Friday, June 8, 2012

Surrender of the Cabal Meditation

Return of the Goddess meditation was a great success. The critical mass was reached and Goddess has returned to planet Earth after 5000 years of exile. This means that Kali Yuga is officially over. It means that the feminine aspect of the Source has been irrevocably anchored in every physical, etheric, astral and mental particle of this planet and will stay here forever. You can now connect with the Goddess energy anytime you wish. Isis got her crown back:

Goddess wants peace. After 5000 years of insane wars, produced by disbalance of feminine and masculine aspects, real peace is finally possible. Goddess wants peace and she will get it. Immediately after the Venus transit, the Cabal made an offer to surrender. Such is the power of our collective consciousness and mass meditations.

Therefore we will have a unified meditation this Sunday June 10th. Please use the exact meditation stated so our consciousness stream gets unified.


1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a peaceful surrender of the Cabal. Visualize them announcing their defeat over the mass media, stepping down from power and confessing their wrongdoings. Visualize massive healing of humanity taking place as people are finally being set free.

3. Visualize humanity creating bright new future. Visualize NESARA law being implemented with transparent financial system that is fair to everyone being put into place, free energy technologies being introduced, mass media being free from censorship and educating the masses.

Exact times for different time zones are:

9:00 am HAST June 10th (Hawaii)
11:00 am AKDT
June 10th (Alaska)
12:00 pm PDT
June 10th (Los Angeles)
1:00 pm MDT
June 10th (Denver)
2:00 pm CDT
June 10th (Houston)
3:00 pm EDT
June 10th (New York)
4:00 pm BRT
June 10th (Rio de Janeiro)
8:00 pm BST
June 10th (London)
9:00 pm CEST
June 10th (Paris)
9:00 pm SAST
June 10th (South Africa)
10:00 pm EEST
June 10th (Bulgaria)
11:00 pm MSK
June 10th (Moscow)
12:30 am IST
June 11th (India)
3:00 am CST
June 11th (Beijing)
4:00 am JST
June 11th (Tokyo)
5:00 am AEST
June 11th (Sydney)

Main Facebook group for this event is here:


  1. Good call, Cobra...something to bring us all together and focus our energies, instead of nipping at each others heels!

  2. Sweet :) Brilliant idea. Onwards ...

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    1. JOKO your reply to my previous 'I am tired" post was very heartwarming, thank you for it :)

    2. I love you both so very much, dear hearts...

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  4. Another 'meditation' to help you stall for more time COBRA?
    Why don't you just be honest and say that the whole dark cabal arrest thing is wishful thinking?Afraid we're headed into a serious economic crash and WW3.

    1. Mass meditations are always helpful, regardless who is calling for them or what they are about. Namaste

    2. I guess you don't know about energy work and the counter put in place for the economic crash and our off world assistance that if need be will deactivate all weapons to prevent ww3 you just need to be informed more about the situation and the new timeline we are in.Masters the Solstice of June 2012 is an incredible gateway, and this mega Solstice may be termed the ‘Completion of OM’,which is pulsing to bring the 144 Crystalline Grids of Light into full activation. Mt. Shasta is one of the most powerful places on the planet. The energy of the OM Crystal, The City of Telos, the connection to the Lumerians, St. Germaine’s Retreat and so much more pulse through this region of Gaia.

      The Crystalline Council of Light, the Sirian/Pleadian Alliance and the connection to the Temple of One in Atlantis are the reasons Spirit has directed me to be present during this powerful up shift and final activation of the OM Crystal of Multi-dimensionality here in Mt. Shasta.

      As you continue to evolve and raise your Light quotient, power places such as Mt. Shasta can significantly effect your own Spiritual awakening and evolution. During this potent time in cosmic history, as Gaia continues her ascension process, it is highly beneficial to be present when the crystals that originally pulsed in Atlantis ignite and come into full activation. These crystals effect the human matrix and activate memories, wisdom and a deeper understanding of who you are.

    3. Thank you Sirian. Mt. Shasta is indeed a very special place and I am counting the days until our Telosian brothers and sisters join us. Love to you.

    4. The power of our conscious co-creation are higher then they have ever been and we need to focus on that. I LOVE YOU!

    5. @ Sirian

      "you just need to be informed more about the situation"


      I'd love to believe that what you're saying is true, but thankfully I was born with enough logic to deduce that what you're saying is nothing but wind and buzzwords. The burden of proof lies with the one making the claim.

      I shudder to think that individuals such as yourself are governing the future of our society.

      inb4 You start ranting at me for not being "enlightened" enough to understand your message. You're nothing more than a swindler peddling your "hope porn" to these confused individuals until you can prove otherwise.

    6. Ah, Mike, how glad we are to have you to save us from ourselves and the peddlers of Hope Porn!

      There is no 'burden of proof'. It doesn't work like that. It soon will, when the Events start happening, but for the moment looking within yourself gives you all the proof and verification you need. Not proof that you could show to an unawakened sceptic (like my partner) but proof that YOU will Know, in your deepest heart-spaces, that there are things more fundamentally 'true' than the illusory world you want us to point to and observe and measure.

      "I'd love to believe that what you're saying is true". Then why don't you? Belief does not require proof. It only asks for faith. You could 'believe' in a heartbeat if you only dropped the Mind's need to only believe in what it can see via the five physical senses. But I understand the Fear behind your need to have proof. Fear of rejection by others. Fear of betrayal of self. Fear of simply being wrong. I have suffered through all of these things this year as part of my own [re]awakening. It was horribly difficult but a strong heart prevails. Let go of the Fear, Mike. I also understand it's not easy. For many it takes innumerable lifetimes to reach that point. But if you are Here and Now on this world at the most special time the universe has ever seen then I have to believe you have the capacity. Take a leap, Mike. You'll be caught, I assure you.

      We're harmless. The world we want for everyone is surely better than the horrific world of pain, poverty, war and greed that we've lived in up until now. Why fight what would be good for everyone, including you?

      Love and Light to you.

    7. Coolest comment ever. I just posted much of the same on the previous post.

      It does not work by logic, does it. It works by KNOWING. This has got to be pretty mind-bendy for a male human who has mostly had to put everything into the realm of left-brained, logical proofs. It's what the male on this planet has been taught, indoctrinated into, and taught to worship, so it's not surprising the discord that is going on inside of many minds of men, especially, but also women who have been brainwashed by the cult of logic, too. Tough stuff.

      Definitely love and light to Mike and other humans like him. It's gotta be tough, and yes, very angering to experience.


    8. If it o f any help I was reading yesterday about the banks in Spain that are out of money. It was indicated the bank would be directly recapiatalized not the country! Also, the absolute deadline is June 21! They want an answer by Monday but it says the absolute deadline is June 21. This should give you some indication as that is the same date. Anyway, it is your souls future that is at risk so I am keeping you in my heart as I don't want anyone to go through this again to learn forgiveness.

  5. COBRA we are fortunate to have your leadership on this matter.

  6. It is amazing what a week of brief daily meditaion has done!
    I now can listen to news, type, day dream while effortlessly switch to the Blue Light beam and alignment of chakras, which starts with 2 separate overlapping, flat 2Dpyramids, morhing into a 3D pyramids when balance was reached, into tetrahedron, spinning with the blue beam up to a very high frequency morphing into a violet flame.
    Few days ago I could barely reach the first stage, after relaxing couple of minutes

    So yes! count me in

  7. Thank YOU Cobra for being more "business oriented" and levelheaded.

    Our group "Nova 12" has an idea , a suggestion for ALL to think about.
    ,The occupy movements are losing the attention and are becoming simply lost of time and energy.
    To get the attention back, and to be seen on news AGAIN, maybe we should start another kind
    of movements-Occupy gas stations, occupy TV stations, occupy newspaper, police stations, courts...
    The groups should be in one place only for a short period of time-a day or two then move to another location. We need to do something like this, so more and more people can become awake
    and aware. Gathering just a handful votes from awakened lightworkers who already know what's going on, will LEAVE the majority in the dark and ignorant AGAIN.
    One more thing,if the occupy groups carry written numbers on their hands/legs , then the outsiders will be easily identified... Hmmmm.....

    1. I would love to see this spread like wildfire... !!!!

    2. How about occupy things like the prison industrial complex, big oil, etc

  8. We should occupy all of the Mainstream Media's stations and multi-millionaires buildings......They would have to report on themselves or on their competitors ignoring the occupiers.

  9. Occupy TV. The idea is to Occupy TV stations and demand the end of media censorship. If the Cabal loses the mass media the game is almost over.

  10. Doing a great job Mr Curry!

  11. i started doing a similar meditation last night after reading all the negative comments on yesterday's post. for starters, it's much easier now, since the venus transit to tap into the energy...and it's SO ABUNDANT! i saw several different kinds of energy and each new one that appeared was more loving than the last. it was thrilling. i started to make little balls of the energies and sent them off to those of the cabal that i know of, and even more to the ones i don't know about, since they need even more help. this morning on my walk 2 hawks criss-crossed my path right in front of me. i don't need channels or anyone else to let me know i am doing the right thing. my mother, gaia, my heart and my soul are my indicators that i am on the right path. the more light and love you send to the cabal, the more you free yourself :) love to all! namaste!

    1. Thank you for this .. Gaia is indeed speaking to us in spades. For the majority of time during the 6 hour drive back from Mount Shasta there were eagles flying overhead. Source/Goddess is present in our everyday moments. For those who are asking for 'proof' of various externals, please know that the 'proof' is within you 24/7. Trust this inner knowing !

  12. on C-SPAN Senate Hearings going on regarding "anti-poverty programs" I've never heard of such anywhere else before. sounds like "Abundance program" to me :)


  13. public event page on FB... join and invite as you like, dear friends.

  14. I AM humble
    I AM pure

    1. MelodyDove, I have mostly been silent on previous posts, but I wanted you to know I read yours carefully, and you have a beautiful heart. Thank you for injecting your loving spirit into comments on these posts.

      I still struggle a little with what is B.S. and what is not, who are the "good guys" and who are not, which websites to trust the info, and which not.

      But one thing I have NO DOUBT about is the quality of people that comment here on this blog whose hearts are absolutely aligned with the ONE. There are many here who know exactly where things are at, and carry the frequency of real light.

      Cobra, I am not even so sure of you, sometimes, lol!!! Written with a wink and a smile. But the people here who are clearly full of unconditional (NO CONDITIONS) love, forgiveness, and true spirit? Lots. And it is great to spend time in their company.

      MelodyDove, you are one of those so full of love and light & I appreciate that mucho. :)

      I love that last part. I ENDURE, too. :)

  15. also a petition on AVAAZ... we are waking up en masse, dear friends!

    1. Woohoo... !!! Thanks for this dear sister :)

    2. Can't find the petition... ??

    3. morgaine: worked nicelly was my smartphone that pulled a trick on me. Works fine on a computer..


  16. Great job Cobra! Thank you so much for all your work. The positive energy is palpable. We will meditate again and do our part as Lightworkers. Peace, Love and Harmony will reign!

  17. We must continue to focus on peace my friends! Vengeance consciousness will do us no good; as ascending Masters we must remain in the highest of Light. Welcoming "them" once more into the light will be most beneficial, as they are Light at their core. Let us welcome them once more into the brightest rays of sunshine.

    We are here upon this earth to assist our Great Mother to ascend, to return to her most rightful place in the Cosmos. Let us be the diamond dew upon the petals of this lovely flower as she blooms.

    We have already worked our Divine Magic once during the Venus Transit, now we must repeat it. Imagine only the highest, most peaceful outcome! I love you all <3

  18. What's the best merkaba video? Any opinions?

    1. 'The Crystalline MER-KA-NA'

      Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

      "Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! And I embrace each of you in nurturing LOVE. Unconditional LOVE, a love that can only be truly reached in the initial crystalline plane you call the dimension of 5. Masters, take a moment and feel the energy we embue upon each of you, for indeed it is the energy that is home.

      And so we speak of a very important transition that is ushered into place thru the 2nd phase of the heralded Cosmic Trigger on the March Equinox of 2010. This is truly a tantamount event in the Crystalline Transition of the planet, and indeed a benchmark for humanity.

      Masters, the MerKaBah is now obsolete, and it is being replaced in the Crystalline Age with the non-polarity geometrics of the crystalline Tri-Level MerKiVa system toward the goal of evolving into crystalline MerKaNa. We tell you that the MerKaBah that has served as the Star Tetrahedron Vehicle to higher dimension for the past 12,000 year cycle is now being transposed into greater capacity. Indeed it is evolving into progressive expansive mode to the Crystalline MerKiVa System.

      Understand then that it is the energy of the Earth in the Ascension in parity with the 144-Crystalline Grid that is enabling the crystalline energy expansion of the Earth into greater dimensional reach. And take note Masters, the energy from 5d to 12d that is accessible to you is only the beginning. For the aspect you term zero field is the aspect of crystalline dimension. It is non polar and non gendered.

      It expands into energy dimensions that indeed exist within you, but have been dormant to the masses of humanity, yet these dimensions are your true origin, and you exist in higher form within them. These are areas you term 'dark matter' and anti-matter. This we have previously shared with you.

      The three levels of Crystalline Light Body termed the Mer-Ki-Vic System are:

      · Mer-Ki-Va - 8 pointed star tetrahedron

      · Mer-Ka-Va - 12 point stellated dodecahedron

      · Mer-Ka-Na - 20 Point stellated icosahedron.

      The emergence of the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va System has been in waiting, and with the 9-9-9 Crystal Activation ushering in of the initial phase of the Crystalline Energy Transformation of the Earth, many of you are awakening to your sacred unity potentials. Indeed the development of the Mer-Ka-Na is the ultimate goal of the system and is truly an accomplishment many of you on the Path have waited many lifetimes for the opportunity to achieve.

      The Polarity MerKaBah is Now Obsolete

    2. Phase ll of the Cosmic Trigger, which will occur on the March Equinox of 2010, and will stage another important release of the crystalline transformation. You see, your human mind in duality was designed to assist you to gather and process information and to discern truth, but the wisdom that carries you into the higher Crystalline Realm dwells beyond the reach of the dual polarity MerKabah.

      Therefore the establishment of the new Crystalline MerKiVa and MerKaNa are requisite to expand into the Crystalline Energy of the Ascension. Indeed the higher realms of the celestial dimensions made available thru the Ascension lie in Unified Divine Consciousness. As such, access to them requires integral crystalline light, and this cannot be entered in the previous system of the gendered polarity MerKaBah. Accordingly the old model of the 'polarity' MerKabah is obsolete, unable to carry the far greater frequency of unified crystalline coherent light. Thus comes the requisite transition into the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Va and MerKaNa.

      The 8-Point (Star Tetrahedron) Crystalline MerKiVa stage is initially accessible on the crystalline phase of the Cosmic Trigger, occurring on the March Equinox of 2010. In essence the old MerKaBah is evolved thru intent and focus into the Crystalline MerKiVa. It forms into a different format of the star tetrahedron that is non gendered/non-polar & rotates uniformly in an anti clockwise spin. The 12 Point Crystalline MerKaVa becomes fully available on the 10-10-10.

      In 2011 the MerKaNa becomes available as the 20 point star, and in 2012, the MerKaRa the exalted 24 point star of Kristos Ascension is available. The processes and mechanics of this transformation will be made available through the teachings of the 'Metatronic Keys'.

      Question to Metatron: You have said the Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na are not fully accessible until certain 'grid alignment' dates occur. Can you expand on this? Does this mean we are unable to develop these light bodies before hand?

      AAMetatron: Indeed, the timing for development into initial stages is appropriate and desirable in the NOW. The Level One Mer-Ki-Va is the first stage for all, and while it will not be 100% functional until the Cosmic Trigger of 2010 (March 20, 2010) it is indeed available for initial staging and installation now, and has been so since the 9-9-9. Just as your 144-Crytsalline Grid does not achieve full power until the 12-12-12, your Mer-Ki-Va does not achieve full power until March 20, 2010.

    3. Question to Metatron: What do you mean by 'full-power"?

      AAMetatron: Exactly that. The coded crystalline energies that will be released on phase ll of the Cosmic Trigger are required to dislodge, discharge and disseminate within the 144 Grid in order to fully synergize the planet and humanity into synergistic crysto-geometric harmony in non polarity access. It is well to begin the installation of each phase well in advance of its full potential.

      Full powering of Level One occurs on March 20, 2010, full powering of Level Two is available on the 10-10-10 and full powering of the Mer-Ka-Na, Level 3 on March 20, 2011. Yet understand that full powering is still dependent on each person's 'Light-Quotient', and ability to master, achieve and sustain the optimal 13-20-33 ratio of Auric Circuitry.

      Each new matrix, each new geometry will occur in layers through dimensional openings that will occur through the rapidly expanding portals of the Ascension. Each requires effort and work to establish. The inertia of your planet is rapidly increasing as the 144-Crystalline Grid nears total energy activation and completion.

      As such there are very significant changes in the function, geometry and mechanism in the upshift to Crystalline MerKiVa and the initial function of these will be given to you in this assay. What each seeker must do is in aspect the intentional development and willful evolution of the expansive human spirit in integration with the Crystalline Zero Point Field. It is in essence a unification of physical duality into etheric coherence. It combines the frontal mind into the crystalline nature of the super subconscious or God Mind in a purposed bioengineered process of Impeccable Wholeness.

      Merging the Male / Female into Sacred Oneness

      The previous version of the (gendered-polarity) Mer-Ka-Bah had components of 'male' and 'female' energy fields within its two tetrahedrons that rotated in opposing motion. These were appropriate to your level of consciousness to initially enter into this field.

      The Crystalline nature of the Upshift then is in a more unified aspect within the genderless zero field of non-polarity. This then is crystalline in nature becoming sacred ONENESS.

      Dear Ones, most forms of life in duality on your planet have the polarity of gender, in one form or another. As such gender is a form of creative expression within duality employed by Spirit to enable polarity experience. In this manner of gender polarity, life force in duality seeks its compliment, and there is myriad purpose in this. And while gender does not express spirit, spirit expresses through gender whilst in polarity. Spirit is the active force employed by All That Is, but it is in Oneness in the higher realms above duality. And while most forms of all life in duality are in one form or another of gender matrix, the crystalline aspect of the Mineral Kingdom is not. Indeed that that is in perfect unity is Crystalline, and so the Celestial Kingdoms are in Crystalline Oneness.

      Neither the Ascended Masters, Celestial Beings nor the Angelic Realm truly encompasses what would be in your linear-duality terms, actual gender. However, such celestial energies powerfully influence your thoughts and emotions with attributes that in humanities linear-field of polarity, is oft interpreted and identified as being of a specific gender.

    4. Accordingly your human male-female/passive-aggressive textural forms affect your linear perception, and a predisposed gender disposition is triggered in your view. This in why you assign certain polarity-gender attributes to an otherwise androgynous being that are in the higher realms of the Unified Crystalline Field of Divine Oneness. But in TRUTH, the Archangels you perceive as having gender are in fact non gendered, neither male or female, rather are they in the indivisible state of Sacred Unity, Divine Oneness. It is again, your limited perception in linear duality that views Angelic Beings as male or female.

      Now we will add the caveat, that many of what you humans perceive your 'guardian-angels' are souls of family members and dear ones who have passed over. They work with you in highest intent, in pure love and guardianship. Often these guardians do appear and speak to you in a familiar gendered format. But while they are in a realm above your linear aspect, they are not in the higher realms of the Crystalline Oneness. And though they appear to you as an angel, grandmother, grandfather, brother or sister, in actuality they are in an integral field of androgyny.

      The Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va is above polarity, and in Sacred Unified Oneness, and that aspect is quintessential. In the ongoing dawn of the Crystalline Ascension, it is requisite that you understand this. The ongoing crystalline integration will dissolve old belief structures and offer you new possibilities, which in turn will accelerate your multidimensional consciousness beyond any boundaries you may perceive today.

      Merging with the Twin Flame

      In order to move higher in the 3 Levels of MerKiVa, you must merge with your other half, your 'twin flame'. This means if you are female, you must merge with your complimentary male aspect, and if you are male, discover and merge into sacred harmonic balance with your female aspect. In higher aspect, Dear Ones, you are neither and both. That statement may seem a paradox, but it is not. Sexuality as you think of it in biological duality does not exist in higher realms, but those emotional attributes that you assign a gender label to in duality, do exist in higher realms, but such attributes as nurturing and strength are without gendered labels in the quantum crystal resonance of the celestial dimensions.

      This is why many advanced souls are drawn to the balance of the 'Divine Feminine' with the "Divine Masculine", and both within, in order to achieve internal integral 'Soul-Arc' balance. This is why many of you are in lifetimes in which the old paradigm of the once and forever 'Soul-Mate' no longer serves. Edge-lines of sexual polarity are becoming blended in this process for many. Divine Solitude is the path chosen for many master souls who seek to blend internally with the other half of self. In zero field, Masters, you do not require a partner, rather a unification of the androgynous self, well above polarity aspects of gender. This is your true and truer nature above polarity, and within it you merge further on higher level yet, into the Divinity of what may be termed Group Consciousness, flowing into the supreme All-That-Is.

      Dear Ones, there are infinite probabilities, timelines, and paths that have created what you term the Ascension, and enabled the present return to the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va. Yes, we said return. We tell you that the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va is not new; indeed it is how you arrived here.

    5. Aeons ago, much longer ago than humanity realizes you came here to undertake a specific path of evolution, by means of the 4th level of the Crystalline matrix or Mer-Ka-Ra. As you took on dense duality, the crystalline matrix was replaced by electromagnetic polarity, and coherent light became fractured and fragmented. The coming Ascension is returning mankind to the gateway of crystalline coherent light. But the path has not been a direct one, because your consciousness has needed a variety of experiences in order to expand, and these you have garnered from all aspects of your multidimensional SELF.

      Neither your present Earth nor Humankind were ready or able to move into Crystalline Consciousness until now. Not only was your frequency not yet within the same band of compatibility but it could also be said that you both had your hands full, so to speak.

      Dear Ones, the Ascension for the Earth is pre- required for mankind's Ascension. And so understand that the Earth will indeed Ascend before mankind, in order for mankind to Ascend into Crystalline nature. And so the Ascension of 2012 is largely planetary. It is only the beginning for humanity, the true Mass-Illumination of Humanity is as yet 2 to 3 centuries away. Indeed many of you will chose to return in Mer-Ka-Ra for that event.

      And we tell you this; the Ascension opens the portals of expanding your dimensional access. But it will be another two centuries before the collective consciousness of Mankind and frequency on your planet will be able to fully support, fully live the resonance and thus project the complete light quotient required to sustain your full participation in the multidimensional Earth and Omniverse in conscious awareness within simultaneous time. And both now and until then, humanity will not ascend in mass, rather individually one heart, one mind at a time. It has always been so, albeit great and greater will be the opportunities and numbers.

      The 10-10-10 Activates Crystalline Metamorphisis

      The 999 ushered in the Crystalline Field that enables both the Earth and mankind to move consciousness into the Unified Crystalline Field. The Cosmic Trigger and 10-10-10 will further advance the cause of Crystalline Consciousness via Mer-Ki-Va, you see.

      In your Divine Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na you are indeed fully conscious across the infinite dimensional corridors of the Cosmos and within these vast crystalline corridors wisdom reveals itself and emerges as multi-dimensional layers of Truth when the soul achieves sufficient quotient of Crystalline Light. Your Divine Self, your over-soul is not disturbed by the infinite vastness of space, or by the fact that a universes can exist in the Cosmos vacuum as easily as in an atom or molecule. Space like time is an illusion. Your mind does not comprehend this within duality, but your 5th dimensional consciousness does as you begin entry into the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va.

      As an example, consider the metamorphisis of the butterfly. The caterpillar wraps itself in a silk cocoon and transforms into a liquid gel to morph into the splendid form of the butterfly. That very cocoon is the MerKaBah that enabled its first stage of evolutionary metamorphisis. But the butterfly, once emerged cannot return to it, indeed it has risen above and its beautiful gossamer wings are its MerKiVah that allows it to flutter and fly above the trees into sparking air, no longer confined to the ground. Dear Ones, you can never return to energies of lesser awareness. You may for a time slip and fall, but the greater awareness is retained and is the very divine impetus that urges you into requisite wings of renewed flight and forward progression.

    6. The Levels of MerKiVa

      The Crystalline Transformation is requisite for all who seek to the ability to carry the expanded light energy that is being showered upon the expanding energy of the Earth. MerKiVa occurs in 3 primary stages and evolves into a final formation that is called MerKaRa:

      1: The 8-Point Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va -Star Tetrahedron (anti-clockwise rotation) - This stage quickly transforms into the true MerKiVa, the 12 point star, the stellated dodecahedron

      2: The 12-Point Crystalline Mer-Ka-Va -Stellated Dodecahedron (clockwise rotation)

      3: The 20-Point Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na - Stellated Icosahedron (dual inner rotation with double infinity flows)

      Understand that Mer-Ka-Na is the ultimate goal in the Mer-Ki-Vic system. The intricate details and mechanics of this shift will be made available in Metatronic Keys teaching and offered to all, for there are other attributes of rotation to be understood and installed.

      There is indeed a fourth level, that called Mer-Ka-Ra, that is rarely present on the Earth, it is the 24 Point MerKaRa of Exalted Kristos Light, that of the Kristos Avatar. Yet some of you are ready and will achieve this. Those referred to as 2nd stage 'Walks-In' have access to this geometric matrix.

      Masters, many changes have occurred over the past few years on your Earth, but the changes that will occur from 2009-2012 are logarithmic. Indeed the up shifts of 2009 alone are greater than the sum of all transitions since 2001. 2010 offers infinitely more.

      The Cosmic Trigger

      In March of 2009, the initial phase of the Cosmic Trigger occurred in the release of coded electro-magnetics across your planet. This was the most potent surge of energy on your planet since the Golden Age of Atlantis. But this was only the beginning. The 999 brought the activation of 5 of the 9 Atlantean Master Crystals and the 144 Grid launched into 75% function. The March Equinox of 2010 will be the release of extraordinary stored and coded crystalline energies, to bring in the crystalline component of the Cosmic Trigger. And the 10-10-10 further activates the grid into 84% function. (The 11-11-11 achieves 92% and the 12-12-12 achieves full function.)

      Dear Ones, the energy of the Earth is vaulting into hyper phase, and you will not be able to maintain this energy without the transmutation into the Crystalline MerKiVa. The 'rebooting' into MerKiVic System enables a much expanded field, with exponentially greater capacity to hold Crystalline Light. Without this your previous 'auric body' will fissure into etheric short-circuit and throw you into imbalance. This short-circuitry is in essence the shedding of the 'old-skin'. One which you have outgrown and no longer serves you. So understand that your transition into MerKiVa is requisite. You will not be able to hold the light required to experience the Ascension without the new MerKiVic Light body. The quickening of life itself will be overwhelming to you without the transition into a more complex geometrical form.

    7. Orbs Are Metatronic Crystalline Codes

      The quickening of the crystalline energy is evidenced by the appearance of what you term 'orbs'. Indeed these have created quite a stir in the 'New Age' of metaphysics. We tell you these orbs are tangible evidence to those of you who see them and photograph them on your digital technology cameras. Orbs are one very real aspect of the emerging crystalline field on the earth. Those of you that choose to evolve into Crystalline MerKaNa will indeed begin attracting and generating orbs as you achieve the Integrity of Sacred Oneness.

      These are affirmation of increased and increasing ability to perceive energies of higher dimension within the coherent light of the Divine Self.

      You see, crystalline orbs are geometric emanations of Metatronic coherent light. They are codes and communications that are the demonstrative underpinnings of revelations. Revelations that reveal that the overlaying veils that have separated your from the 'Impeccable Gestalt' of Creator God are evaporating.

      There are several types of orbs. Some are for humanity in mass, others for individuals. All orbs are of Metatronic origin and carry a coded geometric imprint of unique purpose. The ones that are charged masses of swirling energy, are (*among other utilities) etheric energy telegrams. They are then the artists & authors of your true Crop Circles. Others are intended for the individual as you grow into Mer-Ki-Vic, Mer-Ka-Vic and Mer-Ka-Nic Consciousness. These orbs can and do manifest specifically to interact with you as you seek to shed the old fragmented aspects of polarity and develop your coherent crystalline nature.

      The geometrics and crystalline orbs helix in a pattern that assists you in reprocessing and upshifting 12-strand DNA, 6-Strand RNA and the 3 sacred glands. You see crystallization is also required for the pineal, pituitary and thymus. These also are super imposed with the geometrics of the individual level of your Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Na and Mer-Ka-Na and rotate in sync within and without them in matter/antimatter flux. These activate a double wave of the infinity pattern within.


      As we have told you, the world remakes itself now and whether or not humanity in micro or macro is supportive of expansive change or against it, it is truly a moot issue as the inertia of time-chronology speeds past more quickly today than it did yesterday in linear terms. All is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself. This is indeed the Crystalline Cosmic Trigger, and its time is here. Imperious is the transition within and without of Crystalline Tri-Level Mer-Ki-Va. Indeed the goal of which is the exalted Mer-Ka-Na. Without it the quickening energy cannot truly be optimized or completely sustained. This is both a challenge and a gift, a gift that opens the veil and allows infinitely more light into your integral consciousness. Integrity is driven by the first cause of creative expansion and growth into fulfillment.

      The acquisition of Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na is vastly facilitated by organized study, yet can be achieved in solitude by the individual thru diligent intent, focused will and practice. Indeed the Hermetic Masters did not attend the scholastic Universities to acquire access to Universal Mind, but few have the opportunity in the caves of the Masters in today's rapid-paced world.

    8. Indeed the Ascension is but a step before you. The Equinoxes, Solstices, Triple Date Stargates and Eclipses are the most potent of events afore December 2012. These remaining dates are exponential in their magnified energies, relative to comparative occurrences the years prior. Well to gather and amplify the energies in group, where possible. Truly the sum is greater than the parts.

      The transition into Mer-Ki-Vic Tri-System is geometric and as such is an element of that termed the Metatronic Keys. The Keys are the sacred science of crystalline geometric consciousness, which indeed is the fabric of Cosmic Mastery. It is imbedded and coded within each of you. Seek within and without, seek and you will find, that is an indelible Law. Intent and action are the rule! And Dear Ones, we say again, this information is within each of you that truly seek it.

      I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved."

      And so it is.

    9. You do realize that many of us don't understand a single thing you're saying.

      Until you elaborate more fully it's nothing but air and buzzwords.

    10. I didn't write this... the author credit is at the top post if you would like to investigate further. it's okay if someone doesn't comprehend fully. what my conscious mind doesn't grasp is vast... but this might be true for someone and be useful to them. the request was given and i happen to have access to this information and so responded to the request. infinite blessings, dear friends.

    11. Nice answer, morgaine.

      I skimmed it. It's something I would need to go back to to really digest and see how it applies to where I am at.

      I have a confession to make, and it's not meant to invalidate any of the above, just to make a joke. My team is CONSTANTLY joking with me and have very light hearts. They love to inject hilarity into seriousness, just to keep things light.

      I kept reading about all the different shapes and how many sides, and all I could think about was "Since when did this become a D&D game with all the different dice?" LOL. Seriously, I have just been grasping the whole MerKaBah thing the past couple of years and am still rolling that one around the mind, and now there is one with 20+ freakin' sides? LOL!!! Okay, well hopefully someone on my team is on this because I can't picture a 20-sided object. I should have played more D&D! *grin*

    12. haha!!! CtM I'm with you... I've been experiencing a lot of spin in my visualizations and it makes it difficult to orient objects.

      I'm banking on the fact that my body-mind complex has been shifting at breakneck speed this last year, and as we approach "the great shift" I'm feeling that there will be a large expansion of our mind-faculties. Sooner or later, with all of our efforts, we must expand beyond the 10% mark of our brain function!!

      I can only guess what we might do with even 11%... haha!! Maybe a little help from our Star Family would be in order? I know they heard that request just now... so let's see what we do in this next year... meanwhile I feel the most important thing is that we have access to information, even if we don't fully understand, and the intention in our hearts. Eventually we will have a breakthrough in our abilities, and until then, we've carefully tended to our hearts and our intentions.

      Peace and Love, Dear Friends.

    13. ***************
      something else came to my mind about the above info... i hope anyone reading this realizes that this is just information only to use or not use as you enjoy. there is no "must do" in my opinion for the ascension process.

      i posted the above info because it was requested, not to make anyone feel that this info is critical in any way.

      if someone has an interest in sacred geometry, then this might be interesting/ useful, but if you have no interest, but have interest in sound or colour or plants or sunlight or spirit animals or breathing or singing or water or, or, or...

      then these are the things that will be your tools and your path. we are here to follow our joy and our happiness and all of it will lead each of us to exactly where we are meant to/ choose to go... which is the fullness of each NOW moment.

      deepest Gratitude, Dear Friends. Love to All.


  19. Cobra,
    I am really happy with the meditation and the improvements, however something does not add up, and I would be happy if you could answer this, since I have seen you answering other concerns:
    What me and my friend Benedictus(who is my partner translating your messages into Hungarian) don't understand that if Galactics have the power and means to stop nuclear weapons and disarm them,and they assured everyone that no WW3/nuclear blast is allowed, why has this been a big concern up until now as you stated in 'Negotiations update'? It just doesn't makes sense.
    Thanks in advance

  20. I have just read yesterdays posts and conclude the negative reactions are how many millions will react when disclosure arrives.

    Is this because our dialogue is to coin a phrase "spiritually academic", dont get me wrong I enjoy reading it all and if I dont understand something I do further research to satisfy my curiosity...however I feel many people come to our site, as do my friends and dismiss it quickly for whatever reason. The immediate response would be to suggest "it is not their path or time to awaken".In an earlier post it was mentioned the problem is the masses ...I tend to agree.

    We may need to simplify the message, I dont know how ...just throwing it out there ?

    Freedom in Light

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Walk into a church and explain what? You must come out of Babylon to truly understand, we who read and study our bibles already understand...christianity is a way of life not a religion. I ask that you don't be decieved by the anti-christ (instead of) christ. At the "disclosure" they will introduce Jesus; but it will be a hologram and you'll be decieved and worship the anti-christ. The unforgivable sin

  21. I have just came across the info that Alex Collier is on the edge of total financial collapse and had to sell his PC for food, I reckon it's a shame after all his help to inform and educate people.

  22. Cobra, thank you for the Intel and postig
    I know from my Intel from the 5D one possible future is still open.
    We have to stay tuned.
    MONA'OHA I trust
    Peace and Light

  23. Hello from France, we can meditate for a shadow in every human on earth (Many want to get rid of their fear, anger, not knowing what to do and we can help) is directed toward the light.

  24. A couple of days ago I posted my negativity about the negotiations with the Cabal, angry and, yes, fearful that the cabal were escaping responsibility for their actions and that they might continue to play a part in whatever future is coming. I do not like them. I did not trust them. I did not Love them.

    That was wrong, and I apologise. The scope of their crimes is so vast that I could not think outside of the 3D paradigm they helped create. They must face Justice! They must not be allowed to trick us again! Their Evil demands a response! But God is only Love. I disbelieve Karma, as Cobra has also spoken against, for precisely this reason. There is no ledger of Good vs Naughty in His sight. He Loves. Unconditionally. All is Always Forgiven. I failed to hold this truth at that time, a sign - if any were needed - that I have areas within that still require work before Ascension begins in earnest.

    I still hold one reservation. The Unawakened. If I as a Lightworker/warrior can fail to grasp the spiritual truth behind Unconditional Love then how do we expect the Unawakened to deal with these horrific truths when they becomes known? When the cabal reveal a technology that could have been curing millions of cancers over the last sixty years but was deliberately suppressed by them in the name of profit, how are we to expect our friends and families to smile and be happy with the decision to let many of the cabal remain alive and even free from incarceration? How does that repay the loved ones they've lost? The poverty and hardships they've suffered in their lives? How on Earth can we Lightworkers hope to guide that kind of rage towards Light and Grace and Understanding from the true perspective?

    No wonder the forces of Light have been taking things so slowly. Whatever the answer to this is, it is entirely beyond me at this point.

    I shall be a part of the upcoming meditation, as I was for the Goddess and the Grid Reboot. This is why I'm here, after all. Love and Light to you all.

    1. God does have a book that keeps track of unconditional love and rightous acts and we will be rewarded with white linen robes. The second that Jesus returns we will all be changed to our "spiritual bodies" and 1000 years of teaching the un taught will begin. Then Satan is brought out of the pit and allowed to once more try his tricks out. Then the white throne judgment begins and the book of life will be opened and souls that choose to go with satan will be cast along with him into the lake of fire. They are right about the first contact that will happen and it will be televised with God's Mighty Army there to defeat satan for tyhe final time by speaking in Pentecstal Tongues God's elect will speak to every person in their own language and then everyone will see the truth. These people are setting you up to worship the anti-christ, just as the Bible warns. They will come in as hero's and even have Jesus appear but it will be a hologram and if you're fooled you will have been fooled into worshipping the anti-christ. It's all in the Bible if people would just take the time to read the translation of the Manuscripts...not the KJ version.Zeteo

  25. For those new to meditation, I know how impossible it is to still the 'chattering monkey' mind and it can take years of practice to get to the state of altered consciousness that mediators strive for. This often puts beginners off, but if you started with joyful mantra or mediation practices you would soon become hooked! May I suggest the following videos for beginners or experienced: From 777Alaje channel: Easy power phrase mantra by Henry Marshall, also read video description. United in the struggle, much Love - Ambriel

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. This all situation would dramatically change only if everything will go to mainstream media. I am demanding what Obama anounced all this officialy it would make a mass awakening and the Cabal will be cornered for good and they will have nothing else to do only to give up.

    1. Donatas, With the Cabal still in power of the Media? currently half the things that President Obama says gets twisted, spinned and does not even make it into main stream media. Our demand is for Main Stream media TO report THE TRUTH ABOUT everything.....that would be the GRAND demand.

  27. Ops, I thought links were active. Okay for 777Alaje video, title of video is "Part 4 - Pleiadian Alaje - spanish sub" (Spanish subtitles), The sacred power mantra video: "DHANYAVAD ~ Henry Marshall" ツ

  28. I used to not understand how my fear and anger only hurt myself until I sought to heal. Once I embarked on that journey and continue on the journey I learn more and more about how I have to look only at my intentions and heart condition. People not willing to do that will suffer as I had in the past. Only when you give up trying to control and go to your heart will individuals gain full access to freedom from their bonds. There is no doubt those who have hurt us will not be allowed to do so again. Perhaps the worst punishment is to not realize what they have done and stay in the dark.

  29. Hello all! One way of getting this all out to others, is to use twitter and youtube!

    I am always writing about this stuff when I am on twitter!

    Twitter is a good way of reaching out to new friends, but also to your old.

    I am gonna write about the disclosure on twitter! you can do it too!
    Have a very nice day :D

  30. Watch this clip: #OpPhoneHome
    And spread it everywhere if you want! :)

  31. coming back home happy i was, in total bliss to see this i am now

    I've been feeling that it is pretty much done. We are free. Just signing the papers now. The very last papers that state the end of all papers.

    To all asking for proof here : I know it's so nice to see things in the physical, we all love it so much.
    In the meantime, even logic and science now have proven that they are not contradictory with intuition. In my view they are ultimately the same. Many scientific researches prove that matter is mostly empty space that is created by intention, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions. That we are all unified in a consciousness field, therefore any thought or feeling or intention you have inside you, or external input, how you react to it will be prove what its nature is to you. If you feel contracted, disempowered, then it's probably a lie. If you feel expanded, released, then it's probably true. I say 'probably' because it's a skill that needs to be learned and practiced again to be totally accurate with it. (research by these people for example :

    This is why, for example, philosophy and pharmaceutical are stuck with solutions that don't free or heal anyone. Because they only work with physical logic. No intention, no consciousness, only logic = no life.

    In that sense, we can all reclaim our divine unconditional right to discern and choose the reality for ourselves. Looks to me that's what we're doing here.

    To everyone : So much love all over since the Goddess is back. This has been Bliss&Synchronicity land for me. That's how we'll name our streets made of grass and herbs, with fruit trees on the sides. Featuring Goji berries here and there. We'll have constant love festivals gatherings with free food shelter energy music dance art collective meditations talks hugging sungazing lying down contemplating our loving Oneness. As a start. Expect the impossible. The whole family's coming together in joy. Love you all purely in blooming gratitude for co-creating all this together.

  32. Is there any chance you could do a video similar to that for the 20/21 May mediation? I felt SUCH a connection at 2:38am BST when starting your 8 min vid precisely at 2.30.... i think because everyone was listening to the same words at the same time. I felt less of a connection trying to do such on my own and reading the words juxtaposed with closing my eyes etc... it was harder for me to visualise correctly. many thanks for all you do do regardless. kk

    1. ooops to clarify, i felt less connection for the 5/6 June meditation! xo

    2. try this:
      Ancient, temporaryly lost Gregorian Chants were based on Solfeggio frequencies/harmonics


    "why aren't we taught this at school":

  34. Visually not clearly presented, but excellent the Verbal description of Merkaba:

    It takes patience. Start with your eyes open, focusing your eyes on your hands held up in front of you, with a pointed finger in each, and SLOWLY start spinning your hands in opposite directions. This helps you internalize and visualize the spinning of the chakras, eventually mixing with direct (blue beam)light, coming through your Crown chakra, traversing through you, connecting deep into Gaia


  35. I AM Here
    I AM There
    I AM You
    I AM Me ...
    I AM Love


  36. Just did the meditation and felt some very powerful energy. I could "see" almost without effort a news report about Dick Cheney, George W Bush and Donald Rumsfeld wearing Gitmo-style orange jumpers and being led before microphones in shackles to confess before the world their many crimes. They were crying as you could see that they finally realized the depths of the horrors they had helped visit upon the world, and I almost had the sense that they would be deported to another planet. I can see it! Justice will be done, we must believe it, we must live it.

    1. J -

      There will be a great healing for everyone now. The cabal are our brothers and sisters as well. They have played their part in this Great Experiment, in order to enable us to set the intention to bring more Light to the planet, and free humanity from separation and ignorance forever.

      Universal justice will make amends for their crimes - we therefore are now able to free our hearts and co-create our New Beautiful Earth.

      There is no right or wrong - there is only ONE.

      There is now a SunDog rainbow up above, a very good omen for our meditation.

      Peace and Love to ALL ...

    2. Yes I agree. I believe in reincarnation and that we have all probably had lifetimes where we did horrible things as well. So it's important not to judge. I also believe that our oppressors are in one sense our liberators for forcing us to confront our apathy. They didn't take away our rights, we gave them up willingly. So now we can thank them instead of hating them. This crazy drama had to happen, has to happen, for us to properly awaken. Thanks & peace!!

    3. Exactly !

      Here's an excerpt regarding the Sun Dog rainbow:

      The Whirling Rainbow Prophecy is the promise of peace among all Nations and all people. The Rainbow Race stresses equality and opposes the idea of a superior race that would control or conquer other races. The Rainbow Race brings peace through the understanding that all races are one. The unity of all colors, all creeds working together for the good of the whole, is the idea that is embodied in the Whirling Rainbow. When all pathways to wholeness are respected by all cultures, the prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow will be completed.

      Fingers crossed !

    4. ... and I look forward to Cobra's assessment :)

  37. I appears George W.H. Bush (papa Bush), one of the "biggest fish, a whale", is scrambling and negotiating after surrender, for leniency...whatever "leniency" will be, is yet to be seen, but he has seen a sparkle of the Light ... he knows, he will NEVER be allowed again to have any political or ANY other kind of "power".


  38. Jeb Bush IS "BACKTRACKING"

    Much Light!