Thursday, April 12, 2012

Benjamin Fulford's explanation about March 31st deadline

RE: Cut off dates

Hi Ben,
Wasn't there a cut off date of last month for action to take place?
Kind regards

The cut off date was put out by the gnostic illuminati faction allied with the White Dragon Society. Shortly before the cut-off the Feds sent somebody to
Japan with an offer of $10 trillion. However, it turns out the offer was $590 trillion for us and $10 trillion for the rest of the world with them still in charge. There are still two factions battling it out and it is looking increasingly likely things will start getting physical soon. We are all running out of patience. The Asian groups know that time is on their side and they just have to wait for things to implode in the West. People in the West need to remove the criminal cabal on their own or else face increasing disorder and chaos. 

P.S. by Cobra:

The Plan has no room for any kind of negotiations with the Cabal. They have to be removed from society, as peacefully and non-violently as possible, and as soon as possible.


  1. Cobra,

    If the ascension date of December 21 is written in stone and will not be changed, that leaves us with 253 days to work with.

    Is that enough time?


    1. It is true that there is a certain deadline at which all darkness will be removed from Earth. That deadline may or may not be December 21st.

      Nevertheless, know that Ascension is a growth process and not an event and it will surely continue after December 21st.

  2. I was sent this last night by somebody.

    I wasn't sure what to the inink of the video, I got no confirmation Ben was the source of it and the images, but the voice is certainly his.

    A friend gave me his opinion of the video:

    "I believe he is trying to get the military to move now. Me thinks he would like a coup, but that isn't going to happen. The military behind the planetary changes are also constitutionalists.

    Fulford did this once before and managed to get some action from the Black Dragons. I don't think this will work. He needs to go higher up.

    Everything I'm seeing says that the angelic realm is taking a stronger role ... which has nothing to do with aggression. I'm also seeing signs that the Elohei Elohim are moving these vibrations in at an even faster and stronger rate. That's what I think will cause fallout. Not warlike action... The Elohei Elohim are also pointing at June. Something big is up. I can feel it."

    My general gut feel is that so many things are converging at once that this is going to resemble the fall of the Soviet Union and Berlin Wall than a police action. But that's just my opinion. There's an unprecedented amount of divine intervention at this time.

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    2. That's my feeling as well, things are being put together on all levels..

      I think that one very important factor is the free will of everybody on earth.. do we want more of disharmony and negativity ? is that our path, the experiences and lessons we choose/need ? Or are we moving on to a more harmonious state ? That includes how we are living, what energy do we put out in the world, how do we relate to each other, what do we buy etc.

      Because the only way ETs, and i guess even peacemaking groups on earth, can act, is on our behalf. Respecting free will is one of the main aspect of positivity

      In other words, there can be no real and successful intervention from anybody, from earth or anywhere else, without a strong enough calling, in the form of positively oriented energy from all beings on earth.

      Because darkness isnt only in the cabal's heart. It's in everyone to some extent. We are all one, it's a stage of experience that the creator made to experience itself.

      Otherwise you would have an intervention and then we would create a negative world again.

      I guess we're almost ready to move on, but if that's what we really want we must keep moving forward in our daily lives, doing service, consuming consciously, etc. My feeling is that the signal from ET that the change-makers are waiting for, that Cobra was talking about, is about that. When we are ready it will happen.

      That's again moving out of victim consciousness. We are responsible for what world we create. Taking that step is moving out of slavery. Then you can choose peace.

      love and light to all

    3. I think there's a tendency in humans to equate the power of darkness with the power of the light and really darkness is no match for the light. Its not like there has to be 99 of the people awake for change to happen, the thresh hold is much much lower. Its why the cabal puts so much effort in enforcing "belief" along certain "authorized" lines. If belief didn't matter why would they even concern themselves with it? Its because their power is based on illusion.

      Darkness is just the absence of light. There's no true substance to shadows.

    4. Thank you for your answer, I agree with all that :)

      I think darkness also has its place in the sense that its meant to be, its here by design by the creator, in order to experience itself. If we all knew everything already, if we were always experiencing oneness, there would be no creation for our eyes to see except pure light everywhere. Darkness is an illusion yes, but i still cherish it for these reasons.

      That means faith in one creator, one only power working for the good of itself, even when creating/allowing darkness. And accepting darkness sends love and light to it.

      Then yes at some point we move forward and live a golden age. And i think we can only enjoy it because we have been through darkness. Because we've experienced it, because we've accepted it as our own creation, we being the creator, we can move on to be more conscious of ourself. I guess you can call darkness the creator forgetting it is itself, and light remembering. The creator forgets to have interaction with itself.

      To live in light we must remember we have created this dark world ourselves, for a reason.

      But now we're tired of it and we wanna move on :D

      love and light

    5. I think you might be right a certain exposure to it is necessary perhaps for understanding the physical realms.

      I am not certain that it was ever intended to get as bad as it has on earth, but I think a lot was learned from what happened here.

      So in that regard, maybe we're like the Marine Corps of planets, we've been through a lot and we keeping holding the light. Hu Rah!

    6. It was never intended for the situation on planet Earth to go so far. Luckily, this is now being corrected.

    7. About that video

      Ben is a little impatient and would like to start some action...It does not work this way...The Event will happen only when everything is ready, which is not yet, but soon...

  3. yeah maybe we went a bit far here.. its still quite mysterious.. i can only feel how intense the joy is, after going through all that, to live the change..

  4. I don't want to be a party pooper but who ever is going to arrest these parasites needs to get a move on it... 33 years and counting????
    These "bad guys" really have a hold on this country. I am planning to leave USA if I don't see arrests by June. I also have a feeling about June and the message is get out of the way. Not a pessimist here honest in fact quite the opposite most of the time.
    When I see the arrests happen then I will celebrate.
    In the west we are STILL getting sprayed like insects and the same BS is on TV and well NOTHING has changed as far as I can see within the illusion. Yes we all feel the energy shifts etc and that is great but tomorrow anyone could be arrested and put in jail forever!! with what ever THEY want to charge you with.

  5. Cobra,

    You know, Qhhypnotherapy has a point. If you surf the spiritual blogs, the patience of the lightworkers is growing thin.

    We're only human and this is a difficult test, so I'm sure our stelan family can understand that there are those of us who've had enough.

    Like you said, this situation on earth was never meant to get so bad. With that in mind, I have a question.

    Will humanity see the peace, advanced technologies, healing and truth before Ascension? (or whatever name you might like to call it) Or will these things come only after Ascension?


    1. I know that patience of many is growing thin. This will not take so much longer. All the positve changes you mentioned will begin to be implemented immediatelly after the Event, long before the Ascension.

    2. How long do you think we should wait for the Big Event(announcement of the ET's existence)?
      Thank you (Grazie! =)

    3. manolo wait as long as it takes it has taken millenia to come to this point so whats a few years it may not be the time you want but it will be the right time...we all must have faith and an inner knowing to these situations as the cycle of history is being played out we must shift the course at the right time using the small push with quantum implications can do big things peace to all

  6. For some, it does seem from a media point of view that the cabal is still in power and control and nothing is being done in regards to arrests. Well is not true because that's exactly what the cabal want you to think! You have to remember, they control media, so they are going to make it seem like things are still going in their favor, like heading towards WWIII, but things such as this wont be allowed to happen, but they will use every last ounce of effort they have to keep painting the same picture of reality to those who are asleep until the day they are arrested. You will have to look to your higher still for knowledge on what is really going on here. Namaste

  7. I'm having a better day today sorry for the negativity on the last comment. I find it difficult to have one foot in reality and the other in the illusion at times. I just wanted to say it's refreshing to have such a wonderful bunch of folks to chat with here on this blog.

    hope your all feeling the love today