Sunday, September 24, 2023

Security breach deflected at 504


  1. I think we're all in agreement that attacks against Lightworkers has noticeably stepped up according to his or her weak spots. 🤔
    I'm not certain if some Lightworkers are being specifically targeted due to their higher frequency but perhaps it's more of a desperate blanket effect being used against us that, although it hits all of us to a degree, it has a lesser effect because it's overly dispersed making it weak attack. They're lashing out in their death throws but their power is weakening by the moment making their attempts more and more futile. Perhaps some of us are getting more of the brunt of these attacks than others, but if so, I KNOW our 1221Teams and the LF and RM have our backs to the fullest now. The Cabal/Illuminati don't have their protective overlords anymore, and they're scared shitless trying to throw Hail Mary's...😆

    I'm going through some brutal physical, emotional, and spiritual attacks myself... but I'm pushing through it with devoted healing and inner work, guided meditations to support the process, clearing and protecting my space through protection protocols and white sage smudging.
    Most importantly, I'm working on making my personality more "presentable" as COBRA suggested, and preparing myself for First Contact and the Ascension process.
    We are a collective of true HEROES and BADASSES! We've gone through too much to get this far and by God we're going to finally SEE and EXPERIENCE what we came here to accomplish and manifest. We're about to experience The Event my friends... and there's nothing they can do to stop it now. As soon as the anomaly is dissolved to a certain degree... we'll be contacted ASAP soon thereafter... and no matter what they try and throw at me, they can't stop my devotion and determination. This is by far the most honorable mission one could ever want or ask for... even if it took longer than expected. 😉

    Hang in there everyone...

    Love and Light,

  2. Thank you Light Forces! I hope our dear Cobra is doing well, wish you a beautiful Sunday and all the best! Victory of the Light!💞✌

  3. Could you tell us more about Pleiadians?