Sunday, April 22, 2012

End of Galactic Wars - Light Overcomes Darkness

The light will overcome the darkness and banish it. The darkness will be like something that never was, and the source of darkness will be dissolved. Deficiency will be pulled out by its root and cast down into the darkness, and the light will withdraw up to its root.

Nag Hammadi Codices: On The Origin Of The World

"Our planet is the last one that has this evil on it.
When the evil here is disposed of, there will be no more anywhere."

A quote from Drake 


  1. I don't buy into this Light vs. Dark crap, and I hope most people question this, too. The Light is all embracing, with infinite wisdom, and no ego, and The Wise do not see the two energies as opposites, instead, as two energies always in play with each other.

    Any painful experiences on this planet are temporary, there is a purpose and a plan to this.

    I hope people keep this in mind too.

    1. miloski,you say you dont believe in the dark side,yet the things that control this planet go to bohemium grove worship the owl god, ritual fake sacrifices of children,as well as real life sacrifices like 9 11 london bombings madrid bali pearl harbour bay of tonkin oklahoma waco reichstag,scull and bones ,the brotherhood of death,the extermination of the indians and the coninued destruction of natural habitats and indiginous people then you said you dont believe light and dark and then you say that they play together,this world is paradise ruined by entitys with black hearts once we get rid of them ,our planet will be paradise

    2. Read your Bible, lest ye be deceived by the anti-christ

  2. Also,

    In an infinite universe with infinite possibilities ALL exists. To suggest that "this is the last of evil", is such a basic error in philosophy, it makes me wonder if this site is what it says it is.

    You won't even get all the "evil" of this planet! Past, present, and future go on at the same time so there will continue to be "evil" in Earth's "past", and as my spiritual wisdom has increased I've come to have a more balanced perspective on this.

    Don't you think there is negative in the best of us? Positive in the worst of us? How do you segregate? We all continue to have evil thoughts about one another, are we evil? How do you draw the line? What are the attributes of someone who is pure evil?

    For this reason, I try to avoid using polarizing words like, "evil, dark, bad people", frankly I think when most those words are used they in egoism. I've come to realize that there are actions and people who embrace illusion and who embrace reality. All pain and those who choose to create more pain (and we all do on some level) is illusion, is separation. All the times you embrace Unconditional love (not just to your partner or your family) and react with a fearless attitude - that's Reality, that's Unity.

    I don't think The Illuminati are damned forever and nonredeemable! I just don't agree with them because they embrace The Illusion, and I send them Love.

    To get into these ideas of "galactic wars", they just don't resonate with me at all, I don't believe in war of any kind, or separation of any kind. We Are All One, and that's not just a phrase I use to people who I get along with well - it applies to ALL beings. ALL are deserving of Love, and those who are the Hardest to Love need Love the most - only Love is behind this Shift. Not technology, not weapons - they're the tools in the physical. Love, Grace & Mercy is that which fuels this.


    1. Thank you, miloski, I agree with most of what you say... I'm much happier when I'm focusing on my mind and heart...

      This play has many layers and many stages; the physical may seem the most immediate and intriguing, but for the average person it is the least significant.

      Best wishes to all, Leslee

    2. What you say is true in the context of earth how it is now and how it has been.

      However the game can change and therefore the rules too.

      We are all one yes. My understanding from this point is that light is remembering oneness, darkness is forgetting. The One chose to forget to create new experiences, and by doing that it created darkness. From thereon you can't really predict everything that will happen out of forgetting.

      But i've come to believe that this game of forgetting is just one (little?) part of the whole picture. So we move on, we ascend, we all remember, and we get to use the skills we've developped here, in a different context, with different rules.

      Just a point of view..

    3. Untwine, I am also in line with you say as well. There really are so many different point of views on what is to happen for us here in the near future that one can go "nutty" just trying to figure it out for themselves. I would imagine, and this is just my opinion, and just not taking things as "serious" as Miloski above...that we have the answer within ourselves, we know what is right and what is wrong, or what sounds positive and what sounds negative we just choose to live the reality that best suits us for the times warranted, past, present or future. I truly believe we are the creators of our own universe, thus why as a collective we are moving into a much more positive way of living because everything comes to an end in one sense, and in another sense continues somewhere else. With that in mind all the information is there that we need to create our own "positive" beautiful universe...we just need to figure out the pieces of the puzzle and put it together. Drake, Wilcock, Fulford, Salusa, Nidle and all those "way showers" of the world are just providing us with just "one" piece of that puzzle.

    4. We are watching the book of Revelations play out right before our eyes, just as God said it would be in his letter to us. First contact will take place through the United Nations? we will be given an electric shock. Oh you'll be shocked alright, when you find out you're worshiping the anti-christ.

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  3. It is true that there is still both positive and negative in all of us (until we ascend), but when the critical mass of negativitiy is transformed, the whole reality shifts. This is what I am talking about.

    There are some beings that are beyond repair, and that includes some of the Illuminati. No ammount of Love will ever transform them, because they don't want it.

    I had to learn this the hard way and I think most who had direct experience with hard-core Illuminati would agree.

  4. Why is the arcticle signed by Drake ?

  5. It is not signed by Drake. It is just a quote from Drake. I have now corrected the post so it is not ambigous anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. A statistik has been made 1990; do you prefer to live in harmony and in peace without worry or do you prefer to live with war and disease? You will be amazed with the results! The first only 0.7% and 99.3% last! The 99.3% has given the following interpretation: It would be boring. (...)

    The fifth dimension is not of course a third dimension upgraded as many think. Ego and duality are gone. These two are specialities of the third dimension for those who dont know!

  7. Thanks for comments by all.

    I agree, no one can change as long as they don't want to.

    However, the way I see it (so take it how you want), is that that's only been the case up to now. Up to this point in this lifetime they haven't wanted to change, but I believe a point will come (The Event?) when they awaken too and realize they've only be deceiving themselves.

    I think it was said well, by Untwine "The One chose to forget to create new experiences, and by doing that it created darkness". All of us, whether Illuminati are still The One - we are All still God. However, there are others who are more, and less in touch with our Godself. The more in touch ones are revered, and looked upon as Lightworkers. The less so, are outcasted and viewed as evil. But I don't see the benefit for myself, or anyone else, in judgement.

    Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate any work that is being done by The Resistence - and the work by all of us - I appreciate it ALLOT because I don't want to suffer, or see the world I live in suffer or be asleep.

    I think that only someone asleep, wounded, and self-loathing can create torture, sadism, and misery in this world and I think the BEST way to help everyone is with Compassion. I agree, that if they choose not to help themselves they must be removed (in the best way possible), BUT I still think that one day, one lifetime from now, 10 lifetimes, 100 lifetimes from now they will also awaken. I don't think our Godself would be a Godself if it had written "damnation" into the program. That's just my opinion, and in time Truth will tell...

    I believe this Ascension is as much for the betterment of the souls of some Illuminati as it is Lightworkers, because with this Jarring-shocking dethronement of the Illuminati they begin to question themselves (just as all beings who experience shock in their lives), and look for a new way to do things. I've already read and heard of many "Jumping ship", and I'm sure some of these are genuine!

    Not to mention that we ALL are going to experience higher states of awareness and consciousness, which we ALL begin to awaken from the Illusion.

    I'm sure some choose not to Ascend, that's fine, that's perfect and all in Divine Order because we're all on different points in our evolutions, but I just know that no one is ever damned for eternity - that wouldn't be infinite love, so that can't be how it is (and I don't say that because I'm too terrified of the possibility of damnation, it just doesn't jive with my idea of Infinite Love).

    Peace & OneLove

    1. Thank you too

      I get where you're coming from. I can never stand with the outcasting neither. I heard a story once that i really like. It happens in a village. The people there start using some dangerous chemicals to clean their clothes in the river. Most of them drink from that river as well. After a couple of generations, a few children are born with serious handicap, they're totally unadapted socially and they become outcast, despised and thrown out. But their handicap is a result from the polluting that almost everyone contributed to.

      For me this is a metaphor for the river of thought that runs in all of us, almost all of us contribute to polluting it, we get angry in our car, we don't respect and tolerate each other's opinion in the comments of a blog, we eat meat from animals that have been tortured all their lives, we feel unworthy, anything, and then we blame it all on the ones who get crazy and kill people or something.

      So yes i do agree with you on that.

      I also do understand where Cobra's coming from, and mainly because i read his previous arcticle, the Galactic Codex. I strongly recommend anyone who's reading this blog to go back and check all his previous arcticles, in order to fully understand the present posts.

      So this Galactic codex Cobra posted about is a "code of inner ethics of all souls of Light that all beings of Light accept with their free will because it reflects their inner truth."

      In there, there's a section called the law of balance : "This section regulates the relations between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. When defeated, beings that belong to the Forces of Darkness are given the opportunity to accept the Galactic Codex, do the best they can to correct the mistakes they made and to live positively afterwards. If they accept, they are forgiven and join the Confederation. If they are unable or unwilling to accept, they are taken to the Central Sun, their personalities and soul essences are restructured with the Electric Fire and their divine spark begin a new cycle of evolution."

      I can understand that. Since darkness is forgetting, and since with forgetting you can't predict completely what will happen, it is possible that some entities get out of grip. If they do, i can understand it's the purpose of the One to recyle this part of itself so that the rest of it can live healthy. There can not be a damnation, the One cannot get rid of itself, yes. But like in your body when you have a cancer, these cells need to be terminated and their energy recycled.

      That's how i see it
      light and love too all

    2. I agree. Thanks for explaining my point of view quite accurately.

    3. Great explanation untwine. It makes a lot of sense.

    4. Where can I find this Galatic Codex? Just very interested in reading it :)

    5. on the main page of this blog, you'll find all previous arcticles on the right side. there's many interesting stuff there, including the galacitc codex.

  8. In what context is earth the last of the darkness? In terms of this Galaxy or in terms of the Universe?

    The GFL has said its been portaling dark Reptoids found on this planet to planets at the far reaches of this universe. That would seem to imply it still exists in the entire universe on planets other than Earth.

    1. In terms of the whole universe.

      Some Reptilians (those that accepted love and light) have been indeed teleported to the far corners of the universe. Those that refused to, have been disintegrated in the electric fire of the Central Sun.

    2. So does that process erase the memory of the soul? Essentially make it a blank slate to start over then?

    3. Electric fire disintegrates the Causal body (vehicle of the soul). Individualized spark of the soul is then dissolved, with all memories and individial traits erased, it returns into the Source and has to start a new cycle of evolution from the beginning.

    4. Excellent info thanks again Cobra! Lol cobra btw I always think of this when I see your name...haha namaste :)

  9. Hi there, I just had a question here: sense all f this activity is going on from cabal arrests, cleaning up the planet (which is one thing to do on the to do list) and seeing crafts in the sky's all around the world. When are these beings suppose to land exactly?
    people have been seeing a lot of crafts lately in the sky so I was wondering when they plan on disclosers and actualy landing.

  10. aren't these beings called the lion people suppose to come as well? I wanted to see those most of all as well as others.

  11. @apersonwhoknows Mid - Spring 2012
    * Mass Public Arrests
    * Announce New Banking System
    * New Government In Power
    * UFO Disclosure

    Summer 2012
    * Trial Dates Set
    * Release Of Secret Technology
    * New Business & Financial Infrastructure In Place
    * Meetings With Earth - Based Members Of Space & Spiritual Families.Also it could happen sooner because we are kind of behind alot was supposed to happen in the fall of 2011 so more starships have came to the planet and are also out side our planet and the majority of the starships are cloaked.

    1. thanks a buch. I just needed to know this. Its gravly important that these beings come here. It will let people know whole heartedly that there are other beings in the universe. I just this really happens. This concious awaking is very important. Sometimes I kinda wonder how important people realize it is.

  12. The Chronology of Earth History22 Million B.C. The first Lyrans come to Earth and colonize.
    387,000 B.C. 144,207 Lyrans come to Earth and settle here, forever changing the genetics of Earthman.
    228,000 B.C. A Lyran leader named Asael leads 360,000 Lyrans to a new home in the Pleiades.
    226,000 B.C. Asael dies and his daughter Pleja becomes ruler. The system is now called the Plejas.
    225,000 B.C. Pleja scout ships discover Earth, and colonies are founded here and on Mars and Milona.
    196,000 B.C. War breaks out on Earth and its people are evacuated to the Plejas. Forty years later Milona destroys itself and becomes the asteroid belt. Mars is thrown out of orbit and all life is gone.
    116,000 B.C. For the past 80,000 years several small colonies have been tried by the Lyrans-mostly exiled criminals.
    71,344 B.C. The Great Pyramids are built in Egypt, China, and South America by Lyrans.
    58,000 B.C. The Great Plan. The Pleiadians build a great society on Earth that lasts for almost 10,000 years.
    48,000 B.C. Ishwish Pelegon comes to Earth and builds a wonderful society that lasts for around 10,000 years.
    31,000 B.C. Atlantis is founded by a man named Atlant, who comes with his people from the Barnard Star system.
    30,500 B.C. The great city of Mu is founded by Muras, the father of Atlant's wife, Karyatide. His empire is sometimes called Lemuria.
    30,000 B.C. The black race comes from Sirius.
    16,000 B.C. Arus is exiled from Earth for trying to start wars. He hides out with his followers in the Beta Centauri star system.
    14,000 B.C. Arus and his men return to Earth and settle in Hyperborea, which is the current location of Florida.
    13,000 B.C. The scientist Semjasa, the second in command to Arus, creates two Adams, who bear a child named Seth. This becomes the legend of Adam and Eve.
    11,000 B.C. Arus II attacks the Sumerians, who flee into the mountains.
    11,000 B.C. A group of ETs of unknown origin arrive, led by a leader named Viracocoha, who controlled the city of Tiahuanaco. His base was on an island named Mot. He provided the inhabitants of Easter Island the tools to build the strange statues there which represent him.
    9500 B.C. The Pleiadians cause the old spirit-form from Lahson to come to Earth - later the incarnation of Meier.
    9498 B.C. Atlantis and Mu destroy each other and ruin the planet. The air is not breathable for 50 years. All survivors are driven underground.
    9448 B. C. Jehovan, the third son of Arus II, takes over the three remaining tribes left on Earth and becomes the ruler.
    8239 B. C. The Destroyer Comet passes closely by Earth and causes the Atlantic ocean to part.
    8104 B.C. The Biblical Flood.
    ca.6000 B.C. Venus is pulled out of its orbit around the planet Uranus by the Destroyer Comet and is in orbit around the sun.
    5981 B.C. The Destroyer Comet comes close to Earth, causing great destruction. It also changes the orbit of Venus.
    4930 B.C. The Destroyer Comet once again passes close by Earth, causing tidal waves of destruction.
    5000 B.C. Jehav, the son of Jehovan, takes over rulership.
    1500 B.C. The Destroyer Comet passes by Earth, causing the Santorini Volcano to erupt. It also pulls Venus into its current orbit around the sun.
    1320 B.C. Jehav is murdered by his son, Arussem, who has two sons named Salem and Ptaah.
    1010 B.C. Arusseam is driven out of power by his sons and hides out under the Great Pyramid with his followers. They call themselves the Bafath. This rest of this chart shows important moments in Earth history after procreating the spirit-form of Jmmanuel to carry on the teachings of creation.
    32 A. D. Jmmanuel is crucified on the cross.

    1. The actual history is a little bit different, I may write a post about it after the Event.

    so you mean this drake and not the rapper drake