Saturday, September 2, 2023


Pandora in progress, M signal field substable. Wipeout sequence 9 in progress, lock secure sequences in progress. Minimum M / HP / SD / DL / MDS  requirements met, VTX  requirements not met.  


  1. Cobra: Okay. I would say that Lightworkers have a lot of things to process inside. The state of consciousness of Lightworkers is not as good as it was expected. There is a lot of inner work that needs to be done, and after that inner work is done, then the Lightworkers can have a channel strong enough and pure enough to manifest abundance. So, inner work is number one at this point.

    🖐🏻️That's the answer.

    Physical biochips are in the process of being cleared, and that will still take some time. To reduce the power those biochips have on the human thinking process, the Light forces are recommending this technique:

    1. We meed parents!
      Ster, loving, teaching, wise, PRESENT parents!
      We've been rulled by evil forcess that treat us like we're dog-food, lacking love, guidance and compassion and every other semblence of a leadership authority that is implicated in our lives has been gone or veild for thousands of years.
      No matter how much innerwork you do you will never learn something you have never experienced: Like safety, being contained in a positive enviroment, being guided with ster but gentle hans, living where nothing bad happens every two days or so or being surrounded by people that love you.
      Right now, the real parents are too scarred to aproach us ( I mean ascended entities, saints, positive ET groups, God/Source, high priesteses and their world leader counterparts, etc.)
      We are not a healthy society, most of us are stuck in a trauma that happened in childhood. We need that source and parental love and guidance we never had. Perhaps if LF see us this way, they might be less afraid to approach. We're not they'rcequals, we're sick and mad children.



      Thanks for the blog.🥰

  2. Merci Cobra et les forces de Lumières <3

  3. Completion of Mind Clearing

    This book is very much related to the clearing of implants, or the remaining programming of implants that have been removed, because Mind Clearing suggests focusing on opposites to go beyond the artificial duality of the mind. One example in the book is focusing on thinking of oneself as being good, then bad, alternating. There are many other examples in the book, such as "life is good," "life is bad."

    Mind Clearing suggests that what you resists, persists. Resisted unwanted feelings about someone or something get released by allowing oneself to experience the unwanted feelings about someone or something. One is then no longer trapped trying to escape, allowing for one to move beyond.

    It's also stated that one can say what they want to say to someone who is not present for the communication. This can clear problems before they start when dealing with others, because even if the other person isn't there to hear it, the communication can be a powerful release.

    During clearing sessions with a mind clearer, the questions become specific to get to deeper levels of mind. People would find themselves saying things they didn't realize they had in them, for release. This suggests that people have issues that go beyond their conscious awareness, which is profound. When people think and act in certain negative ways, they may not be aware of programs operating under the surface as causation.

    This post has only a few observations from the book. As previously mentioned, Mind Clearing can be found for free here:

    1. Thanks a lot, i was looking for this comment.

    2. Glad that Cobra mentioned the book, and happy to share this! Thanks all! 🤗

  4. Now we begin the September thru October "things should get pretty interesting" phase.
    Keep pushing em' down from above Lightforces, and keep pushing up from below Resistance Movement!
    COmpression BReAkthough leads to VOTL!

    1. dont focus on the dates and be disappointed if nothing happens... take it easy...

    2. @ingi
      I've been following this blog practically since it's inception and KNOW how to maintain my expectations. So your "dont focus on the dates and be disappointed if nothing happens... take it easy..." comment was a bit over the top and unnecessary. 🤔
      Besides, I'm not the one who came up with dates and alluded to things getting more interesting and improving for all of us beginning in September... that was COBRA.
      Here are two examples... enjoy! ✌️😉

      Example #1.
      Situation Update Thursday June 8th 2023:

      "For now, the focus in the next few months will be on the clearing of the subquantum anomaly and the biochips, and from September/October things may begin to get more interesting.

      Victory of the Light!"

      Example #2.
      The Sisterhood Of The Rose interview conducted on June 28th 2023:

      Debra: "This [next question] is a big question that many Lightworkers have asked... will (specifically) Lightworkers be able to experience any tangible improvements in the coming months? And if so, will those improvements keep growing as we get closer to the Event? I know you said, that as the Event becomes quite close, situations will improve. But what about before then? You know, many Lightworkers are experiencing financial hardship and health issues, so, as I mentioned, this was a very popular question."

      Cobra: "I'm not expecting any big improvements in the next, I would say two months or so. Then we'll see."

      Debra: "So there is a possibility of things improving after that time?"

      Cobra: "Yes."

      Are we clear now @ingi?
      Have a nice day.

      Love and Light,

    3. thanks for writing both, that proves that you are following the blog but actually not understand what is going on, but it is fine for me, the most important tning is that you are all be good and the rest is just mind games.. my regards

  5. Woooohoooo! I have no idea what this means but it still makes me excited! 😃

  6. Are we in a state of radio silence? There is no update after the conference.
    VOTL 🔥



  8. (Replay) French explanatory broadcast about Cobra Conference Japan Ascension July 2023+Planetary situation+ New Spiritual tools

    Émission explicative sur Cobra conference Japon Juillet 2023 + Situation planétaire + Nouveaux outils spirituels



    "Until physical intervention occurs, Lightworkers and Light Warriors should HOLD THE LIGHT GRID as much as possible:

    a) The construction of the Cintamani grid:
    COBRA | 29th may 2017 : The Cintamani Network
    people who are involved in the surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones at times when they are in conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in an extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

    b) The construction of the Tachyon chamber grid

    c) The construction of the Soul Family connection grid:
    COBRA | 2nd april 2018 : soul families

    d) The construction of sisterhood of the rose (with physical meetings)
    COBRA | 16th june 2018 : Planetary Activation of SOTR

    e) Prepare for physical contact with the Light Forces according to the internal guidelines:
    COBRA | 18th March 2018 : Contact
    COBRA | 9th May 2018 : Protocols of entry

    F) Refrain /Avoid From Interpersonal Conflicts By Choosing Non-réaction and Conscious Positive Action Over Reaction .

    Let's Continue to hold the Light together 🙂

    You can find some useful healing tips/meditations here :
    "Let’s Heal Together: Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension"
    We are so much stronger together💫

  10. Bonjour 🙂Notre équipe s’envole à présent vers de nouvelles aventures avec la création d’un nouveau facebook et Telegram avec sous-groupes encore plus beau, complet, et intuitif qui diffusera plus largement encore les informations, conseils et outils nécessaires à la transition exopolitique et spirituelle actuelle.
    Nous l’avons nommé « Libération Planétaire et Ascension » et espérons qu’il saura combler vos attentes et répondre à vos questions dans une large mesure. Il est constitué d’un canal principal auquel s’ajoutent de nombreux sous-groupes relatifs aux méditations, aux intels de COBRA, à l’ascension spirituelle, aux protocoles de guérison, etc.
    ✅ LIBÉRATION PLANÉTAIRE ET ASCENSION => canal général de nos émissions YouTube, salons vocaux, échanges, partage et questions.
    ✅ MÉDITATIONS => le canal principal pour les méditations de groupe.
    ✅ COBRA l’Intégral => toutes les intels de COBRA compilées dans un document PDF de plus de 2000 pages couvrant l’intégralité de ses mises à jour et interviews depuis 2012. Pour retrouver n’importe quelle information en un clic, rendez-vous à la FAQ de la page 14.
    ✅ ASCENSION Spirituelle => canal d’informations et d’échanges relatif au processus d’ascension actuel, avec comme ouvrage de référence, « L’Escalier de Cristal » d’Eric Klein.
    ✅ SORORITÉ de la Rose - France => canal relatif aux sororités françaises, selon le fonctionnement et les directives données par COBRA.
    ✅ GALACTIQUE et COSMOS => canal d’informations et d’échanges relatif à la Confédération Galactique, au Codex Galactique et plus largement aux lois universelles et cosmiques.
    ✅ Sessions IMPLANTS => canal principal de nos émissions de dissolution d’implants et de résiliation de contrats d’âme.
    ✅ GUÉRISON et Protections => canal d’informations et d’entraide relatif aux protocoles de commande pléiadiens, aux chambres à tachyon et autres outils favorisant le bien-être énergétique et spirituel.

    Retrouvez toutes nos émissions en intégralité sur notre chaine YouTube :
    Ainsi que les actualités de notre canal sur notre groupe Facebook :
    Pour nous rejoindre, C’EST PAR ICI :

    Liste officielle des groupes Facebook officiels du réseau "Prepare For Change" en Europe liés au réseau


    Groupe officiel Prepare For Change pour la France et les pays francophones

    “Prepare For Change #France#Francophonie" ”

    REPLAY LIVESTREAM FRANCAIS officiel du 1er Mai 2023 chaine youtube "Libération planétaire et Ascension" pour "l' Activation du Portail de Lumière"

    PDF FRANCAIS explicatif pour Activation du Portail de Lumière du 1 Mai 2023
    PDF ANGLAIS explicatif pour Activation du Portail de Lumièredu 1 Mai 2023 (ENGLISH PDF to explain the Portal of Light Activation on 1st May 2023)

  11. DEMATRIX reattempt? What's going on?

  12. YouTube bans even more natural remedies!

    You know they are going to ban them all, don't you? Drugs are good supposedly, even though I wouldn't take one drug.

    Oh Colloidal Silver is banned now? What bloody losers!

  13. Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Gaiaportal of 15 February 2019:
    Scurrilous energies dissipate as Cosmics infuse.
    Territorials are abandoned.
    Levitations commence on grand scale.
    Fortunes are collected and shared.
    Maters are seen in the Telepathics.

  14. Let’s go, we need to finish this !!! VOTL!!!!

  15. A Feline faj hajoja rombolta le a pfizer èpületèt? Oroszlán lènyek akik nem tartoznak a föderációhoz ès elegük lett a vàrakozàsbol.Ez igaz Cobra?most volt juliusban tornàdonak lett mondva de senki se sèrült söt az èpület mellett se lett baj csakis a pfizer labor lett szètcsapva.Nos?

  16. disclosure is flooding the ether of the matrix now by the looks and sounds and feels of it.....looks like the dragon lines really are firing up;we can begin to sail again with the cosmic grade seas now quickly manifesting-hahahahaha.....

    sailing roadways of chi;the fairies path leads onwardly.....

    to yin yang balance clarity;in the dragons heart of harmony.....



  18. Could you write something about Pleiadians?

    1. You could also search the blog for "Pleiadians" because they're randomly mentioned often. Even better, read all the articles from the beginning. I've read them 3 times over the years, it's more interesting than anything else out there. It's a draw between the Portal and Matrix V series. Too bad The Author isn't still alive, he would have got a kick out of the pandemic. I miss those articles. There are only a few people on the planet to break the programming and he was one of them.

  19. What does "lock secure sequences" mean? Thanks.

  20. We are in September, it is "things will get interesting" time according to Cobra. Let's gooooo!

  21. I have not lived for many years. The dark forces that took advantage of my life. And they decided for me and inside my body. The only news that I happily and hurriedly follow is the news of this blog. Thanks to the forces of light, I can feel that the voices inside my head and the darkness have become extremely weak. I can see that these voices were not me who took advantage of me for years. And of course, I feel that there is news coming that we will all be happy soon. I can continue this way. I love all of you

  22. Aspetto un aggiornamento Cobra. Sono curioso di sapere a che punto siamo con l'eliminazione dell'anomalia sub quantica. Grazie. Vittoria della Luce!


  23. Eye Of The Tiger.


  24. For those who are interested, got a divine message 'Enola Gay' (plane that dropped atom bomb on Hiroshima) on September 2nd. Did some research and found out some interesting info the (magic 410 appearing) and that September 2nd is the date WWII ended.

  25. Are the alleged disappearances of Hollywood actors, which then reappear as surrogates, linked to wipeout sequence 9?

  26. "The new Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Rustem Umerov. Mountain Jew.
    To be honest, I don't care if he has a military education. Although the answer was obvious to me in advance, without studying his biography. Looked anyway. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics with a degree in Finance and Credit. He never served in the army.
    Everything is going according to their plan, they are clearing the territory for a new Khazaria. In Russia, under the big kishlack."

  27. Corey Goode saying liberation around 2032 as the Orion Empire is still to entrenched. I wonder why Cobra thinks it might be as early as 2025.

    1. A good question. Cobra addressed the different intel sources with an explanation that seems to hold true. The Light forces have an excessively positive view of the situations because they're outside the veil and have their body and soul intact. Space program sources (like Corey) have an excessively negative view because of their contact with the Draco. I would tend to believe Cobra because his sources are higher. Corey gets much of his information from the bottom of the space program hierarchy. I try not to think about the Event. I've been told since the 90's, by books written in the 80's, that contact will happen any day, so I don't believe anyone. They simply don't know. They could discover Ultima Lurker Maximus who crushes the Light forces in a day and there's another 13.5 billion years of darkness. I love the intel but it's not psychologically healthy to depend on it. You can see how bad it is with people who believe Jesus is coming back in our lifetime, it's not good to think that way.

    2. Why do you trust Corey Goode? He admitted under oath he was lying about his contacts. David Wilcock has gone off the deep end too. They made millions off an admitted lie.

  28. Astronomers think an Earth-like planet is hiding in our solar system | Tech News | Metro News

  29. "The situation is becoming more and more critical. Our children, and you and I, are increasingly under threat.

    The first photo and explanatory note from the city of Obninsk.
    Sent by Artyom Mainas.
    From the mother of a first grader from Obninsk:
    "The child went to grade 1, in the old city (by registration). I apologize, of course, but we definitely saw shocked us! 90% of first-graders are visitors from Central Asia! My son has only 5 Russians in a class of 34 people !! !
    You understand how they (Asians) will pull down the whole class! They even spoke their own language on the line! I had a complete feeling that we were guests ... "

    The second photo and explanation from the city of Yekaterinburg:
    Gymnasium No. 174 enrolled five first grades this year. About 80% of first-graders are children of migrants. It is clear that Russian parents (and teachers) are horrified and desperate, but they cannot do anything about it."

  30. I can feeling fear hahaha :

  31. Give us an update for the god of the universe!

  32. Kundalini Syndrome Revisited

    Spiritual leaders have greater amounts of kundalini or serpent energy activated, and most of them developed mental disorders, which ultimately could not be kept secret. Even Gandhi was said to have issues:

    Spiritualists love to promote kundalini, but they don't realize that this type of energy is still very heavily subjected to Murphy's Law. "End times madness" is an inadequate term because throughout the ages incorrectly balanced kundalini has caused great instability and insanity.

    This does not mean that kundalini is evil. It just means that people don't know how to handle it, especially without having special initiation - initiation which the surface population is denied access.

    As Light enters the body more and more, greater care must be taken to maintain balance.

    Those with kundalini syndrome are hypersensitive to food, and there is a correct diet to maintain balance. The benefits of such a diet cannot be stressed enough. This is a diet that listens to the body. Dietary journals should be written down to figure out what foods cause imbalance, and which foods harmonize.

    Although I previously stated that protein powders cause imbalance, this was actually the fault of other dietary factors. Protein isolates are harmonizing and can even be seen as a form of alchemy, while meat is disharmonizing. Meat is especially disharmonizing when combined with starch.

    Another observation that was mentioned a while back:

    Anything that tastes sweet is to be avoided, including stevia.

    These dietary observations are just what my body has been telling me. Others may have different findings.

  33. @Libra
    I was thinking more like 'chew toy' or something, but yea. And I agree with all that. Hope we get something, and something good. I already said what I need....proper body in terms of both gender and genetics, to be picked up and go on the spaceships and not have to deal with earth ever again, to find my REAL friends and family, my real home world, and my special someone(s), and to travel the stars like everyone ELSE can out there. I feel I'm not asking for much.

    And hope it comes ASAP, in in THIS incarnation. Otherwise I probably will become like this ----> , punching bag and all, especially if I make it to my 60's and it's still business as usual on this rock.

    "The thing is that I cannot prove what I have ever done and even if..." Kinda reminds me of what comedian, the late Gallagher said, "If you do a good deed, get a receipt, just in case heaven is like the IRS."

    "In my opinion, being a punching bag and slave alone in this incarnation right now, deserves a LOT of compensation already!" Truer words have never been said.....and double considering I never did a Columbine in my youth, nor became like Ted Kaczynski.

  34. È difficile essere fuori dalla matrix con una consapevolezza ed una coscienza risvegliata e non arrabbiarsi. La vita è monotona, le solite cose, le solite bugie, i soliti burattini e i soliti burattinai. Avete mai sentito parlare di Corrado Malanga? Allora ve lo consiglio.

  35. Ecco Corrado Malanga:

  36. Steven Greer had an interview where he talks about the military option for recovering ufo/uap materials. The law allows 6 months after passing for the private sector to turn in and report exotic materials/craft. He told the interviewer in 6-12 months if nothing is done parts of the military will move on treasonous programs to recover Intel and materials. This is pretty big news.

    Since David Grusch came out Congress has had a hearing and passed legislation. The cat is out of the bag. Insiders have said the others will be doing something in 2027. We are being slow rolled into a disclosure process to prevent mass panic when a move happens.

    I wonder about the mechanics of the shift. What will change as open contact happens and vibrations rise? Bashar says as we have contact, physical reality will begin to breakdown and it will seem like a dream.

    Apparently, the vibration difference is so large between the others and humans that it cause injury to us to be close to them and their craft. Bashar has said we are altered to handle the contact.

    The Zetas thru paul hamden say there is a suppression network in place. This prevents humans from easily increasing frequencies. They talk about a collective tipping point, which I believe is the event. Past that point, we will be accepted by other races and have contact.

    As it is generally accepted open contact will start around 2027, also we have the technological singularity predicted to happen in 2033. The type of technology we use most likely will change. We use a simple, novel technology for our energy.

    The Zetas, also, have said that technologies will be released to prevent the collapse of society from resource depletion like free energy, etc.

    I respect Cobra. I have come to believe that suddenly , drastic changes really don't happen. I expect a slow ramping up of contact culminating in a mass contact scenario on the UFO front. Most of Cobra's followers want a sudden drastic change. I look at it as unlikely.

    If the USA is in continuity of government and there is a covet war going on, most likely we will reach a point where marshall law is needed. Not to put us into FEMA camps, but to explain to the people what has been going on. If it is true that Trump is still a war time commander and chief, where Biden is president of the bankrupt corporation, this may indeed be like a black swan event when the people find out.

    Some people do not believe there will be a 2024 election. It is likely the military will have to move before the next election. The covert war becoming public could happen before 2025.

    There is a lot going on. I look at the ReVal as generally a scam. Sorry, I do think buy into it. The biggest psyop is getting people to just wait and have hope. I look at the future financial system as being a successor to capitalism. I hope state control isn't needed. People have to learn to care about the world and others. That's the future system. The event or tipping point will change the social climate.

    I enjoy Cobras situation updates. Much has been finished. The quantum anomaly is going to be a slow process. As it is removed contact can gradually be stepped up, culminating in a mass contact event.

    The future, I think, will have a break from things as normal when the covert war is ready to be disclosed. Again as ET contact is stepped up. And again as the technological singularity arrives.

    1. @Anon

      Panic.....the age old excuse for SLOW, drip, drip,drip 'progress'. WE suffer MORE, for the 'benefit' of Average Joe and Plain Jane......any WONDER who secret societies and break away societies happen? I myself am probably gonna have pure hate and malice for the masses by the time ANYTHING happens, if any of the above is true.

      I say LET the sheeple panic, serves them right, considering what WE gone through to try and help them wake the fuck only results were ridicule and fists to my face.

    2. @Sherman I don't share your dread and anger. Some people will be caught off guard for sure.

    3. @Anon
      IF they panic, TOO BAD......I want to be both ALIVE and YOUNG enough to actually enjoy the good stuff.

      Like I said before, I don't care for the bible, but I do like to use one biblical reference in this case:

      Noah tried to help the masses wake up, but they did not listen. Then it started to RAIN...............

  37. After people started questioning theunveiling33's information, you instead kept recommending theunveiling33's information, are you his colleague?

  38. Rudolf Steiner - Mystery Centres of Ancient Ireland 1/3 Initiation: