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Cobra Conferences Around the World

For those that have not yet been informed, I am posting this again.

As you probably know, there is the second Window of Opportunity for divine intervention that is opening very soon:

For this time window I have received clearance to go public in a limited way in a number of conferences around the world where people will receive more in-depth intel and will be able to ask questions. The locations of those conferences are strategically positioned on planetary vortex points to enhance the planetary Light body grid. The purpose of the conferences is twofold: to strengthen the planetary Light body with vortex activations and to bring some Light and clarity in the minds of dedicated lightworkers. Each of the conferences will be a unique energetic event. You can help making this viral by posting this information on your websites, blogs and facebook.

The official website for the conferences is here:

The first conference will be taking place in Turin, Italy, from October 26th to 28th. This conference will be positioned within the same energy vortex that has triggered the first Renaissance more than 500 years ago. Now the same vortex will start triggering the second Renaissance. On that conference certain developments of Operation Dreamland will be happening that can not yet be disclosed. Link to that conference is here:

The second conference will be in Austin, Texas, from November 9th to 11th. Within this conference we will be having a special activation on November 11th. The link is here:

The third conference will be in New York from November 16th to 18th, right in the eye of the Big Apple vortex. Ami Sciulli from Life in Balance will bless us with sacred sounds from quartz crystal singing bowls during the conference:

The link to the conference is here:

The fourth conference will be taking place in Laguna Beach from November 23rd to 25th, right in the eye of the Pleiadian vortex. Our conference room will be located only a few hundred yards away from the exact spot where Dr. Fred Bell had physical contact with Semjase, a Pleiadian being of Light. At the conference you will be able to hear the amazing testimony of that contact from Robert Potter, Dr. Fred Bell’s close friend and himself a contactee. After the conference, further developments of Operation Dreamland are scheduled to be announced.

It is interesting to note that just as we were making the final preparation for this conference, the following UFO appeared in Laguna Beach:

It appears that at the conferences we might as well get some attention from our star brothers and sisters of Light.

The link to this conference is here:

The fifth conference will be taking place in St. Maarten from November 30th to December 2nd. Sint Maarten is not only a beautiful tropical island, but also an important energy spot within the Caribbean vortex. The Caribbean vortex is a huge energy portal that connects us with the old Atlantis and accelerates the activation of the new Atlantis, the forthcoming civilization of Light. We are making plans to announce a certain aspect of Operation Phoenix at this conference, but no guarantees yet.

And the link to St. Maarten conference is here:

Finally, we will have the Egypt trip from December 15th to 22nd (main program) or from December 8th to 22nd ( Nile cruise activation together with the main program).  This Egypt trip will be the culmination of the Portal 2012.  Its highlight will be the main Portal 2012 activation on the solstice day December 21st within the Great Pyramid with exclusive private access for our group. It will be a very special moment and a great chance for a quantum leap that has never happened before. It will be the moment of the end of a certain cycle as we will reach the zero point of Sheliak timewave. Do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime… The link is here:

Victory of the Light is near!


  1. In response to Cobra’s request, “Any ideas from you about how to reduce the fragmentation of positive groups and achieve more unity among them before the Event would be most welcome,” I would strongly recommend calling upon Micah, son of Archangel Michael, Angel of Unity, and Great Cosmic Angel Upon Whose Crown Blazes the Word "Union" for his intercession in unifying the Earth Allies against the cabal. The power of such a Cosmic Being far, far exceeds the ability of any Archons or Reptilians to influence mankind. However, the Angels need our calls for intercession to act on our behalf. They will not do everything for us.

    For example, “In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, I call to Beloved Micah to go forth with your Mighty Legions of Light to unify all Earth Allies for the purpose of the final defeat of the cabal on Gaia! I accept this done in full power right now today! And so it is!”

    Please note this powerful release through Mark Prophet (now Ascended Master Lanello), Summit Lighthouse, 1962:

    " . . . What do you know, O people of Earth, of the Realms of the Angels? What do you know of those Immortal Sons of Fire who never have been subjected to the grossness of mortality? Can you soar in your highest thoughts and exultation into the essence of our feeling? Come, then, partake of the bread of Heaven, partake of the angelic bread of Divine Unity! While upon Earth the forces of destruction and the terrors unleashed by astral densities continue to wreck a holocaust of fear and wretchedness upon mankind, ever misusing the energies of “fallen angels” to perpetuate man's discord; throughout holy space, the Almighty ever-living Light of God that does not fail, that cannot fail, floods the Universe with perpetual Harmony wherein is no incitement to rebellion or any unjust criticism of the plans, purposes, or Will of Heaven.

    "Individual man, then, must stand guard every moment at his own doorstep to keep his house sweet, and his heart a gateway for praise, wherein the glory of Unity is preferred above all else. The triteness of human concepts shall be engulfed in a whirlpool of Light. The causes of misery, destruction, war, discord, disease and tyranny which often accompany temporal power in men and nations, shall be drowned in a vortex of Transmutation.

    "Both through enlightened leadership and rise of a responsible citizenry devoted to the cause of universal harmony and freedom, the crying needs of this blessed planet Earth for divine Unity and Direction must be met. Men of virtue and determination must stand forth who will sacrifice, when necessary, personal advancements and acclaim for the common good, and who will press onward as did Moses to lead the children of Israel in the face of every human rebellion to the Promised Land. I know the meaning of such struggle for my guiding hand and fiery form remained a Pillar of Fire by night and a Cloud of Witness by day to those recalcitrant wilderness wanderers, spurred by the fear of Pharaoh and Egyptian bondage on one side and the sternness of the Law rumbling from Horeb's heights on the other. Yet, Israel was at last established and knew peace and glory in the days of Solomon.

  2. (Continued)

    "America, India, all nations must reach out through the hearts of their people to know the full meaning of liberation and freedom from falsely imposed materialistic bondage — from the old habits of greed and tyranny of the centuries and the round of senseless inharmonies which have but wearied the hearts of mankind without bringing peace to any man. The Christ sought to erect no tabernacle save the House of Peace within men. He sought the Unity of each heart with its Divine Presence, and the Unity of understanding between heart and heart. His is the way of Peace and hence free from all destruction.

    "Men's acts fall into two classes, those of the builders and those of the destroyers; and at times the same men alternately follow the one lead and then the other. Let men learn stability to do well and to build the Temple of God without strife over minute matters. Let them consume their differences in the Sacred Fire and seek to construct lives of everlasting Beauty in the face of every human shadow projected from infamous histories or etheric records of past embodiments. Let men cease to permit their bodies, minds and identities to be associated with those sinister ends which pit one lifestream against another and seem to provide causes for despoiling the constructive endeavors of The Mighty Brotherhood of Light.

    "Let men do good and leave all judgment to the Almighty and The Great Karmic Board Who, as His Appointees, are well qualified to resolve and balance all such matters. Then shall a surge of Light's Oneness sweep the Planet and the City of God shall be swiftly builded among the family of nations in a spirit of perfect Unity. How else shall the Peacemakers fulfill the requirements needed to be called the Children of God? And how shall there be Peacemakers if the very Elect, chosen to be Exemplars of Peace, are deceived by the forces of disunity?

    "I AM MICAH, SON OF MICHAEL and SON OF LIGHT! To produce the Harmonies of Heaven upon Earth is my service to Life: To direct by Mighty Light Rays, the wholesome Harmonies of Heaven, into the waiting Hearts of men of Good Will is my service. . . . "

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  4. Let's go for it --- "To all forces of goodness, love and unbounded light: I invite you to aid us humans here on earth in achieving freedom from the 'cabal', all forces aligned with such energies and any ignorance living in the minds and hearts of any Being upon this planet. So that in achieving liberation from that which would oppress, this new age dawning here brings balance and harmony into the hearts and minds of humans. Thank you to any and all who hear this call. So Be It"

    1. My understanding (and feeling) is that the karmic board are archons and appealing to them may back fire somewhat. I do not believe in judgment by those on high either, I think we do this ourselves!

    2. And this belief will prove out to those who engage in it. What is a belief? A thought we keep thinking . . .

      My belief, here and now, is that all that resonates with what vibrations I hold in any given moment will increase. As we ask, we are given. Now I happily receive that which I ask for.

      Forces of goodness are that - goodness. I call on these forces to help liberate this planet and every single thing on it from any vibration which is not of Love, Balance, Joy and Prosperity for all. Part of this liberation is the upleveling of human consciousness from flawed beliefs which do not serve the highest good for each and all. I will continue to hold this as a belief, and it will be done. Now it is my assignment, as well as anyone else who wishes to participate in this call, to be open and receptive to receive that which I have asked for. Voila!

    3. Dear friend Aradia,

      Please note that the call suggested in my post is to Beloved Micah, not the Great Karmic Board. If you will note in Cobra’s weekly meditation, one of the pictures includes the freedom fighters of the angelic realm removing the Archons from the astral plane. This particular group of freedom fighters is pictured in blue, which is the color of Archangel Michael’s Legions of Light. As the son of Archangel Michael, Micah will similarly perform his Cosmic Service for the Victory of the Light by unifying the Earth Allies/Freedom Fighters in embodiment. According to Cobra, there is a great need for this at this time.

      I am well aware of Cobra’s viewpoint on the Karmic Board. While I disagree with this viewpoint, I do not judge him for it, nor do I discount his Intel coming from the Resistance Movement as a result of this viewpoint. So let us agree to disagree on this point and instead use our Unity as Lightworkers to rid Gaia of the cabal. Creator has provided humanity with the most powerful host of Cosmic Beings to counteract the forces of darkness that exist on the astral and physical plane. Beloved Micah’s specialty is Unity. Since Unity of the Earth Allies/Freedom Fighters is a critical need at this time, it is my greatest hope that as many Lightworkers as possible will unite in the giving of this simple call to Micah, who is standing by with his Legions of Light to perform miracles of unification among those in embodiment who are taking a stand for the Victory of Light on Gaia.

      With warm regards,

    4. @Aleanna, I'm pretty nuch on a limb regarding the justice of karma, that's fine as I have ny my own reasons for it. I was quite worried you may be calling on them and attract their attention. I was a bit concerned. In peace and unity xx

  5. Amazing how quickly this year has flown by!

    Cobra this sounds like an power-packed line up to culminate the portentous year of 2012.

    Thank you for your dedication and service, and thanks to all the lightworkers who will also be taking part in them & strengthening the vortex energies.

    Just noticing the NYC conference - sounds like a very cool addition!

    Exciting times !

  6. Dear Cobra,
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into this and i am sorry that you attacked from time to time from various sources.

    The conferences you have planned will get a lot more information out there this is really needed as there is so much disinformation being banded around. Of course the intent is to throw people off the scent as it were, but it does make things tough.

    Obviously not everyone can attend these conferences either financially or for what ever reason, my question is will this information become available to those who cannot attend ?

  7. I only wish I could attend, particularly NY, which was my home for many years. It sounds truly awesome!

    During the times of these conferences, what do you suggest light workers around the world can do to help? Also, will the conferences be filmed/ recorded for those of us with no means of attending?

    All my very best wishes for these events - thanks for lighting the way!

    Love and light!

  8. Here's an easy way for all of us to reduce positive group fragmentation, by uniting in a simple act of love to help a woman change her life. Click on the link and vote for "LISA"

    10 seconds to do a kindness that can bring her a personal victory of light. Let's put our energy into something practical today.

  9. Our World is Changing: Looking Beyond ‘the 2012′

    Published on Oct 16, 2012 by Suspicious0bservers

    Great new 15 minute video about out changing world

  10. 中国兄弟姐妹:


    1. how do you say cool in Chinese ? :)

    2. The English version.....

      Same beautiful music!


    Most of you here continue to rotate around the same place you have been for quite some time, your intentions may be true and just but your mindset is stuck in a holding pattern.

    You let yourselves be led like cattle with a ring in your nose, trapped in a world of deceit and false promises,continually holding on to the to the old paradigm by your fingernails hoping that some one is going to reach down and pull you out.

    What you need to understand is that our new reality requires that you don't need to reach out, that you should just let go and fall where you may, then stand up look within and see that you are a creator, this is your birthright and not a single person or entity can take this from you.

    You don't need to hang on the word of channels, forget about evil as it is only a word, forget about the event because it is coming no matter what you do,think,feel or say, it is like the striking of midnight by a universal clock, set by the creator as the time to wake up and find yourself.

    You don't need anyone because you first have to find yourself before you can find your place as one with unity because You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light; light/love. You are.

    1. Well said my brother. Let go of the fear, the doubts and false hopes of Salvation.
      We are One. L&L.

    2. Thank you Co9 for that, I posted similar about a week ago on another message here. This is so important for everyone to understand. Once you allow yourself to just be, it all just flows. Throwing away all the duality of this world is a big part of moving into the upper dimensions. The event will happen when it is suppose to, it is not something we have control over, it was already decided. Love and Light to you all.

  12. dear ohnwentsya:

    I salute you for setting the record straight, and for advocating for the peace and unification of the lightworker community.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

    Thank you and many blessings.

    If anyone would like to read for themselves, the link to this great piece is here:

  13. I AM Love your previous comment, well you hit it right on the spot:)

    "yes, the BS is flying high, isn't it Ham :)

    not to worry, we've turned into spiritual warriors here too...

    Love and Light brother."

    Exactely my thoughts and I know how you meant it ;) I always felt it about this guy. Only one fooled me here so far is garbanzo.

    1. Spiritual and warrior should never be used in the same sentence it is an oxymoron and reserved for those of you who think they have found the path but took a wrong turn at the Y junction, who lost yourselves on the new age propaganda train.

      Anyone who uses any negative words such as "Warrior" "Battle" and even victory..........victory over what??? (there is no victory without the 3D mentality of some kind of fight) they don't even know what, because everything they think they know has been spoon fed to people who have ceased their true seeking and decided that hanging onto the new age gravy train is the easiest way to the light, when in actual fact they are lost in murky waters unable to see the truth of what is right in front of them.

      IAL I can read you and your less than cryptic comments about some of us : ) you can say all you like it does not affect me as I am sure it will not affect them, however I do hope that you will make it past your judgmental thoughts, just because you don not post what you are thinking does not make it any less of a burden on you or your seeking.

      Your thoughts are everything at this crucial time, just like the catholic who feels he is squared off because a person in a robe took his confession, you can never escape yourself because you feel you are of the light, no matter what you think that you know, your true self will review your thoughts and make a decision accordingly.

      What you feel, think and do all make up your violet energy centre, and this is the measure of your life in this density, there is no escaping it as it will always show your "true" 3D personality and not just the face you choose to show your friends, family and acquaintances.

      You can never stop learning however you can look at the information you find from a higher stance, put all the checks and balances in place, use your discernment without bias and seek understanding in meditation, your sub conscious and your higher self will always give you the answers if you ask the right questions.

      When you are having a shower ask your Angels for help, guidance and is shared more effectively in water and they will not help until you know, the whole Free Will thing.

      Please do not take this as anything more than it is........purely an observation with no malice or negativity intended to anyone.

      Peace and Love

  14. oh yes, garbanzo was masterful...the gold standard.

    and there is another one of our friends that once you figure out the reverse-engineering formula in effect, it actually helps to confirm many things !

    but hey ... then again, what do I know ;)

    1. I AM Love, would you please send me an email to, I'd like to get in touch with you and discuss some issues :) Thanks in advance.


  15. The only way to go there is by realizing you are already there. :-)

  16. I could be off but the newest crop circle seems similar to Cobra's window of opportunity.

    1. Thanks for posting this. It is a beauty. I see your interpretation, it could very well be so !

      I also see very strong indications of Goddess energy. The 2 mirror images are portions of a previous Goddess crop circle, which synchronistically had appeared while a Goddess convention had been going on in Glastonbury !

      This image is symbolic of Isis and the crescent moon - here is a link to this formation:

      My interpretation is that there is a message here about the joining together of polarity and the resulting merge into Oneness. Merging our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects is our collective path straight ahead, as well as our individual healing process.

      The trio of individual circles might be representative of the Higher Self, the head center and the heart centers, pictured here joined together into Oneness.

      An interesting point to note is that this formation appeared on the eve of the New Moon in Libra - which has it's emphasis on relationships on all levels. So once again, an emphasis on balancing and a merging of 2 participants.

      The 2 mirror images are joined together within the environment of the One - the perfect circle of the Source of all creation. Within the context of the moon cycles and the New Moon in Libra, it could also point to the complete expression of this merge at the time of the full moon within this cycle - which is the Hunters' moon (Dianic) and occurs on October 29th.

      This falls 2 days before the pagan holiday of Samhain, which is a celebration of the cycle of death and rebirth. The northern hemisphere falls to sleep at this time, while the southern hemisphere is awakening to it's rebirth of spring, once again a manifestation of this balance.

      The central circle at the midpoint can be seen as the center of the Milky Way galaxy, with the 2 interconnected spiral arms leading into the fertile Womb of all possibility. This can also be seen as the picturing of the Twin Flame energy - with the synergistic sealing of two hearts as One, and the creation of the third entity - the Divine Child.

      It's also interesting to note that this formation appeared in a field designated as a conservation area and planted with wild bird seed - in great respect and stewardship to Gaia as well as serving to nurture & sustain Her wild creatures over the cold and barren months of winter.

      Magnificent !

    2. @ IAL I just watched/ sent a you tube. Within it, it states that Crop circles are going to become more detailed and specific. Went on to the site and read the above. ok,,,

    3. @ aradia ...thank you

      Synchronicity ♥ ... in your message as well :)

  17. One of the people I work with was sent this message from some enigmatic group called "The League of One". Seems to have to do with the timing of the Orionids meteors and this decision date Cobra speaks about, if anyone has any insight on this let me know:

    "We captured the thought, now waiting for the starfall. The orionids meteor shower will signify the beginning of our choice and end of Your choice. Much Love, Peace and Calmness to You!

    Here is a link to info on the meteor shower:"

    1. Perhaps it will drop some high velocity chunks of ice on the heads of That Crowd, stunning them for a sufficent length of time to safely secure their restraint.

    2. I had this dream some time ago: I was walking in the street of a major cultural city, many large 1700- 1800s stone buildings. Then something happened, there were a lot of what I think of as "bad people" out there, people with immoral behaviour, I saw them as dark beasts, but they were still people - they started screaming as crystals of the size of tennis balls started coming out of the sky. They were like homing missiles and started hitting the beasts, who were scattered like they were made of some fragile material. Then these crystals went in my direction, and some of them hit me. But I didn't feel any pain, they just stuck in the surface of my skin. I couldn't tell wether this was a good sign or a bad, or what the nature of these crystals were. Then I woke up and had a strange feeling in the parts of my body that had been hit by the crystals. For some reason the whole thing made me think of the "Night of Broken Glass" in 1930s Germany. Maybe this is just a thought with no meaning to it, though it was the start of some world events, positive or negative, I can't tell.

  18. @TechFormer

    Do you speak for The Diplomats? Are you frustrated that your prophesies have not manifested?

    It has escaped your notice that I Am Medicine Woman - look VERY carefully at the name, the syntax of its use. Two others also walk with me.

    Do not allow you heart to be hardened by distorted and rewritten history. We have restored it at great cost. Who said what, when and why.

    Consider carefully your perspective regarding Dragons, landmarks, monuments - Red things vs. White things.

    It is too late for Red Cloud. Love that is TRUE is Very Good Medicine. Canunpa now awaits You.

    Red Electric Moon, and other names you know.

    1. Drats! ..left my universal translator off the charger last night...

    2. Hi REM,
      I'm not relying on any one set of prophesies.
      Prophesies are usually at best an estimation of a probable future
      from the standpoint and the time, those prophesies are made.
      Later events... can usually change the outcome...

      And I'm probably less frustrated, than COBRA may be, as the truth is coming to light.

      I may be getting to speak for diplomats at a later time...
      Otherwise, I'll admit, that I'm unsure, about what exactly
      you are talking about in this frame of reality.

      You said "I Am Medicine Woman".
      I admit, this expression looks somewhat nice and acceptable to me,
      but I repeat my admission, that I don't fully comprehend,
      what you're talking about.
      And I don't consider myself good at deciphering things from contexts I'm not familiar enough.

      "Love that is TRUE is Very Good Medicine."
      (assuming "TRUE" is emphasizing the meaning of "true" ...)
      rings true to me. :-)

      If I'm destined, to meet Canunpa, I'll probably meet him/her.
      If, it's joyful and not damaging, I'd also like to.

      I don't recall having heard or read about "Red Electric Moon" before
      and I don't know about it's meaning ... unless maybe I get to remember, perhaps.

      I recommend you to read this, before COBRA will delete it. ;-)

    3. I'll even admit, that I feel like, I kind of like you, REM. :-)

      Maybe we could chat some at

  19. Perhaps this is a start into understanding the mystery and symbolism ...

    The Red Path is a beautiful spiritual healing tradition given to us through the wisdom of the Native Americans. The Red Path could also be called, "The Creators Path" or "the Path to the Creator" because it offers authentic healing through the coming unto Christ. If somebody in the healing tradition is not comfortable with coming unto "Christ," the Red Path helps them come unto their "Higher Power" instead. Wisdom, within this tradition, tells us not to press beliefs on others, but to be respectful of all righteous traditions and of individual.s feelings and comfort levels.

    The main model of the Red Path is to acknowledge your wounded feelings, accept them, and then to give those feelings to Christ (or to the Creator), who will then invariably heal them. It is very straightforward and beautiful assisting a person to come to the Savior for healing. However, finding those feelings that are making you unhappy is not always as obvious as it may seem. Most of the time, we are not even aware of the "real" issues in our lives. The reasons that are the source of our feelings, which in turn are the causes of our problems, are often far from what we expect. You have to actually experience the wounded energy to become as a child and come unto Christ. The Native Americans have shown us a new and exciting way to change our lives, to overcome weaknesses, and to learn to have joy.


    Hi everyone, is this Maitreya ? My path has led me to align and stand beside maryjane blackshear under the guidance of the reasonance in my heart and Divine Universal Law and the Sisterhood Covenant of Tiamat...absorb her message in this 3 Part, 4 Hour interview on Wolf Spirit Radio, with Dave Corso and Thomas Hughes and check out her site where she shares our true creation story from memory.

    Sending LOVE and PEACE and Blessings to All and the ONE that WE ARE.


  21. For those who want to align themselves with Gaia's energy for the meditation on Decision Day ...

    Don't forget your Mom !!!

    1. Sophia Love has posted a beautiful video over at OWK's spot, see if it touches your heart, as it did both mine and hers ...

      It's time !

  22. sorry guys, but I am in absolute tears right now ...




    haha...could there be any other capcha code but 1 !

  23. Drake Yellow Light ALERT : Ready, Set…

    Posted by Drake on 10/18/2012

    “Awright, HEADS UP!!!
    I have been trying to let everyone know…everthing BE very CLOSE…Yes?
    Well, guess what?
    Da End Game IS at our doorstep…
    We ALL need to complete our readiness/preparations…NOW.
    All the things I have been expressing on the shows and our website are just about to START… Get that right, Start…
    Anyone who needs to be talked to, do it now…
    There will be several ‘notices’ coming from several places in order let everyone know what is going on and what to do.
    We may NOT get to our Sunday show…IT is that close…think first of next week at the latest.
    I have received intel from five of my contacts that stipulates that the ‘action’ is very close to taking place.
    WHEN notification is to be made, I will be posting it on this page and our website.
    Exciting as this is…each of our actions must show restraint, take it slow and easy. Do not lose your control or take extraordinary actions just yet.
    Make sure you are in contact with the militia in your area, they will receive the ‘final’ instructions at the right time, and you will need to know that information.
    Everyone should be careful and safe as this unfolds.
    READY… SET…”

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  25. Dear Tech Former:

    It's come to my attention through the grapevine that ClayDog has expressed some concern about my 'getting it' ? Well, he can be assured that we've gotten it :)

    Would you please relay this message to him - it is something that comes from my heart in sincerity and respect.

    Please tell him that I am having the same concerns about him. He is in my thoughts and prayers.

    Maybe he has a feeling of this in his heart, through the ethers, through the grid.

    Please tell him that I understand and KNOW, that we BOTH know, that there is nothing but LOVE between us.

    Because, we all know, that LOVE TRANSCENDS ALL.

    in peace

    I AM Love