Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Goddess Equator

As the Light Forces are trying to bring as much Light as possible to the surface of the planet in their project of Return of Spirit, the old Atlantean Light grid is being reactivated.

One very important aspect of that process is reactivation of old Atlantean Goddess vortexes, connected to the old Atlantean equator:



In times of Atlantis, powerful temples were built across equator and they had direct connection with the motherships of the Galactic Confederation which were parked directly above them in geostationary orbit. Those temples were anchoring divine Goddess energy on the surface of the planet, whereas polar temples were anchoring divine God energy. Goddess temples always had a sacred lake situated nearby, where the Goddess vortex was anchored through a female angelic being under guidance from Iona.

The locations of those Atlantean Goddess temples are now being reactivated by the Light forces. One of the primary reactivated location is Baalbek, where there was a Goddess temple with a mystery school since the times of Atlantis:


Long time after the flood, Goddess Atargatis returned from Sirius to the region and reactivated Goddess mysteries:


Many temples to Atargatis with sacred lakes were built in the area, with primary temples in Hierapolis (modern Manbij in Syria, the sacred lake converted into a football field), Ashkelon, Qubbet el Bedawi (the sacred lake destroyed and overgrown with urban settlement), and Edessa (modern Urfa, the sacred lake still exists and has a tunnel leading deep underground):



Aside from the vortexes connected with Atargatis, the Light forces are also reactivating vortexes connected with triple Goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat, that originate from preislamic Arabia. These vortexes are also located at the old Atlantean equator:




Entrances into Agartha are also being reactivated energetically along the old Atlantean equator, such as this one near Ephesus:


Also being reactivated is the European Goddess Vortex triangle with double vortexes of Venice, Paris and Budapest, all of them close to the Atlantean equator. All these three double vortexes have the main vortex in the city, and the secondary vortex about 10-30 miles from the main one. Both vortexes are connected with each other with an infinity number eight energy flow.

The Venice vortex in anchored on the Rialto bridge in Venice:



The Venice Goddess vortex birthed the Goddess mysteries during Renaissance through Ordo Bucintoro:


Loredan and Mocenigo White Nobility families were carrying Goddess mysteries in Venice. Both families have roses in their coat of arms. Loredan family was also expressing Goddess mysteries through Accademia degli Incogniti:


The secondary vortex of Venice is anchored at Villa Dei Vescovi in Euganean hills. This villa is actually an Ascension chamber:


This secondary vortex is also connected to Atargatis:


There are many smaller Goddess vortexes in northern Italy not far from the Atlantean equator, such as one in Arezzo and another one in Parma, where Marie Louise (Maria Luigia) was an initiated priestess of the Goddess:



The Paris Goddess vortex is anchored in the crypt of the Notre Dame church. There are many other smaller anchor points of this vortex throughout Paris, such as the original Dendera zodiac in Louvre:


and its modern counterpart in the Louboutin store:


The secondary vortex of Paris is anchored at the Temple of Love in Petit Trianon in Versailles:


The statue in the middle of the temple was originally a statue of Venus and was later replaced with a statue of Cupid. A small sacred lake around the temple anchors energies of Atargatis.

Bourbon White Nobility family was supporting Goddess mysteries in Paris and Versailles, through two high priestesses, Madame de Pompadour and Princess de Lamballe:


The Budapest Goddess vortex is anchored in the crown of St. Stephen, currently in the Hungarian parliament.

The secondary Budapest Goddess vortex is anchored in Godollo castle, the home of Queen Sisi, who was also a high priestess of the Goddess:


The Light forces have communicated that after more than 1500 years of suppression, Goddess temples need to be recreated again on the surface of this planet. Sisterhood of the Rose has been given this sacred task. Public spaces that bring the Goddess energy to the general surface population need to be created. This can be your private space that is open to the general public at least a few hours weekly and can bring Goddess energy to the people though meditations, dance, readings, and music, such as this ode to Isis:


One example of a modern Goddess temple is here:


These temples need to be created as soon as possible to support the energetic transition of this planet.

To connect with the Goddess energy, you can also read this book:



Or remember Isis Astara and her work to bring the Goddess back:


Victory of the Light!



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    1. Recent Light✨🎉


  2. To what extent are exceptions cleaned up?

  3. Émission française pour expliquer article "Retour de l'Esprit"
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  4. Thank you so much dear Cobra! Victory of the LIGHT!

  5. Its great that he brought up the Mermaid Goddess Atargatis again.

    But its necessary to bring to attention one point.

    4th January 2017 C.E>

    "75,000 years ago and earlier, the energy gird around the planet was complete, under full control of the Ascended beings and with many sacred temples positioned around the equator. You can see the old Atlantean equator on this picture as a red line crossing South America and Africa"

    Image from blogpost:

    1. @Spec and others, I am thinking that the 75000 year africa and south america line gradually changed and maybe say 25000 years ago it went through the line showing north america and europe.13000 years ago it would have shifted at the cataclysm as well as tilted which according to CoBra the tilt was done by the earth and is one reason why the archon network was never able to control the earth completely. Not just the spin and elliptical orbit but all of this on a tilt threw things off. Thats why we have the current equator we do. Maybe CoBra can clarify the reason for the different lines.

    2. Interesting. Maybe someone can explain to us how it happened.


  7. For Those Who Want To Venerate Mermaid Goddess Atargatis.

    Face Profile:

    Full Profile (Not Safe For Work):

    All art done by me.

    Buy me a coffee:

  8. About a week ago was dealing with demonics, last few days has been archons. Hope this is the final grizzly-ass showdown. Ready for the end Solar flash that sears the nast right off this planet for the last time! Tired of dealing with filth, ready for only Love and Light here! 🙏♥️😎

    1. Good almighty, I've never read a comment of someone who holds the world of Love and Light in a 100% materialistic view.

    2. What does my comment have to do with materialism, lol? I don't care about possessions/things. I just mean I'm so tired of battling with demons/archons/chimera/ and dark witches/warlocks on a daily (nightly) basis. I'm ready for the darkness to be over and only experience Love/Light.

    3. I have the same experiences. There are too many strange people who call themselves star seeds and Mr./Mrs. Know-it-alls and then they sell you demonic crystals coded by ENKI or put secret codes into your mind in their meditations which enable you to be attacked easily by the demonic powers. All the videos called "you must watch this" are round and round the same information. It seems to me that both sides got stuck at the same point just vomiting the same information again and again like on a merry-go-round. Every single person insists on their opinion and nobody is gonna change. There is no sense to wait.

    4. @CosmicCustodian. It´s just that your comment sounded like you were working through your shopping list, and demanding an amount of love and light, served over the counter.
      As if by taking it home you´re liberated from your demons, and entities bothering you. As if your life´s experiences can be switched off by a dose of it.

      That´s a materialistic view on how conditions in your life are HAPPENING to you, and thus SHOULD HAPPEN to you, on demand. Like a toddler who knows only how to WANT what it WANTS.

      That´s a condition without awareness of how you draw these conditions into your life by your own doing, or even.... not doing. Ignoring the law of attraction in the good, the bad, and the ugly, showing up in your life.

      To me, that´s a denial of responsibility, and doing inner homework, in the company of one´s spiritual qualities, which is a different approach of how one manifests. When you want to experience love and light, you´ll have to regenerate it from within. Hanging on to the past, where pain is present, for the sake of satisfying the pain body, is your creation of slavery.

      By your inner work you´ll have the key to what you desire, and it sounds like you´ve got lots to clear. Begin it, a waiting game won´t do.

  9. I think we should have at least a objective list of what to do and not just "The Light forces have communicated that Goddess temples need to be recreated again on the surface of this planet."

    Give us a guide of how to start it, what to do, a more detailed plan would be great to speed the process. After being here for too long we are rusty, however most of us would like to start it, to help, just don't know how. Receiving it directly from LF would help immensely, instead of looking thousand of different ways of how to do it on google with 0 indications if it works or not.

    Anyways, as always Victory of the Light!

    1. Hello Dede, I believe you've mistakenly drawn conclusions about the path of liberation. It's you, who by your own study and investigation of what your own human nature is, will step on that path in the company of your intention, your choices, and grow into the being that you now try to become by following orders. By its very nature, the restoration of you as a human being can't come from without, see what you mean?

    2. That would be helpful yes... my guess that may have been communicated or some of the already existing SOR have the knowhow.. perhaps they may dispatch some representatives to other groups worldwide to share (as mentors/consultants?) .. I am not sure how much secrecy is there.. perhaps they will need to make sure those they reach out are loyal.. not infiltrators.

      I don't know.. I am guessing.. if u r not in a SOR group.. perhaps you may want to give it a try.. if I read this right.. temples need to be rebuild so engineers are need it.. use magic has return :)

    3. @Dede, I dont know but I have listened to Thomas Sheridan who identifies as a pagan and the indo european pagans would venerate nature and trees and it was only later that large temples were built in case of inclement weather for travelers. I am sure there were exceptions and the atlanteans had plenty of temples but as far as the average pagan a few thousand years ago it wasnt always about a large grand structure but maybe the right kind can help, like a pyramid or obelisk being a kind of technology for points on the ley lines. Building large temples might be possible for white nobility. For now a little bit is probably better than nothing. If people meet somewhere as a part of this project they might set up a temporary shrine while they are there and take it with them when they leave. I have went into a catholic church during confession when it was empty and quiet and I did some prayer and meditation. Its a sort of temple so small groups may be able to gather in the pews.

    4. There hasn't been so instead of waiting I decided to create stuff.

      Art, both pencil and digital, pottery, making stick totems out of branches, cleaning out the room of bad energies, throwing away old stuff that may have remnant energies you don't need etc.

      It was great for the worst of the lockdowns, it will do fine while waiting for the Event. Maybe if you are skilled enough turn it into a business then you get extra cash.

      Or use a stick for hygiene and use it to pick up any disposed face masks on the streets. We have a big problem with Pacific Ocean Garbage patch now including 5,500 metric tonnes of face diapers over a scamdemic.

    5. @DH. Be sure to follow your inner voice, and don´t obey to orders, because you think you need to be an engineer in this.
      That´s foolish, see? The Sisters of the Rose group I knew about 10 years ago, was a weird mixture of boys and girls, with 1 boy playing the role of almighty know-it-all. That were the years of abomination within this group.

      In 2018 Cobra swept a new broom through the entire mansion of Prepare for Change, and new members have entered it. Not sure how it´s working out, for I´m not involved in any group or activity. To me, all activities shared within the virtual world, as a group, are easily compromised, and in disorder.
      I create my own temples on planet Earth, and so can you 😉

    6. There are numerous commenters here who are unaware of their own role of being present now, on planet Earth. From the count of day 1 after Christ´s gift on Golgotha, the individual awareness in the experience of "I am" is a gift and blessing, allowing us human beings the possibility to create, and co-create, from within, so that manifestation of an autonomous state of being will lead to humanity´s evolution with liberation in tow, as I perceive it. It always begins within you, and me.

      As long as we remain in the waiting room, hoping for the doctor to fix our issues, and for the angels to carry us away on their wings, or to give us wings, we shall have neglected our inner evolutionary growth by getting to know ourselves step-ping into the role that no one can make or choose for us.

      Liberation isn´t a holding up of your hand like a beggar, or like a victim of your own life. Stop your self-pity, and get REAL.
      You shall have to own all that is your purpose and destiny by yourself, and although that muscle is neglected much, the only way to start is flexing that muscle. There´s no other way.

    7. @Spec Ops. That´s my kind of style as well, only, I decide not to wait for the Event, for as I perceive it, we ARE already in the Event, in a way. Just like a digestive drink or appetizer, served before dinner, we´re preparing for the Event by the way we choose our paths and our present day actions. They will determine what´s meant to come in about 10 years time.

    8. >Devon

      Yeah coming to 40 years old with less potent stomach acid I find adding vinegar to food helps with the digestion and maybe give some bad bacteria something else to think about.

      I believe one way to make a goddess wet thinking about a mere mortal like myself, a guy, is to find a way to keep busy. Masculine energy of taking initiative.

      If none of the suggestions here work, or the comment section is too toxic (I avoid it except this time because this latest post is about a Goddess I venerate, Atargatis), go find one's own solution, that's why Source gave us a brain.

      Like the digital art I painted of Atargatis (in another post). Not Rembrandt, but to get this far took a lot of work and keeping oneself busy while the Event takes its own time to come.

      As Thomas Sheridan says,

      Yes the world is screwed, now go paint a picture.
      Yes the world is full of evil, now go work on your garden.
      Yes the WEF pushes for Digital ID, now go research on favorite topics.

      Quantum Entanglement / Coupling (i.e. manifestation) is real.
      Transhumanism/Digital ID/eating bugs/ will be bad, BUT only for those who actually 'quantum entangled' in it.

      Now you know why this wasn't taught in school. There are no 'guaranteed' constants in the Universe.

      Conspiracy Research (without the doom aspect) works because the cynicism and distrust of establishment by the result of conspiracy research decouples oneself from the wave-function of the Orthodoxy.

      Those who believe conspiracy doesn't exist are now six feet under or have a short lifespan from the death shot.

      However as a conspiracy researcher, if you get obsessed with how dark the world is, you will be dragged down with it.

      A Wave In Time - Quantum Mechanics

    9. @Spec, that Thomas Sheridan quote reminds me of some lyrics.

      So stay strong, for the rest of the world
      Stay strong, and watch as it burns
      Stay strong, and swallow your pills
      Stay strong, with nowhere to turn
      Yes I know


    10. ^I should say watch the whole video of 'A Wave In Time', its brilliant.

  10. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:


  11. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  12. Trigger the Event now and don't delay!

  13. Www.aquadea.de. Crystal vortex technology for every day

  14. Sing Song | Power Rangers Wild Force | Full Episode | E22


    1. https://powerrangers.fandom.com/wiki/Isis_Megazord

    2. @AscendLiberation, power rangers had a big impact on my early childhood. Humans who were different worked with a sort of alien god to fight hostile aliens who had a presence on the moon. I wrote the following on my blog at the bottom of this post:

      Another childhood show I recall involving the moon was Power Rangers. The bad guys in that show were aliens and had a base on the moon where they could look down and plot attacks on earth but were of course always stopped by some teenagers because they were being backed by the good aliens. The point is that there was an ET presence on the moon. The show Sailor Moon actually has a pretty fascinating story about humans having past lives in a better time which was destroyed by a war. Anyone interested in ETs, Atlantis, or the war between light and dark should read the above Sailor Moon link. I remember being around two to three and watching Sailor Moon with my sister. It was a largely popular manga and show and for obvious reasons was never put on tv in the states much after, if at all. These shows and games were all released in the early to mid 1990s and had a strong impression on me. I dont know why, but these are consistent themes being pushed in fiction.


  15. A heartfelt thank you dear Cobra!
    Such a beautiful Intel! 🤩😍

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  17. Awesome update cobra thanks for that, victory of the light ✨...

  18. Isis Astara working with You 💯🌹
    to bring the Goddess back🙏🏼💞
    using Energies of Atargatis
    Mother of All Bombs😂🌟
    #SisterhoodoftheRose #gridwork #leylines #keyenergy 🔑 #vortex

  19. Merci Cobra , A quand l'activation de l'ancienne citée dans le désert connue a ce jour comme etant l'oeil du désert ?

  20. Itt Budapesten elfoglaltàk a bünözök a vàrost.itt szornak,lopnak hazudnak.

  21. Dr Naomi Wolf:

    The information that Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep hidden for 75 years — is now in one place for the world to read.


    Link also on their own site:

  22. A recent whistleblower on Cosmic Disclosure, Duane Ollinger, talks about negative Nordics being a big problem.

    1. Hello Patrick Kehoe. Keep in mind that the belief in, and perception of so called ET races, is one of the most biased concepts in our present time. I myself believe that all ET races are us, in a different phase of evolution and devolution.
      And that it's possible that those who fell into lower vibration, choose to return just to pick up where they've left once upon a time, by feeding off of our own evolutionary path. The only obstacle in that endeavour is, that they lack the moral standards we humans are able to hold, so that their efforts don't match with what love desires to express with respect, based on free will. Think along the line of parasitic behaviour.

    2. 1) Gaia interviewed MICHAEL AQUINO on sean stones Buzzsaw show :


      2) Its time to set things right with this side agenda & dissolve it from the source :


  23. I don't know what to think about the Goddess stuff. I've never experienced anything or anyone positive so... what's that like?

    1. That's what I think too. What is the point of temples, goddesses, vortexes and priestesses? If to get rid of the darkness (which we also have in us being dual) we need these things then it becomes a kind of constraint. It means that we are always bound by something or someone and I don't like that.

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  27. My deepest desire for decades! and purpose is to create such a Goddess temple at a very specific location, a sacred haven to connect with Her for all, in every way. I am doing nothing but focusing on manifesting the financial means for it and instead even my current 3D life means are getting tighter and tighter. Please Cobra give us updated manifestation techniques because no matter what I do, the opposite happens and I am not only getting farther and farther from my mission and vision but barely holding on for even basic needs. If the time is now and it is urgent, I need help and all of us Lightworkers need help who have been thus far denied in all our efforts and being strangled still to this moment, unable to do much in a 3D sense to further this vision and mission. I have a vision and I meditate on it and focus my energy on it but I can not ground it down to Earth without help. Need the Light Forces and the Goddess to step in so we are no longer being abused financially and otherwise anymore, and not wasting away in low end jobs that don't allow even 3D breathing room, much less working toward our greater mission. 12-21 team is silent no matter what. I am familiar with Neville Goddard and practicing for many years with miniscule results and grand dark attacks every time I get ahead. :(

    1. Jesus said: "To receive, you must first give", you are the creator of your life, and if you want abundance, you must first give it. I'm not talking about money, but about meditation. It's the same for everything, you want love? offer it! You want peace? Offer there! You always receive the just return for what you offer because we are all one. I have been practicing the gift of myself in meditation for a few years, and my life has totally changed, I live in reasonable financial abundance, in love, in peace etc...You are love, you are peace, you are abundance, everything is within you, but offer them first, so that all this will come back to you later. I invented a very powerful mantra, which I offer to you, if it can help you:
      "I am like God, I am love. Like God, I give everyone my love."
      But really feel what you say, play the game, your giving must be sincere. Take your time, feel this love welling up from your heart. Then continue with peace for example:
      "I am like God, I am peace, I give everyone my peace"
      And feel the peace that springs from your heart, and so on, without forgetting the forgiveness, which is very very beneficial!.
      All your gifts will necessarily come back to you, because it's the boomerang effect, but above all, you will stop seeing yourself lacking, you will go to the other side, to the side of the inner wealth offered with love.

    2. @Chaplet del Rose I´ve got a text for you, from an Abraham Hicks session about the subject of manifestation, the law of attraction:
      `We're talking about a very important basis of creation, it's getting more and more and more and more but now here's the question that we have for you. What's your mood today right here, right now, what's your attitude? Are you joyful? Are you clear? Are you feeling appreciation?

      Are you ordinary, are you feeling defeated, are you feeling depressed about something, because your mood which indicates your vibrational state of being, which indicates your vibrational situation right here and now, how you feel what your mood is, is very important in relationship to you being receptive of what's bubbling and boiling over here in your vortex.

      We can only receive when we´re up to speed with what we´re asking. There can´t be a vibrational mismatch.

      So what we're wanting to talk to you about all day, every day, is how you can recognize that receptive mode when the idea comes and then spend more of your time getting the rest of your thoughts to not trample and kill that thought to get yourself into the place where you allow this desire to be believed.

      And what we want you to understand, is that there's this delicious process, this delicious process of your thoughts becoming a thing you get to watch. The entire universe comes into cooperation with you to accomplish anything that you desire. There is nothing that is off limits for you. If this time space reality has a wherewithal to feel your vortex and become a dream or an idea or a desire within you, it is our absolute promise that this time space reality has the wherewithal to deliver the goods. But you have to stay in harmony with your own desire.
      We have nothing more to say to you or anyone else, ever.`
      By Esther Hicks.
      (transcript creation by Devon Seamoor)

    3. Thank you all of you <3 It is precisely what I am doing, meditating, visualizing, elevating consciousness, working on my wounds, programming, and implants that don't allow me to have pure faith and results worthy of a divine "child" of the Creator. I've been on this path of awakening for 20+ years now and I am growing very tired. Ultimately, as Cobra said before, our earthly situations can not improve much before the Event, whether it comes to abundance, or to soul family relationships. We either need tremendous abundance to accomplish such big tasks that the Light Forces ask, or lots of close soul family relationships where we can cowork for big goals like this. In that department I am blessed for I've come to know a lot of my soul family over the decades. But we are all buried under heavy 3D burdens and being crushed. We are now all fighting for survival and we all mediate, visualize, uplift one another and work on manifesting abundance for years, indeed decades at this point. We don't own properties, even if we did, we lost them, even if we manifest anything, 100 times bigger needs arise and swallow it before I could blink. I understand that implants, wounds, programmings all play a part in being unable to achieve results in years or decades, or that our results are dwarves in comparison to the mass chaos in the world right now. We simply need outside help because very few lightworkers own properties for contact dish projects or now temples..no matter how much we wish to help, if 12+ hours 7 days a week is gone to keep a roof over your head and feeding your family. I don't wish to focus on the negative but the reality is that even the Light Forces don't seem to be able to free us with their technology and knowledge, it's taking forever and things are getting worse and worse. We have no tech, no abundant knowledge, we have very limited times, bodies, energy, and we are wounded mortally in many cases, so if they can't free us, what can we do? If we can't get real outside help till the Event, and the Event is being held back because we are not doing enough, then we are trapped in an oxymoron and a catch 22 that will never go anywhere not today not 100 years from now. And the way things are going, the vibration is getting lower by the day. Before 2020, I was able to focus myself into mission work for years, even if it took painstakingly long time to get an inch ahead - but now it's not even on the table anymore, it's all just survival now, and I suspect without help and without the Event it's going to get much worse for most of us rapidly - so I do feel like the Event window has passed because the collective vibration is getting lower and lower instead of getting higher and higher. I understand the purpose of these temples would be to counteract that but just thinking about my mission and my inability to do it, and being trapped in survival game lowers my vibration 1000 fold and it makes me very angry, and I am far from being the only one feeling like this :( The Light Forces simply can't avoid helping us materially otherwise simply I don't think we will be liberated. Ever. It's a downward spiral that needs to stop before too late :/

  28. Talking about recreating goddess temples when we have a magnetic pole shift and Planet cleansing and evacuation about to happen and the event and the solar Flash

    1. Mermaid Goddess Atargatis being a mermaid would have to do with the waterways. They are now even more polluted with the stupid face diapers, 5,500 metric tonnes in the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch alone.

      You can take a long stick for hygiene and start picking up the disposed face mask litter on the sidewalk, preventing them from adding to the ocean garbage.

      The off chance we don't make it to the ships and the tsunami comes from the resulting crustal displacement, helping out the Mermaid Goddess might give a chance to survive this coming catastrophe.

  29. Hold your vibration high and expect the solar flash now.

  30. I would be interested in how the cleaning of the last pit is progressing.

  31. I just searched Madame de Pompadour on this site and I found out Marilyn Monroe was the fourth high priestess and Diana was the fifth! Apparently Diana is dead, so Utsava was/is lying. Imagine what dangerous stuff she is putting out there as she flashes us the 666 handsign. Brr. There is currently no high priestess... Sorry to be such a newbie here. I'm obviously new to some of this amazing info. So I'm really behind...like way behind.
    It's amazing I did learn some of it from Dr Who/St Germain, in a round about way...

    1. Madame de Pompadour et la Princesse de Lamballe sont vivantes et ont été contactées par Saint Germain. Elles vont bien. Merci CoBra, VOTL!

    2. Oh my, boys and girls... what nebulous and phantasmagorical statements are made, just to be sure that one is a bird of a flock with the same feathers. These self-proclaimed spiritual stand up comedians belong on a stage, they´re not of this world. 🤣 There´s nothing to go by, in a practical daily life experience. How convenient to float in a cloud that soon may begin to empty itself in a storm.

  32. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    The post in french / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  33. I agree with love and positivity but I don't believe in goddesses and gods. Who they are? Just more aliens? and why should I worship them? We don't have to worship anyone, we are divine beings and we have everything in us. To adore something or someone is just to still be a slave. This is my thought.

    1. Who exactly is telling you or anyone to worship them? That is nonsense. You have the power to be your own god or goddess. The message I can see of Isis is that don't compare yourself to others, be equal and don't compete. Sounds like women meeting in groups and being nice to everyone and supportive. Sounds good to me.

    2. Women claim they are the ones who give life.

    3. Hello psychic, I believe that you're the one who mentions worshipping. Your assumption is in the way of your objectivity.

    4. True Gods and Goddesses are beings who already ascended and left duality, becoming one with the Source (Such as Buda, Jesus, Ashtar Sheran, etc). We will become full Gods and Goddesses one day too, even tough we are already Gods/Goddesses sparks. But we are not omnipotent yet (real Gods/Godesses), only the ascended beings are.

    5. About white nobility I don't know, but I believe they are very ancient beings with very old souls, therefore they are viewed as leaders and royalty, since they are more experiencied than us. Or maybe they are from the family of the ascended beings, or maybe both.

    6. But I agree that in the end, these are just nomenclatures. They actually pretty much love to serve us, just like a mother and father loves to serve their children, and make them happy. But of course they enjoy being the parental and maternal figures as well.

    7. Agreed Claudio. I as well do not believe in 'worship'... Reverence is cool, respect is fine, Love, you bet, but worship, no thanks.
      I look the all that is square in the eyes. I do not look up to Creator or down on an ant, I participate in the magnificence as an equal. I'm all for positive Goddess/God temples, but our world needs Peace, enforced by ...

    8. To all,
      So, first of all thank you for your answers.
      Then, I want to clarify: as a non-Catholic believer I think that we are individual consciousnesses and part of a universal Superconsciousness. This, if you like, I can call God. It is the god who is within us. We are now light and dark in duality, when we unite we will be only Oneness. As such I don't think I need anyone to tell me what's good and what's bad, I already know that. Love and joy, respect and empathy are my commandments but I certainly do not refuse others to express their faith or to pray. Prayer is an act of freedom and communication with the inner self (soul) and if I didn't accept it I would still be unworthy to call myself human.
      A hug to you.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. event or some help to light workers when?

  36. COBRA | Mardi 24 janvier 2023
    L’Équateur de la Déesse

    en français sur le blog de Prepare For Change France Officiel :


  37. The 2012Portal Discord server was deleted but we've regrouped!
    Come and chat to other like-minded people where your conversations don't get forgotten whenever Cobra posts a new update.🥲

    Just don't talk about "health misinformation" like dangers of masks and vaccines! Anything else should be fine. Just incase, we have a backup Matrix/Element chat server now. Join that too!


    1. I forgot to make the link permanent and it expired. 😏Here's a fresh one:

  38. I do not want to connect to these beings you refer to as 'goddesses' and 'gods' until I know what their agenda(s) is(are). Therefore, I would like to talk to them face to face without any middlemen. Yes, I am willing to do this for every 'ascended' being.

    I REFUSE to be subservient to anyone.

    I am Me.

  39. Considerando che i templi devono essere ancora creati per la transizione, considerando i tempi che intercorreranno prima della transizione , i tempi della transizione stessa e tutto il resto , purtroppo ci vorranno ancora anni prima dell'evento. E siamo già in ritardo. A qualcuno pare che la nostra sofferenza sia l'ultima cosa da considerare. Dopo oltre 12 anni di meditazioni, di servizio per la Luce da parte mia , la torta non è mai pronta. Che pazienza che ci vuole!

  40. In spanish!

  41. Thanks for the update. I hope the last pit will be removed aswell. ;)

  42. ✨Reminder! WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25th:
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  43. Ctulhu took the shape of the goddess and brought madness upon the minds of men.

  44. V slovenščini: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2023/01/ekvator-boginje.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  45. Here's Gigi Young - Jan 20, 2023
    - The Organic Evolutionary Stream/ Regenerative Stream
    - Humanity as the 10th Hierarchy of angel
    - The importance of being a good custodian of our body
    - Addressing the destructive, devolutionary impulse to destroy the form through genetic modification and transhumanism.


  46. In the post "New Atlantis", from January 4, 2017, Cobra shows where was the "old Atlantean equator" as well, but in that one it went from the middle east, crossed Africa from Egypt to around Guinea, and then South America from a bit below Brazil´s tip to the middle of Chile. Was one equator previous to the other one, or is there some explanation to it...?

    1. Content of this source isn´t always consistent, nor are the prices of Cintamani stones the same in the US, and Europe, compared to those in Japan. I´ve learned this from real people´s testimonies.

  47. I AM really tired of always seeing "women this women that", like they're the only driving force behind this clearing of the world. Nothing turns me off of this path faster. It's always about the Goddess. I'm just so sick of it. Women are the most privileged in the whole world, always have been, skating above the majority of the hardships of reality while men are in the trenches doing the dirty work, and all I can seem to read about in these blogs that I used to follow so eagerly and with such respect and reverence is how women are going to magically take control and get all the say in what and how this transition happens, as well as how the new earth will be. If this is true then no wonder why the patriarchy became a thing, it will happen again, and this time way worse! Want to blame us? Put yourself in our shoes! This whole Goddess thing is just a big crock of sh*t and nothing more than supreme, universalized narcissism! What a joke!!

    1. @cak122, my biggest issue with it is how easily it is to misunderstand and misinterpret. I am aware of mens rights issues but I see it a bit differently. Good feminine qualities have been heavily suppressed and bad masculine qualities have been blown up. I have seen this present in men and women both. An example would be aggressive insecure violent women and weak passive men. Ideally there would be a balance between masculine and feminine qualities in all people because both are needed at different times. It depends on the context. If I think about a good conversation with a close friend or holding a pet, there is a good energy exchange and a healthy interaction. There is sort of a oneness temporarily. I hate that word because of the new agers. You are not supposed to have a delusional high like some of them do and let all defenses down and allow anything. Its one of the reasons why some new agers seem flaky and mentally ill. Possession by reptilians posing as light beings. Its hard to describe but if I try to connect with Pleiadians I dont let anything possess me. I stay myself, sort of grounded, and feel there energy. Same with ascended masters. They ascended and so will I at some point. There is a sort of kinship but not superiority over me. There are plenty of entities ready to possess people. I stay myself and in control but allow myself to feel god or goddess energy in the hopes of helping the situation here a bit and maybe healing something.

  48. About the nature of Ascension in my opinion and perception: https://youtu.be/l3g3ig-ACPk

  49. Just beautiful! And to think there are so many Goddess vortexes and portals and temples! With positive Atlantis timeline connection. Amazing to preserve and bring these mystery school teachings back! 🐬🐋🌹

  50. Arabic translation of this post/ الترجمة العربية لهذا المنشور:

  51. Pokemon 2 - Melody The Goddess Returns


  52. Part 1/2
    What is this visceral anxiety to have the Event NOW? Is that anomaly? Look, there’s all this talk from Cobra that being one of us doesn’t mean that we live in lack, that’s great and all, and me and my family have always had what we needed— but we’re still living paycheck to paycheck; we have to scrape in order to take our young children out to do something fun every two or three weeks. We never go out. We order food from a restaurant 2 times a month if we’re lucky— and by lucky I mean my wife works overtime, which weighs on her a lot because she’s struggling with PTSD. We don’t have money for a babysitter, and we don’t have any family near us. Yes, it’s because they “couldn’t keep up” or they’re “NPC’s,” or toxic, or whatever the true cosmic reason, but this doesn’t feel like abundance. We have one true close friend, and our relationship with her is complicated. Anyone else that I can relate with and knows me and at least part of my truth lives far away and does not have time or what it takes to face the full truth nor be a part of my tribe. I feel like I’ve been stuck in a stupid loading screen for the last 3 years, and the last 8 years has been like trying to play a video game with terrible lag— I can’t do anything except watch my character crash into walls. Yet still, I’ve done nothing but follow my intuition and the path that leads to my ascension, despite the last 10 years having been a true nightmarish hell.

    It seems to me that there must have been several severe tactical errors on behalf of the Light Forces. Due to this fear to take risks that Cobra mentioned? And for what? So a handful (or likely more, but bear with my frustration please) of NPC’s don’t get killed in the final battle? So the lower vibrational people who are going to get their minds wiped and sent to a new 3D planet don’t freak out? So that those of us ascending but don’t know of the whole truth— but will have access to med beds, will be living in freedom and high vibrations and will only know that they were living in a nightmare but it’s over anyway, don’t freak out? This doesn’t make sense to me. There should be no reason to not trigger the Event right freaking now. The Light Forces can suck it if they think, “oh be gentle with the humans, they can’t handle it,” part of being human means overcoming the most tremendous adversity. That doesn’t mean that we choose it, or that we deserve/can handle anymore delays, nor that we can psychologically or financially take it. But it does mean that any excuse that people will “freak out” because reality is actually a lot more gentle and high vibrational is utter B.S., especially when only the fraction of people who are ascending anyway are going to have to deal with coming to terms with that truth. I’ll tell you what will make humans freak out, realizing they’re financially heading towards a meat grinder. Realizing that the middle class is being systematically wiped, and that 80% of the population is going to be forced into living below the poverty line. This is what’s jarring to me, the painfully obvious crumbling of the world economy, and the apathy that the people have shown towards it. Even the Light Forces. The positive financial reset cannot wait until March. It needs to come sooner. And the liberation and worldwide broadcasts need to happen sooner as well. FFS, the quarantine was the perfect opportunity to do it! It didn’t get any better than that. Using the quarantine as a way to test human’s adaptability to adversity and change was stupid at best. Has humanity not shown what resilient, amazing creatures they are for the last several millennia? The last century?

    1. Libra,

      Yes, we need the Event; and humanity will be fine. People have survived internment and concentration camps, prison, solitary confinement, etc. How was it not implied that we would be able to adapt to the Event and the truth— of course we would survive a quarantine— what did they expect would happen? The process has indeed taken too long already.

      Exactly, people are struggling, just trying to survive, and trying to make a difference despite that.

      That’s cool you got to work on that with some people; shame it didn’t continue. I know what you mean about adults being childish. Since 2014 when I joined the work force I only worked in one work place that wasn’t toxic. I couldn't stand that people were selfish, immature, couldn’t or wouldn’t see the bigger picture, and the inefficiencies that would be created as a result of the childish behavior. In January of 2020 I finally found a non-toxic work place, and got to work for 3 happy months before being furloughed indefinitely due to the quarantine. I like being solo, but I’d much rather be with the right people.

      At this point I just don’t understand what else needs to happen, what is the universe waiting for? How is this synchronized?

  53. Part 2/2
    Who the hell created the human experiment and then left humans to get taken hostage, only to have to come fight for our freedom later? Those responsible need to answer for their heinous behavior. Some “gods and goddesses” those ET’s turned out to be. The truth of humanity’s origin needs to be revisited, as it is really bothering me and is a key source of anxiety for all that is going on. I know that we can’t get an exact answer as to why things can’t be done sooner due to the tactics of the war at large, but at least the connections drawn between how this all started will soothe my psyche a bit more.

    Finally, congratulations to those called to do what this article speaks of. Over the last 8 years I have not had a clear definition of what my true calling is, other than to “sit” here and take the brunt of the psycho-emotional and energetic trauma that this planetary situation has effected on us. I hope that my passions and my options align as they have for you, soon too.

    P.S. I could write a part 3 describing all the negative sensations the delayed planetary liberation is causing me, and my family, but I won’t because I know we here are all feeling the same thing. And I don’t think it’s because of anomaly, I think it’s because something can and should be done sooner. Otherwise there wouldn’t be as many desperate comments like this one.

  54. Dear Light forces, you do not have time!
    Do not expect us to take steps towards you! People here don't want to, they never will. No matter how bad it gets, we will always choose our comfort over what you have to offer. Stop expecting an ill or mad culture of people to ever understand what is good and work towards that. My mother resorted to yelling till her neck skin turned red, shut the door loudly, threaten with leaving or fatal slf harm rather than admitting that she has rotting vegetables in her refriggerator.
    The healthy culture you will bring will burn like acid for us. You do not have time! You need to come here, adapt and survive our ill ways for us to even begin to build trust. And there's an even longer way still till we would decide to adhere your better judgment and do as you suggest!
    Time is running out for us!

  55. a temple won't mean much if the planet floods

  56. Regarding the so called Goddess temple in Glastonbury, the famous tourist attraction on the Somerset levels, I assume that you, Cobra, haven't visited the place, for it's extremely fatigued and spoiled with astral leftovers, in public places and retreat centers, or temples of that town.

    Wealthy drug dealers have found residence, since the sixties, in these hippie trippie towns, the other one is Totnes in Devon. I've lived near both towns, and they're riddled with flakey nitwits, would- be druids and goddesses, thriving in DIY imagery of divine importance, with privileges, and magical powers. It's a show.

    These places are riddled with astral entities, and never cleaned, energetically. That is, those venues where the general public, the hippies, junkies, and self proclaimed gurus spend their days in air, filled with sweet smoke and fumes of a high promillage.

    If there is an awakening of Goddesses, it's likely near Glastonbury, where leylines or dragon lines are present in the land, or in parts of the premises of Glastonbury Abbey. For it's only overthere that the energy felt clean and fresh, when I visited it.

  57. I don't like this theme about goddesses and priestess of goddesses on Earth. Marie Louise was considered nothing more than an incubator for an heir by Napoleon, he still loved his first wife and only parted ways with her because she could not produce an heir and he felt it was politically necessary.

    Marilyn Monroe was scouted by a modeling talent agency and pushed into having tons of cosmetic surgery on her face and then treated horribly where she then turned to drugs as a comfort.

    How is any of this representative of "goddess energy"? Goddess energy is gentle, accepting, non-forcing, serine.

    1. @Immanentize, the darks control lightworker types very heavily. They traumatize them from a young age and force them into dark rituals. Hollywood and the cabal families are full of them and many want out. Monroe was a priestess without realizing it within the archon network. Thats what it looks like. Some reading this are initiates into orders without realizing it and are powerful evolved souls but looking at their problems and day to day lives you would never know. Thats just how it is for now.

  58. A very strong day will be 28 March 2023!

  59. Cobra: [The Light forces are reactivating…] … “These temples need to be created as soon as possible…”

    Everyone has their tasks: The starseeds have their tasks; the light forces have their tasks. Each starseed has its own mission.

    Every task that is not fulfilled makes the process of liberating the planet more difficult.

    1. There is no such thing as a job not done. What is not done is not supposed to be done.

  60. Hi.cobra ..we are very alone .in my country 😢 there is no help , no source, no any reel master,

  61. Cobra, Grazie mille per questo aggiornamento!
    Mix Variegato di cultura & storia & architettura & mitologia & religione & gastronomia (x la Duchessa di Parma - Maria Luigia - “The Good Duchess”) & astrologia & moda & le Possibilità/Modalità Fattibili per Cospargere l’Energia della Dea oggigiorno in superficie, nel mondo.
    Sei riuscito nel Tuo Intento di realizzare un “Virtual Tour“ di Alta Frequenza (una bella carezza allo Spirito)!!! Questa Alta Frequenza per adoperarsi nel Suo Lavoro/Intento di Attivazione, Trasmutazione e Radicamento deve essere Pulita. Per quanto Possiamo Impegnarci (Sostenendo e Praticando Ognuno di Noi i Nostri Compiti Giornalieri) per avere un’Energia Pulita - abbiamo la Necessità di Ricevere degli Aiuti nel Nostro Lavoro/Intento di Manifestazione, togliendoci di mezzo i problemi materiali che riguardano la 3D e che ci seguono ovunque. Noi siamo Quelli che abbiamo Sempre Donato, Sostenuto, Nutrito, Creato la Sostanza per gli Altri e ADESSO QUANDO SIAMO IN DIFFICOLTA’ NON SAPPIAMO CHIEDERE, NON ABBIAMO MAI PROFESSATO QUESTO TIPO DI ESERCIZIO!!! Alcuni di noi (solo alcuni!) siamo presi in una Ragnatela Micidiale a Tutti i Livelli…!!! Siamo Quelli che abbiamo perso Tutto!!! [i nostri Cari prima del tempo dovuto, la Famiglia, la posizione sociale, gli amici, la vita sociale, dobbiamo ancora sopportare/lottare con il peso degli impianti, la programmazione con l’andamento inverso, sopportare le malattie, ecc…] Sostenere la Danza del Funambolo tra le Dimensioni, Ogni Santo Giorno! richiede un Grande Sforzo e Consumo di Energia!!! Siamo dei Lupi Solitari diventati → Leoni Solitari e poi →Dragoni Solitari però SIAMO UMANI!!! E SI TRATTA DI DIGNITA’!!!
    Con le Nuove Tecniche/Formule/Metodi di Protezione e Manifestazione, incanalando il Giusto di Questa Energia ulteriormente possiamo “Spruzzare” la Divina Energia della Dea Ovunque e ci sarà un Lavoro Ben Fatto! Comunque qualsiasi Formula, Metodo, Tecnica, Schema, Codice che viene rilasciato a titolo generale, va in automatico a modulare la Manifestazione in base al DNA del Richiedente (in questo caso del Guerriero/Operatore della Luce o del Seme Stellare) e non ci sono dei pericoli per essere usati in “maniera impropria” (semplicemente, perché non si attivano), soprattutto in questi tempi!!!
    Questo Aiuto Sarebbe dell’Acqua Viva Miracolosa che ci Rigenera, Aiutandoci a Portare Avanti la Nostra/le Nostre Missioni e Promuovere le Visioni dell’Età d’Oro nel Mondo in una Maniera Reale, Concreta ed Articolata!!! Pace, Amore, Forza e Coraggio per Tutti!!!💜💫✨♒✴NCSWIC! WWG1WGA! VOTL! Vittoria della Luce! Vittoria della Luce!!!

  62. Thomas Sheridan Ritual to defeat globalists.

    IMPORTANT Follow instructions to the letter to avoid dangerous blowback:


  63. Any further progress on the Dreamland?

  64. Hey everyone. Don't forget about the tachyon chamber if you need help. It really does help. I went to one recently (3 sessions) and it really is clearing a lot of my negativity away. Some bad habits are also lessening. Thank you Cobra and thank you Dr. McNamara! Much Love!

  65. Pour ce qui se passe en Russie je pensses que il y a juste un groupe de personne deriere le pouvoir . Et qu'ils utilisent la peur comme seul défensse . J'ai bien crainte quils ne passes a l'acte car techniquement ils sonts engagées en guerre et ils sonts contraint par la situation de ne rien dire ou laisser passer .
    Le tout maintenant est dans le timming des forces de la confederation qui onts une obligation vis a vis du danger Russe pour la sauvegarde de l'espece humaine .

  66. I thought of a few more recommended supplements and information. Of the hundreds of supplements I've tried, amino acids are my favorite because they're easily tolerated by the body as compared to vitamins, don't cause ups and downs like herbs, and are affordable. The best way is to address the brain's neurotransmitters of GABA, dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine is with corresponding aminos GABA, n-acetyl tyrosine (dopamine), tryptophan (serotonin), and phosphatidylcholine. I've found taking them all is best, but varying amounts depending on your particular brain chemistry. The Braverman Test shows your neurochemistry based on thought, physical body, and emotion questions. Take Part 2: Defining your Deficiencies. It's a better test than the first test, those behavioral questions can be caused by other influences. Part 2 accurately shows the characteristics of each neurotransmitter. If you want to talk more about supplements feel free to comment or email - kehoepatrick@comcast.net






    That form of tyrosine is a potent dopamine enhancing supplement. It's good for people with caffeine or nicotine addictions, fatigue, low self esteem or motivation, pain, increased focus. It can make you feel alive like you think you should normally. All 4 of these help by improving electrical flow from the micro level of brain synapses, to whole body movement, as they're found throughout the body. The large serotonin store in our digestive tract loves tryptophan. The way the body uses aminos, it's the most healing in the end. Herbs can appear to do great things, but always take away as much in the end like a drug. Amino acids are the targeted and intelligent way to approach. Herbs and vitamins have a wide range of effects which can be good or bad. Aminos can be building blocks and signal relays at the same time. Branched chain aminos for exercise are 3 building blocks for muscle, and their presence in your body triggers a signal to build muscle. The brain chemistry aminos can likewise dramatically overhaul a person's entire chemistry, but if it's not what your body needs, it will cast it off easily.

    1. My guy coming in clutch again with the health information. Was it you who posted the comment about taking vitamin K2 and Folic acid etc.? I'm taking those now. I will get my hands on the ones you recommended to boost dopamine and serotonin. That sounds amazing.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your accrued knowledge.

      Perhaps you could join the Discord community?

    2. Serotonin is good for nothing and Dopamin is very hard to be found. Try to embrace Acacia for at least 15 minutes or at least pseudo-acacia that we have in Prague. The tree has special energies and it will certainly relax you and if you manage to embrace her longer, then she will also give you Dopamin. Talk to her and you will see. I do it myself nearly every day. You can also try herbs blessed by ISIS which are Verbena and Myrrh and ask Goddess ISIS to bless the herbs for you. You can find a prayer to attract her. She is the only Goddess that can be felt too much and if you talk to her from the bottom of your heart, she will do miracles for you. You can make an altar for her and consecrate a crystal for her. Be sure she will never leave you once you find your way to her.

    3. I went with Tyrosine and Theanine in the end. Tryptophan sounded like a bad idea as 5-HTP made me feel worse, I don't want to waste money on something that will elicit a similar response. Come join the Discord and chat!

  67. This is another channeled message about serving source. As always, please use your own discernment and intuition.


  68. What if I were to tell you, you do not reach fifth dimensional consciousness, it reaches you when you have cleared yourself of all third dimensional lower vibrations. That doesn't mean they don't exist anymore, just they don't affect you anymore.

  69. Why all those keystones on Villa dei Vescovi? isn't it a sign of the cabalist?

  70. I hope that the temples will be quickly recreated and effectively protected.

  71. https://docuwiki.net/index.php?title=Ancient_Apocalypse_2022

    Recommended, a total of 8 episodes, is actually the archaeology of the people who survived 12,600 years ago in the Atlantean era, the remains of buildings around the world (surface), which mentioned that the core of many buildings is the "sacred spring", I think is a metaphor for the goddess. And the release date of the show is 2022.11.11.
    I think many of the key clues and mythological puzzles in it are very informative!
    There is a big blueprint behind it that is far-reaching!

  72. Here are the translations in Italian and Romanian languages, thanks to our new Italian translator, he is amazing!
    For Italian language: https://evak2019.blogspot.com/2023/01/lequatore-della-dea-di-cobra-martedi-24.html
    and Il Portale Cobra (Telegram channel - Italian):
    For Romanian language:
    and Portalul Cobra (Telegram Channel - Romanian):

    Many thanks to the Light Forces, the Resistance Movement and you dear Cobra! VOTL!

  73. Betelgeuse has gone supernova, we're getting closer brothers and sisters. The time will soon be upon us

  74. On the subject of women, it makes me think why do women compete and fight over men. I'll just stand off to the side and watch. I'm not even in the race. To see women with their nails sharpened and they are wearing their best smiles, let them all fight it out. Why would you bother with that mess, I wonder? It's all so boring too. Why do it?

    So I'm not even in the race. The way I see it is we have infinity. We live forever. So when I recognise a girl circling some man I know like he is hot property, I am out and in fact I never was in the race, despite what she thinks. Women competing with women. I've never done it and in fact it seems to open up a whole world of pain. I've backed off and am moving in the other direction. Isis is so right. I don't have the energy for that so girls, just go for it. Good luck.

    And, to change the topic, trolleys. Yes, shopping trolleys. Ever had a trolley war with a neighbour? It goes like this...Every two weeks he walks laboriously home with the trolley and leaves it outside your window. No problem you think, that is easy. NO - the trolleys stay there for days until you call the supermarket to pick it up. It is a real problem. I'm sick of emailing the trolley service. They keep appearing there. I tried moving them, but other neighbours get pissed off when you do, so there they stay. Then you become invisible in this trolley war. First the supermarket ignores your pleas that it is him. Then the council ignores you. Then the real estate people ignore you. No one wants to get involved in a trolley war. So you approach him, and he straight after locks up and closes all windows, doors, etc. Not promising. Today a break in the war! He moved the trolley away, I think back to the store! I put information about the "delivery" service in his letter box. Please get the delivery, have it delivered, only $10. So I am hoping...please!

  75. Keshe Pain Pads are back in production. These are layers of plasma energy gels called gans. You can physically feel it, like cool liquid and wind, with an electric zap. It goes right through you, just like these ice pictures. That ain't no placebo. I took a pad to a psychiatrist who was naturally skeptical. He held his hand over it for a couple seconds and said "wow, I can definitely feel that." At the end of the 30 minute appointment he says "I can still feel that energy in my hand." Yep it crawls up your arm into your chest.




    Gans is a type of colloidal metal, structured before the molecules are stripped off the plates. Energy is created by the molecular structure which mimics living tissue. Look at what I made, that's not simply brass oxide. It maintains it's shape despite having zero resistance to pushing it. Even in water it hangs on walls or forms mountain structures on it's own. You can feel powerful zaps and wind from this.


    The only thing in the tub is metal plates and salt water. With the right nanocoating of copper plates which look black, and electrical current, it blows up into a bunch of plasmatic blue nanoparticles. Some of that is clear/white CO2 as individual jumbled particles in a solid, instead of loosely structured like gas. Scientists will discover plants store a lot of CO2 in this form. The two plates in a gans productions bath represent the top shinny side and dull bottom of a leaf. The broken down layers of nanocoating are the top shinny side of a leaf. The same process form in mineral layers and ocean salt water and is the source of life. I've seen it in high mountain stone pools. There's nothing there but stone basin and distilled rain water, but it has thick grease layers and amino acid cluster exactly like gans. God can form life from a pool like that, doesn't even need oceans. In the Old Testament when Abraham and his army were trapped in the desert by their enemy, God told them to strap a thin sheet of rock to their stomach and lower back, and they'd be fed through that. It's true, two opposing mineral plates on either side of your electrical salt abdomen will create plasma and etheric energy. When drinking charged water, you don't have to eat or sleep. That can get a little scary, drink some normal appearing water, and lay awake cracked out till the sun comes up, then go through the next day with pressured energy.


  76. 432hz music


  77. Budapest Gödöllő 2 örvény Aktív

  78. if nothing change on this planet in this year.i will disappear in this world, i hate all bullshit.

    1. @messy303 You´ve waited too long with growing up, think again

  79. The Light Forces could also tell Putin about their peace plan:


    1. Your mistake is promoting a western media propaganda piece. The western media will always make Russia look like the bad guy. Don't fall for the manipulation.

  80. I think that the pyramids should be renovated.

  81. I hope we'll get the protocols for quantum insertion portals as soon as possible

  82. @Cak122
    I think your anger prevents you to understand what the essence of the pure divine goddess energy is, as a part of God's primary creation. Unconditional love, compassion, nurturing, healing harmony , beauty, balance just to name some.
    Women are magnetic men are electric which is why they are constantly drawn to each other.
    Also, as Cobra answered the question during the Paris Conference...that, there is hardly any goddess energy present on planet earth. So there is your answer. And why?
    Because, their psychology, their energy field have been distorted by the dark force. And I suppose you know why, if you follow Cobra's Updates. Although I am a women but, I don't like how most of the women behave. I understand men, and it is not easy for them. Women and men are equally confused and there is no harmony and understanding between them.
    And I suppose you know that the dark force programmed us differently so we are always in conflict with each other like two different spices.
    But, come on...
    women have been repressed from the very beginning of the dark force occupation, throughout our history. Which is why many times women's only survival weapon has been using the power of their magnetic sexual energy. Even now. And not for love as originally. Humanity's sexuality has been highjacked too, by them. Because,their biggest fear is the divine goddess feminine energy which is one of the strongest energy in the Universe. It represents everything what they hate, because they know it will take them down at the end.
    That is why first the return of the Goddess energy is so important.
    The masculine energy,and it's role equally important and it will enter into our liberation process after the Event,, in the right divine timing. Both ,the pure and healthy divine feminine and masculine energy will return in harmony on our new earth.

  83. I may be a bit off topic right now, but I think it is sweet. I say go for it, hehe. Yup, I'm reading things a bit psychically right now. So that's all I will say. Bit of lightness on here for a change. Hehe.


  84. I woke up and this song played in my head all morning until I looked it up.

    I feel so extraordinary
    Something′s got a hold on me
    I get this feeling I'm in motion
    A sudden sense of liberty
    I don′t care 'cause I'm not there
    And I don′t care if I′m here tomorrow
    Again and again I've taken too much
    Of the things that cost you too much

    I used to think that the day would never come
    I′d see delight in the shade of the morning sun
    My morning sun is the drug that brings me near
    To the childhood I lost, replaced by fear
    I used to think that the day would never come
    That my life would depend on the morning sun

    New Order -True Faith




    1. @RaJah That is very cool that you got that song in your head because I woke up lot long ago and felt this amazingly positive energy for some seconds. Then I went to this blog and saw your comment and thought it was the energy of the song you shared. Thank you <3

  85. The way I see it, communication between the Light Forces and the surface population is simply not working.

    The Light Forces are implementing some big projects. They do it by cooperating and communicating with each other in more or less harmonious ways. And they announce those big projects like recreating Goddess temples to the surface population expecting us to cooperate.

    But the Light Forces still have no idea what it’s like down here and what they can expect from us. They don’t understand that we are so traumatized that such announcements can trigger us emotionally. Most of us don’t have the time or money to create a temple. We don’t know how to do that. Even if we did, there are always countless sick and toxic people who turn every good idea or initiative into something horrible.

    The Light forces don’t know what it’s like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. They don’t know how hard it is to do anything good down here.

    The surface population on the other hand doesn’t understand the intentions of the Light Forces. They can’t imagine what it’s like to cooperate on such big projects. Open communication and cooperation is so alien to the surface population that most misinterpret it in different ways such as demands or even accusations.

    I think, as a Starseed with very few incarnations on Earth, I can relate to both sides. I tried to start some big projects and I had to learn what I can expect from people the hard way. I thought that communication, cooperation, and behaving in a responsible way are obvious and we can build on them. I had to learn that my invitations for cooperation are often misinterpreted as attacks. It took me years to understand why. That’s why I understand that for the Light Forces, it is unimaginable. They simply can’t comprehend the point of view of the surface population.

    The Light Forces expect us to behave like partners and cooperate in planetary liberation. Since we, obviously, can’t rise up to their expectations, they are confused and don’t know how to interact with us. I can recognize this behavior since I did the same thing.

    I want to make this clear: there is a HUGE gap between the mentalities of the Light Forces and the surface population. It causes A LOT of misunderstandings.

    The way the Light Forces communicate with us is far from perfect. But I don’t blame them. I know they are probably very confused and disoriented. They have no idea how to interpret our reactions. They have no idea what they can expect from us (hint: not much). And they don’t know how to treat the surface population (hint: taking people seriously only makes them angry).

    I’m not sure if we can do much about it right now. I think it will take a lot of time for both sides to deal with this gap in mentality. I mean, after lifting the quarantine of Earth of course.

    1. @Libra

      I’m not sure I agree with your list of the biggest problems. I see them as symptoms of this system.
      The biggest problems I see are:
      - lack of communications skills
      - lack of cooperation
      - lack of initiative
      - irresponsible behavior
      Even among the oldest souls – starseeds/lightworkers. Even those who have time and money.

      I might add here that in my opinion, the Light Forces overestimate the influence of the “supernatural” factors on human behavior. Factors like implants, attacks, etc. And they underestimate the influence of just living in an unhealthy environment.
      I mean, I’m relatively new here. I’m probably less traumatized than most starseeds, but I already lost interest in finding others who would like to cooperate. I also developed the feeling that no matter what I do, I have zero impact on anything.
      Probably, if I spent thousands of years in this environment, it would have a much greater negative impact on me.

      Yeah, 2025 is a long way ahead and the situation is degrading rapidly. Personally, I probably won’t have any problems getting to the Event. Even if it would be delayed more. And I don’t have problems remaining stable and holding the light. But, as you said, I don’t know how others can make it till 2025.

      Regarding the communication problem between us starseeds and the Light Forces. They tried other ways to communicate with us. Petition – initially very low interest. Protocols, for example, command to remove chronic pain – very low interest. Around 2017 if I remember correctly they asked us why we won’t just unite and why lightworkers attack each other. They read all the answers.
      I think that if we could be a partner in discussion, they would find ways to communicate with us. So, it’s not only a technical problem. I mean, most of the time I’m not interested in what is going on in this comment section anymore. Why would they be interested in taking risks to join this “conversation”?

      I know that the things I say don’t sound very positive. And they are not exactly in the spirit of Goddess energy. But I try to use common sense and have a practical approach. Trying to save the world with people who don’t even bother answering my e-mails and attacking each other doesn’t work. I don’t see why the Light Forces should put more effort to communicate with us.

      As I said previously in this comment section, it is going to be more about evacuation and less about creating a new world. Simply because we can’t even communicate with each other, let alone create a healthy civilization.

      You can see this because you tried. Many people believe that there are some wise, old souls who know how to do it. But what I’m trying to say is “Houston, we have a problem”, I tried to find them and contact them. Cobra was the only person, who I felt took me seriously. So, even if all the bad guys were removed, we won’t be able to create a healthy alternative.

    2. Don't Panic - we are trying to build a community on the 2012Portal Discord. Maybe I'll see you there.


    3. There is a high degree of resonance! I think these situations veil matrix collapse will improve quickly as more and more of the cosmic multidimensional light actually touches the surface society, since we all actually want to hold each other's hands.
      That's the problem with the isolation of the matrix veil.
      So the key should be: events.
      I can feel Cobra as urgent as we are, in addition to the temple reconstruction is likely to be a call to those families who work for the light, Agatheon, these have accumulated wealth and spiritual practice of the Guardians , and not a call to ordinary people to participate.
      The Goddess energy activation is for all.

    4. Updated link (last one expired):

  86. "The Goddess Equator" her big booty in action. Thanks bitch, hip bounce the cabal right out.

  87. Message I'm Telepathically Hearing Lately,, and the Negative Forces Have Their Own Simulations


  88. I tried to visualize it:

  89. I don't see such Temples being created before the Event. Most Lightworkers are tight on their budgets which will make it difficult to open a GoFundMe style donation project in order to provide the dough to buy properties close to lakes through Europe and build such temples.

    1. Precisely my point earlier under this post. I am practicing manifestation exactly for this purpose and have a very clear vision in my mind. If I manage to manifest anything financially, it is immediately swallowed by ever-growing 3D needs, especially the past few years, and 1000 other urgent 3D needs crop up, making it impossible to focus on any mission work, let alone temples. The Light Forces don't seem to get our problems. We are truly stuck in an oxymoron. They expect us to focus on mission work in order to bring forward the Event, yet even Cobra told us that we won't really experience big financial breakthroughts till the Event (nor easier connection with soul families to accomplish big tasks together). We need material help to survive and it's getting worse by the day, how are we supposed to accomplish big things like this? It's not victim mentality, I understand that my implants, past life wounds, and present life programmings all contribute to my grim results and I am doing my best anyway. But the reality is that life has become a giant survival game down here and while a few years ago I was able to progress with my mission, it has been eradicated to zero and now moving backwards every day. If I manifest anything, it barely covers the survival. If I manifest a bit more, I share with others, my loved ones, friends and family, who are even more buried financially than me. Without outside help, we are unable to manifest large enough sums to own properties where we are allowed to set up temples. I and my family rent, unable to move, and my landlord will kick me out if I ever try to open up my place to the public in any way and my children will be homeless. The Light Forces don't seem to understand that very few lightworkers own properties and have financial freedom to do anything beyond working and surviving on Earth right now. Only those favored or allowed by the Cabal have financial freedom to do such things, the lightworkers are strategically blocked from getting ahead. How are we to follow their requests if they can't or won't help us? Even if we clearly hear the call, and have a pure vision - we are not in a position to do anything about it. Honestly frustrated.

    2. @Brimbeau. Good heavens, why do most of you think of physical temples, like the one in Athene? Many temples exist in the form of groups dedicated to a good or bad cause. There´s a very naive level of using common sense, in many who leave comments here.

    3. For an interesting history teaching about how American presidents and influential people in their closed circle, were involved in Mystery Schools, Masonic practices, and Occultism, with an involvement in UFO research, and artificial agriculture as well, here´s Dark Journalist with excellent reports, well investigated, and presented in a positive attitude, polite, and objective. https://www.youtube.com/live/nt_rTTCtkMs?feature=share

    4. Devon, with all due respect, your perception is wrong. No one is naive here. No one is intending to build temples like the one in Athens or other. But in order to set up a private place which you don't use for other purposes, thus elevated and energetically cleansed, you need to own a property or have a big enough rental property which can welcome members of public or at least groups of friends regularly specifically for this purpose. I for one don't want to "build" anything, I wish to own a property at the location I am called to be at, however small, but something I call my own that I can use for this sacred purpose, as a place of healing, meditation, music, arts, and community connection. I can not do it in a rental place 4-5 hours of drive away from the closest Sisterhood of the Rose group. No time nor money to connect with anyone regularly nor to set up a group of my own that can get together at me. Living in an extremely toxic situation financially and personally, in a rental that won't allow any such gathering. Unable to move without finances drastically improving, in fact if there's no drastic improvement, facing homelessness possibly within this calendar year, with my children. So no, no "good heavens" needed nor using such a tone or belittling people's intent. Anything that's beyond survival requires money, anything. I am sorry but I will not risk my children being homeless and madden my already crazy landlord situation for invisible Light Forces who keep promising for over a decade but yet have to deliver ONE tangible thing or help. Feeling incredibly mad and betrayed and I swear off all mission work regularly as a result. It just hurts then to read that the Light Forces request the exact thing I was yearning to do most of my life. It feels like a cruel joke. Alice in Wonderland. Feeling like this for decades despite all spiritual works, wears ya off and drives you borderline insane.

    5. @ Chaplet del rose - Exactly my situation. I struggle to pay the rent, the increasingly monstrous bills, I have to do somersaults to avoid going on the road and I have no time or inclination for temples and goddesses I don't believe in. I expect something very concrete not fairy tales. And I'm also tired of so many things and so many bitchy people.

    6. @Chaplet del Rose
      You're not alone... many here feel as you do.
      The LF and RM need to hear this because this is eloquently put and straight from the heart. This is a shared frustration... there is so much I wish to do but lack the resources, time and energy whereas the Cabal seem to have unlimited resources and time. Can you imagine what all of us could collectively if the playing field was level? There would be no stopping us and this place would light up in no time because WE would be paying it forward. Yet most of us can't because we're caught in this Babylon debt slavery system that saps all of our time and energy just to survive. This place is rigged against the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Starseeds because the Cabal knows if WE had the same amount of money and resources they had our intentions, will and generosity alone would capture everyone's attention and wake humanity up by the tens of thousands daily if not more. If WE could all get the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing WE need from the Ascension chambers aboard the Motherships and be able to come back and complete our missions with the Dreamland funds WE would be unstoppable and I believe that was the way it was supposed to work in the original three wave plan but that got shortened to one wave and by the looks of things it'll be last minute before evacuation... unless the LF and RM fully understand and comprehend that we're very limited in what we can offer without their help and direct physical intervention.
      We NEED the healing and the Dreamland funds to really make the intended splash WE were born to make as the ground crew. But most of us are distracted and stressed with just having to survive and pay the bills with little time and energy to devote to our collective LIGHT WORK. The point I'm trying to make on behalf of all the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Starseeds here... give us a chance by leveling the playing field NOW and I promise you will see what miracles WE are capable of.
      We're getting tired, stressed and frustrated Sananda, Ashtar,
      Semjasi and ladies and gentlemen of the Galactic Confederation...
      with Love and Light,

  90. Non ho capito se la linea dell'equatore abbia una corrispondenza con la ley line che viene chiamata anche "Linea dell'Arcangelo Michele" che attraversa Mont Saint Michel in Francia, la Sacra dell'Arcangelo Michele in Val di Susa (Torino-Italia), e la Sacra dell'Arcangelo Michele in provincia di Foggia(Italia).Sto notando che Italia e Francia sono due Nazioni chiave per quanto riguarda la liberazione del Pianeta e non è una novità per me. Nonostante il sistema politico Nord Europeo abbia sempre cercato di distruggere in vari modi l'Italia, nessuno può negare che la cultura di questa Nazione non potrà mai essere calpestata. Ho sempre sostenuto che è da qui che ripartirà una nuova epoca e il fatto che Firenze sarà il capostipite del nuovo Rinascimento ne è la conferma. Nonostante tutto il male e le angherie che il mio Popolo ha sopportato dalle "Elite" nord Europee, l'Italia non sarà svenduta ne spartita ai falsi vicini di casa. Ovviamente parlo di coloro che chiamo i "controllori", non delle popolazioni europee. Anche se la maggior parte degli Europei non può veramente capire ciò che l'Italiano medio ha dovuto sopportare in questi anni. Saluti.

    1. Ciao! Venendo dalla Germania, ho sempre apprezzato l'Italia e la sua sfiducia. Non sono soli e i principi Bunga-Bunga diventano anche meno. Sia così. Grazie per essere forte!

  91. "But I know better days are coming"


  92. "Untersberg is a mountain on German-Austrian border which is one of the key vortex points for the planetary liberation.

    For many millennia, many caves on the mountain served as entry points into vast underground tunnel system which led into the Agartha network

    Then in 1220, Goddess Isais (who is an aspect of Isis) appeared in front of a certain Templar knight named Hubertus Koch when he was traveling near Nineveh in Iraq, which is very close to the center of Hassuna-Samarra Goddess vortex. The Goddess has instructed him to build a Goddess temple near Untersberg and to move the Goddess vortex there, because Mongol invasion was approaching the Samarra vortex. She also gave him a piece of Cintamani, a stone from Sirius star system, to bring it to Untersberg. He then formed a Templar group called Lords of the black stone to become the guardians of the stone and keepers of the Goddess vortex."


  93. Recognize one's own uniqueness


  94. Being guided to share this song as a message from Isis Astara to Cobra and of course others if they want to see it:

    Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Official Music Video)


    "Let 'em say we're crazy
    I don't care about that
    Put your hand in my hand
    Baby, don't ever look back
    Let the world around us
    Just fall apart
    Baby, we can make it
    If we're heart to heart

    And we can build this dream together
    Standing strong forever
    Nothing's gonna stop us now
    And if this world runs out of lovers
    We'll still have each other
    Nothing's gonna stop us
    Nothing's gonna stop us now..."


    1. I'd like to add some amazing additionally synchronicities here for Cobra and others if they are interested. I decided to dig a little bit into this song because I've learned that with these synchronicities there are usually more messages/details to uncover which are amazing. I didn't know about these things when I was guided to post the song here.

      The song 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' was written as the theme for the movie 'Mannequin' where one of the main characters, played by Kim Cattrell, stars as an Egyptian princess turned into a wooden mannequin in modern times:


      Astara was Egyptian priestess 'Aset' or Greek 'Isis':


      The song was released January 30th, 1987, one day after Astara left the physical plane which was January 29th:


      May her energy touch the hearts of everyone here and in the Universe. Lots of love to everyone here <3

    2. Picture of Kim Cattrell from Mannequin:


  95. Ecco un esempio di come le Elite mondiali pedofile ed assassine agiscono , cercando di deviare e corrompere le menti umane in Italia e la cosa più mostruosa è che questa "mostra" sta diventando materiale didattico per i bambini delle scuole a Cremona( Lombardia, Italia): https://sadefenza.blogspot.com/2023/01/inquietanti-dipinti-di-mkultra-e-abusi.html?m=1

  96. Cobra , io farò sempre denuncia e non mi fermerò mai di fronte alle cose più orribili, porterò avanti sempre la mia battaglia personale contro pedofili e satanisti, non mollerò mai. Però ho fretta, perché come ho già detto più volte, per me non è un problema il tempo. Faccio una vita dignitosa nonostante tutti i miei problemi. Ma i bambini che ricevono questi trattamenti brutali non possono difendersi e la cosa più terribile è dover sopportare tutto questo e dovere aspettare che qualcuno fermi questi bastardi pedofili. Fate in fretta a nome dei bambini che hanno bisogno di aiuto al più presto. Fatelo!

  97. I'll get right on this. No problem. I'll build a sacred lake or two as well

  98. Top Thai authorities including advisors to the King have been in discussions with Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi and are prepared to see to it that the Pfizer contracts are declared null and void!!


  99. Tell the light forces to stay on vacation we don't want their help anymore they didn't help us when we needed them most.

    1. The day you find out that life is a joke is an interesting day.
      The moment you judge it you decide the kind of joke you want.
      Btw, why not having a holiday?
      Do you read your emails while on vacation?

  100. The feminine aspect of humanity received guests on early ages of development despite the masculine not wanting to.

  101. They still cant forget themselves and are fueling by fear of the consequences

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Well this tennis finished here and they only got the AI Machine going about 4.5 days total. When they last used it, it only stayed on one day. So we win! AI machine lost.

    I noticed something going on with men and their emotions. They are getting more in touch. We saw this with Djokovic who won the tennis. He then proceeded to cry, no sob, for a good two minutes; he was lying down his chest going up and down. It wasn't at all unmanly. I thought he was very manly, just emotional. I would be too if I wasn't allowed into the tennis the year before. Now the media seems to hate him, the stupid media lying and saying his fans HATE him. The media used the "hate" word. I mean the tennis was full of fans. We love him.

    Another person on the same day, a 22yo cyclist in the big Geelong race, won this 4 hour race and he sobbed for minutes also. He sobbed even longer and it wasn't unmanly, he just let the emotion out. So men are getting in touch with their emotions. Finally, I say.

  104. I look at the world as it is and I see people driving forward the cogs of industry. We live our lives one pay check away from being out on the street. Always having to work to keep our heads above water. On top of that I see people frustrated, rude, self drivin, selfish. I don't see this love and joy everywhere. I see people struggling and I see people becoming harder, more self centered. I don't see the love.

    My question would be. How will this change? It's getting worse not better for so many!?

    1. Nobody ever said it would be better. On the contrary, the process of entropy will worsen until the Event.
      Don't expect miracles , "high energies transforming the masses" before that. Changes DO occur though, but on personal levels

  105. Years ago Cobra talked about how the cabal would attack people with "Funny Looking Cameras" But in all actuality these cameras are hidden DEW weapons used to target special individuals.

    Here's direct video proof of that. Shot in 2015. On youtube.


    Can be seen @1:06 mark

  106. Mt Nemrut has a temple buried under the pile of stones.

  107. Interesting message from Ashtar Sheran.


  108. Fascinating. This is about those ets (i.e. pleiadians) who come here for a certain purpose on Earth.


    And I found some others that are about star families.



    Lots of stuff on this channel. Enjoy.

  109. Ecco un resoconto di Benjamin Fulford ed ecco perché non può e non deve rimanere molto tempo prima della liberazione, altrimenti sarà troppo tardi per molti. Anche se l'evento non può arrivare molto presto esorto tutti i guerrieri di Luce che hanno un ruolo attivo per la liberazione planetaria di escogitare un piano più potente e veloce contro la mafia kazariana. Bisogna riuscire ad arrivare al punto in cui gli oscuri non possano causare altri danni alle popolazioni mondiali. Tutto questo è inaccettabile ed oltre l'insopportabile. Saluti. https://sadefenza.blogspot.com/2023/01/benjamin-fulford-lucraina-e-caduta.html?m=1

    1. E poi Caduta? Quando? Per ora è sempre lì, malridotta e lacerata ma è lì, tenuta in piedi da noi Europei e dalle flebo USA.
      Spero che la Russia la demolisca presto così almeno la guerra finirà. Se poi gli USA vogliono insistere allora cadranno pure loro. Ogni impero cade e non fanno eccezione. Pure gli americani, il popolo, staranno molto meglio senza questi Vampiri.

  110. Realtiy Check eg here Mike Adams. We are in hell, real murder on, Book ref 1992, Genocide on the White. NOTHING is visible, we get killed. I live in MUC,they continue. So, Mike Adams. https://www.brighteon.com/f9c4b5c8-37d7-4f6a-9dbf-7988784f3d29


  111. https://exopolitics.org/the-scientific-principles-behind-extraterrestrial-technologies/


    elena daanan and dave rossi interviewed by by a real doctor-hahahahaha,,,,, the positive covert and ssp have been taking over more and more control – as negative forces lose more and more control at exponential rates now – with massive clearings of malevolent forces ongoing at various levels…..bravo zulu…..victory of the light in light to light be light sacred light…..

  112. propogated medias on the down…..ssp lightforces taking ground…..celestial beings truly free…..creations symphonies of humanity…..

    theres a lot of lightwarriors in the ssp…..just like on earth the dark forces have been able to manipulate the great warriors to conquor-like for example the great european warrior tribes unleashed on the americas africas etc…..

    dont worry about a thing-new and much more positive driven missions are being proposed on the new table round – meet the new boss sooooon – not the same as the old boss – hahahahaha…..



  113. Let's Talk About Christ

    Christ is revered so much by Christians because Christ was among humanity. Christ suffered with humanity. Christ had human trials and tribulations.

    (I'm not saying that I'm Christian, but I do understand the very strong appeal Christ has, being directly from God and yet being among humanity at the same time.)

    2012portal's Light Forces, however, do not have known human characteristics, or do not show that they have human characteristics, because the Light Forces are not among humanity. The Light Forces did not come down here to know what it's like to be human, unlike Christ.

    If the Light Forces really do exist as mentioned by 2012portal, I suggest that at the very least, such beings go through simulations to know what it's like to be human on Earth, with everything that goes with being human on Earth, in order to be able to know the surface population. This would greatly help to bridge the gap in understanding.

    The Light Forces have their own trials and tribulations as well, but of a different nature. I don't believe that the Light Forces have a perfect existence if going up against the negative forces. However, (excluding possible hostages among the Light Forces in bases) humans on Earth have much worse circumstances by comparison, and the only way for the Light Forces to know this, is to do what Christ did, or again at the very least, to experience simulations.

    In the past, I would always hear, "Christ died for your sins," which was a turn-off. I never could understand why so many gravitated to Christianity. But now, when I see that Christ was directly from Source, who came down here to know what it's like to be human, and yet be completely connected to Source at the same time, this is indeed something very special.

    Someone could say that everything is from Source, and this is true. Yet 3D... this realm and its inhabitants only have a partial connection to Source. Let's face it - 3D is a fallen realm. But Christ was both fallen and not fallen at the same time, in order for Source to know humanity with true compassion. Even for those who don't believe Christ ever existed, the idea of such a being is extremely powerful! Any religion that believes in such a being has the special quality of bridging the gap between higher and lower realms.

  114. This is a nice message about healing this year. This is the year to heal. We will, lots of people, go through healing and heal themselves this year. I don't ordinarily listen to the Arcturians but this message is great. We are changing, releasing, it will all start to happen. PS About 80% of people here are the one shill, appearing in many different forms. Don't listen to the negative messages. We are all doing wonderfully!


  115. This is from Suspicious Observers - The Sun Is Changing.
    The whole solar system is changing and this short 3 min video simply describes it.



  116. This place is so quiet.
    Sensing that Storm.


    I'm begging You.
    Red Rain.
    Coming Down.



  117. Gaia's Interdimensional Anthem:

    We have the chance to turn the pages over
    We can write what we want to write
    We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older

    We′re all someone's daughter
    We′re all someone's son
    How long can we look at each other
    Down the barrel of a gun?

    You're the voice, try and understand it
    Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
    We′re not gonna sit in silence
    We′re not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

    This time, we know we all can stand together
    With the power to be powerful
    Believing we can make it better

    Ooh, we're all someone′s daughter
    We're all someone′s son, oh
    Give a look at each other
    Down the barrel of a gun

    You're the voice, try and understand it
    Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
    We′re not gonna sit in silence
    We're not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

    Ooh, we're all someone′s daughter
    We′re all someone's son
    How long can we look at each other
    Down the barrel of a gun?

    You′re the voice, try and understand it
    Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
    We're not gonna sit in silence
    We′re not gonna live with fear


    Make it Clear.


  118. @RaJah
    Yess!! Agree!
    For years I have thought,... this well-known Australian song; 'You Are the Voice ' by John Farnham is so appropriate, energising and uplifting !