traditional definition of capitalism is.

    Capitalism is the private ownership of the means of production driven by the mechanism of free trade.

    And within this, of course, there are numerous philosophical schools like the Chicago or libertarian or Keynesian and so forth.

    But we're going to keep everything as broad as possible for this discussion.

    The defining characteristic is where on the spectrum non-regulated free markets meet regulated state controls.

  94. Now, I am wondering... Who would some of the 500 be? :)

  95. * Cobra, did you have authorisation to tell us what pleiadian race are in contact with Putin? Because according to the Karistus the race from Jupiter that are here incarnated related with the positive Templars like you know have an Alliance with the Taygetans according to the commander Aneeka of the Tole'ka spaceships she say that the Taygetans have alliance with the Karistus but i mean the Karistus out of the planet I always trust in your sources that's why I ask because i know that not everything can be shared to the public and this could make confusion in us.

    If i talk about this is because you know that some of us (Starseeds) we are trying to connect dots and we investigate in everything to found that posible connection because everything it's part of the source so we must see everything and found the connection like I'm sure you will understand well because you do the same that's why you share the links.

    I know that Putin is with the Karistus and the Karistus with the positive Templars and they are working for the Cause and the Cause is the liberation of the planet from the reptilians Vlash, Kingu, in the matrix with their hybrids and so on and the Maitre that are controlling the Cabal from the exterior that's the cause according to them and the Taygetans have this alliance with the Karistus but here in the surface of the planet we can't really know, the Karistus say that Putin is one of the 4 Karistus brothers that have different missions so Putin have the consciousness of "Danaiel" according to the Karistus on earth so Putin have two faces so to speak because he's for the cause for the Karistus but he must stay with the political leader face in front of the public to keep he's position so he's actions could be because of this?

    I will really appreciate if you can clarify just the part of what Pleiadian race are in communication with Russia? If you can ask if your Family give you authorisation to share this Intel in a next publication please 🙏 i mean pleiadians are Antarians, Engans, Solatians, Taygetans, Maya's so what race is more involve in this ? Or when you say Pleiadians in general you mean the Alcyone council that represent all the Pleiadians races and that's why you are not more specific because what ever pleiadian family could be involve it's the same and doesn't matter? Or because you don't have authorisation?

    Here we are in the oblivion so please have patience with me i just try to understand what happens because I'm confused and frustrated but always believing in your intuition... like always.

    Much love to you.

  96. ...
    So you could have a system of this nature, a pure utopian market, but it would self-destruct almost immediately due to the externalities.

    So I hope everyone understands that. I've covered this a few times in prior podcasts.

    While someone may, for example, argue that a state designated nonprofit institution can be started, that gets income through donations, and then transfers it into salaries for employees who then turn around to try and help homeless people, that is anomalous to the theory and structure of market capitalism itself.

    Why? Because there's no transactional return.

    Basically everything that isn't based upon profit seeking transaction is heterogeneous to the model.

    People working with the homeless are not selling them anything because obviously the homeless can't buy anything.

    And there's nothing in the core principle, the market structure that allow us for this. Hence, the contrived design of intervention.

    Which now brings us to the more moderate disposition on this spectrum from free markets to state controls.

    And that is the fact that we ultimately recognize a mixed economy.

    Any reputable economist, even though I wouldn't consider any market economist reputable, but anyone that has any basic common sense will say that a mixed economy is required to some degree.

    It's impossible otherwise, as pointed out before. Free markets exist on some level with regulatory control by government on another level, trying to keep stability.

    And as I'm going to talk about more so in a moment, things get very muddy when it comes to modern definitions of capitalism from this perspective.

    #peterjoseph #naturallawresourcebasedeconomy

  97. Are the invisibles the glowing plasma lights that I sometimes see out of the corner of my eyes? I am familiar with some mental body infestations causing one to consider ridiculous ideas and foolishly act upon them. These invisibles are also responsible for the insertion of key false ideas and concepts that can sidetrack or dramatically slow down a persons' spiritual progress for a whole lifetime.

  98. I ask Cobra to make a request through your contacts to the Russian military in order to confirm the accuracy of the information in the so-called "Project Orion", which has been walking around the Russian segment of the Internet for how many years. This "project" lists the knowledge of the Nazis that they received in Tibet and includes the interpretation of the chronology, the races that were on the planet before, the cycles of the planets, the inner earth (the word agarta is written in Russian). This whole "project" is represented by an incomplete number of volumes, that is, it was posted partially, therefore, in order to confirm the truth of this information, it would be worth laying out the project FULLY. I would be extremely grateful to you if you can clarify this issue for the Russian segment of searchers. At the moment, only 3 folders are in public access. By the way, they list planetary cycles and floods that destroy civilizations, special attention is drawn to the expeditions of Academician Vavilov, who found that agricultural crops spread from just a few centers in mountain ranges all over the planet - places where people of past civilizations hid from water along with supplies that further cultivated. If "Project Orion" is true, I will be happy to distribute scanned or photographed documents with a very good camera. The "project" is an analytical document for Andropov prepared shortly before his death, as far as I remember, there was even his signature, an examination of the handwriting is needed to confirm the authenticity.

  99. Cobra por favor, uma pergunta: Como ter acesso à câmara tachyon? Sou grata pelas informações. Sempre fico no aguardo de suas palavras aqui.

  100. Vivo en Venezuela... Ahora el Draco de Putin quiere invadir Venezuela y Cuba... Porque los Seres de la Luz no se llevan todos los Dracos y Reptiles del Planeta ...Ya..ya es suficiente.Queremos Paz en Armamento Ruso..Muchas gracias Cobra por la información.

  101. Different Types of Possession

    These are different type of being possessed, which I intuitively/telepathically see:

    1. Doing something horrible and not remembering it. This is the most extreme form of possession, because it's another entity completely taking over a person's mind and body. This form of possession may not be happening anymore, as the astral has been mostly cleared.

    2. Watching oneself say and/or do destructive things. Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone else and it's like you are watching yourself argue? Your heart starts beating fast, and words pour out of your mouth in an out-of-control way. More extreme forms of this are getting into physical fights and committing rape. Not all physical fights and rapes are this way though. Some physical fights and rapes are premeditated.

    3. Having stupid belief systems and believing these stupid belief systems to be one's own. Example: Someone who believes every man, woman, and child should be forced to get the experimental drugs. Those who believe this are infested.

    4. Having taboo sexual desires that one would never admit to anyone else. These desires are not acted upon, but are a source of great personal torment.

    5. Imagining scenarios of confronting people and getting into fights. These are fantasies that are acted out in the mind, creating similar responses in the body as though these scenarios are really happening.

    These are the types of possession that I'm seeing, but there may be others.

  102. 🌈 Thank you Cobra and Light Forces for all you do and for this high vibrations amazing update!

    Here is translation of it in Croatian.
    Hrvatski prijevod ovog posta:

    And on Telegram here:

  103. Dear Cobra! Thanks for the awsome update!
    In Hungarian / magyarul:

  104. So about getting rid of entities. Expelling them with decrees is similar to every other way, basically by intention. But I've had zero luck and it makes sense. Telling them to leave seems like telling a robber to leave your house because you have no power here! Go away mugger an the street, you're invading my sovereignty! With entities it seems even less likely to work. Why would it? I can't see or affect them, can't zap them with some energy that actually bothers them. I really don't think they're bothered by love that much. And not like I have any positive emotions to bring up anyways. I'd like to be a capable psychic warrior, but it seems really futile. I feel like if any of the energy defense stuff worked, there wouldn't be this widespread problem. We're all so cut off from the astral and our own energy, it's like a blind person trying to win a boxing match, you wouldn't score a single hit. I'd be open to hear of other's experiences.

  105. Darpa = Prada

    The Devil Wears Prada

    Glad to see we are here, well done all, much love.

  106. Canal de "El Portal 2012" en Telegram en Castellano siguiendo este link:

  107. I know there was something interfering with me, it was always there mentally and would sometimes talk to me. Horrible. I think it was finally removed a few years ago because I've seen nothing of it in that time (and heard nothing). I think it was "archon". It tried to possess me when I was a teenager and pretended to be a kind old man. I never spoke to it because it was fake. I laughed at it. Later in life it would actually attack me at night...for awhile. Wow, it makes sense we all have them somewhere, trying to get in. It makes sense of all the crazy Karens (nazi women who follow the deep state). They always try to but into my life (I have one crazy Karen who calls every two weeks to say nothing) but I just laugh at them. I think I finally understand something of "archon". They are going down.
    Thanks for this update!

  108. It is clear that the Nelk Boys have teamed up with the Trump faction and would like to make their way to the safe haven of Australia. Their alcoholic seltzer "Happy Dad" would like have some implants. In a way there is an implant war to control the masses of humanity, with each faction trying to out engineer the other and control humanity to its best of its ability so they can use them as robots to fight the real galactic confederation, most likely and to have the masses periodically feed themselves to the greys and other predatory races, so as to keep them appeased.

  109. Amazing, I just read this, and my friend and I were talking TODAY about the entity subject in a very similar way, which is rare with her. Not only that, for the 1st time in my life, I have been focusing on clearing entities and negativity from my aura and surrounding area which has been incredibly helpful. I find this happens often with Cobra's updates; they coincide with what's in my mind! Anyway, great update thank you, I think it's the first time I laughed at something in these updates (the stupidity thing). Things are beginning to look up and I'm feeling a little excited about the future. Please also appreciate for us the Pleiadeans hard work and sacrifices they are making.

  110. The thing is if Taiwan was to become part of China then the desire to takeover the world would grow even stronger with these oriental peoples. So it is a loss/loss situation for the collective of humanity.

  111. A message from Hye Angel ...

    This is my 4th attempt trying to post this. Doesn't go through. Hmm... somebody doesn't like this being out there for everybody to invoke/chant it).

    Can somebody, please, include this beautiful and powerful affirmation in one of their videos?

    More than a decade ago, I got this from my spirit any guides/Higher Self, one very early morning. Through the years, I put my own "breath" into it and did some tiny changes.
    I named it "The Light Being".
    Here's the full/long version of it.
    (ps=pause a little)










    PS: Feel free to contact me, If you have any questions, and/or would like to have the SHORT version.
    Much Love,

  112. The number of signed petitions has decreased. :(

  113. I imagine that on the plejaren homeworld the photons are so high energy and moving so fast that they literally move through walls and make it seem so the wall is glowing

  114. Global Breaking News, January 15, 2022 (GMT)

    Big pharma, government, church leaders face arrest as Court convicts them of Genocide, prohibits injections

    Killing Center: R.W. Large Hospital in Bella Bella, B.C.,
    Site of murderous drug testing experiments and sterilization of children
    by the Catholic and United Churches, Pfizer, Glaxo

    Brussels and Vancouver:

    The International Court that forced Pope Benedict from office in 2013 has struck a blow against the COVID corporatocracy by convicting top officials of Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, China, and the Vatican of Crimes against Humanity.

    The Court’s verdict sentences seventy-five individuals to life imprisonment, seizes their assets and disestablishes their corporations, and lawfully prohibits the further manufacture, sale, or use of their COVID vaccines as “products of medical genocide and mass murder”.

    After a four-month trial convened under International Law, the judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) issued their historic verdict and sentence today, along with Arrest and Expropriation Warrants against the defendants.

    The convicted individuals include Albert Bourla and Emma Walmsley, the CEO’s of Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Xi Jinping, President of China, ‘Pope’ Francis (Jorge Bergoglio), ‘Queen’ Elizabeth (Windsor), and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

    According to the Public Affairs Office of the Court,

    “This case involves a monstrous, intergenerational crime and its equally massive coverup. The highest officials of Church, State, and Corporations have for years personally sanctioned and profited by the systematic torture, trafficking, and murder of children in deadly drug testing experiments to produce the COVID ‘vaccine’, as part of a Criminal Conspiracy to reduce humanity to slavery. That Conspiracy murders the innocent, traffics in arms, drugs, children, and human organs, and silences or destroys those who threaten to expose it.

    “Our Court has put a legal end to that Conspiracy by criminalizing the persons and the corporations responsible, and prohibiting the further sale and use of the COVID ‘vaccines’, which are the product of medical genocide and the mass murder of children.”

    The Court’s verdict and sentence casts a wide net over those responsible by tracing the roots of the COVID regime to the planned genocide of indigenous people in Canada by the Vatican and the Crown of England, including in the murderous “Indian residential schools”.

    The Court establishes that the public opponents of this genocide, especially Kevin Annett, have been continually targeted for destruction by the convicted defendants, who are responsible for the murder of fifteen activists and several recent attempts on Annett’s life.

    “Our warrants empower not only our Sheriffs and deputized police, but people everywhere to enforce the Court’s verdict by arresting the convicted felons, seizing their assets, and halting the sale and use of the genocide-derived COVID ‘vaccines’,” says the Court.

    “The killers of children can no longer evade justice using executive or corporate privilege, or by hiding behind the camouflage of contrived public health crises.”

    The Court documents are attached to this notice.

    An action plan for police and citizen participation in the enforcement of this historic verdict and sentence will be discussed tomorrow, January 16, at (at 3 pm pacific, 11 pm GMT).

    The Judgment and Warrants of the Court are posted at under “ITCCS Updates” and under “Breaking News”.

    To contact the Court: (attn: G. Dufort, Public Affairs Office)

    Issued Saturday, January 15, 2022, at 12:01 AM (GMT)

    by The International Common Law Court of Justice, Criminal Trial Division

    Under the auspices of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) (established under the Law of Nations on June 15, 2010)


  115. I probably won't be the only one to point out that the signatures on the backup petition lost about 34,000 signatures. Whoever may have hacked the petition isn't going to stop the intervention. I mean, it'd be pretty stupid to think that hacking the signatures would accomplish anything. 😂


  117. @soles
    It will help because I'd finally be the REAL me, not what I am now, which is what the fucking ARCHONS chose FOR me.


  118. Do some people complicate the simplest problems?
    You will always write some irrational complaints. I know what your motivation is for saying this, but you have to understand that if you publish this here, it can't change your reality, so why don't you try to take action?
    And why did he and them keep watching? Will you pay attention to the update, or will you open this website again, if its content is really so unrealistic, if all these are false? Then why do you have to go to this website again and again?
    About a year ago, I was homeless. I looked at people around me in the city. At that time, I looked at my money. Haha, I looked at the crowd in the square. I thought that I must be the poorest of them. At that time, I completely forgot to meditate, because I knew that meditation could not bring me a loaf of bread or a comfortable bed, or even wash my dirty hands.
    I wrote my plan to commit suicide in the forum. At first, I complained, but slowly I also found out, because I knew exactly what was happening here, and my content became more rational and clear. At that time, I was going to freeze to death on the snowy mountain, and I met three companions with the same purpose. At that time, I was very active and even had a happy chat with them. It was terrible to walk in the mountains with no signal but only the moon, but I saw the three people in front, and I completely forgot my fear.
    The content of my forum has aroused more people's goodwill, among which there was a speech by an awakened person! The content I wrote was also thought-provoking and finally became the content to guide people. A few people were willing to transfer money to me so that I could have a meal. I met a person who she thought I was particularly familiar and important to her, but she left, and I also saw my greed because of the inability of reality at that time. Then I was dominated by fear, the kind that I couldn't bear the pain as long as I stayed here for another second, the kind that I just wanted to leave this planet or the event solved everything
    I am clearly aware of their existence, and that kind of control over me is stronger than I thought.
    You need to divert attention to distract other things.
    You always have a pair of hands in front of you. You need to be firm and hold these hands, instead of giving up your hand.
    You can't get deeper and deeper in the dark, or you know what will happen, don't you? Be wary of yourself
    A beam of light in the dark can't illuminate you, but it will be the last hope, the victory of light.👌🙃

  119. You sound full of hate. Changing your sex wont do much. People wont treat you any different. You need to love and accept yourself before anyone else can. Mutilation of your sex organs and pushing trans agenda is definitely archon lead. It leads to chaos PERIOD