Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Drake wants "the people" to vote on a proposal as to how the Dark Cabal/Banking Families need to surrender and on what terms.  What is our demands? Options are to have an all-out war of violence in taking out the banking families or should we negotiate with the dark cabal to transition into a peaceful new way of freedom.

Do you (the people) want all-out war?  If so the Civilian Military will be fighting the mercenaries and loyalist of the Dark Cabal/Bankers. Many of both sides of the fight would be dead or wounded.  Both sides want to transition without war or violence. A proposal needs to be written so that a peaceful transition can occur.
More here:
I will post an official statement from the Resistance Movement about this as soon as I gather intel,  which will be in the next 12 hours or so. 

P.S. You can listen to the Drake's show here:

Please listen to the show first, and THEN make comments to my post. 


  1. wtf is this??? I mean really WTF is this???
    No comment Cobra.

    1. maybe it is a test for the lightworkers to see how we will react. Of course the peaceful solution is the best course of action..violence will only amplify the negative energies on Earth. Namaste all :)

    2. And so they have our attention and we are once again distracted from our intent. And that is how they do it. Call it a Drake call it a Cobra or a Snow Flake, it is all the same, distract, divide and get some fear based anger going on. "Now we" as in the "MAN" whoever it is at the moment can have whatever "HE,THEY" want.....and how will we know what is going on. We are distracted and not really paying attention....Any Snake Oil Sales Man or Magician knows this trick....

    3. Agreed. I am very disappointed. Something about this isn't adding up. I heard Drake say, over the broadcast, that the cabal would still have some power. Then, in chat, I asked him if I heard him correctly and he then stated "No, they will have NO power." Which is it? I want to see them relinquish ALL power and money that they have stolen from us as well as pay for their atrocities. Mass murder on a global scale, rape, torture and murder of babies and children as well as innocent adults, etc... These are not things to be taken lightly. Arrest these criminals and get it over with! There have already been plenty of opportunities to arrest them! Bilderberger, etc... Do we the people need to go ahead and do the dirty work ourselves? I'm starting to think that's the only way that this is going to get done. I am disgusted and deeply disturbed by this news. What's going to keep them from regrouping later on and attacking with a vengence later on? I have small children that I am responsible for protecting! Get it together guys or get out of the way!

  2. This doesnt make sense, you have supposed leverage to make them surrender, but we have the "option" to have a war that will leave 2/3 wounded or dead. Really these are the options? You said there would be mass arrests, not some negotiation or civil war, logic and/or your story doesnt add up here at all.

  3. I mean haven't you read the comments of the people to your posts?? Do you think anyone here wants war?Really? Is this the best what the Positive Military-Resistance Movement-White Dragon Society-Galactic Confederation can pull off after meticolouly planning this transition period for over 40 years with the 300 surface operatives inside Military waiting for the signal of the Pleaidians who in turn wait from the Light emanating from the Source??
    To have a fckin vote on your page whether "people" want war or not.
    This is a big disgrace.

    1. LV I couldn't have said it any better.There is also contradiction in this update from Drake.Will they be willing to surrender? No! Not when we have to use war in the same sentence.Mind games..

      This makes me even stronger...the power of light!

    2. Szerintem ez egy teszt. Arra kíváncsiak, hogy az emberek pozitívan, vagy negatívan gondolkodnak. Én sem hiszem, hogy a nagy előkészítés után, így hoznák meg a döntést. Egyértelmű, hogy ha a tárgyalások nem vezetnek eredményre, le kell őket tartóztatni. Ha csak erővel, akkor úgy, bár ez a legvégső megoldás, és mindent el kell követni, hogy a dolgok ne fajuljanak el idáig. Szerintem ehhez meg vannak az eszközeik, így hát nem is lesz háború. Mindenesetre legkésőbb decemberben menekülni fognak, mielőtt a föld átlép ama bizonyos kapun. A pozitív energiákat nem nagyon tudnák elviselni.

      I think this is a test. It is curious that people are positive or negative thinking. I do not believe that after the preparation of large, so it would lead to a decision. It is clear that if the negotiations fail, you have to arrest them. If only value, it will be, although this is the ultimate solution, and everything should be done, that things are not that far fajuljanak. I think this means you are in, so there will be no war. In any case no later than December, they will flee before the earth moves in some ama gate. They could not endure the very positive energy.

      (Sorry if you understand the text, the English translation with Google translator made​​)

    3. HIP HIP Hurray! for your candid response you hit the nail right on the head. "a !#*!(~! vote on your page" made me smile.
      oh my how his breast feathers must be puffing up cause he is all that much attention and all...
      We could cure this cancer thinking by not visiting this page but I can hardly stay away it may be more addicting than nicotiene.....

    4. I'm waiting for Cobra's response to this bullshit and then I'm not going to come back.

      so far I've stopped visiting Drake, Fulford, & Wilcock's sites because my BS meter can't take any more.

    5. Theo what is your problem with David? He has always been honest and never chose fear porn. He has my complete trust.

    6. Why are people dismissing an oportunity to make difference? I also believe this is a test. Let it sink in and cast your vote. This kind of democracy people do not know! Sure maybe it's bs maybe not. Instead of letting our egos go we shoot the messenger.

      What kind of world would U guys want. Most of us here are meditating together for a reason! The voting might just be what we have prayed for remember be positive with love and light and use yout minds...

    7. For Love Light and Oneness We can connect to the Universal energy... the One! Correct?

      I have never heard it said that we needed to connect to the internet.

      This is a good tool to get information out, its a great propaganda media for everyone unlike television and radio of the past.
      Yes we all get heard and get to vote or just read or respond.
      Maybe it brings the viewer to Light or Dark
      or we can turn the PC off and go for a walk on the planet. Its a choice
      They haven't taken that away yet, have they?

  4. Seems to be a big trap! sure we choose the negotiations first, but Drake's phrase that "Some of the Cabal will get prison time, but most will be free", raises many questions! very insidious !

  5. hahahaha wow, my BS meter just blew up.

    1. This can't be Cobra writing this, it's just can't, I mean ahh..

    2. Seriously, WTF is this??? Sounds like a trap for buying time. I don't want any war either, but why all this negotiation? Haven't it been noted over and over again that those psychopaths are beyond repair? How do we know that they won't back stab, like they always do?

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  7. This feels like dis-info/mis-info. WHy?

    Who says that these are the only two options here? I don't buy that, at all.

    1. Arrest the culpable parties
    2. Put them on Trial

    In addition, announce and implement each and every condition of NESARA, immediately.

    These people have reneged on each and every prior deadline and agreement that they've made. To expect them to negotiate and follow through on the terms of any accepted agreement make no logical sense.

  8. So a poll on site that looks like it was made by a 12-year old is to decide the future of the United States or even the world? This has to be real because if it was fake they wouldn't make themselves look so ridiculous ! :)

  9. Shocked to see this! This was the last place I thought to see something like this. We all here know that there is no possibility of war, the galactic federation and the guardian alliance will not allow it, there is no choice to be made here so why even come out with this supposed intel. We are of the light, the light will always find ways to bring change without war, sheesh! Cobra, what in the health is going on here?

    1. I was in the chatroom during the broadcast. I repeatedly asked what happened to the ET's preventing war scenario. My question, though asked repeatedly, never garnered a response.

      Something is definitely wrong with this situation.

  10. if people are dumb enough to fall for this OBVIOUS BS trick, you all deserve to be enslaved, killed or whatever 'they' decide to do with you.

    Have people forgotten that they look at us as inferior creatures?

    Now that they know their days are numbered, they want to what, negotiate a truce? ARE YOU F$CKIN KIDDING ME?? it's a trap.

    last "trap" we fell for was Atlantis, and look how well that turned out.

    the ONLY option here is to round them up, throw them in jail and put them all on trail and THEN vote as to the fate of each one on a case by case basis.

    There will be NO WAR, NO 2/3 casualties, NONE OF THIS BULLSHIT THEY'RE SPEWING.

    This is all a moot point anyway. Once the shift happens, these lower vibrational scum won't be on the same plane as the rest of humanity. So you want to negotiate, go ahead negotiate. Give them control once again and don't be surprised when one day, out of the clear blue you see a big flash followed by complete destruction.

    How stupid will people feel if all this negotiating happens, no arrests, no nothing and sometime later, chemtrails choke the sky and we start dropping like flies. what then? more negotiations? more nice talk?

  11. It would appear the Cobra's Clone assumed control of the blog spot

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  13. Oh please from my heart, brothers and sisters, relax.

    Maybe the meditations we've been doing every week mean something ? Maybe it means that what we all say about it is a major factor in what's going on ? Maybe we all have a real power, we've been tricked for long time to think we don't, but we really, really, really do ?

    Cobra's been saying there's a delicate hostage situation. How can you all possibly claim to know how the endgame operation works ?
    The cabal, having hostages, demanding their freedom, can make sense to me.
    And any way, i am not gonna throw out stuff without properly thinking and meditating on it.
    And i'm even less gonna throw out attacks on people, on Cobra and Drake in that case, without really knowing what i'm talking about.
    Recently i see so many people whose intention is apparently to work for the liberation of the planet, throwing attacks and judgements at other people, at each other in many cases, and i don't understand it. For me, wanting to live in peace means doing/being it now, refraining from attacking/judging, sticking to just speaking one's view.


    1. Is there a delicate hostage situation ? Please share the info/link ... it passed me by.

    2. untwine - this is the most healthy perspective I've read here.

      It's impossible for us in our limited understanding of the situation as a whole to have complete overseeing wisdom on how the kabuki is playing out. It's best to keep our center and continue to WANT what we WANT which is lasting PEACE. It's enough. Everything we do, think and vote on should be consistent with that.

    3. Thank You untwine!!! FINALLY some sanity!! What have you all been doing here all these months? Have you not been meditating and praying for Peace, Love, Freedom, Forgiveness, Spiritual Growth...etc? I wouldn't know it reading most of your posts. If you want to live in a world of Peace, Love, Harmony and Prosperity....First you have to live it!! Drake has stated that there will be trials and investigations...the evil ones will not go unpunished. But that is not what we should be concerned with! We should want Peace at the earliest possible hour!! Hate will only beget you more Hate!! Process your hate and anger into Love and let's start living in Peace, Love and Prosperity....Sooner rather than later!!

  14. This is very disheartening. You don't negotiate with satanists. If the mass arrests are not carried out the cabal will know it is because we don't think we can really pull it off. They are playing for time. Call their bluff. And a vote on war? Based on the tiny percentage of the populace that knows this is happening? This is absurd and seriously calls In question the credibility of Drake and Cobra. Go after the bastards now and end this thing. Drake sounds like he is out of his depth on a broad range of these issues. We let the cabal regroup in this country once before after we thought they were routed (1820's), and the rest is history. If we let them surrender and don't arrest them they will all need to go into witness protection to keep from being lynched once the truth gets out about what they've done. You don't negotiate with people who practice human sacrifice. Put them in jail now!

  15. i wasn't able to open that link and after reading everyone's reactions and replies, it wasn't meant to be read. I would disregard it completely.

    I've hard hard time posting on this blog, gotta try and do this quick!

    The critical mass tipped couple of days ago. the Light has won. Most difficult internal work is over we Lightworkers have done, is in the past, but now it's time to get to "work", only few months left :)

    <3<3<3 and huge hug to y'all

  16. Hi Cobra and thanks for all your great work! :)

    I think this is a really good news, really! Why?

    Because this indicate that is time to move ahead and I think this "strange text" (ehehehe...) is only a test for we, the people.

    What is the test?

    If we cannot obtain a full mass-arrest, will we continue to choose a peaceful answer or will we prefer to choose war?

    I'm continuing to choose PEACE and LIGHT and YOU, YOU too, isn't it? :)

    Why the test?

    Top test if we, the people, are really ready for a peaceful world. Only if we will ALWAYS choose PEACE and LIGHT, always, then we areready for the new world, isn't it? :)

    PS: be happy the time is near...

    With infinite Light and Love...


    1. I couldn't agree more!
      Cobra was not implying the resistance is wanting to start a war, he just simply asked the people what they wish to see!! We obviously dont wish to see war! so lets tell them we wish for peace and move on peacefully rather than all go in to shock and fear.

      Peace, love and light to all.

    2. Well said Fabio!! I agree! We must always choose the Peaceful resolution EVERY TIME or we are not yet ready to move on with Mother Earth. There is no place in the "Golden Age" for Hate and revenge.

  17. Is nothing as it seems? I know for sure that our intentions hold fast and that our group exercises in bringing about peaceful positive change also work, let's stick with what we know and send some positive out whenever we can, I'm glad you all went with your gut instinct too because this doesn't wash with me.

  18. We like to live peacefully.
    We like truthful servant leaders/wayshowers.
    We like spiritual guides who live in truth.
    We like being inspired by technologicsl advancement.
    We like true freedom.

    All serpentile and infantile behaviour should end.

  19. They are stalling.

    We need to apply the ethics gradients.

    The results of the criminal investigations need to be published and those found to be interested parties called before hearings.

    Those who don't cooperate will have full Committees of Evidence called on them (commonly called trials).

    If they don't agree to appear, they will need to be arrested.

    The CommEvs will be held and actions taken as agreed to by the convening authorities. The harshest action which can be taken is expulsion. The lowest condition which can be assigned is Confusion.

    Some (not most of the key players, probably) will be able to make it up through the conditions. At Liability they have to publicly state what they have done, what has been done to make up the damage resulting from their actions, and that they wish to rejoin the group. The group, after studying the facts, must vote on this, and the person is allowed back only if a majority agree. Then he has to apply Non-Existence and so forth.

    The real criminals are the ones we need to worry about, as they will likely not cooperate with this in any way shape or form. We don't need more meetings. We need ethics gradients to be applied until the scene begins to turn around. That means a planet beginning to heal, in our case. The ethics pressure continues until the planet begins to turn around. And that has to do with a consensus being reached among the population that the planet is turning around.

    It's backwards to arrest first. Expose first, and arrest as needed after. It sounds crazy, but it's the only chance we have. They control most of the media, so the situation is already very deteriorated. If proper Bills of Particulars are drawn up now, there is still a chance they can make it into public hands before they figure out how to shut the internet down. We don't have infinite time. This ethics action needs to commence.

  20. here's something for consideration:

    Athens Greece today started with absolutely clear blue skies. however now, i'm staring right at a plane laying down some chemtrails. They are the ONLY clouds in the sky for MILES.

    Does that seem like behavior of people who are looking for a peaceful resolution?? ROUND THEM UP!

    WE THE PEOPLE want some good faith, an IMMEDIATE (and by Immediate I mean by nightfall today) stop to ANY AND ALL chemtrail programs - GLOBALLY- even weather modification. Anything that gets farted out an airplane other than it's own exhaust of jet fuel is to STOP. Failure to comply will show true intent of the cabal.

    1. since this post, I have counted 15 planes all spewing out trails. The sky is now getting that hazy look to it. So much for clear, sunny skies.

      Yea, negotiate everyone's life away.

  21. Cobra, it will be interesting to see what the Resistance Movement statement is on this. Peace and Justice are both of equal importance.
    Love and Light to you.

    1. at this point, I could care less what the 'resistance movement' has to say because it's probably going to be more BS about how we have to play nice with a group of people that think nothing of human sacrifice, spraying every man, woman and child like roaches, pump us full of toxic chemicals, keep us sick and in a constant state of slavery. You don't play nice with those people.

      The nicest and most peaceful thing we can do is round them up, throw them in jail and put them on public trial.

      On a forum I ran across a thread "can we illuminati just grow our vegetables?" started by someone claiming to be an illuminati that doesn't want to be a 'bad-guy' anymore and just wants to be left alone to grow his veggies. My response was "First, you must be arrested for your affiliation to that group. Next, you have to be put on public trail and if you're found to be 'clean' and of no threat, then yes, grow your veggies to your hearts content."

    2. Theo I fully understand where you are coming from. But understand too, that this is one step in the complicated process of deconstructing an entire paradigm. It does not negate the Divine Plan, or any of the other numerous events that have recently occured to bring more Light to the planet. The Light IS winning. The key here I think is in what the terms of surrender are. I can agree with what Unknown has written below.
      Let's stay positive and focused on our intentions. This has worked effectively in the past, and will continue to do so. We have the forces of the entire Universe behind us so let's remember to come from our strength and miracles that are unforeseen will abound.

  22. I know that Greg Giles has been criticized briefly in the past, but please watch this beautiful message for today:
    Being a Lightworker (see the word "worker"?) isn't always an easy road, but the final out come makes it all worth it!
    Majority of humans are ready, they are willing, but they don't know how or what. Our amazingly, wonderous and most rewarding, but not always easy, "job" as Lightworkers is to spread our word, the gospel, now

    peace to you all <3<3<3

  23. Here are my suggestions for conditions of surrender by Cabal members:

    All Cabal members must:
    a.) surrender all positions of power and influence
    b.) publicly testify all their deeds before televised "truth hearings"
    c.) fully cooperate with releasing the collateral accounts and hidden technologies
    d.) disarm all their mercenaries/loyalists

    In return all Cabal members receive full amnesty and get to keep their castles/villas along with their servants and enough wealth to a live out their lives comfortably.

    No Cabal member will be allowed into any position of influence after the surrender. Any crimes committed after the surrender will be prosecuted.

    Most importantly there must be a deadline until which the Cabal must accept the terms of surrender. If this deadline passes without surrender then proceed with arrests and use of force if necessary.


    1. No chance they should be allowed to keep their castles and villas and most DEFINITELY NOT servants.

    2. I'm assuming that any servants of the Cabal members are so out of their own free will.

      They must be compensanted fairly for their work and have the freedom to leave at any time.


    3. I agree with your bullet points however I do not agree with the following:

      "In return all Cabal members receive full amnesty and get to keep their castles/villas along with their servants and enough wealth to a live out their lives comfortably." - ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you stole some money and bought a car with it, then you get caught, will you be allowed to keep it? no. Same with them. They built entire estates and lifestyles on ill-gotten money and should not be allowed to keep any of it. I say they be moved into parts of cities that others are enduring to see how nice things are.

    4. What happens to the negative ETs that have been behind all this ?

    5. we negotiate with them too I guess. I mean why just negotiate with the cabal. Negotiate with everyone who's done us wrong and wants a chance to catch their breath.

  24. Actually I'm a bit confused. I could understand and agree for a peaceful transition. But for sure the way it was posted looks strange.

    I guess no one in this blog desire war, but I thought this was the only way to stop the Cabal's crimes. Further Drake said us many times that the arrest would be smooth. So this really doesn't fit at all the previous posts.

    This has no sense also because without a defined proposal we cannot choose what is the best between the two options.

    Tell us before what are the terms of the negotation. And tell us why the mass arrest cannot be done in a smooth way like we were said.

    Clarify this post please.

  25. I couldn't stomach the interview part, the other link was too much of the bullshit, IMO. I don't want any war or terror either, but... There are some contradicting points to this announcement:
    - Haven't the galactics said over and over again that they have the ability to stop any war or other warfare technologies?
    - Can't they interfere, if needed, to run the operation being proceeded smoothly? Talk about Free Will, but we know very well that our Free Will has been violated for eons.
    - Speaking about the opinion of "We The People", the majority of the humanity has no idea about what is going on. It's like asking a blind person if he wants a red or a blue shirt. He can't tell the difference.

    1. I'm starting to feel that the "galactics" are more BS. If they really are helping out, there should be NO NEGOTIATIONS with the options/threat of peace or all out war. This all does not "sparkle" with me.

      I need proof. Proof of EVERYTHING. Galactics especially. If they are real and they are helping, then they can find me and pay me a visit to let me know what's what.

    2. The galactics did their job working against the ET part of the cabal and destroying the secret bases.
      The human part of the cabal is all up to earth humans and they won't interfere with that because it is inside business.
      About the war, they stated that they won't allow any nuclear bomb to be detonated (also because the release of atomic energy goes beyond the damage to planet earth only).
      We all have to do our part in this and not just expect to be saved while you just sit and watch.

  26. Remove them from Earth. They have forfeited their rights to live upon her and among her peoples through centuries of the most heinous abuse, depravity and outright evil. This means we either put them to death through our Legal and Justice systems (I'd be happy with lethal injection) or they are simply picked up by the Galactic Federation of Light and taken somewhere they can't do any further damage. I can forgive their shrouded souls but they absolutely, positively !MUST! be held responsible for their actions!

    Letting most remain free (!) makes an absolute mockery of this entire Ascension process and just about everything Drake, Fulford et al have been constantly telling us, and shits on the memories of the MILLIONS who have died at their hands, directly or otherwise. Justice must be done and - crucially - BE SEEN to be done.

    I do not understand why or how the military are seriously contemplating letting these most of these people remain free - how does continuing the deeply unfair paradigm of special treatment for the privileged herald the start of our golden age? Answer: it doesn't.

    To answer the ludicrously simplistic question - I would see them surrender peaceably. But by all that we consider holy they DO NOT remain free or assist in any way with building our new societies other than to relinquish those things - money, technology, knowledge, resources - that they have kept out of the reach of general humanity!

    1. ABSOLUTELY!! I couldn't agree more.

      They MUST be held responsible for everything they have been party to. If they're not, it sets a precedent that to me means if I steal really big and kill tens of millions of people I'll be allowed to keep my spoils and sit back somewhere nice and grow my veggies with only a slap on the wrist if I threaten them with all out war and 2/3 casualties.

    2. The only thing I can think that make some sense on this "Peaceful Transition" is that the Cabal, before being arrested, would do many dangerous events worldwide.
      But again, we were said till yesterday that the arrest would be smoothly. We need a clear proposal on what will be the future for the members of the Cabal.
      The art of mediation would be ok for me. Remember they are still in a very powerful position.
      But I won't accept any compromise. They should be banned by any role of direction or management, separated each other, and controlled in a very strict way.
      Any attempt of regain power should send them in jail.

      If this terms are not accepted I will prefer to fight.

    3. Responibilities are not to be forced upon anyone. Responsibility can be either accepted or rejected. Accepting responsibility for dark deeds is equal to accepting the light. And that is subject to free will. Forcing someone to accept the light is a dark deed and makes no sense.

      See if you can step out of the dark conditioning. Stop fearing dark entities. Stand strong in your sovereign being. Will punishing someone really make you feel better or even less fearful? No, it will just feed the remaining darkness within your own conditioning.

    4. Don't get it twisted my friend, if you do something that you are responsible for, and you reject responsibility for it, you're no better than them (i'm not talking about you specifically Erik)... a sociopath that feels they've done nothing wrong. There is no fear in my or anyone's call for the cabals acceptance of their responsibility.

      By punishing them, we're not saying kill them or something along those lines, but, stripping them of their ill-gotten lifestyle, influence, and everything else they hold near and dear will serve to bring balance. see, it's all about balance.

      You cannot have a select few that have only known favorable treatment while destroying so many innocent lives just walk away thinking they did nothing wrong. This will only give them time to regroup and come back stronger.

      Arresting them and putting them all on public trial will actually help protect them. If they are allowed to walk, trust me when I say they wouldn't be able to take a shit without looking over their shoulders. People WILL go after any and all cabal members - families included - regardless of if they wanted to be part of the cabal's plans or not.

      Cobra, make sure the negotiators understand very clearly, letting them walk WILL bring about the all out war.

      This is a checkmate move. If we say peace it will eventually lead to a bunch of angry people and old fashioned lynchings that will eventually bring us to all out war. If we say war, well then they get what they want anyway, just sooner than later. Damned if we do, Damned if we don't.

      It's time WE THE PEOPLE divide THEM and conquer. Round them up, throw them in jail and put them through public trials. This is the ONLY option. Everything else will lead to bad times.

  27. We want worldwide PEACE.

    We want immediate stop to chemtrails, HAARP, mind control, financial tyranny and any other crimes against mother earth and humanity.

    We want Disclosure and the release of hidden techologies.

    We want every ankle-biters to be removed from the planet.

    We want without arrest or not that the Cabal be brought to the front of the people and publicly testify everything they did to humanity.

    We want that the humanity finally see and hear the truth.

    We don't judge, but we want a stop to all these bullshit sideshow immediately.

    The list can go on and on, i guess.

  28. I choose peace over anything else. Peace. Peace and more peace.

    1. as do I and most people reading this, unfortunately the Cabal aren't of the same mindset. They cannot and should not be trusted. They haven't earned any trust at all and have repeatedly lied, killed, tortured, enslaved and generally been real shitty people.

      Their time on mother Earth has come to an end.

      If we don't remedy this problem properly, believe me when I say mother Earth will take care of things and reset everything... again. This reset WILL be the gloom and doom catastrophes. Remember the crop circle with the coded message that included "beware of broken promises". I have a strong feeling this is that promise they were warning of, the Cabal's 'promise' to go quietly into the night.

  29. Sorry I havn't listened to the interview.
    But in response to some of these comments, when in doubt it can be useful to take a higher moral ground. I would not promote or advocate violent means. I would like to think that DISCLOSURE to the masses of names, activities, heirachy would be a start. But that may need a publicly recognisable figurehead to lead the charge for "credibility". Is there one? Also, there must be a tipping point in information that will create the 100th monkey scenario, how many more people need to wake up to create this effect?

    It needs a public demand to cease activities and come forwards to answer the charges published - if there is evidence it cannot be defamation. Unfortunately so far some of the attempts to date are whilst well written legal accusations perhaps a translation into simple english is needed. Once the truth is put out in the open it is harder to hide from.

    From there an amnesty from public mobbing can be offered to them - turn yourself in for protection and disclose all historical activities. But no castles, no glory, however those who can demonstrate an honest attempt to change their ways can be given a new start - from scratch like the rest of us.

  30. Oh..this last days of duality :)

    1. I am laughing SO hard right now, 144 because you took the words RIGHT out of my mouth! Hahahahahaha! (Seriously chuckling, and hard *grin* I couldn't decide if I should post a comment or not, but then I saw yours and just burst out laughing!! :D)

      There is always a third (or fourth or fifth or sixth, etc. way).

      That's all I gotta say about that.

      Thanks, 144. :)

  31. Maybe when Cobra watches this painful interview, he will have his answer:

  32. I highly doubt the credibility of this article...
    "Do you think anyone here wants war?Really? Is this the best what the Positive Military-Resistance Movement-White Dragon Society-Galactic Confederation can pull off after meticolouly planning this transition period for over 40 years with the 300 surface operatives inside Military waiting for the signal of the Pleaidians who in turn wait from the Light emanating from the Source??
    To have a fckin vote on your page whether "people" want war or not."
    - > Absolutly justifiable. So much work, so many plans, so many victims...and after so many previous victories everyone is waiting for the green light to actions take place, then suddenly just throw it all away?! Let them go away??? No way!

    Crystal Ball:
    "Sounds like a trap for buying time. I don't want any war either, but why all this negotiation? Haven't it been noted over and over again that those psychopaths are BEYOND REPAIR? How do we know that they won't back stab, like they always do?"

    "These people have reneged on each and every prior deadline and agreement that they've made. To expect them to negotiate and follow through on the terms of any accepted agreement make no logical sense."

    Not to mention how strange it is, that the allegedly way-more-informed Military Insiders and the Forces of Light wants us approximately 1 million people who regularly read these kind of messages to decide what is the perfect solution for the whole planet...

  33. Hello Cobra and RM,

    Since you asked for instructions; here they are.

    Sovereign entities refrain from doing 3 things: 1) Beg, 2) Negotiate 3) Taking command by force.

    Install the conditions that will invite and seed freedom.
    Act in line with universal flow.
    Defend yourself when attacked.

    Don't invest in ideas of victory or defeat.
    Don't invest in ideas of punishment or reward.

    Keep on walking straight and upright.

    Love to all.

    1. Niiiiiiice, earthhuman!!!

      I agree to what you wrote.

      (I actually have a personal legal situation that is very much mirroring what is happening here, and I am going to write these down for my own personal situation! Thank you!!)

  34. I painfully listened to the entire show and became more disillusioned as the night went on. DRAKE did a very poor job explaining what he was peddling this time and became very defensive at even the most legitimate questions. One time he even called us listeners "stupid." Well, perhaps we are STUPID to have TRUSTED you for all this time when it is now painfully obvious you are not capable of delivering what you have promised. It is unconscionable that you would peddle HOPE just to satisfy your EGO. WE TRUSTED YOU DRAKE AND YOU HAVE LET US DOWN. ALL WE WANT IS WHAT YOU PROMISED. NO NEED TO VOTE - JUST DELIVER WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN PROMISED. WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO ACCOMPLISH THIS IS ON YOU DRAKE DUDE. OR PERHAPS YOU COULD JUST GO AWAY UNTIL ANOTHER DAY WHEN YOU CAN TELL THE TRUTH

    1. "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much pain but still time. Believe there is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)"

      here's a link to a site that has the 2002 crop circle with the binary message.

    2. I voted because doing something is better than doing nothing. But I thoroughly share your frustration with Drake, Michael. I too have a problem with the "go to war" scenario he portrayed. For lots of reasons both addressed and not, it is just not feasible for the cabal to pull that off. His depiction of tanks rolling through neighborhoods randomly blowing things up and 2/3 being dead or sounded disingenuous. It sounded manipulative. And it got worse as the show went on. It is unfortunate that Drake and the people he speaks for do not trust us enough to tell us the truth. If we are intelligent enough to have awoken to this planet's reality then we are intelligent enough to make a good decision in this matter without dramatizing. I really dislike the way he talks down to people, especially the name calling.

      That said, I actually prefer that things go down this way. I neither want nor need to see the arrests and trials. I'm sick of all that. I want to see the new technology, the financial reset, and Disclosure. If this "settlement" can happen quietly behind the scenes and the effects can start spreading across the land, I'm good with that. Plus, there is one more thing to consider in the midst of all this...

      It has been said that the earthly cabal were not at the top of the control pyramid, and that the unsavory folks who were at the top have been removed from this vicinity. With that influence over the earthly cabal gone, it's no wonder they are scared out of their minds. They are waking up to their new reality on this planet and it doesn't look too good for them. Me personally, as one having lived most of her life completely brainwashed, I feel sorry for them. They were used and abused far worse than we were. That's my opinion, anyway. They were either tricked or forced into creating dark energy on this planet to feed their higher source. My feelings are that they should be offered mental/emotional/physical/spiritual rehabilitation first and foremost; secondly the opportunity to compensate for their crimes; and lastly incarceration for those who just can't be helped. These people are a critical part of the human family -- they did their job! I vote for kindness and a hand up out of the darkness.

    3. Well said Patricia! I copied this from the comments section of Benjamin Fullford's Blog because it falls in line with the point you are making: grow spiritually from this situation we must realize that the 'Evil Ones' are actually doing us a favor at great peril to their own karma and soul growth. They were once more evolved 6th density beings who must now pay dearly for the evil they created here on Earth...which they had to do in order to help us learn and grow spiritually. Someone had to volunteer for the job, at great personal detriment to their own karma and souls. So to grow from this spiritually, we must learn to trust in the Creator, and to love ALL beings as we are all truely One, and though they seem to be Evil Incarnate...they are actually here because they showed us the ultimate gift of love by sacrificing themselves for our spiritual growth. They will have to undergo thousands of lifetimes of repaying karmic debt for the evil they created here on Earth on our behalf.

  35. PS. Goddesses don't need crowns. Only humans do...

  36. The cabal are Satanists ... They have not allowed our Freedom, why should we give them their freedom? Why is this question even being asked ... How can they possibly be set free, yes We will Forgive them but we will never forget how they have abused Humankind ! The Light will show Us how to determine the cabals destiny !!!.

    More the question is now ... How do we get all of this Mainstream ? And turn this evenings amazing Event into an Overwhelming Defeat of the cabal?

    Freedon in Light

  37. Hate only turns on us. I certainly don't know everything but I choose peace. If you are coming from a place of love you would have heard the whole interview and not just the ones you don't like. The people who are the worst will be punished. How many have been treatened with death of their family's? Look at the whole picture folks. Are we to be just like those who have done these things-I hope not. For me this is not about retribution but ascension. Namaste

  38. Cobra your name is Thomas ********! You worked at an underground base in *** ******! email me if I am right I wont reveal any more for your safety!

  39. Wait, were you of the Cabal actually mistaking me for someone who CARES!?!??!

    Bwahahahahahahaha!! You little insufferable traitor Pasco Calderon. I couldn't care less what happens to any of you.
    Therefore your pitiful surrender terms are to none effect!! Drake and the boys are now authorized to proceed as planned. Need I remind you Calderon; you and your side-kick misfit Bush Sr aka George Scherff....that it was ME who broke your protection spell.

    That's right, you arrogant wretch. I ripped your soul heart pretty much straight out of your chest & caused all your guards to go running out of the Vatican. All while Bush sat dumbfounded, eyes glazed over while I nearly threw you through the ceiling. Pablo el Calderon, your zionazi fascist criminal ass is done now. Your protection has again miserably fallen apart, as I reversed the spell directly upon YOU in our dream.


    Through command of the Mayan instruments...

    Believe me, you aren't worth even the lick of salt on the bottom of Heinrich Himmler's shoe. Since I can see into your whole sphere, I can also see where you fall...One too many missteps, Calderon & Bush, and of course the Vatican no longer able to close the doors on your treason.

    I actually find this amusing as America was born a 'Christian' country...yet the reality as it is now is modern day Babylon. And there isn't a single christian edict left on my lawn...that would ever give you a free pass for treason. Especially when we live in hell.
    Therefore, your crimes are to be paid out. We have reached the apex & there's no where left now. You tried to murder Greg Szymanski, John Peeler and Ed Falcone & countless others. In fact, if anyone lays a hand on Falcone again I'll call in the plagues upon the whole Soros family. My "do unto others" edicts are about.....1000 years rusty.

    Your pitiful NWO rage is *my* rage....we are joined, and now the NWO will be unmade. The end arrives.

  40. And as for you Timothy Geithner, you insufferable little twit!!! You LIAR!!! You back-stabbing, Federal Reserve tyrant. You don't work for them, apparently you RULE & COMMAND everything Bush & Calderon does!!!! You traitor! You will be locked up Geithner, you will be locked up for many years that will make the 30 days you spent on your bed during the nightmare seem like a petting zoo.....

    I've never forgotten you....without your enormous mansion, you lack any sort of police protection. Plus then there's the no mercy penalty, for all the thousands of people put out homeless in the street. Someone's got to pay the piper. You never know when someone might give Grandmaster Geithner, Calderon and Bush an accidental heart attack. As I said I can't make any promises on what others might do, I'm neutral on all those fronts.

    Of course, I'm not into gruesome ends either....

    You make your bed, you lie in it. That simple. Karma wise, you 'Cabal' members have engaged in massive crimes & killing sprees for an entire generation. As restitution to those damaged and killed, you get to surrender to prison for a while. Knowing the country club prisons they got today? That will actually be like staying in the Ritz Carlton, so paying your dues ain't bad at all! Which also means avoiding public firing squads- period.

    I'm actually trying to do you a huge favor, by the way. If you don't pay a number of your dues here by heading to jail & helping build roads, God ain't going to be happy when you die. And he will make you do ten times worse to very slowly walk out of hell and return to his good graces, which ain't any fun or Four Seasons Hotel, I can guarantee that. I've been there.

    I've seen what its like on the other side when you commit massive crimes your whole life. It ain't the place you want to be. In fact its worse than being burned alive, so prison is a much more sane & appropriate conclusion. To pay for many of my own crimes, I had to do untold manner of service work...including those killed in Macedonia. I then traveled here to apparently usher in the end, because my conscious 'self' carries much of what created the NWO to start with. It was there it was made, and where it is unmade.

    Because I never forget my nightmares, I will stop acting super-natural & go to jail at the end too. I need to pay restitution for who knows how many suffered in the fall of Aztec....I deserve whatever that involves. The Cabal deserves the same.

    1. And the road out of this is for all of us to slowly surrender ourselves to some jail-time & shrug off this long, very hideous more killings for the profits of a few. However I despise Soddam & hope he is hung twice in all ways. I cannot stand Mubarak and I can perfectly reason with them all wishing him dead...I know also that the end is nigh.

      A Cabal's rage has been my rage. There is absolutely no questions that the Drake, ultimately takes orders from me. Although I have no wish that Drake be further in harm's way; this must happen & they will taste concrete floors to know what the word 'peace' means. As declared, peacefully arrest these individuals and ANY Cabal member who continues to do massive evil or fight venomously; tase rigorously-know you only make it all worse!

      God is NO respector of persons! Never has been, never will be!
      We all are ultimately forced to atone and its not always easy. Heinrich Kissinger is a war criminal who has killed untold millions in Asia, although I do not want his head, I cannot stop mobs & masses who may wish to hang him for what he has done. (He needs to be in a lockdown ward) Thus this individual Dr. Kissinger may want to disappear for a very long time or hope angry public doesn't find him, because I hear lots of groups including John Peeler are on a hunt to locate Kissinger for corrupting the media. Only a messenger, don't say I did not sound a warning..

  41. The three sieves

    One day a friend went to the greek philosopher Socrates.

    "Hear, O Socrates, I have to tell you, like your friend ...."

    "Stop," interrupted the philosopher.

    "Did you sieve that, what you want to tell me, through three sieves?"

    "Three sieves? What?" asked the other astonished.

    "Yes! Three sieves! The first is the sieve of truth. Did you check that, what you want to tell me, if it is true? "

    "No, I heard it, and ..."

    "Well, you have for sure checked about the second sieve, the sieve of benevolence. Is that what you want to tell me - if it was not true - at least good?"

    The other hesitated. "No, it is not. On the contrary ..... "

    "Well," interrupted Socrates. "We still want to take the third sieve and ask ourselves whether it is necessary to tell me what seems to excite you so."

    "Not really necessary ...."

    "Well," smiled the wise, "if that, what you wanted to tell me, is neither true nor good nor necessary, so let it be buried and not a burden to you or me."

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  43. If Karma is true. Then those that consciously do harm to the innocent and intentionally cause pain and suffering will reap what they have sown. What ever that involves is beyond me and I believe a lot of folks because I don't know the extent of who and what has done what throughout human history. we can only hope for the best in all situations.

  44. Gd day , my name is Ajaguanã. lv yr posts and the site. learning a lot , hope to contribute a little bit in the future. thank you all, keep the LIGHT shinning.

  45. There are many things to discuss ....

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  47. in the days ahead there is no place for fear. Do not give into the threats of all out war. inducing fear is an old trick that has run its course. Their threat of all out war is a empty threat and should in no way be used as leverage in negotiating their surrender. Its a an old trick, do NOT fall for it. The gig is up!

  48. This is sad. I mean, the way all of you loving, hopeful individuals have been strung along by the likes of Cobra and Drake. In some ways, the deception worked upon you by these so-called "insider" freedom fighters is more sinister than the Cabal's -- since they have played on your decency and hope for the ascended future of this planet. All this "secrecy" and "cannot disclose certain information" and "codes" to the "federation" etc. etc. But now they need a vote from all of those out here? This is clearly another effort to keep the string rolling out for as long as give themselves an "excuse" for more delay (since none here will vote for all out war and they know it -- it is a false option). This is sad. And wrong. No more credence should be given to this source. There have been no proofs of any kind, only "assignments" to us, the people, for meditations and now a poll. This deflects responsibility from them as insiders, to us as the ones who hope. Sad, sad, sad. The truth and power are not here with Cobra. Folks, we need to seriously re-assess who we believe and trust in these times. These two sources (Cobra and Drake) did not come on scene until WAY after SO much work and information has been done and shared by TRUE pioneers of this awareness/movement. They are charletans. Move on. And by the way, don't vote on this -- it is a FALSE CHOICE. Like someone else said in the comments, damned if you do -- damned if you don't. How dare so-called "good guys" place this on you. Some have said "this is a test." Bulls***. We have been tested enough and are proven. Now they are the ones who must pass the test. This is a FAIL.

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  49. Friends, I know there's a lot of disillusionment. I know it comes as a shock that we have this choice before us. But if we truly were created with free will, don't you think this is an exercise of that? Don't you think that this is part of a much bigger divine plan? For those of us who believe in the Creator, or Source, I believe God is the one who wants to hear from us. The angelic realms, our ET/ED allies, the White Knights, they are the ones who are waiting for the voice of the sovereign people to finally cry "PEACE!"

  50. Many angry posts from armchair warriors! Leave anger and judgement to others. Our intent is for a peaceful transition.

  51. No just no... War is not an option for me or any of us...Theres always an option for peace.war is what they want and in doing so we would not be better than them.We want a PEACEFUL transition even if that mean delay.A free and peaceful world is not that far away...Lets move into our new world by making Peace and not war! Love & Light to you all!

  52. OK everyone, would you like grilled cheese or soup for lunch??? on this???

    Drake and Cobra, are you related to Bernanke and Rockefeller, because this is the type of crap they would dream up. This is an insult to the good people of the world that felt you were here to help.

  53. I suggest reading this to balance your energy, and not allow them to be affected by the lower vibrations

    from my heart to yours...WE ARE ONE.

  54. And also read

  55. Delay is not PEACE folks. For each day the Cabal is allowed to continue, there is blood and torture, imprisonment and atrocity. To let them continue is a choice for war.

    Do you not understand? You are being given a choice between war, and war.

    The only thing that will usher in peace is to take them out, now. IN an earlier post, we were told by Cobra that at least one dark player had been "taken" already, off world. Cobra did not disclose the identity -- even after asked for that information specifically. Why not? If this is possible, why couldn't this be done for the rest? We have been told the federation(s) have been stopping chemtrails and disarming weapons. If they can do this, why can't a few mercenary-types hanging around Kissinger, Bush, Cheney, Rothschilds, etc. not be "disarmed at the time those individuals are arrested? It is not as though liberators are going to have a chance to arrest them all at once in one place. Picking them off individually would not require two armies fighting. Let us put some logic to this.

    Sources like Cobra and Drake have come on scene, purporting to be on the inside with plans and processes. Once you place yourself as an "authority" and with special intelligence and power -- it is wholly preposterous to expect those without such authority to call the plan. This "plan" that Drake saw so many years ago -- did it include requireing a vote from a minority of humanity to act as the "green light." Where was the green light going to come from anyway? And any decent plan would have had contingency tracks already written re: "war vs. negotiation."

    It is time to require these "insiders" to reconcile the gaps and incoherencies. If they cannot -- they cannot be valid as sources for change, peaceful or otherwise.

    If these insider abilities are real -- why can they not be applied in this mass arrest scenario? We the people have already voted for peace -- over and over and over and over. There is no question about what we want. This poll is a FALSE CHOICE and exposes the falsehood behind this particular "set" of insiders.

    Wake up!

  56. After looking at all these posts it seems that Drake and Cobra have their answer in regards to what informed citizens are thinking! Nobody wants war or violence except those crazies who manipulate it and those who profit . I think the combatants themselves (except for a very motivated brainwashed few) are certainly against putting their lives on the line under the current circumstances of political wars we face today.
    I certainly do not. I have to agree with almost everybody here in some way or another as all most all make very good points and offer good suggestions. There are many things to consider in terms of ET's etc. These are inter-dimensional Bad boys with powerful weapons and the hostage situation may include the earth itself with a finger on total planetary destruction button. So great question/problem is how to free a planet from hostile forces who's plans spans thousands of years using advanced mind control and psychological manipulation on a planetary scale?
    These hostile forces know humanities foibles and weaknesses and have created "systems" (monetary for one) which play to mankind's deficiencies and weaknesses to the ultimate object of coaxing humanity to willingly invite being led to slaughter and welcoming it's own enslavement.

    Though 90 percent of humanity has no idea what is really going on a solid 70 percent are probably sure something's wrong but really do not have any true insight. The sheeple are stirring and waking up! They all will be glad to argue amongst themselves and blame this or that. All will contain some truth in regards to the problem but generally will be woefully inadequate to complexities of this cosmic illness or offer any real solution.

    The good ET/ED's are faced with how to wake up the population and defang the beast without triggering a planetary holocaust by the hostile forces thus destroying billions of innocent unknowing or unaware souls in the process. Clearly there are many levels of problems to be dealt with. First we have the negative Aliens or hostile power mongers who are in many respects materialists who are selfishly seeking their own lust for power and or control and are willing to pay the cosmic karma price for inflicting suffering and murder by shedding innocent blood! Even these sad creatures must at some point recognize the error of their ways and the violations of the creators universal laws.

    The universal laws will eventually create a cataclysm and destruction of forms and beings that continue to seek destruction for others such is the Law. With this in mind people still raise animals for slaughter and spay the vegetable kingdom with pesticides could Chemtrails and hungry Dracos be law of as above so below be working in this regard? I do not claim to know or have all the answers just saying!

    The ending of selfishness or even the Draco ReptilianGrey/Omegan /Kalran agenda will probably not happen even if the battle is won on this earth. I strongly feel that it is not the responsibility of earth's people at this time to worry about the universe and its growing pains and evolution. Continue….

  57. These manipulators do not consider the sacredness of life or consider our bodies to be temples of the living Absolute principal of Love as some of us do. They have even enlisted earth beings to willingly sell out their own kind in exchange for power and promises of material pleasures.

    This is the essence of the battle for every soul in the earthly incarnation. This battle which is so eloquently metaphoric in The Bhagavad-Gita, is a daily battle for every earth person in their every word thought deed and action.

    For those who realize that we are in our True Higher Selves or souls or Atmas or IAM presence or what ever name is given; The mighty Christ within or the Kushtreya Chaitanya, Buddah nature... (the name use is not important) there is a different way of looking at this situation.

    For me I personally would like on the material level the proper arrest and removal of criminals who are in league with alien or foreign beings who seek to usurp liberty and freedom of humanity. I also feel those who are knowingly and willingly allowing the tyranny and destruction of individual sovereignty of the earths peoples and her resources should be arrested immediately as far as logistics will allow!

    Their crimes should be televised and explained showing how they have allowed the earth and her peoples to be used as resources; to be implanted, numbed down and to be attacked at will by severing their spiritual spirit natures from their physical nature at all costs by using the poisoning of the water the air the food and medicines and supporting the vaccinations of poisons into an innocent peoples. The infliction of mind control and advanced technology in manipulating weather and the repression of free energy and healing technologies should also be exposed. In short reveal all of these nefarious plans.

    I would like to see these arrests and take place with as little violence as possible. However even Sai Baba a great soul and force of light and love stated, "All great revolutions of change must by nature contain some violence IN THE BEGGINING". This Great soul also indicated that people have a right to "Defend themselves against those who would seek to take their life".

    1. After clear and repeated attempts and warnings to those responsible parties who think they can control the world and all life in general it must be at some point be time to end the tyranny and needless loss of life and torture of humanity in order to restore the Spirit of truth and give back to humanity a chance to return to the natural laws of life and love without the unfair influence coercions, intimidation. blackmail and lies that have misled humanity for so long.

      The spirit of truth must establish itself in the hearts of a willing humanity by their own invitation and invocation of this mighty presence of God. Which in truth are our own true natures. All people must get off their knees and realize the power of their inherent nature and seek to follow the light of truth within.

      This can be done with the welcomed help of our space family of love and light who have watched our plight for so long and without whose help we would be but an asteroid belt. We are indebted to their intervention in nuclear destruction and planetary geologic upheaval. For these reasons alone we should be grateful to them for our very survival. I feel strongly at this time a formal announcement of interplanetary cultural exchange will solve many problems. This event will portend great leaps in culture and understanding of universal laws and principals that will lead to healing a be of great service to earth and our people.

      By the utilizing of holographic education techniques for earth and her peoples and broadcasting of the Akashic records, we will be uplifted. This revelation of the "Real and True history of Earth" will end much confusion ease dissension and aid in right understanding. The truth will act as a salve on the fractured thinking of mankind revealing his spiritual heritage and cosmic destiny!

      By practicing the virtues of Loyalty, Patience, Honesty, Perseverance, Compassion, Continence, Equanimity, Courage, Humility, Temperance, Charity and Faith. These 12 keys instilled in the heart by wisdom and experience will unlock the power, true dominion and righteousness that humanity so desperately seeks.

      Free will must be allowed and this has caused much debate and problems for the various multi-dimensional Et/Ed races who seek to aid in our evolvement and our return to the Way of all that is good beautiful and true. The eternal principals of Truth are the only reality for the absolute self conscious life which has the responsibility to co-create his/her own reality and mankind, though manipulated or not has co-created a living hell of endless war and untold suffering.

      These self-created illusions are but the time and space repercussions of a temporary false reality created by mankind itself. Even though this has been manipulated by the default of more powerful beings we are ALL ultimately responsible for this mess.

  58. As Sons and Daughters of the Absolute, we literally have an eternal Ascending career in the multi-verse to grow beyond these limitations and claim our true heritage as co-creators of unlimited joy, life, light and love. With this understanding comes compassion for those responsible for willingly opposing the eternal Laws of creation. I therefore would hope that those caught or captured are restrained and separated from the general populace to heal and get real help for their contaminated mind and very sick souls. The innocent dupes of the cabal our innocent misled police forces and military persons need the most healing and help at this time.

    If the Criminals seek to die by violent resistance to the Laws of the earth's people they have chosen to represent and the Laws of Nature then this is their freewill choice and enactment of universal Law. For them this is their reality and death or transition (for death is but a temporary sleep for those who are not immortal) and the reality that waits may be what they need to grow. This is beyond mankind's present awareness to judge them at this time.

    If the Cobra, Drake, Wilcock, Fulford, Kettler stories /updates are all real as I sincerely hope they are we can hope for change. If they are not and are dis-info we can expect a very gloomy and challenging future as the powers that be hold all weapons of destruction and communication. Unless the Agarthan network or Good ET/Ed's intervene it will surely be more of the same-old regardless of how many light workers can be expected to realistically "Come into their own" . As before the Ghandi's and Martin Luther Kings were taken out so will the rest of so will well favored be and love bearers be led to slaughter by the iniquitous ones unless some Divine force from The Absolute Center of Love takes hold and restores love and peace and truth to this wayward sphere.

    I personally think this is what is happening with the Space Family of Light and all of the Ground crew who are working to heal this planet. The above-mentioned "public messengers" are but tiny cogs in a massive universal plan of redemption and upliftment for humanity to choose by their own actions "the kingdom of Heaven".

    The real kingdom is within and a state of mind or being /awareness within. This is properly speaking a realization of your own true nature. For those who attain and choose for the kingdom within., here is no death, One could be eaten by a Reptilian as food or suffer through even centuries of more destruction and evil and still be attuned to the eternal Truths which transcend material existence.

    Have no fear for this is what feeds the spirit of lies and the forces of destruction. Make way in your hearts for love and greater joy. Be strong and courageous and have compassion for your fellow man as you try to awaken each other. Focus on the light within and do not try to force your understanding and beliefs on them, lead by example.

    1. By the way these are simply my thoughts and feelings I have been deep into studying this situation for over 35 years. I have witnessed many Et/ed phenomenon and maintain communication with my IAM presence as much as I am able to. I make many mistakes and certainly subject to human lower personality desire and mis-qualified thoughts words deeds and actions though I seek constantly to right my course towards truth and love.

      Respectfully submitted with warm regards in the spirit of Truth
      AKA Pottsman

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Very wise words Pottsman, thank you.

    4. Thanks yall i hope Cobra fells the love as the messengers get trounced often by a pasionate public that is stressed to the max. Though understandable their impatience is it will all happen at the right time not my time or your time or his time but the right assured the Sapce Family of light is here.... I know this to be a fact from personal experience ...though i am a babe in the cradle I do feel tremendous opportunity for growth at this time.... so hooray for Love and prayers of peace and understanding for all
      ps for the space family who monitor here
      keep on keeping on you have our thanks love and support
      with love "the ground crew"

    5. The key is in our hearts ..... do not forget!

      Thanks again Pottsman

  59. This hole story was a trap for Drake and Cobra.

    And they traped in, because their point of view is too low.

    This offer was only made to discredit them.

    In the case of the Cabale 'the people' have no right for a judgement.
    The authority for the judgement is much higher, and the judgement is already done, and will not be changed.

    One explanation for 'the people':
    'The Cabale' damaged all people and souls on earth for thousands of years. With the result, that all people are very ill and damaged, and will not be able to make a fair judgement. And this is not in the meaning of the light!


    I agree that this is messed up but I also understand that unconditional love also means unconditional forgiveness. We do not have to forget but we MUST forgive! But yes there must be strict conditions of their peaceful surrender.

    1) Former Cabal must step down from all positions of power and influence.
    2) Former Cabal must never be allowed back into any positions of power or influence.
    3) Former Cabal must surrender all beings serving them and return them all to the light.
    4) Former Cabal must all individually sign an oath in the presence of the GFL stating that they will come back to and serve the light in a completely peaceful and loving manner and never practice or commit any further crimes against anything ever.
    5) Former Cabal must be on probation and monitored at all times to ensure that they are obiding by their oath.

    Oh and some community service in humanitarian organizations might help them too!

    Last but certainly not least NO WAR! NO WAR! NO WAR! NO WAR! NO WAR NO WAR! NO WAR! NO WAR!

  61. Cobra & Drake,

    In all honesty has negotiating with the devil ever worked in the past?
    What makes you boys think it will this time?

    What is going on here really?

    Let me guess... if we don't allow them to keep a large piece of the golden age energy pie 'HALF of all income' they're going to blow us up right?

    For what, the 4th time in our history here as a species.

    What else is new.... so nothing has changed then.

    No one likes the idea of war but you can't negotiate with lying sacks of feces, the likes of these. We simply can't trust them.

    This is not a test, or negotiation, it's an ultimatum.
    Maybe they will get their war after all...

    Obviously they have way more power than the good guys had bargained for, other wise they would have been rounded up and put in prison years ago.

    In Jail - gang leaders and mob bosses do their evil bidding while they are locked up. these guys will do the same.
    This type of evil will shoot you in the back after you shake hands & turn to walk away.
    They do no have any intention of following through peacefully. Once the dust settles they will start taking over slowly just like they have in the past.
    These people have proven to us time and time again they can not be trusted.
    They murder, plan war, and spray people like insects and go about their day like nothing happened.

    We can forgive them for what they have done... but they must be punished and life in jail is far to kind a sentence.

  62. Abbiamo sempre vissuto in guerra e adesso che siamo noi a governare su noi stessi scegliamo nuovamente la guerra? Abbiamo già scelto cosa vogliamo. Anche se è difficile per molti accettare chi siamo. Siamo un UNICO POPOLO. Niente guerre. Tutti avanti, nessuno escluso. Abbiamo perdonato a noi stessi il male fatto agli altri nelle nostre vite precedenti? Se l'abbiamo fatto, possiamo capire perchè adesso possiamo perdonare loro. Però che sia tutto chiaro prima di agire. Buoni ma anche furbi.

  63. Just listening to the Drake radio posted above and it all sounds like bullshit to me. WTF is with his fear mongering all of a sudden. Talking about our neighbourhoods being blowen up by tanks and shit. How can war even be an option considering the GFL has been intercepting and disarming all attempts to start a war? Or is that all bullshit too?

    Cobra you have some explaining to do, please do so...

  64. We are waiting for the mass arrests. Why are we talking about the trial or the war?

  65. I think one shouldn't claim to know how things are when they actually don't

    How can one claim to be more 'lightworker' than others, or even just working for planetary peace and liberation, by getting all angry and panicked on the comments of a blog when the first thing they don't fully understand comes up ? How can one be helping when they can't even stay calm and refraining from attacking blindly ? Everyone's a lightworker, we're all of the one source anyway. It's possible to accept we don't have the full picture yet and relax and think about it in the meantime.

    Imagine for example, you got this hardcore cabal members with some technology, drones, missiles, whatever. They pretty much know they will go down soon anyway, and they're saying ok, instead of sitting here and wait for being arrested on their terms only, let's see if we can make a deal and make things a little bit better for ourselves, and in exchange we can offer them to have an easier transition. Cobra has been saying in past posts it is a hostage situation. You gotta admit the cabal must have some kind of leverage otherwise they would be out already right ? Plus how do you know there's not a piece of the puzzle we're missing ? How many of us had no clue about ankle biters just a month ago ?

    Wow people i have to say i'm really surprised of the reactions here.

    In my view the only way to help is to stay calm, centered, admitting you don't know it all and that you're reflecting on it, and staying peaceful.

    Peace sisters and brothers, what do you say we chill out, sit back, have a nice juice, feel the love ?

    1. In my view, all humanity is held hostage, with thousands dying daily of hunger and other abuses. We are not rising to another dimension? There is no negotiation with these gentlemen. I want to evolve by harmony, not by contrast.

  66. The dark cabal needs to be arrested immediately! We will back you up Cobra!

    1. Peacefully arrested of course..we need to send them love..that will hurt them more than anything else haha ;) Namaste !

  67. Right on, untwine. Let's have some love and trust for our negotiating team!

    1. who are these negotiators? I never picked them or voted them into that position. I don't know them from a hole in the wall. I don't trust anyone I don't know.

  68. Much people forget about important points:

    A very long time ago 'The Cabale' were our family and our friends!

    Something went wrong, and they get lost.

    In the meaning of the light, it is our job to show them a road back into the light and save them! And many of us came especially here to do so!

    But much of us forgot this!

    In the meaning of the light, there ist no space for payback, revenge or compensation.
    The only thing counting is forgiveness.

    And last point, the earth will not be the place for them for going back to the light and having good lives. This is a technical question, it is impossible for them to go back into the light on earth. But there is a very nice place choosen for them. They have no reason to fear! Our intention is to heal them, and wellcome them back in our family one day.

    1. Beautifully put, Namaste! We have to understand that the very souls that enslaved and tortured us for so long are the ones that are the farthest away from the light. They are the very darkest souls that will require the most light to heal. It is time to truly embrace oneness and unconditional love. It is the only way we can end this horrible duality we are trapped in.

  69. Listening to Drake I sense he is for real, but not in touch with the full picture. The spirit of his approach feels grounded to me, and the overall intent of the plan looks sound. However, this call for a vote on whether to wage war on the cabal or negotiate their surredner makes me question his military bona fides. There is no way any of us are competent to make that call, which requires detailed situational awareness of logistics, strategic leverage, risks, weaponry, and resource allocation. Such a decision needs to be made by a legitimate and well-informed commander-in-chief, able to cunningly marshal military and diplomatic pressure to acheive the aims for which the people went to war. AUTHORIZATION for war is not required - we have been at war for years on the plainest authorization possible: the right of a people to not be enslaved and exterminated. Drake at one time spoke disparagingly of President Obama as a cabal stooge, but has recently hinted that Obama may, in fact, have been working quietly behind the scenes (at peril of his life, with JFK as the example) to bring down the cabal. This would be the moment, it seems, for Obama to step into his role, and declare his true allegiance. Would the alliance and the positive military obey his orders? Would he survive another cabal assassination attempt? We have no way of knowing. But somebody has to make this call of war vs negotiation, and it sure as hell ain't us! General Patton didn't stop the Third Army halfway to Berlin to ask FDR to have America vote on whether to kill Hitler or ask him nicely to step down! Somebody needs to step up and make sure that these people are never able to harm anyone again - whatever that takes!

    Cobra, if you are for real, you have my thanks and admiration for your long struggle. If you are bogus, may God have mercy on you. Just tell your friends to get it done - if negotations can realistically ensure that an enforceable and complete takedown of cabal power can be accomplished without civil war, then do it. If the Resistance consensus is that satanists can't be trusted, and that we risk everything we have gained by giving them breathing room, then go after them. You have lost friends in this war, and I'm sure you don't want those losses to have been in vain. These people cannot be trusted - you know this better than anyone. Take them down.


  70. At the most fundamental level of each person, fundamental before any definition or belief, is an existence that is original beyond being hindered by any notion, given shape by any idea, limited by any doubt, or separated from anything by anything, and therefore encompasses all. That is the universal origin, and Love is the only quality that embodies it's characteristics completely. We never leave this universal origin, we simply experience it differently in accordance with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. If we live out of thoughts, beliefs, and actions of separation, our experience of the universal origin will naturally be one of separation. The "us vs cabal" theme is an example of a notion of separation, and we will continue to experience this theme as long as we maintain an idea of separation and enemyship. Again, Love is the only quality that encompasses all aspects of the universal origin, so only through Love, can we experience the universal origin in it's truth. Being a metaphor for misunderstanding, hatred, and separation, the cabal would of course not be included in this experience. 2012 is an opportunity to do this as a planet. Let us evolve to this new experience of universal origin, through Love, and not just trusting Resistance Movement posts on the internet. Bear this in mind as new events come, perhaps with new doubts.



  71. This is stupid. Obviously we want it to be peaceful.

  72. I don't think this post origins from Cobra at all. Looking at the expression of the title once again, it seems to me highly suspicious. Anyway, our goal remains the same for sure! :) Peace!

    1. I agree this post is not from a true source and the Drake message is also big time bogus as well as the Dragon Lady is completely bogus , C'mon the Dragon lady? its in our faces the dragon is on the coat of arms of our oppresors. This is text book divide and conquer!

  73. Here's some ideas for the negotiations:

    If they peacefully surrender we will allow them to live on a beautiful island that is isolated far away from the rest of us.


    1) They may grow their own food on this island however it will be supplied by Monsanto GMO seeds only and we will decide the prices.

    2) They must work 8 hours a day 6 days a week and pay taxes to 'the people' for the island, the seeds, their homes, their drivers license, car insurance, and well... everything.

    3) There must be a Large Flat screen TV in every room they enter & at every gas station they fill up at.

    1A) Programming for Television will be the last 40 years of Propaganda news in every language just to make sure they understand.

    3) They will not be aloud to use free energy of any kind.
    3A)Carbon tax will also be included as it is most likely these people are lazy useless eaters and will just drain us anyway.

    4) There will be 2 restaurants on the island

    McDonalds & Taco bell

    5) They must all be annually inoculated because we wouldn't want them to catch the flu.

    6) Fluoride will be added to in their water supply & toothpaste to keep their teeth from decaying.

    They can go out side anytime they want but only after we spray their air with arsenic, barium and Aluminum.

    7) Travel will be restricted to the island only.

    8) Their children must be registered & inoculated within 2 days of birth.

    9) Health care benefits are denied due to a pre existing conditions.. however there will be a free clinic once a week for those who can't afford to pay.

    10) The Education system will be equivalent to our current public schools - 40 to a class room and there will never be enough supplies for the children.

    I am sure I'm forgetting some thing here but I just can't spend anymore time, I have to got to work now. I've been working extra hard this year so that I can get myself into a higher tax bracket in order to pay more taxes to the elite - apparently they are broke.

    Feel free to add to this list as I may have been to kind & giving.

    Hell - sounds like PARADISE considering these criminals are insane devil worshiping war mongers.

    1. Or we could just say "I love you, I forgive you. Now lets go plant this tree..."

    2. Considering the seriousness of what this announcement could mean and all that, this lightened things for me no end.

      Thanks Qhhypnotherapy for the lols :-))


  75. We do not need a war! But there is also no time to negotiate. Cabal must be immediately arrested and all will be removed from the mother Earth.
    Light NOW!!!

  76. The voting that just opened on ladydragon's website disseminated by Drake doesnt seem to be a vote for hostility or non aggression. Theyre having us vote on 3 provisions that Im sure we all agree upon anyway: NESARA, the releasing of secret technology, and the return to constitutional law. Last time I checked, these are things we would all vote YES to. No where does it mention actually voting for a peaceful negotiation vs. violent raids and arrests... I'm slightly confused, but still interested in peace. We are all divinely protected and whatever happens will be victory for light anyway. There's no denying this unless you're living in fear.

    1. who would say NO to any of those things... this is becoming an absolute joke.

  77. The question is not true, in which the war option, too. 100% solution: THE PEACE.

  78. To All,

    If we are to have PEACE, it begins in our HEARTS first.

    To barda, untwine, 144, calliope, joko, ion, pottsman and others,

    Deep Gratitude for holding the LIGHT here while the cleansing goes on.

    We will emerge as a Unified Team once again.

    Namasté to Cobra and ALL

    1. i couldn't agree more I AM Love!

      i started reading comments and then disconnected quickly as i could feel the vibration of many lowering. to those negative commenters: please go back and read what you wrote, hear and feel your fear and anger that still lingers and correct it with a loving heart! we are of the LIGHT and only LOVE. each of us knows the truth in our hearts, be still and go inside and the truth is there.

      sending you all extra love and light! much gratitude to Cobra and the RM

  79. Drake represents the military. The military are in my house every day for years. As I stand up to them for our spiritual freedom & Constitutional rights they killed various friends, family, neighbors, and use mind control on everyone. They took over the police and sheriffs dept. here so you get no help. They won't even write down the hundreds of crimes reported.
    The group is from the Navy/Marines and are mostly homosexuals. They (mind control) program all of their own guys. They molest, rape and abuse or kill anyone for no reason. They use military planning and technology and no civilian or police have any chance against this.
    Right before any special ascension dates they run their Directed Energy/mind control weapons on high to prevent anyone going free.
    I have tried talking them into just stopping and joining the ascension/good side and they have usually just increase the drugs, chemicals, directed energy torture, and mind control to hurt my 3 year old daughter.
    After 9 years of daily contact I can say 1.) they have NO conscience or feelings of guilt even though most have committed tens or hundreds of crimes, many of them capitol crimes 2.) They will do whatever they are told to do even 1st degree murder against innocent women and babies. They are proud of themselves if they succeed. 3.) They never keep agreements except temporarily to gain a position over you. 4.)They are in Treason to all of the people of this country, planet, and even to themselves.

    To rehabilitate them requires: 1.) arresting them so that they cannot continue to daily harm and crimes.

    2.) Assign them guilty of the correct crimes.

    3.) Assign them the correct condition they are in I. E. "TREASON"

    4. With this assignment of condition and crimes they be given the steps to work back into a citizen in good standing which would include making up the damage he caused and working back up the steps mentally that he went down.

    These would be available to him if he chose to rejoin the society. If done in time he could join the ascension on earth or after transitioning.

    5.) If he does not choose this he would be adjudicated by a 5D or higher Spiritual judge where he goes.

  80. Important New Message direct from Jeshua (aka Jesus) about Forgiveness

    Except From Lesson 3 of “A Course in Mastery”

    …”as I grew in age, I began to discover that the old teachers who spoke of the need to , “Forgive seventy-times seven,” knew something quite profound that had even become lost within the Jewish and Essene traditions, of my day. For, you see, to forgive means “to chose to release another from the perceptions that you’ve been projecting upon them.”…each time you forgive you take yourself deeper into the purity of your own consciousness…

    I learned – and learned well- that forgiveness is an essential key to healing. The opposite of forgiveness is judgement, and judgement always creates separation and guilt…each time you judge anything or anyone, you have literally elicited guilt within yourself, because there is a place within you, yet still, that knows the perfect purity of your brother and sister, and sees quite clearly all things within the human realm are either the extension of Love or a cry for help and healing.

    Therefore, beloved friend, when you judge, you have moved out of alignment with what is true. You have decreed that the innocent are not innocent. And if you would judge and another as being without innocence, you have already declared that this is true about you. Therefore to practice forgiveness actually cultivates the quality of consciousness in which, you come to forgive yourself, And it is, indeed, the forgiven who remember their GOD.”

  81. We are one with everything even with the cabal dont forgett that. We dont need anymore pain. We need to forgive - we need to make a change - we need to make difference! we are all from the same source - everything is one! With judging them we werent better - no we just were from the same kind. What we need to understand and feel the ones! We need to life it! One day we will have knowledge of everything that has been expirienced from our memory complexe! What a great day it must be when we realy are beginning to change the way we think! Lets go forward and leave behind all that old stuff! As i sad we are not seperat from each other! I love the source, so i love them! Take controlle of your thoughts people! I love you as i love everything! Unity...

  82. The scale of this vote is obviously limited to the relative minority who follow this subject. This to me makes this "choice" suspect.

    If the military really wants to hear the opinion of "the people", then this choice needs to be presented, presumably, to a much larger population.

    It is simply not ethical to present this choice to a tiny speck of the human populace, and on the basis of that "majority opinion", decide on behalf of the uninformed majority planetwide.

    In all honesty, this choice seems bogus to me. Why are we being presented with this at all? The scale of the vote is wrong, the choices offered are ridiculous, and the whole thing seems to have the flavor of a last-minute sham.

    I would suggest that Earth's future must rest in the care of a class of beings who are in a position to neutralize the Cabal at this time without violence. Any other possibility seems to me to be tenuous at best, and, at worst, a manipulative ploy not worth our attention.

    That said -- the only solution is a nonviolent one. And somehow, the means involved in presenting this vote to us seem to be ones that inherently contradict the end. It's simply obvious that no one wants to engage in a violent confrontation with the Cabal.

    But they must be arrested regardless.

    My faith is that this will happen in the best way possible, with or without a micro-vote at the last minute.

    - Philavox

    1. Philavox, I agree with you that everything will go down in a way that is divinely guided, even if it is unstable and hectic. However You have to admit that there is no possible way of having all of humanity (or even every citizen of the United States) vote over this. What we discuss here and on sites/blogs similar to this are concepts to which many people haven't even exposed themselves. How could we get a balanced vote from people who don't even know about how they've been ruled over for eons. I know many people who, upon understanding this info, would jump to aggression and likely vote for harsh attacks without internalizing their feelings and first opening their hearts. Consider this also; most statistical voting info that you ever read about is SAMPLE, meaning that maybe only 1000 votes are cast and that is representative of what the larger population desires. That's what this is, a sample vote of a select population. We have an advantage because we have educated ourselves to the ins and outs of this situation (even though I'm sure there is a vast array of info we do not yet know). Peace to us all. Everything will be alright.

    2. Agreed, this is ridiculous. You can't ask a tiny segment of Internet UFO buffs and conspiracy theorists to speak for the entire world population.

      Ideally we'd all want.
      1: No Violence
      2: Total removal of all of their power
      3: Full Public trials for every member so that everyone knew exactly what happened.
      4: Afterwards some sort of sentencing and rehabilitation period, however long it takes for each.

      Realistically speaking vengeance is not justice, for justice to be done all that need happen is we take stock of the situation and make reasonable measure to ensure it should not be able to happen again.

      Anything further is gratuitous and unnecessary. If they can't harm anyone else then what does it matter? But still, after all that's been going on with Drake and everything else I find this release highly suspect.

      Cobra, it's about time for some real cards to be put on the table before everyone else decides you're bluffing. People who know what it's like to be conned before tend to be very impatient with these matters so don't be surprised if support quickly vanishes if no one starts putting up some real evidence for this beyond still yet more "interviews" which could easily be concocted by any intelligent and aware individuals out to have their fifteen minutes of Internet Fame.

      Right now we need to see someone prove this shit exists in anywhere other then people's heads.

    3. Philavox, you bring up great questions, some of which I asked myself, most of which I have no answers for. It could well be a scam. We've been so often deceived historically that it's entirely possible. But the bottom line for me is that, even if it is a scam, it's brought us closer together. It's solidified for many of us just how important a non-violent resolution is. This forum, and others, have given us a chance to discuss it and find out for ourselves exactly how we feel and what we want to see happen. For that alone Cobra deserves our thanks.

      Those of us aware of activity know the value of forgiveness. We know the value of holding our attention on what we want, and not getting sucked back into duality. I say, so what if it's a sham? 911 was a catastrophe of unconscionable proportions, yet look at how the world came together in overwhelming love and compassion as a response. That event was expected to start a third world war and easily could have, but the spirit-in-human prevailed. Those who gave their lives did *not* do so in vain.

      We have a similar essence of opportunity here. Love cannot lose this time. It will not. Standing together in appreciation for this world and all in it - all in it, down to the least - is the best possible place we can be. As we continue to pull together for peaceful resolution, for brotherhood globally and galactically, for abundance for all, for community and for each other, we cannot fail. We will not fail.

      Love, light and appreciation to all. And big hugs too!

  83. Important New Message direct from Jeshua (aka Jesus) about Forgiveness – Part 2

    Except 2 From Lesson 3 of “A Course in Mastery”

    …”in Truth, understand well: forgiveness is essential. And what has not been forgiven others, has not bee forgiven you- not by a God that sits outside of you, for the Father-Mother God never judges. What you have not forgiven in another is but a reflection of what you carry within as a burden that you cannot forgive of yourself.

    You have and interesting saying in your world,

    It takes one to know one.

    Do you think you would be able to judge another if there wasn’t something within you being elicited that triggers within you the belief that you know exactly what that other one is up to? And that’s why you judge them. And sometimes you judge harshly because you fear that energy in yourself, or you remember how hurtful you have been when you have acted from that energy…

    When forgiveness has purified the mind and the heart and the emotional field of your own beingness, you will discover that you only exist to extend Love.”

  84. Dear Cobra,
    I can't listen to the show, because I am tired of this man and his conceited smartass attitude. I stopped at the 12th minute.
    I am really tired of Drake's ego - tired of him supposing we don't get what he is saying. Frankly, I'm not interested in what he has set up on our behalf. Seems as if he is being used to get us off track somehow - just as Fulford is being used lately with his aggressive, full of hatred messages. Nothing he has stated has come through. Tired of so many coming out saying thew know this and that yet they cannot share.
    I am tired of building up trust to people like you Cobra and then you bring forward and support a nonsense like this proposition.
    I am tired of living among people who have no clue about what is going on and yet they think I am some kind of nutter, living in a dream world.
    I am tired of this world where everyday hundreds of thousands die because of direct and indirect actions of people who seized control over our planet, a world where we are being poisoned, lied, deceived, manipulated, treated as cattle, sold, held as slaves by a self-chosen few.
    I am tired of waiting, being put off again and again, discerning the myriads of false channelings,intels,etc.
    I honestly don't understand why is that we do a wondeful meditation, to bring more balance to the world and set the stage so the Event can start and then you brief us with this ridicolous nonsense.
    I am tired.
    The only things which keep me alive are my faith in us,meditation and love to others/myself and my instincts and feelings telling me that we do have a beautiful future ahead of us.
    I am sending Love to all my fellow lightworkers/lighholders/starseeds/indigos/humans, don't give up please, all this duality game will end soon.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Do not feel dejected LV, find the light within you that's the key. In YOUR heart. No one will do the inner work for you, you must be the one to achieve. Remember we are here for a purpose, an important mission .... wake up to what we really are and consciously help humanity and our planet, to ascend to higher dimensions and closer to First Source.

    3. No way I'm giving, light and power is at full speed!

    4. Totally I agree with you and share your feelings and hope.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well said, JOKO311. My thoughts almost exactly. Know that as I'm writing this I am extending my arms and embracing all of you, especially those that are feeling uneasy, wrapping my arms all the way around the bringing you into my heart center. My life is a blessing in more ways than I can realize and I'm ecstatic that we all get share this wonderful experiment. Please recognize the shadow of uncertainty as a gift. Open it up and you'll see its purpose is to help us grow. I love you all and I look forward to whatever is unfolding. Peace within all of you.

    2. Thank you for your positive words, JOKO. It actually brought tears to my eyes... I too am frustrated although I try my best to remain hopeful and positive.

  86. The only way to move forward is with PEACE - LOVE - FORGIVENESS. We will not have war. Negotiations should be easy if we all want peace. The Cabal needs to show that they are serious, words mean nothing, actions mean everything. Show us you are serious and we WILL have peace.

  87. Has anyone actually gone to the link and voted yet?

    1. BTW, here's the link...they want you to do it by email...a little too "iffy" for my blood...

    2. I voted! Vote with your hands - but, more importantly, vote with your heart. The whole world is within you - THEY are only pieces of YOU. Love yourself and find peace within you. The ONLY way to move forward is with peace and love. If you truly want peace and harmony, you must be peaceful and harmonious. We are ONE. Give love unconditionally and the universe will show you unconditional love in return. Love to ALL.

    3. Voting by email is a red flag,it will be rigged.Why don't they make it visible on the site??? Things that make you go hmmmm

  88. True free will! we have the choice as the people! If we let others make the descion on war or peace then we are in a situation that is no different then today!! I choose the future! I choose peace! as well i believe everyone should have the opportunity to head towards the light! Even some of the darkest energies around. There is a future where all our voice"s matters and it starts today!! My love is out to all of you today and may we all find the light.

  89. If there’s anything that I’ve learned about the cabal in the last 12 years that I’ve been researching them in my free time, it’s that they are far more deceitful than the most cliché evil villain from a Hollywood movie. There is NO WAY, as far as I’m concerned, that this proposal is legitimate; there must be an ulterior motive. Once again, they’ve given us a choice, but from their set of choices.

    The cabal has been able to con everyone for thousands of years – why would any of us think that now would be any different? Why – because we’re finally about to oust them from power? Members of the cabal have been ousted from power before, but have always had another trick up their sleeves (i.e. Napoleon Bonaparte) regarding how to re-obtain power through another, longer con.

    None of us should believe that this offer is genuine, because those who are making it are depraved by their very nature. I’ve often wondered why it is that certain politicians or successful businessmen make it into this elite company and I’ve discovered what that is: depravity. There may be some leaders who get to elite positions without this trait, but perhaps it is their lust for power, combined with a willingness to look the other way on certain things that happen on their watch, that enables them to remain in power under the control of the cabal.

    Either way, I have to ask: how is it that if the extraterrestrials who are supporting this transition can ostensibly cause entire battlefields’ weapons to malfunction simultaneously (as I’ve recently read) they can’t minimize the casualties during the transition? I find this offer (plea) from the cabal to be the last desperate hand in a losing game in which we officially see the highest stakes of all human history.

    I think they KNOW that when the roundup does happen, that their weapons won’t work, so they’re trying like crazy to avoid prosecution and prison (and perhaps execution) at all costs. They’re trying to get us to refuse to fire our weapons so that we won’t find out that no one’s weapons will work anyway. Then it’s just a bare knuckle fight – that we’ll win. (cont. below)

  90. They tried (unsuccessfully) to bring in help from negative ETs and they were soundly defeated after we rebooted the grid during the Ring of Fire meditation. They have tried multiple times to smuggle nukes to sensitive areas, only to have the ships carrying them disappear (I wonder how!).

    Their dominance over public thought has been on a slow decline with the rise of the internet. Their stranglehold over the establishment mainstream media will very quickly be undone with the mass arrests so their ability to control our ‘reality’ will fade very quickly.

    They don’t have financial control anymore. Sure, they can crash the stock market, but as soon as they do, they’ll be arrested and the market will be corrected not too long after that. Their tenuous grasp over all of the old paradigms of power has loosened and will soon be gone completely and they know it. This is their parting shot.

    Let me make this clear: I do not support violence, but I even more abhor the idea of letting history’s biggest group of terrorists walk and only lose their positions of power; that this would be their only penalty for their crimes against humanity. I would never ask a fellow human being to lay down his life for a cause that I would refuse to fight for in the same fashion. Let me again be clear: if I were required to give my life for the cause of once and for all removing the cabal from power and having them all be held responsible for their crimes, I would do so in a heartbeat.

    This is why I believe we should call their bluff and follow through with The Plan, as originally conceived. There must be no negotiations that exonerate even some of these war criminals. Only a group as deluded as the cabal and as unfamiliar with what it feels like to be powerless could contrive such a lame excuse for a surrender as this. Let’s take the power back, as peacefully as we can without letting them off the hook. But let us not be manipulated, even one more time.

  91. They are negative and are as negative as can be.
    This whole story is utter BS.

  92. This comes upon the heels of two eclipses close to each other, Neptune going retrograde, Venus transiting the Sun and a lot of other kind of busy activity in the ethers.

    So now I want to talk about something that I talk about frequently in a more indirect manner, usually reminding you to choose what you do want and to state positively like “I do want health and “I do want wealth” and “I do want comfort” or “I do want grace and ease.” That sort of thing. Rather than focusing on “I don’t want to be a pain” or “I don’t want to come up short on paying the bills” and you know. Focus on the positive aspect of what you do want.

    Now I want to go a little bit deeper into why. The mind is your creative tool and your emotional responses catalyze what the mind is thinking. So if you just let the thoughts run rampant, you usually get a series of disasters or challenges.

    So disciplining the mind is very, very important and especially so in this time period. You’re going to have Mercury moving into Cancer and Cancer can have a little bit of a cynical twist so if your thoughts tend to go more toward that direction, or toward a negative or revengeful way of thinking, then you’re going to have some backlash coming back at you.

    Remember thoughts become things and all others in Creation are reflections of the Self. So what you think upon another person, you’re also thinking upon yourself and thoughts will become things very quickly in this time period.

    Stop yourself immediately when you have a negative concept arise and toss it out. Just kind of pluck it out of your consciousness and throw it into the Sun or throw it into the ethers to be dissolved and then immediately correct yourself and maybe add some emotion with it. Like “I do want Love”, “I feel Love”, “I enjoy Love”, “I am loving toward myself and toward others.” Just counteract as quickly as you can until eventually the negative aspects no longer arise.

    1. And lets not jump to conclusions about cobra and the resistance movement he will explain his view and what is really going on in full detail just like before when he posted things about drake and was not exactly aligned with all his information the same as the article he posted today so i beg all to stay tuned to when cobra gives his view on all what is taking place we have came so far up to now.Namaste

    2. Looking forward to Cobra's statement from the Resistance Movement on this.

  93. This is the best vote on conditions I've seen yet:

    1. Well, much better than the ridiculous ladydragon bogus site.

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    1. You got me singing! :)

      "All you need is love, all you need is love,
      All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
      All you need is love (all together now)
      All you need is love (everybody)
      All you need is love, love, love is all you need"

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    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Let’s see how we can recognize these wonderful events that transpire today from words of one of our most courageous souls among US, Drake and Lady Dragon…

    Can you feel what just happened with energies of cabal when they decided to negotiate surrender from their way of living or dying… Still, only till yesterday they did not have any choice, as their castles in the air were crumbling and their life was worth not even a bullet or a rope…

    By choosing to open their hearts, asking for mercy and compassion from We the People, they suddenly open door and gave We the People most beautiful opportunity to exercise and practice our compassion, forgiveness and empathy…

    They gave US with this action opportunity to see completely nonviolent solution for all, including them… as I feel they had enough of pushing other souls in wars an conflicts only for profits and to control… As I feel they are completely exousted to pretend for such a long times, hiding every aspect of their humanity, humility and compassion… only to continue playing this game of masters and slaves…

    As they know this is an old game, without any chance to win or better yet, to survive at all… As they feel there is nothing new to learn if they own another country or continent… But when they accept these new energies of Compassion and Love that are all around them, and they do not resist them… this is the result what just happened to US all…

    They, cabal brothers and sisters decided to act from their hearts, and experience compassion, forgiveness and sharing from all the people they oppressed for centuries… This will be the most grand influx of new energies here on Earth, when we recognize each others as true Brothers and Sisters from long ago….

    Just close your eyes and envision this beautiful energy going around the World transmuting every single soul, dark or light, giving us chance to totally immerse our selves in pure feelings of our existence… to see all these events as most beautiful experiences, bad or good, these are all experiences… these are all experiences that made us grew, made us expand and explode by discovering Love in us for every single soul here on earth… and around too…

  96. By these actions of cabal, they took full responsibility for their previous un -conscious acts, knowing deep in their hearts that We the People will recognize this pure humbleness and give our unconditional forgiveness…

    Dear We the People, just for sake of pure Love, give them open heart of yours, send them silent forgivness, allow them to feel your compassion…

    Allow them to see the seed of Oneness in your voice…. In your actions… in Your courage to forgive no matter who, or what they did to you or yours… Heave courage to stand tall in your freedom to forgive, to be compassionate…

    Allow them to see no guns in your lovely hands, and instead let them see hope, faith, compassion, non revengeful glare in your eye…

    Then feel self within, and experience colors of true forgiveness and compassion swirling through your body…

    Allow self to step out of your fears, your doubts, your accusations, your blames, your guilt’s and extend your hands to them with smile on your lovely face… Not to take back from them what they stole from You for centuries, but to give them hope, faith, compassion, forgiveness and Love…

    Allow self to be courageous for the first time in your life, by giving freedom to others… because You know what does being in prisoned for ages...

    Yes, give Freedom to others, and by this act you will experience TRUE FREEDOM for self… FMGod’s given FREEDOM for one and all…

    By giving all others Freedom, will bring in your heart true experience of YOUR OWN GOD GIVEN FREEDOM…

    Know that your own freedom cannot be given, yet it can only be claimed…

    Choose Freedom dear Brothers and Sisters… Choose Freedom by not fighting it for… simply allow it… Through Compassion and Love…

    Know dear We the People, today is the day when cabal is no more… it came to light… by simply allowing to experience their own humility and compassion from you… Today 6.6.12 is day of birth of new Free Humanity…

    I Love you dear cabal, dear white heats, dear red dragons, dear We the People, dear green aliens, dear blue giants, dear Free Americans, dear Galactics…

    I AM THAT I AM… Predrag Saint Germain…

    1. Ahem, excuse me but first this assumes that even one bit of this is real. How do we know any of this? Oh, right, the same "insiders" who can't prove a single thing they say! Yes, let's go trust those same insiders who've made phantom promises for the last how many years now?

      Eventually, people get tired of being deceived and begin to demand hard proof, not still MORE words...

  97. Everyone needs to read this fully to the end. This is what I have been trying to get across in my comment earlier in the post.

  98. First of all the dragon is a main symbol of the cabal, why would someone use this as a name for liberty and justice. The Dragons protect the city/state of London Financial District for example. A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, WAKE UP!!!! Drake=Draco=Dragon, dragon Lady and Drake think about it they are playing people like fools
    "whats confuses you is the nature of my game"
    Sympathy for the devil

    Do not be deceived

    1. All symbols and all pictures of all images come from Creator. They have only been taken from Creator and used for misrepresentation of groups or parties of people. Everything comes from Creator and Creator is LOVE! Do not be so concerned with words or symbols/metaphors. Follow your heart and feel the truth. And I say vote! If any of it is true at all would you not rather have your voice be heard for once...

    2. Creativity as Alchemical Power

      The incredible Venus Transit on June 6th initiates and catalyzes previously hidden, dormant abilities, further activating the awakening of the Divine Feminine in our world. As the Divine Feminine energy interfaces with human consciousness, it both awakens and expands the compassion in our hearts and incites deeper levels of intuition and communication, allowing for mutual understanding as we create bridges toward a new earth utopia. Are we ready for a higher love in our world, to honor and appreciate the Divines Feminine in each?June has come in fierce and without compromise… this powerful feminine Light reminds us
      it is not about people and personalities - but the PATH you choose at this time. The identity aspect,
      along with the shadow forces on the planet will manipulate reality to keep you small and in old patterns,
      yet the extremely powerful goddess energy and wisdom of Venus extends healing and loving energy to
      those of the new Sun who dare to leave the attachments and fears behind. There is a well-lit path before
      you as you commit to the side of the Light and walk into the mystery with greater trust, greater faith
      and a devotion that comes naturally when one is ready to accept their spiritual identity unconditionally.
      Say yes! and then go into your heart and invite the goddess in, that you may know your own enlightenment.
      The great Mother is in complete cooperation with the reconfiguration of the Cosmos, on our behalf… hold the
      Light high for your continued purification and strength in playing your agreed upon role on behalf of a new humanity and new earth…. and greater still, on behalf of Love!

    3. i've been feeling this happen on a regular basis in my daily life. it feels so amazing! i've had trouble finding words to explain how i feel...reading this just made me smile and tear up. thank you! one love to ALL...the worst ones need our deepest devotion, namaste

  99. I see this as the first chance humanity has ever had to truly express our understanding of oneness and embrace unconditional love. Through our example of acceptance and forgiveness of even the most heinous of crimes against our entire planet we will finally open up our collective consciousness to the idea that we are all one. Including even the darkest of all souls. This is oneness. This will connect us to Creator and raise our vibrations to an all new level. In the past I always read that ascension in this year was not world wide and that only some would ascend and others would still spen more time in 3D reality. Now I am coming to think that if we can pull this off we could take everyone! Including the smarter cabal members that are willing to embrace the light!! I LOVE YOU ALL!

  100. WTF?? Is this a Cobra version of a frape?

    Lightworkers dont do violence, it has no place in our society!

    We want a peaceful transition to our freedom thank you.

  101. I want the justice reign throughout the universe, because justice is balance. The problem with all these news about the negotiation and imprisonment of black cabal is that I do not see any evidence in the recent events transpire. The dominant Mafia continues to conduct his plan to loot America and Europe and implement a single government. The only difference I see is that it seems stopped provoke Iran, but this may be a strategy. These beings are powerful, intelligent and malevolent. They will never give up their intentions if they are not detained. The only way I see it happen soon is with the extraterrestrial help. It should be easy for those who can move inter-dimensionally, and has ships with the size of worlds.
    If our ET brothers can read me, ask for help! I'm tired of seeing injustice ruling this world and reward the futile and evil. Tired of seeing my brothers sick, dirty, homeless wandering the streets without hope, while banks make millions in profits. Tired of having my work undervalued, and not knowing how will be the next day. I'm living in a world where I do not fit anymore. I do not care their destination, since it is not in our dimension.
    I am a being of peace, but Krishna teaches us that against the slavery, war is holy.

    Quero que a justiça reine em todo universo, porque justiça é o equilíbrio.
    O problema com todas essas notícias sobre a negociação e prisão de membros da cabala negra é que não percebo nenhuma evidência transparecer nos acontecimentos recentes. A Máfia dominante continua realizando seu plano de saquear a Europa e América e implementar um governo único. A única diferença é que parece que pararam de provocar o Irã, mas isso pode ser uma estratégia.
    Esses seres são poderosos, inteligentes e malevolentes. Nunca vão desistir de suas intenções se não forem detidos.
    A única maneira que vejo disso acontecer em breve é com o auxilio extraterrestre. Deve ser fácil para quem pode se mover interdimensionalmente, e possui naves com o tamanho de mundos.
    Se nossos irmãos extraterrestres podem me ler, peço por socorro! Estou cansado de ver a injustiça governando este mundo e premiando o fútil e a maldade. Cansado de ver meus irmãos doentes, sujos, sem teto nem esperança perambulando nas ruas, enquanto bancos ganham milhões em lucros. Cansado de ter meu trabalho subvalorizado, e não saber como será o próximo dia. Estou vivendo em um mundo onde eu não caibo mais.
    Não me importa o destino deles, desde que não seja em nossa dimensão.
    Sou um ser de paz, mas Krishna nos ensina que contra a escravidão, a guerra é santa.

  102. “By these actions of cabal, they took full responsibility for their previous un -conscious acts, knowing deep in their hearts that We the People will recognize this pure humbleness…”

    You are joking, right? What are “these actions” the cabal have undertaken? We have no evidence of actions of any kind but through hearsay from sources with mixed record(s), at best. This evidence would be inadmissable in a court of law. Please provide a list of these “change of heart” actions - who, what and where. Wanting a plea deal does not qualify for a shift in consciousness.

    Where have they taken full responsibility for anything? Was there a cabal press conference/confession that I missed?

    “Un-conscious” acts? Seriously? Like they didn’t know and pre-plan their heinous deeds? “Pure humbleness?” There is more BS packed in this nonsense than Carter’s has pills.

    People – people – What are we doing? Are we so needful of personal feel-good “I forgive” and “I love” and “I reject negative thoughts” for our individual self-righteousness and liberation that we are prepared to believe this sack of lies, forsake all of our innocent earth brethren and let the cabal continue to rape children, sacrifice children, drink blood, experiment on human beings, wreak havoc by man-made earthquakes, nuclear tsunamis, weather disasters, airborne and ground poisoning, looting and robbing pensions, savings & investments, stealing natural resources from countries of the world, crushing democratic movements to install puppet dictators, start war after war and the list goes on…? Really?

    I am sorry. I wish my own forgiveness toward them would be enough to stop it all. If such were the case, it would be over already. I do not hold personal hatred for them. They are sick, demented shells. With power.

    But at some point, we must recognize that we need a 3-D component to resolving this where heart forgiveness does not provide that practical component. There is scripture that speaks of knowing we are loved if we are corrected. We correct our children because we love them. They must be corrected – not coddled – in a physical framework. So, I commend all of the love and forgiveness. It is needed. But it will not get the practical job done. Please use minds as well as hearts.

    I agree with Cicero. Deception lies at the door. Be careful. How long have we known Cobra and Drake? We do not even know them. We hope they are good and right. Hope is not knowledge. Someone suggests we not jump to conclusions about them. I wonder – did many of us “Jump” to conclusions that they are credible too fast because of our willingness to love and believe? Scripture has warned many times about how a deceiver poses as an angel of “light.”

    We all want peace and love. But we must not hide from the unpleasantness while it still harms our brethren. Something does not smell right about this from Cobra and Drake. This is an intuitive flag that is every bit as reasonable to entertain as those flags that first got our attention about the cabal in the first place. Wise as serpents, harmless as doves. Brilliant advice!

  103. So, This is our choice? Climbing into bed with the enemy, or total annihilation? And the voting is done on...let me get this I felt a little sorry for Drake when the moderator ripped him a new one at the end of the show...but if we follow his logic and communication behavior; what other conclusion can we come to? No body wants war..except the Cabal. Its what they always want. The only acceptable outcome for this is to arrest all cabal participants, bring them to trial, And use our OWN people to get the country up and running again. I do not see any scenario in which these horrible disgusting people would even deserve a gram of hope.

  104. Drake has asked on his Facebook page that you share your polling results with him if possible.

  105. By all means, let the Cabal surrender peacefully. That has been offered to them all along, but they did think they would ever have to surrender. What role does the Galactic federation of Light play in all this. Can they help with the Archons since they can see them and we humans for the most part cannot?

  106. PS... I agree wit Brandon... Please read this:

    YOU ARE HERENews / Earth Allies Report


    By AnaShyNa - Posted on 07 June 2012


    Let’s see how we can recognize these wonderful events that transpire today from words of one of our most courageous souls among US, Drake and Lady Dragon…

    Can you feel what just happened with energies of cabal when they decided to negotiate surrender from their way of living or dying… Still, only till yesterday they did not have any choice, as their castles in the air were crumbling and their life was worth not even a bullet or a rope…

    By choosing to open their hearts, asking for mercy and compassion from We the People, they suddenly open door and gave We the People most beautiful opportunity to exercise and practice our compassion, forgiveness and empathy…

    They gave US with this action opportunity to see completely nonviolent solution for all, including them… as I feel they had enough of pushing other souls in wars an conflicts only for profits and to control… As I feel they are completely exousted to pretend for such a long times, hiding every aspect of their humanity, humility and compassion… only to continue playing this game of masters and slaves…

    As they know this is an old game, without any chance to win or better yet, to survive at all… As they feel there is nothing new to learn if they own another country or continent… But when they accept these new energies of Compassion and Love that are all around them, and they do not resist them… this is the result what just happened to US all…

    They, cabal brothers and sisters decided to act from their hearts, and experience compassion, forgiveness and sharing from all the people they oppressed for centuries… This will be the most grand influx of new energies here on Earth, when we recognize each others as true Brothers and Sisters from long ago… (There is more-no room for it here.)

    I would like to add... and forgive them and ourselves completely so that we can move forward. Forgiveness is the first and most powerful step to healing... and it is Divine!

    Let those who have never made an error be the first to cast stones.

  107. I vote for the peaceful route. Love is the only solution! But the Archons seem to be the real threat now, even though their power seems to have been diminished a little. What is to be done about them? I would like to hear more about what is planned for them...

  108. PS... Let us hope that a majority of us voted for the most compassionate and loving solution, because that is how the Galactics and other higher frequency beings are able to discern how much we are ready for down here on the ground.

    Every vengeful thought word or deed just puts puts freedom just a little farther down the road and more challenging to achieve when it could be so easy.

    Just step into the higher frequency of compassion for self and others. It certainly feels better than feeling all tense, angry, anxious, depressed or stressed out. This is a message to myself and all the rest of my selves - all of you beloved souls. The Divine does not judge and ever holds the door open to the prodigal sons and daughters of Itself.

    Frankly, I am ready to have the Divine welcome me home and let the celebrations begin!

  109. Think of it guys!
    We have been meditating our heads of about a peaceful transition of power.

    Here it is the manifested outcome just some days after. Now, why are people urging for blodshead when there is no need to it?
    People also dismiss this info just like that without even thinking.

    Thank you a million times Cobra!

  110. Sent a long e-mail to, I'm praying that they will pick this up.

    Love and light

  111. LOVE is the KEY to everything we do... this is an opportunity to make it real!!!

  112. An excellent and important read:

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