Monday, August 15, 2022

Planetary Situation Update

Many things are happening behind the scenes and as much as I would like to report them, it is simply too dangerous at this senior stage of the Plan:

In the void created by almost no solid intel on the surface of the planet since the collapse of the alpha timeline in early 2018, disinformation abounds.

The dark forces are leading campaigns against the few true sources, with unsubstantiated rumors and false accusations. They are especially attacking true Goddess teachings and true intel about the liberation of the planet. Several quite known intel sources that were relatively reliable in the past were not able to hold the Light and have crossed over to become instruments of the dark side.

The surface Lightworker grid has almost collapsed, and the Light forces have activated an emergency backup Light grid for the surface of the planet, about which nothing can be said. Kerr metric spacetime distortion anomaly around the surface of the planet will reach its peak density in late August 2022, and after that time it will again become easier to hold the Light, and the Lightworker grid is expected to at least partially recover from the brutal attacks to which it was subjected in the last few months.



The Light forces have explained that the amount of anomaly and darkness on the surface of this planet is huge, and this is the main reason why the Light is not more efficient in assisting the surface population. They have also communicated that they are clearing the primary anomaly with great speed and will at some point be able to influence the surface of the planet directly as well. When asked why they have stated in the past that they will intervene when certain lines are crossed, they offered no response and remained silent.

They have also communicated that the subquantum anomaly around the surface of the planet hides a dark entity that is the last remnant of darkness from the previous cosmic cycle, and has survived the Big Bang in the (sub)quantum state. This entity has entered this universe through the central Sun of the Andromeda galaxy, spent millions of years in Rigel and was teleported to Earth in 1996. This entity will be cleared completely and entirely together with the subquantum anomaly. In certain circles, this entity is called “the Lurker”.

On the brighter side, they have said that the Mjolnir quantum cannon technology is clearing the anomaly around the surface of the planet more and more rapidly in a roughly exponential curve, and breakthroughs are expected:

The collapse of the beta timeline in August 2019 has pushed the surface society in a slow collapse trajectory, which the World Economic Forum tries to exploit in their Great Reset plans. They are treating the surface society as a thermodynamic system in which a small selected part of the system (them) decreases its entropy at the expense of the whole system (humanity), for which the sum entropy increases. In short, they are treating the surface human society as a heat pump:

Their incomplete understanding of the thermodynamics will lead to their downfall, and their Reset plans will NOT be successful.

They are now having the target date for their engineered collapse / reset at 2030, which will be far too late:

They are artificially trying to disrupt supply chains to accelerate the collapse:

They are trying to engineer a conventional war between East and West by polarizing Russia and China against the USA:

In their planned war, nuclear weapons would NOT be used:

Recent escalation between USA and China over Taiwan was an attempt to start that war, and our meditation was successful in calming the situation, together with Pleiadians giving a warning to Xi Jinping. 



The Pleiadians are recently very frustrated with the Russian generals, not much cooperation is present, and communication has dropped almost to zero.

After our Divine Intervention meditation in December 2021 the Pleiadians have contacted some key people in positive militaries in Russia, USA and China, and most of those people were not open to the liberation Plan, in fact many of them started actively opposing the Plan and are rather assisting the Cabal in trying to engineer a new world war. This is one of the main reasons for delays in 2022 and the main reason why our meditation did not have the expected impact.

Meanwhile, the Dark forces are building their main stronghold in China and are trying to change that country into a fully dystopian society:

They are afraid of the revolution that is brewing beneath the obedient surface:

In a certain country, many Lightworkers were recently directly attacked and persecuted by their government because of their Lightworker activities. This was a clear violation of the non-interference treaty which was signed between the Light Forces and the Cabal:



One part of that treaty states that the Cabal will receive security intel from the Light Forces to protect Cabal's main people from random attacks from the surface population (which is the only reason why Bill Gates, the most hated man on the planet, is still alive), and in turn the Cabal promised not to persecute the Lightworkers directly because of their beliefs and activities.

As a result of that violation, the Light forces have closed the deconfliction communication line for a few days in the beginning of July as a warning. For these few days, the Cabal did not receive security intel to protect their main people and locations, which resulted in two security breaches for them.

The first security breach has taken down the Georgia guidestones:

The second security breach has taken down Shinzo Abe:

This second security breach was a warning to the leader of that particular country what may happen to him if they continue persecuting Lightworkers.

That situation has since deescalated.

The main plan to liberate the planet is still in place, despite of all delays:

And despite of all negativity on the surface of the planet, thing tend to get better:

The big flip is upon us:

And the Light will finally come.

Victory of the Light!



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    2. I suspect the real reason for the lightworker grid near-collapse is the result of the death shot.

      There are cognitive changes and motor neuron skill changes taking place where artists who were once very good with profile drawing have deteriorated, the process similar to the botched paint job of 'Monkey Jesus' of Borja, Spain compared to the original.

      And the artists don't recognize their paintings have deteriorated, indicating they themselves have become disabled by the death shot they were proudly advertising and pushing others to get just 1 year earlier.

      The Missing Phenomenon - Thomas Sheridan

    3. How long will it take to clear the "lurker"?

    4. There is a Prime Directive, that's why. Along with free will on this planet. So nothing will change, the sheeple are scared of change. Deal with it!

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  3. May we know who these lightworkers that gave up on their light mission are somehow... people need to know.

    "Several quite known intel sources that were relatively reliable in the past were not able to hold the Light and have crossed over to become instruments of the dark side."

    Now i know this is an unfair question to ask you Cobra as it may put you in a bad position. How about we get to learn of these names indirecrly... now this is not to shame them. But to warn other not to listen to them... this in turn make the bad guys find no use of them.. maybe them can retire and ponder about their betrayal...

    So can we have those names .. even if written in crops circle.. come on guys. The one way to deal with the bad guys is to do the unexpected... make sure however that the crop circle can be recognized as legit... you know what the bad guys will do.. they will then followed up by adding conflicting crop circles... so whatever u guys do... play outside the box. Imho

    1. I think it's up to people to discern for themselves. Naming anyone (even just indirect - love the cropcircle idea, made me laugh :D) would just lead to more division and more fights breaking out amongst the lightworkers and this is definately the last thing we want.
      There will always be a ton of false intel until the event. It's just the nature of this liberation process..

    2. Frankly when it comes to such sources they need to be publicised otherwise people will keep coming to them and drinking their Kool-Aid.

      All these phonies need to be outed. No one, not especially these New Age shiny happy types should think they can get away with going public for their 5 minutes of fame and admiration without taking the responsibility for selling their audience out.

      Also if Q (which is Bolshevik's Operation Trust 2.0 that Alex Jones and David Icke called out on ) and Juan O Savin / 'W' / Wayne Williot are not on that list I am not going to take it seriously.

      I don't care if someone from here got his haemorrhoid got teased by the knot in his underwear from seeing this comment and bitched to the moderators about it.

    3. @ DH

      I had several names in mind for this part of the article. One of them - long known for a careful and vetted selection of whistleblowers he worked with - has recent posts that make you wonder.

      And most recently, he mentioned Cobra by name in an announcement that suggests in its implication that he intends to present Cobra's Intel (at least a specific one) as inaccurate. But that is just my personal interpretation and I may well be wrong.

    4. @DH, The surface Lightworker grid has almost collapsed, and the Light forces have activated an emergency backup Light grid for the surface of the planet, about which nothing can be said.

      I would think that most sources are compromised in some way or completely as we are on the surface with an enormous amount of darkness.

    5. Don't put them on trial. It will cause more confusion and betrayal.

    6. A mio parere bisogna evitare accuratamente che altri operatori di Luce possano passare anche loro al lato oscuro, per evitare nuove dispersioni di energie e di tempo prezioso, dato che siamo noi umani ad andarci di mezzi. Sarebbe anche ora di farla finita con il patto di non interferenza. I tipi come Bill Gates vanno rimossi e basta perché tanto gli oscuri tradiranno sempre le promesse. Di loro non ci si può mai fidare.

    7. @Lightpower
      Bad guys don't follow rules, not even their own. To them, rules are only for the peasants.

      "Rules are for THEE, not for ME". We're on a planet where GOOD people are thrown to the dogs, and Evil ones are made into HEROES.
      Light SOMETHING fast, or this planet's gonna BURN.

      Personally I say it's time to throw away the rule books, and just fight DIRTY. And offer no mercy, for they will give you none.

    8. @DH. May I suggest you watch the reports by Corey Goode about the collapse of lightworker communities? Including his personal experiences with it? Much delusion, and masquerading has disrupted the cohesion of groups that once were a fanclub of Goode (and David Wilcock as well). It's as if all this drama results in many people, who were floating on a cloud of marshmallows, are hitting rock bottom. Which may be a good thing after all. Sobriety, and clarity of mind with a sense of reality that leads to manifestation of good things.

    9. The question is. Will it do more harm or more good to oust those that decide to support the dark side. Again is not about shaming them. For so long we(humanity or those outside the click) have been living in a world of deception... information misinformation disinformation, that we end up feeling comfortable with the this idea that this is normal or shpuld be .. where real thruth, transparency is too out there to even be practical in a world of delusion.. we end up tolerating the same bad patterns just so not to raise dust.

      when do we as adults tell those that are follwoing a skewed path, a betrayal's way that enough is enough and this behavior is not to be accepted. First of we cant do this ourselves..because .we all have a problem .. that we cant tell who is telling the truth from lies beyond a shadow of a doubt( no matter how confident you are.. if u got an implant from them or whatever else..u are compromise). All we know.. is what we have heard from other we hope are being candid ... how can you proof your sources are as truthful as they may seem to be when the dark manipulate not always in obvious ways. We make statements about reality that under scrutinity probably holds no water and we yet to learn the real truth and significance.

      Point is not to highlight others as a way of shaming for falling.. is about stopping/preventing the spread of misinformation/disinformation which may be even more so dangerous than having our feelings hurt.

      The least we can hope is that those that proceed to accept any bargain with bad guys.. will think twice in doing so as they would be prevented as no one will believe them anymore. The bad guys would not be able to use them..

      And again. This is not about a group of us deciding who is truthful or not.. this is when i say. Answers must be coming from beyond the norm..

      We would be foolish to trust any terrestrial source as being accurate or truthful.. ok maybe ur blog cobra is an exception.. maybe i am a fool. But is ok.

      If indeed light is peeking thru.. i think the good guys (above) could provide us with beyond the shadow of a doubt answers.

      At least i hope so... if not... business as usual i fear.

      The good guys from below are in a war where misinformation and disinformation may be necessary foe rhem.. thta does not mean there is room to oust the ones supoorting the bad guys only..

      If one is to build a world where truth is to rule.. why we have to wait until after the event... watch more souls fall for the the bad guys tricks.. is prevention a better way or tolerance.

  4. I think the light forced need to contact regular people for's the peasants who are effected by all this, not government, not military. I trust these guys as much as I'd trust a vampire to give me a shave. I say these people NEED to be locked away, or executed for being traitors. I won't shed a tear for these guys.

    And this non interference treaty....time to BURN it. See, villains don't follow rules, not even their own.

    Laws are only valid if people agree to OBEY them, otherwise they are just WORDS. - Tyrga "Thundercats"

  5. Let Us Keep Manifesting Love On Earth! The Power Is Within Us To More Consciously Create Our Reality! VoTL!

  6. COBRA, thank you for bringing us this information, thank you for everything you have done <3 <3 <3

    Thank you <3

    Thank you <3

    Thank you <3

    Now everything is a bit more clearer.

  7. Lol @vampire to give you a shave .. sometimes u do have your moments me friend.

  8. Several quite known intel sources that were relatively reliable in the past were not able to hold the Light and have crossed over to become instruments of the dark side - Corey Goode? As he stated in his video, that only his intel is accurate and intel of others have to be ignored

    1. I always wondered about him, as well as that pipsqueak, David Wilcock.

    2. Corey was obvious from beginning.... What about Benjamin Fulford? Simon Parkes? David Wilcock sadly has turned.

    3. @JW
      Probably why he got kicked off Ancient Aliens, they seen him as a fraud.

    4. David Wilcock has turned ? Can you please elaborate because I'm all fairness the messages here are always giving is great anticipation then telling us all the problems why it can't happen. Now we learn the galactics actually inform the cabal to protect their people and the supposed white hats in the military are working with the sorry but who to believe Light Workers grid collapsed how why?? More light than ever is coming in.. still anomaly around the planet haven't they used the Mk cannon now for months or years? Just don't understand they are super advanced ETs what is stopping them??

    5. @Neo Matrix. I'm absolutely sure that you're mistaken, by quoting words supposedly coming from Corey Goode. I'm also sure that you've not taken the time to read his latest reports, about the collapse of many lightworker groups, and his personal struggles with slander, and the results of power-games, plus delusional fabrications of those who are lost in the desert of their own lives, with shifting sand dunes where nothing can be built on solid ground.

  9. Interesting info. I've wondered who was behind the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones. Something told me it was more than some average conspiracy theorists. I'm not surprised to hear about the darkness on the planet. It's almost impossible to stay positive or make good decisions. Cool UFO picture. It looks like the Friendship UFO's with the tall narrow dome on top.

    1. The Suspicious Observers channel owner says from the video evidence showing the electric blue flash it was a lightning strike.

  10. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

    And a video (1964) from Arthur C.Clarke talking about food replicators, new energy, etc..

  11. We're gonna be elderly at this rate.

    I personally wanna DAMAGE some bad guys, Lib.

  12. I always knew the dark forces were cheating but I had no idea they were forcing the Light Forces to help them cheat. ...

    1. @Evolution
      Time for the light forces to cheat, I say.

      All's fair in war.

    2. Me pergunto porque as "forças da luz" compactuar com os escuros. Deles as LF tem piedade, mas para nós eles não tem demonstrado nenhum, só nos tratam como idiotas úteis. Eu digo, pare com essa merda.

  13. Oh god holy crap!
    This is such an incredibly epic and exciting journey! If I hadn't the utmost trust in source and the Lightforces, I would probably shit my pants 😂
    Now I can only laugh and marvel at how insanely vast the scope of this story is.. WTF like, I mean probably this entire universe has never seen a more dramatic tale and we are fucking right in the middle of it!.. sheeeet! 🤯
    Let's keep holding the Light my brothers and sisters!
    We are THE FUCKING GROUNDCREW! and our Faith and Love make us INVINCIBLE!
    Let's gooo! Victory of the Light! 💜
    Thank you Cobra my dude! 🥰 😘

  14. The first image shows Earth as a prison planet flanked by the Tesseract (4-dimensional cube) on either side. On 2D graphic its also expressed as the Octagon, that appears as stars arranged on the light blue lanyard portion of Congressional Medal of Honor (as occult mockery of an otherwise coveted medal for military personnel), or the fighting platform of cage fighting and MMA events that see heavy impact on the participant's head.

    The Tesseract or 4-D cube is the symbol of mind control.

    I would like to know what this 'certain country' that attacks Lightworkers is that remains as classified intel. If Singapore isn't that country then things are far worse than I thought. Nothing is going to change here as long as those lackeys that appear to be taking direct orders from the WEF are in charge. 93% have taken the first 2 shots and 80% taken the third death shot. If 2030 C.E> is 'too late' for WEF then its safe to assume along with past intel that this is the year where we won't hear any more delays.

    The behavior of Russia with the Pleiadians should come as no surprise. When children are being blown to bits by weapons sold by the west including recently a promising 11-year old ballet dancer, her grandmother and her teacher who was another accomplished ballet dancer, just for being ethnic Russian, it pushes people to take their own initiative. And Russians are still fresh from the memories of the 2nd World War and how they were economically disemboweled in the 1990s under Boris Yeltsin. The children of that decade who grew up hungry and in some cases doing street music on the -40 deg C streets of Moscow are now the voting bloc in their 30s and 40s who are demanding iron fisted justice and want Ukraine to cease to be a national entity.

    Nothing really surprises me anymore with the eagerness to start a world war, or the intel sources turning to the dark.

    The scamdemic saw many who were boasting about how they were ready for the Apocalypse etc fold like cheap cameras and attack others for questioning the narrative. The 2020-2022 scamdemic was a psychological terrorist attack on the world population that for the first time reached right into people's homes and separated families along those who questioned the narrative and those who blindly went along with it including long time self-proclaimed lightwarriors and 'hedge Druids' selling courses of transmuting of the soul who were fervently hosing down their groceries over a virus with 99.7% survival rate, and go venerate their new spirit guide Pfizer, when faced with the remote possibility of their own passing from this world.

    It took thousands of dumbf**ks like myself who don't play the stupid 'love and light' positive game, who shy away from noble sounding labels like 'lightworkers/lightwarriors', who stood up to this by saying the lost occult word 'No'.

    The heroes in the last 2 years were those despite all the threats of forever lockdowns, Vax IDs etc (which by the way ended soon after the Ukraine Special Military Operation, coincidence?) they stood their ground and refused the death shot. But it also showed to us in the 21st century why the atrocities of the 2nd World War were possible.

    And there's no going back, no moving on from what has happened, over the last 2.5 years. People aren't bothered with work when they see their paycheck after taxes has almost nothing left. They aren't bothered with the rat race when they see they aren't going to be able to do the things their parents were able to do in their day, like buy a house. Those of us who were single were the far-sighted ones, but the far-sighted ones were the ones ridiculed for not playing the game.

    No thanks, no harem of girls, no comfy rides on starships with wide angle views of Earth from space, except the fact the ancestral gods stepped in and saved us from being chewed up by the extreme conditions and the state apparatus turned hostile against those who chose to make their own decisions on their health.

    1. @spec ops i completely resonate with your entire comment. It also puts my numbed feelings about this global mess into coherent perspective. As much as we are frustrated, everyone is also suffering from the same perps. This synthetic existence that only benefits this failing manmade system is pointless to continue let alone contribute to.. And if you decide to anyway, what will you get even if you resisted it all this far? A chip planted from one of the compromised just by coughing on your pureblood body, and lucky only if that chip was a deprogrammed one courtesy of the GF.
      Somehow I have to remind myself to fight against all this, survive. At the same time... understand why people do or feel as they do rn. War, however, brings out the worst in others. I would have thought that it would bring people closer to help one another, but in my family's experience, they only step on each other to get ahead... even when the bombs are dropping and blowing out their windows for the past 8 years. Are they also numb? Well, surely miserable and not happy about it. Other people get it right,and others get it dead wrong until it kills them. I continue to do what I feel is right for me.

    2. > SN

      The injection shedding is real but I doubt it would involve a microchip.

      You are probably not on those Telegram conspiracy and anti-vaxx channels, but in case you are, I recommend getting off them. They are overrun with entity infected doomer losers who keep saying 'this is just a respite' to diminish the fact we just survived a major psychological assault on ourselves. While I point stuff out that needs to be pointed out, I don't like people who are addicted to believing in losing.

      Considering the Archon Congo Invasion is now 26 years old as of this year, yeah, its dragged on longer than necessary. Unlike you I am lucky I haven't been in a war zone, and maybe that's enough to be grateful for this life.

      Expectations always lead to disappointment, and be all out of f**ks to give for the future, because none of us have any real say in it. Do something creative or some hand-on odd job activity like lacquering the furniture to keep your mind off the hell over there. Its how I coped with the lockdowns.

  15. "After our Divine Intervention meditation in December 2021 the Pleiadians have contacted some key people in positive militaries in Russia, USA and China, and most of those people were not open to the liberation Plan, in fact many of them started actively opposing the Plan and are rather assisting the Cabal in trying to engineer a new world war. This is one of the main reasons for delays in 2022 and the main reason why our meditation did not have the expected impact."

    I believe that was predictable. why would they say yeh at a plan that would mean they would lose absolute control and they would have to share...

    You guys need to make them military aware the time of old is over. They either become part of the solution or part of the solution.. there is no in between and no other choices... it has become clear that their choices are anti-humanity.. how can that take precedence over the will of people... u want to know what is the will of the people.. ask the people.. dont based it on society polls or the military opinions.. u can speak to our souls directly.. to each one of us... you will be surprise that our answers will hardly match the polls of current system or society which are bias and not transparent. Just make sure our soul gets to vote with eyes wide opened.

    People!!! stop considering the little people as if of lesser value than the warmongerers

    "Make us important"... not the other way around.

    P.S. btw if u do get to speak with me higher self.. ignore the intermittant curse words... wait.. no.. those are coming from me ;)

  16. The good news, you can give up on this blog for real if 2030 C.E> comes and goes without nothing happening.

    From the looks of it the world will be nothing like what it is now by 2025 C.E> with things going quiet everywhere, ambulances blaring several times a day, and an explosion of collapses from athletes pushing their bodies and therefore bringing on the effects of the death shot.

    It will eventually come for the rest who took the death shot but don't push their bodies as hard. They are pulling out giant clots forming in the chambers of hearts that are struggling to keep the blood pumping.

  17.   As shown in figure🖐🏼
      At the end of this picture is the answer. I encourage you to share your inspiration and guidance.
      I didn't take cooperation seriously at first, which may be the beginning of cooperation.
      I hope you and I will never forget to cooperate.
      💓New Discoveries🎉 🤗
      This is a hand pulling other hands
      diffused💧 resonance💖 resound✨
      We speak German:
      “It is like a glass of very pure water. How many drops of ink can be dropped into that glass of water before the water is no longer clear but is seen as cloudy/dirty?”
      “Still, it would be great if everyone tried to make sure the drops they put in the glass of water were clear, or at least not dark ink.”
      5th Dimension: Words are a powerful form of energy and whether the intent is negative or positive and it can influence changes in perceptions
      Most people know what they should do, don't they? 😂The answers are more readily available at a young age
      It's more like people have made their own choices on the premise of knowing this fact clearly.🤗
      Someone's comments can have some synchronization with my content, and I look forward to the increase of such linked content in the future.It looks like there is cooperation in information.
      Cobra: And the second factor is there is less cooperation and more egoism and more stupidity among the Lightworkers than anybody expected.
      but I would say the more people hold the Light, the more people cooperate in a positive way, the more people develop and manifest common sense together with a spirit of cooperation, the more, the easier our roles will be.
      Yes. And of course, most people will not take me seriously and they will still not cooperate, and we will have more mandates, more of the same until the breakthrough happens. This is most likely what would happen. I'm not very hopeful again, I have seen enough of human nature to see how people behave.
      Ladder of Light✨✨
      get rid🔒 liberate🎉 be reborn🌏✨
      🖐🏼About Handholding🤗
      As soon as there is enough anomaly removed and enough Light present on the surface of the planet, much intel will be released and everything will be much clearer for many people.
      The above information will be sent repeatedly to deepen the impression.

  18. I agree, having contact with people, if it is done secretly and of course if the dark can't detect the contact, it will be maybe better that way, but that's hight risks. They need to get rid of the chimera control system that control the human society about a possible contact first.

  19. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:

  20. All this situation of these people "honoring" their countries makes no sense at all, especially if an "alien" comes to talk to you. Defending your imaginary border with an imaginary label which we use name it, like Russia, Usa, etc. Those are their choices, and the consequences will be theirs alone later too.

    Just wanted to point that doesn't matter what happens in these "last" few years, we win, there's no other outcome. The event will happen regardless of what anyone does. So keep choosing love and vibrating higher, because only light can stay in the light.

    As always, Victory of the Light!!

    1. People who are in the military where its voluntary are those who believe in such illusions as countries and borders, otherwise they wouldn't be in the armed services.

      The only way you go up the ranks is to demonstrate your ability to follow orders without question, which involves throwing away your Free Will Right to think and act for oneself.

      Been there, done that.

  21. And cobra you know as me that the light grid is falling apart because of the lack of intels to, with time lightworkers just beginning to continue with there life's and stop supporting the grid because of the lack of intels.

    You may think i am exaggerating but i can tell you that's maybe more true that you think. that's not the primary cause but very connected.

    1. Good point! Once again, the LF doesn't understand the way Earth people are thinking and seeing things. They are just assuming and keep making mistakes in their assumptions. There is to little trust left among the surface people in anything, even in LF, and they are letting this to happen, even if they are thinking and are saying that everything is happening behind the scenes. As someone suggested here - they, the LF should contact an speak to we the people to, not only military generals who doesn't even want to listen to them and are doing things their own way. Why they are letting peoples trust to fade? After this publication, their information begins to look like half-truths and their true capabilities and understanding of Earth affairs begin to seem questionable. If they are truly in the service of good and their intention is to help rid the Earth of the evil that has taken over it, then I would advise them to reconsider their methods, otherwise their assumptions and efforts will continue indefinitely. Let the truth be revealed and justice prevail!

    2. Lots of New Agers folded like cheap cameras and embraced the mask mandates and the death shot, so it isn't a stretch that many who participated in past mass meditations up to 2020 ended up taking part in the 'loyalty scheme' and are now nuked.

      Its likely the ancestors within the blood recorded within the DNA saw this transgression and are causing blood clots to take down those who allowed this demonic substance (for those who took the mRNA type of injections) to pollute their heritage.

      We still don't know what 'junk DNA' really is about and if it is our connection through ancestors through other dimensional realities that don't register with 3D level analysis and therefore called 'junk DNA'.

    3. I feel the genetic junk is the results of the darkies raping our DNA. Get this stuff FIXED, and we'd be a LOT superior.....and no longer genetically floored primates.

    4. @Jānis Mežeckis,

      i totally agree with you, after all these years they can't understand us clearly, they can't understand something very simple. When you say behind the scenes for 30 years and all the pain the lightworkers are going trough, they just stop and live their physical 3d life at his fullest and don't care anymore about this,. In what this is complicated????????

      That's just human behavior, you can read books about it you know Light forces???

      We humans lightworkers without physical or intels that resonate, we will for the health of ourselves just begging to live the life we have in front of us and stop crying because of the sadness of the world, and stop living this weird war, being targeted, losing our health for what at the end of the day?
      For more 30 years of bs? better begin our lives now without taking to much attention to this, when you have a mass meditation fine tell us we will do, that's about it.

      After the event even if i will be very happy i will personally say in front of all your commanders and others thank you very much for all but i need to say your understanding of humans is a disaster and you have done an horrible job about it but thanks for at least try ( i am at this point not sure if they are trying)

  22. @sherman
    Is too soon for that, after the event is more safe

  23. Another newsletter (#42) from James Gilliland that is imho worth reading and pondering - part 1:
    The Empowering dream for all teachers, healers and everyday life
    I was in between the sleep and awake state having a conversation with a master. I asked why people attack you when you are just trying to help them. She said you are not giving them what they want. You tell them what they need to hear not what they want to hear. People come to you for acknowledgement and support. While you support their light side you also acknowledge but don’t support their dark side. Just knowing their dark side makes you a threat to their egos and whatever is unhealed, no matter how deep they have buried it. The more spiritually advanced one becomes the more you mirror and amplify their wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. It is called the wake of a Yogi. It forces and accelerates the healing process. You are a threat to the posers, those living in denial and those who are not fully committed to their own healing and ascension.
    The Master then said many who profess to be strong leaders are putting up a front to cover deep wounds and traumas, their own victim patterns. They are trying to work out their own patterns by helping others not knowing it is themselves they are trying to heal. Victims often come with agendas. When you do not fulfill their agenda, they shift to persecutors and you become the victim. Before you were the savior. The deeper the wounds the darker more vicious the attack. They have to assassinate your character to continue in the lie. Their egos are fighting for dear life to survive but their enemy is often fictitious. They are only fighting their own projections.
    I asked how do you get out of the victim, savior, persecutor hamster wheel. She said by practicing loving detachment. Knowing the only reason people have power over you is because you want something from them. Whether it is love, acceptance, approval, support emotional or financial find it within. Become sovereign without seeking external fulfillment. Stay centered in your heart because that is your connection to God and from there you have the power to channel the love of God, the ultimate power of the Multiverse through you into any situation. Just be sure you know what God is, don’t settle for the images of bearded gods of ancient times. A better image is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse which in its most unlimited understanding is the all loving all forgiving God, pure unconditional love, joy and bliss.

  24. Another newsletter (#42) from James Gilliland that is imho worth reading and pondering - part 2:
    I told the Master it is not an easy walk. By nature we desire love, compassion, intimacy, we are hard wired for it. The Master said you live on a very wounded planet with a very wounded history, not just this life but a history going back millions of years. It is psychometrized into the very land itself. This is in the process of healing and when it comes to people some are further along in that process while others are lagging behind in denial not ready to face the pain, sorrow and release the past. One does not have to be healed or enlightened to find joy in each other’s company, that is an ongoing process, one just needs to make a commitment to the awakening and healing process. There will be ups and downs, that is life. Choose to be an observer of and take personal responsibility for one’s attitudes, emotions and the events unfolding in one’s everyday life. Always go back to the heart, your center depersonalize each situation, find the triggers within self that pulled you from your center and practice loving detachment. That is the path of Self Mastery.
    I asked why is there so much competition, judgement, fighting in the spiritual and UFO community? The Master said because they just may not be as far as they think in their own self-mastery, stuck on the victim/savior/persecutor hamster wheel defending their egos. She also said you cannot help them unless they want help and many do not desire it. Many need to be right at any cost. Some are there to understand and heal themselves, while others are there to sew seeds of division, attack the characters of others. There are also those willingly and in ignorance being driven by unseen negative influences. They are not driven by truth or willing to let go of the lies. They are the planned opposition those controlling the narrative. Their lives off the stage are often opposite the image they project while in the spotlight. Watch their actions and who they associate with off stage, research where their funding comes from and where it goes. It is important to know their come from. What is their true motive for doing what they do? Is it fame, money, are they coming from impeccable integrity? Are they trying to fill a void that was not filled in childhood, a lack of love, acceptance and approval? The masks are all coming down. It is occurring in every walk of life, every institution. It is unavoidable. It is important for everyone to constantly check their come from often with brutal honesty. The ego will often override what is obvious to others. Set the ego aside and become a good listener.

  25. Another newsletter (#42) from James Gilliland that is imho worth reading and pondering - part 3:
    Sit with yourself in nature, create sacred space by clearing any unseen negative influences, be brutally honest with yourself. Ask yourself why you are here, are you in self-service or service to others? Are you coming from your heart of hearts or from a wounded ego seeking external fulfillment? These are hard questions every master has to ask of themselves often repeatedly.
    Unfortunately my son, you know people better than they know themselves because you come from the heart. Do not forget the quote, “A Christ has no place to lay their head.” Unfortunately, that is true on Earth in most cases unless you live in pristine nature. Lay your head in heaven, there you are known and loved. Create Heaven on Earth and live according to Universal Law. You will make mistakes and there will be a time to set firm boundaries. Gain the wisdom from the experience and try again from a wiser state. Sin is only an archery term; it means you missed the mark. Forgive yourself and ask the forgiveness of others and reload. Your work does not go unnoticed. That is why the masters and the lights in the sky are appearing. Do not allow the judgements and opinions of others define you. They are only defining themselves. Most cannot see beyond the wall of their own wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. They can only see what that wall is mirroring back to them.
    Pray, meditate and continue in your practices. Know we are a thought and a feeling away. Trust in the plan, it is God’s plan, it will have many twists and turns, focus on the end goal. God/Creator/Great Spirit Wins.

    Received by James Gilliland.

  26. @ Libra

    Yes, it could almost seem that Cobra is trying to answer questions from the comments on his blog - perhaps also in the hope of reducing the number of aggressive and negative comments.

    As we can see, this is successful to a small degree at best.

  27. The clearing of anomoly must affect the perception of linear time. Cobra says the clearing is occurring exponentially, time feels like it's speeding up exponentially. The control matrix feels like one of those taped elevator music loops. Played too many times and sounds so garbled. It's gonna break soon! I feel like liberation will happen very soon. The more of us that see/feel it happening today the closer we bring it to manifestation. Please don't lose hope and see it far in the future, it only delays the awesomeness. For a Light Warrior, there is no greater honor than participating in this epic battle between Light and dark. A pleasure to serve with you all!♥️

  28. But they did contact the surface through cobra and others.

  29. Noooo, surely not! But I was already planning my entire year around it..!!!

  30. Thank you for the Intel COBRA! Holding the line and holding the Light!

  31. As a result of the violation you have destroyed a stone and kill a politician puppet, i am very impressed. But it did came you in mind LF to maybe take this little breakthrough to kill i don't know maybe one of the last hybrids dracos left or your list that you have made us knowledge us it was called if i remember the 5 something i forgot, but i remember that they where very much wanted and they where priorities.

    Instead you have destroy a stone that anyone could have done it and made someone kill a puppet president that now will be in prison for life.

    Well of course i don't know the hole story but seen externally it seems pretty not intelligent

  32. You know what is funny?

    I think obsessively about this stuff, and I concluded that at this point in the struggle I wouldn't be surprised if Cthulhu existed.

    Turns out it I was right kind of..if only by a different name, Lurker. However, I also 'felt' that the defeat of Cthulhu/Lurker would be like defeating the final boss in a video game. So once that's done. It's over.

    It's funny that I KNEW there was another big boss entity.

    1. Yep, like in Dragon Quest 1 and 2.

    2. Cthulhu, The Unspeakable One, Yog Sothoth and Shub Niggurath are of the previous Universe before this and are also known as The Great Old Ones.

      'Very strange and unconventional ways' is how they are like. They don't care much for what goes on in this Universe, and especially couldn't care less for human affairs. This according to those who are in the know who are far removed from the disinformation circling around these 'Eldritch Entities'.

      This 'Lurker' guy that Cobra mentioned is likely something else.

    3. There's even a score for the destruction of such entity: The Call of Ktulu by Metallica! \m/

  33. idk i did not want to read because is too long and i don't want to worry too much, can someone tell me the short version of this article like a TL;DR thing because i want to know what to do, i don't want a world war and i want the evacuation to come soon so i can see the Pleiadians or idk also because i just want to avoid a worst case scenario

  34. will it come in our life time becuse i don't want to wait 10, 20 or 100 years for the event to come

  35. Excuses are all we see of the light. It appears the only light is that which we struggle to hold within. There is no help. There is no assistance. There is only us. I'll remember this once I'm on the other side.

    1. @Diminished light
      Once again: You don't even have to read updates anywhere or follow "news" and "intel" drops anywhere either. It's all a sack of lies and disinformation anyways. Short story version: when the shit hits the fan we will be evacuated to cozy high tech light ships and be healed and given the changes in avatar and whatnot that we want. So just sit tight and enjoy the shit show or spend time with your hobbies and before you know the shit show will be over. The planet will not wait for fucking light forces or humans to do their job, Gaia will shift her poles and send a humongous tsunami to wash away all the shit from her surface whether the LF get their ass in gear and do something or not. So why worry?

  36. Is there a deeper darkness behind the "lurker"?
    The power of the big bang is so powerful, but it can't kill the "lurker".
    How long will it take to clear the "lurker"?

  37. It's unfortunate to have to work with the dark. I imagine the Light forces wanted to keep things as calm as possible until they were in a better position. Still it seems like negotiating with terrorists always makes things worse. Mr. Keshe set up a facility in China. He gave the technology to the Chinese government under the condition they would share any future innovations. Well big surprise they took the technology and haven't shared anything. But he has been coming out with impressive new devices. One is the same shell as the craft but it's for inducing out of body experiences. Another new device is a free energy device like people would expect. A magrav is a little different, it doesn't make electricity but conditions the wires in your house to do so. This new unit appears to make electricity which is cool.

    1. Like I always said, one NEVER gives the enemy a second chance.

    2. Bad guys never follow the rules, Pat, not even their own.

  38. @Libra, I was able to take part in about six of them. They were sort of strong and I havent been able to meditate much for a while but I like to share with others.

  39. Dear Cobra, thank you for your extensive and very interesting update! We have learned about many things, clarifications, updates. Also, it is clear, Lightworkers have to protect themselves and have to perform protection meditations, as the recent attacks are more powerful upon them. Please protect yourself and if it is not possible to write us more, we understand and it is obvious, security is in the first place now. So, we live critical times on all the levels and it is hard for everyone ... not only for us, but also for the Light Forces and the Resistance Movement ... We wish the best for everyone, stay in Light and Love always! Here is the Romanian translation:
    and here is the Cobra Portal channel post:

    1. @ Eva

      "So, we live critical times on all the levels and it is hard for everyone ... not only for us, but also for the Light Forces and the Resistance Movement ..."

      Thanks for pointing this out. Something some people seem to forget or not acknowlede and thus (constantly) thinking/behaving/commenting in a way that is not supporting the liberation process.

      Feeling empathy for all involved (first and foremost, of course, for those who share our goals; but there can be no harm in mentally putting yourself in the position of "the other side"; the better you know your "opponent", the less their strategies can surprise you, since you are prepared to a certain extent), trying to get as many perspectives as possible might well lead to balance (and maybe even protection) => providing oneself with more strength, perseverance and helping to stabilize the situation and eventually supporting the whole process.

  40. how overwhelming disappointing.

    what is the point doing anything then?

    typical fashion work ya butt off for seemingly nothing.. urgh one must bite its tongue as to not let something out that may offend, not that I wish to offend, however I am hurting because as I said work ya butt off for what???

    yep, a great morale booster.. thanks LF's.. thanks for doing not enough.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Here is the Italian translation:
    and the Italian Cobra Telegram Channel post:
    Victory of the Light!

  43. Russia is buying oil too they not gonna release free energy tech

  44. And this is what happens when you have a middle man!

  45. First of all, thank you Cobra for delivering the updates.

    As a light worker and a "HongKongese", I may not agree some points about USA-China over Taiwan War for the following reasons:

    "Recent escalation between USA and China over Taiwan was an attempt to start that war, and our meditation was successful in calming the situation, together with Pleiadians giving a warning to Xi Jinping. "

    This statment seems to claim that China - Xi is the culprit of the China Taiwan war, which is further from the fact. (in my perspective)

    I think China is kind of "tolerance" to that situation. China and XI, didn't trying to start a war - except facing a "provocative".

    The Chinese government acts with a "bottom line" standard;
    Why is the situation in the Taiwan Strait escalating now?
    The first reason is a visit to Taiwan , caused by the United States (because of Pelosi).
    Second, the "Taiwan independence proposition" of the current Taiwan government authorities.
    The above two points are the main reasons. As the old Chinese saying goes, "師出有名" (you need a justification for a war)
    If China starts a war for no reason, China needs to take the greatest responsibility.
    But the point is that it is now a unilateral "change" by the US and Taiwan authorities.
    I do support peace, but do I have to endure and not "fight back" in the face of others' provocation?

    On the other hand,

    The Bank of Henan Issue, I heard also, I am still observing, but I think it's a "private financial crime", hard to make correlation with the government.

    Love and Peace.

    1. so do you mean XI is a good guy ?

      TAIWAN is belong to CHINA ?

    2. Since January(2021), Chinese warplanes have made about 950 forays into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ), Ministry of National Defense data showed, up from about 380 sorties last year, when the ministry began releasing the data amid a sharp rise in such flights.

      pay attention to the word "last year"
      last year CHINA already increase warplanes flies into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone !

  46. Thank you CObra for the update. Victory to the Light! I can't believe so many lightworkes got pushed over.

  47. RM,.you will find me positively during the Event.

    Plz trigger the Event immediately.

  48. Thank you. 500 Million reptilians? Hopefully they're getting them.

    "They have also communicated that the subquantum anomaly around the surface of the planet hides a dark entity that is the last remnant of darkness from the previous cosmic cycle, and has survived the Big Bang in the (sub)quantum state."
    Did not know this. Not good. I remember when we took out that giant octopus thing that had it's tentacles inside earth. Yuk.
    Remember God wants this over. It will happen somehow!

  49. 500 million! Roughly how many reptilians are there below the surface now?

  50. Thank you brother Cobra for the update. Even though "the plan" has seen so many delays we all must all remain united together. No matter how many attacks I receive daily, I am dedicating all my efforts to writing & publishing music in full support of our IMMINENT VICTORY & to the great awakening. If you feel guided to, please listen to my new song & music video" All Is Love" ` ` Sending my love to you all.

  51. It is very unrealistic to put expectations on those in high level politics, high level military. I think they only care about securing their power, position and wealth. Don't care about other humans at all. I think what can be expected is the power of the people, light force and the sun shining flame. But in a centralized country like China with these billions of people and heavily brainwashed education the power of the people is also severely suppressed. So I hope that the solar flare and the pole shift will end the suffering of this planet soon.

    1. 是的,中国的应试教育是对人民最大的摧残,这里的青少年在教育方面承受着巨大的压力

    2. 人材工厂,为国添柴

  52. @ Lybra
    Yes, meditations for Taiwan, China and USA. was worth doing it!
    However, after reading the last planetary update, ...although "things getting better"... because, the GLightforces are very active Now.
    Now? ! Why not earlier, before 1996 ?! How could it happen ?!
    I don't know what to think
    about the Galactic Confederation...but, I try not think negatively.
    Also Cobra is saying why our Divine Intervention Meditation's hasn't had its expected results.
    To me Divine Intervention means using maximum Divine power quickly and efficiently to change things,...a power that no one can resist .
    Victory of the Light!

  53. I am also very frustrated. I want it to be published here that I no longer have absolutely no faith in the force of light, and their activity has only convinced me that every suffering on the planet is eternal and necessary for the development of the universe, as the alleged disinformers claim, and I have no interest in meeting any alien race. I do not believe you!!! Thank you for publication

  54. : “ In a certain country, many Lightworkers were recently directly attacked and persecuted by their government because of their Lightworker activities…… ”
    I know ,it's China. By the way, the social credit meme on YouTube is basically true, but not that obvious yet.

    A simple example:
    1.Government spying on LW's social media group chat.
    2.LWs are talking about something 𝒔𝒆𝒏𝒔𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒗𝒆.
    3.The monitoring system detected 𝒌𝒆𝒚𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔.
    4.The internet police:
    Warning! Detected Bad conversation!
    Sc - 167345
    Execution Date: tomorrow at dawn

  55. I feel a great sadness about you, Cobra!We are with you, we love you and appreciate very much what you are doing!The light wins anyway, for Earth let us not forget has the last word.

    1. @ Nico

      Thank you so much for this comment! ❤

      Every time Cobra shares Intel that doesn't meet the expectations as well as hopes of the community, the number of negative and/or aggressive comments skyrockets - as if that would change anything about the situation.

      This could give the impression that message and messenger are being confused.

      Cobra, like each of us, is a soul incarnated here - with all the same worries, pains, hopes, desires ...

      He has taken on the difficult task of educating the population about the unspeakable sinister machinations of the dark side - a mission that makes him subject to regular attacks (from both sides, unfortunately) and has made/will make him sacrifice severely.

      How about

      - acknowledging what he is accomplishing,

      - gratefully appreciating that he is honestly sharing what his information/perception of the situation is (there are enough channels that focus on hopium and not necessarily a realistic portrayal of the situation),

      - considering that he is in the same situation as we are (if not worse) and not using him as a buffer for our own frustration,

      - taking into account that aggressive/accusatory comments could hurt him and harm the mission,

      - not assuming that he is not emotionally affected by the situation in general and here on his blog, just because he has managed for many years to write his posts in a factual and sober manner.

      It is painful to see that your sincere intentions, dedication and sacrifices made are not adequately noticed, Cobra, and sometimes respect is lacking in the comments section of your blog.

  56. Ten years on ~ I don't want to speculate too much. Is the million year war real? Is Earth really the last planet to be liberated? With what the light forces have done on Earth, I can't imagine how you defeated the dark forces. You don't look like high-dimensional creatures at all. Other than technology, you're not even human. I'm sorry to say this, but I don't see the Light forces as anything other than disappointed.

    1. You must ask yourself, what have you done to help? I am not trying to insult you, just a question.

    2. Oh, I've been meditating for over a decade. Until I realized that meditation didn't work. So I gave up. I'm still trying to spread the word. Many people ignore or ridicule. I almost wanted to give up. I guess you might think that's important? Free the Earth by meditation? Laugh. Don't tell me meditation stopped the war. Before you meditated on Taiwan, I said China would not start a war against Taiwan. So, what does this prove? Did your meditation work? Or is it just a fact that can be inferred given the information? How do you want me to help? Kill some people? ... I'm sorry. I shouldn't be talking to you about this. You're just a human being.

  57. Thank you Cobra. The update is kind of a mixed bag, I'd say.

    It is disappointing to read about yet another creepy dark entity: "The Lurker." This sounds like a guy who hangs around school yards and you don't want to get too close to him.

    I am wondering if David Wilcock is one of those who went over to the dark side. Who are some of the others people are thinking about?

    Glad to hear our meditation for China-Taiwan was positive. Glad to hear the anomaly is being cleared. Glad to hear the Georgia Guidestones are gone (what kind of weird trip were those things?)

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Wilcock is either a fraud,or incompetent. His predictions never happen, and he got kicked off Ancient Aliens for some reason...they were probably tired of him, too.

    2. I say Corey Goode, David Wilock, Cosmic Agency, the Allies of Humanity, just to name a few.

  58.   ✋🏼"The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface, are the so-called pits. Pits are secret military bases up to 30 meters underground, which were before owned by the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and are now operated by the surface Cabal. Some of them hide members of the Chimera. They can not extend more than 30 meters underground, because the Resistance can now clear most of the locations that are deeper, but can not yet intervene closer to the surface because of toplet bomb deterrence mechanisms. There are about 1000 such bases worldwide, and two main ones in Ukraine are below Odessa and below Azovstal metal plant in Mariupol."
      Meditation to clear all underground toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits:
      1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
      2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to clear the toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits so that there can be physical intervention from the Light Forces on the planet surface for planetary liberation.
      3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.
      4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this Light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
      5. Visualize a band of the Violet Flame, the Fire of An, and Pink Light, each one for a few minutes, extending 30 meters (about 98.5 feet) below the surface of the planet, clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and clearing all underground pits. The Light Forces/Underground Resistance can also be visualized to be clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits with the Light/Flames. If unable to visualize, focus on the intention. Be one with the intention and know that this clearing is happening.
      6. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, with the Light Forces physically intervening on the planet surface and building an active partnership with the surface population, bringing Earth into a new and eternal Golden Age.
      When I tried this meditation, pictures like this came up🌟
      ✨The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface
      👊😆There is a strong urge to connect the two.

  59.   There is a little girl named emilico. She lives in a world where she is brainwashed, has no free will, and people are called living doll. She and people were enslaved by shadow master.
      At first, she felt very happy living in Shadows House.
      Shadows House 2nd Season
      Episode 3: 13: 21emilico✨ said this
      I thought I was happy at Shadows House. But when I looked at everyone again,Maybe it's just a "happy" look
      13: 38 Is everyone really happy?
      She is positive and loving. Shining, she influenced the people around her, as if illuminating all the darkness, and she created many miracles. More and more partners around her began to cooperate.
      Without ashes, deep, only shadow
      Loveless, answers, just like a doll
      I'm, absent, nowhere
      Not, right?
      Here Not here, not here, not here I am
      Myself, myself
      2nd Season 💖
      Shall we dance? Let's dance as we go
      despair, desire
      This is the life!
      Shadow life!
      Don't think too much.
      Let's become one.
      So nice So nice Humans are
      Humans are so nice
      ps: Some lyrics Maybe some places are a little strange, but the climax of the video will make you clear at a glance.
      I'm talking about the second video
      and its content gives me the urge to publish this information.💗
      Who's emilico?😂
      😜Maybe you are no stranger to emilico.
      The little girl on the left
      At first, we all shine, just like emilico.✨ Many times, the feedback we receive is often not very positive, the light is getting dimmer and dimmer, and sometimes it even goes out completely.
      Shadows House There is this sentence at the end of the first episode
      Come on, emilico. Be yourself ✨💖


  60. The following content is treated with humor because I am in a soothing mood😂

    I ran away from my job years ago, I think I couldn't tolerate survival mode, in fact I couldn't even tolerate it physically, a lot a lot happened, I always stop at the most critical step and start hesitating,.
    Yesterday I went back to the place I had been, I intended to end up on a snowy mountain, there was not even a cab here because of the epidemic, there was a lot of snow melted, I broke some laws on the way to the climb I intended to go, the result was a verbal warning, I was disheartened by the surroundings, I picked up a nail and stabbed my wrist for half a day without bleeding, I went to buy a pocket knife and stabbed it hard for half a day or no bleeding, looking back, I a little afraid, and stopped

    Suddenly it feels like too many things have happened beyond imagination
    The people feel some want to find a job or temporary work also, haha, really let people do not know what to say, feel what happened, let people feel funny😜

  61. Regarding the lightworkers "in a certain country" being persecuted, can we guess this is the USA?

    One of the most shocking incarcerations in the USA recently was that of Dr. Simone Gold of "America's Front Line Doctors."

    She and a lot of people who were present at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 are in prison and are being kept in horrible conditions.

    I saw this on telegram about Dr. Gold:

    Rcvd via email: They are trying to terrify her - they put her in a male-dominated prison, and began by (I think 5 so far) days of isolation, calling it quarantine. Then at odd times, they shout her name tell her to follow them, and she is put in a new place, waiting for ... what? I think the only thing that is saving her so far is the letters she is receiving. Please send this on to someone who will at least send her a post-card. She needs our prayers and our support.

    Simone Gold Registration number 26132509
    FDC Miami
    Federal Detention Center
    PO Box 019120
    Miami, FL 33101

  62. The Meditation last December did work. If you want to learn how to get help from the Light Sources in an easy and practical way check this out:

  63. @DH
    Whatever...I am NOT trying to make you laugh, I am merely saying how pissed I am, more so, and how very few humans I trust.

    I'M ready, and willing, to TAKE those risks. When someone has nothing left to lose, like ME, risks are what it's all about.

    And, at this current rate, that will be about......half past never.

    Welcome to the warzone.

    Human intermediaries are NOT enough, not anywhere close to being enough.

  64. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    French translation of the post / L'article en français :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  65. Our old Prime Minister (Scott Morrison), before we elected a white hat Labour PM, had his hands illegally in 5 portfolios!!! The ministers didn't even know!!! He has to be sacked. Get rid of his arrogant face now!!!
    Oh, and he says its okay to take over 5 portfolios secretly, perfectly fine. OMG get him out!!

  66. wish people in China can live a better life, things is really crazy in China nowadays, hope more people can pray for them

  67. Mettersi in accordi con la cabala e provare delusione perché i governi non ascoltano mi fa pensare ad una ingenuità eccessiva e a una reale mancanza di potenza. Una debolezza che appare sempre più manifesta e che è sinceramente sconcertante. Non è che sono bambini che ci restano male se un capo di stato non ascolta. Qui la gente muore e cede. La delusione non serve. Se la potenza è limitata addirittura a dover fare accordi con la cabala meglio saperlo così ci mettiamo il cuore in pace.

  68. Normalized mass brainwashing and socially tailored education pollute the energy pillars of the Lightworkers and divert them from their mission. Awakening is only the first step; none of us are perfect and have many flaws. My concern now is the stability of the normalized brainwashing techniques, reinforcing the techniques through manifestation in the news and media, and through people passing them on to each other, and perhaps the continued erosion of such techniques will take a large number of Lightworkers off mission. Sometimes I have strange dreams, and sometimes they come true, and I keep hoping that those strange dreams will become reality.

  69. Do you know DBZ anime? The main character Goku summons a 'spirit bomb' to defeat frieza and all living things lend goku their strength to do it. That's how I imagine it when meditating. The visual feels fitting when drawing light through the entire universe.. even if I'm not as sensitive as actual lighrworkers.

  70. ⭐️Ovdje je prijevod ove Cobrine 💛objave na hrvatskom:

    ✨Pobjeda Svjetla ✨!

    ⭐️Here is a Croatian translation of this 💛post:

    ⭐️💛Thank you Cobra💛⭐️
    🌟💛Victory of the Light 💛⭐️

  71. The lurker ? What is it? Who can give me more information about it please, thank you so much.VOTL

    1. Ő másnéven a halál ti igy ismeritek. Ő a testvérem mi mind nagyon öregek vagyunk és semlegesek. Nincs elzárva az ereje ezért ömlik belöle a negativ energia. Ha nem lenne bezárva eltudná zárni de voltakép csapolják az erejét. Lucifert árulta el ezért van bezárva.

  72. I'm reading all of those comments and it becomes very clear to me that most of you haven't understood the asignment at all.
    All of you are just complaining, whining. You are aggressive towards the light forces and dark forces.

    You should understand that any form of violence is fueling the dark side.

    I've been to a festival this weekend where all of the people just wanted to have a good time, meditate, take drugs and be free from all of this.
    I've nerver felt any better. You guys should try to calm down, face your own problems, keep the light in yourselves and let the light forces do the heavy lifting.

    The only thing we should and can do, is fix ourselves. So do it, stop complaining and whining that the event isnt coming in 2022.

    And no, i dont care if you think that the dark forces are trying to hold you back, to manipulate you, our steal from you. This is your own doing. Through you thoughts and actions you are enableing them to do this kind of stuff in the first place.

    In all my years now, nothing ever happend that I didnt ask for.
    All the good things, all the bad things, I have asked for.

    And so do you.

    1. Indeed, many are complaining, as usual...You have given up your power, men of little faith! If it were as big as the mustard seed, you would move mountains. Our Big Brother of Love, Yeshua, already told us this two thousand years ago, but nothing has changed. The outside world is a reflection of your own mental creation, so continue to see yourself as victims, and the continuity of your misery will set in again and again...

    2. We have NO weapons, we have NO tech, we have NO super powers...what the HELL do you WANT us to do?

    3. @ Libra

      Here's what I can report from experience/observation over the past few decades.

      In my environment (in the family, neighborhood, circle of friends, profession), the loudest complainers are almost always those who - in comparison/attempting to apply objective standards - did not necessarily have the most comprehensible reasons for doing so.

      In contrast, I could perceive that those who had been hit really hard (existential fear due to job loss, homelessness, loss of entire core family due to accident, potentially fatal illnesses, horrific experiences due to abuse at various levels...), while acknowledging that they were going through a critical time, focused on solutions after a relatively short period of grief/shocks/anxiety and did not indulge in self-pity.

      In my estimation, this relatively often led to an improvement of the life situation again in a relatively short time, but it always led to the fact that they were able to go through this phase (they also recognized it only as a phase and not a permanent condition) mentally much healthier than the first-mentioned group.

      Another difference was/is that the former group almost always looked for the cause externally and indulged in accusations in addition to complaining, while the latter group put(s) their focus on what they could do to change the situation - or, if change was not possible, focused on making the best of the status quo so that they could get through everything as psychologically healthy as possible.

      While I acknowledge that perceived suffering is always subjective, I am absolutely convinced that personal attitude and approach make THE difference in how one feels about situations that are perceived as unfortunate/unhappy and painful. And in fact, I can definitely confirm this from my own experience (not just observation).

      Everyone always has a choice in how they deal with such situations.

      However, I would also like to mention that not everyone has the same level of resilience. But you can also "learn" resilience, there is a lot of information about it on the Internet.

  73. thanks a lot cobra fine sir and super fierce lightwarrior.....thats definitely a pleiadiun ship in the picture above - its beautiful - hahahahaha.....

  74. need help.every time i try to share cobra message to my friend,there is great impeder.they delete my documents.And this time i could hardly open my VPN and lost translate function.Where is the non-interference treaty : )

  75. The light forces are giving intel to the enemy so that they can protect Bill Gates? The man who is responsible for vaccinating billions of people with a poisonous dishwater? Unacceptable!

    1. Hard to believe the light forces are that gullible.

    2. Instead of killing him they destroyed a stone!!! Guys a stone! , and kill a puppet ex president, sad the men how kill him will go to prison for maybe life.

      That's what i call an embarrassment.

      Can't even profit from the little time window they have.

      Now i really want to know how many lightworkers have die in china for that to happen, i really want to know.

  76. from this article-quote----Zelensky’s move appears to be a continuation of the crackdown on the SBU that he launched in mid-July. At the time, he dismissed the head of the security agency, Ivan Bakanov, his deputy, and four regional SBU heads. He also sacked Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova. Zelensky claimed the shakeup was due to rampant “treason” under the leadership of the officials.-----unquote.....
    the khazarians in ukraine have even been purging high level spooks recently-as the dark force armies on earth look to be shrinking faster and faster the ukrainiun citizens continue to face the draconian driven monster from hell.....when the mighty bear takes the super powerful stargate in odessa - the extremely criminally insane lash on the ukrainiun citizens will then quickly come to an end.....above my paygrade of course-may peace justice equality and abundance soooon brightly light up the ukrainiuns realities-namaste.....

  77. I also have people sleeping on the ground near me wandering, I offer him compressed cookies and beer, I have had a life of wandering, although it is not even a week

  78. JM Aquila . Io credo che prima o poi la diga si romperà ed improvvisamente ci sarà un' intervento diretto attraverso i Pleiadiani. Dal mio punto di vista il 2023 sarà un anno di grandi novità ed il 2024 l'anno decisivo, quindi prima del 2025. Ma ovviamente è solo una mia previsione attraverso la mie sensazioni.ciao.🙂

  79. How stupid those key people in these positive militaries are!!!

    1. The Pleiadians need to contact those people who are willing to cooperate with them. It's simple!

  80. How many years I have been reading this site, and all the time the same thing does not change, nothing new. And now hitting the Russians :)

    "The Pleiadians have been very dissatisfied with the Russian generals lately, there is little cooperation, and communication has dropped to almost nothing."

    In general, the Pleiadians are the progenitors of the Russians, and they directly meet with Putin and Shaigu, give direct recommendations. Russians single-handedly save the world from cabal fascism. I'm sorry, but I stopped believing you.

    1. Ciao Irina, io sono italiano e comprendo perfettamente il tuo stato d'animo. Sono convinto anch'io che la Russia stia facendo un lavoro molto interessante e sicuramente è molto più corretta rispetto al resto d'Europa. Sappiamo perfettamente che l'Europa occidentale è governata dalla cabala e che la Nato è un vero disastro. Ma probabilmente, visto in un'ottica più grande, non possiamo escludere che alcuni esponenti di spicco in Russia , come la Chiesa ortodossa (così come anche da noi in Vaticano), o politici di rilievo, non siano manovrati da entità oscure. Dobbiamo essere in grado di uscire dal ragionamento vincolato ai confini di una Nazione. Fare sempre discernimento è importante per non rischiare di incorrere in valutazioni approssimative. Anche perché nessuno ha la verità in tasca, soprattutto quando si tratta di guerra fra Luce e buio. Mantieni la Luce e vedrai che più andremo avanti, più le situazioni diventeranno più chiare per tutti. Saluto tutti i Russi che amano molto il mio Paese. Curiosità: non so perché, ma l'inno Nazionale Russo è l'unico che quando lo ascolto mi commuove ogni volta. È davvero stupendo ascoltarlo anche se non capisco le parole. Un saluto solare da me e dall'Italia. P.S.: in molti qui , me compreso, vorrebbero vedere l'Italia stringere ottimi rapporti con il vostro governo. Putin è molto amato dal popolo italiano. Ciao.🙂

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. I was a kid in the 80's....very mixed emotions. Good television and music....but a horrible time myself, since I was in Catholic school, from K-grade 4 during that time....Fall '85 to Summer '90. I personally preferred the 1990's more so.

  82. Considering some "GENIUS" thought it was a GOOD idea to give souls a memory wipe upon incarnating on this planet, with some 'mission' is TACTICALLY DANGEROUS, not to mention STUPID. Is it any wonder the darkies have been able to rule for so long? No weapons, no tech, no super powers, not even memories.....IF I were one of the darkies, I'd be LAUGHING, since with 'enemies' like that, who needs friends?

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. @Lightpower
    Let's hope they Pleiadians are bright enough to do so.

  85. The history of this planet is not being written by Putin or Si, but by an inconspicuous, powerful, beautiful woman, Kimberly Gogen!

  86. Those earth people who have not awakened do not believe “All are one”. So, most of them will put their own interests first.
    Therefore, during the event, many positive groups among the earth people, including positive military groups may take it for granted that they are the new rulers.

    Therefore, during the event, the LF must take the lead in military operations. The LF must not hand over the dominant power of military affairs to the Earth people.

    Moreover, in order to prevent these groups from making trouble during the event, the LF need to make military preparations.

    We all hope that all positive groups on the surface can make positive choices. At the same time, we shouldn't expect them not to make negative choices, but should expect us to be prepared for their negative choices.

  87. For interested or not,
    the 'progress' on our blog, at least 'at sight',... is 'the same'...

  88. My intel, your intel, his/her Intel or is just the Conspiracy Theorists using reptilian(brain) Intel? Based on my Intel the betrayal from those you call the Light Forces began in 1994 by not preventing Draco-reptilian invasion true Africa-Antarctica portals. Once u understand this. Who can u trust? Who Are the Conspiracy Theorists making false assumption by banking on it.. those that are in the court or about to go in the court who made millions while u were meditating to keep the planet in Balance. Remember u r used as a battery only to prevent 3D matrix destruction nothing else with your meditation. They r very happy for your effort to extend their lifespan. Today's Biggest Threat: The Polarized Mind. There is no dark without Light. The same time the seed grows in the dark. Time is very important for the seed. While seeds have enough power inside themselves to germinate, the nutrients essential to healthy growth aren't usually present in soil. In fact, the problems that small seedlings suffer from can often be traced back to a lack of nutrients. While u were feeding the the Conspiracy Theorists the seed suffer. The 3D matrix grid is collapsing as the golden one is coming online gradually. Only those who have strong connection with the Grid knows this info without INTEL. Your body is made from the same material as Earth. What u going to witness is a Mass suicide by end of this Year when the True comes out. You Can't Handle the Truth! - A Few Good Men. When will the Event take place? Not this Year. In the Year...and month ... based on my Intel. Again if you have strong connection with the Planetary Grid than u know when The Force of Love naturally aligns itself back into unity with the Zero Point Field, the unified heart of the Universe called the Event. Love is a radiating, strengthening and unifying force spiraling into the upward movement towards the central point of Oneness, the Zero Point. Do you still call yourself a Lightworker, Light Warrior are u just a puppet of a reptilian beings feeding off of your reptilian brain as an Conspiracy Theorists.

    1. If you understood the Local Black Co-Creator and what all has been done, you wouldn't hold this shallow perspective and emotional stance, poor opinions on Light Forces, we were 98% in darkness and look at how much has been done, here on this blog as well as the 3D kingdom, more information on alternative realities out now than ever. Source will not allow all that humans wish for a purpose, we will all experience and learn from this, evolve or de-evolve it is our freewill.

  89. I'm sorry but for some time I've been asking for this list of disinfo people.we need to know exactly who they are. Why bother telling us about them if your not gonna out them. And now we have a new mini boss to deal with .great. I've participated since 2012 to everything supported here. Yea folks it's another one of these types of it negative call it whatever but this just seems to be what I'm calling cosmic gas lighting.first it was the archon grid then invisibles then yaldobaoth then tunnels of set then spider beings now it's the new lurker. How in the hell can we not see it as a form of gas fed up. I'm selling my business because of inflation and cutts of the product I get to sell to places. When it gets to the next level of stupid ( armed irs agents,more corruption to extreme levels and fill in the blanks with whatever else of garbage we'll have to justify inside of why it's happening) what is the light showers gonna say then? Great time to introduce another problem to us in here to explain why it's not happening.ive shown patience for a long time even before 2012 and am seeing it for what I hoped I wouldn't at some point.and that point is now. And I don't wanna here anyone else's nonsense I'm being eyes are opening now.and I'm no fucking troll a person who has lost family members in these past few years that's mabey and perhaps diminished my strength in all this. And I can hear what people would say.we all lost people through these dark times deal with it. As if my feelings should be put on hold and I have no right to feel. Galactics just will never get humans. From here on out there's a greater distance between me and everyone I take in to my truths. Your information from here on out is gonna be felt with many layers of protection.i suggest everyone start taking that to the next level.we all have learned discernment here. I also remember Cobra a long while ago saying he came on the scene too early. He's right look what it's done. Peace out.

    1. Not likely to get a list of disinfo folks, all information contains some level of truth in it and each of us are on an individual journey within a collective, something might be in that information that is designed to activate your awakening vs say mine, and why we should use our soul, enlightenment, and if it helps all information comes from Source, it is up to us how we wish to receive the information. Cobra nor anyone with a higher understanding would create a list that may cause folks a strong will to not read the information, that is all it is, not good or bad, it is information.

    2. I agree that the number of "obstacles" are becoming a joke. Even several years ago it was like a joke that we had to find the unicorn at the end of the rainbow.

  90. what is missing deep down is love... It's not our fault, we were forcibly removed from our hearts, but we have the possibility to change that. Have you tried blessing? She works miracles! Blessing in the morning, blessing and thanking in the evening, whatever our day may have been, blessing our enemies... It seems impossible, but one day, after being constantly attacked by certain people, I understood that it It was my fault, they were only showing me my own hatred towards myself. So I changed my tune, stopped beating them up, did a lot of forgiveness work, blessed them, and my life improved dramatically! Today I feel like I'm out of the world, I look, but I don't get involved as much anymore, I bless, I love, I forgive, I let go...

  91. Dear Cobra,

    I have long felt the wish to write you a word of thanks in this way, and not just to think it as I usually do.
    Even though you probably already know it, but I would like to remind you one more time that you are loved by so many people in this world. They may not be as loud as the people who are unhappy with the situation, but they are there sending you the warmest love and the most honest thanks.
    So also from me to you and your team. Thank you very much for everything.
    There will come a day at some point when we will have made it. Until then we will hold on.

    Victory of the Light

    1. @ Sternenwandern

      This is heartwarming!

      You are so right, unfortunately it is (still) the case that complaints are expressed much more quickly and often than thanks and appreciation.

      Thank you for taking the time and effort to create a little balance.

      Wir werden die Stellung halten, bis wir unser Ziel erreicht haben - gemeinsam und uns gegenseitig unterstützend!

    2. Yes indeed. We are always here, always thankful but rarely write it in the comments. Thank you cobra for doing your best. 🤗

  92. Like i have stated, meditating is a waste of life force. Do manifestation instead. eg. State "ALL archonic entities must be removed from the planet immediately"
    Try your own thoughts into manifestation. Forget meditation.

    1. Pray to be heard, meditate to listen, and we manifest all the time in 3D, would be sad to forget listening.

    2. Isn't meditation a part of manifestation? On a mental level?

  93. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino za podporo Dogodka in Sestrstva Vrtnice na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  94. Very interesting update! Thank you, Cobra.🌹🙏

  95. Most important at this time is to raise vibration, increase the connection to higher self and remove implants
    This affirmations is very powerful in doing so:

    Also tachyonized cintamani stones can help with this process as well and i had very profound experiences so far with these affirmations and the cintamani stone.

  96. Cobra,trebuie să înțelegi că umanii au teama de armele forțelor întunecate!Doar apariția flotelor de lumina cu sutele pe cer,le da siguranță!Trebuiesc aleși după evoluarea quantica cei care vor conduce umanitatea! Ignora tot ce guvernează (ruși,americani,chinezi) sunt în minoritate ,se vor autodizolva, căci noi majoritatea terestră ,demonstrată am ales sa fim sub guvernul flotelor luminii,trebuie instaurat prin cei aleși de Federație, Adevăratul Guvern,care un contact permanent cu Ashtar,Sananda,sa urmeze calea luminii. Cei ca Gaets,etc,trebuiesc ignorați nu trebuie sa fim la mila generalilor ruși, chinezi,procede la apariția sutelor de nave pe cer, și în baza liberului arbitru fiecare sa aleagă de ce parte vor,dar îți spun că cunosc bine psihologia teranilor toți vor fi de partea lui Sananda, așa,că cei cu Satan,se vor autodizolva!Trebuie sa vedem sute de nave pe cer,trebuie sa se spună clar că guvernatorul X,ales de Federatie ,este cel ales de Lumina!,în fiecare țară,,!Apoi în contact cu Comandamentul Ashtar,se vor implementa legile Creației.!Doar așa funcționează aici pe Terra!Suntem atât de zombi,supuși chimicalelor că doar o intervenție,,agresiv,, al lu minii poate avea succes! Daca fortele întunericului ripostează..,f.bine! Flotele luminii intervin ,căci sunt mult mai potente!

  97. I understand the situation with the Intel sources that crossed over to the dark side. By your advice, i started focusing on my life and stopped focusing on most intel in 2019. Every time I checked back i saw infighting, drama and seperation. Heck, even i am now making my choices around money and comfort instead of increasing light on the planet though it might be discomforting. Seem like much anomaly is very so present on earth and we are probably ignorant/blind to the immensity of darkness here on our planet. Do not know what to do, at least I cannot call myself a lightworker any longer, i am just another expendable tool for this dark machine called society.

  98. Technique of the bridge between the worlds.

    This is a technique for, with God's help, achieving clear communication with those who have departed.
    It works like a telephone, where God will be interceding on both sides to make the communication.

    First we will learn to speak to the departed, and then we will learn to receive the answers.
    Speaking to the departed: It's very simple. Just close your eyes, mentalize everything you want, and then ask God to send it to the person or someone related to them (you can also make them listen in real time).
    Then God will take care of everything.

    Receiving the answers: One must ask God to receive the answers in dreams, and that you do not dream of that person unless it is really him. Asking you not to hear about the person in dreams if they are not true and real messages about him/her. Also ask you to remember the dream when it happens, and also to remember the messages you will receive in the dream. Also ask for errors.

    If the person wants to talk to you without you asking first, you can make an agreement with God that from now on, every dream you have about that person, or everything you hear about them in dreams, will have to be real things about the person. Agree this only if you wish.

    With God interceding everything, communication will be made one day, with no chance of error. Have patience and faith, as communication can take time to occur. You can ask for a hug from the person too.
    When you receive the message in the dream, talk to other people so that they can be comforted too, you can even talk to the pets of the departed person, as animals understand many human words and will feel
    something good.

    Face the departure as a journey (and why not settle some details of the journey while still alive?), where one day everyone will meet again. Until then, God's phone will help a lot. If you this is in your belief, you can also get answers by other methods too, such as spiritual communication, using the spirit box, fortune tellers, etc. But remember to ask God for no mistakes.

    Spread this technique because it will help many people. It is about time that humanity start to see the departure to the spirit world as just a journey or change. Help in this process.

  99. When Cobra talked about "The Lurker", did anyone catch the implication? That an evil that was before the Big Bang is finally meeting it's demise here/now. That means this is the final defeat of evil not only in this galaxy, but universe! And stopping it from entering another cycle/universe. Anyone wondering why this has been obscenely fucking difficult, there's your answer. We'll get a legendary patch to sew onto our multiversal letterman jackets!😎

  100. but will everything be ok will the event happen soon maybe 2025 or whatever just as long as it is in our life time (but hopefully not when we're old) because what kind of meditation should i do to speed up the event and evacuation? becuse again i want to see the Pleiadians and also i don't want whatever bad stuff stuff said in the article to happen

  101. cobra-quote—–It is actually pronounce eeeeh aaaah. (eeeh aaah, Why do we do that?) It is actually creating an energy vortex which dissolves the very structure of duality and dissolves the structure of quantum anomaly on the planet.—–unquote…..

    an interview with cobra and rob potter – lets all start chanting it and the dark forces are fu$$ed for sure - eeeeh aaaah – hahahahaha…..
    some american military societies say things close to eeeeh aaaah of course….. like the marines ooooh raaaah…..even some of us foreigners working with the united states combat marines on mars began to say that – its very powerful absolutely…..crazy stuff its a true story – hahahahaha…..

  102. So divine intervention is contingent on our military overlords approval. Great to know

  103. 1 pillar of the GA stones was hit...if the galactics did this wouldnt the entire thing be turned to dust like the towers were? They had to knock down the rest of the stones...killing Shinzo Abe helps the Alliance how isn't he retired and wasn't he pro Japan? Seems weak to me...if a DEW hit the stones the entire thing should've been cleared..I don't know what to think..."The Flip" Q sp also of this happening after a near death civilization experience seems we have to put humanity on it's collective knees so they will appreciate being saved even more... What about those ever present toplet bombs I thought they were holding up the event..what exactly is holding it up??

  104. I am positive for the record just not expecting much seems when I do nothing happens and reasons are given.. all the qhht practioners have gotten it wrong too, law of one ha2012 so Ra was off too if a 6D ET is off what chance do I have..? I think Delta option how else Russians went rogue..Xi almost started ww3... Humanity isn't reliable period people in power flip's time to flip the switch nothing is being gained now people are programmed my siblings nothing phases them they aren't waking up..they all still think the jabs were good and all should do it...only a divine wave can help now...the rest is a soap opera never finished

  105. Toplet bombs are now in a radius of 30 meters below.

  106. I strongly believe that Jesus is coming back to liberate the earth as I received this information by the Holy Spirit as I heard the voice of the one speaking to me that his coming is nearer like never before in November 2019

  107. The word of the Holy Spirit is sure and accurate as he told me that there will be an epidemic of global proportion just in October, 2019 and about January 2021 he told me about coming famine which both have come to pass... His coming is near.

  108. I want to appreciate The Cobra and The light forces for their love for humanity, unrelenting efforts to reach out to humanity for guidance may the Lord remember your labour of love and reward you bountifully as good and able stewards of faith for our victory and the Lord's victory and the advancement of God's kingdom on earth from me to you saying A BIG THANK YOU. Adesola John Fagbemi

  109. So, the reason why certain dates can not be made public, is that no one really knows. It turns out that "Light"workers are rather busy with keeping Billyboy alive then doing something to save us measly peasants.. Let´s face it guys, we are all alone and we can just stop believing this science fiction already. It´s been decades.. How much is enough for you? No wonder some "light"workers crossed over to the dark ones. At least they are telling us the truth. They openly admit they want us dead, gone, suffering.. At least they´re honest. All we get from "light"workers are excuses, lies and delays. At least we know now why they have these delays - to keep the dark ones alive and going, while we suffer and die. Thank you for absolutely nothing. My best guess is that if you guys actually exist and when the time is right, the surface population will viciously attack you, not the dark ones. For all the lies and deceit you had us going through. Just wait and see.


  110. from this article-quote-----The expenses are on top of the $1.6 million that Clarkson has collected to date as a government pension. It also does not include the $3 million in a start-up grant (plus up to $7 million over 10 years to match donations from the private sector) that was paid to establish Clarkson’s charitable organization, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship.-----unquote.....
    from this article-quote-----Canada’s War Memorial is a reminder of selfless sacrifice, not a vaudeville stage for loud-mouthed ignoramuses-----unquote.....

    breaking news-cabalist massive troff suckers are beginning to have tantrums in public now more and more-as lightforces groundcrews continue to unite and shine light on the dark ones - bravo zulu.....
    sun szu-quote-----“Meme them until they cry, then make memes about them crying.”-----unquote.....

  111. Sun Tzu - quote----“Meme them until they cry, then make memes about them crying.”-----unquote.....

  112. "When asked why they have stated in the past that they will intervene when certain lines are crossed, they offered no response and remained silent."

    I have a very big problem with this. It's troubling me greatly. Feels like abandonment. If they can't even EXPLAIN why help has not been given, and what lines they meant?....

    Does not sit well.

  113. All Chimera interview Quotes

  114. @Sherman. Don't you think that by being pissed, and how very few humans you trust, you are joining the ranks of those you're up against? One of the delusions holding darkest humour, is the idea that giving up on the creation of one's own reality, it may lead to liberation in some way. What a conundrum. To me, that's a true masochist stance, and a loud "NO" to one's own existence, while holding onto that scream as a lifeline, to prevent drowning in one's own swamp.


  115. I'm free to be whatever I
    Whatever I choose and I'll sing the blues if I want
    I'm free to say whatever I
    Whatever I like if it's wrong or right, it's alright

    Always seems to me
    You only see what people want you to see
    How long's it gonna be
    Before we get on the bus and cause no fuss
    Get a grip on yourself it don't cost much

    Free to be whatever you
    Whatever you say if it comes no way, it's alright
    You're free to be wherever you
    Wherever you please you can shoot the breeze if you want

    It always seems to me
    You only see what people want you to see
    How long's it gonna be
    Before we get on the bus and cause no fuss
    Get a grip on yourself it don't cost much

    Free to be whatever I
    Whatever I choose and I'll sing the blues if I want

    It's Alright.


  116. I had that feeling and asked you Cobra in a comment if there were any other delays. Thanks for the honesty, it's better than radio silence. The human factor sometimes simply fails, and to a certain extent with all of us. All the mutations and nuances of the primary anomaly are recorded in the distorted perception of the human being and also affect the quantum field.

  117. Saludos COBRA...El Dr. Michael Salla publicó ayer lunes en Twitter..Dijo que están en conversaciones el la LUNA para hacer una EVACUACION del Planeta... SERÁ CIERTO...???

  118. The most important information has dashed all my hopes: according to the contract, the forces of light are not allowed to intervene on the surface. I live on the surface So that's it. That's really a pity.

  119. Divinasion.. .. the liberation process... is volatile... successes and dissapointments.. speeding moments and delays.. although is good to plan as you say. But there are too many uncertainties to know exactly when it will happen. It could happen in an hour from now... but yes one can dream.. just make sure to keep in check your expectations... :) hope ur plans come true soon though

  120. There is a risk of radioactive contamination at the Zaporozhye NPP. For several days it has been shelled from artillery. If the reactors fail, it is difficult to predict the consequences, but they can be very sad, do the forces of light consider such possibilities in the future to prevent this?

  121. It seems pretty apparent to me the LF and RM are putting too much trust in the wrong and compromised Lightworkers? 🤔
    Perhaps they would fair better coming to the average Joe or Jane Lightworkers to make the big splash needed to bring us to The Event smoothly. God chose the most humble and unlikely souls to carry out his work... not military men and politicians. I thought that was part of the original three wave plan that was scrapped as "too ambitious" where a few thousand chosen and humble Lightworkers would be taken aboard the ships to undergo healing and Ascension in order to come back and shake things up as Christ did a thousand fold. Had you guys stuck to that plan we might be further along and perhaps at The Event by now.... who knows. What I DO know is that many of the Lightworkers here now... perhaps on this ver blog are under protection from harassment and perhaps worse due to a treaty being upheld by both sides if I'm understanding COBRA's quote correctly when he stated:
    "One part of that treaty states that the Cabal will receive security intel from the Light Forces to protect Cabal's main people from random attacks from the surface population (which is the only reason why Bill Gates, the most hated man on the planet, is still alive), and in turn the Cabal promised not to persecute the Lightworkers directly because of their beliefs and activities."
    I'm comforted with this knowledge yet at the same time uncomfortable with the fact that the dark ones are protected just to keep them from coming after the Lightworkers... double edged sword in a sense. Anyway, that's my two cents. I think the Light Forces need to trust in the unknown and humble Lightworkers that have pure intentions, integrity a d will to carry out missions where the compromised supposed Lightworkers have failed. If the Pleiadians can read us as stated than they would KNOW our intentions and our hearts. Perhaps if the Pleiadians would back a few of the ground crew... even some on this very blog... they might be pleasantly surprised by the "underdogs" that the Cabal and Chimera never saw coming. Wasn't that supposed to be the plan anyways? 🤔
    Food for thought gang....