Tuesday, October 11, 2022

SD security breach at 504, in deflection


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    2. There seems to be quite a naive, and poor under-standing of living in polarity consciousness, on our planet, here.

      When it's about the level of self-reflection in wisdom.

      To me, there is no sense of wanting, or having to fight, in the awareness of those serving love, and infinite intelligence as the source of their creation.

      Many comments here seem to come from 13 year old boys and girls, confused by the wish to be entertained.The instant gratification lust is present in an overdose.

      Hardly a sense of the desire to be, or become, an instrument of service. For many here, the master waves his magic wand, whispers some abacadabra terms, and the crowd here waits for the crumbs falling off the table.
      To me, Such is the condition of those of you here, who ignore, or deny self-determination, and active contribution.

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  3. Process of removing the implants and biochips
    I would say that I perceive signs of this in very many people.

    1. indeed, much of negative energy around people and mind fog have been cancelled since springtime till now, but also many light warriors have gone exausted, this war spares nothing and no one-

    2. In fact, I even observe "something" with myself that makes me wonder if it might have something to do with the removal of the implants.

      As challenging as the energies can be sometimes, it is also exciting to experience all of this (which doesn't necessarily mean that everything I witness delights me).

    3. C'est vrai ? Tant mieux... Moi pas encore...

    4. yess, we can clearly experience this

    5. Libra, most of the changes are so subtle that I don't know how to put it.

      People are more relaxed and respond more calmly to challenges. The willingness to help has increased. A short time ago, people almost fearfully kept (inner) distance from others, especially women from men and children from adults. This has relaxed.

      People who were stricter to others have become milder.

    6. @ Libra

      I don't want to go into detail about this because it's private. I observe a change in me that I would describe as positive and that came without me ever really thinking about this topic - so a reflection on my part can't actually have triggered this.

      After thinking about a possible cause, the only thing that came to mind was the removal of the implants. It is all speculation, of course, but this change is so clear that it is not in question.

    7. @3k14, Libra, and others, I still have ups and downs but there has a been a gradual trend for some time of the downs not being as bad or prolonged as before.

  4. Holding the light
    has always been important and becomes more so as the event approaches.

    1. I couldn't agree more!

      Btw., how do you manage to write sentences in bold characters here?

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    4. @3k14Pi

      Super, vielen Dank für deine Antwort - sogar als Screenshot. Das weiß ich sehr zu schätzen! 😃

      Bei dieser Gelegenheit - großen Dank, dass du die deutschen Übersetzungen immer teilst. 🙏

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    1. The question is not if, but rather when..
      The final victory of Light is 100% sure!
      But until then, it continues to be a tough ride, its a war against the most vile beings of this universe after all..

    2. ok, i just want to know, i want o see other races and planets even though i wish all of humanity's architecture history and culture can be preserved

  6. https://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2022/10/steve-quayle-excavation-in-mexico-proof-of-fallen-angel-civilization-of-genetic-mutants-2559223.html

    Steve Quayle Excavation in Mexico: Proof of Fallen Angel Civilization of Genetic Mutants

    New DNA study reveals that Egyptian Pharaoh Ehnaton (Amenhotep IV) was a human-alien hybrid

  7. New DNA study reveals that Egyptian pharaoh Ehnaton (Amenhotep IV) was a human-alien hybrid

    A new genetic study shows that the lineage of Egyptian pharaohs was subjected to deliberate manipulation by a technologically advanced civilization.

    Some call it definitive proof that the pyramid builders had a close connection to beings originating elsewhere in the universe.

    Stuart Fleischmann, associate professor of comparative genomics at Swiss University of Cairo, and his team recently published the results of a 7-year study that mapped the genomes of 9 ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Their findings could change world history.

    Fleischmann and his team subjected DNA samples to a process called polymer chain reaction (PCR). In the field of molecular biology, this method is often used to replicate and amplify a single copy of a DNA fragment, allowing researchers to get a clear picture of the human genetic fingerprint.

    Eight of the nine samples yielded interesting but typical results. The ninth sample belonged to Ehnaton (Amenhotep IV), the enigmatic pharaoh of the 14th century B.C. and father of Tutankhamun.

    The source of the DNA sample was a small a small fragment of dried brain tissue, and the test was repeated using bone tissue, but the same result were obtained.


    1. Yes, they're trying to take us back to Egypt. Last night I watched X Men Apocalypse. Creepy movie. You get the idea.

    2. To me, there's something fishy to this steve quayle excavation. Each time they look for an artifact, there's one ready to be picked up and brushed clean, offering just what meets the justification of the narrative.
      Besides, results of a DNA test never show proof of what the actions and motives are of the person involved. There's too much shaky ground on which conclusions are fabricated.

  8. I can feel it. The sense of dread has lifted....

  9. Acredito ser algo a ver com a guerra nuclear que está sendo dita. Será algo sendo desviado? O que penso poderia ser um alerta preto.

  10. My apologies for this long post, but felt strongly guided that it needed to be posted.

    The more you know, the more the Matrix Falls...

    50 Y E A R S


    June 25, 2022

    How do you control generations of a populace?
    50 years of conditioning.
    50 years of propaganda.
    50 years of lies.

    This is fucking how...

    Omega Grid 《 a r c h o n.  e t h e r i c. 》



    E R O S data center located NEAR Sioux Falls, SD

    1. 》

    E R O S  +  R A Y T H E O N 

    A profile of the workforce at the USGS EROS data center, which includes Raytheon (ITSS) ...


    Slide #3

    "Home of the United Nations Environment Programme" // Agenda 2030 + ESG + WEF



    • "GRID Arendal 

    • GRID Geneva 

    • GRID Nairobi

    • GRID Sioux Falls 

    • GRID Warsaw "




    "The term “ESG” was originally coined by the United Nations Environment Program Initiative in 2005, but the methodology was not fully applied to the corporate world until the past six years when ESG investment skyrocketed."

    State of Finance for Nature


    UNEP / WEF - Press Conference: State of Finance for Nature in the G20


    "Launch of the report on "State of Finance for Nature in the G20" by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative hosted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in collaboration with Vivid Economics."


    USGS E R O S data center staffing locations...

    Slide #8


    1. "The more you know, the more the Matrix Falls" ?? That's not true for me. Only when knowledge is applied to one's choice and actions, there's a chance that the Matrix loses its grip on us.
      The eternal student, sitting in his room all day, may binge on knowledge, but without engagement with his fellow human beings, and with life itself, in blood, sweat and tears, nothing of it will serve his evolutionary growth, learning from experience. Knowledge alone is just an ingredient, not the end-product.

  11. 2. 》

    Omega Grid 《 d e w.  w e a p o n s. 》

    E R O S  +  R A Y T H E O N

    A profile of the workforce at the USGS EROS data center, which includes Raytheon (ITSS) ...


    Slide #15 containing this...

    Research and Applications Program

    •Electro-optical studies
    •Microwave Systems

    Also same slide with an image containing this...

    Another one of their projects:

    "Division of vector borne diseases"


  12. 3. 》

    E R O S /// Landsat + Sentinel Satellites

    Landsat mission patch...


    Rogue One // Citadel Tower




    SHALL WE PLAY a game [once more]?  Q



    Sentinels on the Matrix movie...


    "Killing machine designed for one thing."
    "Search and destroy.

    "A sentinel appears as a multi-tentacled creature with multiple sensors that moves effortlessly through the air, probably using an advanced internal form of pad technology; one can easily catch up to a fully-powered human hovercraft. A sentinel's frightening appearance reminds many humans of squids, where they get their nickname of "squiddies". They tend to fly in swarms like insects, that can range from a few to thousands.

    In addition to their powerful, clawed tentacles, sentinels are armed with a continuously firing laser beam that can slice and weld metal structures with ease, including a ship's hull. They are equipped with multiple audio and visual sensors, which look like satellite dishes and eyes. Sentinels are capable of electrical signature detection, such as generated by a fully-powered hovercraft, and will relentlessly follow that signal to its end.

    Sentinels are also armed with T O W  B O M B S, (TOPLET BOMBS?) tiny machines that seem like a sentinel's larvae, but are actually guided explosives that will tear through and destroy a hovercraft with ease. A sentinel will deploy such a bomb by grasping it in a single tentacle, spinning very fast and releasing it with great velocity toward its target."

    USA + UK /// #slavaraytheon



    1. And also this...

      4. 》

      E R O S  +  K B R 《formerly Halliburton》


      "KBR, Inc. (formerly Kellogg Brown & Root) is a U.S. based company operating in fields of science, technology and engineering.  KBR works in various markets including aerospace, defense, industrial and intelligence.  After Halliburton acquired Dresser Industries, KBR was created in 1998 when M.W. Kellogg merged with Halliburton's construction subsidiary, Brown & Root, to form Kellogg Brown & Root. In 2006, the company separated from Halliburton and completed an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange."

      "From 1995 to 2002, Halliburton KBR was awarded at least $2.5 billion to construct and run military bases, some in secret locations, as part of the U.S. Army's Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP)."

      "In October 2020, KBR announced it had completed the acquisition of Centauri, LLC, a leading independent provider of space, DIRECTED ENERGY (weapons?), and other advanced technology solutions to the United States intelligence community and Department of Defense, from Arlington Capital Partners."

      K B R + E R O S data center


      "Moe earned degrees in computer science and mathematics. During his 28-year career at IBM he was heavily involved in employee recruiting and also served on SDSU advisory boards. He continues in those roles in his present job with KBR, which is the primary contractor supporting EROS Data Center."



      K B R  +  v a n g u a r d  &  b l a c k r o c k


      E R O S  data center connected to...

      K B R (formerly halliburton)
      r a y t h e o n
      v a n g u a r d  &  b l a c k r o c k

      /// Directed Energy Weapons \\\

      And home to the...

      United Nations Environment Programme 《UNEP》// Agenda 2030 + ESG + WEF

  13. a r c h o n.   e t h e r i c. 
    o m e g a.   g r i d.


    "The non-physical part of the Omega Grid are the Archons who control the etheric spy network. They are the ones that maintain the quarantine. They are the ones that have ordered the dissemination of mind programs about non existance of extraterrestrial life and impossibility of travel beyond the confines of the quarantine Earth. They are the reason why the surface population has not yet discovered the way to reach the stars. They are the ones that have pushed many people into a corner, without having an option to lead a happy life. 

    They use their non-phyiscal technology to keep the illusion that nothing will ever change. They are violently against love, especially against love between a man and a woman because the energy of that love effectively dissolves the quarantine. Through that love, a Goddess vortex is created and it creates a crack in the Matrix of their programming."

    E R O S


  14. To Chimera + Co.

    May you finally come back to the LIGHT.


    Partners of duality unify.

    Melchoir elements sing.

    Spatial components delineate the martyrs.

    Forgiveness marks the time.

    i know the pieces fit. cause i watched them fall away.


  15. Egyptian pharaoh Echnaton (Amenhotep IV) was a human-alien hybrid

    His city has the remains of the most oppressed slaves in the history of the world. He was a DEGENERATE Offspring of Watchers. An ABOMINATION, just as the Book of Enoch describes, and Genesis 6, Jubilees, Jasher, The Book of Giants, etc.. Some may act as if this is some novel idea, when the idea is more than 5,000 years old. Looks as if they are about 5,000 years too late in their “finding”. OLD NEWS. But for the ignorant masses, it makes some good oohs and awes. The elongated skulls of Peru had their DNA results in 2018. Guess where the Khazars/Bolsheviks descend from? They are the seed of the serpent, spoken of since days of old. So don’t try to act like you have made some fantastic discovery. You are only confirming it, as you should. As should have been done all along. This is the “iron mingled with the clay” of Daniel. “They mingle themselves with the seed of men” has been in the Bible for 2,500 years. THIS is WHO is oppressing mankind, for MILLENIA. I think they are called ROTHSCHILD’S among others, today. The Vatican exalts their father, with the obelisk and Shrine of Osiris, aka the Baldacchino. Much more to this DEMONIC Fallen Angel offspring Cabal, than what is realized, to the destruction of us all. look around at what they have done to us the past couple of years, and where they are taking it. THEY are the GLOBALISTS. Their World Wars they contrived. The OPPRESSION of mankind, because they HATE Mankind. Wise up! You will be SUPPER after you serve your role. Or great blood sport.

  16. I have a message for you
    Use Google carefully, there are alternative. Also manifest v3 is coming
    Our current extensions might be useless in the future, put an attention to Firefox. Not Opera ofc since it's owned by a Chinese group.

  17. Rebirth of the Society meditation

    We’ll be brief.
    The aim of this meditation is to remove as many toplet bombs as possible. You need to understand that if one of the main blockades towards the event are the toplet bombs, we need to focus on removing them as soon as possible. It is that simple.

    If we reach one million meditators we may be able to remove many, if not all of the bombs. This will accelerate what we wait for.

    The moment of the meditation will be the exact moment that Earth enters the Scorpio sign (death and rebirth of the society), October 23TH 6:36 AM New York time

    You can check the exact time of the meditation on your location here:


    Please, invite (and remind) as many people as possible to participate. Let’s reach one million participants and change this damn situation once and for all.

    Instructions for the meditation are here (you can translate online if you need to):


  18. 505 is the light grid that the dark forces constantly attack. I think it's time for people to know, Cobra.

  19. Transformations into Higher Consciousness
    which the dark ones try to prevent by implants and programming.



    Tip: Set playback speed to a quarter.


  20. Take a look at me now.


    Oh Dear . . .

    And no kidding.



  21. And after all these things that I've done.
    Will you help me out with one more song.


    You can Hold 0n.


  22. For those who are interested:

    Jesus Dreams/Synchronicities Coming True, Ascension Synchronicities, Solar Flare Synchronicities, George Washington Communication, Christ the Redeemer Prophetic Synchronicity & More


    1. Were you once upon a time a member of the Inquisition, Jonathan? You seem to be propelled by an urge coming from an energy or being that isn't you.

  23. Is it true if plasma toplet bombs are tied with implants that clearing the implant and biochip network will speed up the removal of plasma toplet bombs?

  24. Push the F-ing button...
    Let the chips fall where they may...
    If it "blows up the universe", well, it's been a hoot, whatever, but, alas, evil must end...
    This is intolerable.
    Galactic Codex or Fuck off and stop getting our hopes up.

    1. I guess humanity is meant to suffer more.. I seriously thought something else happen this summer..now I read by 2025..feels like we've been had...it's always soon... The galactics have azing lives we cant ascend until all are free from debt slavery and fear of not having money food and security just.the way it is...they have amazing ships we have a basic home and cars..

  25. Their time is up, and they know it. WWG1WGA, and VOTL!!

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  28. Hold the line... hold the LIGHT!

  29. Replies
    1. Victory Of The Light = in Simple Gematria equals: 222
      Lovelight blessings from Tröllaskaga Isisland


    2. My neighbours' car is in the shop and they got a substitute car today.
      The license plate is

      IZ - EU 222



  30. The Event


    Tachyons & Chambers


    Positive Military

    Planet X(Home of The Resistance )

    Space Force

    A Great Awakening Briefing :

  31. Ok,, finally , I have time. You will see in this breach how people expose themselves. Little work is needed. The awareness can be increased to see the network. Who is involved. Who operates within it.
    You trace these back to parent companies. Private investors who fund individuals and are not in the forefront.
    The individuals being funded, who push certain narratives , are just puppets rewarded later. Fall guys.
    A breach on anyone's security is a breach on your mind. We handle this. In what seems like small ways. Ways you won't see as being big now, but accumulate towards the event, the revolution.
    The system is dismantled in small parts, those parts falter the system, make it so dysfunctional. That is what light workers do. Small things, incremental advancements that are bigger than they seem.
    Ugh gotta go eat

  32. FFS do something, quit the tit for tat and make a move.

  33. Do we have a galactic version of Dirty Harry?? 😊

    1. That's why so many volunteered to help in the actual fighting.
      I'd prefer to be Samus Aran, though.

  34. SOS


  35.   ✋🏼"The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface, are the so-called pits. Pits are secret military bases up to 30 meters underground, which were before owned by the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and are now operated by the surface Cabal. Some of them hide members of the Chimera. They can not extend more than 30 meters underground, because the Resistance can now clear most of the locations that are deeper, but can not yet intervene closer to the surface because of toplet bomb deterrence mechanisms. There are about 1000 such bases worldwide, and two main ones in Ukraine are below Odessa and below Azovstal metal plant in Mariupol."
      Meditation to clear all underground toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits:
      1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
      2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to clear the toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits so that there can be physical intervention from the Light Forces on the planet surface for planetary liberation.
      3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.
      4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this Light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
      5. Visualize a band of the Violet Flame, the Fire of An, and Pink Light, each one for a few minutes, extending 30 meters (about 98.5 feet) below the surface of the planet, clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and clearing all underground pits. The Light Forces/Underground Resistance can also be visualized to be clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits with the Light/Flames. If unable to visualize, focus on the intention. Be one with the intention and know that this clearing is happening.
      6. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, with the Light Forces physically intervening on the planet surface and building an active partnership with the surface population, bringing Earth into a new and eternal Golden Age.
      When I tried this meditation, pictures like this came up🌟
      ✨The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface
      👊😆There is a strong urge to connect the two.

  36. Capt. Randy Cramer On psionic outputs and Telekinesis

    the captain dials up some psionic science 101 – bravo zulu…..

  37. The of the throat chakra



  38. The Light Forces are against the Russian generals, but it's the West that started this war.


  39. It's time for the Light Forces to physically intervene. Everything needs to be physically remedied, and now. It's time. Please follow through on your promises. No more toplet bomb stuff. No more implant stuff. Just do what you said you would do, or this is a breach of contract.

    1. @Starlight432. Why do you speak of a breach of contract? To me, it's up to us to remedy our ailments, sores, and limitations, by integrating our "I am" presence, embodying our soul while fully present in our body, so that manifestation of healing is possible on that level with awareness.
      To me, pain is a signal where the astral body is wide awake and consciousness is absent, in need of understanding what this pain is. The faculties of our spiritual being, are waiting to be rememberd, hardly harvested yet.

  40. @starlight, I dont know what you should do but I will tell you that you may have to rethink what a proper diet is entirely. I think we have been completely lied to about nutritional guidelines as the foundation of modern medicine was created by rockefeller and others. I have always had digestion problems and food sensitivities. I tried many diets and with the one I use now my digestion isnt as bad as before. Its far from what we were told was a healthy diet.

  41. I'm being attacked by The Black Sun.

  42. @Libra J.M. Aquila. Are you really that naive and stupid, to believe, and expect people to send money to an unknown American group of night-time illuminated freight train hoppers?
    Not even mentioning contact data?

    Whose names and reputations are unknown? With you as a rather gullible intermediaire?
    Where's your mind? Sleeping?

    During the truckers' protest in Canada, a group of so called helpers, started fundraising, in order to support the trucker-parades.

    Oh, they were good in talking! Influential, persuasive, playing the strings of peoples' sentiments.

    A large sum of the funds went to private investment for some of these would-be helpers. Opportunity makes the thief, see?

    I suggest never to invest in funding long distance, without knowing the people involved who need it, and their actions.

    Far better to invest in support close to home, and be practically involved.

    For example, cooking good food for those who hardly can make ends meet.

    Families with kids, and those who can't go shopping, elderly people tied to their home.

    Or start a neighbourly co-operative, creating an allotment

  43. Apologies, Libra A. at least you mentioned references in the link attached to your comment. Nevertheless, my preference is to keep my walk and talk close to each other. Where I am present.

  44. Someone here probably needs to sober up, sort out priorities, and above all, take responsibility.

    When spiritual digestion and a mature attitude are ignored, shitting bricks is the most humorous mirror showing a stubborness in letting go.

    In this case it seems to involve an attachment to victimhood, and compliance with external do's and dont's, rehearsing one's pain in a loop of repeating the past, sitting in it, indulging.

    Better get real, and start making choices that serve YOU and your boundaries.

  45. This is an official fundraising campaign through WeLoveMassMeditation team making a project with Cobra as we know, the Cintamani Light Grid for the Planet Earth. You may notice the second Paypal account for donation direct to the meditation blog, which are helping constantly the precious Lightworkers in need, encountering difficult times in their life. On other hand, I think you understand the role and importance of the Cintamani Light grid, as a circle of protection around the Earth, helping at the moment of the upcoming solar flash from our galactic central sun through our sun, named the Event, to anchor in the center of the planet the very powerful wave of high energy of cosmic love. Each person who has planted a Cintamani stone or more, has a personal stone in it's possession, will soon be a conductor of the great wave of energy from the core of our galaxy. So, the mission for the Lightworkers is a very important one, to realize and to help in building the Light grid of Cintamani stones, for USA it seems to be a key help to stabilize and support the energy grid, to bring and hold the Light, because USA is the land of tremendous transformations now and in the future, with huge impact on the geopolitical situation around the world! Now, it is our chance and time to help them, meantime to support the whole energy grid of Light around our planet Earth! It may be a small donation or more donations, will help a lot to carry out the travel throughout USA, to buy a few tachyonized genuine Cintamani stones, to cover some expenses of the Lightworkers who will go to plant them in crucial points and locations in the United States. I want to send my appreciation, my thanks and express my gratitude to people who sent money to our fundraising project and I assure you, it will have a great outcome! Thank you Cobra, for helping and organizing this fundraiser and all you do with the Light Forces and the Resistance Movement! Blessings and victory of Light!