Thursday, June 1, 2023


Pandora in progress, M signal field substable. GR+, DEMATRIX attempt failure, wipeout sequence 9 in progress. Multiple systems security breach at 504, in deflection. Minimum M / HP / SD / DL / MDS  requirements met, VTX  requirements not met.  


  1. The matrix is attenuating, there is a clear feeling

    1. "Based upon information which came to me discreetly via postal mail, I have concluded that World War 3 can kick-off in less than two weeks, between the dates of June 12 thru 24. The largest NATO air 'exercise" - Air Defender 23 - takes place in that time period; may cover Ukraine "Counter-Offensive."

      "The wave of the Portal of Light will begin to be felt already on March 23rd, when Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time after more than 200 years, will reach its peak intensity on May 1st when Pluto turns retrograde, and will then slowly phase out until June 11th when Pluto exits Aquarius again"

      "It will also be more powerful than the flash which happened during the final Age of Aquarius activation.
      This grand trine will be active for the whole period Pluto is in Aquarius, from March 23rd to June 11th. Pluto in Aquarius will signify a focused effort of positive extraterrestrial races towards the First Contact, and Pleiadians will have a very active role in this."

      Debra: Very good to hear. Let's talk about the astrology of this Portal of Light activation. Of key importance was the return of Pluto into Aquarius on March 23rd. For the first time, after more than 200 years, which opened this portal of light. Now, Pluto will reach its peak intensity on May 1st when it turns retrograde, a moment of stillness and “no breath”, which is when the meditation is scheduled and when the most powerful energies can enter. Then Pluto will slowly phase out until June 11th when it exits Aquarius and goes back into Capricorn until 2024, when it will then finally return to Aquarius to stay for the next 20 years. So this portal of light is now open from March 23rd to June 11th. So how can we make the most of these energies? What can we do collectively and individually during this time before the portal closes on June 11th?

      Cobra: This time is an opportunity for you to reconnect again with your higher self, with your I AM presence, with your soul. This is number one. And number two, due to the positioning of Pluto making a very beautiful trine with the Pleiades, it is time for you, if you feel so guided, to connect with the Pleiadian energy as well.

      Debra: Okay, good. Will the energies received during this activation period be strong enough to stay with us, or will they dissipate over the rest of the year when Pluto returns into the more challenging sign of Capricorn?

      Cobra: As the old saying goes, we make two steps forward and one step back. So there will be, I would say, a delay, a regress. There will be a certain period when those energies need to be integrated. And this is expected to happen when Pluto returns back into Capricorn for the rest of the year. But this regress will not be so drastic, because the activation itself will be quite strong and a lot of this energy will be integrated. But this regress will actually be an opportunity for everybody to work on their shadows and prepare for the final push until the Event.

    2. Benjamin Fulford Report: Why the US has to go Through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
      When the US finally goes bankrupt next week, perhaps the truth about all of this will emerge. Fingers crossed that USA INC finally goes bankrupt and keep your powder dry if it doesn’t.

    3. "Clearing your physical and etheric implants as safely and quickly as possible.
      Clearing all traumas from this Earth Mission.
      Clearing and protecting all your chakras.
      Clearing all negative etheric beings from your reality forever!"
      Personal Optimal Timeline:
      20 minute guided meditation
      @We Love Mass Meditation
      #SisterhoodoftheRose 🌹

  2. We can start doing the list of the experiences or the things we don´t want to miss in advance of the event. There´s an inspiring song performed by Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross that I came across recently, "The things I will not miss", and reminded me I read once we should do it. Probably they both were Mk-ultraed, and the composer (Burt Bacharach) was cabal, but there had to be a connection or an inspiration from the light, otherwise it doesn´t make sense

  3. Noted with many thanks 🌹 💜 We are close it seems. VOTL!

  4. Hope the matrix will soon be eliminated🙏

  5. In effetti da qualche giorno c'è un po' meno tensione..

  6. DEMATRIX attempt failure... not good.

    I just wanted to say, and this happens every time there is tennis on TV, they start using the AI and the screen messes up. For a while (4 days or so) it didn't happen, but tonight watching the tennis and the AI is switched on. Damn, it will probably go on and off again, and then days pass and it goes on again. The cricket is about to start next week... I suppose they will start cheating again, putting in fake illuminati players, doing their best to ruin the scores how they like, however their bosses are betting. Bloody annoys me.

    I've started to do a visualisation, picturing all the good things. Like imagining world peace, them taking down the WEF, WHO, etc, etc. Nesara actually starting (that would be soo good). So I have to build it up, picturing all the positive outcomes, make it nice and peaceful, new inventions etc, all people coming together, and meditate on that.

    1. I watch tennis a lot and yes, sometimes there are weird interruptions, but as these days it´s all digital maybe it´s just the way it is when there´s a digital failure. It´s curious but I don´t think all top players in tennis are cabal. Djojovic, Medvedev or Alcaraz don´t seem to be, but I´m speculating. However I don´t know how they could get away with what they do otherwise, maybe the control is not so tight..

  7. Ja, Verbesserung spürbar. Ich empfehle zusätzlich aquadea kristallwirbel torus Einheiten. 😁🦄🐬

  8. I would make this rowing matrix completely disappear .Just one click? Worth a try 😅 It's already boring everyone 😅

  9. "When the critical mass of those black holes is removed, the positive spiritual energy from the Buddhic plane will again begin to precipitate on mental, astral, etheric and physical planes on the surface of the planet for the first time since 1996."

    "First, by utilizing Mjolinr technology, the Light forces have evaporated all physical and non-physical black holes around the surface of the planet, including all black holes in the auric fields and all black holes inside implants of the surface population."

    I can conclude here that this positive spiritual energy should be already being dumped upon us like a diarrhea.

    1. You should write a romance novel. "He gazed into her beautiful hazel eyes and thought, "Looks just like cat vomit." haha. The whole book like that.

  10. God, I can't wait for the event. This 3d world is not for me. I want to be happy for once.

    1. You are not the only one waiting for the Event, there are enough of us. And without hope it exists in our unceasing soul, but we are not sure that we will have physical days to seize the moment of the Event. It is the only obstacle in our positive thinking as Light Workers, and it must not hinder us.

    2. @Costantino Hai ragione 👍

  11. We definitely need more help here on this planet. Hopefully in the future there are gonna be more lightforces helping us. PS: Anyone know what "GR+, DEMATRIX attempt failure" means?

    1. GR+ means that our May Day meditation was successful. The failure of the DEMATRIX attempt means that the attempt to destroy the matrix that holds us prisoner has so far failed.

    2. I agree 100%. Of course we dont know even 1% of the whole situation...but the more time passes, the more Cobra says "we are running out of time", the more I feel that there will not be an Event, will not have the "life enjoyment untill the pole shift" and we will all know what will really happen at the moment when fire will rain from the skies and the ship's lights will offer a quick way-out...its getting hard to understand we meditating over and over and demanding help, decreeing the end of this nightmare, and they still going "slowly" and "carefully".

      Calm me stupid and crybaby, ok. But its getting hard to even use common sense here.

    3. If you don't understand it than it is not for you.

  12. Molti lavoratori della Luce fanno commenti elaborati. C'è molto impegno in questo, è lodevole. In questo momento però penso che siano più creativi ed incisivi oltre che utili i concetti semplici e brevi. Le energie in atto stanno portando codici e informazioni che se assorbite creano connessione e centratura. Inoltre abbiamo due orecchie e una bocca per ascoltare di più e parlare di meno. Prima di parlare o scrivere bisogna porsi alcune domande tipo: " è davvero indispensabile ciò che voglio dire? Porterà benefici alla collettività? "

  13. Meditation to Stabilize the (Global) Financial System

    "The Light Forces do NOT want a hard crash of the system, they want a gradual and balanced meltdown of the system combined with the increased awareness which would lead into the positive financial Reset. Visualize the meltdown of the old system and implementation of the positive new financial system being done in the best possible way."

    Daily at 3:00 pm UTC:

    1. We do not have that time. Awareness? oh my God...we have a long wait....

  14. Where's dreamland 1.0??? No free material stuff for us? :)

  15. Dematrix attempt yes!! Keep trying!!

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  17. June 1st 1968 my mission began which makes me 55 yrs old today... and I'm still kickin'.✨️👋😎👍✨️
    Holding the line and holding the Light! Let's finish this LF and RM!


    "Until physical intervention occurs, Lightworkers and Light Warriors should HOLD THE LIGHT GRID as much as possible:

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    b) The construction of the Tachyon chamber grid

    c) The construction of the Soul Family connection grid:
    COBRA | 2nd april 2018 : soul families

    d) The construction of sisterhood of the rose (with physical meetings)
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    e) Prepare for physical contact with the Light Forces according to the internal guidelines:
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    F) Refrain /Avoid From Interpersonal Conflicts By Choosing Non-réaction and Conscious Positive Action Over Reaction .

    Let's Continue to hold the Light together 🙂

    You can find some useful healing tips/meditations here :
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    We are so much stronger together💫


    David Wilcock - The Decision

  20. @Libra, when someone connects to nature powerfully enough, other humans start to become very 'unappealing' in various ways. This is something I've been going through myself. Nature has the elementals that are in 5D. This can't be explained well. It has to be experienced, and this may be what you are experiencing.

    The sad part is, I was told (and I believe this) that most animals go up to 5D when crossing over, while the vast majority of humans go to 4D in a made up world, kind of like The Matrix. Shamans would worship animals, because the animals could help them get to 5D. And guess what? Plants go to 6D! (I'm still unclear on the complete nature of 5D and 6D. These are extremely advanced realms to humans.)

    Also, beyond all the politics, there is significant evidence that trans people have a tendency to be more psychic. This has something to do with the interaction of the energy patterns. I'm still not clear on specifically how this is the case, but I knew a trans several years ago who would be considered to be an adept.

  21. I knew it was bad, but I had no idea how bad, until now.

    Thanks SK for sharing this.

  22. Target profits are plunging. Woohoo! Well it hasn't gone Target's way. Their profit is now down by 13 Billion; I guess everyone walked away just like I did, I'll never shop there again after they put out their Pride range, for kids. Idiots!

  23. wish VTX requirment can meet as soon as possible!


    Join us to Remember our Martyr and Evict his Killers!

    Sunday June 11 at 11 am at the William Combes Memorial Park:

    Reclaimed from the genocidal Catholic Church at Richards and Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver

    William was a key eyewitness to Queen Elizabeth’s abduction of ten children from the Kamloops Catholic ‘Indian residential school’. He was killed by arsenic poisoning by order of the now “King” Charles Windsor, according to royal insiders.

    (See )

    The church and crown have been evicted from Vancouver by traditional Squamish chief Kiapilano under a B.C. Supreme Court order. Help us enforce this order and reclaim the land for all victims of the ongoing genocide!


    For info see . Contact .

    Learn more this Sunday at 3 pm pacific at

    Sponsored by Republic of Kanata and Eagle Strong Voice, agent for Chief Kiapilano.

    1. Thank you Randy! I believe this is their M. O. (modus operandi)!
      I am forever grateful to this blog and its participants, for an open platform to submit evidence, for the excellent energy grid work and piecing this all together... for the final countdown!

  25. There is no way the dark are winning at this point. They have lost. All they are doing is trying to make people fear, and there is nothing to fear. So don't buy into it. That is all they have. I know that some of the dark have stopped trying to be dark. Some of it has. But the other part of the dark will not stop, and they are slowly disappearing from this world (off to the great central sun to be a pebble). They are leaving, and they have done little to us. It will get more tumultuous, but find a place of peace and don't get drawn in. There are even some parts of the internet, I see now, who spread the negativity even though they are of Light. Read only a little of it, I guess you can glance at it but not for too long. Instead, there is plenty more online that is of Light. Read the good stuff. Be happy instead, because that is opposite of the dark. It literally drives them nuts. Your soul is at stake. So only read a little of what is happening, and then focus on the Light. The dark is totally going DOWN. Goodbye dark, let's watch you slowly totally disappear. Stay safe.

    1. I say just destroy them, and FAST......I'm sick and tired of slow. Been waiting 32 years, I am NOT willing to wait 32 more. I say just get it over with.

  26. Thank you so much! Victory is coming 💪

  27. Last night I had a vivid dream.
    The dream was about garthering together with some star seeds i never meet, the guardians of light..light workers.

    We each used some sort of flashlight-like mandala light energy apparatus, and then together we shone a light on the whales in the ocean, and other sea creatures to healing those beauty of sea living beings.

    We meet in a house .
    But we can healing the sea and seeing the whale front of us.
    Like different dimensions/locations connecting with HEALING.

    this 3 day in June we have fullmoon.
    blessings and send healing energy to every beings. To mother Gaia.

    when I woke up from the dream, I was impressed with this flashlight-like light energy mandala instrument.

    When the VTX was finished.
    I guess Starseed and the Lightworkers will get a substantial "meet-up support", on all levels.
    We've really got a foot in the door to do well for ourselves!

    Before VTX finished. More Connecting AM what AM. Face the Truth and clearing out what we need to do.


  28. I would like to thank The Sisterhood Of The Rose for the healing offered this past Wednesday. Participating in creating light with the others was strongly felt and changed the energy in my home. These are important energy sessions available for everyone for free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 💜 💜 💜 and a million magical blessings to you all for your service to humanity. ✨ 🌟 ✨

  29. I knew it was bad, but I had no idea how bad, until now.

    Thanks SK for sharing this.

  30. 😘

    1. (Made an edit to thank 2012 Portal for posting the comment with the video.)

    2. There was no such 'attack.' I was a gentleman, not using and cursing or name calling, and I explained my position. Heartless wall? That was never done. You took it as an attack, which is not my problem.

    3. Maia replied on 2012 Portal:

      ""Stabbed in the back"
      Yes, that could describe how I was gratuitously attacked by a brother whom I appreciate because Cobra had supposedly censored his comment above and allowed my comment with a "transhumanist" clip. It looked humanly like jealousy, then it continued by likening me to a heartless Wall who doesn't give a damn about what's happening on the planet with the destruction of the microbiosystem and the disastrous consequences for Gaia.
      disastrous consequences for Gaia and all life.
      Well, it's worrying to see that, at this level and with all the tools at our disposal, workers don't know how to handle this kind of attack any better.
      So I prefer to keep my distance to protect myself from these negative energies."

      I would like to address this kind of mentality. Yes, the comment with the video was initially not posted when the comments updated. The reason I was so upset was because of the nature of the information that was not showing. The actual real war on the planet is against the planet's microbiome. All physical and mental problems of humanity can be traced to a weakening microbiome, and/or micro-organisms that get created that are not supposed to exist, created by the dark forces. The nature of consciousness goes to an entirely deeper level when considering how micro-organisms are actually the ones who determine much of what happens on the planet. Even astral experiences and so forth could be interactions with and activations of micro-organisms on a multidimensional level.

      But no, Maia, I was not attacking you, and to say that I was "jealous" is extremely underhanded when I was trying to get information out about the larger picture, because this is information no one in any Et group has ever discussed. In no instance did I ever 'stab you in the back.' You are taking this way too personally. You're trying to make this personal when I'm focused on information that can change the entire planet if enough people know. In absolutely no instance did I liken you to a "heartless wall." This wasn't about you. This was about saving the planet. People could definitely understand how it would look when a music video is played but then a comment with mind-blowing information is not posted. My comments were posted later anyway though, so I deleted the part about the music video.

      It's like everything I say gets interpreted as an attack. Yet, reality speaks for itself. I find it amazing that no one even discussed the information from the Monsanto video. This is definitely information that should NOT be ignored. It's very alarming that people are ignoring the information.

  31. A physicist thinks that the speed-of-light limit is not plausible.

  32. Visualize the Golden Age

  33. Hero mentality against the matrix

  34. The Law of Attraction


  35. In the meantime . . .

    We Love The All
    We Love THE ALL of YOU



  36. Divine Intervention Meditation on Sunday, June 4th at 3:41 AM UTC

    "To keep the momentum going, the Light Forces have asked that those who feel so guided can do the Divine Intervention Meditation once a month at the exact moment of the full Moon. This will immensely help to keep the Light portals open and to strengthen the Light grid around the planet."

    Here is the link to the guided audio in 34 languages:

    You can also join the English livestream for this meditation:

  37. 光のポータル立ち上げ瞑想が成功しまして一ヶ月経ちます。しかしながら敵の攻撃が一貫して激しい。ライトワーカーへのDARPAキメラピットからの攻撃に対応できないものかと、現行日本法規を調べていました。するとジュネーブ条約の「議定書1」には赤十字国際委員会などの組織が紛争当事者を保護できるような規約が記載されています。他国のライトワーカーに呼び掛けますが各々の国の法規においてジュネーブ条約が同じように紛争解決に有効であるかどうか調べてみて下さい。そしてぼくはこれから具体的に日本の赤十字国際委員会に働きかけますが、そのことで国外のライトワーカーに出来る限りの保護を要請します。何故なら知っての通りDARPAのキメラピットに働きかけるのは最も激しい攻撃に合うからです。しかしながら最後のキメラピットの問題にはある程度の公算もあるようである。そして信じられないことに、日本のライトワーカーグループはぼくを中心として何年もの間分断工作が繰りひろげられてきた(「キアヌ・リーブス」の映画を観てもらえればわかると思うが)。今年の7月に行われる日本カンファレンスが実現するまでにはこの問題を解決したいので、世界中のライトワーカーに支援を要請します。

  38. These scalar pendants are the real deal. You can physically feel the energy, like a buzzing forcefield. For the first couple months it changed me internally quite a bit. All the negative thoughts and self-talk stopped. Feels supportive to the mind and soul. And actually protected a bit from EMF's which nothing else does. It's so powerful I no longer wear it around my neck so it's over my chest, I carry it in my pocket, or sweater pocket, and only occasionally. If you get them from another source make sure it's the larger size like this (1.5"/3.8cm), they make a smaller one but it's not as good. I would have never bought something like this because 99.9% of energy devices are scams, but someone gave it to me and it's legit.

  39. This Is Where I Stand

    It took me a long time to be able to get as solid as I am to be able to challenge 2012 Portal without buckling down like I usually do. Here is where I stand:

    I do not support the pole shift mega-tsunami scenario, because I do not support the destruction of the flora and fauna of the planet.

    I do not support doing meditations and waiting on the Event and Light Forces to 'save the day.' Although meditations are beneficial, many people are not proactive enough to take a stand against the microbiome of the planet being destroyed. I knew that Monsanto was bad, but I didn't realize Monsanto was actually doing far more damage than the vax campaign and everything else combined. Monsanto (and the cabal who run Monsanto) is officially the #1 enemy of humanity and the planet. If lightworkers had not been so distracted by 2012 Portal and all the other Et stuff, they would have been more likely to have been activists trying to stop Monsanto, which would have helped to save the planet.

    If people want to think I'm being manipulated by the cabal because I don't want the microbiome of the planet to be destroyed, because this would mean the end of all life on Earth, hey whatever you guys say, but this is where I stand.

    1. Being activists won't help.
      Seriously what can ANYONE do against a giant like Monsanto. You'll be 'suicided' before you can say Hilary Clinton.

    2. Many people have gone up against Monsanto and continue to live. They want to make it appear like they have way more power than they do. This is a typical cabal tactic, trying to make themselves look all-powerful when they definitely are not.

  40. Crop Circle May 30th 2023 Italy

  41. For those who are interested. A Goddess synchronicity:

    "Just wanted to share this cool Goddess synchronicity. I was chatting with a relative and they said they would leave a situation up to the Goddess. And amazingly I had just purchased a kombucha drink with the flavor being 'Guava Goddess' the day before."

    Picture included in the tweet or you can see it here:

    I'm on Twitter (for now). Thank you for your time and victory of the light!

  42. There are many who say the vax will cause cancers and deaths to soar. However, it was known before the vax that Monsanto's roundup and other antibiotics would cause cancers and deaths to soar. Even if there was no vax, 70-80% of the population will have cancer by 2035. With the vax, the numbers could definitely be even worse. Either way, people saying it is the vax, or people saying it is Monsanto... both the vax and Monsanto are from big pharma, so it's the same people like Fauci, Gates, and all the rest who will be held responsible by the public - regardless of what's believed to be the culprit.

    On another note, I do feel energy coming from the Light Forces, or maybe this is so. I can't just ignore reality though. Reality never gets addressed. If there can be 3D intervention to clarify everything, then I could change my position. Anything short of that... I can't support the death of the flora and fauna from a mega-tsunami. I didn't give it much thought back when it was mentioned by 2012 Portal in January of 2019, which was a mistake on my part.

    But who cares what I think anyway.

    Carry on.

  43. The WLMM meditation music for 1st Mai meditation:
    How can I serve?

  44. Ok, last one for a while.

  45. Example of good cooperation
    The Monkees

  46. When I was 15-16 years old, in 1975-76, my menthal-spiritual-physical heath was taken as if they had fucked a cow in the head withThor's hammer. In my childhood.! Now then, who do I have to lick now.? From the point of view of raising my vibration, because otherwise I'll go to a 3D death-planet again.

  47. Harnessing the energy of alignments

  48. What yall thoughts on russia taking over and killing Ukrainians to take over for the jewish republic can take over? I heard that conspiracy on a few platforms from max igan the crowdhouse

    1. The talmudic cult network which is part of the cabal has a heavy presence all over which includes ukraine and russia. The israeli times had an article which said ukraine is their true homeland which to me translates to a part of the cabal believes that it is their homeland. Kazakhstan in central asia, ukraine in eastern europe, as well as the caucuses were the origins of the various kurgan invasions. Kazakhstan has some of the futuristic smart cities built already. The cabal probably wanted ukraine flattened and depopulated for some role in the new world order but some restraint was shown by the russians so it doesnt look like this will happen. Its somewhere in the middle, war torn with lots of people leaving but not completely destroyed.

  49. This is so interesting. From a draco point of view:

    I share it because maybe it can help the person who always writes so negatively. There is hope. So this is for you to read out of interest. R'Kok The Search For Meaning, I'll just start it a little.

    My dear brothers and sisters,

    This is R’Kok speaking. I am the reptilian who has murdered millions in the past, who has since repented and I now work as a military advisor to the Galactic Confederation.

    As a teenager and young man, I was obsessed with external achievements. I wanted wealth. I wanted power. I wanted respect and fame. I wanted to have sex with many women and I wanted these women to have sex only with me. Of course I don’t mean it to be like that, I’m just sharing how I used to be.

    Some of this came from the “attack or be victimized”, “swim or drown” nature of reptilian society, and sure, I had been exposed to some trauma and abuse. Sure, it hurt less if I passed on my pain to others. At least it hurt less in the moment.

    But really, looking back, I think a lot of this is a hollow void, lurking at the edge of my awareness. I was only vaguely aware of this. Sometimes it came up when I was relaxing without any external stimulation, or when I was walking alone in the streets at night. And then I sought pleasure or external distractions. I always wanted to have music or something else on.
    Because really, why should we exist? Why continue? Why should we keep getting back up after being knocked down?

    Is it because if you work hard you can create a life that has more pleasure than pain? Perhaps?
    If we are on our deathbed, are there a lot of pleasures, riches and respect that would make us satisfied with our life? If we have five hundred orgasms and two houses, will that be enough to satisfy us on our deathbed?

    It sounds ridiculous when I write it like this. But then why continue?

    As a teenager, I was sure that if I could just have total control over a city and everyone who lives in it, then I would finally be happy. Then I achieved that goal. But I wasn’t happy. Eventually I became the overseer of an entire planet. But I felt nothing. The only thing I remember is thinking, well, then that task was done. At least I don’t have to work with it anymore.”
    But if our success depends on important tasks or tasks, then at most we are only momentarily happy, isn’t that foolish? Are we not deceived by our egos? Aren’t we trapped in a hedonistic grotto mill, at the mercy of our own dopamine receptors?
    It continues at the website.

    1. And i'm just trying to get AN orgasm, and i'm living in a gradually crumbling old house. And at least, if it's true, that fucking lizard got to JOIN the confederation....what about US?!

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  51. ✨ Personal Optimal Timeline Meditation ✨

    "Ascend Liberation blog has proposed a meditation to optimize our individual timelines and to help prevent interference from the dark in our daily life. This would help bring more harmony and opportunity to our life."

  52. Cara Federica Galattica, per quanto tempo dobbiamo ancora e ancora leggere queste notizie? Finché sarà un calvario per tutti?

  53. A tutti i Pleiadiani e Federazione Galattica, vi dico che i progressi ci sono ma sono troppo lenti. Bisogna fare di più. Se l'Evento non può ancora verificarsi, allora i progressi devono accelerare, cambiate marcia. Gli oscuri non aspettano, loro vanno avanti a passo veloce.

  54. He is now "unveiling" a promise of something that was called time ago as "ball of ascension", but now under the title of "the first island of light", maybe to, let's say, attract the still remaining un-exhausted lightworkers to wait 'to a foreseeable time', named so by him.

  55. 3:52 am in Central Asia: LOOK AT THE SKY!!! Since more than 12 minutes they show me their presence.... . Unbelieveable. Also a very good time to send healing energy to the girl in white Russia, if you want. Get ready folks.

  56. Just curious... 🤔
    Is anyone else here going through a "dark night of the soul" experience???
    It's like my emotions, anxieties, and fears have been dialed up to '10'

    I know COBRA mentioned this might be experienced by the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, and Starseeds, but man... this is a harsh experience. It's as though my confidence and self esteem took a walk for awhile and I'm left trying to function normally 🙃
    I'm not "feeling" normal, but rather feeling vulnerable and exposed... harder to "fit in"
    Just checking to see if anyone is going through anything similar, better, worse?
    Hope to here from COBRA soon as well as part 2 of the Sisterhood Of The Rose interview.

  57. New energy-report-June-2023 Version: EN, DE, ES, FR, GR and IT. Please open " Tłumaczenia raportów"

  58. Gli oscuri continuano alacremente a tessere la loro tela di ragno e noi siamo ancora qua così, fra mille problemi e ritardi...leggere qui.

  59. Cry for help against the forces of cabalot