Thursday, June 29, 2023

A New Cobra Interview

A new Cobra interview has been conducted by the Sisterhood of the Rose.



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Victory of the Light!


  1. Cobra. In your next interview or post can you talk about why people like myself have autism and a high anxiety disorder? Was this done on purpose by the dark cabal? If so, how and why? I'm the only one in my family who has this condition but I'm very much awake like the rest of this community yet I struggle to live a happy and content life on this planet. I feel autism has cursed me. I feel I don't belong here and I was forced to incarnate on this planet against my will.

    1. I have autism but not more anxiety than the average person. Autism isn't easy to cure but with anxiety isn't it possible to just do inner work in the usual way? (Just observing things without trying to judge or suppress or change them; exposure therapy).

      I haven't heard of autism condemning someone to forever having an unfixable high anxiety disorder.

      In any case, you're in my thoughts and I wish you the best.

    2. My son was diagnosed with autism last year at 3 years old. He is the happiest kid I've ever seen. He also gets in a lot of trouble because he does what he wants. I'm still trying to fix my toilet after he put a bunch of toys in it. He has a great memory and thinks differently than neurotypical people. I've read some channels work that says that while some of the cases may be vaccine damage related, most are evolved souls that live in 2 worlds. I can see that with him. Sometimes he just drifts out and won't answer me for a long time. He has trouble with speech and started late, but he's getting much better with time. You may have stronger implants than the rest of us. Maybe they're needed to stop the awakening of the autistic. My feeling and some of what I've read, is that when enough of the anomaly and the implants are gone, these people will be greatly awakened and ascend easily. My wife and I each have one of the autism aspects but we've learned to adapt over time. I've had a hard life and had a very hard time making friends. I just don't relate to normal humans at all. I've always felt different and had to learn to adapt while failing miserably many times. Anxiety, I used to have it bad. I beat it by learning mediation and yoga. Six months straight of every day 30 minutes of each. I went from extreme anxiety to being able to calm my mind and think of nothing.

    3. I appreciate both of your comments.

      But my question for Cobra is why do we have autism? I have never been able to cope well in situations I'm uncomfortable with. And, yes, I was also diagnosed with a high anxiety disorder. Luck me (sarcasm). The two are probably not related but I would still like to know why I'm the only one in my family who has it.

    4. I'm a little autistic. I don't worry about it. I'm not like other people. I just pretend to be like others, and got real good at it. Just to blend in; it's easier. I refuse to tell people or to be tested. Who wants some stupid title? I've never had anxiety though, and I worked out this weird autism when I was 22; maybe I got over it? But before 22 it was like I was asleep; did not understand the world. It was a weird world, intensely weird! People were weird, (but now seem more normal to me). Then I began to understand how it worked, the Illuminati and so on. I just kind of got it, suddenly. I saw "it", and suddenly I began to wake right up. And obviously people know nothing! Before 22, I lived in own world... I had no idea why people thought what they did, as the whole world, money, everything was clearly crazy to me. I thought they were crazy. I can tell you, I'm very happy to have woken up enough to get by in this world.

    5. @Patrick G, if you want a reason, then it's probably the same as for people with gender dysphoria and other mental or physical problems. It's not the physical Cabal. It was the Chimera on higher planes that tricked lightworkers into incarnating here and choosing bodies with defects, abusive families, and dificult living situations as "karma for sins from their previous lives" and "a way for faster spiritual growth through experience of suffering". Or through their personal connections and attachments to specific places and people. Something like "Do you want to meet again your daughter you had in your last life? Well, she's a school teacher now and we have a perfect new body for you in the right area. You'll be autistic, so you will be able to spend even more time with your daughter when she becomes your teacher. She will definitely care for you and you will be able to keep your connection with her. Sounds good, doesn't it?".

      This is how I imagine their trickery on higher planes. Maybe it was more or less sophisticated and more or less threatening, depending on who they were trying to deceive. But almost everyone on this planet was deceived like this and had to face some hardships due to bad spiritual choices. Only Cabal members were guaranteed to be incarnated in healthy bodies and good financial and social situations. So this is why many lightworkers feel like they were cursed from birth or cursed with harsh situations since childhood. They had to experience more trauma and suffering to keep them from waking up and raising their vibrations.

      But these are only obstacles if you allow them to be. People's consciousness can raise beyond physical or even mental problems. It's just the Dark Forces trying to trick and manipulate you throughout your entire life, making you focus only on negative things and problems.

      I don't know how being born or induced with autism since early childhood feels. But I'm sure you can raise beyond it and be happy if you work hard on your spiritual growth. Almost everyone on this planet has some struggles they have to dissolve or raise beyond. And it should be getting easier from now on, until the Event when everyone can be completely healed. Autism should be an easy disorder to heal once medbeds are available. But for now, dissolving all spiritual contracts with the Dark Forces and etheric implants should help you bear with it.

    6. @Patrick G: You story is absolutely identical to mine. Hang in there brother.

    7. @Tropby
      And given a chance, ooooooh the things I'm gonna do the darkies.

      God might have mercy on them, but I WON'T.

    8. Thanks, Zach. I appreciate that.

      Tropby, I appreciate your feedback. I just don't know how to raise my consciousness and spiritual growth.

  2. Interesting to note that the possible collapse of society may begin to occur in September or October, near or at the beginning of the North American elections, the YouTube video below demonstrates some insight into what may happen right after the elections, even before... Could the event happen in 2024 between September-December, and the galactic pulse between May-August 2025? Remembering that Pluto enters aquarius in early 2024 and returns to capricorn briefly in late 2024 September-November, and then return to aquarius forever, of course the forces of light have never confirmed any of this, this is just my speculation based on my studies, would appreciate respectable comments on this :), I love you victory of light.
    "We are in the End Times and such transition phases never run smoothly. Surface chaos is part of the game when a planet awakens from a Dark Age, and there is probably more to come:"
    "In the United States there are certain things going on behind the scenes, as you can read in this partially reliable report:

    The Resistance has communicate that it is not Trump who will return to the White House at the time of the Event. Rather, a provisional interim government will be formed until new elections can be held as soon as logistically possible after the Event."
    'Martin A. Armstrong, a well-known economist, predicts that Western civilization will collapse around September of 2024.'

    1. That is kind of my thought. The astrology doesn't really suggest the Event happening this year. Any time next year or 2025 is a possibility though. I think God is a story teller. I think the Earth narrative needs to wrap up. The election fraud narrative needs to come to fruition. The COVID truth needs to come to fruition. The truth about the global cabal needs to be revealed. The truth needs to be exposed before we're ready to move on. In the prophecies of Kim Clement, It talks about Trumps terms and how he would be put away for awhile. Also, Mark Taylor's prophecies of 2 Trump terms. Maybe things have sure hasn't gone the way I expected AT ALL!

  3. This song is not about conspiracy at all (in the context of the imminent introduction of the "digital ruble"). Not at all...

    The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva on June 19 this year at a conference in Rabat, Morocco, de facto stated that her globalist organization is "working hard on a global CBDC platform" that will be mandatory for all citizens of the world.

    Georgieva stated ( ) that digital currencies be compatible between countries, noting that "if we want to succeed, CBDC cannot be fragmented by national offerings."

    By the way, if anyone did not know, right now the central banks of the world, under the supervision of global banks and the IMF, are working on integrating national digital currencies into a single system of international settlements with one standard.

    Quote from the article "New international projects on the use of digital currencies of central banks in the transformation of cross-border settlements" ( (author - Co-Chairman of the Payment Systems Committee of the Association of Banks of Russia Alexey Maslov, May 5, 2023).

    "The appearance of the digital ruble in Russia will bring many changes in the field of settlements in the country, and in the future in international settlements. The digital ruble has a number of advantages, but this type of payment instrument also requires careful attention from the regulator and players in the field of risk management, system stability, interaction with fiat money, and use for cross-border transactions. Already at the testing stage, the possibility of interoperability of various payment instruments and systems should be thought out and designed. "

    1. Dude. Stop spamming about Putin. We're hearing about him, Russia, and Ukraine more than enough in mass media. We don't need the majority of comments on this blog to be about Putin as well, and all coming from a single source that is you. It's not a discussion. It's not sharing useful information. It's just spam. Please, stop. I can guarantee that no one will read all of these comments, no matter how important you think they are. If you want to share something important about Putin, then keep it concise in just one or two comments. And create your own blog if this is all you want to talk about in dozens of comments. This blog isn't about Putin, and it touches only very lightly on conventional politics.

    2. Zionist guy is trying to take over the blog. Annoying

  4. Outstanding interview! 👏
    Debra asked some very key and pertinent questions I myself was asking of late, and COBRA was top knotch and spot on with his answers. Pretty satisfied with what I
    got from it. I'm definitely more determined to go within to do some serious inner work so I can be ready and present in a much more beneficial and harmonious way.

    1. I agree with Cobra and you that going within and doing our inner work is important. It's a good reminder and encouragement.

  5. Thanks. I hope to hear Cobras real voice someday. I find the robotic voice so silly.

  6. you bet 2 years of life for another disappointment

  7. A couple of months ago, Prigozhin made it clear that going to Moscow was an interesting idea.

    And the question arises by itself: why does Putin hold on to Yeltsin's official Shoigu so much? What kind of connection is this, or what kind of force is it that binds Putin and Shoigu so tightly?

    Shoigu's dismissal for Putin is most likely associated with such costs, compared to which the civil war is a lesser evil.

    Everyone, even Putin's propagandists, say that there is a 5 column in the Russian Federation. So maybe Shoigu is the head of the extensive network of this column? The Order of Malta is not given to anyone.

    It is also obvious that if my assumption is correct, then Putin definitely knows who Shoigu really is. His non - compliance may indicate the following:

    1. Putin is just a talking head. He does not make any decisions in principle;
    2. Putin does not want to dismiss Shoigu, because after that, in his old age, he will have to leave his comfort zone and lead the country for real;
    3. Putin is the 5th column.

  8. Well, comrades. I hope many people have now begun to understand that what happened is clearly an idiotic situation from the point of view of logic and common sense.

    1. Putin. Many believe that he is the sovereign ruler of Russia. However, it is obvious that it is in his interests not to tease the army, the people and even part of his elite that Shoigu is the Minister of Defense, whom probably everyone already hates - and to dismiss him from the post of defense minister to hell. However, Putin defiantly, risking the country, and possibly his life, does not do this. Why? What force prevents him from doing this?

    2. Prigozhin. You raised a successful rebellion, in a couple of hours you would have taken Moscow. However, for no reason at all, the command: "Stop, back." What force forced Prigozhin to merge so shamefully?

    Conclusion. The Russian Federation is a colony. We don't even know who these people are who give orders to Putin, Shoigu, Prigozhin and other parsley. Still, they see that the behavior of all these characters is absolutely not logical.

    Welcome to reality. The Russian Federation is a colony under external control. And, most likely, Shoigu is a key figure of the colonial status of the Russian Federation, more important than Putin. Only this can explain the behavior of the actors in this theater of the absurd named after V.V. Putin.

    1. It's been stated many years ago that Putin's boss is the Prince of Monaco; some elite member of the (italian) black nobility family bloodlines. Yes, Russia like every other country with a flag is under the control of a bigger dog. It's not a surprise, yeah. Anyone with a face and a name has no actual power. Putin is no different, and whether he has an opinion, morals, personal goals of his own, it is irrelevant since he has a tight even if he wanted to do something; go to war, delay it, care about Russia or humanity and try to save it or destroy it, well...he can only do so much. That being, he has his orders. Otherwise they get silenced, or someone else does. Can say the same about shoigu, trump and whoever else. Remember; a demon's power is in its name and if known, it loses that power through exposure. That's why hardly anyone knows who the real enemies are or what's even going on, the puppetmasters are vastly faceless. But some of us point at useless rotting minions like soros or gates and think everything will be saved if we remove again, there's always a bigger dog, and they are distractions anyway. And from my understanding, only the lightforces really know what and who they are dealing with and how to.

  9. Interview transcript in Portuguese:

  10. Any mercenary always solves commercial problems. Political tasks appear as additions to commercial ones. This is the rule.

    Prigozhin quite confidently controls his position in the CAR and Syria, however, after the Ministry of Defense decided through the leadership of the CAR to put a military base in this country, Wagner's interests were threatened there. It is not known what exactly the Wagner guards in the CAR, but most likely there are some assets of the Russian ODESSA project - a program for the evacuation of senior officials after the collapse of the regime. Simply put - the looted treasures, respectively, Prigozhin and "Wagner" are hired to guard them.

  11. For some strange reason, seditious speeches are being made that Putin's participation in the 2024 elections is now in question. He, they say, undermined his authority, and therefore it is worth looking for a successor.

    In Russia, of course, anything is possible. Even Russia without Putin with a living Putin. But not in this life and hardly in this universe.

    Putin is a point of consensus between various gangster formations and conglomerates that make up the modern power of Russia - the Mafia State. There is no other government in Russia - it is all represented by bandits, thieves, murderers and other criminal beau monde.

    A conglomerate of criminal cartels can develop a new consensus only during a fierce mafia war, however, as such wars in Latin America show, they are almost always conducted for extermination. Some cartel must be destroyed completely with the loss of the feeding territory and the transition of its militants under the full control of the winning cartel. It is almost never possible to come to an agreement during such wars, and any agreements always become just a temporary cease-fire.

    The Russian Mafia State is based on a different paradigm - the prevention of mafia wars. They are reduced to clashes peripheral to the cartels, preventing changes in the configuration of Russia divided between them.

    Therefore, the figure of the chief oyabun is, in a certain sense, the pledge of a cartel agreement. And so far there is no visible reason why this agreement will be revised. It is too complicated for a simple revision and redistribution.

    It is enough to recall the failed transfer of 2020, which Putin announced in January, but by April it became clear that the project of transferring power was not just stalling, but falling apart. The Mafia assessed the risks of changing the Big Boss, and after the collapse of the same transition model in Kazakhstan, it became simply impossible to talk about it.

    Therefore, Putin is a carcass or a scarecrow, but they will drag him to the "elections" for 24 years. The only condition is to present it to the population. In the form of an original or a double - no difference. It is important for the clans by the very fact of its existence, at least in order to delay the inevitable revision of the balance sheets as far as possible and the no less inevitable war of all against all.

  12. Thanks Cobra for this interview.
    The post in French / L'article en français :

    The interview in French / L'interview en français :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  13. For those who are madly fed up with Putin's regime and he is internally ready to support any move against the current government, I remind you that one of the brightest commanders of the Russian Spring, A.A. Bednov, was killed by the fighters of the Wagner PMCs. On January 1, 2015, at the turn in the direction of Lutugino (LNR), the column in which Bednov was was shot from machine guns, grenade launchers and rocket-propelled flamethrowers. Bednov's body was found in an armored minibus, and five Russian fighters who were traveling with him were also killed.

    Conclusion. There are no ours there. This is a squabble of anti-Soviet and anti-Russian spiders in a jar.

  14. The adoption by the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the second reading of the law on the digital ruble fully corresponds to the actions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), promoting the global platform of the central bank's digital currency (CVTSB) under the slogans that "the cashless trend is gaining momentum."

  15. Now, by the way, it will be possible to observe with great interest a rather unique process, how it is possible to rule a huge country with legitimacy equal to exactly zero.

    Even among Putin's supporters yesterday, it is hardly possible to find someone who supports him after the incident. Crazy people probably shouldn't be taken into account, and is it a great joy to be the idol of psychopaths?

    What Prigozhin managed to do during those days was to lower the main one to full zero. However, at the cost of its own zeroing.

    Of course, they will feed us fascinating stories about 90 percent ratings, but in reality everything ended on June 24.

    Now "IT" can rule the country solely by force of arms and violence.

    A very amazing story arises - there is not a single person in the country today who could claim the trust of any significant part of the population. And this is a kind of phenomenon.

  16. Recent Light✨

  17. There is less and less doubt that the fate of General Rokhlin awaits Prigozhin. Of course, there is a difference in biographies, and in who has reached what level of realization.
    But both were opposed by the same character, who had already fulfilled his plan in the 90s.
    So the assumptions do not arise from scratch...

    June 24 was a symbolic anniversary - the 25th anniversary of the failed coup of General Rokhlin. Prigozhin knew about it or not, it's hard to say.

    In 1998, the commander of the Volgograd army corps, General Lev Rokhlin, planned to withdraw the army to the center of Volgograd and attack the capital under the cover of aviation and air defense.

    According to investigators, the rebels had two battalions of marines of the Pacific Fleet, a brigade of marines from Sevastopol and the Ryazan Airborne School at the ready. The commanders of the Taman and Kantemirov divisions were ready to "not interfere."

    The mutiny was scheduled for June 24, 1998. But Lev Yakovlevich was betrayed.

    The military unit was blocked by a brigade of internal troops, and the general did not dare to attack.

    On July 3, 1998, the sleeping Lev Rokhlin, according to the official version, was shot by his wife.

    The tracks were wiped thoroughly. So 4 corpses were found near his house: in all likelihood, 2 were the direct perpetrators, two more were cleaners.

    Exactly a month later, Putin was appointed head of the FSB. A year later - Prime Minister. A year later, he was named "successor".

    And the Volgograd Army Corps was defiantly disbanded - with the throwing out of the battle banner from the museum of the Battle of Stalingrad.

  18. Thanks for the interview!
    Spanish version
    Versión en castellano

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  21. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:

  22. Movement towards a global Empire: Humanity is sentenced to a unipolar prison and a digital GULAG

    "Covid-19 is crucial because that's what convinces people to accept, legitimize total biometric surveillance."

    Yuval Noah Harari, World Economic Forum

    "Using the false narrative of the Covid-19 virus as a cover, the privileged, power-mad parasites who plunder the world's wealth have dramatically accelerated the implementation of their long-standing plan to create a single global empire completely subordinate to them.

    This unified global empire will eventually use the services of all transnational institutions on the planet to regulate and control every aspect of human life. 

    This is a global empire run by an exclusive club, numbering perhaps 8-10 thousand people, whose members do not swear allegiance to any national flag, snobbishly consider themselves superior to their compatriots and are indifferent to political ideology as long as they can control the political structure from within. They seek to erase all national borders and are on the way to destroying the constitutions of all national States. 

    This is a global empire, which, unlike previous times, does not need a standing army to wage war on the battlefield with an opposing empire. After all, in the era of a single global empire, the enemy that is being conquered is each of us. 

    This task is being solved with the help of a complex information warfare campaign, which is designed to monitor and manipulate our every thought, word and deed."

  23. (FOR FRENCH-SPEAKERS) Replay, broadcast to explain Cobra(planetary situation June 2023)+Event +Ascension + Planetary evacuation +Islands of Light

    (Émission française sur Cobra(situation planétaire juin 2023)+Evénement +Ascension +Evacuation planétaire +Îles de Lumière

  24. Perhaps Vladimir Putin's rating has grown to 90%. But, only among the bureaucrats-merchants who realized that when the thieves' system was dismantled, they would be hanged.

    Among ordinary people, the rating was low. Everyone is tired of poverty, disenfranchisement, migrants and the lawlessness of ethnic criminals. He became even lower, leading the unhindered cast of Wagner to Moscow (they can also do it ALL). And most importantly, the unwillingness of the authorities to change something.

    From the news:
    "Putin's rating rose to 90% after Prigozhin's attempted rebellion — Institute for Political Studies

    "There was 80% support for the president, and after these events it became 90%, because people see in Prigozhin not a politician with some kind of program, but a horseman of the apocalypse - a harbinger of chaos. In this sense, people are ready to pray for Vladimir Vladimirovich."

  25. To understand the REAL needs of the population of the majority of the white race states in the world.

    From the news:
    "Co-chairman of the Polish far-right political coalition "Confederation of Freedom and Independence" Grzegorz Brown:

    "Germans and Jews will not teach us our history. Perverts will not raise and teach our children tolerance. They won't! The European Collective Farm Council of People's Commissars will not explain to us how we manage our country. And another of the old, but eternally relevant hits: stop sanitary segregation, away from WHO. Stop the Ukrainization of Poland! Stop banderization of Polish national interests! * ovation, the audience stands up and chants Brown's name*".

    According to opinion polls, ~40% of Polish youth support the "Confederation".

    Hola, la entrevista en Espanol, en castellano:

  27. This post in Spanish:

  28. "In my profane opinion, there is no central government in the country, and the country is self-governing by inertia. That is, the central government does not govern the country, but has divided the administration into departments and regions. The rule of law is impossible due to the disregard of laws by the central government, as a result, the judicial system is virtually paralyzed. There is an imbalance and decentralization of the country, an uncontrolled influx of migrants, the destruction of a single legal field, the strengthening of regional self-government, the strengthening of crime, primarily criminal ethnic groups of migrants.

    Yesterday's events showed preparations for the seizure of central power by criminals. A criminal, whose weapons were provided outside the law with the tacit consent of the country's leadership.

    This is our possible future..."

  29. Commander Hakann-----------------------------------------
    The solar flare is one of the tools that the Source is to help the earth and earthlings move into a society based on love. But this tool also has disadvantages, because it will kill people who are completely unprepared for it.
    Will this tool be used? If the level of consciousness of earthlings rises very quickly, then it will not be necessary and the solar flare tool will not be used, which means these people will not die. In this scenario, you will simply move into an amazing love-based society on your own, with no flash.
    If the level of consciousness of earthlings rises quite quickly, but not too quickly, then it is likely that
    that the solar flare tool would be used at a time when not too many people would die from it. I don't like the idea that earthlings are dying from a solar flare, but on the other hand, I also don't like the idea that earthlings are currently suffering repression and living in pain.

    that the solar flare is just one of many tools the Source has to help earthlings transition into a world based on love. There are also many others. Frankly, there are too many to list, and some should remain secret for now because we don't want negative beings to know about them.

  30. A Concern I've Been Putting Off, Common Sense, and Dealing with Chaos

    If the heart is linked to the sexual center, sexual arousal would activate the heart. Also, any time the heart is activated, the sexual center would be activated as well, correct? So, if someone has a moment that is heart-centered, such as petting a dog or helping someone in need, wouldn't their sexual center activate as well? Obviously this would create many awkward moments, as there are countless scenarios that are of the heart but definitely do not call for sexual arousal! This has been a long-standing concern.


    Regarding the mentioning of lightworkers not using common sense in a frustrated and judgemental way:

    Because the physical plane is a plane bound by space and time, behavior is deterministic. Not understanding unfavorable behaviors is a denial of cause and effect, as there is a cause to every behavior. Failure to understand unfavorable behaviors is a failure to understand cause and effect. With others who are not at the adept level (virtually all lightworkers in the surface population), I would expect them to be frustrated by a lack of common sense, but I would not expect to see such frustration from Cobra, as an adept should know that being frustrated by a lack of common sense is in itself, not using common sense.

    I'm not justifying the lack of the usage of common sense, but if something is not understood, it cannot be resolved. Everything has a reason. The reason may not be liked, but every effect has an explanation.


    Regarding increased chaos in the external world for a 'surface dweller,' I've found that it's liberating to no longer care and let go. When constant stupidity is thrown in my face (I don't consider myself to be an adept by the way), the only solution to not being bound by the stupidity on an internal level is to not care and let go. It's impossible to completely not care, as this would result in the body becoming catatonic, but the level of not caring can reach a point to where what must be dealt with must be dealt with in the external world, but the dealings create as little internal discord as possible. With each passing day, external chaos continues to grow, but the soul does not have to be ensnared by it. Also, the soul does not have to be ensnared by internal discord from personal issues.

    Advice though:

    Never believe that you are a master of neutralizing extreme duality and chaos. The moment you think you are a 'pro,' that's when 'the matrix' will find a way to shove something in your face that is so aggravating and stupid that it will set you off, big time. Never, never get 'smug,' and always anticipate the possibility of failing to transcend 'volatile stimuli.' If something succeeds with pulling you in to put you 'in that one place,' don't be angry with yourself. Learn from it in order to better be able to 'slip through the cracks' the next time around.

    1. Spiritualneoplatonist, it's been stated many times by 2012 Portal that the energy of the heart center and sexual center was separated by an implant, and that the dissolution of the implant would result in the heart center being energetically connected to the sexual center. The result would be on the physical as well, where whenever the heart activates, so does the sexual center, hence my concern (or misunderstanding).

    2. Your vision for a liberated earth is all men walking around with erections and touching dogs?? Lol!

      I think you might be over thinking it!

    3. Ben, that's not my vision at all. That's not a world I would want to be in. What you are incorrectly projecting that I was 'envisioning' is what I would not want to have happen. If the heart is always connected to the sexual center, it could be that way, which is not a good idea. Please re-read my post. Here, I will quote it for you:

      "If the heart is linked to the sexual center, sexual arousal would activate the heart. Also, any time the heart is activated, the sexual center would be activated as well, correct? So, if someone has a moment that is heart-centered, such as petting a dog or helping someone in need, wouldn't their sexual center activate as well? Obviously this would create many awkward moments, as there are countless scenarios that are of the heart but definitely do not call for sexual arousal! This has been a long-standing concern."

      A long-standing concern is not a "vision for a liberated earth." You are either trolling or really didn't get what I was saying.

    4. Conclusion:

      It's ok for the heart center and sexual center to activate at the same time, but only when making love to a romantic partner. At all other times, the heart center would need to activate independently of the sexual center.

      Requesting that the removal of the stomach implant be explained in much greater detail by Cobra.

    5. Okay okay let me help you. We will have so much control that we will be able to instantly manifest just with thought!! This level of mastery and control will even allow us to touch dogs without getting erections! Don't doubt your power!!

    6. @Starlight432, I think it's more of a spiritual meaning. Male sexual energy is about giving and protection. Female sexual energy is about healing and growth. One example Cobra gave in this interview was channeling sexual energy through dance. Obviously, it's not about dancing with erection. But this could be one of the possible physical manifestations of it - dancing to channel and express these energies.

      So other physical manifestations of uniting heart center and sexual center could be something like being more charitable from the bottom of your heart for male energy. And being more compassionate and helping other people heal their traumas with female energy. Or do both at the same time if you can balance the energies of both genders.

      I'm not sure if this is exactly what Cobra means, and I agree that more detailed explanation would be useful. But I think it's one logical explanation of how uniting these energetic centers could manifest in a harmonious and beneficial way in the physical realm, without making it exclusively about sexual arousal.

  31. "According to Prigozhin's last performance. I listened. I will repeat my conclusions. It was an attempt of an armed rebellion, with the aim of removing Putin from power. They wanted to make a coup d'etat. Now on the points. All this military operation has been carried out and prepared flawlessly. Really a master class. Anyone who has served and knows at least a little about the army should understand that untrained units do not do such results. If the march had not been prepared, then it would have ended halfway through the lack of solara and so on. I will try to voice my version of the coup.
    Any coup has a power and political component. After the start of the SVO, it became clear to everyone that a conspiracy was possible and that a palace coup was also possible. The question is who could have done it. As it turns out, Wagner is the perfect armed instrument. There is a conflict with the Ministry of Defense. There is an opportunity to prepare a conspiracy without fear of anything, because Prigozhin's roof is perfect and many other factors. Time. Chosen perfectly. The Ukrainian offensive is all occupied with management and defense. No one can imagine anyone staging a mutiny. Wagner sort of "licks" wounds after Bakhmut. Everyone believed that the PMCs was almost incapacitated. The weekend is ahead. Officials and security forces are relaxed. Someone is on vacation, the administrative buildings are empty. The route of the Don highway is filled with people, which is in the hands of the rebels. A human shield. Plus the longest days. Prigozhin actually admits that Gerasimov was almost arrested, who managed to leave Rostov. I am sure that the goal was the arrest of Shoigu and Gerasimov in Rostov. The capture of the city of Rostov is a competent action. As I wrote earlier, it was not possible to carry out an operation to arrest Prigozhin in Rostov. Wagner's detachments did not just march, but broke through to Moscow. Which objects should have been occupied, it remains open. It was quite possible for them to block the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, Lubyanka, AP and possibly airports. There are witnesses that strange groups appeared in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the morning and moved around in an organized manner, who changed into camouflage uniforms almost on the street. The strike on the Wagner base is a "legitimate" reason before the start of actions. About the unwillingness to spill blood is a lie. She began to spill immediately. The "protest" is a lie. To do this, it was not necessary to fly to Moscow. It was enough to take Rostov for this. In such cases, Dzerzhinsky's division is brought into Moscow almost immediately. Cantemirrvka and Tamanskaya were in full readiness, but there was no order to go to Moscow. Putin has clearly outlined what is happening. Sobyanin, too. Moreover, masses of people with their own tasks were also supposed to appear in St. Petersburg.

  32. "...
    Gazelle with cash is not stored on the street just like that. This happens when you need to quickly distribute money to people. So, by the way, it was on the Maidan. Apparently, for some reason, it was the political plan that failed. Prigozhin, apparently, really did not want to take power himself. He had to provide a power plan. They say that Putin has urgently flown to St. Petersburg. In short, Prigozhin stopped, apparently because there is no point in continuing the military operation. And then there were behind-the-scenes negotiations and so on. Everyone felt that there was no state for about a day. Apparently in the future we will find out who the plot was made for. But in any case, this is just the beginning. The stakes are higher than ever. It might work out next time. If something looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.
    P.S. Now the main thing for the authorities is to show society that it was not a conspiracy. It is necessary to transport society from political categories to the dispute of "economic subjects" and personal grievances. Which is what is being done. By the way, the name of the march is absolutely political, which can be promoted further."

  33. "The TURMOIL TURNED INTO A CIVIL WAR ... (part 2) In my article "Why a new "February 1917 is inevitable in Russia", written on June 23 (just a few hours before the start of the military mutiny), I wrote: "... the Russian elites who brought the country to a systemic crisis are not sitting idly by and frantically looking for a way out. Outwardly, they remain completely loyal to the president, but in reality they intend to repeat the already tested scenarios of "February 1917" and "August-December 1991" in Russia and the 2014 scenario in Ukraine with the help and direct order of their "Western partners". Russian russians need to get rid of unnecessary and superfluous things in the new geopolitical realities of the head of state (to whom his former Western "friends" have already discharged a prison cell in The Hague), it is necessary to hand over to the West all disputed Russian territories (from Kaliningrad with Crimea to the Kuriles and the Far East), transfer Russian nuclear weapons under the control of the "international community".. For this, the "Western partners" promise them to leave a piece of Russia with its capital in Moscow for feeding and take them into the family of "civilized countries".

    Let's summarize the results. It can be stated that the political Turmoil that began in Russia in the spring of 2023, on June 24, turned into a civil war. The Russians have taken up arms against each other, as a result of which there are casualties on both sides, as well as several pieces of aircraft were shot down. This civil war will grow, as its fundamental causes have not been eliminated - the split between the "elite" and the people, the general crisis of statehood, the increase in strategic problems, the threat of military defeat, the absence of a future project in power. The President continues to ignore reality and does not solve the country's strategic problems in any way (corruption, the "fifth column" in power, demographic catastrophe, migration problem, economic crisis and mass impoverishment of the population). The Russian "elite", at the behest and with the support of the West, will continue its attempts to get rid of a weak and unsatisfactory president in order to again break up and reformat Russia according to the patterns of 1917 and 1991."

  34. Listen more carefully to the words of Vladimir Putin: Prigozhin received more than 195 billion rubles from the state budget for PMCs from May 2022 to May 2023. Of these, 110 billion are insurance payments for the dead and wounded. That is, "The Merry Man" (a character in the Soviet cartoon "The Secret of the Third Planet") he had a good time from meat assaults, when he drove stormtroopers to slaughter, yelling: "Give us shells! We have huge losses! " Another 80 billion . he received from the army's food supplies.

  35. "Based on the amount of funds named by V. Putin from the state's pocket for insurance payments of the Wagner PMCs for the year (May-2022 – May 2023) in 110 billion rubles, it is possible to calculate the losses of the private army.

    From two of my friends who have been musicians, I know that 5 million rubles are paid for one killed, of which 2 million goes to the family of the fallen, 3 million to the company. As compensation for the costs of its preparation. That is, the losses of Wagner for the year – more than 20 thousand killed. Twice as much as the Wehrmacht in the Polish campaign of 1939. More than the entire war in Afghanistan (15 thousand for 1979-1989). And it is immediately clear that 62 billion rubles a year went into the purse of the PMCs from these killed. "Our business is death!" – isn't it?

    - I wonder when the conscience of the Russian people Prigozhin, screaming that there were not enough shells, that the losses had increased fivefold, while continuing to drive Wagners into frontal assaults of Bakhmut – did he have a commercial interest in the mountain of corpses? Against the background of which he was filmed and made his political capital. Business approach!

    - I wonder if the equally idiotic organization of the 244–day frontal assault of the UNCIRCUMCISED Bakhmut is not connected with this idiotic approach to the war (the greater the losses of the PMCs, the more its owners receive from the treasury)? After all, only a complete idiot can take a city without surrounding it before. Or was it necessary for as many PMCs fighters to die as possible? And who at the same time was in a share with Prigozhin on this business on blood and the development of budget billions?
    E. Prigozhin: "The strategic role of Bakhmut is not so great. Bakhmut is followed by Seversk, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Druzhkovka and Chas Yar: settlements included in the so-called "Donbass ring" and forming a fortified area. On the one hand, Bakhmut is part of this fortified area, on the other hand, the capture of Bakhmut itself will not ensure a fleeting victory over Ukraine, the road to the Dnieper, or even the capture of Donbass..."

  36. "...
    - Who even came up with a moronic order in which the PMCs does not receive the agreed amount for the operation and then does not pay compensation to the families of the fallen fighters OUT of THEIR own pocket, but also has insurance payments from the treasury? For if it were, as in the first case, then the PMCs had an incentive to fight inventively and with a minimum of losses. And so her incentive is to put more of her own in meat assaults. And who in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation accepted this idea of Prigozhin with insurance payments?

    I have no power, not only the president, but also the head of state security. Otherwise, I would have a Garcon sitting in a cell and testifying about all of the above. With all the co-authors of the same scheme..."

  37. "The fact that Prigozhin was not personally connected with the West (I admit, although it is not a fact) does not mean that his accomplices from among Putin's "friends" (oligarchs) and the Presidential Administration are not connected with him. With the amount of property they have abroad, it would be frankly ridiculous to assume that there are no connections. In any case, the agenda that was voiced by the "Hero of Russia" E.V. Prigozhin on the eve of the rebellion was entirely "pro-Western" and included ending the war on Western terms."

  38. "The Russian authorities are extremely alarmed by the low level of loyalty to the current regime. The army units actually refused to conduct combat operations with the Wagner PMCs. The loyalty of the Interior Ministry employees was the lowest. The servicemen of the Rosgvardiya declared that they would ensure order in Moscow. But they won't shoot in the city.
    According to a source from the Moscow City Hall, on Saturday the capital was protected by the Rosgvardiya and the police. The city police department gave an order not to engage in clashes, to protect city facilities from looting in the city.
    There was a constant dialogue inside the FSB. The leadership of the FSB city administration told city hall officials that they would not take over the management of the capital. "Let Moscow Mayor Sobyanin handle everything." Panic reigned in many regions. Two administrations - Rostov and Voronezh regions entered into a direct dialogue with Prigozhin.
    The talk that the Russian authorities could have stopped Prigozhin on Saturday is a lie. Dmitry Utkin's detachments had all the advantages over the Rosgvardiya. The PMCs fighters are better trained than the Regardie fighters, they have extensive experience in assault operations in urban areas, they had tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, the Pantsir and Strela-10 air defense systems, as well as a sufficient number of anti-tank weapons. In addition, Prigozhin's headquarters consisted of specialists in combat operations in megacities. Prigozhin's chances of reaching the center of Moscow were unique. Under these conditions, most of the Russian leadership left the capital. It is known that Medvedev left for Oman. Most of the leadership of the Presidential Administration moved to St. Petersburg. And Putin and Zolotov ended up in a residence on Valdai. Later, the head of the Rosgvardiya himself admitted that he spent Saturday evening with his family."

  39. Confirmed ( ) our information about the entry into the territory of western Ukraine of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian corps (LPUK).
    The Presidents of Poland and Lithuania arrived in Kiev today with unannounced visits. According to Ukrainian sources ( ) one of the topics of the negotiations will be the deployment of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian corps in Ukraine in the near future

  40. "Private property is sacred. E. Prigozhin

    Let's finally close the question of the motivation of Prigozhin's demarche, and what kind of justice he wanted to achieve.

    To begin with, Prigozhin was not lying when he said that he kept PMCs at his own expense. At least this was the case until the spring of 2022. And, by the way, Putin, when he said that the state has nothing to do with PMCs, was also legally right. This was the case until the spring of 2022.

    So the PMCs could well be maintained without direct subsidies from the state. I think that the financial proceeds from the deals on the participation of PMCs in Syria allowed this to be done. Plus, the Concord company, owned by Evgeny Prigozhin, and CEO Dmitry Utkin, also brought a solid profit.

    Among the customers of Concord Management and Consulting LLC are: the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg, the Krylov State Research Center, the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Russian Museum. Concord Group companies also supplied meals to schools and hospitals in Moscow.

    And now it also turned out that the Concord company earned money on the supply of products to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

    So I think Prigozhin could really afford to maintain a private army.

    Since the spring of 2022, Prigozhin began to receive funding for his private army directly from the budget of the Russian Federation.

  41. "...
    That is, the PMCs became the state's allowance. At the same time, the company continues to earn on the supply of food to the military and not only. This is a good gesheft. I'm sure that's why he hushed up the truth about a lot of things. Including the tragedy at Hisham.

    And then he finds out that they are going to deprive him of private property, which not only brings enormous income, but is also his favorite brainchild, thanks to which he has become almost equal to Putin in the eyes of the people. What can we say about his main competitor – Shoigu.

    And do you think that a person who declared that "private property is sacred" will allow you to take away not only a milking cow, but also a sacred cow?

    Absolutely not. So all his words that he went to Moscow in order to seek justice for the people are an absolute lie. Prigozhin, as I have always said, pursued exclusively personal interests.

    And I even feel sorry for the guys from his company who fell for it and became insurgents.

    I think that for people who not only eat in their heads, everything is clear about Prigozhin's true motivation. Exclusively protection of their private property.

    And now another very interesting and very important point.

    I do not know when Prigozhin received information that from July 1, 2023, all volunteer units will have to sign contracts with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation or Rosgvardiya. I knew about it a month ago. I am sure that Prigozhin knew about this much earlier. That is, even before the liberation of Bakhmut.
    And in this regard, I consider all subsequent events exclusively within the framework of Prigozhin's plan to protect his private property. I am absolutely sure that all the key moments that blew up the information field were planned by Prigozhin in advance. Including "mining of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of the PMCs' escape route from Bakhmut" and "missile strike of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the PMCs camp".


  42. Soul Power


  43. Opinion. Weakness in Lies: Why Prigozhin's Rebellion Failed

    The events of June 23-24 are given various explanations, from the "beginning of the troubles" to the "cunning plan" for the prevention of rebellion. Here are the basic data that would help to understand what happened.

    In January, the Wagner PMCs took Soledar and, having grown to 50,000 fighters and pumped up with weapons, was at the peak of power.
    On January 11, Valery Gerasimov was appointed commander of the Joint Group of Troops. PMCs began to receive ammunition, like everyone else. If so, for an assault unit with its tactics of creating firepower superiority, this meant a decrease in combat capability and heavy losses.
    On February 7, the head of the PMCS, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced his departure to Africa if "we will not be needed."
    Since March, Prigozhin has regularly accused the Ministry of Defense of a shortage of ammunition ( ) (up to 70%). He increasingly gives comments to the media with general criticism of the military leadership and his own, his rating is growing to 4%.
    ✔️ On May 5, Prigozhin violently collapses ( ) at the Ministry of Defense and against the background of shots of the killed fighters, he threatens to leave Artemovsk.
    ✔️ On May 20, the city was still taken. PMCs lost ( ) there are 20,000, and the APU - 50,000 people. On May 25 , the withdrawal was announced ( ) PMCs to the rear to rest.
    ✔️ On June 4, Prigozhin reported ( ), that on May 17, the Ministry of Defense allegedly mined roads in the rear of the PMCs, and then fired at them "Ural", and showed the confessions of the commander of the 72nd OMBr. He later stated that he was forced to slander himself.
    ✔️ On June 10, formations in the SVO zone were obliged to sign contracts by July 1 ( ) with MO. The commanders of the PMCs did not want to go under the MOD.
    ✔️ Attempts to negotiate were unsuccessful. This meant, according to ( ) Prigozhin, loss of combat capability of the PMCs. And in fact, his power over the PMCs and the resources allocated to it.
    ✔️ June 23 in a remarkable speech ( ) he accuses Shoigu and Gerasimov of "genocide of the Russian people", declares the baselessness of his own and Zelensky's readiness to negotiate. It was allegedly needed for Shoigu's self-assertion and the enrichment of the oligarchs.
    Prigozhin had a chaotic lie before, but here it is qualitatively different and largely repeats the theses of Kiev. ITS oligarchy is just not profitable because of sanctions, it is more convenient for generals to "eat caviar" and get stars then in peacetime. And 8 years of pumping Kiev with weapons for the purpose of war, which is recognized by EU politicians, and the concentration of the Armed Forces near Donbass at the end of 2021 does not look like a "willingness to agree".
    ✔️ In the evening Prigozhin accused the Ministry of Defense of attacking the PMCs camp. But the posted video clearly looks like a staging.

  44. For those that have read the interview, as you can see the clearing of the anomaly is very important & if you want to speed things up we need to spread awareness of the solutions to the anomaly :

    I carefully re adjusted the Biochip after the interview data & now it should be safe & effective
    >This is for people to understand with certainty the reality of these biochips, this should accelerate the clearing of that whole operation as implants may be a faint idea in peoples mind especially with all the misunderstandings in the awakened community on this subject over the decades.

    I recommend reading this post in iterations & to pay very close attention to yourself because if biochip activity were to ever be at its peak against you- it would be when you are reading proof of its existence. You will either pass out lose focus or freak out, all that is direct experience in your reality of the proof of the existence of these very chips we are discussing, the symptoms is evidence.

  45. ✔️ Prigozhin stated ( that because of the attack goes for Shoigu, who fled from Rostov. And "anyone who tries to resist, we will destroy immediately." At night, the PMCs entered Rostov, and in the morning they took the headquarters of the Southern Military District.
    ✔️ In the same place Prigozhin declares that he will stay ( ) "wait" for Shoigu and Gerasimov. That is, at that time, the option of retreat was already being considered, for which the movement to Moscow only strengthened the negotiating positions.
    Later Prigozhin will say that an almost peaceful protest was being planned, bloodshed was avoided. Nevertheless, 6 helicopters and 1 plane were shot down, 15 people were killed. Prigozhin boastfully declared that he would "knock everything down."
    According to Prigozhin, 25,000 people participated in the operation, but judging by the footage, this is also a lie. The special services of Britain counted 8000.
    ✔️ The operation could not be spontaneous and required several days to prepare, notes ( ) Igor Strelkov.
    Prigozhin said that the PMCs did not reach Moscow 200 km. But judging by the statements of the regions, they entered only the Lipetsk region and were withdrawn from there ( ). There are no facts of the presence of any impressive PMC forces beyond Yelets. In the Tula region, they didn't even announce WHO. The PMCs was a maximum of 200 km from the Moscow region, not Moscow. Statements that the PMCs were joyfully welcomed by residents are doubtful.
    On June 26, it became known about the construction of camps in Belarus ( /) for PMCs. It is unlikely that this was not said in advance, i.e. the option of retreat was worked out in advance.
    ✔️ The US intelligence services knew ( /) about the preparation of the rebellion, but did not inform the Russian Federation. They expected it "to be much more and bloodier." (" , writes CNN.
    If you don't count the special services of Russia stupider, they also knew about the preparation of the rebellion. The fact that the threat was not stopped is a big question mark about the competence of individual leaders of the security forces.

  46. Opinion. Who benefited from Prigozhin's rebellion

    The victory of the rebellion would be extremely beneficial to NATO. The longer and more bloody it lasted, the more benefit it would bring to the external enemy. The coup in the Russian Federation is one of the main and most obvious tasks of the United States in the war against Russia. It would allow not only to bring down the front and occupy the Crimea and Donbass, but also to start successfully dealing with the Russian Federation itself. That is, to eventually take control and begin to reduce nuclear arsenals, dismember the country, seize national wealth cheaply.

    It is more difficult with the question of who could benefit from the mutiny in the form in which it took place. There are no obvious beneficiaries here.

    West. Past events could further strengthen the solidarity of Western elites in the need to continue the war against Russia. We break – they bend, so you can win. On the other hand, it is necessary that "the frog is cooked slowly." If events force us to improve management qualitatively, it is just not profitable.

    Lukashenko. He strengthened his authority as an arbitrator and peacemaker. He received a combat-ready unit and commanders who can transfer the experience of war with NATO-trained troops.

    Shoigu. Gets rid of a personal enemy. In addition, he generally retained his authority, since there was no transition to the side of the rebels, the front did not collapse. The necessity of subordination of volunteers to the Ministry of Defense is confirmed.
    On the other hand, the situation was allowed to become an acute conflict, and the measures to suppress the rebellion could be more convincing. But there are relevant claims to the patrons of Prigozhin, the Rosgvardiya and the FSB responsible for WHO ("we were at the front").

    Prigozhin. Loses Putin's trust, loses funding, base, and probably all business in the Russian Federation. Falls under the close attention of the special services. On the other hand, Prigozhin was already going to leave the Russian Federation for free bread. It turned out to be a worldwide PR campaign that promises profitable deals for “business in the form of death, which will go well.”

    Putin. On the one hand, his legitimacy was significantly damaged, because Prigozhin did not obey even after the president's appeal, and it was not possible to avoid complete bloodshed (by the way, this excludes the option of a complete staging of events). On the other hand, thanks to timely treatment and other measures, the rebellion was suppressed much faster than, for example, in Turkey in 2016 or than expected in the West. He identified weaknesses, which makes it possible to take measures in case of a more significant threat to personal power.

    Russia. It's not that the rebellion itself has caused enormous damage to the country, how much harm comes from the causes that led to it. The main one is the dual nature of the oligarchic "elite" of the Russian Federation and discontent with it among the population and its participants in particular. Despite the patriotic rhetoric, a significant part of it does not care about the country and wants to continue personal enrichment against the background of the hardest war of the West against Russia. For which this "elite" could not prepare the country, but on the contrary, having destroyed the USSR, continued to pull apart and demobilize, which affected the quality of planning and conducting the operation. And there are no signs of correcting the situation yet – the frames are qualitatively the same. Recall how recently the deputy general director of Gazprom Neft, Elena Ilyukhina, who receives a salary of several million at the expense of the country, could not shut up during the anthem and raising the flags of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and Russia. Whereas the Russian troops are planting them with blood in Novorossiya. Here it is, their patriotism.
    As Lukashenka stressed, "there are no heroes in this case. If Russia collapses, we will remain under the rubble and all will die."

  47. And, when this event comes, as long as TheUnveiling33 gives us really promises that it will be at the last of lasts possible moments
    And Long Beyond 2025.?
    Or is he manipulating the light community?

    1. And, the more, he claimed even here in the comments that the extension blog must be banned for his questions, and on other web sites as well.
      Readers maybe remember.

  48. = 43% of Ukrainians said that neo-Nazism is widespread in the country

    June 28 is Constitution Day in Ukraine. And the day before they published a curious VoxCheck survey ( ) and CBR ( ), made with the support of the Soros Vozrozhdenie Foundation. 43% of Ukrainians and 36% of Ukrainians abroad disagreed with the statement that "Nazi and/or neo-Nazi ideology is not widespread in Ukraine". In villages, 53% consider Nazism widespread, in cities from 0.5 million – 33%.

    A total of 1,793 people were interviewed. The authors wanted to show how Ukrainians are exposed to Russian propaganda. But the effect was the opposite. After all, according to the same survey, only 16% use foreign sources on the Web (Russian among others). Most of them focus on the Ukrainian Internet and mass media. Zelensky banned opposition parties and media, and 82% even consider it "a fight against collaborators who threaten the security of Ukraine."

    That is, Kiev's propaganda, working unhindered, failed to convince the population that there is no neo-Nazism in the country. Therefore, she also says: "If there is, then so what? Nazism is even good!"

    So, in 2010 Kiev declared Stepan Bandera a hero (the decree was canceled under Yanukovych). Even Zelensky ambiguously assessed his role. Bandera swore an oath ( for loyalty to Hitler by adopting ( ) and a famous gesture, and also directly participated in the attack on the USSR as part of the Nachtigall battalions ( ) and Roland (, as well as in the mass murder of Jews ( ) and other Soviet citizens. Nevertheless, by 2022 already from 50% ( ) up to 74% ( ) residents of the country were imposed a positive attitude towards Bandera.

    On other issues:
    – 31% in Ukraine believe that the authorities have brought the country to a humanitarian crisis;
    – 29% consider Euromaidan 2013-2014 a coup;
    – 26% agreed that "Russia is fighting against the West/NATO in Ukraine";
    – 25% believe that "The West is using Ukraine for the purpose of war with Russia";
    – 15% in the country and 32% abroad are sure that "Russian speakers are being oppressed in Ukraine."

    As you can see, there are many Ukrainians among those whose judgments run counter to total propaganda.

    1. This is not your blog and I am tired of reading your propaganda in large quantities. At first you praised the "glorious" Russia and now you have seen the light and are disappointed?
      There is no light coming from you, only someone else's negative will.

  49. " What is not dissolving are the belief systems which have been created through those implants and through the past experiences inside of the quarantine. And even when those implants dissolve, the belief systems which were held by those implants need to be consciously transmuted by each particular individual."

    An example = So called "non interference/cosmic law"

    " Star Treks Archon Directive Non Interference 1960s "

    1. Although I really like Star Trek because of it being a (somewhat) utopian world of replicators and starships, the prime directive definitely is archonic. And starfleet was hypocritical when being against the Maquis.


      Plus there is NO way to enforce it....."A private little war" being a good example. "First Contact", "Pen pals" and the infamous "Homeward" showing the ugliness of the prime directive.

      Albert Einstein — 'The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.'

  50. "The Ministry of Defense and the KGB of Belarus have been tasked with determining the algorithm for the use of nuclear weapons — Lukashenka.

    The President of Belarus amazes me. From the very beginning of talks about the possibility of deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, he talks about the fact that it will be he who will control it and it will be he who will make the decision on its use.

    At the same time, the leadership of the Russian Federation, including Putin, declares that TNW on the territory of Belarus will be under the full control of the Russian Federation and the decision on its application will be made by the Russian Federation. Since the US nuclear weapons deployed on the territory of European NATO countries are also under full US control, and the Europeans simply have aircraft capable of using them.

    Does Lukashenka really not understand that he is acting as a provocateur, opening the gates to provide Ukraine with nuclear weapons?

    Why does Lukashenka constantly recall the Budapest Agreements, according to which Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan gave up Soviet nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees, as an argument about the need for Belarus to possess nuclear weapons? But after all, Ukraine constantly uses this argument.

    It seems that Alexander Grigoryevich is lobbying for the supply of nuclear weapons to Ukraine."

  51. Klaus Schwab thanks the Communist Party of China for taking "measures to combat Covid-19" at the WET Summer Meeting in China

    Speaking at the opening of the 14th annual meeting of the "new champions of the WEB" , also known as "Summer Davos," Schwab said that the WEF values its more than 40-year partnership with the CPC.

    He added that the World Economic Forum is ready to deepen this partnership with China, encourage all parties to strengthen ties, mutual trust and expand cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and mutually beneficial results, combat climate change, jointly solve global problems and promote the creation of a community with a common future for humanity.

  52. Curious how we went from humans not coming back to earth to a select few people. Also still concerning how many of us normal people will simply be obliterated for simply questioning this transition which is controlled by the light forces. Not sure why we should be celebrating this process since the requirement is to have total light based consciousness which most normal humans will not have or pursue.

  53. The suggested book "Mind Clearing" from Cobra is important to read. I'm about half way through. It's so hard to get myself to sit down and read a book, but it's worth the investment.

    Indeed, in most cases, effective communication is one thing Earth lacks.

    1. ... nothing that exists ever stops moving completely=>
      (meaning it always was, in some form)
      even a thought exists=> as is the space inside every atom
      that makes you/us/them

  54. Flower of Life Meditation Visualization
    International Golden Age Group

  55. Both the white-hats and the Chimera agree on 1 thing. Do not harm the oil --- IE; the stock markets and free money printing. Basically, business as usual.

  56. Great interview! Thank you Cobra!💖🙏

  57. Many many people are aware of the polar shift. Especially through this gentleman on yutube. He has nearly 700,000 subscribers. There have been other polar shifts in the past. This is just one of his many videos.

    1. Suspicious Observers. I learned all from Ben. He used to be utterly excellent.

  58. Thank you 🌺🌺🌺
    The interview in Hungarian ~ az interjú magyarul:

  59. Mind Clearing and a Synchronicity

    1. Four, Three. Two...
      (One)... is
      Every atom that is- never stops moving- & in the likeness of God
      Anything you create=> is growing a mind
      crafted for Heaven
      (On Earth)

  60. Thanks Cobra for continuing this blog over the years. It has helped me a lot throughout my toughest moments. I'm glad you haven't given up on us. There's a lot of whining, ungroundedness, and negativity in the comments but I'm hoping there are many readers like me that focus their energy on taking action in their own lives rather than complaining about how hard life is and waiting for the event. I get that life is brutal here for the surface population and lightworkers. I spent most of a decade mainly laying in bed from pain and fatigue, getting by financially with government disability income assistance, credit cards, family help, and part time cash work. About six months ago my body healed enough that I was able to start working full time in construction. I started an electrical apprenticeship. I realised the best way to help the surface population was to focus on improving my '3d' earthly life. I came here to help in 3d. I didn't come here to waste my time and energy to wish I was somewhere else. I came here to help the light forces in human form. My whole life I thought people didn't like me because I didn't perform as well as others in earthly things. For example, I wasn't the greatest at sports in high school so I thought that maybe that was why other guys didn't respect me. But now I'm starting to realize that I have always been discriminated against because of who I am, not my performance. For example, at work some of the cool guys will take an entire day to install boxes in one suite and make a lot of mistakes while I can do 3 in a day with less mistakes which is quite remarkable yet I am still disliked. Which makes me realise that no matter how great I will ever become because there is light in me, there will always be people who dislike me for simply being a good person. One more thing to anyone reading my comment. I started lifting weights six months ago and have been gaining a lot of physical strength. I strongly recommend doing compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, presses etc. with near perfect form and heavy enough weight if you can. While you are in a body, having physical strength will make you much more powerful and protect you from people abusing and hurting you even in subtle ways like draining your energy or disrespecting you. The most important thing a lightworker can do in my opinion is to get in touch with earthly reality and stop living in a fantasy where ETs are gonna make all our problems go away. Yes they are helping but we have to do our part as well. Good luck in our final days or years and hope your suffering is manageable and that you have some good moments in the meantime. Hope my comment helps someone out there.

  61. I've half read the interview; thank you for this! I got up to the part about only a few thousand dark forces know about the pole shift. Really?? Aren't they stupid. Sorry, I'll try to read the rest later but it seems to be what we so far know.

  62. Trigger the Event ,don't delay

  63. Thank you Cobra Debra ❤️❤️ VOTL!

  64. I thought so. There is a way to increase your vibe without creating alarms in the dark network. I knew that couldn't be totally true.

  65. Hope The Event happens faster,thanks,Victory of the Light!

    The new moon is made, it is urgent now to change the moon and they show us Nibiru. The moon has to be changed due to the proximity of Nibiru, because it is he who will put pressure on the pulling out of the old moon and the placement of the new moon. Along with all the commandos and a group of galactic scientists who are doing this work.
    The old moon is being dismantled and the new moon is being retooled. This is done in a dimensional plan, so as not to lose the attendance of the Earth of the current Moon.
    There is a team that works on the moon.
    There is a crew of ships that operate from the moon so that the new moon can come in and take the place of the previous one.
    Many of the functions of the previous moon are transferred to the new moon in dimensional space, as explained by Commander Arterly, who is in charge of the entire replacement process for this moon.
    That's what I can tell you. Commander Arterly is telling us.
    The new moon that will replace the old moon is ready, we are just in the process of changing to the least impact on the planet,
    that's where we're at.
    Here is my favorite piece of information.
    We asked him where the moon came from.
    Well, the moon was made in the Pleiades with the help of Pleiadian scientists and other systems, but was assembled and configured by the Pleiadians.
    Question: Is it metal?
    No, these are special materials that are not of earthly origin. It's not metallic
    it's like metal, but it's a special material that doesn't exist on the planet, most of all in the Pleiades.
    Q: Is it one size?
    It's not bigger, they'll see more and different colors, it's more, you should see because we're working on size effects. In a higher dimension they make an akkopal to bring it down than in your dimension.
    Question: So
    what do we see as the moon is a hologram?
    This is an accurate hologram.
    The current moon has not yet been removed from the planet, it is in the process, it is moving away. The transfer from one moon to another is done, of course, with new devices, you can’t take anything from the old one. But these old shows are disconnected from the old and switched to the new.
    The old ones unplug and put in the new ones because they can't both because they're crazy, well crazy no, I would destabilize, the tides would get too uncontrollable. In fact, many of the situations they get into are a little bit because of this change.
    Thank you Commander Arterly.
    Here is my favorite piece of information.
    I was instructed to inform them of this so that they would know, and I said goodbye with love.
    He tells us that there is a large team working, we have help from several galaxies of the system, which help us in this very delicate process.
    This is a very delicate process, because when the Earth enters a new orbit, changes must be made,
    it must be fully prepared in this Earth year. Because as Syria enters orbit, a New Moon is needed.
    Well, I'm talking so far now.
    Commander Arterly in charge of the Lunar Project

  67. I can attest to the fact that many lightworkers need to do more inner work. Many people in the field do not do this, but, instead, like to present themselves as if. So there is a lot of self-stylization going on, combined with lack of understanding and delusions of grandeur.

    Also, all the useless talk has to stop. People should simply choose a method to work with, and just do it. And stick to this work until they have gained at least some experience.

    Even in this forum, there are people who tend to use this forum as a tool for self-presentation. They post at least three times or more, say they have special problems, and share their opinion about everything. But who actually cares? And how does this affect readers?

    For example, last year, I visited a friend of mine and her tachyon chamber. We had a discussion and were talking about the comment section of this blog.

    “The blog I read. But the comments, no. Never again”, she told me. I was wondering about the reasons, and she stated that she felt repelled by the attitude which was shown here.

    She also asked me if I had written posts. I confirmed this, stating that once and a while, I would comment. “But I am not Sherman”, I stated. And she was laughing. “Even I know him”, she stated.

    So, whatever you think about this Sherman guy, there are definitely people out there who are repulsed by what is written by him and other people here. Quite simply, the manner of commenting has affected people in a negative way and scared them off.

    Personally, I tend to think that commenting more than two times is suspicious already. Do your inner work, I would say, since this is the only path that might bring you results.

    1. I believe if that you are getting triggered by the comments here then you also need to do much inner work. A true master will not be triggered by comments here.

    2. Only if you're made of stone, Indigo.

  68. 🌈Here is Croatian translation of Cobra Interview🎉💖:
    🌈Ovo je link na hrvatski prijevod 2. dijela Cobrinog intervjua🎉💖🌟

  69. I'm getting a Tachyon Chamber. I've been concerned about mentioning it ahead of time, but feel like I need to invite the attacks/support that may come. We'll be able to afford it, but our financial advisor recommended as one thing, a GoFundMe. It could be a great way to build community, not money. I'd want to provide for the amount of each donation, an even greater amount of Tachyon sessions as a reward. Like any proper investment, it should yield greater results for the investor. And we could all meet, as Cobra fans, from around the world. For a donation of a few hundred dollars, that would equal many $60 sessions and I'd probably double that. I'd love to help people from everywhere come stay here and find beautiful housing for the visit. The Colorado mountains are a once in a lifetime trip anyways, and you're welcome to stay at our house in the canyon for the day. It will be a fun leap of faith for all.

    This is the entrance to the canyon from Loveland, it's another 10 minute drive. It's as beautiful as you'd think!

    Very interesting if you listen all

  71. "The media has started a new narrative about the upcoming "extreme solar flares", which can turn off the world Internet for several months (allegedly these flares are abnormally amplified)

    "Fears are growing that the apocalypse is coming. But instead of burning buildings and complete chaos, there is a global Internet blackout for several months. The concern arises against the background of recent data on solar storms."

    "The largest solar storm ever observed was the Carrington event in 1859 (...) If such an event happened today, it could seriously damage satellites, disable telephone, radio and television communications and cause power outages on entire continents." 

    It is clear that there is really no question of any outbreaks - everything is done here on Earth using certain technologies. A complete blackout is real and it is part of their plan, the upcoming Internet and electricity outages have been mentioned more than once in the WEF articles.

    Question: What will happen on Earth these few weeks or months that we will be out of touch in a complete blackout? "

  72. A Ukrainian soldier (an adult man is crying with grief during an interview) tells a reporter of the Western edition of Vice (positioning itself as an "alternative channel about current events") that it seems that his government's plan is to deliberately destroy its own population:

    "Our equipment fires heavy artillery only 5 times, and there are 500 of them. I do not know what the government's plans are, but it looks like the extermination of its own population, combat-ready and able-bodied."

    "War", which solves a lot of globalist issues and helps in achieving globalist goals, one of which is the direct and ruthless depopulation of the Slavs. A lot of people are also dying on the Russian side, so it's not just about Ukraine. Soros, if still alive, and Schwab probably just can't get enough of this video.

  73. It's a bit funny to observe that the European press, which just a week ago drew apocalyptic scenarios for Russia during the Wagner rebellion, does not notice signs of a civil war in France at close range.

    Most likely, Paris will be able to suppress the riots. However, it will not be able to solve the problem, because it is too much running. There is a time bomb under France and sooner or later it will explode.

    If we analyze the situation in the largest European countries (France, Germany, Italy), then the most difficult situation is in France, which may eventually lead to a crisis of French statehood.


  75. "The Light Forces have underestimated the amount of darkness on this planet and have overestimated the amount of light inside of the Lightworkers."
    - We were meant to help liberate some minor, secondary base of the dark forces. Only after the Archon invasion, it became the main stronghold of the dark forces. We’re heavily understaffed and completely unprepared to deal with this situation.

    "Actually those implants are disintegrating very fast because they have no substance anymore. What is not dissolving are the belief systems that have been created through those implants and through the past experiences inside of the quarantine. And even when those implants dissolve, the belief systems which were held by those implants need to be consciously transmuted by each particular individual."
    - I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I hope, that the plan of the Light Forces doesn’t rely on people transmuting their belief systems on their own. If that is the case, Light Forces will have to change their plan once they realize that it is not going to happen. Those belief systems formed over a very long time in a very toxic environment. For many people, it is the only thing they know and they barely have any alternative to those dysfunctional beliefs and behavioral patterns. The only way I see it changing is by living in a healthy environment over a considerable period of time (after the Event). Do the Light Forces understand this?

    "So I would say that many, many groups have an interest to make this First Contact happen as soon as possible."
    - That is good. The sooner it happens, the sooner both sides will realize that such contact is much more challenging than they expect. There will be more time to deal with those challenges. This approach makes sense.
    Waiting for people to be more ready doesn’t make much sense in my opinion.

    I can’t wait to see the faces of the Light Forces when they realize that lightworkers can, for example, attack others for using common sense because the "left brain hemisphere and thinking is matrix".
    Or when they see that during important negotiations lightworkers are driven by fear. They just steer the discussion in the opposite direction of their greatest fear. Then they collide with each other. Then they fight with each other and everything falls apart.
    How the Light Forces are going to deal with this and many, many more?

    It still feels like the Light Forces are trying to take people seriously and see them as partners in the liberation of this planet. Well, in my opinion, this approach doesn’t work and it can’t work. Lightworkers and people in general just don’t know how to be partners and they can’t cooperate.

    My advice on first contact would be to start as soon as possible. But start small. If you start with a huge project, it will be a huge disaster. Start small and with only the most cooperative and responsible people. Then work your way up with baby steps. Once you have something that works – expand it, build on it. If you try to skip that and get too ambitious – you’ll fail and you’ll have to resolve the miscommunications, which can be difficult and confusing.

    1. DP, You make some excellent points. It is challenging to get even Light Workers/Warriors to agree and work together even if their goals are pretty much the same. I think our greatest chance is the highest level of Source intervening. Not sure what it would take to trigger that ... For Earth humans still steeped in pure lunacy it would need to be something that shatters their death grip on the matrix. Like when we have a terrible nightmare only to suddenly wake up and be so relieved it wasn't real! The illusion of linear time is rapidly collapsing. Any prognostications of this nonsense dragging on for years/decades doesn't seem possible. Expect awesomeness soon!🙏😇🪽

    2. We need alien first contact, asap. IF folks freak out, LET THEM.
      Contact's long overdue, and many of us TRIED to wake the sheeple up, just to be met with ridicule and fists. Enough pussyfooting and just get contact 'baby steps'....just go all the way, right away, and let the chips fall where they may.

    3. When one is in SURVIVAL MODE....the last thing on people's mind is MORE work, inner or not.

    4. And YOU, somehow are so righteous and anointed? Those who call folks 'crybabies' live charmed lives.

      And don't fit the 'humble' category, Spiritual.

  76. Commander Hakann

    If there is a solar flare, most earthlings will be briefly in 4D and then quickly move into the lower or middle part of 5D. Their bodies will be healthier and their hearts will be open. Friendly aliens will land shortly thereafter and will be free to offer healing and spiritual teachings to anyone who wants it.
    In the lower and middle 5D, people will be healthier and more loving and less delusional, but physically they will still be there. Their bodies aren't going anywhere. For example, they will not be able to pass through a wall.

    As soon as earthlings develop to the upper limit of 5D, they will be able to voluntarily leave their body for some
    that time and will be able to use their light body for so-called supernatural things. However, by default, they will still be in their body. You can imagine a spiritually advanced earthling these days: by default they are in their bodies, but they can travel in the astral if they want to.
    Earthlings have a slight misconception about light bodies. As you progress spiritually, you will first have an activated lightbody while you are still in your physical body. It is only as you continue to progress that you eventually leave your physical body behind, but initially you will also have a physical body,
    and an activated light body. You won't really notice your lightbody, other than you will feel more peace and love and have more access to so-called supernatural powers.

    By the time beings reach the 7th dimension, it becomes a choice,
    whether they want to be physically embodied or prefer to be intangible. And when you go beyond 7D, intangibility becomes the default state of being. Needless to say, it will be some time before typical earthlings become 7D. Nevertheless,
    certain Lightworkers may reach 7D relatively soon after the event.

    Personally, I, Hakann, am the seventh dimension. And frankly, most of the time I prefer to be physically embodied. Because in this physical reality, I can touch people, dance, eat delicious food,
    communicate with your children and make love to the woman I love.

    I understand that earthlings have many negative experiences with physical bodies, but once your entire society becomes 5D, many physical inconveniences will disappear and many physical pleasures will become available. I think,
    that once everyone is in 5D and your galactic brothers and sisters land, you will greatly appreciate being physically in a body.

    1. I rather the aliens come now and help us.

    2. They can still make love to a woman after letting go of the body. There is a kind of merging of energies; it really is real! I've had people do it to me, and I was quite surprised and enjoyed it. It was this guy who was in the afterlife who did it, twice. Then he never did it again. Because as I belatedly found out, he was pretending to not be a narcissist, but he was. Yeah I can't stand narcissists.

      He is still alive now, but contacted me after he was dead, i.e. his future and my now. They can do that. Don't think he was allowed, but it happened, whatever IT was.

  77. Here is Indonesian translation for this interview:

    Victory of the Light!

  78. What about the Pleiadian planet, where after the Event they will continue to heal people so that they can finally freely decide what they really want with themselves in the "future". The convergence of the cosmic cycles should be accelerated by the Supreme Creator. (joke humor)

  79. I observed. There are great -vibrators- who either have little -past- or live almost completely in msm. This is fair !? In my opinion, the focus here should be on Earth standard Health. --I don't really understand the selected ones...

  80. Yes indeed. The darkness on this planet is absolute and the programming deep. The plan should tilt towards what the "other" group has been saying for a long time. Remove the humans with the most potential for relocation and seeding of a new civilization. Press the re-start button.

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. Immaginavo che i lavoratori della Luce avevano un impianto più sofisticato. Me ne sono accorto da solo già tempo fa. Soltanto che i traumi che ho, devono essere guariti al più presto. Non mi sembra giusto che una persona che ha speso molte energie per la Luce nonostante le grandi sofferenze subite, deve arrangiarsi per la riabilitazione. Sicuramente è giusto darsi da fare da soli ma sono già solo nella battaglia per la Luce nella mia cerchia e per una volta nella vita vorrei essere aiutato dagli extraterrestri positivi. Ne ho bisogno, sono stanco veramente.

  83. Cobra: No, this is not possible. It will have to happen. There is no way this civilization can be transformed without the polar shift and the tsunami. It's not possible.

    Debra: Thank you for clarifying that. Does our behavior after the Event affect the timing of the pole shift? And is there any benefit to speeding it up or slowing it down?

    Cobra: I would say just use your inner guidance. Connect with the light as much as you can, and don't worry about everything else. Things will proceed as they proceed. It's not beneficial to artificially speed up or slow down the whole process.

    Debra: Okay. So to clarify, are both the Event and the polar shift triggered by Galactic pulses or solar flashes? With the second one, the one that triggers the tsunami being referenced as a Galactic Superwave, just a bigger one than the first, correct?

    Cobra: Yeah, exactly.

    Debra: Okay. Does the three days of darkness refer to what will happen at the time of the Galactic Superwave? Or if not, what does it refer to?

    Cobra: Three days of darkness refer to a certain phase of the micronova process when the star which goes through a micronova phase drastically drops the visible light visibility. And it appears to be dark for a few days. This is just before the solar flash happens. The sun appears to be dark, appears almost not to shine, and then the sudden flash happens. So this is referring to that particular phase of the micronova process.

  84. Thank you Light forces, you are doing a great job at clearing the sub quantum anomaly!

  85. What belief systems specifically do we need to reverse or change?

    1. Depends on the person.

      If anything trigger you, or if you feel unable to have compassion or understanding for some people, that might point you in a direction you might want to work on.

      Also, things in your life that aren't going well might be pointing you to things you might want to work on.

    2. @Lightworker

      OR, the darkies just keep fucking us up the ass is the reason nothing goes well.

  86. Lightworkers in motion

  87. My inner work is being greatly assisted by someone named Cornelius Christopher. I attend daily, group, live 30 minute sessions (via zoom mon - fri in NZ - Sun - Thu for me) I have been doing this for 6 months and am "all in" to continue.

  88. The attack of Hitler's troops on the Soviet Union in 1941-1945 caused losses, the size of which in modern prices reaches $ 26 trillion. Such an assessment was received by "Equality" according to the methodology ( ) recalculation adopted by the court of St. Petersburg in the case of recognition ( ) the genocide of the siege of Leningrad. One of the authors of the examination, associate professor of St. Petersburg State University Yuri Guzov, said that the recalculation was made through the cost of gold. A similar recount was made by the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus, which recognized the death of 3 million citizens as genocide and estimated losses at $2.3 trillion

  89. Thanks for the ego check. Refocusing on the shadow work.

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. The energetic situation presented by your thoughts and feelings in daily life is a good indicator of how well the macro situation is going on.

  92. Ok sorry for failing Iam off to do my own thing now good luck..

  93. Like I said before everything is infiltrated even you guys on the other side of the fence ,it's meant to be this way we fail they fail but have we really failed wait and see...

  94. Biden said the debt was "forgiven" for each university student, but what he actually put forward was that it was to be paid by taxpayers, each at $4000 a person. So it wasn't forgiven. Fast forward to today and the Supreme Court has found that Biden was illegal in making the tax payers foot the bill. Illegal. How about Biden is not really the President. He's a huge Liar. And it is all illegal and he is pretending to be something he isn't. Oh, and Joe Biden is dead, by the way, so it's an actor.

    Oh gosh it is funny in Washington.

  95. Debra does the interviews very well in my opinion, defines very well every point in each question and I feel she doesn´t leave anything to be asked. What you can´t do with Cobra is a speech-question and ask to elaborate, and she almost never does

  96. Polish translation:

  97. Grazie Cobra, la traduzione in Italiano è qui:

  98. We are aware that a lot of this is not happening now... But it's how the sleeping population on earth is being woken up to things that were happening... That's why we occasionally remind them to # enjoy the show...

    PS those of you whining... whining lowers your vibrations you won't get anywhere that way...

  99. V slovenščini:

    Prevod intervjuja v slovenščini si lahko ogledate tukaj:
    in tukaj:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:
    Vabljeni na našo stran na Facebooku:
    Toplo vabljeni na Facebook stran Tahionske komore v Ljubljani:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Cobra can you please add our links of the translated interview to your list? Thank you.

  100. Debra: So can we assume that for many people this will be their last 3D incarnation?

    Cobra: 3D incarnations, as we know them here, will not exist anywhere in this universe anymore. It'll be a different process. It'll be a much more conscious birth process and it'll be different. It'll not be so dense, it'll not be so programmed. This will be gone forever.

    Debra: That's interesting that throughout the entire universe, there will be no more 3D incarnations.

    Cobra: Before, the original estimate was about 1000 to 2000 people, but most likely will be less.
    My Question: So what happens to all the low vibrational souls that can't maintain a 5D incarnation. Do they just cease to exist? Only 2000 souls are ascending. What happens to the rest of us? They get evacuated into ships but if there are no more 3D incarnations anywhere in the universe where do they go? Feels disturbing and very ominous to me.

  101. Ci viene detto che ancora non abbiamo lavorato a sufficienza, che siamo ancora poco "luminosi" si può essere vero. Ma nella discarica qui ci siamo noi. E se nemmeno da fuori si riesce a fare più di tanto per la forza che ha l' oscurità su questo pianeta, beh si può immaginare quanto si può riuscire a farlo vivendoci dentro a questo inferno. E visto che le cose peggiorano di giorno in giorno e che qui a crepare ci siamo noi, chi con più capacità chi con meno ma tutti con una grande volontà e una forza sovrumana per resistere e non morire beh io direi che ci vorrebbe un po' più di comprensione. Perché con tutti i nostri difetti e le sofferenze e le malattie e le disillusioni, io credo che siamo eroici. Perché non molliamo e siamo ancora qui a leggere questo blog nonostante gli attacchi continui dell'oscurità. Punto.


    This Chinese article shows a feasible scheme which is less risky and can trigger The event quickly. I hope the light forces can refer to it.Please hurry...Is' very suffering to live on the ground....
    Hope u could see this,dear cobra,thanks for all of u!

  103. Dear Cobra, many nice things are happening but you dont tell, i quess slowly the surface population should start to find them by themselves.The Light Forces made a great success the last time, the Cabal cant find them , but they can find us, and this is a problem. I am a top target here in Berlin, and surrounded with cabal agents,every day and everywhere. I wish the RM with take something against that, because now is not slavery anymore but a hunting game, they have free space to do whatever they want and do not respect the famous contract, no physical contact.

  104. Here is Hebrew translation of the interview:

  105. Dear Cobra! Here are the translations for this new and very important, also amazing interview!

    Italian translation:

    and Romanian translation:

    Thank you very much for your precious guidance and all you are doing for us! Much success at your upcoming Ascension Conference in Japan, much love and Victory of the Light!

  106. And the Dutch version you will find here on the Dutch event-blog:

  107. Vietnamese translation of this interview:

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  109. Dear Cobra, thank you for this update. Talk more about the fate of the animals during the course of the event. Will they be saved? And will this belief in animal eating finally disappear? And animals are saved from suffering and killing?

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