Tuesday, August 2, 2022

A Short Message to the Surface Population

The Light Forces have asked to extend the meditation for peace between China, USA and Taiwan until the end of Wednesday, August 3rd in your time zone. if you feel so guided, you can also do the meditation any time you wish after that.

Instructions are here:


Victory of the Light! 


  1. I don't know if this is true or not, but here it is ...

    President Trump Averts World War III
    By Michael Baxter -August 2, 2022

    The nation today came closer to nuclear Armageddon than it has since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

    As a State Department C-32—a modified Boeing 757—allegedly carrying Nancy Pelosi screeched toward Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ,) four Chinese Chengdu J-20 5th generation fighters from Huian Airbase scrambled to intercept the intruder, purportedly with orders to destroy the C-32 once positive visual identification had been made. While the J-20s zipped to the Taiwan Straits, U.S. F-35 Lightning IIs from the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, which had detected the J-20s, pushed into afterburner in hopes of intercepting the Chinese fighters before they could launch on the C-32, a provocative act that could’ve sparked a thermonuclear conflict.

    The opposing forces were minutes away from meeting each other in the night sky above Taiwan. The unthinkable seemed inevitable.

    But in Palm Beach, Florida, President Donald J. Trump, who had been writing his keynote speech for this weekend’s CPAC conference in Dallas, entered his Mar-a-Lago “War Room” upon learning that a potential battle was unfolding on the other side of the world. As RRN has reported previously, Trump’s Florida command center mimics the technological capabilities of the White House Situation Room: satellites stream real-time data to terminals monitored by Trump’s handpicked staff, and encrypted radio transmissions are captured and deciphered by White Hats who have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

    Uncharacteristically, Trump told staff to get Xi Jinping on the line.

    “I need to talk to President Xi right now, not in one second,” Trump reportedly said.

    A Mar-a-Lago source familiar with the crisis told RRN that a cautious Xi Jinping took Trump’s call.

    “The U.S. and Chinese fighters were less than a minute from merging when Trump implored Jinping to back off his aircraft. President Trump said he could defuse, deescalate the situation without going to war. Jinping prattled on about how he had warned the U.S. that China considered Pelosi a war criminal but gave Trump a chance to explain and ordered his planes to veer away from the combat area,” our source said.

    Trump dropped in Xi Jinping’s ears a pair of bombshells, he added. Trump claimed to have proof, which he would later give Jinping, that the person aboard the C-32 was not really Nancy Pelosi but a body double whom the Deep State had sent in her stead. Moreover, President Trump told President Xi that even if the real Nancy Pelosi were aboard the plane, she had absolutely no authority to negotiate with Taiwan on behalf of the United States. Reluctantly, Trump admitted that his invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 had stripped Pelosi and her Deep State allies of power. The only reason the Biden regime appeared to hold sway over world affairs, Trump said, was because they were empowered by a corrupt mainstream media.

    “This is huge. We’ve had many disagreements, but let’s not turn the world to ashes over some bitch trying to pretend she’s still relevant. I will make sure you get proof that what I say is true. Biden might be trying to start a war. Let’s not let that happen today,” Trump told Jinping.

    Xi Jinping, our source said, agreed that the world need not end over the American Deep State’s hubris. He recalled his fighters, and the C-32 ferrying a double-masked Pelosi doppelganger landed safely in Taipei.

    “ICBMs could be flying right now, but they’re not. Let no one say Donald Trump doesn’t care about the survival and prosperity of the United States, and the world,” our source said.


    1. this sounds to me like white hats in charge >)

    2. Don't spread false information!

    3. That's like a DC Comics version of Trump. Nothing from the patriot rumor mill is true.

    4. Se tutto questo è vero è fantastico. Comunque la richiesta di LF è chiara: dobbiamo andare avanti a meditare fino alla data indicata da Cobra. Dobbiamo scongiurare ogni pericolo, fino a quando saremo in acque più tranquille. Il male non prevarrà!

    5. It's a direct effect of meditation, let's keep going

    6. @Cobra why do you accept these kinds of comments made of fear? VOTL

    7. "I don't know if this is true or not, but here it is ..."

      Just research who Michael Baxter is and his past work like https://archive.is/uwMMJI... matter of minutes if not seconds. Verify before sharing... its the reason why he is everywhere now...

    8. https://archive.ph -> www.twistedtruth.net

    9. Raw Real News is a satire site with made up "news". Not to be trusted.

    10. I feel bad for anyone being made to look like Pelosi.....ick.

    11. Post it on facebook...if the so-called 'independent fact checkers' flag you, it's probably real. If they throw you in facebook jail, which I have been in at least 4 times this year alone, then more so.

    12. Would be nice if true.

      In the end there's a clear line between a businessman who understands a world of ashes is bad business, and a career mediocre politician civil servant bureaucrat who desires power to overcome his mediocrity such as lockdowns and mask mandates.

      When Iran struck a US base in Iraq, Trump could have responded but he didn't. His priority was de-escalation.

      This clear line between a businessman and a politician is why the MSM were ordered to make Trump look orange (a traditional communist tactic to denigrate their enemies) among others and whipped up hatred among the troglodytes who were talking peace and love a day earlier.

    13. Ok here's my ?...why would the galactics not just remove that plane from this timeline ...they can do that...or simply grab it and place it back in Hawaii..they can do that...lots of proof out there ..so they allow it to approach and land?? Pelosi whatevet it is has no authority but as long as the media is captured Americans can't all awaken ..so what's the plan to stop the media?

    14. Body doubles are plausible because with the San Francisco plastic face ( whose district funded $50,000/- a piece anti-homeless dustbins) appears differently in different photos that cannot be attributed to makeup. But these days with deepfakes, who knows?

    15. Considering how the media, a good chunk of the govt, and ESPECIALLY Hollywood went out of their way to compare him to Hitler, etc....I'd say Trump is ok....IF he was on the side of evil, they'd have been kissing his butt, like they did with Obama, Clinton and both Bushes.

      And Biden was banned from Airforce 1, the Pentagon and the national guard turned their backs on him and that oval office looks more like a movie set.

    16. Splitting news for people better to be united.... . From a very requestionable source (as ususal). What feeling does it make to separate those who better be united? Why does nobody asks if it was necessary to broadcast a pseudo-message like this? Nice excample for a fake news. Its in the trash now. VOTL,

    17. Trump is a clown and he works with Jesuit and Black Nobility families.

    18. That story sounds so fake. Pelosi was executed a while ago. I don't know or understand exactly what is happening (how could we) but I trust the white hats and galactic forces. Let them do their stuff.
      Really weird weather today and weird day...I can't put my finger on it.

    19. @psychic
      Can you prove the ole' leather face is dead?

      Galactics also need to get the lead out.

    20. Oh sounds like fan fiction fairy tale

    21. Cobra stated last year that RRN was partially true and he provided a couple of links to the site during a couple of his reports. If the site was completely fake why would Cobra link to it? Why wouldn't all the military names that are dropped in the report put a stop to it if it were not partially true? Answer me that.

    22. This thing in Taiwan turned out to be a huge psy-op, as started from half a month ago they started to talk about shoot down pelosi on social media, and almost all the Chinese, whether for or against the war got bought into this idea that they gonna be really HARD this time - this is a play on hundreds of years of PTSD of being raped and robbed by intruders both mentally and physically - and as hundreds of millions of them watched pelosi landed all went hell. A mix of frustration and more anger all got leashed out I am not sure if that is building up to a real war choice, but it wasn't good vibe I'd say. Definitely planned by US, Chinese military they definitely exchanged on this so the Chinese military left pelosi's C40 alone and no live fire until she's out on Aug 4

    23. I am pretty sure such things have been agreed on many months before based on how you can "read between the lines" what is happening in the world now. The text seems to be slight disinformation or intended towards not awakened American people.

    24. @Spirittoo
      But which parts are the true ones, and which parts are the bogus ones?

    25. Now after hearing the news of PLA's announced missile drops and Air and Sea blockades the general feeling of Chinese... it feels like you had just revenged. And I can feel there is a desire for more. The thing is Chinese had suppressed so much for so long if you want them to heal it is not enough to just send love and light. You have to let the Chinese do what they wanted so they truly feel that they are standing up it is a desire simply can not be quenched even by meditation. That is why this psy-op is so successful as it first raised their expectations then crush it by doing nothing and next presented a strong stance that shows calculation, determination, preparation and military grade strength. It was a show.

      On the positive side this is huge relief and hopefully healing for the Chinese as a collective. On the negative side most Chinese still do not realize what exactly they wanted and how this deep deep suppression of traumas is impacting their psyche. To be more helpful I would suggest you all learn more about the Chinese history of humiliation... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Century_of_humiliation

    26. "China WILL NOT take Taiwan back because China can't.
      It is too far across the strait, which is littered with small islands that are heavily fortified by Western weapons systems that will sink any Chinese ship used to make the attempt. The Western equipment on the islands will also shoot down any aircraft capable of sending large numbers of troops who would "maintain order".

      You cannot take over a country just by bombing it, you have to get actual troops and control elements installed, which is simply not possible, and exactly why I said China would do nothing but vape over Pelosi's visit.

      I WAS RIGHT. The vape juice is all gone now! China can set off all the fireworks they want, and they set off quite a few, only to have them land harmlessly in the ocean and it won't make a difference. What will make a difference? Russian involvement and nuclear ACTION, not threats. I doubt either country will go there." - JS

    27. Discussion on the issues around the theory of reincarnation into this relative pinhead 'to learn lessons to reach enlightenment' compared to the vast Universe and people forgot the 'lessons' of the previous life.

      Gareth Icke interviews David Icke on his new book 'The Trap'

    28. It's recommended to keep an eye on the Sun, now in a very active mode, affecting our EM make up, and ultimately our moods, easily swinging. I notice it myself, it's why I visit nature for grounding and tranquility. It's blackberry picking season now, what better way to pick them, eating them at the same time? I've got a hunch that quite a number of commenters live in their screen, hanging around at the virtual grapevine, looking for sweet grapes, blaming others for finding them sour.

    29. Regarding Pelosi's decision to visit Taiwan, the very first hunch I felt was that this wouldn't be the real Pelosi. In the present state of affairs, who is that stupid, walking into the den of a Chinese tiger? Unless it's an order given by someone who's holding the strings attached to Pelosi, and make her believe that she's got a mission that serves a goal. Her death could possibly trigger consequences of large proportions.

    30. @Sherman ... that's the problem ... figuring out what is true and what isn't with RNN. I suspect the basic report is true ... but some of the details are exaggerations.

      If Pelosi is a minion of China, would they really want to kill her?

    31. Spiritoo. If the objective is to start WWIII. Yes. Whether is a minion of theirs or not. The ends would justify the means. If pelosi was part of the bad guys, she would not be excempt from being sacrifice if it help meet their goal.. the problem with this as any other sceario we do not know to what extend the good guys have infiltrated the bad guys.. or able to influence the bad guys to keep them in check.. nnnot to mention, looks may be deceiving... we cant tell who is good n who is bad. Who is playing for the light

      Is my understanding China was going to be trigger or was one of the plans by the bad guys... i believe it was even written by nostradamous... so we know this card was going to be played... the question is how much influence tge Dragon families from the east n the west and the other group that form tge light forces have ovee this situation.

      The fact the trigger has not been pulled by now leads me to think the good guys are keeeping the situation under control.

      We are not going to be told in the news what really is happening in the background.. nor how close we were to annihiliation.. at least not straightforward

      Rem the news they gave us of the missille in hawaii.. on the news if i recalled was mentioned that it was a test or somethig.. n somewhere else we were told that the good guys shut tge missile down... what if same had happened to those missiles that supposedly hit outside or passed taiwan .. we of course get told is part of tests

      In short.. i advise dont get persuaded by any news.. we can just keep the faith up n the intent lit up. Help on the push for a better world...

    32. Wellsir ... the fact that Pelosi's plane wasn't shot down even though she probably wasn't in it, is a clear indication something is going on behind the scene.
      Whether or not Trump had anything to do with it is difficult to tell. Most likely a white hat put a stop to it. Unfortunately only time will tell, and so far time ain't talking.

  2. V slovenščini: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2022/08/kratko-sporocilo-populaciji-na-povrsju.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  3. Why did the crisis come so suddenly?

    1. The dark ones don't let you look at their cards and are in a panic.

    2. Taiwan situation has been building for a while :


      -Important to keep in mind the reality of exo politics, the ET situation directly reflects the surface human starseed proxy level situation amongst society .

      Chimera want a tech takeover in society and they need taiwan resources
      they also are threatened by the dragon forces ...this group has a powerful SSP faction that appeared years ago over Antarctica years ago that had corey goode reported via the "chevron craft" ...this is how they are able to threaten ET truth if Archons through china try to intervene. More intel in the link

    3. The hope for a greater Ukraine war has failed, so they hoped to provoke a war with China.

    4. Thank you!! Why allow that plane to even get there?? So we are to believe advanced galactic ships that are bioships are here and can't stop ...reroute ...teleport ...force it to land...a boring ancient technology plane??

    5. I mean, the light forces have known about this crisis for a long time, why didn't they release the meditation in advance, why did they wait until the crisis was very close to release the emergency meditation in a hurry, the only explanation is: under the operation of the dark, the light appeared on August 30th Unexpected major changes in power.

    6. Gosh, it seems that there are still those who believe in a saviour, solving problems in our present day reality, of our own making.
      It's hard, it seems, to really grasp the understanding and significance of free will, a will that can't be interfered with. Why in the first place, came our physical world, our perception of reality, into existence on planet Earth? Isn't it our playground, where the game of push and pull is refined in sync with our understanding through experience? It's why I love Sun Tzu's book The Art of War. It's a gem. Nothing wrong with a good sparring session in the dojo of life. For life or death?

    7. @devon
      There is NO free will on this planet, damn it. Reincarnation trap, forced to live like demeaning slaves just to survive, tons of REAL technology and science kept hidden from us, and those who try to 'solve our own problems' just results in more deaths, plague and war.

      so, tell me, WHERE is the free will you speak of, and this is NOT a playground, Devon, earth is a fucking GULAG.

  4. Dear COBRA, if possible in the next update could you shed some light on the situation in Brazil? I'm from Brazil, and unfortunately election time I would like to know more about something from here, something from a super reliable source like you brother, Vitória da Luz

    1. Com fé em Deus vamos retirar as forças das trevas que estão no poder, assassinando indígenas, destruindo a educação e trazendo a fome novamente ao país. Em Outubro vamos tirar o fascismo do poder com a força do voto popular em Lula.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Eu queria saber se o Bonoro é da luz ou só mais um peão de um dos braços da Cabala... Tipo um Trump da vida ..

      Que só lutam pros escrav8terem uma vida boa, mas ai da servir sem questionar

    4. Zazul.... ia comentar seu post, mas se espera que algum político vai resolver as coisas por aqui é porque vc tbm é um zumbi...

  5. German translation of this post / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Posts:


  6. We can do this frens (friends)!

  7. Someone was asking my experiences with tachyons and plasma devices. I've tried every new age and alternative energy thing I can get my hands on and these are some of the few that are real. Keshe has many devices, the best for the money are the pen and pad.



    The Tachyon products from Cobra are also great. The most affordable and potent I've tried is the rose quartz sphere. The Tachyon Chambers are very powerful and you can find them on this same website. You can physically feel the energy of both tachyons and plasma. Tachyons feel like an electric wind, plasma feels like that with a bit of cool liquid.


    1. Thank you for sharing, Patrick.

      I can recommend Tachyonis as well.
      Might try those Keshe products sometime soon.

  8. Missão dada é missão cumprida irmão !!!

  9. I feel calm and not worried about world affairs. Energies are super intense today. Going to the beach and meditating and swimming helped a bunch. I'd urge everybody to try to spend some time outside if possible. Normies and Star Peeps alike are feeling like something​ big and awesome coming VERY soon! I did hear the GnR song Patience on radio today, I usually hear it at the weirdest times and places.🤣. It's a sign that we're on the right track!

    1. High five CC!! Beautiful, Thank You! ♡♡♡

  10.   ✋🏼"The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface, are the so-called pits. Pits are secret military bases up to 30 meters underground, which were before owned by the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and are now operated by the surface Cabal. Some of them hide members of the Chimera. They can not extend more than 30 meters underground, because the Resistance can now clear most of the locations that are deeper, but can not yet intervene closer to the surface because of toplet bomb deterrence mechanisms. There are about 1000 such bases worldwide, and two main ones in Ukraine are below Odessa and below Azovstal metal plant in Mariupol."
      Meditation to clear all underground toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits:
      1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
      2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to clear the toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits so that there can be physical intervention from the Light Forces on the planet surface for planetary liberation.
      3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.
      4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this Light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
      5. Visualize a band of the Violet Flame, the Fire of An, and Pink Light, each one for a few minutes, extending 30 meters (about 98.5 feet) below the surface of the planet, clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and clearing all underground pits. The Light Forces/Underground Resistance can also be visualized to be clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits with the Light/Flames. If unable to visualize, focus on the intention. Be one with the intention and know that this clearing is happening.
      6. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, with the Light Forces physically intervening on the planet surface and building an active partnership with the surface population, bringing Earth into a new and eternal Golden Age.
      When I tried this meditation, pictures like this came up🌟
      ✨The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface
      👊😆There is a strong urge to connect the two.

  11. goddess energy prevailing. 光明女神胜利!

  12. I suggest adding meditation with Goddess to neutralize negative rituals after the Peace meditation.


  13. How many politicians fly around the world to countries on a visit, and from the visit of an old grandmother they fanned almost a nuclear war. America doesn't have the resources to fight a nuclear war, and China won't fight one either.
    They created a problem out of nonsense, it would be better if they drew the attention of the forces of light that people around the world are starving and leading a difficult existence! Taiwan will belong to China, what difference does it make if it saves the world!

  14. Dear Cobra and readers of this blog! Here is the Italian and Romanian translation of this very important post! Thank you COBRA and the Light Forces!
    *** Link: https://evak2019.blogspot.com/2022/08/a-short-message-to-surface-population.html Victory of the Light!

  15. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    French translation of the post / l'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  16. For those inclined, Mathew Ward's communications to his mother about current events and other topics from his perspective after leaving his earthly life.


  17. https://youtu.be/vNKy-TD1jYI
    Tenchi Muyo
    I feel that this is more than just another anime.

  18. Probably everything is fake. This plan is setup by the Cabal and China is involved to play along with this game.


  19. https://oculumlabs.com/intel-drop-9-csrq-sm-agent-attacks-china-war/

  20. Sono contento di contribuire con la meditazione per portare la Pace. Tutto ciò che faccio per la Luce ha un senso enorme per me. Ci vuole solo un po' di entusiasmo, disciplina e molto Amore per il prossimo.Vittoria della Luce!

  21. Dopo il punto morto in cui siamo già arrivati , c'è lo spartiacque che abbiamo anche superato. Tra poco ci sarà l'estirpazione. Gli effetti delle alte frequenze/energie aumenteranno dagli attuali circa 40 hz ai 100 hz in relativamente poco tempo. Ciò avrà effetti che saranno molto diversi a seconda del grado di preparazione energetico che ognuno ha e che ha ottenuto attraverso il lavoro (meditazione, alimentazione,ecc). È sicuro che le frequenze/ grado di Luce -Amore aumenteranno sempre di più. Non è un messaggio di paura, è la semplice realtà. Per questo credo che le azioni (meditazione, pulizia mentale,ecc.), valgano più di 1000 parole. Vittoria della Luce!

  22. https://twitter.com/StephenMcDonell/status/1554493704852967424?t=kLuRgjoEU-yZZKcqQFOARQ&s=19

  23. We need the trigger of the Event, now!
    Refuse delay and lies.

  24. Replies
    1. Crisis? What crisis? (Supertramp 1975) Headset album, awesome! Much fun! VOTL!

  25. The common sense of the Chinese avoided another war.

  26. Why don't they just show up like c'mon man it's not that big a deal anymore

  27. It's just a goddamn spherical enclosed hermetically sealed metal sheet with a ring around it with high voltage a/c or d/c producing very high temperatures making the thing go up like a hot air balloon

  28. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/8/3/russias-fm-lavrov-makes-official-visit-to-myanmar

  29. Too busy manifesting rain for my dry country. Couldn't care if idiots want to destroy themselves, let them.

    1. Make sure to hold your umbrella when manifesting rain ❤

  30. Done! And now, dear Cobra, what's going on?

    1. We have succeeded, we are so powerful nothing can stop us and yess now cobra we very interested in what you have to tell us!

    2. We have succeeded? *looks left and right, seeing it's still business as usual* Ummmm....

    3. Some people will NEVER be satisfied. Period. Even after the Event happens and they become the cosmic diva bitches they yearn so badly, they will still find reasons to bitch and whine about anything not to their liking.

    4. @Sherman,

      This article is specially for you, DAWG:

      Got any chronic complainers where you work? It seems like every workplace has them – the people for whom the weather is always too warm or too cold, the boss is a jerk, the food is lousy, work sucks and … you fill out the list.
      No matter how good things get they still only see the bad – and they go to huge lengths to point it out to everyone around them.
      I’m not saying we should outlaw complaining, but workplaces need to do something about the chronic complainers because they tend to make people around them unhappy at work. It’s a fact that negative people are highly contagious and one chronic complainer can easily get an entire department down.
      We try many different strategies to deal with complainers – one german IT company even bans whiners from the workplace. Yep – if you have a bad day you are not allowed to come in.
      But most of the strategies we normally use on complainers don’t help and often make matters worse. I’ve outlined these strategies below.
      And then at the end of the post, there’s a simple, devious trick that works amazingly well. Try it!

      The things we normally do about complainers and why they don’t work
      There are several strategies people use around complainers, none of which really work.
      1: Cheering them up doesn’t work
      As in “Oh, it can’t be that bad”, “Come on, cheer up” or the perennial favorite “Time heals all wounds”.
      Saying things like this shows the complainer that you’re not taking their pain seriously. When you tell a complainer “it’s not that bad”, he will often complain even harder to convince you (and himself) that his problems are very serious indeed.
      2: Suggesting solutions doesn’t work
      “Why don’t you…”, “have you tried…” or even worse “You should really have…”
      The complainers’ problems are really serious and can’t be solved by a few smart-ass suggestions from you. Or so they’ve convinced themselves. The more you try to suggest solutions, the harder they will work to convince you and themselves that these solutions could never possibly work for them.
      3: Telling them to pull themselves together doesn’t work
      “Quit complaining and do something about it” or one of my favorites: “You either want the problem or you want the solution”.
      Yeah, telling them that their problems are trivial and they just need to pull themselves together is going to work juuuuust fine. All complainers magically stop complaining at this. Or do they?
      4: Complaining about the complainers doesn’t work
      “Damn, that Sally complains a lot doesn’t she?”
      Guess what, you just became a complainer :o)
      5: Ignoring them / avoiding them doesn’t work
      This makes complainers clamor for attention even more – which usually makes people ignore them even more. That’s a vicious cycle right there.

      6: Complaining along with them doesn’t work
      “You know what, you’re right, the boss IS a jerk. And the weather sucks. In fact everything sucks.”
      This can be kind of cozy because it creates bonding and an us-against-the-world feeling. But ultimately it’s a bad idea because the more people complain the less prone they are to doing something about their problems.
      I remember one of the first jobs I had where my manager was a complete dolt. My co-workers and I couldn’t start a meeting, go out for a beer or just meet in the hallway without spending 15-20 minutes complaining about him and his stupid ways. But all those man-hours spent complaining changed nothing and none of us ever did anything about it. Except quit the company one by one :o)
      7: Confronting them doesn’t work
      You can drive the complaints underground where you don’t see them, but they will probably still be going on. And repressed complaining is worse than open complaining because it gets to stew and grow while it’s hidden.
      A trick that does work
      So what does work? Here’s a simple but very effective trick:


      A friend of mine who’s a dentist told me about an elderly, grouchy patient of hers. Every time he came in for an appointment he’d complain about the weather, his children, his car, taxes, society, and any other topic that might come up.
      Now you might think “Hey, she’s a dentist, fill his mouth with gauze and cotton and let’s see him complain then!” but my friend is a naturally happy person and would instead try to cheer him up. Didn’t work, just made him complain even more.
      So I taught her this trick and the next time he came in for an appointment she was ready. He went in the chair, and immediately started complaining.
      After listening to his usual litany for a while my dentist friend said, with deep sympathy in her voice, “You know, that sounds terrible. I don’t know how you deal with all of these problems.”
      You know what he said?
      “Weeeeell, it’s not THAT bad!”
      This approach works because it gives the complainer what he’s really after: Empathy. Not cheering up, not solutions, not egging-on. Just understanding of what is, for him, a difficult situation.
      There are two important things to notice here:
      1. Don’t be sarcastic when you say it. Be sincere.
      2. You don’t have to agree that these are huge problems. Even if everything the complainer says sounds trivial to you, remember that it feels like a huge problem to him or her wouldn’t go on about it. What seems trivial to one person can be a huge problem for others.
      So you’re not saying “Yes, I agree that’s a huge problem”. And you’re certainly not saying “Oh, poor poor you” in a sarcastic voice. You’re just acknowledging the fact that this is a huge problem for that person. Which undeniably it is.
      Does this make the complaining go away? Only sometimes. But it keeps you from being part of a vicious cycle of responses that just makes the complainers complain more and more and more. The cycle is cut at the point you take their distress seriously.
      So try this approach on your favorite complainer and tell me how it goes.
      If all of the above fails just pray the Light Forces zap the idiot out of existence and turn him/her into a happy cosmic particle of dust snuggling cozily in the comforts of the Galactic Central Sun for all eternity.

    6. So, that's the idea for 'curing' those of us not in the happiness patrol....zap em out of existence.....yep, you ARE no better than an archon, unknown.

      and don't call me 'dawg', that's sooo ghetto.

      MY solutions will emerge once first contact happens. When I am made into an alien woman, once again, reunited with my real friends and family from the cosmos, and with my special someone....nearly all, if not all, my problems will be SOLVED.
      Can't get those above things on my own. Outside help is needed....I can see the steam/smoke just spewing from the ears of the happiness patrol officers, now.

      It's really THAT simple.

  31. Who knows? This, below, is a possibility. It is pretty easy to imagine she went over there (a) for money and (b) to cause a war... and probably also to (c) look presidential, because she wants to step in for Biden.

    - - - - - - - -
    From Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) Telegram channel:

    " PELOSI LEAVES TAIWAN... SHORT VISIT... source claims she was invited there by a woman high in military power circles called "Ma"...who died suddenly. They are saying she was offering Pelosi money to come to Taiwan in order to trigger a war.

    "Ma" they claim was taken out with an 'energy weapon' and so Pelosi left Taiwan quickly without the funds... (unverified from source). Posted in case any further info comes to the surface."

  32. Please, sign the "Remote-war" petition to stop killing and go for disputation of conflicts instead. https://www.change.org/p/remote-war-petition?recruiter=1267666678&recruited_by_id=a95a3d30-e141-11ec-803e-f78a88ef971c&utm_source=share_petition&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_content=cl_sharecopy_33516624_en-US%3A7

  33. I will take the large Cintamani stone that was given to me in the beginning <3 and give it to Gaia <3 into the eruting volcano in Reykjanes Iceland on the 8th of August at the opening of the Lion gate. May pure light flow in earth/heart <3

    Back in 2016 first 3 stone´s of many to bury, came to Iceland.
    Snæfelljökull - 08.08.2016 @ 21:21 UTC
    Reykjavík - 09.08.2016 @ 23:11 UTC
    Trölladyngju - 11.08.2016 @ 12:12
    (12.12 km from the first eruption 2021)

    Now more then 17 stone´s and special stone´s are in place <3
    The best magic is giving <3
    Seeds of LoveLight
    Victory of the Light

    1. Up to you what you want to do with the Cintamani stone, but beware this 'Lions Gate' stuff:

      Old video but still relevant. This year's date for the Heliacal Rising of Sirius is, 12th August.


  34. Now here is so divided that unity is no longer possible. Do something else, stop meditating all the time, and start over with the task of life. Not to live but to survive. The Galactic Federation has no insight into human nature, the thoughts in our heads are unreadable spells for them. Although they can see our thoughts, they do not understand their meaning. They are just doing their best to save Earth, an experimental zone that has failed.
    Nothing is trustworthy, betrayal is an eternal element... How to live under the existing circumstances is a question to ponder.
    The paranoia about spirituality, the blind definition of other people as bad or good, and the ideas inculcated by the cultures, education of various countries, all make me want to run away from this spiritual awakening. Spirituality doesn't make people better, it's just spirituality. Now people here are like people dying of thirst looking at water in a painting. So divisive and degenerate that choosing not to raise up might be a good ending!

    1. To merely survive is not enough.
      To merely exist is not enough.

    2. Can't win...if a person gets angry and rises up their vibration falls...if they do nothing and focus on themselves their very survival is at risk...it's a no win...don't arm yourself let it all happen .. or fight back .causing chaos what to do...detach from society oh wait I have to pay my mortgage and bills...oh just manifest the money..nobody I know is able to do that all ask for donations all the enlightened ones still asking!!
      I just crack a cold Heineken in the backyard and play fetch with my labradoodles...say the mantra and laugh at it all...rem it was a grand experiment... that went too far nobody is gaining anything now...we are all seeing the depravity that doesn't grow your soul ...children being abused and used for adrenachrome ...this shouldve been stopped long ago..sorry but that was way over the line a long time ago

    3. Doing nothing and focusing on oneself is the best way at this time. I had to find this out the hard way when doing that disaster that was the Age of Aquarius meditations and lost personal investments in process.

      Don't bother with false hope. If the ETs were really out there directly rescuing us means taking on our Causality (karma) burdens.

      Your best hope is to connect to your ancestral gods. Ironically it's through this blog that I found mine. Our ancestors didn't waste time waiting for ETs to come down and make life better.

      World's going where it wants to go. Most of the idiots got the death shot and they are on their way out, and one less major problem for us to deal with. Especially seeing how they eagerly snitched on those refusing to follow the ridiculous CooF laws and on their own enforcing the mask rules, these people are not worthy of our forgiveness. As dead weight they are the reason why the species in the aggregate has been progressing poorly.

      For those offended by this post, get as offended as you like. Spirituality is not love and light like the New (C)age says. Word is the gods including Gaia herself is mad at us, hence the crazy weather and more volcanoes, typhoons, general storms and earthquakes.

      Trying to wake up people at this stage is not worth the effort. Having been part of the meme (Chaos Magic) war against the CoVID black Magick spell launched by governments against the human race for the past 2.5 years has been quite the drain.

      If the Light Forces do exist, the next dozen moves are theirs to make.

    4. Just the other day I saw private security shout at someone for not covering his nose properly in an indoor area where masks are enforced. These are the kind of animals that challenges the 'All Is One' theory.

      They are deadweight and ball and chain to the human race and the faster they get rid of themselves with the death shots, the better.

    5. @Spec Ops
      What about those kids getting those shots? Lot of them got no say in it, apart from running away.

  35. Forgive me, but I could barely meditate at all during these times. It felt as though that my meditation shifted from helping me and everyone towards never truly healing my fundamental suffering and I could only sense an extreme pain in my head. I then became very disoriented and started to believe I needed to find work in the world. I still live with my Mom, you see, and talking about this kind of reality is difficult for her to grasp. It sucks, because she still consumes meat and dairy, even though it directly supports a dark type of controlling energy, and accelerates the possibility for disease, but I can do nothing but respect her free will and such. She just falls asleep if I show her any documentary or anything. Doing my best. I often like to 'not believe' any of this is true. It actually helps my mental condition sometimes, in other ways believing that there is help from other planes is very comforting. It is so comforting to believe that my work is meditation. I wish I could get paid for this, but it seems unrealistic and maybe a bit egotistical to expect such payment.

    For me, meditation is simply feeling good at all times. To balance that with what I know about the world, feels as though I must accept wage slavery so that i can feel more autonomous and be more myself, at the same time, I would be helping people in my community. Companies do need my work to expand their business after all. I just wonder if I am surrendering to my slavery or if I am indeed giving the workers of the world, a helping hand for once.

    1. Biologically you need some sort of animal protein. Even a goat's stomach which is smaller than a human's has at least 2 chambers.

      It's no coincidence alongside parasite laden insect diets the WEF is promoting vegan diets, so myelin sheath that is key to nerve-brain function weakens and you become mentally unstable, on top of your body falling apart.

    2. Nor can I. Also, some of us still need to eat meat and dairy. I TRIED going vegan....did not go well....felt malnourished and started looking like a drug addict.

      And each time I try to meditate...I either began to spasm a lot, fall asleep, or wake up gasping. I also seen ugly creatures with great, big teeth lash out at me. Not all of us can do this.

    3. Nah, sorry friends. Vegan diet is very healthy if done correctly. If you feel malnourished by it, you are not eating enough or not a very good variety. Since I have been vegan I have not had any prolonged sickness including COVID (and I am unvaxxed). As well, it has allowed me to always feel the good in life.

      If you are sensitive, you can tell the difference in vibration, assuming you also supplement your health with meditation, exercise, good breathing techniques, plenty of sun, sleep,and excitement.

      But, I will agree, not everyone can be vegan, as it takes real determination to switch desires. Many people require the lower desire to feel like life is worth living. Just as they may require, for example, being entertained by violence or adversarial activity, in order to feel alive.

      This is only from my perspective.

  36. Why was Pelosi wearing a pink suit in Taiwan?
    Maybe she surrendered to the light.

  37. Australia has fallen too many masked sheep here still wearing them while no mask mandates thank you humanity for following cabal

  38. German translation of the added sentence / deutsche Übersetzung des hinzugefügten Satzes:

    "Wenn du dich dazu geführt fühlst, kannst du die Meditation auch danach jederzeit durchführen."


  39. The UN declares war on "dangerous" conspiracy theories (and all of us): "The global elite does not secretly run the world."

    The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theories, describing the rise in conspiracy thinking as "alarming and dangerous", providing the public with a set of tools to "preliminarily debunk" and "expose" anyone who dares to suggest that world governments are anything but completely honest and transparent.

    The UN also warns that George Soros, the Rothschilds and the State of Israel must not be associated with any "alleged conspiracies".

    UNESCO has teamed up with Twitter, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress to launch a campaign called ThinkBeforeSharing: stop the spread of conspiracy theories https://en.unesco.org/themes/gced/thinkbeforesharing

    The UN wants you to know that events are "not being manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intentions", and if you come across anyone who thinks that the global elite is conspiring to consolidate power and dictate global events, you must accept measures.

    According to UNESCO, “if you are sure you have come across a conspiracy theory” on the Internet, you should “respond” and immediately post the appropriate link to the “fact-checking site” in the comments on this resource.

    UNESCO also provides advice to anyone who comes across a real living conspiracy theorist in the flesh. According to the UN agency, under no circumstances should you be dragged into an argument with a conspiracy theorist. "Any argument can be taken as evidence that you are part of a conspiracy and reinforce that belief," and the conspiracy theorist is likely to "argue tenaciously to defend their beliefs."

    Instead, you should be “empathetic”, avoid “ridiculing them”, and if you are a journalist, you should “report” them on social media and “contact your local/national press council or press ombudsman”.

    It is noteworthy that UNESCO, hiding it in small print, admits that conspiracy theories may be true.

    Under the heading "What is a real conspiracy?" UN bureaucrats explain that "real conspiracies, big and small, DO exist."

    According to the UN, this is a REAL conspiracy theory only if it is "unearthed by the media".

    “They are more likely to focus on single autonomous events or individuals, such as an assassination or a coup d'état. They are being dug up by whistleblowers and the media with verifiable facts and evidence."

    There is only one problem with the UN definition of a "real" conspiracy theory. The media is completely bought and paid for by the globalists. And they are plotting something bad against the masses.

    Ask yourself when was the last time the media exposed the conspiracy? Also ask yourself, when was the last time the media covered up a conspiracy?”

    The cowardly behavior of those who are afraid of spreading the truth like fire. Pathetic attempts to undo what is inevitable.

    Source with all links here: https://magspress.com/un-declares-war-on-dangerous-conspiracy-theories-the-world-is-not-secretly-manipulated-by-global-elite/

    1. As with any cult, best is to ignore them and let them self-destruct.

  40. so what? How many negative scenarios did the forces of light prevent? they can't get involved, but you always solve everything, unfortunately, you can never see it... thank God that the local supporters don't have their own minds...

    1. @B
      This another 'there is a prime directive!' speech?

  41. Become Free of Entrapments:

    Forced Reincarnation

    Karmic Lessons

    Parallel Lives

    Entities, Mind Control, Cordings

    Endless Reincarnation on Earth
    We did not install your enforced reincarnation process. This again was in accordance with the Galactic Federation’s alliance with the Dark. The reincarnation process was devised to capture and use your energy for the Darks own parasitic agenda, i.e. the theft of souls.

    The Dark Forces built the etheric soul traps for the harvesting (recycling) of souls. Humans are recycled after death to remain in the Matrix. A soul-catching net or soul net awaits us at death – and keeps us in the Matrix – The Dark Forces feed off of our negative energy and this is why humanity continuously reincarnate. To allow our spirits to move on and return to Source/God/Creator would end existence for the Dark Forces.

    All Spirits were created as a unique expression of the Divine, freely expressing their own unique Love and Light Frequencies in all of their creations. This was the original Divine Plan.

    You were created to experience one life at a time.
    Being held captive on Earth without your Twin Flame, reincarnating over and over again to learn karmic lessons, having your Spirit Energy diluted into numerous parallel lives. This all came about from the Dark Side’s infiltration of this planet. This was never part of the Lights Divine Plan!

    Karmic Lessons:
    Negative programming from past lives (karma) was never intended to be imprinted on the physical body. This is not part of the Divine Intention. Born over and over again on Earth without being able to leave and being held captive was a program put in place by the Dark Agenda.

    Parallel Lives:
    I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘spreading yourself too thin’. At this time on Earth, people are living a multitude of parallel lives simultaneously. These lives can affect you without your knowledge or consent. This process was not created by the Light.

    You were created to live one life in the NOW.

  42. Entities:
    The Darkness has progressed since Jesus walked the Earth. This increased density has caused a situation where people are rarely more than 20% in their bodies and they are often sharing their bodies with Entities, (ghost, the emotional bodies of people who have passed on). These Entities cause auditions and a host of other problems. They need to be cleared out in order for the Spirit to come into the body 100%.

    The Galactic Federation has allowed negative ET races (Greys & Draconians) to abduct people and do things to them against their will, such as:

    Install tracking devices

    Inject them with mental and physical implants, use devices that control and alter Consciousness according to their will. Each time just before an individual was incarnated, he was re-implanted again. In this way, the surface population was kept in amnesia.

    Infiltration of the physical body by the ‘Dark Forces Agenda’ has radically compromised the human energy system.

    This has prevented the physical and spiritual development of the Human Race for eons.

    This has threatened Humanity to near Spiritual extinction.

    The Dark Agenda’s many methods have included negative imprinting, mind control, tracking devices, psychic attacks, mental and physical attacks, negative implants, invasion of privacy and freedom, soul theft, abduction, spreading of false teachings designed to distract and lead people away from their own Divinity.

    This has become a very large clean-up mission on our part. The Dark Forces are trying to take over the Light’s Creations. We realize that there is a need to clean up this situation and the Divine Forces are united in this effort at this time.

    Light bearers throughout history have come into physical form to facilitate a positive change and help uplift human consciousness in overcoming the force of Darkness. Many of these individuals have suffered from living under the Dark Agenda’s rule.

    Imposters of the Light have proliferated on Earth for a long time. They mislead, misdirect, torture, kill, and steal Life Force Energy from the Earth and its inhabitants. These dark forces have covertly infiltrated all societies on Earth.

    This situation has made it necessary for the Creation Lightship to activate Universal Energy Shifts to cleanse, realign, and restore Spiritual Divine Harmony.

    All inhabits on Earth were created to experience Love and Light. Creation will no longer allow this darkness to go unchecked.

    Originally the Galactic Federation was created as the Spiritual and Physical Guardians for Earth and its inhabitants.

    They were created to:

    Offer Spiritual Guidance

    Aid and Assist when needed

    Protect from Dark Force invasions

    Provide physical healing when needed

    Help with Ascension Preparation at the Time of the Shift

    Unfortunately, the Galactic Federation did not hold their Spiritual Integrity in Love. This caused them to become infiltrated by the Dark Forces. This was accomplished through extraterrestrial races allied with the Dark Agenda who were seeking to control and infiltrate the Galactic Federation as well as the human race. The Darkness overtook them.

  43. I feel like most lightworkers don't trust the light forces anymore and no wonder I'm not surprised really and I don't blame them because of the lack of action and intervention. Unfortunately too much empty talking and not enough action so I understand how most people are feeling. We have seen zero help from the light forces no matter what they say. The human suffering gets worse every day and they seem to be on vacation and not very worried about us. I can guarantee you one thing the light forces will pay for their sins with their karma because there is no escaping that. We greatly regret the lack of intervention and integrity. The Galactic Federation has the power to implement change. Humanity has been wrongfully treated with disrespect. If the Galactic Federation cannot hold the Spiritual Law of Oneness, it will no longer exist. In this the case, we will replace them with completely new Guardians with Divine Light Resonance. The Galactic Federation has already been put on notice and is fully aware of what is stated here. We will not allow this corruption to go unchecked any longer. Unfortunately all this Is just empty talking and nice stories which doesn't serve anyone until there is real physical Action taken against the dark forces this is not helping anyone we have just more stories with no physical action. we waited 8 years we want to see something. I want big cabal players arrested and a sign to the earth people.. It begins.

    1. If you like copypasta, try something different like 'Guerrilla Warfare'. This is getting boring even for a troll.

      [Strong Language]

  44. So isn't Tawian similar to Ukraine a deep state puppet govt? Like Japan like A Korea . Hard to know who to trust and what to believe ... Is Xi working with alliance is trump?
    Is Q military intelligence will there be 10 days of darkness where movies are shown that run in a loop all day exposing the dark ? All the qhht Intel so far hasn't happened...but yes there is no time...but wait Atlantis was in our past right as was Lemuria both existed at the same time in the past well I know in that timeline...it's hard to speak of the past when time is a 3D construct but wait the galactics have a past and a timeline to keep ascending toward Source...my thought is time can be altered via time travel thus Mandela effect but there is a past it's just not fixed ??

  45. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11076493/Putin-come-Chinas-aid-goes-war-Taiwan-leading-Russian-senator-vows.html

  46. Hey there. I've been dealing with entities directly for most of my life so I thought I'd share some intel in how it works and how they work as objectively as possible..

    When an entity attacks in *can* happen in three stages..

    Stage one is a 'dream' attack. This attack occurs within a 'dream' setting. You can tell because of how 'wacky' the landscape is and nonsensical the setting is in relation to your physical position.. How it works is kind of the equivlance of "drop-in co-op" in a video game. What's happening is there is a literal entity in your room, then it 'projects' into your 'dream' and interacts with you inside the dream. It's quite possible to fight them off in the dream setting and win. As you are the *host* of the dream, you're in control of what happens. This is something *they* don't want you to know. You're in control technically..

    Stage two is more non-physical-astral.. but not completely dream-state, or semi-physically.. In this stage you're completely aware of your surroundings and know your in your house or immediate area. However, things are 'off kilter' slighty. The hues and colors are "off" and your not completely 'there' yourself (hard to explain) and the electricity doesn't work for the light switches. Just odd little markers to indicate that while your in a familiar place, it's still quite different.. It's in stage two that Sleep Paralysis(SP) occurs in this lucid semi-non physical state. Stage two can happen if you 'lost the game' at stage one. It bleeds into stage two. However, stage two can happen immediately as well without stage one.

    It's stage two SP where the entity is creating a kind of psychic-electrical pressure towards you. I know Cobra would say SP is the result of a disruption of the astral body leaving the physical body. But in my experience this isn't the case. I've had astral experiences that were quite fine. It's always with entities that involved that sleep paralysis. It's possible to break out of sleep paralysis yourself, by just aggressively, forcefully trying to move your body. The fear that people have that if they move while under sleep paralysis that it will make the situation worse is a red herring. The reality is the situation is worse NOW and now you've got to do something about it.

    Stage three is when it's physical. Rarely, stage three happens when stage one and two has been *lost* and whatever natural defensive mechanisms that were being projected at the stage one and stage two state have been lost. However, it's possible to lose stage one and go straight to stage three. I'm not sure what the trigger is but it can happen. When it bleeds into the physical, the entity is en-thralled to the physical laws therein, and thus affected by those same laws. It's because of this reason that stage three is quite rare. At best you'll experience something between a stage two and three. Where the entity bleeds into the physical *just* enough to be seen, but not enough to be affected by anything truly threatening. It's also stage three where *scratches* occur seemingly out of no-where..

    I also need to make mention of psychic influences. Another avenue of attack is where *thoughts* are projected into the mind of the target that are ultimately against the targets best interest. A good example is what the Toxoplasma gondii parasite does to rodents. The entity will project a picture. Followed by a splash of dopomine or feel-good-chemicals, so the target associates the picture with good feelings. Part of the reason why certain people repeat certain behaviours is because of these entity-parasites, *feasting* off of the frequency given off by these actions. Unfortunately the only counter I could find is extreme levels of consciousness where the person questions every attitude and behaviour and thought that they've ever had for their merit and be very much aware of whatever 'impulses' come across there minds, be they 'positive' or 'negative'.

    I hope this was informative. I'll share more later.

    1. @Surfer, thank you. I have experienced these things for as long as I can remember. Lots of stage one and stage two types and less of the stage three. Fighting my way out of sleep paralysis and waking up to entities in the room sounds like between two and three. I have been hit and touched and it may of been ghosts doing some of it, not dark entities. I detail much of it on my blog.

    2. @LongStar117

      From what I remember. Cobra said 'Ghosts' were actually hostile entities. **However** in my experience, the reality of entities is it's very similar to regular people in the sense it varies from entity to entity. Different personas, overall moods, intentions, "missions" etc etc..

      I've had an experience where I was talking to non-human entities in the astral that were *pretending* to be human but I knew they were not. But they gave me human names. The female entity told me it's name was "Kate" but I knew it wasn't it's actual name.. I could tell by their demeanour towards saying this name that they didn't like saying it.

      I imagine it's similar to how call centres in India will give westerners western names even though the people making the calls actually have Indian names.. I think it's designed for the "target" to endear themselves further to the situation. To create an air of relatability .

      In Ouija board situations I've noticed that usually the entity will give the "target" a human or western(depending on location) names. Sometimes this is legit, sometimes it's not.

      However, with all that being said..It's dependent on the character/person/individual and their 'makeup'. Discernment is difficult, but possible.. I've dealt with entities that over a long period of time, relaxed and calmed down a bit. I've also dealt with entities that had no room for diplomacy, and I've dealt with entities that were very much "Attack-Move" in the sense that they'll just attack you when they can.

    3. With so many haunted places, I think the ghosts at the places FOUND out about the reincarnation trap, hence why they stay put. They figured this shit out.

    4. @Sherman
      If this is true, then they haven't figured out further how to exit the matrix as per Wes Penre's theory: https://wespenrevideos.com/2019/02/01/video-119-the-grid-and-how-to-exit-the-matrix/

  47. I'm officially on no one side on this situation until i get downloaded information into my brain from source.

  48. You go my friend. Unless you hurt no one you can do what ever you want.

  49. What is this sphere from space?


  50. Per favore Cobra , potresti darci un piccolo aggiornamento sulla situazione a Taiwan e quanto hanno contribuito le meditazioni per la pace? Grazie. La Dea vuole la Pace e la Pace sarà!

  51. The Divine Will and Man


  52. Could I ask why every meditation of peace has gone failed? Are the Light Forces really taking the advantage. The last island is going to war now in the intent of the military complex. gg i hope this time won't happen.

  53. A question for cobra. Does the delta option is still in the plans of the light force ? Because in my opinion with all the info cobra give us I don't see the situation with toplets bombs and archons being resolved anytime soon. At least not until the end of the second window predicted by cobra or even before 2025. So that let us with not that many options to prepare humanity for the evacuation soon enough. Why not wait until around the election in usa to disclose the election fraud to create a massive shock so the usa fall and then the light forces could start delta option while we wait for the event. I know it would be a chaotic period but at least people would wake up and be more prepared to what is to come. Because right now nothing is happening people are going back to their normal life and in the same
    old hamster wheel. And what we only do is meditate, meditate, meditate to counteract the cabals stupid moves.. we really need a breakthrough.

    1. Things are rather skint over here like it is with most people these days.

      Knowing more precise information in advance would mean better informed decisions with one's money.

    2. Yes. We need ACTION, not MORE meditations. Seems the meditations are only there to give US something to do. And I feel like CRAP, for days, when taking part in these mass meditations.

      And 2025 ain't too far from here.


  54. Rocks.



  55. Rocks Off.


  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Good. On Judy Byington they are talking about the whole world is wanting to defund the Vatican as a part of a global "defund genocide" movement, especially Canada but there are similar moves in America, Italy, Holland, Australia and other countries. They wish to punish the Vatican for its crimes and reclaim the wealth stolen by the church. They "have no lawful right to operate and their wealth and property must be sized to impede and prevent their criminal activities (hell yeah!)" This is from Carl Redvers a legal adviser to NCCLA in Winnipeg.
    In response diplomats and indigenous delegates at the United Nations are seeking the expulsion of the Vatican from the UN General Assembly. This will happen on 13th September. "Disestablishing the Catholic Church is a legal and moral obligation on humanity under the Law of Nations," states a communique under the coalition sponsoring the UN motion.
    "If the UN does not apply the rule of international law to that Church as a proven genocidal regime, then there is no such law and the UN is not only obsolete, but an accomplice in Vatican crimes." Issued by the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State August 4 2022.

    I got out of that company that was vilifying me for not being vaxxed. I've gone elsewhere, so bye bye awful Karens. Yesterday when it happened I got Vertigo quite badly, I can't really walk and can't drive. I hate this. I can barely type. Using medbed but not really a help. I must keep away from the deadly doctors. I admit I can barely think today, so dizzy. Since I can't even think, I know I'm leaving lots out. Listen to Judy Byington here:


    1. One of the best ways to break out from this fucking Matrix and fucking Cabal system is to be self-employed working online in the comforts of your own home. There are plenty of opportunities depending on your area/specialty. You don't pay taxes, you keep all the revenue for yourself. I can tell from my own experience I am doing quite well and at peace, not hassles, no fucking vaxx, nothing. Been doing so for over a decade and I couldn't be happier. Let's break this fucking Matrix, let the fucking corporations DIE!!!! Be self-employed Work online!

    2. @Unknown
      I'd rather live a REAL life, like the aliens, who DON'T 'make a living', who just LIVE....they don't live in this strangulation called 'making a living' on this planet, having to live like demeaning slaves to 'make a living'. Money needs to go the way of the dinosaurs, like in Star Trek and The Orville.

      I always thought that having to pay in order to live was ridiculous.

    3. @Sherman

      Like Vincent Vega would say: "So you decided to be a bum."

      Vincent: - What you mean, 'Walk the earth'?

      Jules: - Like Caine in Kung Fu. Walk from place to place, meet people, get in adventures.

      Vincent: - And how long do you intend to walk the earth?

      Jules: - 'Til God puts me where he wants me to be.

      Vincent: - What if he don't do that?

      Jules: - If it takes forever, then I'll walk forever.

      Vincent: - So you decided to be a bum.

      Jules: - I'll just be Jules, Vincent. No more, no less.

      Vincent: - No, Jules, you decided to be a bum just like all those pieces of shit out there who beg for change, who sleep in garbage bins, eat what I throw away...

      Vincent: - They got a name for that, Jules-It's called a bum.

      Vincent: - And without a job, a residence or legal tender, that's what you're gonna be, man. You're gonna be a fuckin' bum.

      Just change the name Jules to Sherman and change God to Light Forces or whatever higher 5D aliens. Same story here.
      You gonna wait for higher aliens to come and rescue you and change you into a cosmic diva so you can actually start LIVING LIFE! It's basically Pulp Fiction with a Sci-Fi twist to it.
      Wake up dawg! There ain't no free rides in this so called BITCH life. And don't give me the Galactic Codex crap!

    4. Ahh, the certain unknowns of the happiness patrol return.

      And YOU don't give ME that same old happiness patrol crap, mmkay?
      I can tell you never interacted with transfolks...I suggest you do.

      Also, I can not simply CHANGE my gender and genetics....sorry, but 'going within' can only do SO MUCH.
      I have NO other choice but to wait for the aliens....plus I want to GO HOME. Is what I ask for THAT unreasonable? I don't think so.

      And outside earth, everything is guaranteed and an entitlement....YOU pal, are the ones living in a fantasy...thinking the dog-eat-dog world and you gotta slave through everything just to live...you sound like an NWO troll to me.......DAWG.

      So, SPARE me your speeches and lectures.

      Also....you sound like a cocky Mitt Romney, talking down to the poor peasants for BEING poor peasants. Or an Archie Bunker.

      So, cork it, you're pretty much dead to me....


    5. @Unknown

      and many of those 'bums' are NOT there by choice....many could not pay their bills, mortgages, etc. Some of them are war veterans. Some of them were kicked out of their homes by their own parents, for silly reasons...such as either being gay or transgender.

      And I suggest YOU have a nice, big slice of humble pie, for YOU, one day, might become a 'bum' yourself.

      Reminds me of that line, "May he who is without sin cast the first stone", or something like that.

    6. @Sherman
      As always you are MARRIED to your opinions and you can never look the other side of the story and see a new perspective for a change, dawg!
      Don't take my diatribe so seriously, dawg... I was just quoting some cool lines from one of my favorite movies, and a perfect scene for your case in point.
      I have nothing against bums, trans, gays, aliens or anyone, only against "useless haters" who only complain and do nothing useful in life and expect for miracle solutions to their problems instead of growing a set and soldiering on, doing something useful with their lives while we are stuck here. The worst thing of being in prison is contemplating the endless time ahead of you with NOTHING to do... That's what kills you, not the time that seems to grind to a still, but the fact that you have nothing to do to spend time in a useful way...
      You're gonna keep on this endless circle of frustration/rage/hate and nothing will come of it, nothing will EVER change in your life. Since you are too stubborn to die or to divorce your strong opinions, you will simply rot and age with time until you are nothing but a walking corpse.
      Your call, DAWG!

      P.S.: I don't force happiness onto NO ONE, in fact being a sad and despondent gothic is kinda appealing to me. What I can't really take are the whiny sissies with lots of time on their hands and nothing useful to do... Only whining and bitching about not having their way!

    7. @Unknown


      I will NOT simply accept being a human or a man. Like Libra said, I will NEVER simply accept it. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?! I NEED some kind of miracle to get the transformation I require....I CAN NOT do it myself, otherwise I'd BE an alien woman now, and traveling the stars. WE need a miracle to end this war. Unless you been through what I have been through, you don't know anything, not one damn bit.

    8. @Sherman
      You know, that sounds terrible. I don’t know how you deal with all of these problems.

    9. Welcome to life on Planet Gulag, Unknown.
      Maybe NOW you understand.

  58. I feel much better after a few hours. I could almost drive. Not as bad as last time, I think I will be alright :)

  59. cathy obrien-quote—–love is the most powerful force in the universe.—–unquote…..



  60. 🖐🏼About Handholding🤗



  61. if we're going to meet other beings after the evacuation i wonder something if they are beings that look like cats are there beings that look like dogs on other planets?

    1. Most likely beings that look like lynxes.

    2. ya bur i wonder if there are dog headed beings like they are for cats, because if you see Egyptian gods and goddesses there are some that look like dogs, so are there beings out there that look like dogs like it is for cats or no

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  62. I thought the galactics wouldn't allow a nuclear war...? It keeps dragging on and on...2018 update states Draco ships were being taken out by galactic so 4 years later and we are still not liberated...what are we to do take up arms and start our own revolution is that what the galactics want?? I can't think so but this slow approach could take many more years ...I. Positive but I have to admit I expected the flash by now and is getting ready to all transition to 5D.. what about implants? Toplet bombs...what has to happen now?

    1. Yep, we need SOMETHING and NOW.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  63. I don't understand. Why doesn't the source just dissolve the anomaly? Should not the source be omniscient and omnipotent? If the SOURCE truly loves us, why not send higher dimensional beings to help humanity? Because the Source loves the dark side too, and is giving them a chance? Stop talking about kidnapping humans. That's not a reason. Is 2025 a deadline or not? A recent interview said 2025 is just a goal. So, once again, your bottom line has been lowered? Do you really want to free the earth and mankind?

    1. The Source is not omniscient! It is limited by the third dimension just like we are. The future is instantly accessible in all dimensions, and what is being done is to try to save this experimental zone, the universe needs to be upgraded!

    2. @god dome
      Personally, 'sources sick kids' can go smeg off, we're in a war...and THEY want to kill/enslave US.

    3. I believe the Universe is generally indifferent to us unless things get far more serious than they are. Most people unconsciously enable their servitude by believing in the religion of government which is slavery.

  64. oi pessoal da resistência. talvez não tenha muito a oferecer. todavia nada tenho a viver na superficie. antes tentar emergir das sombras com verdades. Do que viver de ilusões na superficie. assim espero por vocês e seu contato para assim igual um dia qualquer sumir como um passe magica e ajudar humanidade de forma real.

  65. "And how, many times, will the cannonball fly, before, they are, forever banned?"
    LF's, it is time to enact the Galactic Codex.
    Accept the collateral damage and push the button.
    It Is Time.

    1. Source has it's own timing and agenda. No use crying for the moon. Lamentation will fall on dead ears.

  66. @de0x95
    Need the aliens to get what I want.

  67. Ain't it GREAT being a human on this hole of a planet, eh?

  68. How does God see you? A Kryon channeling of 2021(Lee Carroll)

  69. Something BIG is happening in August!
    BE Wise - BE Observant - BE Kind - BE Peaceful - But BE Prepared

  70. https://rumble.com/v1efm0d-world-premiere-these-little-ones.html

    Documentary about child trafficking.

    1. This is a summary of important information on "this subject" - difficult to digest and painful (even if one is aware of "these incidents"), but quite suitable to introduce others to this subject - but cautiously and with advance warning, since the evilness that is addressed is simply not imaginable for many.

      I'm always in a state of conflict when people tell me they don't want to hear "about it" because the very idea of it alone is already so unbearable.

      On the one hand, I can understand it and of course want/must respect it. On the other hand, these children experience this suffering (they not only hear about it) and how should this ever be stopped if everything can continue to take place in secret? Who should stand up for these children if not us (those who know)?

  71. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  72. @Sherman
    Just get in line for fairy godmother granting your wishes just like everyone else, dawg. And the line is 8 billion people long.